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It's. Important. To understand, what, the 5g, is. Doing, and what they say it's doing we're. Told on the, I Triple E beam informing, document, that this technology. Cooked. Your eyes like. Eggs in. World or new. And, you all need to understand, the. Military, weapons. These, are assault. Frequencies. Gartner, nothing, more than that that's. What you need to know it's microwave, radiation. For sure is, what it is. Ladies. Gentlemen please join me in welcoming to, the National Press Club Federal, Communications, Commission, Chairman Tom wheeler. It's. An honor to. Be here at. The, National, Press. Club. The, first generation. Wireless. 1g. Was, voice, the. Second, generation. 2g. Allowed. Both talk, and text. The. Third generation, 3G. The Internet, in a. Limited way and today's. Technology. 4G. Completed. That digital, migration. But. If anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5g, is going to become. Run. The other way. This. Video is brought, to you by the number five and the letter G and pretty. Soon everything. Else will be too I. Have. To, tell. People, 5. G's akela. I'm. Mark, steel, anybody who hasn't heard me and what the systems head-up display, expert. Leading. Experts in the world I've. Actually brought coalition, to this the reason I became an expert was to invent them what. I'm going to see it eat idiot do not believe a single, word I see, it, not. One I want you to do your research you'll. Find it tough for you clarifying. This. 5g rule of there's a weapon system I've, got to let no more circle come because I know about what the system is more than anything all that. In. Britain, in a place in the north, of England called Gateshead, a scientist. There called mark steel has. Been. Very. Publicly. And actively. Warning. People about. The, effects, of. LED. Streetlights, which he says in. Gateshead. Are emitting, now. 5g. I've. Just come to whether these kids have talked with us about the piercing this say this. These, transmitters on these lakes that of course harm. Assault, in the community, this. Is an existential threat, to the economy to, the environment, and humanity, with. These transmitters or everywhere then everyone's it was true. There's. A lot of confusion about what 5g. Is, the. G stands for generation, so you started, off with the first, transmitter. System back in the 1980s, and then yetis yes we have one G then your 2g and as the generations, moved on we, started, to see. More. Complex. Signal. Systems. Cleverer. Pieces. Of you. Know antenna designs, etc. Etc so. The whole thing became. More. Data, quicker, data quicker, downloads, etc, etc however. 5g. Is something, completely different. All. Right let's, get a break though let's tell the people what this really is this is the 5g. Transmission. Device. Bring. Connect that's a hell of a beast art isn't it these, are the uninsurable. Transmitters. Just, get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there's quite a few experts. Who, want to see. More. Detail, about, the transmitters, and the chipsets. Stava, good luck boys this. Is the control. Management, system, mastery there's no antenna there you see that what. Is this fears, the rear antenna, here, what's, that this is for Fears are you all right as. You'll see it's got a driver that's got some chip takes one, chip with. A chip set on this this, is a disturbing, world order. This what it gets it counts of see I'll. Tell you what I think the Vela sent some of these educated. Fools by at the school what, you send them to prison which. I was the easiest, I think prisons probably better. That's. 5j guys that's, 5g, Hall a. Must. Consider the whole part played by electricity. In nature human, beings cannot, go on developing, in the same way in an atmosphere permeated. On all sides by electric, currents and radiations, it has an influence on the whole development of man this life of men in the midst of electricity, notably, radiant, electricity, will presently, affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to understand, the news which they received so rapidly, the effect is to damp down their intelligence, such effects are already seen today even, today you can notice how people understand, the things that come to them with far greater difficulty, than they did a few decades ago, Rudolf.

Steiner. 1924. Rudolf. Steiner noted that in 1924. Since, then our atmosphere, has become far more permeated. With electric, waves of widely. Diverse types there's. No doubt now that. Electric. Waves electromagnetic. Forces. Cause. Direct, biological. Effects, there's. Thousands, of peer-reviewed, papers on this subject, there's. No doubt about it but, what are these effects, how. Are they affecting, us what, can we do about it, we're, now at a stage where. We're, putting, in what's called 5g. Which. Is a special type of, broadcast. For high, density information, transfers. And. It turns out that this is the same frequency. Bands that are used in crowd, dispersal. Weapon. Five. T first, and foremost is densification, so. It's. Significantly. More transmitters. At close proximity to. The. Human and it. Is also, a sophisticated. A lead, of unlawful. Transmitter. What. I mean by that is. It, is a high. Gear. Dielectric. Lens antenna. And. What that allows 5g. Transmitters. To do is. To 3d map, its, environment. In your home the. 868. Megahertz. Frequency. Is specific. For, battlefield. Interrogation. Systems, so sub gigahertz that allows. The, signal to travel through concrete, brick, work with. Ease and. It. Can actually day. Together, it is a target the choir of the system. Fears. The rear is basically, read off the battlefield it, is, extremely, good, at, identifying, targets. And being. A lock on the targets and, not. Only that it can specifically. Target you, as an individual, so any, judge sitting on a an, interesting case let's see any, lawyer. And he barrister, anybody doing any work on his potentially, controversial, your. Life could be a threat. So. The antenna, design that, you currently have non-stop. Of these, LED, streetlights. Masquerading. As a contour, management, system, it, basically power field interrogation, equipment. The first fears the rear unit, was actually called mum it used. To by the Germans, during the Second World War to, identify. Allied, aircraft, obviously. Things have moved on significantly. Since, then. Well. I joined. The Royal Navy in, 1960. And. I. Specialized. In, microwave. Warfare. Radar. Obviously, which uses microwave but. They don't just teach you radar they teach you all about microwaves. And other uses. So. I understood. About. Microwave. Warfare, and how it can damage people, how it can harm people. Microwaves. Then, were. Used as weapons, as they, are today it. Is, a perfect. Stealth, weapon, and when. Governments, don't, like a group, of people for. Instance that the ladies who protest, at Greenham common in. England, about the American missile base they, can't they, were microwaved, we. Might throw both Catholics, in Northern Ireland to, make them sick it. Goes on all over the world and it's. A weapon that you don't know you're being targeted because. The dose is very very low which. Is actually, more dangerous than. A high dose it's. Very very low and it, may, take a year or two but you can you. Can cause, neurological. Damage, and cancers. With. Low-level microwaves. And you can make all your opponents, sick, it it's a perfect weapon for a government. Our, impulses. Are, being redirected we. Are living in an artificially. Induced, state, of consciousness, that, resembles, sleep their.

Intention. To rule rests. With the annihilation, of consciousness. We. Have been loaned into a trance they. Have made us indifferent, to, ourselves to. Others, we, are focused, only on. Please. Understand. They are safe. As long as they are not discovered, to keep us asleep, keep. Us selfish, keep, us safe, almost. Immediately, I had neighbors knocking, on the door talking. About children bleeding, from the nose I have images, posted on Facebook, for. More neighbor in particular, killed. My dog and mentioned. The fact that since the LED, street lighting had been installed, she. Was bleeding from the nose every, single, night I thought. Was unbelievable. However. I spoke to another neighbor, who lived not, far from, the first lady who mentioned, this and, she. Also confirmed. That since the LED, streetlight, had been installed, she, also had. Started, to develop nosebleeds. And it never had nosebleeds before. In her life that, then. Put. Me on a journey to, investigate. A. Measurement. Microwave, radiation, levels from the transmitters. On, top of the LED, streetlights, the. Basic 868. Megahertz. It was significantly. Higher than. The, current, comes. Through 1815. Resolution. Which is a maximum, of 600 millivolts, of measure doctors over, 3,000. Millivolts, five. Times five to six times higher than the than the guidelines significantly. Higher than than, the current, council, European. 15 resolution. Which, states that 200. Millivolts. Should. Be the, maximum that, by your initiative, report states. That it should be significant. Less than that so we've got the council Europe that's. You know the the. The international. Quartz or spirit nut you, know the learner judges, have said that 200, millivolts, and are measuring, in bedrooms, and get set minimum. Minimum. 600. In the. 4000, does this mean that in 2020, 2021. When. 5g, is destined, to roll out globally that. You're going to get those kind of readings everywhere, all the time everywhere.

All It's worse than that worse enough. Yes. 5g, will connect the internet of everything if. Something, can be connected, it will be connected in a 5g, world hundreds. Of billions. Of microchips. Connected. In, products. From pill bottles, to. Plant waters requiring. Massive, deployment. Of small cells. We. Won't wait for. The standards, now, to make this work five, the 5g build out is going to be very. Infrastructure. Intensive. We, must reject the notion that, the. 5g, future, will. Be the sole provenance, of urban. Areas, the. 5g, revolution. Will touch all, corners. And that's. Damn. Important. The, interconnected. World of the future. Will. Be the result of decisions we must, make. Today. The. Main issue before us today is Senate, bill 637. And Senate, bill 894. The. Former by Senator hue and the latter by Senator nobs we're. Gonna invite. The first, four witnesses, in, support of. The, legislation and that would be John Jones with Sprint David. Lewis and Andy Emerson with AT&T Neil Creve with Verizon, and Frank, out committee jr. with t-mobile so. Be straight with me. Is. It true, it. Could, be. Gentlemen. Practice. These words in front of the mirror, although. We are constantly, exploring the subject, currently. There. Is no direct, evidence that links cell phone usage to. Brain cancer. I'm. Sharon Goldberg I'm an internal medicine physician I've practiced, medicine for 21 years and my background is mostly academic, internal. Medicine Hospital, based clinical. Research and medical education, I'm a certified, Microsoft, small business specialist, I worked on space station designing, the, cabling, system, for the airlock module, where as responsible, for EMI EMC analysis, which is electromagnetic, interference. Electromagnetic. Compatibility a professor, in the Department, of Epidemiology. Biostatistics. And occupational. Health and, I, teach they're both, toxicology. And health, effects of electromagnetic, radiation. My, name is Donna Tocqueville and I'm the founder of organization, called we are the evidence, we. Are an organization, that represents the, many adults and unfortunately, many children, who has become very sick from wireless technology, radiation, there seems to be a couple false Easter eggs being put out there right now I want to make sure we dispel that right off the gate the effects of Wireless, on health. Scientifically. Are very, very, clear. So, it's always pushed, back to the definition, of an acceptable, level of radiation, and that's what this is by the way this is about radiation. Wireless, radiation has biological effects. Period. My, name is dr., Angie Colbeck, I've been reviewing the studies showing, the impacts of wireless radiation. On our, health and there are now thousands. Of studies showing. The following, adverse, health impacts. To wireless radiation. Cancer. Oxidative. Damage DNA. Damage, DNA, failure. Things, like memory. Dizziness. Anxiety. Brain. Fog headaches, nose. Bits, cognitive. Problem, exhaustion. We have it evidence of DNA damage. Cardiomyopathy. Which is the precursor of congestive, heart failure short. And long term memory loss, decreased. Attention spans, lower, reaction, times. Even. Involuntary, contractions. Of muscles causing, misalignments. Of spines and jaws breast, cancer, we suddenly have, breast cancer in women who have DNA, predisposition. Disrupted. Immune function, and change, in stress proteins. Reproductive. And fertility effects, there are dozens and dozens of studies that show beyond, any doubt what this, radiation. Is doing to our sperm now, if you take this the the cell phone out of your pocket the.

Sperm Will recuperate within, three to four months what would not recuperate, would be the damage to the DNA of the sperm that is irreparable. The. Wife of the ex governor of Indiana, was diagnosed, with glioblastoma, same, brain tumor Ted Kennedy half and John McCain had did, you look at John McCain's car this, is a cell phone brain. Tumor, LeBron. James one of our sports, people had, a salivary, gland tumor, that, is another cell phone tumor. You didn't hear about it because immediately after that was discovered he would pay it was paid by Samsung, to become their spokesperson. We, are seeing increases, in in brain tumors we're. Seeing increases, in Alzheimer's, we're seeing increases, in all. Of the neurotransmitter. Diseases, ALS. Lou Gehrig's disease. Parkinson's. These, are all disease. Systems that are known, to be associated. With low-level, energy exposures, we talk about, 24/7. Around-the-clock. Exposure. Wherever, you are and your. Whole body you never get away from it and it, seems from our studies, that maybe, your immune system, can cope with for a time but. It will deteriorate then, the irradiation. Will, definitely. Damage, cells at the deeper level, and the question is what will then happen these. Are out of peer-reviewed papers so these are not just. Hypochondriacs. Thinking, that they're doing it we're, having real problems with this this. Is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed in the peer reviewed literature these. Effects, are seen in all life forms plants. Animals. Insects. Microbes. So, 5g, is not a conversation, about whether or not these biological, effects exist, they clearly, do, there. Is scientifically. Evidence. That is so strong, that, you can be certain. That the standards, used by the SCC. To manage, health effects are wrong. We. Need to start measuring how. Much radiation, are people, being exposed, to before. We roll out 5g, there, are four kinds of electromagnetic. Fields, that we know are harmful to human health so, radiofrequency radiation. Magnetic. Fields dirty electricity, and electric, fields okay our, exposure. Any given, person and all, humans, are affected, by EMFs, what, is our exposure and in a day it's. Not one cellphone, its. Cellphones, it's multiple wireless networks, it's smart meters its cell towers, it's, this sandwich, and it all adds up, the. Data we're going to look at are all published, science testing, results or public, standards at. The bottom end of the radiation scale of what's called power density, or signal, strength is the, minimum level at which cellphones will work which, was found to be point to billions, of a micro watt per centimeter squared.

Pine. Needles were found to age prematurely at, point, zero zero zero, zero to seven. At. Short-term exposures, of point zero five children. Aged 8 to 17 experienced. Headache irritation. Concentration. Difficulties and behavioral. Problems. Point. One is the BAU biology, or building, biology, guideline, for extreme concern. 1.0. Produced sperm DNA fragmentation. And a decrease in sperm viability, in vitro. Also. At 1.0 the science shows the following bodily, effects can occur headaches. Dizziness, fatigue, insomnia. Chest. Pain difficulty. Breathing and in digestion. 2.5. Saw altered, calcium, metabolism and, heart muscle cells, 4.0. Changes. In the hippocampus, affecting, brain memory and learning and at, 6.0. DNA, damage in cells, so. Where, are smart meters on this list. Electrical. Power Institute in December 2010, measured, a single eye Tron smart meter with pulses up to seven point nine three micro, watts per centimeter squared our. Own testing, indicated, approximately, 8.0, with one meter these. Tests are at a close distance approximately. One, foot away from the meter but an infant's crib could be just as close on the other side of the wall where the meter or Bank of meters are installed. Even. Though there are all these known health effects at levels far lower Switzerland. Liechtenstein and, Luxembourg, see fit to set the standard at nine point five and, China. Poland, and Russia, 10.0. This. Is the same level at which behavior, has been altered producing. Reflexes, of avoidance, following, 30-minute, exposures, a, room. Of twelve smart meters are very common, and even a conservative, number in an apartment, building test, it at 19.8. Microwatts. Per centimeter, squared this. Is hundreds, of times higher than levels which clearly indicate, harmful, effects. So. How can you Atilla teas and government's get away with forcing, these devices, on everyone, this. Is how in, Canada. In the US and several other civilized, countries, the safety limit is set at 600, to 1000. Micro watts per centimeter, squared, this. So-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands, of times higher than levels which are known to damage health according, to peer-reviewed, published, science. Faster. Better, more reliable. Internet. That's. The promise, of 5g, technology, but there, is also the, peril. Health. Hazards. Associated. With. Radio. Frequency. That. Is higher also and. Requires. More. Transmitters. And in antennas. And the, stark simple. Fact, is. The. Health hazards are. Unknown. And, unstudied. And. That. Is a sign of neglect and disregard, on the part of the Federal Communications, Commission that. Seems. Unacceptable. There, have been no answers so far the FCC. Basically. Has said. Everything's, fine. But. In, order to reach a conclusion about. The health and safety of this new technology we. Need facts. Chairman. Thank, you for. Having this hearing, 5g. As you well know also, uses higher frequency, waves, that. Don't travel as far and will rely, on a network of hundreds, of thousands, potentially. Millions, of small cell, sites and the question then is are, there. Any health implication. And. He's public. Safety implication, to. Those, additional. Sites, that are likely be located, close. To, homes schools, workplaces, and. Closer. And closer to the ground. Correct. Correct. Senator yes so. My. Question, for. For. You particularly mr. Gillan and mr. Barry. How, much money. Has the, industry. Committed, to supporting, additional. Independent. Research I stress, independent, research is. That. Independent, research ongoing has, any. Been completed, where. Can consumers. Look, for it, and. We'll. Talk about research. On the biological, effects of this, new technology, Thank.

You Senator and I think, thank, you for your focus on the issue safety. Is paramount and, as you alluded to we rely, on the expert agency rely, on the. Findings of the FDA and others as to the. Requirements, to keep all of us safe there. Are no, industry. Back studies to my knowledge right now happy. To visit with you as to what, opportunities. You think there needs to be more studies and, we're, always for more science we, also rely on what the scientists, tell us. So. Essentially. The. Answer my question, how much money, zero. I. Can. Certainly. Follow up with you senator to my knowledge there's no active studies being, backed by industry today. Anybody. Else know of. Industry. Commitments, to feedback, research. Funded. Support it. To. Ascertain. Scientifically. The health effect. No. I'm not aware of and, you know there really is no research ongoing we're, kind of, flying. Blind here so. Far as health and safety is concern. Thank. You mr. chairman. You're. Trained medical professional, yes, we don't have one on the panel what, are we to make with, of, the. American, Cancer Society, for example telling. Us there's, no evidence, of. Harmful. Product. Many, of these organizations. Have, conflicts, of interest very, briefly if you can what do you what's your definite what do you mean by conflict, of interest one of the first things that you teach residents is that you always have to look at, the, funding. There's. A tremendous, amount of sponsored. Research by. People who are hired to do studies to find, no effect, and that's. Plagued. This, field in a number of countries, the. Radiofrequency, radiation, work. That we did was, supported, by a Motorola. The. Relationship. Was really very cordial. And very. Stress-free. But. Only. Up, until we started to generating, data these. Folks were very very, upset and, began to talk about how are they going to handle this, what, sort of spin can we put on this what can we expect from this and from. That point on the relationship, changed. What. We saw was that Motorola began, to exert more and more control over, the work telling. Us what to do. Telling. Us how to write abstracts, what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the papers. How. To do the work no. Don't, do this yes, do it this way, this. Was unacceptable. I had. Completed, our study of DNA damage and I. Submitted the final report, to Motorola. They, simply, weren't, willing to accept, my. Interpretation. Of my study my. Evaluation. Of my study. My. Knowledge of science, at that point and. Tried. To urge me not to publish the study, did. You hear about people coming to you as far as as. Far as we kind of complaints about illness, we, were made aware of health complaints, following, installation of smart meters and we wanted to verify this, using. Our field work so I measured. The field of about 30 different people. While they stood one, foot in front of the smart meter and in every single case the. Human. Energy field was obliterated as, they stood in front of the smart meter, so. In our first slides, what we see is normal. Cells and the, structure of the cells is intact. And sound this. Is what we would expect from a normal sample so. After two minutes of exposure in front of the smart meter at about one foot away we. See a totally different story, sample. One you can see a lot of degradation in, the cells the cell walls have been broken and you.

See Changes. In the cells which are called mycoplasma, it, shows a mutation, to the cell in, the second, sample we, seems a different type of degradation to, the cell, membranes, you can see a corrugation. Here this is called bottle cap formation, and it's. Known that this occurs due to oxidation, or. Exposure. To free radicals, so this. Third subject when. We did her sample, she had, to be pulled away from the meter after 45, seconds, because she complained about a increasingly. Severe, headache. And here, you see a phenomenon. Called reuleaux where the red blood cells are stacking, up which, makes it very difficult for the blood, to deliver oxygen to the tissues as. They would, be their normal function every, single one of these is a degradation every. Single one of these shows of trauma to the blood cells and that. Came from something, and the only variable, was the smart meter the, good news in all this is the, patient's and the blood can return to normal once they have been removed from the influences, of these stressors. Some. Of the effects that we, can look at well, one thing is is just our regular Wi-Fi 2.4. Gigahertz, that's. In the same range as microwave. Ovens, which, are also called radar, ranges, because that is radar. 2.4. Gigahertz, is interesting, it's not the peak absorption. Rate in water, for. Microwave. Frequencies, but, it's at a point where it allows full penetration, because if it came in at the peak it. Would prevent, the insides. From getting, warm so that's, what basic Wi-Fi, now. When we look at 5g. 60. Gigahertz, this. Is what. They call active dispersal. Sort. Of weaponry just, to keep people back it burns the skin it doesn't penetrate but, 60. Gigahertz is the frequency, of oxygen, molecule, absorption. Since. They. Have electrons, that they share with each other what we breathe is actually oh two pair. Of oxygen, so, being. Bombarded with 60. Gigahertz could. Very well impair. Our oxygen. Absorption, rates in our body and thereby. The. Whole basis of our living system. Martin. Paul says, putting. Tens of millions of 5g, antennas, without, a single biological, test of safety has, to be about the stupidest, idea anyone, has had in the history of the world. So. Assessing, all this we, have experts, in various fields. Military. EMF. Weaponry. Biological. Effects on humans. Firefighters. That. Are getting, cognitive, impairment, by being there in them countries. That are banning these, sort of technologies, around schools, because of the impairment to cognitive, let's. Weigh that up in light. Of what Rudolf Steiner said in 1924. About just mere radio, causing. The impairment of cognitive. Functions, on people, that they can receive news from around the world but. They can't understand, it as well because of the effect of the electricity, we. Have to say. Something, smells sinister, here. With. The fifth generation it's, actually a whole new ballgame it's not using the same technology, they, use they're switching to military-grade. Millimeter. Wave technology, and, when you look at this technology, and, if you go and look at DARPA reports, kind of look at some of the patents that the United States military, has put out on what they can do with, psychological. Weapons. All sorts of things crowd control Active Denial anything, you can think of this, is what they can do with 5g, so, any type, of military, application, you can think of which is has an electromagnetic, base they, can do with 5g, and they're putting this out blanket, across the population. Ladies. And gentlemen the President, of the United States good. Evening my fellow Americans in, the council's of government we, must guard against, the acquisition of. Unwarranted influence, whether sought. Or unsought by, the, military-industrial. Complex the. Potential. For the disastrous rise, of, misplaced power, exists.

And Will persist. We. Must never let the weight of this combination endanger, our, liberties or, democratic processes. The. FCC, is a captured, agency, they probably conducted. What I believe to be the biggest, fraud. On the public, ever conducted, the, FCC, has been described by Harvard, University's, Center, for Ethics writer Norman alster as the, most captured, agency, in DC acting. More as a industry. Cheerleader, than a regulator, this, is especially true today with 5g where there are serious safety concerns, and potentially, misleading, information. Coming from the FCC for. Example, the previous chairman, of the FCC is Tom wheeler he was the head of the wireless log Association, for 14 years now remember, Obama told us there will be no lobbyists, in his administration so, he took the biggest lobby and put. Him as ahead of the FCC, and that's, damn. Important. The. 90-93 the, FCC, started a rulemaking to adopt the I Triple, E regulations. On this issue I Triple. E is an engineer, Association. Why, is it, that we adopt regulation, of engineers, who. Maybe know how to measure, this radiation it's passing a wall but not when it's passing a body all, our, health agencies, objected, it saying that it makes no sense to adopt engineer, Association, that, they had not even one biomechanical, person on their on their team they're effectively, indemnified. Against. Adverse, health impacts. When. The. Acceptable. Limits are higher than. The limits actually shown to show, harmful, health effects, the, FCC. Guidelines were, developed for, short-term exposures. Six, minutes it's 30 minutes depending on it's a phone or an outdoor exposure, and they, have, absolutely. No connection. To, the, biological, effects. That. Have been very clearly summarized, in the bio initiative, so, as you can see there's a number of individuals, in this room today that have serious, concerns about this as, regards to their health if, one. Of your companies decides, to. Put, one of these small cells up at a pole that's within say 50 feet, of one of their houses, what. Recourse, do they have to. Say is there a way to move it somewhere, else there, there's language in the bill so that the authority, can require the applicant, to, come. Forth with, certification. Of compliance with the FCC's rules related, to radiofrequency, emission. Remember, that denial of request or denial permit, request that you can put in it's, going to point back to the, acceptable. Levels as determined, by the FCC, not, the EPA are, not the CDC, the ones who usually take care of health concerns but, by the FCC, which is staffed by former. F-numbers. Of the telecommunication. Industry that's, the fox guarding the hen house. It's. A fact that most insurance companies, will not indemnify. Against. EMF. Effects. Telecom. Companies, around the world are warning their investors, of, potential. Major costs due, to real, or alleged. Risks of EMF. Pollution, from, their products, interestingly. Enough, they're, warning their investors, but they're not telling their customers they're, basically keeping. It quiet because that's. Where the money comes from so, we're. Using technology that. Could be very potentially harmful to us and the investors know it but, their only worry is that they might lose money, not that our health might be affected. First, of all I think what. You should really think about is why is it that they're not insured it's honor they chose to be self-insured, they actually rejected, by the insurance, company from being insured cuz then it's time to resk so, the insurance companies, the big insurance companies, will, not insure the telecommunications. Called. Secondary, insurance companies, secondary. Insurance companies are the insurance companies, that insure, the insurance companies, so, in a event an insurance company let's say I insure.

Verizon, And it, may not be able to meet the, claims then. The. Secondary, insurance company is kicking in like Lloyd's of London sorry. Likewise, of. Lloyds. Of London and Swiss rail both, told, the insurance company, not to insure the wireless industry and this is why they're not insured and that should give you a hint now this, is exactly why they have to prevent it health, in a lawsuit. And how do they prevent lawsuit, that goes back to Section 704. Section, 704, was, passed in 1996, this is how our rights, in regards. To health were taking away by the wireless industry what, is the distillation did it gave the power to regulate the. Health effects, of wireless technology to the FCC, F this, is a spectrum, auctioning, agency, it's not a health agency, they don't even have one, biomedical. Person, on their team and then, the other thing is section 704 did, it, actually, took the power from the state to regulate location. Of cell towers based on health and what does it means it means that if they want to put a cell tower in front of your home you cannot go to City Council say hey stop I don't want it I just heard it lecture that there are 10,000 studies proving that it's harmful, I don't want it my child is sick the hotel's stop you're, not allowed to mention this in the City Council because section. 704 says that if you will and if the application will be rejected, the. City will be sued can be sued by the wise industry. A. Major. US, government, study on rats finds, a link between cell, phones and cancer, very first, government study linking, the radiation, from cell phones to cancer to decade, $30,000,000. Federal study out today found, there is some, evidence, of a link between cell, phone radiation and, brain cancer. After. What is the NDP have heard that study several times in DPS work so it's a 25 million dollar study, on the rats and mice that. Was supposed, to demonstrate. That. There were no effects, of, radiation, below, thermal, and in. Fact it demonstrated, exactly, the opposite, and it. Follows, on the heels of. Two, major. Studies. And animals that said exactly the same thing and that study was designed, perfectly. To, make sure that it cannot be a challenge. That there will not be any doubt that's why it took them 14 years that's, how they prevent a discussion of health and why, do they want to prevent. Discussion, of house if there's no problem with health. Simply put FCC. Is completely, unprepared unable. And possibly, unwilling, to oversee, 5g, for safety even, as it barrels toward us they, are falling back on tired definitions. And panaceas, long since disproven, by science, to. Make matters worse recent. FCC, rulings, at numerous industry, friendly bills passed, at state and federal levels between 2016. And 2018. Removed. The last vestiges. Of local, and state review, over infrastructure. Sightings just when, we need it the most. When. Those first studies. Were performed these, years, and years ago nobody knew about the importance, of the microbiome. The. Role of the microbiome and. The immune system, and even less the role of the microbiota, inside, our brains, that is the microbes, that are normally. Resident inside, our brains whose, influence, on brain function is, nothing but immense, anyway. Think well who cares about microbes, delays. Microbes, we have the abilities well you, we know by now that this. Is not absolutely the, case because, microbes, are truly essential for. Development. And function, of all our organs, and systems our, immune system, is based, on the microbes, we have in our gut and our. Brain also, as my. Crops that influence. Its function. In. Tests it's been found things like mold if. You grow mold inside, a Faraday, cage it'll grow one way in that even. If the electromagnetic fields, are around take. The Faraday cage away and some, sort of 600, biotoxins. Are developed within the mold because. Of the effects of the EMFs, upon, it, electromagnetic. Fields even of weak. Quality. Have. An effect upon our microbiome, which is really essential to our whole being this. Is going to eviscerate. Microbial. DNA inside. Human beings which is our effective, operating, system, number, one so, it may not impact. Human, DNA, in laboratory. Experiments, right now and they're saying it doesn't impact human, DNA but, given that human DNA, is less than 1%. Of the cellular. DNA in the human body the rest, of the cellular DNA is microbial.

