[sub]EP.3-2ㅣ현재 생존자 8명.. 이러다가 해 져요!! 마지막 생존자는?!| 출장십오야2 x 하이브

[sub]EP.3-2ㅣ현재 생존자 8명.. 이러다가 해 져요!! 마지막 생존자는?!| 출장십오야2 x 하이브

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(14th random play dance song) (Unexpected songs will play to eliminate a lot of people) Let it be the song Dino knows. (What?) (Question 14, 'Candy' by H.O.T) (When this song was released) (0 years old) (They clearly know this song) (They obviously don't know this song) (She's human 'Candy') (She wasn't even born when it was released) (He can't stay calm) (Find who's lost among them) (3 K-Pop brothers finish it up together) (The palm blast is a trend) We've got to give TXT an award for dance. They even managed their expressions. (The expression completes the dance) Soobin is lovely.

My goodness. I became his fan. (You can't help but fall for him) They're so cute. This is a really old song. I'm surprised that you know. The 8. You may leave.

You can leave now. Do you want one more chance? I picked up the choreography already. Okay. Do you know it now? (Apathetic) Yunjin. You should come forward.

(She didn't see that coming) Okay. She went the other way from the start. (Leaving) (Unfortunately, The 8 is out) (Where are you going?) What you lookin' at What you, what you lookin' at (What?) What you, what you lookin' at That's her own song. (It's 'FEARLESS' choreography) (Now he realizes it) (It looks like she's doing the right dance) (About this...)

(K-Pop Professor Boo's analysis) It's the same BPM. (Mr. Game Man. What do we do?) She held back. (It's not wrestling, but she held back) (It was amazing in many ways) fromis_9 is very good. (What more amazing is) Her expression never changes.

After every song, she's like, 'I did it.' (Dance first, expression later) She's like, 'That was nothing.' I should've been eliminated a long time ago.

I was just holding out. No. You did great. - What? - You were great. (It's time to pick who's the best) (He eliminated half of them like Thanos) Now, I'm going to check the look on your face. (Art score is added) (It's getting more and more difficult) (7 people left) Coy Seoyeon of fromis_9 is left. TXT members who are big K-Pop fans.

(Eunchae and Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM) (Please let it be something I know) - Dino. - Dino survived. (The youngest member of SEVENTEEN made it this far) (He's the youngest of 12 members as well as the main dancer of SEVENTEEN) (It's the 15th song) Music, please. Dino's stretched out shirt upsets me. It's so upsetting. (It's the mic) (The next question flusters Dino) (Question 15, 'Into the new world' by Girls’ Generation) (Seoyeon is into the new world) Good job. Seoyeon is working so hard.

(How does Eunchae know this dance?) (She was 2 at the time) (It's normal that she doesn't know) Oh, Yeonjun. Is TXT going to crumble? (The big K-Pop fans failed to get into the new world) (Going home) Is TXT going to crumble? (Yeonjun is on automatic driving mode) (Dino gives up on entering the new world) (The good example) (Escaping) Why? No. There's no dance like that. (Distorted) (The correct way) There's no dance like that. (Leaving) (Everyone cheers for their member) Good job, Soobin.

(Cheering) (Soobin is the only survivor in TXT) (Managing his expression) (You can join MOA anytime you want through Weverse) I became his fan! (Ending pose) What is his identity? Something unexpected just happened. The man who looked like he'd survive to the end. (That man) (When did he get here?) My. Seoyeon's cheat sheet is gone. My dance teacher is gone.

We better hear from him. You were highly likely to be the winner. I had so much fun. I'm happy.

- You did your part? - Yes. He was actually saving Soobin's energy who is the real ace. (The bigger picture?) I just became Soobin's fan. He looks so innocent. It feels like he purifies me.

I felt that too. I don't want to point him out. I became his fan. I love him. The thing is, Seoyeon became coy again after the song. - It was a very cheerful song. - She keeps tilting her head. (Maintaining her head at 15 degrees) We only have three teams left.

Once one team gets eliminated, the other two get the prize for sure. Soobin. You're the only guy. Do you feel confident? Yes.

(Cheering like audience) Yunjin. - Are you going to stay there? - Yes. (Stay there as much as you want) (Semifinal) - Soobin is so cute. - He's sweating.

