Adobe MAX 2019 Opening Keynote - Accelerating Your Creativity

Adobe MAX 2019 Opening Keynote - Accelerating Your Creativity

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Please. Welcome to the stage Shantanu, Narayan. Good. Morning. Welcome. To max. 2019. With. Over 15,000. Of you here in LA, and thousands. More watching online, we're. Part of the biggest macs ever, thank. You thank you for joining us and thank you for making max a movement. Max. Is the opportunity, for us to connect as a community, to celebrate. Innovation. To. Be inspired, by each other's ideas and, to. Take creativity. To the next level, it's. About creating, the future and it's, also about celebrating. Where we've been. We. Recently celebrated, the, 20th anniversary of, InDesign. Yeah. While. I love while, I love all our products. InDesign. Is particularly, special, to me because. It's the first major, product. That I worked on when, I joined Adobe over 20 years ago our. Vision. Was to build a new product with, a flexible, architecture to. Make it the design platform for, an entire generation, and. We, succeeded, in providing. Unprecedented. Control, for. Layout for typography. Including. A revolutionary. Vertical. Text layout engine, codename hitaka made. Specifically. For Japan, in. Design. Gave publishers. And. Designers. The freedom to create in ways that. Seemed impossible and, even today it is, a digital, publishing, powerhouse. Looking. Around the corner and delivering, the best products, to fill unmet, needs it. Was. What we've always a to do when. We launched creative, cloud our vision was to completely. Reimagine, the creative process, providing. New capabilities. Continuously. And enabling. You to create wherever, inspiration. Strikes, we've. Delivered thousands. Of updates to our flagship. Applications. Launch new products, like Adobe, XD and, integrated. Services, such as Adobe start photoshop, brushes as, well as Adobe fonts, we've. Taken a radical, new approach to. Delivering products. Across, multiple, devices and lightroom, a product. Designed, by a photographer, for photographers, is now, a multi, surface system. We've. Reimagined the role of mobile devices, in creativity, and delivered. Products, like Adobe scan which. Is truly intelligent, PDF. Creation for, the mobile era and. I'm, always blown, away when, I see fresco, in action making. Drawing, and painting come, to life on a tablet. Finally. The ability to draw with a stylus, rather, than a mouse. But. We aren't resting on our laurels, today. Is all about sharing. With you the, next generation of, innovation, that's coming from Adobe. Our. Mission is simple and powerful. We. Want to change the world through digital experiences. And, it. Is this purpose, that has guided everything. That we do for. Over three decades. With. Creative Cloud we're unleashing creativity, giving. Anyone, anywhere. The, tools to express themselves. With. Adobe document cloud we're, accelerating document. Productivity, enabling. People and organizations. To collaborate. And transact, business with, PDFs. And. With Adobe experience, cloud we, are powering digital. Businesses, of all sizes. Helping. Them design and deliver engaging. Customer, experiences. All. Of Adobe's. 22,000. Employees have. A singular, focus on, empowering. Everyone, to create experiences. That inspire. Transform. Industries and move. The world forward I. Truly. Believe the were in the Golden Age of creativity. Storytelling. Has never been more reached thanks. To the innate desire to, communicate and, the power that we have today with digital technology, it. Is the foundation, of arts, of culture, it's critical, to education, in entertainment, and it, powers Society change as well, as drives economic progress, and breakthroughs. Because. It doesn't matter if, you're a designer, an engineer a student, or a business. Owner, creativity. Today is a fundamental. Skill. And. That the core creativity. Is actually all about making. Emotional, connections. Digital. Literacy helps students see things in a whole new light and.

Educators. In the u.s. realized that, students, were struggling to connect to Shakespeare. So. The Royal Shakespeare Company. And five artists, including, Octavia, one, of our Adobe Creative residents. Set, out to change that, they're. Reimagining. Shakespeare, for, the 21st, century by. Transposing, iconic. Scenes from Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth, into the modern day using. Photos, animation. And drawings. Ensuring. That the profound, works of literature. Remain. Relevant, and cherished, by, the next generation. Creativity. Today is Education. Film. Connects, us through. Powerful stories, that transcend, time place. And culture. The. Sky is pink, directed, by finale, bows is one. Such story. Based. On a true story this. Beautiful, and bittersweet. Epic, tells. The tale of a devoted couple seen. Through the eyes of, their teenage daughter with. Pulmonary fibrosis. The. Sky is pink unites us in. Universal. Truths about life love. And loss. Creativity. Today's entertainment. The. Power of imaging, drives us to discover new frontiers. We. Have scientists, and astronauts, and NASA using, Photoshop, and Lightroom, to, translate, grayscale, data into. Images, that allow our human eye to see, the wonders of the universe and. Christina. Cook who. Was part of NASA's, first, ever all-female. Spacewalk. Is helping. Us experience, space and inspiring. A new generation of, creators and astronauts. Within. Our Atmos fear and beyond. Photoshop. Truly, is everywhere. Even in. Outer space and. Creativity. Today is exploration. The. Impact of design though extends, far beyond aesthetics it. Can change lives. Limitless. Solutions, is a nonprofit, that, brings, together students. From the design and engineering departments. At the University of, Central Florida to. Create custom, Bionic. Arms. These. Aren't generic, prosthetics, they're, works of art customized. To each child's, personality, through. Designs like Ironman and floral, blooms then, are made to make the, kids feel like, superheroes. Limitless. Unites, art and science, to, address a real-world need, adding. A bit of joy and beauty, to, the process. Creativity. Is definitely. Empowering. The. Common theme in all these stories for us is amazing. Things happen, at the, intersection, of imagination. And Technology. Inside, think about Adobe's, role in shaping the coming, decades of creativity, there.

Are Few themes. That guide our vision, we. Need to empower all, voices. From. Creative, professionals, to students, astronauts. To, office workers we, need to make accessible, the power of rich media so, anyone, can tell their story and. Max. You'll be seeing updates to all our flagship, applications. New. Products, that seamlessly. Blend across devices. As well, as a glimpse of what our product teams are working on in the labs so, that we can continue to reimagine, the, creative, experience, for, everyone. We're. Pushing the boundaries of technology. To, give you new ways to express, your vision. Voice. A our, VR. 3d, animation. Video. Photoshop. Illustration. Screen design, we're. Innovating, to make the world your canvas. We're. Accelerating. Productivity. For both individuals. As well as teams. Because. We know that creators, don't work in isolation and, the creative process involves, multiple. People across an organization, developers. Designers, marketers. And even, all of you as end-users. We. Want you to be more productive and with, assets, now automatically. Stored. In the cloud you, can create. And collaborate where. Ever inspiration. Strikes. And. We're. Putting adobe magic to work through, sensei. We're. Harnessing the power of hundreds, of millions of assets that, you are creating, through, our applications. And learning, from the millions, of users who, use our product every day to. Power our machine learning and artificial intelligence, helping. You work faster, and streamline, your process, more, than ever before. AI. Is fundamentally. Transforming. Computing, in powerful. Ways and, we, see its potential to amplify, human. Creativity, not. Replace, it as. A. Company, we're also guided, by our core principles of. Responsibility. Transparency. And accountability. To, enable, the thoughtful, deployment. Of this technology in our products, and understand. The impact that they have on society. But. More than technology. The. Real reason, for this, gathering is our commitment to the movement.

