20 Year Old Detailer Making $130,000 A YEAR

20 Year Old Detailer Making $130,000 A YEAR

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The guy is only 20 years old and he's already  making up to $130,000 a year detailing cars! So   what's up guys?! Welcome to another episode of  Pan The Organizer! So if you guys were thinking   of starting your own detailing business,  this is the video for you because today,   I have a special guest on the show. His name  is James. He's 20 years old, he's from Los   Angeles California, and he has the Top Class  Detail, so it's a mobile detailing business.   He also has the Top Class Detail YouTube channel  with over 30,000 subscribers. He's here to inspire  

you to start your own business, and we're  going to share a bunch of information   and we're going to be answering classic questions  like how did he start the detailing business,   what inspired him to do so, how do you start a  business, meaning what do you need for a budget   what kind of equipment you need, do you need  any licenses, how much do you charge for a job,   and what services can you offer, how many  hours do you work in a week on average,   how do you advertise your business... You're  gonna also see his mobile detailing truck   set up. Also how much money can you expect to  make in a day, in a week, and in a year. I like   to support guys like that, that work hard  and have the passion for it, so yeah let's   jump into it right now, James take it away! Hey Pan thanks for having me on the show,   I appreciate the opportunity. My name is James  with Top Class Detail. I'm 20 years old, located   here in the city of Los Angeles, California.  I do service both L.A. County and O.C. County,   but today I want to take you guys on a day  in the life you could say of me and my mobile   detailing business, and see exactly how I do  things how I run things, as well as answer   some questions you may have about how much money  can you make per day, how did you get started,   and what do you what do you ride with in your  van. So without further ado, I appreciate the  

opportunity once again thank you guys for tuning  in today and let's get started with this video! How old are you and how long have you been  detailing for? 20 years old and I've been   detailing for I would say like two to three years  now. Two or three years? Yes sir! But how did you   get started in like detailing? Like did someone  show you about it? Um, well, I kind of like   one time I had a Maxima as my first car and I  wanted to clay bar it. I had found out about it so   I had um went to Wal-Mart, I bought like the 200  gram kit and then from there I clay barred the   car, applied my own little carnauba wax that  came with the whole thing and then from there   actually I got into a job where I was working at  an auto body shop doing detailing through there   and then from there that kind of just got me more  into it and then I started researching it more   found out about mobile detailing and then it  was kind of at that point where I decided i   wanted to work for myself instead of working  at the shop. When you started your business,   how do you go about it? Like do you have like  a budget? Is there specific licenses you have   to get? A budget? I would say yes, um, at my  age I wasn't, I was working, but I wasn't good   with money management, so I didn't really have a  lot of money to start with, um, I kind of bought   things little by little. Like I knew I wanted  to start from the house, so I got a garden hose,   um little kind of products here and there. I think  I have a picture of it if, so we'll try to input  

it into here so you can actually see. Just some  Chemical Guys products and really just the basics,   but definitely I had my own budget just because of  the amount of money I have so I don't want to say   you need a budget of 3K because not everybody  has 3K. So your budget depends on you and how   much it is that you can afford to  put into the business at the time.   So you definitely do want to just at least put  get down a list of the basic necessities that   you need and then you can kind of get your  budget from there and all the other stuff   are just additional things that you want, not  necessarily things that you need to get started So we talked about budgeting. What else is there?  I would say the most important thing is your name,   because you cannot start your LLC, I mean don't  get me wrong you can, but you can't really   register it without the name. It is that you want  to put it under so come up with the name. People  

always ask me how did you come up with Top Class  Detail? And to be honest with you, I really don't   know too much about it. I was kind of just  at home thinking, I remember looking looking   at other people's names and trying to get  ideas, not like taking theirs but saying okay   his was First Class I think I ended up with like  Top Class or you know different things like that,   but essentially you want to get your name down  so this way you can file for your LLC file,   for your insurance file, for all those things  that you need or want to be protected and to run   a legitimate business. So definitely get your name  going, uh, figure that part out. But in that, um,   obviously when you first started a business,  did you go straight into the legalities like   going into the state or going to your local  city following your business and then going   to the state and filing your business, or did you  like try out the business first then you did that   stuff? Um, I definitely did the second part. I  started, I had to test the waters. I had to see   if it was going to work or not is this something  I'm going to be able to do for longevity, or is   this just something that's going to be you know a  side hustle to make some money on the weekend. So  

