a week in my business: pretending to be an extrovert for a week

a week in my business: pretending to be an extrovert for a week

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Good morning, happy Monday. Welcome to probably one of the most wild weeks in my business in a while. I've got a lot going on this week. Today.

We are starting out with a photo shoot at my house just for like brand photos. I try to do these like a couple a year. I used to try to do them quarterly, but that's just not realistic anymore.

I am very introverted. I get kind of anxious around people. So working with somebody who I'm really comfortable with really. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be working with a team that I don't know on a full day video shoot. I don't know how much I can tell you about what I'm shooting. I'm gonna have to ask them tomorrow, but it is like a whole production.

I'm basically shooting like a commercial in my house. So again, that added a bit of a layer of stress because, you know, we just moved in here, but. Yeah, she should be here in about three minutes. I'm gonna try to get like one email check in before she gets here. And I've got some looks pulled in my very messy laundry room.

This is like a cute, like casual jumpsuit. Got this denim dress, which is really pretty this set, which you have already seen in a podcast. This is like a blazer dress.

And then I got this really pretty white dress. Yeah. We'll see how it goes, but let's get started. Yeah, cute. That look good. Should I bring this to you? Like drinking? Yeah, I dunno.

You don't have to. Okay. We've done a lot with it all.

That went well. And now I'm gonna try to squeeze in emails as I'm doing while I'm trying to speak to you. Not good.

And then I have a mastermind sort of call at one. I'm just realizing my lips look so pale and probably did not look good for this photo shoot. So that's. Unfortunate, but it is what it is. I do like my jumpsuit. So I'm gonna get a little bit of work done.

I also need to get today's video done. And I'm realizing, I don't know that if that's gonna happen, realistically, it's mostly done. I just, you know, it's like one of those things where it's like, I just need to be in the zone with it.

And for me, it's really hard to like switch back and forth between tasks, like, okay, just did a photo shoot, and then I'm gonna do a mastermind. Then I'm gonna meet with these video shoot people. It's hard for me to, you know, really get it all together. So we'll. We'll see time for, I call I'm trying to find my computer stuff. I think we're good.

They got my keyboard. Got my, got my EarPods, got all the things time to get on this call. The film crew just texted me. They were supposed to come over at three 30 it's 3 0 6 and they were like, hi, can we come in 10 minutes? And that was about 10 minutes ago.

So I was like, sure, I don't know what's going on. I hope I don't have to go with them. I feel like I'm a little unsure. I think they're just gonna walk my house and see if they need any props or any special, you know, lighting or anything. So hopefully it'll be kinda short and sweet cuz I am exporting today's video right now and I'm really hoping I can get it up on time. You know, what's up realize the second copy.

I, I like to watch my videos through one time before uploading them, but I'm just gonna have to have faith. I'm just clicking upload, but I still need to make the thumbnail and stuff. And it's already three. I really don't like to put videos up any later than five. So hopefully this will be kind of short and.

But I'm also trying to be a good host. I think some of the crew came all the way from like across notion. Like they, uh, came, came far to be here. So I also wanna be like a good host if they want to hang or whatever. No bad days.

They've mug. We are outside. Ah, I'm so scared. Okay.

See you guys soon, apple legend, sunrise, eat my skin. You with my eyes still closed. Feel you come on, mute golden. My blogs have just been me sitting here all day. I apologize for that, but it's been quite the day.

I went out for a nice long hike and came back. Still had to send up my newsletter and just do all my normal Monday things. So I think the next couple days are just gonna be like that where I'm just, you know, staying up late and anyway, had a really great meeting with the video crew pre-production meeting.

And so, yeah, I'm just finishing up a little bit of work. I have some things I need to prepare for the shoot still, but I think I'm just gonna wake up really early. They're gonna be here at nine.

So I think I'm gonna wake up at six to give myself an hour and a half to get ready. And like an hour and a half to wake up. Chill, drink coffee, eat breakfast, prepare these last few things. I got this water bottle from think ick. That is so fun. It's like a disco ball, not really disco ball, but you understand what I mean? Anyway, it's 6 44.

