Best Intraday Trading Strategy || 1 Million Special Booming Bulls || Anish Singh Thakur New Video

Best Intraday Trading Strategy || 1 Million Special Booming Bulls || Anish Singh Thakur New Video

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Hello Everyone. My name is Anish Singh Thakur. I am very happy to create this video because this is the 1 million subscribers’ achievement video.

Brother, I was very confused while making this video, That what should I do? Should I party with my friends and celebrate 1 million? Or should I make a new studio for myself? Or should I do something for under-privileged people in India and where I live in the UAE? Or should I make a great strategy for you guys which will upgrade your trading journey? So, I was very confused. Hence, I did all of this thing and I am very happy to tell you that I will share this journey with you, a great strategy with you. And yes, one special gift is there for you guys.

It is not like it will be for the limited people only, who will win the giveaway contest. It is for all so about that I will tell you at the end of the video. So, do watch the full video. Before that, let's see this one clip and then we will start our strategy. So let's start Alright, so just as you saw, this is what we have upgraded in the studio.

What have we upgraded? Nothing, we didn't upgrade a lot. So let's talk about what we upgraded in our studio. Not much, we put in a good wallpaper, brought 2 televisions, built a nice graphic, and purchased different types of lights. And here, there will be a big upgrade, a gold button will be hanging here but that will take some time to arrive. And then you know, New camera sir, how can forget that? Oh yeah Yes, brother,come shaizu can you show the camera? I don't know which camera we took, R6 canon we took one camera R6 Canon, this was there only and Tushar and I tried to upgrade ourselves. So, we are also upgrading ok So, in such a way let's move to our video.

So, all the talks are done so lets talk about the important work thing. A strategy such that it will make you forget all the previous strategies of you all and you will apply one only. So, which is that strategy, which you will back test today and then you will comment and let me know what the strategy is like. So, see guys, strategies are of 2-3 types, one is whose win rate is high, one is whose win size is high. Its win size is very high, it might happen that its win rate would be a bit normal, means not that good, probably it would not be 70%, 80% it would not be. It would be 60%, 65%,

55%, 57% but win size is 1:3, 1:4 and loss is very low. Means in it you will face very less loss. You will have very less loss and profit you would have a bigger.

And, it is very technical, it does not hold the winner through your will but with technical signals. So this strategy, before starting the video let me tell you something about the strategy. If someone has a risk/reward ratio of 1:3 means if he loses Rs 1000 and if earns then Rs 3000. So, if he loses 5 times then do minus 5000 and if he profits 5 times then 3000 into 5 is 15000 profit means how much is he earning at 50% win rate? 5 loss then 15 profit then 10 in profit means if it proffits thrice then 3x3 is 9000 and if loses 7 times then 7000 then also it is profitable.

Means, I am not saying that its win rate is low below 50%, but it is greater than that but it is the game of win size. Means before listening to the strategy you have to understand how this strategy is from the risk management, psychology side. It is very simple and very good. I would not say exactly simple, this is not at all based on price action. See, indicator is built through price only.

Whichever indicator it might be, here our setup, my setup will look something like this, it might look a bit complicated but there is fear into it. I will explain to you like kids. A, B, C, D. Just like 1, 2, 3, 4, just as the numbers like that.

See, these indicators which are there, see this video is for everyone, not for advanced traders so anybody can use this video. Anybody can use it, just send it to anybody and say to copy paste it and your work would be done without any tension. But, the thing is how many indicators there are, there is data of them. Can you see this data?

This input is being taken of data. Ok, if I click here then it has taken the input, numbers come. With the help of these numbers it is made. So, indicators are made through price but now there is an indicator based strategy. There are a lot of videos to learn price action, it’s obvious, you can use it. But, if you want to directly start trading

with the right strategy, with back testing proof then you can see this. So, let's start it. Firstly, I will show you my setup, it would be something like this. We will try in our favorite BANK NIFTY, we will try in a random stock called GRASIM, we will try in INFOSYS IT sector, ok? NIFTY I will make and show you.

Now, in this we will use an indicator named half trend which considers the thing called average true range, ok And it uses. By name it seemed like super trend but it is different from that. Now, we don't have to do much PhD in it, we don't have to give the half trend, I will teach you how to use it. Second we will learn directional movement, DMI. Inside this is the ADX

and there are 2 more things. That I will explain to you, you don't have to do a PhD like what it is? Who made it? It was made by Welles Wilder. When? In 1978 Let's leave all those things. Let's come directly to the setup.

