2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Best Bronco for Daily Driving

2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Best Bronco for Daily Driving

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So the thing that I'm drawn to most  initially about the Ford Bronco   is the look. It looks super retro and it's got a  lot of the styling elements of an original Bronco   that was invented ,that was birthed, that was  born in 1966. Hey hey everybody Brock Frady   here helping you enjoy your ride. In today's video  we're going to take a look at this super cool 2022   Ford Bronco Outer Banks edition. This one has  after-market wheels and tires on it so we're   not going to really talk too much about that but  for the look of this thing man it looks absolutely   awesome! We're going to go over the inside, we're  going to go over the outside. We're going to talk  

about all the cool features, the buttons,  the gadgets safety features and everything   including that cool convertible top. That thing is  so simple. Before we begin I would like to say a   huge thank you to Impex Auto Sales in Greensboro,  North Carolina for the opportunity to film this   beautiful Bronco. I'll be sure to leave all of  Impex Auto Sales contact information including   their website in the description box below. This  is your key fob. You can see on the top of the key   fob is your lock button or unlock button. Below  that is lock. Here you can hit it twice for remote   start and then down here below that is going to  be your panic alarm. There is also a removable   key shank. There's a button right here so you can  push that in remove this key shank and this is  

going to be to unlock the door in the event that  the battery in the key fob dies. But for the most   part you're just going to keep this on your person  all the time and never have to take it out of your   pocket and you can use the vehicle completely.  So right now we're going to try to use the remote   start by pressing this twice. You have to make  sure that the doors are locked, press it twice,  

there it is. Man that is just so simple. You can  also see that there is a little dimple right there   and that is to lock the doors, see that? And  that's only on the front doors. There's not one   on the back. There is one over on the passenger  side but that is to lock the doors. Now whenever   you approach the Bronco you can just touch the  door handle and the engine is going to remain   on. So that whenever I get into it if it's hot  outside right now. The air is blowing cold. That's   nice if it's cold outside. Then the heat is going  to be on. I recommend using remote start in the  

summertime just as much as you do in the winter  because it makes it climate controlled whenever   you get inside your Bronco no matter what. If  it's hot or cold outside now to get in and to   start it you still have to press the start button.  You can see right there it says the to drive,   press the start button. So you're going to get in  put your foot on the brake, press the start button   and then you'll be good to go. The engine does  not cut off like some remote starts do and I  

like that and you also have a little cool little  thing because this one has the the removable top.   You can see how the window goes down it goes down  a little bit and watch whenever I close the door.   Goes right back up. Speaking of the top, let's  take a look at how that works because that   is super handy dandy. Before I show you about  removing the top and making it a convertible   essentially I want to show you a few things  about the top itself. One of the things that   I really like about it is that it's actually  pretty quiet sitting inside of it when you're   driving around. You don't really think  that much about it being a removable top  

being a canvas type of material it's pretty  solid, it doesn't make a bunch of creaking   noise or anything like that. It's just it's  just there you don't even really think about it   but one of the easter eggs that I just found there  you have pictures of mountains and then you have   coordinates. Take a look at those coordinates and  then go on the internet and plug that in and see   where those coordinates take you. Another  thing about the inside is that you're really   this actually kind of surprised me honestly is  that you've got side curtain airbags on a vehicle   that has removable doors. So you've got an airbag  there and you've got airbag in the back that's   that's actually really cool. So you got a big  curtain airbag in the event of side impact and I  

imagine rollover as well not 100 sure about that.  So here is a big old lever you can see. This this   is so simple and I love it. Pull that down and  then on the other side pull this down. You can   do this totally by yourself and then I have been  taking this this is like a carbon fiber material   right here. This is kind of nice but then I've  been taking it and just kind of lifting it and   making sure that it's disengaged fully. You  can see all I'm doing is pulling this up. And then look boom now the occupants in the back  totally open, occupants in the front totally open.   And we have a convertible top. You do not want  to ride on trails like this because it's going  

