#SuddenlyRemote Facilitation | MURAL Backstage Pass

#SuddenlyRemote Facilitation | MURAL Backstage Pass

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Let's. Go and get started welcome to mural backstage pass my. Name is Mark Pippen I'm a head of services for mural my, co-host, is Haleigh temple's services, lead and all-around, awesome human being for. The next 60 minutes we'll, take you behind the scenes of, a teamwork session, our, goal is to help you gain confidence in using mural in all sorts of use cases with, mural backstage pass we're just broadcasting, the work as it's happening. It's. Not scripted in advance lightly, we might have an idea about what we're going to do but we we don't really, coordinated, Vance because we want it to unfold in real time so you get to see how that works we hope that this inspires you, to. Use your facilitation. Superpowers, in new, ways with your team to, help get, the most from today's session. You know Hayley and I might pull out comment. Area around certain features or best practices, that we notice. And. We hope that that this just helps you orient to, what might be a relatively, new experience, of doing, what you do and trying to figure out how to do it online so. I'm gonna hand it over to Hayley and we've got a tremendous, crowd with us today this is so awesome good morning everyone yeah, hi, and thanks mark, yeah, today I think this is a topic, near and dear to a lot of us here on the call which is suddenly remote for. Facilitators. So a lot of you guys have. Kind, of been just listening, to people using mural is I'm using, it because I used to do meetings in person now, I have to do it online given. You. Know restrictions, and travel and work so how the heck do I make that happen and today we have a bunch of mural errs here. On the call who, have hosted, online meetings in one way or another and, are going to help, us. Learn. Some. Considerations. Tips, tricks, to, help you guys think about bringing your meetings, into. A digital world, so. Let. Me head on over here, basically. What we're gonna do if you guys are looking at the zoom Jacquet and for those of us mural looking at the remote. Toolbox screen is we. Want, to. Basically. Stefan, and Amelia, are two teammates have built this really awesome. Mural that's basically the interactive. Planning, murals so if you're planning your first online meeting, this, is what you can use but. We want to make sure that it's full of juicy, information, and tips, and tricks for. People who, are hosting their first meeting online things they might not have thought about before and, so. That's really the purpose of today is to make. Sure we put all of that knowledge. That you guys have in your heads, visually. Put it on this canvas make. Sense thumbs, up if you're ready to roll. All. Right and I just want to call, attention also to Amanda's Eamon here yesterday, in slack I had, a little asynchronous, activity, which was I asked you guys what's something you wish you knew before. Facilitating. Your first online meeting and for, those of you who are watching if you can in the chat answer. That as well just type, that answer in what's something you wish you knew when you would facilitate your first online meeting so I love these so much so Carly. She was nervous and her first one but of course it's, always good to have a co facilitator someone. Always has your back, I love, Lila. Yours is about making, sure you breathe making, sure you're taking time to connect with people, of, course. With any facilitated.

Session, Don't be so tied to the plan that you miss something valuable and, at. Least you said verbally explain everything I love, about says you know like you might think you messed up but. People, aren't gonna actually necessarily, know that so you don't they call attention to it necessarily. So. And I'm gonna ask mark, if you don't mind as people, are typing things in those things they wish they knew put them in this section and I can we, can add into the template you, got it. So. I'm. Gonna pass it over to, Stefan. In a moment, to, briefly explain what, this activity, is, and we're gonna do and give some more context to this toolbox but. I want to also give oh okay, Stefan I'm only that passed to you first for like two minutes to explain it and I'll go back to what the prompt is gonna be for using this this. Uh template. So I'm gonna put a timer on. Stefan. Take it away I, probably. Won't even need the the full two minutes but yes hello everyone and happy Friday, what. We want to walk through today all, together and what the activity, that will will go so as Haley mentioned this is, this. Is a guide, an interactive, guide rather than just something that you reference, it's something that you, actually can use as you're planning your first remote, meeting using mural, we. Know that of many there. Are many customers, of ours out there that are in you, know the space is quite foreign the, feeling, is for and they don't really know what to do so we want to provide some guidance and, as you, can see here we, we, are focused, on. Planning. Around the participants. Around. The tools that you'll be using and, the methods you'll be using. Perfect. Short sweet simple love it and. We. Don't, necessarily have a meeting, per se that we're going to be using for as, like, context, to really test this template and its effectiveness and helpfulness, but. We do have a meeting of sorts so our. Wonderful. Teammate Sarah is having, a birthday, party we're gonna have a virtual birthday, party planning, session, for Sarah and. Sarah's. Gonna give us a theme, for. This birthday party and basically. As a team here we're gonna use this template, to help Sarah plan an epic virtual, birthday. Party, so, I'm, gonna put up here in terms. Of a prompt, our, meeting, is an. Epic. Ritual. I, can. Spell and type at the same time it's fine and talk. I'm. Gonna stop talking and. Sarah. What's the theme of your birthday party can you give us a theme to, think about and. Well. Since, I was born in the 80s I was like eighties, theme. That's. Amazing. I'm. Seeing visions of like pink, leg warmers is. It that 80s or is there there were many 80s, I wonder. If you can have a little color to that. Okay. So I. Think, we need like a mood board kind of thing here too so. I'm. Just gonna look at the, image. Sure here, for. Ooh here, we go, Cyndi. Lauper. Cuz. Mark you had an interesting career. That's. Right it's why I asked it's like there are other 80s there were well, and and and if you are from the. UK you probably saw a lot of it to lots of Mohawks, and studded leather jackets, and, here. I'm mark I searched you in the image search in Ural, and you you're your, past career comes up so here you go guys mark tip in, the. 80s amazing, that's, right oh, yes. Jazzercising. And, stuff like that ok, so we have a good mood board going. Here and. So. Stefan, what I'm going to do is now that we have a theme we. Have some mood board inspiration. Tell, us about this first section, and. Then. We'll hand it back over, Stefan. Is going to introduce a section, I'm. Going to give you guys as a group time, to work together to. Help, go through this activity and then, after each activity we, want to have kind of a point of. Reflection. And, I'm. Gonna I'll. Walk, you guys through that activity, afterwards. But really, right now focus, on how, are we gonna plan us break a party, for. Sarah so, Stefan if. You can ask us to follow you and tell. Us about this first section I'm, gonna make you a facilitator, so you can view of the facilitators, superpowers thank.

