Global "Elite" Quaking In Their Boots and Fear A Loss of Power #WEF22


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with all the calls for a recession getting louder and louder and louder it has the elites quaking in their boots and i'm going to show you what they think about it coming up [Music] i'm lynette zhang chief market analyst at itm trading a full-service physical gold and silver dealer specializing in custom strategies and you need one i'm telling you you need one because the powers that be have them so what good is it gonna do you if you don't let's talk about the latest w world economic forum w e f economists discussion because the global economy's growing risk are stagflation which is a slowing economy with rising prices and they talk about it going back to the 70s but what they don't talk about is really what was happening in the 70s which was a shift in the monetary system from at least a quasi gold standard to a pure debt based standard now we are resetting the global economy yet again will they stay in power after this i hope not but time is going to tell but let me show you what they're thinking about because really when you look at their economist's outlook increasing the potential for the ultimate loss of cons i'm sorry control and elite regime change this is what they want to avoid at all costs they got us into this mess are they going to get us out of it no they're not they're just going to make it worse and worse and worse until we accept whatever garbage they want to cram down our throat like oh i don't know a full surveillance economy we've talked about this so many times in the past but now the future is upon us so let's take a look because first they're looking at the expected economic activity for 2022 and the colors here very weak weak and moderate so in the us what are they showing us well they think that really there's just a moderate chance of the economy just kind of chugging along do you think that's true no in europe in europe they're more aware that they are in trouble as they are in china but i honestly don't think that this is accurate for the us and the us holds the world reserve currency and we've seen so much about how that is changing so i personally think that they're still going on hopium that i mean if you look at it inflation was supposed to come down the end of this year yeah they have been wrong wrong wrong where have they really been wrong or just telling us what they think we want to hear because they've got to keep in control of how we think that perception management machine is breaking down we're going to be talking a lot more about that not just in this one but coming up the next thing they looked at is inflation so what's your inflation outlook again same colors very low low moderate and here in the us and also in europe they just kind of figure that it's going to be moderate to high okay and then actually even very high so yeah they're finally recognizing that inflation is not transitory and they keep talking about that peak inflation but do you think we've hit the peak inflation yet because quite honestly i definitely do not you see the same kind of thing in europe and also in china so you know yes inflation is here it's here to stay how about growth because will average real wages decline yep well some are uncertain in the advanced economies but they agree and they strongly agree so the normal guy that's going to work and trying to do the best that he or she can you know the the cards are stacked against them in a very big way and remember hunger is the biggest issue for people going through these transitions also medications and your ability to get them this is why it's so important to have a strategy and be prepared i am a proud pep prepper because i believe my research and i'd be an absolute idiot and an absolute hypocrite if i didn't move forward and you can see more of that on the bgs channel but make no mistake inflation is at 40 year highs and real wages are at 40 year lows even though in nominal terms in number terms those wages have gone up the reality is is by design by design corporations wanted to pay people less money but if you're used to getting ten bucks an hour you're not going to accept five but if you can make that ten bucks an hour spend like five you accomplish it this is what has enabled the wage and income any uh the wealth and income inequality this is why we're seeing in the system this should be no surprise to anybody but like back in the 70s like high food prices eat up our wages while we eat less is that not happening right now so these are the patterns that you have to recognize in order to understand where we are in this trend cycle so that while you still have a little bit of time and i mean a little bit of time you can get yourself and your family in the best position possible and one way you got to do that is by having good money gold and then silver as well august 15 1971 and we were told that as long as we bought us-made products we would not feel the impact of inflation and then of course what the corporations pushed for globalization i mean back then it was a currency regime shift today it is a currency regime's shift that's why you have stagflation we had it back in the 70s and frankly here we are again now had i known i was just a teenager then and had i really understood the impact of what my uncle al who had all of those pre-1933 gold coins stacked in his house he was prepared for the shift he might not have fully understood what was going on with it and i can tell you as a teenager i really didn't fully understand it but i remember the chaos and i also remember the energy that was in the air and for those of you that were alive during that time like i was can't you feel that same energy in the air it's critical to get ready because the powers that be understand that this is where we