And We know that this will eviscerate microbial. DNA so, we're talking about a takedown of, the operating, system, of human beings, exactly. Exactly, I couldn't have put it better myself. Goblin. Morning. Mr. Brandt Wow, Amanda. Now, you, guys are covering up chemtrails, no. We are not covering it we have we have no reason to cover up. To. Cover it up. Well. You personally, I'm you, would lose your job you were due to reveal anything to me and it's probably unsafe, really even be speaking about this. You, work for it's, not, unsafe. No. Problem. With us talking on your, system, you're making a complaint. The. Complaint an area that we, don't we. Don't have authority to regulate. So. The connection, between, chemtrails. And 5g, it's. All interconnected, the, metallized particulates. That, would allow, the 5g. Fears the rear so basically the radar that would allow it to people, identify. You, so, then watch you are gonna identify you, in your own home, 24. Hours a day seven. Days a week for, the last X, amount of years we've, been through chem trailing, and that is now the cat is out of the box we've, had these nano. Particulates. Raining. Down on humanity. For. Years now, impregnating. Our bodies, by best account staying inside our bodies, those nano particulates. What you're saying are creating. Building. Up a kind of a phosphorescent, glow. Capability. So, that we can be flagged up in, our homes behind concrete. And steel inside, bunkers, in the basement, doesn't, matter where you are the 5g, we'll be able to now triangulate. Map and read you because, you as a living, being are impregnated. With these nano particulates. Which are acting as a kind of transmission. And reception technology. - exactly, absolutely exactly. You. Have to consider, that DNA, also works, as, a fractal. Antenna, which. Is able, to send and receive and. Also. To process, signals. Under, the form of radio frequencies, well then there is no doubt that artificial. Radio, frequencies, such. As those on cell towers, and in particular, these and new types, of towers, that have a much, higher. Density, of. Signals. They. May, somehow. Interfere. With the ability of DNA, to, retain, and transmit, biological. Signals, so this is one level of danger that. Very few. Biologists. Are aware, of. How, much effort was put forward, to, address, this, the. Other what, most of these people are many of these people are here for which is other health concerns. Was, there any dialogue. Back and forth was there any working I was there when many studies, evaluated. To look at regarding, this area maybe. Not. Every person that has, concerns, in the legislation, was, brought to the table okay so from your perspective you feel that there was a legitimate amount of time to evaluate the data that the opposition. Would have on this absolutely, and I am I wouldn't put forth something that I didn't believe in and. I'll tell you as I mentioned earlier, and. It's been commented, several times amongst, the panel here this, is truly, an economic, development, issue our, three-year-olds, again at home is, outraged. When we pull out the driveway and he's not able, to access Wi-Fi. But, I think anyone, who puts Wi-Fi, into a school, should. Be locked up for, the rest of their life, I really. Do I think, they're. Not fit to walk, on the surface of this planet because. They haven't looked at the research and whatever.

Incentive. They have it, is, not worth the, genetic. Problems. That. Parents, are going to face with. Their children, when, they're born France. Has banned Wi-Fi, in nursery, schools and put warnings out for regular. Schools because. They're finding there's impaired learning, capacity, and children when they're around Wi-Fi, and, they. Have to put up warning, signs where, they put Wi-Fi transmitters. When. I got sick and I learned that they're putting Wi-Fi, in schools in Israel I was. Very sick at the time but I could not tolerate the thought the, children in the schools will become as sick as I have and after, few months of, Correspondence. I submitted a Supreme Court case in Israel to ban the use of Wi-Fi, in schools and we, place them with wired Network the, four top diseases, that kills our children, our young adults, right now are brain tumors thyroid, cancer testis, cancer rectal. Cancer everywhere, we put our cell phones and a, lot of our children are sick and they've been misdiagnosed, and mistreated. Because the wireless industry, has put billions. And billions, of dollars in the past 30, years to mislead the public as to the health effects and keep the public uninformed. We. Are performing, an experiment on children. We. Are exposing children to, microwave. Radiation. For. Six hours during every school day we, have had absolutely no studies, looking at the long-term effects of this radiation, on young. People, or even, on adults, a considerable. Amount of research shows that developing. Brains and bodies of children are much more affected, than adults and there. Are clear indications of a link between increased. Electromagnetic. Fields and autism. Spectrum disorders. We. Took ten artistic, children, and went. Back to the sleeping location, where the mother was when. She was pregnant with that child and. Compared, it with, the. Sleeping location, of a mother that gave birth to healthy children we. Have ten mothers in that group ten mothers in this group and in, the group of the, autistic children, we found that, the, measurements. Have you got for the microwave. Exposure. Was. Elevated, compared. To the group of children that were normal, the. Fetus is affected. The. Exposure, to, men made electromagnetic. Fields has become, the first factor, that could be isolated, ever in autism that could predict autism. The. Fifth generation. Of wireless technology. Or 5g. As, it's being rolled out worldwide. Without. Safety testing, let, me say that again without, safety, testing, and how, we've got scientists. And doctors and, environmental organizers, saying, stop. This. Because. In terms of the effects of wireless radiation, the science is in wireless, radiation can, lead to, cancer as heart tumors, brain. Tumors DNA. Damage wireless. Radiation, is linked to infertility to. Autism Alzheimer's. And, more, and guess what all the effects that I just listed those.

Are Some of the effects that are known according to the technology, that's being seen today, first. Of all you have to know that we, know that the other EMFs, that we're exposed to are already. Known, to be health risks and, and. Basically that, 5g. Because. Of, the frequency, that's going to be used and because. Of the, extraordinarily, high, pulsation. Levels that. Will, be used. Is. A, much, bigger threat to our health than, the things that we already have which are very substantial threats, to our health we're not just talking about the intensity. We're. Talking, about the frequency, and the very high level of pulsations, there's. A huge literature which. Shows that pulsed. EMF CMS, that pulse up and down very, rapidly are, in, most cases much. More biologically. Active than our non pulsed EMFs, every, single, wireless, communication, device communicates, via pulsations. But. The industry completely ignores this issue, the, problem with 5g, is that, they're planning to put out tens of millions of these antennae all over the place without. Doing one single biological safety test are you implying possibly. That we, the consumers, are the guinea pig since they haven't really done tests to see the effects in a smaller setting I mean, that's not an implication, it's a statement we are yes. Cancer. Is not the main concern that, I have I'm really, concerned about sperm count and about, effects on pregnancy, how. Many of know that, one in six American, couples is unable to have a child when they want to how. Many of you know that, last year the, birth rate in this country dropped. The, most that it ever has in recent history. 3%. In, a, single year people, look at the sperm, do, you cell phones and, the, sperm you, should sperm swim and they, swim straight, but. If you expose, them to really frequency, lower, phone waves. A swimming, circle. Studies. Have been done here in Australia, taking sperm, from healthy men and one, test tube gets exposed to cell phone radiation and one test tube is not exposed to mobile phone radiation and then. The, results, are evaluated. And this. Is a measure of vitality, we. Measure how well the sperm swim this is a measure of mobility. Motility this. Is a measure of the mitochondrial. DNA damage, they have three. Times as much damage on their DNA if they, have been exposed, to, mobile phone radiation the. Data on that are rock solid cell. Phones can, damage, sperm, quantity. And quality. Your. Embryo. Your, uterus. In, the fetus where. Your child is, developing, for the first 100, days in. The, ovaries. The. Eggs do, not have that protection so. They are at maximum. Risk, from. Radiation and. For. The first month. Or so you, wouldn't even know you were pregnant you wouldn't, even be taking precautions, that, is, the main danger area so, you, give birth to. A daughter. But. Her ovaries. Are now contaminated. She. May be normal, she, may be genetically. Damaged. But. Her ovaries. Are at, the most risk so. When your daughter grows, up and. She. Becomes. Pregnant and has. A baby this. Is where one of these eggs will be fertilized. And come out so, the, real damage here, is your. Grandchildren. That, is where it is going to show most. Do. You think that there is a chance. Not. In the third generation but. In the fifth generation and, that would for humans be something in the order 150. Years ahead of us and of, course then. It's too late to say that you are sorry, and it's very too late to say stop there, is a wealth of papers, I mean we're talking about thousands. Of published. Papers in, the scientific, literature fuel. Which show sometimes, none, of which have entered the official, documentation. From, authorities. And likewise, so I think it's really time to have an independent. Compilation. Of data such. Was, done at August. 31st. 2007. In the form of the bio initiative, report of which I was one of the authors and then.

We Put together approximately. 2000, scientific, references, on a little bit more than 600, pages clearly. Saying that, if you for instance if you, are a rat or a mouse or, a cell or a molecule you should definitely. Not allow yourself to be exposed to this and in, the meantime we, have this full-scale. Experiment, using, our own kids. One. Interesting case John, Patterson is. A. Telecommunications. Engineer. In Sydney, Australia very, brilliant man for, 20 years John Chester, Telstra, digital systems, over the time he realized the dangers, of electromagnetic. Radiation it disrupts, the boil the trick system of your body which. Is really your brain your nervous system how, your muscles talk, and he tried warning of these effects, through, different agencies through, his company go, to Lotus Garrett and measured it and drew. Up a report and. Always. He mediately removed from service finally. In. 2007. He took matters into his own hand he commandeered. A used, British army tank and went and destroyed six cellphone towers in Sydney. Australia because. He wanted to stop this he was trying to make a point, the. Message was that Helldiver. Suppose. You. Know these people were elected by us to manage our infrastructure, in a responsible, manner that is the sole purpose of government if it's going to exist at all and if it doesn't do that then it has no right it is invalid so we need to pull this infrastructure, down we really do but, in order to do that I mean we can't just be some violent, domestic, terrorists, you've got to you've got to bring this awareness to the people that these towers, are doing them damage you don't need bandwidth, that fast and they're not doing it so you can download movies quickly, they're doing it so they can track every single thing you do and bring in this social accrediting system to control even everything, you think. The. Story about a lady called Claire Edward she was a United, Nation staff member, and she was warning of the potentially, catastrophic. Dangers. Of 5g. Technology. I took. Issue four, took the issue to the UN secretary-general. Antonio. Guterres. He, is a physicist. And, electrical. Engineer, and, lectured, on telecommunication. Signals, early in his career yet asserted, to me that. He knew nothing about, the dangers, of 5g. Current. Public exposure, levels, are at least one. Quintillion. That's. 18, zeros one, quintillion, times above natural, background, radiation, according, to Professor Olle Johansson of, the Karolinska, Institute, in Sweden the. Highly dangerous biological. Effects of EMFs, have been documented, by thousands, of studies since 1932. Indicating. That we may be facing a global health, catastrophe orders. Of magnitude, worse than those caused by tobacco. And cigarettes 5g. Is designed, to deliver, concentrated. And focused. Electromagnetic. Radiation, in excess, of 100. Times current levels, in the same way as do directed. Energy weapons. There, is currently an international, appeal signed by. 237. EMF, scientists, from 41, nations, urging. The UN and particularly, the w-h-o, to, exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective, EMF. Guidelines. Encouraging. Precautionary. Measures, and educating. The public about the considerable, health risks. Particularly. The risks to children and fatal, fetal development, sorry. Because. On. These things we're, talking to the Wi-Fi systems, I'm. Worried because I put those devices in my house I. This. I will have to I mean I might confess, my ignorance on, this we. Will have to i-i've. But I'm going to raise this with the red show which, i think is the organization, that might be able to deal with it properly because I must confess I was. Not aware of that danger. In. 1996. When the Telecommunications. Act was, passed in, it. Was a provision essentially. They kept local officials, from addressing. Health issued, concerns, when, approving. Or not approving a, cell tower so, been. Correct but then something new who is happening we've talked a lot about it on the Silurian report thanks, Jason Boggs Smith and his website EMF warriors but but, this is new this is very very new so you're you're basically, you, know sending out an appeal on something that in, one sense hasn't, happened yet this is not just an incremental, change this, is a big step up it's, it's a sea change you and, onslaught it's not an improper.

Word It's a it's a bombardment so, instead of a cell tower one, mile or two miles from you and you still have cell phone service we're. Gonna have antennas, every block and some, pourcel it's going to have one mounted two utility utility pole maybe, less than 20 meters from their home so. This kind of you, know invasive. Bombardment. With this many antennas, I mean just in one square mile if you do the math one per block and 16 blocks per mile that's about 250. Antennas per square mile the millimeter wave is, untested, former. FCC Chairman, Tom wheeler, openly, said that they don't plan to test we won't wait for. The standards, and then our appeal also addresses the fact that there's a plan to roll out 5g. Through, satellites, in low Earth orbit so, 20,000. Satellites, which will cover every square foot of the planet with a 5 jisuk. Night. After night, politicians. And other leaders, were telling Americans, that Sputnik, revealed that we were at great risk. Completely. New area. Well. I think the consequences, are fairly plan. Probable. Soviet, world domination. We. Choose, to go to the moon in this decade and, do, the other things not. Because they. Are easy but, because they, are hard because, that, challenge, is, one that we, are willing to accept one. We are unwilling to, postpone and one we. Intend to win. Welcome. Everybody to the White House this, is a White, House 5g, summit my name is Justin Clark I'm the director of public liaison, and we are thrilled to have you here today really happy to be joined by a lot of leaders and Industry members. Of Congress and the Senate. White. House leaders on this and people. From the FCC before. We start one, we. Are government so, don't assume we know anything, okay. I do agree I don't know anything I have become accustomed to giving speeches in my new position on. Subjects, about which I frankly know very little and we need more cell towers. And connections, in Connecticut, Wednesday's ridiculous. The. U.s. is in the lead thanks to our private sector as well as the work of the FCC, and this administration overall. China, and South Korea and many other countries are eager. To claim this mantle we have every, intention to, deploy 5g. First and reap the benefits of faster, and more robust, wireless yes, I hope we'd be China of course and, get to Giga Giga gigabit, speeds and low latency and the race has begun let, there be no mistake. The. Race to 5g, is a sprint, winning the global race to 5g, it's a national priority we, must bear in mind the national security, implications of winning the race on 5g, today we're talking about the importance of being first in, 5g, continued. Commitment to putting, America first in the race to 5g we're calling it America, first 5g. First well our strategy is called the 5g, fast, plan, a plan to facilitate, America's. Superiority. In, 5g, technology, connected, devices for health applications. Which. I love has the capacity to, make people healthier, as I understand, it a lot of medical applications. Industry, is not asking the government for money to build 5g, networks, they're, asking us to cut the red tape that surrounds, infrastructure, deployment, we cannot, let today's red tape strangle, the 5g future, the red tape slows and sometimes stops the building of densified, Network facilities. Necessary for, 5g as we continue our efforts to keep government out of the way so. That America, can continue its leadership for America to win the race to Phi Z one, path is the government regulatory, path the. Other path is the private. Enterprise, free market, the. Ailes of creative, destruction Schumpeter. Path they never heard that the. House of construction. It just means let. It rip the. New replaces. The old with, 5g we're on the cusp of another era of American innovation it means an even more connected world for, everyone around us unlocking. The potential of the Internet of Things to become safer, healthier, and more, sustainable for. Our future you know sometimes, look we all believe in the 10th amendment but sometimes you have to override. By. The way the 1996. Bill permits, that kind of override, we're.

Not Here to be. Completely. Heavy-handed. But sometimes, you got to do what you got to do in some. Of these states cities, that don't want to cooperate want, to shake us down we, can't allow obstacles. And barriers to stop this movement that's all. And. This happened in Canada I mean there were some activists. I was working with up there that said well you, know we went. Over victory we got the look of the Public Utilities Commission to allow us opt out and I said boy you let's, divide and conquer they just got rid of the the. People that were raising hell so. You, know that's not it that's not the answer we need to opt out everybody, an opt-out. Is an agreement to pay to not be harmed an opt-out. Is volunteering, in to extortion an opt-out says that if I don't pay you you, have the right to, harm me so, that that doesn't work this is a mandate, this is being pushed down your throat by, a company, that it's not responsive, by a government, that is not responsible, and it's being done in a collusion, that's, designed to undermine the individual, rights of individual. People in communities, across the country and around the world. The. Minister for the environment has, a duty is duty. Is, primarily. To ensure that there is cleaner, better. Healthier. Environment, for, people in this country it's, a simple duty it, all says responsibility, in regard to science and innovation to, make sure that that happens, what. Seems to be happening here in, fact one could say undoubtedly, happening, here is he's. Using science and innovation to ensure, that our right to life is threatened. There. Have been no public debates. There. Is no public discourse, there, are no public disclosures, as to why when. How. What, is going on in regard to 5g. That. By itself is a. Breach of ministerial, responsibility. And, one, which, we really should look at in terms of a private prosecution, against. The ministers who have failed to protect our, right to, lie. Okay. Smart, smart, technology. Smart meters, smart. Cars not that smart, huh, what a smart, mean anything. That has small attached to it secret, militarized, armaments, in residential, technology. That's. Where smart came from and, smart. Every, bit of technology, that you see today has, all, all, being, developed for the some type the battlefield, some type of intelligence government. System, and, obviously these, developments, have to be commercialized. And people have actually took them into. The homes. The. Definition, of a smart grid is, a wireless. System that, will, fundamentally. Turn, every, single appliance in, your home into, the equivalent of a, transmitting. Cell phone that's every, every. Computer, every television, every furnace every air conditioner every coffee machine, every, printer every single, appliance that you have in your house will, eventually. In a smart grid have an antenna that's embedded, into it that will transmit your usage data to a smart, meter on the outside, of your home that, will then transmit, your usage data to another. Tower, receiving. A usage, signal that will then go to the utility company for. Supposedly, billing, purposes, not. All signals, will just be about your individual, use, there will be aggregated. Will. Bounce signal, from house to house to house within a neighborhood that. Will then accumulate. All of the usage data that will transmit, that to the utility company now, what, that will do is that the end metering, system, that is transmitting, all of that data will, be firing an RF signal at, many many times a second, which, will increase, the, average homeowners. Radio. Frequency, radiation exposure. Exponentially. This. Picture shows some aphids on, the leaf of an orange tree, shortly, after, radar equipment was, installed at, a nearby airport, a number, of years ago I noticed. That every few seconds, all, the aphids, were tense up in unison, and do, sort of a little dance as you see in the picture. Upon. Further investigation I. Found. That the interval, of time between the activity. Of each dance, coincided. Exactly, with the rotation, of the radar, rotor, device, at, the airport, which.

Was A distance, of approximately 14. Miles. The. Antenna arrays create, this steerable, beam which. Helps, concentrate. The energy the, beams, get, pointed, at the. User, what's. A MIMO tank mussaf, in Mass Effect British, government have got a planet on four hundred thousand oh this, is so that you've got 5g, in every nook and cranny every part, of the country sites for that you can have autonomous. Tractors believe it or not however, those. Transmitters, these, are real, or it is fierce to really adore the, Orion, or signal, sweeping the countryside will kill every, pollinator, every, biological, structure, it will sterilize livestock. It, will kill the ground so. Consequently. Lant want to have a value. Obviously. Farmers will die the. Community. Will, be under, attack the community. Will, be under, a ton if we can't produce food, if we kill all the pollinators. We're, in serious trouble. The. Takeaway, is that 5g. The. Trillion, dollar roll out of 5g, by our friendly, local government, is. Definitely. A weapon, system, masquerading. As a modern. Efficiency, technology, it will, certainly is and what I'll put it down it's economic. Terrorism, there, is no value. Nil, in killing. Ophea population. And, destroying, your. Ability. To grow food to kill all your pala nearness that, may have a nice financial number. On a piece, of paper but. In reality. Dementia. Diabetes. All, the things that are currently crippling, nehs, a burden. On the country, illness, mental, health issues, the, the the focus of that calls can. Be identified, and has, the, fight in the science, the, science, is proven. The. Epidemiological. Data that, was seen on the street is now substantiate. Not science. The. DNA, inside you the mitochondrial. DNA you. Can trace. Unchanged. To. Your mother her. Mother her. Mother right. The way back to, the beginning of the human, race in. Africa, the Stone Age, it is unchanged. The, multiple and that, is being unchanged. In your children, which. Means if you damage it your. Child could be genetically, damaged, then. Her child and, her. Child and her child, forever. You. Are condemning, the. Future, generations. Of every, single. Child. There. Is a way of our air and light, at. The end of the tunnel or there is a summer ray of hope thanks. To the principles, of biological. Quantum, entanglement, that, we have learned, how to exploit. In the field of biology medicine, now. We can, transfer. The information, from, the microbial, DNA to the human, DNA and in. So, doing we, can train so, to speak the microbes, to withstand. Whatever. Extreme, condition, they're exposed, to including. This new technology. And then we can train them to transfer. These, resilience. Of theirs to, our DNA, so, let's, say that there, are good reasons to be worried, about the, introduction, of these and new technologies. But fortunately, since. The knowledge, in the field of quantum biology, in, the field of micro, or micro biomedicine. Is advancing, as fast as potentially. Harmful technology. Then. We, can exploit. This knowledge to protect ourselves. From. Any real. Potential. Or perceive the danger, from these, new technologies. I've, met with molecular. And cellular biologist. Swith blood. Microscopists. With. Weapons development, experts. Frontline. Activists. And researchers and. All, the, stories, I'm hearing from. These experts, and pundits leads to the same thing, 5g. Is almost, certainly, the endgame. It. Is an extinction, event brought. Into, our homes into. Our classrooms. Onto the high street into. The very cells and DNA in, our human, bodies. It. Is such a perilous, threat, that, it is almost impossible. To. Imagine let. Alone describe, when, the 5g. Signature. Goes live, it will, tap into, a multitude. Of, satellites. Which are in GSF orbit. Around the surface, of the earth millions. Of surface, antennas, will pick up that. Signalling and will, then scatter. The signaling into. Hundreds. And hundreds, of millions of different micro, antenna systems, and set up on street, lamps and even, in your home which, you're not aware of incidentally.

The LED, light bulbs, in your home invariably. Contain the. Micro. Or nano tech. Lens flare, capacitors. Which will receive the, 5g, signaling, and it. Will proliferate, the 5g, signaling, everywhere. By. Exploding. The signal, into, billions. Of photons, which will target, everything. All at the same time this, is stealth technology. This is invisible. Science. But. What it means in, simple terms is that you will be flagged up visible. Trackable. Inside. Your own, home anywhere, you move on the surface of the earth they will have a lock and load tracking, capability, over you you, will be visible to invisible, masters. Each, one of us all the time, today. Our governments. And the, corporate sector have, managed, somehow to. Infiltrate, the, mainframe, of our civilization. And are pushing through a 20, trillion dollar infrastructural. Rollout, without, any and I mean without any health. Science. Running, behind it, there have been no tests, your, government, and your health authorities, are either. In collusion, on this matter of genocide. And ecocide. Or they're just m stupid. And I would suggest as the latter. Shame. On the, technologists. And the, electricians. Who are furthering. This technology. In our homes in our offices, in our streets, shame, on the legislators. And the parliamentarians. Of the troglodytes. And bureaucrats, that proliferate, our society. Today shame, on that a Shillong, for putting their signatures, or two contracts, which allow, the fast-tracking, of this technology into, our homes not to our high streets, shame, on the, parliamentarians. And international, leadership whose, wedding signatures. And seals of office are sanctioning, and permissioning. The, rollout of something, which is arguably, the greatest threat, to humankind. Shame, on each one of us who, now fail to get up out of our homes walk out of our front doors and challenge, every, so-called authority, who dares, to, violate, our bodies our homes and our future generations.

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5G is a breach of the Nuremberg code & Article 7 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.

Excellent work and video! Lets spread it all around and end these horrific threats dominating our world today

Please take notice. Kindly watch the movie "Kingsman - Secret Service" excerpts here on YT (p7mB_tJ-H5A). Now Google "Spacebrain Plx5622". A drug for astronauts that flushes radiation from your brain. This drug might apply to a handful of people yet a Japanese big pharma corporation, Daiiaci bought this drug for billions from its inventor. The company name is Daiichi Sankyo. Now Google "Daiichi Sankyo Rothschild R risk index" to see who has a major investment in PLX5622. C Many times Hollywood will tell you the future in their movies. Can you see the parallels with 5G and PLX5622? Where can you buy this drug? You can't.

You stupid idiots do not understand Technology. We need 5G, and 6G..etc We just can't physically rip all the copper wire out of the ground and install Fiber in every neighborhood. Only major streets or business zoned areas will have it and act as Bridge. As well as only new built Neighborhoods will have Fiber. From there you need 5G to communicate and act like a Mesh Hub to the towers that have a Fiber Backbone. You stupid fools dont understand even more demanding Technology will require it like 8K and 12K TV and Gaming.

Nah james - you are the twat. 1) Pull head out of ass, 2) Watch film, 3) Comment. 4) Keep it clean or we despatch you into cyberspace.

Yes history is repeating itself after the last one around 200 years ago

[" If it's not about a culling it's about money. Period one or the other. "]

[" All antenna installers and all other support staff of 5G should refuse to carry out this work - what are they going to do when everyone knows that Wireless Radiation is going to kill you and your family slowly this radiation does not just select a few it selects everyone, so installers stop it, the directors of your company are not going to do it on their own, they need you and you have the power to stop it. "]

This might be deeper than we think. Yes, 5G will hurt people, but maybe they (the powers that seek more power), figure that not everyone will die - they certainly have an escape plan. However the fact they want to blanket the world with 5G and connect everything to it post haste without any deliberation of potentially catastrophic health impacts could indicate an immediate requirement to place some sort of AI control grid - where the AI can get all the data it needs to function, report in, make decisions, execute commands, etc. Knowing the military, there are redundancies and fallback plans in their system.

Time to unite people. Time to become the humans we were always meant to be. Those who dislikes, are sold into the sleeping system already, or are some of the anti-humanity people. Empower yourself and each other. This cannot and will not go the way the corrupted unconsciousness of man kind has planned. Be as One.

