2018 Spring Commencement | UMD

2018 Spring Commencement | UMD

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Or. A reminder. To our graduates. Please remain. Standing. In front of your chairs. Once. Again to all of our graduates please. Remain, standing. In front of your chairs, thank. You. And now. Ladies and gentlemen the gonfalon. Graduates. Ladies, and gentlemen, please. Welcome the. Golden. Turks. They. Graduated. From the University. Of Maryland, 50, years, ago and have, returned, this afternoon, to join the celebration. Welcome. Back to your alma mater golden hearse. Ladies. And gentlemen, please. Welcome the, ROTC. Commanders. Athletic. Coaches. Faculty. And staff. Ladies. And gentlemen, please. Rise, and, welcome the platform, party for your 2018. Spring, commencement. Your, attention please everyone. Please. Remain, standing. Silently. For the presentation. Of the colors by the University. Of Maryland, honor guard and for. The singing, of the national anthem. By, Miss sydejko, pepper, Baldwin, a student. In music, performance. Accompanied. By the University. Of Maryland, Wind Ensemble and. Conducted. By mr., Craig, Potter. Oh. Say. Can you see. By. The dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly. We. Hailed. I. Put. White lights. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright, stars. He's. Dreaming. Star-spangled. Oh. Oh. Ladies. And gentlemen, please remain, standing. Presiding. Over these exercises. Is dr., Wallace. President. University. Good. Afternoon. Welcome. To the 2018. Spring. Commencement, exercises. Of the University of, Maryland. Commencement. Marks. The. Start of a new chapter in the, lives of our graduates. This. Ceremony. Is. A wistful. Farewell. Spoken. In words. Of endearment. By. The University, to our graduates. And. By our graduates, to, their alma mater. We. Begin. With. A moment, of reflection. Delivered. By. Iman, Therese, trained. The. University, of Maryland, Muslim. Chaplain, please remain standing. Last. Friday our, nation. Suffered. From yet another tragic. Act of violence that took, the lives of so many innocent, people at Santa. Fe High School in Texas, to. Honor the lives of those victims, we. Ask that, you join us in offering a moment, of silence. Indeed. There's. No better way to honor the precious lives we lost, that. By appreciating, every moment we have and, learning. How to live when. We are alive. So. As. We gather here today may. We appreciate, this very moment right, now which. Stands as the culmination of, your accomplishments.

The. Accomplishments. Of the 2018. Graduating. Class at UMD. Today. We express, our. Deepest. Gratitude to, our parents, teachers. And mentors, without, whom none, of us would. Be here today. Let, us understand, that the degrees were about to be handed are not. Trophies, but. A call to noble and purposeful, action, and that. All growth and all, accomplishments. Always, happen, at, the frontiers, of pain and discomfort, our, options. Are, to either. We. Comfortably, stagnate, or. Uncomfortably. Grow. Indeed. Strong people, are not fearless. They. Just keep pushing, despite. Their apprehensions. Of, an uncomfortable. And uncertain. Future. Today. Let. Us see that your job and my job is. Not to judge others, our. Job, is to wipe. The tears to, lift the fallen and to. Heal the, broken, but. Let us understand. That. To be healers we. Must be willing to struggle and to, be inconvenienced. For. The rest of our lives may. We be filled with, gratitude and, with awe, of our. Diverse, and breathtaking, mother, earth let. Us walk on it ever so, gently, let. Us take care of it in the way it deserves honor. The, life-sustaining gifts. It gives, us and appreciate. The deep bond we have with everything, in it may. We always be mindful that. The thoughts we dwell on become. Us and that. Everything, you and I pour out into this world is going to come back indeed. What. You do unto other, it will, be done unto you even, more it's, already done, Miri, refuse to live indifferently, and may, we commit to stirring, those gifts, that fly within us and in. Others, because. As. Soon as we begin to fill our lives with excellence. With, care and with compassion. Others. Will. Be inspired and will, want to follow us may. We live gratefully, and may. We inspire, and touch, everyone and everything, around us with, our compassionate. Presence now, and, forever. Amen. Please. Be seated. I know. You're groaning about being seated and I completely understand. Because. As they say. Sitting. Is the, new smoking. Thank, You Iman, stream. For. Your thoughtful. And inspiring, words of reflection. Thank. You to sydejko, pepper Baldwin, for. Your inspired. Rendition. Of our, National Anthem. And. The University, of Maryland Wind, Ensemble thank. You thank, you to the University under. Guard. As. We begin the 2018. Commencement. Exercises. I'm reminded, of what a friend of mine an Irish, priest, once. Advised, me when he heard that, I was gonna preside over commencement. He. Said, you. Know, to. Be the master of ceremonies at. A, commencement. Well. That sort of like being, the. Body at an. Old-fashioned, Irish, wake. They, need you to have a party, but. Nobody expects, you to say, very much.

