234th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - July 26, 2018

234th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - July 26, 2018

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From. The beginning of time humans. Have always looked towards, the sky for inspiration, and guidance, there. Has been a fascination, with birds stars. Gods goddesses, and, other, entities, which seemed to exist above us and for. Many humans, a strong. Yearning to travel into space, man. Has dreamt of flight since. Observing, space and now, it is time to become the space traveler, the. Future of space travel requires, us to understand, from, where we came to. See where we are going. Several. Thousand, years ago philosophers. Mozi, and Lou bond from China were looking to the wind for flight they. Invented, kites using, silk and bamboo, allowing. For the later development. Of communication. Measuring. Distances, testing. The wind and lifting. Men. The. Invention of the kite brought with it the desire to fly the, first known attempts at flight were, typically, by leaping off towers known, as tower jumping, people, in China India, and Europe first, attempted, flight this way, in. 1670. Francesco, Ilana de Tarson published, a book that showed some interesting. Concepts, the, concept, of copper, foil in a, sphere, with, a vacuum. Would, produce a, vacuum. Airship. This. Is still not possible, with today's materials. Francesco. Is recognized, as the father of aeronautics, melding. Science, and mathematics, into aerial. Navigation. The. Chinese, are believed, to have developed, the first hot-air device, the. Chinese lantern using hot air from a candle, can, take flight and was first used for signaling the, hot-air balloon I achieved, the first human lift and advanced. To what we know of as the Zeppelin. The. First attempts, at flight, in a heavier-than-air flying. Machine, were, made by more than just the Wright brothers, most. Attempts, failed however, they were the stepping stones for what was to come later, the oldest, airport, College, Park is still, in operation today. Airplanes. Evolved, rapidly through, the century, from, propeller to helicopter, to jet aircraft, and most, of that technology, is used today. During. The Second World War Germany. Developed rockets. That could go a limited, distance the, basic, rocket, technology, used done is still used today the. Space race started, with the Soviet, Union and the USA, in, 1957.

And Led, to many developments. For, the next step the. Moon. Spacecraft. Assigned as Apollo 11, was the first spacecraft to. Have landed on the moon the. Space shuttle operated. At tremendous cost burning. The fuel proved to be wasteful, and dangerous technology. The. International, Space Station, ISS. Is a, habitable, artificial. Satellite, that, was assembled, in low-earth. Orbit, in, 1998. With, the use of the space shuttle, the ISS, can, often be seen with, the naked eye, from Earth. Space. X as a private, aerospace producer. And space transportation, services. Company, was, founded, in 2002. By Elon, Musk with, the goal of reducing space. Transportation. Costs, in enabling. The colonization. Of Mars, SpaceX. Reuses. The first stage of their primary rocket, Falcon 9 by, vertical, propulsive. Landings. Although. Up to present time it still uses the, rocket, fuel burning technology. Mehron. Kesh has always said. The time for burning fuels is over, but, did we need to start with that technology, in the first place. Ancient. Cultures have suggested, the use of an alternative, means of transportation. With. Reference to possible, plasma technology, you. Can go to. New. York from. Brussels. Within, two to five minutes most. Of this five minutes, is actually, landing. And getting up. Mehran. Tavakoli Keshe. Was born in Iran in. 1958. As the son of an x-ray, engineer. He was introduced, to the world of radiation. And nuclear. Science at a very young age in. 1981. He graduated, from Queen Mary the University. Of London as a nuclear, engineer specialized. In reactor, technology, system, control. At. That time he developed a number of theoretical, ideas, related, to more simple, nuclear concepts, and their applications. In, 2002. He decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology. This, included, the creation and control of gravity, and energy, by the use of nuclear materials, in a clean and safe hydrogen. Reactor, mehran. Keshe introduced. The concept, of double magnetic. Fields, to explain, the, magnetic, and gravitational field. Of Earth. Unknown. By the existing, scientific community, he wrote a number of scientific papers in 2004. And sent, them for peer review such, as the creation of black holes, when. One of the persons performing, the peer review used, his information in public he decided to draw back his papers, and to, concentrate, further on building. Prototypes. Since. The beginning of 2006. Several. Prototypes, of dynamic, reactors, had been built some, specifically.

Designed, To create hovering. Effects, similar, to effects seen with magnetic, levitation. Basic. Hovering, effects have been achieved. 2007. Brought the first flight test with radioactive. Material, in which, the patents, describe the, process, of the field interaction. The. Main patent, gravitational. And energy system described. The initial fundamental aspects. Of the, plasma and uses this. Was followed by the Supplemental. Patent micro, plasma reactors, where, further uses, and advancements. Were described. Mr.. Kesh found himself in Iran in 2008. And, was provided all the resources needed to create the first lift of a plasma reactor, managed. By the Iranian government these. Special, rotating, gas reactors, were, used to control the plasma. To. Bring a deeper understanding mr.. Kesh released the first book in 2009. The, universal, order of creation, of matters which. Contained, many new concepts, released to the public this, included, the PMT, IC. Plasma, magnetic, fields, initial, fundamental plasma and, plasma dye lucien technology, used, for space reactors. The. Plasma technology was, further developed and it, manifested. In, weight fluctuation. In, a controlled, environment. 2010. Introduced, a new state of matter called, Gans an acronym. For gas in nano solid-state, the. Gans produces, fields, to be used in the operation of the, spaceship. Advanced. Flight tests, were performed in Iran with, the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems. Mr.. Kesh tells us you can't bring all the doctors with you in space. Medical. Research advanced. In 2010, and is still being explored, daily, all around the world the, cash Foundation has provided knowledge, for dealing with many medical, conditions in space a. Great. Example of plasma technology, used. For peaceful process, is. The capturing, of the USA drone over Iran, in December, 2011. This. Drone was touted, as one of the most advanced, drones of its day and was. Caught by Iran using, plasma to. Disrupt, the communications. Plasma. Absorbs fields, and the drone uses radio fields, for piloting, a natural. Aspect of the plasma a barrier, of fields. Book. To the structure, of the light was released in 2011 this. Book brought forward the understanding. Of the structure of light as a cylindrical. Plasma. Where, the light is in possession of all magnetic. Field strengths, book. Three the origin, of the universe was published, later in 2011, mr..