are that's why they've been buying gold like crazy but okay let's talk about food security because this is really critical and significant and when you have all of these major powers telling us that there is a problem with the foods with food global food security in the united states we think we're secure and very secure but aren't we seeing more bear shelves out there maybe it's in the lower end grocery stores at this point but don't you remember what happened in march and april of 2020 and it doesn't matter what socioeconomic areas you were i could tell you i couldn't get avocados i didn't really care because i had this fabulous garden from which to eat and so my food circumstance was very secure and by the way we've now begun putting up the grow houses the hot houses so you'll see more of that so that up at my bug out location i can also secure food and you'll be seeing more about that but food security is critical and do not be lulled into a false sense of security because at this moment you can go to your grocery store and get what you want they saw thought the same thing in venezuela argentina turkey many other places until they couldn't in europe they just have a little area that is a little bit insecure but i don't really think that that's true do you a little more insecure in china but still this is much much much much much much bigger than what they're showing us and history is proven over and over and over again and current history current we're living through this right now food becomes the biggest issue for people as we go through hyperinflation you want to make sure that you can have your food secure and there are lots of different ways to do it we talk about this on the bgs channel as well but there are lots of ways to do it just get it done now whether you live in an apartment or you live in a 100 acre farm you need to make sure that your food is secure for yourself for your family maybe for others i'm planning for 40 people i'll show you more about this as as things get built it's happening right as we speak so there's not really much to show you just yet but there will be how multinational companies will handle supply chain issues over the next three years so these are all of these corporations that have really benefited from going to the to the place that has the least expensive workers as well as the least expensive tax regimes multinational companies thank you for globalization which is becoming you know i don't really want to say that globalization is absolutely dead but we are seeing a major rearrangement in this and so this i think is a critical tool to be aware of and we've all heard about the supply chains so greater global diversification of supply chains these are how they are handling it and and mostly in the u.s we agree greater localization of supply chains so when you're hearing about the breakdown more companies more countries are pulling i mean we shipped all of our manufacturing away now we want it back we shouldn't have shipped it all away but that's another story for another day we're it's becoming undone right now so it'll be interesting to see what the world looks like in a little in a little while and shift supply chains to new geopolitical fault lines because when you look at what's happening out there between russia ukraine china india these the geopolitical fault lines are shifting at the same time that everything else is shifting where is the power going to be on the other side of this my bet especially seeing what's been happening with uh the world reserve currency or the the reserve currency status shifting to those countries that have been accumulating gold gee why would they do that because they have more safety when you have real money globalization outlook for economic integration so when you're hearing about the discussion on globalization or deglobalization this is what they're looking at here and they're looking at much higher fragmentation that's this area this color which is right here is stable and then that is very stable which you don't see too much of that but high i'm sorry high integration so i think it's pretty obvious in goods services everything labor technology higher fragmentation which means that these these functions are coming home deglobalization but i think we're going to end up with some kind of hybrid between a globalized economy or a globalized world in a deglobalized world but first we have to go through deglobalization and that that's what we're seeing in goods services labor and technology so hence all the volatility that we're seeing in the markets but make no mistake because we've talked about this ukraine war accelerates but this was something that was already happening the erosion of the dollar dominance and the world reserve currency where the entire world had no other option but to use u.s dollars as their tool of barter if they were going outside of their borders to buy oil or gas or lumber or anything else but that has been declining from over 70 percent back in 99 when the euro dollar was first created to take over as the world reserve currency down to 60 percent and what the world also witnessed with russia and the us cutting off their ability to conduct in dollars on a global basis thank goodness they had built their stockpile of gold and of course not every country turned their back on them china and india are buying an enormous amount of russian oil and gas etc as other countries are no longer able or have really been cut the uh supply has been cut pretty dramatically but what i really want to show you is that we document the decline of the dollar and the share of international reserves since the turn of the century and the shift out of dollars has been in two directions a quarter into the chinese renimbi and we know china massively accumulates gold we have no idea how much they actually have because they