232nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - July 12, 2018

232nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - July 12, 2018

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From. The beginning of time humans. Have always looked towards the sky for inspiration, and guidance, there. Has been a fascination, with birds stars. Gods goddesses, and, other, entities, which seemed to exist above us and for. Many humans, a strong. Yearning to travel into space, man. Has dreamt of flight since. Observing, space and now, it is time to become the space traveler, the. Future of space travel requires, us to understand, from, where we came to. See where we are going. Several. Thousand, years ago philosophers. Mozi, and Lou bond from China were looking to the wind for flight they, invented, kites using, silk and bamboo allowing. For the later development. Of communication. Measuring. Distances, testing. The wind and lifting. Men. The. Invention of the kite brought with it the desire to fly the, first known attempts at flight were, typically by leaping off towers known, as tower jumping, people, in China India, and Europe first attempted, flight this way in. 1670. Francesco, Ilana de Tarzi published. A book that showed some interesting. Concepts, the, concept, of copper, foil in a, sphere, with, a vacuum. Would, produce a, vacuum. Airship. This. Is still not possible with today's materials. Francesco. Is recognized, as the father of aeronautics, melding. Science, and mathematics, into aerial, navigation. The. Chinese, are believed, to have developed, the first hot-air device, the. Chinese lantern using hot air from a candle, can take flight and was first used for signaling the, hot-air balloon achieved. The first human lift and advanced. To what we know of as the Zeppelin. The. First attempts, at flight in a heavier-than-air flying. Machine, were, made by more than just the Wright brothers most. Attempts, failed however, they were the stepping, stones for what was to come later, the oldest, airport, College, Park is still, in operation today. Airplanes. Evolved, rapidly through. The century, from, propeller to helicopter, to jet aircraft, and most, of that technology, is used today. During. The Second World War Germany. Developed rockets. That could go a limited, distance the, basic, rocket, technology used. Then is still used today the. Space race started, with the Soviet, Union and the USA, in, 1957. And led, to many developments. For, the next step the, moon. Spacecraft. Assigned as Apollo 11, was the first spacecraft to. Have landed on the moon the. Space shuttle operated. At tremendous cost burning. The fuel proved to be wasteful, and dangerous technology. The. International, Space Station, ISS. Is a, habitable, artificial. Satellite, that, was assembled in low-earth. Orbit, in, 1998. With, the use of the space shuttle, the ISS, can, often be seen with, the naked eye, from Earth. Space. X as a private, aerospace producer. And space transportation, services. Company, was, founded, in 2002. By Elon Musk with, the goal of reducing space, transportation, costs. In enabling. The colonization. Of Mars, SpaceX. Reuses. The first stage of their primary rocket, Falcon, 9 by, vertical, propulsive. Landings. Although. Up to present, time it still uses the, rocket, fuel burning technology. Mehron. Cash has always said, the, time for burning fuels is over, but. Did we need to start with that technology, in, the first place. Ancient. Cultures have suggested, the use of an alternative, means of transportation. With. Reference to possible, plasma technology, you. Can go to. New. York from. Brussels. Within, two to five minutes, most. Of this five minutes it's actually. Landing. And getting up. Mehran. Tavakoli Keshe. Was born in Iran in, 1958. As the son of an x-ray, engineer, he was introduced, to the world of, radiation. And nuclear. Science at a very young age in. 1981. He graduated, from Queen Mary the University. Of London, as a nuclear, engineer specialized. In reactor, technology, system, control. At. That time he developed a number of theoretical, ideas related, to more simple, nuclear concepts. And their applications. In, 2002. He decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology. This, included, the creation and, control of gravity, and energy, by the use of nuclear materials. In a clean and safe hydrogen. Reactor, Marin. Kesh introduced, the concept, of double magnetic. Fields, to explain, the, magnetic, and gravitational field. Of Earth. Unknown. By the existing, scientific community, he wrote a number of scientific, papers in 2004. And sent, them for peer review such, as the creation of black holes, when. One of the persons performing, the peer review uses, information in public he decided to draw back his papers, and to, concentrate, further on building. Prototypes. Since. The beginning of 2006.

Several. Prototypes of dynamic, reactors, have been built some, specifically. Designed, to create hovering. Effects, similar. To effects seen with magnetic, levitation. Basic. Hovering, effects have been achieved. 2007. Brought the first flight test with radioactive. Material, in which the patents, describe the, process, of the field interactions. The. Main patent, gravitational. And energy system described. The initial fundamental, aspects, of the, plasma and uses, this. Was followed by the Supplemental, patent micro, plasma reactors, where, further uses, and advancements. Were described. Mr.. Kesh found himself in Iran in 2008. And, was provided all the resources needed to create the first lift of a plasma reactor, managed. By the Iranian, government these. Special, rotating, gas reactors, were, used to control the plasma. To. Bring a deeper understanding mr.. Kesh released the first book in 2009. The. Universal, order of creation, of matters which. Contained, many new concepts, released to the public this, included, the PMT, IC. Plasma, magnetic, fields, initial, fundamental plasma and, plasma dye lucien technology, used. For space reactors. The. Plasma technology was, further developed and it, manifested. In, weight fluctuation. In a controlled, environment. 2010. Introduced, a new state of matter called, Gans an acronym. For gas in nano solid-state the. Gans produces, fields, to be used in the operation of the, spaceship. Advanced. Flight tests, were performed in Iran with. The guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems. Mr.. Kesh tells us you can't bring all the doctors with you in space. Medical. Research advanced. In 2010, and is still being explored, daily, all around the world the, cash foundation has provided knowledge, for dealing with many medical, conditions in space a, great. Example of plasma technology, used. For peaceful process is. The capturing, of the USA drone over, Iran in December, 2011. This. Drone was touted, as one of the most advanced drones of its day, and was. Caught by Iran using plasma to, disrupt, the communications. Plasma. Absorbs fields, and, the drone uses radio fields, for piloting a natural. Aspect of the plasma a barrier, of fields. Booked. To the structure, of the light was released in 2011, this. Book brought forward the understanding. Of the structure of light as a cylindrical. Plasma. Where the light is in possession of all magnetic. Field strengths, book. 3 the origin, of the universe was published, later in 2011, mr.. Kesh explained, the further operation. And interaction. Of different strengths, of the same fields, which, then leads to the creation of the universe, these. Three books bring forward, a much deeper understanding, of the plasma science that is applied worldwide by, knowledge seekers, and scientists. In spaceship. Research and development. There. Were two conferences, to release the space technology to government's in 2012. The. First International, presentation, in April Keshe, Foundation, invited, representatives of. Every, country to, the first presentation of the plasma technology. The. Second International, presentation, in September, Keshe, Foundation invited, the, nations of the world through. Their ambassadors. And their, leaders to, attend a gathering at the Keshe foundation, center in an, of Belgium. Space. Travel, requires, peace, the. Implementation. Of the plasma technology brings, greater, responsibility. In, 2013. Mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace treaty signing. Of the peace treaty is, a confirmation. From yourself, to your soul to act correctly in a peaceful manner. In. 2014. Knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh and many different experiments, with reactors, were performed, including improving. The previously, developed reactors. To fit with the new knowledge, introduction. Of nano coated, reactors, multi. Core Gans systems. The. Spaceship, Institute lab, experiments. Were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI. Lab tests, with reactors, showed strong magnetic field, pulses, up to 129. Tesla, and showed, significant. Weight fluctuation. In, December, an experiment, was performed using reactors.

