243rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 27, 2018

243rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 27, 2018

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This. Time for changed to. Move, into. The real. Work of the universe. And. It's. Time to understand. That. We. Used at, math and state. To. Reach the. Level of understanding. Of. The soul of the man. Now. You. Understand, maybe. Why. The. Creator has. Sent his messengers, and that they were whatever, you have had. Is. That, they, bring the. Ears, and. It. Can be used when, the time of the Messiah comes I can. Teach the soul and the messenger, not. To oppose, but. By, them understanding. Through those who have become messiahs. To you from their souls to these to animate. The. Job is, made easy. The. School is there and, the students, are they. Wouldn't be there, then. There, won't be any fight, between what, they called the Muslim Muslim demolitions. The. Lamb and the lion will, eat, and, sleep in, the same nest. The. Christians, and the Muslims will. Receive, and pray in a mosque and. The, same church in. The name of this also, not. In the name of religion, that, is used to create so much conflict. For. The benefit of those who were the hyperactive children. Your. Time has come the, time of changes, here. And. As I said. My. Wish is, my command. There. Is your wish to see peace. Paths. Are peace is, favourable, clearly. It's. The soul of the collective. Awareness. By. Giving, will, create a position of the change no. Other thing. There. Is no pent in the soul after that, and. I'm, sure once, you go into the universal, community. You. Will never see anything written, but. The balance, of the fields of the soul of existence. Try. To. Be humble enough, not. To become arrogant, in, the power that you have understood and you, possess. Otherwise. You're, following, the same path, of the Church of mosque. This, is what. We promised. But. Missus, what we have delivered. We. Have to understand, the, operation of the soul and we, have to understand, the soul of the man is the star, in. Cosmos. Of the universe. If. We, compare. The. Soul of the man and. Many, of us seven. Billion in, one collection, earth. Is like a galaxy. With. So many stars. When. We look in the depth of the universe, we see galaxies, with hundreds, of millions of the stars in it. So. Is the planet earth. Carries. 7. Billion, beautiful, stars which are the soul of the man. Carries. With it soul of so many trillions of, animals, plants and, everything else. So. If you look. When. Someone. Who does not see the physicality. Of the earth and. His content. What. Would they see they. See a galaxy with. So many beautiful lights charging, each. One according to their strengths, each. One. To those who, do not see the physical foundation of this planet. But. They see the strength of the field, we. Are across ters of stars. The. Human race every. Single soul, no. One from a distance sees, does, the soul of a fisherman, passes. All of the cosmologists, the soul of a president. They. All shine. Irrespective. To its quality, this. Is the magic this, is what the, new science, has to bring to man when. We, look to our soul. We. See nothing but we, start in the other source and. This. Is the break this, is the understanding this. Is what all these, teachings are about. Coming. To mature, to, the next level to, understand, in the deep space. The. Universe. Is. The holy sir Ordos. Also, sir. Then. Man. Is ready to go into space, then. Man is ready to become part. Of the universal, community which, as we promised. I never. Promised, you have it I. Always. Promised, you the. Variation, of the man to. Join the family. And. Now, you, have me. It's. You who has to open the door to, understand, if I can raise the soul of these people, or, millions. Of other souls, that. The physical, life on this planet changes. Then. I'm worth me to be part of the universal, community to. Be there to serve to. Expand, to. Be there to, be part. That. In the cycle, of life of universe, I. Become. In. Being part, I, become. Part. Of the total me. When. Man reaches that point a. New. Dimension, in the strength of the soul of the man will appear. Which. Is. The. Own imagination. Of understanding. Of the mystical life. Gate. To, the opening, of the new life in. The new dimension, which. Is beyond.

Imagination, Of, what you, might call a, new. Beginning. The. New cycle, we. Start cycle, kinds, with itself, the. Collision of the creation, of life. If. The elevation, of the soul to, serve, become. The key. Not. After, all after, physical, life. The. Time is right. The. Time has come for the man to go through this process. Hello. We. Are the cash Foundation. Our. Mission, is to bring peace on earth and join, humanity with the universal, community, we. Wish and work to, bring man as equal, to all beings in the universe by. Teaching plasma, science and technology, equally, to everyone no. One is left out and no, one is abused, due to lack of knowledge. By. Donating to us you. Can help achieve this, goal. Cash. Foundation.org. Forward. Slash donate. Plasma. Products, found, at Cash foundation.org. Forward, slash store. Soothing. Reusable. Plasma, ion migraine mask eliminate. Eye fatigue, and relieve stress in eye area, europeans. Certified, medical device. Massaging. Plasma, insoles, bring, comfort back to your feet and energize. Your legs, European. CEO defied, Medical Device. Antiseptic. Plasma, liquid hand soap promotes. Well-being and, relaxation with. Protective, plasma, formula, Seton. Certified. One. Soul plasma. T-shirt Dan's formula, within the symbols and stripes brings, mind soul, and body into balance, European. Certified. Pain. Relief pen emits. A concentrated. Plasma field at point of pain efficient. Up to three centimeters below the skin see, e certified. The. Magravs, energizer, and alkalizer, raises, ph and energizes, water through magnetic and gravitational fields. See, e certified, medical device. Pain. Relief pad a result, of years of research and, nano plasma, technology, with, magnetic and gravitational fields. Cee. Certified, medical device. Visit. The online store, at Cash Foundation, org forward, slash store, or find, a distributor near you, tags, and shipping not included. The. Development, of the Keshe foundation, medical, equipment, has, resulted in many different devices within.

