#NoK #FreeTommyRobinson (HJRR) Live and unScripted

#NoK #FreeTommyRobinson (HJRR) Live and unScripted

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Michael. I'm going live. Well. Hello everybody it's Holi Jill rock and roll coming at you live from the board room once, again. Saturday. 2nd. Of June 2018. You. Guys remember this. CNN. Terrorists. For. That how this whole, meme, backfired. Against, the left the anti-trump, forces how. Long that was about a year ago. And. I'm not tired of winning my friends. So. Well. It's been a long week I've been really busy with some other projects. And. That's. Part of the reason why I haven't been on as, often as I'd like. Depending. Upon how things go the next week I'll be on every day or I'll, be on once a week to pay. Kind. Of depends on. The. Progress of my latest. Venture, but. Having said all that. What. Do we see this week the. Market was up the market was down Trump. Had canceled the, meeting with. Kim Hyung, Joong, King, young young on whatever. Which. Is. Perfectly. In. Synchronization. Or, in. You. Know it's perfectly, simpatico. With Trump's, part of a deal strategy, right you have to be willing to walk away, so. He threatened to walk away in fact he did walk away he said there's not going to be a meeting. And we. Find out just yesterday, that a. Like. A general, a high-level official from the North. Korean government, went. To the White House with a, special. Message, in hand and delivered, a message to the president of United States and, the. Latest that I have is that this summit, scheduled. For June 12th, in Singapore, is back, on again, folks. This is the art of the deal now again. There's no way to know what, the outcome will be but. I think we, can be pretty sure, that. If there is some, of an agreement it will be a positive agreement. For both for all parties involved and that includes North Korea South, Korea Japan, the. United States and even China in fact the whole world if there's not a nuclear, threat on the Korean Peninsula the. Whole world will benefit from that so. This is an, amazing situation. On that. Front, right that Trump. Probably, should be at least, nominated. For sure nominated. For a Nobel. Peace Prize for, trying. To make peace here now if. You can make peace here can, you make peace in the Middle East I don't, know it's gonna require Saint it's going to require, Israel. To give up some. Of its claims because. Palestinians. Don't have dick. To give up right, so, that's. That's. Just a, fact all, right now, Trump did move the US Embassy, to. Jerusalem. Sort. Of emphatically.

Proclaiming. That Jerusalem is, the capital of. The. State of Israel. Whatever. It's just a building in a city who, cares that doesn't really bother me. What, could. Have, some concern is. Zionist. Protestants. Continuing. To encourage. Israelis. To build the what's known is going to be known as the Third Temple the. Problem I think is that they have the site, location incorrect. The, so-called Western, Wall the Wailing Wall is actually, the western wall of the Roman fortification not. Of the temple if you look at it the Bible says that not a single stone was left unturned, so. You. Can't have a wall if. Not a single stone was left unturned anyhow that's neither here but there. The. Protestant. Interpretation. Of. Revelations, and what not really, I think is incoherent, doesn't. Make any sense, and it's not really well documented, even. If you go solo, strip deals which, just means only what's written in the Bible great. Thing about the Catholic Church is that we have not only an oral history but, a history, of writings. Of theologians, of smart. People who. Chronic, alized, and have. Their opinion, on. Revelations. And other things so, that we we can make more sense of it it's, not just some one guy's opinion out of left field with, you, know whatever. Research. That they may or may not have done so. That's one thing to consider okay. The, third thing is. Just. Trump have a magic, wand I remember. Doing a video about Obama. During. The election campaign, of 2016. Where Obama. Went on stage not. Using, Trump's name saying, the, guy that you referring, to - the somebody, asked him a question and, he said you, know this. My opponent or this other candidate, says he's gonna bring the jobs back how. Is he gonna do it he's gonna bring the factories back how, is he gonna do it what's he got a magic wand well, no he doesn't have a magic wand Obama, and, all you Liv tart assholes, out there he just has common sense economic. Policies, like, cutting, taxes, cutting regulations. Making, it easier for people to do business in the United States and, putting. Tariffs, on foreign made. Goods that. Have been coming into the country. Totally. Tax free or with, very little. Tariffs. Or taxes, if you want to call it that so. In. The, short term tariffs, may be a little, bit harmful, to American. Consumers be, they, businesses. Or be the end users, but, long-term this is good for the American economy it's, good for American, people and.