I'm tired. But it is time to get ready. I think I'm gonna do hair and makeup first, so I'm sure that I'm ready eat something.

And I also need to pack up a bag. So we're filming the first. Of the day here at my home, but we're gonna go out into town for the afternoon.

So I wanna make sure that I pack a bag full of all the essentials. So I'll show you what I bring in my sort of model bag, if you will, I'm not model, but you know, Brand new street and brand new me side by side by friends on need their home shoes. Tell me Theyre in town already know couple of this. I don't know.

Do I need a belt? Let's try a belt. Also. Hair is like my least skilled thing. I think in beauty department. I feel like putting it up is a smarter move because it's humid out. They're gonna be here in like 20 minutes.

I'm starting to get a little bit nervous, to be honest. Um, I have my lines, which allegedly I don't need to memorize, but I feel like probably helps if I know them. So I'm gonna read those over a couple more times, but right now I'm just packing my bags. So in this little bag, I'm gonna put my.

Lip colors got a lip pencil. Actually let me sharpen the lip pencil. Think it ahead.

We're also gonna throw out a lip balm in there. A hair tie. Let's throw a Bobby pin in just for fun. We'll do deodorant in there.

Oh, blotting tissues, these things amazing. Disposable razor, some bandaids. Some lotion and we'll bring some undergarments, different styles, extras, you know, just in case, just cover all my bases. I also have a sports bra in my backpack, and I think we're good to go all this little back.

Yay. All right. I gotta get serious.

gotta get serious. I'm gonna use bathroom. Ah. Oh, so what do you do when you start your basically you record from here. Do you have like a, I use like my iPad as a oh, oh, wow. Do you want me standing or sitting to do that? Oh, we should do something that will make sense.

I know what you're. Didn't have doing the quick change in a stranger's hotel room on my bingo card. But. Here we are brand new brand new. It's fine.

Everything's fine. This is fine. There are many reasons. I'm not an actor. This is the tell me baby, where you go in.

Goes, I am so tired. I don't feel well. I'm getting through my, on an accountability call. with people that I like, and I'm looking for looking forward to seeing, but I am like barely here. And I have a podcast interview today, which is, it's gonna be a little rough. I'm gonna be honest.

We didn't finish until like around eight, which isn't actually terrible. I've been on shoots that last week, longer than that. But yeah, it was a long day and it's 8:00 AM. I couldn't sleep.

I like couldn't fall or like stay asleep. So I woke up at five, went downstairs, started trying to work, realizing. That wasn't working. It was just, it's just not an ideal situation today.

I'm gonna be honest. That was . But, uh, I'm gonna power through cuz that's what professionals do. Am I right? Update still kind of feeling like crap, but the lovely Norris made me a lovely breakfast, which is bringing me mostly back to life.

Thought I'm getting on a podcast interview right now. And. I actually have a couple of meetings, but I'm actually canceling them and, or not attending them just because I need to get my webinar slides ready for tonight. Didn't even mention that in the chaos of yesterday, but I was actually supposed to have a webinar on Monday.

I had to move it because of the shoot. So I'm officially launching S M M a round four tonight. And I know what I'm gonna say. It's just, I have to put the slides together.

We're gonna knock this out and just take things one step at a time. You got me. How nice is that? Not so cute. The director forgot his, his, uh, jacket here. So I'd come pick it up and they dropped off that for me. I mentioned that this fake fiddle.

thing. I was like, I need a real plan for this office. So they got me one let's go and get this webinar done. It is five o'clock first time of the day that I actually feel good. Um, it's been a bit of a struggle bus. I've felt like a zombie, but we're gonna go knock out this webinar and hopefully sell some courses.

