229th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, June 21, 2018

229th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Hello. We. Are the cash Foundation. Our. Mission, is to bring peace on earth and join, humanity with, the universal, community. We. Wish and work to, bring man as equal, to all beings in the universe by. Teaching plasma, science and technology, equally, to everyone no. One is left out and no, one is abused due to lack of knowledge. By. Donating to us you. Can help achieve this, goal. Keshe. Foundation, gorg. Forward. / donate. Plasma. Products, found, at Cash foundation.org. Forward. Slash store. Soothing. Reusable. Plasma, ion migraine mask eliminate. Eye fatigue, and relieve stress in eye area. Europeans. Certified, medical device. Massaging. Plasma, insoles, bring, comfort back to your feet and energize. Your legs, European. CEO, defied, medical devices. Antiseptic. Plasma, liquid hand soap promotes. Well-being and, relaxation with. Protective, plasma, formula, C. E certified. One. Soul plasma. T-shirt, Gans formula, within the symbols and stripes brings, mind soul and body into balance, European. Certified. Pain. Relief pen emits. A concentrated. Plasma field at point of pain efficient. Up to three centimeters below the skin Cee, certified. The. Mag revs energizer, and alkalizer, raises, pH and energizes, water through magnetic and gravitational fields. C II certified, medical device. Pain. Relief pad a result, of years of research and, nano plasma, technology, with, magnetic, and gravitational fields. C. II certified, medical device. Visit. The online store at, Cash Foundation, org forward, slash store, or find, a distributor near you, tax. And shipping not included. Welcome. Everyone to, the two hundred and twenty, ninth knowledge, seekers, workshop, for. Thursday, June, 21st. 2018. My. Name is Erick cram and I'll be your host today as we. Once. Again listen, to mr., Mayer encash of the Keshe foundation. Spaceship. Institute. And he. Will elucidate. For. Us, the. Current. Situation. With the. Keshe. Foundation, as well as events. Around, the world in, interpreted. In the. Plasmatic. Way as. Mr.. Kesh has in the last 228. Knowledge. Seekers, workshops. Every, week, at the same time. So. Without, further ado let's get into today's. Workshop. Which, starts, on the first day of summer of. 2018. Mr.. Kesh are, you ready, to begin. I'm. Not. Sure if we have sure. Mike isn't open is your, immunity. Yes. Had, asked morning, they - thank. You very much Rick, as. Usual, wherever I'm whenever you listen to these seers, of knowledge, seekers, teachings, and what. We call sharing knowledge and, we educate and, elevate. Each other's understanding. Of the science of the universe. It. Is interesting. In. What, we see and, what we can do and what we can achieve and, in. So many ways I. Was. Listening to part. Of the. Teachings. Last, Tuesday, and part. Of the private teaching and past couple of days and. You. Will see achievement, a lot of things are changing and, then, it's, visit. By our wish is it by our thoughts is it by our, understanding. That we can influence conditions. Or situations, and. It's very very interesting to. Understand, more. And more how. Things. Are happening, and how things has happened. Not. Long ago when. We spoke about, gravity. It. Was a biggest mystery, in the, science. Of the man now. All of you in a way no. More about gravity, how is created. Making. Machines and systems that, replicates, it and us things and. Become. A knowledge, in such a rapid, way that. It's. So simple the. Reality, of it is that, the, knowledge of universe, is sourcing. Understanding. Of the, work of the universe, is. One of the simplest, things a man can do but.

Because He has understood everything in the level of matter state, he. Has created him suffer up confusion, because his second only one state, of the, transformation. And, transportation. Of this fields, of the universe. Until. Him does everything in. So many ways. We learn that through, our emotion. To, our feelings, to our understanding, we. Can. Change. Things we can influence things the. Way we feel our, emotion. And we. Cry the, way we feel our emotions and we love the, way we. Decide who to love and the way with love sometimes. We. Decide how, our. Emotion. Creates anger and how. We react to it and, when. We feel peaceful we. Find peace within ourselves and, in our life. Now. We, have to learn something, extra. If. You remember some times ago we. Spoke about the school of fish how, do, them but, I call, soul. Of a school of fish in the ocean, besides. If one feels, something. On one side the. Whole millions, of fishes all turn or, if you see the birds flying one, turns and the whole thousands, of them turn together. In. The teachings that time we, could explain that was a common soul, but. Now. Man has to learn an extent, and. That is the. Way you felt. Love. The. Way you feel when, you love somebody you want to give them a cuddle you want to kiss them the. Way you feel. You. Want to hug the. Way you understood. Your emotion. Creates. Physical, reactions, the. Way when you get angry anger. Anguish, creates, different, physical dimension. Now. We. Have to, understand one thing, for. The first time maybe that. We. Have. Become part, of, the. Emotion, of the human race. The. Way you. Felt loving, and you created emotion, of love only happened, now. Collectively. The man has, created that, emotional. The. School of the fish that, they all react together and. Wonderful, reflexes. Feeling. Amongst, whole millions, of the viciousness full of fish in the ocean now. The human, race has become data, school of fish seven. Billion of them in. The ocean of the atmosphere, of this planet and. Us. As, Keshe foundation as members. Of the world, which likes peace and unity have. Become that single, fish in the corner which, when, I felt love everybody, came when he found food everybody comes now. We, wish peace and everything. Has started. This. Is what we have to understand, this, is how we, have to realize, the power, of us we, become, the. Senses, the emotions, of human race. And. Now, many of us are fishing, and feeling. And acting, and evolving. Towards our peace. Now. Maybe you understand, why is. Not your wish anymore, is your emotion, which. Creates, that motion in the. World to create peace is. That wish to understand, more about the. Knowledge of the universe that. Is triggering, the release of, the knowledge to market now. We. Are not only. That fish which senses, the food and everyone millions, of fishes go to wards but where. That fish which, is the emotion, of the human race. One. Of us wished. Peace, and, it. Was sincere, enough to, get millions, of us moving in that direction. Many. People, work to watch it but they did not know where to go they. Took banners, they. Shouted, David marches, how many marches of his harvest scene in 1970s. 80s 90s and. Even. Now people, have given up but human. Race has found correct. Way to wish what a piece can achieve it and that's way now. Understand, our, emotion. Is part, of the reaction of humanity. That. Is not coincidental. Was. It coincidental. That, you, feel, like, loving and, you kiss. While, you cuddled, your child, to show you loved way or. Was it just happen accidentally. Now. We, have to understand, you, have that, emotion. Also. Our. Destiny. Are what you call wish our. Essence, of creation, has. Moved. The, whole thing in the direction of peace because now we know we, do this all of them and through. That we stitch and touch the soul of the humanity, and, for, that process in past few months and years we've seen towards, that direction. It. Is nice to see that our, wishes in a way we, cannot say I love you my child and, just stand there and look and in. A wait for him or her to fit you you. Embrace, it you kiss it you, hold it. That. Shows the. Emotion, which, was set in the brain, has. Shown itself in physicality our. Wishes, for peace now is taking shape as. We saw last week the. Meeting, or what they call the summit between, the American president and North, Korean leader and, now, we see, the, same, North, Korean leader, yesterday. And today. Embracing. Peace in, China with his Excellency Fresno, ji then. You see the two reactions, totally, different, when, you look at the pictures of last week he, was all set, up the defeated, man trying to by face, when.

