How To Start Forex Trading | Basic Of Forex Trading | Forex Trading For Beginners In Hindi Part- 1

How To Start Forex Trading | Basic Of Forex Trading | Forex Trading For Beginners In Hindi  Part- 1

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Yes, today's video is going to be ours, it is related to Forex market, I am thinking of sharing 3 to 4 videos with all of you, coming 15:20 or means if I take a month, then what will I tell in that, the first video Now what is the forex market today, what is its basics, okay, in the second video, I will tell you how we analyze it and there are some technical points, I will cover it here, in the next video, and in the third video of ours It is going to happen that how you can do trading in this, till the fourth video, I will show you that you can make profit in this way, so today we are starting here that the basic of forex market is ok This is our first video right now this is going to happen and next I will tell you, here we know first what is Forex market, you know Forex market by many names, you must have heard it as if there is a Forex market Some people call it FC market, some people call it currency market. You will get to hear something about foreign exchange market, see the meaning of forex, it was made up of two words, the first one is forex ie foreign, the second is exchange, foreign exchange is okay, so don't confuse it, three or four names mean basically this. We know what it is, we do it in the forex market, we do trading of forex, see, whatever country it is, they all have different currencies, that means they have their own different currency, which if I talk about India, then INR is America. Which is euro,

that kpa is currency, chinese means ok, pound means london means england, in such a way that there are different currencyyan, all countries have different values ​​there. Now if I do a comparison of dollar and rupee, then now it means ₹ 80, okay, if it becomes 79, then here you will see that the value which is now keeps on going down, so there are many factors in it . I will also not cover in this video that means from which regions that this value is in INR. If it is called or against the dollar, then why does its value go up and down, then I will tell you later, then we do trading in these bombs, it means a currency, because it is also a currency market, we call it, so here we exchange currency. Means let's trade ok as if the rate of $ 1 is running now ₹ 80 then what will we do when its rate will increase then what will we do if we send it to him then we would have made a profit of ₹ 2 But what happens in this is that the fluctuation is very less, now you will see that means it is not like crypto that ₹ 80 will become ₹ 100 tomorrow, it will become ₹ 120 pump, you will see tweet A will go B or will increase three times. This doesn't happen in currency, it means that there is a change in some money here, so we trade in it like we just bought a bike, there was a slight change, we sold it there, so basically it is like future trading . We trade means first buy and sell, then sell and sell, that means the basic funda is the same trading in which we follow If you do it in rex, then you will speak here, that means when there is no fluctuation, it means that if you look at reading in some money, but give it, then in some money it is up and down, then it means profit will be made. See in this the leverage you get is very high if you are doing in crypto then you get 100 200 times maximum average if you go to stock then you get 4 6 10 times maximum library but if you If you do in forex, then you get the average from 500X to 1000X, then it is a little modest that you get a lot of profit that you can start your own from 25-50 and if Like you do in stock, if you want to do future trading in it, then the minimum fund retirement is only above ₹ 1150000 1.5 lakh, although if you go to crypto, then you

can do future trade there from ₹ 10 ₹ 20 ₹ 50, let's go So it's a little side talk, so let's talk about forex here, look at the forex market Sikli means that it is not controlled by any one company, that means there is one company, the whole world wide, that means one control body is another, not that it is controlling the whole market like if we talk about India. In the stock , there is no such thing as exchange or vein, there is no BSC, there is no such thing here, it does not matter here, the main thing is that we can do four pillars, by which the forex market can be completed. Which is run, run, in which your individual investors are like me and you, do trading, deposit some funds in it, do your training work, invest a little bit, invest currency, then this has become the other. The ones that happen are multinational corporations .

Means are the four pillars by which the meaning is fulfilled This market is run and this market which is not so much bigger if we give its Faraday transaction or the value which comes as much as trading is done if we talk then it is 6.6 trillion and if criptog you see the whole Market capital means in crypto, which means bitcoin, all the coins around the world, if combined, the entire market capital is not even one trillion, but the forex market is so big that you understand that trading of 6.6 trillion is done daily, crypto means one trillion. There is no market cap but here 6.6 trillion is traded daily, buy sell means no trading, volume is this much, next to this means stock market also means don't know if it is understood that it is such a big market that it is forex market. It is in the forex market that whenever you