I started it out. The first month was pretty  rough. I did only about three to four cars   and that was it. But the second month I did 34 and  I think it was at that point when I kind of saw,   you know the big dramatic increase of clients as  well as just seeing you know what I could really   do something with this and make it happen. So  after doing it for roughly close to a year,   that's when I decided to pull the trigger this  is really going to be something that I can do   so I want to go ahead and make this  an LLC and make it a legit business.

Now James, do you need um your own water tank  and, and, uh, generator? You don't necessarily   need it, but it opens up a lot more doors  for you if you do. If you don't then you are   restricted from going to like businesses and  other places like that, that don't have water.   As compared to if you have your own, you can  go anywhere. So you're saying, you're saying,   it limits yourself by not having a generator and  a water tank. Why is that? In my opinion, because...   You can't, you, you can't, just run off of the  clients water or electricity? You can, but,   what if they don't have water electricity right  there? Do you get what I'm saying? It's not all   businesses that have a water outlet for you to go.  Not all businesses have that available. So if you   don't have that, what are you gonna do? You're gonna  decline the client because you can't service them.  

Whereas if you had it, you're able  to say yes and get the job done,   because you have what's needed to get it done.  That's what I'm not... That's all I'm saying.   And yeah you can definitely do it without it. But on  top of that, what are the benefits? Like having your   electricity for sure. Not every place you can  have electricity to run your equipment and   then also, with that you got um... The best thing is  the water tank to run spotless water, which allows   me to wash in direct sunlight without having to  worry about it, by using a water hose behind me.

So the service we're performing today is a clay  and seal service. This is our exterior focus detail   and this is going to be on this black Jeep  right here in California. For this service, I'm charging  him um $225 for the clay and seal   and then I'm charging him an additional $60 to clean and condition the leather   so that put him up to I believe was  that $285? And basically the way I came up with that, was our  leather service is an additional $60  regardless for the five seats, so that wasn't  really anything too hard to come up with. Now   for the car, we start off at a standard price of  $199 for small vehicles. Now the the way I came   up with that was just the time that goes into  it, the products and different things that we   do to the car, we have to take into account our  expenses in order to be a successful business.   So starting at $200, this obviously is not the same  size as a coupe or a small vehicle, so we do have   to charge a little bit more for again, supplies  water and time. So an additional $25 to me sounds  

good. Just to you know take care of everything else  that's going to be used as well. As like I say time   wise and that's how I kind of come up with the  price for my vehicles. I just take my base pricing   and from there charge accordingly based on  the car. So right now we have the next car   coming. This is a Hyundai Palisade. We are going  to do a ceramic coating maintenance on this as  

well as a leather cleaning and conditioning on  that and possibly just upgrade to a full mini   interior, because I believe he said there was  some makeup and stuff like that on the doors.   So let's get that taken care of. Bro something is flying  in my eye! How many days a week do you work and how   many hours per day on average? When I first started  out, it was roughly about seven days a week, 10 to   like 14 hour days sometimes. It all just varies,  but for sure at least a minimum of like eight.   But now I'm managing to do about six  days a week so that's Monday through   Saturday, taking Sundays off to allow me to  revamp the van, get it ready for the week,   book appointments, and do anything it is I need  to get done. So it's usually I'd say on average um   a little bit still over like 80 probably like 90  to 100 plus hours a week, still putting in work   because even when I don't work Sunday, I'm still  working doing other things: advertising, replying   back to clients, doing quickbooks, different things  like that. So I'm honestly constantly working all   the time. Yo so how do you advertise your detailing  services? Uh my main thing right now is YouTube,  

which is what you're seeing in this video on, um I  would say that has been my biggest contributor   to my business, but my main main aspect is mostly  Instagram. I try posting all my stories every day.   Sometimes I slack off a little bit but Instagram  has been my main source of business, always. I never   really ran Facebook ads or done anything else  besides Instagram, that has always worked for me.  

