Audi e-tron world premiere

Audi e-tron world premiere

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Hello. You. Have a nice time on the boat. Yeah. Let me hear you. Yeah. So. Greetings and warm. Welcome, to San Francisco Bay, thank. You for, being part of this important, evening Ferrari. In, let's. Say exciting, moment a big. Thank you to Scott, Q and his team who. Organized, this and host of this thank you very much Scott. There's. A saying, it dates. Back to Benjamin Franklin and his famous experiments. On electricity. When, you achieve something remarkable. You. Have caught lightning. In, a bottle. Guys. Magic, isn't it. And. That's precisely what. This bottle represents. We. Have harnessed collective. Power of Audi. The. Collective power of our designers, our, engineers, our. Dealers, and our customers, and have, created something. Special, truly. Special our, first, fully. Electric. Car the, Audi e-tron. It. Is truly for us at, Audi and. Unique. Moment in history and as. Such a special moment, you know it's. Considered the proper thing to take some time sit. Down relax. And reflect and turn. It all off, you. Know, we. Know we come where, we come from I think that's, known we have not forgotten our past we, have not forgotten about what happened over the past few years, we. Have to think backwards. From imagination, because, we decided, where to take Audi so. Thinking back from a generation is better that we'll discuss. And think, forward from, our past we. Decided, that our heritage is not a destiny, is not a fate it. Was time for a fundamental change and that's, just what we're doing we. Needed to improve ourselves, to. Assume responsibility and. Become. Better than ever, before. Neutral. Marks a special moment in time it marks the beginning of a new era for us, all at Audi a new. Era in electric, mobility the. H1 is the first of many, to come. Delivering. On our promise, for, strong to, its technique. It's. Of course not the world's first electric, vehicle a Scotsman. I don't know if you know that introduced. An, electric, vehicle in, 1832. My. Ancestors, are Scottish. That's. Why my name is Scott so. It brings full circle. It's. Nice isn't it. This. Is howdy first electric, vehicle it is our first, electric, vehicle for. Strong meaning, being a head is defined. Only by being the first to, do something for. Strong rather means being. The first to. Do something right. Forceful, ones meant Quattro, all. We drive. Aluminium. Construction. LED. Lightning, and what, do we mean by doing, things, right. We. Want to merge the new world of, electric mobility, together. With a hundred years of experience, of manufacturing. Premium, cars. We. Build an ecosystem around. Electric. Car with premium, digital services, like, functions, on demand, we. Strive to live sustainability. In a very consistent way our. Electric, cars, enable, driving, with more, responsibility. And. They. Are built at the co2 neutral, plant, Brussels. Belgium, and. In the future electric, cars autonomous. Driving and sharing, will. Be come together and this, will result in a new mobility system, with more freedom and more, responsibility. For, all of us. So. There's a first time for everything to, be done the, Audi way. Progressive. Consistent. And, without. Compromises. Companies, that are very very successful don't. Make, compromises. So. When you're a DS are bold enough to do things different, you, can change everything. When. Experience. Gives you wisdom you. Can rethink, everything. And that. Is when the time is right for, everything to go your. Way. Muhammad. Ali did, not invent, the knockout punch. Elvis. Did, not invent, rock and roll. Salvador. Dali did, not invent painting, and, we. Did. Not invent the electric, car. No we. Did it our way, we. Injected, it with the Audi DNA. We. Challenged, everything and relentlessly. Tests everything, we've. Combined intelligent, technology. With, white-knuckle, performance, and the, experience, that comes from over 100, years of punching, difficult, in the, teeth this. Is electric. Unleashed. Taking. On mud. Snow. And mountains. With.

Experience. Earned, on the racetrack. This, is full throttled, and, fully. Connected. This. Is a new way to drive, with, high-speed charging. Capabilities. And with the full backing of a global, dealer, network, this. Isn't just a new car this, is a community, of like-minded, doers. Coming, together this. Is electric. Engineered. To. Shake up the world. You. Liked it it's. Good. So. The guest it's, not only about being the first to do things you know you saw that in the film it's. About doing the things right, the, first time doing. Them right when the time is right and. The. Time is right, for electric. To go Audi I assure. You, with the Audi e-tron you, won't miss a thing because. We are putting our customers, first concerning. Safety and comfort this. Is at the core of our. Strategy. And this, is why we, strive to create the digital experience of, tomorrow, our. Cars, will become an integral. Component of our customers, digital, lives. This. Will make mobility safe convenient. And individual. And, Audi we strive to be the trendsetters, for autonomous mobility Gary. Icahn demonstrated. Our vision fully. Electric, fully. Autonomous, and fully. Connected, with. Cars like that we. Want to redefine individual, mobility, and, that. Audi we strive to, take electric mobility to. The next level he, planned to offer more. Than 20 new models until 2025. Some. Will be plug-in hybrids and half. Of them will be fully electric. Following. The Audi e-tron we were launched the Audi e-tron sports, back next year an, electric powered compact, model in 2020. As well. As a 4 there four, doors Gran, Turismo which, will be a spectacular, car in the same year the, Audi e-tron GT, will, be the sporty, spearhead, of our, electric, cars. We. Believe in the myths of the, next decade. 30%. The muscle cars will be electrified. So. The Ali each one is just the beginning of a lot of new, cars is the beginning and the first of its kind and. Our ladies and gentlemen it's time. It's. Time and the moment we're all been waiting for it's time to meet, the car that, strives, to lead away in. Premium, electrification, and. That. Will drive Audi into. Its new future, it's, time to show the world exactly what. We mean when. They say. Electric has gone. Audi. You. Like it. Look. At this card is this state of the Arts top-notch. Expression. Of immobility. Both. Technology, wise and design wise this. Is another. Audi that will, truly make. You, have. Fun. Happy. And proud, to drive and, when, it comes to, talking about design there's nobody better than our chief designer, mark, list who can explain the car mark, where are you.

