33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - Keynote

33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - Keynote

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You. You. You. You. We're, going to start soon wow this is loud we're gonna start soon can you take your seat please thank. You. Ready. What, do we have to do. Quiet. Sit. Down and. You. Dream, guys so. Good. Evening everyone I'm Sandeep, Loden and on behalf of the Center on disabilities, at California. State University Northridge. I would like to officially welcome, you to the 33rd. Annual, assistive. Technology. CSUN. Conference and, I cut that backwards. Even. Though I promise not to repeat the same thing every year at the keynote I'm under contractual, obligations. To do so so, bear with me. I'm. Sure you know that this event is the largest longest, running an only university, sponsored event, of its kind you. Know that we are, valuable. And rewarding for newcomers that we, have the. Best researchers, consumers. Practitioners. Government. Representatives. Great speakers, and amazing, exhibitors, and I think we can all agree that the, CSUN conference is the best venue for networking. I'm. Sure that everyone wants to hear about Anaheim. And if you don't know that's, where the conference is moving in 2019. Oh. No. What. You'll. Love it trust, me, all. In one place one hotel were the only game. In town. Exhibitors. And sponsors, rest assured we'll be contacting, you after this year's event wraps up and we've. Had some time to debrief when, the social hub opens, tomorrow in this room we'll have a display we can get some general information and it's also available on Daisy now. Speaking. Of information. I'd. Like you to bear with me for a minute because I want to give you a little suggestion if you want the most accurate information about the conference. You. Should really sign up for the mailing list we don't inundate, you with a lot of emails or go, to our website and read the information that's there or check, our social media we. Have seen a few non, CSUN. Conference posts. And tweets and sometimes, they don't actually have the right information and. We don't want our participants, to be mislead or confused, so if, you could do us all a favor we do love you retweeting. But. Please start at the source and get. Your conference news from CSUN, it, will save us all a lot of time and inconvenience thank, you this, has been a public service announcement from the Center on disabilities. Now. Let. Me introduce Karen sax was I said I was going to talk long this year's conference chair and host for tonight's program dr.. Karen sax is professor, and chair of the department of administration rehabilitation.

And Post-secondary, education. At and director. Of the, inter work Institute at San Diego State University. In. Addition. To teaching an a rehabilitation counseling. Master's degree, program and a doctorate, of education educational, leadership community, college leadership, concentration. She, also administers, a post-baccalaureate. Certificate. In rehabilitation, technology and the supported, employment and trade transition. Specialist, certificate, in. What I guess is her spare time as director of the inter Work Institute Karen. Oversees, more than 5 million dollars annually in grants and contracts, funded. Through federal and, state resources which, were then all channeled, through, a very, long list of programs, that, are working with assistive technology and, people with disabilities. Karen's. Commitment, to working in these fields started when she began her career as a special, education, and transition teacher, I don't. Think was that long ago right because we're, about the same age anyway, karen, is a valuable colleague, collaborator. And friend so, please join me in welcoming our, 2018, CSUN. Conference chair, dr., Karen sacks. Thank. You sandy. I'd. Like to welcome everybody, and welcome, back for. Those of you who've been here some of us have been regulars, at this conference, for, many years or in some cases decades and, we. Look forward to seeing our old friends, and to, meeting new colleagues, as as. Sandy, said this is a wonderful, place to network share. Ideas and, make, plans for future collaboration. This. Conference, attracts, people, with, a wide variety of skills. Experiences. Interests. And goals. For coming here please. Take advantage of the time to get to know each other at the, reception, tonight during, the breaks throughout, the conference, while, you're exploring the exhibit, hall and after, sessions, have ended for the day while. We're all here to celebrate technology. Talking. To real people in real time, makes. For real relationships. So take advantage of that, so. As sandy mentioned this. Is our last conference, in San Diego we're. Kind of sorry to see it go. We, didn't plan any fireworks, or parades or, flyovers. Which is what we usually do around here but.

