[sub]EP.2-1 | 하이브 아티스트들 재능 그 잡채.. 한치의 양보없는 짝꿍 달리기 2탄! | 출장십오야2 x 하이브

[sub]EP.2-1 | 하이브 아티스트들 재능 그 잡채.. 한치의 양보없는 짝꿍 달리기 2탄!  | 출장십오야2 x 하이브

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(The Game Caterers 2) (Previously on The Game Caterers 2) (HYBE Picnic) (fromis_9) (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) (ENHYPEN) (SEVENTEEN) (LE SSERAFIM) (The united Team TT) (The first game) Green HYBE. (The end) (The second game) (They run, pick up the note and bring the person who fits the note by order of arrival) (TXT places 1st with Huening Kai) (Team TT places 2nd with Kazuha and splits the prize) (SEVENTEEN places 3rd with Lee Hyun) (The end of the summary) That's the end of the first game. I'll give you the gift certificates soon. (Applauding) Good job.

Well done. Do I go again? Send the player for the second game. Go.

(As soon as he sits down, he leaves again) The 8. Are you playing again? (In the last clip, he went out to help LE SSERAFIM instead of the race, then somehow he ended up doing the limbo) (This time, he's here for the race) I get to play a lot today. (Play) (This is the new side of The 8) (I should get a picture of it) (His obsession for The 8) (Ask for the photos Seungkwan took personally on Weverse) Let's go, Baekho. (Team TT's second player is Baekho) I just noticed Team TT only has a few players. This is unfair. Are you taking turns? The 8 doesn't look good next to Baekho.

Look at the size gap. (Sweet) (Meanwhile, in ENHYPEN, Jungwon the leader decided to play) (The passionate leader puts on the jacket when it's scorching hot) (Meanwhile, TXT changes the player) (At first, they planned to send players who look cool when they run) (Then they were influenced by SEVENTEEN who said they wanted to be funny) (So they decided to send Yeonjun and Beomgyu) (Yeonjun plays Round 2) Are you changing your shoes? - He's serious about it. - He's so passionate. - That's cool. - It's better than falling. (TXT changed both the player and shoes. How will they do?) (Chaeyoung is playing from fromis_9) Chaeyoung. Be careful. She's the tallest in the team, but she's still short.

(She's playing against Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM) (They're only 1 year apart) A kitten. (Where's the cat?) There's a cat. He looks like a kitten. (FYI, the kitten fromis_9 found is here) (The cat is closer than it appears) (Meow) Look at its tail. (This cat has nothing to do with the show) We're not paying attention to Chaeyoung.

Go, Chaeyoung! Watch your back. Wish me luck. - Hello. - Hello.

Hello. Why am I getting nervous? All I can see is Jungwon's head. (Look for your redheaded boy in the track meet) (Can you see my hair?) - Good luck. - Let's go.

We look dull in black. He looks like... a bodyguard. (One reliable bodyguard among idol singers) Urgh. Is he a body builder? He's so ripped.

A bodyguard is playing. Are you going to run fast? - How should we play? - Are you going to run fast? (Why are you discussing that?) I don't know what to do, so I'll follow what you do. (We were mistaken for a second) Go, Yeonjun. Go, Jungwon. - Go, Jungwon. - Go, Yeonjun.

(They have a spy) Go, Yeonjun. (Spies, raise your heads and check each other) (Everyone cheers for each other) Get ready. (New, F/W, defense, snowboarding) (So far, it's peaceful) Go, LE SSERAFIM.

(They cheer for each other) Go. (A sudden change) Go, Lee Chaeyoung. Go. Go. Go.

(Baekho's firm start) Baekho is fast. Baekho's so fast. (If you look closely, The 8 set off first) (But he slowed down for safety) (They're all running together) Go.

(Exciting race) (Fun race) She's so fast. (Jumping) (They enjoy watching their ace athlete) (Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM reaches the note section first) (Picking up first) The race doesn't matter. The race until now doesn't matter. This is where they have to run. (Everyone picks up the note) (They start running again) (Yunjin looks serious) (Calm yet flaming Jungwon) Who is this? Running fast isn't the point.

