2020 Tabernacles Conference - Day 2, Afternoon

2020 Tabernacles Conference - Day 2, Afternoon

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So. So. So. Do. So. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Welcome back everybody i hope you're enjoying the music. Uh. This is the. Second. Half of the second, day of our. 2020. Tabernacles. Conference. Coming to you from, minneapolis, minnesota. Our next speaker will be the, second. Session, of, dr james brogaman, of stone kingdom. Ministries. So they're gonna. Have you feel space until we get the sound done. Okay. Well we're working on the sound. So uh, sorry about that. We'll, have a second. Beginning, here, shortly. That works. Hello everyone, james brigham and here again. Nothing on the. Screen. More. Than. So. Hello everyone, james brigham and here again. About a year ago i began a new series, of, bible study lectures, which i'm calling. The secret, space, program, and the bible. This message, which will be lecture, four, in the series, is called, the occult. History. Of the secret space programs. Part two. In the immediately, previous, lecture, lecture number three which was part one of the occult history. We laid out a lot of pieces, of the puzzle, on the table, without, going into much detail. I'm going to begin today, with a quick bullet point summary. Of some of these topics. Some of the puzzle pieces, that we set forth in the first three lectures. Plus i will add a few more to the list. Topics, which will arise, either in this lecture, or downstream. In this series. Here are the bullet points. Number one, the rise, of drone, technology. Lord edward bower, linton's. 1871. Book, vril. The coming race. The vril, society. And the thule, society. Darpa. Which stands, for defense, advanced, research, projects, agency. Doms, which stands, for deep underground, military, bases. Next. From the bible. In the earth. Under the earth. Does this speak of the possibility. That not only is our planet, somewhat, hollow. But that there could conceivably. Be. Other, beings. Living, inside, the earth. In this connection, we come to the next bullet point, admiral, richard, byrd. Who was a true american, hero. For leading, polar, explorations. In the early, to mid, 20th, century. Directed, energy, weapons. The technology. For this has been known in open sources, for decades. I refer specifically. To the work of colonel tom bearden. Concerning, scalar. Interferometry. Back in the 1980s. Advanced. Technologies. Hidden, all over the planet, including. Stargates. In, iraq. And, antarctica. Our penultimate. Bullet point concerns, both bill and hillary, clinton, and their close, ally. John podesta. Who all seem to be, extraordinarily. Interested. In the ufo, phenomena. I wonder, why. We will delve into that, deeper, later on and it will make sense to you why they are so keenly, interested, in this subject, we can't. Get into it though without, first presenting.

A Lot more of the backstory. To you. Now for the sake of someone who might have chanced, upon this particular. Lecture. And who might be wondering, how, in the world, does. All of this, relate, to the bible. Well the answer is, very simple. Mystery. Babylon. The great. However, while it's very simple for me to summarize, in those four words. It is generally, unknown. And therefore, unheard, of in almost, all of the churches, in america. As well as the world. After all, babylon. Has been, a mystery. Here in a nutshell, is how it relates to the bible. It is my studied, opinion. That we live at the time. Of the culmination. Of the series, of evil, empires. Which were prophesied. In the book of daniel. Specifically. We are witnessing. The decline. And fall. Of what the bible, calls, mystery. Babylon. The great. We call it mystery, babylon, for, short. It was predicted, to be the last, great, world empire. Before the return of christ. It was foretold, that mystery, babylon, would conquer, god's israel, people in such a way. That almost. None of them would even, realize. That they had been subjugated. And that is why it's referred, to as, mystery. Babylon. As my regular, readers, and listeners, know. In my series, called, mystery, babylon. And the stone, kingdom. I went into, monumental. Depth, and detail. To expound. How this has occurred. Over the past 200. Years. In, america. In america, because, north america. Is the fulfillment, of the prophecy. That god's, israel. People. Would, in the latter days. Be re-gathered. Into, a great, and glorious. Nation. Or a great and glorious, land. But it was also prophesied. That wicked, people. Would gradually. Gain control. And enslave. God's, people. Without, their even, realizing. It. Until. Just before they are delivered. When they would suddenly. Wake up to their captivity. Ladies and gentlemen, i submit, to you. That we, are there. We are at the wake up stage. For those of us who have, learned a few things about god's. Sign language for the spiritually. Deaf. And our father's, sense of humor.

We Can even see a confirmation. Sign. In the common political, culture, of the past year. Whereby, some of the radical, leftists, refer, to themselves. As being, woke. Tucker carlson. On, the fox news network, has been, particularly. Adept, at, mocking, their so-called. Wokeness. He skillfully, demonstrates. How they are literally. Absurd. In their ideas. And how. That these radical. Woke dopes, as i would call them, actually. Have no clue. As to how they are being used. By the george, soros, types. The billionaire. One world government. Antichrists. But. Since, it is the area, the era. Of the awakening. As opposed to woke. The awakening. Of, sleeping, beauty. The bride of christ. And of the awakening, of the ten virgins, in the parable. It is therefore, also the time, of the downfall. Of mystery, babylon. Simultaneous. With that fall, or very, shortly, after, that, i believe, we will see the full, blossoming. Of the stone, kingdom, of king jesus, christ. This involves. Real warfare. Primarily. Of a spiritual. Warfare, nature, as far as we are concerned. But it gets very, real in terms of flesh and blood. When we observe. What, seems to be happening, behind, the scenes. On the national, and international. Geopolitical. Stage. Other than that nutshell, summary, i can only say. Keep your bibles, handy, to follow along, as we proceed, in this series, to explore. The secret, space, program. In, the light of god's, word. So while i mention the clintons, as the penultimate. Bullet point. What then you might wonder is the ultimate, or the last, of the bullet points. It is that mysterious. Woman. Named, maria. Orsich. We're going to pick up where we left off in lecture number three. Once again here is a picture. Of her. Historically. Let us recall. That after world war one germany, was, utterly, crushed. And devastated. Militarily. Socially. And above all economically. It was at about this time that maria, orsich, was discovered. By the thule society. The thule, society, was an occult, study group, which had many. Aristocratic. Influential. Wealthy. And well-connected. Individuals. Among its membership. In both germany, and austria. For the record it would be wise, for me at this time to set forth, this. Disclaimer. I personally, cannot, guarantee, the truth, of every, alleged, historical. Fact which i'm presenting. In this series. As we all know. There is all kind. All kinds, of information. On the web. Some of which is directly, contradicted. By other sources. Not all of it can be true of course. Which is why i pray, for god to grant me discernment. I'm putting the secret, space program, together, in a way. That makes the most sense to me, from a biblical, perspective. I will point out along the way an example, or two, of conflicting. Information. As we arrive, at that point in our study. Baron. Rudolph. Von, sibatendorff. Had founded the thule, society. In, 1918. And shortly, thereafter. He discovered, the unusual. Psychic, abilities, of maria, orsich. She was what is known, as a trance, medium. Today, she would be called a channeler. Orsich, claimed that some of her contacts. Were with alien, beings, from a planet. In the aldebaran. Star system. Aldebaran. Also known as the eye of taurus. Is a reddish, orange. Giant, star. Located, at a distance, of about, 65. Light years. From earth. It's the brightest star in the taurus, constellation. Aldebaran. Has a luminosity. 518. Times that of the sun. But just in terms of visible, light. Its light, is, now catch this if you're into, the symbolism, of bible numbers. Its visible, light is. 153. Times, the light, of our sun. When miss orsich. Was in trance. And in telepathic. Communication. With these beings. She wrote down what they dictated. To her. The material, was voluminous. And was produced, in two, foreign languages. Thule society, members and other experts, eventually, determined, that, one of the languages, was a so-called, templar, language. Called such after the medieval. Organization. Called the knights templar. Which most scholars, agree, was a precursor. To modern freemasonry. The second language, was eventually, recognized. As, ancient, sumerian. Here's a slide, of what some internet, sources, say was, a picture, of some of what was channeled, to maria, orsich. For comparison. Here's a slide, which i took from my late friend e raymond, kapt's, book called missing, links found in assyrian, tablets. This shows. Ancient, cuneiform. Writing. Maria orsich, worked together with another woman of considerable. Psychic abilities. And she was known only as, sigrun. These two channelers. Determined. That the telepathic. Communications. From the beings, from aldebaran. Were actually. Instructions. For building, an interstellar. Spacecraft. With the help of the members of the thule society. The financial. The engineering. And the logistical. Resources. Were put together.