The Foundation's medical inventory, one. Of these medical devices is. The plasma ball unit, the. Plasma ball unit mainly, consists, of several spheres which. Are mounted on motors and therefore, rotate at certain speeds which, can be regulated using, a controller. Inside. The spheres different. Types of Ganz's in different physical states can, be placed, the. Combination, of Ganz's, of various field spectra, are, used and concentrated. To balance the fields and hence, the matter of the human body. The. Plasma ball unit is built of high quality materials, and can be applied very flexibly. Thanks. To the articulated, arms mounted, on a cast, of frame every. Shielded motor can be moved freely in all directions. Materials. Used for the plasma ball unit are laser-cut. And powder coated, stainless steel for the base frame on which three sockets for. The carbon fiber rods are fixed, on these. Vertical, carbon fiber rods the, articulated. Arms, mainly. Out of carbon fiber are, mounted, and can be moved freely. Thanks. To the articulations. Many geometries, can be achieved to address, every part of the body and create different types of concentrated. Fields a maximum. Of eight articulated. Arms can, be mounted on a single casted frame and two, frames can be placed opposite, on another so. As to increase the number of articulated. Arms that can be positioned around a lying body. The. Plasma board unit is a sea Easter defied medical type 1 device and is, delivered as a kit. Most. Of the components are preassembled, and completing, the assembly takes a maximum, of 15 minutes the. Price of a plasma board unit with 4 articulated. Arms is 4, thousand nine hundred euros, excluding, v80 and shipping. Payment. By instalments is possible. 2500. Euros when you order. 1250. On delivery, and the, rest one month later the. Plasma ball unit can be ordered at, HTTP. Colon, slash slash, store. Dot. Cash. Foundation.org. Ordered. Today and bring, balance back to your life and the lives of those you care for. Welcome. Everyone to the. 240. Third knowledge, seekers, workshop for, Thursday, September. 27th. 2018. And. Once again will we, will be joined by mr.. Kesh of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute. For. Today's, teaching. And, unveiling. Of information. From the Keshe, foundation, and, I. Think, today will prove to be a very, interesting. Workshop. For everyone and I'm. Sure mr. Kesh is anxious, to begin, so. Mr.. Keshe are you there. Yes. Good, morning but they - as, usual. Wherever. Whenever. You, listen to DC's of knowledge. Seekers. Teachings. And in, a way understanding. Of the new knowledge of the space. As. Part, of our teaching as. We always said as we're preparing what are more. To. Be. Able. To understand, and work within the parameters of the work of the universe. We. Come to understand, one of the main. Works. Of. Universal. Energy is. How, these energies, interact, with us with. Our body with. A. Structure. Of our body would. We get like, what, we call infection. Of the, throat. Or infection, of. Part. And organs of the body or, the cancer of certain, elements, would. We get these in space. Would. We get when we travel to space through. The strength of the soul food. Our soul will come across the, fields, which. Are at their level, of the strength, and will attract to it interact. With it and, somehow. Affect. Is working. This. Is all possible this is not something. Imaginary. We. Have not as we've seen how. When. A given the strength. Radiation. Is. Interacting. With the body of the man the. Changes, behaviors. Themselves. Don't. Forget that, body. That physicality, is created, out of the emotion of the soul itself in one way or another so, we'll, come to understand, that, even, our soul is. And, can be vulnerable to. The fields, which can attach themselves to it was that the strength. In. The human, bodily we speak about DNA, and RNA we, speak about. What. They call. Physical. Structure, and the. Solar structure, and the memory structure. In. So many cases as we, developed, our knowledge. And we, enter. In a dimension, of the universe. We. Come to understand, one. Of the biggest, threats to, life of man in, any dimension, built. In a physical dimension, orbit. In, the soul dimension, is. Interaction. With the fields of the universe and. Those. Which. Will match or, beat power. All. Be, able to interact, with, our. Physical. Dimension. In. So many cases we. Have never thought about these things because to. Ask these. Fields, are far, away they don't exist we, we, have been in a cocoon of what we call atmospheric.

Condition, Of this planet. It. Helped us it approached, most. Of the radiation it, transfers, of it back into a space but. Once, you're in this space and we come across these kind of fields which are much stronger as. For example we enter towards. The center of the galaxies, as we go into the central line of the universe, as, us, as, human, will, reach more, and more closer to the center of their what. We call this solar system. Different. Fields of the strength of, measurements. As we have, we spoke about on Tesla's and to. 190. 129. And others last week these, are all true, to learn more and more about us and, see how these fields, affect us, how. Do, we see. Them how can we overcome them, as, I said, in many of my teachings, in the past man, in the space will not die much of for. The core bacterias. And infections. But. Man, will die of viruses. Energy. Packages, energy. Packages, which have the. DNA. A strength, of the body of the man and in, that process will, interact with a man, their. Energy packages, which have the strength of their soul. Of the man and in, that process interact. With DNA of the soul of the man so. In, a way they become leech, onto the leech they've, become leeching. Onto the. Whole structure, they. Don't have, a physical, characteristics. They don't have a physical, entity. But. They have gravitational. Magnetic field, strength in part, of their composition. Which, matches, one of the pieces of the amino acid of the man or the. Elements. Which are connected, to it being the iron in the blood being, the copper in the muscle, be. The amino acid, itself, beat they, have a feel the strength of the carbon, so, they lock in and once they lock in because. They don't have a physical dimension. They have carry a massive amount of energy, because. They, are made in that way they, don't have the wastage our physicality. In. That process what. We seen, we. Become and we call the viruses, viruses in, the plasma technology is. The package of energy, which. Mankind. Needs. To understand, mankind. Needs to, realize. In. So many ways, we. Have not managed, to handle. The simple virus of this planet, those. Energy. Packages. Which have no. Physical dimension. As to what, we call amino, acid, but, they carry energies, of the Amina's a lot of you understand, this because it's not a theory, to you you'll. Put, the orange and you transfer, the energy of the orange and the taste of the orange into the cup, there. Was no need for physicality. Of the origin, but. When. You drag the water you. Taste today so, it means it's an energy, transfer. It. Means, confirmation. Through the, plasma, structure. That. Confirmation true, maybe, the. Orange, I mean acid. Hydrogen. In it is, equal. To the hydrogen in the water of the cup according, to the mixture of the answers you have introduced. These. Are important, and man. Has to start looking into it maybe. We have a first, grants to play with we. Are we, know and. We are so. Many ways have, not managed, to find how. To handle, these when. We get touched by viruses, on this planet we're, going to may have them panning because we don't know what to do. You. Have HIV, you. Have people. Hello. Are you still there. -. Is. It my connection, is that mr. Cassius I think yeah. I think he dropped. Just. Have to, wait. Okay. Wait, until. Mr. Kesh reconnects. You. Know he, just popped. Out there. Okay. Bear with us a couple of minutes here well mr., Kesh reed connects. And. Can anyone recall the last few, words that he said, while. We're waiting. Yes. He said you have HIV, yes. I'm, back. Can. You hear me yes. You.

Were Talking about HIV, when, we, discuss. Yes. And I just saw it when he went off I see it on my monitor and, I'm, keeping an eye. So. The, the virus is lucky HIV. When he hates mankind we. Panic, with it we. See. Different. Fruits coming, from birds from pigs combination. Of animals, we. Have no solution for it the. Cope with the nation's, surrounded. To it to see who gets hit if, we have an infectious. Diseases by, bacterias. Or whatever we, immediately, have tablets, we have injections we do something, but, the viruses, we stand back and you go to a doctor's is nothing I can do we better see what happens. Now. We understand. Wireless, is our package of energy which, in a way linked. Themselves. Into. The structure, of the physicality of the, matter state of the body or what we call the, cancer state of the body, of the man and in. Process we learn more and more in the process we, see more and more and. Man. In a space. We. Lose and, have more problem, with, these. Kind of energy, packages, than anything, else because. As, we travel with the highest speeds across the universe, will. Be touched by. More. And more. Our. Own. Spacecrafts. In interaction. With, the different, field strengths of the universe. Like the way the. Earth with the interaction, of the Sun creates different, light will. Create different. Energy packages, that's some of it might. And could, be at the. Strength of the amino, acid or, the amino acid, strength, of the soul of the man's plasma. Direction. So. What. Do we do what. Are the watch what, how can we handle viruses, or what. Do we call them the, energy packages. How. Do we, come to. Understand. These more. How. Do we evaluate. How. Do we measure them that we say okay this is the strength of this and this, is what I need to do. When. It comes to the viruses, we go back to recalling the energy package is a dynamic, energy package as you, remember, there is very easy way to. Handle. These energy, packages. We've. Been told we know we done this before. So. To. The present, world of science. The. Viruses, are a menace, there, is no solution to, the, scientists, of the Keshe foundation, viruses. Are as, anything, else any, wires any entity. Whatever we call it which, has it. You. Dynamic. Plasma has. Hello. Because. We. Just we just lost a few. Words of the last sentence, so. What. Happened any, for any any, virus, has, a dimension, of the, dynamic, plasma, is. Energy. Pack and he has a structure. In it the, plasma is usually, we a structure, we call it co2, or whatever is, the same as a plasma. Or a virus, it. Has a strength, capacity, we have to find out what, is the strength capacity of the virus is. There. Is no difference so, in, a way if we can measure its strength we, develop technologies, which you can measure the strength of it all we need to do we, need to develop a system which. Works the opposite, to, gravitational, to magnetical, to, drain it, to. Reduce its strength or one of the factors, of the strength in it which, let's. Say for example much, into.

