(PATREON) What the heck is that!! (A LITTLE INTRO)

(PATREON) What the heck is that!! (A LITTLE INTRO)

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I, guess. This. Is, the. Introduction. To. My. Patreon. Patron. Oh I'm. Sure you guys wonder what the hell is patreon, so that's why I'm gonna explain to you guys. What. It is okay, beautiful. Painting there by the way oil, painting, lovely, penny, mausoleum. The Radha you read that okay so. Become. A patron, if you want to support me as opposed you, can, become. A patron. Of, my world and, then. This is what you, know I'm doing at the moment so this is what I've always been, dreaming of. Creating. Things right and. So, this is where it, it. All comes together right now if. You look down here, my. Goodness gracious I got one patron, can. You believe it I think. It was some some time today I've received, this so I'm very very glad and very happy as I. Promised, I have to make up to call out the guy's name so I didn't really know, who. This guy is, I got. An email I. Think. It's I, think it's 100, viewers one-off. Payment. Like. An encouragement or whatever but. I think my patreon. Takes. 10%, so, that's why it's only 19. However. This. From. The email is received, it's Bob the Builder, Bob the bullet Bob if you're watching I just want to tell you thank you did this. Historic, moment in the, unit. In. The history of this channel my. Patreon, is in action received, a contribution, a very good one I'm. Really happy because, I was getting. Very nervous very, stressed, out. About. You, know life life, in general anyway. I'm sitting here in the backyard of. This place that I'm renting, they. Got a nice pool here I never knew that it's the first time I've discovered the pool, I'm. Sitting here by the pool I'm not really a swimmer. I was born in the desert so no you know okay, so let's get back to patron what, is patreon patreon is a platform. Essentially. Where if you like somebody's, work whether. It is video. YouTube, videos whatever. It is by, the way I plan to get involved in all of these things YouTube. Videos you know ready I'm trying to make a movie, action movie, hopefully. Sometime this year maybe in December, books and time to write some books I've. Written several many articles before for. Publications. As well like, black belt magazine and. Someday. There's Sunday Times of South Africa things like that. Poetry. Yeah well you know you, guys know I dabble in that, survival. And, Tesser, what that's always like teaching English courses so I'm gonna also put. That up on on. Some channels so you can if you guys are interested in that. Survival. Survival self-defense. You, know we live in weird times stayin alive like. The biggest scene. So. Now what is important, here now guys, actually. What. I don't like let. Me solo around. I'm. Sitting here today by, the way is my tenth, day. Of intermittent. Fasting ten, days of intermittent, fasting. So. Feeling, okay just today I don't feel that well I don't know why my stomach was a bit cramping, and, I. Had. One meal a day for, the last nine. Days usually. In the evening either. Grilled. Chicken or grilled pork, and. A couple of beers and, a couple of drinks but last. Night I think I ate too late I think it was like midnight, ride. The whole grilled chicken. Not. No, real drinks, but I did I felt like shifted that I couldn't sleep well. Didn't. Feel feel that good I spent, quite a while in the toilet so. Basically what I want to do now is maybe. For. The next four days possibly. Not, eat anything at all, more. Only liquids, water, water, mainly maybe a beer here and there. But. Yeah hopefully for the next four days only liquid but. The. Great thing is the patreon is up and running I want you guys to have a look at it I'm, always putting a link there. Is a little. Logo. You, will see the patreon logos on my page. Or my YouTube videos. And then I will put a link but. Please guys have a look now. If. You have ever paid attention to this you will know, that a, lot, of so-called. YouTube, creators, or artists. Are doing are, using patreon as the platform to get some. Kind of monetary. Assistance. From. There from people who enjoy their work right, basically that's what it's all about now my channel has been going on for about a year or more, and yeah, it was all of us go from you know I never I didn't know I could monetize even, my.

