240Z - RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 5]

240Z - RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 5]

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We have made some major progress, on our our b-26, conversion, on our Nissan, Fairlady Z and today, the build continues. So. This is an absolute, thing. Of beauty this is turbo. Yoda's dump pipe, with. Optional. Wastegate. Agitator. Is. That, yeah. That's the thing to make it not break yeah. When it heats up and cools, down a thousand, times this is incredible. Let's. Put it on okay, I will feed it to you you can jump under the car I will tuck it under to you then you feed it up. So. That the turbo is in now for good it's, got a coolant line it's got an oil line it's, attached that's, it like we basically, filter. On this side dump on that side done yep, so. Good. All. Right there. You go good luck with that I. Have. Your v-band marking, point here. Yep. We're. Saying before I asked you how many times you've done this and we, got to hundreds, and hundreds and that was as far as you are willing to guess yeah, which. Is good that's enough because, I haven't. This. Marks a significant, part of our build process because. Once the dump pipe is connected the major turbo, components, of our build are complete. So. The turbo is now mounted, it is done the dump pipe is on the wastegate is done we've got coolant, lines we've got oil lines it's looking incredible. So mr. Yoda can you tell me about what happens next in terms of the piping over here so. It's going to throw an air filter on the front of it that'll that'll work do, air filter right here just stick it on yeah happy, days. In, the cool part is I've. Just got one tacked on there that, we need it to size up to miss, the exhaust manifold, yep it's gonna go out through into, the inter core and, we're not using any silicon, for that at all we're kind of using this like Wiggins style it pleasing, a wig install clamp it's not it's not an our Wiggins clamp and it's the same stores yes yeah, they're pretty cool and that's gonna give us some movement, isn't it yeah plenty. Of engine movement, and. It's virtually. You. Can't break them the sucker. It's almost like a solid coupling but it gives movement, yeah nice they're really cool so that kind of in a way kind of takes the place of what's silicon joint is my yep. That's it yeah, cool so obviously, that's going to go down to the front now which I was meant to pick up but it wasn't ready yet so Marty's gone to hyper tune to pick that up and then that's gonna come around this side into our intake. Yep which Marty's also picking up yep and so while we wait for that fuel. Tank you know we used a very special, technique yesterday. To D fume and can you explain that to me so, basically, like it's got just, got fuel in there there's there's beams. We drained the tank but there's still fumes and stuff in there so if you we've gotta cut a hole in it which doesn't, we're not welding it or anything like that but he's still cutting, things so to.

Make It a bit safer what we do is just get, a car running up the temperature, shove. The exhaust pot over the fuel Inlet and it's just the. Inert gas that's coming out of the car just continue. You just run it for half an hour yeah and it just purges. It basically. That's an old trip from the radiator shop yeah nice I want to get blown up by fealty. We. Don't it's best or not just, don't do it at all don't touch though well don't do anything to a fuel think it's a bad idea yeah to a professional, we're, not welding and we're acting just cutting holes yeah it's just a good idea to, purge it of any views. Nice, all right well let's go to modify the fuel tank Cara. So. This this thing's just it's some design so you can put a modern. Fuel. System, inside, the original fuel tank of an old car so, it's. It's kind of just like a surge, tank inside the fuel thing and it's, it's pretty simple it's just a like, a foam thing, with a that's. Sort of your tank at the bottom it's just made out of rubber, with. The foam the. Pump goes on here and it all just goes in like that and screws down to the tank and, we're. Gonna be cutting that down here. Yeah, is there enough is there enough depth here for this sort of we need and say there's, a minimal in depth that you can which we're, fine with it's six six, inches 150, mm minimum. Height. Up. To I, think, it's 12, inches 300. Mil maximum. Okay forget the pump to reach, this. Thing you just trimmed down depending, on what what. Height. Your tank is. So. It's, got like it this, is it this is actually a template, looks fancy, but so. We cut out we're gonna put on top and cut to that we hole saw. 82. Mil and. That must fit in it and then, you use that that's your drilling template once. You've drilled it I've, got this cool. Thing. Here so it's got a cutout, in it so. When you get. That inside the tank you, need that cutout so you can sort of roll it down inside and then your studs come back up and it, just stays in there oh that's so cool that is what this. Sort. Of mounts onto. So. Then it's got rubber a rubber seal so you can put it in like we've got a nice flat surface which is excellent, but, a lot of older tanks are all corrugated, and this. Rubber, thing here it actually accounts, for the corrugation, so. It's quite a cool idea, it. Sort of says you're having all the. Surge. Tanks, and all that stuff that gets. Smelly and noisy, yeah and then in, a case where you don't need five fuel pumps like this just. One in tank pump it makes no noise is it great, like it's the best thing for the for this sort of car and that's one of the things we're saying for a tinder car like this I swipe left or swipe right, which, what he is what, what. Are your let us know is. That is, that it's not going to be stinky and it's not gonna be noisy yeah hi, Cheryl which, means it just it makes a good car for date night. Let's. Do it. The. Cars going to be running a ditch works fuel pump inside our modified, fuel tank and we're setting it up so we can run both 98, octane and ethanol, with, a flex fuel sensor we've.

