Custom Knives from Blade Show 2022 - Between Two Knives

Custom Knives from Blade Show 2022 - Between Two Knives

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Hey everybody, Seth V here for the KnifeCenter with David C. Andersen, who has slightly lost his voice a little bit. So he'll be nursing his cup of tea there as we make it through this blade show recap video. We've got a ton of custom knives from Blade show. And we're going to talk about and we're going to talk about blade show itself. So let's jump into it

( Well, thank you Seth for leading this video. Cool thing about this is I haven't seen any of this stuff. Yeah. Yeah, this is gonna be a bit of a surprise first impressions for you. Some of these maybe you saw blade show. I know you know a lot of these makers but these particular knives a lot of them I'm seeing for the first time as well. Basically, I went up to the buyers desk and grabbed random knives. Yeah. Because you

know, Seth and I, we buy a couple things maybe for ourselves, but the stuff our customers buyers pick up. We don't see till later. So this is this is kind of discovering them with you guys as well. That's cool. Yeah.

Maybe more than any video this year, this is gonna have some of the rarest, some of the most expensive, the most exotic stuff we're gonna see ever. And that's, that's where blade show shines. You know, that's where the world meets to talk about these kinds of knives, these good, those kinds of knives. These as of today, as of this video posting should be live on the site. That's the Demko AD 20.5 with full timascus handles and a 3V blade and a 3V blade. So this is upgraded as they get

at the moment. Coming in at a cool 1200 bucks. Yeah, yeah. Funny thing is even at that price is depending on when these go live this afternoon, they may even already be sold out by the time this video posts. It's true. It's true. Obviously, that's a ton of money but time mask is does not come cheap. Really most of that cost is in materials here to big slabs of time mascus I believe maybe knife makers in the comments could correct me here but I believe time ask is is also a bit more challenging to machine given that it is multiple different types of titanium that have sort of been squeezed and much like pattern over the mascus they've been might require a different process. Yeah, so it's an exotic material that gives you a unique you won't find anywhere else. It's

just crazy colors kind of oil slick going on. Plus he got AD 20.5. Yeah. That shark lock, ambidextrous. Yeah. Awesome. One little detail with these. You may notice this has a slightly different pivot

hardware from the regular Grivory additions. all I believe of the factory Demko titanium scales will have that pivot. So yes, there's something a little extra to notice. Something to

keep in mind too. Not that you would buy this one with the intent to swap the scale. So please don't in fact, but you know, if you aren't picking up a titanium version, and you have some other aftermarket scales, or we're looking at picking some up, make sure that the ones you get are gonna fit because right now they're all sized to fit the Grivory pivot which is smaller. Yeah, yeah. I can't imagine somebody getting those first

skill slots swap somebody do I dare you there? Yeah. This is interesting. Yeah, that's a full custom like from Nick Swan. His model 94 I believe it's a non locking knife with a really stiff, double detent very stiff. Yeah. So if

if that kind of lock makes you nervous, this might be a cool option because it really engages there. And even if it were to come loose, you've got the you can see how much pressure it takes. You've got the tab there under the thumb. Yeah, I like a little bit of extra ego style. Yeah. I'm almost nervous to put my my hand in the way and you got ball over there as well.

Yeah, officially multi tool lead. I believe we picked up these with several different colors here. I next one is very inventive maker. It loves to play with mechanisms and proportions. I think steel is AEB-L G 10 scales on this one got a bunch of options on the website. I think we got Jade, some other colors. acid wash on this particular one. Um, yeah,

this design is just, it's a double detent slip joint non locker in a way. I've never quite seen it before. Almost got a higo no kami vibe with this bottle opener Tang here. And then yeah, in between the point where you kind of lock it open. And the point where you lock it closed. It has a definitive stop actually, yeah, yeah, this part is pretty free. Flowing, which is very

interesting. And then just kicks right there. Yeah, it requires a decent bit of pressure for sure. Yeah, a braver man than I could probably even front flip this.