So I gotta all set up in webinar, jam loaded in my offers and all of that. So it should in theory, just be like, I can click on it and it'll bring up the sales page and really seamless. My slides are in there. We're launching the accelerator at the early bird price. So I think I'm ready to start 4 59.

Let's get it. Hi. Hi here at WeWork with, with my friend, the famous talker catch mad Ryan only in Michigan stop. He's totally famous. And we had a great meeting today. We did a little work, a little play so much a little shwarma a lot of hummus.

. Anything you wanna announce or plug? Um, check me out on TikTok at Ryan at Ryan redo on everything actually, but feel free to just message me and say hi to if you just wanna say hi. Aw, here's a little glimpse at my favorite room in the. It's coming along.

I obviously, well, first of all, I got this frame as a gift years ago. We obviously need to find a picture of us in Paris to put there. Um, and then like we have all these books, I need to rearrange these bookshelves and obviously fit these in somewhere. And then lastly, I wanna get a big piece of art or a mirror or something to go over this couch, but I really do love it. It is quite cozy. I'm really happy with it.

I wanna get a real plant of course, but yeah, I just, uh, got done co-working with my friend, Ryan. A lot of people ask, we're still friends. We are still friends. We just, you know, have our lives, you know, we're busy, but we co-worked today talked about some fun projects that we're working on together, hung out. And it was really good. It was really, really needed, but I did a little too much socializing and not enough working.

So I'm gonna be working this evening on getting my video ready for tomorrow, getting some emails, done, things like that. So I'll probably see y'all tomorrow. I got a Fitbit. I have been working on my fitness over the past little bit, and I've been debating getting an apple watch because I just like to track like my steps and, um, I don't really track food like calories or anything, but yeah, mostly just like steps in activity.

But honestly you all know if you watched a couple podcasts to go, I am in this phase of my life where I want. As little tech as little connection, you know, internet connection as possible. I really like to be unplugged. So I didn't wanna do the apple watch cuz I just feel like, you know, getting my texts and my notifications when I'm on my walk, the whole point of the walks and working out and stuff is I'm disconnecting. So I was like, duh, I actually saw this via low Bosworth.

She's the founder of love wellness. She used to be on like a Laguna beach, the show she posted that she used as a Fitbit and I was. Fitbits that's a thing. So, and I actually like it better.

Like I still think it's ugly. Like I don't like these things, but it's much smaller at least. I mean, my wrist is pretty small and apple watch would look like that.

So we're gonna see how it goes. But it's Friday. Finally, this has been like the longest, most exhausting week yesterday was so fun hanging out with my friend, but it's just. I've destined so many extroverted things that I like. You can see it on my face, how tired I am. And then last night, I don't know what it was, but I did not go to sleep till 4:00 AM.

I was just on the couch downstairs, listening to music and like really vibing . I was doing a little bit of work, but it really wasn't even that I was just like listening to music. And like, I think, because I'm such an introvert, I needed some time alone to like recharge. And I was like, it's 4:00 AM.

This is the only time I'm gonna get this. um, so that's what I did. So I am a little tired, but I got a couple calls today. I got a call, a discovery call with somebody for S M M a. I tested this out. So SM a is my four week cohort based course for social media managers or aspiring social media managers.

It is open. If you wanna check it out, I'll link it down below. I test it out. Doing a couple of discovery calls who are early bird, like V I P people who are on the wait list.

I don't know. We'll see how it goes, but it's just something I'm testing for the higher ticket courses. I think if somebody wants to talk to me for 15 minutes and ask me some questions, you know, that might help them sort of overcome any of their objections a little faster than reading on social media for weeks, you know, until they decide so gonna do one of those. Then I have a co-working session with the freelance Friday club.

And then I have a meeting with my ads manager. I also have to get some admin stuff done along the way. I'm really excited for the weekend though. Cuz I'm not doing anything.

Woo. All right, we got another one, another sale. So fall. Can I, doc, could I please speak three discovery calls for the course? So far and two have signed up or one she she's like I'm signing up right away.

