How I Gave Strategy to the Subscriber and He became Rich | Binary Options Live Trading

How I Gave Strategy to the Subscriber and He became Rich | Binary Options Live Trading

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Hi everyone. And this is my new video, we are on call with Jack. Jackson? Hello.

And I have already connected to his computer. We have a Zoom session. And as you know, guys, this is a little preview for you because I want to continue making such video format, I want to make even more videos like that because I hope it can be useful for you. To begin with, I want to give the floor to Jack. Jack, please tell us about yourself, how did you start trading on binary options, which broker did you trade with before Quotex and what are your results for that year. Thank you lot for introducing me.

Hi guys. My name is Jack. I am an Uber driver and uh, in a free time I'm interested in binary options. Previously I traded on, uh, pocket option, but I didn’t have a great success and uh, I had lost a lot of money on pocket options. And now I created a new account at Quotex to try binary trading and there I did several good trades.

And one day I found your channel from which I knew lots of useful information and good ideas for trades and I watched many of your videos And after that I went to your chat and I got from this your channel That is pretty amazing Well, I am pleased to hear that. So, you actually do successful trading, don’t you? Oh, I believe yeah. Okay, that's nice. So I see that you already dropped $100 on your account. Yes, you can see it.

That's good money for start. And let's use my perfect strategy for today trading session. Have you ever heard about Keltner channel and stochastic strategy? Yes, I have heard about it on your channel.

Have you tried it? Not yet. Not yet. What indicators do you usually use? I usually use zigzag indicator, Bollinger Bands, and MACD and other similar ones.

So I want to show you a combination of Keltner and Stochastic. This is a rather popular combination of indicators in binary options. Let's set them up in the bottom panel. Okay, it's this one. Yes. I see you have already known well how this platform operates. So please choose Keltner channel indicator and let's leave default settings here.

It will be very comfortable. Okay. Next step. One more indicator.

Yes, you know what to do. So let's choose stochastic oscillator, which will be nice with default settings. It's very similar to MacD indicator that you already know.

So nice graph, Jack. You see that Keltner channel has got a corridor with oversold and overbought lines and right now candles stay higher than the corridor and it means that the graph right now is in the overbought area. I think you can start to trade here. What direction you want to chose? I think we can chose an up direction because we have a big uptrend and the graph mat continue going up in the near moment.

Yes, it's true. Let's try it. So which balance you want to start with? I wanna start with $20, uh, for the first trade. Okay, let's do that. Okay, let's make a call option. Let's go.

Go. This is a good decision as we have same patterns previously in the graph. I think the same.

And let's wait that minute and now we will talk a little. Okay, let's go. Ask me a question if you want, because I think this experience is very useful for you as well as for all my subscribers. I want to answer your questions. Maybe the most popular ones. I want to ask you about, uh, the most common mistakes in trading and, uh, how do you manage these mistakes.

Oh, one widespread and huge problem on binary options trading is when you guys, I don't know about you, Jack, but most of people can’t manage their emotions. And look you are in profit. Yeah, we're right with the up direction.

Let's make another trade. I will explain you about emotions later. Let's go probably to the first currency. Let's analyze this line here.

Okay. I find that our pairs have, uh, Canadian dollars, uh, first and second. Maybe it will be similar situations. Yes, it's interesting that you have noticed this fact. From where did you know about that trick? From your channel I know about this. That's nice. I am really glad to hear this.

Oh, yes, you're right. This is a nice trick for the binary options, but now it's not the similar situation for these graphs. And right now candles stay lower than oversold line. And I think we can make a bigger trade.

What do we think? Yeah, I think I agree with you. Okay, let's put $50. Okay. It’s pretty dangerous, maybe.

No, no, it's absolutely good point right now because you can see it's a downtrend for last hour on that graph. The candle stays out of the channel, then starts to go up and it’s a perfect moment for call option. Okay, let's go.

Yes. And what about emotions? I already told you that emotions are very important things in trading, not even on binary options, but in the whole world of trading. That's crucial aspect we need to control.