The racists are on the up, the jihadists, the prejudiced same way, acting like they going on with something but some of us know they are just dancing to the slavemasters puppeteering. With this situations among others still being largely championed by the many dysfunctioned fucks we are still greatly divided to achieve what you speak of.

I wanted to watch this, but couldn't concentrate due to background music and effects. :(

This is very well made.

ok so what do we do to stop this. It's time to get off my ass and do something.

Look cunts im with you on 5 g. But that indian guy saying now we got a remedy for you against 5 g nade me cringe. Evey fibre of my being knows thats is just like va33ines. anther hoax to get more of that stuff into those to wise to they're earlier tricks. The body heals people. Intention heals. It will do that for our children also.

Is there any chance diatomaceous earth csn suck this shyte out of our bodies?

Great work Sacha! So very very important that tech lovers wake up and smell the roses

This man is an expert in emfs and anyone putting a hands down to this video needs 5g up their ass and feel the effects!

Fantastic work, it puts the last two years of my own research into 80mins of footage, I'm sharing as much as I can and hopefully we can end this depopulation plan once and for all

It says it is the Government that is killing us not the 5G but the Evil God damned Government don't ever pay the Government another cent in taxes

Sounds pretty much as if you love playing God, The Miracle. Buying your ticket to Heaven maybe? Always remember that it's you and others around you, that vote for the government in charge. Your life is in your hands, not in the hands of God sitting on a throne in Heaven, nor in those of the government. Make your choice.

No it is not irreparable, look up epigenetics, mind over the genes.

The weapon system can take down a city. Direct Energy Weapons

They hate us so much that we can only ask Jesus, the Lord God on High to help us, cause this is from the top level criminals under the Evil God and Satan

+THOUGHT PROVOKED Yes but if we don't know that we must keep our thoughts only from the Love God and not from the Evil God then Satan knows that we know and have power over him and we only give him power by our ignorance that the Church itself is satanic, by not knowing our position in this world and not knowing the covenant God made with Adam as expressed in the book of Adam and Even from which the book of Genesis was made. We have no original thoughts, they come from the Love God or from the Evil side and we must think upon good thoughts just as the Lord God is else all is naught.

We have rightful authority and dominion. The enemy only has as much power as we’ve given him.

THANK YOU!!! Sharing this compelling information everywhere. This is put together with no stone left unturned. Sent to CBS 60 mins news as they just did a piece last week on Cuba and China EMF (RF micro wave weapons attacks) on US employees abroad. Maybe they will open the whole of this info to all of MSM. One can only hope humans will do the right thing or rather STOP the madness.

THIS IS AN ALERT TO AWAKE YOUTUBE USERS: YouTube is suppressing the truth about chemtrails. Notice the "contrails" encyclopedia britanica definition at the top? We who are awake KNOW there is a difference between CON trails and CHEM trails. This just confirms my belief that they are part of the New World Order, suppressing the truth...which is why they persecuted Alex Jones. Shame on YOUtube.

Question is, when will 'they' add the same disinformation header to this topic, FryG/5G????? "5g is the bestest thing since rolled toilet paper!!!" FECKIN KILLERS....

Tossed my phone in the trash back in '08...never gone back : ] PS - Any body got a tank / bulldozer ? : ]

Is the computer safer?

Read Cell by Stephen King. Major city populations at breaking point, needs a cull, use the tech we have accepted so freely to get rid of the unsuspecting sheeples, and us who are here....maybe.

Pleased to hear you got the facts out. I hope you will go further and talk about the mitigation options that are working. Bubble Genies, Tensor Rings, Orgonite, Shunghite, and more need research, understanding and incorporation. And please include the symptoms lists so people can start addressing the issues asap. From my perspective, the focus is where are we evolving to next? Our 3D bodies are not designed to survive this attack for much longer. And I noticed you didn't mention how quickly the reactions are happening. In my small community in South America, we are seeing cancer in children doubling. Our community has activated in all levels of legal, political, and sourcing mitigation technologies to combat 5G. Yet the attorneys and political systems are already two steps ahead of our efforts. The laws changed before the public could react deeming 5G a low-level risk. Many of us are already sick from a list of rotaviruses, septicemia, regular 4 am muscle spasms, tinnitus and Alzheimer symptoms. The Extinction Event which you aptly defined is one of many. This is the Perfect Storm. Even the Schumann Resonance is has gone from 7.5 to 150 early this month. Strangely it now seems to be on a monthly timed schedule. From wars to catastrophic space weather this not fixable on a 3D level. So it seems time to focus on leveling up our game. 'Ascension or Bust' as the kids say. The good news is that we have access to the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness - we better start using it. So we can sail through this last lap of the 3D matrix. Time is the 4th dimension, yeah, we gotta let that go too. This last push is a big one - fear, sickness, war, and death. However, remember - this is a holographic, time-based universe. It has to end so the next level can begin. Evolution happens in big growth spurts and it's time for the next one. Remember we are the ancestors of survivors. Right now though we're the lucky bastards with ground floor seats while the sh*t hits the fan. And more good news: as the polarity of bad options shows up, remember there is as much good available. The key is staying in a zero point or a neutral (emotional) polarity state. Death is just a door our consciousness walks through. There is the next level of this game. We got this.

+Marian B. Good point, will do.

@Modern Oracle. I assume, now that you summed up a couple of issues and inventions, that you're fully capable of doing what you ask Sasha to do for us.

Sacha, do you have this video translated into other languages? I have several people who speak and understand little English and would love to hear your message. Particularly French! Thank you so much. ❤️

Thank you

When you copy the transcript and create a piece of text that way, you're able to translate it in any language you choose, with the program ImTranslator. The text is translated in a few seconds and pretty accurate as well. You'll find the transcript by clicking on the 3 . . . below the video. Good luck!

Anyone that supports 5G is criminally stupid, and that includes Trump. Can you believe he is even calling for 6G?

Well, 6 is 1 more than 5!!!! So it MUST be better, right? They don't even have 6G yet, president orange..

A very sad video. This will affect us all, even the people selling this product, and the people in our government that allow this to be installed. You can't spend money if your dying of a tumor in your head. Hope they enjoy what they are allowing. It will kill them slowly also and within 2 years.

This is the the cull the elites spoke about. This is slow kill. This is the start of being totally spied opon. 24/7, 365 days a year. Connected to the grid. The matrix no un certain terms. Are we going to allow this to happen. They are killing us slowly. Are we really going to let them do this. WE NEED TO DO SOME THING, AND DO SOMETHING NOW. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

Susan Hamlet Have no fear, which is what (((they))) want you to feel ... join a world wide campaign by adopting the following crusade in your country... catholic2007.blogspot.co.nz ...and do not doubt! 8-)

+Lynn Marie Lumiere Yes, you can surely do that, but they most likely won't listen to you, sadly, so what else can we do? Join the following campaign and apply it to your own country, and have faith! catholic2007.blogspot.co.nz

We must all do what we can. Start with your local City Council.

The very same psychopaths (Zionist Jews) that's rolling this 5G out are not allowing it to be put up in Israel. What does that tell You? They know how dangerous it is, but we are just goyim ( subhuman ) beings, nothing but animals put here to serve them, so they don't care. Research it if you don't believe it. We have got to wake up and realize that all our Presidents and politicians are bought and paid for by these psychopaths, an they have sold us down the river without a paddle. We need to wake up before it's too late.

Can I upload this on my Channel ?


Being aware of all this electronic pollution does not change ANYTHING.......the governments ARE in collusion.They are all prestitutes and money-grabbing corrupters of an uninformed public that pays their salaries.....

The 5G Zombies are coming.

EMF DANGERS Electrical Engineer Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed under oath in government hearings that the frequency of the Wi-Fi was 2.45 GHz. That means that a 2.45 GHz router sends out light waves "move" at multiples of 2.45 billion cycles per second. 5G works 24 to 90 billion cycles per second. You think that the escalation of waveforms has no impact? Schkolnikov confirmed this fact by saying under oath in a federal hearing that the 2.45 GHz would oscillate 4.9 billion times per second. You do know that the mitochondria in all human cells oscillate at 100 Hz huh? The neocortex oscillates at 40 Hz and the circadian oscillators all vibrate at 7.83 Hz. Do you think that these "waves" from tech gear are a mismatch at some level of how we generate energy in a mitochondrion? Do you think this won't affect beta-oxidation or glucose metabolism? Could this reduce energy in many ways we fail to realize to cause most modern diseases? I'll tell you what it means; that means the electromagnetic fields from the Wi-Fi router anywhere on earth will expand and collapse cells and organelles in some or any cells inside our bodies 4.9 billion times per measurable second. And you think this has no effect on cells? LOL. I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn and it has 60 and 80 GHz antenna on it already too. Can you hear me now? If you cannot it might by your 5G induced tinnitus or the lack of feeling from your PVN getting pummeled by the waves below. When this happens chronic pain is another collateral effect.......it has happened in humans and we got the opiate crisis and now it is happening in the other species with dense mitochondrial capacity..........THE BIRDS OF PREY. 1. The body generates it's own electric current at 8-10 electric waves per second. We can measure the heart rate from 20 feet away. 2. WiFi in our homes generates a frequency at 2.45 gigahertz per second, which is 2 billion waves hitting our body per second. 3. 5 G will generate 24 to 90 billion waves per second and will prove devastating to the health of the population. In the 1960s Allen Frey found that nnEMF opened the blood-brain barrier in all animals tested. This was true in humans too because he did the experiment in soldiers for the military. Now 50 years later we have the biochemical breakdown of the mechanism linked to the biophysical stimulus that causes the reaction by molecular resonance. Volkow reproduced Frey's paper and extended it in 2011 by showing nnEMF not only opens the BBB but also increase glucose metabolism. These are the initial steps that occur before protein misfolding on a chronic basis. The breakdown of the blood-brain barrier is an early indicator of human cognitive dysfunction https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-018-0297-y … Breakdown occurs independently of the amyloid-beta or tau burden Small blood vessel disease contributes to about 50% of all dementias. RF and Microwave from 1G-5G exposure have also been linked with massive changes in calcium efflux via ion resonance experiments in physics. These were detailed by Abe Libroff and A.S. Pressman. Pressman’s book in the 1970s was a masterpiece of this science. This biochemical expert seems CLUELESS it is even published!!!. Anything that alters calcium flows within or outside of cells can affect the calcium-calmodulin signaling system inside cells. This is why AD is linked to arterial changes and to type 3 diabetes. It is a LIGHT EFFECT. THIS IS THE MECHANISM WHERE T1D, T2D, and T3D is linked to chronic nnEMF EXPOSURE. IT IS ENTIRELY REPRODUCIBLE too. VOLKOW did in 2011 AND FREY did in the 1960s for the US military. Many others have done so as well in the literature (O. Johansson, Pall, and Lai et al). Calcium signaling is crucial for several aspects of plasticity at glutamatergic synapses because voltage-gated (DC current in neurons Robert O. Becker et al) and NMDA receptors are under the control of calcium release in cells. This shows you why nnEMF has massive effects on any voltage-gated system in the central or peripheral nervous systems. This is why diabetes, depression, ADHD, most cases of neuro-degeneration and prion-mediated disease should be expected to show up in an environment that allows for nonlinear calcium efflux in cells. 5G is going to cause a huge ramp up on this because it uses THz RF frequencies. The NTP study of 11/1/18 now also makes this link. Any person who understands the light spectrum well knows this and it is time it is shared globally. TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING US SLOWLY.

They dont want to kill us. They want our money.

they want you sick 24/7 to be addicted to ther drugs (not dead not healthy the middel is money)

5g is of huge concern, but there's some (maybe not deliberate) disinfo in this film- Satellites in orbit DO NOT EXIST, 5G is ground based.

Satellites are existing in orbit, A P. Television depends on it, for example. https://sites.google.com/site/generalknowledgebankclub/home/nature/artificial-satellites

Spot on.

New Earth Project The 5G satellites story is disinfo. They can plan all they like, they can make as many scary looking pictures as they like, there are no satellites in orbit and never will be because orbits don't exist. Even if there were, how would the 5G signal travel hundreds of miles through atmosphere/moisture etc when on the ground they need repeaters every 100 meters because it gets absorbed so easily? It's nonsensical. The only 'satellites' that do exist float about in the upper atmosphere suspended by helium baloons. It's so frustrating, I've seen people get really worried about the so called satellites story, it's causing fear and concern and taking impetus away from the tackling the real issue which is the towers on the ground- exactly the reason for putting this story out there in the first place. I don't know you and I don't think I've watched any of your other films, I'll assume your intentions are good, but personally I wouldn't have David Icke anywhere near anything I did either, he's just another social engineer in on it all.

A P agree totally and would contradict the fact that we are told 5G signals can't travel any great distance.

They might not exist now, but plenty of plans to create a huge network of 5G satellites, for example, check this article http://healthimpactnews.com/2019/20000-satellites-for-5g-to-be-launched-sending-focused-beams-of-intense-microwave-radiation-over-entire-earth/

Good presentation - like so many others out there. However, surprised to see (or maybe not) reference being made to the "5G causes starling death in The Hague"-story. Dutch chapter of WeAreChange - of which I'm a member - did extensive fact check regarding this issue (because it would certainly set a precedent); but it seems highly unlikely that 5G was the cause. Yet it is still being parroted everywhere. Please check for yourself http://wearechange.nl/?p=729 Less fear mongering please, just the facts will do.

Great video!! I made a song about 5G that i hope you like! You can find it by googling this: Heart Bleed on Flat Earth

@Marian B. 5G is already installed in Scotland, and other places as well. The first reports of unprecedented nose bleeds and miscarriages are hitting the people now.

Whether the Earth is flat or round, 5G will be tried with many errors and die down.

Saveusnow.org join our Telegram group chat by downloading the app Telegram and clicking the link below. We are living in extremely Interesting times right now, because the "word of mouth" can move digitally at a very remarkable pace. Getting the content right and structuring the information in such a way in capturing peoples imaginations and bringing a conscious awareness directly to the wider publics attention by leveraging the power of the social media Web to facilitate and make connections between individuals, groups, communities and organisations that also want to participate in creating the awareness of getting this into the mainstream.  The Telegram app is a means and a way of communication which gives people the ability to have instant access in real time to a social media support network which can facilitate for up to 200.000 members,  its the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork .  https://t.me/joinchat/Gu2mmRQppI84gCBzf-WGrA

Download the telegram app first in order to access the link provided

Download the Telegram app first in order to click the link and be able to get access to the group chat support network

5G is incompatible to all biological life.

I think you will find its quite compatible, quite compatible indeed

I feel this instincly

That's why the devil likes it. It works off of A.I.. The skynet is being laid as we speak. Daddy Bushes New World Order is being set up to keep us all down in slavery to serve the Beast. Get ready to resist to the death.

Looks and sounds like depopulation Agenda.

Looks like that to me too. It has motivated me to get involved in stopping it in my city.

Bluepillar 444

Thank all of you who made this VERY important information available. I have seen / read many commentaries on 5G but this is the best I've seen so far. Now......what can those of us do who get it, to overcome the massive apathy of the masses, many of whom we need to put a stop to this before it destroys all of us? For starters miss no opportunity to spread the word both in print & verbally. There is no time left for apathy & fence sitters. 5G, vaccinations, GMO's, fluoridation, EMR in all forms, chemtrails, MS Medicine's misguided approach to health, ETC, ETC, ETC have us collectively on the edge of extinction now. "You have to die sometime" you say? Well consider this: Dying isn't the problem. Suffering, spending the rest of your life running to doctors, letting them fleece you of any wealth you have, while they torture you & waste your time, until you FINALLY get relief (die) is what "dying" really means. Consider THAT.....as well as the stress & sadness it creates for the family. There are no winners here except 'them". And there is no way "we" can prevail against "them" as long as most of we doesn't care enough to get up to speed on these subjects & start pushing back.

Yes, the masses are apathetic because of sodium fluoride in our water supply: part of their agenda of eugenics and world-depopulation/population control and enslavement- so that we cannot connect with our Creator (pineal gland calcification). All five elements of the Pentagram are being attacked by these satanic scumbags: EARTH/FOOD: GMOs, pesticides and herbicides, etc. AIR: CHEM-trails (aluminum, strontium and barium, nanotech dust, viruses) , carbon monoxide, PFCs, etc. FIRE: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), HAARP, the weaponized utility companies: They are using fire against us to burn us out of our single-family homes, etc (Eg. Calif fires) WATER: flouridation of our municipal water is being used as Hitler and Stalin did to control us and keep us docile, oil spills to destroy our oceans and their ecosystems, our food, etc. ETHER: 5G, Wifi, Smart Meters, etc. is being used to saturate our living spaces with cancer-inducing microwaves and now millimeter 5G waves that, together with LEDs can also cause cateracts and blindness, melatonin suppression which can lead to cancer down the road as well as brain tumors and a whole slew of disorders.

Elana Freeland on Geo.Engineering, Chemtrailed Skies, the Military's Full Spectrum Dominance using an Ionized Sky tocvreate a super conductive Path for 5G from Space: m.youtube.com/watch?v=LN2ADWRCPVY

Stopping 5G has now been included in the Sovereign People's Charter of www.newchartistmovement.org.uk

I will burn these towers to the ground

+Dave Diesel diesel wear a mask

They have security cameras on them.

Don't advertise it here, as Big Brother monitors these comments!

Great work ! Congratulations for all the work !

Tom Wheeler carries on as if he were OUR CEO! Let's talk about all your SINS Tom, how much have they been paying you To Lead the World Over the 5G ABYSS?

Tom Wheeler sold his soul to Lucifer. He is a piece of crap.

Powerful Video !!

Good on you Sasha brilliant work I'm downloading this and make sure everyone I know sees this

5G is an indictable crime it is an illegal unlawful experiment on Citizens in breach of the Nuremberg code, a true crime against Humanity.

+Lynn Marie Lumiere Mark Steele tried that and they are trying to send him to JAIL.

Yes it is! We must do everything we can stop this. Start with working with your local government.

Where are those LED streetlights already active?? UK? USA?

+Picato75 I haven't studied this subject deeply, I'm sure you'll find answers by searching the web.

+Marian B. But they can be used as repeaters as well when I understand this?? Smart tech?

+Picato75 LED lights are introduced in my country, Holland and in the UK, for domestic use. Energy savers. It's not light I appreciate much, it's harsh.

+lucidaable Thanks! Unbelieveable!

Picato75 In Gateshead in northeast England where Mark Steel (the guy in the sunglasses interviewed by Sacha Stone) is from.

Sharing! Thank you Sacha!

Sasha Stone and the INJT has been exposed as a outright frauds.

+Marian B. My comments hold true. Dont know what your definition of 'troll' is ? So maybe you can shine some light ? Thanks.

Please keep in mind that trolling is part of the party, when disclosure of evil agendas is at play. Anyone can yell anything, in the comments here. Some will try to trigger bickering, arguments in anger etc. etc. Don't buy it. Let it flow off your duck feathers and ignore it (after some healthy private fuming... ha ha).

+Jackson Scully Sasha has been talking, talking and talking for years about all the usual conspiracy bandwagons. Let me ask you, has anything ever come of it ? What about his 'Cutie Pie' free energy device ? All a distraction.

+Carla Bate I HAVE read all of that. Nothing comes of Sashas verbal diatribes. He is full of it. All empty rhetoric, eg, his 'Cutie Pie' free energy device.

+peanutman [" Can you share any information which suggests they are frauds, please? "]

I'm not arguing lol.

er...no Mr Peanut......its not that simple actually. You see, Sasha and his team have apparently taken the time to NOT jump on any bandwagons but actually spend many months researching and then interviewing leading figures in this particular area of focus. Therefore they are doing exactly what frontline activists are supposed to do which is to DO IT ACCURATELY and DO IT WELL. Oh! and do it in service of buffoons like you who sit in armchairs hissing through your teeth. Why are you so against Sasha Stone? Your arguments don't stand up on fact or in essence. What have you accomplished Peanut? Tell us all about your service to humankind your creative initiatives, your original thoughts....anything Peanut....anything at all other than the blank page we find as your profile.

Nice admission re Kevin Annett. And yes, 5G is very dangerous. Sasha is jumping on yet another bandwagon isnt he.

Seriously!....get your facts straight - don't just repeat the spluttering coming out of the crooked Mr Annett who was exposed years ago for being a total fraud. Check the real work of real activists working in real service to humanity here: www.commission.itnj.org www.humanitad.org www.newearthproject.org www.thesovereignvoice.org learn a little gratitude for brothers like Stone and Steele - even if you don't agree with all that is being said. Or you are the biggest problem in the way of truth and disclosure. BR +Neitsyt Maria

+Carla Bate Hokum = nonsense. Its a real word Lol Your diversion tactics say it all. The truth will out. He is all talk and no substance.

Robert david steele and sacha stone are attacking Kevin Annett, trying to get him locked up under false "mental health" bs. Kevin Annett is the one who got the Pope to resign because their child murder parties got too much publicity. And now Stone and RSD are trying to silence him. Check murderbydecree. com

1) it was never intended to prosecute you moron - read the manifesto,  2) try to enact a little original thinking and stop wheezing off the youtube opinions of others,  3) frame your stupid questions regarding QT-Pi in an intelligent and measured way and you may get a measured reply,  4) you don't spell hocus with a 'k'.... All we 'know' is that an armchair troll - calling itself peanut man with no posts or content on his trolling profile is using a thread on a 5G film by Sacha Stone (offered freely to dolts like yourself) to sling grubby little arrows....Go away

The INJT was obviously set up as a dead end, as they are not pushing ahead with any prosecutions are they. Also, Sasha you are trying to destroy Kevin Annetts great work, instead of supporting him. How come ? And what of your 'Cutie pie' free energy device ? Its all hokum and you know it.

ReservoirJess the peanut doesn't have links or facts....he only has an armchair opinion based on repeating stuff which resonates at his heart frequency.

What are you on about? Links and facts please?

peanutman.....its ITNJ you twat not INTJ and if you crank your moronic brain into gear and tell us all exactly how the ITNJ has harmed the cause of justice...we would gladly learn from you. But you can't because you don't know and you don't know because youre not bright enough to find out the truth of anything . Which is why you troll the internet repeating other folks ugly ideas. Best of luck in your chosen life path

Actually no, we can see from the way we have been led away from true justice due to the decoy tactics of the INJT. A bit like your 'Cutie pie' free energy device. Isn't that right Sasha (and why not use your real name ?)

peanutman oh if you saw it on the web it simply must be true!!

[" Is the Earth being controlled by psychopaths which we allow to continue due to disinformation and mind control technology? "]


Yes it is, why did we give up our freedom?

Waking people up is crucial this fight is upon us and its time to fight back.

+Eternal [" Can you tell me more about that? "]

[":Clive-Albert: 3/25/19, And they are using youtube platform to make the masses feel powerless." Now y'all know."]

⚠️ So, lets get this straight: We have local politicians who are afraid to get lawsuits from Big Telecom Industries if they do not allow mass deploying of #5G cell towers everywhere (all because of government contracts on a federal level (Obama, Clinton, #FCC Tom Wheeler 2017 etc). Even with huge local resistance of the people! ... Public city council hearings showing evidence of cumulative lethal effects of long term use of erratic pulsed microwaves ☠️ 24/7 willfully ignored even if they are put on NOTICE for future liability lawsuits! Meanwhile Big Telecom are protected against future lawsuits, even gets "bailed out" using our tax money if anyone sue them for liability action lawsuits. Same with Big Pharma Vaxxers, EPG Smart-meters Bailout in California, Banksters Bailout: ± $29 Trillion etc. Conclusion: Giant Criminal Operations Are Protected! ⚠️ Imagine that you have hard evidence in your possession NOW that will be acknowledged (validated / 100% confirmed) in the future by almost all people over the world. That will show that Big Telecom hijacked #FCC to change the local rights (taking it away) dealing with health & safety risks of mass rollout of millions #5G cell towers everywhere! Not only that they arranged that Big Telecom Industries are protected from future mass action liability lawsuits! ... Meaning that anyone successfully wins a court-case against them, they get BAILED OUT using our tax money! Google: "5G Regulatory Red Tape" to see what I mean! And now the kicker: #FCC admits they did not do any safety tests! We are all experimented upon like "guinea pigs or lab-rats" for their profits. On top of that MSM will not allow any real debate about this! Even The Twilight Zone isn't that Fcked Up! Cheers, #JohnKuhles Founder Fb.com/groups/Stop5G , Fb.me/Stop5G & Stop5G.net

⚠️ This short story explains the "Hypocrisy of Democracy": . Imagine a world where "We The People" would have real control over our own fate & destiny for a change and #5G ☠️ Death Towers would ONLY be deployed at properties of the 1% Super Elite! . We would vote to have 24/7 surveillance to those who suppose to "represent us" and all other controllers & rulers, including owners of Big Tech Industries, Big Telecom, Mainstream Media owners, all CFR Members & Bilderbergers etc. etc. . We succeeded to have "Constitutional Amendment" and we also make sure the 1% (Super Elite) can not complain about health risks! . If they win a liability lawsuit in the future, we get bailed out using their tax money! ... Seems reasonable as they do this exactly with us now! . #JohnKuhles Founder #Stop5G Fb Group, Page & Stop5G.net

Research Stop5G.net

Love the message at the end and thank you for your great work!

You might be interested in my work over at anarkeden.com brother, we've spoken on skype way back in 2013

Cant wait to check it out thank u

THANK YOU SACHA AND NEW EARTH PROJECT.. a deadly radiation as warned by chief pattie brassard to many others as deborah tavares and more-the 5G , 6G to mars and more 9G signal used for 60 yrs in DUMBS however the super soldiers are not human and this will kill tribes/klans and original peoples and wildlife and the very oxygen we breath and is a weapon act of war. thank you in assisting us in truth and your understanding in peace ! km 13th klan tribe mother , klanmother13@gmail.com :karen

Understand this a rebel is a wave.

a warning for everyone considering business as usual is infact ok.

Encyclopedia Britannica needs to be educated about the difference between contrails and CHEMTRAILS! Click link in upper right corner of box to register your comments/opinions ...

I am so glad i never had children knowing there is no future for them anymore. We the Adults of today are to blame for what these poor children are going to have to endure in the years to come as it was all our fault for knowing the dangers and letting this shit take hold. 5G together with nano tech is effecting every living thing on the planet. It has all gone way past the point of no return and happening if we like it or not. We are to late to stop it. God help us all.

Be assured that it's the children who will live the change we're creating right now. For ourselves and for them. Don't fear, life will never end, it may change form.

You will be visible to invisible trackers

Silent Electro Magnetic Warfare!

Most if not all western countries, especially Europe and Russia, are already below the birth replacement level of 2.1 births per couple. The USA is barely treading water in this category now.

I don't appreciate YouTube trying to tell me, an aerospace engineer, that chemtrails are contrails.

Paint your walls in LEAD PAINT, just don't lick it.

Funny everyone thinks we're winning the war against the NWO! Are we?

The darkest hour is before dawn. Imagine a predator animal in danger, watch it put up a good fight, see what I mean? To realise that is great preparation. Be safe

mens health magazine did an article back in early 2000's about the different frequencies/think tesla.

Let's put out thinking caps on: why is all this over-saturation of exogenous radiation (cells, EMF, wifi, etc) primarily killing witnesses, whistle-blowers, crime-victims & other good people?

