Binary | Deriv trading rise and fall strategy | Real Account

Binary | Deriv trading rise and fall strategy | Real Account

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Welcome to the binary campus. I have brought another strategy from the drive. Some trades now you watching in a real account are trades that use the strategy that I'm going to teach you all today. After you practice this strategy and make your experiences I'm sure that you can definitely continue this in a profitable manner. Now you see that some trades that going to place in a small real account. And I like to remind you that, I told you all that I'm going to do a free class. So that class going to be conducted on this 29th of may Sunday at 8.30 PM. So this is do using zoom app.

So if you all need to get information and link to join this free class you have to join our telegram group. And the link that needs to join the telegram group I'm placed below the description. You can take it from there. So from that telegram group, you can know more information about the class and you can join the free class too. And also need to tell you that, this free class is not conducted to show you our feedback, and does not have the aim of taking feedback or does not have the aim to show you how much our group members are profiting. And the class priority is going to the lesson and not anyone coming to talk with you in the class. So people who are new to trading join this class. Watch this video after you watched you will understand how to do this strategy and make settings in this. and if someone doesn't know to log into the derive platform also can learn from this video.

So join us and watch until this video is finished. Welcome to binary campus. So today we have bought you another strategy. So this strategy we are going to do in deriv platform. Let's see how we going to log into the deriv platform first.

And also need to remind you that subscribe to us, like us, comment on us, and definitely share this with your friends too. So we told that we are organizing a free class. So we have organize that in next Sunday 29th of may Not the 2nd week Sunday the class is at 29th of may. The link we are going to place in the telegram group. And that group link I will place in the description. So by that group, you can take the access to join the free class. So reminding that too.

Let's go to our strategy. First, search it on google as After you search it you can see a deriv official web site. So from here, you go to that site.

By now if you have a binary account you don't need to create an account you only have to do is click log in here. After you click login you can type your username and password to log in. If you use social login you can use that option to log in. I'm using the social login option so I'm going to click this google. So here is our deriv platform. So click here and select your method. After you click, select the rise and fall method.

And duration places it as 10 ticks. you can increase or decrease this by moving front or back. The stake you can place any amount you want and definitely click the allow equal. Fine, we have made the settings of trade and we have to make the settings of chart. Next, come indicators here. After you come you can see the moving average on the side click on that. Then you can see another moving average double click on that.

When I click 1 time you can see that in front of add new option it shows 1 have added. Then I click 2nd time in front of add new option it shows 2 have been added. By this time you can see we have applied moving average 2 times. because for this strategy we need 2 moving average indicators. In front of this MA, you can see the settings icon click that and keep the color the same as it is as red and keep the period 50, and change the type from simple to exponential. This exponential means, you know EMA that EMA is mean by this exponential. If you select simple then the simple moving average is going to work. So now we change this into an exponential moving average.

Then after that click done here. Then again come to indicators and change the settings in MA2 Change the color into blue, change the period into 25, and then give the type as exponential and click done in here. Fine, I will show you the place that enters a trade. Here you can see that these 2 moving average indicators crossed each other. After crossing the red line have come up. so when the red line comes up we purchase a fall trade.

So if the red line comes we click fall which means we are purchasing a lower trade. So a place like this, after a crossing when a red line comes up we are purchasing a lower trade. Same as that, If we watch another crossing see here in that blue line has come up. As here if the blue line comes up you have to take the rise option. The rise option means we are purchasing higher trades.

So here we are purchasing a higher trade. If the blue line comes up purchasing a rise or higher trade. And if the red line comes up purchase a fall or lower trade. I hope you people understood up to now. Let's see how to trade in here. Today I'm not using trading management I'm just placing some trades in the real account. Here these 2 indicators going to cross. ok, it crossed and the blue line has come up. I have purchase a trade let's see, The trade is placed after some time passed. Alright, that trade we have won.

Let's take trade from another place. I think you have seen or watched the previous video where I have placed some trades in real accounts. if you skip and come here go again watched back and come. And again remind you all that our free class is conducted on the 29th of May. people who like to come to the class join the telegram group by the link placed in the description. we are going to send the zoom meeting link of the free class to that group.

Fine, here we are going to have another entry point if these 2 lines are crossed again. And the next red one has to come. let us see, still not, Still, the entry point has not come. Fine, The entry point is going to come soon. Here entry is going to come soon. Let's see whether we can get the entry point or not.