go to do trading, you will get a foot of two currency; however, everywhere you get a foot of two currency, like if you are doing in crypto, it does not mean that there is also a foot Is it like man walks in btc Ethereum has become its foot, so there are two feet there, then two feet are also here, here it means two currencies are needed, like one is your euro, the other is that, is it okay or not If you want to do forex trading in Indian market then here you will get INR rate which I will tell you like if you want to do trading in India means forex then this exchange is ncbsc mcx na all this means to you There are four punch currencies available, if you get a foothold of JP INR, then you can trade in all of them, but you can do four streeting on all of them as you have become Angel Broking, but their timing is the same. If you are Monday then it is Friday but from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm it means only 8 hours but if you talk about International Forex then it means nothing. Trading here, all the brokers make you available here, don't do trading, if I talk about international then full 24 hours It keeps on running, it is best that if you choose a platform where you get full 24 hours time means you leave Saturday Sunday, then Monday to Friday you have full 24 hours Time hota hai you can make profit by trading like euro us ka par ho gaya k pa us ka par hoga JBP us ka par ho gaya na in such a way that you get two legs so like i bitcoin I am telling you the example, then you will understand more if you do it in crypto like bitcoin, btc is next, usdt is ok, then it means that btc will be written next to it, 16500, then what does it mean? Which means BTC is ahead, it is the base currency, okay, the coin that comes on the second number, that too is a coin, it is crypto, okay, so what is court currency, it means that instead of BTC, you Let's pay like if 16500 is written in front of BTC OCD then that means 16500 is that second number BTC if you buy that bike which is behind D number comes on you are watching here on the screen then you pay as much as its price has to go so that if I talk here the same thing if you go to fork trading in front of Euro University then you are 1.031.45 will be written in front of it, whatever the price is, then it means that one euro, which is the first Europe, is coming on the first number, if you want to buy one euro, then the price is 1.03 You will have to pay on that second number, then you will be able to buy a Euro. It is clear to you that if it is written as INR, then it will be written that ₹ 80 is going on, that means you have to pay ₹ 80 to buy a girl bike. You will have to pay INR 80, so that's why we have the base currency, which comes on the first number , means it is bought or sold. Yes, that is court,

okay, we call it court currency here, so in this way you have to do training in any two legs here and cross P If you do trading then means no matter how much crypto is traded in X, then here you get return means the value of a standard Lord will be ₹ 1 lakh four Europe, not like this you will have to do lot in this means minimum lot which would have been You have to do as much as if I talk about a standard lot, then its total value is ₹ 1 lakh mini lot, which is a mini lot, which is equal to 10000, its value and we represent it. If you want to buy a currency exactly equal to 0.1, then you have to write there 0.001, if it is not equal to 2000 or you have to trade, then you have to write 0.02 equal to 3000 dollars, 0.03

is so clear, if you have to do 10000, then 0.1 you have to write means whatever you are [music] the smallest will be declared here so this is the minimum you have to trade a lot bigger than the smallest load ok see the minimum now here it comes to you If you want to do forex trading then where should you do one like NSC BSC which National Stock Exchange all of these mean the brokers like angel van ho gaya zerodha ho gaya ok and there are more so if you go here you get limited features means you will take limited currency and you get limited time but If you want more features, then you will have to think of such a best platform, I am recommending you here, I will tell you about the same in the upcoming videos, which I personally do, means to tell for two-three years. Ok, so here you have to sign up, you will find the link in the description and I will also tell you that there you will get a coupon code, meaning a promo code, if you understand it, then you will get the promo code there, what will happen to it when You will also sign up and create a first time account, as much as you will deposit, hundred percent of that means if you deposit $ 1 there, then you will get a fund equal to $ 200 deposited there, means you will get a bonus of $ 100, then you will do that then ok Now in FC itself, you will get all the features after that. Let me live now, I am visible, then you will get a better idea that why this is the best, means I personally have been doing this for 3 years and that means if I talk in India, it means number one player's four. The trading that does, does not mean that the platform that people typhoid a lot of people do it, then you have to do it, then I will tell you how to trade on this, how to make profit, I will tell you here about its features. Let

me tell you, let me show you, tell me what to tell, okay, here I turn on my mobile, here I will see two applications, it is typhoid copy trading, I will teach you copy trading in the coming time, right here, ok In the trading application, you will get the meaning of the applications on both the play store and they have another application on which what happens, not that type X, you will search here, that means if you want to learn etc. You will download that application, don't see it here, like the type given. Reading lesson is ok here you mean you will get to learn very detailed things, if you want to do it, do it, now I will show you its features etc., how you have to do all the things here First of all, whenever you have to do trading, here you will create a demo account, what happens in it, like here you get it, demo account, this is real account, then what happens on demo account, deposit some funds Like here you have to click on plus and see if you come here means you have to do this further here you will get average of receive 500x how much balance do you want to keep means 5000 10 or dollar as much as you have to do Yes, here $ 5000 means it will go to your demo account, from that you start creating, first you have to learn the trade, you have to practice a little bit, after that, when you feel that there is a little loss, see what happens in total, not what I show you in the chart. I told the pattern that day in the video,