Built By knowledge seekers, from, around the world Italy. Germany and Canada, were, involved, in field communication. Tests, the. Tests showed that fields. Can interact with each other no matter the distance or, time resulting. In instant, communication. In. 2015. Developments. For space continued. With different aspects, of the plasma technology such, as in health energy and. Decontamination. In October. Of 2015. Mr. Kesh taught a popular, week-long. Course called, The Blueprint teachings, about, how to build the maghreb power units, people, from all over the world participated. With building, their own maghreb, units, and teaching, others with. The demand of the Keshe foundation, products, from all over the world a new Research Center and manufacturing. Opened in Arizona, USA, many. Developments. Of the technology, happened. In different parts of the world and Keshe foundation, USA is no exception. John. And the team started. Performing experiments. Using different sensing, tools these, tools allowed, the team to visualize. The maghreb field and to show others, their, interactions. With, reactor. Formations, showing positive results, partaking, in the knowledge together is easier. And more joyful than, ever the, fun has just begun, says. MT cash. Mr.. Kesh publicly, teaches the space technology through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops, plasma. Enthusiasts, from around the world participate, in gathering, the knowledge and putting, the puzzle together in the space race. All. People irrespective of race national religion. Are invited, to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus, assisting, humanity, to live within the ethos, of the universe it. Is recognized, that international, cooperation and, peace, is a prerequisite. For mankind, to journey into deep space. Individuals. And nations are invited, to come together in the spirit of collaboration and, unity to enable, peaceful, application. And the use of plasma technology, for, space travel, food agriculture. Energy transportation. Health and more we. Are excited, to release the Keshe foundation, spaceship, repent, to humanity. Welcome. Everyone to, the, 230. Second. Knowledge, seekers workshop for. Thursday, July 12th. 2018. I'm, your host Rick remand, and as. Usual, we are joined with mr.. Moran. Tavakoli. Keshe, from. The Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute, and, we. Will. I. Think, we'll hear from him immediately. Here and get. Right, into today's workshop. Hello. Mr. Kesh, yes. Good morning would that you as usual. As we say wherever, and whenever you listen to these knowledge seekers, series. Of teaching. What. We. Have taught up to now has covered a lot of things a lot of aspects, of knowledge and. As. We are pushing towards a, swishy. Program, and our, number. Of groups, and people. Who are testing. And they get excited every time we teach something new and they think they found half of the questions, answers, and then. They find out now there is more questions to answer and it's becoming a, progressive. Teaching and this is what I think is needed to be done and. Delivering. A system, complete. And then nobody knows how. To do it and then becomes. Just. Copycatting. Without. With the essence of what we are after. In. In a recent past we've seen a lot of moves by number. Of people trying, to. Understand. More, replicating. Different part of the system and, in. So many ways. The. Knowledge, has. To become. Commonly. Accepted, and commonly. Understood. That. There. Is no doubt in his operation, and his work one. Of them biggest. Problems, with the, present. Space, nology which, we are introducing, is. What. Is going to do with, the, others. What. We have seen up to now in, tradition. Of the science, especially. In the space program as we seen with the Russians and it's never the time of Hitler which, initially.

Started, With rocket propulsion, and everything else. This. Is so men so, much so many ways goes back, to the time of the, Chinese. With their body. Call. Fireworks. And. We. Have accepted it this is the only way and we have every. Time you tried something new. Somehow, things, did not happen the way it was supposed to be so we, come to accept the, old traditional, way of six seven hundred years ago, but. The. Biggest problem for the, present, scientists. Of the, Keshe foundation, is. How. Fast. From. Now on we. Can introduce different aspects, of the technology. There. Are number, of systems, which are running, number. Of groups have or. Individuals. Thought, they can define. A way, to. To. Achieve. Lift. And motion but, as I've, said many times. Lift. And motion is nothing. Is the beginning, of the headache is the, beginning, of the. Headache for mankind, to know. Now. They can do but, how to do it how. Do we achieve. A, lot, of things, then. One. Of. Important. Things that will, come out very soon. In. A short time once we start, showing as. We say that is honor and I've. Seen couple of instances with the Chinese. Testing. Once. The pandora, boxx after lift. And motion, without fuel. Or, replacement. Of air of. What. We call, burning. Of fossil fuels or, energies, which are you up to now being used to it and. This. Will, stop. A lot of governments. Spending. Money on these, kind of technologies, and, the investment will go towards, how, fast, we can achieve the. New understanding, in the new process, how. Can we add to it how. What. Are other things which, we need the. Environment. Which come from this new research, in next few weeks and months as I see it which is going to take, shape, will. Be beyond, our imagination. And. I, have. A started a what. They call a platform, and, this. Platform will take shape in a different, way but, those who understand. We. Don't have enough people on this planet, to. Support, Magnus. Base. We. Don't have enough, trained. Intellect. To. Take, man, into, a space in, a long term, and. In so many ways, space. The, way I have, thought has, not become and, cannot become exclusivity, of one nation as. American. Chinese, whatever. And whatever to be it. Becomes property of one nation as one planet, but. What. I see, what I look, at in past few months now that we are on the verge of the opening, the space the way we are doing. Earth. Will be depopulated. So. What extent, is. What, we. Decide. Do. We create. Passports. Which, we, allow how, many people can leave a country. Would. We face, in the Western world, what Africa. Has faced was decades, that. The, brain, drain has, gone into the Western world. And. Africa. Suffered. Now. The. Western, world will lose massive. Brain drain into space. One. Of the reasons of it is the beauty of the space the, freedom, of the space, the. Understanding. That new. Dimension, in space travel what brings us. How. Can. We support this. Depletion. In. So, many ways. We. Have done a lot of injustice ourselves. And now. It's coming to catch up and now. In. So many ways. The. Changes. Will come that. What. We call, humanity. Will. Decide, how, much and how many people, we. Can lose into, space. Or. In. A way we, allow them to emigrate. Those. Who, hardly ever come back, those. Who will not come back, those. When. They see the beauty of the space will. Not choose the harshness of life on this planet. In. Past few, weeks I've. Spent many. Sleepless night. Thinking. How I can guide mankind to understand. How. And, what. Is sitting in horizon, Roger. In. So many ways. There's. A big question mark in the past few days.