Thank. You. Thank. Very much ladies. And gentlemen, today. The. Technical, technological, heart, of an Audi is, the, engine and with. A position in the front this engine dick takes the architecture, of a car, with. The ADI turn this will change because. The. New, technological. Heart, is. A battery pack which is located in the, flow of the car and this, describes. The main character, of this car that's. What we came up with the idea to split. The design of this car in two layers a bottom. Layer which, emphasized. The. Score of the power and the center of gravity it's, very visible it's very exciting and, expressive. Designed rocker and in. Contrast the, second layer the upper layer which is super, sleek and light, and. This. Creates a really unique, and new character, for an Audi and if you talk about the front. This. Front gives us still a very familiar, look but. Related. To the new technology, in the drivetrain the single. Frame we came up with the idea that single frame is not, a radiator, anymore because there's no engine behind this why, we came up with the idea what, about we. Invert the single frame by color to, create a new look but still a very similar. Face. For an Audi really. New Ferrari and. If. We talk about the. Face it's very new face the. Second thing is I'd like to talk about this. Efficiency. You. Know for an aerodynamic, for an a, better electric vehicle. Aerodynamic. Is very important, and I'd like to tell you a story this, car is best, in class in a dynamic and there's a very clear simple reason. Almost. Four years ago when, we start. Designing the Audion, we. Are the first sketch, presentation. And I choose the four best, proposals. And told. The designers, I brought, them to the wind tunnel and I told him the. Proposal, the model was the best aerodynamics. We go to production, that's. The result best, in class and, Aaron. Amex it, important. Or extreme deranged but there's something, even more important, imagine. That there is no noise, anymore from the engine that's. Why you're very sensitive to hear all the wind noises because. Of this our dynamic it's. Even, up to high speed levels almost, quiet it's complete new, driving. Experience, you have to try this. Another. Very important, thing is. There's. One detail I like to mention it's my favorite detail and these, are the. Virtual mirrors and this. Virtual mirrors they improve not only their dynamic they. Improve the, aesthetic, and even, the function, and. This. Is you, know where. All the design stands for technology, in perfect. Harmony with design, and with. Aesthetic, and that's, why I really like this detail and I'm really proud how, we integrate, the, rearview screens, in. The architecture, of the interior you know we saw this detailed virtual mirrors on many show cars already that's a first Joker the first car which goes in production with this and always, difficult, to integrate this displays we did it in a perfect way aesthetic. And functional eyes I think that's benchmark, and, if you talk about interior, the. Interior, is. Like the upper, exterior, layer it's very light very sleek, it's, very, aesthetic. It's floating, elements, with freestanding, displays. The. Layout is Drive orientated, its minimalistic, very, functional, and I. Would say that the whole interior is an orchestration. Of shape. Of. Materials. Of light, and found and that's why it's getting almost, a, very holistic design, experience, and that's why I just call it it's. A smart space. And that's why I say, for me that's.

Each One. Let's. Gentleman for. Us designers, and the, US market is very important, especially. California, that's, why we came up with the idea that we will have or we have a design. Studio in the US located. In Malibu. California. It's called all, the design loft and this, shows how important, for us u.s. marketers, but, there's somebody here, who can explain to you a lot. Better, than me how important, US market is for us it's. A pleasure for me to, introduce my. Colleague and friend Scott. Key president. Of America. Scott. Scott. Faces. Up thank you thank, you very much phenomenal. Job. Wow. Mr.. Brue pretty cool to see open together and they look a warm, greeting from my side, worldwide, tonight is of course a celebration, of our first electric, vehicle and for, here in America, it's, the beginning of a new chapter in a story that really began 50, years ago in, 1969. America. Of course put the first man on the moon and now he put a different kind of spaceship on our, roads for the very first time from. Seattle down, to Texas, Salt Lake City all the way to Tyson's, Corner our, first. Dealers many, of whom are here in the audience tonight, introduced. Outtie to, customers, across the country and for, me on Long, Island New York my, father was, actually one of those first customers, behind, the wheel of a 100, LS and ahead, of a curve that would ultimately lead. Us to this very, powerful, moment the, rise of the Audi brand that America started, strong gained momentum in, those early years but success clearly, was far from certain so we injected, a portfolio, with products that proved right, for the times we invested, in the brand in big ways elevating. The r8 supercar, to, superhero, status, and in, turn dealers. Invested, in their facilities, in the very communities. They in fact call home the, result frankly. Is an epic growth story that rewrote, the rule of three to include now four very. Recognizable. Rings today. Howdy owners, give us top marks for customer, satisfaction, Consumer, Reports consistently. Recognizes. Us as a leader in quality and Nats is why we, continue to, break sales, records but. Tonight frankly, isn't about our setting. Records, it's, about setting the standard, for premium, electrification, and, with the e-tron outtie has, unquestionably, accepted. That powerful challenge, we. Had the privilege to collaborate, with our colleagues in English taught to help design an electric vehicle that would meet the demands of the American, market and proved once again right, for the times and since, howdy literally, means to listen they, did.