Our setup is remove drawings, remove indicators. Our setup would look something like this. But we will start for making like this. First of all, we will come to our indicator list. First of all, we will come and write half trend. Ok Half trend This half trend of everget.

5000 people have used it. We will click this. Just as you open it, it would look something like this. We have to change everything, ok? First of all, we will come to settings, amplitude and channel deviation would be like that only. We will come to style, ok? We will come to style. This is Style. Look, pay close attention, all these things you will close them.

Arrow up, down, ATR low. Only half the trend you will keep on and we will convert the blue line to green line, dark green, ok? That's it, dark green. What have you done? You have closed everything, low ribbon, high ribbon, arrow down, up, low, high. but only that in color, green means buy, red means sell. It is very simple I am doing

so that even a little kid of 13-14 years would understand. 12 year kid would have understand that Let's move forward, I will tell you everything with all the rules. So, first indicator is set brother, this indicator whenever becomes green, just like at this point it has become green then it is buy signal. At this point it has become red, it is a sell signal, eat stoploss Meaning it wont get such stop loss that is why we have made a whole strategy. I am not giving you an indicator, I am giving you a strategy So red means sell and green means buy, Like a kid stuff Now you will search here for DMI.

So, it will be written as Directional Movement Index. We will open this. Just as we open it, we have to go to its setting, you have to go to its input, we will make ADX as 13, Smoothing and length also we will keep 13. These 2 things were important to be done. Doing 13 to 14 and then with it Fibonacci number and there is something that I have tested that is why I am giving you this number, ok? Time frame would not be a chart; the time frame here would be 15 minutes.

In the chart, 5 minutes is the intraday strategy, NIFTY 50, will work in all. Here you have to do 15 minutes. Where? On ADX. Original time frame working would be done in 5 minutes, entry and exit. But here, in the half trend we will keep the chart simple, same. Here, what will we do? We will do 15 minutes, we will come to style.

We will make the ADX line black, ok? And we will make it thick by thickness, so that it will be seen clearly. Second thing we will do is the blue which is there, we will do it green and we will keep this also thick. Now what we will do is this orange we will make it red. So that it would be simple,

I am telling you as we tell the kids. Means, you would not have to think twice about what was the rule sir? So, Colors will tell the rules. So, we did 2 things, a little bit of settings we changed, numbers we did 13-13, time frame we did 15 and here we opened DMI. Now, what are these lines? Is that black line, the line of ADX? And this green line is of plus DI means green, assume it a bullish signal, red line is bearish signal. If the green one is above then we have to take bullish trade, If the red one is above then we have to take bearish trade,there is no scene below.

Now, what is the work of black line? Can you see this number? Here the number is 23. You have to come to 23, exactly at 23 and have to draw a horizontal line, ok? After drawing the horizontal line, you have to Ok, style come to style. You can make it thick if you want. We have already made it thick. We can make it blue if we want, we will keep it blue only and we will make it thick, ok so this is thick over here Ok, this is take over and this is ok over here. Now, what will we do? So, now we have to understand what is below the 23 number line? Below 23 there is no trading zone of ours.

Our trading zone is whenever the black line is above 23. So, this is a trading zone for us and this is not a trading zone for us. So, below 23 we don't have to take the trade, we have to take trade above 23. Whenever black lines go in, trading will stop and holidays will begin.

Whenever black line would go up then trading would resume and holidays would stop Ok I hope you would have understood. Now, above the blue line whenever the market would be, like the black line is above the blue line. Here it ends and from where does it begin? It begins from here. See guys, I have held it here. Ok Now we will understand trading strategies ok. Now it will be very simple for you guys.

What is the first thing? The first thing is no to watch this, we have to see here if the green line is bullish or bearish. So, now black, blue. Now, whether the red one is above or the green one. This red and green we have to compare with whom? Black or blue? No, we have to compare red with green and green with red means if the green is up then I can trade only bullish trade, I cannot take bearish Ok? Now, let's come here, here we came and saw that on 26th 125 Here at 125, this line is green right, just buy it as soon as possible. Do not wait in this trade for entry-exit, it is very simple and not at all difficult. If green then buy, buy it instant entry Buy Buy Now you will see which strike price to give in option. Future, then simple we know we have to buy; equity, simple we know we have to buy.

