5 Best Options Trading Strategy for Retail Traders

5 Best Options Trading Strategy for Retail Traders

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Hey Good Evening Traders Welcome To Quantsapp And Welcome Back To the webinar. In Today Session What you are Going To Understand is Really Really Interesting. So In Today’s Session We Will Understand Top Five Best Strategies For Retail Traders.

So Talking About Market these days A Lot Of Retail Participation Has Also Started So You All know Recently A Lot Of Retail Traders Have Started Trading In Options So In Today's Session We Will Talk About The Same Strategies. So There Are Very Simple Simple Strategies Which I Would say In Long Run Can save your money and can also make you a lot of money. So we will discuss about all these things, so today's session is going to be very simple. And what will you learn? We will be learning how to take a trade if you are a retail trader and what are the things in which we have to care a little. Sometimes when we trade in options, we unnecessarily over-engineer our trade. But what I Would say is If You Keep It Simple and very Straight Forward Even then in the Long Run it would be more than enough.

It will be very much lucrative. So Let's Start Today's Session. What is the agenda for today’s session? First we will learn about Options Buying, so I doubt I need to tell you more about it, still I will tell you a few things, of course, how you can go and buy options in various ways.

You must be doing some other thing and along with that you can add this you know it is not necessary that what I am telling now you should do the same thing you can add it to your existing style, whatever you would be doing technical or indicator for forecasting you can do it. So first is options buying so the good thing about buying options in the market is that your losses are capped but your profit is unlimited, so what can be better than that. It provides you with natural stop loss, you do not need to worry too much that your entire portfolio being spoilt. So we will understand how we can buy options in a lucrative way.

ok so first thing when you buy options then you have to keep in mind is that when you start your trade this means that if you are starting a trading strategy. If tomorrow you have to go and buy the option, then the first thing you have to understand is whether your trade is intraday or your trade positional means whether you are going to carry or not that particular trade. if you think that you will carry trade then you have already some things have to be taken care of, okay, I will give a small example, which you can do very easily and you will not get any complexity. So in options, we all know that whatever time is there it takes your money and go right means you buy the options one by one, you reduce it like a wasting acid, meaning you can't always whole the options like you invest. Or if you bought your futures, then what you can do is leave it by putting it, profit will go A by D expiry then we can get out what happens in but options that every day some of the options will have a lower premium which is called thetha ok so now how much will be right for us to hold for theta's accountability and for how long will it be right to hold if we want to know this then what we will do is the option chain is here.

Here you will get to know what is the premium of the call option, what is the premium of the put option, you will know the premium of the option If you want, what will you do here, what is the option that you want to analyze, you will use it, it is a very interesting thing, so if you want to calculate an option, do a pre-calculate future move i.e. if you have to account that How much premium will be taken out of options, how much premium will be taken out of options, how much premium will come from options because of our underline, so basically options should not be effected only underline, we all know that time is also affecting options iv But one by one, we will keep doing this thing till then the option which is there in the market will move, so what will we do? So it is trending at Rs 8100, that is 167 ok so what i want to know now trade for intraday but maybe i can carry it ok and my target i am targeting my target is from 18250 ok i repeat once that my Target is 18250 I took a trade for intraday from today but maybe even if the target does not come today, I will put this trade on hold for two-three days, no means ready to convert I am ready to hold it so I Here the target's input was given, clicked on update, so here if you see this target has just gone to A means it is closed now but now it is enough if target A is gone, then my call which was train on 111 went to 259 How much rupees will come again option premium will generate option premium 78 means if i take this trade and now the instrument goes up then i will get profit of 78 ok now option no my target it is not achieve today so what i have to do i have to hold this option so what i am doing right now by clicking on date it is ok by clicking on date you will get an option A then pick just specific date If you want to go to that day and see how the option will behave or how will make the complete chain, then from late you want to go and see Friday at 10:00 am 10:10 Now any minute you can enter Let's see at 10:00 o'clock whether this option will make me money, so if you see 67 still I am getting it doesn't mean if your target will do How much will the premium change, then what did it do? Premium is being known to MDM here, if you look at the market, you will profit around 3300, even then it can mean that if you are expecting a target till 18250, you can target it in a week, then you still hold But will this trade give you money on Monday at 10am If you don't do it, then there is a simple trick, here's what you have to do if you achieve target by friday, because what will you do otherwise, because the theta that is in the market, I will make it to the weekend as well, and that means it will not happen like this. The option will open only with DK, then theta of Saturday is also paid on your DK, so what is its solution, its solution is simple, if you get 250 on Friday, then it is a good thing, but if the market gets stuck Somewhere you will have to take some action on this on Friday, okay so this is the first thing that you do what we do.