You Got the pictures, of yesterday, and today when. You see the business she managed, North. Korean leader is, sincere. To, the bone you. Feel it and you say, yes we achieved it. But. At the same time, you, don't know what might happen. Maybe. The child kicks and maybe the child reacts because it's too much love and too much attention but. That's the job of us. To keep the loving that, wish a peace. When. You see war leaders moving, to make this kind of public, move. Everything. Is calculated today and. This time calculation, is released because we, all wish that Chinese, members of the Keshe foundation. The. Iranians, the, Americans. The. British the. Africans. South. Americans, we all wished it and that, wish has. Become collectively, the wish of our leaders. As. I said Sir, Ian Moore was the last war we ever see a miss planet. And. That's my wish. In. A way if we, look. Civilization. Started. From Syria and, the. War of civilization. Will end up in Syria. We. Shall not see any wars. And. As shows, the time of maturity of mankind. This. Comes within knowledge, that, for. The first time we, understood, the, soul of the man is within the structure of the man and, we know where, to go that make the right move that creates, a right motion in the rest of the number of the human. Race fishes. In, the school of the fish. Of, this, planet. Now. This pattern is thought this. School, of thoughts that now that we understand, these. Is part, or so pieces parabolic. Motion. Anyone. Else which might come up with anything, that might indicate, war, to, us becomes, meaningless, and you'll find out just disappears. We've. Seen the funniest one appearing, in the past few days, now, we, take, forces. To the 6/4 in the space and, we sit in the space there is no army so. I wonder. How, much more we have to educate how. Much more we have to show the power of the technology there. Gradually, not only through the science and technology in the soul of the man but. Through, change. Of the, understanding. Of the soul of the man those, who. Are still arrogant, enough to claim. To. Everything. Else has. And, will create new condition. For all of us they, stand out like a sore thumb as we say the black sheep in the herd of the white. We. See gradually. Damages. Which are created. By man over, centuries will, heal up in. Occuring. Time and centuries, we. Talk about the bad days when the man was wild, and was killing we. Need a lot to do yet we need a lot to learn yet we. Need to understand, that. The. Teaching be done and, bringing. A man to understand, the soul of the man words within him and he is him, but, he speaks through his soul and. In a way we call it sincerity then. That, becomes a language, understood, by other souls and they move on they act. We. Have a lot to learn yet because. Then, you have to go, step further. The. Soul of the mankind us now we understood, you could affect it through our souls to changes, in motion to his physical reaction. The. Soul of mankind, as totality. Is another, fish in. The soul of the universe. So. When, the mankind. Indicates. That, is ready for peace and is found peace with himself, the. Rest of the school of the universe will come to it very. Much like when I first fish found food or. Danger, the, rest followed, and responded, to now. That we elevate, ourselves to, the next level of understanding. Now. We understand. That become, peaceful. Souls, gradually, we change then. The. Soul of the universal, response, the. School of. Universal. Community, will respond, the father will, shower us with love and care, we. Elevate, and educate, ourselves very, fast in the knowledge of the universe. We. Have to understand, that, now. As, I said many time. Science. And. What. You call religion, or theology. Come, to get their because they are one, in. Essence, you cannot, conduct, anything, wrong, in. The world of science because the conclusion. Of it is the reaction of the man itself and. What man will do to himself. We. Got to see. How. It comes how. Do we interact if. You remember couple of weeks. Ago we. Start speaking, about light. The. Interaction, of light which. Is the faster. Speed, of communication, or. Interaction. Between two, sources, of energy. Now. If you are miss danby's, and, we understand, the operation, of the light within the soul of the man and, his transmutation. And transportation. To another soul, relieves. The trace of light we, can follow it we, can see it when. We become wise to the work of the universe then. We can see how one. Light shines, on everyone else, who is of the same strength but cannot love it and be, in the path of his emotion, so.

In. Essence. Our, wishes. When. He moved from one, of us to the others, if. We find the facilities, and the systems, that we could see the motion of the light that given the earth at, length and strength, then, we see the motion of emotion. Feeling. What. Is right what, is wrong. We. See which. Light is going from where to where, which. Light is going from which soul to another soul, what. Soul has given and what comes back it's. Very much like a zero, on one complete, according. The. Strength of the light from one soul to another it's. A language, communication. Between the souls we, can observe it who's talking to whom who. Is transferring. Knowledge and, information. Are. You talking to the soul of the mother you're, so like the father because. At the end of it everything, even communication. Between, the souls has a strength. Has. A, strength. That, one in receiving. It gives and then, if, you are wise. Enough or you, have this understanding. Of it you can read the communication, between the source. So. In, a way when, we speak about the light is, the light of the existence, is the light of the knowledge is, the light of information, is the, light of communication. And. It. Depends, on how, clear, you are in respect to that, position. When. We see thunder on one side of this planet on the, other side we can't see it. But. If, it was transparent, enough we, will see. We. Can see we can observe, we can feel, and. What the teachings, were, coming to as we go further is. That where. Does the mango, now that the man has understood, he has the power to dictate, it. Has a power to influence, it. Has the power he, has the, access. To the emotion, of the humanity. What. Do we touch. What. Do we feel. What. Is our wishes and. How. Much we lie to our wishes. But. Once. We, become. Transparent. When, we become the title of its Cala T we'll. See those who, talk. One way and do. Something, else and they think I've. Said. It didn't happen I do. Whatever. Because. Nobody knows but. When, you sit in front of the wise man we can see the motion and transportation. Of information. From one other another, or, what you call the. Light of the soul, you know who's lying to you I, sat. In one of these last Saturday and, it, really was amazing, seeing, how people. Lie. Through, the waist and it means they do things and then, they think you cannot see. Physicality. Has no dimension, but, when, you sit and man says to you this and bad or one says Suzanne that you, see it's very transparent why, don't they tell you what, is actually a soul is telling. When. A woman says I love you and, then it says I love myself you. Know what the feeling is you. Know how. The emotion, is hidden behind, words, but. You see the truth what do you do you. Keep wisdom of silence. When. Man sits in front of you and, says I. Want. To kill those, who have damaged me on my nation and then he says I want to be peaceful you. See the lies were the teeth you see the lies were the soul because. At the end of it. These. People end, up forever, making, systems, that he gives them something to live, they, don't work through the soul they worked through the pocket, the. Wind she was one of those. Davinci. For everyone, from one camp in Italy to another to, some more modern thinking. Weapons, to kill more that he could have more finances. That's why da Vinci literally, got no worries. He just did a lot of work but. The manda world I mean she released it would, have had a solar piece on it would, have changed human, racing in that time 700 years ago and. Now. We see people who, create. Tools, of war and killing and they, hide themselves that, they need the money for it that I don't need and are. Hiding themselves behind. All, sorts of excuses but they don't see when. You sit in front of the wise man like me I'll see the soul and I know the intention, and I see the lies and I have to pretend, yes. You're right. Yes. You're right to lie to yourself. And. They. Don't understand, soon, they have to pay for it through that month. This. Is what is strange. In. The, past week, we came to acknowledge to understand, what. The, woman, lied, about. She. Received, it and. She. Cannot handle it but, she's still trying to lie to herself, and. What, she lied, was. Something, because of what she wanted. We. See the transparency, we. See now. We have to start understanding this, the, reason for this is very simple. The. Keshe foundation, team the National mission scientists. And knowledge seekers are under.

