273rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, April 25, 2019

273rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, April 25, 2019

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You. Plasma. Agriculture. A. New. Method of farming and agriculture. Through, the use of the new cash plasma, science and technology. Farming. Virus. Processing, protects. The life of farm animals by processing, away the energy package is called viruses. Increase. In fishery and farming products, create. The optimal, conditions for farming to thrive. Reduction. In growth time the, plants grow faster and stronger. Reduction. In harvesting, time the, earlier maturity, time for harvest allows, farmers, multiple, harvests per season. Extension. Of the shelf-life of agricultural. Products. Increase. In grain protein, content, without interfering. With seed genes. Environment. Reduction. Of chemical agriculture inputs. No, more fertilizers. Or pesticides. Progressive. Reduction of land nitrites, and chemical, contaminants, clean, and restore the environment. Decontamination. Of agricultural, water from, poison, and metals. Health. Through, food. Reduction. In the use of chemical fertilizers, or antibiotics. In farming practices. Food. Nutrients, in the crops are kept without the use of genetic, modification. Improved. Health for people and environment. Plasma. Culture. Using. The kesh plasma science and technology, the environment, creates and provides to the plants exactly, what and how much they need to prosper. Reduction. In use of groundwater in agricultural, systems as the. Energy is absorbed from, the environment to plant does not need that much water to create its own food and energy to grow. Greater. Crop tolerance, to temperature, variation, the, possibility, to grow crops in any, climate at any time of the year. Non. GMO. Use. Of the newly discovered natural. State of matter known as Gans plasma, water allow. The natural growth and development of agricultural. Products, use. Of non GMO agriculture. Process, proven. Through governmental, tests. Financial. Security, for farmers. Simplify. The methods, and processes requiring less effort, from farmers, more. Than 30 percent increase in crop yields, increase. In income for farmers. Global. Change. Eliminate. Famine worldwide, increase. National. And global food, security. Contact. Us. Visit. Our website for the brochure in your language. One. Of the things to consider, when. We speak. About going. To space. Its, what, do we define the space as. And. What. Do we see or what, we consider as, a space. We. Take a space in our physical body on this planet and, at. The same time within. A structure, our physical body there. Is another, dimension. Of life which we call the soul atomic and. Even. Though it, lives, within. Space. Dimensions. Of the. Body. Of the man has. His own life and. Has. His own line of communication. And. What. We define, space. Going, to a space. We. Already, know, the. Inner Sanctum or the creator of our physicality, travels. The depth of the universe, has. Been the space travel all the time, as. A line of communication with, other. Parts. Of. Us. Be. True, dream, we call it also subconscious. Some people, they call it or. We. Have. The choice that, physically. Move, the physicality, with. Its soul, in, a way we, have a bird, caged. In. The physicality of the body of man and that bird, is called the soul of man. We. Can open that cage and. Let. It loose at the point of death when. The operation of this cage, rots away and. It. Cannot hold together and this, beautiful bird becomes, free. Still. It, takes life. In, the universal, dimension. Because. It, still. Has a life. It. Exists. On its own or. We. Can carry the cage in a, box and take, it anywhere I can. Take a birdcage. In the car I can take your breath cage in my hand and, walk around the park it, doesn't change the entity and the essence of that bird. Mr.. Little bird still sing still communicates, with other birds in the park and. This. Is how our soul, is, so. We. Give option. Those. Who, understand. The process, of the creation. Can. Take, that cage that bird out of the cage I'm free, it because. We, trusted, it come back in. It's. Very much when. You have a parrot, at home. You. Open the door you let him fly around the house and. It comes back again any calls in the cage. Because. We trusted he knows that's very belongs to and. This is the process that we have made an option. To man. The. Soul of the man is that bird. But. Is in, cage in physicality, of body of man and, for the first time man. Lost man. Can see. That. He. It's. Him, who. Has entrusted the bird to be freed. And. It. Has come the time that. He, does not need to, see the cage to break up to rust that. The bird can fly out or by, accident. Open, the cage the cage his door is open and the bird flies out. That. Accident, is when we die on the street the. Bird cage opens up. That. Bird still gets read. But. Now, we. We. Are teaching how, the man, has. Control. Over this, door. Of the cage and. He trusts, that the soul will come back, to the body or. The. Bird will, stay, that, he can create that atmosphere of, the home the.

Cage. This. Is the problem we have and this is what we, call it different. Ways of. Traveling. But. To. Be able to free that bird, without. Accident. Or when the cage cracks. Rust, and we call it death. We. Are, teaching, how, to be able to control, to, trust that, that bird when we release it can, come home or. Can. Make a home that we can go to. When. My. Children were young. Four. Or five years old they wanted a bird a. Cockatoo. I'm. Father Michael co2 and. This. Bird, in. The, cage was, very young few weeks old when we got him and. Be. Useless is free in the house he, knew it goes back in and he sleeps there and he lays eggs there and. It. Came to the point because. Of the diseases, carried we. Had to the, doctors told us this, bread cannot stay in the house because he's causing problem. In the house health. Problems, so, we. Decided, that we, loved the cake the bird we. Didn't want to let it go it was part of us so. We. Decided if. He let it free it will die because, he, had he didn't know how to look after himself because, he was unfit. We. Decided, we'd, take him to a sanctuary and. We give it to a sanctuary we kept, we. Carry the cage. In. Cross. A park. And. As we, were walking to, go to the sanctuary in the park to be given to them an old, lady saw so all the beautiful bird we said they have a problem we love him but if, you leave him here we don't know if you see if she says I'll look after it give it to me you can come and see it anytime you like. And. It was just like a gift. So we, gave it we've got the old lady in the car we went to her house we. Put the cage there we showed them how to look after the bird and the bed was free again in the room and. Every. Now and then children, said mama can we go and see him so. They called the lady we won't sing in the pet is there, and. It was a new home it was awful, and this, is how this all of them I should be, is. Trusting. That very. Cause can, make a home for us. So. In this process. We. Are teaching, different. Ways. Of. Freeing. The bird, or. Carrying. The cage -, bird is still there, if. You want to carry a cage and go somewhere you get in the car that's your spaceship. Still. The cage is there and the bird inside the. Cage is the body of the man and the third is the sole of them. Because. We haven't trusted that. We, get the bird, back. We. Take care of the cage in the spaceship. Or. There. Is another line, of teaching, which, is the, understanding. The structure, of the cage, that. You can make the occasion not to rot that any freeze they've heard or, they can open, up and. We. Can carry, the bear the bear III it only to fuel it you don't need to do anything it travels the, space of the room the space of the, garden. The space of the city and it comes back home again. In. The way we teach about the soul of the man is, in, getting, the man to trust himself and. To. Trust himself he, has become detached. Has. To come detach, from physicality. Detached, from the world they touch from everything. Else that, the. Wealth is within me. Not. Belonging. To me. And this. Is where. Every. Man makes, extinct, in. Many of the teachings, I have. Referred if, you understand, that, you can put the soul of the man to, act be the soul of physicality, of the man you, can make anything you like. The, soul of the man is the Sun and, the soul of physicality, in the palm of the hand of the man is earth you. Move it in the direction you, create water you create food but, you don't need to have it it creates the energy that, the physicality, of the man can absorb. We. Give the earth in the hand in the palm of the man he, creates what he needs he takes what it needs from it. Then. If you. Understand, this you. Allow. The. Soul of the man to. Carry the soul of the physicality of the man with it and whenever he comes he makes, that hand upon a thousand. Meter one, meter in. A cage of physicality, or leakage. Of non dimension so. It's. Not methods. Of flight is. The method, of man understanding. His own potential. His. Own grace. So. Because. We have so many people, who are so physically, attached, we. Teach about the spaceship, for years, this. Is what it was they, still wanted, to see they can get into something.