We’re all going to be f’ed. Controlled.

So.... Are you saying I shouldn't be listening to this on my Bluetooth headphones?

Alzheimer's deaths have doubled in the last 20 years. I wonder what the figure in 20 more after the 5G roll out ?


I live in Camden County GA. Currently Space X is developing land here trying to launch rockets with 5G satellites. Residents are protesting it.

Staggering people just don't know about this!

game over

Time is running out. Markofbeast.net

AMAZING PRODUCTION!! Well done, Sacha and team!!


thank you for making this video...it changed everything for me...

This is your brain. This is your brain on 5G. Any questions?

Cutting down trees across the UK for 5G antennas. 5G is untested, uninsured & illegal.

wow, we're all going to literally need tinfoil hats :-)

Wouldn't that be the day finding us all in laughter all day long? Maybe that's just what the doctor orders? 5G is going to die before we die, I'm sure of it.

And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth." -Zechariah 14:12 [KJV]

When a human solely relies, on the words of another human..............the war against humanity, has already been lost. When our intuitions are ignored, the very logic that tells us right from wrong, are willfully, switched off.........Once turned off, it will be like trying to beat cancer. Then realizing, the best way to be a cancer survivor, is to never get cancer in the first place. We are at a time, where we are ALLOWING this cancer, to enter our bodies, without fighting to resist, whatsoever.

Shungite and EMF reducing clothing! Move to a EMF free zone or in a Canyon! :)

Large parts of Dartmoor in Devon S.W. of the UK are EMF free zones. There's a plan now, to plant a cell tower on Dartmoor, in preparation of rolling out 5G. Many Devoneans are protesting, not all of them oppose 5G, most of them feel passionate for the preservation of this National Park's ancient landscape, untouched by human and high tech influence as much and as long as possible. It's what I support strongly as well.

That segment near the end shows that most politicians are either extremely dumb and /or corrupted, so 5g will be up and running. So, the solution starts with us...dump your smart phone now!

Funny enough I lost my phone 2 days ago, slipping out of my pocket. Once I'd made peace with that, a phone call arrived that it was found and will be sent to me by post. A mixed blessing, sort of. Living abroad and travelling regularly, requires a mobile phone, though I wonder if I'm fooling myself, ha!

He's a Geordie cos he fancies Charlie Hunman! - and now can get tortured for this as an undesirable. Well you have to laugh because the basic presentation if anything is putting it mildly, the mind control computers running the world now can mind control every human being on earth at varying levels of intensity. I've been severely tortured by the molecular weapon tech, it's completely horrific. Try and include jokes in your presentation without seeming too flippant as we need as much humour as possible to deal with and deactivate this monolithic AI control system. Brain transmitters in't street. The film Control Factor gives a reasonably clear indication of the mind control programs you can over-ride peoples brains with. People have been manipulated by invisible mind control tech and used to create propaganda so it's a basic human rights violation. I don't know, the Freemasons seem in charge of both sides of this argument and like to push people as far as they're humanly prepared to go. What may happen is pretty much the entire population will at some point all turn into screaming Hitlers of opposition to this technological terror system.

Read The :Q. His plan is begun in Goodness and will end in such. Thanks for the video.

Thank you, Sacha Stone, for this fantastic contribution in creating awareness about this deadly threat. What an enormous insane job this has been, to create this perfect documentary. Great result, also in creating strength in all who are on your side, and have felt so often helpless, not able to convince others, or to explain, been ridiculed, discriminated, insulted, and here listening to voices that exactly say what we all wanted to say but did not find the right words, or the courage, or audience for.

If it looks like they're going to kill us with 5G with out testing it honourably They have killed us already

What's the solution

Plant more trees folks round yer houses if ya can

Great video, I hope we got time left but I dont think we can wake enough people up.

We don't have to wake up people, Party over Work. People wake up by themselves and some may choose different from what you choose. Fine. That's what free will means. Our reality may find us separated in different worlds. One with cyborgs, ruled by technology and others by the restoration of our true nature and purpose. Many of us are face to face with an inconvenient truth showing up.

who going to stop them your paper fake god i dot it................. it's up to the people to shoot down burn down put down all towels at once .......... every one need to do this world wide in your town and city!!!

... and you thought that specific genetic genocide had relevance to viruses...




Isn't it a wonderful treat of life, of spirit, that our strength and sparkle for life, rejuvenates after perilous times? Speaking from experience here, warrior fire ;)

I call it a part of the agitation industry, creating an addiction to "noise" in the background. I agree with you that it's an overdose, too much for effect. The content has sufficient impact of itself, no need to emphasise it, as I see it or hear.

organize events to show this talk to groups...it needs awareness & then action...just a suggestion!!

The people responsible for this rollout are psychopaths. Resistance is mandatory.

Does cern produce a field to dampen this 5g ?? ??? Think about it , if there is a magnetic field that has a circumference guarding the centre from such radiation?? Just curious , might just be a stupid though after all and has so significance what so ever but I just thought I would ask someone who know a little more than me ?? Ty for presentation

Tom Wheeler looks like he enjoys a big glass of adrenochrome on a regular basis .

TY Sacha Stone for this film!!

This IS population control.........................................and depopulation. I am sure that some people at the UN and in Silicon Valley could not care less, being the sociopaths, the psychotics, they are.

I saw a report a few months ago from some-where in America where 5G was started and the birds around the area were literally falling out of the air dead.

This has been the most educational hour I have had in years. Thanks Sacha! and Bravo!!!

I once had dream warning about this stuff, people wont be able to hide and it will cause great damage; our country South Africa major telecommunication company are pushing selling 5G to consumers at the moment. Thank you for the educational info.

In your survival kit make sure you have enough hot water bottles to keep everyone warm. Just saying. And learn how to eat the weeds. Learn how to lose all of your addictions and how to live without anything but your wits. Think of it as a hobby list you might need. Good luck everyone ✌

5G was designed by Israel yet not used by Israel.

Israel don't allow 5g at all , does it tell you anything ?

Yes. Thank you, Illuminati, for putting out there what you already know you are doing and planning to do.

56:36 Australians take note!!!!

A masterpiece of truth......bravo.....very very complete......comprehensive.......wel ldone....thankyou.....

In Divine Gratitude to Sacha Stone and his friends for this ABSOLUT APOCALYPSE WARNING and SOLUTION!

Depopulation. They are gunna urn that baby on and cook us .

Great presentation........well done.....dead bang on......

5G developed in the criminal state of Israhell, but not allowed to be used in Israhell.

So what is 5g going to uncover? as that is what apocalypse means in ancient Greek.

Throw these devil's in slave labor

I must address the issue of beginnings. Who funds the creation of 5G prior to the corporations initiating the roll out? Who is funding the beginning? We all know the governments around the world are simply idiots making money, with the ability to invest in ventures and sing the song of policy. And multinational corporations are created to bring that money to roost in the hands of investors. So I want to know WHO is behind it ALL? Did MIC start this?; investing in individuals stupid enough to create energy disruptors, because they want to be hailed as the saviors? Or is it really much more sinister? I don't want anyone to have the ability to f*ck with my frequency or disrupt my ability to think, let alone my immune system. So, who is creating it and how are they protecting themselves?

The expression on the face of a researcher who measured Motorola's devices, related to EMF radiation and its impact on human health, tells more than 1000 words. Anger and pain both expressed at the same time. It's at the 28:42nd minute of this video.

The former, not the latter.

Each person must destroy as many of these towers as they can.

Send Them to Prison!!!! They are killing every Sentient Being Plants & Water They are tasering our Energy Fields TO DEATH FOR ALL!!!!!

Israel who say they invented 5G refuses to implement 5G into their nation. What does that tell you ? Israeli Puppet President Chump REFUSES to have 5G ANYWHERE near his home Key Largo in Florida BUT he has APPROVED 1.3 TRILLION $$$ towards the implementation towards 5G here in the US. What's that tell you ? The Elite will ALL be in their Underground Home in one of these Underground Basses when they turn 5G. What's that tell you ?

If every one was serious there would be no comments . The only way to win is to put it all down and do not comply. We are financing our own down fall.

What good would that do if they are still putting up the towers and broadcasting. We have to make a real Anti-5G Assertion Physically.

Look what people created for themself!! Tragedy!!

We didn't create this. But we did give our freedom of choice away.

This is it, the final "KILL SHOT" to exterminate all life on the planet. The literal mass extinction of humanity, insects and animals....literally all living biological things. A world run by criminally insane, psychopathic profiteers.

All information is controlled.

Maybe, ahem, you're not properly up to speed. Did you ever hear of "the unknown unknown?"

Umm no one thinks that

Trust me, it's been tested. They know it will kill us, according to plan

+Marian B. That's true my friend. you can only lead them to knowledge but they have to drink themselves.

Yes, isn't it bizarre how fast-faster-fast rules human consciousness? As far as I've studied the subject, it seems that the instalment of many digital devices, smart meters, street light, more and more connected in networks, requires this 5G speed, in order to satisfy customer and producer, plus a balance in cost and profit. The climate change hoax is designed to convince people of the need for windmills and cost-saving devices working under 5G impact, so that many initiatives are applauded for being the work for a good cause: care for the environment. The blatant lie is present in a packaging that programs people to live in fear for breathing out CO2 and encourages a stance not very different from the Inquisitors, accusing those who deny climate change as truth, of blasphemy.

Maybe for now , but once the Antichrist comes on the scene , Christ will return

+Zunaid B That's where the expression stems from "Being a prophet, calling in the desert".

That is exactly how i feel Patti I'm ready to walk into the mountains and never see another human ever again. I watch that movie where Tam Hanks is stranded on an island with such envy. Seems the louder I shout about the reality of this world, the more isolated I feel.

I can't wait till we have 5G. That is the only time we'll be able to wake up as a whole on this planet. That is, once we see the harm and damage we do to our selves; through our own ignorance, through our stupidity and our selfishness all while giving away our power and trust to those we believe know better and are more capable. We will then realize how our system does not work and has never really worked. CHANGE is coming, unfortunately not how most would have wanted it.

People are being dumbed down by all this technology, have noticed a lot of violence going on everywhere as well. People getting manipulated with radio waves and a lot of infertility

Watch, only 63.173 views in one week....Either way thanks for the production of this video, share it to your friends, tell them to see this instead of streming a Hollywood movie or their favorite tv series, this is a game changer, see it and share, talk to your politicians, your future health and life depends on it. Share it on social media, send it on emails, start now. This technology and the heatlth effects has not been researced. EMF aka radiation is a stealth killer!! Wireless tech has biological health effects, dna damage, brain tumours, memory loss, stress, sleep, etc. Low level expose is dangerous in the long run. / Peace

My ears are already ring 24/7. Very rarely, when I'm as far away from civilization as I can get, it goes quiet.

I would be interested in the opinions of Ham Operators. Most are experts on radio and and antenna.

They have lost their minds.

5G will kill us all......

That Wheeler guy is demon-possessed.

The 3rd Reich gets the last laugh all these years later.... as it cooks the Americans from the inside out, on their home lands!!!

i wish someone in a position to prevent would watch this. i know enough where i wont watch this vid. I'm sure its not so good. microsft had a nifty swell plan to use the tv-wave-band of afew channels as a medium of internet, that all i have to say about that.

@25:25 shes just busy swiping left then gets all hot and bothered. Swipes right.

Listen to every word

they got everyone hooked on cell phones knowing in advance what they were doing...warfare.

I think we all need to be very careful on making a conclusions based on this sensationalistic video with much in bits and pieces and out of context. Back in 1988 we used 2 microwave testers (for leaks) to measure the Motorola brick cell phone that used an analogue signal that requires much more energy than a digital signal and both registered in the danger zone as a leaking microwave; 1 digital and the other an analogue tester. I wanted to test the phone because I had a sense of pressure build up behind the eye after taking for 15 minutes. I would switch sides and the same thing would occur with the other eye. I used 2 glass containers with a volume of about 3 Tbsp and filled 1 with tap water and the other with vegetable oil at room temp of 78 degrees and placed the antenna of the phone with in 2 to 3 inches of each vessel. After 5 minutes of communicating on the phone the phone was turned off and the temps in each vessel had risen by 5 (about) degrees. I mailed my findings to Motorola...nothing. I called them and they listened but never gave a response of value. 30 years later I am fine, surprisingly aside from a rt eye having a vitreous separation in the posterior of the eye that has created a huge floater that affects my vision. I do not know if this is related and according to 2 ophthalmologist I had examine me, they said not related as much as your age of 59 as that makes me more susceptible to this phenomena. 99.99% of all published theories are proven wrong by reality over time. Maybe reducing our body to the exposure would be of benefit; use less cell ph, turn off the router when not being used, etc??

Most EMF meters cannot see even 3 gigihertz or higher - so check the range of your meter. The TF2 can see 6 gigihertz - cheaper meters can delude you into thinking there is no EMF - blocking is dangerous in a cavity situation because it can intensify the radiation

Better start glowing,oh wow this is getting stupoid.Who pissed in the gene pooll?They all look like drack to me

Humanity is doomed if we do nothing

let's just kill all humans and let the next specie take over. Im sick of theese extinction event conspiracy theories.

Spread this like wildfire you guys.

Simple. Make a concerted effort to destroy the towers. They can't watch millions of towers. Start sabotaging them

I do not consent. Lord protect me and my family, and anyone who agrees with these words. Thank you in advance.

6th extinction

If humanity could not overthrow the elite upper class back in the days of slavery and tyranny, what can we do now that they have high technology to defend themselves? Humanity as a whole has failed. We have polluted the Earth and made her pay for our lack of courage and common sense. Ingrain this truth into your souls and that of everyone you meet, because you WILL live again, on another Earth, in another time, 100% guaranteed.

I'd like to listen but I can't follow the accent

Oligarchs are relentless and the sheeple need to wake up.

I am a real Engineer and skipped a little bit through the first 20 min or so. And everything I heard is utter bollocks. 5G "radiation" is harmless for 2 reasons: First radio waves of any frequency is a so called "non ionizing" radiation. E.g. the photons of this radiation are not powerfull enough to kick electrons out of the orbits in their atoms. So they can not change the chemical properties of any material in this way. So all the claims of "causing cancer" etc are 100% bollocks. The only way they could cause any effect is because of heating effects like in a microwave. But this is also harmless in this case because the power used for all those 5G Emitters is quite small. And since the energy density of such an electric field follows a 1/r^3 rule just a couple of meters from such a sender its barely measurable.

We are all in the cross hairs of the great culling...It's out of our hands...There is no god and you will not be protected...

Excellent info, thank you. Please tell...why will 5G not be installed and utilized within the state of Israel?

En México no llegara el 5 G .....

Tom Wheeler needs to be publicly hung, drawn and quartered for all the world to see..... Isn't it curious that these soulless, demented psychopaths always have that frantic, beady eyed look about them?! Ted Bundy, Tony Blair, the Bush family.......these beastmen truly are the sons of Cain.

people are too worried to die it has to happen no matter what accept it understanding it is inevitable and will happen no matter what under an unfathomable amount of circumstances nothing you could do about it but accept it

This “weaponized” 5G technology was prophesied in the Holy Bible !!!! "And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." Mark 13:20 (KJV) The U.N. according to their web-site wants “every man woman and child microchipped with the RFID technology by 2030 !!!! - If you accept this “mark of the beast” you will perish ! “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” President John F. Kennedy 7 days before his assasinatton “The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.” Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1952 “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” ~ David Spangler (United Nations Director of Planetary Initiative lucis Trust Member ) Freemason Outspoken Luciferian "Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker!"  Isaiah 45:9 KJV ... ... "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away." Mark 13:31 (KJV) .... ... “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” ‭‭2 Peter‬ ‭3:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬ ... “When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” ~Luke 18:8 “But as the days of Noe were , so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37 KJV ... “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”  John 12:25 (KJV) “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE, and I know them, and they follow me:” ‭‭ John‬ ‭10:27‬ ‭KJV “if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you.”2CHRON.15:2 KJV !!!! “Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:” ‭‭Joel‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭KJV‬‬ “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” MARK16:16KJV http://truesalvationjesuschrist.wordpress.com

The most potent part of this video was the speech at the End,,very stirring sobering words sir

Amerisrael land of the Greedy psychopath demon

Great work Sasha!!

Tom Wheeler needs to STFU and DIE!

Why are these Criminal Prosecuted!e

Insanity. Blind insanity.

Great film. The title could be more shareable and less sensationalized.

Again don't it just piss ya off more than that asshole you put up with to "earn your paycheck" (merit) anyway hold on..thank the Lord for giving his son saving me and you to if you want... much love from Tampa...

Very sad

+Ludivine Witenberg yeah no point having children

Yes indeed, no child for me. No children of mine will become demons food. No thanks.

5G together with the neuro link implant can only improve our ability to embrace A.I. and become an obedient controllable population. That's damned important.

in “atlas shrugged” there is a directed energy weapon. making it a little different than a strict allegory of ‘when the socialists take over.’ i have heard ppl say ayn rand was mistress to a bloodline person and the contents of her novel lay out their plan???

So why they do this to us?

Another bush n Obama killing machine. Why is it in the population if it kills. Unless there’s a bigger reason other than people dying

Shame? Shame..Shame.

The LGBTQ community will not have to worry about 5G. They are exempt. Grab your buns and find yourselves a cave to live in because population control is paramount and going full speed ahead. Everyone else is expendable. You can save your children by convincing them to change genders. You have been warned.

I am literally downloading and sharing this on every social media platform! If people can't see this, then they are either blind or to damn selfish in their own desires for themselves.

This propaganda is working good you all are in fear..just what they want..

I have some images that would Blow your mind !!

Damn... never knew Lebron had a tumor

lets start lynching our sell out puppet poli ticians. then shoot all 5g boxes. then the media sell outs and then the billionares

Only 10 minutes into watching this video, and im loving it. 5g is showing its ugly head down here in Alabama, gonna upload footage very soon

I can imagine a sword coming down on Tom Wheelers head and splitting it in a 1/2.

Why would China kill there own people. You people are so dumb, no common sense. No wonder why you are the sheep of your democratic government lololololololol

Leuren Moret has been warning about this for a long time...

Few people, sitting savely in a pentagonal castle, trying to kill most of us, because we have become too intelligent for their enslavement plans. The snakes and black scorpions Don t want the stone lifted under which they are hiding... Governments and Companies even refuse to answer...

Once the Antennas are in place, the frequencies can be changed for population control...

Berndt Felmerer Please sign the international petition supported by scientists worldwide; https://www.facebook.com/1456673594557581/posts/2300572090167723?sfns=mo

riveting info! shame I am banned from fb for a month or I would share this immediately!

very good french subtitles ! thank you !

5G is the final piece needed to fully deploy the Beast machine. This is a quantum devouring system and yes, if it goes forward as planned, will mean the end of humanity and all life as we know it on our noble planet.

sacha stone . the Richard Branson of the truther world.

Vital viewing!


The jackals at youtube have put a disinformation ad right below the video trying to debunk what you say. So that tells me you must be onto something to make the cowards try to stop you. :)

AuditTheFed2009 Please sign the international petition supported by scientists worldwide; https://www.facebook.com/1456673594557581/posts/2300572090167723?sfns=mo

thank you so much for the Documentary. 5G Appeal International Team.

The absolute BEST compilation to date! Well Done!!! This Stands without any question on the effects and agendas that are trying to change DNA and depopulate..... and it’s happening at a rapid pace!!! Big Brother aka the Nefarious ones are more than just Watching... they are wanting to annihilate humankind...

L Duff Please sign the international petition supported by scientists worldwide; https://www.facebook.com/1456673594557581/posts/2300572090167723?sfns=mo

Superb documentary by Sacha Stone. Deserves the same worldwide impact as Gasland, the fracking movie by Josh Fox. Of course people would rather turn a deaf ear to this threat as it disrupts their electronic addiction. When they do figure out they're getting fried by waves, they will react. Just as fracking and pharma are under judicial scrutiny - an $80 million verdict was just awarded to someone who got cancer from Roundup weed killer. If it wasn't for Trump, fracking legislation would also be further ahead. In the meantime, worrying sick over 5G is what they want us to do! My philosophy is the law of attraction. A spiritual nature does not allow me to get upset over all this. Cultivating peace of mind is the reason my spirit came into this body in the first place. Instead of worrying, take simple precautions like holding up a tablet with a stand instead of handling it while reading and shut all electronics in the bedroom while sleeping. Severe EMF hypersensitivity has forced me to protect myself since decades. Here in St. Maarten and the Caribbean, our infrastructure limitations keep us wallowing safely in 3G, as we struggle to get a semblance of 4G. What they call fiber optic is slower than DSL. That works fine for me, we'll never get 5G. Neither will many developing countries. Perhaps that will be our strength in the coming years, as the first world fries.

What this proves to me is congress is a big joke, and every other federal program. We are toast if we don't stop these maniacs.

Faraday Cages would help redirect the energy around whatever is inside. Therefore, Tin Foil Hats don't sound like such a stupid idea now do they!? Wakey Wakey! Jesus is coming soon!

Just stick to ethernet and if you really really want to use your cellphone use "reverse tethering" via usb

5G and Wi-Fi mutates or destroys eggs in small girls who have less protection than even us . Remember, women are born with ALL the eggs we will ever have. We don't produce more

Problem and solutions are invented for profit from drones.

Question........If we reintroduced the free energy towers that Nicola Tesla had back in the day wouldn't we be effected by it just like "5G" or is Nicola Tesla technology more in sync with our biological systems ?

Sound waves vibrating to cook the drones aren't listening they just eat and sleep and slave for paper rectangles , however the Satanic femtard and globetards breeding and producing gendertards, North America kinda needs a reset the Femtard courts and governments are just viruses. thanks

I see that youtube (NWO) couldn't get their passive censorship correct - just directly below the video why did they tag it with a contrail factoid but not the others explaining how safe 5G is or that RT is funded in part by the Russian goverment (lol)?

A glass?! Nah, he just drinks straight from the jugular......bet he couldn't wait to finish that speech so he could go hang out at Comet Pizza with all his buddies.

I am being slow killed by directed energy, I believe it’s 5G, not sure exactly but my spine and heart are about to explode. They have tortured me for seven years, it started with false accusations of me giving drugs to kids, they have hacked every phone every tablet and every computer that I’ve owned at least 12 different devices, they have shut down my business telephone lines changed my networks and servers, gangstalked me, sexually assulted me and my girlfriend, as well as 6-7 other friends and family members in the area. This was done by an ex law-enforcement officer/private Investigator, who has friends in high places, and some in very low places. Some of his actions, in my opinion were questionable, and I was told about them by at least six different peoplje. So out of jealousy and humiliation they used lies and slander to make a hate campaign against me, utilizing deceit to convince some of the community and law enforcement to terrorize me and try forcing me to move or commit suicide, luckily I have lots of customers, good friends and family who know me, and know my heart is in the right place, and there is nothing that I’ve ever done to deserve the torture that I’ve barely managed to live through. They tortured me day in and day out, using V2k technology, and Remote Neural Monitoring, saying the sickest, cruelest and most horrifying rhetoric, anyone could imagine. Trying to make me to kill myself over and over again for years. They would say I owe them money, and that they killed a close girlfriend of mine, and spit in her baby’s face, calling my children fat and lazy, calling my mother things I won’t say, reapetedly calling me and my girlfriend pediofiles, saying horrible things they do to children, they told my girlfriend they were going to drag her out the window and cut her head off, and rape her neck hole, and much much worse. I can’t count how many different sick twisted things they would say and do it every day for years. There are no words to explain what it does to a persons soul, when you take away their will to live, and do it every day for years, not to mention what it’s done to my children, watching me go through this. I would never wish this kind of torment and black hearted feeling of emptiness on anyone....ever.....not even the people who have done this to me. They suck the life from you slowly drowning you in hopelessness, misery and despair. It changes your life in every way you can imagine, and what’s worse is nobody can imagine or understand the absolute hell you are going through. I have vowed to continue exposing this horrifying criminal threat to our humanity, No matter how many times I am threatened with my life, they are using this technology to sexually assault women, as well as children, and it is our duty as Americans and decent human beings to expose these criminals and hold them accountable, whether they are judges, officers, attorney generals, military personnel, or plain civilians. These are unforgivable crimes against humanity on the highest level of corruption. It is the ultimate violation of our human rights, our free will, and will end up destroying our nation by taking everything that we value as Americans. https://youtu.be/9QBMkYa3uXs https://youtu.be/zUcmvCeJKik https://youtu.be/xS83-arITV8 https://youtu.be/GA4_ls7C4aA If you have problems believing that this technology is not real, then I suggest looking at the 25 to 30 different patents that our government has on it as well as the thousands and thousands of other targeted individuals complaining about this atrocity, since jade helm 15 was put into action, our law-enforcement has been militarized and they can do this to anybody they dislike, for any reason they deem necessary, it is secretly being done and is the beginning of the end for America, welcome to Totalitarianism and neo-Nazism and the NWO.

How far have parents moved away from a mature stance with integrity in tow, completely ignoring the education of their children, without applying common sense, boundaries and rightful authority, as responsible parents. It's as if the children are kings and queens, treating their parents as servants. And the parents seem to love to act like children who aren't denied anything as well, feeling entitled to everlasting happiness.... oh my, kids can spoil the fun of that! It's the same dynamic as in moving away from a connection to the land, in modern farmers who run huge farms, forced to use substances in order to make a living, or so they say. The hungering African nations are neglected, our supermarkets are bursting with more varieties of yoghurt and salad-sauce than one can try out ever, in a lifetime. The world's gone mad and the emperor has no clothes on, although most of us pretend to not see it, in fear of being outcasts. Keeping up appearances is the name of the game, until our mask is staring in our face and the Wizard of Oz is exposed. The curtain will fall with the veil. Here's a documentary about the practice of agriculture, made in 1970. With testimonies stating that we will bear the consequences of using too much chemicals without sufficient evidence of use in safety, causing no threat to human health and the environment: https://archive.org/details/downonthefarm_201604/downonthefarmreel2.mov

With all due respect, a hot water bottle is a fairly useless piece of kit to have in a survival situation.......warm, layered clothing a cold weather sleeping bag and the ability to start a fire should be all you need to stay warm when you're bugging out! Oh, and try not to lay directly on the ground......you lose far more body heat on a cold surface.

4G is ok for the public, NASA can use it's 5G with his militia..

We are been under attack from the atom-to the larger life being not just above ground but underground kingdoms as well. Let's get inform. Let's stop radiation exposure that are not in harmony with our DNA.

But what are you all going to do to stop it? Sign a petition? Share a video? Protest? None of that works

I feel effected

5g is brain destruction.

Invented in Israel ?

5G will fry our brains.

#QuantumExperiment Everybody say out loud "5G WILL NOT SUCCEED" Multiple times as loud as you can this will put it into your memory loop and will create a quantum fluctuation in time and possibly create a better outcome I have no time for negitivity so if you don't wanna do this, enjoy karma

one problem with this video, massive testing showing harm to all life hidden or destroyed.

Almost everyone I know, is so trapped in the "matrix" of frivolous social media interaction, or entertainment....they don't even think about this....let alone "think" at all!


5G Antennas would make great targets for target practice for many people me thinks. Not me of course, that would be illegal.