Um but right now, it's just been Instagram,  TikTok and YouTube. Those are the main three.   What are you doing right now? Putting the  floor mat inside after I vacuumed, just so   this way if any other dust falls, it'll  fall on the floor mat and not on the floor. What service are you performing  in the inside right now? Um   honestly we're going to have to do a mini  interior. So I'm about to tell him that we gotta up,   we gotta up charge him because what he booked  for is just uh, outside ceramic wash and then   an interior leather cleaning, but we're kind of  scrubbing down everything, doors, so seats, basically   my minions here so I'll probably charge them  an additional like $50 or so. Yo, so what do you got in your van? So right now,  um, I have everything basically needed to get the   job done. I have my Kranzle, which is my electric  pressure washer. I use this over gas because it's  

a bit quieter, also saves me a lot more water, but  to the right of that, I have my Adam's air blower.   This is to help me do like touchless drying on  vehicles, blow air out of cracks and crevices.  To the right, IK sprayer, generator right here,  and then I have all my reels, um, right here so   I have my vacuum reel, I have my air hose reel, and my pressure washer reel, and then on top   here, I just keep some towels and then my Tornador tool, gloves and fire extinguishers to the right.  Ibviously I have all my bottles needed for  any job that is to come up, whether it be   a basic wash all the way up to a full  detail and a full paint correction. So   I have all that tied up in here.  Now off to the side over here we have my lateral shelf. So this allows me to stay  a bit more organized also carry a little bit more  

with me. So right here I have these three plastic  containers. This one holds air fresheners, and these   two over here just hold miscellaneous items that  I may need from Q-tips to brushes to trash bags   or anything like that. Down under here we have my  Chief steamer. So I use this, I just picked this up   I want to say about one to two months ago. I love  it. It's a big upgrade from what I had previously.   My Aqua Pro steamer went down on me, so I  needed something to pick up and decided to   pull the trigger on something like this. Now  right here, I keep my drying towels. So I have  

three Autofiber ones right here, and then  to the bottom we just have my 12 inch sub,   so this is obviously for the sound  system we have here in the van.   And then to the left we have the air compressor. So  this helps power the Tornador as well as my tire   dressing gun which is what I use to apply  tire dressing and trim dressing if needed.   All right now coming over to the other side. We  have the chemical rack. This is what holds all the   chemicals. I try not to carry too many things.  But everything from my wheel cleaners, iron remover,   tire dressing, as well as my soap. So I  try to just carry what I would run out of  

regularly. Something that I use majority of the  time. So that's usually what I just keep here.   I also have some smaller bottles like 16 oz  ones on the top, as well as my IK sprayers. So these   are too big to fit in bottle holders so I just  throw these up on top and it holds them securely.   Now right here you can see we have my vacuum.  This is my Vacumaid Garage Vac Pro. So this thing   is a beast! I absolutely love it! I used to have the  Rigid 5 gallon, and ever since upgrading to this,   I definitely see the difference. I would not  go back and I recommend this to anybody who  

wants to pick it up I got this one over at H2O  Auto Detail Supply if you guys are interested.   And then right here you can see we keep my buckets  stacked. So I just put them here because it kind   of just fits, so it blocks off this whole area so I  can use this for the extractor or anything else if   needed, but it also slides under there if I wanted  it to, and I decided I don't want to stack them.   But I have my wheel bucket up top with all my  brushes in it, and then I have my wash bucket on   bottom with my dirty wash mitts because we did  finish off the day today, as well as my Detail   Factory brush that I use when I wash exteriors.  But that's really about it. I do have some extra   towels. Up here I keep a two gallon gasoline can  just to power the generator and keep things going .  And really that's about it. So I try not to keep  it too packed. I really want to just keep what iI 