Sometimes we play it means a lot of time we hit it with emotions that we don't exit it is zero. So we don't have to do the calculated guess even if there is a little loss, then by taking it you can get more than being zero, take whatever profit is there, but it is your actionable, so now it can be Friday in this case. If you have some other trade, you will come to know very much by coming to what if analysis, anyone can go at one time, you can see, it is a very simple technique, ok nothing complex very simple so right now this is the first thing Was that when you buy the options, you will think about time. So then it will not be much trouble for you, still if you calculate it from intraday also you can see it by doing it here but i would say in intraday if the price goes in your favor then you get good special then here i have Mentioned that if the price goes down in your favor, then you have a chance of getting a good move, so there are many things that you can do, there are also technical indicators, many many many, many many indicators in our app. Indicators will be available as options are scalping that will tell you throughout the day where a higher order is breaking out in Greeks according to you date it will give you signal Will find out because whatever way they have made the trade according to you date you can make a view of you So you will have to take calculated risk, otherwise it will happen that you have made a trade but there is no money in it, then after four days to do it I know 18250 if whatever action happens on Friday, I have to take it till Friday or else I will leave by paying a lot of money to man, so now we come to what should I do in fast trading, so there are many things but I will give you a Let me tell you about Interesting Order and Read Analytics then you all must have seen this many times I will tell more later but this is my personal favorite techniques when we actually do some research for intraday so this is what i actually do a lot and trust me when i mean I do a lot it means this is what i do ok so anything so you start Who is ready to take immediate action, that is, if outside is ready to take immediate action So This Expecting the Price So you can place option order in two ways or you can place order in two ways, first is limit order, market order, then market order is that whoever is at today's price is the best seller by going to that price.

Will lift the limit order i.e you are stuck whether the price is up to you or your price match and then you order executive is fine, simple thing is to tell us all now how to make trade out of it let's see now there is Bid and ask, there is limit, there is market, so now when you place an order, you stop at the limit when your convection may be a little less but now market order is then bought and doesn't mean you go straight to the market price then Have to buy when you think that this trade will move fast means I will get this train not so high convection idea I had no idea so intent of missing out on the moves the fear of missing out it wakes up in our man ok Means that i have to place order and i can place limit also i can place in market but i will place market order when i have high convection on my trade i have confidence on my train first thing second thing when i I want to take immediate action, I don't want to stop, the third thing I know is that if I lose the move, then I can never get such a face again in the market, that's why I have to go and buy a direct market order, okay, then all three cases What am I thinking of trading when I go to the market the price will go up similarly a If a lot of people like me are thinking like this ok man take all the people means psychology will be there but if I see that a lot of people are thinking that all of them have gone and started buying at ask price to go What is the meaning of directly executing the trade by going back to the direct ask price today? the same people he is thinking so what does that mean. When the second thing is sent to the seller, then what does it mean that the seller is here But he is selling, he is not stopping. It is because there is a lot of pressure, so what we have to do right now, we just have to see who is the dominating, they go to this dominating and whoever is winning the party and participate with them is okay, so how will we do all this thing now So if you come to the Qunatsapp in the indicator and you search here Buyer Initiated Quantity Seller Initiated Quantity is ok what these two indicators are telling you right now this indicator is Buyer Initiated Quantity which is what it has been initiated telling you some movement here How much eager is there, how much eager is, we will make traps by doing it with whoever is winning the party, okay this is something like when you make it naturally, it will be such a data form, then what you have to do is to do it in a slightly readable format, spice You have to do something like this to make a trade by looking at it, how will you do it? and converted it to green color Ok What shall we do buyer initiated Quantity Seller initiated Quantity will right click here ok right click over every y scale right click If you see, it means from the morning itself that you will see that wherever you mean it is simple, nor does it mean that the data is red. So here if you see that there is a lot of selling here, then in the market, if you only see this, even if you leave the price, I am doing you, you are not doing anything analysis, just doing this straight Things The most basic thing we learn in the stock market is that first of all there is more demand from outside, then there is a possibility of going up the price, if the seller is more, then there is a chance of the price going down, so here if you see somewhere But Impact bank Nifty Didn't Show You Much buyer Accept Here's Many But A Little Too Much.Dominated does not mean that consistency The result is also seen on its price if you see the market after a flat opening around 18200.