You. Here. We go. Here. We go alright it's, about this first section yeah. Let me summon, everyone. So. In, this first section we want to we, can't have a we can't have a party or, a meeting, without our participants, so this is the, most essential. Fruit. As an essential, group to to prepare for and think about so what. Are what are the different types of collaboration. That will be that, will be planning. For and first, and foremost who's participating. In this meeting and so. The. That. What I first, asked for our participant, here the. Mural crew is -. For. Those that we feel are going to be everyone. We know that we want to invite so Sarah when, we think about who. We want at this at this party, we, would want to put everyone, there their, name and where they might be located, because this is going to be a. Remote. Birthday party at, virtua birthday party so who. Do you want on your invitation list, and where they located, and so, I'll ask everyone, all, my colleagues. In. The mural to fill that out now and that, will be. Our. First step in this area, I would, like you all. All. Right so let's have everybody, here then grab a. Section. Here so Gino is in Reno do. You know did you move there for that purpose. And. I realize, we might not necessarily have, everybody. Enough, space for everybody, so I feel left out. Here. We go so what we can do is duplicate, these. Spaces. So. That, everyone. Gets a spot, without. Giant. Faces customary, he's. Like I'm coming to the body, so. Yeah grab a spot, below and this is a great part of the great part about templates, too is they're not fixed. You, can always add, stuff. In there. And. Stuff. Fun while the team is doing this tell us a little bit about the rules part. There. Yeah. So the. Roles on the right hand side, we. Know that, from, some of our best practices and even in our ebook we. Talked about the, need to have maybe, multiple. Facilitators. As well, because we have we have the primary facilitator. Kind of guiding. Us from one, one, step to the next but then a co facilitator to. Going, to be our backup, where, maybe something goes wrong and this co facilitator is, going to be. Troubleshooting. On our, behalf well as a primary. Facilitate, you're engaging. The participants, and keeping them you. Know at. Least distracted. Away from maybe anything. That may be going wrong and then, we also this, could also be the same role but since we have so many participants, mi, may, elect, to have a note-taker as well and then. If you if you're not. Maybe. For some reason. The. Timer the. Timer function, doesn't work for you or it's. Not good enough maybe you also have somebody keeping track of time as well because it's easy to it's, hard to be juggling so many things all at once especially a mural, that, that. Maybe you designate somebody, to be keeping track of time so Li I'm just. To make sure that as, things are time box that you're moving on time and that you're not kind of getting stuck in in one area of. Your. Workshop, so these. These roles here once. All the participants, are identified. You, as the facilitator that, maybe, the person planning this meeting can. Drag. These these. Circular stickies. Over those individuals. That you've nominated. For. These specific roles love. It so, let's. Do that right now so I know mark, clearly. As the 80s rock star is gonna be our deejay so. Carla what do you get it what's your role. The. Balloon are you making balloon animals for, us because I would not be mad I. Was. Gonna write decorations. Oh nice. Yeah you're you're good all the decorations, actually, like I know you, open to my birthday party I know is awesome all right so Lila's the bouncer. Yeah. You, know people might crash, the party on zoom' and, we got true. We've, had resume on everything, our data or something resume, bombing so I'm gonna bounce it out I love. It that's, actually, it was super necessary, all right, Chris. I love the visuals, we have in here so Chris is making a cake I'm, guessing. Right. And. Then, oh. You. Know what's a really good dancer also so that's perfect. And you. Can dance on the bed I'm sure, your fiancee will not be mad about it.