What should I do? (Jungwon passes ENHYPEN) (Broadcasting) He's not coming here. Where are you going? (Jungwon approaches Team TT) (Behind him, it's Baekho) Me again? (Jungwon took Hyun) Wait. (Baekho took water) (He's going far away) Come here. (Running) (It's fun to watch) Yunjin looks so serious. Why is she so serious? Jump rope? (Yunjin is running with a straight face) Why are you coming to us? - Jump rope. - Jump rope? I can't do it.

- Jump rope. - Jump rope? I can't do it. (Come on) (She picks the leader) (Let's go out first) (Meanwhile, Yeonjun wants to be funny in his new shoes) Hey. You. (The popular guest) (Huening Kai) - Hurry up. - What is it? Hurry up.

He's very popular. Come on. Let's go. Why are you taking the manager? Come on. Let's go. Why are you taking the manager? (The 8 brings SEVENTEEN's manager) (The kind manager doesn't know what it is, but he still runs along) (Whatever it is, he's excited) (The coworker enjoys it even more) (Instead of us?) What is it? (Why did The 8 take the manager?) Can you help me? (Chaeyoung of fromis_9 asks Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN for help) (She looked busy, but she came in last) What's the mission? Whatever it is, he's good at everything.

He's a good card. He's almost like the Joker. (The result) (TXT places 1st again) (SEVENTEEN places 2nd) (LE SSERAFIM comes in 3rd, ENHYPEN 4th and fromis_9 5th) Did we place 1st again? (Clapping in awe) I wonder what the mission is. But then Huening is talented. - You can do it, right? - Yes.

Hello. (Kind boy)(SEVENTEEN's manager) What is it? (The popular man is tired) I'm so tired. I knew I'd be here again. (Laughing) (Min Hyun of Team TT is left alone) (Still no news from his buddy yet) (At that moment, Baekho appears with someone) Let's go. (Glad) Who's that? Is that Team TT's manager? They're bringing their managers. (Team TT arrives 6th) I can't wait to find out.

(At that moment) Can I change? Can you do double-under? Do you need help? (Scratching) She wants to change the person. She's asking to change the person. - Change? - Change the card. (Glancing) No one has ever said that before. She does have to change the person.

(LE SSERAFIM's mission is a person who can do double-under 10 times) (Checking her mission) Oh. She should find someone else. Sorry.

She does need to find someone else. (fromis_9's mission is someone with a good diction) I'm not good at tongue twisters. I'm willing to switch. Do you have a good diction?

(She has a good diction) I can do double-under. - Really? - I was in the jump rope club. (Switching) (Switching) (The order changes as they switch) (1st TXT, 2nd SEVENTEEN, 3rd ENHYPEN 4th LE SSERAFIM, 5th fromis_9, 6th Team TT) (Time to verify) Huening Kai is here again.

How far Huening Kai can go? He's very talented. My mission is the person who can stand tickling. That is Huening Kai.

- Can he stand it? - Yes. He can even stand tickling on his feet. I can do better than him. Try. (You don't need to understand everything SEVENTEEN does) We have Huening Kai as the person who can stand tickling. He's good at it.

We've got to prove it. (Here's how to prove) (Hold the harmonica in your mouth and don't make any sound while tickling) (She's seen it on TV) Good luck. You can do it. You can definitely do it. The harmonica would make sound even if he doesn't do anything. (The harmonica is a reliable proof) Hold it in your mouth.

While holding it... He even knows how to play it. Is he good at playing the harmonica? No, it's my first time. (But why are you good at it?) (FYI, to tickle him, the experts who have done it 1717 times come in) (That's what SEVENTEEN said) If you tickle his ears with a foxtail, he can never stand it.

Good luck. Thank you. (Their hands know what to do) (The pro tickler) His lips are trembling. (It discourages him) He looks very stable. He's very good at it. He can stand it all.

He's meditating. (PEACE) You can do it. Get ready. (He has to endure it for 20 seconds) Set, go.