Because. Of jobs right because. Of jobs if you don't have a job who cares how cheap the, Chinese crap, is if you can't afford it you said I'm saying if, you can't get on with your life, if you're dependent. Upon the government for food stamps, in, order to buy, some food so, that you can buy some cheap Chinese crap, if. The stuff cost a little bit more in the United States it's, going to mean it means that. Americans. Have. Jobs and Americans, are building, that product and it. Shouldn't be that. Much more expensive since, transportation, costs should be way, down. Paired with building. The in China, first of all shipping raw materials, to China building. It in China and then shipping it back certainly. Lead. Times will, be minuscule, right, instead. Of being a 30-day or even six week Li time it, could be almost overnight in terms of either. Ramping, up production changing. Production, switching. Production whatever, is in demand that. Is a benefit, from making stuff in America now I'm not in America I'm in the boardroom okay. I'm in the boardroom, in. What, some people like me have called the 51st, state and then, I mean that as an insult I mean that as a compliment, I'm. In Central Europe and Poland. Might. Even add hungry, to that although. I haven't been hungry in a in a few years, but. Very similar in many respects, although different, but. Still part. Of the Vista grant for known as the vistaprint for Poland, Hungary Czech Republic and. Hungry. Did I say that Poland Hungary Czech Republic and Slovakia. Slovakia. Yeah. You. Know roughly very similar, foreign, policies roughly, very similar, immigration. Policies, in terms of not, agreeing. With Brussels. Hashtag. Islam sucks balls invasion. And. Basically. Being defiant, on. Brussels. But. That is the European Union, non, elected bureaucrats. Demanding. That, all of these countries take their quote-unquote fair share of. Refugees. Or rape refugees. Now. Something. That I've been meeting to talk about and, I first. I was waiting to find out more, details but, of course hashtag. Free. Tommy. Robinson. Okay, for, those of that you do, not know and I'm told, that a lot of Americans now know what hooey this guy is Tommy, Robinson, who, does some like a working-class, bloke. As they say from, England, who. Like. 10 years ago 20 years ago whatever, it was 10, years ago at least he, owned a tanning, salon or. Whatever you want to call it and it, was nearby a kebab, place in. Luton. England, now, he I witnessed. Basically. The pimping out of white, girls by, Muslim. Gangs and he, reported, it and tried to get some police. Action, on it and got, nowhere. Okay, and as, you know as you if you somewhat. Current with the news you, know at, least fourteen hundred girls and Ron Ron I am were. Part, or being, used as basically. Sex slaves by, these predominantly. And when I say predominantly, I'm saying like ninety nine percent of the people involved or Muslims. And.

Probably Sixty percent of them were named Mohammed, but, I digress. That's, what it is but it turns out that the government, the, government's, the police that, all of them were either, involved. But, they certainly were covering up for these these. Muslim. Rape gangs, most, of them are Pakistani, now. The. Euphemism, for Muslims, in the, British media is Asians, these people are not Asian. Okay. They're, from southeast Southwest. Asia whatever, you want to call it they're not Asian people. And that's, really part. Of the fake news not. Identifying. The culprits, in, these situations, they are Muslim men primarily. From Pakistan, but, not only and they. Have been involved. It's now what this fast forward to what happened about a week ago tommy. Was reporting, outside of a courthouse of a, trial going on with i think there. Was twenty nine. Defendants. All, of the muslims two of them are women twenty seven were men muslim, men on, trial, for. Participating. In these these, rape gangs basically. Where, they would groom young girls most, of them were white. English. Women or british, women let's say that for sure british women, grooming. Them and then, running them in and, selects sex, slavery. Basically. The prostitution, rings stuff, like that okay and. Again. This has been going on for twenty years and, there. Has to be accountability. Tommy, was just reporting, about it and he didn't report on anything that wasn't already reported, in the news he, wasn't trying to taint any of the jurors if, there were any jurors, they would have been inside the courtroom they wouldn't been watching him livestream, a guy in the middle of the street outside, a court property, livestreaming. Anyhow. He, was immediately arrested while. He was live-streaming. Actually. He'd been watching for about 45 minutes but, they grabbed him, arrested. Him and within, four hours I'm told he was sentenced. To serve about thirteen months in prison now. It's. Really risky for him obviously. Because. A, lot of these prisons are run by Muslim, gangs because, like 60% of the inmates are Muslim even though they only make up like six percent of the population in Britain now is that about race or IQ or combination. Or people who are. Unassimilable. Unassimilable. To. Western European culture I mean. You know why. Is it that Hindu, Indians, from, India are. Able to assimilate into. Western, cultures no problem, right. I mean they could be a Hindu, or a Christian, or whatever, but. They seem to integrate no problem, but, Pakistani. Muslims, who, technically, come from the same peoples although, they may or may not have been inner.