To. Me one of the really beautiful things about Creative Cloud is that, it has enabled us to have an ongoing relationship. With all, of you and it's your engagement and, passion, that's. Helped shape. Our product vision. Your. Participation, is invaluable, to this product innovation, so, thank you and. It's. Cool to see how each one of you is also teaching. And inspiring other, people through your active engagement, on Behance, which is now a community, of over 18. Million, members, and growing all. Of. You continue to inspire us, through. Your ingenuity through, your imagination. And so. We put together our, own small, tribute. To. Celebrate, this community, that we all belong in can. We roll the video please. We'll. Be. With. Her Smith, traveling. In. The world of, my creation, what, we'll see will. Explanation. If you want to view paradise. Simply. Look. Around and. View where. Anything. You want to do. Is. Who. Want to change the world. There's. Nothing. To me. There. Is no life, I, know to, compare with. Pure, imagination. Living. There, you'll be. Free if you. Truly. The. Golden Age of creativity, may be aided by technology, but. It's only possible, by you the, creators. You. Have vision, you. Dream big and, we're. Privileged, to be part of what you do, thank. You for being here at max being. Part of our family and inspiring. Us to do our best work. We. Can create a place that's. More beautiful, more. Colorful, and together. We. Can change the world and, now. I'd like to welcome our chief product, officer Scott, Belsky enjoy. Max. So, thank you Shawn knew whoa. Hey, everyone, how. Great. Let's. Uh let's, kick off this max with just, a bit of perspective all, right. Creativity. Imagination. I, mean. These are the uniquely human traits that. Gave rise to civilization. Our. Predecessor, species, may. Have been stronger, than us and their, brains were technically, bigger, but. They lacked the key ingredient, that allowed people to organize and, to, collaborate, to. Solve problems, and new ways and believe. In something bigger than themselves. They. Lacked imagination. The. Anthropologists. Believed there. Was probably, some form of brain mutation, that, allowed us Homo, sapiens, to imagine, things and to conceive of a world beyond, the physical and it. Was that brain mutation, that, has allowed us to create. From. The cave paintings, of Lascaux the. Great Sphinx of Giza to, Michelangelo's. David Hoch, sighs great wave and Monet's water lilies. It's. What keeps us creating, as our style evolves. And new forms of media rise up it, is this unique, trait that brings us all here, today full. Of visions of possibility. And beauty, of connection, of the future that we yearn to bring to life our. Imaginations. Are, unlimited. But there's. Still something, that holds us back, what. Limits us time. Time. Time spent. Searching, the web for reference. Art spent. Formatting. And tagging, and toiling, over chores that inhibit, our creativity, spend. Organizing. Every, element, of our work with, collaborators, and stakeholders. Even the, time spent, learning how. To use a product like Photoshop, or Premiere, Pro time. Is, this, narrow door that, everything, we want to create must. Pass. And. So one of our top, priorities for, Creative. Cloud and, a. Theme, of much of what you're gonna see today. To help you, conquer. Time. And. We know your time is precious and, your, aspirations, are boundless, so. We want creative cloud to unleash your full creative potential and we, are so excited to. Share the, very latest with you today so, are, you, ready all. Right. Let's. Get started so creative, clouds mission, as, Shani was saying is creativity. For all and, I'm excited to talk about what we're doing for everyone, of all, ages and, levels of experience we. Are living in an age in which machines. And artificial. Intelligence will replace, many. Aspects, of jobs and many jobs and to succeed, everyone. Needs to be outfitted to do what only humans.

Can Do be, creative, and that. Starts, in schools. Children. Around the world must, develop, creative, literacy. They must. Know how to visually, express, themselves, and stand out with their ideas and so, we are preparing the next generation by. Deploying creative cloud now it's more than 15, million students, worldwide. We. Are yes. We are, we're, also fueling, this shift with. Our spark products which, empower anyone, to make compelling, there's a spark team maybe back there, which. Empower anyone, to make compelling social posts, and put together their own videos, posters, and web pages and, so if you haven't tried spark, yet check it out some of the greatest brands, and social influencers, around the world are, using spark, to be creative, and share ideas in real time every, day on so many platforms. And. Then there's Photoshop Express, which. Over the last year has been used more than 1.8, billion times, to, do amazing, things with. Mobile images so, we are fully committed to bringing creativity, to all through, these products, and more to come. Before. We jump into our, pro products, and today's, themes, I want to express, gratitude. To. The thousands, of customers, including, many of you who have helped and shared, feedback, participated. In betas and user tests, and even, let us watch your work we, have spent the you're understanding. What frustrates, you and obstructs. Your creativity, what. Will make you more productive as, you, work with others and what, you'd like to do with, new mediums, and techniques. Understanding. How you create, and what, you need helped. Us define three, principles, for, our work this year, first. We. Are making Creative Cloud faster. More, powerful and, more reliable, second. Creative. Cloud now enables, you to create anywhere. Anytime. With. Anyone and third. We're, helping you explore new frontiers. So. Let's. Start with this first principle all about, performance. Which. Prompts the question, what. Should you expect from, modern tools and services and he use to create they, should start up fast make, your work easier and, be super reliable as operating. Systems, and hardware evolve, your. Expectation. For power and performance go, up as they, should and, we, can do a better job of, meeting and exceeding these. Expectations and, we are committed to making it happen under. The hood we are fundamentally. Improving, how we build, products, we've, made great strides this, year and we're excited to have you discover the many and many improvements, throughout Creative, Cloud I'm happy, to report that we have drastically. Reduced, bugs, improve. Performance, and attacked crash rates across, all of our products and you. Will see a difference, and things, as simple as how quickly a new, document, loads in Photoshop how, solid, and reliable cloud, documents, are and how smoothly, you can work with thousands, of complex assets, in XD, and yes, our, team, still have a lot of work to do you. Will continue to see progress on, these fronts, update, by update, ok. Now, let's talk about creating anytime anywhere, with anyone, creativity. Has, always happened, on its own terms, wherever, and whenever an, idea strikes and have, as they're always thrived from. Collaboration. But, for much of the digital era creative. Tools have forced us to work alone down, to our desks, and it's about time that we through you, know through the confinement, of the desktop the, inability, to create together and the challenge, of sharing assets, and staying coordinated. With our teams today. We. Will show you what's possible when, we remove these limitations, welcome. To a world where you can just take Photoshop, on the bus or. Paint with realistic oils, and watercolors, with. No mess while, you're sitting waiting for the plane and then. Finish up on Photoshop, desktop, at home and. Spoiler. Alert we are going to give you the first glimpse. Ever at how we will extend another one of our most popular, apps beyond, the desktop. We. Are also, going to share some significant, updates today to how you collaborate more, efficiently the, new Creative Cloud libraries. And the design system, technology, in Adobe XD help. You conquer time in more ways than ever, before, they, make it easy to share assets, and components, to ensure consistency. And they empower creative, teams to work together seamlessly. Finally. Let's. Talk about exploring. New frontiers, one. Of the most exciting, new, frontiers, and creativity is 3d. And immersive, creation, and whether it's four mediums like virtual, and augmented reality or, designing, 3d, objects, for games or modern, e-commerce experiences. Creative. Cloud now offers the very best tools to bring your ideas into the third dimension this. Year we welcomed the substance, suite often, referred to as the Photoshop, of 3d, into. The Adobe family and we're.