What? Go. (He wouldn't even budge) There's a place humans find most tickling. (Blowing) What's Seungkwan doing? (This is what you said) (Blowing) Seungkwan is attacking.

(What goes in his ear is the wind, not Seungkwan's breath) That's right. (Satisfied) (He enjoys watching his teammate's talent) How do you stand it? (The person who is blowing is disappointed) (They've never seen anyone like him before) Is this a human? (Gasping) Awesome. I guess he can't feel tickling. How is that possible? That's awesome. 3, 2, 1.

You did it. Good job. You did it. (TXT wins twice in a row) (He looks like a coach) (Even the variety expert SEVENTEEN sends a round of applause) That's really hard. You did it. He's talented.

The sum of their prize is $200. He's a rock. His body is made of stone. He's a rock. What else can you do? Does he have no senses? He can barely feel anything. (Huening the robot) He's a rock.

That was fun. He's good at standing it. I always tickle him, but he endures it every time.

(With the discovery of amazing talent, TXT wins 1st place) I'm jealous. (Meanwhile, he became capable of playing the harmonica) TXT already got... Is it $100 per person? So, they got $1,000 already? (Next) The 8. Please read your mission. The most good-looking manager.

(They finally realize why their manager is out there) Introduce yourself. Hello. I'm SEVENTEEN's manager. He's SEVENTEEN's manager. (To SEVENTEEN, he's the most good-looking manager) (The most good-looking manager) (It was supposed to end after bringing a manager) Does anyone else...

(Then it broke loose) (Let's bring our manager) (ENHYPEN's manager)(ENHYPEN's stylist) (Passionate ENHYPEN) The iron. (That's how they started showing off their managers) (Yeonjun of TXT almost spit the coffee) Where did he go? (He cries for his manager) (Stomping) (He'd die calling Youngwook) Hurry up. We're here to find our manager. (LE SSERAFIM sets off to find their manager) Manager. Hurry up. We're not late yet.

What? - The good-looking manager. - No. Why me? Hurry up. (HYBE artists are serious about showing off their managers) Wait.

My manager is really hot. I never expected it to get so serious. (LE SSERAFIM, TXT, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN) (They're all proud of their managers) Hey! (As SEVENTEEN said, the managers who appeared will split the gift certificate for this round) You're the hottest. (Next is Jungwon and Lee Hyun) The number 1 arm wrestler among celebs. (Exclaiming) (ENHYPEN cheers) - That was a good choice. - He picked the right person.

He can dead lift 140kg. (Gasping) (Under pressure) But I'm not. (His arms say otherwise) I'm not good at arm wrestling. (Getting ready) The thing is, I keep coming here for something physical.

(Physics during the picnic) I'm the oldest here. (Actually Hyun did squats in Green HYBE, Red HYBE) (In Round 1 of Partner Race, he ran as fast as he could, then made Diget disappear) (Now he's in Round 2. He's participating in all games) (Drained) It's easy to check.

(If anyone beats Hyun in arm wrestling, ENHYPEN is out) If the person beats Hyun, Hyun is out. (Mission: Beat Lee Hyun) (The toughest mission ever) - You're good at arm wrestling. - I doubt it. - Mingyu. - Mingyu. You should go.

But there's Baekho. - Oh. - Right. I bet Baekho is good at it. (Baekho is the biggest) Look at his arms.

(The countdown begins for a contender) Tell Baekho to do it. - Baekho. - Baekho. Tell Baekho to do it. Baekho. Do you want to give it a try? (When Seungkwan suggests him, he comes forward) They're in the same team.

- Same team? - I'll give it a try. It's okay because... (Even if Hyun loses, Team TT has nothing to lose) If Hyun loses, it's ENHYPEN that's out. If Baekho... (Winking) (We're on the same page) But if Hyun doesn't do his best...

(I'd never do that) Of course not. Oh, hot. (If you think about anything silly, you'll get burned) (Strong) It's a match between men. (Look at his arms) (Let me show you) (Getting the start on) (Amazing) (Exclaiming) He's unbeatable. (Cheering) (Cheering) (Exclaiming) Baekho is so hot. Look at his arms. They're as thick as my legs.