That intraday low of around 110 is made in the market because we were getting to see a lot of selling here, so this data will help you face in many ways, it will help in a lot of ways that you have to buy any indicator from you. But I am giving an example that your indicator is for you to buy but you see that if the bank is not the same in the order book then if you have done purple buy then what would you have done you would have done on theta and Likely there is a chance that your stock may have become plus but care stock may not be plus but your theta would go away but there was no movement in the whole market, I mean if you are thinking of buying, there is a lot of selling so it will tell you the way it is Because you would hardly have made any money in this, it is okay if you look at other things, if you see about bank nifty, there has been a lot of selloff f in bank nifty, this point is ok at 1251, since then we have a little connection in the market also we got to see and it made of 41000 ok very good example in a bank nifty which i would like to give to you guys ok so see in bank nifty how brilliantly this data has been reduced and this is yesterday's data only 9:43 in the bank or 9:40 at 9:44. How much different Let me tell you what you are looking for, you have to see that here, some activation is visible here, any party is seen dominating full day data Start participating means if you are seeing this data down mobile and if you want to understand this data, then it is a simple thing that the price is falling, people have started participating in it, those people go straight and wait. So if we will see this is the point from 41700, the market has made 41380 ok which is again three hundred point down easy in bank nifty right here where you get a buying with a good special quantity only then you can leave then in this now What to do is a simple thing to do, in three steps, you can get a trade, here first step you have to find the consolidation, second step you have to see that break out comes so you need The second exit will be this means the condition of the exit will be that you see that something good has been bought and ok directly, a lot of buying a has been done means if there is a sell trade and buying a goes then you can exit ok then easily Going means first, see this whole forcefully going everywhere and participating, then theta would have been lost han but if you would have bought the put option here, then you get a good special look return Sun pharma is ok then sun pharma if you see sun pharma openly as soon as morning open sun pharma has done a lot of buy till today price is clean and that's where someone went and sold clean entry clean exit and perfect This is what the examples will follow, you will always go spotless on your trail, ok sun pharma see where 1000040 till here The move will be found right from here, why if you get salary activated then there is no need to be afraid of it but the rate of the contractor is different from such a big one, then you have to be conscious, okay it is a simple three-four step, consolidation then Aggression Distortion all this By finding the thing you will get a good move from here too.Identify which systems they can ok so if you So if you see, this is the future, then it told you where are the historical builtups, where on what day, how much did you get on long pay short whatever happened, then if you see this black line is telling us the price ok future price End is the red line or from the green line, who are telling us from outside that what bill they got on that day, then here We'll let you know it's okay So first look at nifty, ok in nifty if you see what is happening here, long long in the market won't short you But you at least will book partial profit out of your long here, if you have profit then book it here because creating an opposite trade a contractor trade is not going to start like this, you will short You will go out to see where you got the trade Exactly 17 So what you have to do is to see this data, you have to see that some opposite trade form is happening, if there is an opposite trade form, then go to the next day and take action in it, then you have to do this thing, what you have to find now, then here But if you want to find positive means if you want to find stop on positive side then you have to find two things Long and Long Unwanted If you want to find a temple stock on negative side then you have to find short and short covering OK in this and optimize it I will tell you how to do it, there is a very simple trick in it, okay so this is bank nifty again, I want to see a little more old data, then you go to the date and click So here if you see bank nifty now, then first you look at the negative side, short short covering is ok it is very clean trend From 336 to where brother 40700 is ok, then the whole rally of 75 is impossible to meet but I have been you, you get half of it too, do you just want to see if this trend is impact or not? Whether the colors interact or not and to see the colors, the simplest thing is right, so here I am not even saying that you have to participate in green already, the trend of long started, this is when the trend stops when it for profit booking To do If you had seen this one thing, then if you would see the recent happening.