But. As I. Said I teach for the universe not. For the man, what. We teach in, the dimension, of soul. Of the man many. Travels. Of the universe which here the small of me are, educated. To understand, what they missed, but. As this, is the last time we bring a messenger, on earth we, teach everything for mankind, to carry. All. The rules are in the book. There. Shall be no more messages. Is, for, man to. Translate, knowledge. Scientifically. And, then. Through, the understanding of the soul of the man what. We call, theology. Ethics. Ethics. Of using the science, in. A way that, does not have no one by, the implies, and the prize is survival. Of the others I. Was. Talking about this a few days, ago that, there. Is a paper written by me. The. Station of the. Scientist. As a prophet. The. Prophets we call Mohammed Christ or anybody are, for. The soul of the man conduct. Of the behavior. Scientists. Like beautiful, Tesla and others. Are. To. Elevate, the same but, the physicality, after. This. Time we have put the tool together in one go then there is no difference. We. Teach ethics the, soul conduct, and physicality, it's. For, the man to understand, where. The to merge. And. When it's needed to be done. The. Totality. Which, counts, not. The individuality. What. You, can self count, not. What, serves you. So. In this, way if. You. Are physical. We, have even your dispatch all these, reactors. If. You, have moved in the dimension. Of understanding, part. Of it you. You. Have the dynamic, system you get some energies, you, put. A glass of water you mix the energy, and something, else to get there you, still the camel bird it would orange take the energy but you still want that physicality. That you're doing something with it you drink the water. For. The soon of those who, understand. The totality, then. They don't need the cage the, free bird. And. This, is the, essence, of all the teaching. It. Is not different. Ways of flight is. Understanding. The. Existence, of the universe. Then. If, you travel, with a spaceship.

What. Do you see. The. Citizens. Of the universe in, a physical damage if. You travel with the. Soul that, you can create the. Physicality, you take, that. Out. Of the equation you travel. But. You, know you have connection, with everybody. It's very much as I said once it's. Like you, get, off out of London. And even to New York. You're. There on your own but, you still pick your phone and speak to their family in London. It's. Not finished, now. The. Sole of command given, the man the same opportunity. We. Teach for. The time to come and. We teach from now, till. That time to, come and that, time comes it's, not anymore the end of the world. Something. Will happen, is. The maturity of the ones understanding. Of his own creation. You. You. Welcome. Everyone to the. 270. Third knowledge, seekers, workshop, for. Thursday, April 25th. 2019. I'm, your host Rick gammon today this, is a broadcast. From the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute, and it's a public teaching in English I think. I hear mr. Kesh ready, to present, today's. Teaching. And education. Are. You ready to go. Yes. Whoops. Whatever. You listen to these knowledge seekers teaching. I. Would. Like to thank Lisa, for such a beautiful, intro. As. We. Said last time and we, carry on with the same today. Is. Now. Understanding, what are more in. Connecting. The soul of the man to the physicality, of the map and. In. So many many to understanding, the, heartbeat, after that. Where. Do. The heartbeats meet, the. Heart rate of the solo team and a heartbeat on every skeleton man, and, what. Is the art cooperative, what. Are the consequences of, it. What. Does it develop. What. Does it constitute. What. Does it end, and, would. That point, become. Something very clear. Between. The two part of the physicality, and. Emotion. Of the man or what. We call the interaction, which in this heartbeat. Of the physicality, and the heartbeat of this or not. There. Is something very interesting which. I think, before. We go any further we, might. Have to look at we might have to consider, and. We. Might have to open. Up. Some, new dimensions, new understanding. We. Speak. About. The, Sun of the mind. And. The. Brain of the man. And. Then. We have the, heart of the man. One. Of the ways not. The. Physicality, of the man, has. Engaged. And. Slaved. The soul of the man. Is. Through the, blood. As. We say the emotion, of the map where. The. Emotion, of the physicality, is. Transported. So. Now, we understand. Something. Very very simple. Us. Or. If. You're. Familiar with the world of physics on plasma technology. Places. Like CERN. Places. Like most, advanced plasma, technologies. Tokamak. Systems. Which. Is the Russian based nuclear. Fusion. Systems, which. Is a pure plasma. We. Have a plasma inside. But. To, control, and maintain. The. Plasma, we. Need to create a magnetic, field around it. This. Last, one in the center is the soul of the band and, the. Current, which, keeps, this. Plasma, on the control, to keep the charge I'm floating. Within the center of brain of man his, circulation. Of the blood of the man around. The, scholars. Man. And. It transfers, his energy, and according. To the NHC's, he, holds, on to. The solar. This, is why when the man dies in, physical, dimension. This. Cage. This. Electromagnetic. Field which comes from the poles from the rotation, at the product owner is, broken and the, soul of the man is free. So. Now you understand. How the physicality. Has, encased so love them. Now. We understand. The. Science how. The physicality. Of the, science, has engaged, the. Soul of man to the ethics, and the health of the universe. This. Is why. We. Understand, the totality now. This. Is why when. The separation, comes, when. We get old and, gradually, go, through the process, of. Dying. This. Cage. Electrical. Current which. In case the. Soul of the man gets weaker with you, so. This, old nose is. Time, to go, because. I cannot, be kept as I, said and we heard in the teaching, at the beginning in, the, intro. We. Have that cage and. When we open, that cage the bird flies the. Cage of the man is made by the emotional. Part. Which. Is of the same strength. Of. Physicality. In the dimension, of control, through the blood of the man. And. When that, circulation, stops when, the physical. Heartbeat. Of the man stops. As. In tokamaks, and in cern. Direct. Current. Breaks down and the plasma is free. We. Go. Back to the some. Of the teachings of the past I always, said the, physicality, of the man is a leech. Which. Is attached itself, to, the. Soul of the man. And. Now you understand. When. The leech does not work anymore.