I was thinking that and I'm not that brave. But yeah, next one, was the price, is 995. Okay. One of our custom buyers Nick. No relation. And next one is a fan of Nick's one. I think he picked up a full custom flipper from him at the show. He's got a couple of designs with Kaiser. But blade show is where you're going to see this stuff first. I

don't have any knowledge that this might be come a production knife, but never know. You never know. And, you know, even the companies who make those production knives are at blade show meeting makers looking for new stuff. Yep, yep, it is where you're likely to see something first and getting their next collaboration set up. This is a cool, non locking knife. So maybe maybe we'll see something similar from next one and future like this. And it's

officially a multi tool. Well, next up, that is the Can we just appreciate the polar opposite nature. These two I'm gonna hand it right to Sure. So this right here is from RichMade Knives. This is his custom large zombie killer flipper.

Coming in at $875 This has been hand finished in in every inch for as large of a thing is it's not terribly thick. It's actually somewhat reasonable in that regard. Yeah, one of the more reasonable rich mates I've seen come in the KnifeCenter Honestly in terms of thickness, which is really saying something about RichMade Knives. Actually I'm really glad this is on the table here because I will relish the opportunity to talk about RichMade Knives. I really

find him interesting I find his knives very interesting. More more than literally any other maker rich Made Knives get people talking even the kind of non knife enthusiast here at the KnifeCenter have a lot to say about RichMade knives every time they come through the door it's it's a bit of a their conversation starter for sure. Absolutely. And what a spectacle truly like and then they all all they always feel super solid to like they're even though they're they're kind of leaning into this kind of aesthetic. They're not gimmicky like in terms of their construction like they're built very well no no.

Rich really nails the the basics first I would say you know the grinds are symmetrical. The edges are sharp that the mechanics work great. You know the nice, perfectly centered I have to check from the back it's so wide but it is perfectly centered. You know all that that stuff has been checked. And then he's just gone cray. have any fun with it? Yeah. I'm wondering if you could Pinky flip that open? Oh, I did it with another one.

You did? You did that on Instagram once. I don't Don't drop it. No, no, no, not today. Not on camera. Look at that Clank though. We'll do it later in the padded room. Sure. full titanium. I'm guessing

full titanium. Absolutely. thing with these designs. They either make you smile or they make you mad. Like people get upset about this. They really do.

thing is though, like they obviously they look like what they look like but they do make you smile. Yeah, they genuinely do. These like bullet hits. Things are really cool. I'm trying to I wonder how we did that. Like I'm not sure if they're just milled in or if there's something actually set in the handle almost looks like something was like press fit in there. I'm not sure every one of these everyone was nice. Ernest has a different

experimental finish, or different kind of trick he's trying. They are so much fun. And he is clearly having so much fun. It is drop shut watch your fingers. And his buyers are having a lot

of fun to, you know the people who buy and collect these. some people do for sure. The Jenkos wearers out there again. Yes. Vintage extra large pockets. For sure. price on this one 875 75 and one of several estimates of various milk all unique. So the ones you see on the website are the only

ones in stock and once they're gone they're gone. It's funny the next one is we talked about polar opposite before this next one's also kind of a polar opposite in style. Maybe it's worth noting that Thomas set up the table today. Thomas pick the order Yeah, no one to blame but me. So this is a bill Ruple obviously yes. Yeah, this is

gorgeous. Man, listen to that snap to wow. So this is a custom Lanny's clip. From as you mentioned, Bill ruple $1,595 at the moment. And then micarta believe it's a vintage linen micarta.

Which you can tell it's like it could be Yeah, vintage micarta is kind of get a little more caramely in color. You can also see on the base, the section touching the backspace where there's a little bit darker that line. And that's where that material has aged with time. micarta as some of you may know, is not UV stable. So when you fix something like

that, to the to the base, you still see some of that like old school darkening going on. Just pretty cool detail. Yeah, I mean, the the price on this one is because Bill Ruple is a master. I don't know how old he is. But I've known his name as a slipjoint. Maker for as long as I've known about

the Lanny's clip is a particularly Partly because of the exaggeration of lines here it is quite thick and chunky, very hand filling. Feels so comfortable. I love how clean the back is to just the finishing along the spine and all the way down the the handle is just so meticulous. It's so good. Yeah. And of course you've got impeccable action. Really good spring just wants to snap into those three positions open. Half and closed.