If it is an option, then which strike price to buy that I will tell you at the end of this strategy Now, as we come we have to buy, strike price I will let you know. Do not worry. Which sell we have to short I will tell you that and which we have to buy I would tell you that as well. Now just understand how the strategy works. Now see,

here we have to buy, see it was green and this candle made it red, it ate the stoploss. No problem, small stoploss the first trade only ate the stop loss. But this became red so I have to exit. Loss would not be bigger. It will clearly say that if red then exit.

Should I shoot it? No, see green one is above right, if red would have been up then we would have short so I will just sit like this, this I don't have to do anything. No activity time. I am sitting, I am waiting, waiting for the signal. Don't have to do anything What happen? after hitting the stoploss, it is still red for now, at this time at 2:40 it says to buy it so we bought it here. Now, as we have bought here. See it has not become red even once up till the market gets closed. So in trade Now it depends on you, if you are intraday then cut it and if you are a swing trader, you trade.

If you take 2 days BTST then see by holding it is buy only. Gap up has opened, there is a good profit. Red candle was made but it has not become red, its still green, it is still green, still green Now it has become red here. So, here what we have to do is exit. Or if you would have bought here then it is a loss, Loss it is a loss, if you have done intraday.

Second, the profit which was made once that too even small The profit was increased by the one who held. Now it depends on you if you want to sell? No you don't have to sell, no, no, no, we don't have to do, we don't have to do, we don't have to do because green one is above. Now also we don't have to because this one is red. See if it would have been a super trend then it would have become green here only. This is the difference between the last strategy of BANK NIFTY. Super trend is a different thing, thee touching the super trend and it is bullish or bearish but here what happened? At this point it becomes green, just close your eyes and buy it because the black line, means ADX is above 23 means it is above 23.

The green line is above the red line and here it is saying the buy signal so here we have to buy. See, despite it going down it didn't become red. Here we have to work on a closing basis just remember it. This will happen on a closing basis whenever the candle closes and becomes red then leave. If it is happening in between then don't. When the candle will close then you have to exit. Guys you have to wait for at least 5 minutes. Guys it has not given exit even once and boom here Here we bought it.

We buy here There was profit for intraday one and then one who was holding had massive profit. Ok massive profit was gained by the people who hold. The one who didn't hold will enter, why will it enter? See it has given green, it is a buy signal. Below, can I, is the green line above or the red line? Green line is above.

Is black line above the blue line, above 23? Everything is on and this trading is a signal. Which one? Half trend trading signal and down one is the filter. Ok, which is the filter? DI Red and green line. Green and red lines are the filter. What is the entry signal? Half trend is your entry signal. One more filter is their ADS above 23. These three things. Now here, intraday one will enter and go up. What a day, see.

Red is not at all coming. Here it removed you, Somewhere here. Have to short? No green one above, settle down, settle down, settle down .

He gave us a signal at exactly 3 o’clock that you can enter and then exit too. The end. Now the one which was held will be loss, see where there is loss there is profit so the one who has intraday will only do intraday who knows what is BTST. They will do BTST. So now we will look at this. Here the sell signal has come, this is red. and is the red line above or not? Yes, it is up.

Short. We have to shoot the market. So we short it at this point and it hitted our stop plus here we didn't lose anything. Look here at opening only he was shooting us or here somewhere see here it came out which means we didn't lose anything we came out at no profit no loss or a small loss or no loss according to me if you do it in the closing too so here it will exit ok now let's buy it? No, we can't buy it right. Why? Because the red line is above. Now if you come here then at this point the buy signal gets activated. Here we have to buy.

Today was not that great. We had a loss at the beginning, no profit, no loss. Now we can see here it has come above red so we have to buy it here and we have to exit it. Now the 2nd time stoploss. The win rate of this strategy is a little less but the win size is great, you will have fun after that NIFTY trade did not come only today it came here no till now it didn't come this has become green but red is below . If tomorrow the green goes up, then you will get the entry. So, I have made you understand, now with a simple way let me bring you to BANK NIFTY. Quickly I will show you the zones that I had made for you I will bring you here, I will click on 23. Ok, this is 23 over here

and these are the zones. Probably the zones would go longer but if you want to learn then you have to watch. If you think this strategy is confusing, then no problem we will see three examples ok Let's start it, this is the DMI, setting you must be knowing. Now let's start. This is my trading zone, see this is below.