to be flapping in the wind. However you can  see that there's velcro right here. Here   Ford gives you actually straps velcro straps  to take this and to wrap those around the frame   in the event that you want to just  ride like this but on the trail   you can't do that. You don't want to do it  around this weather stripping. You see this   weather stripping. You actually want to run the  straps not through the not on top of this on a   regular basis because that could actually malform  or i don't know if that's the right word but   mess up the weather stripping there. So this is  what it looks like as a convertible. You're just   riding around having a good time. Now let's say  you want to go completely topless. I'm not going  

to show you how to do that in this video. Number  one I'm by myself and number two I've never done   it before so I would probably mess things up.  However I am going to show you a couple of things   about the back about the back seats that are  really, really cool. So this is your back   handle. You can see there is a button here that  makes it work as part of the smart key system.   So you can just press that when you want to lock  the back door. In fact it just locked. Goodness  

you only have to actually kind of touch it. You  don't have to all the way push it in. Then I can   grab this. It unlocks automatically if I have the  key fob on my person and then you can see how this   opens. Now it automatically kind of opens like  that and it stays in that position and that's good   if you have limited room for the door to open  because you can see the big tire on the side.   You may only have limited room in a parking lot.  If that's not the case, if you're out in the woods   on the trail and you need more room to open it  you can open it up for a total of 150 degrees.  

Really, really wide. So that makes it nice for  you to be able to access the back very easily. Now   this thing is kind of in the way a little bit if  you have bigger items you need to be able to move   that up don't you sometimes. You have a clip right  here so you can take this and you can push that up   and let's see, let's make sure that yep so that's  up and disengage. Now there's one on the other   side right here as well. You're going to want to  disengage that. You also have a little bar here   or a little mechanism here and it's just like what  you would hold the support the hood with up front   and then you're going to take this and  I'm doing this one-handed by myself.   Hopefully you can do it with a friend or  something then you can just bring this up.

And then place this mechanism here and it's going to hold that in place. So now  that allows the top to be that much higher   and that's a significant amount that much  higher to give you room to access the back   easily. You can see that this back seat is folded.  I love how the back seats fold . They are super   easy. The material here is really, really nice  too. Nice and hefty, good for off-roading and   junk. You can just wipe it right off but you  can see here that there is a release lever on   this shoulder. There's also a button on the  headrest so you can take that push it down  

release here fold it down. The back of this is  rubberized, the transition is rubberized, the far   back is rubberized. So it's all easy to clean.  You also have child safety seat anchors right   there. One ,two, three. This is through three  seats so there this is a five passenger Bronco.  

The one with two doors is a four passenger  Bronco. So if you're going to want to be taking   five people you need the four-door configuration.  One of the cool things that I almost missed is you   can take this you can fold it then you can pull  this up fold it tiny bit of storage here but then   there is a jack and there is a fuel filler thing  right here in case you have to fill it up with a   like a separate gas tank and not a pump because  this has the easy fuel system. So you would just   take that place it in here and then you could  then fill it up with a gas tank. Now under the  

hood of this one you're going to see a 2.3 liter  ecoboost 4-cylinder. This one is going to produce   what Ford says on regular fuel is 275 horsepower  at 5700 rpm 315 pound foot of torque at 3 400 rpm   however there's also a specification on the  website that indicates if you use premium fuel   you're going to get 300 horsepower at 5700 rpm  and the torque is going to get a bump up to 325.   Is that worth it? I don't know. That's totally up  to you. Apparently you can use either regular gas   or premium gas based on what you want your  horsepower and torque output to be. Using   regular fuel in this one I assume it's going to be  producing 275 horsepower. What I have found with   this little engine is that this thing is going  to produce all the horsepower that I could need   now. Is it going to be worth it to go with the  bigger engine with the 2.7 liter instead of the  