Mindful. Of that advice I assure. You my, words will. Be mercifully. Brief. So. I begin, by acknowledging the. Students, who, are seated in the front rows today, they. Are the, marshals. For commencement they, be recommended. And selected. For, their academic accomplishments, their. Contributions. To campus life and their. Service, to the larger community with. The students please stand and be recognized. We. May be seen it, to. Educate, our. 40,000. Students, we. Have almost 10,000. Faculty. And staff and some. Of the representatives of, our faculty, and staff are. Here to celebrate their accomplishments. The accomplishments, of the graduates and of, course they're also here, because they are part of the staff of the teaching faculty our. Athletic. Coaches as well. As the, commanders, of our, ROTC, programs. In Air Force Army. And Navy would, you all please stand and be recognized. I. Would. Also like to welcome a. Very. Special group of alumni, the. Golden Turks because. They graduated, fifty years ago from this University would you please stand up and be recognized. Thank. You for being here. And. I. Should. Say a comment about the class of. 1968. Because every, generation. Has. Its rendezvous, with, destiny, its. Opportunity. To make its mark in the. World. Those. Who graduated. Fifty, years ago in. 1968. At. A time, of perhaps. The greatest, division. Tumult. In this. Country in. The second half of the 20th century. There. Was an era of political. Assassinations. Civil. Disorder. The. Rise of the. Black Power movement. The. Women's movement the gay. Rights movement. The. Sexual freedom movement, and, people. Thought that this country was coming apart at its. Seams and, people. Were asking what kind, of country will America. Be and, what. Will bring this country together. Fifty. Years have gone, by and. Our. Republic still, stands. You. Provided leadership and, I. Just want to remind the class of. 2018. When. You come back here 50 years from now, the. Year, 2060. 8 how. I assure you I will not be here. But. I believe. I hope, my. Successor, will ask you. What. Have you done at. This time. When. The heart and the soul, of our democracy is being, challenged, what. Have you done what. Would you do. What. Have you done, to. Help forge a more perfect union as stated. In the preamble to the Constitution and. What. Have you done as we. Have been doing for 242. Years the. Maxim, that is. Engraved. In the Great Seal of the, United States a pluribus. Unum one. Shown. For many I, hope. You will be able to reset, to, be. Greeted the. Way I'm. Greeting, with appreciation. The. Class of. 1968. Our. First speaker is. Ellen. Fish she's a member of, the, University System of Maryland Board, of Regents she, brings greetings, to our graduates. And. She. Is the executive vice president of. Hamilton. Bank that has his headquarters in, Baltimore she's, a member of numerous boards, including. She. Is supported on the board of directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Regent. Fish. Good. Afternoon, I am so pleased to be with you today and to offer congratulations on. Behalf of the University, System of Maryland Board. Of Regents it's. An honor to share this day with president. LOH who. Continues. To provide, tremendous. Leadership. To this great institution. The. University, of Maryland is a force, for education, for. Research and discovery, and for, public service, it. Represents. Everything that, is best about, public, higher education and. Today. The University, of Maryland stands, as one of the finest, universities in the country and in, the world there. Is so much to be proud of here, I'm also. Pleased, to share this day with your commencement speaker former. Vice President Al, Gore. Most. Importantly. It's, an honor to be here to, recognize and. Congratulate, you, the, members of the class of 2018. What. You have accomplished, has taken hard work it's. Taken persistence, and dedication. Today. We celebrate, the completion, of your journey here but. The beginning of your life journey I know. Your family, and friends, take a great deal of pride in what you have accomplished. They. Have shared in your sacrifices, and certainly. Today they. Should share in your success. You. Graduate, from an institution. Recognized. Nationally. And internationally. For.

Excellence. No. Matter what direction life. Now takes you, no. Matter what challenges you. Will next confront. You. Are well-prepared, you've. Been given the foundation, and the, skills you need as you start this new journey, we. Look forward to your future successes. And once. Again congratulations. And know, that the entire University of. Maryland's system, the. Entire family, wishes you all the best in your future successes. Thank. You region fish for your service, on the Board of Regents thank, you and the board for, your continuing. Support for the flagship university of the state of Maryland I would. Now like to introduce some, of the members of the platform party who, are seated behind me and, when. I call your name could you please stand and I. Would ask the audience to please. Withhold. Your applause, until, everybody. Has been introduced, otherwise. We'll be here all afternoon. Mary. Ann ranking senior, vice president, and provost, and a, biologist. Linda. Clement vice. President, vice president of student affairs and, she has served this University, for, close to 40. Years. Carlo. Colella vice. President, for administration, and finance. He, is a Terp, he got his degree in civil engineering and, he's, been at this university for, over 30, years. Jackie. Lewis vice, president, for University, Relations she. Just launched a week ago the, third our third. Major. Capital, campaign of one and a half billion dollars the. Largest ever in the history of this university, and she's, been here for one year. Lori. LoCascio, vice. President, for research she, has a degree in toxicology. I believe, and she's, also a bio, engineer. Mike. Watt Arella vice. President for legal affairs and, general. Counsel he's. The one who keeps me honest, where. Are you you. Should know because everybody. Knows time a lawyer he's. The real lawyer I am. Simply, I, am. Simply, a public. Service. Lawyer. Which. Means it's in the public's interest. That. I do not practice law. Damon.evans. Acting. Athletic, director. Joel. Seligman associate. Vice president for marketing, and. Communication. There. Europe. And. We, have a student region, here willed. Short who, is graduating from the University of Baltimore, he. Has been a superlative, Regent. As a student, and he's. Going on to work. For one, of those big finance companies, which one is it, are. You, Morgan. Stanley, yes Morgan Stanley in Baltimore. Congratulations. Patrick. Hogan, University. System vice chancellor for government, relations, and. Of. Course you've heard sydejko. / Culpepper. Baldwin, or vocalist. AJ. Pruett, president. Of the, undergraduate, student, government association. Who's. Graduating, and. She's. Shu Han who. Is vice, president of the Graduate Student Government, and. He. Is a PhD, student in, public policy. Michele. Sauer. Who. Is a senior, from. Minneapolis. And she will be the student, speaker. Kirk. Bell, president.

Of The Maryland Alumni, Association he, provides leadership for. The. 361,000. Alumni. Of this University, I mean. I course, the executive director, of the Maryland Alumni. Association. Dan, Falvey. Press. A professor, of chemistry and biochemistry and, a, chair of the, University, Senate and, at this university we, are strong, believers and, practitioners, of shared, governance which. Is basically, academic. Democracy. And our. Marshalls. The. University, marshal is. Martha. Nels, Smith. There. You are and, you. Should note that Martha, is a professor. Of English. She is a renowned. Scholar of, Emily. Dickinson, why, do I tell you that because. There's just been released a feature film on, Emily. Dickinson, based upon her scholarship, and it, is entitled, I can't. Wait to see this movie it's. Entitled. Wild. Nights with, Emily. I know, you had nothing to do with the title and. Faculty. Marshals Marsha. Gensler, Stevens. The. Director, of our fantastic, Stamp Union and Cherie, parks professor, and associate dean in the College of Arts, and Humanities. Finally. We'll all the deans who are here, please. Stand in unison to be recognized, because, you, will self introduce, yourselves, later, in the program and now you can join me in the round of applause. Thank, you. It. Is now my great privilege to introduce the University. Medalist. The. University medal it's. The highest honor that. This university, can bestow on, a, single, graduate. Each year, and. It. Is awarded, to the student who best personifies. Academic. Extinction. Extraordinary. Character, and outstanding. Contributions. Beyond. The. Major and beyond the University it, was a very, very difficult, choice we, had incredible. Candidates. There. Is a selection. Committee and. There's. One two three four there are five finalists, and I will recognize all of them and one of them of course will be the medals so. Will. You all come forward, where. Are you seated would. You please come forward as I, read your names just stand just. Stand next to me no come up come up we. Want to see you. So. To stand there. And. I. Want the parents, of. These, fantastic. Graduates, would you please stand to be recognized. You know just wave your arm and hopefully, we'll see you somewhere. Thank. You you may be seated, so. Let. Me start with Carolyn. Johnson. And. You have to speak into the microphone, so, Carolyn, where are you from from Glenwood Maryland, Glenwood. Where. Is Glenn was, Howard. County yes I know where Howard Kirby is and. What are you majoring in or major. Well. How do you combine government. And politics, and food science what's the connection I came, in loving chemistry, cooking to. Pursue more. In mourning, at current affairs oh. And. And, so have, you done any. Internships. Traveled, abroad while you were here, the. US Embassy in London I've also interned at the US Agency for International Development. Now. You. Wrote an honors, thesis with it with the amazing, title, intriguing, title of iron, ladies. Can, you just in one sentence say what, that thesis was about sure, is about on where female leaders and the marketís come to power and one of those countries look like wonderful. Congratulations. She's. Supposed to get a gift but I don't know what you have to do. Yourself. Khan. Yourself. You speak, to the mic sure so yes. If where are you from I'm from Potomac, Maryland which is in Montgomery County, Boco. And. What, are you majoring in I'm majoring, in cell biology, and genetics and. So. I'm sure you've done some research in this area a little too much research okay, so. I heard that you've done some research that actually has some real practical, impact, on people can you just very briefly tell us what that research was so I've been working in the lab of dr. Norma, Andrews to study how lush Mania affect a lot of people in South America, and India and we're about to send a manuscript for publication, Oh, fantastic. So. This could actually. Help. People who are ravaged, by this parasite, yeah, so, this parasite, we figured, out how they become infectious and we figured out the signal so if you can disrupt that you, can develop better therapeutics, so, what are you gonna do after you graduate well, I'll be going with Chris who were gonna see a bit of in a second to the University of Cambridge. Either. And and, with. How. You've been supportive so, Chris. And I both won the Churchill scholarship so that's a fully funded scholarship, to Cambridge, for a year so we're gonna have a lot of fun there congratulations.

