27 Creepy Things In Pokémon

27 Creepy Things In Pokémon

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In. 2009. The pinnacle of the franchise, pokemon, gold and silver were remade for the Nintendo, DS and, with the remakes came some added content that they decided to throw in one, of which ended up being strangely, disturbing, the, event is triggered if you visit the ruins of alph with a special, event Pokemon, who can only be acquired in a one-time in-store giveaway, a researcher. Bumps into you and brings you down into the ruins where he says something, feels, different and the, you know and hieroglyphics, on the wall seem to be staring at him if you, aren't familiar you, known are these mysterious Pokemon, that represent, letters of the alphabet this, is where things get weird you suddenly hear a high-pitched, laughter and the screen fades, to black. You'll. Next find yourself in a dark temple, supposedly. Far off from anywhere you've been before, after, some exposition, you're brought back to the temple and asked to choose one of the ancient circles, on the ground upon. Choosing your Pokemon will float to the center of the room and a horde of uknown will swirl around you as you're engulfed, in a huge light this animation, is graphically, not like anything else we've seen in these games giving you this is a realistic vibe but, it gets weirder, from their creepy. Gregorian, music starts playing and were taken through a slideshow, of the creation, of the universe using real-life, photographs. I've always found the use of mixed mediums to be creepy and this, is no exception, seeing man-made cities from our world just comes as a shock after, looking at an entire games, worth of this one specific, art style the, event ends with you being given this egg containing, a new pokémon, before reappearing. In the ruins and the researcher, explains, that you just disappeared, and reappeared before. His eyes the. Mystery, deepens. While. We're still on the ruins of alph they are pretty creepy even under the game's normal, circumstances. Once you get near the ruins you can start to pick up a strange signal on your radio. It's, so broken and distorted, it sounds, more like part of some Pokemon creepypasta.

Than An actual part of the game the, player is tasked with completing these, ancient, block puzzles, each depicting, an ancient, prehistoric Pokemon. The, completion, of these puzzles opens, up a trapdoor leading, to the underground, tombs where you know and will start to randomly appear, the question is who could have built this place all those millions of years ago and for, what purpose, even after completing everything, the mystery, of the runes is never, fully, solved, another, creepy location, in the series is ends room in Pokemon black and white and was, an orphan adopted by the evil Team Plasma and one, of the more interesting, characters in the series he poses the idea of liberating, Pokemon from their trainers as an animal-rights type, of thing but it turns out that his superiors, were just lying and trying to separate other Pokemon, trainers from their Pokemon so that they would have all of the power in the world seeing. Ends childhood, room shows, how manipulated, he was they spent tons of money to keep him occupied but everything in the room is there to keep him entertained by, himself, without the need for any, friends, he has a train set a basketball, hoop dartboard even, his own halfpipe you, can go back to the room in the sequels which take place two years after Team Plasma betrays, n now, the room seems to have been destroyed most. Likely by n in a rage after discovering his faux father's true intentions, and how he was used the, music box in the room also, seems to have been broken as the soundtrack sounds. Much more sinister. Perhaps. The creepiest, part about ends rim now can be seen if you examine the half pipe the character observes that it's been damaged, by the scratches, of Pokemon, did, ends father give him potentially, harmful Pokemon, as part of his plan to turn n against, the Union shared by Pokemon, and their trainers we, never fully find out but it looks grim based on the evidence presented in the game while, we're on the topic of harmful Pokemon, there are many that look innocent but actually, have extremely. Dark descriptions. Others, are just, downright terrifying. Cough, egregious, it has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turned them into mummies, they, like to eat gold, nuggets, they. Pretend, to be elaborate coffins to teach grave robbers their bodies are covered in pure gold, so, this, Pokemon, cough egregious, literally, has been known to swallow adults, whole it makes you think twice as the fourteen-year-old protagonists. Of these games whenever you encounter one while exploring, who knew that your adventure, could come to a close at any moments literally. Let's. Look at another Gengar. To, steal the life of its target it slips, into the preys shadow and silently, waits for an opportunity, it's pretty unnerving to consider that something could be watching you from your own shadow especially. If you're the Pokemon clefable, many, have theorized, that Gengar is actually, the dark version or at least the shadow of clefable, haunting, it wherever it goes, given their identical, shape it's possible, that the name Gengar is short for doppelganger. Because Gengar is a ghostly, double of clefable if such a thing exists, it's chilling to think about what else is out there do humans have a shadow entity, following, them as well, moving. On sandy ghast is a ghost slash ground-type. Pokémon resembling. A sand castle from, Pokemon, Sun and Moon its, evolution, is called hallasan. And they can be found on the sunny shores of, hano beach sandy, gasps entry reads as follows it. Takes, control of anyone, who puts a hand in its mouth and so, it adds to the accumulation, of its sand bound body that's. Creepy, enough on its own but let's look at the description, of the evolved form Palace, and buried. Beneath the castle are masses, of dried up bones from those whose vitality, it has drained these. Tropical, beaches don't, seem quite so bright and cheerful after learning that it, gets worse when you consider the context.