Where Each of the space travel. There. Are tittering, around it and soon, we will see systems, as. We know the, electronic, systems of today are. Absolutely, feeble. They cannot catch up they cannot work within the system of the light. So. We. Have to be able through, the soul that emotion, of the thoughts of the man to. Make communication line, the soul of the spaceship, this. Control, system of it that. It carries on with the wishes of us. That. It, allows, us to, be in direction. Of the satisfaction. Of our emotion, that, it can take us across the spa the universe. Then. When. You stand outside you see the light of the communication. Between the soul of the man you called the captain and the soul of the ship it's, very much like them, holding, to walk. Takis and talking to each other with, a cable from one to another but. We, and be called is the light of the soul of the man but it communicates, with the light of the soul of any entity. In. A, coming time in. A, very short time shorter. Than you can ever imagine. We. Will see what, you call the spaceships on this planet made, by man for the man and, will seem men who are the only ones who can get in and get out, then. We decide we, will see that, which, man is true, to, itself. Then. We understand, and we see when. The light is rejected. When. The light is not accepted, when. The. Light of the soul of the man tells. A different story, than. The sound from the bottle. I. Love. You but, I'm unfaithful, to you I. Love. You but, I love myself. But. A man. Has to be true to himself, because. What. Has been like us sees, true like a brass like a mirror. Nothing. Is hidden. Loving. Giving. Emotion. Of the man is within this structure, of the man - just the soul of the humanity. Calls. Back to number, two the. Structure, of the light, like. Not only has a structure, but, has the information. His. Strength. And speed and, wrinkles, on it shows. What information. He carries. We. Need to. Be able, to understand, that. Whatever. Man, has done in the past will, unravel, very soon and. Then. We have to stand it and see, if we have respect, for it. In. The past few days we. Have heard the. American president, has said man America. Will go back, again, to the moon and, I. Made a comment. Have. You ever been into, the moon that you're going back to it. And. We, say they, said yes they've been so. It, leaves us two us two, ways. Man. Is so. Advanced. In knowledge of, physicality, and, sees the depth of the universe I make. A challenge for all the conditions, of orders. Americans. Can't do it they don't have the financial means of it but. Can. Anyone, find. A way or, develop. A system, that, as. We know Americans, are selling and they have a GPS, every, inches, of the, moon they, have named it straight, red and you, can buy it from a company is. American. Because they've been on the moon but. When. You write why property, you have to go here it is. So. What, I want to ask I guess you on the show supporters even NASA because I know that listening I know the Chinese a space program people are watching.

We. Don't believe you you. Know when I give something when I brought my technology, they also show, us we believe it and. Then. You have to prove it now we turn, the table background, we. Don't believe that makes has ever been on the moon, unless. They can show us from Earth those. American, flags which are left on their surface after all, it. Should be very easy with, the present technologies, then we believe. They. Left one. Legs. Behind. Where, the rocket. Was supposed to eject yourself, who. Would like to see those. We. Are not calling a liars we, say now. We are more advanced, we, don't believe in fairy tales or. We. Challenge occasional initial supporters. To. Speed up to. Catch up a, land. On the mall I find. These flags. Until. We don't find it there. Is a big question mark if. Man. Has ever landed on the moon. There, are a lot of discrepancies. But. We don't talk these curses can be explained, by different reasons different places, but. If. As we know the heavy dust on the surface of the Moon have not been all that make a flag, and all the legs, we. Should be able to see. So. We. Turn the table, not. To discredit, the Americans, which have discredit, themselves if, they don't show it but, make. A challenge, for the casual mission supporters, to build the fastest, possible, system. There. Are two ways we can look at the moon and find these flags and then. We play golf King to see who can put it or. We. Land on the moon and show, it that. There is no American, flag, they. Can say we left it there but the people from the marsh took it. So. The. Challenge, comes now. The, transparency. Of the soul and the physicality, of the man in the light of the new knowledge we. Have, to be able to. Explain. And be. Able to deliver. Every. Position. As. I said. There. Are number of teams, of people who, are. Working. Towards. The space. Left space, motion and all, sorts of things and there. Are some of those who claiming, just because now they think they become famous for it but we have to show it what. The challenges, are we, see two, groups. Maybe. Four. Groups, on top, plus, the government, organizations. Around the world who. Are trying, and, listening, to all these teachings and actually, made the systems we. Know how, because. One. Of these space agencies, they, have asked, for few from the casual addition we. Have a system, but can be testy of you so, it, means. Major. Space. Organizations. Around the world are like you and me sitting, and listening and, learning and. Copying your systems. We. Will reveal very soon which these governments, are and how they are working around it and. The, only problem is, they. Have not listened, to the teachings, clear, enough or was, I gave you every, detail of the fee. The. Fuel of the spaceships. Of tomorrow. Is. The, creator, of the physicality, of the spaceship. Not. Admitting. Fires and concrete, rocks and. As. Very confident. If. Your body, exists. To, the same dimension, man, has to learn the totality. And collective. Work of the body of the man which. Is a copy of the working of a galaxy and the universes, and universe then. Man can find peace. Then. Man, can find new dimensions. Of knowledge. Then. All, you, need to do is to replicate I. Look. And, I see. Not. Many people, have. Listened. Deep enough to understand, that. If, you follow the work of the body of the man. Which. Means the, creation of physicality of the man you. Should be able to make the physicality, of this patient. There, is no need for. Anything. Else Peter. How. Far how. The PM, is done the knowledge, will. Allow us to elevate, in the direction, of the motion in the universe. The. More we understand, the faster, we go the more we understand, the deeper we go, more. We understand, the, more. Games. We'll play with. The structure, of the materials, we use and, the magnetic, fields, that we use plus. The, light which. Teaches, us. Indicators. How, to, carry our wishes they'll, become manifestation. Of itself, in physicality, motion.