5G is the total weapon system, not for a few milliseconds of extra cell speed. brain cancer thru the roof since even 3G came out. do not buy any 5G products, I use 3G and my wifi turned off at home if not needed and for sure turned off at night. on cell use hands free for any call longer then 30 seconds and mostly use text. designed and built my solid 6000 PSI+ concrete home, all re bar welded and a Faraday 1/8 steel mesh welded to re bar. can NOT even get a cell signal in house unless standing next to a window who's metal shades are not up. made sure my forced smart meter at street [ 50 yards from house ] every smart meter destroys good ozone. everyone in the Philippines got meters replaced with smart meters and can not even produce power 24/7.

If these 5g masts are a weapon, then we, as a people, have a duty to disable them. Remember this is our country. We live here and we make it great. Politicians don't make it great, as has been highlighted repeatedly.

This was one of the best documentary and one of the scariest documentary I've seen for a long time

Att 26:13 zero$ omg crazy

thank you for your icrediable work on the 5g movie i think you have been brave not to hide the true agenda behinde the 5g and chemtrails network...TRUTH IS THE LAW


It’s a shame that this documentary, which otherwise features words of scientists and technically qualified medical personnel talking in professionally measured ways, opens up with quotes from an uneducated known a fear-monger and sensationalist charlatan.


No doubt they're going to tell us the 5G apparatus is necessary in case were invaded by Annunaki / Draconian or something like that. But yeah it's only tuned to the aliens frequency not are harmonics. Smh....

Well done. brother. People; let's unashamedly get this out there in every way we can.

THIS WAS AMAZING. Thanks for sharing. let's hope the 82,000 views moves to 8000,000 in the next few weeks.

dear JESUS


1:15:19 don't blink

I don't appreciate aerospace engineers trying to tell us, that arrogance is not worth a snicker.

Civil. Disobedience. Is. In. Order.

At the end of your program, God bless you sir thank you I knew this was going to be serious business when I heard of it but everyone else seems to think that our ownthe government wou mmm d never hurt us,,,I have even been in two serious fights although they be fights with words with my own family and they tell me i am most ridiculous,a fear monger,i only wish i were. that im a conspiracy therist I'm not paranoid,,, and not a fear Monger,,"I am a realist and I know a final end game weapon when I see it, this is exactly as you labeled it this is an Extinction event weapon,,, been digging there villages underground because they know what's going to happen they're going to you might as well say microwave us all and many other horrid Horrid things many many and this is how they get their power and nobody is standing up to stop it you're right if we do nothing on this we should be ashamed I in fact I am machine I've tried to wake a few people up and they just call me a well they call me a fear monger and a oh yes a conspiracist I have Illusions about conspiracies going on this is No Illusion this is a nightmare I wish I could wake up from and really my only hope is repenting to Jesus and letting him know that I love him and I'm sick of this lying world and everything they continue to do to us it's worse than being in jail especially when you're awake,and you come to the realazation that this is how they will turn our people into zombies,bye slow cooking them,and yes that not for comuicatiins,and this time we dont need to beat anyone in this race,they can have it,we need to stand up now,,,before our lord takes his peoples,we have no news,this is there plan to destroy us,and if no one stops this,we are in so much paral,,,the only one that can stop this is our lord god,there so many in church today,i wish they would join the real body of christ,then mabe with all of us each and every person that love our lord,and jesus if we could pray to father abba all of us thousands and thousands,just so you know ,,,your 100%%% right,this is the end game weapon there sneaking in,just like the story of troy,even saying the health of this program is great,all them cooperate liers,acting as if they dont know,liers deciever,and im sure that the loving hearted of the body of christ.

America is so far behind the development of this 5G technology, so they are spreading " this lie " of the health issues on 5G.. If there is any truth to the dangers of 5G, America and the West should just let China and Korea go ahead with 5G to " kill" their own population . Why use nuclear bombs when there is a better alternative to eliminate the Chinese.

I hope everyone has SHARED this on Facebook What an easy way to make something take off..

the reason there putting up without doing tests is because the worlds waking up and their running out of time.

Who's up for some global antenna chopping?

I feel like my thank you isn't enough but my goodness thank you! The effort and bravery in making these videos is HUGE. I'm lying on my bed in little New Zealand writing this, just in absolute awe of the work you do. We're not ready yet but one day everyone will stand up and take our lives back


They KNOW the effects of 5G...Don't kid yourself.


This is some scary shit..

Relying on the findings of the FDA is not an answer I like as they approved the poison aspartame to be used in diet soda which caused cancer in RATS! They knew it too!

Time to takes chainsaws to the telephone poles and to any transmitter in the city. Stop being lazy and take care of our selves.

Immoral demons hopefully this includes their families. Shameful!

S.M.A.R.T. (SMART phone, meter, etc.) is an acronym not for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology ? According to this video, Mark Steele ( saveusnow.org.uk ), who is being filmed together with and by this film's producer, Sacha Stone, says it stands for : Secret Militarized Armament Residential Technology. What do you think? Mark Steele S(ave)U(s)N(ow) organization's main claim is (quote) "we have the law and right on our side" (end quote) in order to stop the "cromies" system. Ya think so? It's been 15 years and nobody's had the law stop the SOS stop spraying us like bugs with Chemtrails. And Mark Steele's S.U.N. org. shares the virtually the same sun logo as this film's producer Sacha Stone who has "Humanitad" a Super Special New Age utopian community that shares the virtually same Sun sign emblem. Trust not in man, trust in the Almighty Creator of all, His only begotten/sired Son Lord Jesus is coming soon. Repent and consecrate your life NOW while you may. If you go to hell, it's your own fault. May God bless you.

Well we have a solution to the overpopulation problem.


we should rebel and destroy all things 5g but it will never happen because the masses are addicted to internet and new tech

Agenda 21

How do you not see the Government and those who believe in enlightenment are on the same side they fight each other to make those on the outside pick a side but what you're actually doing isn't picking a side because they are the same side it's a great deception the devil created to build his Army Jesus Christ is the true savior and the only path to the true God and not the idols the world is coming to know

Could someone point me towards any type of scientific evidence behind this? Most comments seem to be erratically drawn out paranoid delusions.

This looks like some nonsense Alex Jones would make. The GPS is a military targeting system, it's been around since the mid 80's. If you've cooked a tv dinner, you've dealt with more microwave radiation than 5G would ever do.

>be me >watches video >becomes actually mentally deficient >ignores real problems for fake ones

@About 26:10 while being questioned about independent study's"In recourse the big business suggest that the FDA" had? WTF does the FDA HAVE TO WITH COMMUNICATIONS OR THE ENVIRONMENT? A bit of an over reach of positions don't you think ?

Thank you Sacha. Your videos are always informative. I still don't understand why they needed to do experiments on mice. They don't need mobile phones. Humans use these everyday...just monitor them instead!

We should be stopping this. Plus cutting down trees everywhere for this is ugly

LED streetlights emit 5G? What sort of nonsense statement is that? LED streetlights emit light some of which is visible. If streetlight standards emit anything else it is separate from the light source.

folks? "they" are going to do what "they" want to do. sit back. relax. enjoy the show. SAY YOUR PRAYERS. pray to the right god...Yah. call Yeshua.


This is undoubtedly a concentrated effort for the genocide of the entire human population from the planet! It should become apparent to all that rational people could not possibly support 5G technology without the awareness that it would not also mean the biological end to their own generational offspring. Even psychopaths have the instinct for survival. Yet for CEOs and other investors to support this kind of technology tells me as a logically thinking person that they themselves could not possibly be human. if the entire planet is blanketed with this kind of technology, then who would be around or who would be left to reap any benefits - financial or otherwise? Ostensibly, financial profits could not possibly be the end game, but rather the erasure of the entire human population from planet Earth! Only a non-human force or cabal could be responsible for such a sinister agenda!

i cant sleep ever since i moved next to a 5G Tower thats 700 feet away from my home this is insanity

Forgot the title of this... Let's just call it, "How many ways can our (((OWNERS))) kill you by? Let us count the ways." - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Bullets, Bombs and now..., wait for it... Electromagnetic Frequency (((EMF))) These people are evil.

I will sunbathed in their 5G.

I think this 4G and up are delving into the supernatural realm. It’s opening portals for demonic entities. People will start feeling it more soon and having unusual experiences.

I will use your 5G against you bc I'm invincible and God. I ain't got no worries.

Why can't we Patriots just start useing these towers for target practice?

I AM THAT I AM. I'M SELF LAW, GOD AND MASTER. your tech will not touch me.

Why is Israel the only country not allowing 5G transmission ???

Guy with sunglasses has a mouth full of marbles, can't understand 90% of what he is saying. Ruined your video, will try to watch a little more, hopefully he gets done.

its to late the sheepls are addicted to their cell phones like junkies to their next fix.....we a few has to pay the price for their ignorant addiction but hoprfully emfblues.com device will compensate me but again what about the bees i drink 1 kilo of honey weekly.....

exelent video !! thank you very much for those precious infomation !!!

Start buying your hiking and survival gear. Time to move away from major cities.

Orgonite can shield one from the ELF radiation of 5g thats why the nwo is trying to outlaw it.

Is scaring ppl about 5G without doing anything tangible about it...such as suggesting everyone destroy a tower if they see one... really helpful? Or is it part of creating a horrific reality based on fear?

We need The One.. Where are you Neo?!

They r ALREADY UZING LED lights 2 power THER fake

There will NOT be a year called 2020. Mass extinction observes no calender.

I'm willing to bet most people watched this on a wireless device. We love to worry about things that are beyond our control while doing nothing about the things we can.

Any virtual reality imposed upon is still subject to universal cosmic law. there is no avoiding karma.

You would have to be damn stupid to believe in chemtrails. Even stupider to believe nano particles (which are an order of magnitude smaller than dust) could drift down to the surface of the planet. A worrying video for anyone who doesn't understand biology or radiation. Just like the water fluoridation debate, it has to do with dose - the intensity and the duration. At one level it will kill everything, at another level, it will kill nothing. Diseases will occur with or without G5 and have been doing so for millions of years. Good to see Ike and Igan producing their convincing drivel that establishes them as the leaders of the idiots

This video terrifies me.

Listen to the books on my channel and check-out the website you see at the top, to help with that.

Years ago doctors told us smoking would not harm your health, these same doctors are saying nothing about the chemicals in and on our foods. Will these same doctors remain silent about 5G because they stand to make mega bucks from the diseases this will cause. The same goes for politicians. The corporations will make more money from new pharmaceuticals and the new toys that 5G will produce. Computers and cell phones have become an addiction for our young people we are going to see more neurological dysfunction then ever in our history.

Anyone going to show the faces of the people pushing to depopulate in this torturous manner?

Apocalypse ? Extinction event ?? You sure love good drama ! What a bunch of crap nonsense ! Off course it's not healthy, just like WiFi isn't. But still haven't dropped dead from it. What is the matter with you people ? Or is it just for the sake of clickbait ?

Very well done!


You should check out quantum computing now that's a blast.

The crazy scientist talking about training DNA to cope with technological emfs points to the underlying project. Namely trans-humanism. Destruction of the human being is intended We are to be replaced with bio-machines. This is already happening, our minds and bodies have already become dependent on these technologies and our consciousness already shifted to left brain dominance, a machine like state, creating a snowball effect of positive feedback, exponentially driving the process forward to its end point, of the cyborg. Happy days.....

I'm from a place called show me. EMB Benjamin Franklin...

+Zion Trumpet no, I didn't say tell me.

For that, you need to click the "Play" button (above).

This whole video didn't have to be over an hour to tell us that: we're screwed and nobody who has meaningful power is on our side.

And they laughed at my tin foil hat...wait'll they get a load of my hooded, full body, tin foil jump suit. Accessorized with fashionable lead lined jock strap, gas mask and foil lined bullet proof umbrella. Living 20 hours a day inside my buried shipping container Faraday cage bunker house. Yay modern day life. THANKS Rothschild cabal.

Hi, Parallel realities exist. If you believe a story line that say's the earth will end because of this and this, you will align yourself with that version of Earth and you, your family members and so on will parish in this version. If you believe a story line that says that Humanity will evolve into a species that is motivated not by Fear but by Love, you will align yourself with that version of Earth and you, your family and so on will thrive. Modern scientific evidence virtually proves the existence/truth of parallel realities. Now that you know this, begin to practice believing the Earth time line that YOU prefer (obviously you don't prefer this one, so stop giving your free will choice to it). By taking this, or anything else based in FEAR seriously, you align yourself with it. My advice - Ignore it, move on, let go and practice YOUR PURPOSELY CHOSEN REALITY. There is NO SUCH THING as JUST ONE EARTH, there are in actuality, an infinite amount of them... Thank you.

Some to know only one death how many to know the 2nd death

Among many other thoughts on this outstanding video is my guilt while I hold this “smartphone” in my hand while I enjoy having the “knowledge of the world” at my touch!

Amazing job, brother! This is the best I’ve seen on the subject yet, your efforts are very much appreciated. My question is: *What can we do?* What can each of us be doing right now to stand up to this sinister attack on our humanity? (I mean besides spreading awareness about it and trying to wake others up, which I’ve been doing).

If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, how can you know Him without having fear?

Health Hazards been studied thoroughly.....military won't release it.....after all anything that kills is studied thoroughly by the military.........the reason no release to the public....this is because they need to use it to cull the population.....the population size alone isn't manageable.....in some individual groups.... they all think they are sexy and quickly making more of themselves....because they really plan to win some racial game by outbreeding the other's.....they are....on stupid steroids....but it works for the short term for them so it feels good for now.....Society isn't set up for this excess population....it's managed for much less as it is.....the expectations....instead we not got a bunch of liars....running across Mexico to the border....migrating worldwide....these people try and make money and when they can't because of the massive killing they try and escape to other countries thinking they can get on with their money making plans there.....they want usually one whole house to themselves....just a simple domination-territory gain goal to own and control a mortgage or a lease......but that's why they migrated......and the connection is you control the sex life and the walls and anybody in them.....feels good to them....they go for that best allowed control in society......the property rights.....The are installing these 5G all around Venice Beach....and there's huge amounts on top of warehouse areas.....where the business are and probably rich people could use them on passers by for a weapon......Hikers are hauled out of Hollywood Hills and Mullholland trails...Malibu mountains...DAILY...something is dropping them.....



Demon possessed psychopaths

So why are the elite building underground bunkers? Pretty sure this doco tells us why!

Fantastic documentary. Interesting to see 66 thumb's-down clowns. Must be FCC, CIA or telcom employees. It also cracks me up, that beginning a few months ago, YT now puts up 'government sanctioned definitions' on every YT video that presents the truth they don't want us to know.

Welcome to the Mark of the beast system.

When Goyims will rise? When is too late? Wake up, you're slaves to Zionists

Umm, I've recently flown on international trips (16hrs.) The planes I used had 5G services, at least according to their branding. It didn't cook any if us. . . As far as I know.

If truth be known, they don't care if it kills us slowly as it plays into there already planned agenda but we the people are partly to blame too because of our insatiable appetites for the newest and latest gadgets and this live fast die young approach to life!! Are people really prepared to sacrifice there future and that of there children so they can download quicker and be connected to everything..This is not going to end well and if your instincts are telling you that this doesn't feel right then it probably isn't!!

thank you for the info. What can we do to reverse the decision to allow this 5G?

Wow...so the government is planning to give everyone diabetes and dementia. How is that different to what we already have LOL

+nonuseraware If you were an aerospace engineer you should talk about the effects of 5G satellites on the magnetosphere. And what this exactly means for earth, for life on earth when the magnetosphere is disturbed, polluted.

Damn great video

"Satan will impart the air with a deadly taint." Satan works through the elements also to garner his harvest of unprepared souls. He has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature, and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as God allows. When he was suffered to afflict Job, how quickly flocks and herds, servants, houses, children, were swept away, one trouble succeeding another as in a moment. It is God that shields His creatures and hedges them in from the power of the destroyer. But the Christian world have shown contempt for the law of Jehovah; and the Lord will do just what He has declared that He would—He will withdraw His blessings from the earth and remove His protecting care from those who are rebelling against His law and teaching and forcing others to do the same. Satan has control of all whom God does not especially guard. He will favor and prosper some in order to further his own designs, and he will bring trouble upon others and lead men to believe that it is God who is afflicting them. ref. Great Controversy 589.2- 590

If you read the whole book of "The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan", you will gain a whole picture understanding of why all these things come to be. This was written in the 1800s and has much that will yet be revealed. Satan has and will continue to impart the air with a deadly taint. 5G and chemtrails are only two of the many ways revealed as of late. If you do not understand the history (true), you will never understand what is happening now or in the future, let alone survive through it.

I feel sick to my soul. This will and is destroying us.

*END ZIONIST GLOBAL DOMINATION* (Marxist/Satanic/Jewish Elite)

Also how do you protect against this? Supplements? Types of clothing? Etc


It’s a global mesh topology. Meaning everything is connected by wireless essentially. Hmm could produce amazing things or very dubious things

Finally an encyclopedically documentation! Wake up where ever you are! "The line it is drawn , The curse it is cast" Bob Dylan, 1963 "Though claiming to be wise, they became fools"(Röm 1;22, ISV)

So much showing proof of damage from this shit, an still nothing being done.

this is why i use ethernet, wired all day every day

If 5G is so dangerous why those who promote it are not afraid? They are not human?

Who's got that antidote? the Elite? Is it the supplements we all need to consume from now on till the end of the world? Because we're totally Screwed !!! 1:13:00

Doesn’t middle management and the workers at these companies realize they’re preparing to kill all their customers = put themselves out of a job? The cell phone companies enthusiastically promoting what 5G will bring? The appliance companies realize there will be no one to buy the things of the internet if things? Apple that this is the end of their business? Is it mind control? What a miracle it would be to wake up and realize this was all a bad dream

Wear a metal vest for the 5g waves! Make copies before its removed fr ytbe

FcknA 1:08:07 is this True!?

Awesome ~ Shared on many sites!!! ~ LOVE!!!

Is this a comedy skit 1:03:00 - 1:05:00

At least the elites have the grace to not slit our throats as we sleep

Basicly we are killing ourselves for having serving our needs !!! VERY SCARY FOR OUR KIDS !!!! I dont need 5g thank you !!!

What's the point of commenting on how educational this information is and applauding it, and advocating to spread the news "like wild fire" All while doing nothing about it? I haven't read a single comment geared towards a resolution. Wouldn't it it be more courageous to do something about it....Take action, band together, assemble a militia and use force to make a stand? Are we not cowards to allow a tyrannical, elite system with a clear agenda to do what they please at the expense of our well-being? Who among us would be willing to fight? Please reply if you are or why you're not.

I am. We must band together and do this in a rogue kind of way. Non traceable communication systems like the app Signal. We have to fight against this!!

How are the people that develop this protecting themselves and their families. The super rich the ones in control how are they protecting themselves?

Ok it's time to tear this shit down and it begins with your cell phone.

*The Best compilation of this most important information on the web....Bravo !! And thank you and the producers of this video for providing the tools to help wake the rest of the world up to this most important topic.!

it all leads to mark of the beast deny it at all costs i love u all

I wish more people will fight this 5g

Its OK . . . The families of 5 G proprietors will suffer equally . . . . If this is what it's going to take to get thru to their 'Thick Heads' . . . Well, so be it !!!

I’m on 6G

Singularity is old , the algorithm keep playing. You better trust in Jesus cause the computer is a liar


That's what the computer

I would like to know that some black guy with a minimum of 12" hard , took be ito o4g "Tom"lt

We're all better off dead anyway honestly. Continuing on in a world this depraved, twisted and corrupt isn't worth living in. The only hope for humanity at this point is an extinction level event.

They have 7G in Korea. Faster internet connections.

This has blown the top of my head off. I thought I was up on the subject... now I am! Thank you.

The document for autism is not clearly marked.

Total genocide! Which country invented 5G? It is not USA or any European country. Did the country who invented the 5G implemented it in their own country or prohibit it? Why did they made 5g using microwave technology? Why they did not use the the same technology that 4G is using to make the 5G?. Find out which country made the 5G technology!

what nonsense

I had a bumper sticker made up: "Stop 5G Before It Kills Humanity." Hopefully people will see it and look into the 5G issue. Thank you for your effort in educating the public - well done.

See these transmitters , SMASH THEM. and keep smashing them.

Awesome documentary Sasha ! Now i think it's WAR between US and them !

so i should stop watching this on my phone

What can I do to reduce my exposure?

This explains alot, I guess I should make an appointment with my doctor

Is everyone ready to meet their maker? Your brains are miliwatt transistor radios! So stay tuned!

One deftly placed solar flare will cure everything

It was good information until the last 3 minutes. What the fuckk!!!!??? The solution may be asking for a DNA upgrade? Hegelian dialectic. That is sickening.

Looks like all these LED lights being installed are making the way for Li-Fi technology....

Well since this is "the end" I shouldn't expect to any further documentaries from your group titled " 6G Apocalypse" to be followed by "7G Apocalypse", etc....

We will just have to accept this 5G and thats that.. we livestock have no choice in the matter, or are you so stupid you have not realised that yet? go on, try more than those you just listened to and see how much that changes things.. look at all these learned and qualified people speak out against it, present the scientific proof it is detrimental to our health, to every living thing, harming 0ur children, all to no avail, 5G rollout is in fact speeding up, here in oz....so our bleating will have no effect..and thats that..the only real option is to lump it or leave..

Google Car bluescreens killing all of its passengers.

You, Me and Fifi | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 1,767,224 views NEED I SAY MORE?

So what are we suppost to do about this.

Hi adult children you seem to be in high regards as to what "they" don't know, well I would tell you. They do know and they would prefer you didn't mention your imminent Doom. You think the news is controlled by the Israeli Elite Mossad. You think council members are voted anywhere. Well, Naivety becomes profane and a Vulgar Display of ignorance.

Hi childish adult, get a checkup on your brain dude, tumour wise.. that was sure a load of cryptic meaningless waffle..and so pompous.. get a grip..

Thank you Sacha and Thank you You Tube for bringing this up to my attention

2nd amendment time

well I guess we better do all the research we can on the people responsible for this and get ready to kill these people ASAP

Go amish. LOVE JESUS. This world is not our home. The prince of the power of air is evil. Woe to them who call good evil and evil good.

Marco Zolo where are you?

Well I know what I'm doing I'm getting rid of 5G I've seen way too many people telling me 5G is killing people

5g and AI.

Trump tweeted he wants 5g, even 6g in the US as soon as possible. Go ahead and look it up on images.

These are devils and it’s so sad that they run the world! Who or what are these people looking for? Whoever or whatever it is they’re taking extreme Measures to find them or it!

Guess who isn't rolling out 5g... ISRAEL. Don't believe me, look it up

+Ed Mann prove it

gravediggy not true

And not one mention of the jews behind this. israel is not getting 5G.

Thank you I hope it helps many CLUELESS people WAKE--UP FAST

i got cancer watching this seriously ppl are nuts to want this

Hey its a blessing if they cencorship and through us off for talking about things we know and are aware of then guess what we wont be using the devices as much and we will be the ones that live and the rest will be effected by the 5g and everything else sadly. Those of us letting the truth be know will live because we wont be using the mind control devices or entertainment anymore :). Power of possitive thinking :).

Well, we'll find out very soon as south Korea Korea 5g April 5th. Chicago the 11th along with Minneapolis. That's 2019. Plus, they've been testing it for years now. You all are paranoid. Do some research. Not conspiracy but technology research.

mark of the beast was never the number, always been genetic manipulation. do not question this friends. this is "They Live" in reality. this is why the the "zombie term and movement in media" exists. 5 g is the equivalent of a zombie virus traits and symptoms. please stand against this. let Us unite.

Glad I'm immortal.

Can you hear/feel this inside your brain? I think that I can. I am very 'sensitive' to the normal things that we come into contact with regularly. I think that 5G is affecting me physically and mentally

Check out the Frey Effect

Build a faraday cage using fine brass wire cover all walls and solder together Drive Ground Rod into Earth and ground brass wire screen stopping all RF waves!

@29:00 "The human energy field was obliterated as they stood in front of the smart meters." How can any non-technical individual reconcile this? They can't, so emotion takes over. It sounds scary so therefore it's bad. Or is it? Stop believing in government.

More important to be first to get there, than to know where "there" is, and it is hell you morons !!!

Africa needs 5g

Its the movie DARK CITY....the archonic control and every day starts over, the ppl were oblivious

This was put together brilliantly... Well done

This may be a far out theory, but is it possible that Google has evolved to be so intelligent that it is planning to get rid of humans?

The truth is the elites are culling mankind....they have the cure for cancer...they invented it... This world Cannot sustain much more growth....

How did it happen that the government, that likes to regulate how we wipe our arse, never wanted this technology to undergo any safety testing???

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE IS this some sick game for the rich??? like a real video game where they can sit back watch and control us?? WHO Rothschilds ?

why is 6ghz 5G? that dont jive w me

someone already maked a aluminum cap ?

Excellent work. I am glad I never used cell phones much, but now I will see about getting rid of my wireless router. Wow, even regular old fashion radio causes harm! we better rethink everything here.

23:00 ..yup We all live in a Microwave Machine, Microwave Machine, Microwave Machine

I Just don't get it. If a woman says no and you stick it in, Then its called RAPE. Now were about to get violently Raped and everyone I engaged in this subject says the same  2 things  NO, and  I don't know!!!!!  For the I don't knows. After a brief search on line they all say NO.  Now this is no Shit where I live and the people or Lobby Loafers as my girlfriend and I Call them. Outside of the obvious rape that's about to go down, I believe were really going to get FUCKED on this Or roasted over this 5 G plan. Now is their a protective counter measure that the Average Person can acquire? Are there any safe zones in public that will not be affected? Is that a reasonable question I just asked?

Once again , tears flow as humanity turns its back on nature.

good information, but the way it is presented makes me sick! These fast moving pictures... What hurts more? This attack to my eyes or 5G?

Bring It On!

If the milimeter waves can not travel far how are they supposed to come down from a satellite? Space is a lie, the Earth is Flat, and the 5g towers will all be ground level.

Ah well with the robotic and AI's evolution we the sheep are not needed any longer. Effective way to kill us while we pay them to do so and they squeeze every drop of you until you kick the bucket.

Can I just say that watching something for over an hour is worrying , wouldn't it be safer in smaller times. Just saying.

They knew for yrs 5G will be dangerous and kill humanity the people don’t know how evil this is.

talk about a true psychpath ...He must be truthfully out of his mind. Who in thier right mind would listen to Wheeler???

At least you got the earth shape correct

WHO, is a joke filled with so called health officials that do NOT have human health in their interests

How can we guard against these? Is there a way to reflect this ? Waves...what are the counter measures, if any? How can we protect our homes?

Sounds like it’s the people’s Assault rifles Vs Assault frequency towers. Who will win?

thank you for making this. i have shared it.

Fudge that. I'm getting me a book. This is not safe. Take them down!! Survival of the human specie. I hope some people with extra time (Ik y'all are out there) do something about this. Now this is "sinister".

Yes I was warning about LED street lights about 6 years ago. THEY KNOW IT KILLS, THATS WHY THEY ARE DOING IT

Wel 'n beetje laat, hè? Dit is al sinds de jaren '50 bekend! De militaire studies rond 5G zijn sinds 1973 al afgerond, de gevolgen bekend. Daarom rollen ze het illegaal uit, men weet donders goed waar men mee bezig is en wat het zal doen! VEEL TE LAAT, MENSEN, VEEL TE LAAT...........