need. The necessities. I do have the extractor  and everything else but like I said, I try to   leave those things at home if it's not needed,  it just saves space as well as just allows   it to look a bit cleaner. So in that what  inspired you to start detailing? I want to say   it's not so much what I guess inspired me, or  what kind of what motivated me you can say, was   just kind of watching a YouTube video like I  mentioned earlier, about seeing just the mobile   detailing day-to-day life. I never really knew  about it, and I guess that kind of got me into   it, and just the fact that I was already cleaning  cars at the auto body shop I was at. I guess you   could say that's kind of really like what got me  into it, but that video kind of pushed me to see   what can really happen with this business and the  type of cars you can do and places you can go and   people you can meet and it truly has done all that  for me. I've done plenty of cars I never thought  

I'd do. I've gone a lot of places and I've met a  lot of very very cool people so I'm very grateful   for everything that's happened and truly blessed. And with that I know sometimes you don't like to   bring up prices and stuff, but say for someone out  there, how much do you make on a good day, a good   week, and then on total average year? I know it's only really been about two or three years   in the business, and in a sense you're growing, but  as of right now, what are you at on a good day,   in a good week, and then make like an average on  the year? So I would say per day it can vary.   Like for example today was around like a  $600 plus day like $650 so I mean it all   does vary, but a good day  would be roughly around there, around like $600.  

I try to do about four cars a day so if I can  do that, I mean that's very very very well for me.   On a good week I've done more over 3K. So just  recently, I did three ceramic coatings that was   for a little bit over a $1000 each,  so I probably made around 4K that week but even   before all the coatings, just off of regular washes,  it's possible to make you know $3500 a month,    I mean $3500 a week, so at a month you're making  around 12K a little bit over that. Yearly you're   touching maybe $100,000 to $130,000 depending on you know what it brings in. So you   can definitely make some very good money. But I  would say don't get into it for the money, get  

into it for the love of detailing and the love of  cars. The money is just something that comes with   it, but it's really the relationships and things  that you build and the places you're able to go   with this. Like having freedom to make your own  schedule, be your own boss. What's the next thing?   What's going to come for Top Class? My next  thing is definitely I want to do a shop   that's probably one of my main priorities.  I love working mobile. It's definitely where   you guys can say the money's at, or where majority  of the clients are, but I know in a shop it's going   to open a lot more doors for me to offer PPF  installs, wraps, tints, just different things. Don't   get me wrong, I can offer a lot of these mobile,  but it will be a little bit harder I'd say. So I 

would love to get a shop to really add like a home  to the business and be able to call that my place   of work, even though I have the van and everything.  I definitely want to do a shop. If not, another van.   That would be most likely the cheapest route so  definitely those are probably my next two plans   that I want to get done with the business. Is now a good time to start your own detailing   business? YES! Why? Because there's never going  to be a perfect time. There's never going to be   a detailing season or anything like that. You  just got to do it. You just got to do it.   You just got to make the jump. Go into it! Because  you're never going to know what's going to happen  

unless you try it. I've always told myself I'd  rather try it and know the outcome then to not   do anything and sit there and wonder what could  have happened if I would have done something. So   if that helps anybody out there, definitely do  the jump. You're never going to have everything.   So don't say I don't have this, I don't have that...  Because I don't have everything. So   just go with what you have, start with what you  got, whether it's at the house, whether it's a truck,   it's a car. Just start! That's the best thing you  can do. And yes it's the best time to start. Well   there you guys have it! Pan, I appreciate you  for having me on the show today! Thank you for   the opportunity. If you guys want to check me  out follow me on Instagram @topclassdetail  

as well as my YouTube channel and my TikTok.  Once again thank you guys for watching the video. Hope I was able to give you some knowledge about  the business or answer any questions you may have.  And if you're interested in starting your  business, definitely do it. If you need any   help any advice reach out to me. I try to get  back to everybody. But thank you guys once again.

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