We're Guessing that our keynote, speaker, Dan Goldstein may, provoke some dialogue and discussion, and give us plenty to think about. So. Recently retired, Dan, was the founding partner of Brown Goldstein, and Levy in Baltimore. Dan's. Love of trial work led to a wide-ranging. Practice, that, included, complex, commercial, matters. High-impact. Public, interest, litigation a. Personal. Injury white-collar. Criminal, defense and many more as. Counsel. For the National Federation of, the blind for, more than two decades, Dan. Initiated. A national, legal campaign, to ensure access, to technology, including. Websites, ATMs. And voting. Machines, his. Work went beyond litigation. To facilitating, partnerships. Including. The negotiation. Of joint technology. Agreements, with major technology. Developers. In. 2011. Dan received, the American Bar Association's. Paul, G her an award for, Disability, Rights which. Is presented each year to an individual, who has made significant. Contributions. To, further the rights dignity. And, access. To justice for people with disabilities. More. Recently, in 2016. Dan, was honored by the National Federation, of. The blind with, the Kenneth Jernigan, nificant. Contributions. To the blindness, community the. President, of NFB commented. Blind. Americans, have made progress during, the past 30 years due. To the skill. Imagination. Heart. And commitment. Of Dan Goldstein and his work with the NFB, please. Welcome Dan Goldstein. I'll. See if I can come up with some fireworks I. Am. Very, honored to. Deliver the keynote at this the 33rd. Annual. CSUN. Conference on, accessible, technology. But. I am disappointed, and. More. Than a little sad that. There needs to be a. 33rd. Annual, conference. Accessibility. Aside. What. In technology. Takes 33. Years. It's. Not that I'm impatient, that technology, is taking, so long I might be able to live with that. It's. Rather sadly. That. I'm convinced, we're losing ground the, technology. Is developing. And proliferating. More, rapidly, than. Accessibility. Is diffusing. Into, the technology, world. If. The title weren't already taken. This, speech would be called An Inconvenient, Truth. We're. Not just, grappling. With how, to make sure that next year's technology, is accessible, when it comes on the market. We're. Still faced with addressing, the continuing. Inaccessibility. Of a worldwide web, that is celebrating, its 29th, birthday a. Great-great. Great-great-grandfather. In. Technology, generations. For. The most part, the. Technological. Solutions, to accessibility, are known. If, not universally. Used. For. Many technologies. The. Accessibility. Solutions, predated. The, technologies. ATMs. Are a good example kiosks. Are another. So. I suggest. We need to stop going about business. As usual, at least for a bit. Because. Business as usual, is leaving us further behind and. At. Least. Stop. Long, enough to ask why. After 33, years, isn't. Virtually, all digital, technology, accessible. When it comes to market. How. Do we motivate the. Adoption, of accessibility. So. That accessibility. Like. Its younger cousins security, is. Seen, as a mandatory, feature. Why. Is accessibility. Not, yet, the norm for websites, employee, facing software.

Employee. Training. Videos, phone, apps kiosks. And POS, machines. Are. There. Reasons to. Lead us to believe that. Accessibility. Excuse. Me accessibility. Will be the norm by, the 35th. Annual annual. CSUN, conference by, the 40th, at. The 50th I. Don't. Think so, unless. We, understand. Why, we have not succeeded, in. 33. Years, how. Long is 33, years in tech development, after, CSUN. Began oracle, went public the. Internet was born, Facebook. Google, epic. And Amazon, all came to be after, this. Conference, started, working. Yet. Oracle. Partners and Oracle, tools certification. Do. Not require, knowledge of, how, to maintain the. Accessibility. Of a, product, that Oracle, has made accessible. Blind. Workers, in the healthcare industry can't. Use most functions, of epic, software. Amazon. Not only continues, to offer new. And accessible, products, and Peter, Korn told me earlier today one of them either Amazon, lockers or Amazon kiosks, is, now. Accessible. But. Promising, accessibility. As a later add-on, doesn't. Cut it the. The the motto, of the disability, community is, not, let. Excuse. Me, later. Is better than. Than ever. And. Amazon, continues, to use employment, assessment, tests and on-the-job, software. That. Are inaccessible. Now. We often say that accessibility. Isn't, rocket science at some, point probably everybody. In this room has said that at least once I wish, it were. Verner. Von braun only, took 27. Years to, go from lobbing, v1. Rockets, at london to, putting a man on the moon. So. If accessibility. Were rocket, science, we would have had the last CSUN, conference six, years ago and inaccessible technology would. Have gone the way of floppy disks. Now. It's true the hundred years war took longer the. Thirty years war took less so. Did the seven years war and of course there was the six-day war. When. It comes to technical, solutions, to accessibility, we have some of the smartest people in, the world you're gonna hear from one after me Richard Ladner and also. A Chris well Jim Thatcher Judy, brewer George. Crusher I mean I could go on and on, so. The problem, I suggest is, not a lack of technical, expertise, or, that accessibility, is inherently, difficult. We. Must confront the possibility, that we have not correctly, analyzed. The. Problem, and. Thus, need to redirect at least some of our energies, that. We are in effect providing, the answer three inches to the question what color is an orange. We. Need to speak about this with frankness and urgency, so, I pulled, a number of people some of whom were in this room and all of whom will remain anonymous.