Thank You president LOH. This. Is a special. Gift and. Marilyn, bowtie. Thank. You president LOH goodbye. You. Should know I word this all the time. During. Exam time I go around give, out cookies and one, day this was three years ago a student came up to me and said, since you're handing out cookies I won't give you a gift and she gave, me this bowtie and I've been wearing it ever since and I said where did you buy it from and she, said I make. It in my dorm she. Started a business making. Bow ties and, I have a recent over 300, customers to her. All. Right next. Cassadee. Laid off. So. We're. In Maryland are you from I'm, actually not from maryland's I'm from Barrington Rhode Island, oh. Now. I heard, that. When, you came here as a freshman you had already enough, advanced, AP credits. That, you could have graduated, in just two years but, you stuck around for four years why. I. Didn't. Want to try to find a job. But. Actually it's been a great experience and I just wanted it to keep going so it took the regular four years and got in as many classes as I could and you majored. In computer. Science and math with a minor, in Middle East Studies, very. Briefly, how do you, combine, Middle. East Studies and. Computer. Science in math I guess. I think that there's a lot, of room to combine, the technologies, that are. Developed, in computer science and math with problems. Facing the world in the, Middle East and other places so I'm hoping to see. If I can figure out how to do that and, one, last question you're in computer science yes. Are you worried, about the fact that there are foreign, powers, not. Friendly to this country, they're trying to subvert, us on social media and. You. Know undermine. Our for our democracy, yeah I think it's a real problem actually four, years ago I did an internship where I was looking at Russian influence on Twitter and it's, amazing how much how many things go on there that you just don't realize if, you look carefully. Well, Cassidy I hope uses something about it thank you very much. Eliott. Rubello. Hello. Eliot so we're, from Maryland are you I'm, from Lana Maryland, right here in gorgeous Prince George's. Fpg. And. Tell. Us about your major or majors. So. I'm double degree in neurobiology. And physiology, and classical. Languages and literature's. This. Guy. Here, represents. Sting, science. Technology, engineering arts. And mathematics. So how do you bring together the, sciences, and classical. Education what's, the value of classical, education, well. I think the. Path, to human. Enlightenment runs. Through our fellow man whether that's our, neighbor. Next door or, the ancient, Greeks and Romans and, so. During the course of your study, here, have you also done internships or travel abroad I did, so my sister and I started. A music scholarship program. At a Bombay. Orphanage in India a music. Scholarship, yeah. Wonderful. Well. Congratulations. Thank you very much. And. Now for the. 2018. University, medal. Recipient. Christopher. Bending. It. Goes without saying that, all. Of the people on the platform and many, many of the students were. Marshals. Today they, have either, perfect. Averages. Meaning a 4.0. Or they're. Near perfection, meaning. Three point nine nine, nine, so. I'm not bothering to mention that but. What is so, where are you from Christopher. I'm from Euclid Ohio outside, of Cleveland. Well. Thank, you for telling us where Euclid, is and that we all know. So. You, are majoring, or majored, in I. Majored. In astronomy. And physics double, degree. This. In. This. Involves some research where have you been doing your research in, astronomy and physics yes, so I started, out at, NASA Goddard down the street in Greenbelt, then I ended up at Boston, University, in Boston Massachusetts and.