Yeah, I mean, it's simple. Done, right? This is trying to talk through my, my failing voice here at the moment. But this is the sort of thing that you know, people will see the price tag on this and and, you know, get a little quickening of the heart sort of thing. And me too, I cannot afford this knife. But what this knife gives you is an experience that even on some of the best production slip joints out there, you just don't get. And it's not saying any of them are

bad. There's tons of phenomenal, phenomenal, affordable slip joints out there. But they're not going to give you the exact same experience you can get for this. Now it's up to you to decide whether that's worth the price or not. But such as such

is it with everything out there. Yeah. But to say it doesn't do anything better than some of those other knives. It's just flatly false. I mean, it's just a phenomenal experience. I wonder what he used for the shield there almost looks like a richlite because it's not reflective. Yeah, very black

deep black is good. And that almost looks like dark wood. No, we say dark shield. Yeah, no, if you're watching, bill's not watching. That is really cool, though. It almost looks like there's a little bit of grain in there. But it's hard to say. Yeah. Very cool. This is like riveting. I know. I'm very sorry.

The closer I get to this, this micarta to you can really see the depth of the color changes that have occurred. Very cool, very cool. This flex or something that usually that I like seeing you often see in some of the lighter linens out there. And here they're especially character for character. This is a knife with a ton of character, from the lines to the materials, just even to the fact that it's a slip joint.

I think you really have to Do you have to relate to this character to really want to buy this and I'm just wanting to wipe all the fingerprints off. I know. Just Beautiful, just beautiful. Next up a very modern balisong. From Prince customs. This, I think we have a fair number of these sound. Yeah. I remember these in different in different Yeah, different configurations. Each one unique. This one in particular has a damaged steel blade pricing is $1,095. At the moment, got nice blue titanium handles, check out

the deep radius of that. Yeah, cut out there on the handles, although one of the things that stands out to me right away is you don't have a latch, but you do have color coded handles. Yeah. And in the studio lights, actually, as I was holding them in certain angles, they pop almost like a fiber optic, you can really see them the red and the green.

Especially if you've got good lighting, as you're doing you're flipping you know, without even without the latch, you've got that little small, but you do have that visual cue there. I'm not even gonna try flipping over that compound grind here, deep hollow, and then the flat out front. Yeah, I can't help but feel. I am not necessarily the knife guy that this knife is for not being much of a balisong flipper. But

I can't help but feel that this balisong was very carefully crafted for balance. The way that that hollow grind is so aggressive here and leaves more weight at the tip gives you that kinetic Yeah, that that pendulum where the weight is is a little more towards the front. And so you can just swing it through in a more controlled way. I don't know if I'm making sense exactly what we'll even though the holes there also remove a little bit at the at the backside to the way that I experience is a really high end balisong is it gives you confidence almost to do tricks faster or more smoothly. It just kind of seems to work with you. And this is

one of those that does that I think it's a little shorter. Geez, no 4.6 inch blade. I think it must just be a lightness to this. It feels a little lighter than other similarly sized phallus songs. The milling on those handles is just awesome, too. It's funny, most flippers these days do not want to latch but it didn't used to be that way latch used to used to be a necessary feature. I don't know what changed.

I do like that kind of as a Yeah, it was a compromise. So you can still see the same thing that might happen. Okay, yeah, actually are these killed up? I'm holding up to the light here so you can really see the color pop through.

So it's just it's not just a painted thing. That's actually like a little fiber optic. Yeah, it goes all the way through.

Yeah, that really shines and the light will have to hopefully tell us gonna get good angle on that. That's cool. Yeah, very cool. So Prince customs. We have lots of variants at the moment. I mean, it's a top tier

balisong if you're looking for that, like collector status flipper for your collection. Check this out. Very cool. It's up there with the best for sure. All right, next up. Speaking of the best that is a custom Emerson commander. It's probably my favorite Emerson design. I actually used to carry

a mini commander for a number of years. It's such a such a bold knife. That very brash very exaggerated recurve the way that blade almost droops forward with the big belly. Yeah. I like the titanium bolsters. There are actually dovetailed which is pretty cool.