Asking. Them like the child in the back seat why aren't we there yet I. Will. Share some of those answers and then offer my own thoughts on the, nature of the problem and at least one way to, address it if. These analyses, are off based and discard them and offer. Your own because, this. Is a conversation, that's urgently, needed, I hope at some future CSUN, there, can be a town hall just. Devoted, to why, aren't we there yet and what do we need to do to there, there's. Of course no single cause no single answer not, all answers, are obtainable, and not all have equal impact, but. I talked to an academic and tech access, issues, and he, offered the following he. Said we're gonna have an accessibility, as long as students in computing, don't learn about accessibility and, don't, see peers with disabilities, he. Acknowledged, the teach access, and access computing. Or working on each of these problems. Now. For my part I agree these are desirable, steps but they're not new thoughts I think. I first talked to Judy Brewer about could this be part of an MIT curriculum, when. She. Was a teenager. And. I. I suspect. That accessibility, will not be a required, part of a degree program, until. There is a greater, market, demand for accessibility. This. Academic went, on to say that university. Systems should be required to report every year on their accessibility, as they, do with a Cleary report, on campus crime statistics. And related. Policies. To. That I say, it. Would be delicious if that happened, transparency. Would help but. The political climate for the foreseeable, future makes. The idea of required, reporting, on accessibility, seem, how. Shall I put it delusional. Nonetheless. There. Is a seed there worth thinking about is there, some kind of voluntary, self reporting, by someone, perhaps corporations. Not colleges, that. Could be simulated something, like the lead standard, for architects, some. Of you are probably thinking we already have lots of technical standards that's. Not what I mean just be patient I'll tell you what my thought is now. This. Economics. Third point was that ad a regulations. On web accessibility, would help a lot. Perhaps. That would make a difference but. That requires regime, change in this country, and. Then when there is a, new administration, it, may not be anymore at the top of that new administration's. Agenda than it was at the top of President, Obama's, agenda. I. Talked. To another academic. Activist. Who focused, on the web in particular isn't accessible though. She did not offer a solution. I have. Paraphrased, I hope, accurately, her fabulous analysis. As follows, we. Sometimes forget, that the, web really started around 1994. By the time w3c. Had their first set of guidelines out in 1996. We. Were just at the beginning of a truly ubiquitous. Use, Netscape. Navigator and. Hotmail. Google. Was in beta Amazon. Had just been born yet. We only had, about a hundred, thousand, websites as of.

Today We, have a hair under 4.5. Billion, web, pages. So. In the beginning we knew we needed to educate a finite. Group of, web. Designers, and developers. Then. The web literally. Blew, up in, front of us and the task of creating awareness and. Training for accessibility, changed. Dramatically. Currently. Just about anybody, can put content, up on the web whether it's selling on Etsy, or a wedding portal, on the not, to. Just about content. In any course management, system. And. So on individuals. Who, are not necessarily, technical. Technically. Trained are putting a lot of content, on the web school. Volunteer, is uploading. Content, of. School menus for example, this. Has created a logarithmic, rise of, people to reach and teach and we, have been unable to catch up and then. She continued, at the, same time that the web was becoming easier for non-technical, folks to post content the, web itself was becoming more technically, challenging, for, web designers, and developers we, now need folks that understand, complex, dynamic, markup, it's not me and fully. Understand, the way that. Barriers, for those with disabilities get innocently, put into place, web. Professionals. Need performance. Based training plain and simple and only a few of them are getting it, this. Ubiquity. Of which she speaks adds, urgency. To our notion, that, we must find. A way, to make accessibility. Part of the conversation. In a way it has not yet been, I. Spoke. To an employee of a tech company who. In turn spoke of the need for corporate, leadership, now. I agree, leadership, is important, but. Leadership changes I mean we've all seen the ebbs and flows at Apple, at Microsoft, that come, and go when. Personnel, changes, and, at. All events let me ask why would a corporate, leader be. Schooled in what it means to lead an accessible. Company. As the. Disability community been, clear enough about, what. Accessible. Company, means and. Where. Is the roadmap to tell them what to do I don't mean put. Meaningful, alt tags on images, I mean. Things like make, sure all your customer, interfaces. Are accessible. Leadership. Alone is not enough some. Of you may have heard Peter Wallach years ago at a earlier, CSUN, conference. Say, that he thought when he got a video on accessibility. From Larry Ellison, it was problem, solved, and then. He found out that, the people who do the coding at Oracle, report. To, someone who reports to, someone, who, doesn't report, to Larry Ellison, has a deadline, and accessibility, be damned the new product, has to get out, so.

