Eazybot Review - EazyBot Trading Bot Results After 5 Days

Eazybot Review - EazyBot Trading Bot Results After 5 Days

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Right guys, I'm going to show you something I joined the other day. And I've been very impressed with It's called EazyBot, now this is a crypto trading bot. Now, before I get into the video, I want to show you what it isn't okay? Because there's some massive, massive differences here that you need to understand that separates from the bots and the other bots, crypto bots on the other scams. There's lots of scams going around at the moment. you may have been seeing people touting this.

I'm not getting you involved in this because this is garbage. And this is a scam. I don't care people getting paid by the opp. What happens is with these these types of scams, and there's another one called swapnex, I think it was was it, they you have to give them your crypto currency and they trade it well, they're not trading it, it's a Ponzi.

They just pay people like YouTubers so they get all the hype going and then they're gone, right. So what I'm about to show you is completely different. The I mean, these guys, they're fake, as they got stock videos and got fake addresses and all sorts anyway enough for them. This is completely different. And the reason is one you do they do not have any of your money. You keep it on your trading account.

Alright, that's a massive, massive thing. So you are in complete control of your own money. Secondly, they have a zoom call. I think pretty much every day, I think five or six days a week. I've been on two or three of them this week, and you've got all the all the comments behind it. And I can ask them face to face your questions.

You don't get that with scams. You weren't you'd be lucky for you get an email back from support. So the totally up front, they haven't they don't have your money eats up happy days. And this thing is working now. I've been I've been learning pattern trading we're called pattern trading for the last seven or eight months I've been crypto to in the last seven or eight months. And it's not easy.

It is not easy. Specially with a market the markets at the moment are just dire. All stock markets everything's crashing. Everything's in red. It's hard to tread it's really hard to tread however.

And this is what makes this is the third thing that this makes this boxer brilliant. Is this bot works whether the markets going up or whether the markets going down. Now I joined I joined him Sunday night. It is now Friday afternoon in the UK.

I set up a box and press that and it's been doing its thing some bots I've got I've got 10 box rolling well actually this one have stopped this one. I get to that one in a minute. And they're doing their thing this one's then of $9 this was nearly $17 559 Not very much I'm stop at that one I was gonna get closed out because that's not doing much.

That's the coin that used. It usually moves every time Elon Musk makes a Twitter pursed so I can change that one out. This was killing it.

33 million, nearly $35 It's that one's I must have made over $10 Just today that was made known so they're all like making money but the market let me show you the market okay, this is Bitcoin This is a five minute book. So I joined on Sunday this is this is my point about box now the thing about bots right let me just share the Weekly This Is back let me enlarge this so you can see it right this is the Bitcoin weekly chat while 123456 We're in that eight red week we're going it's been in a downtrend for eight weeks that is a record for Bitcoin I mean look you've got some green candles there and that's this is a red weeks in a row. Now most bots and there's a lot of bots out there and a legitimate one not like the scammy ones which surely are legitimate bots but they tend to work when the markets going up so they're all rare when the markets going up where they're already no good the bots are but when the markets coming down it's like they go silent because the bots have stopped working, they can't work when the markets going down however easy bot can It doesn't matter if the markets going up or down it still works I mean here I am using is trading view there is a free version. This is a paid version, but there's a free version so you could I think you can track your box in the answer. Track your coins in the free version. you don't you don't need it.

You don't need it. But I do trading anyway. But all the ones in purple here. These are the other ones that I've got a bot running on. So this is this percentage here is the change today.

All right. So not not looking too hot today. All right. So I've changed BBs so we only got a few green ones so what I'll do is several we'll have a look at this just been down some luck right let's add this on. When you are when you're when you add your coins, I would stick to coins, that small market cap because you want them to if you if you invest in the the larger cap coins. There's not so much wiggle room, they don't they don't move.

There's not the volatility that you need. So stick to the smaller cap coins like this. This one's just been from day one that's been if you look at the let's go to the hourly look, it's been up and down, up and down. And that's what's making the money that's what's making the money every time because it's making trades all the time.

All the time the bots do any trading all the time. So let me just show you what to do here. is laser today look is this is this is one that's in, in trade now. This is when it closed out profit closed out profit at closed out profit closed out profit. These are today's, closed out profit so it does either it just keeps doing its thing doing its thing do its thing.

So let's set those spots. Let's delete that I'm deleting this one. Because it's been a bit it's been it's not really not a lot not a lot of movement on it.