Or. Diverge. Go. Back to the teaching of last week and. Listen to it in detail, I have. Given you the essence of the creation in, the universe, I. Have. Given you all directions. And indications, in past three weeks how. To take, man across this universe, in what. You want to call man's milliseconds. It's. You who have to mature in understanding. From. The Sun to. The transmutation. Of energy, the. Manifestation. Of physicality, as Earth, the. Sun does, not have any, physicality. As such except. The, conversion, of its fields his own metallic, which. Leads, to creation, of his own self and. Then. In, commercial, of his energy, leads. To creation and, feeding of the energies, and mother's, day to other planet. And then. Is. It the wish and. The, love of the Sun which. Creates, the motion a life, on this planet or. Is. It pure accident. If. The. Work of, the. Sun. Has. A heartbeat. Then. The. Sun has emotion towards, children and different, part of its existence. The. Baby -. And. We know from. Observation. The. Son has a heart, so. He has a soul, he. Has a dimension, of existence how. Can it be that the, soul of the man can create ethicality, of the man and within it carries emotion. And. Not the, creator, of the man which is the source of it which is the son. How, feeble mine has been, do. We need to. Look at everything, in an admission, of physicality. Or, only. When it suits us. Then, if, the. Present science, come friends, the existence, of the heartbeat, of a, planet. Or. A star or the universe, which has bigger, our being, and. That. Entity. Has. To have emotion. Because. Creation. Of repetition. Of the, same which. Is to, interaction. And non-physical. Dimension of. Entity. The. Solar system, like. The physicality, body, of the man he. Has a soul and with. It he, has a motion, and. Then what happens, when the man learns this and, can tap, into, the emotion, of the Sun. What. Do you see. We. Become the passengers, on the wave of his field to. Travel the span of this solar system in. No time as. It does itself. Then. The extension, goes again, to the next step. Every. Galaxy has. A heart. So. Does the universe. Sometimes. When the man graduates. The ultimate. Level of understanding the work of the universe, will. Find a way to listen to the heartbeat of the universe, which means is caring, it can log in as emotion, the, same as the, manners. It. Has dimension. Of physical, interaction. Which, is the heart of it and with. It because of it has, a soul which is a creation, of its feels uneasy motion, in the interaction. So. Now, we have to one big question to ask, and. That is. Is. There any difference between. The soul of the man, the. Sun the, center of a galaxy or, a. Center. The, central, line or the, swirl of the series. Then. What. Is the line of communication. Then. How, do we find other planets, that we can go to because, when, we left them 500, years, ago there were somewhere else with. Billions, of kilometers, an. Hour or a day traveling. Between one, point earth. In. Space. How. Do we go, to. Such, such a street, house, number this apartment. Number two. Where. There, are no roots there. Are no streets, there, are no buildings and. There, are no apartments. But there. Is a position where. We can find. Or have. You become too, physical, and we have to have addressed what or, can. Being a combines, and understand, that. The. Knowledge of the man has, reached the point to understand, that, the soul of the man is, what. We call this GPS. He. Knows where everything is and he has access to all the knowledge of the universe is. For, man now to, start using the library, of the smallest man to. Understand, the terms of knowledge of the universe. Then. What. Would you like the. Gas of co2. Razia. Mars. Whatever. Or. Is. The gas just. A mirage just, facade, for man to start to understand, the. New teaching. I most. Probably have lost half of you by now. If. You are snoring wake, up because, the snoring, of the soul afternoon does. Not create the physicality, of the man's Beasley. How. Much more, do we need to explain how. Much, more do we need to teach how, do we, create the transportation. Of the emotion, from the soul of the man to, the soul of the mother my, friend or another entity, in space. How. Would you, say I love you um when. You're in the space and, because, of the, conditions, of life, you. Have lost your limbs. Because. There is no need to feed so. There, is no need for a hole to be cold lips. To, have lips because, our lips is the joining of the. Sausage tunnel inside a man with, a skin of the man. And. Once. We, don't need to. Feed the man who this sausage hole wood shop do how. Do you tell your child I love you. How. Do you explain, to your mother I, love.

You To, your father. How. Do you say such a beautiful, day. Words. Don't exist. Sound. So exist. So. Man has to learn, the. Talk the conversation. Through. The soul of the mind man, has got, to learn a new way to restructure. His brain that, instead of creating, noise, to the voice box of matter it. Creates, a mission of fields through the brain of the man. He. Shows love shows. Care he shows eager Langer. Then. To. Be able to convert. The. Rise. Of, the soul the. Way we convert, it into emotion. And love and, we. Speak it, how. Can we create the, same night, but does not need motion, or physicality, and the, mother or the father feels. It so you don't need to go into the house and say it give a column, we. Can be in touch all the time. There. Is a lot of wisdom in, what, has been told. There. Is a need, for, wisdom. Of universe. We. Have to understand, the. Communication, between. The light of the soul of the man and the light, of the soul of his destination. And. At the, same time we, have to start, to learn the. Way we, have group of us sitting, around the table and communicating. And talking and, joking and laughing or, crying. We. Have to create a dimension, of the communication. Of the soul after man, similar. Tendency, with, different entities. It's, very much like. Having. A soul talk with, the mother with a child with a father without. The lips moving, and, there was this yeah let's go to the park and everybody gets up who knows. Nobody is spoken but they offer you. These. Things means, teaching and these things, misunderstanding. It's. Not gonna come by one stroke of a pen and. It's not gonna come back by, one, understanding. Of one point. It. Needs the maturity, of the man to understand, the creation, and his own creator. Understanding. Justice, unfairness, understanding. In love and care I. Asked. The question, recently with. One of the knowledge seekers. And. I said what is love. In. Understanding. The. New science, of. Man. The. New science, of plasma. Where. Do we find love and. Why. Do, we express, ourselves in. Physicality. Of love emotion, of loving. In. The understanding, of the new world of plasma. Where. Do we find love. We. Explain, love. Is giving, and. When. You love someone you, give unconditionally. As, does a plasma, so. The, position, of the love in the. Emission of the physicality, of the man is, on the outer, boundary, of the, brain of the matter. Because. That's, where the giving is this. Is the boundary this is very goes is the magnetical. Field which, goes away and the, more you can give. So. For the first time we understand, why, love, to man has a physical meaning, because. His soul touches, the boundary, of the brain of the man that it touches the total physicality, of them. And we got so much into it that when we create another soul, we use the whole body of the man to. Be able to create. That. Interaction. Of the physicalities. That leads creation, of the soul, so. For the first time man understands, a position. Of love. Comes. From the extremity, of the physicality, of his brain. Because. That's what is giving, is. The magnetic who feel the strength which always is a cutter, boundary, and. Then. It, shows itself, in a physicality, of the man that's, why we need to cut off that's, why we need physically, to hold to kiss and show our emotions be, the lover, be, the child, father. Or mother or anybody on the street, that's. Why now we understand. For the first time why, and, how, physicality. Of the man and his work, of it is, connected. To his. Emotion. At. The dimension, of his, magnetical. And the, edge of the boundary that he keeps up now. What. Is the magnetical. Has. To have a gravitational. Where. Does that gravitational, end. Which. Comes back to the. Magnetical. When you say I love you and you give a physical hug, your. Wife your. Husband, your child, your grandfather, helps. You back and gives you. Does. It touch, the. Medical, part of your body which are given but, you have to receive it and so. It has going to the dimension, of the soul of the man. Because. That's, the source that's what it's going to. So. Is. The. Feeling of being loved. Shows. The. Source this. Station. Of. The. Soul of the man. Because. He has to be absorbed, within. That. He can give at the. Boundary, as a love living. So. The, question, comes. What. Is the other end of loving. When. You received a lot back and. Is. That point, when, you feel you're loved you. Have come to understand, the position of the soul of yourself. Because. That's where the, gravitational, he, has received, and is absorbed, in essence, and. Has been held within itself. How. Much more can we teach. Or. Does. It come to the point that. The. One who loves back he gives you but, somewhere in the middle stops. Somewhere, in vain, in the layers of the brain of the man he stops and. He says Oh. Hates. Me because this, position, and the brain coming, in was called eight this. Position, coming in if. I feel it inside me means love because, it's getting me a lot that, I can talk back more as. We said the plasma takes him and then it gives more back.