Kesh Explained, the further operation. And interaction. Of different strengths, of the same fields, which, then leads to the creation of the universe, these. Three books bring forward, a much deeper understanding. Of the plasma science, that is applied worldwide by, knowledge seekers, and scientists. In spaceship. Research and development. There. Were two conferences, to release the space technology to government's in 2012. The. First International, presentation, in April Keshe Foundation invited, representatives of, every, country to, the first presentation of the plasma technology. The. Second International, presentation, in September, Keshe, foundation invited, the, nations of the world through. Their ambassadors, and their, leaders to attend, a gathering at the Keshe foundation, center in an, of Belgium. Space. Travel, requires, peace, the. Implementation. Of the plasma technology brings, greater responsibility. In, 2013. Mr. Kesh brought forward the, world peace treaty signing. Of the peace treaty is, a confirmation. From yourself, to your soul to, act correctly in a peaceful manner, in. 2014. Knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh and many different experiments, with reactors, were performed, including improving. The previously, developed reactors, to fit with the new knowledge. Introduction. Of nano coated, reactors, multi, core Gans systems. The. Spaceship, Institute lab, experiments. Were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI. Lab tests, with reactors, showed strong magnetic field pulses, up to 129. Tesla, and showed, significant. Weight fluctuations. In December. An experiment, was performed using. Reactors. Built by knowledge seekers, from, around the world Italy, Germany and. Canada, were involved, in field communication. Tests, the, tests showed that fields. Can interact, with each other no matter the distance or time resulting. In instant, communication. In. 2015. Developments, for space continued. With different aspects, of the plasma technology, such, as in health energy and. Decontamination. In October. Of 2015. Mr. Kesh taught a popular, week-long. Course called, The Blueprint teachings, about, how to build the maghreb power units, people, from all over the world participated. With building, their own maghreb, units, and teaching, others with. The demand of the Keshe foundation, products, from all over the world a new Research, Center and manufacturing. Opened in Arizona, USA, many. Developments. Of the technology, happened. In different parts of the world and cash foundation, USA is no exception. John. And the team started. Performing experiments. Using different, sensing, tools these, tools, allowed, the team to visualize. The maghreb fields, and to show others, their, interactions. With, reactor. Formations, showing positive results. Partaking, in the knowledge together, is easier. And more joyful than, ever the, fun has just begun, says. MT cash. Mr.. Kesh publicly, teaches the space technology, through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops, plasma. Enthusiasts, from around the world participate, in gathering, the knowledge and putting, the puzzle together, in the space race.

All. People, irrespective of race national religion, are invited, to participate in, the exchange of knowledge thus, assisting, humanity, to live within the ethos, of the universe it. Is recognized, that international, cooperation and, peace, is a prerequisite. For mankind, to journey into deep space. Individuals. And nations are invited, to come together in the spirit of collaboration and unity to enable, peaceful, application. And the use of plasma technology, for, space travel, food agriculture. Energy transportation. Health, and more we. Are excited, to release the Keshe foundation, spaceship, into, humanity. Welcome. Everyone to the, 230. Fourth knowledge, seekers, workshop for, Thursday, July, 26. 2018. I'm. Your, host Rick cramming today and as. Usual, on these Thursdays. We. Are joined with mr., Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute, and, I. Believe he's ready, to go with today's, teaching. Which may have an emphasis. On, the health, aspects. Mr.. Kesh are you ready. To go, yes. Fully. Engine fired. And. Ready. To go good morning cadet you as usual whenever. I'm, unwell you listen to these, knowledge. Seekers programs, worldwide. We. See a lot of beautiful, things and, we see a lot of things that, we, didn't know and. It's. Interesting, to, see how, the technology, has developed and, how is it spreading and how. Many. Different. Type. Of people from different backgrounds. Are. Attracted, and see, a future in what they call it in new technology, and. In. So many ways, we. Have a Saturday, process, all of us that. Has. Changed unless, you change totally. The course of. Life. Of man on this planet and beyond in. So many ways as I. Always say it's. A collective, effort by. All of us being. Rick who runs. These teaching. Sessions being, those who work in the research centers, being. Those who at home use it to help themselves from the paint from Minako or use. The technology, to create a condition, that they need less heat or less energy, to burn, in. A way collectively. We have achieved a lot and in a way collectively. It's. The first time human, race has, changed, the whole course together. We, have. No boundaries we have no nationhood, we, work as one. Freely. Sharing and, teaching. And. Understanding. And helping. The others to teach, and understand. It's. Very interesting to remind. You that next. Week teaching, twos Thursday. The 2nd of August, falls. On the, anniversary, of the. Launch of the one nation one planet One race as one government, as one nation. And. I think it's, time to see, how this slowcoach. Has, built. Up its momentum and what is going on and. Gradually. Maybe, a lot of us give a hand to them to move on I think. It's time to ask the universal. Council members to, bring. To us next week what. Have they achieved what, they are planning for us what, is the program, what. Is the outlook from them for, us as the, magista part, of their whole organization. Nothing. An administration, side we, can ask. What. You call the earth Council, to. Give us a report but you have to understand the earth Council, works on the back of the universal Council that, it can accommodate their. Needs and, Universal, Council needs to move and. I hear they start making some structure, after talking, and, they. Are moving on I said. To somebody either way so, Council is worse than the European, Council, they. They sneeze it takes about a year to wipe their nose for. Us. To. Make conditions, and, the process, has, taken nearly over a year and a bit but they're getting there and hopefully. Next. Week we, hear, what. Is the plan for us what, do they see for, his parity, in the whole thing and, I. Thank. The members of the Universal Council in. Being, there and trying. To overcome. Something which they were never trained you. Got to understand something very interesting which, is very much the universal council, it's like the House, of Commons of England you, come from every background you, could be a frog. In there and then next week you become, Member of Parliament you, don't know what is going on and. Now but you have to make important. Decisions, and they probably under control. You to whatever they like but. Our members of the council are, not in the opposition they have the decision-making, but.