For Me is. That. How. I prepared, a mankind. For. Such a change. Prepared. Enough or. Do. We need to, let this run. For maybe, couple of hundred years, that, then gradually. Things build up but, by dint, will, have the same rat race as today. They. Also have nothing claimed to be the leaders and those who, actually supplied. Back. Up to everything living, aceleration. In. So many ways. What. I see is. The. Need for the, change in teaching, and. I brought that into the meeting of the Universal Council. Teaching. Off just, Thursdays, or just. What. They call careful, society, it has to be taken, out public. Very. Simple, leaflets, that the man on the street can understand, very, simple. Teaching that, a man on the street knows. How. Things. Are and how he, can help himself. Simple. Pictures. That. Doesn't need reading if your illustrator, does not mean you stay behind. Simple. Understanding. Of the technology by simple, people will. Bring a lot of benefit to humanity. But. Can. Be hey stop the rest of the. Humanity who, was learning and moving fast on this to. Slow down, that the others can catch up. In. The last week teaching and the week before, those. Of you who are working. And being on the edge of the space development. I've, received a lot of knowledge but, none of you is using it because. As, I, said my son sell, me Papa it just goes over my head. Because. You don't see what to do with it you don't see how, to use it you. Don't see what is the benefit, of it to me a, fear. Of you grasp the dynamic. Systems, and, you made some medicals, an application. Some of you come for the cancers some, of you happy. With the coils, and some of you are happy to do different, little things but. The, effort, has to be concentrated. Somehow. Is the job of the earth council annual council and the core team to. Jellify. The whole work of the foundation towards. One direction. The. What. I see the time of rest is over. In. A coming time. Do. We keep the technology, only in, the hand off at, the moment what I see three nations who are working heavily, in the background and then. The government's, will take it. Now. There are seven nations who are heavily involved in plasma technology, education addition. We. See them working we see them developing, and. Three. Of them four of them are wood indication, our nation structure, but the government are sitting in the background watching what's going on. What. Do we do how, do we teach how, do we take this to the next step. There. Is a lot to teach but. What. I, think, is, the time to pause. But. If he paused a momentum, we created, for space, development, will. Die and we cannot allow that, but. How do we, allow. Teachings. To become mass teachings. Not. Just by showing against thought but showing anything else the. Shock will come when, for. Example Chinese, will show that there, a space technology. This. Underwear, cheese is literally. Getting. The last pieces test, test has been done and, the. Motors are running there the. Whole plasma, structure, is fully loaded, it's. Just the knick knacks little, has recalled the last, glitches. That we make absolute, perfect, connections. And. Once. The, Chinese team completes. His process. Is. Inevitable. That why. It's. There is no way that when his team can fail unless something. Was drastically wrong, in the whole structure which we. Try to prevent, most of it whatever, we could see we. Have brought in new technology, new, understanding. New joint. Operation. Of the systems and. If. We. Do not grasp this opportunity and. Override. Our operation. And teachings. In. A mass mass, and, in a huge, way, what. Will be the outcome. We. Carry the blueprint, we can release the blueprint, but what. Did that create. Massive, changes. And. At. The same time, -. We need these changes. The. Chinese system is is, the most comprehensive, system. Ever, been developed is literally, copy of the universal. The most advanced, system, which can use. Everything. Possible has been built into this system. Except. Mechanical, failure, which. In, so many ways in past week have even taken that out that mechanical, systems, cannot fail unless something goes beyond. It wrong. We. Have gone into the direct plasma, transfer. Which. Is what I spoke last time that. Even the dynamic, systems, are out of question, that are obsolete. I've. Taken the Chinese system into the full plasma, technology. It. Relevant, of the, containment. I. Work. With a beautiful, team very a small team and, it's. Getting there they don't see it because they are not knowledgeable enough to understand, what is going on but. What, is setup is what I explained, last week the week before that the medical system we saw with. Klaus. They're. Literally obsolete. The. New. Non-dimensional. Non-tangible. Plasma. System, I've. Developed and set for the Chinese development. It's. Very primitive it's, because.

This Is how it. Could be understood, and it could be put together. The. Existence. Of the motors become, irrelevant. But. It's a help as I. Said before in the teachings, the. Condition. Of, beauty. Of the. Knowledge of the man and condition, of this atmospheric, condition. Has. An. Advantage, that. It. Gives, mankind. One. Step, up in. The totality of the size of his face compared, to the others, who went through this path in the universe. As we, say we've, fallen in love with. The beauty of a space, but. We, do not know how, dangerous this love affair is, we. Have to be prepared for it. We. Are not we, don't even know how at this moment, to. Overcome. The, condition, of the physicality, a question. Was asked yesterday in one of the teaching rooms that. How. What happened to us what, will happen to us when we come back to earth you. Got to understand, you traveled, the depths of the universe for, a long time. In. The first instant, when you lose. The. Need to, eat and you, take from the space of the the. Spaceship, what you need as an energy, and the body converts, inside, it and it gives it back there is no waste there is no need for the mouth there is no need for the eyes because. You. Come, to understand, me that I cannot, see. How. Far can you see very small is traveling at the speeds beyond, the speed of light, eyes, cousin see but flashes of light it closes, itself because, the. Amount of the light and information transfer. Is beyond what he can accept. Then. We go back to understanding. Combination. Of the soul of the man and the physicality of the man in, being able to survive, the life and, when you come back to this planet coming. Going, back home, how. Do you convert back to physicality. Or does, your physicality, just, takes the shape of the man but, in reality in, the background, is a different, dimension to existence. You. See the mouth you see the eye because, this is what the man likes to see but. Do you actually go. Through the whole process. How. Do we recognize the condition, how. Do we transmute. How. Do we come back and we salute that, that is me I left but I've come back it's still me the. Condition of this planet confirms, it but sorry. I cannot, eat because, I've, learned I absorb, energy in different dimensions, but the self go to the party and pretend, eating it put something in there, in this space, can be called a mouth but it goes nowhere. These. Are what man has to learn and. These. Are what we have to accept. How. Do we make the children's of the future in space. How. Do we, understand. The, growth of the knowledge. How do we speak. Communicate. With the man of a space and even with ourselves. Many. Times those. Who have traveled into a space come back to earth move. Fast, outs because, they. See the. Feature. Of the, physicality, of the man's on his behavior, and it's, not what they are used to. Report. They disgusted. With what they see and they leave, this. Is not the first time man is going to space as I've said many times before. But. This time the, teaching is in mass then. Knowledge is shared in mass. Because. It's the time for man to move on. I'm. Not, here to prove the, machinery changes, cancer, or a machine which does something else or some energy, system. They're. Here to change the fundamental understanding, of the man about the creation, and, about himself and, how he can travel the depth of universe. The. New system of the Chinese which. Is non, tangible, physical. Plasma. Reactors. It's. Very much operation. Of the soul of the man. If. You look and, understood. The transportation. And you have looked into many. UFO, sightings which are real UFO, sightings, you don't see motors engines you, just see all of, lights inside. There's. No containment. Now I've. Taken the knowledge where the Chinese development, to that level but. Would. The, man be ready to take this knowledge on board and create. Through, it piece. It. Is not a fear, is not, a danger. It's, a, rejoicing. Of. Advancement. In knowledge but. At the same time trying. To keep some people who. Have used a few piece of paper most, of them by cheating and copy writing, other people to get degrees and professorships. Are. Controlling. The rest. Do. We have a university. And graduation. In this space or. To. The Cafe Society have. Set an example of the space education. You. Learn what you need you, take what you need there is no degrees, and no certification. The. Depth of the knowledge. Starts. Opening now, and. The. Beauty of it is. Is. Done is in. The hand of normal, people common. People carry the knowledge not the government, as, we've, seen everything. Has been kept top secret and, what they wanted, has been released if, he, made them money. But. This time people. Are doing it and there. Is no secret. This. Is the what, that what, we call the rules of this planet, moon unlike with, Keshe foundation. This. Is what they do not want to see that. They'll lose control, but, in so many ways you have lost the control.