250. Test vehicles traversed, four continents from, sub-zero temperatures. To over 120, degrees Fahrenheit to prove the e-tron, is engineered. For everyday convenience, at the first mile and for. Year-round adventures. Everywhere, else in, Europe, the results are in de, new and rather strict W LTP numbers give, the e-tron a range of well over 400, kilometers. Stateside. While, waiting for official EPA, certification. We decided. To see just how far our adventure. Might take us not. To make any claims but to at least indulge, our curiosities. On September. 6th we drove an e-tron prototype, from sea level here at crane way to South Lake Tahoe across. 175, miles on just, one full, charge arriving. With 12 miles of estimated, battery life left a very, respectable, feat given that 7,000, foot climb over a leisurely lunch we let the e-tron fully recharge, and then with the AC cranked. The radio blasting two technical wizards at the helm each Ron made, the hundred and seventy-five mile journey back, to this very spot but, this time it, arrived, with an estimated 94. Miles, of range remaining, now, the difference, between those two trips, can be explained by the most efficient, battery, recuperation, system to date that, clearly optimized, performance on the descent from the sierras back, to sea-level in, fact our engineers estimate, this system can be responsible, for as much as 30 percent of the e-tron z' range depending, on the terrain and braking, as you. Know actual. Range, will vary based, on whether road, conditions, vehicle conditions. Or even driving style and a, lot goes in to determining, epa range and, mpge. Estimates, which I of course will, leave to, the experts but we are quite pleased, with the results of our unofficial Tahoe, tests and you can rest assured, we'll, share the, official EPA numbers as soon as they, are available now. Optimized, recuperation, is the type of smart thinking, that ensured our engineers. Could, deliver a true and proper SUV. With, room comfortably. 2 C 5 and available. Matched towing capacity, to pull up to 4,000. Pounds now, it's also important, to note our testing, took us from 50, degrees in the Bay to over 90, an Eldorado National Forest. Yet eat Ron kept, its cool Eevee's, have historically, struggled to, maintain a proper operating, temperature during repeated acceleration. Or at, sustained, speeds so. What did outtie engineers, do they, inserted a cooling Lance through the center of our electric, motor to maintain, a very reliable, temperature. In adjusting, the cooling system, for the 36, cell modules, of the battery is located outside and. Beneath. The cell chamber so that in a collision, fluid, drained safely, below the, cells of course. Howdy owners, don't want to compromise performance. For safety they expect it all from the four rings for, almost half a century these, expectations have, been exceeded with. One very, simple word Quattro.

An E-tron. Will continue, that powerful tradition, with our first electric. All-wheel, drive system an electric, motor located on each axle, distributes, power in fractions. Of a second to create nearly instant, torque for, control in almost, any condition. This, unique Quattro system actually. Performs, with the same driving dynamics, of some of the sportiest outtie models, on the road today, in boost, mode that means acceleration, from 0 to 60 miles per hour in, 5.5. Seconds, in almost, complete, silence. By the way now, it may sound different it may feel different but rest assured you're, 100%. Electric. Driving experience. Will be, 100%. Outtie now. Before. Election. Truly go out E electric. Had, to go everywhere. Every, day and that's precisely what. Electric has done thanks, to a few of our critical, partners, the, arrival of the e-tron is timed perfectly with. A 10 year two, billion dollar investment being, made in this country's charging, infrastructure, by, Electrify America, by, July of 2019. Electrify. America will have nearly 500, fast. Charging sites complete, or under, development throughout, 40 states and 17. Top metro markets, here in California, that includes a hundred and sixty ultra fast charging sites with, 40 in the Bay Area alone. Over. 2000 chargers, we'll be located, no more than, 120. Miles apart on highways, across this vast country providing. Up to a hundred and fifty kilowatts, to charge the e-tron's 95. Kilowatt. Hour battery, as much as 80% in, roughly, 30 minutes and so, tonight I'm excited, to announce a nationwide out each our geing plan powered, by Electrify, America, all us. Howdy each one owners will receive thousand. Kilowatt, hours, of charging at electrify. America sites over, four years of ownership and since, the map that, only Illustrated, the first round of electrifies, investment, their range confidence, will only continue, to increase, on the, open road in the years ahead now. What. About charging, your each one at home well, frankly we've, made that as easy, as shopping on Amazon, literally. I am equally excited, to announce for the u.s. outtie home, charging powered. By Amazon home, services, their, first collaboration with an automaker to, deliver turnkey. In-home, charging, this, premium approach to home charging includes, transparent. Upfront pricing, installation. By vetted, and qualified, electricians, fact, of course by Amazon's, happiness. Guarantee, of course. The, experience wouldn't, be complete until we've heard from, Alexa, starting. With the Audi e-tron and available, globally Alexa. Will be along for the ride to help simplify your, life through, your Audi data. Connect plan, linking. Your life outside each on to the moments spent inside. Alexa. Are you ready Scott. I'm ready when you are very. Cool so there you have it electric, is going everywhere every. Day with the Audi e-tron now. There. Are two other questions I'm sure many of you would want to ask Alexa, and that, is simply how much and when, can I get one the, e-tron will begin arriving at American, dealerships, in the second quarter of 2019. Taking. Its place in our stunning portfolio, at, the right size and the right price to strike at the heart of the premium, SUV market, in a fastest, growing segment.

Ladies, And gentlemen in the United States our first fully electric vehicle will, at an MSRP, of seventy. Four thousand, eight hundred dollars before any federal. Tax credits and as you can see here extremely. Well equipped some, of you may have noticed a few interesting, details on the e-tron I arrived, in from. The day coat Daytona gray finish, to those orange brake callipers well meets the, Edition one a special, design for the first nine hundred and ninety nine each Ron's built, for, America, extremely. Extremely, cool, car so, when. Can you get one well, over the last forty eight hours, we gave loyal outtie owners, and hand-raisers an early, opportunity to. Reserve an e-tron I'm happy. To say some of the first reservations, belonged to the absolute best of the tech and business, communities, in fact, many, of them are here, in the crowd tonight now. Though it's. Your turn I am thrilled to announce the reservation, system for the e-tron is now officially, open at Audi, and audi dealerships, across the country speaking. Of, we're. Of course just up the road from Silicon, Valley and we. Often hear it's only places, like this that innovation happens, or that you have to be lean and nimble, to truly start a revolution well. We agree, sort. Of for. 50 years our, now, 302. Dealer partners have been the heart and soul of audi in America, local, businesses lean, and nimble enough to innovate, as new products, and technologies, arrived, there. When customers, needed them to ease the transition into. Whatever brave new, world we at Audi were entering and I, thank each and every one of them and their, employees including. More than, 3500. Trained servic, technicians, who will remain. Our. Competitive. Advantage, as we, enter a future, where, electric has full-stop gone, ow d together. Together. We, are absolutely ready because, every e-tron rolling, off the line at our stunning plant in Brussels is proof, that that future is now, and when, out e has delivered on its promise of, premium. Electric, leadership, it, will be proof that tonight. In fact, was, only the very beginning, thank, you very very much. Thank. You. Thank. You Scott for. Your vision your, great presentation. And. For sharing an exciting, vision for. Premium electrification, ladies. And gentlemen now. It's clearly the time for electric to go Audi here, in the US and around, the world the. Investment, Electrify. America, is making mirrors. What is happening in other major, markets, in China, our customers, will benefit from a strong charging. Network and a Europe we, will offer our customers the, e-tron charging. Service, on. The one contract, they. Will get access, to more than. 72,000. Public, charging points including. The high-power charging, network of Ayana t-raines. Anxiety, will, become, a thing of the past and the. Open road you'll. Know exactly where. A charge is ready and waiting. But. In most closest cases, of everyday life you. Will not wait for, a car to charge, at all because, you will regain power at locations, that, you never filled up your gas tank and, that's at home and at, work, so. Most. Of your trips you will start with, a full battery, tonight. Ladies and gentlemen it. All has begun, but. Our first electric vehicle the world's, first true, electric, SUV, injected. By, our Audi. DNA. And from. My point of view I'm. Objective, of course the, Audi e-tron is, the best fully electric car you can buy. Because. This car has the highest, charging. Speed in a competition it. Delivers on our promise, for, strong Jewish, technique with, innovations, like the virtual exterior. Mirrors. It. Has electric. Quattro. Extraordinary. Edge design. Remarkable. Quality. Unique. Precision. And sovereign. Sportiness, it. Is a hundred. Percent Audi. Thank. You for being with us and celebrating. This historic moment enjoy. Your evening thank, you very much. What. If you could turn on all, the light. With. A soul flick. Of your fingers. And, shut, off all, the noise. Just. Listen, for a moment. Can. You hear it. Can, you feel it.

