From Zero to Hero using Options Buying!!!

From Zero to Hero using Options Buying!!!

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I will tell you one more thing, many people criticize me because I never decide the target, people say 1x4,1x3, I don’t decide the target, I decide the loss, only my loss is fixed not the target the market will give you 20 points, and it can also give you 200 points. So I don’t decide the target, I am the loss-deciding trader. Friends, today is going to be a blast, I have brought you crackers for this Face2Face. I am bringing such knowledge and a great speaker that your mind will be blown. It will set your mind on fire. It will generate a feeling in you to do something in life.

Guys, there is a guest in the market for whom I was getting a lot of recommendations from my viewers. They wanted me to record and I was trying for a long time. Fortunately, I got to connect with him, so I invited him to Kolkata and I got the chance to record with him. If you can make money by trading in the stock market, particularly intraday trading particularly options buying, so watch the video till the last as I have made a very unique video.

And it was so much fun recording with him. You will get a lot of learning and inspiration, so watch till the end. So let’s go and record with him, our guest for today is Ghanshyam I was so excited to shoot for this one, I have shot other face2face videos but this one was special because this one was so much in demand It is my pleasure because you called me on your show, I usually stay away from social media so when we are talking about social media, you can give a clarification where you are and where you are not we will add his actual social media handles in the description, so when he is active in some new account then we will also know so I will take out what I want from you, what you are doing is incredible and where you come from is inspirational to reach ahead in life you need to be very hard working because the stock market will consume you there will be many phases of struggle where you will feel that you won't be able to continue anymore how you come from a humble background and how you set yourself in Mumbai I was only able to study till high school in Kanpur, and then the struggles of life started. We were from a lower family and we were not able to do much I started with part-time job and I did lots of jobs like painting posters and electrical works in my friend circle, I had a friend whose father used to do this, and I used to go there. He used to always stay at home and it felt like he doesn't work so generally people start with the cash market, they check the share delivery, so that is how you do it? so we think we should add more like around a lac, so we used to do in small stocks where it had profit and loss they never worked full time, they used to say I can give you stocks worth 50k in 5k I got a job, so I started trading, and then I used 50% of the money in trading it was not allowed in office, so you never took positioning? It used to get over in Intraday but if you are investing in shares, you are not checking Dows? I never did that for one day, it was a 8-10 year view in the stock market, you can make money only from profit and not your capital. You can be stable with capital and slowly earn money

your main power is options, before in Hyderabad I used to give trading. In 2016-2017 I took his name wherever I went he is a YouTuber, he came for training. Then it was like what will he teach me for training, so he said he won't go. He invested his money to teach Anand ji he wasn't able to save 16 lacs, which means he wasn't able to risk manage it well so he lost his money. I can see the chart and tell the support and resistance ICICI bank, I am able to understand the charts well, so I take banking. In 2019, I came into bank nifty options before that it was something else I did so much hard work there, I used to see the chart for 8 hours at a stretch. Even after the market got over. I used to sleep only for 3-4 hours

if you are doing bank nifty then why are you not doing nifty, then why not IT or others? But I am able to get my daily needs fulfilled so I don't need this I can put 2 lacs in IT, Nifty, and on this. I am a focused trader, I just know what is right for me and I do that every Thursday, during expiry, suppose I start my trading from 1 lac, and this money turned into 1.20 lac. From that 20k I will use 10k for stocks I learned this from Anand ji only, if he made 16 lacs out of 3 lacs then he also reduced 16 lacs to 3 lacs and it also went on minus if I am taking a risk in this then I will keep adding in that money, like how you said that you make money from profit only 10-20%, so you take a risk with this percentage in intraday? so you are ready to lose 40 lac by investing 4 crores? if you have any setup, which you are following or with experience, I always assume for risk management that from today till the next 20 days I can have a loss when do you revisit this number? every quarter? no, I do this year by year, say for example you decided on 4th of this month, it is just a symbolic number not a real number maybe I will use 3 crores to 4 crores as my capital, or I will trade around 1 lac, 50k. The money is kept there, so you don't feel disturbed that it is still there? then stop at your profit, and use a stop loss at the bottom. Savings is the best that is kept in the bank and very smartly you have done something if you just repeat that