Then This past summer I was at the Institute of astronomy, in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom. So, I suppose you're. Going to Cambridge, after graduation, I will be I'll be pursuing my MPhil my masters in astronomy there, congratulations. On getting the very prestigious Churchill, scholarship, yes thank you so. We have to give you the nether. It. Is now my honor to, introduce. Our. Student commencement. Speaker and. She is, michelle sour where, are you mr.. Okay. You. Know every year we have, a. Student. Speaker chosen. By the graduating. Class. Michelle. Majored. In English. And. Education. It. Goes without saying, that. She has a 4.0. Grade point average. And. She tutored, children, in reading and she. - they're college students in writing and the, rest I will leave for her to. Tell you. Good. Afternoon I would. Like to welcome all the members of the faculty and staff proud. Parents, and family, members and the, graduating. Class of 2018. All. Across, campus we. See the phrase fearless. Ideas, it. Is, easy to, look past those, familiar words, and think, nothing of them as, my. Time came, to a close at Maryland, I reflected. On what those, words really mean, to me I'm. Not. Working, on a cure for cancer or, solving. Global warming, I. Am. Standing. Here tonight in front, of thousands, of you, but. I certainly, don't feel brave. So. What. Does, it mean to be fearless. The. First person, to show me what, it means to be fearless was, my mother. When. I was in kindergarten, my, classmates, were all learning how to read, but. Something, about turning letters, into, words was, just not clicking, in my head. My. Teachers, tried hard, to help but. They told me that they, were giving up on me. They. Said I couldn't. My. Mother said. I could. She. Bought a bunch. Of books and spent, the rest of, the school year teaching, me to read at home until I, was reading, Harry Potter books, as a first, grader. Not. Only did my mother teach me to read, but. Her belief in me made. Me confident, enough in myself as a reader so. That in third grade I argued. With the sceptical, librarian. Until, she let me take home the book The, Hobbit. My. Mother showed, me that. Being fearless, means. Overcoming, others. Doubt in us that, so, often, cripples. Our determination. It. Takes. Courage, to, overcome those judgements. Being. Fearless, simply. Starts, with, refusing. To let others, define. The limits of your aspirations. As. The. Great and magical. Author and my, inspiration. JK, Rowling wrote. Anything. Is possible if you've got enough, nerve. While. Doubts of others, can be very powerful. So, can, the doubt that, comes from within, I, found. Myself, overcoming. Self-doubt, at the beginning of this semester, as. An, education. Major I, began. My student, teaching semester at. A middle, school in Montgomery, County the. First. Time I entered my seventh grade English, classroom. I felt, like an imposter, I was. Still a student myself and, was, suddenly responsible. For preparing, my students, for high school yeah. I still, occasionally, asked. My parents to schedule, haircuts, for me. How. Was I, expected. To get up in front of 120. Hyperactive. 12 year olds every, day engage. Them and motivate. Them, to love. The magic of the written word when. Half, of them are struggling, readers. It. Took, almost every, ounce of, energy, in my body to get them to stop poking, each other with pencils, I. Used. My knowledge from my Maryland, courses, and my work as a reading specialist, to, develop, my students, phonological, awareness, as, well as their orthographic. And concept, imagery. The. Year ended, with students, who had been unable to write, a sentence. Writing. The page and a half long, stories. Students. Who, had been afraid to speak in class shooting. Their hands, into the air eager. To contribute to, discussions, and. Students. Telling me they. Had decided to challenge themselves with, all honors. Courses in high school because, they were done under estimating, themselves. To. By. Having the fearlessness, to, believe in my own abilities I. Modeled. Fearlessness, for my students, they. Would never hear, that I am giving up on them and hopefully. I inspired. Them to, never give, up on themselves. In. Other words. Refuse. To be your sharpest, skeptic. Refuse. To, let your dreams become. Your regrets because. You did not have the fearlessness, to, recognize. Your, true, potential. Today. We. See teachers across, the country, fearlessly. Reasserting. The value of their work as they, fight for adequate, compensation, and, school funding.

My. Mother was the first teacher, who, made a fundamental. Difference in my life I have. Had strong, teachers, who, inspired, me to, be a part of their noble profession, from. Ms Whitmore, in first grade who, made me want to teach to. Miss Bruin 9th who, helped me realize, the capacity. Of language, to, move others and to create change. Here. At Maryland I had, the privilege of learning from professor Nunez who, pushed me to be fearless enough to, successfully. Apply for a research, award, or. From Professor Omer who, made me believe my, ideas, are just, as valuable, as someone. With a PhD. And three, Emmys. Teachers. Are the bedrock of all other careers. Because. All of us, have had fearless, teachers, somewhere. In our past instilling. Their fearlessness, in us today. We. Are off to, start promising. Careers to. Continue, our education or. To. Explore, the unexpected. Despite. The challenges, that accompany, a teaching, career I chose. To teach because, I want, to make a difference, in my students, lives all. Teachers. Have been haunted, by the phrase, those. Who can do. Those. Who can't teach. But. Just as doctors, are valuable, just, as engineers, and journalists. And actors, are valuable. So. Our, teachers. I. Say. Those. Who can do. Teach, fearless. Leap. It. Can be easy to take the path we have always been told to follow it. May offer security, or, take less energy, but. Is that fearless. I, did. Not want to take the expected, path I became. A teacher. From. This point on we. Will face numerous, decisions. That will have an impact on our lives and the lives of, others. Maryland. Has prepared, us to make fearless, choices, Fran from what I have seen in, my fellow Terps, many. Of us have, already begun. Whether. It be designing. An app that, raises, funding, for nonprofits. Packaging. Nutritious, food for expectant, mothers or, advocating. For Safe Schools, we. Are making fearless. Decisions, that, change our communities, and our world for. The better. We. Must continue. To inspire, others to be fearless, by. Disturbing, the balance. Refusing. To be comfortable and by. Choosing to make the world a better place now. That we've got, a place in it, it. Is, time as Rowling. Once wrote to, choose between what, is easy and what, is right. Today. We. Celebrate, a major, milestone in, our lives our. Graduation. We. Will not let, others, underestimate. Us, we. Will not get, in the way of ourselves. We. Will not let. The allure of the expected, path prevent. Us from walking down one that, requires, fearlessness. We. Will accomplish. The, extraordinary. When. I first, came to the University, of Maryland all the, way from Minnesota. My, dad could, not get over how, amusing he found the university's, slogan, fear, the turtle. He. Wanted the funny phrase on every t-shirt and hat he, proudly purchased, in support, of my education. Now. Maryland. Has moved on to fearless ideas, although. A fearless, testudo, remains. Our mascot, most, do not think turtles, are the bravest creatures, in the animal kingdom. However. It is, not the mascot, that defines a school's identity, it. Is, the students, the mascot, represents. It. Is not the turtle that shows the world who, we really are, it is. Us and the fearless. Decisions. We, make as terms.