Between Turnover, at the top and the distance to the bottom, policies. And procedures, on accessibility, or a more certain guarantee. Than. Good leadership and good character that we need that to. That. Tech company, executive, also spoke of company culture and, making. Accessibility, part of the conversation. For everything. From product, development, to supply chain, the. Supply, chain issue is critical and therein, lies the makings, of a great idea of, how. To make accessibility, viral, but. Do we want the company, to be the sole source of what, the steps should look like to get there and what, the goal line looks like I spoke. To another accessibility. Specialist, at another tech company, who said to attract, and keep the best and brightest doing accessibility, the. Work needs to be recognized, within the company in many ways including, pay, if. The recognition, and the big salaries, are an AI who. Wants to be knocking themselves out on accessibility. The. Same employees suggested, using outside vendors, to validate and test accessibility. Of software. She, distinguished, that from the accessible the content, has, proven to be of little or negative, value, and the. QA for accessibility, must, equal, what a company does for. QA to check privacy, and security. The. Better pay, for, accessibility, folks, and the higher quality, accessibility, checks will come I suggest, with. Increased, market, demand which. I will suggest shortly. May come if we're clear about our, non-technical. Expectations. Before. Turning to my analysis, and suggestions, I want to turn to where one must always turn to an. Analysis, by a disability rights. Activist, with a disability. He. Said you, asked why aren't we done yet the. Answer to that question, has a lot to do with the evolution of disability, in our society, in, 1985. When CSUN, began. Disability. Was not a common, image or. Conversation. In the places, where important. Things were discussed. When. It was a topic, of conversation it, was about how, do you accommodate how. Do you modify so. That people with disabilities, might participate the. Assumption, was that the, world is built in a certain way and then, we change it for, the disabled. That. Model, doesn't, work with, tech. He. Continued, CSUN. Has the accessibility. Experts, but, were the power brokers in the tech industry instead, of Dan Goldstein giving, the keynote I thought he was my friend, CSUN. Needs, CSUN. Needs the CEO, from Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Dell GoDaddy. Really, GoDaddy or, any other major technology. Company, to, give a keynote about, the value of accessible. He. Continued, and you asked so what do we need to do our. Best accessibility. Experts, need, to build ways to train more people on accessibility. Best practices and, techniques. And. I would add some good news I learned yesterday is, the accessibility. Checker for, ePub from Daisy that George, cursor is going to be discussing, at, this conference one of my heroes. Accessibility. He went on to say needs to be deep in the computer, science curriculum people. With disabilities, need to be acknowledged, as the benchmark for, effective, equal access, we. Need to establish mechanisms. For weeding out the bad players if a company has a beep at that. Is clearly not a, reflection of the product performance, what, can you do about it we, need a crowdsource, place to aggregate, information, about, the accessibility. Of products, we, need new tools for those making procurement. Decisions, to, discover information, about. What the users say about, accessibility, an. Editorial. Comment, from illness, the, 10d Tennessee, State University, system has required.

Software, Developers. To self report in more detail, than vpats, state. What. Accessibility. Barriers they will address and when and then, they put this up on the TSU website. That. Website, needs to be visited, and added, to as much as possible, back. To what, the activists, said accessibility. Has to be out in the cool spaces, accessibility. Needs, to be talked about we. Need products, to start competing on accessibility. By. The way he asks have you ever noticed, any of these companies putting. Accessibility. As the first feature. Of their, product, it's, almost always the last if it's on the list at all packed, away with the vpad, instead. He says tech companies focus their marketing, energy on using, their expertise, to build, specialized, products. Microsoft. And Google are working on navigation, devices, meanwhile. Federal, employees, can't, use SharePoint. Thousands. Of people with disabilities, have downloaded. Microsoft. Seeing a I app. But those same people can't, use the edge browser. To. This I the speaker. Say, that. Google Docs until recently, and. Any. Employer, using, a pre, 2016. Version of SharePoint, have. Had a devastating, effect, on the employment experience, of blind people and one, that will continue, to have an extremely serious impact. For, decades, after. Both software, programs, are fully, accessible, wherever, they're used particularly. In federal, state and municipal, employment the. Places, where blind people, have at least had some success, in getting jobs, and. The reason, I say it will continue, is that, someone, going into one of those positions today. Who's. Blind will. Not see older, mentors, in responsible. Positions, because. They're sitting by the wayside, doing nothing as long as those programs, are inaccessible. This. Means, we need to understand. Why, these programs, were, initially released as inaccessible programs, if, we're gonna make real progress and. People. Are gonna be unhappy when I say this, Google. And Microsoft did. The rational, thing the, employment, market was not enforcing. Requirements. That workplace, software, be accessible, and given. The development, process that was particularly, each one of those there, would have been significant. Delays to making them accessible time. That. Would have been used by other companies to, grab the market with, similarly, inaccessible. Software. We. Like to say that accessible, is good business so we can't suddenly change our tune when. Accessibility, is bad business. Instead. We need to break the cycle so, that vendors lose out when. They introduce, inaccessible. Software, here. Is my suggestion, on how to do that if. I called your employer, today and said, I would like you to be an accessible, company, a rational. Response would. Be what, do you mean by that. Sure. We have technical standards, YK 2.0, and 2.1 and. Section 5 wait accessible. Epub3 BBC. Standards, and on and on and Counting but. What does it mean to be an accessible, company, company, it's a fair question and it's, not answered, by technical, standards, alone. We. Need to articulate, our expectations. Of what. Is an accessible, company, and with that we. Should articulate, a pledge for companies to sign on to if they're prepared to strive to be accessible, companies, and we. Need an available, pool of guidance on how, to implement, those, practices. So. Three parts define. Accessible, company secured pledges, and give guidance what. Would the standard look, like. This. Is my initial. Shot that I hope all of you end up modifying, and and beautifying, and everything else first.