which is technical analysis. Is it from which you have to read the chat etc. If you do that from chart anal, then you are done in crypto, whether it is done in stock, whether it is done in your forex, it is done in the community, it is done anywhere, it is done everywhere. If you do not know, then I want to give you learning meaning, I want to learn, but you do not see the video, but you do not know the meaning of Karejawa, which is loose, it is okay, I show you that you will understand later that I want to learn from you. If it was okay, then what to do here means that you have to click on create account, create trading account here, then you have to top up a demo account here, let's go here, 5000, I have processed, I have done it . If yes, then account will be created in this way, see here here, you will get the trade option here, okay, you will go to trade, now see here, you can do trading in crypto as well, that is, you will get the script here. You get bitcoins like you in crypto, you

get all these cryptos here, you can also create And the best thing is that you do not have to pay 30% tax here, that means you will file ITI by showing that you have respect income source, you will be saved from tax if you do it here. see how to do it here i go to demo option and here pay trade option pay option ab aapko jo hai hey kya ho gaya yaar demo a go let's go see here a gaya here you get crypto and from below you get Hai metals milta milta milta milta milta hai na aap hai aap ko bhi btc host hai jo btc host par bhi sakte hain hai like if you want to do btc then do it on this and now see the price of btc that is going on here . The price is here, isn't it, now look at the lots, what I was telling you, it is written here, it means that you are going to pay 1.5 lakhs here, although you get an average of 500. If you have then your phone will look very less here ok so all this to you also in the upcoming video samjhaunga at the moment I am showing you the features here And you can start with the demo as much as you will profit like now I show here and let's be friends then what is here that I reduce the lot size here I do 0.0 van let's do it now

I bike If I take then see here my orders have been placed although I have pay mines van running here so you have to ignore it means if you analyze the perfect market and see the chart in trading view then you will see very nice chart Do analysis there then you will trade here ok so you start with first demo now see here what you have now if you want to top up here or here you get violet option now see here what you have na deposit kaise kare kar raha hai go to deposit option deposit you can do it in bitcoin you can do it in logic coin you can do it through Indian bank means you can do through bank after that you get UPI option here ok bra 20 means Through crypto and here on the screen means even if you are outside India, then you can do all these things there. Mastercard is also there, which means deposit facility means you get a lot here, otherwise you have to do all these things, if you do internal transfer, then it means that your money goes to your account for free. The money will go to it, not cutting it, and here you can go to the pay withdrawal option, which is that you can take DRC 20, you can take it in the bank, you can take it in light coin, in ethereum coin, you can easily deposit here and also which You have a very great feature, like if you want to do it with UPI, I will show you the deposit through UPI, the minimum you can do is not less than 4-5 thousand, so that in the minimum you have 1500 here, in which you have 3000 here. I will show you how to deposit this virtual payment id, I will give it here and you will have to enter the state sub post code etc. So whatever you

have, you will get 100% bonus here, okay, you have to pay it here, so here But so many features are available and here on real account also I will teach you in the upcoming video that what technical means to you, like there is a pip here, how much pick change will happen, then how much profit you will make, that means Pip means these The percentage is like I show you like this here I go to the trade and it goes to 4X so look here Euro which is written HD right this is your Euro is your base currency and that Your code becomes currency here if you see then 1.0393 is ok then how much will change here point in percentage is applied so if one point will go up one point will come down then your loss will be 10 12 Covering you in the second video, I will tell you the analysis of the video and whatever technical terms I will teach you, because now you have to do it here, how to trade even on eighty five or eighty four, I will learn all those things here. Wala Hoon is one of the best platform for copy trading, you will get it here, you can also come through copying. P can make profit ok then all these things you have to pay here rest friends this oak type is ok in its place after that forex trading overall we should come we can make profit in forest also ok I will teach you that I will give a guarantee means I will eat it in such a simple language that you will be absolutely mesmerized, that means no one else will be able to tell you as many things as I will tell you here, in the coming time you also keep liking and subscribing friends, see you again inside Topic Se Next Video Till Tak Liye Baba And Take Care [Music]

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