- You get nervous to stand there. - He's nervous. - Don't be nervous. - You can do it. (The suffocating signal) (Question 16, 'ASAP' by STAYC) (Another new member here) (The audience in the opening of the first concert) (I can't see. Sit down) (Yunjin is leaving now) Kneading.

5, 6, 7, 8. Awesome. Seoyeon. You're the best. (They only see their favorite) But...

Honestly, I became Soobin's fan too. He's so lovely. (The moment Dino became his fan) He's as good as - any other girl band. - Amazing.

Yeonjun has something to say to him. Gosh. You do it. Working as 'Music Bank' host pays off.

(You can always rely on the former host) - He had a reason. - Actually there's one more 'Music Bank' host here. The current host. What are you doing?

(The current host) (He was eliminated in Round 7) Now is the first time I see Sunghoon. (Sunghoon, let's go) Yunjin walked out on her own. Let's hear from her. It was tough, but I survived until now because I'm that good. Wow. (Yes, this is a variety show) (Thanks to everyone who helped her cheat) To eliminate you, you were too good. That's why you stayed until now.

(3 real experts remain) (It's time to decide who takes the coffee truck and the snack truck) We should hear from them. (Seungkwan) (Coming back) The host of 'Music Bank' should do it. (The former and current hosts meet) Do I go? Go. (Imagine this is the 'Music Bank' green room) Hello. I'm Soobin of TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

You gained so many fans today. You made it this far. How do you feel? It's great. Wish me luck. I'll do my best. Good luck. He's nervous.

I'm a fan of TXT. You made it this far. How do you feel? He suddenly became timid. I never get sweaty, but I'm soaked in sweat. There's something we always say.

I'll do my best to death. (Don't die) (Her colleagues find her cool) Sunghoon. Don't be so shy. She's new. Her team debuted only recently.

LE SSERAFIM's... Eunchae? (What?) (Please understand the unstable broadcasting condition) - What are you doing? - Hey. (Ouch) (Apologizing) I'm nervous. That's all. Sunghoon is very shy. I improved after hosting 'Music Bank'. I've met many nice seniors.

(Hosting smoothly) (This week's 1st place candidate, Hong Eunchae of LE SSERAFIM) I will do my best to be the proud youngest member of LE SSERAFIM. I'm going back in. (He knows when to leave) (Mr. Game Man found many variety show jewels) You were hosting like a robot. (Bland, but addictive hosting style) There are many appealing idols. What about Seoyeon? Why is she so cute? She's so cute.

(Her teammate falls for her) (Even if you're a teammate, you still have to get in line to be her fan) (Despite the fierce fans, here comes the song to determine the winner) (Question 17, 'DUMB DUMB' by Jeon So Mi) You know this one. (Repeating for personal collection) How does she know? (Amazed) What is that? What is he doing? (The cameraman starts from his toes and goes up) - Wow. - They're all very good. (Exclaiming) Eunchae is good. (Exclaiming) (After the stormy moment) (Going wild) Let's have a meeting. As you can see, do they all pass? (Everyone passes) I don't know what to do with Soobin.

He's so cute. (They're surprised by Soobin who's appealing) (But they're also surprised by Eunchae who survived) Oh. My goodness. I ran out of energy.

You're very good. - How are you so good? - I'm so tired. (The game is turning into a mini concert) (Now it's about who has more energy) Are you reaching your limit? My girl lacks energy.

(Somebody help her) Hurry up. (Her HP is decreasing rapidly) She's dying. She's going to die. No. (The game is taking longer than expected) Music, please.

(Question 18, 'LOCO' by ITZY) (They're not watching soccer) (The dance continues even after the music stops) (Shocked) (Who should we eliminate?) (Professor Boo, what now?) It's going to get dark. (Question 19, 'Fire' by BTS) They're good. (Seungkwan's sound effect) (Seriously, what do we do?) (After watching them, he doesn't know what to do) I want to keep watching their performance.

Me too. Give all of them first place. They're all very good. They're good. I think they're all winners. I'd say they all won.

Soobin. I love you. (Huening, we'll let you speak on your own only for today) Why are you so good? Because I love K-Pop so much. But you're all very good. (Including Yeonjun) Without TXT, I wouldn't be here.

I kept copying them. That's amazing. (They find Soobin amazing) No one expected Soobin to be so good. I'm utterly shocked. - That's awesome. - Soobin knows everything.

