A Bearish Trend? | Trading a Smaller Account | Barbara Armstrong | 6-10-22

A Bearish Trend? | Trading a Smaller Account | Barbara Armstrong | 6-10-22

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okay all right good morning everyone welcome to trading a smaller account i am delighted that you are with us this morning so we have a jam-packed class but i want to start by just backing up for a second and saying like why do we meet every friday and it's not why are we picking this day of the week but what's the point of us getting together and the point is that we want to become better traders we want to become more disciplined traders we want to become more profitable traders and as many of you know i am a product of this education i came to the world of td ameritrades education um a decade ago actually just over that it will soon be my 11th anniversary of being involved in the markets and i won't say that i didn't know a stock from iraq but i certainly had never actively traded options and i decided that i needed to figure this out because after going through 2007 and eight i wanted to know how to protect myself and more than that i wanted to know how to be able to trade profitably in all market directions including a downtrending market and with 2022 year-to-date what have we got well we have a market that is not up shall we say and apparently this morning it looks like we're going to start down on the day so we're going to look at how we can use options today to take advantage potentially of stocks that are moving to the downside okay so that's of interest to you because i know that 11 years ago when i said yes to this education that it was certainly of interest to me and if you're thinking like well okay if you figured it out what are you doing here well all i can say is to whom much is given much is expected and i am so passionate about this i want to help everybody figure this out because this if you figure this out my friends it can change family trees it can change your ability to retire it can change it can change so many things so um so anyway i'm gonna get off my pedestal and um yeah uh just i want to welcome all of you that are here with us live today it's such a great group of people radio wayne was in by 7 a.m so special kudos to radio wayne and lamar and tm and ali and um michael and the rest of the gang thank you all for showing up we also have ken rose with us in the chat so he's partnering with me in this expedition today and he brings a wealth of experience if you're with us live and you have questions don't hesitate to type them into the chat between ken and i will do our best to answer them if you are however um in the archives as the majority of views are um you too can ask questions just type them into the comment section down below or if you loved it you can type that in as well if there's something else you'd like to see in these webcasts type it in let me know because i do read each and every comment at the start of every trading day except fridays fridays i'm with you here and then i do that okay and then um third way to get in touch with us is via twitter and i got drag kicking and screaming over to twitter uh um you know but i love being there now it's a way for me to be able to communicate with you you to communicate with me and um if you're not taking advantage of it it's free my friends i hope you'll change your mind at the armstrong underscore tda um kansas at k rose underscore tda and you know i post tips on thinkorswim i you know when i see an interesting pattern on the charts i'll i'll post that all kinds of stuff we post motivating stuff i post something motivating every morning throwing a little bit of humor every now and then and so that's what that's about okay so let's get right down to business know that everything we cover in this class is for education and information purposes only none of it is to be construed as a recommendation on the part of td ameritrade all myself know that options aren't suitable for all investors there are special risks inherent to options trading that may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses also if you're new to td ameritrade you have to try try apply for option trading privileges and futures trading privileges as well we use the thinkorswim paper money platform um it's a brilliant place to learn it's where i learned um not only like how to use the platform but how to understand a strategy by trading you know i'd pick one strategy and trade it over and over and over again actually in the beginning i did the options course and thought i should be able to create 10 strategies yeah don't do that you know i try and share some of the things that i have done that haven't worked so well um but anyway all investing involves risk including the risk of loss okay so um let's get right to our menu for today so today and you know this always looks like really that's all we're going to cover we're going to have a quick look at the market we're going to play some new example trades this was a suggestion actually that came from the surveys saying can we do the new trades first and i mean the way that i manage my own account is i always look at what i currently have to take care of you know manage what you already have and then i place new trades um but you know in class we can do this in in any way and then we're going to manage we're not going to look at all the trades that we have in play but there are four trades that we've gotten into and we've gotten out of we have two trades that i wanted us to look at today and do some management action on actively in the class the rest of it we're going to spend on new trades so that's today's menu okay so we're going to start by looking at and by the way um if you're new is there anyone here for the very first time because if you're here for the first time i'd like to welcome you and to just say if this feels a bit like drinking out of a fire hose it is an intermediate level class i am assuming that you understand these strategies long call and long put verticals today we're going to be on the the bearish side so long put verticals long puts those types of things and if you don't there will be links to the getting started with um options series where you can go and and pick up the basics okay okay so but if you're new i want to welcome you and say we started at the beginning of the year um with 20 000 and some of you may say really that's not very much and others of you may say i wish i had twenty thousand but our goal in the beginning of the year um was to grow the account um it we had two trade management rules one is we weren't willing to risk more than 400 on any single trade we've now upped that to 500 as the account has grown we're currently at almost 30 000 so we've grown the account by almost 50 percent and we're not even through june yet which is you know pretty stellar given that all the major indices are down now could we end up losing um this absolutely but our approach has been given the volatility in the market to do much shorter trades than we have done in this class over the last couple of years but the other uh rule that we have is that we aren't willing to invest more than five thousand dollars in any one trade and typically if we're investing five thousand dollars in a trade that's that was 25 of the original account size um and that was just so that we could do things like own 100 shares of something and then be able to sell a covered call on it or maybe use a protective put for protection if you have a million dollar account you might say i don't want any one position size to be more than five percent of my account so we made these rules given that it was a small account you know and and uh risking four hundred dollars is two percent so again if you have a million dollar account you may want your risk portrayed to be half of one percent or a third of a percent you know and you can you know make those rules yourself um as appropriate so okay having said that let's come over to the s p 500 okay so you know if we were wondering you know the bulls and the bears were duking it out yeah the bears definitely are winning again this round it's coming down to a previous support level um and so you know if we come up here and and look at price as a percentage and i like to look at a year-to-date number you know we're down almost 18 so down 1.8 on the market open now it could rally and end up up by the end of the day but given that we've gapped on the open um you know that that may be a tougher sell but you know we're looking we'd be looking is it going to hit around this 3 900 level is it going to come all the way back down to 3 800 and you know a potential target when it broke below this range was this 3600 level is it going to go all the way down there and we don't know yet um when we look at the nasdaq or tech heavy index that looking remarkably similar you know down 2.16