The Company must ensure, that its outward facing. Excuse. Me its outward facing interfaces. Are accessible. That. Maybe the company's website its, videos its apps point-of-sale. Machines, or kiosks, or all of the above and this, expectation, would, apply as much to Walmart, Applebee's, the Social Security Administration. Medicare. Kankakee. State University, if there is such an institution as it would to Apple I'm. Not. A techie so when I see interfaces. I intend, to include also. The content, that passes, through, those interfaces, must, be accessible. Outward-facing. Interfaces. Means that employee, communications. To, persons, outside the company. Sorry. To presence outside the company do, your employees know as the standard, matter never, ever ever ever send an image PDF, if. I had a nickel for every time the NFB got. A letter, back. From a company it had said you're, inaccessible. Where, they said no, we're not and sent. It to the president the NFB as an image PDF. But. What if the company is on occasion, and middleman opening, some excuse. Me offering, someone else's technology, staples. Or an iPhone App Store or Google Play. I. Suggest. To you that an accessible, company, that, offers, someone else's technology. Must. Provide. Information. About, the. Accessibility. Of that technology. To, the, the consumer or the end buyer. You. Can't judge an app by its cover and the seller must tell you the extent if any that. The app is accessible. What. Is the expectation, of, accessibility, for a company, that licenses. Authoring, software. WordPress. Drupal. Wix, GoDaddy. Or. Is a course management software. Or, a database software license or our. Standard, would say that, it is their responsibility, to make it easy for customers to, make. Accessible. Websites, hard, to make inaccessible. Websites. Easy. To post accessible. Content on a courts management, system and hard. To. Post. Inaccessible. Content and, if. A company, certifies. Individuals. Or companies that adapt its products, for the ultimate, consumer, think for example Oracle. Certification. For. Adapting, its call, center software then. Certification. Must include, training, in how, to use Oracle. Tools to, preserve the accessibility. That Oracle built in I went. Today back, to Oracle University's, website to, see if I, searched for accessibility. What I would find and, I. Saw no, certification. Containing. Your search terms were, found, they. Put all this work into making the product accessible, and then. They turn it over to people who don't know what to do with it and then. I end up having to sue, the municipality. Or wherever it was for, having an inaccessible call center that couldn't hire blind people that doesn't make any sense. Second. The company, must look in Word is the, software, and other technology. That your employees use, accessible. Whether. It's SharePoint whether it's the flatbed, scanner whether it's the time and billing, database. Or accounting software you. May have guessed but this is the transformative, piece. The. One that gets us to the promised land Jenny. Leigh flurry tells me that Microsoft, has more than. 100,000, vendors, and is. Looking at its supply chain for accessibility. Think. About that for a minute if. We, added to that Sony, JPMorgan. Chase. Walmart. The, Mayo Clinic, the, Cal. State System and, the. Commonwealth, of Massachusetts and, got. Them all committed, to employee facing accessible. Software wouldn't. That be game over I mean you sure there's overlap among those vendors but, think about how many vendors that is it. Would then be economic. Suicide to, produce, inaccessible. Software. Accessibility. Would you should pardon the expression go. Viral. CSUN, could then be an occasion, for getting together to do some serious drinking, and reminiscing, about the. Bad old days. By. The way anybody wants to talk to me afterwards, I drink scotch. This. Inward-looking, has, to include assessment, tests, interview, formats. Caption. Training videos, accessible. Of, what. Are they accessible. Shuttles, at company meetings and so. On I mean in this speech I've mostly put. It in terms of blindness because that's what I know but. This is something that applies across very. Much cross disability, what. I just described, as a mental first draft of a standard, to be modified, corrected, and elaborated, by the people in this room there. Are companies out there who truly would, like to know what. We expect of them and we owe it to them to tell them that a, document. Of the sort issued, perhaps by a trade group would. Be enormous ly helpful, to, those who, in turn are hired people, in this room who are hired to advise companies. There, should be certification. At different levels like LEED Platinum, silver, gold silver, I, mentioned. We should have a pledge and it can't be a pledge to reach the promised land tomorrow because, that, ain't going to happen nor.