The. Cage is open and. The. Only way, that this can be kept, is. By, the circulation. Of the blood of man. Now. You understand, that your. Blood is the cause, of the engagement, of the soul out. Its. Circulation. And to. Engage it, it, has to make a very. Clear. Very. Very clear. Joint. And. Collected. Work, that. It beats. In. The rhythm. The. Soul is aware, as. The. Man gets old. That. I am, getting free, the. Day of judgment is near. This. Is why many people when, they get all the stop putting, the wrongs right because, the soul is getting aware I have to clean up the slate. Now. We understand. How. We have engaged the salat and. Now. You understand, why, through. The. Energy, which you transfer. To the blood of man through the breathing. You. Can tune, the. Strengthen, or, free. The soul out. Even. Though you can keep the physicality going, you, allow, the, condition. That. As. You remember, the. Two magnets. By. A strengthening. One or the other you can create the, space of the. Separation, but, knowing, at, all time you, are connected, you. Can, let this all free while, you hold on to the physicality as. Here. I control. This, is what happened, to us at the time of sleep. The. Blood circulation. Drops. The. Cage become. Loose, you. Can go for a fly like, the bird come. Back home when. I'm here because I need it because we do I can, exist. Now. Me understand, the. Heartbeat, of the man the current flow would in a motion, of the physicality, of the man - his blood is. The. Key for. The man - able to, hold on to the physicality, or, allow, the soul of the man, to. Encircle. The. Physicality, then. You become alive then you become messengers of, your also. This. Is why we've. Said before man. Does. Not need no. Prophet. Because. Now you. Become this and through. It you, tried. To. Teach others. You. Give. So. The dimension, of physicality. Concerning. The dimension, of the sword. Maybe, now we, understand, more maybe. Not we understand, what. Man has not understood for, centuries. From. The beginning of time. Now. We understand. More. Or less the totality, of the existence. Now. We, would reach a point of maturity. Now. Maybe, we. Can connect. The, dimension, of physicality. The. Interaction, of the solar physicality. The interaction, of soul of the man and the. Interaction, of the heartbeat, of the soul of the man and the heartbeat. Of the physicality, of the soul of the man and. Understand, more about our, own emotion. Our, own feelings, our, own, intentions. Now. That, we understand, how we have engaged. This. Beautiful, bird. Even. Though by the existence. Confirmed. Our existence. And. If. We learn how to. Work. With it we. Do not need to kill. To. Feed the physicality. Because. This. Beautiful, soul itself. Has. Made. A. Line. Of. Interaction. With. The universal, energy, so. Through it. We. Can feed and, through. This we. Can feed the physicality. This. Is why Isis. Died. Shall. Not kill. Is. Not just killing another man. It. Is not just. Killing. Somebody. Who, talks. Is. Not. Killing the totality. Because. He. Has a gift, and, access, to this totality. Of the energy of the universe. This. Might. Open your eyes to. A new dimension in. So. Many ways. If. We are, base, to, the totality of the understanding. Maybe. We can open the. Book of the life of the man in. A different dimension. If. We. Understand, and. We look at, the, physical structure. If. You look at the earth. And. We. Look at. The. Magnetic, fields, around, Earth. Where. We. Have placed the Sun here. The. Magnetic, field of, the earth. I've. Taken or, take, a different, shape. Now. Very much flat, and, they said. We. See it. When. We measure it and. He has extension. In, the back. Because. The. Pressure of the fields, on. The Sun, flattens. This part. Where. The earth is, interrupts.

Inside. Of this, field. This. Entity. Is. Literally. Like the soul of, and. This. Fields. Are, the engagement. These. Are what have. Trapped. Us inside. Now. Can. I turn this. In. A different way. We. Look at the horizontal line, of the Sun. Let's. Turn it in, a different way and, let's. See, when. The field, strength. Quit moves. This. The strongest field. And. As. Is the weakest, and. As. The. Field. Mediocre. These. Are. Mathematical. Field. Pressures. But. In essence. There. Is gravitational. Field, store. Now. Let's. Change the, slide again. The. Earth. And. Solar. Pressure. Flat. Because. Of the stronger field. And. Pressure. Entail but, the, body of the man has, chosen the trick. Entrapped. Itself, in school. And. What happens in the body of the man. These. Two the physicality of the man. At. The same time, there. Is a further problem or, another, intermediary. We. Call it. The. Heartbeat are just. Two dimensional, physicality, which. Runs the same. Pattern. Of work. Now. You understand. Why. We. Always have a heart attack when, we hit the brain. Because. The tail of the field forces, feeds. The soul out. Now. We understand. This. Is very much like you, put a cap in, front, of the strong. Field. Field. Of the earth, feed. Up the physicality of the man and. Feeling of this so loud the. Three of them is so powerful, that lead. On, the balance even. Though some of it goes out. Back. To the dimension of physicality of the man which one return makes, a physical shape of them. But. There. Is another I mentioned. To this. When. We look as, we, saw the. Flat, shape of, the. Fields, as. They, come, to the earth. We. Saw the flat shapes. Very. Flat a distance. Extension. We. Noticed. One denominator. This. Is the field of the Sun. Have. You noticed, my. Shape. Of the brain of the man is like this, and. The, soul of the man sits. Right, in the center of it. Look. At the shape of any, animal the. Lion. Was. The same, so. Has their fish. The. Flood line is. Not, that it's. Just because of the gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the, both, the, heart of the man dimensional physicality. And the earth of the man creates. That flat. Fields, which, forces, the, flower shape. At. The bottom of an underline. Of feedback, we, call it, the. Neuro system. The. Ground them. The. Line that he can feed faster, that he can get back his spinal cord, and. If. You. Have, in, a different shape or form, according. To the strength and the position, from it, you. Tail this way or. You turn that way if, you're a fish you. End up that if you're any more vertical, or horizontal or. The. Same with, the tree. What. We call the better. Now. We understand, the structure. Why. We have this flat buried at. The bottom, it's. Due, to, the massive field, pressures, of the. Heart of the man which. Gets filled forces, any forced. Is exactly, the same fields, and this. Is why we, have the shape of the brain. Then. This, raises. Another, question, what. Am i and. That is very simple. This. Is, the. Shape of your brain. And. This is your soul, and. This, is, water physicality. At. The same time just. The. Fluid, motion of the field holding, which. Comes from every essence which. Goes with heart. In. The SS. Then. You, understand. Two. Things. The. Field. From. Strength. Of. The physicality, the. Field. From. The strength. Of. The, soul eternal. The. Fields. From. The. Circulation. Of the fields, of the emotion of the man. Then. It. Gives you something you all know. This. Strength, from, this distance, from the brain, this. Is where only. Fields, interact. But. No physicality. And we call it this is where we feel happiness. The. Place of emotion of the man. This. Is where at. Least feel the strength. We. Call it language. This. Is where dad. Collaborates. With the, strength of, the tongue of the man and the voice box. We're. At this, strength, and, this. Strength. Coming from, blood. Of the man and the, emotion, of the man. And. The heart, of the man, we. Call it. Fear. And. Now we understand, there, is no difference, where the. Son came. From, and. Interaction. With other fields. Created. The Jupiter, Saturn. The, moon but. These. Are the dimension, of physicality, in a position of matter and. The energy, fields. Now. You understand. How. Emotion. Of the man has. Found the place but we cannot tangibly, locate, it and hold it in, the brain of the man to. Call it like, ah and this is the arm of the man you can hold something when, we say this is the region where, we, can feel the emotion, of happiness. Emotion. Of language. Emotional. Fear and. Many many other emotions, where. The, soul of the man himself, with. The interaction, of the soul, of the dimension, of the universe, has. Its own spaces. And fears, within, the structure. Now. We understand, how emotion. Is created.