on the day although this is down like we're approaching 30 percent we're down 27 um year to date so that's a lot of pain and so you know how can the markets be down and our little account be up um well we have tried to take advantage of small moves in the market up and down in fact right now in our account we have more bullish trades on than we have bearish and we're going to rectify um that today and when we look at the rut you know this came out kind of broke out above this 1900 level which you know the bulls were going yay go russell go and it went yeah you thought it was a breakout fake out and it's come back down this diagonal resistance line oh it's looking pretty sketchy on whether or not that's going to hold if that doesn't hold then one would look for you know this could be the this next target around this 17 15 ish level or it could go all the way back to this 1670 level but you know down one and a half percent so so far this is like the best of the bunch how's the dow doing well dow down 1.6 so and it's been trading in in a downward range with with you know kind of more you know it's it's a pretty wide range but you know one was expecting it to maybe get up to around this 347 ish level even staying within this downward range and it only made it about halfway up and today moving down with some drama right gap down on the open and the vix how many votes for the vix being up well what do you know yeah up six percent today sitting at 27 and you know would we be surprised to see it you know head back up you know to the nether regions it's at almost 28. um you know would we be surprised to see it head back up into this neighborhood at least around this 30-ish level 30 32 maybe even maybe even higher it's really setting up a bit of a panic pattern on the chart and it's interesting how we can all see different things in these patterns but you know if it travels within this pattern then that could bring it you know back up to kind of this neighborhood low 30s yeah okay so that's what we have on the indexes energy still the strongest sector by a country mile whether we look at the one month three month six month and to do that i typically will bring you over here to the td ameritrade uh website i just love this platform i i want to take just one hot second for those of you who like trading journals and ken rose does a great job with showing you how to use the journal in his short vertical class on wednesday mornings at 11 o'clock eastern so if you want kind of a walk through on how it works um you know go to ken's class but if we come to education and then webcasts you can see here this trading a smaller account and and if you want to find it you can either bring up myself or you can bring up ken and with can you want to go to the short verticals then there's this trading journal link this blue two words is is an active link i had somebody asking me about that on twitter this morning so if you're in this class today um that's how you do it you just bring up the journal um and there you go so you have to recognize you know something and then then you know this is yours to use so here's your strategy there's a strategy for verticals etc and i don't keep this up in this class but ken does and he does a great job of it so if you want kind of a walk through on it go there okay that's my commercial for using the journal because if you really want this to pay you like a business you need to treat it like a business and business owners track results and you know if you're looking at um you know a starbucks franchise i can guarantee you that they know how much of their money comes from cold beverages versus hot beverages versus food items behind the counter versus hard goods and what kind of profit margin each one of those contributes to their business um that just makes solid business sense right and when i say that it makes all kinds of sense and then it's like do you track you know which trading strategies have been most successful for you this year a lot of people look like a deer caught in the headlines uh deer caught in the headlights okay so that's kind of a a down and dirty on that so let's go to some new trades and i thought we'd start with disney okay so disney's so disney's been down trending and it gapped down almost to this you know previous low so it's sitting at 101. um and although this one has potential it's it's kind of trying to rally here um had we met yesterday and put this on yesterday we would be happy campers and that isn't to say that we can't still do this trade so i wanted to look at a one atr trade so what does one atr mean well one atr is the amount the stock moves average true range is the amount the stock moves in a day on average and i've had some questions on this also so if you don't have this on your chart you can just come up to studies edit studies and type in atr and it's right at the top of the alphabet so click on it add it hit apply and okay and and you're off to the races if you want a more detailed description just click on this question mark okay and i know that for most of you this is a review but if we've got some new people um and you know hello to all the new people um that's how you would add that so if we look at this and say this looks like a continuation of a downtrend and so but what ideally we want to see is it either breaking below a support level we might say is it two in the middle of this down trending run it's sitting kind of right on that ledge so you know what one might say hey if it goes below this um let's place the trade and if not this could act as a support level because it it has acted as a support level in the past um so i'm going to pass on that one and that's the reason why for the moment now later today that may be a a perfect entry so we are going to come to airbnb and this is kind of one of the challenges of you know starting a class right when the market opens on the day um so with airbnb you know this also has been trading in a downtrending range right and we did another very similar trade you know when it was in the middle of this range and you know so this started to drop yesterday gapped down but it's now trying to rally but if that rally doesn't hold it could give up all those gains and continue to go to the downside and so that's a second possibility so i'm going to keep on looking here we're going to come to expedia and expedia has dropped and this one has it gapped down on the open and has continued to fall so we're going to look at expedia as our first choice here and when we come to the trade tab so if we look at this and let's come in a little more up close and personal so if we come in and we look at this and we say well our one atr on this is what in an average day how much does the stock move well it moves about 6.35