Launching The first version, of Adobe, Aero today, which, helps you create augmented, reality projects. Using, tools you already know like Photoshop, and dimension. But. Pushing frontiers, isn't just about adopting, new tools and creating for new mediums, it's also about pushing yourself out, of your comfort zone and developing, new creative, skills what's, the best way to take, your skills to the next level or, to learn something entirely new, ultimately. It's actually, looking over an expert shoulder and wanting, them create, and so, we're enabling not kind of learning on a massive scale and creative cloud with, new features like, step by step tutorials, for. From, NASA photographers, and Lightroom and we're, helping you learn on be ants nearly, a million people viewed. Live streamed, content, on behance this year watching, on average, more than an hour in each, session. And next. Year we're gonna give you the ability to livestream. Your work to electorate directly, from your tools just, the same way that the best game, does not game gamers, do using twitch so, that everyone can learn from you and you, can learn from others and, hey, it's, not just about learning I mean isn't it mesmerizing. To watch an artist at work I understand why that happy. Little tree gets placed there, well. That's that's part of the future as well I could, not resist, paying homage to Bob Ross so thanks for indulging me all right. Okay. So, you're about to see a lot of improvements, to, our flagship, applications, but, Creative Cloud isn't just about the tools just, as important, or all of the services, that tie those tools together so, we have made incredible, updates, to Creative Cloud libraries, and the new Creative Cloud desktop, app that, will make your work so much easier and. I'm gonna show you this for myself. So. Here. We are this is actually the new Creative Cloud desktop application that some of you may have discovered and some of you may have not and this, is where this, is really the central place for everything creative, so you can see all of my desktop apps here but also the mobile apps web, apps everything, are now accessible in one place I also, love the new categories, so this is actually a way for you to find the right tool for you at every level of expertise, across. Every category covered, by Creative Cloud and then, these new product, pages are essentially, micro communities for. Every single product and Creative Cloud so I can jump into Photoshop, and then I have just tons of courses. Resources. Inspiration. Content but also links to the forums, and top topics, and everything else so don't. Miss just. The way of navigating apps, now in Creative, Cloud Desktop of course the resource links to services like stock, fonts, Behance everything, is all here as well I also kind of like the new search and, create. A cloud desktop so this actually allows you to find you, know obviously everything, right at your fingertips for every search term and of course apps help content, and everything related for your searching but, also all the stock content, that you might need based, on a search query now. Can just be accessed here and then, your work this is really cool Creative. Cloud library, is now in almost every application, across Creative, Cloud and. Now everything, from all of your libraries, that are shared with you or that you made yourself are, all searchable. And filterable, all from one place and the Creative Cloud desktop, application. Jumping. Into this new section your work I mean you can see what we're doing here so this is the cream-filled. Library for Adobe MAX 2019. You can see all the graphics, character, Styles brushes, and everything that, goes into making a conference like this is all, aggregated, into one place and of course I can share this library with anyone so, libraries.

Are Super easy to manage you can drag and drop now you can really manage libraries centrally. A lot easier than ever before you can also now if I book Paulo, public libraries this. Is really cool this is a ways for companies brands. Manufacturers. Or operating systems to have source. Of truth libraries, that anyone can follow along so Google material design you actually can see I already, sync that one you know here I have it as well so it's just a great again. Central, way to manage everything, creative, the, last cool thing I'll just show you is that we are also bringing libraries, to third-party apps and so here I'm in PowerPoint. And you can see here's Creative Cloud and then finally I can keep all those folks across teams in sync. With, library, integration and the third-party apps. Pretty. Cool. So. That's. The all new Creative Cloud desktop. App it's on desktop, it's also mobile, and it's, available now and this is just the start, the team has ambitious, plans for this after work, with others manage. Your assets centrally. And more. When. You take a step back and consider the breadth of apps that are now linked through Creative Cloud it's, clear that no other service makes, creativity, is so connected. Okay. So we have a lot of amazing stuff to share with you today so, let's dive right in please, welcome Terry, white is going to show you some of the most requested he has some fans out there that's great some, requested, new features we've added to our products. Really. Major improvements, I know you'll love and how we're using Adobe, sensei the artificial intelligence engine behind a lot of what we do to, help you create more in record. Time. Carrie thanks, Scott I. Am. So, excited to, be here today to not only show you some of my favorite new features across desktop and mobile but, also some of the performance, enhancements, along the way so. Let's get to it let's speaking of performance, I'm gonna start here in Photoshop and this may seem like a little thing but if, you've ever created a new document in Photoshop you wonder why that new document, dialog box takes 3 4 or 5 seconds to come up you'll. Be happy to know that it's now instantaneous. A little thing but, it goes a long way every, single day. Next. Up let's. Talk about free. Transform, last. Year I introduced not having to hold down the shift-key we got your feedback and now. You want that experience, to not only be consistent. Across pixel, and vector, layers but, you want to be able to toggle it based on your preference. And that preference, is now sticky, so, whatever you choose that's the way it's going to be. So. Let's go into warp, one of my favorite new capabilities, now I switch, to warp I didn't get the standard 3 by 3 grid because. I know from 3x3 all the way up to 5x5, and that's and if that's not enough I can. Click to add my own custom, points wherever I need them along the way and I. Get the ability to hold down the shift key and select multiple, points at the same time so. That can transform, this flower to make it a little wider and. A little taller just. Like that. Next. Up let's take a look at making selections, in the past I might have used Adobe sensei's, power select.