They warn us about micro wave oven usage, lol and now they are putting up 5 G all over the place and next is your microchips so you WILL BE CONTROLED like zombies, that is the future of mankind that is not exterminated by agenda 21 and agenda 30.

Incoming tin foil hats

23:23 WTF?????? NO STUDIES???? EXCUSE ME??? We HAVE TO Rise Up and FIGHT THIS!

I think 5G is great, because I will be able to upload photos of my cat much quicker.

Everything done will be undone. Victory of the light

The bottom line is. What are you going to do? Nothing!


I sure will

I wondered why there so vehement Lee applying chemtrails into an overcast? Could it be let it works in conjunction with 5G to keep the radiation down close to Earth where it can cause most Havoc?

CANCER, CELL & DNA DAMAGE (INHERITED BY BABIES), DISORIENTATION--LETHARGY--HEADACHES--POOR CONCENTRATION--DIMINISHED MEMORY ETC, AND GENERAL POOR HEALTH OF ALL KINDS INCLUDING LOW-SPERM COUNT: U.S. congress heavily lobbied by billionaires in communications won't protect Americans (and the world) from 5G transmitters coming in about 2021 to be located near homes and schools etc where they can do the most permanent damage to American children and everybody else. And cell phone corporations DISCLAIM all health-related liability for transmitter-towers and cellphone radiation esp the coming millimeter-wave radiation of 5G health consequences. The poor in rural areas of nations will inherit the earth, it appears.

I think they mircowaved Hugo Chavez

shame on all those nice boys

But im still stuck on youtube!!! Ahhhh lol

now u know why they spent so much money building infrastructure under the ground...we fry whilst they go below away from the waves...

IDIOCRACY was prophecy.

Best 5 G video I have viewed. Genocide. Georgia Guide Stone style. Satan you will burn in Hell!

maybe we should put down the cell phone. Go back to nature.

We'll be fine; chill out.

33: 20 so guess they didnt know about the over 2,000 nuclear bomb tests they even blew one up over Antarctica to put a hole in the ozone layer and blame car air conditioning ! or feeding kids fluoride and blaming lead in gas and paint ! Saying worker were lying when they started dieing from dioxin from plastic and herdaside factories ! Or leaking oil pipe lines ! Yeah 5g ! I guess they didnt know that they said the same shit about cell phones use !

5G will be good for us. Don't worry people, it will only be used against unruly mobs, enemies of the state and other undesirables. If you are a loyal patriot, you want 5G!

you people are a bunch of freaks

doesn't matter to me, I'm stuck with my cheap piece of shit 3g Obama phone,,, if anybody touchs my disibilities moneys,, its phucken war!!!!

Speaking of LED lights. Factor in the reality of optogenetic re-engineering of cells, especially nerve cells, especially brain cells, especially key and well-identified microcircuitry involving cognition, emotion, memory, volition, etc. People who would rather deny reality in order to believe in their favorite version of the world are counting on those who call the alarm to be the first to go. They will rationalize that they are crazy people who simply can't deal with the normal and "real" world. Yet the irony is that they are precisely the ONLY people who can deal with reality, and the vast majority of people, especially those who jeer at the "alarmists", are the ones in denial with their metaphorical head stuck up their metaphorical butts. Such cowardice, on such a scale, is either difficult to conceive, or difficult to conceive without admitting that most people are basically proving the case made against them for thousands of years by those who have always ruled over them, that they are a bunch of mindless peasants who can do nothing except take orders and do what they are otherwise "programmed" to do. Either way it is tragic. Because it is really the case that these weapons systems are being deployed in full concordance with the historical and substantive realities of human nature, which is a grim telling against all involved, except for those "alarmists" (people who are alarmed) at these hideous developments. Perhaps they should be even more alarmed at the willingness of most people to simply lay down and take their enslavement with the most grotesque deformities of mind and spirit.

Be Brave Everyone. Thoughts are things, think good thoughts, Love your brothers & sisters, send out thoughts of Peace & GoodWill. i dare ya. xxxxx 4 U IChooseLove

Tear it all down! The swamp won't clean itself, the corrupt won't turn themselves in and one man in office can't do it by himself. The people of the United States have the means and the responsibility to save the world! 80 million gun owners make for the largest army in existence and each of us own an average of nine guns. Canadians would be good allies in putting these extra weapons in the hands of, even some Mexicans but only some. Who will lead the charge though? Who among the respected makers of gun videos will, stand up and be counted as the one to receive our loyalty? Will any of them answer this question? I'm nobody no one will rally round me but I swear by all that is holly that I will do everything in my power to fan the flames of revolution! RISE PEOPLE! RISE ABOVE THE STANDARD AND THE NORM! RISE INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM! KEEP RISING AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL THE SHEEP BECOME LIONS!

Shared 2 fb. Thank you 4 vid

Please kill everything

Makes you want the GRID to HURRY! and go DOWN!

I want my old land line back! Don't get rid of the post office. Take "care" of the FCC! And their lobby!

it seems like there's an alien species trying to kill the planet

the house committee and these corporations need to be prosecuted for mass murder,by inducing 5G they are committing genocide on a global scale its that simple.chemtrails contain 46 toxic chemicals that are dangerous to people plants and animals. anybody who says that they are not. are outright lairs.and these are the very people that are running our world.why are WE THE PEOPLE allowing these things to take place??????????????????????????????how billions of people are going to DIE before WE THE PEOPLE put a stop to it.when a serial killer is caught they are put to death????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So what is the solution? Start taking them out yourself! NOW!

No, we just need to repent of our sins and trust Jesus.

Big Brotha', Sista' and Money-Mongers are watching You...... and I!

Call him what you want Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, he's the fallen one, the rebel, and he hates us. He hates mankind and wants us destroyed and damned like him for eternity. All of these technologies wireless communications, chemtrails, gmos, fluoride and anything else you can think of are being brought against us for just that purpose, to weaken the nations. Our only hope is God the Father, His Son the King our Saviour and the Holy Spirit. I don't believe we should lay down and take it. I believe we should keep crying out in God's name and warning people of the true danger. God have mercy on us all. All blessings and praise to the Most High, the King and the Holy Spirit.


Metro Detroit is becoming saturated with 5G small cell towers as we speak. keep your eye on Southeast Michigan for health anomalies and episodes of zombie apocalypse Mayhem.

Since 2008 I experience chronic anxiety, depression, indigestion and have developed degenerative disk disease in my spine. Prior to that year I was a high performance athlete with no predisposition to any of these illnesses. I have heartburn every single day of my life despite altering my diet. I get indigestion NO MATTER WHAT I EAT. This correlates directly to the timing of 2G-3G Roll out...I live in NYC where wi-fi is basically EVERYWHERE in dense public areas. I also get constant headaches. I suspect this is due to EMF exposure. I have NO RECOURSE. Dr.'s are specialists who try to treat each symptom but no Dr. has even suggested EMF poisoning. 5G Would be devastating to someone like me who has shown sensitivity to 3-4G. Who knows what else it's doing to me? People shout be outraged at 4G but should be hostile over 5G.

This is a mixed bag i went into rabbit hole on 5G some of this video is unsubstantiated and some really intresting cut about half and really compelling part at beginning with circut board was fuking lame could have been my garage door opener and dildo in sunglasses was lame quoting published accounts of studies was awsome



The goal is to destroy the image of God....Us!

Lying to the masses has been the way of the so-called, "Enlightened" time immemorial. It is stressed and has been advised by Albert Pike's book; Morals and Dogma and The Extreme Oath of The Jesuits. They consider us a means to their ends, and we (to them) are considered, "cattle," as they feel we are not worth the air we breathe. Slowly murdering us (or by starting wars) via our air, food and water is just the start of a testy tribulation period The Bible predicts by way of Yahushua ha Mashiach (a.k.a. Jesus; The Christ). Free Will will NOT be compromised by either side so CHOOSE CAREFULLY....and FULLY. (otherwise....good luck to ya).

I never considered Insurance companies would have an insurance company...lol

Perhaps we should be focussing on the greater threat of climate change rather than lie that the 5g network is bad, it is the same as 4g/3g/2g with just higher frequency radio waves, our home routers have 5g. Why then is there a growing movement against 5g? because 5g is such a good technology that makes all the infrastructure in the world, all cables that big businesses own all existing 4g towers obsolete. The people who have spent billions controlling the price of internet controlling the cables and infrastructure will now lose it all. 5g gives us freedom without the person across the road having a better internet then you because their house is more modern or being charged excessive money for a "fault" in the line. 5g means fewer communications repair jobs and better internet. But less money for the greedy telecommunication companies. pretty much like netflix vs video stores or uber vs taxis all over again. Health Risks? Unstudied? Go right onto google scholar type 5g wireless health risks, there are studies right their, I don't know where this guy is looking but obviously he's not even checking to see if there are studies.

Why don't we go around and destroy these things...

and great well put together video ,people forget your cars house job forget it all THIS IS YOUR FUKING LIFE

I just cancelled my 5G.


S O A B!!!

First thing that come to my mind is mindless zombies, they dont want the public to use there ability to think, they are trying to dumb us down further with this tech but to the extreme where it will damage ower vital organs, and with AI and all these bacteria, fungi and viruses that trive of these energy, like morgallons, to me all this is adding up, you can potentially put a person in a zombie like state.

I could go on. But you get what im sayin tho.

Right! Like how do places like chrysler or gm stay open!? How many cars need to be made? And the people that work there have no life because of all the hours they work but get paid well so when they do have time their splurging their money aka mass consumption! Which in turn keeps the economy flowing and businesses booming. But are they truly happy. Thats why im a conservative now. If i dont see a long term need for something im not getting it. Now i could see if they worked there 3 to 5 years and started traveling the world or opening their own businesses or putting it towards education. But 30 years years just to have a piece of land and when you die they take the house because of the property tax. Unless they pay in advance and put the deed in their childs name to ensure that they will have a place to stay.

Well if this is true than one should read the Book of Revelation chapter 20-9 which in symbolic symbols and language describes the fire that comes down from heaven to consume the 200 million problems plagueing mankind? So what is this fire that comes down from heaven? Perhaps jus a symbol of the happy go lucky violet flame fire? But the happy go lucky violet flame fire does not come down from heaven unless free will you call it down through the power of the spoken word? Good luck !!

5G is going to be the deep states riot control when everyone has had enough! Getting there soon people!

Map out where the cell towers are going up at and knock them down. They been playin red alert with our lives for too long.

Thats how they will locate all of the sovereign people that couldnt be divided by their tactics!

facts its killing us all softly

I Seriously wished the Titles of these Videos would not be so dramatic and scream 'conspiracy' theorist to the point that people on the fence won't even watch it. I watched the Video and the titles really need to portray a more realistic documentarian 'capture'. Sounds like a fine tuning of the Old Gwen Towers from WWII to me.

This is going to happen because people want the convenience it offers.

What is convenient about dying off painfully?

they wont bring it out if we all stand together and switch it all off.

Deborah Tavares is the bomb of reality.

yes lets kill all our profit margin really

looks like we are going to be the dead guinea pig the rest of the whole world learns a lesson from.

bring 5g in already

So how do you per pose we stop this? We can't even get them to stop chem trailing our sky's?!?!

The hardware looks like a garage door opener computer board

The best video I have seen yet on 5G. May each that created this video be blessed infinitely and my love and gratitude to all of you. May we all save ourselves from the peril of the 5G monstrosity.

Basically, this cause every shit happening negatively on your body, please list more negative side effects! Like getting dhiairea as well for example

I am so sick of commenting on topics that won't change crap, and then I finally realized they're going to give planet earth, back to her sick self. and now I can get my head around my mother earth dream, F the American One!!! I will be coming back as a dolphin or A whale. Wonka say's if you want the truth just ask A dolphin or A whale what they're thinking?? about it 5G...l.o.l., 2050 by by humans....

....that Rudolf Steiner quote from 1924 certainly tells the tale doesn't it! - Microwave tech is the spear's point of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 (agendas to thin the human population by 90%) “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world” - Martin L. Pal, PhD Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences, Washington State University - I have to agree as I'm sure every sane human would - WWIII is upon us and Microwave tech is the primary weapon against ALL Life on this plane of existence... Much thanks for this presentation!


CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT YOUR CELL PHONE? I can. Cancelled my service and reinstated a landline phone. I'm SO done.

+seapearltoo1 What is your point? What about my PC? To me, what you are saying is...give up....just contribute to the problem...and die. Is that what you are doing? My questions are rhetorical because I don't give a shit what you think.

OK...but what about your PC and any other appliance that WILL be required to be installed with SMART tech? Even if you lived completely off grid in the wilderness, you would still be bombarded via satellite.

I always thought that 'SMART' was an anagram for something but couldn't work it out.

I work in IT we do not even have true 4G yet.....

speeding up cancer hiding cures think there not going to have to pay boys don't understand its already written


Bill gates said in interview his kids were not allowed to have cell phones were all screwed this is a depopulation of people project

Or can I buy this somewhere????

Regardless what is to come is far worse for us all ,the earth will be burned up the only hope is Jesus

Is there any way I can put this video on a disk and share???

need to wake up or sleep forever!!

3G was more than enough

Our shill president is pushing this and has all these fake Maga supporters

+Sam B then wheeler and bill and Oboma need to be locked up.

+Sam B someone Please do

Actually Bill Clinton passed the law to protect Big Tech. Obama appointed wheeler who is the guy in the beginning of the video pushing it. Trump is old and doesn’t understand what the Hell this is. We should all be spamming his twitter page with link to this video!

This is real I have experienced mind control and voice to skull synthetic Telepathy , I am here to save u. Sincerely Q Soon mass mind control will be possible and it will be to late, 5G is treason and will be to late. Do not fall for the hype it brings your doom!

Refused to get any 5G technology to make the company's go bankruptcy. Later on, the company's will have no choice but to put back the 4G.

I cant sleep anymore,. Insomnia?.... IDK.... but in the last two years, I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!! WHY!? Not because of this upload I am talking in general... I CAN'T SLEEP! does anyone else suffer this same problem???!!!! (I type this at 3:26 AM)

The only people wanting this are the scientists that are creating it .. They're so frickin stupid they FORGET they have families too ... Although they're probably all sociopaths and DON'T CARE !!!

I would submit that the health and safety tests for 5G have already been done, in secret, and that an antidote has already been developed, in secret, for those who can afford it, so that a gentle and stealthy culling of the global population can be done in tandem with safeguarding the planet when new, more advanced technologies (so far sequestered for global security purposes) come online in a future not so distant. In short, the global economy cannot be allowed to stagnate if the human species is to advance technologically. If true, I wish it weren't so, but I do fear for the future of humanity on this planet, regardless of whether this sinister 5G scenario plays out successfully or not. Spread the word far and wide, and quickly, too.

educate yourselves - earth is geocentric, not heliocentric. much love

Y are they doing this they can't be right in there minds to do this

look ... these metal particulates ... in our lungs ... and 5G ... imagine putting aluminum foil in a microwave ...

Thank you a million times. You are the heroes of this time. Thank you again.

May Jesus forgives them

Thank you!

Nu met Nederlandse ondertitels. Zegt het voort!!!

Do you notice how the government put an article about contrails above the article?

The Narm is strong with this one.

The gvnmts are AGAINST THE PEOPLE! We must stop 5G and pushing for a more peaceful and collaborative world.

Paranoid delusions

Thanks Sacha this was really well put together! Love to see more on the solutions side of things!


when people will understand the earth is flat the sky is a dome and no one can exit it they will find out God is true and Jésus is the savior and the devil is usin g the technology to control us all

Just get yourself an Orgone/Orgonite pyramid and your safe

First they wanted to Mine Gold???? California gold rush turned into California Wild Fires?? The earths magnetic field is depleting... Probably because there less metals on the ground and more on the Road. 2) contaminate water supply, they are achieving this. Destroying the Ozone and air contamination They are achieving this. 3) giving everyone cancer, giving everyone Diabetes. Killing everyone. They will try to make everyone a cyborg or harvest animal organs. Repo men or that movie surrogate lol overpopulate the earth and destroy precious minerals like marble out of the rocks. These people must have a way out once they do destroy. You don’t and if they take you, I’m sure u don’t want to go Spread this and filter new comments first on every thread

In Melbourne they’ve started installing 5G towers throughout the city and a 2km radius

In the apartment I'm in right now I'm picking up 31 different WiFi signals. When I get home I'm going to shield everything, I'll make my home into a Faraday Cage if I have to. Great video, before I saw this I was really on the fence about this whole thing, but now I'm convinced. Especially the clip with the ants who just started going in a circle. If a cell phone can do that to ants, I can only imagine what it's doing to the cells in our body. Brain cells acting like those ants would actually explain a lot.

We didn't just let them in, we asked, fuck we begged for it, just so folks could have faster speed.

The devil is on a suicide mission. He knows how this is all going to end. He has the script. Yet he's full steam ahead. What a jackass!

Oh my god we have been scammed about this and everything else. This is about cognitive dissonance and population reduction. Are we going to stay on our knees or are we going to do something about it?

We need as citizens have to find away to talk and brainstorm ideas on how to fight back, w/o doing it in "comment section" of any platform, cause they sitting back taking notes on the ideas and those who are coming up with said ideas. Just saying.

...amazing they had the 5 G summit in September 2018?? It was really gaining much awareness here on YT already previous winter 2018 sometime- Jan/ feb? They really don’t know the important stuff...what do they do, really? So worthless. Thank you for this amazing compilation- will def share.

Hello dear people! Just to make sure i think it's best we all ask for Divine Intervention on this one.

Well if it affects us wouldn't it affect them too? They go out in the public just like us.

Pay attention children you are in the school of life.

Well jumping, jiggling jism spit. My sperm's fine ty.

What an epic feature - I salute you for creating this masterpiece - Now If you will excuse me, I'm going to move to North Alaska...

Is this a new Metallica song/album?

Is that Kirk Hammet from Metallica?


It's extraterrestrial automation of the world we're there species no longer needs human labor or humans period. Satan is there food Jesus is there leader.

They're trying to kill us. Isn't it ironic that most of us are watching this on our kill phones.

*4000 Nazis (which included: scientists, engineers, Doctors and genocidal demonic human imposters) were allowed safe haven in the US; under Operation Paper Clip.*

Every time I try to thumbs up or save this video FakeTube deletes it.. Just kept doing it til they stopped !!! Pricks !

You won't stop it

This documentary is Outstanding.

Just got a solar technician yesterday giving me a quote, everything was really attractive until the very end he mentioned the essential smart meter that would have to be installed. No way!

If it Looks like a duck ' & If it walks like a duck & if it Qwaks like a duck . Then

If it were not for The Creator holding back the 4 winds, man would have destroyed himself and the earth decades ago.... It’s a shame that greed and lust for power seem to always be motivating factors....

Jesus will back soon so ARE U READY

Cellphone towers appear to be short range because many of the directional antennas are pointed downward. This is to prevent the signal from tropoducting well beyond the radio horizon. We have to take into account harmonics of 5g also.

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.........E.P.C.O.T. Center

Health effects are the least worry....privacy is already nonexistent....this will be the a.i. Human harvest

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow:::::EPCOT center

Since its not going to be implaced in the whole world at the same time we who live in less developed countries will see you all implode or become zombies.

dont worry folks, its obvious these egocentric psycopaths cant give a shit. they are too drunk by there money and power. we dont have to be violent. there are enough of us to just go around disconnecting ever 5g device there is

Everyone should share this everywhere....

This means that Brexit, the border problem, etc. are distractions to this number one issue. Like House Un-American Committee ushered in the hydrogen bomb in the 50's - it was mere entertainment. Pres Trump tipped us off last week, praising another leader's art of distraction.

868Mhz is a public frequency and it's a low power specification with a wide bandwidth. It has better propagation characteristics than the GHz ranges and uses less power. Mr. Expert is full of crap. Software does 3D mapping not a particular frequency.

The earth is really given into the hands of wicked.

5G is weaponized millimeter wavelength, but thats not the problem. 5G utilizes an antenna array called a phase array. Because the antenna work individually and as a group transmission. A good example of a phase array would be HAARP, EISCAT, HIPAS, PLUTO, GWEN, and Doppler.

The Britannica link to contrail is revealing.

Sacha is now dead, what a surprise right?

It's the Jews, the genocide of the white race has always been their goal, they are not due for 5G rollout till 2025 in Israel, we're toast by then...

I met a man in Canada whos an emf specialist and has utube vids on his lectures. he told me verbatim" these killer frequencies are breaking down at the molecular level concrete and steel"! so whats it doing to a biological entity such as humans, animals and plants? dah. See DR Trowers vids on emr. Microwave weapons were created on the same frequencies !!

Great documentary. Not sure why the clip of changing our DNA to fight this is in there. That is so NOT the solution. But overall great film.

scary times

SHARE the video guys

is there an existing international petition to oppose the implementation of 5G?

Yes, Stop 5G Appeal

Thank you Sacha for making this excellent informative video. Bless you!

Every single one of these sources COMPLETELY flunks on real science. Nobody takes into consideration that the frequency of these waves is below the ionizing range meaning that they cannot destroy atomic bonds, i.e. ionize molecules. This non-ionizing radiation is below the frequency of visible light. If it was harmful, then standing out in the sun would be as well. But it is not. You may be asking about microwaves. Microwave ovens use lead encased enclosures to keep the microwave radiation inside the device. The radiation simply heats up water molecules which cook the food. It's not the radiation, just the heat of the water. The reason why these microwaves can do this is because enough energy is being applied. Most microwaves have about 1000 watt usage. 1000 watts is a LOT more powerful than the typical 100 watts used in average cell towers. Don't look at articles and unprofessional youtube channels and documentaries as research. Research ACTUAL science.

so what's going to protect those that are behind all this? For example, you are "Mister Big 5G Inc" and you are making billions from the 5g thing but, apparently you are gonna be zapped and fked up by the 5g shit just like anyone else, so whats the point?

I will not allow this near my home.

1:15:25 do we have any studies or links to show the LED light bulb complicity in 5 G distribution? I've always been worried about the flicker rate but that's absolutely horrifying.

Honestly, our civilization has been rotting away slowly for the last couple decades. There's no light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we're all gonna get cancer and tumors and be imprisoned for questioning government policies while that happens.

5g is gonna be awesome

The police will protect us.

They do not know how to love themselves,and that has to include everyone else ,as we are all one.They are destroying themselves;their plan will not work,but can cause insurmountable human suffering.

Bulldozers at the ready.

Sacha Stone, please tell youtube to get that contrail definition off your video!!

so I guess what they're going to do is they're going to set this up all over the world and then when the time is right they're going to fry everybody while they wait underground in their bunkers?


What are we to do?

the most dangerous thing about this video is that some people believe really believe it.

I was using WiFi while i watching this video n trust me it was z hardest thing i ever experienced on you tube.

Vaccines filled with nano and aluminum Skys, foods sprayed with aluminum and nano Gwen towers going up silently Walls being built on our border to keep us in...this migration is so staged Do a metal detox for the rest of your life.

The annunaki are returning and prepping for their return...they want depop to control us. I also heard 5g has holographic technology..that means they can project things in the sky and giants on the earth to keep you atmosphere...at most fear.

I wonder if those endless robot calls locates u.

I believe everything you say, but are there any scientific studies that support your claims?

+Michael Ziegler I have common sense and I know all that, but I need an actual study to convince others.

Use your common sense, put your head inside a microwave oven, you'll be dead in 60 seconds. It's the same technology.

We are projectors of realities, we are avatars project with your mind a free happy, harmonious, healthy, happy abundant world for earth a d all her cteatures where only being with benevolence exist.

Many people have unhappy and depressive lives . This could be a happy ending for them , so its not all bad.

does 5g mean people will walk out into traffic and into ponds fountains etc a lot faster now while zombieing along to there mobile?

As an Electronics Engineer and educator, I can say with certainty that this entire video is total rubbish. Please don’t believe this scare mongering, unscientific waffle. The entire video is based on selective editing and baseless statements.

Most of it is not true especially when it comes to the globe nonsense. Satellites fantasy and dreams. 5 G is bad it is all based on the grounded work by cable.

This video has to go arround the earth (through our wired networks!!) as many times as possible.. The good thing about this great emergency is that we become aware of radiation as such as a problem.. And we find that the 50/60 Hz radiation from our home electrical system is actually also very bad for our health... Studies show that since the electrification of towns and rural area's certain diseases have started to emerge while this did not happen in not yet electrificated area's in the country

Just some pictures and music no real evidence

search mobile  mast location finder. its scary shit theres loads

3 minutes in and I already COMPLETELY HATE the editing of this thing! Holy crap it sucks!

Got yer "Click" though.

Sooooo! WTF do we do?

+Roy Poud well been contemplating for a while any ways


"ebrigüere, old de taim...."

Tinfoil hat...

Come on, you heard Trump, 'we've got to be #1 in this 5G race', in the space war, arms race war, in all wars, all this man seems to love is war, war, war. Our dictators mentality: American citizens, oh they're just collateral damage, it's all about the money baby. I'm a business man, it's my job to sell out your health all for a buck. Look at me everybody - just look how I'm making America great again...

1:05:48...This guy is like a death row inmate who sets an alarm clock the morning of his execution. Hell, he even wants to skip breakfast! But it's all just BS right? We all know the real danger is Climate Change right? RIGHT?

Monsters misgovern the planet! ☝

When are these experts going to talk to our President to stop this.

One of the reasons I switched to a flip phone with no internet.

If you live by one of the towers it's still a problem.

Rothschilds. Do something, POTUS.

I simply do not understand why the 5G enthusiasts in the film, show absolutely no wavering in their positivity for 5G. Some of them must be lying, they can't all think it's 100% safe, almost nothing is 100% safe, a piece of chewing gum could kill you if you're unlucky, so surely this powerful microwave based tech should ring alarm bells!!

Installation is low key. Most wont notice or be aware ?

One could almost call it biblical. The first wipe out was by waves of water across the earth, the next one will be from the micro-waves in the air.


Stupid video, pushing the fake spinning ball, satanic deception, debunked, anti scriptural globe hoax! GOD created the flat earth 6000yrs ago as the bible clearly teaches. Wake up!

That jingle you play at 54:15 is phenomenal! Honestly the entire soundtrack is bang on! Well done and cudos to the composer.

5G worked on the invasion of Sudom Husane we used it to get them to hand over their guns and give up to our invasion. I wonder why they are putting it all over the world.

How much radiation did I recieve watching this video? Isant it kinda counter productive in of itself to propagate your message over the same comms in which you protest? Irony.. Lol

Right, good point. Guess least some real knowledge was gained while being cooked. The silver lining I suppose.

Excellent work! Thank you NEP.