Means there was no trade for last few days. 2 days Tomorrow might come. Now can you see this? This is what? This is the trading zone. Now we will see here, what we have to do here? Should I buy or sell over here? It is green, this green is also up, ADX is also up, buy. Now that I have bought, this has not even been converted to red even once. Can you see it? This made us earn money the whole day, good money.

Again its next day green, green, green, here it becomes red here. Here I have to exit and not short so this green line is above from what? Not from blue, you have to see from red and we don't have anything from black. This red and green which is there, they don't have anything with the black. Black and blue have different relation, red and green have different relation, supertrend has different relation so let it happen. Now don't sell yet here you have to buy, yes do buy. See we bought and the whole day the market was green.

Now we will go further, here also we have to buy, one stop loss gets hit here, no problem. Do we have to sell? No. Do we have to buy? Yes. Then the stop loss gets hit. Today was bad. If we had faced 2 stoploss in a day,

then close on that day there won't be any greater risk management than this. Ok, just close it. Here, we will see, has sell come? See, sell has come, here you have to sell because it did cross over. Red one came above on the green, Even it is below blue line. Doesn't matter

Here we short, now the market has gone sideways, means it wasn’t that good. Gap down opened, we had to sell, buy came but we can’t buy because red line is above, over. Now we will go to next trading zone. Where is the next trading zone? This is your no trading zone. Why it is a no trading zone? Because, we are below the blue line. Black one is important for it. So, we will come forward, we came here oky. See, what will happen here is the market has started from here, this is our trading zone, ok? We can short at red line. Is it red? Yes, it is.

Here you short. Short it You will have to give a little stoploss. Again at 11:15 we get a sell signal.