He does pick up choreographies fast. He memorizes it after watching it 3 times. I've never seen Seoyeon standing for that long before. Don't die. You're almost there.

- Can we try just one more song? - One last song. (Let's try one more song) This isn't a talent show, is it? Here's what we're going to do. All three of you won the coffee truck.

(They all get the coffee truck) For the last song, the person who shows the highly artistic emotions... (Evaluation guideline: Highly artistic emotions) (1st place gets the snack truck) Let's go for the snack truck. Instead of eliminating them, we'll pick 1st place. The last song. Music, please. (The familiar melody in summer) (The song is basically telling them to act) (Question 20, 'Ice Cream Cake' by Red Velvet) - Oh, my. - He knows it.

(Let's go get the ice cream cake to cool off the summer heat) Good job. (We need to watch how Soobin ended) (Cheering) (Eunchae finishes up by eating ice cream) (I'll get you ice cream as much as you want) (The last song ends) The last song finally ended. Like I said, they all get the coffee truck.

(It's time to decide who takes the snack truck) - Have you decided it? - Yes. (Professor Boo has made up his mind) With a comment, please announce 1st place. That was beyond respect. I was in awe. However, in 'It so tasty' part, the winner was determined.

(Candidate 1) (Candidate 2) (Candidate 3) Someone was on perfect beat. - She's smiling. - Who is? (The camera zooms in on her smile) (Me?) I thought her expression never changes. When the Grammy Award announces the Album of the Year.

(The look on your face when the camera zooms in on you) (That's the look) Was Seoyeon of fromis_9 right about her prediction? (Mr. Game Man will announce the winner) (And?) (Random Play Dance went on for over 20 songs) (Who's the final winner?) (Trying to keep a straight face) Lee Seoyeon of fromis_9. Congratulations. (Good job, Seoyeon) You need to lie down. (Weak Seoyeon stood for too long) (fromis_9 massages her) Massage her.

Well done. (She did it for fromis_9) I've never seen you standing for so long before. (You were very good, Seoyeon) Someone carry her. Eunchae.

(Good job, Eunchae) (Eunchae complains she was lonely. Others compliment her) (TXT members look relieved) (They run to him) (Family reunion everywhere) A coffee truck. A girl band song played 5 times in a row, but why not our song? No, we still got enough airtime. (TXT cares more about being funny) Well done, team.

Come here. (The thing about ENHYPEN is that they're always positive) Sunoo should've showed what he's got, but he got eliminated too early. - Shall we unite too? - Let's do that. Let's unite.

(Good job, team) Good job. That was beautiful. Can we join you? (SEVENTEEN looks after Baekho and Min Hyun) (No one's better at ruining the mood than him) That was awesome. (Random play dance was impressive) (The sun is setting already) Well done, everyone. (Closing ceremony) Now, let's have the award presentation.

Before the award, let's hear from Professor Boo who worked hard today. Thank you. It was an honor. - He worked very hard today. - I know. - He worked very hard. - He was good. Can you present the awards? Before announcing 1st and 2nd places, we have a special award. Though he was eliminated, it's sad to just let him go.

Every performance he put on was wonderful. It's for Yeonjun's team, TXT. I approve. I've always wanted to buy this.

(The special prize is) I wanted to buy this. A hair dryer. It makes hair styling easy for idols. (It's not product placement) It's awesome. - It's expensive. - Oh, this one. (Presenting 2nd place) 2nd place.

Eunchae of LE SSERAFIM and Soobin of TXT. I approve. (They look like student councils) For K-Pop, you two...

(Retry) (Ad-lib) Their performances were wonderful enough to lead the next generation of K-Pop. We hereby present you with this award. Nah Yung Suk of The Game Caterers. Call me anytime and I'll be there. Call me anytime and I'll be there. Thank you.

(Praising her proud member) (TXT won 2 awards in random play dance) Last but not least, it's first place. The coy girl who survived from the fierce battle. Would we get to see her smile? I think I'm going to cry when I see her. (The winner is getting ready, so he wouldn't cry) Here she is.

Lee Seoyeon of fromis_9. Congratulations. (Sticking to her theme) She looks elegant to the end. Fabulous.