so we're gonna uh switch our gadget here and we're gonna add a scratch pad i'm just gonna come down to our bottom here and we'll close our calculator and we're going to do our first example on expedia and so one might look and say you know what if people um and this is a one atr i'm just going to bring this down this is going to be uh this is we're buying a put so this is going to be a long put and it's a long put and we're going to do a target of one atr so our one atr on this the amount it moves in an average day is about six dollars and 45 cents so we're going to say okay if it moves down six dollars and 45 cents from our low of today which is 117 20 so our target is going to be 11720 minus 534 and please feel free to do the math because we all know that my math skills are rudimentary 117 20 534 that's 1186. and then our exit just as i like to say tongue-in-cheek in the highly unlikely event that we're wrong we're going to go to today's high which is 1 2014. and we are going to add 534 so that would be 125 48.

and then to put this in we're going to come out to july now if we're thinking this might move in the next day or in the next week why not do june 17th and my friends it's all about time decay because we're buying and you know so if i come up here and we look at theta our theta on the at the money strike is 27 cents so saturday and sunday we are going to lose 27 cents a day atr double check the atr oh for crying out loud did i get that wrong on expedia oh it's 6 45. how did i get 534 645 okay did anybody else run the other numbers for me then 6 45 so 117 20 110.75 okay earth to barb just in case you thought i was perfect yeah plus uh 126.59 645 [Music] 126 59 does that look better yeah yeah you know what i mean it's not a catastrophic error and then if we made that kind of mistake could we go in and change it afterwards we could if we realized that we had made a boo-boo on that but coming back to the trade tab we'd be losing and we don't need 20 strikes here let's go with our 10.

um we'd be losing you know 28 cents a day over the weekend 27 28 cents versus 11. i'd rather take an 11 cent hit than a 28 hit even though it means i have to pay more for the option now coming out here when we look at this it's like ah snap even at our high end of the range we don't want to risk um 620 on a trade so we have a couple of choices we can go further out of the money um and our exit you know is at 110.75 so this should be worth more if we're just in it for a couple of days or we could say you know what we're going to do a short um we're going to do a long put vertical which is bearish and we could say you know it's at 118 i wonder if there'd be enough premium if we did the 120 115 for that to be worth our while and so we're going to come up here we're going to look at buying a vertical that would cost us 225.