Yeah, yeah, that's, I think something that Emerson really only does on his customs. This is this is this a hand ground by Emerson himself knife? I believe so. The Emerson spec war knives. Branding is only on the hand ground blades I believe. In any case, this one is just under two grand the commander was the design that introduced the wave to the world? Really? Yes. This was Emerson Emerson thing. I didn't realize this was the model that

kicked it off. Yeah, Emerson started out making dress knives, almost art knives, and then balisong. Then he had some tactical folders, very straightforward. And the commander was the first with the wave. And apparently, Emerson tells the story much better. But

finding out that it sort of auto deployed the knife was a bit of an accident. Just this was made for some sort of special forces unit. They were hanging out playing with their knives, and noticed if they pulled it from the pocket just right. So if it was open, if it wasn't designed for that initially, then what was the purpose at the time? I wonder? It was supposed to be a blade stop. I see for CQC combat

interesting. Yeah. I'll have the accident. A happy accident. Definitely. It does have the added functionality of being a bottle opener, which I have used on the mini so not not going to try it here. But I assumed the geometry will still work. It's expensive bottle opener. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, feel super solid. And a hand ground Emerson blade is is getting rarer and

rarer these days. Absolutely. Yeah, this look now it's a kind of a drab military look. This really is the knife that that started it the Green micarta the sandblasted scales. Yeah. And icon really an icon

for sure. Next up on the table, the first fixed blade first only fixed blade at the moment. This is from Ramon Chavez This is his repercussion. A Chavez you say? Yeah, I custom job is to What a beast that's a thick layer where we're dealing with a kind of a skeleton close to a quarter inch. We don't have specs on this yet but I can say that it's CPM 3V steel. So that plus the thickness I mean, this is practically bulletproof.

Feels pretty good. Skills are flat, but it doesn't pinch you or doesn't pinch me at least anyways. Plenty of handle real estate even for the Big Bear pod folk out there. Yeah, nice generous choil. I think even with gloves you'd be

comfortable he's natural. I would agree with that. Yeah. And outdoor tactical crossover survival life type of thing Yeah. A peak beater perhaps impressive sheath with this or yeah the sheath I think it's a kind of a nylon affair with the drop. very tactical classic made in the USA nylon sheath. USA is a nice touch a lot of the sheets like that. To keep costs down come from somewhere else that's cool.

Yeah. This design screams Chavez the squared off handle you know those angles there and those the big oil I'm missing the skull though there's no big school. No click Yeah, like it didn't The more I look at it, the more Chavez I see it. Yes. Quite honestly, I didn't realize

it was him. But the from the angles of the belly on the blade even like, knowing his other models. There's a definite family lineage there. Yeah, yeah. All kinds of little things

are are adding up now so to speak. Really impressive. And we don't have this on the site yet. Great. At least when we're filming this. So we don't have final pricing. Yeah, yes, bear with us on the rest of this stuff. They're actually being added to the site as we speak. So

that's the the upside and downside of why we don't often show videos on the custom stuff we get is because it'll be you know, the timing is sometimes a little off and then any of these things could sell at any minute and then we won't have anything to link to in the description down below. So definitely bear with us on the rest. Keep that in mind when you're when you're looking for some of these things. Because some of these things I think once they're up are going to go pretty quickly. Yeah, yeah. Next up from heretic this knife one the blade show manufacturing quality award. In fact,

this exact knife. Yeah, this exactly. This. This was the actual example they submitted for four judgments. I think so. Yeah. The Damasteel heretic Wraith, the mother of

pearl. Yeah, looks like mother of pearl. Anyway. is in his spine, the inside of the handle? Well, the cool thing about this is, it's an integral. Yeah, I was kind of trying to piece together exactly how it's constructed. It looks like the only metal other than the blade is right around the pivot there. We've got that front bolster, which looks like Damasteel. Just like the blade. We've got that swirled carbon fiber integral

and the ability to put that big backspacer inlay there. Yeah, that is the real kind of manufacturing flex, if you ask me, yeah, big piece of other apparel in the spine of a handle. Wow. Plus, it's still just this has always been a very useful design to me, like, auto aside, whether that's your thing or not. It's got good action, but it's got a great use usable shape overall, too.

Yeah. And there's some style to that point. But that's all business handle shape. Nice and simple. I'm glad to see them win the manufacturing quality award. I mean, this knife really did deserve it. totally seamless, great use of materials. You know, it's cool to see carbon fiber getting used like structurally as actual not just as scales but as an actual handle material because it really is the size of that and it keeps the weight down. This is not a heavy knife at all, actually. Yeah, I like it.