We. See in the structure of the physical. Dimension, of the polarity. Of the spheres of the planet, so. Now, we, have to understand, further what, is the position of, the. Soul of the man to understanding. The emotion, of love which, the giving which comes from other, boundaries, if you're in the middle you cannot give because God barriers, so, the, loving, the giving, is. Comes. On the other age, sensors. Of the body of the man or interaction. Of the physicality, of the field. Of the soul. Of the man at the boundary of the interface, with this environment. So. Now we come to one question. Are. You two in love again. Or. Can, I feel it somebody, stopping in the middle. Because. In the space you, have. To deal with this in. Space. The, image you receive. According. To the strength we has on where you, go to come a flash of light but. Indicate, if the guy says you're, beautiful you, can read in his brain he wants to eat me off food that's one beautiful. Then. I move. But. Unfortunately, you, have no lips you have no tongue you have no mustard. Millions of years Kony left the planet and, so. Is the guy opposite, to you. Does. Have no mouth but, to you you're absolutely delicious, because it can create, gravitational, magnetic field, in, opposition, to, the new that can't drain everything, from you. Then. One. You're getting absorbed in, soul of another entity. New. Disappear. Or. You. Create a condition. That the loving is so much, that. I'm. Not that I'm not there to be touched and if, you want me you can have everything, I have but ask for lightly. Because. I'm here to elevate, you but confirmation. Of my own existence. So. We. Started seeing the connections, between all the teachings, and. What is to come and, understanding. The operation of the light how. That light looks what, this bee carries, but the string has to. What. Extend. The. Light. Confirmed. The existence and. The source, of. Other. Any, questions. Um. Thank, You mr. Kesh there is a question, from Kazmir. In, the chat. And. He wants to get clear so he says that so. Love is gravitational. And is, on the boundaries, imagine. The outer core, Oh. Something. Big from right, off the bat okay. It. Says love, is magnetical. Ego, that's what that's. Ours thank you but he goes on to say and the magnetical. Of it goes to the core of the soul, and then. He'd saying, can we see his doctor beginning, that way they want the beginning I. Think. Maybe we need a diagram, she wanna do a whiteboard, this, perhaps, that would be I think that'd be greatest, if he. Wants to envision you. See. Much. To know about the, inner and outer core, of a reactor, and the potential, difference, between them, as in. The, gravitational. And magnetical, and incorporating. This love. Idea. That you brought in here oh oh. Oh, that's, all too much lower. Look. This is the. Physicality. Of the brain you don't see it up to go bad thicker, this. Is the physicality, of the brain of the man, and.

If. You think of it. This. Is more or less dimension. Of as. Magnetical. Because, after, that is. Not how if it's Kelty's got for the conveyors. But. In essence, if you look at it the other way. As. Gravitation. Was here because when. It comes in this, is very talkative and. Where, these. Two fields, interact. Very. Much the way is structure here brain trees today. The. Way is today. If. You get this level here. This. Is true. Love I can feel it right if you see it here, he, wants to eat me if it's here the guy is lying, and the restaurant, keep your distance, blah blah blah. But. There, is something very interesting, which. The man will come to understand. In. The time to come. The. Physicality, of. The brain of shall. Not be there so. What, the in fact you will be the, completion, of the plasmatic, fields. Because. In so many ways we. Still carry the physicality, as we see it but, you, remember if. The environment, is in the balance grab that from magnetic field of the bone of the skull of the man blob, is not there the, brain is free to move in the universe. Because. It's containment. Center he has disappeared. In. Time, man, will have a lot of fun a lot of right with these things, his. Happened, you will see it bone, is not exclusivity. Of, the human race, born. As a framework. For, other. Entities. Part. Of the, confirmation. Of existence. Is very. Common, in the universe amongst. Many many creatures, so. Now that you, move in the gravitational, magnetic fields. Of the universe, where his gravitational. Magnetic field. Matches, your bone, structure, we. Just become bunch of pile, of jelly on the floor because it's not there the bone is gone. But. Still you have a field, and emotion and the brain there, what am I gonna do with this pile of meat I'm not gonna move this thing. Man. Has a lot to learn a lot of fun to have. So. What you do. Good, morning mr. cash. Yes. If. You want to make it drag on for the love of, a. Parent who, is put a child and, lover of a man for, a woman or a woman for a man how. Could you do that because when. I'm moving, in a man fall in love and, they, can fall in love madly but five years later they get diversity can kill each other so but. Their love our parents. Were a child. It. Never changes, is unconditional. So. Yes. But we, forgive, because, there's nowhere to go but. With the husband Annika the mother he can go to his mother. We. This. Is what I was explaining to someone very recently, you. Know. I've. Been. And. I. Was. Studying here a few days ago I said you know there's a problem with me I said. You know when I look at you I still, have the same feeling when I met you my heart goes bump, after. 20. 30 years he should have a stop but most craziness, with you done with me I. Still. Fall in love with my child I still fall in love with the dog on the bird and another. Woman another man or whatever in the different dimensions, of the strength but.

