[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 04/25 粵語英字 | Crime | TVB Drama 2020

[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 04/25 粵語英字 | Crime | TVB Drama 2020

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Vincy, flowers for you. Ada, you're still here? Tying up the loose ends. Is there anything I can do for you? No. Just go. Or your boyfriend will hate me. OK. Goodbye. See you tomorrow. Bye. Sorry...There's a huge traffic jam.

Pretty? It's by my wife. How can it not be pretty? I love this design. Imagine this... It's like floating when there's a breeze. Isn't it romantic? This is final... I will wear this in my wedding! You are a bridal gown designer. Of course you will wear your own design.

However, as your husband, I have to contribute to it. Hey, don't you ruin my design... You don't think low-cut makes it better? You don't mind it too revealing? But the waist is a bit too plain. A belt will make your waist look small. Is my waist not small? It is...But a belt makes it look smaller. I'll look like a stick.

Hey, you are wicked... Wicked? Hey... Hey...

Tsim's future wife dropped her bracelet. They are in the cinema. I am sent over to look for it. Let me give you a hand.

OK, thank you. Is this the one? Yes! They are lucky. Thank you. You're welcome.

Is this bridal gown the one... You remember it? Yes. You did the sketch when waiting for me in the cafe. You said you would wear it in our wedding.

You have it made. But I had no chance to wear it. Three years ago, I mailed the ring back to you and then left.

I am sorry. Could I know why? We were preparing for our wedding. Then one day you told me you would go for training in England for a year. I really was happy for you. Still, at the same time, I thought you could have asked me first.

Or I really meant nothing to you. That's why not long after I had left for England, you went to France for a trip alone and stayed there for good. I had a traffic accident in France.

I was hospitalized. Don't worry, you will get better soon. Would you like some painkillers? Yes, please.

Please give her medication. OK. OK. Thank you. Now have some rest. Thank you. I am still in France.

I want to see you now. Could you come over here? My exam begins tomorrow. I can't go away. At the end of the month, I'll fly over once the exam is done.

OK, go for it. I didn't tell you about it You had a car crash, why didn't you tell me about it? If you called me, I would have flown over to see you. If you did, you would have missed your exam. I knew how much the promotion meant to you. I didn't want to get in your way.

Sorry. Don't be silly, it's not your fault. I was too willful. You survived the hospitalization alone? When I needed care the most, when I was at my most helpless, Michael came into my life.

Be careful. Very good. That's it for today. Do you want me to do it again? Straight and then turn right? Exactly. Thanks a lot. You're welcome.

Well done! You are very brave. That's it for today. Have some rest. I don't know what you are talking about. Miss, he said you did great. You have some rest.

She got it. Thank you. Merci... Sorry... Are you OK? Thank you. OK... Thank you indeed. Are you a Hongkonger?

My family emigrated here when I was small. Maybe I count as half a Hongkonger. It's lucky for me that you are here.

Or the miscommunication would go on forever. You are welcome. I had not spoken Cantonese for quite a long time. Speaking it again gives me this warm feeling. Miss, do you care to have a coffee with me after I've seen my friend? I want to speak Cantonese again. Probably because I was a stranger abroad, I felt so lonely.

I needed a companion who could help me survive the ordeal. Michael was meticulous and caring. With him by my side, I felt safe. He's like family to me. I felt warm and cozy.

The flowers came from him? So you've been seeing him for three years. We married two years ago. We came back here last year. Actually, after coming back, I had thought of explaining it to you. But I worried I would be tongue-tied when seeing you. It's destiny.

The timing was not right for us. I am fine, don't worry about it. It's good. At least I now know why you failed to contact me for three years.

Well? Have you got used to being a wife? It's OK. He gets full mark for being a husband. Seeing that you are happy, I am happy for you. Thank you. Thank you. I should thank you for helping Tsim with his wedding.