They Have to understand how is fits the soul of the man I have. A very very interesting friend. She. Used. To be a. Ticket. Collector, had on, the ground in. London, on, the metros and now. She's a member of the parliament in one, suite because she she, got some inheritance money and she could spend it and, she, sat in front of me says what, am I gonna do I know nothing about I'm going to the Parliament, and I'm sitting as a member of parliament and they want to offer me a position I already know how to collect tickets and. I. Said to her you learn, really. Soon money, will buy your thoughts you don't need any education, and she's fallen into it less than two years and. In. So many ways either. Worser Council members don't. Have, the. Opportunity. To. Be educated they. Can educate themselves. And among themselves and, to. Set up a new path there, is no proceeding. There is nothing behind it that it, could rely on so. The. Decision, they make, after. All this elaboration, are attended, a few of their meetings is. Amazing. It's, still talking, still, talking. Nothing. Has been put on the paper for the first time does not put anything on the paper but. This. Was part of the journey of developing. And strengthening yourselves. Try. To understand. Mankind. Is moving to a direction that it needs direction, from people who, are supposed, to, be. Guidelines. Guidance. For all the work you do will. Be interesting. How. All. Of you, start. Developing, as members. Of the Universal, Council as your numbers increases, to. See, how we, can evolve. There, is a beauty, with universal council is that. A member. Of the universal council, unheard application our nation manufacturing usually controls, all the finances, of the foundation. From our productions, and whatever we do, on. The global side sits. In the same, team. So, in a way she knows, roughly, what council. Budgets. Will be what can be done but she keeps it to herself in. A bomb run but, she's, a very good admin suited and as. She runs a Keshe foundation management, team on manufacturing. Should. Bring some light into the, way to be done we have number, of the highly. Respected. Scientists. Like dr. but were in the board members that they, can go to set a legal structure, around it and being, it but one. Thing I ask you please stop, chatting, and get, down to do it and. It's. Ok you, have a long, time to do it you meet every week of times in, different shape of forms but, we. Would like to see what, have you planned. What. Is the future set by you I don't. Come in and say this and this has to be in, time you will learn to do it in time you. Will educate yourselves. To. Be, part. Of it and to be. What. The important. Part, you got to divide yourselves according, to your expertise, and knowledge a housewife. Has a huge, expertise. To be a finance, director of the Keshe foundation, because, if you can budget the house with a meager, amount of money how, to treat, that everybody, eats you, can know it for the whole planet. Nobody. Is below anybody else respecting. One's position is more important, respecting, one's piece of paper over there so. Please, as, a member of Universal Council and members, of the Red Guards who. Will. Have. The. Honor for, you to let us know next week in, the face here where we're going how, we are doing it and if. You want I'll give you the whole time next. Week for, you to elaborate. But. Don't, come and just give us before so I prefer give, us some directions. Whether. What is the achievement, what I'll be there to hope I'll look for as you, know in this coming time I'm not going to be here and I'm pulling more and more oil from the Foundation's, work in direct ways, that. You, start learning to, run the. Whole humanity I'm not that all the time and it's. Part of your work you. Have to start taking charge you have to start setting plans it's. Very much like we, go to revolutions. Now, you've done the revolution, new revolutionaries, of the new era for human, race have. To lay down the new rules otherwise, we go back to the same mayhem of before, so. As, part of the logistic, part I ask, the, universal, council and the. Members of the court in we sit there at them all the time and the members of the earth council please. Please. Start. Laying out the foundation, we are approaching the space technology very, rapidly, especially. In China and this. Will bring a lot of changes, we've. Seen some wonderful things we had some body, called for backs and. I've. Seen things even my team who works with me cannot see it because they're not aware of what the importance, and the beauty of what they're achieving to.

Them Is just another problem, or another thing happened but. For me I analyzed, positioned, analyzed, what. Is happened, the reasons happened, and what is caused and what is going to be caused by it and. What's going to be the end of it and so. What I see in, the coming short time the, Keshe foundation China will show this very act, we. Will show the full flight, I hope, they achieve it I don't interfere I'll, stay out I advise, because, it has to be that way otherwise. Like, the Iranian research development, they put me in the lab in. The room everything. A to said I do and they just go and pick it up under sister flies this. Time is, on the shoulder of the Chinese, I, respect. Him highly, it's a dedicated, small dedicated group, and, I, working relentlessly three, four o'clock in the morning and I. Thank all, of. Them and is. Redundant, this thing I, read. One piece says, I have, not been home for a month I'm going for a few hours and, that. Was I thought, that's, the commitment, we all have given we don't sleep I started, just, about seven. Hours ago and I'm still going most. Probably I'll go for under 20 hours today because we have an important flight test to be done. And. This is the same across different research. Places it's not just a space we see hopefully. New. Developments, in the energy side the. People who are involved in it will see developments. In agriculture. We, have a huge, huge, development. In, agriculture. Process, application, addition one, of the major countries, in the world very soon will announced their acceptance. Of the Keshe foundation agriculture, because. They're either cultural, team are testing we. Have given and, we collaborate directly inside. With. The government, a conscious team and they've seen. Such. A rapid. Change, in. A farm. Scale. Not in. Laboratory. Scale and even. Ten days of test shows, such a huge difference, in. The. Yield, or the growth of the plants and this, is going to be taken up by the. Chinese in a rapid way in the next couple of years as we are involved in it and we, see it will walk China out of poverty, after. 60 million majority, of them through farming, by.

The Introduction. Of the new technology, in the farming where. As I said in other teachings, a farmer. Who earns enough, just to live now. Has, double, or triple income, what. He had from the same land from the same farm from the same product that, moves, him out of poverty I did, this and I know this other respect, for Chinese president's actions residency. Because. He's. A man of peace and we. Are committed we. Work very hard in China the, Chinese team is growing and down. Randomness. In trying, to do their work each one, holds. One corner, of this huge, carpet, and. As. We have seen I can show you pictures from agricultural. Tests in China and me, just there on, the table it's been right past 24, hours. Changing, the harvester growth of the plants ABC. Detailed. Agricultural. Report by the instruction, of scientists, which are making, the report to the conference and our visuals. We. See this as a next, step walking. China out of poverty, through farming, side bestir. One of them Mikey works in China on, the side of the cash audition space program, and very, soon we hear about the development, of the health search and cash be in China. We. Work with. Any government who, allows, the technology, to be shared equally, by all these citizens, and as. One nation one race, one planet, we, are also so long valid. It's. Nice to see it will be developing, in a way is doing and I. Always, said, we're. You're committed, you, always succeed we're, all committed and, we won't succeed there is no failure, many. People ask me can you tell us or show us anything about Chinese development, Chinese. A space program is on course and, we. Had a setback. In. A way we, blow all our systems, up last Sunday due. To release of massive, amount of energy through, our plasma reactors I'm, not supposed to show. Anything but I cannot speaking what I see so like you cannot shoot, air what, we call a messenger. Another messenger, for the newspaper man I'm a newspaper in, the world of the Chinese explaining, Israeli was happening, last. Sunday at about 1 o'clock in the morning we, our, systems, matched up with a space system what we call the environmental, system and we downloaded massive, amount of energy into the. Environment and when, it we, got hit on the rivers, to return and, we, lost Horace, all our systems, every single reactor had, to be taken, down he's taking us to Sunday. In, bits and bobs and parts. To. Reassemble. And hopefully. We are back on track again today. That. We can start testing. Their. Beauty, with the delivery of this massive, energy is. That it, literally ran out it blew out there. Main electricity. Section. Of the whole city, we. Informed, I informed the, ministers. Beforehand, that this is the possibility we, interfere, with the energy system with it with, the power lines and when he happened within. Few, minutes because I was witness to it is happening because we lost everything, we lost all our cameras so we knew was something wrong it's, very much like you lose your man on the moon and you don't know what's happening because there is no cameras, so. I. Assess. There, was an explosion or we, lost the lab or we. Had something to do that he knocked all the cameras out so, I managed. To get. Our people to, look. At it and, we. Found out we have blown the whole city up out of light power Morris, section. Of it and. At the same time we damaged part of the space. Which we use for the. Body called testing, I do, apologize, to Hawkeye. There that we done such a damage but we knew and, he said doesn't matter if it fires I'm here, to do it let's do it so we, did some damage to his factory, not, be thanking, for it is there solid, like a rock I adore, your work and, I.