Danny, Oh my gosh and Daniel we, had dance party at our team off-site and they're, actually, some great dancers and performers so, Daniel is gonna be performing, well. What are you gonna do Alisha's. Karaoke. The. Hype man I think MC. Yeah. Love. It love it okay awesome, all. Right so I'm gonna have us then, so, I think basically, so, what Stefan what you were saying is the point of this for a meeting. Itself, professionally. Is that. Everybody, in your meeting you. Have to have roles there are people who are gonna play certain parts in a meeting so. Facilitator. Note taker timekeeper. A co-facilitator and, it's important, to identify who, those people are and to, make sure that those people are aware they're. Responsible, for it so, once. You have identified those, roles as the facilitator, and planner it's, essential. To. Communicate. That ask people, and make them clear about those responsibilities. All. Right so let's go on to the. Shape of our. Team. Because. Teams. Have many, many shapes so Stefan tell us about this. So. I think, that one. Of the thinking, about this think about where your participants, are so now that you have on you've. Just identified, all. Of your participants, in the meeting. Make. Make note of their location, are, there any overlapping, locations. Or are they located somewhere, else and if. In the case of today, where, where we are. All. In a different location, when. You are, looking. To identify the shape of your team here. In this template, it's important, to. To. Recognize that and we've, grabbed. The, idea here is to drag and drop the finger that you have here. And in this area over the shape of the, current shape of your team or your participants. I think. A lot of people are. I think most of us are all a remote. So this right now is the. Shape of our team for, furthest, for this particular meeting. And. I actually my, initial, thought about this this, first this section I love that we call and identify, it I also, wonder, if we say okay given we know everyone's. Going to be remote, what, are at, this party what, are some things that what are some considerations, we need to have, for. Making, this event, successful. And so, I just made a box here, at the bottom and if. We, could take a minute or so for the group to add like what are some things that we need to think about to make that successful I'm, just going to give us a minute on the timer. So. You guys are the. My. Mirrors, are already. Adding, some. Considerations. Here. So you guys are so good at this, but you, might want to give instructions, alright so.

Yeah. What device these kids are gonna use time zones local, customs. Wi-Fi, is a big one for sure oh, I. Like that what are people gonna be eating or drinking depending. On their local time because right now it's morning for us so we're having coffee but. Lila. And vow and Daniel are in Europe so they might be having a more a stronger. Libation. And. Yeah. Breaks. Activities. Pre. Work in a way so mark. If you want, people to give you requests, for great eighties tunes that, might be a pretty work item. Wonderful. So. I'm gonna call this this. Just like a considerations. All. Right so, that's our one minute really quick and. I'm, gonna have us go on over to, location. So Stefan. Tell, us about the Sun. Yeah. So you as as the. Person planning this this meeting, and in, our case our, birthday, Sara's birthday party, we, can take the locations, that we have on the left hand side where we've already, kind. Of outlined, or identified, the locations, of everybody, and, the, idea here is to. Pinzon everyone's locations so, you can see it visually represented. Here in your in your in your planning, mural so, again. You can get the understanding, and then we've also linked, here a resource. Called world time buddy it's used often across here. Internally, at, mural, I've does. Of you have used it before it's super, helpful where you can compare multiple time zones as, you're, looking to find the best time for this meeting or in this case our birthday party I, love. Both time buddy that's a great one and. Nice to have that linked, in this in this mural so. So. Tell me more. I, guess we can do this right now but. Yes, just, so in addition here some of the other kind, of. Questions. Other, than where are they located but how many hours are there between these different locations. Does it make sense to have multiple, parties. Or multiple, meetings as well. If. If not everyone, can participate at, the same time are, we going to be recording, this meeting and sending out to those that that couldn't attend, how, does this context.

Of This meeting or in this party differ between all of the participants, that we that, we want to join. Wednesday. I wanted, to interject quickly, there a couple people like boy we wish we could read all these notes I was wondering if you could show them the, tip the Z zoom tip and also. When. We're when we're typing stuff into notes just zoom in a bit so people can can see because they're I'm adding things that they're sharing in that chat okay, thank you I appreciate that so yeah if I hold the, X, key, down, and. I, go over a sticky note it'll make it a little bit bigger like that so. You don't have to send them in and out and you, can see they assume don't see, the big picture and zoom and see the details exactly. So. I'm. Gonna give the team instruction. And I'll go back in and hover over those but Sarah. What time do you want your party to start in Buenos Aires. And. I'm. Easy because. It'll. Have to be early or late I think so. For. Europe we can't go too late. Daniel. We sleeping and, Wow. People and so. Maybe, early. -. I reached time. Okay. So. 5:00. P.m. beer. O'clock that, we have very different definitions, of, time early and late in Buenos Aires because bedtime, for me is like 10:00 and you guys are like that's. Dinnertime and I'm going out. Time. Okay, so 5:00 p.m. be a so what I'm gonna have you guys do is. Complete. This our activity in terms of okay when it's 5:00 p.m. da what time is it going to be for our teammates in Europe in California. And, if, we can also calculate just the time difference, in terms of the most extreme case which I think in this case visually is, Europe. So Germany and Southern. California or Oregon and. While. You're doing that I'm, gonna give you guys I'm, just about two minutes in the clock right now time, box us I'll go back to some of these considerations because. It's. Wonderful to have the, knowledge of this team here just, visible, for policy so. Important. Is of course in any me being you get a schedule breaks, I think we forget about that a lot when, we're online. But. It's definitely important to give people and respect. Humanity, that we need to go to the bathroom need a stretch need, to have a drink. What. Else what else would you gonna call out mark or. At let's. See I was actually in Hawaii than I was doing the calculation, for what West Coast time would be with world time buddies so it's not too bad it's like 1:00 p.m. if it's 5:00 p.m. in Buenos Aires it's like 1:00 p.m.. Post. Lunch coffee or post lunch there. You go if it's Friday afternoon. Anything. Afternoon is fair game these, days on, a first, I. Like. To. Call attention to, so you said, I'm and I was in Hawaii so tell me about that oh sure, so, we. Have some when, we set up our roles we also think about some rules some, protocols, and meetings to help things keep moving so one popular, one that. Many agile teams use is Elmo. Enough let's, move, on right so you give the team anyone on the team permission you just call Elmo, so if two people are having a discussion, that's not of interest to everyone else someone. That's not interested, to say and call Elmo what, I was using is the one where. Our attention is going, to be divided we don't have a hundred percent attention on exactly, what everything, that Stephane or Haley is saying all the time we, have things popping up and we might be distracted, and that could be embarrassing if someone suddenly talks, turns to you and says so Marc what do you think about that you're like deer. In the headlights so. But if you give permission to just say oh I was in Hawaii I was in an exotic location somewhere, far away, and. Then you you there's, no. There's. No embarrassment, I don't try and answer a question, that I didn't hear and further embarrass, myself you, can just get things back on track repeat, the question and bring the person back in so I, love, that one and I think it also highlights, like considerations. Our ground rules and protocols that you need to set at the start of any meeting, or party so. Thank you for that I love that you share with me so. This. So, I just want I just I'm hovering over the map to see you know when the party's gonna start and.