Why we can sell? Filter says we can sell. We short it and made great money. See, it is going up and still it is not being green. This is the difference between super trend and half trend. Which I’ve mixed to make a trading strategy for you, see it pressed it down again This said don’t exit, and this said exit at 3:15, you have short at 12-11, exited on 3:15 You have made a good amount of money, this became red on this candle If you short here, and you have made an exit here Then you made 150 points in BANKNIFTY, Ok it was not a big movement Now see, the market opens the next day, straight gap up The first candle is saying Buy Why? Down below the green line has crossed, ADX is higher You bought let’s see what money you made, you got an exit here, or on the next candle So again from here to here we get a big momentum again, then you made an exit You didn’t short, a buy signal appeared again, now you bought so we can hold If we hold- We will hold, we won’t let go even if it goes down in price, it isn’t becoming red See it’s not becoming red, Look if here a trader I don’t know how many small stoplosses we hit by now, but if a trader makes an entry here Where has it become green? It has become green here i feel like on this candle, so it’s exit is coming here So this is around Rs 653 points in BANKNIFTY, earning Rs 650 is a really good thing So if you follow the system you can earn money in it Now a sell signal appeared here, see the crossover cut, so we can sell here as well near this candle The market went down as you can see, then again market opened and went down The market made an exit here So this is a trading zone, now let’s go to the next trading zone and let’s try to understand this This trading zone, see bro a breakout came, you don’t have to see any price action here Straight you have to see if the green one is higher, that is i can trade- Is the black one higher? No bro the black one is coming up here, so black came up, it came above 23 somewhere here Green is up, this is green so we bought see we got a breakout here Can we sell? We can’t Now we can Why? Because this did a crossover, so i have to sell at this point, if i sell at this point Then the market- Never mind the stop loss ate it, now the trade is closed Now see it’s a simple indicator strategy, sometimes it’ll benefit a lot, sometimes it’ll give you frustration Don’t get frustrated, follow the system You don’t have to trade here; you have to trade here we’re above right See what do we have to do? Red is above, this is red That is we have to sell, we short See it hasn’t become green once Can you see it It’s taking big pullbacks in green candles still it’s not happening, so we to work at closing When it closes and becomes green, that is when we have to get out. If it is red If it is green but the candle hasn’t closed yet, you won’t exit The candle closed and it went green, we’ll exit then We’ll always work on the closing basis, see what you earned You short here, at this point around around if you short at this point, around around if you short at this point, on this red candle So see you made an exit here, it become green here So again 370 points, correct? In 4 hours so you held for the whole day So what happened the next day? Red one was higher, here the green one was higher so this makes for an entry So this makes for an entry, but the stop loss eats this, Where? here we’ll have to get out here Because it crossed here anyways, ok so let’s go towards the next trading zone Ok so GRASIM, let me show it to you on a normal stock like GRASIM What happens in GRASIM is? Let’s come to 23, let’s come to 23 Ok so, if i come to 23 then this trading zone seems extra, the rest aren’t even trading zones Now let’s see, this came once- Ok here it is one more time, here it is one more time Ok now see, we couldn’t have traded here maybe we’ll get it tomorrow Let’s see what we could’ve done in this zone Ok so in this zone here it is green, green is up, this is also up We have to buy here, we have to buy anywhere, it becomes red anywhere we make an exit Stoploss It said green again we have to buy and it made us profit, till the day’s closing, Ok it went up till 3:30, ok The next day, it straight came out and went in, means that we should stop trading for the day Now let’s go towards the next zone, here is our next zone, trading zone this is our trading zone over here Let’s start and study this, see guys here, this is my ADX It’ll start from here, what does it say? The red line is above, half-trend is red, ADX here, no here sorry From here starts crossing 23, ok So i have to short here, the moment I shot here you see the day changed we could’ve made an entry again, we could’ve holded as well So see what excellent target we get, an exit here So we made a big profit, if talk about risk reward ratio here, if i have to short at this candle, if i do it at the next candle and keep my stop loss above this, the first one, initial stoploss So where is it making me an exit, here It makes green here, so if you see the risk/reward ratio here, it’ll make it like 1:4, 1:3 and the biggest thing is, it’ll make your losses small See if it keeps on going and becomes green, you’ll cut in profit right? You won’t cut in loss So this is the first trade, see it became green now we have to buy? Answer, we don’t because the red one is higher leave it, leave it If you want to shot it, sorry you can the stop loss will be hit, I won’t lie, this and that You have to short, you have to accept the stop loss, if there 2 in a single day, on that day you should stop It’s just this rule, regarding risk management, so again it said to buy here We can’t, it said to sell, we could’ve, told to buy, we can’t, leave it day finished Now in the market red is still above, now see the market opens here, gives us a sell entry here again Because it has become red here, we’ll have to sell helplessly and this 1,2,3 it’ll give us a stop loss here It will give, little- If you see the first time it’ll give us a big loss,Ok it’s giving us a loss first time because it’s a first hour movement and It’s quite a big loss It’s around 2%, if we short here we’ll get a loss of 2% and we’ll have to bear that How do we manage these things sir? So that a very big loss doesn’t happen We manage this by our position sizing, if write risk management booming bull, you ‘ll find it But I’m telling you, this loss of 2% gives a target of 6%, so if you know risk/reward ratio, basic thing See stop loss was hit, no problem See an entry was activated here, a stop loss of 2% hit, an entry activated, see till where it is going The whole day, 3%, the same day where there was a loss of 2%, same day a profit of 3.4 % So if you want to judge, do it but backtest, you’ll know the strength of the strategy Win size is the game, risk/reward ratio is the game, win rate is also important but i can earn by keeping a win rate of 50%, and it’s higher than 50% You can do it yourself, even if it’s 50 it’s an acceptable strategy, sell you did, we earned till here Do we have to buy? No, leave it, do we have to sell? Yes, sell and you got a trade till here again, again do we have to buy here? No, no, no we can’t buy, an entry is to be made here At 12:30 you’ll have to buy, here at 12:30, it went into profit, in profit If we cut it, we cut it in profit We cut in profit right? We didn’t do it loss, now the zone ended I hope you’re learning how to use the strategy, finally we see another zone See this, here it’s telling that a green candle is forming, the green one is above, the green one is ADX got out newly, buy here If you see here after roaming here and there, here and there, it made us exit here We cut in profit, do we have to sell? No. Do we have to buy? Yes,