Simple. YouTube you know buy advertising I, did. Everything wrong, from. The word go to, pay by the about. A year to figure things out I'm. Just, dumb when it comes to technology. But. I've been spending more and more time hmm. And I really, enjoy hanging out with you guys you guys know every day I I spent, hours just to answer your, commands. And again. I'm getting quite a few emails. Getting. And getting in touch with a lot of guys some. Of these guys that some of you people have already. Came. Here, and we had we've. We've been hanging out a bit so. It's all good I really enjoy it and, it. Will be. I just. Want to step it up basically. I wanna I want a better. Content, maybe slightly better. Bitter raw raw, in real, I know, people some people like this edited, edited. Ok. Now we are in KFC or, we were in Jollibee and, let's, see how it turns you know I, don't. Have much time for that but, there. Are people who enjoy that you know a lot of people but my, stuff is more, raw raw, and real but I start what I improve on that so. What. What is happening is I need better equipment I, need, more. Training especially. You know like, I just described. I'm. Pretty, pathetic when, it comes to technology. In, general so. A little bit of money would go a long way because I'm just borderline, water. Line, bread line haha borderline, credit line I like that expression it's. Ok I don't come I'm not complaining and, that's been the story of my life but because. I want to just create new stuff, you, know the a little bit of money just buys a little bit of time so, you have more time to apply yourself so. That's basically what it's all about ok, take it or leave it I don't give a now, anyway, what. I what, happens, is that if you did it if you come to my channel on patreon. What. You will see is, I. Want. To show you that what it's called oh yeah, you will scroll with me. So. Basically become. A failure if. You come to the page. Francois, Williams remember on the right side you. See become a patron, and then you will see. Pledges. So. Pledges means like for example here, you pledge. $1 I just, called it you're a drinking brother right so. So. Then you're supposed to give rewards. So. You have different tiers, ok. Let me show you more of what I mean here, show. You more what I mean. For. Example here. You get my email, and. Get. In touch joints, up Safari get on our middle is please join the fun ok that's for $1 guys I know that's I don't know what else can I give I've. Given, up my email, for free anyway but it's just the token I get token then. The next the next year would be $5. It's. My shout I don't really know what to offer either I put up a little picture there. Apparently. Shout. Out on video some people gave, me advice I, shout out your name like Bob, the Builder. Bob, the Builder. Of, course you're gonna get my email and, ok, the next year is. What. Is it, here. We are now, ten. Ten. Dollars, get. My number, Cole, Cole. And, Cole. Near hallway. Near will. Well. Draw you, know ok so I basically have. A drink together ok I will. Have a few beers a dozen, or so a bottle, of. Course I'm gonna interview you for my channel you can have my. My stuff, you know my my, contacts guys I don't. Know I would love to add some other stuff but I at, the moment it's not practical you know. Maybe. A t-shirt maybe a beret like the one I'm wearing with, a nice badge but. At. The moment I don't know how to send it you know you have sizes, and. Okay. So. Then. We come to $15. I call it check aid $15. We're. Hanging out there in Club Safari by the way. Monthly. PDF, or online magazine, with several. Exclusive interviews, and pics of the gorgeous girls and boys some of whom may be single or Philippines about their lives love dreams and hopes. Finished. Ears obviously click, okay so you get all the pretty stuff and, then you can get a exclusive. PDF. Or online, link, to an online mag. We're. Gonna interview some some, of the lovely locals here, if. They want to let you know they're complete, like their Facebook they're also welcome with that then. We come to the next year now this is my favorite here. Most. Amazing book you never read $20. Will, give you a. Minimum. Of one to two chapters, a, month, of, my, books as I, finish them once. Finished she received a signed hardcopy annually, well. That means once a year you will get a book. The, photo of the author hopefully, will view together right the. First couple of book titles would be dating in a Philippines. That's more like hands-on, with some some, interesting tales thrown. In there when. I have this a really great story of my own adult. Adventures, of an Afrikaner in Asia for. A, so. That's going to be the personal story of my life traveling around Asia for 25 years I think it's going to be very exciting, obviously only for adults. Other. Titles that maybe, will, run concurrently or one after the other will, include guides on, urban survival, in dangerous, times as you know guys know we have we live in uncertain times.