So I'll get rid of it. I don't care. Let's get rid of it. Just click on across here read should be able to add a new one now let's give that a refresh. So now I can add a new bot so what was that bot? That said? What was it and its own car? CRV yes got that one just call it C IV care it's like to exchange C IV care there is that one Okay, so he got the option the cycle our singles are single what single we'll do it we'll do it read and as soon as accurate wins the ball the ball stop whereas cycle it will go make the trade when it when he cashes it out and it's made a profit it starts instantly starts another trade okay starts doing different trades. Alright, so I like to say keeping cycled set as active my god Artur compounding lever on you can edit these you can edit these bots you can change all these settings I don't even know what these settings do.

And I don't want to get more advanced into but these guys have tested this to the hilt to make it work so why would you want to I don't know really why you'd want to mess with ease unless you've got following a particular coin in and know which way it's going to go or something I don't know but anywho so that's it you can put in how much you want to have on this card now. If I if I put $1,000 into this coin, if that was $1,000 is not going to on the first rate put $1,000 into it. So let's leave it on 1000 that now. Absolutely put 600 Okay, so let me initialise is going to be $20 Okay so it will do a $20 trade if it did it's $34 Well, let's do 1000 Right and that's it he set just click save so in a second that will make a trade that will go out it will go to Binance they're not promising you The market is awful.

It is dire so as I've shown you, the bots are still making money. this bot is just going to kill it I mean it's making money now what is it going to do when the markets good it's crazy anywho I'll be making more videos when it 12 months calculate half a percent not not far as in 5% a day half a percent you would make 10 or $2,000 really into 12 nearly 12 and a half $1,000 That is the power of compounding guys. Ace and we just it makes a massive difference compounding makes a huge huge difference now. It is as I said it is free to join you can get set up you can test it out I suggest you do I suggest you test it out for free get to you know the system or get on the Zoom call.

So you can see all the transparency Ask away ask the questions Gus may get the questions. Now there are two you can upgrade if upgraded. The only difference is a free a free member you get 40% Commission, if any of any of you promote it and anybody upgrades get 5% commission as a paid member, you get 40% commission. But as a paid member, you also get a percentage of winning trades from people you bring in.

So let me show you. So this is my this is my wallet. Now this is the only money that has been put onto the system.

So if you upgrade if you want to upgrade you want money, basically deposit money to upgrade, okay, you also put a bit of balance on to cover the cost of the trade. So every time you've made a winning trade as a free member, it takes 30% to do deduction from that, from that winning trade. Okay, as a paid member, you only pay 20%. I mean, they say every town all leaves. It's took 20% of each winning trade.

Okay. Boom, boom, boom. So I can I added a balance of 50 put $50 in on Sunday. So I've spent $20 Which obviously I don't care because it's making me money. Okay is always winning trades. Right, so he just took a esa so that's only money that they've got in the system.

So all the other money is in my balance account. Safe and sound. So you cannot upgrade, there's a tutor $50 A year upgrade. So you get you get 10 bucks. And you get a percentage, anybody who brings any of their winning trades, which we'll go to in a minute it can upgrade to $1,000 member where you can have access to all that coins, which I got a list of here, which is all of these, okay.

They've got eight I think 18 or 21 coins, we could think of 21 bots of our pumping away. All right. However, if you and I finally found out this, which I thought was really good if you upgrade for $250 today and decided our wireless systems awesome.

And then three days later, you want to go in what it's all a box, etc. You don't have to pay another $1,000 on top of the 250 they'll take the difference out. Say so if you aren't you've already paid 250 You'll just pay it no 7150 Well, it really depends on how long give you've been at the 250 level. So if you've been in the 250 level for six months I'll take $125 Off you see, like work pays much. So I was definitely I definitely recommend you you you upgrade because then 10% out of plus on the you do you do get two bots.

But what if the two bots you had were that one I've just got rid of it Durge well listen marking say if you if you've got a few bucks on the girl because they're all working some some some days some are bigger than others, etc I've definitely how deaf if you are just going to set was free now definitely have this one on your own as well. And that's not financial advice, but I will definitely have that one on there. And then guys just get honestly sign up for free and then test it out. Right let's look at this coin, we'll just see what it's doing. Yep, there he is putting he's putting a buy ultimate while I was recording it's just gone out put buy in so that I'll monitor that and then when it's made a profit or cash out, put in another trade etc get signed at once you've signed up message me yeah, you're using them.

Right and I'll add you to my list. Because I've got some big things planned for this for my team, we're gonna really rock this and now let me just show you the compensation. Now it's important in that it can make you make money from the bot the bot is the main thing you make the money from, alright, you do not have to promote this if you don't want to if you just want to make money trading that is fine. Right you will make money trading but if you want to make more money that do have an affiliate programme and you get 8% of your team's service fee the other service fees are shirt this shirt here Oli service fees for all these winning transactions you get 8% of that now they add up I mean look at these lasers for aligning these most of these they're going to add up guys very quickly. So although these you know the this bot stands on its own there is that if you want to earn extra as an affiliate girlfriend and I have said about big things planned for this, I'll be pushing this ad and I'll be showing my team what I'm doing to push it traffic sources, everything alright, so get signed up, get on the Zoom calls, I'll hook you up with a link there.