it made you loss again, break even Do we sell? No, Do we buy? Yes, you bought again and it- Again you buyed here and it made you exit somewhere over there So this is making us loss, it did it 2 times here, but it isn’t wasting our money So this is the thing, now let me take you straight to INFY What is Infosys? What is Infosys here? It’s an IT company, let’s come to 23 Let’s draw a line at 23 and make our trading zones So for now in Infosys to make trading zones It has started now, there is an entry tomorrow in Infosys, ok Before that, your entry ends over here, end your entry here, here Before that, before that we’ll come to here, starting from here Let’s study this zone come, we’ll study this zone because ADX is outside So it’s green, here it is green, this is also green, buy You buyed here, your first trade was a loss, no problem Do we sell? No, green is up, you’ll have to buy here We buyed and earned profit, yes made profit this time, we made profit in the next trade Then we didn’t sell and have to buy, the entry comes like BTST, BTST entry is coming we buyed If we buyed in BTST because it’s giving a signal at this time, at what time? At 3:15-20 we’re getting a signal, so obviously it’ll not be called an intraday, it is predicting a movement for the next day So big movement you see there, money was earned, a lot of money If you set a long position here, if you’ll set one long position over here, when green comes Where will we keep our stop loss? We’ll keep it below this point So if we’ll keep our stoploss below this point, then where is it making us exit? I want to see that, i want to show you from risk/reward ratio- Many people will say, it’s not practical, it’s easy to say Ok man, without seeing it, without learning even speaking is hard So the people who judge, this and that Please test- And all the people who really are a trader, want to do it and want to make money Try to follow, tell me by commenting what happened 1:6, if you did one trade like this, and it ate 3 stop loss, I still stay in profit So this is the thing, big winners Hold your winners, cut your losers and it’s telling you when to cut and when to buy Do we have to sell? No, leave it, Do we buy? Yes, buy it, it went up, Ok So this is it, now the next day as soon as the market opened Exit the moment it opens- If you held exit the moment it opens, exit the moment it opens What percent did it ate here? It ate 1%, how did we make in this one, the 1:6 one let’s check that as well If we hold future lot, options or INFY calls, then it made us around around 4% So if it’ll earn you 3%, 4%, 5%, if it’ll make you loss it’ll do that around 1%, 2% as well So buy- We have to sell? Yes, we do, see this a sell came and Stop loss Do we buy? No, no, no, yes we do We entered, 2 stop loss were hit, close the day, we can’t trade today So a day before we earned huge amounts of money, today we had loss, stoploss, stop loss and left it Let’s go towards the next trading zone, do we have to trade here? Yes, we have to trade here, ok we have to trade here Come, now see you’ll get to see the power of the strategy If we come here, bro do we have to buy? Yes, absolutely, we have to buy, our ADX has come into the zone, from here It has come into the zone, and if i make small mistakes here and there don’t take tension clear it yourself- If you’re smart, clear it yourself, that is you have to buy here Green is up, green is up, this is green buy it We made profit, do we sell? No, do we sell now? No, we have to do nothing, we have to do nothing, we have to do nothing, we have to do nothing, Bro sell here Why? Can you see this point? 3 are left so take a BTST trade, to sell or do it on a new intraday If you do anything see how big risk/reward we get, small stoploss earning how much? We have to exit the trade somewhere here So this earning, using your own mind you bought a put or did a short, many people feel like they need to get out of their mind Here you didn’t use your own mind, here you used a technical indicator, and those who ever want to laugh can laugh on indicator That you’re an indicator trader, I’ve posted so much content on price action, but this is a 1 million special video So I want to give a strategy which everyone can apply, where i don’t need to explain double top, double bottom, breakout, consolidation, multiple timeframes and you know Market structure I want to people to make money without that These are real trading strategies, and I have not copied this from anyone ever, you can check the whole YouTube If you find it post it in the comments, I’ll reply I’ve made this, sat down, numbers, strategy, reason and everything That’s why it’s taking so much time, 1 million happened After that 20-15k more subscribers have come after 1 million That is when this video is being posted, so we have to sell and hold Do we buy? No, because red line is higher So I hope you understood this strategy, like here it said to sell, so sell and earn, earn, earn, exit here Sell again, earn, earn, and exit again Don’t buy, short here and earn, earn, earn exit here So i hope you understood this strategy and you’ll use this now I want that- If the people who use money, regular trader and experienced, try be using 1 lot or 2 lots If you’re an extremely new trade, backtest a little, backtest a lot actually It could be that it isn’t working in some stock for some while, identify that beforehand I work in AIRTEL so how should I do it? You yourself take 4-5 stocks, on your own banks or something, ok And if you do NIFTY, if it’s telling us to buy here in NIFTY The market reached at this point, which point? At 16540, you what will you do everytime? You’ll buy a call, so in the money, what is in the money? The one below the market, here 16500, which nearby recently You’ll buy that, in the money which is near, you’ll buy that So that will be good for you, there is only one warning If it’s the day of expiry, whatever is near, go Rs 50 or 100 further away of that In the case of a call you