Nice, confident action. Not the fastest, but we got a lot of mass moving there. Definitely Thrax. Your wrist bones just a bit, just very nice as it should. Speaking of autos, this is you wouldn't expect this to be an auto problem. I love these

knives. The switch army knife. So closed. This one is getting a little away from the classic Victorinox look with the polka dots. But pretty sweet. Chuck Gedraitis if you're if you're wondering, thank you for saying his name. Actually, I wasn't sure how to say Gedraitis. There we go. Sorry, Chuck. Chuck

Gedraitis Switch army knife. We've got the scale release. Hope I'm saying it right. So yeah, you push the scale over. And that releases the automatic action. Let me do it one more time. So the scale goes that way. And the blade pops open. Very cool.

And it still has, I believe, yes. The toothpick and tweezers. Tweezers. Yeah, those are official Victorinox parts there, the rest of the knife is not.

You almost miss them with all the other dots. They're under the handle. I mean, we're both smiling like this. This knife is awesome. This is one of my favorites. Favorite autos lately for sure. The

Swiss Army Knife is so perfect for it because you know you skip all the one handed opening methods that came in between slipjoint an automatic and just get right to the blade. And I think he's using RWL 34 on these or at least maybe some previous batches were that. But you've you're definitely going to be getting a premium steel in any case on these. Yeah, they're so cool. Yeah, I wonder how many of these we got this one with the polka dots is pretty sweet. This is this is a smile inducer for sure. Yeah. I mean, this is

this is right up there with the kind of thing that Seth and I personally would geek out on. This one's got a little bit more dropped to the blade. I think previous ones we had a clip point shape.

Yeah, it's even it's a little other than the clip to it. It's actually kind of faithful to the original Victorinox, a little You mean the swedge. Other than the swedge. Yeah. Got this slightly bulbous kind of tip a little lower than centerline. There's almost a hint of recurve going on. Is like borderline Yeah, or even just maybe a little negative So cool. Real quick. Before we move on, we'll install on this

CPM 154 Black g 10. With G 10. Dots. We also have these in micarta. So there we go. Just that's as much as we know at this moment. It's pretty close though right? It'd be 134 Is the essentially the CPM 154. Can you tell just from touching

anything, and tasting carbon seals have a taste? Yes. As we've discussed on this channel. Moving on American Blade Works. Let's not get weird. This is the model one. As far as I know, this is his only model. This was a maker. New to us. Someone actually I just happen

to walk by it the show whose knives kind of caught my eye If at some point we looked back and picked up some of them, simple design, I mean, you know, kind of speaks for itself very utilitarian. Nice for for sure drill handle, versatile blade. But American made and at a pretty good price. I wish I could say exactly the price, but I think we're hovering around 300, which is pretty sweet for, again, American manufacturing, 20, CV blade steel, all at one small shop. Several colors, I'm assuming, at this point, lots of different material options for the handles, that's g 10. There's also micarta, they come in a frame lock version as well, I thought that was the case I was gonna ask you mechanically, they're just really simple, really solid, you know, the blade, I think these are unique to blade show this year, in that they have a little bit of the milling lines on the bevel. Usually, I think he

polishes those out. It throws my fingers off a little bit. But this almost feels hollow grind, but it looks like it's flat. To me. Yeah, hard to say when it's just CNC passes, kind of

could be one or the other. You're not necessarily using a wheel or a flat plate or belt or something. And the thing with this too, is like there are reasons for it, it's it's going to slow down your efficiency just a little bit. But as opposed to something with like a high gloss finish,

it can release from materials a little bit better. So there are reasons for it beyond just the looks if that's what you're looking for, so to speak. Yeah. As ball bearings, but it feels almost like washers it doesn't have that typical ball bearing feel to it, it's a little more well, it's a little less free flowing, but it's a little more smooth at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. Yeah, something about this to me just says like, premium work knife. You know, I could see somebody getting this and beating it for years and just it becoming that go to knife with 20 CV steel. It's gonna hold an edge for a great long time.