The 2 line has to come a little more to be crossed. I think we can purchase a trade. Let's wait and watch We have to take the trade at the same time the line is crossed. Still not. So recently I read an article. So it's about the way people think when they are trading.

In that author is mentioning a person who is new to trading going to think that "how much today I will earn? " What he mentioned is correct. A person new to trading always thinks first is, for today how much will I going to earn or what's my target for today. I have earned that amount today. That's the first thing that comes to the head of very newcomers. But he mentioned it in the same place. A person mature in trading or a person who is professional in trading is not going to think that way. A person like that always thinks about how much I'm not going to lose today or how careful I need to be today not to lose.

So when trading you also think I will reduce the time I lose and increase the time I win. So always think I will reduce the time I lose. Because If you think like that you can continue your account without washing all the balance. Alright, still we don't have time to take an entry point. Let's wait and watch. we all can see until these 2 lines are crossed market is on a big uptrend. That's because we didn't get any proper entry point.

Let's see now. still, we don't have our entry point. Here I purchase a trade. Let's see what happens to the result at this entry point. That trade we have loss. We will take the other trade with this.

The Possibility of winning this trade is very high. Let's what happens to this trade? So most important in trading is experience. Most of the time you will lose. At that time don't be scared, don't worry either just find and think about the reason why you got lost every time.

So most of the time in tick trading it's really hard to back testing. Here we have won that trade. back testing is hard to do in tick trading but in minute trading always after you lose go backward and see the reason you got lost. Like that after you watch it again and again, the reason you got lost. You can learn many things from that. Like, why I'm lost in here? , If this happens again do I going to enter the trade? Do the analysis in a proper way like that after you lose the trade even in the demo account or real account. No problem test it on any account and see.

Here I have purchased a lower trade. Let's see, 35, 6, 7 Here you can see I have won that trade too. I have take 4 trades and only 1 got loss and other all 3 I got win you can see that. so this is the way that we doing this strategy and you can see that this strategy is very easy for everyone. and anyone can do this. Try this and see, You can do this well. You can see that this can do in that previous video too. I'm reminding you again that our free class is there on 29th May at 8.30 PM. To get the link on that definitely join our telegram group from the below link on the description.

So in there, you will learn what is binary and from the psychological side how do we going to work with this. Like that so many things going to teach there. So next I need to remind you trading is something amazing right, some can't succeed by following theory parts. why is that? For example, If we take technical or anything we perfectly learn but even we learn, when we going to trade we can't do it properly.

Why we can't do this properly? When we trade even though we learn perfectly everything in this. your life in trading decides on the last decision that you take at the moment of your trade. That means even what you learn you will get time to choose one thing. Alright, in here you're going to choose higher trade or lower trade. Either Rise or fall. Either touch or no touch. Either poll or put Like that you will get 2 options you have to choose 1 from that and your success depends on that choice.

Because of that when trading I'm always saying to my class students too that even if the theory is had or knowledge is there you can't trade. You always need to have the thinking capability. You need to have the capability the think beyond what you saw. Because if that happens you will get the capability of getting correct decisions. Sometimes we see, that some people are following only the book. but we are human so we need to have some sort of common sense to do something by think.

I don't know why we people are not giving any effort to think. may be that because laziness. You know that trading is a professional business. So when you do a professional business need to think in a professional manner. cause of that change your thinking pattern too if you are trading.

So if you're not thinking and doing the same thing that teaches by someone. Stop that and start to think about new thing. Start to think in a new way. and make your own way to trade. And then you can do this well and in a proper manner. Here I'm only giving you a little support to make your own way. Now you can do any modification to the strategy that I taught now to you. No problem, do any modification and trade the way that you want. That is the thing that needs to have for a very good trader, not the doing same thing that I was taught or taught by someone else.

Do not go beyond what you're taught to do separately. because if you're new to this field the decision that you take maybe guide you to a loss. I will give support for any modification that you did. Send me and ask. You can have my number it's on the channel. If not you have our telegram group you can get from there too.

If you don't have anyone to ask questions in your own modification you can ask me whether it has any shortcomings or whether your system is good or bad to trade. Any idea you can share with me and ask any questions. So I can give any support for you people from my side. Also remind you that if you are new to my channel like us, comment on us and subscribe us. definitely stay with us. You can see that in here we didn't get the trade. But if we take we will win for sure. Here also the same if we got the trade we will surely win it.

So if that 2 also counts we have placed 6 trades and only one got a loss. so do this and try this. This is a strategy that can do a big thing in trading. So let's meet soon. and good luck to everyone who join us.

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