according to the capital in the trading account, if you have 1 lac in the trading account you should use 20k for trading, generally, my focus will be 20k if he has money in savings account, and the savings account is linked with demat account, so he will immediately transfer the money on his demat account if it is going in profit then it goes really fast and then he gets scared, the retailer is not scared of the loss, if a retailer will go through a loss then they will sit in peace I will tell you to keep 2 savings account one should be linked with the demat because one day you will use the money when you have a losing trade I have some facilities that I won't be able to transfer only, this is forced discipline. I think this is the way to keep yourself in discipline maybe you will do well, but it won't do good because it will get over. I was watching one of your video, and I realized that you cut your loss really soon we also had your student here, Mr. Paani, he is an options seller. When you will not take a loss then the market will say that I will end all your losses he is not squaring off the position, he is just not checking the terminal, so that I don't get the feeling I am getting a loss my throat tells me that the weather is going to change, so I tell my friends that the weather is going to change. So you should meet people in weather reporting I do around 2-3 trades, I don't trade more than 3, so what is your range for capturing? No. I don't decide on this, let me tell you one more thing So I don't decide on my target, I decide on my loss, there are so many traders who go into 1x3, 1x4, I go in momentum, maybe my momentum won't go only you can see the chart and understand that the momentum is getting broken. There are many people who don't see the chart they just see the price

if the bank nifty is closing or opening at that rate then I see the chart, if the bank nifty is around 39400 then I will not see the chart if it is 39900 so now tell me your process, when you sit in the morning or when you sit at night to do your homework then what is your mental balance? it will be formed when the market is breaking some range, if you see the daily chart then the market is in some range we are those people who are sitting outside and waiting for the fun part, basically we are waiting in the market, sometimes we are thinking 20%, 25% or 30% in the options. But when the market will change the range then on that day I will do something till 190 days the market is giving you just adequate money for you to survive but you will get these 10 days only if you trade for 200 days both of them are important, it is nothing to do with opening and closing this was allotted in those 10 days and on the other days you will get 10,20 and others but I am not able to decide if the market will go up or down, this is not my work for this I am neutral for me the closing is important but you are originating the trade on intraday basis but you make big money when the market breaks down or break outs some company that is my video only and I have uploaded it, it is on bank nifty. It is not that it is only on Bank nifty 9:20 candles are formed. But I don't trade at 9:20. Yesterday I told you 2 things. But I will tell you what happened today and then I will discuss what happened yesterday.

Now the market is trading at 39400 level. What is the trend of the market? It is a downward trend. If the market will move in that zone. We are talking about monday. If tomorrow the market opens below 39400. Then I will trade and buy the put option at the premium of 39400. Okay you will buy at the money put? Yes, I buy at the money put. And if possible then if the market trades at 39400 then I will buy put of 39300.Money will be made only at the money option.

I will buy at the money option. Now the psychology behind this is that the market moves at a downward trend and then sideways so if it breaks the support then selling pressure is created. And that selling pressure is high and we are expecting that trade. But we can’t decide that market will open that zone. But if it happens then it will work. And fall by 200 and 300 points. Because if you are seeing this session then what I told you is that in that zone there are some buyers and sellers. And what I am doing, I am waiting.

So, if it will fall down then the buyer starts squaring off and sellers are already present in that zone. And they will bring it down fastly. And the market will rapidly fall but rise slowly. So, money will be made by selling. If the market falls then you can make more money in the put option. Because in the put IV is also increased then it is a win-win situation. And if the market falls by 500 points then you will say that the market is not good.If the market rises by 2000 points then no one feels good

but if the market falls by 500 points then everyone gets scared. So take advantage of that fear. So the fear sentiment will work here. And that makes more money. Now analyse yesterday's market, that’s the low and then it moves up and then it closes here. And when it opens in our zone then I take trade. At 40269, 9:20 strategy was made. And trade was executed at 40320. Why I do this

If friends do you like the video then please like and comment so that you can engage with us. See here, the market never breaks their highs. What does it mean that sellers are active. When the market break that range I have two rules, when the second part exits from its position. In the market, there are sellers and buyers. At that point buying positions are made, as buyers are active and they lift the market up. So the stop loss would be at the low of that range. As they can take that much risk So when the market breaks that range, I take the selling position. And check that momentum, it is 400 points. So, how to check that momentum in the market