To Construct, prototypes. This led to two divergent. Outcomes. Number one, the formation. Of a separate group called the, virile. Society. The virile society. Existed, for the specific. Purpose, of maintaining. Contact. With the nordic, looking, aliens, from aldebaran. And for constructing. The machines. Necessary. To travel to the stars. And number two. The other result, was that these channeled, instructions. Or. Occult. Downloads. Eventually, became, the foundation. For the secret, space, program. Of what later, became, known, as the national. Socialist. German workers, party. Or, the nazis. For short. To simplify, the story it appears, that the rural society. With maria, orsich. Sigrun. And several, other psychically. Skilled, women. And those men affiliated, with her, leaned, towards, the, nordic, type aliens, and cooperated. With them. To achieve, peaceful, uses, of the advanced, technology. They were being given. The nazis. On the other hand, immediately. Gravitated. To the dark side. Seeking, alliances. With an alien, group. Known as the, dracos. Or the reptilians. From these, aliens, the nazis, obtained, help, in constructing. Their craft, which were specifically. Designed, as instruments, of war. And conquest. I will pause here to point out that this discussion, is one area. Where there is some conflicting. Information, because i found, one posting. On a website, which said, there's no proof that the rural society, ever existed. Well. That wasn't from snopes.com. But. You know it could have been that's an opinion. And it depends, on, what one is willing to accept, as proof. And whose reports. One believes. After, all. How do any of us, know. That elvis, presley. Actually, died in, 1977. From what source, did we learn of his death. Well, from the, lying, legacy, media, was it not. Or how do we know that elvis didn't fake his death, in order to just, live, a normal, life, incognito. Or going back a few hundred years how do any of us know. That shakespeare, wrote some, highly, insightful. Stage, plays. Did you know that there is intriguing. Evidence, to suggest. That a very, important, person, in english, history. Was the, actual, author. It implies. That it was more advantageous. For the actual, author. To credit, his work to a rather lackluster. Individual, in the english theater community, named will shakespeare. I hope you see my point. All right. At this point. I want to show you just a few slides. Showing. What are allegedly. Some of the circular, flying, saucers, and other types of craft. That the nazis, constructed. Before. Or during world war, ii. This first one. Of the hanabu, 4. This is not a real photo, of course. It's a model, of what some ufo, buffs, envisioned, that the theoretical. Honourable, four, would have looked like. Now i used some of these in my series, from inner space to outer space. A series we abbreviate, as. Isos. And some i have found on the web more recently. I will not spend much time commenting, on them since you can get that information, in my isos, series. Incidentally. By my use of the term. Innerspace. I was referring, to the, spiritual. Realm. As well, as to the, psychic, realm. And the psychic, realm, is the realm, of the soul. This is precisely. That which the thule society. Maria, orsich, and many others were involved, in, during that period of time, and which the united, states. And the ussr. And other nations, later became, involved, in as well. The final one. Or one of the final, second last. Is called the hanabu, 3 and i'm just quoting, from a website, on the specifications. Of this particular, ship, it says quote, yet larger, still was the 71. Meter diameter. Hanabu, 3. A lone prototype. Was constructed. Before the close, of the war. It was crewed, by 32. And could achieve, speeds, of between, 7, 000, to 40, 000, kilometers, per hour. And if my. Mental. Math is correct i think that translates. 40, 000 becomes. What, um. 24. 000 miles per hour. I may be wrong but that's what i'm doing in my head. Anyhow, that's, really fast, way beyond escape velocity, of the earth, it is said to have had a flight endurance, of between, seven to eight weeks. The craft, made 19. Test flights. This craft. Was to be used for. Evacuation. Work for, thule, and vril. In march, of, 1945. Named, ostara. After the old, germanic, goddess, of the east. Dawn, birth and resurrection. The overloaded. Honour, 3 may have been boosted, by a cluster, of a9, or a10, rockets. To get into the air with ss, general hans kamler. On board. And finally, take a good look at this one. It's called the andromeda. Machine. It's not circular. But rather, cigar, shaped, or you could say, tubular. Or you could say it looks very much like a submarine. Doesn't it. Now you might have difficulty, reading the small print on the graphics so i'm going to read. Most of it to you it says quote. The andromeda. Machine, measures. 300. Meters, across. And was capable, of carrying, a crew, of 200.. The first test flight was made on december, 8, 1942.