Thank, You for everything you are doing for this thing he, is a gorgeous, man you, have to know him those, who know him respect, him highly those who understand, they're. All keeping to Chinese are keeping very quiet not. To talk what. Is and what is getting done many. Of them know our research centers, people who are amounted but, everybody. This, keeping respect keeping. Quiet that, we Chinese as. A nation, to show. What. Has happened is as we, emptied. Our. Plasma. Reactors as a neutral, level we, created, a neutron plasma, outside. The building and being. At under, rainy. Storm. The, two linked up and they, downloaded, the energy, into easiest, way transportation. Line which is the National. Grid which is nearby and. We. Inform their governments week, before this is going to happen and I. Just. Wrote directly, that we don't get any problems, to the mr. we've. Done what we told you we blown the city up I don't know what extent is and. They. Understand, the out with us they, don't block us, they allow us to still test I presumed. The damage wasn't that bad from the poverty notion superstitions that, they the. Most probably switched a few things are no repaired a few parts and. You're. Back on track and, they the. Energy delivered runs, into. A. Huge. Amount of megawatts, you. Cannot, do such a thing and, this. Has been done four, times before now, we know five times has been done in, the same environment and the people who stay inside it they see a silver ball expanding. Is not a lightning. But the expansion of a civil war exactly what they're saying you'll see a silver color on, the. Plane, or what you call on your craft now, if you are inside, it you see the same thing you see a silver ball expanding, into atmosphere and kilometers, Tilley, links up and lines up with lightning, that he can discharge the whole energy to it and, because. We are connected, we are totally, we have isolated. All systems, from ground, we are totally isolated, which means we cannot create an earth ground level, the, way we decided, and we have connected. We. Have no earth. Ground section, except, one which we can control I mean no and, we. Can dictate. The, control moremore. Mother. Said to the team after. The, teaching today he, we go for the next next, run and. We. See what we achieve and, and the, delivery of the neutral energy in such a Rast amount is, the.

What. We have to. Harvest, what. We don't do. To a structure, we are we're test running pieces, and seeing, is. That the energy expanded. Beyond in. A way we had to design or re. Align. Our systems, that we pull this energy in and confirm. To solids, of the creation. Of their plasma into, the shape of the spaceship or. Emotion. What our system, in, the past weeks, was there to see the parameters, we. Tried. To, understand, the work and how, the system, links up but. One of the things we cannot do because of the way we are positioned, its confining, plasma, fields because we interact. And we find leakages, in to the what. We call it plasma touching, that ceiling plasma, touching metal, barriers, plasma. Whatever it, discharges. Does not allow us to build, up the plasma, but this time. Reaching. A neutral plasma, is beyond, us we don't see it but it covers the whole building, and this. Has blown. Up by, discharging into, the atmosphere has. Created, a storm, there. Is something very interesting that this system since, has been put in creates. Condition, of a storms it brings to the city and, it. Discharges, itself in. So, many ways is, like another air conditioned, floor which attracts, clouds, into, the environment, and, creates. Huge storms, so. The, first time was quite incident the second time could have been the third time but, not we done it five times is happened five times in the same area and so. This, shows the. Power of the technology the power that, a system. Now that we have brought this new line into it if you accumulate it long enough even. You, can bring conditions, in we can create rain because as, part of the process last, week we, saw rain drops so. I said, to myself when. They start telling me as rain drops we put platforms, around to see where, is this rain drop how come all is on one side if. You have the leakage in a dynamic, system you should get a rain drop all over around the system but, these, leakages. These raindrops they, are. Localized. Where, the fields, of the system and the earth creates. A condition. That. It. Allows, creation, of rain because now it shows the conversion of the energy into matter of state in interaction. Between the two it's. Like when two clouds collide. And they, change, condition. So I knew, last, week I said my god this is going to be something interesting when, it comes and, it. Came we, got hit worried about me all the system's blown up and. There. Were still reloading. And repairing. Course. Yesterday. And, we. Have a beautiful team which. Relentlessly. Carries. On most, probably we're going to broke more things up tonight and tomorrow and, we. Have to stand the, knowledge game and what it brings us now. We know we can create rain in a massive scale now, we know, we, can create plasma filter, on the Neutron interactions, within the course those. Of you who work. On energy, development, of those of you who work on this base development these, are fundamental. Understanding, of the new plasma technology, this, is a knowledge, which does not exist within the science of man. We. See plasmas. Firing, and. Most. Of it has been videos, creating. A plasma, in the water it's, an, amazing. Experience. You. Cannot create plasma, in water. And we assault water so. Even. Reaching, a plasma. Condition it means we had to be in the neutral level all, our reactors, are filled. With liquid so. Creating. A plasma, condition in liquid shows, the power of the technology those, of you who understand nuclear, structure, nuclear. Physicists. Plasma, physicists. Those. In CERN, they dream to, achieve such a thing if they ever could they. Spend billions of megawatts to create one we, create plasma like nothing, in liquid, which has never been done the. Videos of this hopefully.