And. How according. To what position. We, have in. Given. Dimension. We. Have, different. Emotions in, different part, of the universe, different. Part of the planet why. All. Italians. Are. Lovers, are pretend, to be the lovers is it, the island of Italy, which creates our point always. Say if. Here in such a country, French. Are that way or, the, Spanish or that way or the, Mexicans are away. It's. A combination of the energies, which, falls within the, engagement. Of the. Blood circulation, of the man and the heartbeat, of the man which. Varies. The. Behavior, and strength, of that emotion, but. The soul of the man in essence. Is all the same for all mankind. For. All creatures, of the God. What. Are all creatures of the universe. Then. We. Understand, more. Then. We understand, more about how. Emotions. Are. Created. Without home, where. The, interaction. Of the fields, the. Soul of the man leads. With. The interaction, of the. Physicality. Of the man is, so. You. Hello. Mr. Kesh. We. Have a. Connection. Issue, briefly. Bear. With us as we reconnect, with mr., Kesh. We're. Not quite hearing, you yet mr. Kesh. Still, not hearing you yet. Still. Not able to hear you mr. Kashyap, you trying to speak there. It's. Interesting. Coincidence. That we lost the connection when, mr., Kesh was. Talking. About the, connection. Of the soul yet ah here. Minute yes, now here if yes. Okay there is something wrong in the system do. You see the picture, yes. Okay. Where to do is lost. Me at. The point you were talking, about the connection, of the soul. We. Were talking about all the time about the collection, but it's not the soul well. I was about a minute ago I was gonna bit of a gap there. See. When are they Clues. Someone. Else give me a prompt. On what's. The last thing that mr. cash was talking about that we heard. Connection. Of the soul to the soul of physicality. Did. You hear about. The. Interaction. Between. The. Soul. Of physicality. No. I think you, just started to talk about that, okay. So, it, means man was not ready to hear. No. Problem, so. What we try to explain, is the, interaction. Within. The soul of the physicality, of man, and. Soul. Of the man in. The Lord of the fields. The. Leads, to the creation of emotion. That's. Why emotions. Don't have no dimension. There. Has a home. And. At, his wife. If. You understand. He. Can take. Most. Of the. Physical. Part. Of the brain away. And. You. Will still have. The. Same emotions. You. Can create. The. Same, physicality. Mo, mo SH, in. That body of the mind. This. Is why. As. Long. As the soul. Of them. Or. The. Blood vessels. Rotation. Of the blood. Within. This call of the man is, not stopped. The. Soul of the man, stays. Within the body of tomorrow. Sometimes. If. For, example. We. Lose the. Brain. Understanding. This. Work. Of the soul, of the man and the soul, of the physicality, of the man we. Can create. The. Missing, part of, the. Physical, part, of the brain. This. Is how we. Can regenerate. Every. Surface. Then. It becomes, very easy. To. Be able to understand. How. We. Can develop. And. Understand. The. Total, work of the physicality, of the man. What. This means. Is. Very simplest. If. I can make. This. Use me mr. cash we have a bit of an echo going on in. The background there maybe we can. Alleviate. That somehow. Yes. We. Don't hear you now. Yes. Keep. Talking this is it good. Okay. What. It is. It's. A something, immediate. This. What it means. Is. That. With. Your dynamic, system. If. You can create. The. Condition, of the soul of track. And. You can create. The. Condition, of. The. Soul of physicality. And. You can create a. Feel. To. Contain, both. Then. You. Can take this to. Any position in the universe. And. If. You, can replicate any. Of these two, in. The. Right way. You. Can replicate. The, man, sold. Anywhere. In the universe. This. Is why in. One, of the teachings. Absurd. Before. That. We. Can, take. The physicality, anywhere. Or. We, can take the soul of the man. Anywhere. And. Make a copy of it. This. Is the beauty, of it. This. Is what we say. Mankind. Has, to understand, the totality. This. Is what the problem is and. You'll. Stay with me. You. You. Not. Able to hear you yet to see you trying to speak there. Something. Is happening with a stroke. I. Think. You need to turn your speaker's down, perhaps in the background. Can. You hear, me now. Yes. I think that's better. Okay. So what. We see what we have is to, understand, the, totality of, the, word. What. Is important, is, to be able to. Understand. Now that. How. The, emotion, of the man has, been created. And. How. The.

Emotion. In. The. Physical, dimension of the brain of the man. Links. Up to different part, of physicality, after that. Why. We. Have the position of the fingers. Near. The ear and, why we have the upper arms, in the center. Because. This. Is what the blood, circulation, through, this motion brings. And. If you look at it we. Say why, we are left connected. To the right and why. All. Right, let's connect it to our left. Now. We understand, a lot more. Now. We understand. More. Or less the totality. Of the construction, of the physicality, of the map. Now. We understand, the connection, between the emotion, of the man through the emotional, for the physicality, which. Is the blood. And. Through. The soul of the physicality. Which. Matches. As. A Twain, way. The. Soul. But. This leaves, one. Point. We. Demand, that. Where. Does the heartbeat, come, into the operation. Where. Does the heartbeat. Of the soul of the man comes. Into operation. In. So many way. The, soul of the man the hotbed of the soul of them has. To, be in june with. A heartbeat. Soul of the physicality, of them and. These. To be. To match. Its. Time of separation. Earnest. Enough. If. You. Find another, heartbeat. To this. Matching. That. He can't win with. You. Fall in love. But. At the same time. There. Is another, thing. The. Soul of. The. Man has. No. Connection. Bearing, with this. When. You. Can find. Such. Interaction. That. Completes. It. You. Understand. Is. A complete. Interaction. Between. Physicality. And, the soul on, the, same dimension. And strength. This. Is why, we. Fall in love but. With. Our art, because. Is. The dimension, of the strength of the soul of physicality. Which. Falls. In, love with an, animation, of physicality. Because. When. The, blood octamer, circulates. I, have. A different. Blood circulation. Then. You, have. So. My. Soul, is. Engaged. And engaged, in. Different. Strengths. He. Shall not that. Where. The. Soul of physicality. Can. Touch. And. If you find. Where. The. Totality. Of the four can match. Your, finding, elastic. We. Bring the soul of physicality. But. He has to match. The. Soul of. The, man to. He. Can jump and dance if it doesn't match it doesn't, fit, he cannot carry. The, reason being, as. I said. As. Before. Man. Is different, food and. Read. The strength of the blood of the man of, the, longest, term which is about three to five years, some cells, because. They have to reply and service, the bone. Structure, of the femur, you. Stay in love between three to five years. Stand. The cage-free, the strength the last remnants, of the first love which, created, a physical emotional, ties. Off. It. Is replaced. So. The, K changes, even though these, two connect. These. Two physicality. In motion of physicality. Changes. Through, the time and cyclic. This. Is why. We. See mankind, Falls, in an art of love. Tuning. At the time of the heartbeat. Of the physicality, with, a heartbeat, of the soul out. Now. A lot of mysteries, from mankind, is open and in. Time man will understand, more and more. And. Then. We. Understand. In, so many ways the. Totality. In. So, many ways. Understanding. Of the physicality. In. So many ways is. In. The dimension. Of understanding. How. You, star formations. Work. Why. This. Affirmations. Work, does. Your star, formation. Have a physical. Dimension. And, does, your. Physical. Dimension. Create. Its third condition. Then. It gives, you many many answers, why, mankind. Has been trapped, in this dimension, of physicality, on this planet. Then. If you, look at your. Flight. System. Of. Your, star formation. You. Will understand, you. Have, to create a heartbeat. In, each, one and when. They match, you. Achieve your spaceship. So. Is the same with. The soul of the man and the heart of the man the heartbeat, of the man this, is the time when.