Okay, what do you think about it? So I believe the first and huge mistake for the traders is emotions. You need to be calm and clear in mind. To control your emotions. It's first rule from Lara.

To control emotions.That's true. Uh, okay. Um, the next questions I will ask about is your opinion on trading while flat lines on the market. But you see, we have, um, second profit.

Thank you for advice. Yes, you are in a profit. That's nice. And what about flat position? What exactly do you want to know? What do you think about flat position? Uh, can we do a trade there? How dangerous is it? Or it's, uh, a good opportunity to make profits.

What do you think? Oh, let's find a new entry point, and I will explain it. Okay. Which currency do you want to take next? I want to take next Euro and Great Britain pound.

Good one. And uh, should I also do the analysis by myself? Of the situation. Uh, of course. Try to do it by yourself.

That's analysis. And I will help you if something goes wrong. Okay. Thank you. Uh, on this graph, I see that, uh, this, uh, red candle, fastly goes through the Keltner channel and than candles make a little flat area but uh after this green candle which is beyond the channel it starts to go up and touch the middle moving average line and uh, I think the graph will be going up in some time. I totally agree with you. You have a good knowledge of this instrument,you know that it consists of moving average in the middle, and I am glad that you understand how it That's why I will advise you to make a trade with hundred dollars.

Absolutely. Okay, let's go. And I think it's a good entry point for call option. Okay . Okay. Let's go. Well, what about, uh, flat situations? Uh, about this situation.

Let's go find it. I mean, let's analyze this graph over there, so. Yes, kind of like that one. It is over there. So this is a kind of flat line.

And you can see it's there too. So it can be dangerous to trade in flat line for beginners, but I can trade in flat lines sometimes. Well, I think that you are going to be in a profit, which is good. And. Yes. Yeah, you are.

It's already $239 for you. What do you think, Jack? I think it's a great result, uh, for, uh, two trades. I think it's great.

Three, three. I'm sorry. Trades. I think it's great. And I think we need to do a couple more trades next. Yes, of course. Let's continue to find a nice entry point and market feels good today. Let's check your second currency.

Okay, let's go. Oh, and you remember, we have traded on it, and this is the absolutely best situation in trading when you see the upward trend happened after you, like you said, flat area because right now on Keltner you see that it's a one flat line. It's not with a lot of change over there and then graph goes absolutely to the higher point. And what do you think about that resistance level? I think, uh, after this, um, big, obvious upward trend the graph may go down with the resistance level and I think, uh, it started and this point makes a resistance level. I think right now candle stays too high from the Keltner channel indicator and the trend can continue, this is a good signal for us. Let's go to trade.

What balance? I think $170. Good, it depends on you. Let’s go if you are ready. And which direction? I think, uh, call option. Let's go.

Lara, thank you for trading with me now. How do you feel being so popular on YouTube? Yeah, Jack I'm very greatful to you and to all my binary options community, because you guys give me a lot of motivation to try to be better. I appreciate that the experience, what I share with you is so valuable for you. That's why I think that my YouTube channel right now is so famous on YouTube.

I think so. And this is a very, very big pleasure. Pleasure for me. So, again, in a profit, that's absolutely amazing because we trade after resistance point, as you said.

And let's go next. We can return on that graph after one more trade. And I think this is a little tip for you. Tips for me or from me? Okay. What advice? No, no, no, no, no.

I want to give you an advice. So when you see the trend like this and we trade after red candles like there, please wait a little bit and go again with the direction of trend. Let's go to check your… And you can see it's nothing changed a lot over there. Well, I think you graph continues to go a little bit down and uh, we can see it uh, in Keltner channel when the graph stay down.

Um under the middle line. Yes, it stay the under the middle line, but I don't really like that graph because, you know, it's a lot of volatility there and it's more risky for trading. I recommend you to go back to your second currency. Okay. And this is a better situation to make a trade again, because you can see oh, you see that it was a little red touch on that green candle. And this is a good signal right.