Located The, best position for the new pump and we're marking the center point and then we'll drill it out. We're. Using a hole saw to get a perfect, circle and once this is done we can give the tank a quick clean inside, and out. With. The fuel tank successfully chopped. Now we can start adapting a new fuel delivery, system. The. Next thing we have to do is connect, power to the new fuel pump. We. Could be surgeons. Good. Works. We. Publish shouldn't these surgeons though, some. People do this for a job that they're fixing human beings they're, like quick pull the gut out and put, the other guts in a lot of people doing poo transplants, at the moment you heard about that. It's, a thing you basically, there was a guy who was, really sick had like gut problems and they, got his wife's poo and stuck it up his bum and like fixed him when no other medication, could so, now they're getting like um AirDroid. You know when you're air dry foods, their, air drying feces, sticking, it in a pill and then you can take it up your butt. And. Can. Help you with all sorts of different things okay and. Go. Stick it in, go. Go. Go go. Are. We in. That. Was clean with, our fuel pump all wired up now turbo Yoda is sorting out our oil cooling, system so, this is the. Bolt. That used to hold the factory, water to. Oil, cooler. Yep. And so. We need like a double-ended spigot, to screw, a new fitting. On yep, and, they. Can't find one easily so, I'm. Just making, this into it, so. We just got a tap. Three-quarter. 16 tap not, - I should say. I'm. Just running it down to make it longer and then we're gonna cut it off yep, and just screw it in and then the other thing screws on. We, won't be attaching our external oil core until, our front mount intercooler is done but now at least it's all ready to go back. To the fuel tank it's time to prepare this 40 year old beast for some modern fuel delivery, technologies. Dave. From haltech has arrived to continue, wiring the car and Marty, has returned, from hyper tune with, our intake manifold, and front-mount, intercooler both. Of which have been made to order specifically. For this bill and that, is cause for some celebration. So. This is really exciting, this is our brand, spanking, new hyper, tuned intake. Manifold, the, plenum here is like hydro formed aluminium, and it's welded by the guys down at the factory which is pretty impressive, you've got the runners here they're made their, billet I believe look to be and. Also. Got a Bosch Motorsports, throttle body that's awesome because it's a thrill it's also nice and compact and dave, is gonna wire it in it's gonna look awesome again put a wig, in style clamp on the front of it so no silicon this, will bolt straight to the side of the head well right side of the head via what, used to be the individual, throttle bodies so, this is pretty cool because we can still use our factory, injector point you can get these with 6, or 12, injector. Ports. On them as well it's, also handy because you've got some, zakian, ports on the back here so you've got map sensors ball, valve boost references, all that kind of stuff in the bottom so it looks nice and neat so that goes on there with some bolts that will get, it. Does fit look at that, it's. Pretty man that looks so good and I like the theme to like the silver and the black with the top of the black engine he. Looks amazing it's, neat you'll do what you needed to do gets, rid of some of the complicated factory, stuff and, Alan's nodding and half smiling that's usually a very very good thing. So. A box has arrived from our friends at ditch works I'm, pretty excited about we have fuel. System parts we're, gonna have injectors, and they'll be some other goodies in here but I've yet to see what they are oh my. God so much stuff is. Awesome. What, do we got I think that is a fuel, pump it's. Always a bit mysterious the, lettering on it you never know what it is until you open it but that's fine because a bit, of a fan of the old unbox, we. Had a fuel pump already and we installed it no, no but this is no that's good if you yeah that's awesome you know why cuz that's gone in super grants really. Yeah. This. Is I, don't know what these are but these look exciting also spoke, code words. Who's. That, 350. Il I think that's for the crest up, it's. Nice of them to give us a spare this. Oh these. Will be injected that's what you want yes, look it's that one what size of these you would, I think these are 12.