Due To the su. To the size, of this, cigar-shaped. Craft. The andromeda. Machine was stored, in a modified. Zeppelin, hangar, near berlin. The device, carried enough food and water for trips lasting, up to three, years. The interior, compartments. Held, two scout ships. Two attack ships. And one. 200. Foot, diameter. Battle saucer. The propulsion. System consisted, of three rows, of. Kohler, converters. That interacted. With the 50, electromagnetic. Inducers. A static electric, charge was then directed, to the onboard, tesla, coils. Which generated, a near 100, percent. Zero, point energy, conversion. The craft was used to locate, new territory. For the third reich. In case things went wrong for the nazi, regime. A total of 11 trips, were made to mars, between, 1942. And, 1945. Including. 21. Trips. To galaxies. Over, three years. Excuse me three light years from earth. The. Extraterrestrial. Biological. Entities. Brought back from these missions. Were eventually, stored, at area, 51. In the nevada, desert. End of quote. Now i want you to, remember. I'm not saying everything, i'm reading, is true, i'm setting forth. Um. A picture here of what. Some people believe, and others deny, so. That's sufficient, to give you some idea. Of the secret space program, of the nazis, before, and during world war ii. Now whether, you had a course, of world history, in high school, or in college. We were all taught, that adolf, hitler. Committed, suicide. In a bunker, in berlin, at the end of world war ii april of 1945.. In my i saw series i also discussed, in some detail, that there is, much evidence. That hitler did not commit suicide. But had made good his long-planned. Escape, by submarine. To. Antarctica. The french magazine. Bonjour. And the major, paris, newspaper. Limon. Had both carried articles, about hitler's. South pole retreat. Hitler's, commander, of the navy, admiral. Denitz. And i'm not sure if he was commander, over the whole nazi, navy, or only the submarine, fleet, but in any case, admiral, denitz, had stated, this in, 1943. Quote. The german submarine. Fleet, has even now established. An earthly, paradise. An impregnable. Fortress, for the fuhrer. End quote. What is indisputable. Is that after the war. The allies. Did know, about the existence. Of the german colony, in antarctica. And beginning, in, 1947. They tried to capture, or, to annihilate, it, at least two attempts, were made. The first was called operation. High jump. In my i saw series i discussed, how admiral. Richard, byrd. Led, operation, high jump in 1947. With the secret purpose. Of destroying, hitler's, so-called. Last, battalion. Which had bases, under the ice of antarctica. But admiral, byrd's forces, were beaten, soundly. And on his, return, home. Bird, spoke, openly. And in real, dread. Of the existence. Of flying, craft, which he said. Quote, can travel, from pole, to pole.

At Incredible. Speeds. Many of you by now have heard of operation, paperclip. It was a covert. Military. And intelligence. Operation. Put into action immediately, upon the surrender, of germany. The goal was to capture, the top german, scientists. And the technologies. And commandeer. Them into the united, states, to give us an advantage, over the rest of the world. Scores. Perhaps hundreds, but at least, scores, of them. Were brought to the, uh united, states after the mor after the war, the most famous, of them being dr, verner, von braun, of course. This became the genesis. Of our public. Rocket program, and eventually. Nasa, and our apollo, moon landing, program. Oh and by the way. Since this lecture, is entitled, the occult. History, of the secret, space program. Have we americans. Become, so. Accustomed. So enured. To the nasa, space programs, that almost, no mention, is ever made of the highly, occult, tinged. Correction. The highly, occult, saturated. Operations. Of nasa. For examples. Why is it, that the programs, are named after pagan, gods. And so much more, we just mentioned the apollo, program, and then there was the gemini, program, and before that the mercury, program. And now we have the artemis. Program. To allegedly, send humans back to the moon. We could spend many hours on this tangent, but we shall forgo, that. At this point i must, introduce, several more players, into this story. And you may have recognized. That i'm using the word occult. Two ways. To simply mean hidden. With no, negative connotations. To it it's simply, hidden. As well as to its other meaning. Of involving, the action or influence, of supernatural. Or. Supernormal. Powers. Usually, associated, with the dark side. Some of these players, i'm going to introduce, are well known, such, as, presidents, truman, eisenhower. And kennedy. And some are probably. Known only to those of you who have read some of dr, salah's, books. On the secret space program. Dr, salla in preparing, his books had considerable. Interaction. With. Including, personal, interviews. With, a man named william, mills. Tompkins. And his life story, is a significant. Part, of the secret, space, program, of the united, states. Dr, salah, quotes from bill tompkins. Autobiography. And his personal, interviews, many times, in the four volumes, so. Seeing that and wanting to check out his sources, i bought the book i read it and, studied, it. I'll have more to say later. Bill tompkins, was born, in, 1923.. The japanese. Attacked pearl harbor, in december, of, 1941. And virtually, destroyed. Much of our navy's, pacific, fleet. This, brought, the united, states, immediately. Into world war ii. There were very, real fears, especially, on our west coast. Whether or not the japanese, would then go on to launch, invasions. Against the continental. United, states. Less than, three months, after pearl harbor. During the night of february, 25th. 1942. An event occurred which was called. The battle of los angeles. At that time, this 19, year old named bill tompkins. Was living with his parents, and an older brother. In, long beach california. In an apartment, four blocks, from the ocean. Tompkins, writes, in his autobiography. Quote. At about 8 p.m. My father called my brother and me to our deck. Which faced the bay. There was a strange. Intense. Light just above the horizon. They were on the second floor by the way. A narrow, beam pointing, towards the ocean. The little beam, turned, horizontally. Right, into, our, eyes. It was blinding. It hit the back wall of our apartment, and the surrounding. Trees. Suddenly, and bafflingly. The light went out. Whatever, it was. Had gone. There was nothing we could do but stand, there amazed. Finally, we retired, to our beds. Just after midnight, the air raid sirens, and anti-aircraft. Guns of the coastal, artillery. Woke everyone, up. We ran out into the street and saw a large, craft. About 7, 000, feet up. Floating, in the air above us, it slowed, to a stop. Right overhead. And remained, stationary. It was lit up by eight searchlights.

While Anti-aircraft. Shells burst all around, and against, it, most of the shells, exploded. On the bottom of the craft. We just couldn't believe that the thing hadn't, exploded, or hadn't been shot down. Three, then five, other ships appeared, near it. Later on about, 12, other craft, passed by. At higher, altitudes. And were in turn. Fired upon. Neighbors, later told us that the event, went on until about, five am. They had i skipped this they had gone to bed about three. The next morning, the newspapers. Reported, that, foreign, aircraft. Had been spotted. In the airspace. Between, santa monica, and long beach. They failed to mention that half of southern california. Watched the event, nearly, all night. End of quote. From. Bill tompkins, autobiography. This teenage. Young man, exhibited, such, remarkable. Memory. And technical, skills. That it led to his recruitment. Into the u.s navy, shortly thereafter. In order to give you an, overview, as context, for what i'm, going to share with you further on in this series. I read this from the back cover of his autobiography. Which was published. Just couple years ago in 2015.. Quote. William, mills, tompkins, has led a remarkable. Life so far. And this, autobiographical. Book tells how, he believes. He was selected. By nordic. Extraterrestrials. In, 1942. Assigned, by the navy to intelligence. Because of his remarkable, memory, skills. Bill was exposed, immediately. To the navy's. Knowledge. Of hitler's. Ufo, program. After the war he began working in a think tank at douglas, aircraft, company. For aerospace. Executive, elmer wheaton. And with naval intelligence. To offer, creative, suggestions. And designs. For huge, naval. Spacecraft. Carriers. The authenticity. Of part of the story, is corroborated. By editor. Wood. Who was employed, at the same facility. At the same time, and knew some of the same company, leaders. The cute, nordic, secretaries. Bill was given. May have used their psychic, powers, to keep nasa, on the right track. For an effective. Apollo, program. And, to begin. The covert. Naval. Exploration. Of, the galaxy. End quote. Now when it mentions. The book's, editor. Wood it is speaking of dr, robert, m wood, who holds a bachelor, of science, in aeronautical. Engineering. And a phd, in physics, from cornell. He worked for general electric. General, electric. And, later had a 43-year. Career, at mcdonnell, douglas, managing, research, and development, projects. He also has spent over 30 years, investigating. The nature, of ufos. I have no doubt. That dr wood has tremendous. Expertise. In aeronautical. Engineering. And physics. But editing, books is not his strong suit. I found, numerous, grammatical. And spelling, and other errors. That. To a guy like me are, simply, annoying. Overlooking, those publishing, flaws, i found the book immensely. Interesting, in connection, with the secret space program, it's over, 425. Pages. And. Includes. Numerous. Photographs. And photocopies. From mr tompkins, personal. Collections. He also provides, a helpful.