Subject, Which in this case it would think all of the food is the subject but what if I only want one thing now. With the new object select tool even in the shape of a rectangle I can, just go ahead and make a selection and Adobe, sensei figures, out what I was trying to select and does it for me. Even. If I come down to a pepper and do that it figures, out that I wanted the pepper and makes that selection for me, now. Wait. What if it's more intricate, the tool can be switched from a rectangle, to a lasso, so, that even if I go around one of the zucchini and I'm using a mouse to do this so this won't be pretty, I go. Around it and Adobe. Sensei figures out that I only wanted the one and does it for me. Selections. Will never be the same going forward. But. Wait why, do we make selections, in the first place we. Typically, make selections, so that we can take the object off the background or remove the background well, what if it don't be sensei could do that all in one step for you what, if it could figure out what the subject is and remove. It from the background in one, click, with one new button here in the properties panel called remove background just, like that. Now. I know are you thinking, that was too quick I've got to see that again on a different image click. Yep it does it on Allen. And this. Truly is how. Skynet, got started. All. Right, switching. Gears now. This. Beautiful, image created, by an artist Isabella May she creates these images from scratch with literally, hundreds, if not thousands, of layers and this, is a five gigabyte, file so, we're going to talk about performance but more importantly, when. You get a file like this especially, from an artist typically the layers may, not be named as, best they could. So. In this case I've, got a lot of background copies, here but that's okay I need, to know what's on the layer so now with a new zoom, to layer capability. I can hold down my option key and just click and it will zoom to that layer and show, me what's on it I can, isolate it, and then name, that layer and I'll stay that one more time, zoom to layer isolate. The layer see, what's on it and know exactly what's, on my layers going forward with extreme, performance, now in Photoshop.

Now. Let's switch gears gonna switch over to illustrator illustrator, is, all about vectors, and of course in this version it's all about performance, as well I've got literally thousands. Of vectors selected, here but, wait let's zoom out because that's going to take a minute right note, instantaneous. Zooming, with thousands, of vectors, in illustrator, GPU, performance is, amazing, I. Love. It now. Wait about what what, about drawing, those paths now, again I mentioned. That I don't have my Wacom stylus, here I'm just using a mouse so, this is not gonna be great I'll do the best I can to, many. Points, well, with a new improved, simplify. Path I can go to path, simplify. And it, figures, out hey, we don't need that many points for that path let's, take it from 28, down to 4 without changing, the shape just. Like that so, you love, those important. Improvements. On simplify. Path in Illustrator now, switching gears to InDesign InDesign, gets a speed boost it now launches, 25%. Faster than a previous version but the, problem we're going to solve today is. The. Client doesn't like that image. I'm trying not to take it personally because I took this image in Malmo Sweden of, the turning torso but they, want a different tower I don't, have a different tower so. Now in InDesign I can right-click, find. Similar, images it, will source, Adobe, stock go. Out and look for images like this, show, me tower images, I see, the one I want I just drag it over I can, replace that one with this one and if, it's too big I can select it and use, the new or improve, content-aware fit, to, fit it down now, if I don't if I if they do like that one I can even license, this image right on the canvas without having to go back to the library and figure out where I got it from all, right now speaking of images. Thank. You. Speaking. Of images as a photographer. I love, Lightroom. I use Lightroom every, single day and I've, got Lightroom here running on an Android device and. What's. New in Lightroom, that I love now, both, on mobile and desktop are new interactive, tutorials. You, might think all tutorials, is another video no, if I, tap on this tutorial by Randi and. Start. The tutorial the first thing it does is it downloads the, image into my device so I can continue working it, then walks, me through step, by step the, steps, that Randy took to get this and that little guide is showing, me what sliders, to move if, I move the slider and I go a different way it's okay I can experiment, with what that slider does to. See what clarity does but, then I can go ahead and lock it in on the one I'm supposed to then I go to the next tab for, lighting I can see what exposure does, and then. Still come back to where I'm supposed to in this tutorial, and I can keep going through and see shadows, see what shadow detail, will do until I'm, on. On, the spot that I'm supposed to be on now that's step by step interactive, tutorials, but wait there's more let's go back, close. This scroll. Up to the, discovery. Area, because in the discovery, area it's not so much about learning step by step it's about seeing cool, images, and techniques, tapping. On one and instead, be walking through step by step you can just scroll through the, edits to see what they were and if, you liked the look, of this. Final image you, can go in and download, that as a preset. To apply to your, images, going forward, all, in Lightroom on mobile and desktop I've got. One more thing, let's. Head back to photoshop. Speaking. Of capturing, the look of things I love the colors in this image if.

I Wanted to create a color theme in the past I might have pulled out my phone use. The dhobi capture, and pointed, maybe at the screen or at the scene the capture of those color themes well. Today, we, no longer have to worry about that because, we're bringing the capture, experience, to the desktop for the first time so, I can go in to my libraries, click. The plus sign and there's a new option create, from image and it brings up the Adobe capture experience, right. In Photoshop, so, I can capture patterns. For the first time seamlessly. Vector. Shapes color. Themes, which, is what I want so, I can drag the color stops around to get the exact color themes that I want, once. I do that I can save it to my library and. For, the first time both on mobile and desktop. Seamless. Gradients. From your image or from a source, file here we go if I need more stops no problem I can drag the slider get more stops and, get the exact color themes, that, I'm looking for seamlessly. All in, Adobe capture, on the desktop, for the first time and those, are just a few. And. Those. Are just a few of, my favorite, things on the desktop and mobile as well as performance, enhancements, back, to you Scott thank you. All. Right Thank, You teri so. Those are just some of the new features and improvements sitting, our flagship products today so. As you can see there are a lot, more and. A lot of these are the result of your feedback so thanks again for your input this year please, keep it coming. Now teri mentioned stock, during his demo stock. Now offers grand, total of over a hundred and eighty million, assets, including. 13 million videos 32, million vector assets, motion, graphics illustrations, everything. You need to start building, a great project it's just growing so be sure to check out the latest in stock. Ok. Shifting, gears it. Was just, about 30. Years ago that. We launched Photoshop you, remember. Who. Remembers the first time they use Photoshop. All. Right I, was. 13, setting, up a new computer at, my parents dining room table opening. Up Photoshop, gave me this feeling, of infinite. Possibilities. And over. The decade Photoshop. Has changed creativity, more, than any other application, in the world, last. Year, be sure to preview a Photoshop. On the iPad the, project, required us to reimagine Photoshop. From, the ground up we, transform, the interface for a mobile touch based world we. Made the, power of Photoshop, more, accessible, and easier. To learn and we, developed, a new way to work with PS DS in the cloud just as we've done with Lightroom and XD, files so. That your projects show up across devices and you can pick up right, where you left off and when. We shared the application, with our pre-release, community, one. Benefit people mentioned, often was. A sensation. Of being, so close to your pixels, the physical, connection, you get when you're holding your work in your hand and making, changes, naturally, and so. We are super, excited to, extend the Photoshop family to the iPad today. So. This first version a Photoshop.