You referred a client to me. I owe you a dinner. Great! Some other time. Bye. Bye. Hubby... Honey, I finally have time to call you.

What are you doing? I just got back home. It was a busy day. There was a lot to do. I am tired. Poor you.

When I am back from my business trip, I'll give you a massage to make up for it. Do you like the flowers I sent you? They are pretty. I put them in the prettiest vase at home.

See? Isn't it gorgeous? Hubby, when will you be back? Do you remember what you promised me? Of course I do. You bought tickets for the Ukulele Concert. You want me to go with you. Don't you forget it. The tickets were hard to get.

Have I ever failed to keep my promises to you? That's it. I have work to rush for my client. Just like this? Alright. Bye. Bye.

It's just breakfast. Isn't it too sumptuous? You deserve it. You found us the bracelet. You referred Vincy to us. She gave us a discount.

It's much cheaper than others. I saved a lot of money. I dropped a word for you only. But I won't stand on ceremony with you. Dig in.

Now we are at it... You had not seen Vincy for so long, now that you two met again... were you overwhelmed with emotions? What emotions? She's married.

What? When? Two years ago. She met her husband in France. So it's what it says: My love gets married, but I am not the groom. For me, you had to see her again.

I really am sorry. What sorry? If I still felt uncomfortable, I wouldn't have gone with you. Good. I admire your easygoing attitude. You have not seen any girls for the past few years, I thought you still had not let go of her.

Keep talking. You don't need the food. What now? Seriously? Hello, Ka-ming? I am on my way. What's it? Choi Suk-ngor has come to. Choi Suk-ngor, we are taking your deposition.

Do you understand? Thank you... Carry on. Do you know a man named Peter? I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know him. You really don't know him? He met a girl named Coco online.

He asked her to send him money. I know nothing about it. It's no use for you to keep asking me. OK. Why were you there at the scene? Were you sent there to get the money? I can't tell you. Or he'll be in danger.

Who is he? Is he one of the scammers? Why will he be in danger? Please don't press me. I really know nothing at all. Szeto Sir, I brought Choi Suk-ngor's sister here.

Try to talk her over, OK? Sis... Ngor, what happened? They said you are a cyber scammer. Is it true? Sis, no... What's the truth? You tell the police. I can't.

They have told me about it. They said what you've committed is fraud. It's a criminal charge.

You may have to go to jail. How can you be so heartless? You have not spared a thought for your son. Yin is just several years old.

He's born without a father. You want him to lose his mom as well? Matt asked me to get the money for him. Who is Matt? My boyfriend. He's an American intelligence agent. He got it that the Russians are developing a new weapon. He wanted money.

It's for bribing the researchers. But it's not convenient for him to do it himself. He may expose his identity. He asked me to help him. This is classified as top secret, you must not tell anyone.

Sure. Baby, I love you. Has it crossed your mind? Intelligence agents keep their identities secret. Why would he post his pic on a dating app? Why would he reveal so much to someone he has not met? What do you mean? Are you saying I am conned? He sent me his CIA mugshot. He has also sent me reports of the cases he helped exposed.

ID cards can be forged. News coverage will not reveal agents' identities. He can say whatever he likes, there's no way you can verify it. Besides the dating app, how else can you contact your agent boyfriend? The dating app is our only contact.

But he has not gone online for days. Do you have his email, home address or telephone number? How would you give him the money after you got it? He gave me a bank account number. I should deposit the money into it.

Matt really is an American agent. He won't lie to me. He hasn't lied to me... Madam, something's wrong with the deposition? She has watched too many American dramas. How could Choi Suk-ngor buy a story that's so outrageous and full of holes? We don't get it either. But real life has told us, many victims were blindsided.

That Coco is no different. Such cyber dating scams can be read on newspapers. The stories con men tell may vary, but they are basically the same thing. However, people still fall prey to them.

The trick may be old, it still works. Those con men cast their net wide online. Posting messages is free. If a hundred gets you no victim, post a thousand or ten thousand.