Can. You feel the freedom. What. If you could fade out any distraction. To focus. Reflect. And. Rise. What, if you could take a different angle. Be. The clock. Control. Time, and, space. Because. If you want to push the limits you, need, to turn everything, turn. The world upside. Down to. Be the. Game changer. For. Us change. Is not a matter, of perspective, that Audi, change. Is the transformation. Of, perspective. We, take. Mobility, beyond, imagination. This. Is our. Time. To. Waste time for the baseline is formally, resigned to the baseline will work your waistline for the baseline yet or what your waistline to the baseline, sir were to waste time for the baseline you were working assigned to the baseline will work your waistline to the baseline yet or what your waistline to the baseline. Based. On your work your way into the baseline berwick, your waistline to the Baisakhi for Gary site to the recent. With, your waistline to the baseline mark. No. Jeans. Are, made. Disagree. The. World. See. You. We're. Gonna party all night tonight. Thank. You a tegu.

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+tN023 Just to correct you: tue 75D has got a 75kwh battery which leads to lower range. (I support Tesla but I just don't want to support lies or misinformation.

Model X 75D costs about the same and has probably a longer range, it has more seats, more space and more fast charging stations. It is also available now instead of almost a year in the future. Can't imagine how the Model X would even be better when Tesla would use their newer battery cells from Model 3 in the Model X, it might get 20 to 30% more range.

Nice car, but what a truly appalling, self-indulgent light show and disco at the end! Its about the car, Audi, not some random DJ.... I bet 95% of those there didn't appreciate that terrible end of launch. Took away from the car and its assets - especially its quietness and its caccoon away from exactly this type of noise!

Murray Steward i agree. They tried to start a hype club situation but it just looked awkward because everyone just stood there slowly opening and closing trunks (I’m not surprised). Great in theory, horrible in practice

Jaw dropped!!!

What’s new about it? The mirrors? The battery Tesla does better. Nissan, Tesla and Renault are beating the Germans. Way ahead.

How is Nissan and Renault beatting the Germans? I think that Nissan and Renault are dissapointing, they did not make much of their advantage to come a bit earlier. What have they done besides the Zoe and the Leaf? How are they way ahead of a an e-Golf?

Tesla is only beating itself.

The price and quality. Currently the fastest charging with 150KW. But we will see.

even Hyundai are doing a great job !


Ok wow. Elon encourages the world!

the beginning of the END of ICE !

Just a metaphorical reference !

The "beginning of the end of ICE" was the Model S launch. If that hadn't happened, neither would this event.

Audi's CEO Rupert Stadler is still in jail. In jail! All you need to know about what kind of company Audi is.

Great DJ Ugly car with almost every metric worse than Tesla. What's the point?

35k ?

Not even close to Tesla Model X!

Im from Europe and I love Teslas. Nothing more beautiful than a Tesla

Philip Cnockaert Design a better one. Make a better Tesla! Nobody did it so far! So, gfys

+shubham swaraj Butthurt?

bdumitru07 in Europe we consider the X as a ugly design

this was way better than the eqc launch

Come on, you guys barely came close to having the first digital mirrors to the mass market, Lexus beat you to it even if it’s in Japan

LOL: at 8:04, notice the title "temporary CEO" - and note also the lack of any explanation ("while our real CEO is serving jail time for emissions fraud").

losing it by fisher

Amazing technology and absolutely mind-blowing DJ bear the end.

They quote on their website you get more range in 30 minutes of charging (on their nonexistent network) then the model X dose They say they get 160 and the Tesla gets144 but right on teslas website it says 170 so Audi is pulling some shenanigans lol

+Paulo Almeida You are right. But you can't say that Tesla does not have a better fast charging network right now. So no Problem in any way with charging.

NutellaToast  : Not quite, Tesla cannot use Ionity ... nevertheless, that does not alter the fact that 72000 charge locations are available for the e-tron and that is enough. Besides, most people do charge at home.

+Paulo Almeida And Teslas can use those 72000 chargers, too.

do you realize there are already 1,342 super charging station in America and more being built everyday (every station has multiple chargers)

Paulo Almeida hey I understand I own a model 3 myself I understand the network. All I’m saying is that they miss quoted how much charge you get in 30 minutes on a Tesla and that there fast charges don’t exist “yet” I’m a huge fan of other car makers getting in the ev business because that’s better for everyone. I just think they could of done better

Tanner Henvey  I bought my TMS 75 in CA (I work part time in Pasadena, and the rest of the year in the EU), I never had a charging problem with the SuCs in CA (and even Nevada for the weekend Vegas trip), but I would never consider using the TMS (or any other EV por that matter) on my occasional trips to Orlando in FL if I were to drive instead of flying. In the EU you do 2500 mi across the EU states without range anxiety even with the actual charging network, It all boils down to knowing the reality of the US and the EU. By the time the e-tron is on the road there will be more than enough Ionity 350 kW chargers in the EU and Electrify America chargers in the US.