Yeah, I was really impressed with the knives on his table. And I'm really glad that we picked him up to join with you guys. And I think we're gonna be working with him more in the future too, which is also cool. Yeah. Furnace American Blade I'm looking forward to this because I am a fan of Mr. Brad

Zinker. I'll hand you that one. And I'll grab this one. We've got a couple of Zinkers Now, traditional flipper and a front flipper here. Again, we don't have the the final details on pricing and blade steel at this exact moment. But

we're both pretty familiar with Brad Zinker's work. up all right there. That blade shape really, really grabbed me the blade shape is grabbing and it's a MagnaCut Zenker to this one doesn't have a blade steel marking. So I'm not sure if that one's MagnaCut or not. But they did mention to me to me that

they got our buyers they got a couple MagnaCut Zinkers and got me excited. Yeah, cool to see MagnaCut reaching more and more makers. I love this piece of desert Ironwood on this one too, that this is such a good piece. The green on That's awesome. Yeah, that squiggle right there that's got the jeweled titanium liners in there. A new I almost don't even want to call it jimping it's more like a knurling almost.

Yeah, I was pointing out before we started rolling how well it grabs a thumb like I can feel my skin kind of getting grabbed just from the little touch right there. And then when you actually go to flip, you have total confidence that you're not going to slip off of it. i It's crowned and then textured. Somehow almost checkered. Yeah, I've never seen jimping done

quite like this, but I love it. This very nice. Feels awesome. Lightweight, ultralight even. I mean, there's a reason why some stuff in like Boker's lineup, the urban Trapper from Zinka is still going strong all these years later is because they do a really good job of getting close to the action and the feel of the customs. And there's just such great designs on top of it too. Yeah. Yeah, but man, these are these are very impressive. We could spend many more minutes on these but this video is probably getting long at this point. So deep hollow grind on I spent a

little more time it's stonewashed finish. It's very good. Classic pocket knife perfection. We can leave it at that.

I'll take you. Speaking of perfection, this is a custom from RJ Martin. RJ Martin doesn't hold anything back. This thing is crazy. In addition to being so lightweight, it almost feels like it's not spring out of my hand. I think this is fat carbon front scale, really aggressively machine complex pattern, kind of a, a almost Coke bottle thing going, you've actually got contouring not just rounded over, you've got an actual shape from the spine to look at. And then the milling

texture in throughout as well. Same treatment applied to the same tech or same shape on the back. Titanium Lochside. And then I believe that's your conium pocket clip. Wow.

Just for the heck of it. I mean, even I don't get to hold one of these very often. Pardon me while I have a moment. I lean back for the action because I know that these things correct open crack is the word I mean, listen to it, we'll do it again, just by back a distinct two. Click sound. I think there's a click that comes from breaking the detent and then another one as the lock actually engages. So you get that

here. Yeah, slowly. It's like doing the slow motion MagnaCut blade here as well with a kind of a high stonewashed. It's like almost sounds like a mirror polish, but it's high polished. I almost wonder if he polished it and then stone washed it or something. Something because they reflect there's definitely a hint of that texture still there. But it is, like I said you're not you're not gonna like comb your hair in the in the reflection on it. It's not that reflective, but it's definitely quite

reflective. What's comb your hair mean? use a mirror I don't have to, you never do anyway. So we'll just leave that as an aside, I guess what's like the backspace or is that fat carbon as well.

So like, here's the thing with like, RJ stuff is very hard to get a hold of, and we're lucky that we got one piece from the show. Yeah, we got one and we're so happy that we got the one. That's that's just a beautiful piece. I gotta give it a flip. One more. There we go. Okay, that's a great way to end. Such a cool piece. Got a couple more on the table. This is a model 36 from Jason

Clark. Whoa, yeah. Gorgeous. Nothing held back on this one. We've got Vegas forge seismic Damascus, fossilized handles time mascus bolster, and pocket clip. And then just looking even a little closer, extra little

spacers going? Yeah, a triple spacer liner thing going on here. Floating backspacer. Yeah, kind of just showing off. I think I'm always a big fan, just in general, my personal style of like, the bone type of coloration to the handle with red. Which looks cool. But then the blue backing that up of that anodized titanium liner, there is very cool, too. And that's just like the smallest detail of what makes this knife cool. I

mean, that bolster is phenomenal. dovetail here as well. Yeah. When I say showing off to I want to be clear, I'm not

talking about like showiness I mean, even though this is a bit of a loud knives with flexing skills in a way yes. really demonstrating and pushing his own capabilities, I think really, you know, getting the sync things like that floating backspacer to be perfectly symmetrical and parallel to every other part really is a challenge especially when you're hand crafting these things. The flipping action is interesting. It's very light. Like it's not a confident you. I mean, that popped right over