All. Of us lost control all comes, from one point and. This. Is what I said to. Somebody. Very recently. The. Way we, work and we make let's say China prosperous. Through this development, of this technology. What. Would it create. You've. Got one point for many one point three million next or India so. Many percentage, in poverty. Is. The job of the Chinese to. Move on or is, it a job, of the Indians, to teach up to. Their own nations to. Their own people. The. Beauty. With this technology, is. That there. Will not be mid riches and they will not be paused anybody, can be rich in the knowledge and use. It the way they would. But. We have to understand, the technology, we have to understand, more about the technology we. Have to understand, how, this technology, is going to affect every, one of us. If. We. Can in. A coming time through, the Chinese structure, show. Non-tangible. Reactors. For a space development, and transportation. What. Is going to happen to. Government. What's. Going to happen to governing, government. Or. We. Become as, part, of development, of one nation, govern. Ourselves. Do. We need. To. Condition, ourselves, that. The others, are better than us or we are better than them, or. We, all work on the same way on the same bandage, from the same understudy. This. Is a dilemma, I carry, in past few weeks as. I. See the Chinese technology. Reaching. The maturity, of non-tangible reactors. And, my the. Guys who work and they. Are so. Hard, at it that, is unbelievable. They. Just want to get the system but they don't see what, the system is carrying behind in the background. So. It's two units most advanced, units, mankind. Will ever understand. I've taken mankind's. Knowledge of a space to. The level that I did literally is like China, not, having anything and suddenly becoming so advanced in everything because this. Started from. Advancement. Of the other nations, now. Is, the advancement, of the whole universal, knowledge which is becoming to China. And. We. Carry every, knowledge, with. It to. Be able to create. Total. Total. Confirmation. Of everything man, needs to live in. Any point of universe I said, before when, I take man to a space I'd take him as equal not, a subordinate. And. This. Situation and the systems in China is, near, getting to that equal, I. Loaded. Every, reactor, by. Hand one by one, I. Have. Singularly. Decided. On the, sequence, of loading. I'll. Transfer, the knowledge of universe, into the hand of the man. What. I did in Iran for the Iranian government, exactly, ten years ago I've, done for the Chinese. Don't. Be no error I. Took. It on into dimension, of newest space technology, I've taken, China into the new dimensions. Of universal, travel. It's. For them to understand, on behalf, but. I carried, a blueprint. If. The Chinese block, that, do not share we. Release appropriate. So. It's. Time to move on it's. Time to leapfrog. To. The another step, as I said I repeat. Myself again. The. Dynamic, systems, are already obsolete. We. Use the. Beauty. Of the knowledge of the man to. Show what, is there announced. For them to go to the except into the plasma, direction. Don't. Forget we, started, with, magnetic. Compass, every, roads the Gans and get the coils, then you understood, the. Dynamic. Course and now, we come, to the operation, of non-dimensional. Containment. Of plasma. Which. Leads, to creation of physicality and this is how the universe, is created there. Are no motors don't. Know what. You call feeding, stations, but, it's the balance of what is needed by whom is needed where is needed then, release confirmation. Of physicality, at a given, space, of time, as. I said as we say the, only 5 percent or 3 percent of, the universe we see is, covered, or be covered by the mass of stars. But. In reality the, other 95. 97, % which we say the free space is not is. A matter of state in another strength, that asked is billion it what. We see is that the strength level of us know, the three strengths of all that, the space between the universes, and galaxies, are empty is not, is.

There A space gap between, your, muscle, of your, femur and your femur, then. That is gap between. Masses. Or, the density of the space. In this universe. What. We see is. A matter state of man's, point of observation, but. When, our point of observation changes. In, strength we'll, see we are actually in, a very solid. State, right magnetic, field. We, don't see our, kidney, hanging inside on its own, his connected, is corrected, is is, in the tight space, gap, so. What we call the stars and galaxies, are in that tight space gap. In. Environment. Of, another. Structure. Which, is more, powerful that, base stays, at this level. So. Man has to learn is, not traveling in a free depth of space is, traveling, within, a very structured, dimension, and physicality. We. Think there is nothing from here too the more there is nothing from our solar system, to another, because. We see true, but. In fact that a space, is fully, covered, within, the structure, of, another. Structure, which man has to learn. Then. When, you slow down you, reach the matter, of physicality, of the acceleration, of the map. So. If, our, little. Bold, in. Our little, toe is there. On its own. How. Is it connected, and is, joined to the next bone unto the foot and to the leg and the rest of the body. So. What, we see as stars is. That. Little tiny bone in, the whole structure. Of the, rest of physicality, and. There. Is no space, gap between, the. Bold in the small toe of the man and his brain. Or his, mouth or his stomach everything, is fully covered by, materials. To, make sure that form stays in our position, that is why in your space we see the, stars and galaxies, stay, in their position, because. The bigger structure, holds, on to it is part of the gel of the structure, of the universe, man. Still, has to need that new dimension. Because. You, cannot, jump out of the, skin like you're warm as you've been inside you. Have to learn how you. Can be part of it that you can come on the surface of it, how. Does the skin of the man regenerates, from the absorption, of the energy that you digest and. Then, in. The other step man learns how, even, to move from, the shell of solar systems, is, its shell of galaxies, and share of universes. From one universe, to another. There's. Not that you can't fire yourself out, is. You have to place. Yourself, to. Be out and then. You start to travel from, one dimension, to another or you find. A way that. You can mix with the feel the strength of the environment, that, it become part of it you become diluted, it but at the same time you can keep your characteristics. It's. Like your sugar is solid you put not water is. Not there but it can taste the sweetness. Confirmation. Of existence. Through. Another dimension of, observation. We. Don't see we die but, we can confirm its existence but. Senses, of the tongue. Another. Dimension, in the structure, of the field strength. Very. Much like the order order. Is, actually a, gas. And. Diamond. Structure, or hexagonal, structure, of itself, and. Then. If you understand, that you can combine anything. To any condition. Any matter, condition. In. The teaching of last week I explained. This in respect, to H. To how, it behaves, with magnets, and how if. You allow, it with, one material, you. Can convert, it into any, sequences. This. Is what I thought last week a lot of people won. That how it's done how it can be done and, in. Reality if you look I, was. Teaching this to some. Knowledge, seekers, yesterday. And. In. So many ways what. You need to understand, is. You. Created, the h2, you. Created. You. Created. The. Hydrogen. Then. You created, d2. Then. You, created, a. Ch3. So. This is your hydrogen, this. Is your H 2 and this. Is your H 3. So. As, you see. To. Have an h2. From. Hitch 3. You. Need to do something. To. Have a hydrogen, from h2, you need to know something but. If you are to, h, looking. At the h2 and if you're adding after h2, you, can get h3. So. If, you have one of these elements you can make the others but how do you do it in the teaching of last week I explained, and some people could not understand, and they just took the. Undertook. The knowledge in different way if. You look at it I explained. To you very simply if. You get a magnet, north, and south. And. Then. You. Allow. The. H2. Which is usually, black in the color or, grey, depends. How you made it. What. Happens. What. Is happening go back to the teaching of the medical, application.