The Total physicality. Of the man and the soul of the man manifests, itself in, a womb of the mother. This. Is why they say till certain. Points, we. Cannot. You. Should not do. This or, do that. So. If you understand, is even. How. You tune, your. Reactors, lead. To the creation of physicality, so. It's the same with, your soul and, a dimension, of appearance. Of the physicality. You. Look for, the for to. Create, manifestation. Of physicality. Where. Is your form you. Created, the soul, of physicality, he, creates the soul of the man you. Have, the, soul of the mother when, you have the soul of the planet. No man. Can understand, law. At. The point of separation. Has. Not much influence, is distance, but still has the. Same. You. Can move away from this but. If, you can control this you can, create in. Any dimension. Others. Then. You ask yourself how is the heartbeat, created. Then. Why. Do we have four. Chambers in, the heart of the matter. Is. The. Existence, of the four chambers, with. Different, really strength leads, to. The creation of the physicality. Of the man and in totality. A, combination. Of the four. Interaction. With. The. Soul of the man at least the physical, dimension, of them. There. Is a lot. To be understood, which. One, leads to the creation of the soul of. The physicality. We. Call it a free soul in the very first reactors, which. One leads to the creation of the soul. Of. Some. Animals, have more our four chambers, and, some. Animals some like. Fishes. Have more than heart one heart. As. I say the, scientists. So. It's, for mankind, to, mature to the truth. And. Understand. An interaction. And combination. Of the totality. Does. Mankind need. To. Go through, the. Process, of creation. And, maturity. Or. Is. This life another. Cycle, of gathering. Of some energies, like the Sun and in time the Sun will, disappear, and, become part, of another part of the others. In. Today's teaching, I tried. To explain more. And. I've explained, a lot. The. Beauty, of this teachings. In past two weeks is. That. The mankind, has, entered, a new era of maturity. And. This, maturity, will. Take time to, be understood, by many. It's. Taken us a year to. Start speaking around the song about last major and. We are into nearly. May. It's. Taken 12 months to, mature to gradually, bring you to this level, now. Those of you who understand, this will, take advantage of it and those. Of you who live in the dimension, of physicality, you find, every, excuse, to. Jump. Off the board because. It does not suit you the way you wanted, it. Then. It. Comes another point for all of you. As. Mankind. In. Essence. Comes, from the amino acid. Of. The interaction, of the field of this universe. In. The solar system, and. The. Amino acid of the interaction, of the solar. System. Itself. Everything. Else. Which. Has led to the creation of, the man. Something. Strange comes up. And. As. We all have, a. Common. Denominator. In. Essence, in the, field strength. Of. This planet. Then. In, some levels. The. Whole of humanity and, all the creation, on this planet. Are. Connected. And. As we seen. When. Soul. Of the man, with. The heartbeat, of the physicality, of the merit. No. Stopped, it. Created. Certain. Emotion. And. At, the same time that the emotion. Travel. Through the hall opens. Up the man. When. You get fear. Every. Part of the man has fear. And. When. You have joy the, whole heart of the man has true. So. In. A way, we. Saw a, pattern. Of work. Which. Started. With Keralite sometimes, ago this, is I. Wish. Is. That wish, part. Of the emotion, and, so. It is we, always, for. Peace. As. A totality. Of all of us as the. Happiness. And joy is part of it, would. We touch the, whole of mankind. And answer. Is yes we. Have, reached that critical mass, that we cannot, we. Can feel, the fear of the man and, we can create the joy of the man and, as. Cash foundation, people but. Now you understand. The process when you mature in totality, the. Wish. Of the mankind, which. Is a peace and.

In. So many way the wish you have to create, that. I shall not kill will. Come to the same point. Now. You understand, the day, of judgment, has arrived. Is. For, us to judge ourselves and, nobody else and. Watch. Our own conducts. And same. Time as we. Wish we. Shall see peace. Because. The knowledge will transfer, is a mystery. As. I. Said before. When. It says underdog. Way up United, Nation when. He automatically. Which. Means we are all part, of the same. Same. Body. So. If. We wish now. We know why if, we decide, we can create, an emotion, of the peace and, happiness. Of the peace will, travel through the whole up not only the humanity, with, every creature on this planet. No. Man has to mature to this point. Now. We understand. A lot, more now. We understand, much more, and. Now we understand, the connection. Between the soul of the man. And. The soul of the physicality of the mound and the, creation, of the emotional. Where. The to match has given the strength. The. Strength will, be called happiness. Or. In. The case of this planet, when. They feel those. Things. Of the Sun he. Creates, it call it the earth and the solar system. It's. No different. We. Just chose a different, name for different entities. This. Is nice. Or. Humanity. To. Understand, this. My. Teachings, are more or less over. And. It's time for, me to rest I. Have. Thought mankind, as much as possible. But. Now it's time for mankind. To take the Pandora. Understanding. The totality. Of the knowledge. I'm. Weighted. Not. To work through a dimensional, physicality. But. To the dimension, of the fields of the universe, and. The fields of the soul, of the man and. Fields. Of the, dimension. Of the zone of physicality. Then. Beat the drum of, unity. And peace through, this exactly. The same, way as the heartbeat ultimate. When. Mankind will mature to that point, it. Depends, how. Mankind. Becomes. To, understand, to be detached. Understanding. That, the. Motion. Of the man are nothing. But. Created. By. The strength of the field of Allah so. Shall be the field of the emotion, of mankind. And. All those who are created, in the common denominator. Dreamed up there I. Mean. I see dr. Matt or. Creation. And created, things under the, same. As. I said many teachings, before. If. I change. This. To. This. What. Would you have. Still. The same, post it's. More. Radioactive. High. Intelligence. Faster. Reproduction. What. About. If. I change this. With. This. Or. I change this. Wait. I. Don't. Know you. Mention, it. They, call it a. Then. You. In. That process will, appear, in dimensional, physicality, of that dimension. According. To the interaction, of the field. If. I change, the carbon or.