don't really publish that but no gold leaves that country and since 2006 they've been massively encouraging their population to accumulate gold and hold it in the banking system making it actually pretty easy to take away from the public if they want to but that's another story for for another day and three quarters so just a quarter has gone to the renembe and three quarters into currencies of smaller countries that have played a more limited role as reserve currencies but these are the countries that are accumulating gold as quickly as they possibly can this is not an accident gold has been the financial anchor for thousands and thousands of years it still is the financial anchor because it has the broadest base of use the most functionality and the broadest base of buyer the broadest base of buyer that's why it's retained that position for all these years the role they so they ask about the outlook and the role of the us dollar in reserve cons currency and wow look at this they either 75 percent think that it's going to stay the same even though the long-term trend shows different and 25 think that it will contract or be a smaller and smaller position personally i'm in that camp and what that also means is that any u.s citizens are going to be feeling the impact of this a lot more because that's our tool of barter what we're forced to use but what are some of the choices and the trade-offs and it's either you agree or disagree with the following statements there is there a risk of stagflation okay so this is agree and strongly agree this is uncertain and disagree and even strongly disagree so it looks like there are certainly more her more countries that see the rise of stagflation where again prices go up but incomes don't match it incomes growth goes down the risk of a debt default and contagion wow look at this like 81 in low-income countries see that risk of of contagion this is something that they're trying to deal with in europe we're going to be talking more about this in a video shortly but this is something that that really scares the bejeebies out of them in europe as well they should considering the sovereign debt crisis back in the early 2010s 2013.

so really risky but you know in the u.s and advanced economies they don't really see that as a problem so what about the thoroughly integrated world and all of those bets upon it i think that default to contagion has a really strong probability of expressing itself on a global basis should it get big enough and i think it will get big enough i could be wrong i hope i'm wrong but i don't think i am energy price subsidies to offset inflation well yep they got to do something to offset this inflation because when people are hungry and hopeless they make choices that would not otherwise make and that threatens their position as does the food situation probably more even than the energy situation but food and energy are like right up there that's why they're two key components of the mantra and i'm doing something on energy on bgs this week as well food price subsidies to offset inflation there you go you betcha they're going to do that because they need to keep the public fed or they jeopardize their power and their position the us faces the greatest decline in standard of living because of the advantage that we've had for all these years as the world reserve currency because essentially what that did was force everybody else in the world to hold us dollar and dollar denominated assets if they don't need to hold them anymore guess what that means that means that all those dollars are coming on home and that means hyperinflation i mean there are so many signals that will show you the hyperinflation but we do here in the us absolutely we we will experience the greatest standard of living decline of anywhere else in the world because we have the highest standard of living of anywhere else in the world so we're going to feel it the most as we lose that status most cited potential risks over the next 12 to 18 months russia invasion inflation monetary tightening this is what we're going through right now with the fed's surprise we're definitely going to be if you have not seen this video there was a critical pattern shift you need to be aware of it because that was the last peg and this is critical but that monetary tightening and inflation is really the biggest risk that we all run asset valuations all these different things foreign divestment from u.s assets so that's slowing demand you know if you're in a real demand supply economy slowing demand means increasing supply means lower prices so as we go into this inflationary environment people are unfortunately a lot of people are having to make choices between putting gas in their car or food on the table that's a very hard choice to make but you want to make sure that you are in a position what if i'm right what if i'm wrong that's the point of preparing and being prepared you know it doesn't matter whether or not i'm right or wrong if i'm wrong and i really hope i am but i know i'm not but if i am then i have this wonderful vacation space for my family and myself booty hootie rudy minuti that's okay and up here since it's off grid i have my and i'm about to have the well the hot houses are being built right now food water energy security barter ability wealth preservation community and shelter i've got everything that i need that supports that mantra for 40 people i don't know that i want to have all 40 people up here but this is what you really need to be prepared for what if i'm right what if i'm wrong get in a position where it doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong then you have all of your choices and all of your options open to you and you know whether it's the wef or the imf or the bis or the whole alphabet soup of all of these agencies they're all pointing