So we'll see if it comes through. I'm sure she. Um, the other one asked me a follow up question. So I think I'm gonna record a little video video for her.

So hopefully we'll be three for three, if nothing else were two for three, and that call was seven minutes long. So if you are a course creator, if you're trying to sell a program, this is something I've never done before. I was a little worried.

I'd just get people who signed up and just kind. , you know, we're there to sort of waste everybody's time, but it doesn't seem like that's happening. I have been quiet about the discovery calls, so I, I'm not putting the discovery call link on the landing page or anything. Like I said, it's only been sent out to the people who are like on the V I P list, meaning, meaning that they're very interested.

They're very warm cuz they've received multiple emails about this already. So just something for you to maybe test. And I've got about 20 minutes before my co-working session. So. I can't believe I almost forgot this, but other normal Friday stuff that I do nowadays that I'm on my game. Drink smoothies.

No, I'm just kidding. Um, I've been sending out a Friday email. I used to just do them on Mondays, but we've been doing them on Fridays.

I've been doing them on Fridays as well. I'm freaking out. Apparently this thing does get my text messages, which was kind of like one of the things I didn't want an apple watch for. But like, I guess if you do want that stuff, like this is like $70 compared to an apple watch, I'll leave a link for the one that I got below. But yeah, like my text message just came through and my calendar invite and stuff.

I might turn that stuff off actually. Finally found a little health food store that is equivalent to you. My favorite one back home.

I'm super excited about that. So I'll show you a little hall. Now, the disclaimer that I always have to put is like, this is fun food. None of this is really health food. This is all like. And just fun stuff.

I do not eat this kind of food every day. Let me show you what I got. We got some impossible sausage as well as some Harray bacon. These are everything here is vegan and gluten free.

This stuff is so life changing. It's so freaking good. I got some tea tree, body wash, and then these are, um, Norris picked these up vitamins and soap and stuff.

I got a couple of little sweets. I'm not a big sweet person. But these looked good and an almond butter. I'd just like to have one of these in the fridge, just for like, you know, you know, when you just need some chocolate, like once in a while, veggie spring rolls, I couldn't find regular peppers. So I had to get these like, you know, arty precut one, but I like to make like little breakfast scrambles in the morning. I'm always in need of snacks.

So I thought I would try these. they're just simple, glazed, nuts, like a mixed nut Alfredo sauce. Cashew.

This stuff is amazing. If you just need like a really quick little lunch. Um, so good. I had it once, so I got two of them. I'm also trying this vegan goat cheese by treeline.

I've had this brand before, but never this product. Um, I love this stuff. It's so good. The sunflower seed butter by once. and then they didn't have, I usually buy the European style, like block butter by MEOS, but they only had this. So we'll try this.

It's like a spreadable, you know, like. Margarine, if you will. And then I got some bread from queen street bakery, which is, um, from Toronto and a fun fact, if you're going vegan bread is not usually vegan. I found that weird, but it's actually kind of hard to find vegan bread. That's also gluten free and then they had little samples.

So I, you know what, I've never eaten. He. I don't think, I don't recall eating them and I am iron deficient and they, they are a pretty good source of iron. So I grabbed some of these, I'll try them in like yogurt or something. And then I got some, um, AST tone, free nail Polish remover wipes as my other sample. So I'm going to put this stuff away, sign off and probably just start editing this blog.

It's gonna be a very chill weekend. Such a busy week, such a social week, just so much has been going on. It's all been good.

I'm grateful, all the things, but I'm also super grateful to just have a weekend of doing nothing. I'm gonna make a really nice breakfast with this bacon and. It's just gonna be a fun, a fun weekend.

So thank you all so much for watching and hanging out with me. I love, uh, catching up with you in this way. Every once in a while. I hope you enjoy it. If you did, and you wouldn't mind throwing me thumbs up, it greatly helps this channel. And I will see you all in my next video.

Say hi to me on Instagram. Talk Twitter at the Latasha James. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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