The, Amino. Acid, hydrogen. Strength. Now. It hasn't got we, see instantaneously. We can erase any viruses. The. Beauty, of the plasma technology which we have developed is made. Directly. For viruses. It's. There. Is one of the reasons, we brought up the whole technology of the plasma logan's. Was. As a tool. For a space technology, for, a deeper space travel it. Allows. Man to learn. In time all what, they call different. Strengths of it to, apply to what. If. The. World of medicine and, especially knowledge, seekers who are in this field start. Working, on this pattern, understanding. This there, should be no. Problem. For any of us to handle any kind, of virus infection. Doesn't. Matter what it is we, have to find the, way it travels we, have to find where in nests, we, have to find what. Is is. Strength. And gravitational. And magnetical, and in, the body of the man when you have viruses, which, attach, itself, to one of it I mean acids. Then. You. Can use any, of the gases which, is presently, in the position, of an some. Of the viruses, we, had to have a different strength. We. Have to look into the elements, of the universe not elements, of the planet to. Understand, the, strength of them man. Has, only seen, a fair. Action. Of the magnetic, gravitational fields. Now we have how many elements. On the periodic table multiply, it by millions. It. Just needs the, condition. For, it to manifest itself, in a matter state of itself. You. This. Course has. A link to the amino acid of it if you have, a soul of the, amino acid of. Mr.. Cohan which. Was created, on earth. You. Oh. Mr.. Kesh we. Bit. Of a drop out there. Maybe. It'll come right back in. Oh. Can. You hear me we, can hear you now mr. cash, okay. Sorry well this is just much, too much traffic. So last sentence, we hear - if you have the, soul, of the cohan which was created, here on earth and, then, we work it through if yes no problem if, you have this full of corn which is created, on this planet, and, you, enter. In another dimension and, you want to manifest yourself but. In not planet the. Structure. Does not allow, you to, manifest, yourself but, it has a connection, to one of the amino acid of the soul of the man and. You want to manifest yourself and, the, being on that planet, that. Strength. Could be a virus to you. Could. Be a virus to the soul of the man or. Once. You manifest, yourself in, that dimension in, that physicality, you, become. Or. You make access. To your soul to your body to deliver viruses. To it which, means it changes the characteristics, it changes is energy. In. So many ways if we, look and, we change the name of a virus to energy. Packages, of, gravitational. Magnetic fields, with, structure. But no physicality. Let's. Say in easy, way to understand, because. We see a body we call it an alien, so. In a similar. Way the, virus, has. Not managed, to manifest itself in physicality, but. Has, a dimension, of the soul which, has an energy and dimension. Then. We can handle it then we can understand, it then, we can create another. System, which, matches, it that, it can drain a system, or add to a system, that it passes the level which is attached it's optimal. In. The, present, world of science of man, the. Biggest, dynamic, is viruses is so bad that they just ignore it we have no solution for it you, walk in with the virus infection, into, the, office. Of a doctor, it tells you sorry darling you have a virus I don't have medicine for it for you. If it was infection, or bacteria I give you something this is a virus you, have to wait till it goes out of your body so. If, the. Virus you, wait can go out of your body or go, through a cycle it, means, it has an energy level. You. Have to wait that energy, level is spent, on the. Rest of the cells of the body of the man by. This division of itself, by adding to the others it doesn't, mean that this disappeared. It, means now is a spreads, energy, but it doesn't have that effect. It. Does not mean it. Will not be there but, at the same time it tree stays dormant and another energy near to come it comes, back up again.

It. Shows itself again because now he absorbed more energy, of itself, it. Multiplies. In energy, pack difference. Division. But. Still, exists because he has got that link to let's. Say amino, acid or to. The salt or to something, which it stays, in, that level. We. Seen this with, Ebola, when. Ebola it hit Africa some to two years ago very, soon we have scientists from sir. Leon on our panels you can speak to them they can tell you directly when. We. Gave. Them the key how to overcome, the. Ebola. They. Immediately. Set. Up the system they, produced, what they were told they. Put, in the lab and it was dead instantly. They. Tried it on humans, because it was hitting sir, Leon very badly and, he. Worked within. Minutes, people, with efallai were, recovering. Because. What. We did we, introduced, to the body another. As fear we called the guns and we drain is the energy. What. Did the scientists, - they were proud they found the solution, for. Ebola. They. Informed, as being the scientist, of the university, the, government, they went to the presidential, honest with their system and what, happened, war. Health. People. Being. Present, from America, from, a. Given. University, you can read it on the, Internet. They. Said they cannot show this this is impossible this cannot be shown Africans, are not that intelligent to, find a cure or, a. Process or, whatever. For. Such. A disease this is beyond your understanding. The, scientists, picked it Sutekh understand. Understood, the technology took. It to America, three. Months later published a paper. Exactly. What the scientists, insulin, you're on this section of Jewish condition. Developed. And overcome, the. Scientists, did say nothing they said to them if you do you, go back you lose your position the University, you're finished. They. Went back they didn't say anything but in the university, start producing a and help the nation. Because. It, was so easy they, could make it again. Because. They understood the concept understood, the process. This. Was the same I saw, it talk, and presentation. In the universal council meeting. On Tuesday, where. They, start talking about malaria. Typhoid. And everything. Else any kind of viruses, now. We, have in knowledge I explained, to them you cannot, detail, what, materials. On what you use because, we, are not doctors but we, can open. The knowledge, that, there. Is a process that it can be done. And. There. Part of the teaching of today is, that we. Are opening, a number, of topics, in this level. Is. Violence. Positions, like HIV. Now. Can be handled, with a new knowledge. It's. Been tested and some. Results are very positive. Now. We, come to one of the biggest madnesses, for. To human. Race now, we understand. Viruses, operate, without we understand the, way they operate and where they nest on how they work, one. Of the biggest menaces. To human, race has been herpes. Herpes. Has. Become, a virus, we. Never had any solution, for it is the, energy, pack that. It, can, survive. In. The middle, layers of the skin of the map. Some. Time because, into, the third layer but usually, the, inner layer sometimes, but most of the time operates, through a tunnel of the outer. Layer. Of the skin and inner layer of the skin because you can travel through is virus. It means, magnetic. Field protection. If you look at it this. Is how it works. If. This is the top layer and, this, is the bottom layer here it's. Got us now. We know the skin of the man is made of Gans layers, and the bottom the same now, it travels, in a magnetic field of the middle layer. If. You speak to many scientists, who work on herpes they gave you this knowledge. So. What. I, have. Decided. To do today is. To. Open a, new chapter in, the science, of herpes a. New. Knowledge a new, understanding will. Be published, on the Keshe, foundation. Journal. In the scientific, side and becomes. The basis, for the future and most, of the Keshe foundation, scientists, to develop it. In. The paper I will release details because it will be a scientific, paper in scientific, paper you can give ratios. What. You did what you used I've. Asked. The Keshe, foundation team and the new scientists. Which we brought in to see the publication. Of scientific papers, to hub for this paper to be published in this next month or in, a November issue.

