BELİZE MARKET FİYATLARI | Tofaş Fiyatına Range Rover ~403

BELİZE MARKET FİYATLARI | Tofaş Fiyatına Range Rover  ~403

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We are in Belize city. Thanks to Ferhat, one of the Turks we met is accompanying us today. Ready camera is on. How much did you buy the Land Rover ? Kanka I bought a 2008 model HSY case for 15,000 (Belize dollars) for 195,000 miles. So 7500 dollars (American)

Good luck. Enjoy it. Thank you. But the price of this in Turkey is 300-400 thousand Turkish liras at the moment. How many does 300 thousand there? That's 40 thousand dollars (American) . Three or four times as much or even three? He's making $40,000. Oh, he really does. Oh wrong. More than five times what you know.

They put a lot of VAT in Turkey, it happened to me while hitchhiking. The car is Ferhat's seven thousand five hundred dollars, US dollars. American dollar. the inside of the car is like this . It's a beautiful car. By the way, we said how much is a liter of gasoline in Belize, is it a dollar and a half? One and a half dollars. It's one and a half US dollars. Let's say twenty-five. Just like my car, for example, for two hundred and sixty Belize dollars (130 usd) it becomes a full tank . It burns a belize dollar for every

two hundred and sixty-one mile, that is, about a kilometer and a half . There are three traffic lights in Beliz . One is here and the other is on the other side. This is the down town side, isn't it? This is Flitow. Ditto. One of the lights is here. Yeah. This is Brodies. As.

Belize's largest grocery chain. Yeah. One click more expensive than foreign markets. One and a half times yes. I hope Turkish materials will come soon. from Torku. from Torku. You are our pride, good luck bro. Thank you. Exactly, the prices are one and a half times more expensive here. Grocery store like Walmart. You can find anything. I'll go in and shoot a market price video for

you. Thank you it will help us. Let 's get started. Lets start. Alcohol first. First off, bro is it expensive ? Yes, it's four dollars right now, it's three dollars when you buy it outside, so it's a little more expensive because it comes from the foreign market. Likewise, because it comes from the foreign market. By the way, the prices are halved, that is, Belize dollars to 4 US dollars 2. Exactly,

half what you see. So what you see is half the price. The same beer costs between seven dollars and eight dollars in the foreign market, namely in restaurants . But three dollars in grocery stores is four dollars here as it's a click away. For example , Belikin local, one of the good beers. huh huh. Beer here. That's three twenty-five. Isn't it the cheapest beer

? This is the cheapest beer. But it's two and a half belize outside. Also local beer. We normally look at these at wholesale prices, as a restaurant, it's nice. One comes to ninety-five. One comes to ninety-five. Ditto. Restaurant. They say three twenty five liras . So that's almost twice that. Ditto. It means twice. Normally, in such small Chinese markets, there should be two liras and twenty-five cents or something, is n't it the cheapest market in China? The cheapest market here is the Chinese.

And they own ninety-five percent of the grocery chain. Exactly . Very interesting. The Chinese and the Chinese are here. In general weight. Plus five hundred one is Belize's area code, so isn't it just five area codes? Area code is correct. More beautiful. Well,

they drink Belize's own alcohol, Rum. Rum you know. Are you showing rum ? So what is the drink they drink every day? It would be great if you could drink this every day. Caribbean drink Rum. Caribbean Rum Gold. caribbean This is. Forty one or twenty twenty dollars.

How many liters is that? Bro a seventy-five? One seventy-five. A seventy-five liter but its wholesale price is twenty-six belize. Uuu, these are thirteen Americans, as you can see, they put half the price. This place is selling more than a restaurant

. Of course, my dear, it actually sells much more expensive than the restaurant . For example, there is rum with coconut. Which is the cheapest one, which is the one that the poor people who kill dogs like this drink the most ? just like the beggar thing here, the homeless drink it. That's right, he's okay or he's drinking that White one and that's the white one he's also caribbean exactly this is caribbean Rum, there's no other rum you know. For example, let me give an example of

rice. Is the main food of people here rice or bread or rice, that is, rice is ok. Just like rice. A kilo of rice, which is rice, is a package, this one pound (500g) is a bit expensive , almost. One point is thirty so zero point is 60 cents. Do you think it's cheap? Not sixty but sixty-five. Reset is cheap too. Cheap. very cheap. Three people can fill their stomachs with this.