You can ignore it means you have to be in it too, what is this color that you yourself have to combine very long short now what can you do right here so now if you see nifty then you will see nifty then if you will see from 17 october to today One shot left till the day, which means that the infection that came today also came because of long unwinding, not because of a fresh shot What is this short in this, if you have to identify the quantum, then how will you do it Absolutely what has happened, click on here, then what is it, how much has changed in you Absolutely How much has changed Open interest He told you how much change is the meaning of open interest Today this one is short pay only 55000 shares but next shot 1383000 Shares And Means When It Is Going Long Then Quantum Comes Then Quantum Is Low So Over Every Nifty We See A Historical Significance Strength Story Now how do we have to optimize it further? ok you can see the open interest data so it is very easy you can do that too but now i will tell you how to find the stock then you can do this thing for interest also you can do it for a little positional too can test total fine ok so if you guys see back period then this is cycle it will give you search the stock is ok and buy d way one vari we came to know that short covering comes after aa long then what to do So it doesn't matter if another short covering A also goes on the positive side immediately then there is no problem, it is too long, nor does it mean if you think that Virat Kohli is a good player from the late, does not play even a cover day Or even if one day the fielding spoils, it means you ok what we have to do now look back period means now this cycle has come to me so what is it to you green box long is from over with color code what we have to find now all such stocks gym or long In the last eight days from late, at least there has been a long for 5 days, we take such a stock, if nothing else, it does not make sense to search one by one, neither what will we do here, we will put it in the look back from late 8 day you can keep changing these filters, you can keep on changing the filter means as long as i have to take a little big data from the time frame If you apply then you will get all such stock is long for at least five days out of eight is ok so alkem hai give bharti airtel but bharti airtel has one shot one is gone ok so once we bharti airtel If you see the quantum check button, then it has come here on our rate list, but if you look lightly, then the open interest is fine. Well, it doesn't mean that too much is being added to the open interest and the quantum here is also very less, liquidity will also be a problem here. so you will fix a little scan when you don't get a lot of stocks what will you do now find long and long unwinding from late to 6 days out of 10 at least 6 days either long hua or long hua ok So you will get more stocks here Long unwinding it's also healthy because it is necessary in trend then you can go with long unwinding also you can do both things no problem see here Glenmark came on your rate list Hai ITC has come Indigo has come in which a dip has come, today it is fine Jindal Steel. You have to analyze the stocks by going to the end of them and then going into it and seeing a good level the next day, you can do it okay.

I won't go on a bicycle now because maybe How can you do it, I will tell you a simple way, there is no such premises, in this, whatever you continue to do on top of it, whatever you are already doing with him, there is no problem in that too, then by going to the indicator What I want right now I found out that Jindal Steel is a good example, found a very long belt from which what I want right now I want a good special level, you are a participant, so if you will see if I do a previous plot, it is simple. If you see, it is R1 then this brake is a simple logic, it is R1 brake, I can jump right as soon as it is resistance break, so what will be the benefit of doing this that you will not participate at random any level you will Will wait for a good level from whatever alerts tool you have, put alerts in it, make your watch list, whatever your call is in your terminal, this is you can easily data it if you talk about nifty So a good special us immediately But today if we see then the problem it's here if you see then it is creating very tight range of market too so market it should break you know what is high after this break we get a nice little 18450 again Can't get to see the face up to around, nor can you weight in this way, you can do any indicator, so date you get an additional confirmation, then yes that's fromthe option buyer , this is all complete now. This is a complete setup, one more thing you will have to do, which I will tell next, if you have to search for an option buyer then you can open stocks from it then you can post your doubts and queries in d sleep chat ok so 67 so i'm bad for date i'm sorry. Have good idea mean see there is one thing i wood like you mean order book data you can use it along with this well date is totally fine basically your jo system is just make it logical what you need you history first After getting the need and history, you need that where we have made an entry by going to a good level, so now you go and follow your trading setup as normal, follow after after finding this stock, but strong for you on this stock. Do not read where the stock has fallen a lot, then if I buy the stock, it may fall even more Ok so now let's move on quickly because we would have spent a little time in this It's a simple example I'll give you a very simple extra thing but I don't know the same thing actually I don't know it so I'm in architect okay this you can go and use your position in it basically you can create play am talking about off next expiry i take man i bought call option of 18000 but buy call option of 18000.

