[sub]EP.1-3ㅣ체력과 지력이 꽤 중요한(?) 두번째 게임의 반전 | 출장십오야2 x 하이브

[sub]EP.1-3ㅣ체력과 지력이 꽤 중요한(?) 두번째 게임의 반전 | 출장십오야2 x 하이브

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(Warm sunlight) - I'm so ugly. - Who? (Someone's going crazy from heat) You're the prettiest here. What are you talking about? Girl! (Girl! Come to your senses) (Look at the mirror) You're the prettiest here. Look at the mirror, girl.

Let's put the aloe in there. Thank you. (The thing about girls is, they always sing together) Why did she do that I'm curious Why did she do that Tell me already (Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN) A dragonfly. (A dragonfly visits them) Dragonflies are nice insects. But it was huge. They are nice.

(We don't know why, but dragonflies are nice) (The 8 helps him calm down) We actually have a concert this week. So we rehearsed until yesterday. (Hoshi is promoting) (He also promotes the repackage album) We have a concert this week. Everyone here knows it by now.

He's desperate to show off. Invite the artists here. I can't do it. But there are no tickets. (All tickets are sold out) (SEVENTEEN's concerts were sold out for both days) (It was splendid and successful) (From the promotion fairy Hoshi) (No more promotion. Next game) For the second game, pick two players from your team.

Strength and intelligence. You need them both. Think about it carefully and pick 2 players. (Meanwhile, they're far from the world) Did you hear what we're doing? (I didn't hear it) We're too far to hear him. I couldn't hear anything.

All I heard was pick 2 players. Blah blah 2 people! (That's all we hear) What? Sakura is intelligent. But can I play the game in Korean? (Then how about Eunchae?) Strength and intelligence. Okay. That's not me. (Giving up fast) Intelligence? What's that? Head and body? What are we doing? What's going on? What are we doing? (I'm not sure about them) What's intelligence? - Does that mean endurance? - Like a magician? (They also have a serious problem) Does it mean intellectual ability? Oh, knowledge. - What are we doing? - I don't know.

(They don't know what it is, but they decide to go for it) Did you all pick 2 people with strength and intelligence? Yes. SEVENTEEN. Who are they? (The 8 and Dino) Why did you pick them? Are you sure about your choice? - Yes. - We want to make it fun.

We want to be funny. (Satisfied) You all picked 2 players. (The second game begins) (A pair race) (1. Stand before the starting line) (2. After the whistle, start running) (There are 6 pieces of paper on the other side) (Pick one) It tells you to bring someone. You've all had a field day before, right? Yes.

It could be from your team or from your staff. (Laughing) (They already plan to recruit their staff) It sounds fun. It's going to be fun. We'll check if you brought the right person in order. First 3 places will get a prize. That's the important part.

(Everyone on the team will get the prize) A $100 department store gift certificate to 1st place. (The gift certificate was more powerful than expected) Let's do our best. We must win. 2nd place gets a $50 CJ gift certificate. (Satisfied) (It's a practical gift) They're nice prizes.

Lastly, 3rd place gets a $10 gift card. I can buy game items. (The whales) You'll be playing 2 rounds. If you place 1st twice, you'll get a $200 department store gift certificate. Okay. Are you sure I should play? Yes. It's okay.

I'm the worst at running. - What are you talking about? - What? You are... I'm bad at everything.

(He's bad at all sports) (Giggling) I exercise in the gym because I'm a celebrity. - It's not that I like it. - For aesthetics. - Me too. - Really? (Here comes Min Hyun who has aesthetic muscles) (Gift certificates!) (Meanwhile, Soobin of TXT) We can't take 1st place anyway. Let's try to look good at least.

(Taehyun and Beomgyu, the realists' choice) (On the other hand, ENHYPEN) I might pass out because I didn't eat anything. I haven't had anything today. Let's send someone who had a meal today.

(What a logical reason) (Jake who had a meal is up) (fromis_9 wants the gift card) (The small giant Jisun is up) (Gift certificate) Dino. It looks fun. I'll do my best. (1st players come up one by one) (LE SSERAFIM, the youngest in HYBE sends the youngest in the group Eunchae) (Some of them meet for the first time) Nice to meet you.