The, Oxygen this range. What. Combinations. And, what creatures, would you have, Bisons. You. Still carry. On. The. Solar to creation, to create. All. The new questions. Hello. Mr. Kesh. This. Is. John in Arizona. I'd. Like to go back just to your. Comments, about the, breathing and is. It a breathing, where. The, breath is. Slowed. Down or. Is. It a breathing. Where the. Breath. Is. Deeper. Hello. Did. You hear the question. No. Okay. So the question has to do with the, breathing. In. Order, to. Have. The, heartbeat. Of the soul match, the heartbeat, of the physicality. And. I'm. Wondering, if the. Breathing. Needs, to be slowed. Down. To. Kind. Of like a more meditative state, or, if it has to do with the. Very deep, breathing. Versus. The shallow breaths. Just, barely. Did. You hear my question. Yes. Okay. We're getting a little bit of feedback but I can hear you. You. Have to understand, what, does the breathing mean. If. You go back. To. A. Couple. Of teachings, before, I. Explain. The. Passage, of the air, and. The. Lung and a hot autumn and. Where. When. We breathe even, through our mouth we. Still go there, so. We, energize, we. Give energy to the solitary and. Part. Of this energy when, it goes into the lung is transferred, to the blood vessels. Which. In tuning, of these two. Understanding. Common denominator, of it, engages. The, so. Let me. Go. Back to the very first regions medical, teachings. Always. Said the, blood carries in motion now, you understand. Why. So. If, you, change your breathing, how. Much energy do you give. What. Rate of energy give. And. How. Much energy will. Be given here at this point, are. You, creaming. Of the best. For the soul. Or. Are. You creaming, off what. Is at the strength of the soul and, then. The heart takes what is this strength and the blood takes what is the district. Don't. Forget, the. Blood, of the man has. A very tricky game which, he plays to. As. It goes around the. Physicality. Of the man. He. Absorbs, energy. Is from, outside, -. We. Always say we can feel something, behind us or whatever. Feeling. When he is carried by the emotion. Of the soul or dimension. Of the physicality of the storm of the blood. Of the man. There. Is something very interesting. Which. If. You understand, this. One. Day mankind will understand. When. You have the soul of the man. Then. You have the soul of physicality. Then. Ask. Yourself, one question. Why. Did, or, why, does. The. Reproduction. Part of the man sits. The, far end from the solid. For. Any animal, creation, usually. From. The second, man matures. To. Have. The. Physicality, of. The. Soul. Of the man, and. The physicality, of. The. Heart of the man's soul. It. Creates, a condition of his own reproduction. In. Fact. You. Already carry, a sob song within, you. The. Truth is this. In. So many ways. Man. Needs a lot to learn yet about his own physicality. How. Do we. Absorb. All. These, energies, and how. We release, these energies, within dimension, of physicality. Look. At most of animals. The. Same thing applies. Look. At the. Brain of the lion and. A position of the heart of the light. Leads. Two-dimensional. Physicality. That way. And. Hold. That dimension, of physicality, of the fields, it. Needs plexus turn on it. Why. Does man. Has, become so mature in. Understanding. And. Emotion. Because. Even. Though we have a flatline, brain. The. Physicality, of the man is one, of the very few, which. Can lie on his back. And. He can go where to go. As. I, said in many teachings. You. Are benefited. From diversity. Of the energy. And. This, diversity. Creates. Intelligence. Because. There are too many factors to handle, and when you have to carry, many. Then. You, become. Intelligent. You have more tools intelligences. Marrying more tools in that. We. Walk among neck with, sleep on our back. Not. Many animals - were the mankind, us. Now. You understand, where the intelligence comes. It's. Very much like the earth, because. Of his angle, in, respect, to the Sun he. Has diversity. Twice. In. Mankind. Combats. Intelligence. Diversity. Of emotions, diversity. Of everything, else. This. Is why what. We call. Most. Of the mammals or, animals. Who are red. Horizontal. Beat, the picture whatever we. Enjoy, this, conversion. Of dimension. And we, most carry. Emotion. Understanding. And to. Extend up how. The interaction, has come so, as I say this animal fails, this animal can cry this. Animal, has no understanding. The same as us because, we bring it up. There's a lot of mysteries, about, creation. Is sold from al-qaeda, he understand, the totality of, it. Why. Do all, these animals have, vertebra, why do we have to protect, the. Line of the field flow, to. The furthest point we, call the. Point of as. A set. The. Two beginning. And end a. Lot. Of understanding. Needs. Maturity. Of knowledge, and, now, unkindness. Majora now I have told you enough is, for you to develop and. To. As we say I, set. It, understand.

You Point, that point. So. You, have the soul of the mind. You. Create a diversity, of the energy, to it so. It's. The soul. Out of physicality, the. Heartbeat. Of the. Soul and the heartbeat. Of the physicality. Matches. And. You create. 101. Connection. If. This is all the rhythm with this. You. Know what happens to you you call it, strong. Because the energy does not merge. Surahs. Peaceful, man. Carries. The emotion, with. The interaction, if you look at it and. That, frees the energy, release now you understand, even why you have a heart attack or brain. Hemorrhage, or. A. Stroke. Is. Not your soul which has a heart attack just on your soul which has a hemorrhage. Is, the dimension, of the emotional, physicality. Which gets the feed and, then. It, explodes. Because. It try, to link up with a soul soul. Does not agree with, aggravation. Soul does not understand. Jealousy. So does not understand, anything so the field is not accepted, it, blows up. Destroys. The brain cells because, of the energy burst energy like a volcanic, eruption, you. Go paralyze. Through. The physicality, because you destroy, all. Side. If, you look at, the, physical, dimension. Of most. Of the people who have a stroke. This, is the position of the soul and this is the position of the heart of the man is, not. Straightaway, on there if, you get this heart. Straight. Under, you, have two conditions, people. Who Holly can have a heart attack or people. When they have a heart attack is so massive that it reads to that this. Up centering. Of the heart in respect, to the soul creates. A lot, of dimensions. For the life of the man in the time when, the soul is not accepting, the dimension, of physicality. Now. You see what happens to you this. Is your upper, arm and upper leg this. Is a real lower ah, this. Is more or less your hand and by your ear is, your toes and. Your. Fingers. One. Bit if. I, can do it for you the other way the. Green is your leg and. Red. Is your our head, you. Hit with a massive so, does not accept, the energy. So. Once that, the, energy, source which shall created. By common dimension, of the Quran itself. It. Opens, them up the, cells energy, are released. Then. The. Upper arm does not work the. Hand the feet twists. The. Upper, the. Lower arm has to adjust to the loss of the, point of the transfer of the emotion, to the part of the physicality, you get, twisted hands, and arms and depend. So simple and. Then, if it's fast enough, then. You, hit the ball side. Because. The, soul itself, time, it's part of it as it cannot accept. Well. The. Right side you, get all your fingers, on the left. You, get the left side you. Get the right on. The. Shape of the physicality. Of the man the position, of the soul of the match and a position, of the heart of the man and in, a strengthening, dictates. All your damages, you know to yourself. The. Strangest thing is mankind. Has made a lot of things and they call it chakras. They're all in one line in. Reality, your chakras, are very much like this. Because. The, soul of the physicality, and the soul of the dimension, of the emotion, moves, it to adjust itself, is like magnets. Then. You read. Thank. You mr. crash don't remind, the attendees, here than the zoom chat that they can put their hand up or we didn't allow you to speak. Panelists. Can, go. Ahead if you have a question. We. Have. Several. Questions that. People, have been asking, there's one that goes, along, with what you've been describing, here mr. Kesh from, Chris, and YouTube. Why. Is it that the soul is in, this cage. What. Does the soul game, in, this situation. Or is, it without purpose. The. Soul. Was. Created, out of the dimension, artifice allottee. When. We, look at it. You, had, the egg and a sperm, an. Interaction. Of their fields, an, absorbing. Field, from the home of the mother. Energy. They, create. Led. To creation. Oracle. Essence. Realization. Must a goat to many they, have to be able to do under, energy, surface, become. To control, balance everybody, together in, a way it. Becomes the soul. And. Now more and more energies, strengthen. The soul and then. You have more divisions. You. Get that, circularity. Then. You. Have the. Dimension. Of their. What, we call the, field of the planet, which.