or the v6 instead of the four cylinder? I have not  driven the v6. That one does have a twin turbo. I   imagine it's going to be a lot different whenever  you're in in terms of acceleration and everything.   For me, as far as I'm concerned, I've been driving  this little four-cylinder turbocharged one,   it's all I could need. It is a hoot. I absolutely  love it. Let me give you a little tidbit   on how to know which engine you have because  you see a little warning here and it says   based on the 2.3 liter 4-cylinder or the 2.7 liter  v6 that doesn't tell us which engine is in this  

vehicle . Well there's a sticker right here and  it says Cleveland engine plant. All of the four   cylinder turbocharged ones are made at the  Cleveland engine plant and all of the 2.7 liter v6   ones are made at the Lima engine plant. So there  you go. That's a little tidbit. You've got your   battery right here, uh you've got your brake fluid  right there. Coolants, windshield washer fluid.   There's a big old mouth , that's going to be for  breath so you can have more forced air into your   turbocharger. Also something that you'll notice  you'll see how this is all kind of like there's  

patterns right here under this hood and that's  that part of this pattern right here you can see   is a mark right here and the only reason I'm  highlighting this is because the reflection off   of the concrete here shows it well. But this is  a like a buckle right there and there's another   one that matches over here and so it's called  a crumple zone. So in the event of a severe   front collision this that the hood is going to  fold right there and there are also crumple zones   right here for your fenders. Pretty cool stuff but  that's the engine. Again, as far as I'm concerned,   the horsepower and torque output on the little  four cylinder one is all you could need. I love   it. As I've been driving this thing around I've  noticed that there is plenty of room on the inside   and I also like the simplicity of the interior of  the cabin. It's really neat. Another cool thing,  

there are some soft touch materials here on  the inside of the door panel and this is like   a dark like a cobalt blue. That's a really cool  combination there. Everything is very utilitarian,   hard paneled tough because that's what you  need in a vehicle that has these capabilities.   There's a nice rubberized handle there. It even  has like insets for your fingers. It's very,   very grippy and that's perfect for this one in  particular because it's got big wheels on it or   big tires on it and you're gonna need to step up  on this thing. So you've got a grippy handle here.   You've got another one there and it's pretty  easy. You've noticed that you've got Bronco  

all-weather mats materials here on the seats are  very rugged pretty tough but yet nice and comfy.   So it's a very utilitarian inside but it's  nice and comfy as well and it looks kind of   like retro. Everything is very well put together.  It makes sense, it's not stupid looking as far as   gaudy. Nice Bronco emblem and blazing right there  and then you've got um one touch automatic window   controls here. That's so that's for your power  windows. You've got a power outlet here, power   point here, and a regular ac 110 volt power outlet  there. Now as I mentioned earlier in the video,  

the cabin of the Bronco is actually pretty nice.  It's utilitarian as you would expect for a Bronco   a vehicle that's designed to go off-road would  be however it has its luxury touch points.   It's very easy to navigate. That's  the thing I love about Ford vehicles.   They do not complicate their cabins with silly  buttons. They actually combine the functions   of a lot of buttons into one button and it's  pretty self-explanatory. It's really easy to use,   especially the apple carplay, the android auto,  the climate control system, everything is just   really, really simple. Let's take a look at all of  that right now. Starting with the panel of buttons  

that you see directly in front of your left knee  if you're sitting in the driver position. That's   going to be your headlights. That's everything  off. That's like parking lights, that's automatic   and this is everything on manually and the center  button is your fog lights. And then over here is   gauge brightness, so instrument cluster that's  going to determine the brightness of that.   And when I said automatic you can see here it  says A and so it can actually tell whenever   your headlights need to be on bright and it will  automatically put the bright lights on for you.  

That's actually a pretty cool feature then  you can see down here is your parking brake.   At first I was a little bit confused by  that because there was no indication that   there was even a parking brake. I thought  at the very beginning when I first drove it   that it would automatically engage the emergency  brake for me but no that's not the case. Where you  

see that it says pull on and now the emergency  brake is actually on and you know of course the   gearbox is in park. The stalk that we're looking  at right now is going to be for your windshield   wipers and windshield washing function. Of course  so you can take this you can roll it up toward the   front of the Bronco and it's going to increase  the intermittent washing speed. Right here is   going to be your intermittent wipers and then your  turn signals. So you can just push it up without   activating it or engaging it and it'll blink  three times and that's like a lane change thing or then you can fully engage it and click it into  position and it'll do that. So that's pretty nice.  