Thank. You. Thank. You Michelle for your. Wonderful. Remarks, about the importance, of teaching. And I, know your parents and other family from. All the way from Minneapolis, are here today would you please stand up wherever you are to. Be recognizing, way. As. I was listening to your remarks, and you. Mentioned, a canard and it really is a canard, that those who can do and those who, can't teach. But. What you, left out the third line in that canard, and those. Who can do neither, become. College presidents. And. That, is a canard. And. You, also brought to mine years ago when I was on the plane and. I. Was seated next to a business, executive was, telling me all about his, mergers. And acquisitions, and business deals and, then. He finally turned to me and said so what. Business are you in, me. I said. I am. In, the immortality, business. He. Looks at me suspiciously you. Are a preacher I. Said. No I. Am. A teacher. I'm. In the job of unlocking. The potential, of the. Next generation, of citizens, and leaders of this country and by, unlocking, their potential, that, they can achieve all, that they can achieve they. Will impact, their children, their, grandchildren and. Their, children's, children. The. Impact, of a teacher. Stretches. To, Eternity. Now. I have the pleasure of introducing a. Special. Student, she. Is majoring in voice. Her, name is Adia, Evans, and she. Will sing she. Will perform an area, I want. Magic, from. The operatic. Adaptation. Of Tennessee, Williams's. Immortal. Play. A streetcar. Named, desire adapted. By an American, composer Andre. Previn and. She's. Accompanied, on the piano. By. Accompanied. On the piano by. You'll, have to introduce yourself. That's. What I try, to give, to people. Don't. Turn on that light. Thank. You, 'dear evans accompanied. On the piano by. Ruth. Right. Every. Year a. Student. Commencement, speaker committee. Chooses. The, speaker, and. I. Would. Like to invite the president, of the undergraduate, student, government, association. AJ. Pruitt to. Please. Come forward and introduce. Our. Speaker, this afternoon. Thank. You dr. LOH and I have to say as, a native, of the great volunteer, state myself it. Is quite. An honor to, introduce our commencement speaker, for today's ceremony, former. Vice President Al, Gore. In. Just a moment we, will watch a brief video that introduces, some, of mr. Gore's many, accomplishments. Most. Of these outstanding achievements. Are common knowledge to. Those of us in this room. Mr.. Gore is the founder, of the, climate reality project a, non-profit, focused, on solving the climate crisis, and, co-founder. And chairman of generation. Investment, management. Mr.. Gore was first elected to the US House of Representatives in 1976. And to. The US Senate in 1984. In. 1993. He, was inaugurated as the 45th vice-president. Of the United States, as. A member of Congress, mr.. Gore was an advocate for wielding technology, as an, engine for economic growth and improving. The country's education system. As. Vice president mr.. Gore was instrumental in, expanding, the influence, of the United States abroad and a. Pioneer. Of modern environmentalism. Since. Leaving public office, he hasn't slowed down, mr.. Gore has been a leading activist in the fight against climate change work, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007. Now. In. Many ways Al. Gore's life has. Exemplified, what. It means to be a Terp to. Be fearless and to, do good, we. As Terps. And as graduates, here today can. All identify with that now. Please enjoy this, brief video. The. House will, come to order, and. The Oscar goes to. The. Bennet Peace Prize for. 2007. I will support and defend the, Constitution. Of the United States. Some, still. Doubt that, we have the will to act but I say, the. Will to act is itself a renewable, resource. Ladies. And gentlemen, ladies, and gentlemen without further ado, Vice, President Albert Gore. Thank. You. Thank, you very much. Thank, you. Thank, you very much. Thank. You very much. Thank. You very much for that. Enthusiastic. Welcome. Ajay. Pruett thank you for, your wonderful. Introduction. And president, dr., Wallace LOH thank you so, much I. Want, to acknowledge the. Faculty and, and staff, I, want. To single. Out my, dear friend Bob or your Dean of a public. Of the School of Public Policy who. I've worked with for a, long, time and I. Enjoyed, the Michelle, Sowers, speech. There. Are a couple there many distinguished, guests here forgive, me for mentioning, only, to a dear friend for, 40. Years perhaps the greatest head, of a state. Senate, in, the entire country, Maryland, state Senate President Mike Miller. And. State and. State, Senator Jim, Rosa Pepe thank you so. Much first. Of all congratulations, to all of the graduates, what, a wonderful, achievement. Is being marked, here deep. Thanks. To the. Faculty, and the, staff to.

Your Parents, and, grandparents. Who, are also. Here. Family, members. And, others. In. Researching, this speech. I. True. Story I tried to remember, who. Gave the, commencement, address when, I graduated. From college and, honestly. I have no idea. Was, and. I, daresay that, will be your, reaction years. From now. This. Is an occasion has, become the, kind of occasion where speakers. Are invited, to give personal. Advice and I'm not in the habit of doing that, but. I'm, gonna do it anyway. And. Then I'm gonna say a few, words about our, American, democracy, and, then, you would be as surprised, if, I did not say, a few words about the climate crisis, as. Well. First. Of all, by. Way of personal, advice. Don't, be afraid of failure you've, heard some wonderful words about, fearlessness. And, nerve, you, will encounter, failure. But it's important, to. Keep going. The. Great Spanish, poet. Antonio, Machado, wrote. Traveler. There is no path the path is made by. Walking, I, can, tell you from my personal experience, I flew. On Air Force two for, eight years and, now I have to take off my shoes to get on an airplane. I'm. Now a recovering. Politician on. About step. 9. The. Longer I go without a relapse, the less likely, one becomes. But. I have, been. Surprised. And, filled with joy to, find work. That. Feels. To me as if it justifies, every. Ounce of energy that. I can pour, into it so. It is what you decide. To do, with. The obstacles, that life throws. In your path that matters the most, secondly. Among. All the words of advice that I, received when. I was a student there was. One bit of advice that one. Of my teachers gave, that has stuck with me all through my, life, he. Said we all face the same choice in, life. Over. And over again it. Is a choice between the, hard right and the. Easy wrong. All. Of us know. If we, pause, and, reflect. That. There is that, little. Voice. That. Is faint. But. Always there. It. Is always, always. A, mistake, to. Ignore that. Little voice, listen. To. It and. Distinguish. It from the constant. Noise. In. Your. Rationalizing. Mind. And as. You practice you, may find it easier to discern. The good advice that is always. With. You. Third. Happiness. Is most often found in serving others I know that sounds, like a bromide, but. There. Is. Voluminous. Research. That. Now shows that to be, scientifically. Valid. Fourth. Avoid. At all costs. Hatred. And resentment. The. Greatest political leader, I ever met in my life, Nelson, Mandela, once. Wrote, resentment. Is like drinking poison, and. Hoping that. It will kill your enemies. V. Be, kind, whenever. You can. One. Of the secrets, of the human condition, is that suffering, binds. Us together and. You. Have no, idea.