Hundreds. For. Hundreds awesome. So these are gonna my object is they're gonna flow heaps, heaps what we're doing because, it's gonna be on petrol when it's driving round the streets and then if we feel like putting ethanol in it we can you're, gonna put a flex sensor how thick is gonna know it's got FN oil in it. We've, done the pump, as you would have seen already and, now the. Injectors going I'll show you where these bad boys are gonna go amazing, so, this, is the so. I'm saying before these are the factory throttle body thingies so they, they're gonna go like that yeah, I got poor plug down Dave. Plug. And. The flute goes. There, you. Like that bolted, on happy, days. Very. Excited, it means we can do it this this will mean the car will actually start we. Get a spark from Dave and some, juice from this and some. Timing from our he'll take then we're good to go amazing, I'm. Martin over one quick question for you yep over here's something else that's underneath, your box of goodies is another box of goodies and, underneath here there. Was shimmying going, on today which, was a. Kind. Of you know how it had that weird old school like oil cooler before yeah well we're swapping, that out to this, a heat, transfer. Unit. Now, we could go full bozo, style and have to like. Hoses, hanging out the light over, there now and then, you, know make it look like a bozo build or we could actually just do it properly and mount it somewhere down here but the question is should. It be visible, or should it not be visible, it's, already black yes, I don't particularly want it visible we're going shiny intercooler aren't we just because yes yes we are showing intercooler, well you're into color for the extra power Martin I think we could count putting five any cool, well. Might have to yes. As long as it's pure at all that matters pure, man we're. Installing a set of 1200, CCD, twerks injectors, onto our engine due to the way the intake manifold, is designed we use the original injector, ports and the fuel rail slips directly, onto the back of the injectors, with the help of some petroleum jelly the injectors have been flow tested and matched and come, with a datasheet to help with set up on the programmable, ECU once. We're ready to fire up the car for the first time a matched, set of injectors means you're less likely to need to do individual, cylinder tuning these injectors, can run petrol or 85, and pressure, will be supplied by a DW, 400, high flow pump retrofitted. Into the original tank speaking. Of the tank it's time to reinstall, it in the car so, what we're doing in the fuel tank here, so. We don't have to cut holes in the cars that muddy has. Cut up these, these. Are like engine mounts or something rubber.