We Can also do like a nine hour time range so this is a good way to think about and be mindful, of people's time zones so if you're in a meeting and you're working at someone later, on someone's schedule how, to be respectful and schedule accordingly, so. Team. What I'm gonna do is, we've. Covered our first section and we. Kind, of got, into a rhythm and, what I want to do is give. You guys some time to. Think. About. Feedback. Or. Tips. Or tricks or things that you, would want to see on here given, the exercises. That we just did so. Over, here I want us to do an activity called. Plus. And Delta and so. I. I'm. Not. Going to talking and knee rolling in a future. But basically, what I want us to do is think about what are the pluses what are some things that. That. Are on here that are helpful to somebody, planning, their first meeting remember this is somebody they're never done a removal, meeting before and they. Need to be successful and then the deltas, and, I'll I'll find Delta symbol but but. Oh thanks, mark um, what are some things that after, doing these first three exercises, what are some things that are missing in terms of information advice. Tips. Tools. That, we could put in here to make it more valuable. To. Somebody. Who's working for the first time Delta, airline thank you that's exactly what I was thinking so. Mark. Is my, partner, in crime and has made two sections, for us basically to look at so I'm gonna give you guys another. Two. Minutes or so to think. About the, plusses and Delta's, what was helpful what, worked well what was enjoyable, and the deltas what information. Would you add was, missing, what, are some additional tools or considerations, you would like to see in here, and. Haley, I'm sorry. The. Context, of what. Went well for. Or. Like what's missing from what, from, this this to this that's, the last three activities that, I got in here yeah all right that's what I thought that was. Yeah. If you're sure you clarifying, - I. Think. That's an important part of the psychological. Safety part that we've built in this seem right is like when we're not sure or, we're, not paying attention we're. Open about it like, I was in Hawaii or like I don't know what's going on it's not just like hmm I'm. Good, exactly. Yeah I don't wanna distract, by not. Doing the right thing and keep. It going over and over again that you were in Hawaii. Illinois. I. Was, actually thinking about while, you were explaining it to be honest was Hawaii, because. As you said Hawaii I'm sorry. Like. We. All just went to Hawaii. Yeah. Alright, thanks, Haley yep. So. Yeah remember like, the prompt is what. Was, missing what are some tips need to add some tools and for. Those of you who are on the call and watching, please. Feel free to add that as well and what I'll recommend for, you and the chat is to write plus. And then a colon and then whatever, your feedback was or then Delta, :. What your feedback is and we can add that in as well because you guys even, though you can't share with us verbally your. Wisdom. Isn't much appreciated.

Alright, I'm gonna add one more minute and. You, guys are gonna see it I'm talking, and typing, and everything in real time and so that's I, oh we always work a co-facilitator but, I don't, recommend, just. Doing things in the fly like prep we. Have a request, to zoom in again so people can kind of see they don't want to duplicate okay. Apologies. Yeah. So the. Date I added also like the prompt and the context, for the meeting would be really helpful to have up top too. So, that people know like what is this specific one for I. Was. Sorry I mean because we made a mural, for my birthday party and I forgot the date and everyone, was like that looks so cool by one, yeah. Yeah oh. I. Think that's really cool to look adding the screenshot, of the different, time zones would be really neat so that it's, visible. Okay. Interesting the report out session, aspect. All. Right. All. Right great. Thanks guys all right so I'm gonna ask the sake of time and should I move forward to. Let. Me actually before I do that over the, pluses, too so we, identified, roles it's, really interactive, which is great yeah so you can see you can plan a meeting or a party with people from any location. The. Fact they were talking about functionality, in here, Stefan, did you have any questions, or Clara I mean you're the one, iterating. This any questions on anything added. So far. No. I'm not seeing anything all. These are this is all great feedback I'm spending most time and it Delta's, just. Because mark has taught, me that feedback as a gift so I've embraced that mentality more, and more week, over week so. I draw my attention to, the Delta so I. Think. Planning, to keep participants, focused and, and. The date are are great, is. Great feedback. For. This first section. I'd. Also, just I'm putting additional, pluses, on ones from, the the audience, that, have said oh yes +1 to what Gloria said possible that's, cool so, I'm just letting you know it's there's one note there but there's more, there's heavier sentiment, around those things coming from from. Our audience okay, so. I think a lot of this content, to also cover some of the stuff that comes. Later, on in this plan in canvas we spent a lot of time focused here but I want to make sure that we move forward to, the, next section here so I'm gonna summon everybody, over, here so, you guys are looking I'm, looking at and, Stefan. Tell us about this section. Yeah. So now that we've identified our, participants. Now it's. Time to think about the tools that we might use to make this this. Party, this birthday party is successful, or our meeting successful what. Are all of the. All of the considerations. That we we. Might have to make when, thinking, about having, a successful meeting because when thinking about when you're transitioning, from analog, to digital you. Don't think about meeting some. Certain, tools to communicate in real-time because you're there and in in front of them in, the flesh right I'm so, thinking about what, tool and does everyone have access, to that so, what. We have here is a. Toolbox, and, the. The. Idea here is to, look. At the the tools down below and drag them up into each of their they, kind, of these areas, these functions. And, based. On what. Tool you'll be using you'll, be then with, yet the end goal is to have one or, two tools, identified. For each of these functions that you see here and there are six across, in this row from, a file sharing all the way to digital devices, I was. Gonna I was gonna suggest we do it can you do is zoom in and a pan because again it's like there's there's lots of really interesting text, but, it's, great to see the overview but then sometimes zooming. In so people can really see the detail because it all just, looks like a fantastic distant. Kind, of, mosaic. We. Have people asking how do you summon each, other yeah, sure so it's, a facilitator, superpower, so anybody here, with a little star on their avatar, the bottom can, summon everyone. Else can follow. But. Here, I just hover. Over my avatar, don't click on it and I, can click summon everyone so now I I, do this a lot throughout a meeting so, that everybody, is seeing what I'm seeing at, the same time it's kind of way to say like hey get over here I want you guys to be looking at the same space. That. I am. Nevada. Is asking but what's the difference between the follow me and summon that's. A great point and so, follow. I think is a little, bit gentler. In a way it's kind of you, can Soviet vote just asked me to follow him so I. Can. See what about seeing and I think it's a little bit more.