Terrorism. Kidnapping. Druggies. It's just you, know how to take care of yourself your family when you're traveling at home, any. Kind of situation teaching, English in Asia that's another. Guidebook, but it's also a book about the adventure. Of teaching in Asia so, that'll be all the adventures the crazy stuff I did le, book would be mindanao magic about how I set up and start my business in. The Mindanao how, I met my girlfriend you know it's a very interesting story it's, like a romance, but it's, all truth and in, another book that I have in mind is about. My master the Japanese he was a I believe he was the last real ninja Mario, Casas wa I think. That's a really great story really, amazing open up some I'll. Put up some a year on, patreon. I'm gonna put up a chapter chapters, 101 one or two chapters so you guys can get an idea what I'm talking about but that's for 20 dollars. Then. For 30 dollars. Sleep. In guys so when you're here in Mindanao, you when you come to visit me in Mindanao stay. At the stay the night at, Club so far you can even bring your friend I don't mind so. One free night if you want to keep it up if you want to pledge per month you. Can pledge per month that you can pledge once one off I don't care if. You want to pledge it per month of course every single month you're gonna get a free room. Then. We come to $40. Which is bon appetit when, you hear it's up Safari. While. You're not on our free home stay with us why not enjoy a free meal we have great food guys great great food from our menu wash. It down with a complimentary, six, beers or a bottle of we have great fruit wines local wines made by my buddy, or. Even a local of stronger drinks local booths good for to bring your friend and then. $50.00 let me invite you. Basically. This is all about the privet to one subscriber, video a week so basically what happens is YouTube. Is the monetizing. Or. Blocking. A lot of my videos quite, a few actually because they don't like the content or they consider, it to be inappropriate and, then. I will also you, know I will. Also do interviews maybe, with some like, like the magazine, some, eligible, singles. You know and. Other topics too too sensitive, oh I should too since the Roma TW. Oh by the way for. General consumption when, you arrived in Princeton then otherwise when you arrived here in person let me guide you for a great night out it. Depends on the location and, the first bottle bores or first dozen beers is on me I will buy that because. The topic of a bespoke video, of your choice, for. Example you can ask me, anything. Interesting, you want me to go and check out and, make a video about it so, well, of course within the realms of possibility, and. Of. Course all the pledges from the previous right so there you go that's for 50 dollars then now. We get up to a hundred dollars guys this is serious stuff. Getting. Serious oh sorry, ninety. Actually. I should I, think. I should skip the well this is like basically. Just triple triple of everything. You. Know if you can get three nights three meals three, books whatever I think. I'm, all think and then. What. I call the. What. Is this one let me scroll up again sorry go like. This pic of myself here in the beach. The, big boosters, haha, I hope you like that one boosters. Hundred. Dollars or more. One. Hundred dollars anyway there's a lot of money I guess. So. First of all you can get the triple treats like, before and. Then. Online. Courses, looks like before then also if. You are interested in more. Online. Courses like. I said already. Free. Access to online courses lighting. In Asia teaching. English. Survival. Course. Then. If you want to get if some people some guys want to come in teach, here you know teach English for example you know that's a good way to make money in Asia tehsil Diploma you can get a test diploma of me 80, hours online course minimum, eight, months pledge of. 12 hours face to face tutorial, about the ins and outs of teaching in the classroom as well as how to handle, privates. And annoying students. Only.