It's just pressing keys. Even getting just one victim will make it worthwhile. Thugs used to rob jewelry stores with guns.

They put their lives on the line. Nowadays, posting a message may get them more money, the risk is low and the return is high. The more popular the internet, the better the chance for those cyber scammers. There is no cushier job than being a con man.

If Hong Kong people are not vigilant, we'll have more cases than we can handle. Have you checked the bank account Choi Suk-ngor gave us? Yes. The owner is a man named Leung Yau, a jobless junkie. The account was opened five months ago.

You are on the methadone program. You have no job and no income. Why did you open a bank account? I was paid a grand to do it. Why shouldn't I? I have no loss. You agree? He said the man left with his ATM card.

He said he knew nothing about cyber dating. What about the account statement? It's checked. There were fourteen suspicious transactions in the past few months.

Once the money was transferred into it, it's separately sent to several bank account overseas. It's not easy for us to go after these bank accounts. It's the usual cyber scam trick.

We have a clue this time. Several large sums of money were sent to the same bank in Thailand. Coco gave us info of her scammer. His IP address is in Thailand.

OK. We can deduce the base of the scammers is very likely in Thailand. Fion, contact the police over there for info exchange. Hope we can make arrests sooner. Roger. We have a new case. Meeting in the conference room in ten minutes.

Yes, Sir. Lately we have many cases of personal data theft. After obtaining victims' credit card data, scammers would go for a shopping spree in overseas websites during midnight. They were vicious.

The amount ranges from several thousand to hundreds of thousands. Scammers are cunning. They wait till the victims are asleep to use their credit cards. Victims may not be aware when their banks send them messages.

That's why they choose overseas shopping websites. The transactions are done overseas. It makes investigation difficult. It is found out that many victims have used public WIFI. I have reason to believe they have fallen prey to WIFI phishing. That's how their personal data were stolen.

According to victims' depositions, they have been to Cafe Link branches in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, and Kowloon Bay. They have used their free WIFI. Is the cafe chain the source of the problem? We have checked. Their WIFI record was clean. It's not the source. It's believed WIFI phishing was used.

Victims went to different branches at different times. Their personal data weren't stolen on the same day. But the tricks were similar and the cases happened within a time frame.

I think they were done by the same person. I think so too. We can go from this direction.

Ah-Den, you have the case. Yes, Sir! Business seems to be good here. Hong Kong people can't live without their hand phones for gaming or drama watching. Constantly online means they will use up their data limit very quickly. That's why they like to patronize us.

There are coffee and free WIFI. That's true. If it's free, why not? That's the human weakness that gives scammers the chance. Madam, you suspect scammers used WIFI phishing in our place. What is WIFI phishing? WIFI phishers use their computer knowledge to set up a fake WIFI.

The name is similar or even identical to yours. If your customers click on the wrong WIFI link, the data they entered will be seen by the WIFI phishers, which include their email, password, credit card and bank data. It's like opening your door for burglars to come in. You take the bait by mistake. That's why it's called WIFI phishing. Has something gone wrong with your WIFI lately? No. We have our IT department.

They came for computer and WIFI checking a couple of days ago. Everything is normal. Have you noticed any suspicious people? No. Could you show us CCTV from 20-25 March? Sure, no problem.

Thank you. The queue is so long. The coffee here is good? They are here for girl watching. Madam, you don't know? The cashier's name is Fei-fei.

Someone posted her pic online and she became an overnight sensation. She's currently the hottest cyber celebrity. Those men say such pure girls are hard to find nowadays. They all want to try the coffee she makes.

It has the puppy love feel. Her look is ordinary. Those dorks have poor taste. I have good taste, Fion. I find you the most beautiful.

Oily tongue. You and Fei-fei had a long chat. What did you talk about? I asked her why she's not here for days. Was she ill? It turns out that she's not a fixed staff here. The branch in North Point was undermanned a couple of days ago. She was sent there as a fill-in.