The steering wheel is nice and chunky without  being overbearing you've got these little cutouts   for your thumbs right here and it's nice and easy  to use. I gotta say the horn on this thing , I'm   in a parking garage right now so it'll blow wigs  off if , if I blow the horn but the horn on this   thing is super loud. It's kind of kind of funny  actually. On the left side of your steering wheel   you're going to see functions for cruise control.  So you can see set and increase the speed set and  

decrease the speed cancel and resume and this is  going to be for your cruise control right there.   That's actually where you set the speed and  then you can actually increase, decrease, set   and then then this feature here is called lane  keeping system. This is a very effective system   that Ford has. Almost all vehicles out there  have it nowadays but it actually keeps you inside   your lane because of a camera and mounted  high up in the windshield it can see lanes   and that's going to keep you in your lane.  It's going to actually vibrate the steering  

wheel and nudge the steering wheel left and right  depending on your drift direction. Then you can go   here and that is for volume up and down for your  audio system. On the right side of the steering   wheel is going to be all kinds of different  functions. So let's just say you're listening to,   you're streaming something on Pandora or  another audio service you can forward, go back,   tracks. This allows you to use the function in the  screen that is in the multi-information display  

near your speedometer. I'll show you  that the okay is a selection tool   so you can just press ok whenever something pops  up in that multi-information display, back arrow,   then this function is your main menu button for  your multi-information display. And I'll show   you that in just a second and then voice commands  and Bluetooth for your phone. This is to hang up.   Your phone voice commands work really well.  You can actually press and hold this and if   your iPhone is hooked up to the Bronco you can  actually use Siri there or you can use the Ford's   in onboard voice command system with this as well.  Just remember to use Siri , you press and hold.  

Nice little feature there. So let's take a  look at the multi-information display now.   Now you can see here on the left side you have  your speedometer all the way up to 120 . Below   that is your temperature gauge and then everything  else is going to be digital on the steering wheel.   I'm going to press that main menu icon on. It's on  the right side and it's three lines and there it   is main menu. Then i'm going to press the up and  down arrows. See I'm pressing down right now and  

there are several different things . So my view  I'm going to press ok and that says calm screen   then I pressed OK again and then it just obviously  made the entire screen those two setups with your   speedometer and your tachometer right there.  So I'm going to press the three lines again   and then there's my view again and then  trip and fuel. Fuel economy ,average speed,   auto start stop then I can go back off-road.  So this is pretty cool. So this actually   gives you real time, so let's just  say we're going off-road right now   this allows me to know my pitch and roll . Pitch  is this, roll is this. Back arrow again. Tire  

pressure gauges, turbo boost ,back arrow again,  navigation. I actually really like this . So you   can go down, let's just go down to points of  interest nearby and let's go to gas stations   and look at that. These are all the gas stations  that are right near me. I can also use my voice to   find gas stations right there and then whenever  I press okay it's going to obey traffic laws.   Be alert and use voice commands while driving.  Please proceed to the highlighted road.   And so you can see there's a little navigation  screen right there. It's going to show me in real  

time what I need to do. I also have right here on  the navigation screen, the big navigation screen   it's showing me all that now taking a look at  the center screen. I like how clean it is and   I like how it how responsive it is to the physical  touch. It also doesn't show a ton of fingerprints   as well which is super, super nice . You can see  over here on the top left I have a home screen   and right now you can see that there is Apple  Carplay. Then there's a screen right here for   the map and then just a general screen right  here you can go all along the bottom here and   have different selections as well. So we  can make the screen all audio all carplay  