Itself. It, pulls, and, creates, that dimension. And, we brought it back with us that's what we call in our genes to, create a bone structure, to protect it. If. You look at the structure, of the growth of a fetus. Most. Of the energy which absorbs, from the. Womb. Of the mother from. The environment, is at the level of the council. Because. It desire, it has needed is learned, and it needs to protect yourself, that I, can contain, this I can't contain, these guys unholy. Lot. And. Then. That's, what I said you make this brain of it but. I'm, gonna here to give I'm not going to deal with every, single cell I'm, sitting, here I a legate people they want to talk to talk to this a certain information in, there but as if they're all gonna go with the brain with. The soul it would have been one big mess, so. In a way the, soul of the man or over, time, has. Created. The brain or. In. A way you, want to deal with meeting, with my ambassador, I send a message there use and there you can with it. Because. You got to understand something very simple it's. A combination of, works which comes to it you. Have the brain of the map. You. Have the heart of time which. Is the sort of County, you have to solve after Matt you. Have this, circulation. I'll make, you British you can become blue blooded so. Now, you have, the, circulation. Then. At the same time you have the organ which has its own soul the. Cell. In that position is, so. Now. You understand. His. Four, factors, to, design a position. This. Is, how. It. Works. We. Call it in, our. Star. Formation. The. Free. Position. Free. Energy. These. Give, energy this, gives energy discus edges catch this. Here says so, this is the center, in, a way as. You see. Depends. You decide, which, one is going to be the creator. In. Space. Technology. In. The. Body of the map we decide which way to move in. The space technology if, you understand, you. Do, not you don't have a steering to stir, up and down by. The change, in the field strength, of one. Reactor. You, decide, to. Take off the landing, and direction, of motion. Or. You, go this way or, you, go that way. These. Fields, rotate, you. Cannot keep on changing. As. You know as you, change the the. Strength of the fields it. Decides, which, way the fields will flow. And. How. Many of them in, each direction in, respect to which position. In. So many ways this. Brings us back to very one point point position. We. Are ready to interact, with all governments. To enforce peace, through this knowledge. As. Of. This week we, deal with all, nations, to. Enforce. Peace. Through. Technology, very directly. Because. We have told enough of you and, you know patrols have learned that. You call, it I wish to create peace now. We, create the tool of the, peace, and. It's, within my command, within. My commission, as you say to. Make this more. You. Know. What. I mean she went wrong. The. When she went from one. District. To another, to. Earn a living, or to live, he. Created, more. Different. Killing. Machines. And. He said a Burin of that I give you better to do that so he had to invent, new. Machines, to be better to. Be able to kill what he killed before another one because he used to move overnight. From one, what. We call local King tonight. The. Difference between us is that we. Take the tool apiece, and we negotiate, with the government. And. This. Negotiation, starts, from tomorrow. We. Don't sell weapons, we. Sell peace does, not suit you we. Have the technology, to enforce, you. By. Giving so much that. You, do not need to kill I. Gave. Enough warning to the Chinese government and ada lovelace, and. If they don't off with in the coming time. We. Will see maybe, that's the reason for it that. Remote, dimension, apiece. We. Don't make weapons to overcome, weapons as you, seen the. Americans, had the best weapons we just solved, it for the new technology we don't need to be afraid of it. So. You, have to understand. Now. Moves. In your direction, and. I, have taught it a lot. Finest. For. Those. Bands, were kind, to. Start. Putting their house right. The. Totality. Has to. Be understood. Mankind. Shall not wait or. Others, to catch up, God. Let's have to catch up because mankind has moved on. Maybe. It's time to ask all. Those of you who listen, which. He runs millions, of you. This. To. Start the process of peace. If. You understood, what I just explained. We. Do not need even to leave I think. Because. We can't transmute. And transfer. The. Emotion, of peace. As, we say my patients, as well now turns become very thin so. We do it our way. Universal, way we. Enforce, peace through, sharing of the knowledge in a peaceful way. But. Then the, governments have to sell roddick. When. I move universe. Shakes when, I move mankind, will, be dust. You. Got to understand, that. Knowledge. Is. A gift. And. You got to understand, knowledge is a maturity, of the soul of the man and not, belongs, to the physicality. As. I said many. Times. My. Patience, is. Not. Lock. Oh not. Understanding. My patience, comes out of my maturity knowing. You. Do not understand. And. The other question. Well. We did have a couple of other questions. From. May. Not be directly related, but.