Offered Here in the Philippines of is at the moment and, you can also do practical, teaching liquid practical, teaching out how to actually teach so. I'll do that you can do that, while. I'm guarding, in and as. Well as as well as my guide book on teaching and, the. Adventure of teaching okay second. One would be if. You don't want to be a tehsil teacher you can do much survival training course hands-on I can. Offer you 30 hours of training surviving. Kidnapping attempted murder single multiple attackers unarmed, firearms. Knives. Ten, days. Accommodation. Provided. For free. Six. Months pledged again, third. You could alternate which is and this will also include basic martial arts. So. You can have a good background thirdly. You could alternately, totally, switch choose to do it ten days Tenzing, fasting, intermittent, fasting ba, ba ba this. Waitress or how stellar that are all. Accommodation, included, and then. Of course if you have if you have to have like juice greens. Or whatever or a special diet will, be included meditation, yoga basic. Stuff. That's. Also a six months pledge by the way guys so this is not a one-off, let's keep, a note of that keep. It in mind. If. You cannot personally visit, the Philippines, to. Value benefits you may send you may ask your. Ask your. Friend. What a girlfriend, son. Daughter or, whatever you know I don't care you can you can contaminate anybody, anybody, or you can we, can also discuss guys if you instead of these if, you done like these pledges give me suggestions okay, as. You guys know by now I'm quite reasonable. Quite, open to any kind of reasonable. Suggestions. Which, I will come back to soon, now. Just to look you know it's, very interesting because actually, I realized that I looked, at I, looked at because before I put together these pledges I actually looked at other. Vloggers. Here, in the Philippines, what they what. They are asking for and what they are giving in return, now. I don't know if you guys know a guy here, here in Angeles, called Philly in the Philippines, him either he's a vlogger here in Angeles I just. Somehow, got his number from someone and, I. Was I was looking for cheaper accommodation. So. I remember that he had a vlog about cheap accommodation I. Think, nearly is placed somewhere so, I sent him a little message okay now, I just wanted to show you guys I, will. I, will. So. I won't show his number now but. I send, my message. Send. My message hi Brian I'm France problems, of lager - I. Saw, your video about ship rooms for rent in HC Angeles. City I wonder if I if, you have the address of that place Congrats, on your vlog I watch. It what data my is watching regularly, until I received this up this answer. Not. Sure y'all you got my, what. Six. Not. Sure how you got my. Private. Number but please do, not contact me again like, this without being a $20.00 on on, up, patreon. Subscribers goodnight. What. The. So, you know and then I was kind of interested in this what what, is all this about because, that gave me the idea to put. Up these pledges you know guys and so I I, went, onto YouTube, I want, to do what it's called socialblade. To. See how people like this kind, of. This. Is channel, statistics, on on, YouTube by the way, so. I, went on there and. Just. To see how people like, this kind of you. Know demands. So. What, I found was really interesting, I, found that. To. Get back on it anyway, basically. Basically. I found that. People. Don't mind to be to. Have this kind of. Basically. What I found was that people don't mind they're sending this guy fully. It's. Estimated between one thousand, to fifteen, thousand, years dollar a month and, I. Checked on what he was doing, previously. Apparently. He was a it. Was a prison guard before. He came here and. He's running as. You guys know by now a small, current area which is like a very low-level entry. Business. Here in the Philippines if you stand, on any given. Spot. In a street in the Philippines and you look around you're. Gonna probably see three current areas because that's the lowest level entry, business here, well. I would hesitate to call the business I wouldn't, even call it a business so anyway. So, people are willing to send money, to you, know you don't even have to be nice you, don't have to be friendly as you guys know already a lot. Of people have contacted me on email you called, me I. Don't. Give a damn you know if I can help you I'm, waiting for somebody this weekend. This. Was arriving in Manila from, Australia, and hopefully. We're gonna hook up and have a few drinks and a Filipino. Girl contacted, me a couple of days ago about teaching English in China I, tried to help her out you. Know I would I would never ask you to pay me $20, to to, talk to me or, you. Know I don't know it's not the way and I feel, I have to reciprocate, that's why I've given you all my pledges. And. I just want to juxtapose. The. Attitude of some some people and, how they look at how, they look at you and, how.

I Look at you okay I don't see you as. Particularly. Particularly. Well. I wouldn't treat you like an inmate and I don't see the Philippines as a giant prison whoo okay. Just a joke so, and, well. Some. People say I'm not very nice or. I. Don't give a okay but anyway I do treat people. You. Know in a way that I think is. It's. Conducive for both of us okay so that's my story and patreon guys please have a look that's anyway at the bottom line is have a look if. You like them if you like my pledges if you like my ideas if you want to see more info just let, me know and if you have good ideas I'm always open, for good ideas and I want to meet you guys when you're here let's, hang out let's enjoy it come to my place come to club Safari and. Yeah. Let's just have a good, time you know life is short. Enjoy. It enjoy. It. Okay guys sorry, sorry too bored this is a boring one how. Much I can do about it I know, it's a bit boring but I have to add to mention this because I'm sure a lot of you guys don't know what it is but. Have a little look and let me know okay. Okay. Thanks.

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