The. Energy. Travels. When. Energy travels and, it's worried if it, is done, the right way, can. Take energy with it but. I can bring energy to, but. Because of this communication. And commercial. And, losses. To its environment. You. Can change this to hydrogen. Because. You, take energy out of it. But. If you, go back into. Putting. Two more poles. Together. What. Does not will do. It. Pushes, an energy too so. Now there is massive amount of energy. Inside. Within. The h2. Which. Absorbs, energy, available. Energy which is in the plasmatic, condition. So. What happens, this. Adds, energy. To h2, it, gives you a ch3. So. You see the color of the black of h2. Changes. Into, orange of h3, but. You. Can do the reverse if. You put, the. Same salt. And salt together and. Then. You put your h2. Inside. You. Deplete. Because. What does the Sun do the, energy is depleting, it has to be taken from barrage two ways so it. Gives you H so. In. So, many ways you, can create a condition. And. Then. If you understand, this, when. You have an h2 h3, or, a H. In, them trying, to create balance they, create the dynamic plasma. In. A way, what. You create. As. Used, to see. In. Your spaceships. Dynamic. Colors. John. Is on that which is got the balls but he doesn't know what to do with this boat, how. To operate. So. In, so, many ways if. You, seen what, you call you have force and you see the light, on the edge of the system now, as I said before you, know I comes. And. You. Don't need to organize it will, organize, itself. But. You, can create a condition. Inside. The system, that, this. Can. Rotate on so. You. See the knowledge is so simple and, it's. Been there all the time on the tape how. Do you create it how do you do it. There's, still methods. To do this is not so as, you, see it. So. If. You understand, this you have created, a non, tangible. Plasmas. Which are dynamic, this is how stars, move this is how planets, move this is how every. Universal, condition. Creates. Motion and creates. Motion. And in, so many way positioning. The. Science, is so sweet. This knowledge is, so, mature. It's just that somehow. The. Knowledge, seekers don't see Donald. Awakening, up to be. Able to, understand. What is going on. How. Have. They achieved this how. We, passed. All. This. With. Such. A soft touch and nobody. Has picked on it. In, so many ways I teach. With, words and, you. As, knowledge. Seekers, come watch it into. Material. Systems. Or whatever. But. The. Time has come as I said as, I said before we. Will show the power of this technology in, such a rapid, way that. Will force. Changes. In many directions. Be. It on agriculture. Be, it on. Material. Feed, on space speed on health and. We. Don't go outside the foundation, you work within the foundation.

In. The past. Few. Hours those. Who are aware of it in the foundation, we. Have gone for, the mass production of the generators, plasma, generators, with the zero option which means free-standing. Generators. I. Decided. To show, it to bring it out and I, have, started the process and. Hopefully. Next, two or three weeks will take you to his final phase. But. I don't bring it for you to have a free, energy, at home he's. Done for, the purpose of the production of energy for the new Aspasia systems, which are coming into life. It's. Time now to release, the generator, and we have. Entered negotiation, with, a company, outside condition. That is their job we'll see how it goes with him. We. Told you for, months. That. We, have. The technology, technology. Has been explained, to. Company. Outside yes transition, what a production, so. We have setup to release. What. You call your free plasma generators. Zero. Time space. Most, probably by next. Friday, will. Be on the table, and. Then. We have to decide how. It'll, be done internationally, outside. China. This. Brings us to the point of any. Test our car doesn't. Need recharging, as I said in the meeting you. Buy a test a car from, the factory with, a charged battery, with. A new technology, and, last. Time you discharged. It is. When it goes into a scrapyard does. Not need recharging, any time in this pointed, mine. We. Need, to, bring massive. Changes, that. The government's, will start listening and we change the course and we have a started. Spaceship. Non-prismatic. What, if all non tangible physical. System. Directly. Proud nor driven the generators, come out with it next few most. Probably, the. Basic structure, of the next couple of weeks to three weeks will be launched, will be outside, in partnership, wait as, we. Know there is Keshe Foundation does not have the facilities to bring, it but in so many days we can't know it will. Be done invest in Europe hopefully. And, all. Take you to his final phase. Because. It's time now. We, were waiting for a spaceship, to be ready now, we are ready we bringing for all the changes in mogul. Conversion. Of the energy, into, mass conversion. Of energy into. Matter. State commission, of energy, into every, other condition. Has. Started. So. It. Goes back to Universal Council it goes back to the earth counts for an according. Start. Mass teaching, your. Job started, this is the responsibility, of you in your languages, come. Up with a plan how, are you going to teach how it is, do. Not make it a magic, show we, will do, we will bring the magic. We. Are, now. Ready to go and. To. Do it is to literally. Destroy. The, present, energy system, reliable. Relying, on.