My. Love, for. My. Lover. Or my wife as, in changing, 20th years and it's very strange when. People say, after five years love, dies we, go through emotions, we go through changes, we go through different understanding. But. It's. Us that. By confirmation. Of loving, we, can keep that going one, of the biggest problem in man is that he forgets to say to confirm. The existence to, keep down lying clear and. I love you because, when, you love and love is in true. Essence. Never. Dies because, you keep that light on. You. You, are there to show the path. And. It's very exchange, and. It's. It. Hits me hard many, times because, nowadays, because of our work. And the way we are promoting. And working on the foundation, I'm. Even, two days away I come home and I see here it just cost paper I can't. Help you. How. It happened, I asked, her to have many many times what. Not potion have you given me. But. Does, it come with the sincerity, and, knowing, or this is just one way. And. We don't get it back. It's. Just us supporting, but. The. Problem, or the beauty with it is it. Will help another, soul will respond, back to you with the love which you don't get. We. Love our children we. Care about we, do a lot, of things, but. How, many children will, turn back and. They. Deny everything, have you been there up in there, the minute the first girl, say I love you oh. Why. Don't I feel this love with mom and dad so, they don't love me because I don't feel that feeling about them, and. Then. She becomes, but. Or. He, becomes God and we cannot change it you, know why we can't change, our children's, love and. They, become our biggest enemy, sometimes because I've got enough because, they, don't feed the love which, we have given them all our life continuously. To us is a second, nature it's the water runs on the river we can't stop it but, this, Madonna, walks, through the door he goes I, think falls in love and she says are novices why, don't I feel the same way with my mum and dad so they don't love me and, she becomes everything. But. A wise, parents, explains. To child, this. Is the love of. Dimension. Which. Leads, to creation. My. Love for you has led, you to be created. That. Is a big difference. You're. Part, of that wave which continuously. Is there I cannot, do you're, not another satellite, was come in your. Created, out of me to be. Where. The, girlfriend. Is this advantageous, community it's just like you're shooting a star at the moment is bright and. Then, suddenly got you nothing, there and then, what would they do they. Come back again, oh my, will help me Oh xxx, was a good love. But. They. Forget, the. Next one comes we go through the same program, again. So. The. Reason, our love. Does not change for our children because we, have created. It. With. Our lower is created. For us. And, it's a big difference, is it keep and take. Do. You know I. Was. Talking. To carve Isis I said. To her do you know a plant a tree. It. Exists, and, it's held by the ground. We. See the roots, and. We say we water and, the, plant grows. But. Have, you ever noticed, when you shake, the ground around, the plant and you give. It a bit of a room and something it just tries, to grow bigger. Why. Because. Man, has never understood. The. Way the, earth gives, nourishment. To the plant the. Plant gives nourishment, back. Is. Another one way system, it's. Not all sucking. It up. Is. Giving. It back, we. Don't see that because we see the growth of the tree but, we don't see the love the energy which the plant has taken, that, is given and by giving, has, created, the position that, they receives from the earth, and. It. Gets clocked up. Because. They cannot push anymore out that's, why it roots itself, out to, find new territories, to be able to deposit, the. Plants, don't go to target. But. Where, do they get rid of the surplus energy done, I'm a little living. Now. That. Man, understands, now. You have to login to the root system of the plants. See. What. They chemically, change, around themselves, that's, the torrent, that's what they put out but, man has never seen it just sees the root growing. We, never understood the, principle, of creation, that is to weigh you. Always said we water it only grows but when he grows what comes out of it what does it I'm so from the environment. That he has to give out that he creates the space for it to come in and one, speed why. Does it grow in the spring or the warmth, or winter, I'm not about roles only in the snow. What. Has it changed because. Yes then a new way to give up that, he allows new energy, to come in he, uses the energy of his environment, that. By, giving it it receives, to come but that environment. You mother's been clothing, he says, if it's a spring plant, or a winter but. This. Is what I explained, very, recently, you all look, at, the, current. In, your homes your, electricity, is what to buy why can't you work with one wire it.

Should Be enough even the current should, be one wire enough, to light the light why. Do we have to. Because. We, need to take, create. Condition. Of, emptiness. That what when it gets filled up in the motion, we take something out of it that being in that position we call it the lighting what we take what is called the. Refrigeration, when, Darwin is for years for air conditioning. Or whatever, so. In, essence. If you don't have, the return and take more. You. Cannot receive. We. Take out more by, giving. We. Call it eddy current, in electricity we call it love in the terminology. Of the emotion, of the fields of the map. And. Then, what, comes in which, is a return filling it when. The light comes on that's the soul of the man, that's. Where, we can measure it or in one point is a 20 watt top and other one is 40 watt power when, it's very near the soldier, thousand, watt power light and, then. I xx so always dark here you can see this shows a bit of fear and when is 5060, oh it's, happy time not. Too bad the cautious we call it carefulness, and when, is there but um 1000. What will, you hit the soul. So. We, have to understand, the. Essence, of the creation. Without. Gravity. There, is no magnetic. Without. The eddy current, there, is no current. Without. Love, there. Is. No essence. Of. Receiving. To feel that love. Then. He, becomes the essence of the creation so. When, we talk about loving, our, children, and it dies with the husband, don't. Look at the husband you have, not taken enough, to open, its position. His heart thought to give more I. Am. Part of the blockage ER I. Am. Part, of the stopping, to recharge, it and then. I blame him because I have not taken. His, burden, I have not given him the freedom I have not given him this face the pleasure what he wants, and. Then I blame him because I cannot. Give because. You haven't taken out what he doesn't need to satisfy him. But. On the other hand. Have. You ever stood you, fell in love with the physicality and, the hotbed or, did you fall in love with us I, fell. In love with the soul of karma and it just happened, when I tell people the higher in love with this woman be just crazy. Does. It mean I don't fall in love with my children I, don't. Fall in love with another woman or, another man's, writing. Or another car, or, somebody. From tunnels. But. In. That essence, of creation and commitment, of physicality. This. Is what it is. How. Come we. See a father with, two children I have, seen this many times. Watch it observe, it I never, saw is he so hurtful to see. But. Parents. Are not aware of it because we never been educated about, distribution. Of love tortured. Watch. The. Mother which, has two children. The. First child was loved beyond, because was the first, the. Second, one comes out of being tiny to be loved we. Forced, this first, one to be there you're dead now becomes a spare part a spare willing with game, because.