His arm is the size of my thigh. It really is. (The arm as thick as a thigh) If Hyun loses, ENHYPEN is out. (Nervous) (The most anxious man) Let's do this. (Tight) (You can feel his power from his hand) Let me fix the grip. Gosh. (Nervous) (Losing his mind) (The referee is Seungkwan as usual) Relax.

(For some reason, the referee feels most nervous) (This is getting bigger than expected) It looks like a real arm wrestling game. Get ready. Set, go. (Hyun's arm falls upon the start) Wow. (In awe) (Covering his mouth) Go.

(Frozen) (Frozen) (Frozen) (He wins in no time) (Showing off his arm muscles) (That was so cool) (They fall in love with Baekho) - That was so cool. - So cool. (Surprised) (He admits his defeat) I did my best. I really did. I could tell. ENHYPEN is out. - Sorry. - It's okay. You may return to your seat.

He was really strong. He's strong. Well done.

(Jungwon goes back to his tent) No one saw that coming. (No one expected the 4th player to verify) A person who can do double-under 10 times. (She almost had to do it) I can't even jump rope. Seungkwan is good at it. This is guaranteed.

(For the difficult mission, Seungkwan is warming up) (He checks the jump rope carefully) It's too short. (He's adjusting the rope) He can adjust the rope. That means he can do it. I was in the jump rope club. I was in the music jump rope club. He's good at this.

Seungkwan is very good at jump rope. (The group of Seungkwan's fans) (Getting ready to record his boy) (Seungkwan's jump rope skill is well known among CARAT) You picked the right person. We switched.

Seungkwan. Show them. Seungkwan. (He finally finished adjusting the rope) (He demonstrates what he's capable of) You know.

I used to do that. Wow. Good job. (It's amazing every time they see it) (This is what Seungkwan is capable of) I used to do that. Let me try. (He's going to try 10 double-under) - Good luck. - Good luck. Your record is LE SSERAFIM's record.

Chaeyoung is regretting switching her player. I'll try. Seungkwan. Go. (He calms down) (The only moment where SEVENTEEN is quiet) (Getting ready to record) Out. Goodbye.

(The group of Seungkwan's fans is surprised) (He stops recording and laughs) (He's out after 1 jump rope) (Let's remember only the good part and avoid repetition) (Happy) Now I get it. Let me try-- You're out. (He waves the white flag to protect Seungkwan) Now I get it. Let me try--

You're out. What's the point of being good at it elsewhere? You're right. (That means, Seungkwan is normally good) (It's okay. You still did well) You worked so hard to change your player. I'm sorry. No. I'm sorry.

Well done. I don't know what's happening, but the result of switching... Seungkwan. You can stop now.

You still did well. You're normally good at it. (Seungkwan goes back to SEVENTEEN who welcomes him warmly) (2 teams remain) (fromis_9's mission is a person with a good diction) I think she'll be good at it. You have to succeed in 5 seconds. (She gets cheers from both teams) 5 seconds are too short. Go.

Peter Piper picked a peck of prickled peckers. Wrong. You may leave. Goodbye. (Out again) Wrong. You may leave. Goodbye. (Everyone says that was cute) - It's okay. - That was cute. It's okay. Thank you.

(Q: Find the bad guy) (1: Producer Nah, 2: Nah Yung Suk, 3: PD Nah, 4: NAH PD) Now... Baekho. What's your mission? Okay.

A person with wet hair. (Pouring) (Verified real time) (People cheer at the water fairy) Who are you? Hello. I'm Hwang Min Hyun and Baekho's manager Kim Jaehyo. (The manager is willing to get his hair wet for his artist) (HYBE artists are serious about showing off their managers) (Cheering) Baekho. You did it.

Thank you. (As Baekho takes the last gift certificate, the partner race ends) (Bonus clip) Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of - pickled - Pickled. - peppers - Peppers.

- Peter - Peter. - Piper - Piper. - picked - Picked. The 8. You fail after 42 seconds.

(The Game Caterers 2, Friday at 10:30 p.m.)

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