Can It be too vague, it must have time limited escape clauses, and the obligations. That, address, the transitional. Circumstances. Where the, the, company, doesn't have an accessible, choice on the market the. Pledge however, should attract attention and, assistance and, provide. A sense of accomplishment when, certification. Is reached a, commercially. Reasonable pledge, could be very valuable to companies, a potential. Vendor to Microsoft, might convince. Microsoft. From the fact that it took the pledge that. It should be in the supply chain it. Might get a second, look from the federal government, customers, if, and when the federal government remembers. That it's supposed to enforce five away. The. Company yeah, I know it's a little crazy. The. Company, might even attract investment, from mutual funds, that it specialized, in investing, in socially, responsible, companies. It. Would mean that disability rights groups in ahead and CSUN, and others need to be ready with events, and plaques that, acknowledge. And reward pledge. Ease and we. Must be there to record the economic, success stories, that, result, from being an, accessible, company. Finally. We must be ready to pitch in with resources, with user testing by, persons, with disabilities, and case, studies of what does and doesn't work and when. There's a sample for example of, what language to use in a contract, to, warrant and identify, that you really are going to supply accessible. Software. That. Should go up online so, that the company doesn't have to waste money paying lawyers like me to reinvent, the wheel. This. Isn't a complete answer actually I'm, a former, lawyer now but this, isn't a complete answer but I suggest that by that pledging, by a few major companies, would. Sharply, stimulate, market, demand among its suppliers and. Stimulate. More than one or two colleges, to offer as an accessibility, and maybe. Even deter, a few businesses, from using GoDaddy, to, build their websites. Maybe. What I suggest, is wrong but, let's agree to figure out, together. How, can we make accessibility. Endemic. Faster. Than, technology, develops. Until. We get to the promised land of accessibility, as, a universal. Feature that. Occasionally, needs tinkering, as a new. Technology. Develops, I want. To express deep appreciation to. CSUN, for. Inviting, me to speak perhaps.