For IPad is perfect, for, compositing, easy, masking, and retouching, and here, to show you this revolutionary. Application. Is my, colleague Emily. Bug Emily. Thank. You Scott. Good. Morning. What. An unreal, honor to be here launching, the very first version of Photoshop, right here on the iPad, let's. Jump right into a quick overview so. The. First thing you'll notice is the experience, is intuitive, on the Left I have my core photoshop compositing, tools on the right I've easy access to my layers all, those things I want to do with them and my properties, panel with, different options depending, on my layer type so. It's intuitive, it's so easy to just get started and we've really focused on optimizing the, experience for, the iPad with new features like this focused layers view so, lets me keep my eyes on the canvas as I'm jumping in and out of groups and going about my work and. Optimizations. Specifically. For the touch environment, so always interacting with gestures wherever possible like, here in the header where I can just scrub to zoom in and out, we've. Even added a brand new touch shortcut, you can see it here fully draggable around the screen this. Gives me quick access to secondary actions depending on where I tap in the app when I hold it down with my thumb so. Here. In the layers panel for example I can. Just tap to multi select and. Depending. On what tool I'm in like you're in move where. I can just swipe to duplicate. Really. Gives me these touch acceleration, points that make working on the iPad quick, and easy, so. It's. Intuitive, it's optimized, but we know none. Of that matters, if performance. Isn't fast because, when you're working in Photoshop sometimes. You can have hundreds. Thousands. Of layers in the blink of an eye huge, files and this is just one such PSD, you, know began on the desktop, it's. Over, a gigabyte it's, got more than 500. Layers but, performance, stays smooth as I scroll through them all and even, as i zoom down, into that very last pixel and bounce, all the way back. So. Thank. You, it's. Intuitive. It's optimized. It's fast, and, most, importantly, it's just a ton of fun to play with so, let's, get started making something and, where. Better to begin down. By making something totally. New all right, here on the iPad so. As I jump into creating a new document you'll, see a familiar screen all those presets, you know from the desktop in this case I have a custom one ready to go, really. Easy to just get started and, I'll bring in a few images from my background from those same libraries, Scott and Terry have been talking about it's where I keep all my inspiration my assets, like, this moss which. Is, that texture, I love but, you can see you, know that bright sky is not exactly the look I'm going for here, and just. Like on desktop, I have those, tools I need to start my selection, like, lasso, and, you'll. See here as I complete my selection. On. The iPad we've really optimized, that experience, for the touch environment, with that bottom bar surfaces, those things I want to do next like mask and here, in the layers panel you'll see when it's added I'm dropped right into it so I can just start brushing to smooth out those edges and get a really, nice blend going between my layers here. Let's. Bring all this together a little bit more using, Gaussian. Blur now, this is one of the most popular filters in Photoshop, really. Powerful for creating the step the field effect and. I'll. Just unify the composition, through color using global, adjustment, layers really. Powerful, these work just like they do in desktop you, can see as I tweak the color here, I can. Get just that tone I want and I can go back and edit this at any time here.

On The desktop today, or next year great. So. My background is ready now let's add a magical, element really make this composition pop and. Back here in my libraries, I have this mushroom, I've been wanting to use you. Can see as I start this. Selection. With my, quick selection tool you, know it's the style I love kind of a video game toadstool, but it's, gonna need a little work to really pop in this composition and. As, I extend that selection using, the lasso. Something. I really love about using. The iPad and Apple pencil is that this actually feels really natural even. Onstage in front of 20,000, people huh, just. Like tracing actually. Breathes new life into this tool which cannot, always, be the most fun to use with a mouse, there. We go again. I'm right in that mask so I can just soften, it using Gaussian blur and then. Clean. Up those edges taking, full advantage of, all that pressure sensitivity, of the Apple pencil really. Natural gets, that mushroom right where I want it, okay. So. Now, let's, add that pop of magic I was talking about right and here in the layers properties, panel we've, made it really easy to add clipped adjustment, layers now this is something people want to do all the time even if they don't know about clipping and that's changed. The adjustment, changed a property of just one layer so as, I add hue sat here you can see I'll, bring up the saturation only, that mushroom is starting to glow and. Again. That. Mask is added for me so I can just start brushing to. Bring down, where, I've blown it out in the cap that, is the precision I expect from Photoshop. Cool. So. I've. Got this lighting effect coming together let's, really heighten, that by playing with blend, modes and here. I've got those blend modes I want like, overlay. Which is my favorite for this type of work with glowing light it's. Really easy to just grab a color. Brighten. It up a little bit and as. I, start brushing here, again, full pressure sensitivity, of the Apple pencil you can see immediately.

That Mushroom is starting to glow really, looks like the capsule illuminated, and then. I can just go back in add. A little highlight everywhere, I think it hits the rest of the image, and. Now that I'm thinking about that play between a glowing mushroom, and the moss below let's. Bring that even further with one more clipped layer I can, bring down that exposure, and then, just start painting on that mask to show a little light from that original layer beneath such. A subtle effect really. Feels like I'm painting with light here. Cool. So. I blended my elements together I've created, this dramatic play between light and dark now let's, just top it off with a little fun back, here in my libraries I have some. Sparkle, in the form of these fireflies, this. Is another great place to use my blend modes like, screen, makes, it really easy to just bring, only the light into the image it, saves me so much time and then I can just create one more level of depth using Gaussian. Blur, there. We go in. Just, a few minutes I've gone from, a totally, blank canvas, to this magical, completely. Non-destructively created composition, all in, Photoshop, and all right. Here on the iPad. Now. Everything. We've seen so far is. Available. On the iPad, today. But. There's. One more thing I want to show you and that's, a quick sneak at just. A few of the ways we're bringing our most powerful sensei, technologies, from, Photoshop on the desktop, right here to the iPad very, very, soon now this. Is still under development but, keep. Your apps updated, because it's coming very soon and. To. Start this one I'll just jump into this cloud document, I have kind. Of an underwater composition, I've got going bridging these two worlds. I'll. Just make a quick edit bringing, in one. More turtle never. Have too many turtles here and. Of course you, know the next thing I want to do, sort. Of integrate this more tightly into the composition start. A selection mask it out and as we've seen already on, the iPad today I have options I could use quick select I could use my lasso, tool you. Know I really wanted that fine-grained, control but a little time-consuming kind, of error-prone, if I am on the bus as Scott said of. Course. There's. An easier way. If. I were on the desktop I would, just use select. Subject, and, we're. Bringing that full sensei power of select subject, right here to the iPad. All. Yeah. All I have to do is tap this button and. There. We go I. Have. To pause because if you blinked you missed it, like in Teri's demo, in. The top of a button sensei, has analyzed my layer identified. My subject and started, my selection, for me saved me so much time in tracing really. Feels like magic here, on the iPad so, that's select subject, coming soon here to the iPad. And. For this next sneak I'll, bring in an intrepid explorer, to bridge these, two worlds, this guy's up to the task of. Course now. That I have selected subject, I'll use that to start and it. Gets me 99% of the way there but, you know never hurts to have. In touch and of course this type of hair is always tricky, to select, if. I. Were on the desktop I would, just use the refine edge brush and. Again. We, are bringing that full, sense a power of refine edge right. Here to, the iPad so, let me give you a quick sneak. Just. Like on the desktop all I have to do is start brushing to tell sensei where I've got a complicated, edge and I want it to focus its magic. And. There we go I sit back it does all the heavy lifting if. You take a look at that mask mode you can see every. Curl every hair, perfectly. Selected. All. I have, to do is that any refinements, I want like decontaminate. And, tap. Done, there's. Our little guy all, these beautiful curls perfectly. Masked, all right. Here on the iPad. Again. Thank. You I have, to pause for a minute because this. Is so, seamless. That, the, full power can easily, get lost but it, is impossible, to make this type of complicated, selection this, quickly and this precisely without, refine, edge and all that sensei power it's. Just one more example of how we're bringing that power and precision you expect from Photoshop, right here to the iPad. So. To finish this composition I'll just turn back on a, few effects to focus the eye and. There. We go, select. Subject, refine, edge these are just two of the amazing sensei technologies, we're, bringing from Photoshop on the desktop here to the iPad very very soon and.