Destroyed. A new, space. System, relying, on. Destroy. The, food the structure we relying on destroy, the, whole structure. Of their what, we call. Agriculture. Process. By. Letting. It become obsolete. Let. It become. Too. Laborious. To. Even use my, shoe the man's put, a seat down and wait, six months that he grows maybe, the wind maybe the rain maybe. Genetic. Modification. Harming. Create cancer in him and he. Puts all his life on it just to have something to eat for next six months or so some of it there. Now. We entered. Non-tangible. Plasma. Systems. We. Can feed, the humanity, in a very easy way I. Thank. The, Chinese thing. They. I walked. Them true and they just did you, have a gorgeous goddess edification addition research in China with the space, he's. Put his life on it and I respect him and his. Pleasure, to work with these people because. Nothing. Matters achieving. The target, to create peace from these new technology, is, the ultimate goal and. In. Visual. So. I have, made everything ready is, for you now to start the process. Knowledge. Is, getting. Complete. Delivery. Of the knowledge is getting, complete, is. Just, if, you're gonna fight ever, record. For, why you did, this or why you did that is. To search to show such a powerful, technology. That. Those, who create the problem become. The problem for themselves. We, work through. New, technology, in next, two or three weeks we start releasing. Information. I received, instruction, from the Chinese government not. To release any videos, or any information, unless is, agreed by the government. But. The technology, belongs. To, Keshe foundation, and belongs. To all of us we have built it together to where it is. We. Abide, by, the rules, of the nations but. The, bigger, structure, is Chinese. Government has to open the technology, worldwide to, all other, nations, on the equal measure I. See. The, development, and confirmation. To. Be done at the same time in Tehran and Pidgey. It. Has to be. Is, where, the. Civilization. Of the cipro started, and is. Very immature. One. End to the other. No, nation is excluded. Is, how they approach it and what they want to do with it I, gave. A hint in a very recent days that. The. Sanctions, on Iran progress, of November, most, probably there will be no need for oil there'll be sanctions, all of us with all the oil production. If. You remember. Some. Two years ago three, years ago just. About this time when. We were battling. With studying. Case at the. Same time. We. Were talking. To the Saudis. Government. The. Presence, of one of the senior, covered. Ministers, of the Sawadee in. With. Us in one hotel I gave. Them the message you. Tank as much sell as much because soon there'll be none and, the Saudis were shocked. They. Know is coming, the. Oil-producing nations. Know is coming and in, next two or three weeks we start releasing, the power generator, self-sustaining. Power generators. The. First, phase even. As early as today is. Going to be started, in. Less in Europe, were. Just setting. Up to test. We, gave the same chance to Africa, we gave mr. cha South America, we give this chance after the Americans, North Americans to the Asians to. Australians. And the rest and. The. Beauty of it is. The. System has been in front of you years. The. How, the system, works hard. Become a self generator, as, I explained has been with you three years you do not see it you haven't seen it but. Now what we said we can produce one megawatt, systems, in the size of a shoebox a shoebox. Is about to open the show the beauty of the show. But, we, have to understand, the knowledge that, all of us get benefitted by it. It's, what. We. Have to understand. The. Science are. As its on the screen in a very simple, way I, showed. You how, you can, change matters. But. This, still a secret in that. You. Have to unravel it. It's. Not so easy. You. Have to understand, how, I. Told. You how to make neutrons, but. You have to understand, how. You. Make, what. I call. W. True set to. Be able to use your energy or. How you allow. A neutron, to divide. Into. Two subdivisions. That you can create the, fields, flow, from it that you cannot absorb. It and use. It. The. Beauty of the, new knowledge is. That it's complete, and. It's. Accumulation. Of all, the, knowledge which I told you. Its. Totality. Of what I have told you. Any questions. Thank. You mr. cash and, as, usual, I'll remind. The attendees, that they can raise their hands in order to ask. A, question. I have, a question mr. Kesh do. The sodium usual, yes. Well. Do. The same principles. That you show here with the, in. Respect, to the Ganz's, that, you've been showing would. Also apply, to gases. And would. That apply to the, actual.

Physicality. Gases, of hydrogen. Deuterium and. Tritium. Mmm. Not really because. They have reached a matter state. Some. Research. Has been done to do this somebody, who did some work in that direction. Was. Tesla. But. He could not complete, it in. Some of his papers, he refers, to this, trying, to convert through magnetic field, matter States. The. Wind she tried, but. Could. Not understand, the process. There. Are a couple of Russian scientists. Who have tried this. American. Naval, forces, tried in nearly 60 seventies in different version of it and. It. Was supposed to become a very secret, technology, that if they could convert. Matter. Through the magnetic fields and never achieve it the, reason they can't because it's already lost enough energy to become in a matter of State when. You work in a plasma state you work with a full energy set. And. This. Is what is important, this is what we need to understand. Okay. But but, in your original. Patent. Where. We see the different kinds, of reactors that usually. Are talking. About using gases. And we. Have this interaction, between the. The. Layers of, the gases, and so on to provide. A self-sustaining. Reaction. Eventually. So. But. That's an entirely, new, process, you repeat, can you repeat, exactly what you said that you. Well. In your, patents. We, see different kinds of reactors, and most. Of them are. Described. As using gases, the layers of gases, not. Ganz's. To be to clarify about Ganz's. But gases, in those. Reactors. And I'm. Wondering if it's a. Similar. Process. With. The conversion, of the hydrogen. And in. Those reactors. You, have. A self-sustaining. Reaction. That's described. But. It requires a. The. Ignition. Key of the scintillating, source, in order to get. Everything going, and there, is. Some. Matter. Level, stuff that gets used, up some hydrogen, or helium, or, whatever that would get converted. Hey. Kari, okay no, I'm going in okay. I'm sorry about that yeah, well, and, just I'm. Trying to see if there's some correlation between what you're teaching here, and the. Previous. Document. Of the. Of. The. Patent. In. A way if you understood. The patent, in a matter state and. Look. At. The. Battery. Operation. And. Understand. That. The. System. Is. In. A, way if, you take it to the next level against. On a gas. What. Is there, what. Is there what. Is the Gans is, a. Gas, in nano state. And. So. Is. The same. When. We speak about the gas we, be, breaking up let's look at the Iranian new let's face reactor, nuclear base, reactor, what. Do we do, we. Placed massive. Amount of. Radioactive. Material, to support. The change. Conversion. Into, plasma and then. Into energy which has become dynamic plasma. Look. At your turret. Line look at your. X. What. Do they do exactly the, same. They. Convert, the energy to high. Level of radiation. So. Well. We speak about answers, but when, you change the word from a gas to a Gans. Then. You, do not work in a mattress that you work in a field estate. That's. All. But. When. You, work in a field state then you have to understand, the, operation, of the. Magnetic. Field of higher order that. You can cut the field. When. The field starts, from here to the moon. What. We saw would say if there are if, if you can bend the light what. Is the light light is a magnetic field, but. Can, you cut a light and. Take. Portion, of it. This. Is what man has done learned and this is what in fact you. Do when, you was nuclear material, you take a portion, of fields. And so. You. Have to convert the knowledge. What. We call in what is a centralized. Standardization. Is adding, creating, a release of energy which. Can cut give, additional, energy to create ionization. What. Is ionization. Singularity. Of the plasma. What. Would happen now that you work in the direction of the field. And this. Is. The. Reality what. We need to understand, that. The. Gas in. Patterns. Change. You to a gas which is a gas in a nano state but. Now you've worked, with the fields, of the gas, not.