Paulo Almeida it looks like a decent car it’s just not super efficient using its 95kW battery it should be getting more range...

Paulo Almeida I wasn’t trying to get an argument here I was simply just pointing out there quick charging network Doesn’t exist yet I know there’s plenty of chargers around the US for slow charging and that their website is incorrect in stating that their chargers can charge quicker

Roger Starkey  So, you think that in all the EU there are 9 charging locations ??? People can charge their EV in many different stations other then those of Ionity ... just use your brain ! There are 72000 public charging points in the EU !!!!

Roger Starkey : Also, you are welcome to visit me on FB and check out my TMS !!!

+Philip Cnockaert Ok, I'm impatient NOW, TODAY, they have .......... *NINE* (*9*) locations. They are "building" ........... *FOURTEEN* (*14*). Hardly a comprehensive network?

+Philip Cnockaert Waiting............ Waiting.............

+Philip Cnockaert As I said Right NOW TODAY!? HOW MANY?

Roger Starkey 200 end 2018 400 end 2019 Audi will win over Tesla no doubt .

+Paulo Almeida So, you don't mind "slagging off" others? How many Ionity charging stations (NOT chargers) are there in Europe? Right NOW? NOT in a year, 2 years.... etc.., NOW, TODAY? Not many. I know the numbers. Have YOU even checked?

Just because you only know your small corner of the world that does not mean you know the all reality, in fact you have just proved that are very ignorant, of course that there is such a network !!!

This is so lame.

phototristan True. Lame presentation, but

Ribbed Rhubarb Of course it is, it’s VW/Audi

What was that music towards the end of the conference....??!!!!!

Diplo´s Live Mix

Happy to see more competition, but those if you saying "Get rid of your Teslas" don't know what they're talking about. I'm not a Tesla fanboy (nor do I own one, I've driven them and know plenty about them) but wow: it's more expensive, shorter range, and slower than a Tesla. Not to mention smaller infrastructure. I rather have a Model 3, sorry. It's not even that unique if you're trying to stand out. Why repeat what your already have made? 3 screens?? Come on. That's so distracting!!

while weird futuristic looking cars may be cool, it's not what people really want. Tesla started the electric revolution, but cars like the E-Tron, EQC etc are bringing it to the people.

+Joker Greeting How about "it's going after'..... The EQC? It's ACTUALLY going after the AUDI, METCEDES, BMW, PORSCHE, ........ ICE cars! Correct? Don't fixate on Tesla!

+Paulo Almeida Can I be the first to coin the phrase "AUDI FANBOY" for you"? ENOUGH??????? It's ending ICE! THATS the objective!!

You have to pay for charging through amazon. Tesla charging is free.

LOL ... you cleary are a HUGE FANBOY that don't know anything about what a premium car is all about !!

? This is $10,000 cheaper than Tesla X. How do you say it's more expensive? Don't compare to model 3 it's very clear they are going after the X.


The heads of the established manufacturers are so far up their @$$ that they can't see through their own $#!t ;)

It‘s just an oldfashioned design with an ugly face. It‘s casual, not sexy, not attractive. Looks like a diesel.

Why the fake grill?

Can you tell me where the defeat device is located

Awesome looking car

Looks like the market will be over-saturated in the coming years. The demand for those cars is not that great, the overproduction will lead to a crash of the BEV industry and many weak players will end up bankrupt. Tesla will be the first.

No free revving engine, no clutch, no gears = boring to drive

better than mercedes EC but...TESLA WINS!

Elon go destroy them!

Wo ist der vorsprung durch technik?

Audi getting owned by a start up

Telsa did this 5 years earlier and is a freaking start up. The established companies simply are a joke just as this premiere.

The car industry has become one of the most boring. The technology was already available in 2015 and partly even before. These cars are not up to date.

Ridiculously bad dialogue the whole thing sounds horribly dated like a TV commercial


So what Mercedes did with Sweden, to let some light shine on its brand, Audi is doing with Mohammed Ali, Elvis and Salvador Dali "Mohammed Ali did not invent the knockout punch, Elvis did not invent Rock´n Roll, Salvadot Dali did not invent painting and we did not invent the electric car"

Fossil fuels are made from dead organic matter including plants, animals and HUMANS! I might just be burning someone's grandma to work today.

Tesla is finished !

It is just my opinion based on the information they provide. Lets just wait and see. Eventually they will have to provide specs and admit that they are behind.

So if they don't provide specs, how do you know they are "years behind Tesla"? I see a contradiction in your statement.

the built quality is more than enough, attention to detail, interior materials. Funny, this event took place a 1/2 mile away from a parking lot with over 400 teslas waiting to be repaired.

jody024. Wrong, Tesla dropped the 60 kWh Model as it was not mich requested, but still offered it for some time. For streamlining production, they limited the 75 kWh Model to 60 kWh and owner were given the option to later upgrade, if they want.

Why can't we get anything other than `Dark Brown Walnut Wood inlays` in the interior? That looks terrible in a modern car like this. That's the only thing preventing me from reserving one. Q5 has much better options, like aluminum and carbon (

Really Vh9 wow i didn't your vision of what could have been is so good. Maybe you can predict lottery numbers too

+Coraga 1 the Saturn EV1 from GM was released in 1996. If it had not been for that vehicle, there would likely be no Tesla or Chevy Bolt today.

Eurythmics sounded kinda strange while their car was on display.

Amazing Audi E-Tron. But how epic was Diplo´s DJ Set in the End?! Audi Employees liked it ;-) 41:37

Yes Audi is "ad"jus"ted" to circus which we called CARpple's companies "sciencescience" share parts lol LOLOL

+NutellaToast are you stupid

Sebastian Nolte if they are selling more EV’s then german makers that kind of answers your question?

