[#2] Frostpunk - Workshop and other novelties

[#2] Frostpunk - Workshop and other novelties

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Hello everyone! My name is Artur and this is LEOM - a Little Experiment Of Mine Where I try to improve my English by playing video games This is second episode of our Frostpunk gameplay And without further ado let's jump straight into it. We've still a lot of work to do [Forgive me for that, I must have missed it while editing video ;( ] Alright, it's the same, it's the exact moment we have stopped... ...Last time I think I'll build That...

...Gathering Post first Let's put it here Let's take 5 workers from here and 5 from here Alright, they are building it They are building it because I took them (from job so they are unemployed) Okay, they are preparing food rations in kitchen (Cookhouse) Soon they will be ready And I will put 5 workers here 5 engineers and to the wood 5 workers There is a tent? Yes, there is a tent [so sorry again... I need to drink more] Ok, they... wait! [...] Okay they have created all food rations they could So let's take them from here and put them in steel wreckage What's that? Why do they have 67% of efficiency? 5 are absent...

WHY ARE YOU BUILDING? [??? mumbling of sorts?]]] We are gathering steel pretty fast However... I'd like to build some Workshop... However I think we need some Hunter Huts They don't need warmth They don't need high temperature so I think' I'll put them right here At the edge of... [our City] Right now let's put them... I don't know... Wait a minute Ok time is freezed Mayby we'll build it like... I don't know how it will be... will go I'd like to... STOP IT. Oh, I have too much coal

Where are you working? Here! No, I don't want Amelia, I want "none" and "none" We don't want to waste any coal. And I will build here 2 Hunter Huts - right here Okay, now 1 Yeah, I know. Sorry for that! 30 unemployed. Wait! Pause it.

I have 1 day left... that's not much I need 3 houses more and I can provide 1 tent BUT, what if I- Send 15 people here to work overnight and give them Emergency Shift? [sound of my existential pain caused by the Discontent jump] I don't like that... at all... :( Ok, build that And as you finish I will send They hunt and night, right? That's not much :/ It's like, 30 food rations I need more of that [A moment to appreciate the background music] Next road will go like that So it can reach this region Wait wait wait! Stop! Inoperative... 10 available and let's take... Only workers can go hunt. Alright. I have workers here If I'm not wrong... yeah. Let's take 5 So I can send full team, right? Yeah Alright So it seems that Workshp will be our next goal I still need 2 tents Children were running to the Child Shelter. Nice little detail

1 more tent... ummm here What's that? Okay, I think... it just looks like softer Emergency Shift [sound of small existential pain] Not as much I'm sorry, but we have to, we have to work longer hours Wait, can I build Work- yes I can! Wait. [...] Okay so it can be far away I will want it somewhere here, near the coal Mayby i will do here some kind of a industrial space? Alright we did it :D At least they don't have to sleep under the Generator Let's create a street, mayby here? So it will go... First here. Like that. 13 wood It's a lot, but they still work all night So it won't hurt me as much 3 people are sick I don't want to build like, 2 lines here I'd rather... let's make like, a road around this first ring

How much wood will it cost? A lot? Hm... alright, 9 is not that much as I thought it would be Here and now here 1 wood left What are you...? Oh, these are the hunters, they are leaving the City I really love that you can see the people working, doing their jobs In this game. It's not like they are absent or something. They are literally here and doing what you tell them to do Like there I could see the children running to the- Not Cookhouse :D The Child Shelter Such nice little details can make game much more believable Hey, they even have a bell in the Child Shelter Now I can put the Workshop in my industrial part of the City [humming] I'm curious how Workshop works Like it's some kind of a tech tree or something? I hate the fact (way) how these streets are going I'm kind of a perfectionist and I... it hurts me But I can't build it other way because there is house in a way Damn it.

And wait. Workshop. I can make- So here I switch shift length Only engineers work here Where I have some engineers? I think in steel Yeah it's a tech tree What is Steam Hub? It looks like small Generator Heat zones... I think these are like small Generators And what's the second one? Okay so Steam Hub... that's 1 point of temperature Raises temperature by 1 level in area and consumes 3 coal And Heaters only consume 1 coal per hour There is Beacon. I have to start with that one I think? What's that? That would be cool bOt- BUT but but but I think that Piles are only temporary source of resources... SOURCE OF RESOURCES. Source of materials, so I don't think it's worth investing our time and wood What's Coal Thumper? That seems a lot Yeah, it creates a Pile so I could build it right... somewhere here and Gathering Post would get resources

If I am right... x2 And what's that? These are all cool. What's Food, Health- I don't know what's... that I don't that Tomorrow [hissing again] So I would have to invest in heating first Let's say I will take that Steam Hub Or? Steam Hub.