And You cut them and then we've are all darted them on which, means the whole tanks gonna drop down around 20 mil what, that's gonna mean is that we've got room for a new pump over here and, all of our hoses because. There's gonna be a little bit of a gap between the, top of this and underneath, the car otherwise we would have to cut out a hole around that round and then, run the hoses down that way so this way of. Course it's totally reversible. Except. For the big hole that we just drilled in the fuel tank but the, car body itself will, not be affected. If this works or. Art wide. But. It's looking good so far. Yep. There. Was one one, not on the top probably, two maybe you want to break in between. Who, we lost something, mine's. Not cloaks anyways. Yours. Is yours gonna work. Bolt. Extension, we. Need to watch that YouTube video where the guy shows you have a short and a bolt and do, the opposite. So. These are the bolts that hold the straps on for the fuel tank but because we've dropped it by 20 mil these, an hour and 20 ml two shots so we have to extend. Them. I have, to lube it up a little bit that will be a gem that in there well the feel things done that was a big one so he's a mad little tip for you he's got a Japanese car turbo. Yo who was just asking me if we could try and find a translation. Or a diagram, of this but, what you can actually do is get Google Translate put that on to live view and then that'll let you do really, funky stuff like this so let's say we want to know what, this fuse is here with, Google Translate live, view we just hold that near it and that, will say, air. Conditioning so, that's what that fuse is which. Is pretty freakin, amazing like we are in the future, so it's doing a real-time, translation, of, what's on there so over, here you can see that, that is lights. Top left and. You can just scroll through it's not always perfect but it does a pretty good job that's the antenna that's, the washer so I, mean lolling at you see, that is it blowing it said Lowell did it, laughing. At you me but. How cool is that like. That's incredible so, air. Conditioning sounds good don't know why it has an air conditioning fuse but I guess that was an option anyway. Mad tips for your Japanese car so, it's been a massive, a couple of days on the s 3240, 260, 280 Datsun, missin the. Arby's in there which is pretty exciting the, turbo is all mounted, up it's got its lines the dump pipe. Incredible. Yeah it's all there they're very cool external wastegate yeah we plugged in the oil feed the oil drain the coolant the the coolant drain so, that that's I it's pretty much good to go just needs a filter on it and then some intercooler box right and we dropped the fuel tank of course and that got chopped that's got its new, pump. In it ah Dave's, been fiddling, away with lots of little wiring stuff but it's super neat I mean you can just gonna slap the wires on the top plug them in and go but this is all really yep, and, that's, the result you get when you get the best the. Best in the business to do it which, is what we have right here with a gentleman that for some reason come, down and help, us I don't, know why it could be the salt and vinegar chips or. It could be, your. Witty banter Martin that could be the banter it could but here is a lot of that so. Next up of course are we got to do the front mount we've, got to mount that up we've got to do the piping the intakes got to go on we've, got to plumb up the radiator, oil, call, the, oil cooler what, else is there with some more fiddly fittings, to do like bitterly. Fittings like the breathers on top of the manifold. So we've got to take them off next as well yep, look, this will go on soon as soon as days finish Don's doing some more and we'll throw that on and then we've also got to work out whether we're actually gonna rebuild, the rear drum brakes just so we can drive around and test it or whether we're gonna wait and try and upgrade that rear end we haven't really haven't. Really decided yet what we're gonna have yeah is it's tricky to find it you've got to sort of mix and match a whole bunch of parts there's no just one-stop thing that goes fixed, that's what if they are then on Australia when founding it yep so. There it is thank you for watching another episode of mighty car mods we'll, be back shortly with, some more redonkulous. RV, 26 action you can follow us of course on the face balls facebook-dot-com, forward-slash in, your balls, ah thank, you very much - turbo, you're over here thank, you to Dave and we'll. Be back in a few days so thanks for watching a straight cut or kinky creepy crimping our crinkly, kit crinkly bullets, what are they chips crinkle cut straight, I like I like a sweet potato chip, idea, have you ever kumara, fly yeah calmer fried that's just, that with our fried chicken, mother, durian shut.

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Love the build guys ❤️ question, you did paint the hole in the tank so it doesn’t rust and flush out all the shavings from the little holes drilled right before you assembled it? Probably just cut the footage out. But just a concerned citizen

Salt and vinegar chips FTW!

Tens of thousands $ in custom work right there but you guys make it worth it ! Cheers for the killa content boys watching from perth

10:12 Is that the technique you use on Cheryl?

Suck it 'n' See oh no

At just before 7:17 you said about cutting the fuel tank.. eith im high. Or that sounded like the perfect rap over the music

Thanks for the fuel pump info. I'm building a 2 seater 260Z with RB25/30. What size is the turbo you are using and how early will it spool?

What is the song about 18 mins in!!!!!!???? NEED IT

How good is Turbo Yoda"s belly .... More Budda than Yoda !

How is this fuel tank delivery thingy's market name? I also need one to avoid placeing a separate surge tank for my ex-carburettor now injection project.

You're welcome.

Thank you !

MCM band needs to make a vid feat ESW

Cool keep it up

All hail Turbo Yoda.