Probably, and hopefully!!

Yeah and Elon will be joining him.

He will soon be joined by another crook -- Elon Musk.

Garbage technology. No free revving engine, no clutch, no gears = boring to drive

What technology? The technology that has been available for the industry for several years only tesla took advantage of?

NutellaToast  Never said otherwise, only saying that contrary to what some people think, the charging locations are there. On the other hand, Tesla was the worst ever assistance network ... in fact Tesla does not even have a assistance network, and Teslas are a hand full of problems. Even in markets that Tesla makes the larger sales:

That blue.. what in the flying....

Now all following the footsteps of tesla

- give us something awesome to drive... He dont care if we put mud into the gas tank or electronic... Just make it look COOL!

Why would you guys give your money to a car company that doesn't care about anything but themselves? Yea, it's a nice vehicle, but wouldn't you want to invest into a company that uses your money for the benefit of of the world? Ahum... Tesla?

Good job Audi

Starts at $75000? Are you even trying?

Land of confusion this presentation: Great product, very poor story. Remember Steve Jobs please.

In french, etron means faeces or poo. Still in use, Look upi any decent dictionnary.

$85K for an electric Q5? That’s a hard pass for me.

Audi e-Tron coming to a theater near you. Featuring Sark!

Virtual mirrors???? Am I missing something? Why does it still have mirror arms? The cameras dont need to protrude out like that, less than an inch would have been enough.

Why do all Audis look like they are from 1996?

I was like "please dont be drones, please dont be drones" then realised they were drones and things got really cringey. A word of advice if you want to have credibility, unveil your car in Germany and dont try too hard to be Tesla

This car is great and Audi really knew how to throw an event together. Whether you like the car or not, it was a seriously good time! Diplo was putting out some fire music at the end! Check out my channel for a closer look at the car!

+Mic Mag in a few years time people will say, steering and pressing on brake and accelerator is tedious and makes you slow compared to a self driving car. Already driving these electric cars are so easy that any moron can drive them. Because they are similar to driving a 2 pedal go kart they are boring as hell to drive.

+Paul S I couldn't think of anything worse than a clutch and manual transmission paired to a gutless v8 or whatever, all those things slow you down and distract you in a racing situation. Electric cars have strong deceleration from regen braking so they drive like a manual without you having to do anything. Many people still enjoy horses and steam train rides but they wouldn't choose them for daily transport.

+Mic Mag Even Tesla knows that people who end up driving their boring cars will get bored of driving them. That's why they are trying hard to make self driving cars work.

That's the old argument of the ignorant

50 billion dollar startup hehe

right. Its so funny that people are like YEAH, TESLA IS DONE, THEY ARE DESTROYED when in reality this is what elon wanted the entire time. His plan is already succeeding. Saying that makes people look so dumb & ignorant. We need competition in the EV market and its heating up pretty damn quick.

Is that a joke? This is Teslas dream to see major manufacturers move to electrification, a great thing for the atmosphere and the world

Dont do it man, get a Tesla

they are talking about dieselgate

Morquecho Films you mean waiting to be delivered

jody024 you don’t know what you are talking about.

+D Phantom97 you cant fool us, Tesla is King, Audi follows

Ah no

If you buy the Audi e-tron you will be able to take it to your local dealer, didn't you watch the video? (Tesla's don't have dealers, they have their own service centers) and no electric motors don't need service, they also last a long time. A EV will need brakes done (but they last much longer on a EV), topping off coolant for battery cooling, tire maintenance and topping off windshield fluid. Sure if something brakes it will require repair. Combustion cars need air filter,engine oil, transmission fluid,coolant fluid,belts,spark plugs changes etc.

Dealers aren't going to loose money. True you don't have to do oil changes but you will have service on motors, etc. The down side is you can't take your EV car to your local dealer.

Jana I'm glad Tesla established the EV market, but being first to the market doesn't mean you are the best. We are still in the very early stages of EV cars/trucks.

Point taken.

+Hellu Sup In this case it does, I looked it up.

Having a bigger battery doesn't mean more range, the e-tron has too much drag because they wanted to have that ice car grill.

Having dealerships ready to rip you off isn't exactly a bragging point, but hey you're the kind of guy to pay extra for soul so you do you

@Mic Mag They do have 200+kw charging capabilities? Didn't know that, where did you get the information?

@Mic Mag I agree, I just said that the range of the 75D version is a bit less than the range of the e-tron. You wanted to say that toHappy Chris, am I right?

Btw all new teslas have 200+kw charging capabilities

+NutellaToast everything, x is faster, has more range, bigger, more luxurious, full self driving, quickest SUV ever! Fast as a McLaren F1 0-60. Even the 75d is better in every way and costs less when you add to some of the standard features to the Audi

Mic Mag My stats? What's wrong about them?

chriswwe23 why?

Um wrong in almost all stats you typed

Simon Graaf yeah for sure and santa clause exists

Amazing technology and absolutely mind-blowing DJ towards the end.

Disgusting I would say, 30% electric over 10 years, why not 100% electric now! Dodgy cheese ball commercial car salesman trying to cash in on Teslas innovation without any credit

200 mile average range? BFD This is not "best in class" and it's not a game-changer. It's just Audi's late entrance to the game. With critically important components for safe driving (rear view mirrors) at the mercy of electronic failure at several points in it's chain. Humbug.

The virtual mirrors there are stole from Lexus

Design is booooooooring Audi

This is not the Audi I once knew. Lame attempt to appeal to the masses. Tried way too hard. They’re acting like they reinvented the wheel. Tesla has been at the forefront of electric cars. OOOOhhhhh look, we created a $3000 option too impress your next door neighbour, zee virtual mirrors. ooooohhhh, fancy. They should’ve kept it quiet, subtle, elegant, which is what Audi used to stand for. Not the over hyped gm style presentation of yesteryear. I can’t wait for all the electronic screens to crash in these cars, tesla included. I like my old style buttons that I can hit with my finger intuitively and not have to be distracted from the road. But ah, who am I kidding. Driving will be illegal in about 15 years anyway....I’m wasting my time and battery on my ipad even writing this.....