Inner Inner. They. May or may not have some Arabic DNA, it's, questionable, the, only real difference is that they've been eating meat okay, whereas, the most Hindus don't eat meat and that. May be accounting, for the physical difference between them but. Technically. Genetically. Similar. Phenotypes. And whatnot, but, one group of people is able to assimilate into, Western culture you never hear about any problems, from Indian people from from India that, are Hindu or Christians. Quick. Tip if the Indian, guy has a Western. First name like, a Robert, or Frank, or Michael. Most, likely they're Christian, this is a just. A word up I just want something I learned like this, guy's name was like Michael. Sacra. Have you known to be like sacra. That's or, sacra. Whatever you know that's like a Indian. Name but his first name looks like a Western name a lot, of times not always but a lot of times that person probably is a Indian, Christian, just something think about pro, tip pro tip okay. So. It's a good it's a good thing. Yeah. So but they're able to they're able to right but these Pakistani people are not able to assimilate and the only difference between them pretty. Much is Islam. Versus, not Islam. So, hashtag, Islam sucks balls is really, how. The only thing that we can conclude now. The fact that I've been critical about Islam, on this channel on many of my videos it, raises, concern, for me being, in a similar situation as, Tommy I've got a family I got a wife I got kids I got a business would, that happen, would I would that be taken away from me if I was in the UK thankfully. I'm not in the UK. For. Many reasons, small, small houses. I can't, live in a shoebox ugly. Women ugly. Shoes and shitty, food okay, which. Is just the opposite, of Central. Europe Poland, which I call the 51st, state big, houses, beautiful, women, delicious, food and pretty. Cool shoes is it I'm saying so. What happened, to the UK, what. Happened, to Great. Britain and, I just put great in quotes what happened in this place you know the people who. Left. Great Britain came to America, founded, the United States of America, who, the peace people who found that Australia. Right. Basically, British, stock or, you could say from the British Isles so. What. Happened to these people how did they get pusseh fide what happened, and oh, by the way, did. The England, England who who got or, Britain, who gave us the Magna, Carta right.

I Think it was 1320. A contract. Limiting. The power of the king over. First. Of all the nobles but also the people okay the people's limiting. The power of the king limiting, the power of the nobles right that's. What really started this whole representative. Democracy, movement, worldwide, but. What happened to the UK there by the way there is no First Amendment that, is the right to free speech in, the United Kingdom I didn't know that I always thought, there. Has to be some kind of a common, law freedom. Of speech in England but they do not have. It so, this is really. The slippery slope that, many, people are seeing, slowly. Starting, to ease its way into too. The United States that is in, terms of saying, no. Hate speech or defining. Hate. Speech as a type, of free speech that cannot, be exercised, now, if if what I have said about hashtag, Islam, sucks balls is, considered, hate speech T or is offensive, to you turn, off the channel you don't have to watch this that's my opinion based upon my research and my reading of the Quran and the. Sunna of Mohammed. That is the. Stories. And life history. Of the so-called perfect, man who, is far, far, from perfect so. I. Mean. If you just read this stuff and so, anyways Tommy's. In jail please, keep continue, to put, out their hashtag. Free. Tommy Robinson. Wherever, you can continue. To keep talking about it I've sent several emails to. The, British consul here, in Poland, asking. Them to free Tommy Robinson, and you, can also contribute. I. Think. It's Tommy Robbins. And. I don't want to give out the wrong URL but if you want to support him financially so. That they can hire attorneys or. Barristers, of the column or solicitors, in the UK to, help fight this case please. Do that. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody. Made a comment there, was, on. The rebel media who used to work with Tommy Robinson, or vice-versa Tommy, used to work for rebel media they. Documented, other. Broadcasters. Also. Reported. On this trial this rape gang trial and none, of them were arrested so it's, really selective, prosecution. Of, Tommy, Robinson, it's very clear that that's what it is and that's. Why we need to free Tommy I mean I.