We Can release after, the teachings completed, up the researchers completed, the. Achievement, of creation. Of life on this planet now, has a new meaning now we understand. How the condition, was created, that, would in the waters of this planet life. Existed, created. Has brought in the energy, was put into it to evolve. A lot. Of things with this research when I look at the videos when I recorded. Understanding. Of comprehending. Literally, what, has happened I watched some of the videos many. Many times many, times to, see what I missed, we, see evolution, and the dynamic, or, involvement. Of the liquid. In, two reactors, that it leads to creation of plasma to run which means have created, the rotation, we have managed to come to. In a way evolve. And convert. Plasma. Into energy, energy into, motion and emotion, in. Showing, itself, as a rotation, of the plasma and then what we call lights, and explosion, but, there are no motors we. Have a specific. Set up some people ask me what is a combination, I think. We have about 160. Reactors, operating, in the in the lab something, in that region. So. It's, not as I said is one of the most elaborate, systems, every. Aspects I could think of AAHA protein, there, are some deliberate. Systems, left out or being put in that, in the future we can use for. Different experiments, but, as I said to the head of the research, star. Learning, of the. Reactors, which are no motors. Those. Are in your control you. Have to control them with your thoughts, look. At them understand. Them and try. Not. To ask I or. Instruct. But. Become a lover and, a low point I love, to see and, that, the system was connected, to you show, is beauty this. Is very important, because I deliberately. Left, some. 12, reactors, to, be operational by thought of the man no, motors and, we see operation, in them we. See fuel. Plants for in them there is no motor there is no reason, for it to lie now to light up unless. The current through transfer, of the plasma is there we, can connect anything, to a water nothing, shows many of us see it but, he cannot correct into. A water and see, plasma, unless the plasma, is there and has. Created by, the dimension, of the neutral plasma technology. It. Is important, for those you who work especially, those in Arizona especially some, of the what.

I Call the Chinese and Space Agency was working behind us and they think we're they show us they want to and they have the fuel and, the. Fuel understanding. Is very simple, but, controlling. It is very hard and that's. Part of the teaching which come in the future I try, to explain, to my team in China how, to think, how to be at, the moment when they run around they're, all different, wishes but, because they all had things in it they, don't understand, they have to wish collectively, together at the same time but that comes later on, we. Have to understand, that we, have one captain we don't have many captains but collectively. Impression. Of them all besides, the control of all it. Is what, is interesting we see in this development is, the expansion, of the plasma beyond. Dimensions, of the reactor which, has led to the explosion we had Sunday, and, in. So many ways. What. We got to learn can. We contain, this plasma, this is place that, he creates that magnetic, field shield effect that. We don't let it run away in one direction. These. Are part of the tests which we do unable to realize our objective. Is not to fly, today, tomorrow our objective. Is to learn how, and why, that. We, can fly safe tomorrow. What. We learn today will, become part of us tomorrow and we have to develop another. Hand, the, Chinese space program if. We hit, something. Really very which, we think important. To us, I might. Have to alright the, wishes of President Xi His Excellency President Xi I give the Chinese government, one hour to. Make a decision, on the release of the knowledge and if. We get no objections, we go live on Internet. As. We. Did last week when we achieve certain. Things we, released our Keshe. Foundation, public. Teaching page opened, up for 15 hours and. If. We see. Developments. Which i think, is. Got. To be shared internationally. And keeps. The foundation, safe and our team safe. We will release the knowledge in a very specific way, that we do not overwrite, them issues of the Chinese, government but, are they independent, organizations. One nation we all can benefit might Ricci. Transmen which was one of the biggest important. Things to do we announced it and we put it out if. We achieve something which. I think and, I, give I have a habit to give, government's, time last, time I gave them two years they didn't move when I moved you're all learned with. This process, we give the Chinese government, because we have direct access to ministers. One-hour. Notice, that, we, are going public instruct. We. Go through our channels, directly to the ops of his Excellency President Xi. Asking. Informing. And waiting. And if. We hear landslide. Developments. In the coming weeks we will show. We. Give the Chinese, government. And observations. With energy through the channels they have provided for us now. That we are going public it's a Chinese achievement. And has, to be they have to be proud of it even. Though they have to be kept some secrets, in the way they wanted to invade his heart to release. In. A way is the crashes of two cultures. Who culture of freedom and, culture, of peace which. We both share with the Chinese government and I think they will understand, it was needed a little be needed and. I'm sure they're listening on the line and they're, watching every move we make with this respect, I write, last. Time when we started, I give the ministers 30 minutes before launch before I start before switch on within.

Minutes After explosion, I informed, the minister, we had accident, can you come from the extent of damage. This is the beauty a government, allows us to work so freely as a free, scientist. This. Is what we should have had in Europe. Maybe. This. Is the reason we went to China because through China we've. Seen domination, of European, slavery. And the rest of it through. China we see freedom through. The new science and this, is how it shall be if. You would have brought this technology into Europe we would have bought the rest of humanity to say we have we seen a king has risked his own body, colony reputation, to demand and kill one, we, had to go to China to, guarantee, freedom. Of knowledge and I respect. His, Excellency, President Xi who are allowing us to work so, freely independently. And, allowing my team to, be totally. Independent. No. Interference. But totally, backed. By the knowledge seekers of our nation and in. So many ways. We. Are setting, a precedent that, the, government, protecting, scientists, science can be shared internationally. And. Every. One of us is a scientist. Every. One of you show something share, something, you achieve something you have to be proud of because. It. Shows the strength then, hiding behind patterns, and trying and nobody ever sees it you. Develop something somebody. Gets better if you don't hurt and you get the blessing of it the elevation, of your soul from the what the knowledge is there to be shift. One. Of the things have been asked and I was talking to one of my, knowledge. Seekers. Extensively. In. Past few days, and I, said to. That. It's. Time to, expand. And extend the. Health, side of the Keshe foundation, publicly. It's. Time for it because a lot of you have tested, it is time for it because. We. Can push the new dimensions, in and I'm, sure many of the doctors sitting, here, or listen. To these teachings our, medical, team must, specially, those who are involved in the, health systems, are gonna, keep themselves he's. Put another piece on the table which they looked at is a long time ago some, of them already been taught but overlooked. Consulted. Might give you new insight, in what's going to be done, one. Of the most important, things is, every. Condition, we, see on this planet, is conditioned. To the plasma of the planet what. We call gravitational, magnetic field, of it a piece. Of gold a molecule. Of copper. Will, not manifest itself in a given place and position if. The gravitational, magnetic field, of that. Position. Would. Not be, created. Why. Do we get all the copper mines in one place, why. Do we get all the land mines in another place why, don't we get all the leather and copper all on top of each other in one mind and then we have to separate it. So. This, should have shown us that, everything. Created on this planet is conditioned, to gravitational-magnetic, field, of the position. How. Is created, how life was, generated. How, did it begin what, brought, it to be where it is then. It brings us, conversion. Of the science if. The, planet has managed, to do and create condition. That the all the goals are in one place and all the signals in the other then. Now. We understand. Why, every, organ, of our body is, given. Positions, and how, come every animal, which is created, on this planet has, the same systems, why do we find a heart in every animal why. Do we find. Long. In every animal why do we find, livers. And digestion, system, in this every, single creature on this planet which, is dynamic. Leaving. The trees aside as another race, totally, so. This. Should, have taught us the. Condition, of this planet dictates. Certain, processes. That. The, process, has to get rid of his energy, what, it takes in and then, he has to get rid of what it doesn't need so. If, you are a plasma, reactor the energy you created, i'll be seen in china you can't hold on to it you explored, it as i said. Excuse. My friend you pissing into the space and you blow the whole city electricity, up but.