Everything, Goes to protect, the ms1 what. Do we create we create, hate between the first and the second, because. We, haven't learned to, love equal, and show them not. Only I love you not instead we, love together than you one I. See. This many, many, times, then. What you're gonna get, the depressed, first child and the hyperactive, second. Child because she and, he realizes, by. Me being active, the first one doesn't get anything I get everything and, then. You find the second child always dominates, the house. Because. It's the only way to stop the fresh but. If we teach the two from the beginning that, the love for both of you is to say him not, only in talking, but, in showing them, you. See the first artist hides behind the second that what he gets I get the crumbs. Loving. And. Separation. Of the love. Craving. To be loved has, to be felt by the soul of the man mother physicality. And, a. Lot of parents don't understand, this. They've, never been taught. You. Know it's like the, kingdoms, is a seat. Because, now there's any warning and all that agile because, we're looking after the new one we forget, the second one very very few parents, understand. These I'm, very, very few fathers, understandings. Are very much, more mothers, understand this you. Watch the. Parents, who had a daughter. The. Father Falls oh because, the little girl can't do anything psychologically. She is innocent, here she's a still 80. So. He has to protect, the. Boy becomes a footballer, he'll be out. So. What happens. The. Father finds a new lover to you so much love to and, the one which. Used to be loved so much now becomes a second child behind it's. The mother picking. Up the crumbs. So. By, giving so much we, stop at the barrier not the second one and what happens the mother become jealous of the child the daughter and then, they become their biggest each other enemy, everything, she does she's another mistress. But. If, we, learn through the soul of the man that we, confirm, to our wife to, our partner, I love. You the same distance, eternity, of love, which, has so much I care for the same I do for you. Confirmation. Of, distribution, of, love equalness. Has. Been forgotten by man it's a creation, of many many, many light, on sufferings. This. Is the strange thing another man. He. Always looks, through the physicality, not. True, the soul of man. When. You fall in love with, a flower is it's beautiful. Everything. Else, so. Do it so something. Else somebody, else a car a vision, whatever. What. Are we gonna do in space when we fall in love my. God is craziness. Man. Many opens, the stands of the universe, and then, sees, the soul and, the, beauty, of the soul man. Falls, up to be the whole of the universe. And, then. Hike when the choose which one is the husband, which one is the wife which one is the child or. Do. We understand, the, essence, of the return of what we received, shows, if it's mutual, to, what extent, they cannot lie. You, cannot, cuddle, the wife and kiss while she's having another man in his brain because now you see it oh darling. Stay. There stay with who you like to be don't, talk to me. Some. Of us will become mature, in understanding. Of the emotion, of the soul fee, in these things we. We. Know these things and. Man. Become more and more expert. And, in this place we need it because otherwise. We. Come to the point that because, we create the wrong, feel, that we don't understand, it we come that magnet, which I approach because we give, indication. To the others so without us knowing because he's a strength, of motion, to, him is I love, easily I could not have whether we like from me and he needs to convert the energy to something else or something else you become part of the drop of the love. And entity, in the ocean of is so. Happens. Many many times. So. We got to understand. Which. Love comes from what and how.

We Distribute. And accept I love within the structure, of the plasma. Of the, soul. Of the man not, in the plasma of the physicality, of the brain of the man. It's. Very simple if. You have bad brain and you sit here. If. I can clear this out. If. You had this brain, and this was the emotion of physicality. So. Look what happens. This. Is your. Structure. Of your brain. Physical. Pain. So. This. Is the structure of your plasma, of your brain you. Felt, pain here. Aha. You, filthy. Anything. In that dimensional. Sphere. Has. Been, anything. In our dimension. Boundary. Of the physicality it's physical. Now. We, have to distinguish, between the. Physical strength. From what the stops in the structure of its County of the man and, the. Plasma of the emotion, of the solar, is. The same thing but, now we have to find this. One is physical, this. One is in, the, emission of the field of units, which have not found ability. But. The problem is nowadays has, become very fashionable since, I love you since I love you too, and, then the boyfriend is next to her I love you three now, the one is behind I love you for but these, two are with the world of the soul the other one is good enough and, then if you are wide enough you see it right across oh my god she things out for me. It's very much I. Love. You how about a half for dinner tonight well it's when I'm finished talking to you think so. What, they call the rebound, love is. The biggest disaster, for, man in the space you. Will, understand, that. Yes. I'm mr.. Cash I'd like to take, a question, from mostella. Simply. Because her. Last name is love so. It really. Seems appropriate and she, does have a question in the Q&A as well as her hand up and she. Was about to talk before I even said that so I think, we should see. What she has to say. This. Is love. That's. My Mary my, marriage, name a last name, love. Or, B. Is. Her middle initials, Sosa Stella on e love. Being. A little, initial so, it's a cell of a. Cailli, action. Is, ECB. L, like ECB, love I always.

Make A joke. ECB. Love. Because. I missed a lot now they're Bilbao love as. I have for. Business. My. Husband, and I have spent. 25. Or 26. Years ago I can, remember. Me. I'm missing, in here be in love. Estella. Klaudia, Bilbao, love that's, my name. ECB. L yeah. Anyway. The. Question, of love is being through me. Through a long time and and. I understood, that there are different, kind of loves. But. The most important, when, you said that we. Are always looking for the existence, the existence of. Light and they. Decide, that reflection. There, was soul, exists and a physicality. So. Love. Was. A big, question Markham. And. Since. Young and. One. Thing I understand. Sorry. So. You married one yes. I. Have, two children's. No, I said you loved because it was a big question for you when I bought it, no actually. Actually, actually. At. Twenty seven eleven Tina, I, was. Working, already but love was more important, to me and at, that time kind. Of coming. Along to the United States, was. A big. Big. Decision and, and I decide, to leave. Everything, I was doing because I I. Found. The person who. I, was you, know fall. In love so in a way you were, in love with mr. love yes. Lovely. Lovely thing, well. Yeah. Bumpy. Too anyway. That's part, of the lesson but what, I want to try to express, is this. And. Because we are always looking for that confirmation, and, existence. What. We forget, that. Love is. Give. That, acknowledge. To the other person, existence. And you give, to. That person. Through. Love. Feelings. Energy. But. Unconditionally. Because. Love is not position. It's not control, is, you. You, can guide, you. Can advise. Like. You love. Is, it's. A way, of saying respecting. You exist, I love you and you. Open, the door of your universe. Share, in yourself, with the other person, that's what I understand, is love and, that. You can apply into, a plant to, a pet to, a, friend. And. Sometimes. When the, experience, is so good, it's. Is, is. Maximum. Is is the best because. You, don't need physicality. To experience. That. Connection to. Something. To. Someone and. And it comes with a lot of respect, I think, respect, is. One. Of the most importance because you cannot. Throw. Your energy, you can share gentle. And give. Love but, not. You. Know is that, is, giving, that. Confirmation. Of existence. Through, giving, and. It. Takes it. Takes you. Know bumps, to really, understand, that and.