(Jisun of fromis_9 passes them) (For safety, female players start a little ahead) (Intense cheer for players) Hwang Min Hyun! (Hwang Min Hyun) (SEVENTEEN) (Dino is disappointed) (Whatever. I don't need you) (They raise him strongly) Good luck, Dino. You can do it, Dino. Don't get hurt, Dino. (Meanwhile, Team TT) Roh Jisun! Hong Eunchae! (The staff joins) (There is a favor) This isn't 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'.

Your album is coming up. You have a concert. You have to perform. You don't need to run fast or anything. Run as fast as you can, Eunchae. Run fast. Min Hyun. It's all about the gift certificate.

Yes. Your health is the highest priority. I'll take care of myself. (They're worried about her joints) It's best to run fast. Be safe. People don't get hurt that easily.

(They were more competitive than expected) Producer Nah contradicts himself. He tells us to run, yet not to be greedy. He plays the parade song, yet not to feel pressure. Eunchae. (LE SSERAFIM is worried about her like a mom) Are you going to run? I should. I should still do my best. But...

(They know it from their eyes) No pushing or anything. But if you want to, you can push me. (No) But you're so fit.

Are you ready? (It's getting tense) (This manager is nervous) Bring the person written on paper to me. Get ready. Go.

Go. Go. (Beomgyu dashes forward) Go. (Eunchae and Jisun are faster than expected) (Running) (They're running in line) He shouldn't run too fast or too slow.

My goodness. What is this? Is this a youth drama? (If we change the music, it becomes a youth drama) (It's heartwarming) (However, when they see the note, the genre changes) (After reading it, the look on their faces changes) (What is Eunchae looking for?) (Screaming) (Screaming) (Laughing) (Screaming) Beomgyu. You're doing good. (He passes Eunchae) - Huening. Come here. - Huening. Go. Let's go. (TXT runs without knowing what it is) (Meanwhile, Min Hyun of Team TT) (Straightforward) (He runs straight to one place) What is it? Come with me. (Min Hyun takes Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM out of nowhere) (The remaining members are puzzled) (Who?) Hyun.

(Dino who calls Hyun desperately dashes towards the finish line) I only had one person next to me, and he just had to take him. (Laughing) (Meanwhile, Jake of ENHYPEN) (Tilting his head) He just tilted his head. (What does it say on his note?) (As if he's looking for his favorite, Jake is having an internal conflict) (He chooses Sunoo in the end and takes off first) (SEVENTEEN is going crazy too) (Eunchae asks SEVENTEEN for help) (It's the jegi mission) (Most Koreans think SEVENTEEN are good at sports) (Because that's what Eunchae thought, she asked SEVENTEEN for help) He can never kick jegi 10 times. No way. (The 4 famous set-up-to-fail people are here today) (fromis_9 shows the note) (Gyuri goes for it with confidence) (To the end, no one yields) (They fight to the end) (The result) (1st place Beomgyu of TXT) (2nd place Min Hyun of Team TT) (3rd place Jake of ENHYPEN) (4th place Dino of SEVENTEEN) (5th place Jisun of fromis_9) (6th place Eunchae of LE SSERAFIM) What's the mission? (The mission only Lee Hyun can do will be revealed later) Good job. I've seen you singing a lot. You picked the wrong person.

(ENHYPEN looks worried) I thought it'd be you. (These two have no idea what's coming for them) (And) Did you read the question? No, but Beomgyu got in first. (Satisfied) (Even TXT's staff is serious about the game) If he got it, we'll get the gift certificate. (Time to prove) (Beomgyu with Huening Kai came in 1st) Read your mission please.

One who can impersonate 3 people. Impersonate 3 people? It's so embarrassing to impersonate from there. (Let's check) (Number 1: Togepi) Goblin? Does Togepi have a voice? (Is this it?) That's Jigglypuff.

(After making everyone curious, he summons Togepi in a calm manner) (Let's hear his voice) (This isn't what I expected) (Meanwhile, his colleagues are amazed) (And TXT is confident) (Cheering) (We're all friends including the staff) (They almost grabbed the Poke Ball) (If they don't approve it, something bad is going to happen) (Huening the Togepi is happy) (He does sound alike) (Togepi is approved) (Number 2: Wobbuffet) Is it all Pokemon? No. (Is it the Wobbuffet we know?) Let's hear Wobbuffet. (Loading) (Wobbuffet) (Yung Suk doesn't know, but his colleagues are amazed again) (We have Wobbuffet here) (Responding automatically) He sounds exactly the same.