In. System. Which is control itself he has to find a way so, now he, has created. Digestion. System and process, so. That, process, pushes. Dictates. Condition, to, have a liver to, store the, extra I need a storeroom, you know I can't, keep, on holding to these things around the stomach so I create. A storage warehouse I call it the liver I have. Digestion. System for, two things I breed I take. Gases. Because this planet has two conditions, of liquid and solid on the gas now. I have. To find a way to, get rid of these gases which are taking I need their energy I create, long, so. I need, a system, that what, I use from the solid asset of this planet I can get rid of I created, digestion, system and, then. Liquid. As part of it I put in the same system, only, made the tank but how am I gonna clean it the, liquid cannot, go through the same way as the solid, so I separate, it because otherwise I lose most of the things if other is the liquid I create. A river for. The liquid I create, now the kidneys, that, the liver can support, what it doesn't need this, sends off then. You, see the condition is. Creation. Of life on this planet is. Conditioned. To, the, atmosphere. And magnetic, field of this planet so, we are dictated, by the energy, we can hold them they become a warm we, become a snake we, become a monkey, or become a man because. Then, expansion. Of the knowledge in how much we can take it. Allows us to what we can do and how far we can travel and what, is the scope of it standing. Up animals, like man or monkey, created. Different. You. Hello. Hello. Mr. Kesh I think we lost you there. It's. Almost like his power ran I would. Be. Hello. Mr. cash we're not hearing you. You. Can give him two seconds, maybe the network needs to reconnect. Mm-hmm. I'm. Back sorry. It's. Okay so, what, we see in so many ways is that. The. Condition. Of this planet, dictates. A lot of things to us, absorption. Dictating. What, things needs to create certain condition. Environmental. Condition, that, leads. To, creation of, kidney. And what. Needs to be filtered by kidney why, don't, we filter. What. Kidney, doesn't need back. Into urine our, instead. Of bigger intestine. So. We. Have to add to the knowledge we, have to understand, the knowledge and we have to understand, the knowledge of creation, and what. We call the medical, aspects, of this, technology is, part. Of this development. Is. Part, of understanding. It and now, that we have achieved certification, through. Plasma. Ball in, Italy. By, certifying, it that we, cannot speak about the work of the plasma in, a ball in a, medical. System which is, what. They call Hospice ee certification. And acceptance. Of it to be marketed. As a medical. Equipment, now, we can teach you how to use it because it's the manual of the use. Go. Back into what I said and understand. Many. Of the things because, especially, for our doctors especially, if you are trying to help yourself out of a cancer or whatever, you. Need to have this knowledge you part, of. Expansion. Of the technologies, knowledge. Look. At the notion, if. You got the planet Earth. Yeah. And, see. How, deep the oceans, go inside. How. Shallow their what. Dictates their, position, and then, if. As scientists, now that we understand, these. Oceans, which. Are in our position, working, or that figure what. We have at these oceans, in. Fact if, you look at it is, to keep the parents of this Pyrrhic shape of the planet. Whether. There is a whole you, don't want a piece. Of metal. With all sorts of shapes. Traveling. So long, so. In. Different, planet, we get the huge ups and downs but, in, planet Earth because, of a center core he. Has created that in these places we, can hold different, shape of plasma. What we call water. Then. If you look at it why, do we have a specific, kind of fish in the specific, oceans, then.

It Means the, magnetic, gravitational fields. Has, say, on it both, from the gaseous part and from. The center core plus. What, we call the inertial, mass of the material which are in it so. If, you look at the inertia, and the circle. We call the body of the earth that's, the skin of the man. What. Outside, dictates, on it plus, what, we put inside it dictates. Where the liver or, the kidney, is going to be so, if you look at it in depth there. Is no difference between the man and. Planet. So. We, have to look in the structure, if the. Salt magnesium. Or, the fields created. Magnesium. Mountains, or the fields in part of the earth we have to understand, how and then, it comes to the body of the man what. Does this do and, if you look at the man's body if I can I'm the worst toy in the world I just make you a very nice man. We. Give him a head. That's. A control system that has got nothing to do with the rest so, you have to look at in, reality, what does this little. Chuck does, it. Has to. Liquid. Cleaning system why, - because. The. Body over, time has got his self into two half for. What. Reason, in, case of accident, I can still operate I, can, keep the soul moving. Now. You, has given you two lungs. Has. Given you everything, else what comes in in the center goes out that I can control. He. Has given you a storage capacity. So. We're in the back and then. He, has given you in case I want, to reproduce I know how. The. Rest of it you look is a useless parts, but it has to be able to carry this system with itself so it gives me a leg and the arm in, a way to make you dynamic to. Be able to reach to do. So. If, you look at the body of the man is a very simple, thing it's, one of the most simplest, things in the universe is the body of the man and if. You understand, this then you can handle it in your own shape or forms what. Happens, why, for. Example in the reproduction, cycle, of the moment some. Women don't get pregnant and suddenly. They get picked. Because. Partially. The emotion, changes it partially. Once. The emotion changes, the body moves to accept, this so. I have to change condition, you, stay with a man for 10 years you never get married you go out with more men and get mainly married and both are good which, means the. Boom, of the word where, the seed has to grow has not created a condition of that ocean that.