See. From. Bente had a question, regarding. The. Atomic, hydrogen and, Gans and, why. Does light become, Gans, in the coldness, and low gravitational. And magnetical. Fields, in the, Oort cloud in, the Cooper, belt rather. Than, atomic, hydrogen. Punnett. She's. Asking, why does light, become, Gans, in the. Oort. Cloud and, Cooper, belt, rather. Than, an atomic, hydrogen. I don't. Understand, I think, she took it out of one of your books perhaps the. Calmness, and low gravitational. And magnetical. Fields. In the Oort cloud was. Mentioned, I believe. And. She's. Wondering. What. About that that. Causes. Light to become, Gans rather, than Tomic, hydrogens. Or something about the coldness, and low, gravitational. And magnetical. Fields. That are important. There. All. Depends. Because, not necessarily, everything becomes, what we see. There. Are a number of questions, in here. By different people I'll try to answer them because some of them I wanted to discuss, now, you put it up I'll explain. The. The. Earth. And. Interaction. Fields of the Sun with the earth and the fields, of the universe. With. The, solar system, and a gravitational, magnetic field, of the earth. Create. Different strengths, and different. Dimensions. And the, interaction. And position, of the interaction, of the fields, creates. The same kind of dimension. Those. Are what I mean opacity. Strengths have become, tangible, and, can make you a human or. Can. Are the strength of the fish or a cat. Appear. Here. Those. Who, are at the strength of the, fields. Of here, they, appear, in upper atmosphere, the. Same when, man goes into space you'll find a lot of different kind of lives within the solar system without, planetary. System. Man. At the moment is looking for life in planetary. System. Can. You hear me. Yes. It's. Good mr. Keshe yeah. So. Mankind. When. Even. When you go in the upper levels, we said we see life. Because. Life. Has. No interaction, with the inertial consistency. Of what, conversion. To matter state. Creates. Life, which, is above, on the upper atmosphere. So. He has no dimension, of physicality, stays. In the dilation of plasma, like a jellyfish. The. Same exist, within. The dimension, of the solar system, the. Same exists, between the narration, of the galaxies, in the universe. Once. You have the inertia, interaction. And you're. In a gaseous state you create. Manifestation. Of liquid, dynamic, flow as a human, body the. Same when. There is no inertia interaction. Life is still created. But. It's not just only from the earth and the Sun it's, from the cosmic, radiation. From the cosmos to, part. Of our life on this planet receive. Radiation from cosmos we perceive everything from the earth ins. Our. Soul. Leaves. To. The highest in order to the cosmology, of other cosmic rays. This. Is why sometimes. As we said before, astronauts. Eli's, photons. In their eyes because. The Rays, attracted. Towards. The. Strength of the soul and in his path preaching the soul passes, through, the eye and changes. The earth what, why. Does he have to be going and why do we see so much of it. It's. A lot to learn a lot to teach. If. You have a dimension. Of the field of the, from. Cosmos, is coming, towards, the soul and, by. Incidence. That. Field, silts. Passing. Your eye in it, it. Reaches, this. Point. So. The, photon appears in your face. Now. We understand, more. Why. Do we get a brain damage, for so many things, is not that the Rays are going all the time they're. Heading, for the, master, they're, under way to feed. The soul of the man because the soul of the man is interaction, without the souls so. It, attracts, fields of the same strength and, in the path if, they do hit. The cell of the man of the brain then, you see damages, all we see it as a photon in the eye of the man, now. You even understand, the process. They. Have put many, many pockets. In the bottom of the earth trying to get the neutrinos. To see if they create one. Photo, but. The eye of the man, astronauts. Get many of them all the time there. Is no soul here, to, the strength of so, you put a man in a pool you'll see a lot of photos. Because. They come from the cosmos. Because. It's connected to the soul of the universe. But. That scientists, don't understand, they dig a hole and they going trying, to see they, slow down on the photon in, this time 10 kilometres under, the ground you, put a man in a tight place so you get many photos, in the brain I'm the eye of much get. The same flashes. One. Of the reasons, we don't see, these sometimes. We, just see a flash of light in your eyes it. Means that, comes, from the high level photons. Underway. To your brain. Part. Of the, brain, hemorrhage brain. Cancers, of the man comes. From interaction, with the inductive, universe. It's. Not all because. Of the man is partially. Is because, this kind Center, is a being, is. Already, established a line of communication when, universe so, once.

You Established, all the fields are open if you are in nothing so, they come to you to feed. Now. You understand, more about the mysteries of life. And. If you look the. Soul of man, sits, exactly where he should be now. Even, you understand, as I said, why, you, bother flat-bottomed, brain. Because. I really, thought the earth is heavy you. Look at that animals. There's is that way, and. It turns back. Seeing, a question. That. It says business. White dolphins, are so intelligent yes. This. Is what I wanted, to explain now, you raise a question I can. Answer you yes they're dolphins. In, so many ways move. In both directions. No. Sort of issue but, talking. Is one of those like human, which takes. Direction. The same as human. Umberto, this, is part of the intelligence because, you, have, a spectrum, of fields. That's. Why dolphins. Have the same they. Go through this motion. The. Variety. Brings. The. Beauty of interact. That's. Why monkeys, are the same. You. See the, uprightness, of the man with the leg. And. The, champions ease with the shorter leg has. Created, difference, between. Otherwise. This lead back to. And. Then you have to ask yourself, why. Sleeping. On your back gives. You different intelligence. Not. Much to guess. When. You, are an animal. Stippling. On tunics, flat, with, the cheek, or. When. You put your brain directly. In touch with. The earth to. Absorb all the energies. It's. A big difference for the absorb, and when. You stand up away from it, is, a big difference he has to still to catch up. Now. You. Find answer, to many mysteries, of life this way. Aniela. Push. Well. We had a big question from Chris, which is why, is man. So, ignorant. Of the soul and its powers. We. Were not. We. Don't with the magicians, called, prophets. Or. People. Who thought to understand. It so they made it somewhere else and. Those, who, benefited. In the name of the prophets. The. Because. We, could we, never, is, not something tangible we could touch it's. Not something you can engage it, beginning. You. Can, engage. Your soul. But. You have to create the right fields, for it to be able to do a new Tector physicality.

Out Of that, can. Be done. But. We. Never. Understood till, these teachings, in past 12. Months or, past, billions, of years man. Has never been aware, our existence. Of his, own, creator. You. Understand, is because he understood, the operation, of the dynamic. Reactors. In. So many ways I, had, to teach you this, for. You to understand, the. Reality, about this. Because. You've seen it now. You. Understand, it she, had a free field, there you've seen. In. The coming days I'll, bring, all the, military forces on this planet to standstill. Mankind. Has one choice but to peace and through, understanding of this process. In. The way I'm running out of patience, you call it. Very. Soon not, a single bullets will, leave a guard. The. Only energy which man can release is from his soul to. Elevate, the soul authorities. Mr.. Kesh some people. Yes. Sorry some. People there's. A question, and some people are thinking that, the, Sun has changed, color from, yellow, and is now more on the white side. First, is, that something, that you, think is true and and, second. Would be, the. Comment. From andrew is because. It's it's, it's, now white because, it's now giving, us more good energy. It's more pure, so. That it changes man's, attitude, to war and things. Like that. The. Color of this. Earth, depends, on our atmospheric, condition, but, there is something very strange happening, and that's we, see, a. Lot. Of earthquakes in. Certain. Places which, is the wrong time of the year for them to be. And. This. Is a warning, to, many. Things which is, unusual to. See. Earthquakes. In this time of the year in these locations. Which. Means a lot pit forces, have moved in the center of this planet. We. Were expecting, it massive, catastrophic. Movement. In a coming time. And. We're not the major cities, in the world will beat it. We. See the pattern in the. Started, about three, weeks ago out of nowhere four weeks ago and. It's not the time for these things to me. And. These. Creates, different, condition, Appeals. Mr.. Goetsch we have a question, from Jarrett. And. He says hi mr. Kesh might. You be able to explain. For us how. To make a plasma. Device, that, would allow us, to. See the holographic. Emotional. Nature. Of the blood. What. You think I'm a magician. Is. It possible, to see the emotional, nature, of the blood, you. Can see, the, emotion of the man yes he, can read the emotional, mind if you can replicate a pill zone he. Has a language, as dimension. And. The. Blood of man carries, the same thing it has a motion of the physicality. Everything. Has a strength, level. Because. I learned how to tune into it. While. We were talking about that in the cache, plasma, reactor. Teeth yesterday, and. Mario. Was doing. A demonstrative. Demonstration. Of the whiteboard and. Estella. Was interacting. With him and they're both quite. Strong, characters, let's say and they're. Trying, to interact with each other and, there. Was a bit of friction going, on but at the same time there, was this connection. Emotional. Interplay. You might say and I. Think, you mentioned one time or. At least one time mr. cash about blood. Types and different cultures. And, about. Like, hot-blooded you might say or you, mentioned. Italians. Earlier, being lovers and so on. And. Some. Cultures, maybe a, Spanish. For example that. Tend. To be more. Sort. Of a. T

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