have to go down, and in the case of a put you have to go up Rs 50 or Rs 100 Ok, so if you start going up Rs 50 or 100 in the case of a put, it’s a good strike price This is for option buying, for selling I will say same Now some of you will contradict, no Anish we should do OTM it’s easier, but I’ll say you get more premium So who are my followers and listen to what i say and do it, or you can use your own mind This is for those who don’t have much experience, and are saying we’ll do whatever you say So i told you about call, put, and when you to buy one Now the person which has patience, control, and has the passion to do something, that person will be able to use this strategy And this is by no means a strategy for bragging, till date i gave you a VWAP one, it has millions of views The EMA one it works excellently, and works wonders in BANKNIFTY, and this is a different strategy I’ve given to you Ok I hope you enjoyed my efforts, and if you did like this video, share it with all your friends Tell everyone, even if you don’t like Booming Bulls, it's ok use the strategy once you start making money you’ll start liking it eventually And if you do like it, use it immediately So however it feels, I want this trading community to grow and not just shed, That just ended My personal interest could’ve been, to use this differently and sell it, but I’ve given you this strategy free of cost, Ok and definitely it’s your love that we have reached 1 million That’s why from my side as well you’ll see the quality being upgraded, ok let’s meet you in the next part of the video So guys how did you like the strategy? Make sure to comment and tell us, and how do you like this studio, tell this by commenting as well Now what is that special gift for you, the thing is we are very emotional people, many a times trading, signals will come in this strategy as well, you’ll make an entry and then exit on a red candle in fear So many problems arise, you know many a times we know this is head and shoulder, inverted head and shoulder, it’s a flag and pole, or this candle pattern, that candle pattern, morning star, evening star If all of these stay in front of us, how nice would it be? So I’m giving you a link, you will find it in the description box You’ll patterns like these to download, you can do it for mobile, for laptops in HD, and for printing You’ll get it in light shade and dark shade as well I want, that if you want to become a responsible trader, if you want to grow, so let’s end all the happiness stuff and talk seriously Go and make some expenses, not on me, on yourself Get a printout of these, get a color printout, and if possible get a better, hardcover printout by giving it to a printer And on your trading setup, if your setup is a laptop or iPad paste behind it, paste it What will happen by pasting it is, many a times your brain feels relaxed, when in front of you can see, it’s this pattern, it’s that pattern Make it easy, so I want you to make and put them and after putting them up definitely click a photo and tag me, upload it on your story or wherever you feel like or DM me on Instagram if you don’t want to do it publicly And if you do make sure to tag, so that I can how many of my subscribers have actually downloaded and put it up I hope you enjoyed the video and the journey as well Now it’s time to reach 10 million, Ok? For that I know that I will have to work a lot as well So i will and bring really good content to you, from the business field, you know business case studies I will bring technical stuff for you, I’ll make fundamental for you, I’ll make many things for you which are related to life I just want one thing from all the people, 40% are subscribers and still watch the video, subscribe man I will definitely make good content for you Ok guys Thank you so much you know or supporting like this, keep supporting like this so we reach 10 million together and let’s meet you in some other video So how will we reach from 1 million to 10 million? What is this? Let’s try to reach 1 million to 10 million like this So guys the bonus part is something like, this could be informational for 2 kinds of people or useful 1st, for students and traders And 2nd, for business minded people So I don’t know how many of you know or don’t know that they’re are our Booming Bulls Hybrid Centers Right now, running and operational since past 5-6 months, in Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad In all 3 of these cities, after getting a very overwhelming response, after the whole system has been set Now, we are planning to expand ourselves, we’re planning to expand ourselves in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad If you’re from any of these 6 cities, then be very excited if you’re a student, if you’re a trader, if you want to learn Because we’re coming there, and if you’re a businessmen and you were looking for an opportunity through which you could collaborate with booming bulls and grow and move forward Then you can become our partner, you could become a Hybrid center owner If you have minimum capital, you know if you have 20-25 lakh Rs to run this business, then open this form and fill all the details You will find the link in the description box, after this our team will contact you and what returns will you get on the investment, in how many days can you get the money back, what support we will provide, what kind of partnership are we getting involved in together All of these things will be told you be the team members, so do fill the form I you’re interested And if you’re just a student be excited we’re coming to your city, soon we will share all the locations and address So okay thank you so much, for now let me give you the location details for the current 3 centers If you live in Pune, Mumbai- Sorry Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi, then you can visit them Ok guys thank you so much, see you soon in some other video now

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