My puppy. (The puppy that is loved by everyone is) Where do I stand? (Not good with directions) You pulled off the performance with your unique coy expression. We hereby give you the snack truck for taking 1st place. Nah Yung Suk of The Game Caterers.

Thank you. Well done. Thank you. Call me anytime when you come back and I'll be there.

You may use it for your comeback. (Captain)Seoyeon. I'm tired. Well done. (Presenter Boo returns to his team) - Well done, Seungkwan. - You're very good. (About these people) - Seungkwan is good. - He's really good.

What's gotten into him? How does he improvise all that? - He's really good. - Good job, Seungkwan. (True love)(That's what happened) You all know who will make the closing speech. Let's bring up Lee Hyun. (Jung Dojeon opens and closes the event) You look awesome, cap. I'm glad no one got hurt.

When would we ever get to meet up and have fun again? To be honest, it was awkward when we met in the elevator. (A minute felt like 100 years in the small area)(Agreed) I hope we're glad to see each other from now on. Well done today, everyone. Well done.

Let's finish up. Thank you. Thank you. Wait. The 8 is in front. (Shocked) Will you hit the slate? 1, 2, 3. (A message from HYBE) Hello. I'm Baekho.

Did you all enjoy watching HYBE's first picnic on The Game Caterers? It was my first time shooting with a crowd, so I was worried. But fortunately, it was very fun. I plan to perform in various places.

Please send me lots of support, and send lots of support to The Game Caterers as well. I'm Baekho. Bye. Hello. I'm Hwang Min Hyun.

Did you enjoy watching The Game Caterers? I enjoyed shooting with a big crowd and received so much energy from them. I hope this episode gave you good energy to cool off the heat. And please send lots of love and support to 'Alchemy of Souls' on tvN which I'm starring. Please send lots of love and support to The Game Caterers, so it'll thrive even more. I'm Hwang Min Hyun. Thank you. Hello. I'm Lee Hyun.

The whole HYBE family appears in The Game Caterers. I couldn't believe how fun it was. I hope it helps you forget about the heat and enjoy watching.

(Watching) Though this is the last episode on HYBE, but we can still meet on my YouTube channel. Subscribe, like and hit the notification bell. I'd appreciate it if you visit my channel. Please send me lots of support.

Lots of support please. 2, 3. Hello. We're LE SSERAFIM. How did you find HYBE picnic? The watermelon was so good. It was nice to meet all HYBE family.

In fact, Eunchae played a remarkable part. - She even won a prize. It was wonderful. - Yes. I'm sure you all enjoyed watching. They said it was the first. That means there will be more, right? (Oh!) We're working very hard to meet you with a better look, so please look forward to it.

See you soon. We're LE SSERAFIM. 1, 2, connect. Hello. We're ENHYPEN. The picnic was so much fun. We'll see you on music shows. Bye. Let's say hello.

One, dream. Hello. We're TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Because we're on the world tour right now, we're saying hello from far away. Where are we right now? We're in Texas.

The Game Caterers on HYBE was so much fun. Please enjoy watching. MOA. How are you doing?

We'll complete the world tour sound before we go back. Please wait for us. Bye. We'll say goodbye now. We're TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Thank you. Hello. We're fromis_9.

Did you all enjoy watching - The Game Caterers on HYBE? - Yes. What was the most memorable part? Seoyeon survived to the end in the random play dance. Right. The coy girl. Seoyeon played a remarkable part. That was most memorable for me.

Thank you. I have one too. I remember the time we played the game with Producer Nah. I enjoyed the picnic with other HYBE artists. Thank you for the nice memory. I'd like to meet you again for another good opportunity.

Enjoy the rest of summer with 'Stay This Way'. Please send lots of support and love to fromis_9. We're fromis_9. Bye. Say the name SEVENTEEN. Hello, we're SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN got to appear on The Game Caterers. The picnic with HYBE artists was very fun. It was a nice chance to make a good memory. That's right. If we ever get a chance again, we'll be glad to appear again.

We also released a repackage album. Please send us lots of love. Send lots of support to SEVENTEEN and The Game Caterers. We're SEVENTEEN. Say the name SEVENTEEN.

Thank you. (Bonus) (Coffee truck, snack truck and host coupon to Seungkwan for helping us) (The Game Caterers 2, Friday at 10:30 p.m.)

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