When you make small pots . Let's get right back to the bakery products and the white we are addressing here are salt, flour, sugar, beans. Salt is cheap. Not salt. Salt is everywhere. This is a panduf. Five hundred grams. Half a kilo. When you come across an onion and a gram , you ask " half-half ". So five hundred grams equals one pound. huh huh. Eighty-five cents. Salt. Here, there is sugar craftsmanship,

how is the price of sugar ? Sugar is cheap. That big candy. Brown sugar one and a half. So the zero point is seventy-five Americans. How many kilos? Bro, this is almost three, it's called LB here. Ditto. It's in pounds. Three pounds, that's roughly one

point five. Let it go one and a half kilos then. Look, there are beans here. The one we use is also cheap. That's cheap too. The main course costs ninety cents. When you try to buy beans in Turkey. Yeah. You can't get it under ten lira . Four your kilo. Its weight here is two point ninety. Two point ninety. So one and a half dollars, so there's flour

here. three points, that is, one and a half kilos, two point seventy-seven is cheap. Let's go back and now we have come to the most expensive and pile of the event . Is it cheese? In short, cheese and water are cold products . This is all we call sour cream. We use these pastas and stuff. One small fish, so that's roughly half a pound seven point forty-five belize dollars four, three seventy-five. Three seventy-five three thirty or something. Three of those things, is there anything but their special cheese and milk that they make here ? No, it's all China. Everything

is outside. There's just about everything. Yoghurt is already longing for Turkish yoghurt, there is no Turkish yoghurt here. We came this way, for example, the two hundred and twenty-seven grams of cheese. huh huh. It is similar to our Turkish crush cheese. OK. Eight ninety- five. Five. So four and a half. And it is very difficult to find, only in such big markets. But how many grams did you say small? Two

hundred and seventy-seven grams bro. Seventy seven. Three hundred and twenty-seven kilos. Twenty seven. Two hundred grams of cheese Two hundred grams of cheese. Four ninety five. I don't hit TL anymore. I mean four dollars

. Four dollars. America. Four and a half dollars yes. Half past four . Something else I 'll show you when we get this way . Coffee coffee cold coffee. Seventeen twenty-five. Expensive. Very expensive. Very expensive. It says it's coming from outside . It is very expensive here because everything is there because it comes from outside . Is it taxing? For example, it is very very cheap, so if it brings it, it actually brings it.

Mexican is really good. Seventy percent and eighty percent of the goods coming here come from Mexico anyway . Passing through Mexico. What kind of herbed cheese are these? This herb cheese, is that herby cheese? Yes , we can say it's like herbed cheese . These are also very expensive, sixty zero points sixty seven pounds three hundred grams three hundred grams or something ten point twenty-two, five Americans, five Americans are really very expensive. Expensive is very expensive. They are what we call Datça, usually with

wine. With the wine, yes. The slice is flashing . huh huh. And eight thirty-nine four dollars. Four dollars. Fifty-five zero point fifty-five left. So when you hit the gram , it's two hundred and fifty grams. Expensive is expensive. Cheese here is eight point nineteen and it's very expensive. We started out very expensive. We started very expensive, let's not scare people. Let's find something cheap, something cheap. Beliz is expensive.

Bread the bread aisle of some more things. Let's go to the products for us. Just this time, the simplest example is what we call margarine. Isn't that even an expensive thing? Three and a half seas. Brother in Mexico cent in Mexico. Exactly. That margarine, we have oil here. Our oil is fifty cents. Whoa. Well. Whoa. Five twenty is a lot. We have eggs here. Twelve binary. Four point thirty-five you

two American dollars. Just not that bad. But when you hit Turkey , it makes Turkish lira twelve liters. Expensive. Meanwhile, we moved on to meat, the most expensive country in America. Let's take meat, for example. It is not happening. Here, there is no cheap meat abroad . No. Let's go right back here. This is the tenderloin we know. two kilos. two kilos. Four by four is expensive. Two kilos forty-five point