Price now So here I gave 200 and I added OK, so if I add here, then what is the profit I have so far, what is the profit so far 19 is right now what is the problem in this strategy A may be a problem, a may be okay, the first problem may be the second problem may be that it may fall from here and then my profit comes, what do we do, we get out of this train, what do we do in general The solution is this means if you have a simple here, if I tell you a hack, then if you like the ad on November 10th. This 18100 call option 700 till 17800 man, till 17800 this strategy is giving you profit right why is it giving because you went and sold an option which means you were going to lose the strategy if you would have seen on the call of 18000 It is giving more loss but if you look at the strategy from this now, then it is giving you comparatively very little loss or it will be infected. If you see after three days, still the strategy is giving you profit somewhere and even if you fold the expiry, you are incurring a loss of only ₹ 1000, so the loss you saved which could have been 1000-900 is ok or It can be more than 1000900, the effect is cut, it has brought it to 950 plus if you see it is a good thing of the streets that it keeps your profit in the upper side still open steel keeps your profit open No means what is your profitability strategy, what is not doing on the same and if you do this going forward, what will happen if you have the streets, your profit will come up and down I don't even need stock plus seller call option The streets you have will also be hedged, the second benefit is that by going to it, you will also make profit on the top side and the most important fact for which we have done or you are getting ₹ 8 And apart from this, you can also do one more thing, so let me tell you in one more time that what we did is that we have a call option of 18000, so this is the next experiment, so I am telling this next experiment because it may be in tomorrow's expiry. This trade is over, you have to do it when you are going in profit, then here if you see the call option of 18000, we have taken this man. Bought at ₹200 So here if you see 18 17800 today's today A goes ok that means now's still A goes then I will have a loss of 5200 ok because the delta strategy that has grown, it has increased from here on now What can happen if it falls, your loss will be too much, so what can we do now and then you also see the second thing that Greek which is ₹ 500 time Now go to the next expiry If you go with it, then look at the level of 17800, you are making profit by adding a small option, so now you will have more of margin in it, retirement will not come around ₹ 50000, it should be done, is it not because you have head streets There is a defined loss or else it can be done easily by anyone and you were also making profit on the upper side, again you repeat or we will do that if this trade goes on my cost today, okay man let's take is 18000 i had entered cost i used to go on that call option it used to be normal again it used to be 200 but this one is starting ok so this is d simple trick what u can do it on down side put side ok you basically do it out of d make a bull spread or make barfoot spread is ok so what happened to me the other thing left my profit is my sold leg it is acting like un stop loss for me ok stop loss Can't even do it, it has to be reduced like a protection ok so this is the case nine comingok so it got a little messy from me ok so ok calendar will build Whatever you have, you will have current or close expiry, so you have to sell the option of the current expiry that is ok. Will sell strike option from November 17,Will not give you unlimited loss anywhere it will not give you limited loss aneware profit whatever strike price you sent or whatever strike price this strategy will make you make the most money at basically your calendar created price.

There is no profit, wherever it is felt that the market will go to you, which means that in whatever direction you feel that the market will be in a slight increase, then put it a little above means you will put it around 18350, do not put 4. We have taught you all or he will gather more. For quite a few days now, the market is consistently flat, so basically if you have a view that you need an oscillating strategy, ok churning churn for income generation, then these streets you can do it, it's a simple trick, it means I don't know No, you don't do this much in this, don't do this, it's a simple thing, whatever you make a calendar at this like price, the most profit is right there, so if you make 18200, then there will be 18300, right now this strategy What is the best lesson of this and what is the best part of this strategy, then this vega positive strategy means you will make money from the jump in it, right now what is the relation of this and this strategy then relationshipI won't go into a lot of tapes I have a lot of video So it has been that you will get a profit of 197 rupees, that latility goes above 1%, ok so now with this, what is our relation with this strategy again, then the relation is simple.