The, New life, can begin, there. Is no need for all these researcher. Ease and everything else if the doctors off to they understand, the process even with one sperm, you can. Make it one pregnant, you cannot say you have, not we. Can change the environment of every, man to be able to be father and, everyone. To be without, anything, if you understand, this technology so, easily on, data, hand you have to understand what condition, you create is it the emotional, which, brings the feed or the environmental. In. Most, of the systems if you look at the liver if you look at the kidney you look at the long if you look at the heart you just need to touch it once and the system will pick up. What. It means you just create a cognition and then, it does the. System choosing. And it does his work but. You stay there you put the path again and again to, make sure it does go. Back to the understanding, of their water cups what, did you do you put different things on and you put the fruit there and you transfer, the energy into, the water. So. What does this mean, if. You get the salinity, of the fruit. The, same as the salinity of the water. Then. You find out you carry more in the, water than the orange you, carry the emotion, of indicate the physicality of it in which we can feel trying it, but. As you have not calculated the salinity between, the two you. Just get maybe some of the taste and some of you try it doesn't work because, the salinity was not nearly enough so. One, dose poured into view at that point of view those of you who work in medical systems, or even the dynamic, or whatever you, have to consider you, have a liver you. Want to treat the, process, you, want to understand, you, want to start building a system you, have to understand, the level of salinity of that. System without. It that's why some of your doctors fail and, you say it doesn't work and some, of you by accident, because you've left some salt in your system, work. You. Have to understand, what. System. What organ, there's enough, research papers around about this is the response of the medical team especially after cars to, make, this data in a Wikipedia of the medical Wikipedia, the, salt content of every organ what. It is and then. When, you as doctors, create, patches, for a given disease for a certain, point you, have to add that salinity into it then, you get hundred persons says this, is why I'm successful in most of the things I do because this, is salinity. In the contents of the water of the body of the man is a corner-to-corner some, of the change of every, cell. Is. The salinity which. Gives you you your tests in the boxes in co2 boxes, to see what happens you change the salinity and see what you create. You. Have magnesium you have calcium as. A, lot of you know I support, for pathway very strongly, because the, man understood. Part of the knowledge but not all of it but, if you go to whom a pathway they say there are 12 salts, in the body of the man a small. Ratio, of any. Salt, in that creates. A condition for living. The. Environmental. Change of the body of the man comes from the water, and the, salt and the rest of the things are created because of the salinity of it why, do you have magnesium, in one organ, why do you have calcium salt, in one morgan why do you have other salts, which we have not even considered, in another word so, for, those, of you who, work or, you're, trying to do cancer. Help, you're trying to do somebody with Alzheimer's or, whatever. Understand. The, salinity of the organ and your. Head is done, and. Then. You, don't say some of it was successful, because nobody. Up to now has considered, this he has to be considering, some of the teachings I spoke about it but it's been overlooked, but. Now going. Into the neutron development. You, will understand, this, will help you a lot you deliver. Such a vast energy to the body that it take what it needs and, within few seconds, your patients. If you're a doctor, walks, away with no cancer no. Cancer. Does not mean not having their tumor i have a tumor ten kilo but, is. There, is another, leg added because i have a leg doesn't mean i have a cancer. This. Is what our medical. Teams have to start, very, rapidly, to. Bring, in the conformity, of the teaching of the medical and the public who do tests medical. Power. You. Will you got a problem. With your. Kidney. Stone. Get. Your urine, get it tested see. What's in it what's. In it, most, of is what the whole the. The, whole thing back in your kidney you, make a cancer it. And. What you do you put the patches with Diegans including, the co2, ch3. What, we call it. Zinc. Oxide into. The patch and you put it in, two, days there is no stone. We. Shown this with Naomi. Joanna. Can tell you Naomi, had a problem, with the solid salt on their half foot, bed and. They. Wanted to use ultrasonic to break it up over six months ago was, it Giovanni just, test the urine see, what's in it you know what the sort of the body is immediately, Gans making cancer it Joanna.

Can Tell you Giovanni is she is he in the background, can. You bring him in. Do. Only are you there. Yeah. But that's what you want to do. Are. You there Johnny and. Oh yeah very faint, very, much. Muffled, again Giovanni. The. Mafia son got him this time. We. Can't hear you do worry he, needs to connect this phone because, his laptop, doesn't work either microphone, doesn't work. Ah okay. He's, over there, Giovanni can explain to you when he gets his voice back, that's. What they did. He. Made the Gans, of the. Urine. Which. Is actually the salt content and, the material, which the body is Aldi and. Would. In couple of days he saw the result. But. When, you want to see the results and it's a very dramatic situations. You, use a 3/4. Times ratio, for. Them very intrusive. Cancers, you use 1020, times the ratio what. It means in your structure. You put. 20. Gram of this or 20, milliliter of this and one milliliter in this one this is very simple. Because. This, trying, to feed to balance, takes. Everything out. And. You need to use it once and the system kicks it and the, people say you can't use it doesn't matter I've done my job. Hello. Hello. See cash can you hear me now yes. Explain. To us what we did with the foot of Naomi with a softball. Yes. Akash, and. I. Now. Searching. The. The. Picture, of. The. Patch that I did it yes. But. Can you tell us how you made the patch what was the content of the patch. Yes. Okay one, second because you know that I write all, so. Exactly. The. What. I did it. One. Second. Basically. I. I, put urine. I, took. And, the first morning, the the union of, Naomi. And. And. After. I add, some. Co2, gans I start. To to to. To. Find, exactly, the the, composition. Because. Sure I wrote. It I think, if somebody finds that book one they decided, I could say the guy he was caught he knows what to do everything he's written what, he's done. You. Brought life back. And so. Exactly. I put. 200. Cc. Of urine, and. 200. Cc, of co2. Plasma, liquid I did. It so, a. Mixture. Between. 50%. Oh you win a 50%. Of liquid, plasma co2, and put. A little, bit of. Gas. Of co2, and. After. I put under, the upper. Part. Of, the. Of. The food. The. Double, of the patch and, the. Part of the food they touch the floor forever. Idea. Of. Of, the, the. Alpha. Of the package, so. The. Upper one is what's, the double, I did. It. This. III. Put, the patch and I keep it for like. A few. 24. Hours, and. I. Left. Between, one patch and the, other one five centimeter, of distance, and. One. Patch, the, big one was. 111. Grams. And the, second patch was a. 261. Patch. 61. Grams, and. The. Day after the. Application the. Physiotherapist. Noticed. That now. Me have. No, pain when. He make all, the movement, and, the. Articulation was. Completely. Different of. Respect. Of last time if, you want a cashier also, the. Radiography. Of the. Photo now on me and you let, him. Go. Out they can share yeah. One. Second, gosh. This. Is one. These. Are when. We did it this. Radiography. Show. That was a lot, of crystal. Of. The mineral, of. Calcium. Sodium because, for a lot of time was was. Was. Was. A. Block. And no and, nobody, did. It physiotherapy. And, so. And. After. After. That I, put. The patch, became. Completely, unlocked, and. Now. Yes. Yeah the crystal, yes the crystal yes now, the only, problem that we have this, is. That. The. Nurse that, is behind. The food is. It's. Short, and now. We, need to, to. To. To. Became. More elastic. But. You. Know circus you I show to you with the. Last video is. Like. Normally. Working on our she, can she, can say. Against. Warm alone. Without. The shinny that nobody, can can. Manage, hair it's, a able, to to control. The movement of the body and, even. If in this moment it's very, difficult. For her because III. Talked. With her as she answered, that, had a lot of pain because she have, the the pipe and the stomach from two years and. It's. An open world that.