Madam, here you are, the CCTV tape. Thank you. Manager, you don't have fixed staff in every branch? The staff are different. Some are fixed and some are fill-ins. Fill-ins are sent to branches when some staff are on leave.

They may work in different branches in different days. Fei-fei is one of them. Could I have the staff roster of every branch? Sure. But I have to get it from our headquarters. Thank you. Rocky, play the tape for me. Yes, Sir.

Madam... Morning. Well? Any discoveries? I checked the cafe roster. The duty dates of that Fei-fei correspond to the crime dates and venues. I find her suspicious. I have watched CCTV of the three days.

That Fei-fei really is popular. Many dorks came specifically to see their goddess. She didn't have a minute of free time. The manager said in their working hours staff are forbidden to use computers or other electronic gadgets. That Fei-fei was so busy, she wouldn't have the time to go online to set up a phishing WIFI. Rocky, pause here.

How long has this cap-wearing man been there? Since Fei-fei reported to work. He's wearing a cap and a facial mask. It's hard to tell his look. Was he there in the other crime times? Got it! I got it too.

Rocky, back to playing. The man with a cap was there in three crime times. Could he be the scammer? He wouldn't leave until Fei-fei clocked off.

Maybe they know each other? Fei-fei might not have the time to set phishing WIFI, she could have a partner. Could this man be her partner-in-crime? Maybe we should invite the goddess of dorks to come for a chat. I am done. Alright, I take over. You have it now. I go change. See you. Bye. Bye.

Hello? Don't be so impatient. Of course I have what you want. See you later. Bye. Hey, where's my stuff? Here. It's for you, or the price will be different. Money upfront. Here you are.

Police! Why am I taken here? Am I a criminal? I will report you! And you too! Go ahead. You are caught red-handed. Don't be so cocky. You think I was selling drugs? They are pills, but not for human. They are for dogs. They are linzhi pills, supplement for dogs. What linzhi pills? I know someone working in a pet shop.

I can get them with a discount. So I resell them to my friends for some extra cash. It's not against the law. If it's not something illegal, why did you look so furtive? Different friends have different prices.

I didn't want them to know I take such a deep cut. So it's done in some dark corner. It sounds like you are running a big business. My linzhi pills really are popular. It boosts immunity, is good for the liver, kidneys and lungs.

It helps with incontinence too. Sir, wanna try one? It's free. Miss, please be cooperative. What about your pure look? You sure are good at acting.

Madam, it's for making a living. Seeing that I can attract customers, boss of the cafe gave me a raise. I have to earn the raise and satisfy netizens' fantasy. In order to make a living, have you set up phishing WIFI to steal personal data for criminal use? What? Don't you frame me! If I knew such high-tech stuff, I wouldn't have to do chores in a cafe. Am I right?

Miss, please take a look of the cap-wearing man. Do you know him? No. Who's he? Your regular customer. He came to buy coffee from you everyday.

He left only when you clocked off. Please, so many came to gawk at me everyday How can I tell who from who? Some even tail me after work. I avoid them like the plague.

If I let them see the real me, my act is over. Is it not? She's cheeky. But I don't think she's lying.

Madam, test of the pills is out. They are linzhi pills for dogs. Let her go. Yes, Madam. Who are you? I don't know you! You slut! I saw you as my goddess.

You are just a whore. You know what? I thought I was not worthy to talk with you. I could only watch you from afar. I went where you went to work. I was willing to be your guardian angel.

Even my mom didn't get this treatment. What do you want? Help! But you are a fake! You've been conning people. You've been lying to the world! You play pure and hard to get in front of us, then you go touchy feely with bad boys. Help... I have to disfigure you... No...

So you can't fool people anymore... Help... Let go of her! Police! Freeze! You alright? Stop! We found evidence of credit card data theft through WIFI phishing in your laptop.