in the same direction so you know here's the thing thank goodness my father always said to me do what i say and not what i do he really was talking about driving but i'd always say to him daddy that does not make sense to me so i want to see do their actions support their words because when they do i know they're talking they're they're telling us the truth and when they don't i know that it's just about perception management so what is happening with gold let's look at what's happening with the gold market because it's kind of been staying in a range but ooh solid jobs data spurs hike rate hike bets yes and we've seen that 75 basis points which is still not enough to fight the inflation i mean honestly it's still a joke but it's beyond shocking ah we're talking about this on another video coming up so really solid jobs data gold slips one percent why because gold pays no interest doesn't have to pay you interest it's the single safest thing that you can do but if the fed raises interest rates that pays you interest oh that's so much better as we watch them destroy the last vestiges of the purchasing power in the dollar or any of these fiat money products but you need to really understand that this debt is a contract and every contract runs counterparty risk so if you look at that bill in your wallet hopefully you have cash it says federal reserve note that's a contract and it's only as good as the counterparty on the other side of that contract and the way that they set this contract up to begin with is that it loses purchasing power value over time hopefully slow enough that you don't notice but now it's not slow enough that you don't notice so by holding dollars or any fiat money products you need to understand the real trend is in the declining purchasing power value and you're running all sorts of counterparty risk gold runs no counterparty risk because it's not about getting your principal back big deal they just print the money they just push a button they don't even have to print the money anymore they push a button and boom these digits can appear in your account it's what you can do with them when you get them and by design it's less and less and less and once we're in hyperinflation all confidence is lost then what does that mean and you know you've seen this before you're going to see it from me over and over again because this is how central bankers think about gold and why they've been accumulating it at the highest levels ever physical gold runs no counterparty risk kept at home this is my favorite one if you don't hold it you don't own it i don't care what your perception is that is simply a fact so gold kept at home is not subject to political manipulation they can manipulate the spot price but they can't manipulate the fact that gold has the broadest base of functionality and therefore the broadest base of buyer that they can't but you and i know it so just believe it gold has been empirically proven to serve as an inflation hedge what do you think so they've got to suppress the visible price that you see so we're like somewhere around 1840 1850 it's a joke it is so severely undervalued at that level but a rising gold price is an indication of the failing currency they don't want you to understand the currencies failing but you know it is every time you go to the grocery store and the funny thing is is there are a lot of smart people out there that that like know these up here but they don't know it in here and so they're waiting they're waiting for bargains or they're waiting for this or they're waiting for that that's a choice that puts you in a very vulnerable position i don't wait i didn't care what this bug out location cost me because i knew that if i didn't do it it could cost me my family my life my children my grandchildren no i don't care i don't care so i'm not telling you to rush out and buy real estate because for speculation no no and we'll talk more about that but you need to have a place to make your last stand where you can have your food your water your energy your security your community and your shelter you need to have that gold's most widely recognized feature is its potential value in highly adverse scenarios do you think we're in a highly adverse scenario right now because honestly i certainly do it's all about inflation eroding your principle they've already gotten all of your purchasing power officially don't let them take everything from you have a plan execute it and if you don't have a plan just click that calendly link below and schedule a time to talk to one of our consultants and set up your own plan and we do have the new channel bgs where we're working hard to build that library and wherever you're starting at the very beginning we're seasoned we want to try and give you all the tools that you need to to be fully prepared for what we have to deal with so to see behind scenes of my urban farm and also my bug out location follow me on instagram at lynette zhang and at beyond gold and silver also on twitter at itm trading underscore zang if it isn't at itm trading underscore zang it's not me and i promise you this too i will never ask you for any money or to buy anything or any of that on any of those accounts that's not what we're about so if somebody's soliciting you they're not really me i promise so please leave us a comment give us a thumbs up and make sure that you share share share this video with anybody that you care about or others that will sit and and listen because this is not the time to be ignorant ignorance does not make you immune it just leads you vulnerable and here at itm trading you absolutely know that it is time to cover your assets and the foundation is with physical gold and silver real money you hold it you own it and until next we meet please be safe out there bye

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