Hanno Beach is a public, beach right next to two huge resorts, the place is covered with unsuspecting. Tourists, and young children can be found playing at the resort and don't fall asleep on that beach chair because your kid could end up as a pile of bones beneath, these sunny shores if you aren't careful not. All the creepy Pokemon are ghost types however Beedrill. Beedrill. Is extremely, territorial no. One should ever approach, its nest this, is for their own safety, if angered. They will attack in a furious swarm that. May not sound that scary but let's not forget that Beedrill, are three foot tall 65. Pound poisonous, bugs with, giant stingers, for hands, I think the wasps in our world are already scary enough as it is I do not need a swarm of child-sized Beedrill coming after me with their glowing red eyes the thought of that is enough to make me never want to go outside again. With. That being said let's, take a break from the creepy pokedex, entries, I think we could all use one and go inside, some of the creepy buildings, that the world of Pokemon, has to offer take, cinnabar, mansion, for example, it's the burndown well. They call it burn down but I guess it's just burned, mansion. Of a researcher, who has been studying the legendary, Pokemon, mu and attempting, to replicate its, DNA his. Journal, entries can be found in the mansion, that is if you make it past the mad scientists, and burglars, who have come to scavenge the remains the, journals tell of approximately. A two year period where researchers, found and captured new cloned, it and gave earth 2 mu 2 mu 2 became, far too powerful, for them to handle destroyed, the mansion, and fled into the wild eventually, settling, in at cerulean. Cavern, mu 2 is the strongest, Pokemon, in the game so, much so that only the Pokemon, League champion is. Permitted, entering into the cavern, as for the researcher, I think, it's pretty obvious what, happened to him in our, real, world with emerging, technologies, such as cloning, and AI it's, scary to think about these things growing, more potent, than mankind, and what type of damage could possibly, incur, the. Most universally. Recognized, creepy location, in the Pokemon, world of course is lavender. Town with, its creepy, headache-inducing, music. Frequencies, ghost, hands resting, on your shoulder, and no, these, aren't all ghost-type, pokémon some. Of them are the real ghosts, of deceased, Pokemon, the rest of the horror community, here on YouTube has done a fine job of covering lavender, town so I'm not gonna spend too much time on it but it does tie into the next topic death of Pokemon. One, theory says after, you defeat blue on the SS n since, he didn't have access to a Pokemon, Center he was unable to heal his radical injuries. Properly, in time the next time you see blue in the pokemon tower the, final resting place of Pokemon, he makes a comment wondering, why your character, is at the pokemon, tower, seeing as how none, of your Pokemon look dead when, you proceed to battle him the radical, is missing, from his party I guess you could say that you eradicated. The competition. Okay. That's horrible another haunted house location, can be found in the fourth generation of games where you can find an abandoned, house deep, in the aterna forest, known as the, old chateau, many, of the characters you meet in that area of the game express, fear and anxiety about. The old chateau, even, the gym leader supposedly. The strongest, trainer in that nearby city refused, to go any further than the front gates inside, you'll find an array of ghost-type. Pokémon and, while, there don't seem to be any actual, ghost of dead Pokemon, here what you'll find may, actually be, more disturbing. From. Time to time you, can spot the ghosts of the little girl who once lived there and her Butler floating. Around the manor, the, girl can be seen in the next room over if you go in someone in the bedrooms and the butler can be seen occasionally on the far side of the dining room it's not possible, to reach and talk to either of them but they lack the same walking animations. That all of the other characters, have in these games and instead, just float across the screen there's, also a book you can find in library all of the pages are blank other than this one something. So peculiar, should make off with the mother we. Don't know much about the family who lived in the old Chateau, but it seems like after some dark Spirit made off with the mother something, happened to the daughter and the butler causing, the father to flee the mansion and never, return we, see another human ghost character in pokemon black, and whites when, traveling across an area known as the marvelous bridge you may occasionally, encounter.