According to my perspective, the definition of momentum, if the 5 min candle never breaks the high and that’s the first thing and if I want to square off my position then If the candle breaks the high of the last candle then I exit my position. And I got 400 points. And I am not greedy for more points. I am satisfied with this. My momentum breaks, then I exit from that position. And after exit the position, that does not mean that I don’t trade further. There are many people who can say that in 400 points I booked 200 quantities and 200 quantities left. I don’t do that. I booked all quantities and after that I felt relaxed. Suppose I got a profit of ₹20000, and if I trade further then from the profit of ₹20000, I take risk of only ₹2000.Even if God comes, I will not use the remaining ₹18000.

And that’s my rule.And by taking a risk of ₹2000, if I made ₹4000 then it’s not bad.And after earning ₹4000, if I got another trade then I will take that also. If I lost ₹2000 then I don’t take another trade. It is the everyday rule. Yes that’s everyday rule and next day, I follow the same rule. And I have two thumb rules. You never heard that My first thumb rule is that if I earn a profit of ₹20000 then the next day, I never lose that ₹20000. And second is that if I earn ₹20000 then I take only 10% risk

And anyhow, I take that ₹18000 at home. We trade in the market to earn profit and we made that profit. But trader think that after earning ₹20000, they want to earn ₹40000 and And after earning ₹40000, they want to earn ₹80000 in a single day. But it will never happen. You got another opportunity. What others do, they take trade and after that they earn ₹5000 profit also but they don’t like that profit. See I don’t like profit also when I buy the option ₹369 and it close at ₹700 and I exit at ₹550 Yes, then you feel guilty.So, if I see that then I will never enjoy it.And that’s the biggest trouble that we think that I exit the position at ₹500 and it closes at ₹700

And if I hold that position and multiply with quantity then I earn that much profit. We are becoming crorepati and lakhpati in our thinking. So, please don’t feel guilty and enjoy it And wait for another opportunity. market will give you that opportunity. I want to say something that in any race, who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. So, who is the most happiest person That’s easy, who comes 1st, he is more happy and who is the happiest after him. 2nd one. No, the 3rd person, because the 2nd one feels guilty that he didn’t come 1st. And the 3rd person is happy because he comes 3rd. That’s the story, right!. Yes definitely, In the evening, I see that I can make more money but at that time we don’t see that And that’s your best. You feel that you can’t make more money then why you doubt your decision that you are wrong. You are not wrong

You are right as you make the money. So, first you have to build a positive mindset. And if you build a positive mindset then you can see that position also. So don’t feel guilty and enjoy the profit. If you don’t like that profit then give it to your family. We never told about the losses to our family. Yes that is a different discussion So sir, I want to ask the question. Please don’t mind if I say sir. I would be happy if you can tell Ghanshyam only. In the middle of conversation, it will happen. What is the role of 9:20. As you take position when it breaks their high or low. The role of 9:20 is the confirmation. As the low break, I take my position. Suppose if I miss the trade. And that decision works only when the market is in uptrend. Market moves that and at 9:20 it will open from here and it breaks low then maybe I won't take the position.I wait for the formation of 5 min candle because market is in the uptrend

And this market is in a downward trend. As you can see from the 5 min chart, the market never breaks its high. So, when the market break it is low, I take the position but And if it is in uptrend then I wait for 5 min so that one negative candle can be formed. Sorry, to interrupt you, but if that candle is formed at 9:25, then what will you do If it breaks down then I take my position. So, 9:20 is only for preparing you. No, you asked when I will take the position. As the trend is in down then if it break then I take the position