so you know how much can we make on this is five dollars less the amount we're paying to get in so we could make more than a hundred percent now what we typically have been doing in this class is multiplying the 235 by 1.5 and saying hey when i've got a 50 gain i don't want to be like miss greedy guts here when this is worth about 365 i would like to take my risk off the table i've made a 50 gain and i'm going to consider myself a happy camper so we're going to come to first single order first trigger sequence we are going to right click create an opposite order and say hey when this is worth 365 now how did i get to 365 i said hey when i've got a 60 a 50 gain get me out so i took this number and multiplied it by 1.5 good till cancelled how many of these can i do well technically you know how much could we lose here we could lose this entire 233 so we could do two of these so if we put into confirm and send we're going to put this in our long put vertical bucket and then i'm going to put in here compared to out of the money 180 art now we've never done this before so first time for this year folks um i thought it would be interesting for us given that we can't afford to do the at the money strike what if we did the first strike that we could afford to do which is this 425 so how much could we lose if we bought the 425 we could lose the whole amount and what's the delta here well the delta is 30. we typically buy the first strike at the money the first strike be low or above where it's currently trading and that would be 40 um or yeah that would be 40. so we would benefit more you know the higher the delta but if we looked at this and said well what if we bought this one and we did that one atr target and we'll just compare it so we're going to look at buying and somebody has said what is the difference between buying custom with an oco it's just easier for us to put this in if we do buy single and then first trigger sequence because we're getting out based on the value of the stock not the value of the option and we can put both orders in at the same time so they both achieve exactly the same thing it's just when i'm trying to cram an awful lot into a short amount of time this every every second counts so we're always putting the target in first our target on this is 110 75 110 75 let's see if i type that correctly it didn't hold i just seem to be having trouble this morning one ten seven to five and um if it doesn't go according to plan and it hits 126.59

we're gonna exit now if this starts to move back up are we going to wait until it gets to 126.50 not necessarily if on monday it moves up um and then on tuesday it looks like it's moving up again we may say you know what not going in the right direction and exit the position so confirm and send uh we want to buy the 110 put at 460 expiring in july we want to sell or exit when it hits our target of 110.75 or our exit of 126.59 we're going to put that in our long put bucket and we're going to compare this to our long put vertical same expiration okay any questions on that yes so the yeah the plus we're our exit it because it's a bearish trade we we're expecting the stock to go down so if it doesn't go down um yeah then we want out and yes i had put in another plus so see you guys are sharp there's just no fooling you guys which is wonderful it's one of the reasons i like teaching this class so much okay so that's expedia um how about we look at the airlines and we're gonna you know often i'll i don't do this in class but you can say here's where i entered the trade and then we can take this line and move it and say this is going to be our target or you can just draw a new line i'm just repurposing a line and it's a one atr target and our target is 110.75 and now when we look at the chart we see where we're expecting this to go okay okay so that's expedia uh you know i have typed in i can't tell you how many times these um these cruise lines they're either the biggest winners or the biggest losers it seems quite often um on twitter at the end of every trading day i post um what happened with the nasdaq and the s p and you know which were the biggest winners and losers and and cruise lines this week have been in you know at the bottom um and so we're seeing a break below this previous support here so we are looking to do the same type of thing here and you know um again if you know you're having to pay more for gas and groceries you know are you feeling comfortable um you know taking money out of the kitty that you may need to go on a cruise and for cruise lines you know one of the tough things is that their cost of floating that boat and making it move with fuel being so higher that's got to be pressing on them and also labor costs and so might we expect this to continue to fall and we're not saying necessarily a long way but what's the one atr 329 and so if we came and we said okay let's look at rcl i'm trying to make bold my default and our one atr is 329. feel free to double check

what would our target be well i think we're at the low of the day 47 53 47 53 minus 329 so 47 53 329 44 24 is our target and our exit if it goes up what would our high today be 49.47 [Music] plus 329 so 49 47 plus 329 52.76 52 76 okay and again we go through that same routine we're going to come out to july 35 days so and you know typically we want at least yeah one week if we think we're going to be in this a week we want at least 20 days plus that week so you know we're not going out to august but we are going out to july what's the closest strike to where it's trading well we're right in between so again we could look at a long put vertical and you know just say geez what would that do for us so we could do this vertical 246 what's the most we can make five dollars again we might say well if we can get you know 50 50 percent gain i would take that 248 times 1.5