It. Comes, on next week next. Week because yeah because she, it, completely. From. From. From. The mouth yes yes, as. You all need this occasion always belong to me father. She. Won't always, eat. I know, she's. A hungry woman. It's. A. Beautiful, thing, because. You, got to understand, why, I mean, you just say something that she wants to eat you have to understand what. She. Is very active in her brain and uses. A lot of energy she's. Not getting fat so. What. She's doing she is analyzing. Everything, through her thoughts her, emotions, her. Life, this. Is why she wants to eat she. Can eat a ton and she still stays same because not, because she doesn't walk but. Because, the brain is so active that it uses everything up they, say research. Development. Past 10, 20 years confirmed. A scientist. Uses. More energy per day than a miner face, work which is digging. With a man. She. Is inside, herself she sees everything she cannot talk but, she's a logical, thinker she, kisses you enough she gives you a hug enough so, you understand, the emotions complete, so, being. Silent, and not being and having a pain not being able to say it's. All takes, energy and that's. Why she's so much. We. See this with a lot of people in, respect, to their. What. We call CFS. Or. FMS. Or what. We call film. Or algae because, all the energy goes into the pain control, they always tired I have no energy so, but if she is so much because it means the brain is very active it shows a healthy play. She. Knows everything she recognizes. Everything and. So. What. Was interesting Giovanni. Before he uses the patch he was using this ultrasonic, to crush. The crystals, do you want to tell us what you were doing. We. :. Waves. Of, heat. It's like a small. Armor, that. Broken. The. The. Crystal, it's a mechanic. System, no. And. This this this, is small my armor. It's, painful. And and. Give, a lot of it every. Minutes and broke. The crystal. Of the food. But. Was a, longer, and painful. Process no when. I. Saw. This I. Asked. To see cash if was, possible, to find a solution, that. Can be better and. And. Also. Can. Give less, pain to Nami and so he told, me about the, patch and. When. I apply the patch. I. Went. To do again. To, the relax. There. Was some some. Other. Treatment. That I need, to know, because was already. Fixed, stated that today. Was, because, show. See. The. Problem was go away. So. We, put, usually. When, there is a formal like this. Then. There was. Treatment. Each. Two. Weeks one. Week no, more in. That case he, passes, each. After. Three days we, did the, other one and then, and there I understood. That the problem was solved. Because. I see, I saw his face it was so surprised, of movement, or Iommi, that don't have the. Pain anymore. That. I I. Was, really. Surprised. Of this. That, I asked, confirmation, to official, purpose, that. Came later and. Say. To me whatever, you, are what. You did it because, something. Is. Changed, here a lot and. She. Showed that don't. Have a pain anymore when, I did, it move, when. I do, the moment and. At. And, the angle of movement are. Much. Different from, before and, so this is amazing. And he's played about the passion that you are crazy oh it's possible do it something like that you have this series on let me let me understand, this, peak, and. So I explained. Listen.

To Me. It. Is very easy to do. Yes. The. Only, thing that is important, that, I saw. Is. That. It's. But it's important, that when. Prepared. The patch, you. Put all the, air, away. Because, if you leave some, air inside. It's. Tough the process, of. Like. Fermentation. I can. Call you that is a reaction, and. This broke, in the patch, but. Until. Now until today, and so. Is. For. Its. Eight. Months, that I have it they. Are completely. A. Fixed. Centaur I have already and, there, are no broken are, no broken can I ask you a question it's, your or is your privilege you decide, would. You like to share the video of Naomi yesterday. The one you send me. Yes. Yes ma I need. Five. Minutes it's if you, dog I. I. Think, it's nice for people to see the, stitch is this, a privilege, for all of us. Yeah. Yeah just come, back and say I'm ready I'll let you eat yeah, okay okay. And. Can, you stop sharing yeah so what we see this, is thank, you very much Giovanni. What. We see is how. We, piece, by piece controlling. The, damages, which has been dr. Naomi we. Even control, her, movement, if, she's got a blockage, we build the system to release that blockage because this, is has happened, partially. By the accident, and partially, by the side-effect of the present. Knowledge knowing. That with. The situation, she was she. Will never be able Atif so, they left her to die and, in, that process body. Has gone through the process of death which means shutting down so many things and now for. Knowledge. And the science is to, read. Reverse. The order of the brain reverse. The condition of, the existence. And this. Is important, you have to excuse me I have a little boy who wants something from me be. Good by her. So. What, we're doing is. Is, not that we used one patch one thing Giovanni. And I we, review. Regular. Basis, see. What, has been fixed now we fixed it what's next and we. Are going to we, are going through the process of, literally. Switching, is like going to a building and switching every single motor on one by one and if. It's damaged repair, it we, know how to repair then, knowledge is complete. In. A. Very short time in a matter. Of weeks. Keshe, Foundation will announce. Internationally. On, maybe. One or two, jects for, coma recovery. We. Will do it in two different nations, and the. Process has started, and we. Take a number, of coma, patients, who. Life. Has, become standstill. For them five years ten years and, we. Bring them back in my arrangement. Is that the Keshe foundation doctors will, take my position we. Just decide, we. Develop the system for them and are there with the governmental doctors, to monitor, we. Will announce this will be done in a specific way, that we. Do not create, mayhem. With it but on other hand we, do not have anyone. Trying to see, all these what we call the red circles, doing.

Their Dirty job which they think they do which anyway. Very soon they'll, be behind bars as what, we see and nowadays are submitted, but. I have, to tell you something although German people who supported, the red circle we are filing damages. Against you against foundation, be very careful those, tourists, you sure that's, where you spend the rest of your life cleaning it's not Africa, is in Germany, and other places where you spend your time in everything. Has been kept, so. Keep, their toilets remember, that's, what you'll see for rest of your life and. It's. Very interesting that. Our. Supporters. And lawyers. And international. Restless one thing we, will see the change of government in, Belgium, due, to the misconduct of this court case the. Adamant, this will happen in a short time because. Is the direct influence of the. Monarchy. With scientists, and trying to kill people and evidence now is solid on the. Other hand we, have to understand. The. Whole, structure. Of. Their. Body can, be controlled. The. Whole, structure. Of the. Work. Of the body of the man if you understand, the salt content if, you understand, the, position of if you understand, the. Program, of yes. I have nothing for you sir, you. Have to be quite just. For two more hours. Is mr. Lee please. Thank. You. So. We, have to understand, how the composition, of the salt comes, how. The. Whole structure. Of, the. Process. Of understanding. The. How. Different. Parts are positioned. Why. Do you have the ribs. What's. The position of the salt of the born in. Respect. To the lungs. Was. The position, of your. Spinal, cord in. Respect, to radiation, of the fields, we, look at the spinal cord as a line. Of nerves, but, in fact if you look at it is this fascia look. At the the. Shape it makes look. At the shape of the man your. Vertical. On th

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