Like. Everything else you've seen today this. Is just the beginning, so. If you already use Photoshop. Download. The app loading, a few projects, just. Start, working and, if. You're new to photoshop or maybe you've been overwhelmed by the desktop in the past give. Us a try on iPad because this is just, the place to start thank. You so much back. To you Scotty. So. Thanks, Emily. If. You, are a creative cloud customer, with Photoshop Photoshop on iPad is included in your plan starting, today it's, also available on, the App Store we have a really exciting roadmap. Ahead, as Emily says so it's super excited, now. As shot. New said earlier we, want everyone to have the creative skills to tell a story. Their story in a compelling way, and there's no better way to, develop your creative literacy, and through drawing and painting, drawing. And painting really. Do unite, the mind the body and the imagination. And we developed Adobe fresco to help everyone experience, that powering. That that liberating, power of. Creation, what, makes fresco, the world's greatest drawing and painting application, well fresco has all of the technical tools digital, artists need including, the ability to use vectors, and powerful. Versatile, Photoshop, brushes but, what really sets fresco, apart are the, live brushes, Adobe. Scientists, spent years studying. Real, oil and watercolor. Paints, frescoes. Live brushes, reproduce, those media more, accurately, and realistically. Than, any other application. Out there making. The experience, of painting, and drawing and fresco natural, and expressive. Here, to show you what you can do with, fresco, is the one and only tile Webster Kyle. Okay. Thank you Scott, how's, my hair, good. I could. Spend my time up here telling you all about the professional, features we have baked into the app vector. Brushes, round-trip to Photoshop layer, blending, masking, and so on but what I really want to do is, just show you how much fun it is to paint so I've got a watercolor, brush here I'm just gonna put a little color on my canvas like so and maybe. This is small and you can't really see what I'm doing so why don't i zoom, in. Because. I really think you're gonna notice the magic when I add a secondary, color when. That yellow touches, that red look at that gorgeous blend, into the orange just. Like the real thing now these watercolors, we, control, with, two simple sliders, water, and how much paint you have on your brush just like a water colorist. Wand and sometimes. I just sit there and I blend colors with no real purpose because it's just fun to look at it frankly all, right I'm gonna add a little bit of purple down here in the corner and every time it touches that red to get a nice new color and I'll. Just pull it up this way mm-hmm. Delightful. And a. Little bit of a bright blue and, every time it took watch that it touches that purple when we get a gorgeous, violet. Color coming. Through. This. Is so fun blend these colors in such a naturalistic, way and, if, I want them to be wetter I just crank up the water and I get a lot of nice bleeding, effects like that maybe, some of you have figured out what I'm painting here. Maybe not but maybe it'll be obvious the moment I add that. Okay. This is a toucan. One. Of my favorite, birds one of my kid's favorite birds and, what, I love about toucan. Is it, rhymes with you. Can and. I. Know that you can create beautiful, art with this app because really it's as simple as just picking up a brush and going, for it so we'll add a little green there if I want to go back to that yellow I used earlier it's so easy because I have a color history, panel right, here waiting for me so, I never have to worry about what was that color I was using earlier it's already there no, problemo. All, right sometimes. I need a little bit but detailed, for detail I need a detail brush and I've got a detail brush right here and I'm, gonna use a darker, color and you'll notice that I'm able to bring, that brush to a very fine point just, like that and this is because this brush will respond to that pressure, sensitivity. So. More, pressure, wider. Mark less pressure less so, let's, give them a little eyeball, it's important for him to be able to see his environment, very, nice here's, something I couldn't do in the real world which is pick up an eraser and just start wiping away some watercolor, put. A highlight right there a little highlight in the eye couldn't, be simpler I'm, gonna go now to my, wash brush and. Just. Bring some of that color down and then, I'm gonna do something really fun which is paint with pure water, now, with fresco all you have to do is select your color wheel at the bottom right corner you'll notice we have a transparent, circle the, moment I select that and then use a nice soft wash, brush all, I'm doing is adding water to. The canvas, so look at how that all blends together, they're beautiful.