Yes. I said you mark you guys. No no that was fine I was just I was I had the luxury of being able to think about the question while you were actually answering, the question so anyone. Any, member, in the canvas can ask to be followed so if you harken back to the days of, asking, you, know passed the baton or I'll take over the screen share in meetings when meetings used to be just sharing, our screens and someone else would present well we've it's, kind of all been collapsed, into the avatars and you can quickly just see what other people are saying, by clicking on the avatars they, invert, so that's if I want to see what you're looking at if you want me you want to invite me to look at what you're looking at then you can go to your avatar and say a request, to be followed and then, people if they're working on something that. That, little pop-up will stay there they can finish their note and then click and then catch, up with the crowd as a. Facilitator. Sometimes. People are just genuinely lost, or if. The, mural, looks the same there are couple activities, that look really similar it's super, easy for someone to be looking at something and tracking right along they're just looking at the wrong copy of it so, with summon it allows. Everyone. It allows a facilitator, to get everyone, oriented, to the exact same view, but. That lock only stays. You. Stay in sync until, you click and pan away so you can break that at any time it's not forcing. People to follow you forever it's, just kind, of hurting, the the cats and the butterflies into one view and then resetting. Everyone's. View so you can keep keep, things moving may. I add one thing. Really quick Amy and work yeah. So, my customers really like it when I explain it slam this to them in this context, but when. You're a facilitator, in person, you know how you can kind of walk around and look over people's shoulders and. See what they're doing and say hey. Think about this, or hey broaden, your perspective, I just, wanted to point out that following. Can be. Done. In that fashion, as well you don't have to ask for. People to follow you all the time if Haley wants to see, hey how's Sarah doing today let me see what she's adding to the canvas Haley. Can just click on Sara's, avatar, or wow it's avatar or my avatar, and it's, essentially, like she's, walking up behind, me to, see how I'm doing mm-hmm. I. Was. Gonna say in the map the. Mini-map in the corner on the the browser version some. People don't. Even notice it or it becomes invisible over, time you forget it's there but, that mini-map is an is an overview of the entire mural, and the colored rectangles, correspond, to the colored, circles around the avatars so as a facilitator, you can look over and see it's. Generally, everyone kind of in one area or they really spread out and.