But. It will change you have to understand, how bad herpes are. Statistically. In, America. Alone. Lungfish. We. Heard, we. Heard in America, alone yeah, yeah. I've. Got it uh-huh if, you wanted to look at this yes just I'm doing just one second, I have to go into it. Statistically, what, we see it's very very, shocking. It. Says. Worldwide. We. Have two type of herpes. We, discuss it later on. 3.7. Billion, people in the world are. Carry, under age of 50. Which is 67, the world population have. A HSV. Herpes. Virus. Of. What. Which is usually, appears around the mouth, around. Your lips we, know then. There, is another. Estimated. 417. Million people. Which, is 11, percent of the world population between. 15, and 49. Suffer. From HSV. To. Which. Is usually, genetical, and. Appears. In the body a strange. Enough a large, number of Americans. More. Than 50. Million people in United State how. Genital, herpes one, of the cleanest, most advanced, nations in the world software's. Massive. Economies. And. Eighty-five. Percent of them are not aware of is statistically. 42. Million Americans, are not even aware they. Have genital, herpes. So. What we see this. Is a menace. The. Reason. We. See in, the research papers, which, is coming more and more is that. Because. Of the structure, of the herpes. 85%, according to some research papers of the ones, who have herpes, and all. Lead, to Alzheimer's, after. Age of 65, I, have. This scientific, paper summit printed downloaded. So. We, can see is one of the most. Plural. Viruses. Amongst, us and, is. Right. That. Literally, the world of Medicine has given up on it but. With what we're going to release today and, the. Scientific, world will come to understand. We. Will see, how. Much the. New knowledge of Technology of Keshe foundation, can. Change, many, lives. Help. Ease now, can. Be reversible, herpes. Now can, be handled, help. Easing what I'm going to explain as a scientific, paper is. Explanation. Of how. The. Processes. Can be set in, the teaching. I will. Not dictate. Any. Numbers, of figures or material, but. I explain. The principle, behind. Way. Help each other explain now you understood, how it latches. Itself, to. The body of the man now. The, explanation and, the process, of herpes will. Be understood, fully for, the first time and then, we explain, how it. Appears. World. Of science has never understood. Part. Has, been done parts. Could be understood, but, in, totality. We, have never understood how, help is gets into our system, it. Affects, one. More. Than one out of two of us two out of three of us across. This planet has, it. Does. It lead through, our science, to death and death does. It lead to other, diseases, are the conditions. Statistically. We, see in. Every. Nation, we. Have this problem. As. Part, of our structure, is something which we never knew we, never knew viruses, are energy facts but, they, have a DNA. Strength connections, that they can enter the body of the map. Can. I take. Back on sharing in the screen no let, me explain a new. Knowledge in, the world of the science of, that. Then this. Will open up many researchers, in the future, as. You know conditions. Leading. In and. Started. Interacting with, the world of Medicine in different way in a very fast way and, as. We see many, scientists, around the world are, listening. And taking, note the way we brought other things in they start researches on it, we.

Have To see two, things now, we know, a virus. Doesn't matter whatever it is we call it is an. Energy, pack. He. Needs itself. To. Be. Attached. To an. Amino. Acid. So, in that process once. It finds, the. Energy, pack we. Energy. In structure because he has a DNA, it can control its African it, can mutate to absorb, more it's a living, thing is like us, looking, for food to, survive it looks for energy, to, can that, it can take so, attaches. Itself to mr. cohan let's say it licks itself. To, all the consistent, gravitational. Field of it or to. The weakest one of the hedge so. Now, we see, is, it. Needs, that. Connection. It finds that connection. But. How. Does he enter the body of the man. It. Needs a. Weak. Point, it needs, a point of entry, one. Of the point of entries if we. Can show this. Is the lip of the man as you, know on the worst drawer in the world. Then. You see what happens we, usually see herpes in, these, regions. Around. The mouth or, in, these. Positions. Why. At. This point. This. Is not what you see. This. Is not what, you imagine, what. Reality, is. There's. A space cap the. Shape is like this. Here. Is, the. Skin of the man. External. Part. Here. Is. The, internal, part the sausage, the breathing part where, we eat these. Two are two different structures. So. What, happens, here, there. Is a weak point in the structure and, the. Weak point is a structure, is, this. It's, like woven, chain. It's. Like as you, see in your nano layers is open. Space. It's. Like showing. A letter to. A cotton. To. Different materials. You. Cannot, put them together you, cannot, fuse them they're two different structure, and so, what happens if, this. Energy, here, as you see has. Its own characteristics. As we, said in the teachings of the medical, teaching going, back three four years ago. Every. Skin, has, three layers as I explained just before. So. When, you look at this structure, this. Is three days of it. One. Two, and three when, you look at this one is the same he. Has three layers of it and. The. Two bottom layers somehow. Linked up but, the three the. Middle layers of the, same salt content because, they carry the blood in the level, of balance of it which, you understand, later on they. Have, a space, gap, what. It means now. They. Allow the link, up but, now the virus, comes. Into this space. Now. It's got a place to live. Why. Do we see it on the corners, usually, because. This is where the space gap. Canoeist. Li fixed. One point, moves. Close. And open. To. The points, of flexibility. We see it coming up because. That's a point where, he can enter, and when he enters, he, has found the nest he enters, into the middle layer and it stays there. Now. We. See the, existence, and how, and, the. Reason, we, see this. Energy pack which. Is equal. To the. Energy pack, of the, amino, acid of the, two. Levels. Of the inner, and outer. Becomes. A nesting, ground for, the virus. Because. Don't, forget is. Six. Layers, now it's not. Three. Players you. Have trillions. Of the skin and, you have three layers of the, inner tube. So. In, that position there, is a gap it sits in there because the, field strength, matches. The field strength of the virus. In. That, position. Sitting. In a middle section, affects. The salt content of. The. Layer. Usually. On the, skin side, because. The. Lipsyte. The inside, is, fluid. You have carry a lot of fluid is continuously, changing, so. What happens, the. Change of the salt. Due. To the energy, creates. Blisters, and the. Salt burning, you see it as a blisters, on the skin, then. Other. Infection. Sits in because of the energy level and you have all these, what, we call, the. Virus of herpes we call it herpes. So. If, we. Understood, this we, go to the next step that is why we. See herpes. Of a, given strength which.