Yes...I make my living by WIFI phishing. If people click into my WIFI and shop online or use online banking, I can get their credit card and bank account data. You use their credit card data to shop online, right? No! I sell the personal data online. The black market price for a person's bank ID and password is about a thousand Hong Kong dollars, What the buyer does with it is not my business.

What about Cheung Fei-fei? Why did you assault her? The best place for WIFI phishing is places where there is free WIFI. Then I met Fei-fei in a cafe. The time I set eyes on her, I was instantly smitten. I was lucky, she clicked on my phishing WIFI. I was able to hack into her email. I got hold of her work roster.

I could go to the cafe where she's sent. If I could look at her from afar, I was satisfied. But men are greedy. I wanted to know more about her.

I used her email password to try her other social network accounts. Many people are lazy. They often use the same password for all accounts. I could hack into her SNS account in no time. I saw her intimate pics.

They made me puke! At first, I didn't believe it's her. I told myself they were photoshopped. Then I saw it with my own eyes...

Hello? Don't be so impatient. Of course I have what you want. See you later. Bye. I got madder the more I thought about it. You know what? I was the one who first posted her pics online. I turned her into a cyber celebrity.

But she has been conning me. It's you guys' fault! If you had not got in the way, I would have disfigured her! Then she won't be able to con people with her look! The file's passed to the DOJ, they said there's enough evidence to charge Wong Ka-wai for dishonest use of computer and intentional assault. He's already committed personal data theft. He put himself in this state for a girl he didn't know, how pathetic! The moral for you men is: don't judge a book by its cover.

Those cyber babes, goddesses and KOLs are all mirages. At the end of the day, we could get him, the credit goes to Madam! Like! Madam, bravo! Madam, we have new development... Guys, come here. Pure Coffee Goddess is a Whore! Slut poses as a goddess! Coffee slut! She's so horny! Cheung Fei-fei is finally exposed! If I had not seen with my own eyes how cheeky she was, I too would have been fooled. You men can put your fantasy to rest. Not me.

Hey... Less than half an hour after those pics were posted, the hit rate has shot past ten thousand. Awesome! You don't find this social media lynching very sad? Any ideas who posted these pics online? I don't think it's done by her friends. It's signed Love Deep Hate Deep.

It must be done by someone scorned. The name says it all. It's deep indeed.

But this Cheung Fei-fei was so believable. Who uploaded the pics? Or her account was hacked? It baffled me why the phishing WIFI and Cheung Fei-fei always appeared at the same cafe at the same time. It's not coincidence. He really was smitten.

He followed her to every branch. If the con man could hack into other people's accounts, he could hack into Cheung Fei-fei's account He hacked into her account and saw these pics. It turned his love into hate. That's why he posted her pics online. It's for revenge.

So this Love Deep Hate Deep is the WIFI phisher we are after? We go get him! I think I know where to look for him. That Wong Ka-wai was ruthless. But Madam, you are smart. You knew he would harm Cheung Fei-fei and we were sent over. We were able to arrest him. The credit goes to you guys.

Well done! Thank you, Sir. Sunny... Lik... Good you are here. You asked me to buy you a tube of lymphatic cream, here you are. Thank you! How much should I pay you? Forget it. Then hotpot on me, OK? Sure! I don't get in your way. Bye. OK.

OK. Bye. What gives? You are friendly with the barrack sergeant? I shouldn't? Didn't you make him tear three ligaments out of personal feud? They were torn in a soccer game. He teased you for your poor skills and you transferred him out of Crime Unit...

Hold it... Where did you get this outrageous story? I heard it too. I meant to scare these three, to put them in their places. Tsim Sir, it's childish! It's not funny! Madam, don't tell me you bought it too. I thought...

You thought I was that kind of man. Please, don't judge a book by its cover. OK? OK. Don't judge a book by its cover. OK.

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