Think. That if he is murdered in prison which there is a I mean there's a highly high possibility that, something bad can happen to him in there, it. Will it will be I, think bad for the UK government because. In big bad for a lot of people because I think there will be violence, as a result. Of, that you know Tommy needs to be released and, that's. Really the bottom line. He has to be released because he's done nothing wrong okay it's. Done nothing wrong. What. Else uh, pertaining. To rant here. Got. Some messages here. Okay. Stupid. Stuff here alright, I think, that's kind of all I had kind. Of pent up pent. Up inside me. Again. This is live and unscripted I don't, have any notes I need even have any nothing which, I think it was anything else and want to talk about and, I. Can't think of anything else I want to thank everybody for watching, thank. You for sharing, this, let's. Get to 3,000, subscribers I'm, stuck I've been stuck it almost. 2500. Subscribers, help me get that number up if your first time watcher. Of this channel please hit that subscribe button hit that Bell so you're going to be notified of any of my live streams I know some times are sort of at random times and since. I'm Central European time it might may or may not be a good time for you if, you're in the United States but. You, don't have to watch it live you can always watch it later but, at least you'll be notified of the. Live streams which I'm pretty much for, the most part been doing live streams the, last mostly, for. The most part oh one. Quick update I did a video, about I, guess about two weeks ago I didn't post it um but, I actually took the footage, somebody was asking for an update on my garden, here. In Krakow, and, I, mean amazing, stuff it's been like two weeks since, then and I. Mean already I don't, want to give it away but I, already, got strawberries, we've. Been harvesting strawberries, for like four or five days now. Cherries. Are almost ready to go they're already starting to turn red a bunch, of apples, or appearing, and also, blackberries. And. Pears for the first year a pears are coming out and we'll get some video footage of that and very soon the, only thing that's sort of disappointing, is blueberries. I guess, blueberries, it's just kind of hard to grow here or but it shouldn't be hard to grow but, blackberries. Are a lot more expensive so. I'm really excited, about how. Blackberries. Are growing and some of them are actually starting to grow wild, actually. Branching out creating, new new. Revenue streams if you will so, it's really, and the weather this well. If you want to call it summer I, guess. It's technically it's not summer yet but this so, far we. Had some thunderstorms. Today May, 2nd, right I'm, sorry June, the 2nd I had some thundershowers, today but it's been really, pretty. Warm. With. A few you know with a few exceptions so. Far this this sort of spring, a summer each, time once, you know once it started getting warmer you, know it's it's been staying warm so it's been really pretty nice. So. Trying. To get rid of that. So. Yeah. All 90 95, in Houston. Here. It's uh well, I mean it's, probably around 25, degrees centigrade, which I think it's around 68. Degrees Fahrenheit something. Like that probably around 68, degrees, Fahrenheit just, under 70. I'm. Saying outside it's probably 125, isch. Right. Now in this studio in, the board room I'm seeing 28.1, degrees and also 28.8. Degrees centigrade. Because we got we. Got a monitor temperature, in here because if it gets too hot the green screen melts those. All. Right we don't want that to happen but. Yeah in cracow it's so it's pretty warm it, was really sunny put. Up a swing pool one, of those inflatable swimming pools and.