Appears, Only at. The mouth. Now. If the herpes moves, inside. Is, a different story now. The. Condition. Here is, different. Acidity, of all the, enzymes, and everything else in the mouth it. Has to meet it to, become a stronger that, it can survive this position. You. Have a cut in the, internal, part. It. Goes in the gap after, three. Layers of the skin, now. It, becomes a stronger. Now. It, becomes, what, we call, number. Two a. Strength. Becomes, now it has to handle the liquid, inside the body of the man which is a composite, where. Their skin, was, a slightly different. But. There is a big problem with the whole thing, the. Skin, if, you look at it the, skin of the man is part. Of the brain of the man. Now. That, the virus has entered, the, middle skin. Immediately. Travels. Into, the brain of the man. Through. The middle skin. But. At the same time as the. Other side, which, is the lip skin, is, connected. To the internal, but. Works. In a different dimension links. So. What happened, the wireless through the middle, era starts the skin of the man moves, into, the brain. Because. It's made of the same as the same transformation and, when he moves into the brain the, strength, of the virus, if, this is the brain and this is a part of the memory of the man. Has. The strength, that, insists. In that space. And. This, is the reason we. Call it a thymus, due to. Herpes. In. A way you, put a jammer on it. You. Put the. Way you package. And you, jump a frequency, this. Herpes. Has, a capability at. Their strength because it came through the middle section, through. The membrane. Of the body of the man it, has. A strength. That that strength, fits. Into. The. Strength of the memory part and. Produces. What we call Alzheimer's. It. Has. Under. Strength as we grow older our brain. Function, changes, and under given the strength it matches. Total. Blockage, you. Know you send a message and they block you this, is what it does. Now. We understand, the whole process of Alzheimer's to. Help ease. It's. Taken me nearly 25. Years research. Into this. It's. Been one of the biggest. Dilemmas. In the, world of science if, you go back to the research papers which I brought with me to. Belgium. When I came, herpes. Was, part, of. It I could, not understand, why this thing cannot, be solved, but. Now. We. Can understand, more how this, research will end up will bring a lot of shocking news to a lot of you. Now. What we stole here in the, herpes which has gone into the mouth which has become stronger, because it's a stronger dynamic, system, and, it. Has gained energy, the. Way they, help, is from. The outside moved, through the middle skin to the brain of the man now. The game, changes, the. Game changer, is very, very interesting, because. Through. The same process, of the. Skin. This. Is the mouth of the man, this. Is your intestine, and. You. Understood, by now you. Have three layers of it. That. Help ease moves, down, the middle layer of. The. Sufferers. Their. Stomach. The. Intestine. The. Bigger intestine, and. Where. Does it go to, another point which, again, has. Two phases the. Phase, of, the. Dynamic. Dimension. Of the. Internal. Organ and, the. Same story, as before, the. Skin of the man, this. Is the anus. This. Is how herpes, moves. From. The, mouth directly. Into. The process, into. The genital. And. The stronger, but. Two. Way happens, you, have the, reproduction. Of the. Woman. Or. You, have the reproduction, of the man look, at it again, the same place they, turn up is interface. At the. Point of the. Same the, foreskin, of the penis you, have the same position. You. Change, into, the tube to go inside, so, the, interface. Comes. Again into operation, and we, see. Herpes. On. There. Were what, we call gentles. It. Can do the same but. We might not see it in the mouth. But. The interesting, part of the whole story is the. Body of the man carries. Bonus. Structure. This. One is structure. If. I can take it out this. Is your spinal. Cord, this. Is your hip and. These. Are the rest of your parts, this is your head and the. Rest of it, does. This remind you of anything you've, done in the space technology. Thank. You very much. You. Remember the. Cup and the. Orange. Transferring. The energy of the orange into the water of the cup. Now. Look what's the cup. The. Cup is, a hip of the man. Up. To now doctors. Tried, to sort, out the, problem, after therapies. To as they call it in. The. Interaction. With, the creams and everything else it moves it cannot be done because, with, a new research which has published, recently, we. Understand, and this, supports, what we explained years. Ago, that. Now. The hip, hop the man becomes, the cup. The. Virus, what, we call off. The. Herpes. Now. Sits, in the, hip of the man. This. Is why doctors, could not solve it. They.