Chronology. Of key dates, in his career. Many of you might find this intriguing. That, in april, of 1942. At the age of 19. Tompkins, is sworn into the navy. Goes off to boot camp, and then is immediately. Assigned, to the staff. Of admiral. Rico. Botta. Botta. Who was the secret, head. Of, navy, intelligence. When it comes to dealing with, alien, threats. To earth. And i cannot, discern, from the chronological. Note here. Whether it is speaking only, of admiral, bata. Or also, of his young aide, bill tompkins, when it says. Quote. Had top, secret. Q. Clearance. End quote. Huh. Top, secret, cue, clearance. Speaking, of the 17th. Letter of the alphabet. Have you ever seen an aerial, view. Of president, john, f kennedy's, grave, in arlington, national. Cemetery. Do you see the design, of the sidewalks, around the gravesite. Why. That's a capital, 17th, letter isn't it it's a capital, q. Moreover, those of you who have become, familiar, with. Team 17. Shall we call them. You will also recognize. That one of the mottos. Used. Scores, of times, in the internet, posts. By team 17.. The motto, is. Wwg. One, wga. Which stands, for. Where we go one. We go all. Now last week just happened to be the second time i ran into a woman in a shopping center parking lot, who had a, wwg. One wga. Sticker, on the back of her car. It's not the same woman two different women. Here then is a photo. Of the bell, on, the, john f kennedy, yacht. Can you read the inscription, there on the bell, it says. Where we go one. We go all. Are we seeing, a connection, here. Between, kennedy. And the 17th. Letter. Well not long after our conference, in branson, missouri, a year ago. A dear sister in christ, who had attended, the conference. Who had read, most of salah's, books, sent me a copy of another book written by dr, michael sala. Which i had heretofore. Not, had. Not had had not obtained, i should say. She sent it to me and i was, so, thrilled to read it i got my own copy. Especially, intriguing, is the fact that this book was written back in 2013. Four years. Before. The anonymous, q post began appearing. On an internet, bulletin, board on october. 28. 2017. Or was it, 29th. I'm. Getting fuzzy here for a second, but i think it was 28th. From the beginning. Whoever, this, anonymous. Cue was. He or they claimed. To be highly, connected. As in. Q level clearance, may i suggest. And they have since, dropped, thousands. Of q, crumbs. Online. Since anyone, can read these online, posts. They must be very careful, not to reveal, classified. Information. And thereby, become law breakers, themselves. Furthermore. They must be very discreet, and careful. Not to reveal. Exactly. How they are planning, to take down the cabal. The cabal. Which you and i would label. Mystery. Babylon. The great. So, team 17. Drops these crumbs, anonymously. On this internet, bulletin, board. In other words they give little, nuggets. Of information. Which, students. And observers. Can, decode. If, they are willing, to do the research, necessary. What is the good of it. Well. The heretofore. Blinded. And sleeping, masses. Of the american, public. Must. Become. Aware. Of the wickedness. In, high, places. In order to be supportive, and not get in the way, when the takedown, of the cabal, begins, to become, even more public. And especially. Supportive. When they suddenly. See. Very famous, people. Being arrested, and charged. With death penalty, offenses. Such as, treason. Sedition. And. Crimes, against, humanity. Such as. Human trafficking. And the torture. And murder. Of countless. Thousands, of people. Which also might described. Be described, as, satanic. Ritual, murder. And these things, have, allegedly. Been going on, right under our noses. Or more accurately. Right under our feet. And we have been entirely. Ignorant, of such, activities. For decades. But it is now. Beginning. To come to light. But don't expect to hear it reported, on the fake news media. Or if it ever gets a mention there it will be ridiculed, as another. So-called, conspiracy. Theory. So there certainly, seems to be a connection, between. Team 17. And jfk. And we shall have to wait and see exactly, what that is. Or, if you've read my blogs, over the past few months you can put it together and see if you agree. With the tentative. Conclusion. That i and many others. Have come to. When i was a young man. I read and studied, everything, i could get. In terms, of. The assassination. Of, john f kennedy. But the material, that dr, salah has, uncovered, in his book on kennedy, has put a whole new layer, on everything. I had, also, long, been suspicious. That secretary, of the navy and later secretary, of defense, james forrestall. Had been. Assisted. In his, suicide. So-called. When he allegedly. Jumped, out of. One of the upper floors, of the bethesda. Naval, hospital. In may of, 1949. You see it seems that james forestall. Was, in the inner circle of knowledge of the nazi, ufo, programs, from the beginning. And was one of the original, members, of mj12. What is mj, 12. We'll come back to that in a minute but first. It's important, to know.

That John f kennedy himself, was assigned, to naval intelligence. In world war ii, and soon thereafter. Came to the attention, of secretary, forrestall. Here's a photo. Of forrestall. In germany, immediately, after the war. The summer of 1945. When he was there on a, government, fact-finding. Trip. And probably, in my opinion. Had the secret purpose, of overseeing, the progress. Of operation. Paperclip. And of learning more, about, the nazi, secret, space, program. Now would he have confided. This information. To his young protege. John f kennedy. Perhaps, so. Because, here. Is jfk. In, forestall's. Entourage. There in germany. The white arrow in the photo, points to an inset, enlargement. Of jfk. In, 1947. President. Harry truman. Signed. Two. Very, important, documents. In quick succession. Which have had, far. Ranging, effects. Ever since. First, is this. Which i downloaded, from the cia's. Website, quote. The cia, was created, under the national, security, act of 1947. Which president, truman, signed, on, july. 26. 1947. The cia. Officially, came into existence. On september, 18th. That same year. President, truman, appointed, the deputy, director. Of cig. Which i think stands for central intelligence. Group. Roscoe. H. Hillenketter. As the first director. Of the central intelligence. Agency. End quote. Prior to that appointment. Admiral, helenketter. Had served in several, high-level. Intelligence. Positions, in the navy. And was, no doubt. Fully, aware, of the nazi, secret, space, program. And of admiral, byrd's. Operation. High jump in antarctica. And probably, in the loop on everything, related, to ufos. At that time. The second major document, signed by truman. Was a top secret, memorandum. To the former secretary, of the navy, james forrestall. Who had then became. Our nation's, first, secretary. Of defense. The defense, department, had formerly, been known as the war department. But in this memo. Since, declassified. Truman, approved, the formation. Of, an operation. To be headed by a group of 12, men, who would be known, as. Majestic. 12. Or, shortened a little bit, magic, spelled, m-a-j-i-c. Magic, 12. Or mj-12. For short. The mj-12. Group were to be the recipients. And clearing, house, of everything. Having to do, with, aliens. And advanced, technology. The director, of the newly formed cia. Admiral, hillenketter. Was also appointed. As the head. Of operation. Majestic, 12.. He was designated. As mj1. Dr van ovar bush. Was named, mj2. And defense secretary, forrest, all was, mj3. I won't go through the whole list of all 12. it's immaterial. For, this purpose. But it is very important, to remember. That the head of the cia. Became, the head. Of magic, 12..