Just message message me your username etc. And I'll get you in there make sure you have ready to rock and roll All right. Any questions whatsoever message me if you've worked with me before you know you know bend over backwards for teens etc. So guys, this is really pumped about this. I love my crypto trading and this is just I think this is absolutely spot on.

He's brilliant. I think he's been I think the people behind it a brilliant team I think I think as you will see rain so I just wanted to give you a quick update. We recorded that video yesterday and I came to I did it today and had a look at the coins that set up. This is the one set up yesterday all the other lives have gone up apart from dirt dirt is just not on anything. When that when that trades out I'll get rid of dirt and swap it out for another more Marvel you need the more volatile coins because you need them to go up and down. That's what's makes you money if they're just sat there doing nothing that you're not going to make anything either way.

So anyway, and this is the one we're set up yesterday and it's made $8.71 Now you see these percentages above that that's nothing to do with my pot. Failure that's the actual these are what the actual coins are doing on the on the network. So that's in the middle I think I think it's in the last 24 hours. So that's gone it was like 12% last 24 hours.

And dirt isn't nearly 2% These five woman so they're all different. They're very so let me just show you what it's done. So off the screen, this is the latest trade this was about three quarters of an hour ago it put that in and I did add after I made the video I did add another $1,000 to the balance. Now that's you don't have to have $1,000 Actually and suddenly a balance account. That's it doesn't trip the whole amount through it's a percentage of it. Get on the Get on the live training calls.

And they go wherever in detail what you need to know all about the pump, you can ask all the questions in the world and let me just show you well this is done. Now they have live calls. Pretty much every day. So this is this is our initial buy and this is when I recorded the video this 341 So but well 30 minutes later the price must have gone down. So they really bought in So what it's doing is buying at cheaper price. And what the what the bots doing is is getting your average price Skrill is ECSE average price is trying to get that down.

As far as possible. So if if you put in your initial bar like I have there and it's gone down the bars in again at cheaper, which brings your initial price down. So if it went down but a bit more a putting in another buy cheaper. So when the price starts coming up which has done there, it sells it out at profit but it doesn't because it's bought in cheaper prices, it doesn't have to come back up that much for you to make money. Whereas if you just put in just your initial buy there and the price came down quite a bit, you'd have to wait you'd have to sell out quite a big loss or you'd have to wait quite a long time for the price to come back up. All right, that's called Hot that's what hodlers do.

They hold on and hoping the price is going to come back up. And but if you're doing it in these increments like the bonders it's been at a cheaper price. Unless come up with a little bit and it'll close out all the all the trades completely switch has done come it must come up a little bit bang got got a profit made net six cents. Initial buyer they're putting another treasure were made 68 cents. Made 87 cents there. See these are all just a $33 trade and another $33 trade and then it's sold out sold a lot out 87 cents.

So he's not using even though eights were initially set at $1,000 Isn't that not using anywhere near that amount? All right. That's seven cents there. $1.86 there.

Again, price come down. It's bought back in this this is it's those can see it's gone $33 to 67 That is because between that time and that time, at some point I added set the bot an extra $1,000 All right. And I'm quite glad I did because my daughter at six I could do just in my $2.36 They're made $1.58 there. This is the current trend. So this is in this is in bitcoins in a downward trend.

But still making money What is this bot going to do when this market is when it's crypto when it's all coin season? Is it is going to fly guy seriously I am Sir. Now be ready for it will be ready for these bots are going to be pumping tell you if it can do this in a downtrend. What's it going to do in an uptrend? Guys get signed up. Pick two coins if you Don't to upgrade straightaway jump on Ali. Ali lives zoom lives and we can ask questions were the people behind this.

This fantastic group, they really are, and the very helpful I've contacted support a few times, and they've been back to me the same day, usually within an hour or so. So absolutely fantastic. cannot follow up with these guys get signed up, contact me with a username and I'll hook you up with all the marketing materials and all the other stuff that I'm bringing out to really push this help on a team. I'll hook you up with all the easy bot links that you need all the support and the Zoom links etc. Get on the camera is getting the Zoom calls, test it out, get a couple of bots go test it out, get on the Zoom calls, learn all about the bots and learn about and before I put any spend any money, right? I want you to be confident you're doing the right thing.

I'm not trying to rush you into spending your money. But you'll soon see that these guys are legit, and it's absolutely fantastic opportunity. All right. Any questions just leave them below and don't forget to subscribe because I will be adding more videos about my progress with Eazybot and results.

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2022-05-27 19:47

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