You Can actually navigate quickly, around the map just by clicking on the map it'll like force, it you'll you can drive your view just by clicking around on the map itself mm-hmm. So. I want, to. Test. This, section. Out here, too as you go through so. Let's. Think about and Sarah as the party the party girl, my. Birthday girl what, tools. Do you think you would want or you might use for this party to get people together and. Well. Definitely. What we're using now we roll and zoom. So. I'll put visual. Creation, mural, I. Would. Like I don't know if this is possible but I know zoom, has the breakout, rooms and maybe. Different, breakout, rooms with different music or activities. So. We all have the zoom I couldn't hear me put that in there. I'm. Sorry it's very used to be anybody's with me and she doesn't like my music. What. About you. Mark. What are you gonna use for DJing, I, was thinking about we. Recently, found. A way if you share computer audio that, you can start pumping. Through audio and. Sharing. It with a group so if I happen to be screen sharing through zoom I can also probably. You Spotify, and I'm guessing I don't, use it that much but it seems to be what everyone else, uses to build lists, and from what I understand, I could collect individual. Lists and build like a mega master list and kind of shake it out D do all that kind of stuff and. Kind of crowdsource, music, and then add some of my own surprises, in there too, nice hey. What about trying. Out the, Netflix, watch party, that, they just came out with where you, can all log into a URL and watch the same show on the same timing. That's. That's, a great I love, it. So. Like one breakout group, could be music and dancing and being weird and then another one could be like mellow, watching. A comedy or something, I. Love. That so. I guess that was kind of going to I don't know. Sharing. I guess for this in this context. Yeah content, sharing you could say okay. Haley. It. Would be cool to point, out that doing this suddenly remote, situation. A lot of people who's not used to this it's gonna be like having. To use this tool so we thought this would be very good for preparation, for like asking all the participants, in advance or like, down the tools and start getting used to use, them right now with this current situation. Okay. So I, think what. You're calling, out Carly, is it's. Great to know the tools identify. Them but then as the party. Organizers, we need to make it clear how we're gonna get people access or ask people to get. Access. Okay. So, that's I'm gonna, ask you to bring that back up to later, when we're doing the plus deltas because I mean it's a great point I. Do want to pan over to and I'm gonna ask you guys if you guys are actually can click on my avatar and follow me that way. You'll. See how that works but Stefan. Can you tell me a little bit more about, this. Section here because I'm not very I'm not. Sure what to do with this one, yeah. I think as. I am reading. Or looking at thinking about this more, just. Real-time feedback to myself I, think these areas, should be flipped, because this, question here and what's what's, shared. Here, are examples. Of, why we might be or how might we be engaging, people with fire file-sharing. Or real-time, communication. So reasons, to have a tool, in place for these functions are. Is. What is shared here so. If people using. This template, would be able to review, this beforehand, and then pick their tools I think that might be the better way of going about it but. We. Might we, might see otherwise in our feedback later so. It's the point of the, this section, to say okay, well I'm. Gonna use the file sharing - like we mentioned for you know Netflix, and Spotify is, to. Bring. People together or. -. Like. I'm trying to think about how these these, two elements work together yeah. So I might use these to plan a meeting, yeah, so you if, you're if, you're uncertain, about which tool to pick.

Or Reasons. That have a tool for let's say file sharing we've, included here, reasons, why. You. Might want to have a tool in place for let's say file sharing so for example we can see here in the yellow stickies. Source. Of truth or ease of access, or for. The sake of transparency. Being, able to upload pictures to a folder uploading. Artifacts, from, from. Meeting to drive so. Having that in place is. Would. Be essential. To to, engage for, for, that purpose so you're looking at the the. Purpose, or like then the job to be done by, the tool before you, choose the tool, exactly. Which is why I think that this area should be. Before. The tool box itself yeah and, I'd be putting this okay. How about sorry. I was gonna say would it make sense to, do. Like you have these bronze here for you would it make sense to maybe do like a quick voting session on its own each to. Determine. Like what we think is most important, in a section. Yeah. That's an interesting way to get everyone cuz everyone's gonna look at the tools neither out of familiarity or perhaps they know something that tool can do that other people don't, use it in that way so then, you would foster, the communication, you like interesting, so you. Know - people chose, Spotify, you. Know why and someone says well I know you. Can embed it in this way and when people show up they can start their own playlist you go oh didn't think about using it that way and something they'll say oh like you could actually stream, to everyone in the breakout room oh so, you start actually building out more, use cases for, something as opposed to just assuming, it's only got one eye like that suggestion, about that's a that's, an interesting way to drive it yeah, so. I'm actually gonna have us it's. The interest of time to like and I think now that there's context, for these to do, the same activity, the pluses and Delta's where and let me duplicate, or mark if you can oh yeah, you bet real quick so, what.

For. This section specifically, what, are some things that you like about this section of that are helpful and then, the, deltas, are gonna be, suggestions. Tips, tricks. For things that are missing or things. That we need to add to make this more valuable to the. Somebody. Building a meeting so Stephan you said flipping this is the sections. Carly. You. Had to remind me what yours was. Adding. A section about accessibility. Or how is that the meeting facilitator, going, to make sure that everyone, has. Access to the tools beforehand. I'm. Adding a section on that so I'm gonna lock these sec these lines, and stuff down so. That. You. Guys aren't worried about moving them around but let's take a couple minutes right now to. Start. Capturing from the pluses and Delta's, for this specific. Section on. Tools. And capabilities and. Excuse. Me Queen Haley yes. There. Is a question, in the Q&A that I think would be really cool to try and demonstrate right, now it's. From Andres, he says he usually draws on the backgrounds, on real white boards, really. Really, relies on, hand-drawn stuff yeah. He, would, like to know how we recommend, to put a drawing in as a JPEG, so. I was thinking like first we could talk about like how to bring, in files that are you know drawings from other sources but maybe someone, on the team could start drawing, their pluses and Delta's on the campus and explain how. You could draw, directly in mural, as well, yeah. Yeah for sure so hi Andres we've. Been talking a lot about visual, collaboration, and stuff together so um. Does. Anybody have a drawing mark do you have a drawing tool right yeah, I do I'm, is this mural, in services. Or is it in. Services. And then it's in backstage pass okay cool I'll be there in just a second and then I will, disclaim her try. And draw using, my, mouse and, enabling. The draw mode so, that little pencil on, the, toolbar at the very bottom thanks. For showing Hayley I will. Start trying to use that and drawing it's not going to be pretty but, if. You can do like a squiggly bird or something so I just you're a squiggle and then I'm gonna draw a little bird so. This is with Mouse drawing so I swear, I don't draw like a, kindergartener. All the time but they're, great, drawing capabilities and, Ural that if you have a tablet. It's. Great, and, then I'll also show, while the team is finishing, up capturing if you, are using another tool or app like procreate, or I use. Bamboo paper to, draw I can save, that image and then, I can import. Images, from, my computer or from. Onedrive or Dropbox, or I can simply drag them in so, if, I have a picture. Right. Here of, me actually drawing on a surface. In, mural I can, just drag that in and there's about being, weird and behind me. He's. Like hi. So. Yeah so. That's that's how I would I would use it but I've done some really cool graphic recording and stuff in mural, before. Oh there, we go someone's writing on a sticky note perfect. Alright, so let me just quickly toggle over these pluses and Delta's so. The. Pluses. I love. Ya, being. Able to me. Aligning. The tools to their purpose yep purpose first, using. Tools for something other than work is fun since we're doing it for a party and the. Deltas. Making. Sure everyone's familiar with the tools yeah something about great. If somebody's not familiar with a tool like mural how are you going to introduce it to them and thinking through that. Adding. A section for ya preparing, yourself to get people access. Wishing. It were simplified.