Movement is more likely to trend, it is less sorry, unsurprising, trend is low. open chat to explain it So here if I think nifty is ok then if you see in nifty then when such IB speaker goes away then it is also telling orange line green line is telling you future price so here if you see ic whenever an upper star is on mean on the bottom. so the market will be less calendar will make it ahead This is a simple trick and you know it will kind of make your trading journey option writing For Retail Debt Is More Locator Debt Will Take An Very Small Margin And Debt Will Be Very Easy Debt Is Head And Also What We Have Taught Strategies From Natural Benefit ok means such option writing which means If Theta goes and brings you Thetha, then you will get net net.

If whatever option streets you do, it's okay what you can do with it. ok so what is your first income source That means a big moves towards the defined loss that means you have an unlimited loss, then you know why it will hurt you basically this unlimited loss, you know it will hurt you like this because if you see till the expiry of 17000 Profit is happening here, what is telling that even after a week, it will stop at 18100, what is the answer is not yours, here, what is the problem here, there are many meanings in option selling, the retail participants, they do this by thinking To make money only by going to Theta. I would say if you have to do it then you do it in intraday so that at least you will be in front of the screen ok you will be in front of your screen so if you still overnight in it then what can you do that means you are the wings those wings you can buy ok so change November 18300 is not too far away we will do a little and will go away so that if you add here, okay then look here. From one side, you have to do the other side as well, so here we got ₹ 500 restless, here too you can go and buy 500 points away, I'm sorry, you can buy here too by going 500.2 away so something like this That too much of your strategy is not deteriorating, if you change a little more in this too, then you have to start collecting more there is one more idea just keep you posted about it in the market you are already seeing how much gap up gap down and market cap after opening change at least a day or two ago ok it's all complete in few time frame Recent So But It That You Can Keep Yourself Protected Specially This Overnight When Option Sells And If You can definitely apply.

Selling easily so last naked doesn't mean you shouldn't do it but you can do it but do it after some expectives because one when you know I have hard van thing and I have seen van thing in market which is option bank my Trust your portfolio is fine, it means that you may risk your portfolio, it may be that if you buy options again and again, you will lose a lot. along with it rests in your bank account so you give her a little date will be more the important thing which I forget to mention in option buying was not to buy far away call because that his delta is too low then the probability of getting his mouth is reduced likewise by going far away Market is current 18000 700800 call option just because it is getting cheaper so we can't go and buy it because its delta is already so low then it may be that it is likely to move that its probability This very less option data is telling itself If you have to play zero to zero expiry we have done a lot of gamma exploration session on gamma exploration you can do that as well as order book data do it, date will give you more but always by going you will be far away Going now thinks that it will do less now, will do less now It Will Get Definitively Gather And Yes I Will Take Up Few Queries So Whatever The Queries Will Be Key way you can use the code which is white u so that you can access the trial of jo hai ek tu days if you haven't yet then here you go to the more section and type the promo code then what will happen That's yours, if you have our tools, then these are advanced tools, if you want to try, then you can try them for two days, then whatever doubt or query you have, then you can post definitely. Looks Positive A Day Shortcut Ring It Is Fine You Can Overlook You Don't Need To peep We Don't Want To See Much One By One Alright So See It Is Completely Shot Cover Additional Participation Happening in the Market You made 18000 calendar, you are right now you feel that ok 182 is gone, do you think 18500 will go, what to do now, make one more calendar on 18500, or put two in the beginning itself, they think So but don't make it too far or else its lamp will be like this means it will harm you in the middle, not too far away, you can make such a precise little calendar in it.

78 Training Sessions Built Up No Fresh Participation Is Happening It Is Just The Existing Positions Getting Unwind India off more long form with and without poster. So we hope we have added value in your trading journey and if you have liked the video then do click the like button and the subscribe button so that whenever we are live you will receive notification thank you bye good night

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