Just. When we finished inflating, it the, freaking adapter. That goes from AC. To 12-volt, because, I'm using a 12 volt inflator burnt. Out it. Only costs less. Than 2 bucks probably, around 2 dollars, but. It's burnt out it's made in China that's another problem you know made in China, so. Yeah. It's pretty awesome it's, I would, say because it there was a thunderstorm that came through about an hour ago it's a little bit humid, but. It's not it's, not estimate I mean it's not as bad as I remember in New York being or certainly. Florida or, Texas on, Texas that Texas was pretty it was a dry heat wasn't it, yeah. Yeah. It's pretty it's pretty comfortable and it's. It's nice because it's. Because. It's not so hot it's not so humid and so, far so so far so good let's knock on wood, let's. Knock on wood so far so good I want to say alright it's the Sun right hopefully it keeps up because I'm looking at the bumper crop also, my grape seed that grew here cracked oh I'm growing here Krakow one. Of the lines is super awesome really, growing, as, you know, archetypically. How it's supposed to grow with the main shaft and then, three branches. And it is loaded, with grapes and. Yeah. It's loaded with grapes and this year I'm looking for potentially, having a big harvest I, gotta, keep an eye on it we. Sprayed everything once to try to keep the maggots, off but. Trying to I'm not trying to be organic that's nonsense, you got to spray a little bit to keep the bugs off but you can use sort of more healthier, sprays. That. Don't cause a lot of damage. Whatever. Hey come, on it is what it is you want to have you, know good fruit without bugs in it or do you want to die of large. Larva infestation, in your stomach I mean you can take your pick pick your choice right. Unless. You want to make the organic, bug. Spray you know tobacco. Tiger. Piss. Mouthwash. Have. You heard that this, is crazy stuff but I don't even sure if it works but supposedly. It does I have used it before in the US but. I never really had a harvest because I moved, out before that but. Hey, Thomas. Walter hey long time no see man maybe. I should do a marathon, broadcast. Like 24 hours 12, hour broadcast man, breathe. But. Not today but but, not today. That's. Today all right everybody listen, I want to thank thank you for. Chatting. In super, chat is available if anybody wants to hit me with a super chat I would really appreciate it, that's how you can support this channel, oh also. Holy. Joke Bandcamp, comm information. Is in the description box you can buy the. Whole digital music it's the theme song that you heard at the beginning and the, theme song that you'll hear one of the theme songs you hear as we exit this, broadcast. You. Can buy this music, which. Is available. At holy, Joe. Bandcamp. Dot-com. Oh. Alright. What. Kind of rally alphago. DF. L a rally. What. Is that. Anyway. Somebody. Just came back from ADEA fail a rally, I'm not sure with it I don't recognize that alpha acronym. Yeah. Hey. Michael if you want to have a Tommy rally you could just do one just, get online get, on social media have. A you, know make it make three or four signs and, just. Say where you're going to meet and just do what they call a, flash, mob right, is there a bridge especially, if there's like a British Consulate, or, Embassy, in your town if you're in Houston I don't, know what's down there anything. British, like if there's a freaking, fish, and chips shop even. Just, meet, at the fish and chip shop and just, march, around for 30 minutes and livestream it saying, you know free Tommy right, I mean anything, related to British. Something. Right. Yeah. I. Know.

That There have been rallies, in a lot of countries like an all Street Australia. In Canada, in the United States and. There. Hasn't been any in. A crackle. That I'm aware of I mean if, I there was I would have gone. But. Have, you heard. Covered. By. Somebody's. Asking question I don't understand, the question there, tomash. Let's, talk about the DiCaprio. Trumpets. Hey. Once I'll get back to you on that tell, my not not sure what. That question is. Anyhow. It's all good here today Wow. Just playing some world of warships finished. Up one of my projects I just wrote a book. And. That'll, be coming out I, didn't, finish ooh a. Metaphor Mars why wouldn't love my penis that, is a song. That. Is that is a book that has to be has to be written and I probably will get to it this, year in 2018, to finalize it in 2018. Okay. Okay. All. Right I'll, check that out song. In Spanish. All. Right everybody listen okay, again listen have a great weekend it's Saturday it's coming up on 5:00 o'clock I'm gonna get something to drink here throw, this parsh I, wish. You wish. Everybody a happy, weekend and keep, it safe out there hashtag. Free Tommy Robinson, because hashtag, Islam sucks balls this is just another example of why, hashtag, ESM sucks balls right the reason why he's been arrested. And thrown in jail is because he's been outspoken, telling, the truth about, hashtag. Islam sucks balls in. Britain. In the UK United Kingdom now if indeed I King him several times again like I said there's, many things that I like about the UK but most things I didn't, like about the UK and I don't even know why why. Did the Anglos. And the sax invade. Britain, when, they had Germany, when they had your I don't, understand that I mean Britain looks like rainy all the time. Again. I said ugly ass women shitty, food and, ugly. Shoes and they drive on the wrong side of the road he's, no I'm saying so I don't even know what. Happened, man I. Don't. Know what happened to Britain. To Great Britain right. Oh one. Last thing about Great Britain and I'll end. It with this is. Depending. Upon what your knowledge. Is about England. Or the. UK or whatever. You, might have thought right. You. Know in the in the 30s, 20s, and 30s it was the wasps, white, anglo-saxon, Protestants. Who were the elite in the United States right they were basically the, ruling ruling. Class in. The United States but, they in they. Accepted. Birth control they accepted, other kinds of family. Planning and they. Basically died off and you got to be in it to win it so. What. Happened was as we, know. Mainly. The Jews stepped in and took. Over now, by hook or by crook you want to say they cheated their way in with the Kaplan testing program that's. A whole other story but by hook or by crook they got in and. Started. Seizing. The reins of, power or, power positions, okay so that's why Jews. And, by and large large, measure not because they're smarter but, because maybe they're more aggressive or because they're helping it themselves out have. Risen, and replaced, the wasp. Ruling. Class now. Maybe. Thirty forty years ago you might have thought that if being. British was a positive, but I, noticed. In my travels, there's so many expat. Brits, all over the world and you're wondering like you, know if, this. Before Tommy Robinson. Situation, you. Know if the UK was such a great country why are all these people leaving, Britain, and anyhow. From from doing some research on it obviously you find out there's a lot of problems in the UK and they've been they've been having problems there for.