this. It's like the opposite character to the RJ Martin we just looked at which has that like, barbaric you gotta like load up but this is more like pinkies out almost. That's cool. A more elegant action for a refund more civilized and hypnotizing myself. Yeah, don't do that. We

still have one more to get through last night. From Kritzman customs. This is the Enigma perhaps before I say perfect name for it. Because I do know how to open Okay, Nick, Nick or biocity Did this really well. You didn't show me Thomas Do you wanna Well, Seth showed me Everything is like a bolster release, kind of like the Switch Army knife there. So I was working on that, and then I felt

right, then the bolster on the back is the flipper. Wow, pretty cool. It's one of those things where you got to see it a couple times to even figure out what happened. For the lock, it's just a regular liner lock. So the clothes is very typical. But yeah, this liner, or bolster, row rotates area. And springs

back. Yeah. Crazy. It's an enigma. Really fun, natural V blade steel on So we were looking at this handle material. And in the box, he calls it Markkita. Bone Markita. Which I did a quick Google search. I'm not quite sure what that is still, even after Googling, but it looks for all the world like a like a bone linen micarta. To me. Yeah, I agree with that.

Anybody knows what Markita is? Please let us know. That's the cool thing about doing these videos is like I'm always learning new stuff. Like, the day anyone isn't learning new stuff, you should just like quit. But I'm always happy. Like, as I learn more stuff, I'm

able to bring more insight and more information to our audience do at the same time. So it's, I love learning new stuff. It's so cool. Absolutely. So because a new opening thing and a potentially a new handle material, we're here to talk.

I'm gonna need that rag. Yeah, I'm getting the fingerprint getting triggered by these fingerprints. Needless to say, there's a lot of cool stuff. And this is just

a sampling of the blade show stuff that we did bring back, there'll be more hitting the site over the next several days, maybe even the next week. This stuff, if you're interested in it. It's it may go quickly. You know, I'm not a big fan of having to like camp out on a page hitting the refresh button so often. That's part of why or what some of these are about, unfortunately.

Yeah. And it was a bit of the same experience at blade show. For a lot of folks, you know, signing up for lotteries, still still a bit of a chance element that you'll even get the chance to buy one of these. Yeah, yep, that's at least one way where makers are able to give everyone a fair shot. So it's not just the people there that are able to run to the table first. While the people who like have to work on a Friday that can't make it to the show. Yeah,

still get a shot at some knife. So speaking of personal time at the show, did you bring one of the knives you picked up just for a quick show until I did not gloss over it? Was right over. I didn't buy a lot. I bought two knives I got I bought a custom nessmuk from

my good friend Alan Searles. And I bought a custom bread knife from my good friend Kyle Daily, which I think is sweet. Cool thing about both of those makers is we also picked up some stuff from Alan to go on the site soon that stuff's being added. And we don't have it yet. But Kyle Daily is making us some some cool pocket MagnaCut Knives nice that should be rolling in. Probably a couple months out at this point but some really cool stuff about you. What did you pick up? Well,

This is a Victorinox ALOX Rambler discontinued but as a different color to then you're just your standard silver the finest keychain knife I think Victorinox has ever made. I do say so myself. Yeah, we got the scissors, the kind of combo tool with the bottle opener and it's basically a classic with the addition of the combination tool. Yeah, there. Lot of capability in the

little guy. This is the cool thing about knives is like we can geek out about that. Wood, which I'm sure as a couple $1,000 RJ Martin custom, almost just as much as the little keychain swiss army knife. Yeah. Yeah. I really have been looking for those for a long time. So I was ecstatic when I saw it on a

table bought it from one of the vintage dealers. Yeah, very cool. Very cool. Well, I lost my voice. So yeah, I was supposed to I was supposed to take over your day. I think I know this feel so yeah, no, he

does. Keep checking out the site for this stuff. We'll leave link links in the description at least to the brand pages where we can in the description. Remember we've got their knife rewards program as well. So especially when you're picking

up one of these quite pricey knives, you're gonna get some free money to back. Free money to spend on your next next fee. That was helpful. I'm David C. Andersen. I'm Seth V, that's Thomas behind the cameras. See you next time. Bye

2022-06-17 14:01

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