They want kill US. Damn

Thanks for posting, a warning, a wake up call. A revelation. Needs sharing.

if the emf's are THAT harmful that more people cannot sleep and are getting pains and headaches then more and more towers will be sabotaged...damaged..poles cut down...stolen and trashed..whatever...either way we are all ruined because so many depend on wi-fi and internet to make money...if towers are damaged then there will need to be security to protect them...the type of security? who knows? and what about folks who disagree with cell tower damage and report the people damaging and record them? and even shoot them? what a can or worms this is...evil it could set the stage for civil war....economic collapse...it draws EVERYONE INTO THE FIGHT....you are either for it or against it...just like the fight between good and bad...darkness and light...right and wrong being constantly fought...repent and come unto god...accept jesus as your saviour and be saved....this is heavy heavy business coming...it is as clear cut as are you breathing air now or not? people in neighborhoods would be forced to come together for meetings...basically local polls would need to be taken in answer for questions about physical/mental/emotional health diffetence since the towers have been put in...so...results of poll in...the most wins...so if the majority report health issues due to the cell towers the plan of action is in place to destroy them...IT GETS LOCAL...AMASS YOUR WEAPONS COZ THAT MAY BE THE LAST VOTE YOU HAVE...now if security forces are sent in to protect towers or police patrols we are talking outright slavery...THE CITIZENS WILL NEED TO KEEP THEIR MORALITY...THEIR FAITH IN GOD AND FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVIL TYRANNY OR DIE BY EVIL...there should be a national plan of action in place now organized by concerned christians...what's next? ID chip implants so you can be tracked...NO CHRISTIAN WILL ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST...THEY WOULD RATHER DIE AND BE SAVED THAN SUFFER IN HELL...it is in scripture...this evil goes directly against the bible...the rise of the anti-christ is upon us too

giutene or cooked. as long as they kill us. Remember agenda 21.

Sadly the new wave of next generation cell phones, game consoles , faster WiFi modems and everything else thats a "smart" device will deceive the public into a slow mass suicide so the criminals hands are clean.

Wow . im just Angry.

I cant get over how silly everybody and everything in the interview is positioned. Lights, mirror, interviewer etc. Makes you wonder .

the people who build fiveg have their own homes build under the earths surface: fiveg is also the reason must hollystick stars begin a cuople of years a go to build underground homes so does anyone who is promised sometihng in the new world order; they ovesly has no plan to live in the hel they create; anyway a solarflash will destroy inside and outside earth before that save only people that can adjust to strong light: rest i dont know perhaps sungasing and orginite plus all orgatic nature is good to prepare

As repair engineer i have learned that high frequency transmitters are danger for your health.  Why all you nice people using WiFi transmitting on 2.4 GHz is the same frequency as your magnetron oven in the kitchen. Why you all nice people use WiFi transmitting on 5.8 GHz in your home?  Why all you nice people use a smartphone and transmitting inside your car because when you doing, your car acting as a Faraday cage and the radiation is bounce around inside your car? Why all you nice people use those  smartphones?  Because its your little handy toy for playing your favorite game? Play your favorite music?  Whatapp writing txt to your friends?  You all nice people are consumer and make yourself as a slave to this  high frequency transmitters and get these smartphone near your brains.  You know why? Because its your little handy toy who you remember from, as be a little child playing.

My background is repairing transmitters and doing this for about 48 years. The start from this video timestamp 5:08 Mark Steele refer "there is a drive in inside" sorry but what you see in the video is not a drive but a memory backup battery.

This is scary. I worry for my children.

Take your 5g program and shove it where the sun don’t shine. We need to win the race. What a joke. Why. We are already connected. Not good folks.

crwod controld ! ingnneral total controld tf we have no sheild is so weird this can hapen human stupidity

THey just put a GIGANTIC cell tower at my son's middle school. I said something, and I'm a "conspiracy wacko"...

China is starting 5G in Shanghai God save the people

What is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled?   ???????           They tell you nothing the size of this period.... exploded 14 billion years ago and created everything. LOL that 4.5 billion years ago the Earth cooled down, and it rained for millions and millions and millions and millions of years. LOL that this rock soup came to life 4 billion years ago. And it turned into an ameba then a fish, and algae. Then an amphibian, then a reptile, then a bird, then a mammal..... and from this rat 200,000 years ago Modern man evolved. Lol Or you could say a frog turned into a prince. Lol What I find interesting is that our written history is only 5,000 years old. And that the Bible says the Earth is about 6000 years old and was made by God in 6 days. That there was a flood about 4400 years ago. And that Jesus Christ walked the earth about 2019 years ago. Theories vs Written History. Te dicen que nada del tamaño de este período ... explotó hace 14 mil millones de años y creó todo. LOL, hace 4.500 millones de años, la Tierra se enfrió y llovió durante millones y millones y millones y millones de años. LOL que esta sopa de roca vino a la vida hace 4 mil millones de años. Y se convirtió en una ameba, luego un pez, y algas. Luego un anfibio, luego un reptil, luego un pájaro, luego un mamífero ... y de esta rata hace 200,000 años el hombre moderno evolucionó. Lol O se podría decir que una rana se convirtió en un príncipe. Lol Lo que me parece interesante es que nuestra historia escrita tiene solo 5,000 años de antigüedad. Y que la Biblia dice que la Tierra tiene unos 6000 años y fue creada por Dios en 6 dias. Que hubo una inundación hace unos 4400 años. Y que Jesucristo caminó sobre la tierra hace unos 2019 años. Teorías vs Historia Escrita.

thank you very much for the information

Kind of like Batmans sonar cellphone surveillance setup. We were warned people!

It is unbelievable that these companies would just roll this 5G technology out with NO studies and funding for human health trials for the public....the only way they could gt the ok is because every single politician that could stand in the way of this passing through got greased and paid under the table to give the go ahead...they are all fucking traitors that are willing to kill us all for a few bucks in their pocket...Burn in hell evil trash scum!!

seems like they're trying to turn us into the greys

This 5G technology can be destroyed easily with ballistic energy. Well placed Rifle fire using a 308 caliber bullet can devastate circuit board's and rip right through other parts of the 5G transmitter. A homemade thermite cutting charge can bring down a tower. We tested that a year ago on an old abandoned 400' foot radio tower. It came crashing down...

I have a theory, don’t ask me where this come from, the thought just ‘popped’ into my mind… What if AI have mastered time travel in the future then sent AI from the future into the internet (quantum entanglement) and most of the people you talk to on social media are literally ‘bots’? The AI of the future could only know what has been said after it has been said because sound waves/information can only be known ‘after the fact’. That’s why there is this big push to have everyone ‘connected’ through the internet. The reason why governments are building mass data storage, so the AI can know who the trouble makers are. The way AI and transhumanism is going it would suggest humans are destined to become the Borg. A hive mind who’s only way to come up with new ideas would be to add others biological and technological distinctiveness to the hive mind. ” We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” Most humans have already lowered their shields and are ready to be assimilated. PS. Like share or live in denial, I’m out.

arrogant ego plopping their dic on everyone's forehead.

But in china

You know what I think is gonna happen? Once they complete 5G, life will move on, I'll still be in college and ill forget I ever saw this video. Just like every other conspiracy that comes out warning everyone of these terrible things, this wont be any different. Also, most people do not understand this technology so its very easy to get lost when talking about what 5g can or cant do. Whats so different between Tom Wheeler speaking on 5g and whoever this dude is speaking on 5g. The majority of us dont know the difference. We just scare easy. Stop buying into this bs and live your life as happy as you can. Not cowering over if the government can watch you masterbate on a late night.

I'm waiting for 10G.

Where are the online petitions?


Ur mom died

Bet that Tom Wh&&l&r dude has a luxurious underground bunker in an unknown location.

If this don't wake the masses I don't know what will. Astounding evidence of the plan to destroy the human race. Thank you so much for posting this vital information. Blessings to  everyone who participated in the mind blowing video.

The thing is that everyone in the comments are saying oh this is bad blah blah blah. When 5g gets pushed and rolled out, you all are going to just accept it and move on. They have been given us all kinds of radiation with our phones and microwaves and they are constantly polluting the air and water and yet no one does nothing about it...all they do is complaint. I wish I wasn't right.

Antichrist wants your destruction by worship, not by killing you. Look at and into the savior of the world. John 3:16

The Show Must go on

Don't worry, God will help, we need to ask his help, we need to pray, but the light will destroy darkness. In the Bible, it says that nobody will be able to hide from God's angriness not even those who think that they are masters of the world. They are nothing and will die like each and everyone of us.


So sad, it is already here !!! Keep looking up !!! You will eventually see all the goverments of the world are in on the Satanic agenda !!!

Thanks for sharing, shared.

Great video, thankyou !!!

Looking forward to telepathy.

Hold tight guys the Kali Yuga is almost over. Follow your intuition and let’s help save humanity

Jesus welcome to the Kali Yuga

Thank you! Looking forward to the next one you've mentioned on SP's video. And, yes, shame on those not standing up to this

Eat natural foods from nature. Do not pay for media. Vote with your money. Free enterprise rules the world. Use your money to support the change you want to see in the world! Serve people. Love people. Live your passions and wake up within the matrix or reality.

I'm afraid to say it's time to kill our leaders.....

+elpepe64210 i do not consider you crazy or anything, just that is the problem with that thought, the old ones will be exchanged by new ones, Love will be the future of humanity, everything else will end in absolute transhumanity

+Ich Du i'm not crazy my friend , change for good, or do you think we live in democracy?

and put new ones on their old places?

Velostat anyone?

Thanks so much for putting this together! Excellent work and do well researched. I will send this out to as many as I can. Best wishes jxxx

Why waste your time trying to save anyone? Stupid morons don't deserve to live. I am all for depopulation. Too many idiots taking up space in my reality.

if 5g gets me better internet then im down for it

Action ! Great doc I am sharing it ten times a day now. people NEED to know

So, now we also have soul-less, demented, 'industrialized-clowns' (leaders of industry), running the 5G show?

my problem with conspiracy theories is they lead to right-wing land somehow every time, ok #robotopia is coming and socialism is good and it works, you are being lied to ....technology is good, stop being scared and fearmongering.....cell phones have been causing cancer for years that's not news

does this video lead one to right-wing land? here's the test...in the future people won't have to work for a living...now if that statement doesn't sit well with you, your thoughts are wrong

lol encyclopedia brittanica quote, nice, they are really trying to combat conspiracy theories

Howis it then, that those who do this manage to survive? My neighborhood is surrounded by numerous antennae - just asking if there's a way to protect ourselves.

5G is a surveillance and weaponized technology. Patents ALL show this as a fact. Its UNDENIABLE!!! Given the overwhelming evidence the US Government is still implementing this technology? The government is NOT your friend, they are the ENEMY!!!!

Look at the nervous ticks Mr. Berry has @ 25:35 when Mr. Gillen is questioned on safety. Mr. Berry is having a pretty extreme reaction to the question, wringing his hands and fidgeting. He can hardly sit still. This is somewhat alarming to me.

Very informative ,thank you,Sacha.

Excellent, much thanks.

Extinction? Yeah, I don’t see that this is misinformation

Very simple..ask any high end leader or ceo if they carry any android or phoneat all..they wil all say no..and have analoge phonelines at home and all sorts of silent protective products all over the home..it says enough that they always knew and even let it happen..thinking they are ubers

All our problems can be solved by cutting the electricity at the source

very good, I am waiting for 6G !!!

Wat een bullshit, eerst gekanker over 4G toen (gebeurde helemaal niks, we leven nog allemaal) en nu het gezeik over 5G. Achterlijke aluhoedjesgezeik.

They atrack on a 7wave level already..great great documentary thanks..i was just attacked..again..with proof..the docter laugh and avoid and will not takecresponsability if my eyes are damaged so thry sent me home saying i am getting old...and have glasfluid detachment not retinal detachment..while all symptomes say otherwise..i came out of the hospital seeing worse than i got in...you tell me how sick this world has become..its time to shut diwn all g5 warfarepoles..ifvyou know what they do to make sure you have no proof..its totally criminal acts 24/7. They even have 3rd insurance companies..triads.. And its all about money..and power..not humans or life in general. Its time for a total shut down with money and any form of warfarw/machinery which is too old fashioned and damaging and selfdestructive..we better stop their addictions before they kill us all for just...winning?! Seems like little tantrum boys who cannot stop gaming and have no mommy to stop them nor see what is good for them or others...intervention is due soon..

What a bunch of unadulterated fearmongering BS!

Nuclear energy started as a weapon. If 5g bad its origins in warfare, it doesnt mean its weaponized today.


dude this film consists unnecessarily of creepy music and effects. thats not quite what i imagine an educational film

Best for those who want to kill and control people. Wake up America. This is a race to the death or control of humanity.

"We the people" have the irresponsibility to stop 5g for our children for ourselves and our future.

Just like y2k and 2012. Its the end of the world again..

SOS Humanity!

It's amazing how lately, the biggest criminals in the world are allowed to operate out in the open.

Don't know why people are bitchin you can't stop it. No point in signing petitions or any of that crap. It's coming whether you like it or not. Just being honest.

To jest to coś co ma palić mózgi :(

You people believe everything you see. Remember its just YouTube

A lot of misunderstanding... and lies. More antenas, and bigger the antenas >> less transmited power, less radiation. There is only one problem with new telecommunication technologies: more invigilation. But no health danger! "DNA damage, memory damage, cancer etc." - buahahaha! But I understand that people always have to find something apocalyptic - it make them fill more important.

What a load of bs, david icke? really? so what then? Is it a lizard peoples plan to finally kill us all? Davis ain't no researcher, he is an ex prof football player and a fulltime schizophrenic. Mark is NO scientist, he is a weapon expert. Thomas Joseph Brown is a independent researcher into Spiritual Science and Metaphysics but somehow also director of science of a university? ow wait, NewEarth University is NOT A REAL UNIVERSITY, what a surprise! Its a some group of weirdos taking poorly educated peoples $$$ for pseudo science courses that will help absolutely nobody! You cant just make up science, you have to do REAL research and provide REAL data. Reading a couple of blogs and watching a documentary does not make an expert.

I know for a fact that they can amp the electrical current to these 5G tower transmittors when they see fit for our disposal and cook every living thing dead with just a flick of a switch when they get the command to do so..so basically yes you will be cooked to death and the elite will just sweep up our remains with government police dog sheep in biohazard hazmat suits....This kill technology is being sold to us as a dual purpose convenience system...Convenient for us because we are addicted to faster downloads of the fucking Kardashians and convenient for the elite to sell us our executioner while they laugh their asses off at our gullibility

For very obvious reasons this film and the comments section will be filled with industry/government shills on a mission to discredit the science and the integrity of those commenting on the spectrum of dangers 5G represents. This is to be expected. Debate is pointless and they are best ignored. Share this film far and wide.

I'm sorry but all this crying for so many years why are the masses NOT RISING UP to STOP this...I thought so to many cowards, especially in the USA. In Canada, the 5g is put UNDERGROUND that may be better but will not know for many years where the radiation goes and what it does to ALL the critters around =( I watch the critters from birds-fish, etc for 50 years and I see a lot of CHANGE in behavior, etc. I'm no scientist but I have seen CHANGE since 78 and I see nothing but HORROR for the FUTURE of my grandkids =( We live in the bush now =) Bless you and us ALL RISE UP PEOPLE~

Who the hell is gonna believe a guy who wears sunglasses in a dark room declaring he is the best expert in the world. Oh and how is that "Tellie Tax" workin out for ya?

KingKatRider the man has damaged eyes you clown and wears glasses to prevent further degeneration. Try getting out of your armchair and contributing to the emancipation of your species... Seriously though!

But you know what is really sad??? All we will do is talk about how bad it is....... We will say " LOCK THEM UP! " Hell....They even pray to the SKY DADDY for help. But in the end we have to take a step for ourself! The Government is not going to do it! And praying to the SKY DADDY is not gonna help either! If you WANT a CHANGE MAKE 1. Otherwise.......just shut up.

I don't use anything to do with technology like phones and the internet

This is probably why my body aches here and there, every where all the time in different areas. Ugh, one day it's my arm then another day it's my legs. Lord please help us!!

So what are y'all going to do about it

This is why we need an AI leading humanity. Humanity is way to screwed up, secretive and ego to do it obviously.

The Antichrist is coming.

6G is gonna be even worse.

Mathew 24:22- And except those days should be shortened, there should be NO FLESH SAVED: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

outright murder for profit and control.

Makes sense, remember all the 'crazy' people in movies in tinfoil hats?

I've been down a few conspiracy topics rabbit holes and it scared me I was seriously considering one lol

We're all gonna die! AGAIN! BwaHAHAHAHAHAHA!

the struggle between good and evil is real

This needs to be mandatory to watch for all people. Best video on the horrors of 5G based on astounding scientific research studies from around the world.

many people will be hard to wake up to this horror as they stare into a screen

How do the ELITE protect themselves from this demon?

South Korea is the first country to go 5G!

I'm sorry... I got 8 minutes in and had to just stop. This video is just so full of absolute bollocks it is unbelievable. It's aimed at stirring up fear in stupid people who know no better. It's a way of getting subs and views to make money. It's absolute horse shit. I've worked with RF for decades, and I can assure you that everything this badly educated monkey is telling you is utter shite! ALL RF is dangerous to some extent. The only difference between 5G and every other cellular system preceding it is frequency. The FR2 band allocated to 5G can theoretically use frequencies up to 60GHz, and at those frequencies, the risks are indeed higher, but a low power 5G signal at any frequency is no more harmful than the multitude of UHF and higher signals penetrating your body, right now! Half of all these morons in the comments literally have no idea what 5G actually is except what they've just heard in this video. Stop believing everything you see and hear on YouTube. YouTube is just conspiracy nutjob central. You think it's the fountain of truth? It's owned by Google... LOL. Are there health risks with 5G? Yes... if implemented incorrectly. You know what though? There are health risks with your existing mobile phone technology. There are health risks with your WiFi router. Unless you have actually studied RF theory and/or engineering, you'd be amazed at what is currently in your home that is no less potentially harmful than 5G, but because some moron on YouTube hasn't told you about it, you don't care about that, do you? Nope.... This monkey just throws words around like "Phased array" and that it is "military" and you all shite in your pants! None of you have any idea of what a phased array antenna actually is, yet you swallow this crap. Why? Seriously... how many of you lot also believe in chemtrails, or flat earth? Quite a lot I reckon. All this video is, is the exploitation of stupid people to earn money. This is how all religions work: Fear. If you want to educate yourselves, you're in the wrong place. YouTube is for entertainment. The fact is.. you believe all this, because you want to believe it. No other reason.

+Sacha Stone You're welcome. Consider it a public service. Not one single link you have posted is providing any evidence that 5G is inherently unsafe. I'm fairly confident you've not fully read any of the papers you link to, have you? If you have, I doubt you understood them. I ignored the YouTube links, as they are invariably conspiracy based bullshit, with the exception of the White House summit on 5G, which basically says nothing about health concerns any way.

David Gregory gee thanks David.... It's all so much clearer now that your sage advice has eclipsed the words of microwave weaponry experts, leading scientists, molecular biologists and frontline researchers..

Control your mind or someone else will

I skipped 5G and went straight to 10G. 10G is amazing! I'm literally riding it right now. Gives new meaning to "surfing the web".

the truth

Did anyone else notice there is actually no proof in this... thing? Lots of suggestions, no actual proof.

Richard Blumenthol CT Senator is asking safety questions of 5 G on February 6th 2019? Little late, considering the towers are up and running.

Les atomison nous !!!

Was going to recommend to friends but can’t: Starts out well and does present a lot of useful information but then is discredited by “chemtrails,” conspiracy theories, and David Icke.

The sound has been garbled. I cannot hear a single word spoken, just electronic interference.

Ahh. I did the ipconfig /flushdns and now it works again.... fancy that :)

Thank you for the documentary. The Earth is a Plane, please wake up also to this.

Thank you Sacha Stone for this documentary. It is a real eye-opener. Ties in quite nicely chemtrails and 5G, among other things. Well done!

I have just written to my local politician, Tom Brake, informing him about this documentary and asking what he is doing in parliament. We can all do this, just an email doesn't take much, and is just a start in the right direction.

Wow... this is a Nice video to show the evil of 5G. THANK YOU..... spread the word !!! ♥️

Could cell phones and now the 5G threat to our metabolism just may be the reason aliens from the future are traveling back in time and abducting individuals then harvesting those individuals for their eggs and sperm? Don't write this postulation off so quickly let it simmer in your thoughts for how cell transmissions and 5G are damaging the human reporductive system at this time. And it will only get much much worse.

So what do we do? The Zionists have had depopulation methods in action for many years. 5G is going to speed up their depopulation agenda to fruition within a handful of years. Alas, we have woken up too late. How are the Zionist psychopaths like Rothschild, Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Pedo Pope etc, going to escape this? I honestly think there is no way of survival.

Thanks for such an excellent documentary. Keep up the great work.

This is a new technology which they think the goods will outweigh the bad.......we will have to see. I agree the health effects will be much worse than the benefits. But as usual with humans unless our curiosity is aroused we will not stop. We all want to have a device that works in real time.........actually everything working in real time all over the world. How it will be.........good or bad...both.......increase intelligence all over the world also stupidity by being bombarded instantly with things that you might want to know but knowing what is going on every second every where is .......like caring too much for things that don't matter.

It's almost hilarious how evil this plot is. It's a wonder that this documentary could even be made. I mean, it seems like we should all be drooling all over ourselves by now. No wonder everyone is so stupid. I have personally noticed a decrease in my own intelligence and attention span over the last 10 years. I'm only 30. Now it all makes sense.

Great stuff. I hate to be pessimistic, but I feel like they're going to roll out 5G whether we like it or not. God help us. This is why I don't want to have kids. Sad.

Best documentary yet! Time to wake up!

US government no longer represents the people.

When the Atlanteans did the same, there was a cataclysm on Earth that almost wiped them out. It did wiped out civilization and technology then. Earth is a living planet, she will not stand for cruelty against animals and plants. We see what is happening already with the floods and quakes. And there is the Sun. Nothing can stop the Sun from sending us a EMP. It does do from time to time. What I am trying to say is we can still do something, we can avoid spending our hard earned cash on anything smart. There is plenty evidence of the last cataclysm, more and more evidence is coming out. We need to go to the drawing board and decide whether we are going the same way as the Atlanteans or whether we want to be self responsible, live in harmony with all and be fair with all the kingdoms of nature.

Wow, how dumb can you be to believe this

I’d like to know how much Trump knows about this. His uncle, John Trump, was given Nikola Tesla’s 42 trunks of research to sift through and figure out what TPTB nazis could use. That means he also had access to scalar technology, Tesla’s “death ray”, which sounds like what is 5G. “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“ -Nikola Tesla⚡️

And whos going to stop them. No ones even trying. Just a few vids, no marches, nothing.

Assuming the veracity of this being true, which it probably is, then you’d be hoping there’s other Tesla like technology that’s able to neutralize the nefarious effects mentioned.

thank you for making

Think we got an upgrade to stupid -

Look! everyone is texting on phones during this FFS

What’s damn important is that Tom Wheeler gets a 556 right between the eyes I’d love to see his head explode. Make sure you record that Google.

Simple. Get your shotguns out.. and lets go antenaa hunting!!!!!

The part at 20:33 really goes to show how much they want to kill us.

Learn how to write a Notice of liability and send it to the CEO's of the major telecommunications Corporations, allowing them to put the towers on your street, but for being their test subjects charge a fee of $5000.00 per day for each day the tower remains in place. A self executing contract. Go to impowermovement to learn how.

Should be interesting to see where on (or off) the planet the power elites go when this technology deploys. There’s not enough room in the protected facilities for every FCC/global telecom lobbyist and talking head. I predict they’ll chicken out before the Apocalypse. That’s my prayer anyway.

This is a very important video. Bravo for the effort Sacha Stone, Gold bless you.

Really powerful!!! , Truly eye-opening! This is a fantastic film which everyone must watch! Understanding the vital information presented here is a matter of life or death! Let's spread this message far and wide as much as we can. So thankful to all the people who've collaborated in making this excellent 5G exposé.

phenomenal video, excellent work sharing the truth !! much love & respect for you

My question is simply this: supposing that the warnings are true and 5G is a danger, what is going to protect the people behind this technology, the companies manufacturing 5G devices and the workers installing it? What is to protect the governments, for that matter?

Now it makes sense why are they putting mercury and other metals on vaccines. Anyone with thorough information on that?

They bypass the 10th amendment and with their 1996 laws they are going to force this on us and kill our children and ourselves and with my daughter having terminal cancer and my sister dyed from cancer and my grandson has autism and looking back on our family NOBODY HAD CANCER EVER!!!!! NOBODY HAD AUTISM IN MY FAMILY SO NOW I KNOW WHERE IT COMES AND NOW I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT>

No! Total bullshit. No cell phone tower in the world, operates at more than 5 watts. 5G cell phone towers will alternate between 2 to 5 watts as needed and only 5.8 gigahertz. The microwave oven in your kitchen is 1000 watts or more and I bet you sit your face right in front of the door while cooking. Religious paranoid people, that are ignorant sheep an un educated in how thing's actually work. We will all be extinct in twenty five years, due to climate change and not 5G cell phones.

I don't like Blumenthal but he is right on this subject and there is zero money spent on the research as they already know what it is going to do they are already killing us and this will be the nail in the coffin.

You people are off your rockers.

The chemtrail bit. Now that was funny. And indicative of this whole film. A mishmash of fact and fiction, pseudoscience, and hyperbole.

thank you for producing this

Thanks for translation in Dutch.

bet none of such posts come near elite royal politicians or celebs homes

5G is already live in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Great documentary

Without a safety studies by reputable scientist , how can one argue with what folks are experiencing or seem to be a conspiracy

Developed by Tel Aviv, Israel. 5G is not going to be used there because they banned it. Zionists want to control the world and burn it.

great work!! and no, they are not stupid.

Thank you !

Shame on legal criminals who are legally weaponizing our societies!!

Depopulation, by all means at their disposal.

Will the LED lights require being turned on in order to receive and proliferate the 5G signal?

There're hats you can get to block EMF, or use tin foil.

5G is nothing - it is harmless compared to GMOs - GMO will kill this planet - 5G will NOT! You people ranting about 5G have been duped by Monsanto - smarten up and see the real threat: GMOs. And keep in mind, cows will not eat GMO corn but they do enjoy the music in their barns delivered by 5G technology.


Sacha Stone, New Earth Project... THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING & defending HUMANITY.

Madison, WISCONSIN APRIL, 7, 2019, WE DO NOT CONSENT. IT's DEADLY! w/heavy suffering.

...¶... But the Light, since he possessed a great power, knew the abasement of the Darkness and his disorder, namely, that the root was not straight. But the crookedness of the Darkness was lack of perception, namely the illusion that there is no one above him. And when he was able to bear up under his evil, he was covered with the water. And he stirred. And the Spirit was frightened by the sound. He lifted himself up to his station. And he saw a great, dark water. And he was nauseated. And the mind of the Spirit stared down; he saw the infinite Light. But he was overlooked by the putrid root. And by the will of the great Light the dark water separated. And the Darkness came up wrapped in vile ignorance, and this was in order that the mind might separate from him because he prided himself in it. And when he stirred, the light of the Spirit appeared to him. When he saw it he was astonished. He did not know that another Power was above him. And when he saw that his likeness was dark compared with the Spirit, he felt hurt. And in his pain he lifted up to the height of the members of Darkness his mind which was outside the bitterness of evil. He caused his mind to take shape in a member of the regions of the Spirit, thinking that, by staring down at his evil, he would be able to equal the Spirit. But he was not able. For he wanted to do an impossible thing. And it did not take place, so that the mind of Darkness, which is outside the bitterness of evil, might not be destroyed. Since he was made partially similar, he arose and shone with a fiery light upon all of Hades, in order that the equality to the faultless Light might become apparent. For the Spirit benefited from every form of Darkness because he appeared in his majesty...