Who. Wrote. This simplification. One, maybe tell us more about that I did. I think, it's because. Going over all of the. Icons. Perhaps. I'm familiar with these tools but someone who wasn't might, feel a little bit like oh this. Is a lot, like. I don't know what Trello is or I don't know what these different tools are and what they do so, that's fair logistics, checklist, oh my gosh that'd be so helpful even. If it was a link out to a logistics, checklist would be wonderful. Great. Anyone. Have any clarifying, questions about, any of the other ones, they've seen here. They. Sound great awesome. Thank you and thanks for confirming I love sometimes. I ask that and then no one says anything. Thank, you for, yes. Yeah. It's my duty as a participant. Positive. Negative yes. Great. Thanks guys all right so last but not least we have about 12 minutes so I want to move on to this, section I'm gonna summon you guys over here which. Is like overheard. See what I'm saying attention. So. Stefan, tell me about this, final, section here, of the. Planning phase yeah. So now that we've identified our who's, going to be participating, and what tools we'll be using to make this party a huge, hit. What. Do what methods, are we gonna use it what are we gonna how, we going, to, make. This successful and so. A couple. Questions that, I, I've. Included here our, intention. So in, this first question in this first area why are we having this meeting we. Know that sometimes our, schedules. Get flooded, with with, agendas. Or with get flooded. With meetings so sometimes. We find ourselves in meetings without a purpose and, it's. Good to always address, why this meeting, is taking place. Alysha, added to celebrate, Sarah desired. Outcome, next. One yeah. So what. The question that I'm I, think I. Curious, most about our what are the specific, deliberate, deliverables. That we will have at the end of this meeting what is the goal of this meeting and what, type of content, do we want to generate by the end of it. Often. Phrase this just in terms what is good look like you, know it because sometimes there is a document, there is a thing but. Sometimes it's you know we're all we're, all in alignment or, we. Have our are to two, things to tell leadership, this is what we, think needs to be prioritized. Awesome. And then ground rules, yeah. What, do we expect the behavior to be like so I know in previous backstage, passes we've talked about what. Behave what good behavior looks like and what bad behavior, looks like or a bad experience or positive. Experience, for for, meetings so, you as a facilitator, what do you want the expected, behavior, to be to, be like, what. Are you going to tell your participants. When. You set those expectations. And, thanks guys for adding as we go I think that's a wonderful part of working with all of you always. And, then what about so. Once, you've set these. Tell. Us about this what's on the agenda and how you would recommend, using this yeah, exactly this, is more. Or less somewhat, of an. Interactive agenda. Or meeting, planner so, this framework here. Asks. You to consider what, you might be doing beforehand. What. Are you going to be doing to be for planning, and pre work what, can we ask our participants, to do asynchronously. Before. The meeting actually takes place and so, you can see here, a.

Row, Of questions, for, what it is and in, this example we're, going to assign pre work why would we do it how would we do it who, should be completing, this pre work what, are the tools that, we'll. Need that that, will be necessary to complete this pre work and how, much time do. We think do we want this pre work to. Take to, complete, great. And then. I see it kind of follows the same the, same method. And, so I set up meeting and I love doing it this way yeah yeah. So we baked. I. Baked, in some pre. Sun. Some pre baked answers, here, or for, why having. An introduction. A warm up why would we diverge or an emerge then, converge, and why. Would we conclude, so. You, know this, this whole area is what activities, are we going to identify that we want to do all together synchronously. Within, the meeting to make, sure that this meeting is the success. That's. Awesome I imagine, you could you, could take this and use whatever process, you use so I put like a Double Diamond framework. In here, so it could be modified to whatever process, or approach a facilitator, wants to use for their session. Alright, awesome so I want to give the team a little bit of a chance to use. This for, planning, Sarah's party, so, I'm gonna put. Like. Four minutes on the clock and. Give. You guys time, to once. Now you guys have done intentions, are at outcome ground rules what. Are we doing this party guys let's go, what. About before what's. The pre-work we need to do and, why. Do we need to do pre work. We're. In a pre game Sarah's party. Saren. Friends nice what. Tools are we gonna use for peer so mark you said that you were gonna maybe, request, music. So. You, want to make sure that you have. Music. People, like party. How. Are you gonna do that I'll. Ask bias lack share, links. Awesome. Who. It'll be everyone, but Sarah right I want to be a surprise this is a surprise virtual, birthday pretty. And. While, you guys are doing the pre work I'm gonna ask Mike. Alicia and Daniel, and Carly to start thinking about the activities, over here so tell us what's gonna happen. And. You. Can see so of course. I'm. Having, the teams come working silently, alone which, I definitely, recommend for the. First couple of minutes and then we'll take time to share out so. There's kind of this mindset of a lone together where we, start alone just generating, thoughts and ideas and then we, come back together to. Co-create. And build it's. A great practice especially, if you have people who are shy or you have like a dynamic. Different. Dynamics of people, who are like. Some people are louder or more vocal than others this kind of equals the playing field a lot in online meetings. Mana. Tree I love. That game. That's. A great improv, activity. Yeah. If you've if you've done the shots in the drinking game first then this becomes much more interesting, always, be, hilarious. Alright. So let's see I'm not gonna have, us do a share out necessarily but I'm just gonna kind of scan it here so. Some. Of these are tools and these are actually just things we're going to do like. Like a drinking game I love. That using. Email neural. Slack, plan, and, introduce we're. Gonna do a roast, of Sarah that's really fun. The, who a lot of times of course like everyone is is. Helpful but it's also like who's gonna lead it like someone has to lead the charge or be the MC. In a way so I think about is gonna MC so that can help us kind of delegate that kind of stuff so I like to assign individuals. In the.