To make… To make a trade. In what direction? I think in the direction of the graph. Absolutely. Uh, we need to make our investments like, uh, $250. Good money. And push up button.

Let's go. Let's go. One minute trade is a very good instrument for making money online from any place of the world. So where you come from, Jack? I'm from United States State.

Arizona. Oh, Arizona. I have never been there. That's a hot state, right? Sometimes I saw a lot of films in my childhood about Arizona Are you a cowboy? No, no, no, no. Okay. We have deserts here.

And the weather is very sunny. As well as people, we are very sunny too. That's cool. So, Jack, You are close to being in a profit. Yes. And I think it's a very, very, very good currency to make a profit because we have a clear uptrend. Absolutely. Uh, without breakouts. But maybe it will be broken, but, uh, not yet.

And we can use it, uh, in this model. Yes, but let's wait again a little bit when the candle go down to touch, like in that situation you see from the left side over there. And I want again to see the different pair and probably… We can see USD and Canadian dollars Canadian dollars. Yes, and U.S. dollars.

But again, the situation is not better for trading than the second graph. And that's why let's continue to go back on it. Actually nothing funny. So, what do you think what direction you need to chose right now? I think right now graph is making a new resistance level like this one and this one and this one. And, uh, I think we can use this signal. Absolutely. It could happen again.

And if that candle is going down, this is a good signal to make a put option trade. So what deposit do you want to make? I want to make, uh, $380. Okay. To put option here.

Let's go, let's go. Uh oh. You see that? It's nice entry point.

Yeah, yeah. Because it's the same pattern as we see previously in the graph. So I have a question for you. Uh, why do you prefer one minute timeframes for trading? What are the pros and cons? I got it. So one minute trading is more comfortable for me because I started making binary options trading from one minute. Sometimes I did two or three minute trades. But one minute for me is more understandable for trading.

That's all my answer about it. And one minute signals are very comfortablefor quick trade. So nice balance for you. Right? As you see, we catch the resistance point over there, which is cool. Yeah. As I said. And as you said the graph must go down after this long upward trend.

Uh, absolutely. And I think that probably when the stochastic go through the top line, it can go to the oversold condition at Keltner. So is that enough for you for understanding of that strategy, Jack, or not. Yes, but I wanted to make one trade by myself. Okay, let's try that.

So I will not help you with your decision. And let's see... But I want that you also will give me some tips if I will be wrong.

Okay.Come on. So let's go through our currency pairs to check them and find new entry points. Firstly, let's go to the first currency pair. Look through the situation.

I am not, uh, 100% sure for new decision. Let's, uh, see what we have on the third one. Okay. And the this is more clear situation because we have an uptrend and the new resistance level and uh, graph is starting to go down and uh, I think we can do a new trade with uh, $500. Same for one minute.

And I think we need to wait a few seconds. And the make a call option. Let's go. I think it's a pattern situation like in our second graph. Yes. You see, you were good with that decision and the candle right now goes up. So that means if nothing go crazy, you will be in a nice profit.

Thank you, Lara. Thank you for your videos, for your time, for your information and advices. And I want to say to your subscribers that, uh, they can make a good profit by trading if they really want it. That's why I recording that video with the different strategies, because this is interesting for me and useful for people. So yes, I thank you a lot for, uh, telling me about the Keltner channel and the stochastic oscillator because after this training session, I understand how it works.

And in this trade I made it by myself, uh, and use Keltner signals. In this situation, uh, we can see that the red candle touches the middle line. That's good that you understand that strategy. It was the main goal for me in that video. And nice to see you, Jack.

I mean, this is very cool for me because I can speak with people from different countries. We can speak about interesting for us topics and make trades which are nicely done. So my congratulations with a good profit today on your trading session.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm very happy about this. See you in next videos. Put your likes, please leave your comments if you like this video. I like this of course. I wish you too, thank you.

That's cool. Wish you the best.

2022-07-14 04:27

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