A Young girl staring, off the side of the bridge if you approach this girl she, will simply, disappear frightening. The man standing, to her right upon, further investigation an, old woman will reveal that a young girl with an abra, used to play around in the area before the bridge had been built we don't learn anything else until the sequel's taking, place two years later the, player will stumble upon a location, simply referred to as strange. House on the opposite side of the mountain that Marvel Bridge is located, on inside, the house you'll find levitating. Objects, and random, furniture, thrown about most of the rooms in the library there, are several books pertaining, to the link between Pokemon. And nightmares. In reading, each of these books they explain, about Cresselia, the anti nightmare Pokemon, Darkrai, the nightmare pokemon, drowsy, the dream eating Pokemon, hypno, the sleep inducing, Pokemon and some, of the moves that these Pokemon may use to haunt the nightmares of Pokemon or people. Exploring. The house will lead you to meet the ghost girl when she just appears in front of you only this time she'll, speak to you. You, can encounter her again in a different part of the house where she now has new, dialogue. Finally. If you go into the bedroom she appears one more time. With. That she gives you the lunar wing and disappears, you, can use it to summon Cresselia, it could be speculated, that the girl was trying to summon Cresselia, herself, because some of her dreams were haunted, by the evil, Darkrai possibly, driving her to the breaking point and death. That, would explain why she had so many books about Pokemon dreams, and nightmares there's, another ghost later on that I'd like to discuss but first let's look at some more disturbing. Pokedex, entries, I'll start with the after mentioned drowsy. Drowsy. It remembers, every, dream it eats it rarely, eats the dreams of adults, because childrens are much tastier, if your, nose becomes itchy while you are sleeping it's a sure sign that drowsy is standing, above your pillow and trying, to eat your dream through, your nostrils, the, idea of waking up to see this horrifying, thing attempting, to suck your dream out through your nose is terrifying. Not to mention that Dream Eater is one of the most devastating psychic. Type moves in the game powerful. Enough at times to bring down a behemoth Snorlax, getting. Your dream eaten sounds like one of the most painful and scarring, experiences. Imaginable. But the horror does not end there. Drowsy. Evolves, into hypno, hypno. It, carries, a pendulum, like device, there, was once an incident, in which it took away a child it hypnotized. So, not only do these things look like a creepy, old predator, but they're actually known to come into children's bedrooms at night hypnotized. Them and lead them back out into the wild into, their nest where several Hypno's, and drowsies feast upon the children's, dreams, imagine. Waking up as a child and being in a dark cave not, knowing where you are or how you got there and being surrounded by an entire horde, of these nightmare inducing creatures. Who want to kidnap you and devour, the, thoughts that occupy, your head during, a dream, the. Next one is a personal, favorite from the seventh generation of, games. Mimic. You a lonely, Pokemon, it conceals. Its terrifying, appearance beneath. An old rag so, it can get closer to people and, other Pokemon, its. Actual, appearance is unknown. A scholar, who saw what was under its rag, overwhelmed. By terror and died from the shock so. If this is a Pokemon that nobody has actually seen the true form of except.