With, The, matter state of mass. Hello. Mr. Kesh oh. Hello. John, hi. How are you not. Too bad our spaceship. Captain, have, you no. Flight path. We're. Trying every day. Would. You like to share some knowledge with us. Let, me ask a question first, oh my. God I have to give to take yes. I. Gave. You a lot last week oh he. Did. So. So we we've, been attempting. To create. A. Neutron. Or. Actually. I think we created more than one neutrons. But. You know the question came up and I didn't have a real good explanation. But. When we make Gans don't, we also create. Neutrons. And the games. That. Are floating around in. Separate. Separate. From. Electrons. We. Have not. Produced. Separate. Electrons. Or protons. We. Produce plasma, of fields, but of different measure in. Our religion, sir. In. Some processes. Of production of, the Gans you produce, Neutron. But. The. The. The division, of the neutron, is very rapid, because of the environment, you create, to. Hydrogen. And that. Hydrogen. Rapidly. Creates. Water. And. That's. Why maybe now I repeat, this before, I repeated, this before I repeated, again that. I, asked. Many times for the teaching says have, you ever measured, the level of water in your tanks. To see if it goes up and. Nobody does. But. In fact, you. Have produced neutrons, that. Those. Neutrons. Finley's convert, in the hydrogen, and you get the h2, the. Way you create a co2 in, your pockets, that. H2o. Creates, the, water which increases, many. Of you been trying to create water. And. This is how it's done but. You're. Too busy not, worrying, about the, menial, things like, producing, water so. Now if many, of you have. Measured. Understood. Yes. You've been producing, neutron but you never captured, it on the capturing of it in other state especially. Especially with co2 is. Not such a easy thing because, you, haven't create the condition of or capturing, it and. Is. There is that the salt environment then. Yes. So. We create a different salt environment, in which to catch it oh. You. Don't need to create a different salty, mom and you can use the same salt in arabic. So. Why would the original, games. The. Original can't be the the salt that, soft environment, why didn't that have to catch it, you. You actually, do. Catch, it as I explained, due. To. Energy. Within. The. Environments. For sure with co2. You. You. Release. Neutron. Which immediately, becomes. Hydrogen. Splits, electron, and proton due, to the massive, absorption, of the fields within the environment of it. You. You. Produce Neutron. From the first, day now. You. Are going to recapture. It back what separated, if you want to do it. So. That's where this that's for the center ball in these, reactors. Come. Into play worry or put, enough pressure in the center ball the, captured. Maybe. What you want to put pressure on it. The. Way to do it so. We, call it we pull it in gravitationally. Into the center ball you. Can do. But. How, you separated. And hold it. You. See if you produce. If. You produce pure. Neutron. In. Certain. Salinity. Which, we, have discussed, or you can get near to it your. Your. Neutron saturated. Salt water should, be around. Horizon. Say. That again, the. Color of the guns. Or. The color of the salt where. You have captured. Neutron. In it, it's. Very. Much, pinkish.

Color, Yellow pinkish, color. You. See I was showing you su to, one, of the knowledge seekers you, have, to have to understand, what you produce you. Take. A salt. With. You the vertical is salt solution, which you use for your guns and. Put. It in a board a separate, ball this. Is my reference color, before I put anything in it and. Then. When, you have created environment, when you capture on in Neutron within. Another salt ball put, the two balls next to each other, the. Only thing which has been in an environment nothing. But the energy of the neutron which is converted, into plasma itself, in that water other. Color, is the same the, same original, salt, water and basalt. What you're holding. So. You'll, see if, the, same color is the same water immediately haven't captured energy, I explained. This in the teaching very recently, so, if, you have, captured a neutron, in it, understanding. That your ball was in a magnetic gravitational field. Of a, plasma because, between. The plates is a magnetic, field of the carbon, or whatever. Then. It. Is, very much. Plasma. And is. Existence. Will affect, will, reflect, the. Plasmatic. Field flow. In the water so. If. You, took. Your so example, from where you started, and you keep it in one of these see-through, plastic balls. And then. You, take a sample of your what. Do you think if you have captured, you, put the same salt water in a ball in the middle and you think if we capture there the. What. I call Neutron. How. Do you know already. Simply, put it next to the one which was original, without any Neutron same. Color means you haven't achieved it and then. There's, the. New color which is usually, pinkish yellow pinkish, more. To directional, pink according. To a saturation, in the gravitational, magnetic field, then. You see you captured, you. Have neutral you have then you can use it. But. They're. Much easier way to capture, a neutron, without actually going through the process you. Can. Create cognition of off light for it it's. As I said in the in the teaching before you. Need one, one. Atom. Of for example certain. Elements, while, the, popcorn of the diamond is getting created, to. Be in it to give you a color pink. You. Had a popping Thailand. Yes. So. Find, out what he makes it pink I. Don't. Wanna find out the. Structure of the Methodist say of the plasma. You. Like Kim, Lane Himalayan. Pink salt, I. Don't. Know as, they say everyone's, got a mustache is not your uncle is it. Just. Because it's a pink salt is for memory yeah it's gonna happen it maybe has I think, the pink.