If it moves in upside, then I will think that as it moves against the trend. Then I will check the chart of HDFC bank, ICICI bank, and Axis bank that what they are doing. Because they move the bank nifty up. So, please tell us.Suppose HDFC bank make day low, ICICI bank make day high and Axis bank make day low. Then what combination we get See, we have to see HDFC moves. If HDFC moves up and along with Axis bank then I take the position of upside. If HDFC is down and ICICI and Axis are up then I will wait Because it is more important to know what the largest market cap company does. If HDFC moves 10 points then bank nifty moves 120 points. If ICICI moves 1 point that means bank nifty moves 12 points.If Axis moves 1 point then bank nifty will move 8-10 points. So, I matched that combination also. If I want to trade against the market then that combination is more important. In that situation, you see a 9:20 candle. No, only high-low and resistance. A simple rule is follow

You don’t use any indicator. No, as they stop me from taking trade. Some people use macd and that indicator told me to buy the position at 9:25 after confirmation. Most of the people use macd, RSI but I don’t use any indicators. I only follow the price action and candles. If it moves against the trade then you have to do a lit bit research And one more thing, if it breaks here then I take a trade of ₹100000. But if it is against the trade then I take a trade of only ₹50000 and the quantities will be reduced That’s why, you told me you can't trade the full amount of ₹4 crore. Yes because everyday momentum is different and everyday you can’t trade the same. Yes but almost everyday the trade amount is the same. And on the extraordinary day, I added more funds. So, you can judge that. Like yesterday, the range breaks. So, when the big range breaks then you trade with a big amount. And in small range breaks, the same amount as we need quantity also.

In that situation, you can’t find that opportunity also. Suppose I want to trade 1 lac quantity but that time I only see 82000 quantities are traded. If I want to trade with 4 cr. on Friday, then it becomes more difficult. Because the difference is more and the premium is also high. And volume is also low. On Wednesday and Thursday, you get high volume. I also want to ask the question that everyday the character of the market is changed. Then you adjust according that Yes, I also made a video on that topic. My major losses are on Monday and Friday. This data is till July. I am in profit but I also analyse where I make mistakes

On Friday and Monday, options don't move well. As the premium is high so the small trader will not come. So from this, I learned that I take small quantities on those days. So, I take small trades and now it goes well. Now, you tell us that ever you did this analysis, which day you got high profit or losses. Sir, when I trade on stock then my success rate in Bajaj Finance is 94%. Bajaj finance, bajaj finserv , Jubilant Foodwork and so on, I have the great success rate

And on the other hand, lupin,cipla,ITC, powergrid and NTPC have only 5-7% success rate. Then I left to trade on that stock as they don’t give me money & I always lose Lupin, NTPC, ITC, powergrid, coal india, ONGC, GAIL, those are some stocks which always give me losses. So, I never trade if they have a great opportunity. But in Bajaj Finance and Bajaj finserv, I have great success rate.I trade on equity, future and option and I earn a lot. So, they are my favourite stocks.

It is more important which setup suits you. I tried a different setup but price action, support-resistance and trend lines are best for me. Very interesting! This is your 5 min chart so, you always do intraday. Yes I always do. So 5 min is sufficient. Yes that is sufficient. So, when you square off your position? First, when you see the candle reversal which is very good. But there is any timeline for end of the day.

I hold the position from 9:15-10:30 and earn 80-90% profit. I am morning trader everyone knows. And from that profit, I use it for further trading. Majorly that 1:30 hours, I earn that profit. I am an opening batsman. So, opening batsman, afternoon trader and evening trader. Yes, I have to decide what is best for you. So, when you make your trading strategy, then you have to decide when you trade. That’s true. So, if you made money in half an hour then why you don’t do other things What can I do. So, I watch this only. As it circulates in my blood. So, if someone like lawyers, doctors wants to do as a part-time then they can do it Yes they need practice. Because maybe that volatility does not suit you. What I say as soon as you cut your loss. Because if you hold those losses then you get more losses.

Because volatility is high. And in the morning, the market gives you a directional view of what the market wants to do. And I grab that move. Can you tell us one loss trade where you got heavy losses. Okay I got heavy losses from the trade where I got profit. That losses occur during the intraday. I think I got heavy losses in June around ₹1.5 lacs. Then what you learn from that. There are two things that happen.Sometimes the market is very volatile and I take heavy quantities. Only 24000 quantity I can square off at a time And that order can’t be executed at that time. So, I can bear ₹60 lac losses but due to time, I have a loss of ₹1.5 lac. So, it is very difficult to handle large quantities. And that happened on Friday. So the buyer-seller difference is also big. So, when I order, it goes down. Suppose I order 420 then it executes at 410.