Does it fly?no Does solve any world traffic problems? No Does it stop fossil fuel usage? No Primitive dinosaur technology! They have had antigravitic craft for 80 years, they lie to humanity and sell you this garbage

Top much Bla Bla. What Do they Do better than the rest?!!!!

to cut the chit-chat and see the car 12:49. U r Welcome.

Thats becouse Elon has nothing to do with tesla cars. He just bought company. Just like Steve Jobs did not design iphone or any of its parts.

+A Trimble yea several levels below tesla.

#Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo sorry to break it to you, but this complete package is on a whole different level than Tesla.

I would take the e tron instead of shitty quality tesla.

$ 74,000 ? yeah, i'll check back in when it's $ 34,000.

I’m surprised that nobody has commented about the mechanics working on the cars during the music. What are they doing? Am I the only one who noticed?

Actually the Tesla model x is the suv lol so is this guy never heard of Tesla

Now tesla has to update the MX, because the etron seems much better to me.

You guys took the side mirrors from Lexus they have the first rear side mirror cameras lol don’t think you did that

They have it in series?

Engineers to management:"We are sorry. We dont have a spectacular product for you to show. Its not even as good as a Tesla". Marketing to Engineers:"Don't worry guys. At least the reveal show we planned will be spectacular"

only 95 kw batterie ? that sucks, for suge a huge i expexted 120 kw

Why i think its ok.

Already in 1989, Audi had a hybrid called Audi Duo capable of driving 80 km (50 miles) purely on electric power.

If you start SERIOUSLY building a charging that work today, Tesla should be worried in 10 years.

+Sebastian Nolte Ionity ☺️

In Europe, Ioniry (a joint venture of Audi, Porsche, BMW, Daimler, Ford) have already started it.

+Ted Kidd Ok nice to know.

+ragsupporter no. They don't.

Tesla should start to get worried now. VW and Audi have the power to build up a high power charging network very fast.

How many cars they plan to produce by 2020?

Did not mention if they start building gigafactories. Probably won't. Too bad for them.

He is lying, Audi first electric vehicle was e R8, total fail.

The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan is working.

How are they "stolen"? Virtual Mirrors are a thing on concept cars since many years, so the idea is not new. The e-tron quattro concept (which finally became the car that is shown here) was presented in 2015 and already had the virtual mirrors. The first street legal car with virtual mirrors was the VOlksagen XL1 in 2014 , but it was only a small batch series. I don't know if the new Lexus ES or the Audi will be the first mass production car on the street with virtual mirrors, but who cares. Neither Audi nor Lexus have stolen the idea from the other.

Because it look cool

Yes. CO2 recycling is the future. No one wants an boring electric car.

+Mic Mag LOL You still believe that Tesla don't want to earn money?

All electric cars are finished. CO2 recycling to make liquid fuel is the future.

Nice car. However, Audi's marketing department should rename it in french speaking countries since "étron" means "excrement". Just like Toyota renamed the MR2 in the 90s.

+ragsupporter It does. Just look at the comments on Audi France social networks pages...

+Frank RS You're right. I've corrected it.

It was Toyota...

So it seems not to matter to the french speaking people.

Matthew Davies seeing diplo over and over got old quickly

He said a scotsman invented the electric car.

+Heisenberg Well I do think that they have no other choice but to build electric cars. China wants 10% of the sold cars to be electric, and thats the biggest market in the world. Tesla already sold many cars in China. And im pretty sure that without Teala no one whould show any interest in electric cars.

Seems like you don't know much about how this industry works. Audi doesn't have to do anything. Electric Cars are not as popular as the media is making them. Europe (except Norway and a bit Sweden) is still based on petrol and diesel fuel. There are some steps made into the seemingly right direction. Those car brands have smart people working with and for them. I'm pretty sure they know what to do.

Yes but Tesla never earned money. And now it perhaps will be much harder.

Lots of people like it. ☺️

Qualität und spaltmasse

Audi has the much better service network and much better quality.

they can deliver (superior) quality in time

Yes but they don't even realize it. Its the same like talking to apple fans.

Uh Oh, some of the audience members are owners of dealerships and they don't look too happy, why? E.V's require less maintenance so dealers won't be making as much money from regular service intervals. No oils changes, no transmission fluid changes, no coolant changes etc.

Also Paul i bet you never drove a EV, i drove my friends Model X and it sure wasn't boring to drive. What a thrill it was experiencing acceleration with 100% torque from the start without a stupid transmission that takes forever to gear up.

Paul ok so prove it send me a link. Show me how you can turn Co2 Gases back into a liquid and/or solid at a responsible price so it can scale up.

+Coraga 1 Co2 recycling exists. We need to be grateful that it does because we will have an option of not having to buy and drive those garbage electric cars that are boring as hell to drive.

Paul S HHAHAHAH Co2 recycling wow you are off your rocker. No such thing exists, once you turn a solid and/or liquid Co2 into a gas its really difficult to turn it back into a solid/liquid again hence the dangers of the greenhouse effect.

Intacoola what ? you mean the 1989 Audi Fallapart?

Audi had the Audi Duo in 1989! Although it is a hybrid, he was able to drive 80km purely electric

I hope not. We all don't need to drive garbage boring electric cars. I want a car to have a free revving engine, a clutch and gears. CO2 recycling would make more sense to have internal combustion engine's than to have boring garbage electric cars.

Really Vh9 You know of everything that could have been, wow you are so wise.

Why so much diplo on the screens? Very annoying tbh

Seems to me a tesla is no rocket science. But nice that we have alternatives on the market now.

No need to credit anyone because they are not the solution for the future. CO2 recycling is going to move the internal combustion engine forward. This is great because there are so many people who refuse to drive electric cars because they don't have anything that makes driving fun.  Having a free revving engine, a clutch and gears makes going from point A to B so much more enjoyable that driving a 2 pedal go kart.