Is Due to the iron in. Himalayan. Salt. What. Is the reason for pink, in diamond. Come. On you guys you've got a beautiful. Wikipedia. In your hand, I'm. Furiously, typing away I, wait. Till you give us an answer, you. Want me to go to sleep what do you want to tell us his secret so you look for it. So. John or have you have, you achieved anything, you want to share with us. And, Oh Joan. Yeah. Did you see the video I sent earlier you want me to share that I, haven't. Seen any video from you. Which. What, it. Has to do with our, our new, our new. Structure. For creating, the diet for creating. The diamond structure. Do. You want to share it, okay. But you know I think when we share everybody. Can has to understand, that we're in a testing, phase and, just because we share doesn't, mean it's the correct. Method. Yeah. You're really good in throwing people in the deep end - you're worse than me, because. John, has done it it must be because they, do it they talk to him and then there must be but, they do that but to understand, it say it said what they call it open test drive open. Test Charles Grant yeah. Okay. You want me to stop sharing that you sharing. Okay. For, the law run over and tell me when you're ready. Rick. Have you got there yet. Do. You know why it was so expensive. Well. It's. Interesting and. It's. Hard, to tell exactly it's, not something, to do with the, the. Way therefore, again pressure, I believe John, could you mute, your mic on please you're, gonna keep that for me thank you. Has. To do with I, believe the, way it's formed. In it's. Under. Pressure and so on and. It's, interesting, that. That. The. Where's. That here I'm just trying to get the. Diary, era II. Door. Diamond. And the newer all, I. Mean diamond. Are the oldest, known pink. Diamonds, and, both, belong, to the Iranian. Crown, jewels. Several. Other famous pink, diamonds, exist, as well inventions. The. Prevailing. Theory is that the pink is caused when the diamond, is subjected. To enormous pressure. During, its formation. And. It, has to do with this seismic, shock, that propels. Colorless. Diamonds, to the surface, and alters, their molecular, structure. Causing. Them to appear pink. So. The structure, is actually altered. In. Some minor. Way at least. Because. It would still be the diamond structure of course but. Has. A different. It. Has an element it's, got a gaseous, element, into it. You. Change you. Change. In. The diamond business if. You cut. Where. This. Minut, just position, is you. Lose the color to white. This. Is same with the blue. There's. This, it's, is, pressure. Is a gas pressure, which is with inside and it, reflects, the light through it. It's. In, a way is, a magnetic, field in. A nano state, in against the state of it and it's. This, is the reason why you get different color ganses. And. Then you understand, it's the, existence, of. Different. Gaseous. Conditions, as you change, as you pressurize, as you extract. That. Leads. To creation of color. So. It. Has an, element. Gas. Plasmatic. Condition, nano state because it, opens. Up that. It gives it the. Color. Is. Now the pressure. And. Orientation. Of it, but. Because. Otherwise the minute you cut the stone you change its orientation and, he changes, pressure. On the stone and we. Should never be able to hold the stone pink. Seat. And. It does mention that. Yellow. Diamonds contain. Traces of nitrogen. And blue diamonds contain. Boron, but. It says no similar. Impurities. Have been found in pink diamonds, leading. Scientists. Who speculate, that the color may be may. Be the, result of some kind, of seismic shock, that altered, the stones were likely to be, in. Isolation. Maybe. For the first time we can explain, what it is mm-hmm. And if. You move, that fresh I used to be in the diamond business um one of the biggest name my. Admirer of diamond, cutters is. Color stones, they have no problem with, with. White stone because you can see where the mother is and you cut it out. Is. Finding. Out where exactly this, this. Gaseous. Pressure sits. And. And. By, accident if it's on the edge and he gets cut off in trying, to cut the stone you have a wireless not, many. Big diamond pink, diamonds when they get caught they put people on top of the cutter. That. They, don't convert this term because there's a sudden change to white but it. Just happens that you release that buddy. Called nutrient, gas. Inside. It - and, it changes color. And. So. You. Know if you understand, this you understand why we have different colors even in our cancers. So. Nano structured plasma, wait what, and how it. Orient's. Itself. Would. You like to share your. Video, with us. If. She are mute. Are. We don't hear engine. Think. He's reassuring. Okay. Here we go. This. Problem we have we, have. If. You could turn the audio down a bit that'd be good job when you if you're gonna. Keep. The audio. Yeah. You have to share that computer, audio.

If. You turn the volume to, about half volume that's usually good for the zoo the. Volume. Job. Cane the, different, hydrogen's. The turians. In. This process we have we, have the, regular, see, you too kid as you see here the two plates, thus, you to get all, up and ready to go Oh connected. In series with. The we have two elements we have a regular cs3, and we, have a ch3 that. We're going to be producing the crystal, crystalline, structures, in this for. Our fuel you know we, start by. The, changing. The. The. Container has to have the different pH, different, salinity, the. Container in the upper, part has. To be, alkaline. And the water of the container has to be acidic, and, right now that pH in the water is, eight point eight in both of the two containers correct, correct, and now, we're. Going to do the mixture. Or. Two-thirds of the. Cs3. Or h3. That we are doing it in this container, plus. One-third, of co2. With, result. On, marsh co2. What you took that we want to put in each container, 20. Milliliters. 23:20. Okay. Well. After, this we're, going to use the. NaOH. To, increase to, increase this, is the NaOH, food-grade. Okay, light, and, we're, gonna increase. Like. We only put a. Teaspoon. Teaspoon. We're. Gonna put a teaspoon about, how he's from. Okay. Let's. Check the pH them, to change the pH. We have right now seven. Point seven and we're, gonna, increase it to. Go, ahead and stick it in there it went out eleven. Point, eight eleven. Point eight okay, almost twelve let's do the same thing in the other one who, went that way eh three. Same. Thing maybe. A little bit lighter on it on this. Okay. We. Have seven, point four now we'll, increase, it to. See. How much is grown as to the alkaline, the. Alkaline, level. Okay. Go get better and. It, went to twelve, thirteen. Point two. Thirteen. Point three. Community. Of the, thirteen. Point four yeah. Little. Bit too much but that's okay. Yes. 12.30. Okay. Then we're gonna take those we're. Gonna put in the center of the. Containers. Well. In a place now, the. Course. Loader container. Is in, the middle of the two plates. Such. Resting, in the water. You could you please put the ice back just, a little bit late, out. Give. This game perfectly this one does. Anybody got this one. What. You want to put a plate. Bend, it down good. That's. Good. All, right that's it. So. What do we have achieve, with this. So. That was our attempt, to. Create. A crystalline, structure. By. Utilizing. The. Varying. Salt. One. One more alkaline, and one more. Acidic. So. We're moving the fields lyov, the acidity, in the, validity. So. What. What, would that do, for us we are going backwards in the knowledge of going forwards, well. It was our thinking we wanted to try a different way of creating. The. Carbon, structure, we're. Doing the magnets. And we're doing another. Couple, things but. We wanted because this process takes a little while and. Creating, the diamond. Structure we, wanted to have. A couple. Ways. Moving. Forward, all. At the same time to see which one, we. Like the best. So. Which one do you like the best now. We. Have yeah, you did it takes time you. With all apatite and then you say nothing. So. It's a different different way of creating me we. Think it's a different way of creating the, diamond.

Structure Oh. So. What, are you gonna do with it. So. If we get that, diamond. Structure, kind. Of like what you showed in, your, picture. And. We. Can put that into our. Our top, reactor. To. Create a more stronger. H3. Filled. Rhydian. Field an, activated. Tritium field. And. We also created a a. Neutron. Structure, where. We created, the the, balls like you indicated. Last time where he put the four. Ball configuration. Where he put a. Hollow. Center ball nano coated. Followed. By deuterium. Ball. Followed. By an assault, a. Soft ball with. The salt. Followed. By a tritium, ball and, we place that in the center of, our. Two. Spaceship. Reactors. Where. Our thinking. Is that we're creating. Neutrons. But. We're waiting for see. If something, shows. Up for us. So. I'd, like to have I'd like to see a better. Diamond. Structure. Each. Three. Maori. Actors that's. What we're that's what we're trying to do right now. You. I hope, I'm not going backwards. It's. Pretty quiet there, are. Our. Senior. Our, senior, part-time. Scientists, is is. Support, this in the background, with. All of this good information. He's. Still there mr. Kish maybe, when I sho

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