After that when I order at 400 then it executes at 380.So, after that you analyse it. Yes after that I analyse it and check when I got heavy losses and why I think someday, as you mentioned in your youtube channel also, you earned a heavy profit. I want to know what happened that day. I think this will happen on the 14th September. See, what happened but before that you have to see daily chart to know what happened here 14th September, here we come. This is the candle of 14th September, daily chart. Now, what do we have to see here?

What are the first things? What is the market trend going here? Like I told you in 5 minutes, daily chart, so what was the trend in the daily chart? see the market been going down for three days, the market is waiting that if it breaks this level, then we’ll get big money. And here the market is going on the side which we want. Market is bullish. And whenever such things happen, I have two things. Whenever market, I’ll put the 5-minute chart here Whenever the market trend, where were we trading here? On the side of the trend. Here also we were on the side of the trend and now this is a chart of 14th.

What is the market trend here? Positive. And you’re a buyer. So if you see at the end of the day, where did the market close? It closed at the top. It’s positive in the daily chart as well as intraday. Here the market opens at a low because of some news. Correct. But what’s the trend of the market here? Positive. Two things are happening here. Like I'm saying repeatedly that there’ll be a buyer and a seller between this zone. So let’s say, the one who’d have sold here,

must have had a lottery. He made money here. But what is the market's trend? It’s positive, so he made money out of luck. Something happened, the market went down. So what is he doing? He’ll book the profit. Correct! The buyers who’ve missed this rally or are waiting for some corrections, enter here. They’re entering here. And in the bull market if the low doesn’t break in starting 5 minutes and the market is a gap down, I have a special theory that if the candle becomes green If the market opens at a gap down, the trend is positive, and after that market opens a gap down, the first candle becomes green here then the market won’t stop. The market touches the low very rarely. It touches very rarely, here it makes big. But one thing more, I’ve not taken the trade here, I already took it somewhere here. Why? Experience. Otherwise, what’s the use? That experience works here because I’ve been seeing this continuously, I continue to trade such things. There was no old support here, even for once if people think that there might be a support in earlier days

so I take in support. The bull market in itself is a support and the bear market is resistant. It’s going on in our minds. The buyer has the support going on in his mind that if it opens low, I’ll buy. If the market closes above ₹41,950, the seller would not come there soon. So here, the seller doesn’t dare to enter. He’s searching for a point to enter, get to see some bear moves but he’s not able to see anything. The market opened here, and here also 9 20 which I follow continuously, it may seem little but it’s a movement of 400-450 points. If you see from here then it’s almost a movement of 700 points. After crossing this, you may have increased the quantity. I started buying quantities here,

What is the quantity here in 1 basket order? I’ll get 24000 quantities in one basket order and in that 24000, I don’t take one. If I take 40400 then I add 40500 also. So that I don’t get the price at the same place. So I divide it between 400 and 500. So I hit one of 24000 here and I hit the remaining 2 lots here. So when you buy a call option, in this case, you took a call and if the market rises then the volatility of the call decreases. So money is not made in taking calls as much as when taking put. Something like that? No, see here it’s going in momentum. This is the benefit in the morning, that these things will go hand in hand and it will start decreasing from here. The call increases steadily from here.

See even the writer is sitting here. Even he’ll cover his position. So those things also pull the market up fast. So when did you square off? I have a simple rule, I don’t think much as soon as the momentum breaks, the point where the candle starts going below this, I’ll square it off. 2 candles are made here, the next 2 will be here and here I squared off. Now what do I have to do? If it breaks the second day’s high, then I’ll take it. See if it’d have been broken in the flow then I wouldn’t have taken it. Suppose I square off the position and had this been broken in the same flow, then I had no interest here. I didn’t have to see it here. But now what did it do? It’s making time. He has spent time here and what does spending time mean? It means that the one who took it here, booked the profit. They’ve booked the profit, the market again became light, but the market will again give a move

So you did 10% profit. It will go on taking the risk of 10% of the total profit. No one should make this mistake ever that it’s looking good, exited the trade, made a profit and I again take that much quantity here. If we do this, it’ll be like we haven’t learnt anything in our lives. Because we’ve done this before in last 10 years. So here we’ll take only that trade which is risk-free. Even if we sit or sleep after putting stop loss, it won't affect us. These are the things that we should keep noted. People think this happens in one day, but these are the things to be understood in the bull and bear markets. But people don’t want to understand.