The Role of the cia. And all this becomes. Central. As we continue, the story, of the american. Secret space program. In addition, to all this happening. In the fall, in september. Of, 1947. Remember. That the roswell. Ufo, incident, had just, happened. Also. In july, of, 1947.. As i said defense, secretary, forrestal. Was one of those original. 12 members. And it is likely. That he was murdered. When he would not go along with the majority. Of the mj-12. Group, when they decided, to become, a power, unto themselves. Forestall. Wanted to make public. The existence, of ufos. And, quote-unquote. Aliens. The majority, of mj-12. However. Not only decided. To keep the american, public, in the dark. But they also, eventually. Shut out of the loop. Presidents. Of the united, states. This was not the way it was established. Because, in the memo from truman to forestall. Dated september, 24. 1947. Truman, authorized. Operation, majestic. 12. To be run out of the office, of the president. Quote. Following, appropriate, discussions. With yourself. Meaning forestall. And with dr, bush and the director, of central, intelligence. End quote. Eisenhower. Was the first, president, to discover, he was being progressively. Shut out of the loop. Meanwhile. Ever since, 1945. The approximately. 127. German, scientists, of operation, paperclip. Many of them former, nazis. Had become, fully, integrated. Into the most secret, programs. Of our major, american, defense, contractors. Many of these former nazi, scientists. Were the top, theorists. And engineers. In their respective. Fields. Thus. They did not come to america. And go to work as janitors. For lockheed. Or, douglas, aircraft, for example. They served. At the highest, levels. Of the u.s space program, in both the overt. Missile programs. As well as the then. Covert. Pro, program. The secret space program. Of the united, states. Which i am asserting, was, to a great degree. A, continuation. Of the nazi. Secret space program. Hermann. Oberth. Is considered, one of the founding, fathers. Of rocketry. And aeronautics. He had a student. Named. Werner von braun. Oberth, did not come to the united states in operation, paperclip. But he did later on in the 50s. Where he eventually, joined, von braun's, team, developing, space rockets, for nasa, in huntsville. Alabama. Dr sallow writes quote, professor. Hermann, oberth. Who pioneered, rocket design for nazi, germany during world war ii. Moved. To, piana, munda. To work with von braun, in developing, the v2, rocket. After the war oberth, was asked, why the nazis.

Had Been so successful. In their technology. Programs. He answered. Quote. We cannot take the credit for our record advancement. In certain scientific. Fields. Alone. We have been helped. When asked by whom he replied. The people, of other worlds. End of quote. The cold war was in full swing by the 1950s. Which meant, that our defense, department, grew by leaps and bounds. In trying to stay ahead of the threat posed by the communists. And especially, by the ussr. The union, of soviet, socialist. Republics. And that great buildup, of our defense, department. Is one of the reasons. For eisenhower's. Famous speech when he left office, in, 1961. Warning, of, the military. Industrial. Complex. We will come back later to discuss. Ike's, central, role, in alien, contact. Before, the majestic, 12, group, shut him out of the loop. Altogether. So that by the time jfk. Moved into the white house in january, of 1961. The lockout, was complete. Having been mentored, by forestall. And presumably. Having had some knowledge of the german. And the nazi, secret, space programs. Kennedy, was continually. Blocked. By alan dulles, in particular. From gaining, access, to information. About ufos. And the secret space, program. This, was, a very, high stakes, game. Alan dulles had become the head of the cia, in, 1953. And had become the head of mj, 12. Around, 1958. As best i can determine. And he was mj1. The head of it according to the research, of dr, salla, and others, alan dulles. Had drafted, a directive. And sent it to at least six other members of mj, 12. Seeking their, assent, or their consent, as well. Now the directive. Allegedly. Called, for the assassination. Of any. Public, official. Who stood, in the way. Of mj12. Jfk. Stood in the way. This was. A high-stakes. Game. Which jfk. Obviously. Eventually. Lost, in dallas, texas. In november, of, 1963.. As i bring this lecture, to a close. It is clear that this is not the end of the story. I had initially. Thought as i started composing, these lectures that i'd be able, to tell the story, of the role of maria, orsich. And of presidents, truman, and eisenhower, and kennedy. And of the remarkable, bill tompkins, in these, two lectures. Obviously. That will have to remain. Incomplete. Until the next installment. In this series. Before i close. I must, add, a caveat. Since i've already mentioned the autobiography. Of bill tompkins.