What. Burdens, are being, carried by the people, you encounter in, your, life. When. I think about regrets. In my life I don't. Have too, many, but. The ones that stand out from. Time to time I think of them, involve. A lack of kindness. Small. Exchanges. If, I enumerated, them you, would be surprised, at how trivial. They might sound to you but, I remember. Them. Now. A few words about, our. Democracy as. President. Lowe's comments. About the class of, 1968. Illustrates. There. Is greater. Resilience. In, our. Democracy, than. We often fear. We. Have survived. Turmoil. And. Division. And grave. Dangers, in, our past. However. I. Have. Come to believe that. American. Democracy is, at, this moment in. Much. Graver danger, than, many now assume. Our, greatest, hope. I. Could. Elaborate. But. We don't want to go there, today. Our. Greatest, hope, lies. With, you and your. Generation. Now. I'm keenly. Aware, that, commencement. Speakers. Often say, something, like. You are the generation, that must go forward and redeem. And save our world. And. I know it's a cliche, but. I, want to put, forward a. Challenge. However. Implausible. It, might sound. Because. Of the. Grave danger, our democracy. Faces. I would. Like to challenge you and your generation. To. Overturn. One. Of the accepted, truisms. In American. Democracy namely. That. Young, men and women between. The ages of 18. And 29. Simply. Do. Not register. To, vote and vote. In, the way that, older, people do. Think. For a moment how, you I'm, sure like me have. Been inspired, by the. High school students. At. Marjorie Doug Minh Marjory, Stoneman Douglas, High, School. They. Are now campaigning. To. Register, young people to vote I, want. To add my voice to, theirs. I want. To challenge you to. Do what so many feel, is. Impossible. What. If. In. This. Year. And in. The years immediately, following. Something. Truly. Extraordinary happened. That. On social media, and in. Conversations. That. You have with your peers all across this country, an. American. Youth. Movement. Began. And, swept. This country, and grew. With passion, and determination to, the point where. Young people decided. That. They will, register. To vote and will vote in unprecedented. Numbers, and, reclaim. The integrity. Of American. Democracy. I. Remember. When. I was. 13. Years old being inspired, by President. John F Kennedy. When. He announced, America's, determination. To put a man. On the moon and bring him back safely, within, ten years and, I. Remember how many in my parents, generation said. That was likely, to be. Impossible. But. Eight years and two months later, Neil, Armstrong, set. Foot on the moon and, in. The moment he did so there was a great cheer that. Went up in Mission Control in.

NASA's, Facility. In Houston, Texas and the. Average age of the systems engineers, in that room was. 26. Which. Means among other things. When. They heard that challenge. They. Were 18. They. Decided, to acquire the skills and, experience. To. Enable, them to be a part of successfully. Meeting. That, challenge I, know. That. It's, unlikely. I know. That. It is implausible. But. America, has done. The. Impossible, before. And. Never has this been, more. Needed than now. We. Have to reclaim, not. Only the, integrity, of our. Voting system. But. Also the integrity of our, system, of democratic. Discourse. We. Have to reclaim respect. For reason, we. Have to reclaim the, vitality of. Journalism. And our, news media. Today. We have a fifth, column, in, the Fourth Estate. Organizations. That, pretend. To. Be journalistic. Organizations. But. Which are actually. Propagandists. With. An ideological. Agenda, which. Often leads, them to. Intentionally. Distribute. Falsehoods. We. Have the means, to. Fix this, problem and. Fixing. It is necessary. In, order. To fix our democracy. Finally. I would like to talk, about the. Climate crisis, I spoke. On this campus, two. Years ago about this challenge and I. Want to tell you that in the intervening, time. We. Have made tremendous. Progress. We. Still face, a, daunting. Threat, in. The. Relationship. Between, humanity, and our. Planet. There. Are now 7.62. Billion. Of us on the, earth we. Use technologies. With, power, that. Vastly. Exceeds. A million. Fold the. Technologies. That our parents, and grandparents. Were. Familiar with and. We. Too, often rely, on a, short-term. Way. Of thinking, that. Numbs. Us, to, the future consequences. Of our, present, actions in, our, economy, as well we. Fail to measure. The. Full consequences. Of the. Choices we make, pollution. Is. Described. As a negative, externality. Which. Is economists. Speak for you, don't have to worry about it we. Are using our, atmosphere. As an, open sewer, free. Of charge for, those who dumped. 110. Million tons, of, heat. Trapping. Man-made global. Warming pollution into, it every. 24 hours, we. Also ignore. Positive. Externalities. That is. The. Benefits. Of. Investments. In public, goods like education. Like. Health care like. Family, services, like community, services, like mental. Health care. We. Also ignore. The depreciation, of, natural. Resources, that, replenish. Themselves naturally. At a rate that is very slow compared. To our assault upon, resources. Like top soil and, groundwater. And. Forests. And wetlands. And perhaps. Most important, of all the web of biodiversity. With. Which we share this planet. The. Fourth thing we ignore, and do. Not measure is the. Distribution. Of incomes. And net worths so. We have seen the. Most dramatic rise, and inequality. In. Modern. History and when. Most. Of all the new national, income, goes. To the very top of the income ladder. This. Makes us vulnerable to, resentment. Makes our country, vulnerable. To. The politics, of. Authoritarian. Populism. We. Have to reclaim, our, own destiny. By measuring, what. Really matters. To our future. Starting. With. A decision. To reduce the. Global warming pollution the consequences. Of course are very clear, since I spoke here last. Houston. Texas was, struck. Last, summer, by. A, hurricane, that dropped, five feet. Of rain. In five. Days. Imagine. The full flow of Niagara, Falls for. More than 500 days. That's. What hurricane Harvey, dropped on, Texas. And Louisiana and. Soon. After, Puerto. Rico was virtually, destroyed, and. By. The way, for. Those of us here who are Americans, we, should see it as a disgrace. That our country, has not helped, our fellow Americans. Every. Night on the television, news is like a nature hike through. The book of Revelation. And. Yet. Some. In the. News media I referred, to earlier. Do. Not recognize. That these, dots connect. And put. Forth the false narratives. That are designed, to. Distract. George. Orwell in the last, century, wrote. This, we. Are all capable, of believing, things, which, we know to be untrue and. Then. When. We are finally, proved, wrong. Impudently. Twisting. The facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually. It, is possible, to carry on this process, for. An indefinite time the. Only check on it is that. Sooner or later a false, belief, bumps. Up against, a solid reality. Usually. On, a battlefield. We. Are bumping up, against. A solid, reality. With. The climate crisis. We. Have to adjust our, thinking in. Order, to, make the adjustments. To our behaviors. Our. Technologies. Our, politics. And our. Decisions. Now. There is good. News, we. Are making dramatic. Progress. The. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports. That, the single, fastest, growing job in the United States is, solar, installer. In fact, solar. Jobs are growing 9 times. Faster. Than, jobs, generally, in the economy, the second fastest growing job is wind.