ninety. Twenty two and a half. Twenty two. Twenty-two and a half America. It is cheap compared to Turkey. Is it cheap compared to Turkey ? You play one click more than Turkey. Two kilos of meat though . Two kilos of meat. Is this rain or something? Is it oil free? There is water. you want. Ditto. Look this way. Not cow meat? Simple. Ditto. Boneless and plateaued. Let's go this

way, let's come to the meat. Meat is actually cheap. Very true exactly. Pretty much compared to Mexico huh. Mekstra has one more click. Ditto. This is ground meat, for example. That's half a kilo. Nine hundred pounds five point thirty dollars. Let 's go to the

bread aisle . These are packets of bread. Is there any open bread? Such salmon. No no. He's not here. There is no bread, we cannot find Turkish bread that we know as normal . it's normal like this and lavash style with that and that lavash is exactly lavash orange. It comes from Mexico anyway, Spanish women here do it exactly the same. There are

five in two point eighty-five, so one point is forty and there is five? There are five, exactly Ismail, there are two points twenty-five dollars, so one point is twenty-five cents here in Turkey. Oreo is available in every country. As in every country, there are strange brands that are a bit more like this in this country, and I really do n't know which country it is. I'm not saying it's a cracker you can drink with such a sweet, salty coffee, or something like a juice . huh huh. Five point sixty-five belize, that is, two and a half dollars is expensive. Expensive. How much did you say there? I missed it. Dude when you look over there. Isn't that right there, we don't have it? Fifteen. To that package. with this thing. Five. How many did he eat? Yeah. How many? There are two. Two. He has two great souls.

This one is a little bigger than normal. Fifteen point thirty-five dollars. So seven and a half Americans is very heavy. Normally the cheapest out there these are science chips. For making people their own

. Potato. Well, isn't it Barona? Exactly like that. My platinum platinum chips also have regular chips. It's not a platinum banana , by the way. Plaque is another. Oh really. Of course. Look at that banana, but directly that banana. Isn't it a banana? These went platinum. Dude looks like a banana huh. Yes, ice is similar, but different. How can I say here ? Generally, we, as restaurateurs, serve plantin over rice over rice . as well. They love people. They love it because it is. It has poplar seeds. Ditto. They

call us directly to me. It already says Pifito on it. Pumpkin seeds. The salt water of a little more pumpkin seeds is a little saltier. Beautiful knot. Two point fifteen. There is a variety of cookies grown in the country, for example, pistachio

style. Nut of life. Is there nothing? This is everything. Wonderful. Everything. Then we won't be able to eat. Because it didn't evolve. From the colony in the early nineteen eighties. huh huh. Since it has come out of the colony, new growth has taken place, so there is nothing. Is it the same as Istanbul in the nineteen eighties? Here is Mansur brother, he said, Ankara's state in one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. Exactly

. Let's come this way, a little fish. Is it cheap? Ocean Turkey. It's very cheap, the cheapest you can find here is the siphon. Get wet. Shrimp fish. Cheapest stuff here . But first, let me introduce fruit juices or something. It's possible. These are all concentrated. It's definitely not original, it's full of additives. One half liter is thirteen hundred three point five dollars, so one point forty is one point forty or something at the same time . It's normal normal. There is

one of the Turkish products , maybe it can be upright. A single right point here is eighty cents, so check cents. Ninety. It's ninety inches right. Red Bull comes from Turkey and it already says Turkish on it. Oh, what you say comes from Turkey, is it really because I also have something in Turkey ? All of them come from Turkey. Do you

see already when Turkish Turkish authors caution. There are inscriptions on the other side. On this side, one side is in Turkish and the other side is in English. What's interesting, does it come from Turkey ? They all come from Turkey, yes. When you turn this way,

it's the only crime we've committed as a native. Oh look, then the price is normal. Eight points for twenty-five dollars. How many weight? One liter. He wrote a liter or something, two gallons, it doesn't stay, he says

gallons . It says gallons, right? Did he write two? I do not know. One point eight ninety three millimeters. So almost two liters. Two liters of milk eight point twenty-five. Belizos, that is, the four Americas. Four dollars. Milk two. Yeah. Milk is thought to be