And The caveat. Is this. I would like to recommend, the book. But i cannot. For only one reason. And that is because it contains. Certain, recollections. Of mr tompkins. Which are of a sexual, nature. Of things that went on at office parties, at some of the major defense, contractors. Including, douglas, aircraft. North american, aviation. And lockheed. Had he omitted. These recollections. I would not hesitate. Recommending. It, for the purpose of adding more pieces, to the puzzle. Of aliens, among us again i'm certainly not saying i agree with all the conclusions. In any of these books that i've quoted, i absolutely. Do not totally, agree. But i will be quoting, from, tompkins, book as it relates to my subject. Of how, the secret, space, programs. I believe. Are integral, to understanding. The bible. In the year 2020. And beyond. So. Stay tuned, and thank you for viewing this. Lecture. Do. Do. Good afternoon everybody. This is going to be, part three. Uh i'm still rob corey. And uh part three, of. The timeless, and prophetic, nature of god's law. All right that's as much as i can do without, some reading glasses. All right. The uh. The first two parts, of this uh. This study, we, addressed uh yesterday, and then this morning. Uh again part one. Uh was focused on the structure of god's law. We saw that as being important, because. Without understanding, how, god's law was structured. A lot of times we just gloss over all the detailed statutes, and don't realize, they truly were part of the law, hanging off of the the core commandments. And that those commandments, ultimately, hung off of the two greatest commandments. Uh, we also, realized that understanding, the structure of god's law, helps you find evidence, of that law, throughout the scriptures, in places where you may not have realized, that that was a reference to the law. Uh finally, in part one we looked at the. Timelessness. Of god's law we, we backtracked, from exodus, 20 where the, law was, codified. Through. Moses. And we backed our way all the way up and discovered, that. The declaration. Let there be light. Uh was really, a declaration, of god's law. Uh, and. His law being the standard, of love. Throughout his, creation. Uh so all the details. For those two uh. Points, are captured in part one, in part two we focused, uh principally, on the difference between the laws of god. And the law covenant of god. Uh and we saw that that was important because, important, because understanding, that difference. Uh, helps us, clarify, that it was the locked covenant of god that was added. And then taken away. When jesus, uh did his work at the cross to, mediate. And ratify, the new covenant, of faith. And we recognize, that it was important. To realize. That god's laws, still exist. In the new covenant. Because what we're going to focus on today then is seeing. How, the prophetic, nature of those laws. Uh gives us, insight. Into god's, uh self, god's plan for salvation. So. That's essentially. What should have been up the whole time i was, saying this, um so i'll just leave that up for a second. Uh but uh. All of these, charts, are going to be posted, on the website, so at any time that uh, you want to take a look and and reread, through something that i may have read too fast or. Just wasn't up on the screen long enough for you to, take in, uh that'll all be made available. So. What's left, like i said the prophetic nature of god's laws as a pattern for salvation. Is what we'll be focusing on. Now. I'm going to start. Part three off by reading matthew, 5, 17.. In this verse. Jesus further emphasizes. The theme, that we studied in part two. And that being, that he did not come to end, the law. But in this verse in particular, he reveals another characteristic, of god's law, and that is, that the law itself is prophetic. Matthew, 5 17. Think not that i am come to destroy the law or the prophets. I am not come to destroy. But to fulfill. So in matthew 5 17, jesus uses the term the law, as a parallel, reference, to the term the prophets. The reference to the prophets. Is a reference to the books of the prophets in scripture. As such. The reference, to the law, may in fact be a reference, to the books of the torah.

Which Is comprised, of the first five books of the bible. In addition to the law, of god. The books of the torah contain the history of god's people from creation. Through the entrance to the promised land, following their captivity, in, egypt. It's natural for our minds to consider, jesus, fulfillment, of the prophecies, contained, in the books of the prophets. But the laws of god. How do you fulfill a law in a prophetic, sense. One argument might be perhaps, that jesus was referring to the law meaning the law covenant. In part two, we talked extensively, about the term the law. And that if, we find a verse that references. Quote unquote the law. Then it's important, to look at it and assess the context. To determine, if that, phrase. The law. Means the laws of god or does it mean the law covenant of god. We also showed, that the law covenant, of god includes. Both works of the law. And uh ritual, sacrifices. That. Included. Works of the law which were ritual sacrifices, and offerings. And we pointed out that those works of the law had a prophetic element to them and that they pointed, to jesus and they were ultimately fulfilled, by jesus. So in looking at it from a prophetical, potential. We could lean toward a conclusion, that the term the law, in matthew 5 17, was referring to the law covenant. That is except for that little caveat, at the beginning. Where jesus. Said. That he did not come to end the law. If the law meant the lot covenant, in this verse, then jesus would be saying that he did not come to end the law covenant. And yet we know he absolutely, came to end the law covenant. And mediate, a new covenant. So the term the law here must mean either the torah. Or the laws of god or both. As we noted several times in part two. Often the answers to these questions, appear in the adjoining, verses. So in this case the answer comes, in verses 18 and 19.. So reading from matthew, 5 18-19. For verily i say unto you, till heaven and earth pass. One jot or one tittle. Shall no wise, pass from the law. Till all be fulfilled. Whosoever. Shall break one of, these least commandments. And shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. And whosoever, shall do and teach them, he shall be called. Great in the kingdom of heaven. The jot, and the tittle. Represent, the smallest, markings of the letters in the hebrew alphabet. Jesus was saying, that not even the smallest, aspect. Of the law will pass, until, every prophetic, aspect of the law has been fulfilled. Then he immediately, follows this reference, to each jot and tittle. By declaring. Whosoever. Breaks even the least, of these commandments, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven. With that declaration. Jesus connected, the commandments. With the jots and tittles that must be fulfilled, before heaven and earth shall pass. Jesus declared that every aspect, of god's law, has a prophetic, element. And all of those prophetic elements will be fulfilled, before the heaven and the earth, shall pass. Now the books of the torah contain much more than the codified, commandments, statutes, and judgments of the law. And there may or may not be prophetic, elements, to the entire torah. But jesus, clearly, identified, that the commandments, of god's law, are a relevant, part.

Of The nate of the prophetic nature, of god's law. The calling out of the smallest, jot and tittle, suggests that there is a prophetic, nature. Throughout every commandment, statute, and judgment, in the law. So why is it important for us to understand. That the laws, of and statutes, of god are prophetic. As we opened up with in the, part 1 of this message. Psalm 119. 18. Asks, god, to open our eyes to the wondrous things of his laws. How wondrous it is to discover. That god's laws are not just rules to follow. And not uh, they are not just a standard of love that represents the character of god. All these things are fantastic. But god's laws are also. Prophetic. And studying their prophetic nature can reveal to us even more about the nature of god. By seeing his plan for us, built into his laws of love. As a prophetic, blueprint. For salvation. So. In conversations. About faith have you ever been asked, are you saved. Or have you been born again. It's a fairly common question. But it's unlikely, that you've ever been asked, are you being saved. Or, are you on a journey towards salvation. Most people think about salvation, as a one-time, event. And not a journey with multiple milestones. Yet the bible speaks, of salvation. In a past. Present, and future state. Some might argue, that salvation. Is a one-time, event. And that the past present and future references. Are simply applicable. To the context, of the passage. One passage could be talking about someone who was, already saved. Past tense, another passage could be speaking about someone who was being saved in that moment. Or another one could be speaking about someone, being saved in the future. But second corinthians. 1. 9-10. Reveals that god's plan itself. Is that we go through three phases. We go through all three phases. Second corinthians. 1 9-10. But we had the sentence of death in ourselves. That we should not trust in ourselves. But in god which raiseth the dead. Who delivered, us. Past tense. From so great to death. And doth deliver. Present tense. In whom we trust that we, he will yet deliver, us, future tense. Paul writes. Of the death sentence, that we are all under due to our sins, and about the futility, of trusting in ourselves, for deliverance. He points to god who will raise us from this death. And then he clarifies, this statement, by breaking it out into three phases. Past tense. God has delivered us from so great to death. Present tense. God doth deliver. Future tense. God, will yet deliver us. So let's take a look at another verse, that puts, specificity. On what's going on in each of these three phases. Like any journey. Salvation, has a beginning. A progression. And a destination. Second corinthians, 1 9 showed us that it is god. Who is delivering, us through each leg of this journey. 1 john 3, 2-3, is another passage that reveals, the pattern of god's three-fold, plan for salvation. Maybe not as explicitly. But with a little digging, we can. Not only see the three phases. But we can see a little definition. About what's going on in each of them. I'm reading from. 1 john, 3 2.. Beloved. Now we are the sons of god, and it doth. Not yet appear what we shall be. But we know. That he shall appear, that when he shall appear. We shall be like him. For we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath, this hope in him. Purifieth, himself. As he is pure. So in verse 2. We see the beginning, and end of the journey. The beginning. Now, we are the sons of god. The destination. It doth not yet appear what we shall be. And while it's not immediately, obvious. Uh verse 3 itself, refers, to the middle stage which is the progression, between the beginning and the destination. So let's examine, this in a little more detail. One john 3 2 begins with a declarative, statement, in the present tense. John declares. Now we are the sons of god. This represents, phase one of the journey. The present state declaration. Is immediately, followed. By a statement, of uncertainty, regarding. What we will become in a future state, when he, christ. Appears. While this future state is uncertain. John provides some clarity. By stating that we shall be like him referring, to christ. For we will see him, christ. As he is. This is the destination. For the phase three on the journey. Finally, in verse 3, john speaks of a period of time between the start and finish. He tells us that those who put their hope in christ.