Turbine, Technician. All. Around, the world we. Are seeing the beginnings, of an historic. Transformation. Of the. Way we use energy, the. Way we. Pursue. Mobility. And transportation. Of, the, way we grow and distribute food. The, way we preserve, forests, and soil, but. These changes, are, not yet happening, fast. Enough. We. Are gaining on this problem and one. Of the great achievements which, Bob Orr had a great deal to do with was. The global. Agreement, in Paris in which. Every, nation, in, the world agreed. To go to Net. Zero global. Warming pollution by. Mid-century, now, I know what. You're thinking, and. Yes. President Trump did make a speech last year. But. Under the law the, first day upon, which the US could withdraw from the Paris treaty is. The day after the, next presidential, election. Which. Brings me back to you. And. I. Get it there. Are I know a. Great many supporters. Of, President Trump, in this audience I do understand. That. As. One. Of his supporters. Put. It on television. He. Said the way I look at it Donald, Trump is chemotherapy. For America. Well. In. Medicine. And in science, some. Experiments, are terminated, early for ethical reasons. And. I. Don't. Know. That. That will be the case and I. Do not predict. It, but. I do know that, whether you are a Republican. Or a Democrat. Or, an independent, the. Salvation. Of our democracy for, those who support Trump or oppose Trump or those who want other candidates. Or not the. Salvation, of our democracy is. With, the American people, and most, especially, with your, generation. So. In. Closing, I want to make one thing clear, I'm. Here, to congratulate, you. I'm. Here to thank your parents and your teachers and. All, those who have made this joyous day possible. But. Very seriously, I am. Also here, to recruit, you. Your. Generation. Has. A. Mission. Ahead. Of it I, hope. That. You will find the will to succeed and, for those who doubt that you do I will. Repeat, that in America, the. Will to succeed is itself, a renewable, resource thank. You and congratulations. Thank, You, mr.. Gore on behalf. Of the University of Maryland in the class of 2018, it. Is my honor to present you with this small token of our appreciation for. Your, service, and. Inspiring. Message, today. I. Now. Have the, honor. To. Bestow upon Vice, President, Gore, the. Honorary, doctorate, of public. Service, Vice. President Gore. Would. You please. Under. The authority granted by, the state of Maryland to the Board of Regents and by, the authority that the board has. Delegated to, me I am. Proud, to confer upon, Vice President Albert. Gore the third the. Degree, Doctor. Of public. Service. I. Already. Did all right. Well. Thank you Vice President Gore and. Thank. You for your, prophetic. Voice. Your. Voice about. The. Responsibilities, of Millennials. Here today, to. Save the planet and to. Save our democracy thank, you so much. The. Late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood, Marshall, said. That. None, of us got. To where we are solely. On our own. As. Talented. And dedicated as, you are, you. Are not entirely. Self-made. Somebody. Bent. Down. Helped, you put on your boots. Taught. You how, to tie, those. Shoes and, because. That person or, persons. You. Are here, today. These. Persons who help you are of course in the audience. So. This. Is what I would like to do to recognize them this, is rotate, some choreography. So. It, has three. Parts to it I will describe, each part one at a time and. Then. We will try to orchestrate. It, first. But don't do this yet all the, parents, and family members who. Are here will. Stand up after. They. Stand up I would like to ask the graduates to please stand up, face. Your family members, and. Cheer. To. Thank them and as. They cheer the band will. Play a salute. Can. We do that all. Right, first. Well. The family and friends of the graduates please stand up. We'll all the students, please. Stand up and cheer them. And, the. Band will play salute. Thank. You. You. May be seated. We. Now come to the moment, that. You've all been waiting for when. The deans of the. Respective. Colleges, step. Forward one, at a time each, team, will introduce himself, or, herself. Introduce. The, respective, college with their, usual. Flair. And exuberance. SB, fits the occasion and, of. Course I invite. All of you the graduates to, stand up and cheer when. Your college is announced. For. The graduates, from the College of Agriculture, and natural resources please. Stand out. And also, if we have any golden, Turks please, stand up. Well. Good afternoon my, name is Craig B Rudy and I'm honored to serve as the Dean of the College of Agriculture, and natural resources we're. Proud of our place in history is the founding college of this land-grant, institution. Or as, we affectionately refer. To ourselves the. University's, cornerstone, College, we've, come a long way since 1856. Honoring. Our over 160. Year heritage, while, growing and adapting in an ever-changing world as our, newest graduates you, represent, the next generation, of agricultural professionals.

Land. Stewards, food scientists. Environmentalists. Convert. Conservationists. And future leaders in research. Education. And outreach you'll. Be at the forefront of eliminating, global hunger and malnutrition in the, face of a changing and unpredictable, climate developing. Sustainable resources, in green technology. And protecting. Our valuable, resources, and ecosystems like. The Chesapeake Bay my. Sincerest, congratulations to. Our newest graduates as you take your next steps towards, your bright future and our, better tomorrow, go Terps. Good. Afternoon Maryland, my. Name is dawn Linebaugh, and I'm the very proud interim. Dean of the School of Architecture planning. And preservation. Our. Fearless, graduates. Leave. Maryland, prepared, to design develop. Plan, and preserve, the communities, and neighborhoods we call home creating, sustainable. Equitable. Just, and beautiful. Places where. We live work, and play in, just. The last year and, I think you'll like this Vice President, Gore our amazing, students, rocked it at the US Department, of Energy Solar Decathlon. The. Maryland, team took second, place overall and first among all US competitors. Designing, a building that demonstrates. Innovative. Approaches. To sustainable. Housing in the, Urban Land Institute, competition. For urban design our, fearless, Maryland, students took second, place in a field of over a hundred universities. Defeating. Some of those little schools like UC, Berkeley, Harvard. And Michigan. Most. Recently, in the HUD innovation. And affordable, housing competition, our team took first place, with. A sensation. Say tional design scheme for, providing beautiful, and affordable housing and finally. Our undergraduate, architecture. Graduate. Who is here, today I hope Josh, turski, built, the student, organization. Terps. Against, hunger, which. One the do good challenge and, has packed over two million meals for food insecure. Folks, during his leadership. So. So, will the award-winning. Innovative. And compassionate. Students of the School of Architecture planning, and, preservation please. Stand and be recognized. Good. Afternoon I'm. Bonnie, Thornton, dill professor, of women's studies and honored, to be Dean of the College, of Arts and Humanities. Affectionately. Known as our hue. Now. As Michele, Sauer already, demonstrated. Our, students. Who are graduating, from our college have already demonstrated, their. Fearlessness. Because. They have chosen to major in, fields, where parents, might have said what. Are you going to do with that degree. But. What they know now is. That. They have the skills and talents, employers. Seek in the 21st, century because, they write well they. Read critically they. Listen, actively, they communicate. Effectively, and they think creatively. They. Are culturally, aware and linguistically. Adept, they. Are world wise, and, civically. Educated. And because. They are all of these wonderful things those, parents, who were worried. 95%. Of our last year's graduates. Were placed in jobs, graduate. School service, programs, or started. Their own businesses. So, graduates. Of the College of Arts and Humanities you. Have a lot to be proud of and, if you are our Hugh. Please. Stand, up and give yourselves, a big round of, applause. I'm. Greg ball Dean of the College of behavioral, and social sciences, that we call B saw. Will. The graduates, of B sauce in 2018. Please stand. President. LOH. What. Are the greatest problems. Facing our world today, poverty. Wealth inequality. Crime racism. Terrorism. Mental. Illness, human-made, environmental. Problems. Political. Dysfunction, social. Dysfunction of all sorts, and cultural, enemy, who. I ask you is going to help us solve these problems, and I present to you the graduates, of be sauce because, what we study, will, solve these problems. Congratulations. I'm. Alex tree anis Dean of the Robert H Smith School of Business with, the graduates, grace all rise. When. The school of business became, the Robert H Smith School of Business mr., Smith said it. Is my dream that, each student, who graduates, will, be an ambitious, dreamer a courageous. Risk-taker. In a, principled. Ethical, leader who, will work to make this world a better place. Go. Make mr. Smith proud make us all proud and be fearless leaders. Hi. I. Am. Amitabh. Bachchan, a Dean. Of the College, of computer. Mathematical. And Natural, Sciences. We'll, all the, graduates, of semanas, please rise. We. Are, the, largest college. Because. Science. Is fascinating. And expensive. From. Observing, the. Farthest, reaches, of the, universe to. Exploiting. The tiniest, atom, from. Examining, how. A planet, formed, to understanding. How its climate, is changing from.