372. so we're gonna make it um 375 and say hey we can do two of these single order first trigger sequence right click when this is worth 375. now what's the most we could make five dollars could we wait for the five dollars we could but what if it goes down and then rallies so we're just looking at um you know we're just looking at small wins base hits we are the base hit bandits this year and are you know are we trading a little differently than we did last year yes why because the market is different this year and so we're trying to adapt to the market and raymond in the the chat just mentioned you know cruise ships they buy lots of food like it is a fl a floating feeding frenzy you know you're right and have groceries gone up yes absolutely because transportation to move them around has gone up so this is our long put vertical and we're going to compare this to our long put one atr buying a put with the expectation that this might go down so how much could we lose here 500 496 what's our max loss that we allow ourselves in this account 500 have we had max losses in this account this year yes in fact the next trade management mini session i called short put verticals gone wrong and it's about two trades that i mismanaged um and didn't follow our class rules and we took a loss which might have been tiny and made it ten times bigger um than than it could have been okay so stay tuned for that and please watch that one because i think it's as important to learn from the the mistakes that we make um and from the trades that do go wrong as the ones that go right you have 10 12 trades in a row go right you start thinking you're jock shellock and that you can do no wrong and you risk throwing your shoulder out for patting yourself on the back and that's when you need to become afraid very afraid why is that because the temptation is to start changing your position sizing going you know that is for mere mortals and really i am pretty fabulous so i need to change my you know i can take more risk because obviously i never lose yeah you know sooner do you say that or even think that then you're gonna you could end up with five losing trades in a row so you know we have accomplished what we've accomplished in this class following our rules most of the time but following our position sizing rules all the time in in that mini session i talk about the one redeeming factor is that we didn't lose more than we uh allowed ourselves to lose on any one trade which was you know 400 at that time okay so that's rcl so now we're going to look at oh boy oh boy you know what i just did i bought this and sold this so now if i go in and sell this it will wipe out that part of the trade well for crying out loud so we're going to have to do this further out of the money or we're going to have to pick a different time frame now if i come out here to my basic setup we've got lots of volume and a tight bid ask spread how about if we look at july 8 we've got very little volume here and you know a much wider bid ask spread so we have to look at well do i want to go to you know this weekly or you know if i if there's no august until we're rid of june august won't populate so you know we could come out to september and do this at the money strike this 45 strike or we could come down here to the 40s which isn't really what we were aiming for and that's a 15 strike you know what let's give this one a shot today okay so this isn't ideal if we didn't have this trade on so we could do this one but then that's higher than our max loss which is 525.