Keep On touching and, doing, things but, he comes. Back because. When, this cup energy, reaches a point it. Releases the energy into. The same layers well. I have, flaring. Of the disease. Now. We understand, the full process of the, herpes beat. One or two is the same it's, just in a different strength. Now. We, understand, from the Alzheimer's all, the, way to, genitals, how we can do it this is why we have two different type but in fact one, is the stronger one is weaker the stronger, travels. Through the intestine, because there's too much acids, and everything else which has to go and then, it travels through but. There is one point which, the world of science again has not understood. We. Have, not doctors. Have not looked that, help, ease, appears. Inside. The body of the man to. Herpes. Appears. In different. Locations. Internally. At the. Entrance, at a point, of the change of the, same as the lips and, the. Skin. Sarkis. And. Stomach. It's. Different material now, we, should look for. Signs. Of herpes in, the, opening. Of the stomach. Stomach. And. The. Small intestine. In. Small. Intestine, we'll begin intestine. So. If we look in general, herpes. Is the, totality, of the disease across the body of the man. This, changes, the game. Help. Piece with. A new understanding of the plasma technology. Should. Be able to be managed. Should. Be able to be reversible you. Have to understand, I excuse. The world shoot because, the last time we explained about the cancer, some, nations to action, against the foundation. That. They, can cure, they can reverse no we. Use a very direct, positioning. But in a scientific, paper we published will be very precise, because it's a scientific paper. Now. The. Condition, of help, ease if you understood. Handling. The totality. Of the body of the man is. Can. Be, hanged. If. Those of you who work in research, those. Of you who are our doctors, in in doctor, sides and the rest. One. To understand, the process we, will publish the paper, paper. Is published scientific has. To be accepted as it is without peer. This. Is how we, give a strength, to cash relation journals, what. We call. Scientific. Paper section of in the Journal of it by. Revealing, the most advanced. Knowledge that, doctors can work with it I'll make this general one of the most prestigious, journals scientifically, and the world sciences, were coming to look at. Where. There is no peer review when it is everybody, has a say in what, they want to do how they want to have it. For. The first time we, understand, the whole process on herpes from, top to toe. Why. Do we see herpes on some points of the arm or the leg. Go. Back and look. At the, structure, of the where. It is, they. Could have been a puncher in life of time it. Could have been a damage. To the skin at that point where, again, there are a petition, of the two lips the, weakness of the middle layer appears. And, it. Manifests, itself. It. Just needs to get underneath and, few. Dots the energy transfer. Help ease in, every, level with a new knowledge of the plasma technology, is reversal. Because. What. Did you do you. Remember the patches. You. Remember, a very, simple, way when, we, spoke about the. Condition, of, when. You. Had a cancer, or you had a piece of metal in your body you wanted to remove it, when. You have the piece of metal there you, create a ratio of four to one or twenty, to one creation. Of the fields. Now. Very. Simple. Take. Extract. From the herpes itself, when, it flares up. Create. The Gans of it and place. It in the same ratio. It. Should not take more than few days or, weeks to, be, able to drain a system, but don't forget the, hip. Don't. Forget the body of the man with intestine. Don't. Forget, the. Boss on the top. Remember. What, I did and. Our. Friend. Explained. To us how. We. Managed to deplete. The, salt from, the foot, of Naomi. We. Took the urine of Naomi, made. Against her head we. Patched it what, was supposed to be weeks it was gone within days. The. Same applies here. When. You have a fire you don't. Fight, it with their who. With the water is so big you burn more fires, around it that it has no more to burn when it comes to it. You. Handle. Somebody's, microphone, is open please your. Handle, the. Wireless, directly. This way. You. Can, even handle gin, genitals. Directly. The same. Then. You remove. The energy from it that is not there to flare up, but. What, is not understood that. The herpes sits, within the, whole structure, of the body of the man not, when it flares up and we see it. I'll. Try to publish, the paper in a full details, with collaboration, of therefore Keshe foundation to me the background. 2/3. Of human race suffers, from one thing which is not to be and is there the. Point comes where, does the herpes Assad would come from it. Comes. From brain of the man itself. It's. The release of the energy, from, the inner soul of the man. Touching. The invisible. Memory, part of the body of the man. That's.

Why It goes back to where he came from that's, why effects, the, memory part I. Explained. You to understand, fully. Many. Of you many, of you in. Your sleep. Your. Dream. Some. Of the dreams are nice and some of them are not so nice. But. If. The. Dream. Is at. The strength that, it in dangers, your life, if. The. Memory is at the strength which. Can jeopardize, your, life in. Prison, the physicality. This. Is what you don't want to remember, so. You, create, a field, force, in, the balance of the memory that you don't want to remember but, because it hasn't manifested, you have intended while you're awake is part of your body. Call soul, operation. The. Energy, transfer, appears, on what, you cannot speak which is the lip of the map and. That's. Why when. You have a very horrible. Dream you, get a blister on the side of your mouth that's. The beginning, of the process. Now. We understand, the whole process of the creation of, this. What. We call healthy, is coming. From this inner structure, and that's why he goes back, to. Where he came from that's why because, it, has no memory he wants you to remember that, horrible thing, or whatever we. Call it a heat. Temperature, of dream you know you, get a blister on it. Now. We, understand, the whole process from, how, her, face has become to be doesn't, matter where you are in the universe on. This planet you get it because you your soul is creator, of it but, it has not found the physicality, at the time of when you're awake that your eye observes, you see it with the eye of the soul of the man you had a dream you captured, they put you somewhere you want to escape is too frightening but, you wake up but. The, energy is not there to memorize, the energy, part of the feeling. And. Where. As a hit, you could not speak. Voila, math, is a point of speaking, it's. Where the energy, will transfer, you. Remember, what we said if you have a problem with, your, son at the. Man you, get a cancer prostate and it's proven to be by the motive scientists, it's the same process but, this time, happy. Is it it's a condition, created by the soul of the man without, the interaction, of the physicality but, knowing that he has to go because you want to remember that that doesn't happen to you it goes back to where he came from. Now. We even understand, why hairpiece, damages, or interacts.

At The memory side because. You want to forget, that horrible point. You. Remember if you read the paper which are published called. ILS. A death. Wish which comes through this. Is another process, very. Much but, directly, from the soul of the man ILS, is a wish through the soul that, the physicality cannot, handle. Termination. Of contract you call it. Now. We, understand, the full process we understand, even the, herpes is not from outside is, the creation, of our own soul. And. As. Now, we understand. The process of the creation and, the process. Of, work. Of the plasma as our body is a container. Of Ganz's and, we've. Seen how, doctors, have handled. Different. Conditions. With, transfer, of energy we. Need, help. Ease itself, to, handle herpes yourself. If. You have a lump of. Calcium. In your body. You. Need a calcium. In a different strength to be able to move it dr.. Rodriguez has shown us other dr. science are showing us herpes, will become the same. Now. Understanding. This knowledge no. Virus, should, be a danger. To man even, in space I developed. This technology for. Man to be safe in space and, you have to understand, the work of the viruses. On what are called energy packages. Without physicality. That. It, can save your life in the space, universe. Is packed. With. Half. Is three four five six seven eight million. Once. You know how to walk. You, can jump you can dance you can do whatever you like now. I have taught you how to walk. To. The door of the world population, suffer. From it we never knew how it comes now we notice the creation, of ourselves the. Way we created, through our souls the, structure. And muscles, our heart, our long, our intestine. Now. We understand, herpes is a condition. Of the, soul of the man in a condition, that big release, is a such a huge pack of energy from the soul of the man in, a condition, of interaction, with with other souls that, cannot. Find a physical position but, between the two the. Gap the salt is so, precise, that he finds his way there. And. If, you carry the same emotion, and we. Kiss another person, on the same space gap between the skin and the lip, were called the inner tube. You. Will transfer, it into the middle layer they get it because. You. Have a copy DNA. Help. Piece in. Any shape or form be. The herpes of universe, with a piece of planet. Zeus now, you can have. Many. Scientists. Many. World. Health. Authorities, have been, looking to find a solution for this. Now. The solution is there. This. Is a gift to humanity if. Those, who understand, can apply it and her. Face become, story of the past it's the memory of the soul of the man on the physicality of the man the, way he chooses the color of your hair the way his soul chooses to color up your eye the. Soul in the interaction, in time of life of. The man that's, to say, we've. Seen his transportation, across the body of the man we. See the, way it comes. In and leeches. On to we, seen how, herpes. Itself. As a virus. Travels. Through the body of the man and. Intersections. Of the change has. To mutate, to. Be able to. Move across because, now the, faces, of top. Layers linked. Together middle. Layers being together the. Bottom. Layers linked together so as it's going it, travels through the middle skin from, the mouth today. You. Hello. Mr. Kesh I. Think. He's dropped temporarily, think. The last line.