Purify, Themselves. As he is pure. This hope in him, is christ in you, the hope of glory. That's colossians, 1 27. And this period of purification. Process. Is a progression. Or phase 2 of the journey. That occurs, while, hoping to reach the destination. Phase three, of the journey. Even though one john 3 2, does not explicitly, use the word salvation. Or any of its derivatives. It does in a way lay out a three-fold. Nature, of god's salvation. It states that one, something, has already been initiated, or accomplished, we are the sons of god. There is a future state, where we will become like him when he appears. And there is some period of time, between. Where those who place their hope in christ, will be purified. As he is pure. This three-fold, pattern, is often described, as justification. By faith. Sanctification. By the spirit. And glorification. By god, wherein he glorifies, christ in you. All by his grace. We can see this, pattern, in 2 thessalonians. 2 13, when we read. But we are bound to give thanks. Always, to god for you. Brethren, beloved, of the lord, because god hath from the beginning. Chosen, you to salvation. Through sanctification. Of the spirit. And belief, of the truth. In this verse. We see god's sovereignty. And that is, god who is choosing us to salvation. As opposed to us making a choice to be saved. But regarding, god's threefold, salvation, plan. We see that salvation. Is a destination, that is arrived at through the process of sanctification, of the spirit, and belief of the truth. Salvation. Is the destination. Phase three. Belief of the truth is the beginning. Phase one. And sanctification. Of the spirit is the progression, between the two. Phase two. In, second thessalonians. 2 13. The word salvation, was translated. From the greek word. Soteria. Which means. A future salvation. The sum of all benefits, and blessings. Which the christians. Redeemed, from all earthly ills, will enjoy. After the visible return of christ from heaven, and the consummated, and eternal kingdom of god. Now that was mouthful. But the sum of all benefits and blessings, after being fully redeemed, and entering into the kingdom of god following christ's return. That's basically. Our resurrection, to life in glorified, bodies. Or simply. Our glorification. First corinthians, 15. 43-44. This is what john referred to in 1 john 3 2 when he said we shall be like him. When he appears. Jesus was glorified. John 13, 31. And god's plan is that jesus will be glorified, in all things. That's. Uh. First peter 4 11.. Therefore. If we will be like him, when he appears. Then glorification. Is the final milestone, of our salvation, journey. Glorification. Is the outcome that's reached after the process, of sanctification. By the spirit. Which follows belief of the truth. In second thessalonians. 2 13 the word sanctification. Was translated, from the greek word, hagiosmos. That means. Consecration. Or purification. Purification. Is what happens in a refiner's, fire. Where, dross is removed from silver or gold. First peter. 4, 12-13. Tells us, that the revealing. Of christ's glory and us comes after a fiery, trial experience. So i'm reading from, first peter 4. 12-13. Beloved. Think it not strange, concerning. The fiery trial which is to try you. As though some strange thing happened to you.

But Rejoice. And as much as ye are partakers, of christ's, sufferings. That when his glory shall be revealed. Ye may be glad, also, with exceeding, joy. His glory, is being revealed. In us. Jesus became our righteousness. That's first corinthians, 1 30. And his glory will be revealed in us. After we come through the fiery trial of purification. That is. Sanctification. By the. Spirit. This is what is meant in proverbs, 25, 4 which says. Take away the dross, from the silver. And there shall come forth a vessel for the finer. Believers. Are the vessels, within which jesus glory will be manifested. As the dross of our unrighteousness. Is purged by the fiery trials, of sanctification. The last part, of. Thessalonians. 2 13 speaks of belief, of the truth. This means faith in jesus christ, who is the truth. When we believe in jesus as our lord and savior. We are justified, by faith, romans 3 28. Justification. Is the beginning, of the journey, of god's salvation, plan. Justification. Is a lawful declaration, of innocence. However. When a prisoner, in shackles, is declared, innocent and free to go. He is not actually, free until the shackles are removed. The declaration, of innocence, brings an imputed, freedom. But not an immediate, realization, of freedom. The prisoner, is considered, free when the not guilty verdict comes in, but the prisoner is still in shackles. Which must be removed. To be truly free. Likewise. A declaration, of justification. By faith, brings about an imputed, righteousness. Abraham, believed, and it was accounted, unto him for righteousness. Romans 4 3. It was considered, as righteousness. But it was not actual righteousness. In the same way, we receive imputed, righteousness. Romans 4 22. When we believe in jesus christ. But we are not truly, righteous. At that time. Of our legal declaration. In order to actually become righteous. We need to have the unrighteousness. Of our flesh nature, purged. Leaving the righteousness, of christ in us, to be manifested. And revealed to the world. That is what is happening, when we experience, the sanctification. Process. After we believe the truth. It is one thing to be called, sons of god with imputed righteousness. But yet another thing altogether, to see the fullness. Of the manifestation. Of the sons of god. I'm reading now from romans, 8. 18-19. For i reckon, that the sufferings, of this present time, are not worthy to be compared. With the glory, which shall be revealed, in us.