so if i come out to september this is higher than we wanted to go yeah we're going to do this 40. okay stream of consciousness by bar so buy the advantage here is that because it's a dollar 48 we could do more so we could do three of these because how much could we lose the entire premium so we're risking 450 on this one single order first trigger sequence right click opposite order good till canceled market order so when it comes down hits our target of 44 24. we'd like to buy this back or if it goes up and hits 5276 5276 we want to buy it back okay so confirm and send we want to buy three puts the 40 put expiring in july we went further out of the money because of the other trade that we had placed we want to exit when it hits our target of 4424 at or below or if it goes above 5276 we're putting this in our long put bucket and this is our one atr target and exit atr target compared to long put vertical geez lpv trade okay send okay so we have done four trades on two stocks so if we look at our monitor tab here we've got the two positions on rcl we've got the two positions on expedia okay i don't know what's cooking here with this one um but you know what that's an exit so we'll talk about that one another day so we've got expedia we've got rcl so just let me make a note of that so now i there are a couple of trades we want to review but if you wanted to do some additional practice again you might want to keep your eye on airbnb you might want to keep your eye on and these aren't recommendations the reason that we chose rcl over um norwegian is one because this is just sitting at a support level the second thing is this is a 13 stock and it's not that you can't trade something in that price range but it has less distance to fall right because it's a less expensive stock um the other one that was on our list for today was intel but you know with intel we've kind of missed the boat in that we should have you know one would argue that we should have entered this trade yesterday and we've missed it and it's continued to move so one might just want to watch to see if it rallies for a couple of days maybe bonks its head around this 41 level and then continues down okay the two that i wanted to look at today [Applause] uh one was albemarle try and say that and we had a bullish trade on that and it is not moving bullishly i it hasn't hit our exit today but we had a long call vertical we're down 300 on this how much could it go down well it could go down all the way to zero and we could lose 470. so we are going to exit this position so we said we wanted to get out when it had a credit of 750. we're a long way from that and so we're going to just cancel that order and then we're going to come back and this is one of those where we were wrong you know we got in here it broke above you know and and what was our basis for getting in you know so you could say well it it made sense at the time the market was starting to rally we saw this inverted head and shoulders type pattern and it had broken above came to back to retest oh we're not so worried but you know it's falling again today not a good sign no you know so is albermarle dead to us not necessarily but is this trade were we mistaken on what we thought was going to happen yes we are and so better to one of the things with successful traders is that they admit when they've made a mistake quickly yeah yeah we missed the boat on that one somebody typed that into the chat so yeah now it's saying here the natural 145 that let's see if we can get this you know the mid is 145 let's see if we can get 145 for it that one did not go according to plan and i'll make sure that we oh there we are we're out okay and the other one is bumble we've done three trades on bumble so if i come back and we look at at bumble we did a uh we did a buy right and we were up about 10 in a week and so we decided that we would take our 10 gain and exit i don't know if it'll show but we did that a few weeks ago and then last week we put on two trades we did a buy right where we bought the stock and sold the 35 call and then we just did a long call with a one atr target it hit our target i'm going to review this in the next trade mining management session but we were up about a dollar 50 on that as you can see because you know we got in here and out here you know doesn't take even i can do this math you know we were up about a dollar fifty um which was about a thirty six percent gain so you know that was you know a happy occasion but then it started to pull back so we paid a net of 30 to get in we do have an exit on this but let's go and look at bumble i haven't looked at bumble yet today [Music] bmbl so it's come back and it's sitting it looks like this support level might hold so the question is you know do we get out do we move the stop up we might just say you know with the market pulling back so dramatically we might just take our stop and say you know if this goes three percent below this 29 70ish level let's see where our stop is 2970 times 0.97

29.70 times 0.97 20 if it goes below 2880 we want to exit so how do we see where our stop is we're going to come to activities and positions we're going to look at our working orders and with bumble we're going to cancel and replace this 2880 well you know what it's at 28.96 right now that's interesting now cancel and replace 28.80 yeah our stop is at 24.76 so we're going to move that up to 28.80 28.80 was that correct

that's 29.71 28.80 now that looks right confirm and send so we're replacing our stop to say hey if this goes below 28.80 we want to buy back the call that we sold and we want to exit the position now some might say you know i still believe in this company and so i would like to just buy back the call and we could do that also or we could just move up the stop we chose to just move up the stop but you can see the rationale behind it if i come up to bumble you know we we were paid a dollar 80 for the call it's come back to a support level it's worth a buck you know so we could buy that back regardless if we wanted but we said hey if this goes up to 35 and we get called out we're up five bucks a share on a 30 investment we'd be happy campers so we may just let that ride guys we are out of time it has been a blast we've gone through an awful lot in a short period of time but i think we've covered what we intended to cover so my ask of you i i know that there isn't a survey in the chat today but if you could smash that like button if you are new and you haven't subscribed yet to this channel come back and join us on a weekly basis we're going to continue to follow the markets um hit subscribe so in the bottom corner right there you can subscribe to this channel turn on your notifications and you'll know what's happening and when it's happening huge thank you to ken rose for joining us today know that everything that we do in this class is for education and information purposes only none of it to be construed as a recommendation know that options are not suitable for all investors we can end up with potentially rapid and substantial losses have we seen that happen yes we have and know that there are transaction costs associated when we um trade options i'm sorry i don't know how that just happened okay know that there are transaction costs that occur um and also know that when we put in a stop it's not a guarantee that we'll get out at exactly that price um it could hit uh yeah it could gap down we've seen lots of gaps today and we could end up at a lower price so that's a wrap for today guys thanks for joining me have an awesome weekend we'll see you in a webcast coming up soon take care everyone bye for now

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