expensive compared to Turkey . Yeah. For example, fish. What's in here, shrimp? Five pank shrimp is seventy dollars, or thirty-five Americans. Two and a half kilos, right? Five and a half. Ditto. Two and a half kilos is seventy dollars. Is two threes cheap at thirty-five? For example , there is what we said at the beginning. That's a pound of fish. It's not the weight. This is the direct price. He weighs five. Exactly bro. So five two

fish five Americans. Cheap compared to Belizli. There is Tomon. Since this is inforth here let's start with the usage price. Let's go like this . Like meatballs. There are meatballs, but that's it for us, but eee, pork meatballs are just like that. Pork patties, which is one

point thirty-five pounds, so zero point seventy-five. Isn't that the price per kilo ? This is exactly the price of this thing, you tell me, eight point seventy-five sea dollars, this is cheap compared to the sea because it's a little expensive here. The right food is also expensive here. It's really expensive here. They are also imports. They 'll go one too . Pizza is raw, more precisely. New York. My pizza is Pebanözü. The same thing says here when you come to my pizza, point seventy-five sea dollars is two dollars too late. Let's go for two

dollars half, it's not expensive. A strange moment of our sausage in Turkey . Here's the bratwurst. Which is the cheapest meat here? Chicken or meat? Cheapest. Is it a pig? All three are equally cheap or very expensive. Aren't all three the same? It's the same inside. But usually the chicken will scatter. For example,

here is the bratwurst. Eight point eighty-five pounds. Hmm. These are exactly a pair of pants. Eight pounds is eighty-five pounds, that's four and a half American. It's right here. Let's have a look at these right away. Something like hello? No. Idiot. These are exactly the same. Nine point fifteen crazy dollars How many pounds? Three cameras. Half a kilo. Here. Gene same way. They have Italian sausages.

These are all pigs, of course. What is that? Isn't that a pig too? It's all full. It's already written on it. Water is also in this one. Vegetables are also cheap. When it comes this way, there

are fishes in the same way. Mahsun brother showed this yesterday. Yeah. It is one of the most beautiful fish here. Yeah. Red. huh huh. How many four. Slavia, more precisely. Slaperty is the same thing, same type of fish. Eight point ninety-three. Nine

waists were stabbed. It tastes good, yes. Really beautiful fish. Let's come this way to the chickens. For example here. You said chicken is the cheapest, right? Yes, there are four legs. It's half past five . Okay, like four dollars. Something between three and a half and four dollars. Chicken breast is five dollars a pound. Five forty. Very cheap compared to BB. It's true because his salary is low or something . How many here is military-style or a flat wage, but

people usually get a salary of eight hundred navy and one thousand two hundred . Four hundred dollars, six hundred dollars. It ranges from six hundred dollars . Wow, from Turkey, between four hundred and six hundred dollars. All the people are here. Medium sized whole chicken. Eleven point twenty-five. The sea dollar is six and a half dollars. It's good to just charge six hundred dollars and give it that money. Not bad

. They live, so I'm comfortable. Of course. Of course. If a person is not working in a house. Of course. Got the gravy wings coming here . This one is a little heavy. Almost four ten, seventeen point forty-eight Beliz. Four subpoints forty-eight. It's not too expensive. We almost have step one. It's like four . My brain has stopped. Let my brain stop. Two Americas. They buy one power, one kilo, for two Americans. Very good.

Very good. Let's come this way. This way. There are cold products. Pizzas are expensive. It looks like lavash made in our tandoor. Isn't that the thing ? Just like the python. Opposite prices are special. Five point thing these are a little more expensive. These are Mexican style . Exactly. It's a bit expensive, obviously. There are things there. There are such sweets. So long sweets. Look, say it here . Pizza. There is pizza. How are the prices of the pizza? This is all pizza. It was almost twelve. So if I can pull