Centuries Really for, centuries where people are either lower, class or, underclass. Or they're because of the class system. They. Can't advance. In the UK there's no opportunities, for them in the UK and they've, left where they went whether they went to Burma or India, or. Syria. Or Lebanon, or. Poland. And I've seen people or Germany, I've seen British, people just normal, working. Folk of. All stripes, or. The United States especially the United States have seen a lot of technical, people British people come to United States for getting technical jobs legally. Because. There was no opportunities, for them in the UK and. They have no intention to go back any of the people that I know none, of them want to go back there's. Three guys in particular that I know. Better. And I saw. For development and creative. Stuff and they're not going back. So. There, there's the situation and it's been like that for four, years, right that if you're not in the right clique in some, of these countries you can't advance, really, now Tommy is one of these guys who, looks like he's kind of a pull yourself over the bootstrap guy he, had his own businesses he made opportunities, for himself and this. Is all taken away from him simply, because he was willing, to report the truth about. Hashtag, is I'm sucks balls in Luton and in and around that area and he has been proven to be true he's been proven to be right everything, that he said is documented, true and the, fact that these trials, are ongoing is. Documented. With documental, true, proof. That, he has been right this whole time and that, the British government the British police they, have been covering up at a minimum, they have been covering up they have been silent, for these crimes that have been perpetrated against, the British, people it's a it's a crime innocent travesty, and, that's. Why we have to say hashtag free, time in Robinson all right. All. Right everybody I'm. Out thanks, for watching thanks for listening holy. Joe rock and roll reminding you to make it happen for the captain, because. You're the captain. Nobody. Oh yeah. DJ. Trump, in the White House. Ain't. No stoppin, us down. Take. No prisoners. Gonna, drain the swamp. Limits. For Congress, no, more lobby for foreign governments, and the corruption for special interest, put, Americans, first.

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A Protestant here and we don’t all agree on the temple location, the interpretation of Revelation, or a hundred other things. I have only love for Poland, Orthodox Eastern Europe (I’m partially of Bulgarian descent) or any other Christian. I’m tired of fighting my brother. Let’s kick Islam’s ass. Love from America for you Holy Joe.

Handy Fix, my thoughts exactly.

joebonsaipoland I thought that’s what you were saying. I just wanted to make it clear that there is tremendous support in America (including from Protestants) for Eastern and Central Europe, especially for Poland defending their culture.

Christian Civilization Network good point , not all Protestants, but I was referring to Zionist Protestants who tend to believe this

You make a good point, we should not lump all “Protestants” together , just like we should not lump all “Catholics” together. But I think we all can agree with #IslamSucksBalls and #NoMoreWarsForIsrael

It's horrible like in Orwell's 1984, I understand to tell him warning "pls don't make video here" by police but not imediately arrest him and for 13 month (!!!) and additionally - what IMO opinion is like satan revenge - put him to jail with islamists, so immediately (what was obvious) they have beaten him. Thanks God in Poland still is freedom, it reminds me times of the first Polish Kingdom Commonwealth (the largest and powerfull country in Europe) when plenty of ppl from West among others Scots, Prussacks, French ppl, Italians etc moved to due to freedom beside prosperity in Polish Crown. Freedom is over money. If there is freedom and one is healthy still has the chance to get job and even being modest, may be poor but can live, survive. Without freedom even high salaries are worthless - the opposite is if ppl are brainwashed and in fact are slaves - it doesn't matter for them PS: I still am impressed by the Paw research on speech freedom - Poland is 2nd after the US although some commented that US is not so free in fact as Poland until now probably was: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/10/12/americans-more-tolerant-of-offensive-speech-than-others-in-the-world/ft_16-10-15_freedom-of-expression/ Let's look at UK, Germany and France position, and they dare to teach Poland using EU "democracy"?! Hipocrycy !


keep up the good work

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