Who's Section. And. Then, timing I think another thing I've realized with this is. When. I'm planning. I. Need, to calculate durations. So like how much time do I have left in a meeting for example so that'd be something I would add as a delta. So. Let me we. Have about four minutes left and what I really, want to do is make sure that we, have the plusses and Delta's for this section as well so. I'm. Going. To. Duplicate. I. Just. Put into the chat, request. For feedback to the audience thank, you. Well. So. Team well. I'm. Gonna summon you guys over to this + and built a section. Apologies. For by talking and trying to mural at the same time but I'm. Gonna summon you guys over here so kind. Of like pencils down you, guys know I'm going to ask you guys to come over and think about if you, are planning your online meeting for the first time and you're using this template. And this activity, to do it what are some things that were helpful in here and, what are some things that are missing or, considerations. Or tips we need to add into this to make this more helpful for somebody, in their, first, online, meeting. As a host, and. While. They're doing that mark, did put in the chat we really, do use feedback, as a gift to make this. Experience, more valuable, for you when you come to these every week we host them every single week a different topic every week and, we'd. Love to know, give. Us a rating zero. One being it was complete waste of your time ten, being it was amazing, super, incredible, you'll be back next week yay and then tell us why and if. There's anything we can do to make this a more valuable session. For you next week definitely let us know we. Have a really cool topic, next. Week focused, on brainstorming. And helping. People think about how to. Encourage. Social, distancing, in this time of a global, pandemic so it'll be pretty cool. All. Right so. Yeah. I think. I'm. Going to add some, stuff in here. Yeah. I'm thinking you know it felt, to me like this was a this, was a really good activity, but, I feel like we're. Probably we're. Getting lots of new people and we started, at a really high altitude. And. So there's some people who are like they're dazzled, but they're like gosh, it just seems a, bit, a bit of a far reach to try and do something like this so I think that's um I might, suggest someone. Who's got the links handy for like the weekly demo and some of those kind of things because, we have so many great resources that can take you from meet you where you are with, your comfortable. Your. Your confidence. With digital's. In general or you, know these, tools in particular, it's. So great yeah sudden suddenly, remote is a great. Set of of. Tools that really start, with the, the basics. And. And. Then these. Are great, to get inspired I think to see what can be done so. You have something to shoot and balancing. Between those two you know build the confidence and the fundamentals. And then, you. Know it's a it's a pretty quick ramp. Up from, never having used, mural to being pretty confident, and building things like this it just takes a little time. All. Right I'm. Gonna. Just. Adding some more stuff in here but if you guys who are on the call hasit jump. Thank you so so so much for, your time and for showing this feedback with, Stefan. And Emilia and the team to make this template, more valuable for people who. Are going to be doing. Suddenly, remote facilitation. Work and what, we're gonna be doing is taking your feedback updating. This mural and then, publishing, it on our blog with, or with the with. This session recap, so that you guys can can, use it in your own meetings but. Yeah. Let's and Sarah hopefully this helped you think about what you're gonna do for your birthday this. Year your 80s birthday, yes, thank, you it's next week so. Some. Ideas, awesome. And. Before. We jump everybody. Can I would like to go around and give, one word about how you're feeling right now just, to kind of close our time here together so, mark. How are you feeling one word oh I'm, just I'm, fairly happy I mean this is the very beginning of my day but I get to hang out with with, fellow, mural, errs so love that. One. Word mark oh gosh thank, you I was like yes gene oh he agrees he's plus one nono. One. Word what, word dude, what, you know Wesker. One word energized. Nice. Lilah hungry. Plus. One on the hungry hungry. Vout. Tired. Tired. All, right Alicia I'm. Tired too Carla. I had fun nice. I'm happy this, is great and Sarah. Excited. And you guys got a people energized, my food say next week. Stephane. Filled. Delighted. That's, mine. Alright, well thank you guys so much have a wonderful weekend. Get some rest, take a shot if you need it and, I'll. See you guys on, the interwebs.

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