it off. huh huh. Seven point fifty-five dollars. That's seven fifty-five. One person can be satisfied with this, that is, for two people. Almost two people make, like, three and a half dollars, and it's very cheap. Three and a half dollars is fine for two people . Fifteen when you go out to buy a pizza . We always eat pizza. Because all pizzas contain Peperoni and Port. That's why we give us an average of forty forty-five benz for eight lives for a pizza . Thirty to forty-five. Six thirty when it's thirty. But when he's a little older, he's forty-five. Forty-five, twenty dollars, pizza. Pizza for twenty dollars. Very expensive. Away

expensive, yes. Let's come this way. The mother is grown here. Does anyone else grow corn? For example, sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are here. There is lex that grows locally. What we want is curly. Okay, that's the belly. Cabbage in it. OK. Cabbage here, for example, I have an arm. Egypt is ours, the

maximum price of one of them is two dollars, they did not write here . Two waists, right? Two waist dollars or one but. When you say one, a pack or a pack is ok. What is that? Is this zucchini or what? Pumpkin yes. How do we like our pumpkin? Or

have you ever tried this a little more like our pumpkin? I didn't try. What shall I lie? I've never tried. We saw it in Mexico but we didn't try it either. Ditto. For example, let's get into the carrot, it is one of the most basic offices of the business. It's written on the black carrot look . They said "Import". If they even bring carrots now. Yeah. Two point twenty-seven, one and a half

American, two carrots is an expensive half kilo of carrots. Half a kilo of carrots. Where's a dollar and a half? One and a half dollars. Very expensive. Very expensive. I'm coming this way. This is our salad. If Infort wrote it, it is expensive, no need to look. There is broccoli. They also call broccoli , I don't put out the original, clearly. Dude, is there a swag here? One point fifty-two dollars one and a half dollars is expensive. Cucumber. Expensive. Normally, the maximum

price for these should be around sixty-five or seventy cents . Arrogance Broccoli laws Import does not grow here in any way . Look the same way, that package is two point fifty- six sea one hundred and fifty grams, almost three hundred and fifty grams. When you see something open, for example, an avocado has one and a half waist. So seventy-five you. Closed onion three onions. Like that weight? Ditto. Four hundred dollars. Seven hundred and fifty grams. He drinks one hundred and fifty grams of water and has a pound. Three onions, that's three. It's interesting, but when you see it in the open, the total price when you see the price of the piece is off. That's interesting, that's the first

time I've seen it. I would fill it. Everything is packaged . Here, the prices for open Thursdays are written on it. Understood. For example, big apple, two twenty-five, normal staff, medium, count medium, beg, medium, if it was me, I would fill it up, they would give me one kilo because I would buy a kilo of apples from here . I 'd pay fifteen bucks then. I'd leave the apples back and go. It hurt a little when you came into town . You do n't have coffee, do you look? There are coffees here. However I am not allowed. Okay so let's here. Normally, we entered the best market now . Don't think every market is like this. This is a market with everything like Wall Mart . Normally, the markets are in the

hands of the Chinese , and China has mixed things. Yes, as you can see here, he said. So the coffee of the seas? Yes exactly. Twenty four twenty five. Do you like this? Do you drink? I froze a formula for three months . Well how many kilos? Pounds you say. Now that's the one because of the jelly, Colombian door. Half a kilo is twelve dollars.

It's out of use. Like a joke. Really ok. Here , how can I show you the word dust? There's also ten point seventy-five . Five and a half dollars. Inforts all. Ditto. For example, look, Starbucks has Showsen coffees. huh huh. Likewise , batons, bowls, etc. Six dollars, three American dollars. Hi hi. Ditto. We have Nescafe Gold. It's the same in Turkey. Ditto. Fifteen dollars seven and a half American fifteen seven and a half American hundred grams, sometimes they wrote grams, sometimes they wrote pounds because sometimes it changes because it is local depending on what is on it. One hundred grams is correct. For example, there is a classic

, Nescafe is a classic. huh huh. This one is like this. This was shot in Colombia. Colombian blender, that is, nine points and twenty- five dollars, which is four and a half, four and a half is correct. There is no Starbucks in

Beliz, by the way. They say it will come, but there is no obesity. Here's Starbucks' coffee sixty-five thirty-five thirty-two and a half bro, how many two hundred and twenty-eight grams go to three hundred, twenty -four, sixty-five ii a variation of our sweetener, let's do sports here, everyone is using it, when we come, you can see Lipton here. Three Americans I don't know Dollar Altubeli does it in Turkey.