(He must sound alike based on their reaction) Okay. I approve of Wobbuffet. Now, no more Pokemon. What's last? I'll do SpongeBob. I'm sorry, but don't you think you watch cartoons too much? (He doesn't know any cartoons) I tend to watch a lot of cartoons. (He got Producer Nah) It's all cartoon. Who likes SpongeBob here? Me.

(We like SpongeBob) (Will he sound the same again?) (They're getting closer to the department store gift certificate) (SpongeBob) (Huening Kai) (That's crazy. He's so good) Department store! We heard it often, but other people might find it amazing. He has the voice for that. Did Huening Kai just do that? He's really good. You're getting closer to it. (Beomgyu and Huening Kai succeed) Good job, honey.

Thanks, honey. People who never heard it before are surprised. I was surprised to hear SpongeBob. (TXT places 1st and wins the department store gift certificate) Tell me your mission. The most flexible person here.

You majored in ballet for a long time. For 15 years. Kazuha did ballet for 15 years. I saw her when she introduced her team.

(He noticed the ballet major at once) So as soon as I grabbed it, she came to my mind. (Glancing) - You're flexible. - Me? Never mind.

I'm not as flexible as her. We'll prove it by limbo game. That has nothing to do with how flexible you are. It's about your core muscle. (The experts give a realistic analysis) Limbo game. (She's surprised) Kazuha said...

(They're in chaos) (Actually, Kazuha...) She's not good at limbo game. Try the height until you have no more contenders.

And you'll become the most flexible person. (At that moment) I have a question. If I succeed, does his team get the gift? (That is right) That's a very good question. (Not in the same team) (Even if she does her best, it's pointless) That was a very sharp question.

Eunchae who's in your team is going last. (Discuss it with him yourself) What should I do? If Kazuha... Split it in half. We're willing to give half. Are you willing to give half? We need to hear from Hyun.

She's trying hard for us. What do you say? What can I say here? (They agree to split it in half) Eunchae. Do you accept it? You can do it. (Do your best, Kazuha) Right now, it's at 90cm.

(It's difficult from the start) (It's almost at the sitting height) (He's 175cm tall) That's easy. Can she just do a split instead? Then she can go on forever. (Will she pass?) Go. (She succeeds easily) She succeeds. (They're proud of her) Kazuha! Not many people can do this.

You never know. We have Ji Won. If she succeeds, we're going to lower it.

She's removing the insoles. (Protecting the artist) She's removing the heel lifts. (She's doing her best) I wonder if it's worth it.

Good luck. (Ji Won tries 90cm) It's too low. Go. (Groaning) You did it. Girls! (Yes, we saw it) (The 8 was watching this) You did it. I think I can do it too.

We're getting more contenders. What's he doing? Hey. Don't! (The yoga player gives it a try) (Huh?) (The 8 pulls it off) (Kazuha has to lower it) (She goes for 85cm) If it's too much, you don't have to do it. I won't take the prize. Kazuha would do it for her pride.

We must win. (The 8 suddenly practices the limbo) Myungho. Stop it. Somebody stop him. (One more contender) I don't think I can do it. (Another contender) You look like you can do it. (Though they're away, they're likeminded) (It's getting more difficult) (Kazuha tries 85cm) (She succeeds easily again) No one can do this. No way.

(Appalled) (Ji Won gives up) (From afar, SEVENTEEN roots for Myungho) You did it. He did it. (Everyone shout The 8!) But he's so tall. That's amazing.

They're all very good. Kazuha. I feel bad for her now. (He feels bad for her the most) He's not even your team. (Collapsing) Don't push yourself.

(She tries 82cm) Kazuha. Take off your shoes. (Get down from there) (I'm going down) (She's on her socks) (It's lower than the person sitting down) What's your height? 170cm. (It's less than half of her height) Good luck, Kazuha. (Will she succeed again?) Go, Kazuha! (Can she do it?) You did it! (In fact, she passed it easily) (Kazuha pulls off 82cm) No one can do it. She almost bent her waist.