The. Other thing I want to say is. It's. Interesting, the. Brain we can think. Rationally, but. When we. We. Connect, to the heart like you said you. Know the physical, heart you. Feel and your, emotional, body is you're. Connected, and. For. Example it, happened to me they were a very good friend I and, I. He. Wasn't physically, here, and I couldn't say bye and I couldn't see him and I, really. Connect, myself to his. Heart, somehow. And. I. Connect through my heart with emotions. And I felt like he got, the. Connection, that, I love him and and. He, was already free. And. It. Was like a message, it. Came to me so, I think. When. We really tuned, in you, know in the in the feelings. You you get that. Conversation. It comes, like. A message. But. It's. A it seemed, in a peaceful way, you have to you cannot do it you are agitated. And thinking, too much you have to be very in, peace. And connected, to your feelings, and to your self. Entirely. And. I. I know everybody, experienced, that but we forget about that that's. The way and the. Same, we. Are accustomed, to say I love you but. The truth is. It's. It's, in a deeper way it's now through the voice saying okay. I would like the people go to church and you know it say okay now I'm clean I can go and you. Know behave. Bad now, it's the way how we leave it the way how we think, it the way how we move, we. Have to be a little more gentle with everything. You. Thank. You very much let me explain to you something why we, emphasize on. Love and whatever. We. See it. In. The universe, what. We call love is. What. We feed out. What. We give what we are prepared, to give. And. Those. Who. Have the same need, at us to get to, give from theirs. They. Accept, and they keep to create a link, that they give that we can receive that, in turn, they, can take what we don't need. But. Is. That love or. Is, that the dimension, that I want to be connected, and that connection. Allows, me to exist. As. You said we, tell somebody we love them because we want them to confirm, that we exist, most. Of the time we tell to somebody I love you, is. That a physicality, dimension. That I exist, back. In love that's, a gift from me that true loving work of my existence, or is, it that I give you that you take what you need that. It can confirm you exist, that through your existence, I exist. You, see if, you understand, the work of the many worse as. I said many many times, the, science of universe, is, a theology. That's. Why many, many scientists. Who come to understand. Especially. Physicists. Especially. Those who work in the dimension, of, understanding. The work of the universe, we. Don't become atheist. We become to understand, the truth and with it we, understand, totality, and with. It through, that totality. We, create the line of understanding. And, according, to the strength of how much we understand, we, create a line, to the Creator we. Become part of the Creator because then. We understand, how, he has created and, with. It will, come the mirror of the soul of the Creator, in. In. Fact so. Many times, so. Many people, don't need to become in the space man will see many, many many, many many creatures. That. In. Reality. He will leave the path, of what you might call Christ. In. The truth of their essence. And. Then. You, find out that's. Why the, universe, is so peaceful. Because. According. To the level of our understanding, we, become closer to the Creator and. Partially. 90 percent of my teaching, in specially in the physical dimension of the vehicles course and everything else is. To open, a path gradually. For the man to come, walk away from physicality. And understand, the true way to, the Creator. The. Time of, showing. You a fire. And. Bush, and, God. Knows a sword, is, over. We. Show the path to the Creator through the love which means you give if you give truly. You, received, through the back of it. And. With it in your actions, you reflect, this motion, endless life.

So, Does. The Creator gives so much filled, out, for. Him to receive from so many to come. In. So many ways yes because without our confirmation of, reversing. Back through. Our souls. That's. My question in, the, Q&A. I. Think. I, that. Your your, connection. To the Creator to. The. Central, Sun. Is. What. Feature that, love, maintains. You. You. Know. With. The power to, be able to exist. And. That's. How you. It's. The back flow that you receive from the Creator is, what. Powers, the, spaceship. Something. Really strange I, live. A very horrible, life but in so many ways have. To live with the direction of the man and, so. Many things goes, when. You see what I see, you there, well. At least I. Look. At it in different ways. It's. Very painful living, on this planet it's. Very hurtful, so. Many times I've said if I didn't take a mission to change was our humanity, I wouldn't. Stay here for one second I want to go home. When. It is peace. And. So, many things comes. To you and you see it and, then, you think what about a few. Days ago I walked, into, the bathroom and. Over. The night or whatever. An. Aunt. Which. Got, wings and, as the wings you, know the ants that we deliver they. They. Once. They. Impregnate. The female, ant in, air, they, drop off and they die, and. You. Look at it is such a tiny little thing and, when. You have the knowledge I have and. You look at it, I said. Whereas. Your soul canto. Which. Dimension. Of stars, in the universe. You. Have become that, you left the physicality, here. But. This is it's a process it's, not, the process is, comprehension. Well. Yeah. But some. People maybe can comprehend, in, two. Seconds, some people have to go through a process to get. The click and you, understand, everything. I. Cried. When I received a letter from President Obama I. Felt. Ashamed, to, be a human, I. Experienced. The same but. It. You. See at. One point you understand, and you put the emotions, on the side and then, you can see the truth and. Even. We want to see. The. Truth of our lack, of understanding. And. The. The blindness, of their, trappin, II a reality. They cannot see outside the box. Do. You know let, me explain to you know why I decided I, put all my efforts, to the Chinese government and especially President, Xi took back the Chinese, for peace and, prosperity. Because. I think they have a long. History, of. Understanding. The universe in a different way. No. I received, a letter from President Obama, this. Is the apparent and. Ends. Up with. Your. Sincerely. Friend was something Iraq. And. In. In. The communication. The. World most powerful, man. It. Tries, to explain. To me, why. He needs, weapons, of destruction and, killing and calls himself the, man of peace. And. When. When. I read. This letter. It's. Two page letter from, president mama. I. Felt. This. Nation. Does. Not deserve, to be the position it is, and. He, needs a nation, who understand, what pieces. Line. By line literally. Word by word. Obama. Uses, nothing but justifying, killing. It's. The most shameful, letter I ever received and in, so many ways, I. Made. Two decisions I. Had. A choice. To. Abandon. Everything. Or. Take. Position, with the Chinese to. Make. China the peaceful, land. Through. The knowledge, and. By. Path. Of history I have. Found a match in, presidency, of China a man.

Of Peace very much maybe there is a reason we are both in the same time, in. Their current time and, I. See. The course of change. Because. A. World. Leader who calls, himself the most powerful, man on this planet is. Actually. The most vicious man on this planet there. Is no love, nothing. But hatred and, positional power. And. I. Made. A, very, clear decision I. Decided. To. Bring. Man to a new level of understanding. To. A new way that. Fighting. It it's. Not good. Because. I so much energy but. Loving,

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