For The earnest, expectation. Of the creature. Creation. Waiteth. For the manifestation, of the sons of god. Second thessalonians. 2 13, showed us, the. Sanctification. Of the spirit. That showed us that sanctification. Is of the spirit. Since it is a work of the spirit. It cannot begin until we receive the spirit. This is why peter instructed the people as he did in acts 2 3 uh, 228. I'm sorry 238. When the people were convicted. In their hearts. I.e, they believed the truth, that was revealed in peter's message. They asked peter. What shall we do. So, his response. I'm going to read from, acts, 2. 36-38. Therefore. Let all the house of israel know assuredly. That god has made, the same jesus. Whom ye have crucified. Both lord and christ. Now, when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart. And said unto peter, and to the rest of the apostles. Men and brethren what shall we do. Then peter said to them. Repent, and be baptized, every one of you in the name of jesus christ for the remission of sins. And ye shall receive, the gift of the holy. Ghost. Once the people believed, in the truth. Peter instructed, them to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins and to receive the gift of the holy spirit. Because they believed. They were ready to begin phase two of the journey. They were ready for the sanctification. Process. The purification. Or purging, of their unrighteousness. Which is, of the spirit. The gift that they received. In repentance. We change our thoughts, and, feelings, by the renewing of our minds. That's romans 12 2.. In baptism. We put on christ. That's romans, 13, 14.. Repentance, and baptism. Initiate, our transformation. As we put on the mind of christ. Philippians. 2 5. The process, of sanctification. Of the spirit. Requires, that we receive the gift of the holy spirit and begins, in repentance. And baptism, into christ. I'm going to read from romans. 6. 3 through 5.. Know ye not that so many of us were baptist. As were baptized, into jesus christ. Were baptized. Into his death. Therefore. We are buried with him by baptism, into death. That like as christ was raised up. From the dead by the glory of the father. Even so, we should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall also, be in the likeness of his resurrection. Even though we are still alive in our flesh bodies after baptism. We are dead to sin, that's romans, 6 11.. And therefore. We walk in a newness of life, in christ. Once we join christ, in death, through belief repentance, and baptism. It is no longer we who live. But christ who lives in us. That's galatians, 2 20.. Romans 6 5, also aligns, with, first john 3 2 in stating that we shall be like jesus, in our resurrection, at his appearing. We are justified, by faith, belief in the truth. Sanctified, by the spirit. Which is purification. In the refiners, fire. And then glorified. In the resurrection. Raised, in the likeness, that jesus was resurrected. This is the threefold, pattern, of god's salvation, plan. Now. Now that we've seen that god's. Has a three-fold, salvation, plan i want you to recall, a subtle point, from part one of this message. Which was. When we were looking at the structure of god's law, one of the commandments we looked at was the commandment. To keep holy the sabbath. That commandment, had underlying, statutes, that defined a specific, set of feast days. And their associated. Sabbath days. Recall that god declared. Three feast days in particular, as mandatory, gatherings, for all men of israel. Is this a coincidence. Or is there a correlation, to this three-fold, salvation, plan. The dictionary, definition. Of the word rest. Is to cease from one's work in order to relax, and refresh. The sabbath laws are all about entering, into a period of rest, after ceasing from our own works. God created the world, and all that is in it and when he was finished. He rested. In doing so. He set forth a pattern, for us, wherein. We are all to enter into his sabbath rest, when we cease from our own works. This concept of entering. His rest is essentially, the end goal for us. But the rest that we're entering into may not be the rest that you're thinking, of. When people die. They. We often hear the phrase may he or she rest in peace, or we see the acronym, r-i-p. In their name. In a tweet somewhere. However. When you think about it the word rest, should really only apply to things that are living. A body that has no life in it, has no other option than to lie still. It's not lying still for the purpose of refreshing. It it's in the process of returning, to the dust from which it came. Genesis, 3 19.. On the other hand. Rip, has real meaning in regard, to resting from our own works, in the resurrection. And entering into the peace. Of uh, entering into peace, in christ.

In Truth, rip. Is something we should be doing, before, our physical death, by repentance. Baptism. And receipt, of the holy. Of the holy spirit. And by taking on the mind of christ. In doing all these, we are identifying, with our new, spirit man. Which is our identity, in christ. Our old. Carnal man is at enmity, with god that's romans, 8 3.. Our spirit man's identity. Uh, in christ. Seeks god's will in all things. Because. Our new man is renewed, in the knowledge of god, that's colossians, 3 10.. This is the pattern that jesus demonstrated. As, he only did, what he saw his father do, and only spoke. What he heard his father speak. Jesus did not strive to do his own works. As such he was able to rest in peace in the midst of life's storms. Jesus was at rest, in peace. Had because he had ceased from his own works. And only pursued. The works of the. Father. In matthew, 11. 28-30. Jesus implores, us, to cease from our own labor and take on his yoke. And he says. In doing, taking on that uh labor, of his yoke, that we would find rest. Matthew, 11, 28-30. Come unto me all ye that labor, and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and lean on me. And learn of me. And, for i am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest, unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Jesus speaks of his yoke being easy and his burden being light. He is telling us that we can find rest, in the work, that he has for us, whereas. Our own labor and efforts, are a heavy burden. The key point is this. The sabbath laws which focus, on resting from our own works are prophesying. Of the rest that we enter into. When we identify. With our identity. In christ. And when we seek the will of the father in all that we do, rather than seeking to do our own will. Since there are three primary feast days in a given year. The feast days trace to the sabbath laws and we can see that the primary, feast days, prophesy. Of this threefold, salvation, plan. Leading to entrance. Into god's rest, in the. Kingdom. Now we're going to take a look at israel's, journey. From the exodus. To their entrance to the promised land. And we're going to see what we can learn in regard, to the feast days as markers, along this journey. The following, phrase is likely to be familiar, to most. To the most casual reader of the bible. Or other books, related to christian faith. Today, if you will hear his voice, harden out your hearts. If you type that phrase into a search engine, you'll get lots and lots of hits. And all of them will end after the phrase, harden out your hearts. This collage i've put together here were all the different images that, a sampling of the images that you find if, you do that search, and you can see every one of them ends with hard not your hearts hard not your hearts. If. If you read this phrase out of context, then you miss the connection that's being made, to a specific, historical, event. This phrase was written. In psalm 95, and then quoted, in hebrews, chapter 4.. When you read this phrase in the context. Of the entire bible passage. You'll find that it's a specific, reference, to when, israel refused. To hear god's voice at mount. Sinai. I'm reading from psalm 95, 7. For he is our god. And we, are the people. Of his pasture. And the sheep of his hand. Today, if you will hear his voice. Harden not your hearts, as in the, provocation. As in the day of temptation, in the wilderness. When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my work. Forty years long i was grieved with this generation. And said it is a people that do air in their heart.

And They have, not known my ways. Unto whom i swear, in my wrath, that they should not enter into my rest. The reference to being grieved for 40 years. Is a reference, to the 40 years during which god was grieved, by israel's grumbling, complaining. And rejection. From the time of their exodus out of egypt, to their entrance in the promised land. Just before leaving egypt. The israelites, had experienced, the fulfillment. Of passover, on a national, level. As the lord spared the firstborn, in their households, that had the blood of the passover, lamb. On the doorpost, and the lentils. This demonstrated, the pattern of the blood covering. In its role, and its role in the salvation, process. Passover. Was the first key milestone

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