[#3] Frostpunk - Lethal frost and new technologies

[#3] Frostpunk - Lethal frost and new technologies

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Hello everyone! My name is Artur and this is LEOM A Little Experiment Of Mine Where I try to improve my English by playing video games This is 3rd episode of our Frostpunk gameplay The last time I have played... I'm pretty sure we are about to enter... uh I don't know how to call it :/ "Colder days"? The temperature was about to fall down By 2 degrees or 2 levels Alright So I have created a Steam Hub Let's see and (I have) put Hunters to work Let's see how is the coal consumption We lose more than we gain and that's bad I will have to send more poeple to those Coal Piles Oh they are ending (finishing) Where... There are one, two... these are ending One, two, three... okay, okay, 3 more Wait, let's combine these and move to that one And I will have like 3 Piles of Coal to gather from And that's not much And another cool little detail, look - the Steam Hub is warm It rises the temperature around it so the snow melts Jeez I just love this game :D Oh no I have 7 gravely sick (hissing) That's not good Let's speed things a bit That's not good I must build that Medical Post as fast as I can What's happening here? Wha- Are these hunters? Yeah, they look like...

(close to the mic) I think they have guns on their backs As you can see the Technology Tree The Workshop is already working because i set them longer Longer Shift* Are they back? No but they soon will be And now they are So let's take them and put them here Oh no OH NO 40 degrees below 0 Oh, but Great And now Let's go with a Beacon Wait I have 10 workers still that aren't doing anything 15, 15-10 let's say There is cold here Very cold High risk of falling ill What do you mean by "Generator overdrive"? Now that's cute... So it's liveable in Child Shelter but it's cold in Cookhouse It's chilly everywhere And cold in tent I don't like that I don't like that at all "We are out of wood" - yeah I know, we are out of wood all the time These are Piles of Wood, they need some workers here I need them to finish these Coal Piles How about hunters? How about workers? (inner snake) Oh, so I can not just put them here? That's not nice I see... First we have to create our first Medical Post Will they even... build or do anything here?

No, they are going to rest all the time... Damn it. Let's leave hunters here (workers*) What's that? I have 10 engineers 5 here and 5 to the Medical Ward (Post!) Great Let's see if I can build it Yes I can! Where I can- everywere How about that? Not here, but I can Oh it would destroy the trees I think I can put it here But I don't feel that now... stop and go on First we have to build (Medical Post) What we should research now? Or no, I still have enough coal, bOt (but) I'm short on wood So let's take Sawmill I can't research it, I don't have resources Can you finally work? Ok, took you long enough Why is no one building it? (hissing again) I spent all my steel! My whole steel... 11 sick - that's a lot And 6 gravely... fast fast fast! Alright How about the usage of coal Still, we lose more than we gain Oh because we ran out of coal here What's that? Alright Some good news at last Oh and the temperature will go up Coal goes down Pretty fast to be honest Yeah, don't worry, I will turn this of Why it was for 24h? Wait. No, it will be too cold. It must go all the time

Oh jeez! Ok, I will sign "Cemetery" And 79 (people) (dramatic music) Despite of how sad the first death was, I gotta say I love the soundrack It's beautiful And hope rised CHILD DIED? How could it die? I had built Child Shelter so they can sit in here (there*) Cemetery - 10 wood In some place... I have to build it in some place that I won't need that much Let it be here for now... or in that little gap How about They brought some food with them Stop. Another person died? No...

(sound of disappointment) Ok, first, first I will take 5 people, non-workers and put them to the Cookhouse Because they (hunters) will have to rest And as they rest... ...I can take care of other stuff Where I want to put a Sawmill? And how does it work? Oh I have to put it somewhere here But wait, there is... There is place for important facility Where to build it? Here? Yeah, I will build it here for now A new research Alright, let's go with a... Steelworks first Not good, not good... Hunters are coming back to rest And I can take engineers from kitchen And put them They will end in few seconds so Go here And you go here too Yeah, they finished that one Let's fasten it Another citizen has became gravely ill Are you ready to work? Going to rest Stop What will we research now? Coal Thumper These 5 These 5... Go to the steel I have coal for about 2 days. But as I said

The temperature will rise this night I can build something yeah, The Steelworks I have to place it here and here- I can* place it here and here (mumbling) None. Go here - hunt Engineer died That's safer option I think They are hunting and they are hunting Another death - another children No, I won't use... I could have put max workers in Sawmill and then use Emergency Shift A new law. Show me the laws

So... Yeah, I don't think I have any better option right now Mayby Fighting Arena? Meh, not now Ceremonial Funerals will do the job That's a good question Ezekiel ;D What a lovely little animation :D What's that Alright How does it work- ok I can turn aroud with the same controls Okay, there is some yellow dot here but When the game tells me to check this one I will then check Gloomy Cave first Wait, do I have some...? That we will be definitely doing tommorow (in game) What's that? (mumbling again) Fast game speed Are they back? No I hope they soon will How about this wood? There is not a lot of it I wonder too... I wonder too...

Hunter's Hut they are back with 18 food, workers - none Go to the kitchen - I know you want to rest but we don't have time for that Max people to Sawmill Now you Oh OH Fine, great, the temperature rose Not the best, but better than in was I think I can... how warm it is? Ok I'm not sure if I can turn it of So I will keep it going at least for now They are resting after hunt Great What will we research? Let's take Heaters first and then we will I will take care of Drawing Boards Alright, I see that I'm recording nearly half an hour So i think that will be it for now Thank you for watching Remember to tell me in the comments down below what You think about this gameplay, about my language and... See you in the next one! Have a great day!

2021-02-28 20:42

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