For That one guy apparently. Mimic, you disguises, itself as a Pikachu, because it's seen that Pikachu is the most popular, Pokemon among, humans, and it wants to be loved by its human trainers ah how. Adorable. Until, you remember the fact that underneath, that cloth what, lies beneath, the disguise the true form, of mimic you is something so disturbing so. Obscene, so, terrifying, that the very sight of it will literally scare the trainer to, death. But. At least the disguise is cute right know, in Pokemon, there's an alternate, color palette for each species which are extremely rare called shinies, look, at the shiny form of mimic you that's not shiny at all it looks like it belongs in the Zack Snyder movie wouldn't, want to run into one of those in a dark alley oh yeah that's the other creepy, thing about mimic you you can only find it in one place, an abandoned, convenience, store at the end of a broken, forgotten, Road when, you first meet mimic you you go into a secret backroom where your camera turns on all on its own you, can then examine the, cold dark, little room and discover that's plastered. With all these joyful, pictures and magazine, clippings of Pikachu. So, it seems like mimic U is either obsessed. With Pikachu, or absolutely. Hates them which is creepy either way you look at it then, somehow, mimic, you just appears behind you and initiates, a battle I'm just glad to be the player character, in that situation, and not, Pikachu, imagine. You are Pikachu. You go into this room and find all of these photos of yourself plastered. Around ones. You don't even remember being taken then you turn around and, someone in a costume resembling. You is standing, there blocking the, only exit. While, Pikachu, in mimic you do share some similarities another, interesting, pair are cubone, and shedinja. Cubone. It always, wears the skull of its dead mother so no one has any idea what its hidden face looks, like, shedinja. A discarded. Bug shell that came to life peering, into the crack on its back is said to steal one spirit. Both of these pokemon hide inside, the skeleton of another pokemon, in their evolutionary, line refused. To show their faces and undoubtedly. Have some personal, issues here's, another Pokemon, that looks like it would make a great pet but, upon further investigation you, may want to stay miles, and miles from it Esper. The, organ, that emits its intense psychic, power is sheltered, by its ears to keep power from leaking out it. Has enough psychic energy to blast everything within, 300. Feet of itself, but, no control, over its power the eyes on this Pokemon are already, a little unnerving, and the teeth don't really help but if you try to play with this pokemons, ears the look that it gives you will be burned into your memory in the worst way, possible the. Sound, you just heard it comes from the this Pokemon, drift Lyn drifloon. Stories. Go then it grabbed the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife it. Dislikes, heavy children. This Pokemon might look like a balloon you would pay too much money for it affair, but it's actually, a ghost type Pokemon, and like many of the creepy Pokemon on this list it abducts children what. Is it with Game Freak and child abduction, anyway I think, we've all had the childhood moment of letting go of a beloved balloon maybe we should just be glad that the, balloon lets go of us before. I get to what I see as the creepiest, thing to have happened, in the Pokemon, franchise let, me tell you about something that may have not been intentionally. Creepy but I found rather off-putting, anyways, there, is an area called Mountain moon which you go through many times in the first two generations of, games what, I never realized, for the longest time was, that going through Mountain Moon Square on a Monday, night in pokemon, gold and silver resulted, in a special, event so when I accidentally, stumbled upon this and heard this strange music, in a location that I had rolled through many, with no music change I was a bit shook I'll just roll the clip. The. Noises that they make are so disturbing. It's like there's just some kind of dark undertone, then there's the way that the rock just appears that which, is almost like a jump-scare I guess the story goes that the Clefairy come from outer space and the rock is a meteor that they summoned with their dance I had played this game for so long before discovering, that little scene that it just seems so unreal to me when it finally happened, alright it looks like we've reached the number one scariest, thing in all of Pokemon, I'll just set it up for you a little bit in Pokemon, X&Y, there's a lot to explore in the biggest city lumiose, city it's.

Probably In the best part of the game you can rollerblade, around, the music is great and there's plenty to explore then. This, happens. You. You. Yep. Then. She just disappears, it's, never explained, you never see her again nobody, on the internet has any idea who this girl is or why this happens, I was kind of tired and dozing, off when it happened to me so I think that it shocked me even more I kind of thought that I had dozed off and had a weird dream the music stops the way she just slides across the screen is very unsettling, I actually, had to look it up online to make sure it was real after, all maybe I had one of those fabled, Haunted cartridges, honestly, the only reason, I can even imagine this is in the game is as a response to the growing genre, of Pokemon creepypasta. Online it, kind of seems like something that would happen in one of those stories where the cartridge is hacked or haunted and the game behaves, in some stranger, creepy way maybe the developers put, this in to bait people into writing their own stories, and theories as sort of a viral, marketing campaign built, into the game if that's, the case then I guess it worked because Here I am talking about it in front of you people right now by, the way I may do more videos on creepy things in non horror media if you're interested in seeing them so let me know by answering this poll right here I also haven't covered even half the creepy, things in Pokemon, so if you want me to do a part two leave a comment and tell me to do a part two and if you're new to the channel I'm known as Suzy, I make horror films and I do these narrations so, here's, the deal I'll make with you if you're interested in seeing creepy, stuff like you just saw I can get you more of that all you have to do is two things first. Subscribe, to seize these world for new Horrors every week second. Ring that victreebel for notifications. If you don't ring the bell you won't be able to see any of my videos that's, just how YouTube works now, so if that all sounds good to you then I will see you in the next one assuming, we both survive.

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