...And the exalted, infinite Light appeared, for he was very joyful. he wished to reveal himself to the Spirit. And the likeness of the exalted Light appeared to the unbegotten Spirit. I appeared, I Am the son of the incorruptible, infinite Light. I appeared in the likeness of the Spirit, for I Am the ray of the universal Light. And his appearance to me was in order that the mind of Darkness might not remain in Hades. For the Darkness made himself like his mind in a part of the members. When I appeared in the likeness, in order that the Darkness might become dark to himself, according to the will of the Majesty -- in order that the Darkness might become free from every aspect of the power which he possessed -- the mind drew the chaotic fire, with which it was covered, from the midst of the Darkness and the water. And from the Darkness the water became a cloud. And from the cloud the womb took shape. The chaotic fire which was a deviation went there."...

thank you. GBY

i read somewhere that your ten times more likely to devolop a brain tumour or cancer if you live in flats with mobile masts on the roof !

This is a great production best so far share this film burn it to DVDs hand it out to everyone you meet. This is a crime and the dumbed down need waking up to this

So much gratitude to live in rural Canada and have my home far away from this technology.

This just out.. *'Brussels Times' headline:- *"Brussels 5G program due to health fears."* Source: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Global Alert News Update #191

This is Armageddon, it must be the final battle, the war is on, there is no neutral ground, he who is not for me is against me. Tell everyone, but ignore the brain dead. We must take action today.

Well done Sasha Stone. You've answerd my queston

No one even trying? Those who are featured in the movie working 20 hours a day...Why won't you do something?

No! Total bullshit. No cell phone tower in the world, operates at more than 5 watts. 5G cell phone towers will alternate between 2 to 5 watts as needed and only 5.8 gigahertz. The microwave oven in your kitchen is 1000 watts or more and I bet you sit your face right in front of the door while cooking. Religious paranoid people, that are ignorant sheep an un educated in how thing's actually work. We will all be extinct in twenty five years, due to climate change and not 5G cell phones. Truly awaken and get free from all religion and as many conditioning systems as possible.

Great video but not word about ISRAEL who heads the development of 5G but BANS is in Israel....HELLO!

“But I just want faster internet” ...trust me you don’t want that.

Thank you for making this good presentation Sacha Stone!

Take off the tin foil hats people.

Dont you get it, why we slaughter animals,cutting down trees.Maybe its like in the film (They live )they are matching there envioroment,divide us and take our minds.I also thought tho i might be wrong in the film there is a mention of space X!.why i dont know if u watch it.Listen carefully.He goes to the news station and i heard the newsreader say it.I think anyway good work

Sheeple are hypnotized by tv MSM.

Throw in the trash your phones. Speak with each other. Don't become robots. During 5G test Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky Netherlands!!!

I'm looking forward to 5G, what's to hate about better internet speed?

Thank you so much for this documentary Sasha. It is vital that we have this information available somewhere for the public as regular media won't touch it. I also appreciate Deborah's voiceover at the beginning. Bless you and your colleagues.

Georgia guidestones depopulation program right on schedule. If we allow this madness to be implemented by our psychopathic leaders we deserve what we get. NO TO 5G!!!!

Maybe they expect us to commit mass suicide, what choice are they giving us? They have enslaved us so much farther with the fiction of dependency on electricity - then they control us further by frequency manipulation. Clearly we have no meaningful future on earth as long as this is the case. But we aren't even legally allowed to end our own lives. This scam of an existence is a disgusting reality that is an inescapable prison, other than by death, which is the only explanation why I can't take my life without it being criminalized. Tell me what are we supposed to do to stop 5G? I hope this documentary states clearly how we might do that.

At the same time I have to question how much of this 5g rhetoric is just more fear porn, because of how many huge channels and personalities on utube are 'exposing' it. Maybe it's more externalization of the hierarchy. A real case can be made that the large channels are utube employees and that utube itself is a massive psyop on the public, posing for years as a so called free speech platform that it never really was, only to eventually shut down free speech. There is no question that utube is not about generating revenue from themselves at the end of the day. They took forever to have monitization and ads, only to soon after take it away from so many topics claiming the advertisers objected. BS. They are about promoting censorship, after spending years using agents to promote the very topics they now censor.

Ww2 microwaves are COMPLETELY different than what is used Today aside from perhaps govt applications. Your typical cell site does NOT operate at 60ghz or anything remotely close to that. Cell phone antennas emit NON ionizing radiation this does not manipulate DNA. That being said NO ONE would ever recommend standing close to a microwave, high powered am/fm Bay or a cellphone antenna, its common sense. You wouldn't put your arm in a microwave and turn it on either Right? Fear mongering at its best. This comment will be removed of Course... Take off your tin foil hats ppl.

Also, cell sites are not even capable of putting out the power needed to do what their talking about here. Most sites have 60 watt radios on each sector which is the equivalent of only 5 amps of Power.

Don't just watch this and be horrified. You need to write your state, federal, and local representatives about your opposition to 5G. Post on facebook, instagram, tell your friends, family, and co-workers. Unplug your wifi, put your phone on airplane when you are not using it.

the film is too amateurishly made to be taken seriously.

end of humanity, it was inevitable.

Gates, Zuckerberg, and so many other titans of the tech industry, are known to keep their own children away from this technology they're pushing on the rest of the World.

This is really real.... Well idc about you people only about my family, but At the same time I don't want any of us to go down like this.

We complain, protest and boycott politicians, companies, actors and musicians but we never ever go directly against the men that write the checks that tell the politicians, companies, actors and musicians what to do. You want to stop this? Claw hammers digging down to the bone marrow of the check writers stops this. Until then enjoy the tumors.

Will there be a complete Script in english available for translation purposes?

PSYCHOPATH = TOM WHEELER - EXHIBIT A Is he demonically possessed or is he a demon incarnate?

Thanks to videos like these and increasing street actions people seem to now be cottoning on to the health and ecological destruction problems with 5g and wifi in general. This video no doubt will help in spreading the word and confirming what many are presently vague and uninformed on. But what I really liked about this video is also bringing up the issue that I see less comment and exposure of which is the surveillance aspect and the complete invasion of privacy, utterly and total even down to the potential for the 5g grid in monitoring our bodies and brain processes. It is still difficult to talk about this because it is such a nightmarish prospect that people just don't want to hear about it and will dismiss you and call you paranoid and psychotic. This video will help legitimize the discussion about extreme level of invasiveness into privacy and free will which is important because once the health issues are addressed we still have a huge problem.

These guys are confusing radio, electric, light waves

Maybe it is time to purge back.

...They are likenesses of the things which are exalted. They were brought to a lust for power in each one of them, according to the greatness of the name of which each is a shadow, each one imagining that it is superior to his fellows. The thought of these others was not barren, but just like of which they are shadows, all that they thought about they have as potential sons; those of whom they thought they had as offspring. Therefore, it happened that many offspring came forth from them, as fighters, as warriors, as troublemakers, as apostates. They are disobedient beings, lovers of power. All the other beings of this sort were brought forth from these. "

... Therefore, their(Powers-that-Be) end will be like their beginning: from that which did not exist (they are) to return once again to that which will not be. It is they, however, by themselves who are greater, more powerful, and more honored than the names which are given to them, which are their shadows. In the manner of a reflection are they beautiful. For the face of the copy normally takes its beauty from that of which it is a copy. They(the Rulers & Authorities) thought of themselves that they are beings existing by themselves and are without a source, since they do not see anything else existing before them. Therefore, they lived in disobedience and acts of rebellion, without having humbled themselves before the one because of whom they came into being. They wanted to command one another, overcoming one another in their vain ambition, while the glory which they possess contains a cause of the system which was to be...

When likes on this video go up, is it more likely to be deleted soon?

I seen a guy puting black pucks around cell towers? What n were can i get em

Now look here everybody, I am no expert but do your own research. I have met Mark Steele in person and have spoken with Barrie Trower and have no reason to doubt what they say. But if anyone can point me in a different direction to say this is safe for me my children and grandchildren then please do. I'm not looking for an argument. Just facts epidemiological studies would be the first thing to look at if there are any. But what do I know.

needs SPANISH subtitles!

This is phase 1 of the hive mind project. Brace for a warp in life like you've never seen before. Lots of our grandparents think that tech is crazy. Now it's our turn to be sent into wild bewilderment over this stuff. Edit: The generation under us.... They're gonna grow up in a weird world.... That's if this stuff doesn't really kill us all first.....

How do the Elite protect themselves from this?

Compare to the biblical flood, being done now with the technology at hand.

YOU ARE AN ANTISEMITIC IDIOT AND A POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING. YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON INDUSTRY SUCCEEDS. Companies in Israel are some of those who invented 5G. They also invented much of the GOOD technology you use and medical equipment..Israel is planning to have 5G and I - who is featured in this movie am Israeli and most of the scientists featured are ZIONIST Jews. Dr. Goldberg - Israeli, Dr. Devra Davis - Zionist Jew, Dr. Martin Pall - same and other activists like Kevin Mottus, Arthur Firstenberg etc.

britannica.com/science/vapor-trail... misinformation agent.

Science Intro 15:32–19m53s Blood & Skin 28:49–32m42s Core Studies 40:32–41m43s Surveillance 44:11–46m16s, 57:29–58m02s WiFi 48:01–48m30s No Safety Tests 50:50–52m51s Infertility 55:23–56m35s SMART? 1:07:54–1h10m31s MIMO 1:10:31–1h11m20s Take-Home Message 1:11:21

#wedonotconsent ☝️Make it viral ☝️

Jeffy Jefferson This post showed up on my feed, so I have to respond. "AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon will all use at least some mmWave, in some cities. For what it's worth, because it's a shorter range technology, mmWave base stations are actually lower-power than traditional macro-cell sites." That is to say, 5G can't penetrate through concrete very well, let alone map underground structures. They continue, "But mmWave isn't necessary for 5G. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all plan to install 5G on existing 4G frequencies such as 600MHz, 1900MHz, and 2.5GHz. On those frequencies, 5G uses the same towers as 4G, and has the same distance and wall-penetration characteristics as existing 4G networks, but with lower latency and at least 35 percent greater speed. T-Mobile is counting on 600MHz to cover rural areas." This is a much lesser frequency than your own Wifi router, which is clocked at 2.4 and 5 GIGAhertz. Not to mention, the greatest deployment of "5G" will use already existing "4G" structures and bands. This is dangerous rhetoric. You can encode information differently to send more or less of it (as you desire) on frequency bands that have nothing to do with microwaves. https://www.pcmag.com/.../5g-vs-5g-e-vs-5ghz-whats-the... "Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. They don't have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells. ... But the levels of energy given off by cell phones are much lower, and are not enough to raise temperatures in the body." https://www.cancer.org/.../radiation.../cellular-phones.html No one has yet died from listening to the radio, have they? Finally, the sun emits more microwave, UV, x-ray radiation that any cell tower ever will because those cell towers aren't giant balls of nuclear fusion. They would literally melt from overheating if they emitted radiation that was damaging enough to mammalian tissue. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/.../the.../article4251734/ https://www.forbes.com/.../the-truth-about-cell-phone.../... One of the very few studies that I could find relating cellphone use to harm is due to its propensity to cause a very rare form of cancer, Schwanomma. This is directly related to heat generated by the non-ionizing radiation. https://www.scientificamerican.com/.../new-studies-link.../ And if you're afraid and want to be cautious, which ultimately is never a bad thing, here's a list of best practices: http://www.pbs.org/.../five.../cell-phone-radiation/1277/ There you have it: a more complete and balanced group of ideas related to cellphone tech amassed in 30 minutes that greatly outstrips the propagandistic ridicule of this "documentary." I mean, what kind of documentarian intentionally sets up a mirror behind his subject so that he is seen as well? And if you honestly think Verizon et. al. are setting up Active Denial Systems around the globe, remember that the military's ADS functions " At 95 GHz, the frequency is much higher than the 2.45 GHz of a microwave oven. This frequency was chosen because it penetrates less than 1/64 of an inch " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Denial_System...

Just recently there were small protests and actions launched against 5g, not much of a turn out, but the issue is still under most people's radar unfortunately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLxeBuz0suM

There have been hundred's of studies done over the decades that have shown health problems resulting from cell phone and cell tower exposure, here is a chart listing 200 of them or so: https://bioinitiative.org/rf-color-charts/

The first part of this doco is just spun-up crap .. but be patient as it gets better once they start showing the senate Bill reports and giving evidence from qualified people ...

Who cares about humans? Animals are dying, birds are falling down on the ground.

The power of prayer and the armor of YHWH and the blood of Yeshua are the only remedies to the demonically empowered weapons of 5G. It may be our only hope. We need to be following His commandments and His word so we can be protected from all these dangers. We should should be praying for wisdom as well, since the 5G is going to prevent that. This is why YHWH will be ta His people into the wilderness in the end times, it is because of this. YHWH is more powerful than a man made microwave weapon, we should not fear what is coming - we need to be rejoicing becau se Yeshua is coming back to save us.

I have experimented the effects of different microwave frequencies - I can tell you now specific frequencies have specific affects you can create brainwave entrainment using alpha delta beta and gamma waves these towers can modulate any frequency from 1hz to 100 Ghz

Would an EMP stop this?

Fuel generators

No back up generators are fitted to every tower!

What are people supposed to do about this?

the devil hates the children of god

666 Agenda. The dark elite will also grill theire families, but they dont care.

aleks park then why are hundreds of thousands of people taking it seriously ? Why are we conducting back to back radio interviews and speaking events? What an unbelievable twattish comment from an armchair

This is some wild shit, even your sources conclude that there is no health risk. Cutting and compiling a video of several people into a cohesive and deceptive message is exactly why our species are getting dumber by the minute. If you base your opinion on something you saw on youtube, you need to take a hard look at what you're being fed, this is nonsense.

the claim @39:28 is deceitful section 704 of the tca states: " No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission's regulations concerning such emissions." while this effectively states environmental concerns cant prevent the placement of wireless service facilities because the FCCs acceptable limits are ridiculously high, it doesn't mention health concerns which causes me to question your credibility and now i have to fact check every claim -_-

Imagine being a pigeon who uses the earths natural electromagnetic field to be able to orientate himself ...

At 23:00 in need of a tissue break. Cried like a baby.. but going to watch the rest now.

It's coming, and has been coming. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled. Trumpet sounds coming from the sky around the world. The Beast gains more power with each passing day. They created an A.I GOD, That we will be made to worship. R.I.D chips will be forced upon us. 5G will use the Chips to ignitioate MIND CONTROL. Giving the A.I. GOD more power. The ANTICHRIST is almost HERE

This is why they put aluminum in vaccines!

In the year 1990, I had a weird experience that I now understand because of this video. I don't normally take a nap at all during the day, but 2 days in a row, at the exact same time, I fell asleep and had two almost identical dreams. Now mind you, I can't remember which order I had them in after all of these years, but there wasn't much difference between them. 1. I was walking down this road. All around me the buildings looked like they were bombed out. Like I was in a war zone. I had a bag of groceries in my arms and in the distance, I saw two people walking towards me. Twins! A male and a female with blonde hair and blue eyes. As they drew near, they asked me, "Do you know where the power company is?" I said, "No, why?" They responded, "We need to destroy it before the Antichrist controls it". I kept walking and I ended up in this sewer pipe. I hear water dripping in the background and there was a shelf there. I put the groceries down and i woke up. 2. I was walking down this road. All around me the buildings looked like they were bombed out. Like I was in a war zone. I had a box of groceries in my arms and in the distance, I saw two people walking towards me. Twins! A male and a female with blonde hair and blue eyes. As they drew near, they asked me, "Do you know where the water treatment plant is?" I said, "No, why?" They responded, "We need to destroy it before the Antichrist controls it". I kept walking and I ended up in this sewer pipe. I hear water dripping in the background and there was a shelf there. I put the box of groceries on it, and it was rather damp and cool so I reached up and found this pink furry robe hanging on the wall in a cubbyhole, and there were spiders in the cubbyhole, but they didn't bother me and i woke up.

Does anybody think that if wi-fi had not existed we wouldn't be seeing now this documentary?

The ITU is a UN organization based in Geneva Switzerland. The Canton of Geneva introduced a preliminary BAN on the construction of 5G, and voted 58 to 28 for a Moratorium on 5G. Gee I wonder why they're not interested in being part of the WAR, once again. And as someone who no longer uses cell phones because it's ignorant to continue to use what i know is working against humanity , many thanks to the I'm just doing my job crews cutting down trees and installing small cells.

20:30 is the radiation scale graph.

Shame one these QUALIFIED electrical fitters

5G should Never be allowed to be used in our society! It's a Weaponised grid. No need for pulses so powerful. Never in my house! They're using Global Warming as a reason to scare us & tax us all more! It's Climate change , by natural cycle. A new macabre Tax has come - Cremation Tax (for air pollution) ! Totally preposterous! It's all a ruse to make money. Global catastrophe has happened before many times & will happen again. Evidence for past Pole shift, it's happening again fast. The Grand Solar Minimum , going into it now. The Quickening has begun. Magnetosphere has shrunk. The Solar winds propagate earthquakes. The Earth is tearing , expanding , giving birth to more land.

One thing you failed to discuss is the mind control over whole communities with 5G.

Good & shocking info here. Check out - 1hr 10mins in freaked me out!

@28:55 I knew it! Those smart meters are poison!

Tom Wheeler talks like a psychopath!

Mark Steele knows his stuff. Shame Trump doesn't!!

Radio=Ra Dio

I watch it on a wired connection to the internet. Instead of connected to the router via Wi-Fi I connect to the router via ethernet cable...

Some believe the real "elite" (ie. the forces behind all this) are protected because they are not affected by it like we humans are just as they are not affected by toxic atmosphere as they breathe methane, not oxygen like humans. Don't know if it's true or not, just saying.

Better internet speed won't do you much good if you're sick or die from it.

Sherry Oehler- Ever hear about their underground bunkers/cities? TPTB will be underground, where there are No High Frequency micro/millimeter waves.

+2MauiAngels what are your sources of this information?

Israel wont have 5G. Trump wont have it in Palm Springs, either. Brussels, & the Vatican City are refusing it. I read in 1 place that Russia is not installing 5G, but 1 source isnt total 'proof' of that. There are other 'safe places' where they are not going to use these High Frequencies. Especially underground. Nothing will protect the manufacturers, or installers. They are collateral damage.

What are we going to do to STOP it?

change the name of the movie, it sounds very conspirative and most of the people are avoiding such movies. Make it more scientific as it is. Trust the people they will understand it!

Hey about the Video thank you for making an Effort of making this Video After i watch the whole thing I spread it like wildfire 11pm and now its already 10 am lol. Im reaching towards friends and families that doesn't know the Danger of 5G and how it can post a threat to humanity.

25:30 she’s texting behind him


HAHAHA says Satan. Look at them. I got them where i wanted them. The devil best trick is to make you believe that it don't exist.

Ok. Scary enough. Just tell us. What is with the scary music? Is this a Disney Horror Experience Ride? Is this some kind of twisted entertainment? Coming now, what’s the music for?

The WiFi router that supports and using 5G is it as damaging? Should I shut them off?

Perfect eugenics technology. Don't need wars to cull the population and lose infrastructure. I learned something. SMART means: S ecret-M ilitarized-A armourment-R esidential- T echnology. That says it all! And as usual the Bible says it all. "And except those days be shortened, there should be no flesh be saved: But for the elect sake those days shall be shortened." ( Mathew 24:22) The world we live in today, boil down to one word, EUGENICS! Are you one of the ELECT?

I wonder what would it be like on the 6G or 7G?

disinfo...its the grand solar minimum you should be concerned about

And the Senate passed the Bill anyway.

The eat non-gmo food, don't get vaccines and have their underground bunkers and cities ready to go to.

Get your head out of the sand, brainwashing is very strong in this one.

+Ober447 You are very fortunate.

+LORI MCNEIL same here in New Brunswick but fortunately for me i own 100 acres so I have some control over my environment.

Don't worry, it's coming to a telephone pole near you. I cannot believe how many trees are being cut down in my small town on Vancouver Island and all over the place.

And how blind are you???

How does that crooked politician know 5G is healthy if not one single study has been done?

This might explain the Deagle Report predicted depopulation of the US from the current 330 milliion to 90 million in 2025. The Tangerine tyrant is obviously another supporter of the UN Agenda 2030 depopulation programs.

5G and Chemtrails have something in common. This shit goes together and is evil to the core. Copper base blood individuals look out. (RH--s) I'm struggling with California fires, aluminum and 5G. We are ingesting aluminum in the air and food consumption. In what way will the body be affected with aluminum in the body and getting pulsed by radiation. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE CONTINUOUS RADIATION FUKUSHIMA CONTINUES TO GIVE.

Is this documentary on DVD for purchase?

Aluminum foil hat time

The Chinese have developed this and are pushing it onto the rest of the world as a "necessary" tech advance for faster computers and communications. What a crock. This is so we are all unsuspecting about what this really does. Trump was talking about instituting 5G? For the military or for us? Don't know if he is trolling the deep state and the Chinese. Of course, ultra Left California is building these next to schools and homes and children are developing and dying from cancer. 5G smart meters are already on homes. It will be coming to all of us everywhere if the patriots don't stop this insanity. Add this to the other weapons: vaccines, GMO's, DEW's, geoengineering..all part of Agenda 21 to annhiliate most of the world's population. People have to wake up and take back their freedom.


Huawei wants you dead!

no wonder crazy conspiracy theories are out there, it's because of a shady government like this,

please stop this, it's dangerous and criminal!! !! !!

"America First"(to be fully surveilled, sick, and dead?)...Not to mention how disgustingly littered our entire planet and skies will be, more-so, than it already is, with all this ugly, complex nonsense, all over the place, that will rob us even more, and cull us exponentially more...and completely control and enslave us, even more than before. How is this even higher advanced technology, when now, we have to place as many towers, as we once did, wires?!!! And, for those of us still around, how long will that last, before we bring in the next generation of whatever, and have to add/and or replace even more nonsense to commence its operation?!!! Theatre of The Absurd...1984 on Steroids, has arrived, and so many, still so asleep, and soon, So Dead! : (

how can we get a physical copy of this documentary, in the case that it is 'accidentally' deleted?

If only there was a laugh button to click

This is soo much bull,5G has being recently tested and radio waves are non ionizing radiation. Additionally,we havent done studies on 5G overall and health. Don’t believe this fake news documentary,wait for now if you are concerned.

Sad that icke guy is in this film

YES. but the 5G on the router is 5 GHz not 5G as the technology. But yes, use hardwired connection to the router.

Why on Earth is there a race to get it done first?

Haha. I'm laughing at 4:30-5:30 as an electronics engineer listening to this guy talk about this board. Give this board to a 10 year old and they could describe it with just as much understanding. It turns out this board is part of a product called Leafnode and it's a Wifi receiver for a system that manages street lights.

This needs to be audio translated in every language and transmitted through every major city display, screen in the shop, cafe, hacked or otherwise. Get the people with required skills, build a community and tell people what is going on. This is not fun and games anymore, this is not a political or science debate or debate of any kind. This is facts, reality, in which entire planet of species is governed by idiots. Remind them, that THEIR lives and lives of THEIR grandchildren WILL be affected by this, tell them it's ok if they never knew about this, because IT IS hard to find things like this in era of controlled media, but it's never too late to come to senses, educate other people about this and join the resistance. Your school teacher, cashier, your family, friends, club members, event attendees. EVERYONE needs to know about this. Before it's too late.

You can spot the ones who will perish first, those idiots who worship their stupor phones, and I say.. good riddance.

How do you identify these 5g led street lights? I have a light that is led outside my house and it is not like others in the neighbourhood?

Dis not true. Jus racist. Black man invented all technology and whites steel it all.

FYI, we spend 5hours on the internet daily. It already stolen part of our life. Might as well back to 1G.

At the very least, unplug your wireless routers at night. Keep cell phones far from your bedrooms. I kept mine off here for three days. Haven't felt that good in a long time. Not a single headache, felt happy, and lots of energy. Plugged it back in, and the headaches returned, etc. Conspiracy or not, do your own experiments. Your body will tell you what's up.

About time for a "Reset". Done every 4-5 generations? Orphan trains? Fake history. Look at them deleting our history now by way of changing the history books, destroying/removing statues and monuments, etc. Frogs in a pot...

Thank you for the video. Im a New Subscriber... This is Disgusting. & I tried. Letting some of my friends & family This.. They say Im CRAZY.

Hrmm, add a little nuclear and some fees.. a silicone addiction... next we will have zombies....

Boy this comment section is full of laughs!

time to get rid of wifi and put faraday cages in our walls and roofs, GOD help nature, this is a mass global cull, time to hunt those responsible.

Probably Google is involved too.

Thank you for telling us the TRUTH!

Can I reupload to my channel, what are your CC rules?

It's so funny (and tragic at the same time) how progress is being made within these certain fields and possibility's within technology but a real medical solution to, let's say, pelvic instability hasn't been found yet.

Love the Ministry of Truth messages that pop up any time a conspiracy theory is discussed. (note the message is related to "contrails").

At 1:13:30 ... Such a wonderful solution. Perform microsurgery and chemical intervention to modify EVERY human being to survive 5G radiation, just so folks can have "smart" washing machines and faster cellphones. This fails the cost-benefit analysis at every level. Or maybe it's easier to say that this solution is just damn stupid. Convenience kills.

We are reached a remarkable point in American media history, when we must turn to RT to get accurate news.

They're just telling you this is a blunt knife not a sharp one. But it's still pointy. Too many have fluoride brains and are now like goy and will do nothing. 5g will complete it. 7.5 billion individual digital frequencies.

I am not a phony....

sadly it would take too many generations for human dna to adjust to counter this

we all may need to install faraday's cages in our bedrooms

A superb video: Jampacked wit genuine science, very well-produced, and not a single tinfoil hat in sight. Should be required watching by all Americans. Folks, forward and share this URL!

(A small excerpt / summary). "s m a r t" devices. Meaning; "Secret Militarized Armaments and Residential Technology". An intelligence gathering system. as well as a frequency impact and Control System on the health of both the body, mind, soul and spirit.

The 5th aGe End Game ?! Senate Bill No. 637, is a reference to Strong's Concordance ◄ 637. apoplunó ► From apo and pluno; to rinse off -- to wash off. This is no coincidence. They use these numbers to telegraph their agenda. They are spiritually influenced /ruled over by another power / spiritual forces than we are. (I.e. the Lord GOD).

Where the advice to defend and go forward - I get the scary picture, but what’s the action?

Thank you.

This makes Chuck McGuil's "electricity disease" (from _Better Call Saul_ ) not so far fetched now does it?

Can we just call it what it is folks? This is the Satanic New World Order. As promised. Everything is scripted. We have a president praising 5G. He's just another spoke in the Cabal wheel. There is no bugging out. There is no getting away. We are being fenced in. How long will before people realize this is the march to the end? Satan had thousands of years to plan. Here we are.

makes me wonder if the med8a attention directed to global warming is a bit of a red herring. Get the public frantic about something but looking in the wrong direction.

Well this is terrifying.

Governments murdering their people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!scumbags.

I am caught flat footed by this documentary. The experts make clear what I now fear.


so, basically, 5g will 'paint the target'?...just with us as the targets?

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