I'm Not adding paint I'm just painting with water so. I think our little guy looks pretty happy but he needs a place to live and I'll tell you something else I like about working in a digital environment I can take anything I've made I can unlock it I can rotate it I can reposition it on the canvas like so can't. Do that with paper, sorry paper I love you but let's get serious here all, right now, you know why I love Photoshop brushes and I've got some of my favorite photoshop, brushes saved right here and I'm gonna use a foliage, brush now a foliage brush means literally, I'm gonna paint foliage with a couple of taps like that it's almost like cheating but that's okay we. Use a little lighter color on top for some highlights and then I'll grab a leafy lime brush, paint. Some leaves look, at that very, nice and another. Leafy, line brush why not since we've got it go, over there select. A slightly lighter color maybe I'm. Just, having fun, this. Is the whole point and I, love spatter nothing's ever done without spatter so we've got to throw some spatter on top of everything why Jim as I said so there we go spatter. Let's. Do some yellow spatter how, pretty is that now, here's something cool I go back to my watercolor, brush and when. I paint, over what. I've just done, with Photoshop, brushes mind you everything. Gets wet again see that so. These areas that I'm painting. Are. Picking up all the color that was just put down with the Photoshop brush but since I'm using a watercolor brush it's gonna make it wet and that, gives you a whole other range of possibilities, for your painting I think, we need a little more spatter don't you there, we go okay, great, now, let's take him to move them over here blow them up a little bit and next. I'm gonna dry the paper, simple as this ice a dry layer and, what this allows me to do now is if I go back to that detail brush I was using I can. Paint on top of this and, it's. Going to still acknowledge, that there's color underneath and it's gonna blend all that color but, the lines on painting, the shapes on painting have a clear, crisp, edge so. Essentially. We give you three ways to use watercolor, in fresco you can use it wet into wet wet. On top of dry or wet on top of paint that's still sitting on the paper this is really really powerful, so, I think I'll add a little circle, around the eye like. So and, there. We have a happy to kin living, in a happy forest, looking at his environment and the thing about two cans is like are they ever unhappy they must look in the mirror and say oh everything's, good right all. That bright color that, took me a couple of minutes watercolor, photoshop brushes boom we've got a nice illustration but. I want to move on because I want to show you something, with oils, for hundreds of years artists have been using oils to create these rich textured. Paintings with tons of depth and I'm, just going to zoom in here for a moment because what I really want you to see is the. Rich textured. Detailed. Surface. Of this painting, as I, pan around here, it looks like the real thing and what gets really fun is when I start to take my brush and just. Push all that paint around so, I can blend a little bit with light pressure or I can really dig in and you can see the bristles actually, pulling that paint and over. Here you'll notice there's a little bit of canvas texture coming through now, that canvas, comes through because I'm using light pressure and I'm just grazing.

The Surface, alright. Now if I select some color and then really dig in look at that it, all blends together so. Much fun okay. Now to finish off this painting what I really think we need to do is give this farmer, some more detail so, I'm going to jump out of full screen mode and select an oil painting detail, brush got, it right here since. We have a sunny day you can see the shadows are coming down from the trees there what I want to do is add, some Sun, to the brim of the Hat and the top of the Hat and simple. As doing this, a little bit of color there, we go the. Lighter the pressure is that I use the more it picks up the underlying, color and blends it in and I'm, going to use a bright, green to pop, that collar out draw. On the shoulder a little bit there and down, the arm the. Other shoulder the forearm, just like that we're giving some form to this figure and I think we need to get this leg to come forward all I have to use is a lighter value, of that deep dark color and if. I do this. Then. We get the impression that that leg is bending. And coming forward and just, like that we, have a painting, that honestly. If you were to print this out and hand it to somebody it looks like real oil, paint except. That now I can use undo, and layers so again, cheating but in the best possible way right, so. Folks listen any artists, can, start with a thumbnail sketch in, fresco and go all the way through to a final, high-resolution. Piece of art and give it to their client but, what I love most about this app is it brings me back to that feeling I had as a kid the pure joy of just, creating, something new through, the act of drawing and painting, thank, you very much. It's. Kind of kind of mesmerizing, huh. So. Thanks Kyle, we, shipped a new version of fresco for iPad this morning, with a ton of great new features so hopefully you check it out and, today, we're, very excited to launch versions, of fresco, 4 select windows and surf ik devices, and wok, and mobile Studios fresco. Is powerful. And versatile, enough for professionals, artists. Illustrators but, we want everyone to, engage in the art of drawing and. So that's why we're offering Adobe, fresco as a free, application with the option of upgrading for, unlimited brushes, and a few other premium features, and the premium version of fresco is available, in select Creative Cloud plans since. We launched a few weeks ago people, have already created over, a million drawings, and paintings in the app and since, everything you create in fresco is saved, as a Photoshop cloud document, you, can open your work in Photoshop on desktop, or iPad, to add more effects and, this is really what we mean when, we talk about turning, our desktop products into, multi-platform. Cloud based systems, these. Systems make. It easier to, create anywhere, anytime. And, collaborate, with, anyone, so. What. About the rest of Creative Cloud what. Other desktop. Applications, can, become systems well, today we. Are proud to give you a preview of the, next step in our, evolution. Adobe. Illustrator on. The iPad. So. This. This. This really is graphic. Design. Reimagined. You get all the precision and versatility, of Illustrator but, designed for, touch you'll. Be able to open projects, on the iPad and then finish on elevator. On the desktop and you'll have everything you need to. Build your project share. It with collaborators, and get quickly, to a finished logo graphic, or, illustration. Re-engineering. Illustrator, for, the iPad gave us a chance it's, also questioned, our assumptions, and really, rethink, the status quo and, I think you're going to see an illustrator, it's not just, mobile but, a lot more intuitive and easier, to use and to, show you illustrator, on the, iPad for the first time ever please, welcome Eric.

Snowden And depan Janna Chakravarthi. Great. Thanks Scott so we're really excited to be here to show you illustrator, for the very first time in similar. To photoshop and Adobe fresco illustrator is part of a broader system and using, cloud documents, I can see everything that's been create on the desktop or the iPad, all in the same place and, I'm going to open up this pretty complex, drawing, here on my iPad and this is really important, because the team is focused on performance, is a first-class, citizen in this app so it moves, really fast it's super smooth and this drawing has tens of thousands, of objects in it but, the iPad and illustrator, can handle it with ease I'm. Gonna, go ahead and open up a second file and I'm gonna create a few different, logos using a few different techniques so. The first thing I want to show here is the new rethought. Pencil, tool so, the pencil tool in Illustrator and the Apple pencil are an amazing, pairing, together so. I can start by drawing by just tapping on my screen I'm, creating a few straight lines which is pretty straightforward when. I get to the end of a line I can, tap and drag, and create really smooth vector curves using. Natural, fluid motion and so, for those of you have maybe been a little bit intimidated, by illustrator in the past it's incredibly, easy to create vectors, right here on the iPad. Now. For those of you who are comfortable to pen tool and have used it quite a bit we've also rethought, how that works for touch devices and the Apple pencil some. Would start by creating, a basic shape here doing tracing, something I do quite. A bit here in Illustrator and, you'll notice if I click and drag I start to get exact. Percentages, I get a ton of detail, I'm. Gonna start dragging and just creating the rest of this very quickly. And. I'm. Getting good snapping, and so I've made a few mistakes here I want to edit I want to get rid of this extra Anchor Point all I do is click the delete button the anchor point goes away I've, actually made an extra point here that I want to get rid of now, we have smart delete for illustrator on the iPad and so I delete that point it doesn't actually change my, vector curve so, it's really great being able to selectively, edit, on individual. Vectors if. I want to move a point along a path in the past it would really push, and pull the shape but, I can actually drag this, point along, an exact, path and, move it exactly, where I want without transforming. Sheep. Thank. You na. And. I've, also got the ability to change. Things, by exact, pixel increments, so if I scrub here on my X&Y, I can get very very precise, and that's really important when using illustrator, so. I'm gonna go ahead and finish this up by drawing a little eye here, and.