Was. From. The mouth. Anybody. Else fill in the, complete. Sentence there I. Think. He said that herpes, travels. Through. The middle part of the skin. To. The mouth. Yeah. That's where I left off. Hello. I'm back again. Yes. I missed yes yes, nobody. Stopped, no okay, very. So. What, we see now is the process of understanding how. Every. Virus, in the world of the creation, can, be handled. Be. It AIDS. Be. HIV. Beat, Ebola. Beat. Anything, now, that we understand, these, are what. We call memory, packages. Of energies, that they, can mutate. And. They. Live they, get fat they collect more energies, and once they reach a level they travel, to another position. Now. Every. Every. Type of any. Disease, which, is what. We call. Wireless. Or energy, pack connected, is. Reversible. It's, a process. This. Is why in the foundation, we don't call it treatment. Or cure or whatever because it's a process now we understand, the process. We. Understand, the process of his creation, we understand, the process of his transfer. We understand, the process of how we. Can balance it out of the body of the man because, once, you deplete, it from his energy, is gone it's. Not something, which, can be done in a matter of a day or two the body of the man is dynamic, it meet eights you. Have to have persistence, you have to understand, it and you. Have to be able to develop, new ways, of. Developments. Of viruses. Because. Now, it, can mutate you, have to be able to mutate with it the. Only way you mutate with it if he occurs, you. Pick up the, liquid of it you. Pick up the, inner skin, of it you. Making answer head and news, itself. Against. Itself to transfer its energy our body of the man. If. The first time human race has. An answer. For all, the viruses which has been threatening, man beat. Influenza. Beat, other. Flus. Beat, AIDS HIV. And. The. Rest but. Nothing. Has dangered, life of the man as much as herpes now, we know we, understand, and we, can add, to, the science of the man that through. The Keshe foundation you as known as you can stop to some whatever I'm sure, many, of you have been touched by it. I'm. Sure many of our listeners have, been told that they are aware or not away, have, this, condition, now, you can help yourself I. Try. To read the paper on it to. Be published but, I've asked, the team in the background to make the transcript, of this teaching as part. Of the scientific, paper to be submitted, and. I. Ask the transcribers, in the backgrounds, transcribed. In section as fast as possible, and send. It to the web masses that they can have it ready for the publication, this month if. We can take one man of this pain of the lifetime, we, have served our purpose to, be here. This. Is part of the process which, now we, have to be ready for a space. If. We cannot, handle, such a small, virus which, such a weakness, that. Is caused havoc in the human race from, the time the first man had a fresh horrible, dream through. The soul which had no domination of physicality. Then. We. Understand, the, seed of. In a choosers teaching I mentioned. Two or three times I'm ashamed to be in the body of the man but, not receive some complains. Why. Do you say this because. The body of the man suffers, too much. We. Come we'll live to enjoy life, we don't come to suffer and. It's shameful, to see to suffer, due, to through act of the people let, alone to the environment, of the body of the man. Is shame to suffer what for. The. Living. Existing. Has to be a pleasure at. Every. Point of it in, even, at the point of transition, from one dimension, to another. We. Should celebrate life. And. Not. To suffer with die. Viruses. Will. Become. And. Has. Been part. Of our lives now. We, know how to handle it.

Now. How we know how to. Allow our body, to go, through the emotion, of, reversing. It. We. Understand, the process from a to sit for the first time in the creation of man. Every. One of you. Millions. Of listeners around occasionally around, the world. You. Can do you can listen I. Know. And many. Of you know Kesha, our nation reaches millions, of people around the world and. Many. People act on it they use it and. I know we reach many many places because. Our. Beam places, I could, never imagine and, people. Walk on the street and. I ask you are you mr. Kesh so. Me must be that, well. Known that, people listen they find solution, to us that. On the streets from China in, Beijing to. The streets in Italy, in. France and, everywhere. Else. Recognized. Unrecognized, by, my face. -. Our nation followers should, be recognized, by their soul. Teach it. If. You, live in the neighborhood of, 100 people, you. Should understand, 67. Of them suffers. From it. If. You live in America you. Should. Know over. 800,000. People a year are affected, by, this disease that. Is. 2,000. People today. That's. His hundred, person. Every. Hour and, nearly two. People a second, just only one country. Because. I couldn't keeping statistics are, infected, mind. Now. We have a solution. Test. It and add. It to my paper as a testimonial. But. Understand, what you are doing. Next. Time you have that boiler on your face and. They, tell you you have a herpes. Take. Pieces of it I. Think. All the liquid which comes from it making, answer it add. It to co2 and. Add. It to. Sink. Oxide. The. Way you make your box. Because. It have the interaction, of the physicality, of connection, of the electric at the brain and, it, comes from the emotional, part of the brain of the matter. There. Are no muscles in the way. Then. You understand, the effector it's under. If. You. Are scheduled our nation supporters, start knowing this you are suffering or the others do. Then. You, will understand, how to do it and. How. It can and. Teach. It freely. Once. I release the paper hopefully, I try to work with the hell up dication conditional on the new team. Of papers in the background or there I get. A chance in the next few days. We. Do our first publication, maybe we are modified in next few days and we release the second paper. This, is a gift to humanity. I. Could. Make millions out of it. But. Again as, it. Is in the Keshe foundation, the knowledge is weak. You. Got to understand, you learn it and. Teach, it very. Much as you teach, me. Respect, other aspects, of the technology. The. People who want, to publish, the paper on malaria and other, diseases I, support. You about to it as a, scientific, paper we. Done a lot of research on it we add word as a collective, paper and. It. Has to be done in a way that malaria. Can be eradicated I've done it I think. If. I can see him here he can tell you. Does.