By Now that invitation. Is regretted, but. I have relished offering, my thoughts on how, we can stamp this completed, and more. Important, I look, forward to hearing your thoughts on, how, we can get there thank you. On. Behalf of CSUN, we really want to thank you dan I think you've given us a lot to think about so little. Plaque for you too now that you're retired you can start collecting plaques so thank, you thank, you very much. Okay so we have a couple of awards that, we're going to announce and I would like to invite up dr. Harry Murphy who founded, this conference, 33. Years ago. To. Present. The awards. My. Name is Harry Murphy and I'm a graduate of CSUN, a. Bit. Of a thread stroking and a bit about the recipient, of the, strata award dr. Ladner. French. Rocky was the vice president of student affairs at, CSUN, for many years now, this is not a eulogy, Fred, still around and he. Was here three years ago, to. Present the Fred strategy, award to, another recipient. Fred. Is based, in London because, his wife is the, head of the. Pepperdine, University. Study, abroad, in London and, then, he also divides, his time between. Malibu. And Honolulu, tough. Life. One. Of his roles was to administer the, student, leadership groups, at the University. And he, loved doing that because he loved all students. But. He had a special place in his heart for, diversity. And for. Any, student, who was considered, to be a quote. Non-traditional. Student. He, loved, them he. Was not a person who used I a. Lot. He. Liked we, better. And he. Walked the walk and he talked the talk he. Did not administer, from some textbook, in administration. He, administered, from the heart he. Was a country boy from Kentucky. And he. Exuded, a basic. Humanist. Abase. Ik and, sincere. Love of others, if. I'm the founder, of this conference, he is the, father. By. That I mean in order to start the, conference, and. Commit, human and. Financial. Resources. At. The very beginning, I needed to go from. Higher administration. And in, my case that was Fred who was my boss he. Was enthusiastic about. Starting, this conference, I think, more than anyone, he had the vision of how, this conference, could help thousands, of people and over. Thirty three years, tens. Of. Thousands. Perhaps. Hundreds. Of thousands. If. Anybody understood, that it, was Fred. One. Time during Fred's, time and mine, at, the University the. Students, including. The head of the student leadership group, had. A sit-in, at the, University, and they. Were protesting, I forget what it was they were protesting something, that, they didn't, like and so. They had a sit-in, and it. Was absolutely hilarious because. Most, of the administrators. Were, products, of the 60s, and they. Knew something about sit-ins, because, most of them had organized, had. Organized, better, sit-ins, than these kids were doing and in. Fact Fred was critical, of the oh my God look what they're doing that's not the right way to do it this is what they should be doing and. So he gave them some tips on, how. On. How to protest, the administration. Which included, himself. So. Could we have picked really a better person, and a better role. Model, for our, leadership. Award. Okay. A bit about Richard, Ladner but I need to start with a story because, to, 1966. I was. A teacher, at the Pennsylvania. School for the Deaf in, Philadelphia. And I. Went out to Ball State University in. Muncie, Indiana, for. A summer, workshop and, the. Objective. Of the workshop, was, to review. Educational. Films, and then. Make recommendations on. Which of those might be captioned. For. Showing in schools. That serve deaf, children there. Were 40, participants. 20. Of whom were, deaf, and I. Became very friendly with a very nice couple both of whom were teachers. At. The California, School for the Deaf, located, in Berkeley, at that time and, their, names were Mary, and Abel Ladner, at the parents, of, Richard, Ladner. The. Next year I moved to California I kept in touch with Mary, and amyl and the, next year I moved to California, and, had, been in touch with them and was gone - I was in LA and. Was going to make a, short trip vacation, trip up to San Francisco and they, invited us to stay with, them. My. Wife and I and a three year old daughter and. They. Suggested. One night that we have a night out on the town and, they. Would babysit. My. Three-year-old. Daughter. So. For more than 50, years Richard. That. Act of kindness has, always been in my heart and on my mind and, I, get to repay them in a small way by. Introducing their son Richard. As. The recipient, of this. Award at, this conference. Okay. Now. Some nuts and bolts. Doctor. Ladner is professor, emeritus at the Paul G, Allen school. Of computer science, and. Engineering at. The University, of Washington, where. He has been on the faculty since. 1971. His. Principal, research area, is in creating, and, evaluating, technologies. To. Help make the lives of people with disabilities, better.

He. Is currently working on, the development of an accessible, block, based, programming. Language, for. Touchscreen, tablet. Computers, so. That blind children. Can. Have early access, to. Computer. Programming, dr. Ladner is the recipient, of numerous awards, and, honors. Including the 2004. Presidential. Award. For excellence in science, math. And engineering. Mentoring. PA. Es. En. My, notes say and the. 2016. ACM. Sig, s, Award for. Outstanding. Contributions. To computing. And accessibility. Dr.. Ladner Ladner served on the College Board Gallaudet, University. Board, of Trustees from. 2007. To, 2016. Ladies. And gentlemen the recipient, of the Stocki Award for 2018. Dr., Richard Allen. Area. Had not heard that story before my, parents. Babysitting. Your, child wonderful. I'm, really honored by receiving. The Stocki award I'm. Really humbled by all the people who have received the award before. Me. I think. The award started in 1988, so this would be the 31st. Award. I. Want. To thank my parents amyl and Mary. Wherever. You are. They, taught me about. Disability. And. They. Were deaf. But. They never were. Negative. They, didn't think about barriers. They. Didn't feel they were handicapped. But. Instead they viewed it as kind of an opportunity, and. That's. Kind of in my in my heart now. Because. Both my parents had a strong connection with CSUN. Itself. After. My father retired in. 1971. He. Came down to CSUN to get a masters, degree in, the. In the national leadership training. Program and, what, that master's, degree continued, to work after. His age 60, so. We retired, from the School for the Deaf and. Actually. Led the RI d for a couple of years. So. Thank you I Mary Ann amyl I. Also. Want to thank my colleagues, at the University of Washington, especially. Sheryl burgstahler who. As a 2012. Winner. Of the straw a Leadership, Award for. Her support, and guidance over. The years I. Want. To thank my many students, who have inspired, me in many ways to. Create the next generation of. Accessible. Technologies. I'm. Really proud of two, of my students. Sean. Kane and Sheree hasn't taught both, who have, significant. Disabilities and, they're, both professors, one. At the University of Colorado and, the other one at Cornell, Tech in New York City. Finally. I want to thank my wife and my daughters for their continuing, support my. Youngest daughter sort, of followed, in my footsteps a, bit, she's. In her second year as. An occupational, therapist, working. Primarily with people. With mobility related, disabilities, so. I'm actually learning a lot from her because I don't know much about mobility, related. Disabilities, so. Again thank you very much for this wonderful award. We, like to present you with this as a memento of this occasion, and thank, you once again for your long, service, to the field and.