Good job. (Relieved) (The only contender left is...) He's the pride of SEVENTEEN. If you're so desperate to win, go ahead. Right. She's your junior. (Holding back his laughter) Kazuha's obviously the junior.

Who's between you two debuted later? I did. What's he talking about? Recently, he had his 10th debut anniversary. (What are you talking about, sir?) The 8 is here to step on both his senior and junior. (The 8 tries 82cm) Kazuha.

(In the midst of his team's loud cheer, his legs shake, and he falls) (The 8 fails 82cm) (Though he lost, he fought well) (She proves she's most flexible) (It was a meaningful alliance) (Team TT and LE SSERAFIM place 2nd and win CJ gift certificate) - I don't think I can do it. - No. (They look like they've given up) The person who looks aged. (Do I look old to you?) (His team is going crazy) Instead of looking young? (The staff finds it absurd) I got confused with a baby face.

(Jake was born in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul and raised in Brisbane, Australia) I'm from abroad. What are you, a spy? (They find it hilarious as well) Even if you succeed, it's rude to your colleague. Did he take Sunoo instead of Soobin? Do you have a death wish? We should... We should still check. He clearly looks like a 3-year-old.

(Inspector) - Is this your first time meeting Sunoo? - Yes. How old does he look? (Somehow, it's their first meet) Is he 19? 19? 20? I think he's 18. Born in 2005? (Why are they laughing?) (Revealing Sunoo's age) I was born in 2003. He looks younger than his age. Sunoo. You're out. It feels good though.

(He leaves in happiness) You should've said someone who looks aged. If you took me, I would've won. (ENHYPEN fails to prove it) (4th place in the race has a chance) (When they were waiting, they verified it already) The person with a big mouth. When I was young, I saw Hyun singing a lot.

That occurred to me. I clearly have a big mouth. (He's worried it wouldn't be funny) Do you feel confident? Of course.

Okay. Let's go with the big one from the start. It's Crown Sando. Eat it vertically. (Hyun takes the snack) (Eat Diget vertically for verification) (It's a little bigger than 500ml water bottle) Vertically? How can you eat that vertically? Isn't that impossible? I can do it horizontally. I can't do it because of my jaw.

Me neither. Can I do it at once? (Everyone is surprised except for him) (Can you do this?) (He can do it) (Shocked) Can you do it slowly? (What did I just see?) Show your colleagues. (He does it one more time for his colleagues) It disappeared. It went in and out. (Hyun) Is this that surprising? Can't you do it? (No) (They don't understand each other) Beomgyu is here.

(At that moment, Beomgyu comes forward bravely) How does he do that? (He's out) (Giggling) He brought the snack. (The snack got stolen) (The snack thief is happy) That was so easy for him. (x10 zoom) (Do not try it if you're an ordinary person) (Dino and Hyun prove it successfully) How did he do that? He did it so easily. (Protecting the artist) You need a big mouth to be a good singer. (Dino and Hyun place 3rd and win the gift card) Let's hear what their missions are. The person who doesn't feel after doing the elephant trunk spin.

The person who can kick jegi 10 times. The person who can kick jegi 10 times. (Let's check in their self-generated content) (Next week) You never know.

(Is he going home while running?) (It turns into a mess) (The race isn't going as planned) (And) (In HYBE's picnic, the series of 'Wrong' continues) - You fool! - Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. - Wrong. - Mandarine? (Everyone before him got wrong) (I'd get wrong too) Italy. - Pizza? - Wrong.

Wrong. You lose. (He verifies it again) (It's a series of wrong again in the group game) (It seems the picnic with 36 people ends with a series of wrong) (But they finally start to get used to it) Listen to me first. (HYBE artists start to fight back) We need the VAR. (Producer Nah is flustered) (Things start to go wrong) (He won't cut some slack) Wrong! (He blames Producer Nah in the end) He was staring at me.

- Wrong! - Why? (Producer Nah gets caught up) It's your last warning. (Somewhere between sweats and tears) (No one expected this to happen) (The series of wrong comes with an unexpected twist) - I can't talk. - We know them all. - The 8. Who is it? - Taeyeon. - Good luck. - You can do it. - Jun. Who is this? - Taeyeon. (The Game Caterers 2)

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