Robert M good music but did he really have to display diplo 100 X’s?

+Paul S Or we could just simply enjoy benefits of the ev and learn how to not need loud engine sound in the car... much more conveniened to save the planet if you ask me... and much simpler... how do you even recycle CO2?

+NutellaToast I don't need instant torque. The torque in a gasoline engine is sufficient for daily driving. In a stick shift I only need to do a downshift to shoot off. Doing that is so much fun and the engine makes the nicest sounds that electric cars are so boring in comparison. As for saving the planet, CO2 recycling is the future. With CO2 recycling we can continue to enjoy the awesome engine sounds, and most importantly a stick shift.

+Paul S Direct torque, better handling, fester acceleration and you don't ruin the planet.

Who even buys boring electric cars to begin with. They have no free revving engine, no clutch, no gears, no engine sound = boring as hell to drive.

Paul S try doing that all day with a noisy car. People buy cars because they want to go from A to B not race from C to Death.

Everything is new on an Audi. The Audi is WLTP certified the Tesla Not. So i think the Batterie ist nearly identic. Audi knew how to build cars, Tesla Not. Take a look at the gaps from a new model X

At least they match or beat something to Tesla, Audi's price is higher :)

35k? Where you can get a elektric vehicle for 35k.

Audi talks about their company. Tesla talks about their product and its impact. Guess which one people are more excited to hear? All that said, I do have an E-tron reservation, as it might simply be the right car for me, regardless of what I think about how it was presented.

You did a good job with the e-tron, congratulations, i am impressed.

As an EV owner the last 6 months and believer in sustainable energy, I am somewhat doubtful that the German auto manufacturers are committed to long term production of the electric car. I have owned too many German cars and been handed too many work receipts for $2,000-$3000. This is where they make their money. Or, maybe they have designed a German EV that needs expensive servicing so they can still hand you a bill.

same here, anyone?

We at Audi have the best, we copied others just like Chinese did now look at us go.

DAMN! I wish they left the Diplo set in! ;-)

I really hope Tesla is the future over companies like this.

I was thinking the president of America is Donald Trump...

a real T-urd

I hope this is not made in China

Why should we trust this company when it perpetuated the largest international corporate fraud conspiracy since Enron?

All cool and all, but those virtual mirrors look like c.rap. And what's with that wheel design for electric cars, anyway?

Watch the video all the way through. Because they tell you.

Elon is weak

Are you special needs?

+Coraga 1 I have driven that's why I hate them. Who cares about instant torque or if it can go from zero to 200 kmph in half a second. Acceleration is not always the fun factor. Electric cars are boring because they make no engine noise, no transmission, no clutch. You go forward by pressing on one pedal and to slow down you press the other. It's so boring. Its like those go karts that kids play with.  CO2 recycling

Boo to Alexa...NO THANKS!

They can't make simple egr valve (whom I have big problems with it ) on audi a6 4f , the engine hubbels as crazy. ...... -I believe that this e -tron are going to be worser than my A6 ..... AUDI!? No thanks, not anymore. ...

VERY EXPANSIVE!!! Do you know that not all people that wealthy?

Blah... It looks like a Subaru Outback only not as nice. I love the tech and I love that it is electric but how about a little more imagination in the styling department? Part of a car buying decision is emotional attraction and the beauty of the car.

Porsche built the first electric vehicle, around 100 years ago or so. I have to check. But I believe it was 1908 or something. Isn't that fun?

Thomascampr... did you mean are you mentally challenged? you said "are you special needs" which is grammatically wrong.

+like tobi I agree, Tesla was a huge marketing step in case of electric vehicles. Tesla made electric cars interesting for the middle class & upper. But I don't think electricity & magnetism is the future of car engines. Maybe as a part, but there are already many other attempts, running engines with even greener solutions. I guess Audi and other car brands were waiting until they could be sure that they'll safely make enough sales with it. I guess they'll make a pit stop at electric engines but will continue soon with other solutions.

I love Audi, Been driving Audi for over 10 years.

just Tesla have patent on base battery system . if not then keep quite .

It's cool when a German sentence geht's used for American People "Vorsprung durch Technik" #deutscheautobahn

Audi, Mercedes and Porsche are all trying to do what Tesla did years ago... But now Tesla is moving forward with consumer level cars and a pick up truck. In 5 years, Ford will be playing catch up too.

If you are here to talk about tesla is this or that .. or tesla is better, go and buy to tesla i like audi i like to think that there is people constantly improving and trying to create better things vorsprung durch technike

Beautiful car they will sell a lot imho.

Why Amazon? One of the worst companies out there. I liked this car and the concept of EV's by Audi, until you mentioned Amazon. Also, the car looks like a body builder with t-rex arms with those virtual mirrors. Yeah, it's about functionality, but it just looks stupid.

Tesla started from the beginning with electric cars.They struggled,they fought all these giants car manufacturers, were criticized, everyone said they wouldn't make it, they were on the verge of bankruptcy, and now these come with billions of dollars profit while the planet was dying, to buy their cars....Tesla is the number 1!!!

I watched the whole video and I still don’t know what makes this car so special compared to other cars... No range given. No description of digital capabilities. No maintenance requirements. No nothing. How can it have the highest charging speed at only 150volts?

디지털 비즈니스 세계 시대 시작

멀리 가려면 마찰을 버리는 게 정답 같습니다. audi의 생각이 보이는 군요

Tesla get the lightning in a bottle. Not Audi 10 years later

+Yashar you cant fool us, Tesla is King, Audi follows

Can you make an 800hp version?

This reminds me of Blackberry's attempt to make a smart phone...

Several of good statements, but also lots of false info. Fake News!!

Looks good .... But they are trying so hard to look similar to old ICE cars ...... They could have gone a little innovative...... Audi has the best logo to eliminate the front grill ..... Others like model 3 looks empty in the front.... But still they kept it .... Even in the interior..... They want to resemble the speedometer and music player design ..... Looks similar but not ideal for ev ..... I wish the next designs will look more cooler than this .... For now this is a very good step ....

Other news