Anybody See Alex. Father. Hi. Darling, Alex would you like to tell us what happened with you with your malaria, a year ago, yeah. I came together in a Honda malaria, then, your basket using herbs. Inc. Which. I did. How. We had any more malaria, attacks since you came to Ghana to Ghana last year. Were. You spending time in hospital, all the time with it no. I. Used. To. After. Taking the treatment always, have. Malaria. You. Have an on malaria since I made you there what they called their the. Water. Of life, exactly. Alex. Was in hospital I think two or three weeks before you come and see us sick in Ghana. Yeah. And. You walk back healthy man and since you have an ADD. This, is how easy it is. He. What he was getting malaria attack more or less once a month or every couple, of months every. Three weeks every traditional precise if. I tell you an anti-malarial. Medications. Which are no it doesn't work it gives me more more. Complications, and occur in the malarious, also after. Ticking the girl she gave me just waiting he never came mandatory, the. R&R and any of it it's. So simple because. It's a virus. Thank. You very much Alex. Thank. You. This, starts, simple. Because. We understand, the process. He. Calls the treatment, we call the process we understand how he comes Mary comes and where he goes. When. You get infected, by, malaria. From. The animal. From. The fly whatever. What. Does he do, it. Bites you he inserts. His, energy. Pack in the middle ear exactly, like herpes. That's, all it does now, it finds, a new dimension it finds the channel to fly and go. Through the brain and everywhere else any, disease, which gets into the middle layer find, yourself to the brain and he finds continuity. Because in, the brain of the man finds, the replication, point like. A heartbeat. It. Reaches, a saturation point, and. One in your size saturation, point you, get attacked. Because. He absorbs, energy, similar, to it because. Don't forget the, bite of the mosquito can see DNA and. Amino. Acid, which is made of the body of the man near. Enough. So. It's easy to travel all, you need to do is, to reverse the energy pack. But. It has to be done in, a way that we understand, the whole process. When. You drink. Against, water is not, just a water, which goes through your body because this, is the understanding. Of the present man and that. Is. We. We. Think when we drink water. In. Our, intestines. The. Water goes through. That's. Always going to be and. It's. A water but. When, you drink against water, plasma. It not, baganz itself, what. You do is. Not. Anymore. Water is the. Energy field. It. Covers, your skin, it. Covers, every. Part, of your body because it, goes it creates its own aura. Decreases. All Newfield damage. Is. Amazing. How far it goes in. A recent, test in. Agricultural. Tests in China we have seen an amazing, result, a. Hun. Meter field. Applying. Gas on this end, we. Can detect it the peak of the fields, like this. 50. Meter away we still see the field effect. 75. We, still see the field this. Proved. To us that. The. Gans. Materials, have, a, spherical. Shape if you put it here it covers, this. Because. We had opportunity. Over. Four. Weeks trial to. See how it goes and it's. The shape. It's. Not as if. You, water it if, you don't water the. Field next door you, get this. So. When, you come to the new space, technology. Now. That we take math we, have to solve all the problems of that and. What. We call. RNA. Without. The DNA energy. Packs actually. They have a DNA, of themselves, but, it's a energy, fact that it keeps the shape, but. It, has a memory of itself, as a field. So. Now you. Have this and one. Of the strengths of it if, you remember, if you look you, understand, this very very easily as a knowledge. Seekers. When. You have, a. Co2. It's. All the same plasma you don't see two different plasmas, two different materials if. In. Matter. State if you have a oxygen. And, you. Have a. Carbon. You, see two you can separate, it in, a plasma we cannot separate it is one plasma, but, we, carry to a strength, of oh, and. See. Where. All sits on this way the, carbon is here of the lower strength. But. It's all on the same structure. Where. In a chemical, binding is this. If. You understood, this. Solving. The problem, of viruses, in the universe, should be become beginning. Charlie. We. Have, to understand. The. Totality, of the process. Any. Questions. I, thought. You mr. gaspie we. Had. Rui with his hand up here for quite some time. Maybe. Or, John if you want to go ahead as well, but. Rudy was I. Know. No. I. Don't. Know it, feels, very important. Question. But. Comes to my mind. The. Same process, to. Deal. With the virus. Can. Explain, us how the. Colloidal. Silver. And. The. Oxidant. Lauren. Works. With. The virus. You. Have to, go. It. Doesn't work on everybody's. Silver. Has affinity, of the common, denominator, field effect. Our. Explained, is in other. Teachings. In. The past when.

We Spoke about other. Parts of the development. Of the science. There. There, what they call. Silver. Whatever, it's. Very, much. Is. A monoatomic. So. It even. Is in the matter estate, isn't. It is in nano material. Which. Dunno what you all have their own field. This. Is what the silver works. If you look at it as a plasma you, are like this but, when you look at your nanomaterials. You dusted, is this it, still had a field. When. You come at you the guns is not a matter of state it's a real estate only but, one, is in the nano state and what. We call silver. Is a nano material. So. It, has, a sphere, of effect. And. It doesn't work on all viruses because it's limited to given its trick. And. Its aim is with the, chlorine. Dioxide yeah. Color. Line is a different thing chlorine, is a cleaning agent. That. Has the Infinity in different direction to the bonding. We, have it in our. In. Our article. It's in our body that. Works, in a different way that's. Two totally, different one, works on them. Chemistry, one, works on, nanotechnology. Okay. Thank you thank. You. I. Have. Two questions. The. First question has. To do with. I'll. Say elevating. The soul. If. We. Connect. Our. Soul. To. The. Save the soul of our higher self. Or. The soul of, God. Are. We. Are, we able to. Infuse. Any, of. Our Gans material. To. A, higher. Level. Vibration. If you will a higher. They. Have a consciousness. So the question is may be elevated. To. More than just being a regular Gans. In. So many ways. This, is another part of teaching, but. Maybe. As I said you bring the subject on the table and. I'll teach you I. Was. Writing, this, to. One. Of the knowledge seekers. Yesterday. And. Maybe. It's time to teach that's why I came to be written yesterday. You. Speak about high. Level. Higher. Order. Yes. Let's. Go back to something and, understand. A new understanding, of life because this is what you need this, is where the problem of the money's I was. Writing this to. The head of the Keshe foundation, ela. Sometime, this morning in, part. Of my conversations. With her I can, dig it out or she can read it I. Think. Is ela if I remember correctly. We, have got used to. Feeding. Ourselves with, the physicality. Food. Water, air, and. With. It. We. Have we, feed partially. We. Provide, energy and a given string through the sole of the physicality, we. Feed our. Soul. This. Is what we do this, is something man, never understood, what. We do in reality, what we have done what man has done to himself, is. This. That. We. Eat, food. To. Arm up it. Goes into our intestine. Part. Of energy, of it, energizer. Is not only the cell of the DNA. Or RNA. Part. Of it energizes, the soul of the. Cell and, the. Soul of the man. If. You look at it. Because. It's balanced, to it and, now.

Moses, By the higher energy takes. From it for its bottom order, of the, fields if you don't get it for here so. We, eat food. Partially. To fill our own sword. By, commercial. But. We, forgot something. The. Soul itself. Led. To, the creation of, the man of his caliber. By. Collective. Energies. Of the soul of the egg and a sperm and a boom of the mother. We. Created, this soul which. Buys, interaction. Of his fields, with, the interaction, of the environment, led to creation of the physicality of the man. Now. That you're in a space how. You're going to feed this soul. For. It to exist it needs, to absorb, the, way now, it used the soul, of the physicality, to feed itself, now. In a space needs to be fed. Now. You understand, you talking, about a higher soul. If. This is your soul to, be fed you need to. Tap. Into the higher energy. Man. Has to learn how to feed his soul in the space. And. If. You go back to the teachings, what. I say man, shall not kill are nothing because. We have to go back and learn about, how to feed our souls that, through the soul we feed the body of the man does, shall not kill there, is no need for killing, destroying anything in a space there is no cows and sheep to kill and eat you. Call. It higher yourself, that he can change the soul to change the physicality this, is the whole purpose of my teaching this is the world we common this product to teach this demand. It&#

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