Now what’s happening here? Ahh! What was the market’s trend? I don’t have to invest my mind much here. When did you start buying here? Here, the low breaks and this is my sell. I don’t have to think much. Wherever it starts 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes, I‘ll start buying here. This is not my risk here. I also know, that one day this will hit the stop loss. But for that, why should I leave 7 days? I know that it’ll give me a huge profit. And it happens like this only in this market. Whenever you see a bull market, and you see this condition fulfilling then you’ll not get a better trade than this. See here, we got the momentum but it’s keeping us waiting. And why is it making us wait? Here, it was a bit downtrend but had it closed in the top then I’d bought in the first candle. But what is the trend here? The trend of the past 2 days was down so we’ve to wait here for the first candle. Now the first candle is saying that we can buy.

But again you’ve to keep two things noted. Let’s say I was buying there from 1 lakhs, then I won't buy here from 1 lakhs. I’ll buy 50000 only. We always need to keep this in mind. If you forget this, then it’s done because the intraday’s trend was a little negative here, it wasn’t crossing previous highs but there was one more thing, had it hit the low, then I’d have bought 1 lakh quantity here. I’d have taken the Put. Either I’ll take call or put. So I took Put here. These are a few simple things and are about observation. We don’t observe. Whenever you see such a situation, what should you do here? You should wait and along with that what should you do? You’ve to wait for 5 minutes. We’ve to wait here because for the last 2 days it’s going down. The major trend is up

but the trend of the past few days is down so I’ll take the trade here after waiting for 5 minutes. There, I wasn’t waiting for 5 minutes, I entered in the middle but here I’ll take the trade after 5 minutes. Now what’s happening here? Now the market will move in reverse. This means that the market trend is down now and now if this situation creates a market gap up then we’ve to sell the Put. Now this situation, if the market opens a gap-up tomorrow, what was I doing till now? I was buying Calls but now I’ll wait for Put buying because it was a downtrend and you’ll do with the whole quantity. You’ve shared your full model. These things are in front of everyone it’s not like no one is seeing them. Everyone is seeing but what happens is when the market opens 700-900 points down in the bull market, then 90% of the people think that we’ve to take it down and the market goes against it. See, here the market doesn’t go down or change the trend immediately. If we want hat the market to open a gap up here and it’ll go up then the chances are less because the major trend of the market is down here.

It’ll go and stop somewhere. It has to stop in the first 5 minutes and after that, he’ll decide what has to be done. Tomorrow if the market opens up at above 1000 points then I won’t hesitate to sell I’ll be scared to buy here because it’s opening against the trend of the market. The trend is down but it’s opening up, so here if it makes the first candle red or if it doesn’t even make it red but it breaks the low in 1-2 minutes, I’ll see it in the first 2 minutes and will sell. I’ll buy Put, I won’t fear taking Put here. Maybe people think about buying above 1000 points but the market won’t go up. It’ll hold for a day or two to go up, it’ll consolidate and after that, I won’t take the risk after the gap up that opens. So I’ll take the risk on that condition. Tell me one thing, for how many years are you doing this? I’ve been practising this since 2017 and continuing from 2019. You’ve taught many other peoples too? Yes. Some people may have been successful, and some may not be coming upfront but they’ve been too, but the majority may not be able to do it. So what is it that you’re able to do it and people are not?

See, the training I used to give no, I left it in the middle because of this. What happens is, that traders come to earn more than learn. When he comes for trading, he comes with a notion that from tomorrow onwards I’ll earn money. Only 1-2% of people come to learn but most of them come to earn. Second thing is, when do we go to learn? When we’ve already made a huge loss, but the loss theory keeps on going in the back of the mind which doesn’t allow us to get the profit. Or makes us run away in a small profit and we keep on waiting for the loss.