OK, it seems expensive. I don't know. I don't know. We haven't been going for three years . Eleven dollars. Expensive. There is milk added to these coffees that you call cornea now, or milk added to the machines. Their them when you get a point seventy cents or something like forty-eight parcels are coming. Forty-eight fifty coming.

Don't they call it anything? Milk jam. Is this a connection? Isn't it something like that? Sweet. A little milky. Something creamy , right? OK. This milk jam is what you know. Make a change

here and here, this also changes three point eighty-five brand by the way, Mexican brand, yes we saw it there, so when you turn this way, breakfast items are expensive and we can see only one thing like this, you know, a quality brand. Look, I swear the same thing , we bought it for two dollars in Mexico, nineteen twenty dollars, ten in America. That's how he publishes it. Mexico City. Brother, the three-hour distance limit is over there. Mexico is two dollars there, ten dollars here. Exactly . Two point six inches milk is cheap here. Two point sixty dollars. Almost the same. One dollar in Mexico. Milk is normal. There's dog food and stuff here. Like, it's very expensive. Dog food? Yeah. This is how we came here. And one of our

new little earrings. Hmm. He went to the vaccine today, didn't he? Yes, we're going to vaccinate today. I heard. Our man. Eighty-one dollars a bag is thirty-two pounds, almost sixteen kilos or something, I really don't understand. Do you think dog food is expensive ? Expensive. How many times does it pa Turkey? I don't know about dog food prices in Turkey but these are top quality onions. But there is also forty dollars here, for example,

ten dollars . How much is that five dollars? Three and a half kilos. No. Almost four kilos . Four pounds. Five dollars too late. Very expensive. Six dollars. Expensive yes. Let's get to the cleaning supplies this way. This is the hand soap we know, for washing anything. Dish dish soap. One and a half liters or one and a half two liters or something. Seven and a half dollars. Seven and a half US dollars. Out in the markets these are the stuff that's five dollars,

three and a half or two and a half dollars here, it's double. That 's the smallest. This should normally be a dollar or something. Two twenty-five. Hmm. Is it ever sold? So you can find it

outside for fifty cents . You just don't get a dollar like that. When you come like this, wipe the glass this way. There is a glass wipe. Here are four twenty-five surface cleaners expensive. Eight point twenty five eight. Four dollars. Expensive, is it

spent that much, or is it the cleaning thing? You throw it in the laundry . Smell. When throwing. Even that is expensive. Eighty tablets this way . One of these four dollars is a domestic US dollar. Don't look at how big it is. Come on, it's half empty. Very expensive. Eighteen thirty. Very expensive. Of's are very expensive. It's eight dollars . Ladies here are twelve dollars. It's like six dollars . One small battery. What is this? This is my first time giving these batteries. I saw it for the first time too. Not these. These are

normal small shap'in ii modeste. They wear a mate or something on the watch. These are the ones that burn on the hour. Libra battery. Libra ? Exactly. A scale battery is twelve dollars. Five or

six dollars . There are also normal batteries, come here. There is something here. dual pen battery seven point twenty-five dollars. As if Haket was a foursome , they stole it and it fell into two. Because they are double-closed from the corner. There are those that are twelve and a half dollars . Longer term. Understood. We change according to the times. One point is like twenty-five hours. Expensive is expensive. One dollar in Korea . True. For example, two point thirty. I swear spring is one. It's

cheaper here than a stop over there. Cheaper. The fence is full of women . How can I say a little more like that? Lots of chocolate Exactly. Seven seventy-five. Edible but expensive. Also, since

we are the restaurateur here, we have a ten percent discount here. Likewise, because we do business with them, do n't they give us a ten percent discount? It's the owner. The owner of the shops, that is, the owner of the restaurants , is also the owner of this market. Owner of property. And the onions are ours. These are three pieces. One of them got chewing gum thanks to one hundred and fifty one . Let's see how much money? How much money will it cost? We have a ten percent discount together right now. The discount is good again, is it special for you or do they give it to everyone, how do you show that there is a ten percent discount? We'll shoot, they don't give anything plastic in Mexico. They give here.