Now I want to tweak the type I'm really not happy with this typography, and, so if I select this piece of text and I go into my my. Properties, here I can actually change the size I, can change spacing, everything. Right here on screen without digging through a lot of complicated, menus but. If I do go into my properties, panel it's really easy to try out different fonts, on the screen I can. Click and drag and actually preview, different. Fonts instantly, on the screen in my design to see how things look and, if I decide none of these are quite the right font I can, tap and I'll get access to all 17,000. Adobe fonts right, here with an illustrator I can pick one I like and finish, up my design. So. The last thing I want to show here again. Is a really common workflow where you draw something on a piece of paper you, take a photo you bring it into illustrator and, you trace it all over again and we think there's a much better, way using sensei so. If I select this image and I, go into my drawing guy sensei, is gonna analyze this image find, all the underlying shapes and create, an amazing trace. For me right here on the iPad. And. You'll notice if I go into edit this I have very few points, but I have total control so if I decide I want to change something that since I did it helps me get started but it doesn't take any of the control away from me now. That was a pretty simple example what. If I have a drawing it looks like this it's on a rough background there's, a stain it's actually not drawn very precisely, since. Hey can still handle this image and again it's looking at all the underlying shapes and reconstructing. All the vectors here for me and creates an amazing tracing. Of this. And. Because. I have control I can, go. Into this image and I can actually edit the underlying, construction, shapes that will then change the entire vector so. If I end up changing the outside or, these, individual, things I get a ton of control, including. All the points, that I want so, just new ways of creating vectors, right. Here on the iPad so, those. Are a few of the basic drawing and typography controls, I'm going to pass it off to the poncho to show some of the more expressive. Capabilities, we'll bring in to the iPod. Thanks. Eric. So. Let's take a look at some of these expressive. Capabilities. I'm going to talk about the first feature symmetry, I've, got this drawing right here and this very symmetric, as the left and the right side are absolutely, identical and, as, is the problem with such drawings, the minute I added one side those, edits, don't get carried on to the other and have to repeat that process all over again, but. With, illustrator, on the iPad we can simply, use the symmetry mode so, I will go and delete this one half, that I had initially flipped, and with, the other half selected, I go right here and say symmetry, and you. Can see that it is mirrored, and reflected. One side for me I will. Go in and edit some details now I start. By editing this path right here, and. I. Move around this circle as well. Alright. To finish up I just draw the antenna, on one side. Okay. Now. To exit, I simply tap out, and now, when I tap back in it behaves like an ordinary object which means that I can apply any transformations. And if. I want to edit this a little bit further all I, have to do is just go right in and it's. Always connected, and always, editable. So, that was the symmetry, mode let's, move on to more newer things. The. Next feature is called radial repeat I have this form here and I want to rotate and repeat it in a circle how, I do it today is I, duplicate. And, I. Rotate and, in. The process I've done some fairly complex, bit of mathematics. To figure out the angles that I need and the instances that I want and I, feed the manual in a dialogue box that. Sounds like a lot of work right. We. Can make this insane, process, much simpler, by using radial repeats so with my form selected, I go right here and say radial. Repeat and you, can see that it has rotated, these, instances, for me I. Can. Now change, the radius I. Can. Increase. Or decrease the number of instances and, I just went up to 100 and back in a quick motion, and, I. Can. Also spiral. It around. For. More formation. Just. Like symmetry I tap out to exit and when. I tap back in I can. Continue to edit this so. That. Was radial repeat. Let's. Move on to the last piece I. Have. This leaf here and I want to cover this entire background.

With The leaf like pattern and just. Like before I can start by duplicating, but. You know what I don't even want to attempt, it because, with the new feature pattern repeat this is going to take seconds, so with my leaf selected, right here I go. And say patterns, repeat and there, you go it started, me off with the basic, grid like pattern, I can. Now place, it anywhere I want. Increase. The bounce to cover a larger, area much, quickly, I. Can. Play, with these on canvas, widgets, to adjust, the spacing and. It, starting to come together but it looks a little bland, right so I will go into the properties, panel. To. Add a little flavor to this I'll start by changing the grid type to a drop type of grid right here or right I, tweak it further I go on columns, into a flip Y do. The same to the rose, all right. Now. I want. To add a little, more detail that I hadn't, quite done in the beginnings just like before I enter, the isolated, instance, and something. To note

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@Дарья Карпова You're gay.

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@Дарья Карпова This update sucks.

John Morries haha what’s the strange question?)

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@36:19 none of the special selection tools work properly, not even on a screenshot from the keynote... the free transform tool is cool though

**FEATURE REQUEST** I have to say... I am really disappointed that there weren’t any really awesome Spark update announcements at MAX. Page, ESPECIALLY, can use some updating. I am STILL REALLY mad that Bloom, pretty much, went to hell. Why can’t you take Bloom features, and integrate them into Spark Page? It’s the obvious choice, and would TOTALLY move web tech. LIGHTYEARS forward! Here’s to hoping!!

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This was my biggest takeaway from Max. I'm really glad I attended and even more happy about my choice of sessions, getting in depth info and instruction from the guys that built XD in one of my sessions was invaluable. BUT, Adobe really needs to organize and inform attendees better. They had issues with meals running out at certain locations, confusion as to where things were happening, the Adobe Max app was hilariously bad with the maps portion and schedule portion being a exceptional level of terrible..... they really could use a UI/UX designer on that project for next year... The best sessions were always the program developers or professional instructors... the celebrity or expert session were often bad, with people walking out early. I took on XD session where I was convinced the speaker had never used it. It was valuable session for the project management information given, but worthless for implementing XD into that workflow, which was the stated purpose of it.

The amount of quality of life lost by thousands of motion designers because we're doomed by using an over patched 1994 software, as soon as an alternative comes out I'm bailing. I love afx but its 2020, it's ridiculous.

@Artur Kara The iPad is not the industry standard for creatives. Desktops are still the industry standard. Adobe is focusing on the iPad because it's the hot item of late, but certainly not the industry standard.

Is there way to watch "Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity" with Andrew Kramer? The session done by Andrew in Adobe max 2019

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@Artur The iPad is not the industry standard for creatives. Desktops are still the industry standard. Adobe is focusing on the iPad because it's the hot item of late, but certainly not the industry standard.

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