But first I need some engineers. Let's take 5 of them - max Switch the working hours. Yes, they are a little bit upset, but not enough to change my mind I'll make you work on Steam Hub [look at the Workshop's roof] Another cool detail - there... snow just sat on the top of this building :D Jeez I love the graphics! It's not the first time and not the last time I say this I love the graphics of this game Alright they are... (working) There is chilly here with a little chance of falling ill But I have 7 sick Oh, they have finished And they finished that one too, so... go here

And 20 unemployed I don't need more... Okay, first go to this coal 10 of you here, 5 here... oh, they have returned So - no one here Go to that Wood Crates here Oh, what's that? Alright woman, first we have to develop Steam Hubs and then we'll take care of the Beacon Oh I can create more Workshops! So let's make road here And you are out of food to... gather (prepare) Alright let's go here because I'll forget to... what? So no workers Stop! Where will I put you? Go to the coal And mayby...

Go on this side? Or no, they can go here Or no, no, no, no, no Time is frozen... Let's build Medical Post Here will be the industrial area There will be some gathering I think? What's that? I can gather wood from here There will be Beacon (bacon :P) I guess Okay this will be the medical part of the town Mayby... There is a Coal Mine Alrig- Wait a minute I... if I remember correctly this mark... Informs you that it needs a certain level of temperature to work For building to work so...

[...] They all need some temperature so... I will create a road here And somewhere in... this area I will create the Medical Ward (Post) And then I'll put some Steam Hub here So as the temperature will go down there will be a source of heat In this area where are the buildings that need higher temperature to work Stop! Pause How does it work? Steam Hub Yeah, that's a small Generator Wait, what? How are you not adjected to the street? There is a street right next to you! What do you mean by that? What? Ok, ok... My fault... there was "not adjected to the street

So I'll put it somewhere here. Mayby further away So I won't waste that area right next to the generator. Somewhere... ...here And I can make new... develop new technology So I'll go for Hunter's Gear. I know I should do the Beacon, bOt... BUT it's not that necessary and I need more food for my people Because still... we are not short on food, but we don't have a lot of it either

Mayby that's a good decision And... go on 40 wood! That's a lot Ok, I will wait for 1 more wood and I'll build second Hunter's Hut Out of wood. Don't worry, theywill gather it from here and I will take you, workers From this Pile and put them here, as the building will be ready I see I can sign a new law And that's the last thing we will do in this video (and other jokes you can tell yourself) Because I can see that I've passed 30 minutes of recording (again) I don't think I need reducing Discontent right now Yeah, it's pretty low (gasp) I FORGOT TO PUT YOU MEDICAL WARD (Post) Ugh, that's my fault It's alright, everything will be ok I will put it (Medical Post) next day In the next episode Or should I say next video? Anyway I don't need Fighting Arena right now Mayby I will take Medic Apprentices Because I can put many... If I put 4 Workshops they will be more efficient anyway But I don't think- I'm not sure if I can do that with Medical Wards, Medical Facilities So let's sign that Wait! No, I can not develop anything here So sign Medical Apprentices I'll give you longer hours I know you wouldn't like that but I need some wood to create... how was it called?

I still forget the name... Medical Post Why are you hungry? We have... (enough food rations) Yeah, they are eating, why are the 2 people hungry still? we have enough food (Ugh) Not enough time (I'm talking about the wood) Alright, I'll wait till they finish that Hunter's Hut, I put here 15 workers And send them to the work and that would be it with the video Cuz it's definitely too long I just can't stop playing Fast fast fast! Go Alright, thank you for watching, be sure to leave the comment down below Let me know what I do wrong, what I do right What should I change, mayby I pronounce something wrong And you can tell me what should i correct Remember that valid criticism is sometimes the best thing that can be And that's it Have a great day and thank you for watching!

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