So a trader isn’t able to learn because he comes to earn money and not learning. The day trader sits to learn, no one will be able to stop him. But give 1-2 years of time. Since I shared the things with you in 5 mins so you think it’s okay and is 9 20 but there goes a lot of logic behind 9 20 in my mind which I’ve to decide in the live market. It’s different every day. There’s no one fixed rule, here H2O doesn’t mean water. The H2O may become something else here. So only one theory won’t work. What people do is, copy the style, they think that only this will happen but it’s not like that. With that condition, it may go up today and the same condition may take us down today. Even if it goes down, take the stop loss.

Your trade didn’t work, take stop loss. One more thing which you said correctly, the ones who learn, what happens is after 1-2 stop loss, they leave the system. Then they go to find another system. It’ll go on. The US market is running long before us, but the condition of the traders there is the same. Traders are 98% to 99% unsuccessful. Why? Because we’re finding the genie’s lamp which we rub daily and make money. See, this setup will give you a huge amount of money. If you follow any of the one setups, I know only three- Support & Resistance, Trendline & Price Action. I follow these three and if you give these three things 1-2 years of time then nobody’s going to stop you from making money. But has to be a disciplined trader. A trader should be the one, who trades with the rules. One cannot be a trader if he has a different set of rules every day. A trader must trade with discipline and make his own rules and follow them Okay, so it was the trading strategy and you’ve shared it very clearly. Friends, you can find more about his trading strategies more in his YouTube Channel. You must be knowing it, if not then I’ll provide the link below.

Let’s talk about Trading Psychology because I’m understanding that you must be a champion in it. Sir, it is the whole game of psychology. Set up doesn’t make you money. Mindset helps. I’ve shared with you the setup like 9 20, many people must’ve taken it but many people must have exited in 10-20 points. You’ve to build psychology. When is psychology built? You’ve to take small trades to build the psychology. It’s built by taking small trades, we’re not learning anything from big trades. You cannot develop psychology by reading books, or by doing Yoga. You can develop it by taking small trades with discipline, What is psychology? It’s a discipline. If you’re trading in discipline then your psychology is in your control, your emotion is in your control. Second thing is, don’t feel guilty about profit even if you take a profit of 10 points. One more thing you should keep note of if you want to become a trader,

I’m giving you an example, you’re doing a 9-5 job right now. And with that job you’re earning 50000, you’re going 25-26 days and earning 50000. If the market is giving you ₹2000 in 1 hour then is it bad? Calculator it that way, for the sake of saying it’s 9-5 but it takes 2-3 hours to commute to & from which makes it a total of 10-12 hours. People don’t calculate it. if you want to calculate your profit, then calculate the money you earn from the company in 1-2 hours and how much has the market paid you in 30 minutes. Then your psychology will start building and the second thing, I’m an option buyer so what people say is, let's say I took a trade at 100 and exit at 150 then people say that it went up to 300 but you left and you say you’re a master 8 to 10% daily? This is normal in option. 8-10% of the capital which you invested in options or the trading capital? Trading Capital. I am very happy with 10% of the capital I’ve invested today. Please calculate 10%, I’ve made 1-1% by calculating.

When I used to trade stocks, I used to calculate 1-1% and made 1 lakh to 3.5 lakh in 1 year. If I can make this much with 1% then how much it’ll go with 10%? Don’t think that the money should double in 1 day. Think of it. Even if you earn 5% daily then see how much it’ll be in 1 year.

suppose your 100 trades are right, you get to trade for 200-200 days, we keep 10 for profit, we keep the others that have both profit and loss options can go here and there in 10 minutes, you should know at least how to calculate the equity. First, you should do that according to the small target it stays with double quantity, after the first trade it is really different, I will use the 85% there when I am trading continuously, I keep 2-3 days for not trading and that is decided prior if I have decided that I won't trade next Friday then it is decided, my target has been achieved, so I won't trade for the next 3 months yes I trade at home, a lot of times my Kids take some trades, which I am not even aware of if someone is not good to you and keeps talking bad about you then you should even touch his feet when he is in front of you I want to tell people that India also has big traders, and they are just not international I will come to Kolkata again and meet, Thank you! I will call you again for some other event because we want to know more from you

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