13:44 that is all

So, original steel fuel tank with Ethanol? I thought that was a no no?

What injectors did you use mate, want a set for mine without changing the fuel rail

You guys need to make an album, with that kind of thing as the music video, I wanna listen to more of that, pls make more

Anyone else notice the music @10:35 says "I'm ok" as Moog is examining his extracted hand? Thought this was a nice touch if intentional!

awesome content as always. way better than the other wanna be enthusiasts.

Best Episode so far :D ( 11:13 )

what’s 98 octane in American terms?

Make a car you can live in

dont wanna sound like a downer but, i was waiting to see one of you drop that bolt plate in the gas tank lol... i would have bout ten times before getting it right.

I wouldn't do this, just buy an aftermarket tank with the pump.. save that one, its original ... :/ and why? because I think that car is really precious

OMFG guys, you need more musical interludes. You rock. I nearly spat my lunch all over my keyboard. (In a good way).

god vids guys, what is the spunge thing that u put in the tank called ?

Quick question... I own an s15 but it’s a spec s... would modding it with support components and a turbo be better? Or an engine swap with a det? Or just go with an rb dett or a 2jz...? Very new to modding but I’m thinking long term. Live in Japan but don’t speak Japanese ... so local help is more like hohdchkfsxnkhxvkkgc

I'm loving this build! Having just come back from Japan, I reckon the diehard Nissan guys would love it. That garage band bit.. Loooool!

Hey how much is it to order a car from japan into australia

Every time moog gets an intercooler in his hands

the uh... Parts Band was the best thing ever.... EVER.

I'm loving the series about the 240Z, keep up the good work guys!

@6:20 "it's not gonna be noisy. And it's nit gonna be stinky. Hi cheryl" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I rememver one epusode where moog said. "It's gonna be fast and easy. Hi Cheryl" that's what u get after breaking moog's heart, Cheryl.

great show guys!!, cant wait to see the Fairlaidy finished...btw, love the song in minute 9:30...do you have the name and artists of the track?

Nice job

can anyone please tell me what the song name at 18:58 is? I've been searching for it for ages

"Lotta people doing poo transplants at the moment." Yoda's face... hahahah

When Moog plays the Intercooler

Garage band!

10:15 - 10:35 ahah.

http://faceballs.com/yourballs 22:22 This killed me

Hi, I really like the fuel tank setup. I couldn't find the kit you used anywhere online. I could really use that for my conversion of the MGB to for focus ST170 engine. If you could direct me to the company who makes that kit it would be highly apreciated. Thank you in advance.

Were you able to buy that aeromotive fuel pump hanger kit without a fuel pump included. Id like to do this but can only find it in a kit with a fuel pump supplied.

Been a mopar head my whole life. Back in 2006 i bought my wife a 05 g35.. Ever since then ive been a nissan fan boy. Just bought a 2013 370z with 10k miles. Looking to supercharge it next....

Hahaha Big AL “as long as it’s pure”

Hahaha!! They almost had to buy a new tank, thanks to Moog!

awesome!!! when is the next MCM event in Perth?

what kind of brand is fuel pump

Turbo yoga always has that look on his face. “What the f**k are you doing?”

at 13:45 i see Turbo Yoda playing transverse flute

Magic stuff, respect from Trinidad and Tobago

previous episode you said the Black intercoolers make more power!! Well which is it! no more LIES

nice Videos and why do you guys dont use the Original intake thottle bodies i think there much cooler ore is the Problem in the thottle PositionSensor dir the motormanagement?

Alisia Ortiz stfu

19:09 What music is that?

12:15 That's one hell of a concerto!

turbo band great

40mm to short. Straps go from other side of the tank, so double... :)

Could anybody tell me what is making the concrete floor of that garage the dark grey colour? I'm putting down a new floor in my place and I want a hard wearing dark surface on the concrete.

LMFAO on the IC harp interlude. I can relate to the feeling of unwrapping sick motor goodies and feeling the need to express as an adult what it feels like to a kid on Christmas morning. Oh joy!

what kind of DW fuel pump?lol

if they like music so much they should just make a separate channel for that crap.