Congratulations. On receiving this award thank you very much. I. Have. An announcement. Concerning. A, journal. On. Technology. And persons with disabilities, and the. Announcement, is as follows, quote, we. Want to remind you that a, preview, PDF draft. Of the. 2018. Journal, on technology. And persons, with disabilities, is available. For download the. Research manuscripts. Are now available at. The conference, prior to publication, for. Reviewing, at the sessions, remember. This preview. Version of the journal is a, pre, published, draft and. Should not be used as a reference, or cited, we're, on track to publish, in the spring so. A big thank you goes out to the editorial, team headed. By dr. Klaus, Neeson, Berger from Austria, the, journal, program, chair, now. At this time for, another award. The. Art car, slur, research. Award, I would. Like to introduce dr., mason Berger and also. Dr. Judy, Kirchner, to give that award. So. On behalf of my husband, art Carter, who was very. Much connected, with the work of, assistive. Technology, who, loved this conference, and actually when he came I think they didn't do a lot of the beer drinking that you were talking about. This. Was the love of his of research it, was the people that he met here it was the the, impact. That, he felt he could have that. Has been. So warm in my heart since his passing two years ago I'm so, honored to be here on behalf, of our children Ilana. And avi I'm so. Pleased to be here and thank you CSUN, thank you. Ladies. And gentlemen, the. Passing, of my, dear. Friend. Mentor. Teacher. And colleague at Kozma, wasn't, only a personal, loss. To many people, and for sure. For many people in this room but. Also a great loss for the field of assistive technology, we. Lost, an, outstanding. And passionated, teacher in computer, science and a. Respected, researcher in. Accessibility. For people with disabilities. Access. To math was, his passion and his, contribution. Contributions. Are still on our, mind, as, an. Advisory. Council, member. Both, art and I. Campaigned, and. Argued. To create a conference.

Journal. To. Increase the participation of. Science, and research, community. To this conference, the, one and only. Really. Networking. Conference and science, and research has, to be here. Art. And I were proud that this was really, a success, from. The first conference, onward, and therefore. Ladies, and gentlemen, please. Spread, the word there. Is a scientific. Journal and we, would be happy to increase. The number of submissions to, be more secular selective. And really. To drive to journal, to one of the, best spread, the word and submit. Your fine science. And research work. Through. The dr., Arthur, Cashman. Award for assistive, technology research. We recognize, arts, legacy, and leadership. In the field this. New annual, award, goes, to the authors or. To the author of the, best submission, to the journal track of the season, 80 Conference, Award. Winners, are recognized, for their exemplary, submission. And excellence, in research and, the, advancement, of assistive, technology, it. Is this award, that we honor dr. cash. Was. Extensive. Experience, commitment. And passion, in. Our field and to continue, his legacy of, innovative. Research, improving, the quality of life of people, with disabilities. The. Scientific. Track, accepts. The, best papers, only, this. Award, honors. The best of the, best, this. Year's. 2018. And the first dr., Arthur cash award, for 80 research, goes to. Se. TT. Framework. Modeler. And P OD d a.a, c, intervention. In elementary, grades. Authored. By Samuel. Senate, from. Portland, State University. Alicia. Chavez, and Hannah Goldberg, from, Portland, Public, School, District, and chest, tail belt from, Nauset. Public Schools. Congratulations. Thank. You very much. Okay. Before we close and move. Out to the reception, I'd. Like to acknowledge and, thank our major sponsors for. Their for this conference, without their, support, we wouldn't be able to offer you the depth and the breadth of exhibits. Presentations. And other events this conference is known for so. Our sponsors. Include. Accenture. Adobe. Amazon. AT&T. Capital. One Cox. DQ. Google. Level. Access, Microsoft. Oracle. Site. Improve, and BFO. You. Have round of applause for our. So. We'd, like to ask everybody to go ahead and exit, we're. Going to be taking a few photos up here so if you want to talk to anybody, wait till we, get done with the photos so go ahead and exit. To the back we'll join you at the reception shortly. Enjoy, the conference. You.

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