and then I can go over here to the left  and it's like a miniaturized version.   And then you can see here I have Ford sync. So I'm  using Carplay right now. so this is obviously, as   you probably know, Carplay is attached to my  iPhone and it's showing me basically the screen   of my iPhone right here and all the different  things that I have on my, on my screen that are   applicable to Carplay or I can go forward sync and  that takes me back to where I just was then I can   go navigation and that turns the whole screen  back to the navigation screen. I can go apps   if I have an android I can then press Android Auto  and it does essentially the same thing as Apple   Carplay what you're looking at now is our climate  control system. Again I cannot emphasize enough  

how I love the simplicity of how Ford has laid  out the Bronco. It is so easy to use. Everything   on the left is your driver temperature on the  right is your passenger temperature. You turn   to increase or decrease the temperature and the  temperature pops up on the screen that we were   just looking at. Right here is max defrost, direct  fan direction, automatic. So I can press auto and   it will automatically set the temperature of the  cabin to the temperature that I have set right   here. Max AC for when it's super hot and then you  have heated seats. Three way, three level heated   seats. Rear defrost, manually adjusting the fan  speed, AC and then passenger heated seat front.  

Then here are a few audio controls right here  and this is interesting because this is the   automatic restart feature. And so whenever you  come to a complete stop the engine will shut off   and then when you let your foot off the brake  the engine cuts back on and you can press the gas   and go tuning right here. That's nice for your  stereo system. That's just kind of an odd place   to put that engine shut off, in a cluster of  audio buttons but hey it is what it is. You   see right here in the very center it says G.  O. A. T. and then modes goes over any terrain  

or goes over all types of terrain. I've read a  couple of different things on the internet as   to what that stand for stands for but i think goes  over any terrain makes more So you have your gear   shifter here, you have sequential shifting right  here. So you can actually change gears manually   without having to have a clutch and then there's  our tree right there. So you have park , reverse   and all that. So we're going to put it in reverse  and there is our backup camera. So here is reverse   and now you can see an icon pops up and it looks  like the vehicle and there's sensors that are   always looking for something for  me to run into. Then you have these  

red yellow and green areas right here and they  are also connected with the steering wheel.   So you can see as I turn that little black line  right there turns and then there's other lines   that turn as well. So you see that so I'm going  to aim for that parking space right there. As   we back up and right now our side or our rear  cross traffic alert is working. If there were   cars coming from the left or right it would  be beeping. So now all I have to do is line up  

those lines left and right with the lines on  the parking lot. It senses that wall back there   so now I'm done put it in park and that's how  the rear camera works with the rear assist and   everything. There's neutral, there's  drive, and then there's manual. So at   when I'm driving I'm right here in drive mode.  That's drive. You can see that matches right here   so at any speed though I can take it  and I can pull it back into manual   and then use plus and minus to change gears right  there. And so you can see it says m1 m2 and it's   not going to let me go higher than that because  I'm sitting still but that's manual modes. Now  

back in drive, let's look at goat  modes right here and I love the display   of what this looks like. I can just take  this and I can turn this you. See that?   So this is turned all the way to the left and  you can see it says normal. So that's normal   and look at the graphics  of that. Isn't that great?   Eco, sport. I love the sport one. It looks  like scorched earth and then there is slippery  

and then it automatically shifts  into four-wheel drive whenever i go   from up from sport to slippery. So it's in four  wheel drive four high right now and then there is   mud and ruts staying in four wheel drive and  then there's sand. Still in four wheel drive high   and then you can see that it takes you to your  indicator to let you know your your pitch and   your roll right there automatically in sand  and then it shows you your power distribution   for your four wheel drive situation right there.  Okay everybody that's gonna do it for our look  

at the 2022 Ford Bronco. Thank you so  much for taking a look at this Bronco   with me. I hope you enjoyed watching the video  as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you inside   and out. I would like to say a huge thank you to  Impex Auto Sales in Greensboro, North Carolina   for the opportunity to film this 2022 Ford  Bronco. I'll be sure to leave all of their   contact information including their website in  the description box below. Thanks for watching  

everybody and remember the most important  thing of all. Have a wonderful day everybody!

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