I'm always down for the classics. (Hi Cheryl)

Always trolling TurboYoda lol

car parts music video?

Individual intake/throttle tuning was what I was hoping to see on this build......LAME!

Turbo Yoda looks like a wild pirate but talks in such a calm way, I can imagine him reading classical books to children.

Man I wish I knew about the google live thing when I wanted to fix my stereo on my Honda Ferio Civic while in New Zealand (I also spotted StEVO aswell)

YES that jam session was freakin awesome ROFL loved it and turbo yoda's was amazing

This is amazing. Loving this

I like the fact that the show has grow from semi stupid but entertaining to something that beginners and even experienced car builders can learn from. And still low brow toilet humor here and there. Good job. Be different. Build a classic Mercedes.

"We might have to lube that up a little bit, but we can jam that in there" -Blair Joscelyne, 2018

11:29 ahhhh musical interlude

What adapter thing is that for the fuel pump?

"yeah, that's the thing that makes it not break...."

Fugn brilliant musical boizzz!!! :-D

what make or where to buy intank pump conversion kit from?

@11:30 that musical part made me melt!! love that to bits! this is turning into one of my favorite build documentations ever!! keep up the good work lads!

the location of this fuel tank makes me think pinto, the pinto's tank was upgraded (albeitt reluctantly) by Ford with a fire proof foil. (maybe there is an idea there).

Shit transplants. .....and I think "turbo-yoda" fell for it!!

hi cheryl

Ya i put phantom kit in my 240z RB25DET about a year or 2 ago. It was pretty simple and like they said no welding or anything. The worst part is trying to get the rust out of the tank. Really cood alternative to a fuel cell. Aeromotive also makes multi pump versions also.

What douchebags are giving our MCM boys down votes? Laaaame. That musical bit in the middle. Brilliant

more focus videos?

Question - does A&M Auto still exist?

My OCD goes nuts every time I see the strange angle this engine sits at. I know it's meant to sit at that angle, but man, it's just the wrong kind of angle, visually. An engine should either be vertical or at least 30 - 40 degrees slanted.

Could someone give me the details on the parts used for fuelpump? Im doing a RB swap and really like this setup for fuel supply

i love this channel and i think its great what you guys are doing but iwoild have gotten waaaay better fuel rail than the stock one for those bigger 1200cc injectors

Whats this intank upgrade unit called?

Is the soundtrack available anywhere? And what song is playing at 6:47?

moog, how long was your hand stuck mate. Hahaha :P

6:17 "Its not going to be stinky and its not going to be noisy. Hi Cheryl." ahahahahahahahaahahahaha

Opposite where I drink - at The Duke. I get to watch all sorts of shady Cunz park their home modded cars and swap small bags for cash before hitting the chicken.

13:43 turbo yoda in the back.

I dont recommend stell tank for ethanol.

6:17 "Its not going to be stinky and its not going to be noisy.... Arrmm hi Cheryl." ahahahahahahahaahahahaha

Great música moments and looling xD

Every time you say "happy days" it reminds me of Nathan's Garage, which he says nearly every episode. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzenfVtD8yaVY_LH_qe_wAw

These builds must cost a shit ton! I love that you guys actually show us the build process and explain things. Both super entertaining and I learn stuff!

I wish you would show us how to install a turbo on a flat engine or a engine mounted withs way not length however you guys call it in Australia

so many great tips in these videos

White like a wedding dress to represent purity cause it has to be pure

Come on guys anybody notice 13:43 Turbo Yoda Flute?

Mighty Car Mods looks fucking amazing! I wish I lived in Sydney instead of Hawaii so I could join in on the MCM maaaadness!

Always enjoy the Cheryl jokes lol glad to see them continue!

what did you do with all the old open nipples on the gas tank?

Looking at Yoda and Moog working together is like looking at a future Marty going back in time to show his mastering of the black arts of chooching.

Youre running it on e85 and put that rusty shit tank in..

Whats this whole cheryl joke

That little jam, hahaha. Loving this series guys. Brilliant.

12:14 is the greatest moment in youtube history.

11:44 Marty barely keeping it together! haha too funny!

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