There is actually something in some places in Turkey. There are cardboard bags and they put them for three dollars. There are eighty months. There are forty liras, sixty centimeters. I gave fifty dollars.

Expensive. Three or three items. Twenty twenty America. We said that the bags are free here, they give tons to the customer like that. His face stopped Yes, it was like this, how are the prices in your hand? Like I said it's expensive , but I'll show you my thing again. Is that ten percent ? That's ten percent the same. If not, it's like forty-five. Something around that. It's like forty-six. Forty-one dollars if you can see it here . Here is the name of my restaurant . I'm going to ask what is necessary, we're here , we gave the name of your restaurant. Us too? If there is a TIM number , there are specific numbers of companies . If you know the TIM number, e did n't ask you anything . Because he knows me because I always come. I also have some beard. I have the right to wear a mask and mix it up.

There's a joke team. We already look alike. It's so nice back from here. Bearded hairy men can come and get a discount here. Name it Midtown . Exactly. Brother, the building you see behind me is the most luxurious and expensive in Belez. What? Supplies Equipment Market Is what I say I say computer, telephone, everything is there. The watch, the perfume, the bed, everything. Ditto. This is also a job. Oh, this is the computer section, there is music again, but let me go a little . One thousand dollars, five hundred dollars, seven hundred dollars, seven hundred seven hundred and fifty. One thousand five hundred, one thousand eight hundred, eight hundred, nine

hundred, one thousand and that. Dollar. So it's actually expensive. I haven't looked at the specs, but there are no computers under a thousand dollars. People are using scrap carpets . As my son. No, hot country, what are they doing with the carpet? They put it on the ground. There are so many ants and little little wolves here. So due or halıfla's. The carpets I see here are five meters by eight meters for

one hundred seventy-five dollars. Very good. Brother, those battery cars you see are the same price as a normal car in our waistband . Five hundred dollars. Those five hundred are very good alone. Five hundred and fifty dollars. Let's not call this place nalburnu like our media mark , let's say it's like Koçtaş. They sell junk like Koçtaş . What are they selling here.

Is it the lights on the mountain ? They sell light everything. Such garden products you see over there . They sell such things. We don't show it much, but see the thing, see the ambiance. Prices are very expensive. So price but nice environment Let's look at the price. There are two thousand

five hundred pilgrims. Four thousand five hundred. Two thousand two hundred and fifty liras. Three thousand two hundred and fifty American goods in Beliz, the prices of telephones and computers fluctuate by twenty percent. So if it's a thousand dollars in America , it's making a thousand two hundred dollars here. Karader generally refers to the American brand here. There is the GMC, which we call GMC, and then there is the cheapest car, usually at such the cheapest standards . That's between nine thousand waist, seven thousand five, nine thousand five. On average, if you want to buy a car, seven

thousand five hundred, three thousand, five thousand dollars. Now five thousand dollars is nothing. So you think it's expensive here? My car is cheap, but I don't think the cars here are expensive. It's not very expensive at all. So we'd

pay twenty thousand for a nice car that I can give the maximum, that is, ten thousand Americans. When we look at this in Turkey, it comes to eighty thousand. With eighty thousand Turkish liras and eighty thousand Turkish liras, Tofaş is now. Section Tofaş sells one hundred and sixty thousand. One hundred and sixty thousand sold. The price of Abi Tofaş is the same as the Lange Rover here. Very interesting. Nate gave few gave three American three American a

fresh mansion customers when it is in front of the eyes they cut a natural natural way in the EU, yes it tasted so great it tasted a little better because eee tropical fruits and native. well, we have come to the end of our market video, thank you to Ferhat, thank you very much for the support, let's do something in the background, yes, thank you for watching, see you in the next video. Take care of yourselves. Good bye . Bye bye bye bye do you have anything to say last bro? No, you have nothing else to say. Hadi görüşürüz o zaman bye bye bye bye ben Oğuzhan Tıraş eğer videolarım beğendiyseniz abone olmayı unutmayın bu kanalda dünya üzerindeki bütün ülkeleri hep birlikte gezeceğiz

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