Pushing The, limits, of computation. To. Understanding. Life itself. You our, graduates. Have made science, a fearless. Idea. To, all of our, fearless, graduates. Who. Have dedicated their, lives to science. Congratulations. Good. Afternoon, my. Name is Jennifer, King rice and I am Dean of the College of Education. With. The graduates of the College of Education please, stand and, be recognized. As. Miss chels speech, so, eloquently. Illustrates, the, College of Education prepares. Its, graduates to take on one. Of the most important. And consequential. Challenges. Of our day to educate, the, next generation of. Global. Citizens, not. Only to master, subjects, like, math language arts, science. And history but. Also to achieve much, broader, goals of contributing. To the economic social. Political and. Civic. Fabric, of our communities, our nation and, our world our, graduates. Will, be teachers counselors. Transformative. Leaders, policymakers. And, scholars. They're. Prepared, to be innovators, in education, and human development research. And they're, committed to work that, will foster goals, of diversity, equity and. Inclusion. And that will, improve opportunities, and, outcomes for. All individuals. We. Specialize. In positive. Externalities. Graduates. This is an awesome responsibility, but you are prepared to take it on you, have much to be proud of and much, to look forward to, congratulations. Good. Afternoon I. Am. Daryl pines and I am the Dean of the a James, Clark School of Engineering. Will. The graduates of the Clark school please rise and be recognized. President. LOH and Vice, President Gore I present. To you the, graduates, who will answer the call to action from your your, book and Inconvenient, Truth to engineer, solutions to climate change and make our planet more sustainable, by, what by developing, novel clean, energy solutions, like the first-ever. Sustainable. Wood battery. By. Also engineering, new transportation, solutions. Like Elon Musk's Hyperloop where. Yes the University, of Maryland came in fifth place and second. In the United States ahead, of a small school in Massachusetts called, MIT. And. Yes, by. Engineering, Net, Zero off-the-grid, homes as done from architecture, mentioned we, did not just come in second place last year we came in 2011, first in the world with watershed, we, will, engineer smooth solutions. And finally. These engineers, will. Be fearless and they will impact the world and make, it a better place, congratulations. Graduates. And one lap. And, one last personal, note I just. Want to since, I have the mic I want to congratulate my daughter kalila, Pines out of C M&S who. Is graduating today thank you very much. Hello. Everyone. My. Name is Boris lushniak I'm, the Dean of the School of Public Health well public health graduates, please arrive. Now. It's no big secret here that. In fact health is really the key component. Of our. Society. So. Right now health, what's, health all about health, is about the physical, component, everybody in the audience stretch, a little bit we've been sitting for a while, stretch, get those muscles moving. It's about mental, health, everyone. Quiet down for a little bit cherish. This moment the. Beauty, of us. Gathering, as a Terp family, to celebrate, our graduates. It's. About social, health, hug. Somebody or handshake somebody, around you president. Everyone. Out there. So. Public health it's. About preventing, disease, and injury it's about promoting health, and well-being and, it's. About prolonging, a high quality, of life let's. Take on those, challenges let's, fearless, Li take on those challenges. Realizing. That ahead of us are many things the. Opioid crisis, a public health challenge yes. Can. We do something about it yes. Climate. Change, the climate crisis, is it a public health crisis, yes, can. We do something about it yes. Gun. Violence, is it. A public health crisis, yes, can, we do something about it yes, graduates. Of the School of Public Health Bebo. And do good. Fearlessly. Do go. Good. Afternoon my, name is Keith Mars hello and, I'm in the Dean of the College of Information studies.

Maryland's. ISchool, well. The I school students please stand up and be recognized. Our. High school students, have. Learned, how. To, delve. This sea. Of data that around us and take, that data to. Information to action, our. Students, have learned how to use technology. Advanced. Technology, and shape it for the betterment of humanity our, students, have learned about people, how. To help both individuals, and increase societal, good and our. Students go off and do great, things be, them librarians, or be, them user experience, designers, or be, them digital forensic, specialists. Go. Do good congratulations. High School students. Good. Afternoon, I'm. Lucy, Dalglish Dean, of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. With. The graduates, of mighty Merrill College please, stand up and make a lot of noise. Ladies. And gentlemen these young journalists, have spent the last few years learning, to illuminate, their communities, and speak. Truth to power. Maril, college graduates, are taught to seek the truth and report. It fairly, ethically. Legally. And independently. Folks. Nothing these folks do is fake. Over. The past year alone maril students, have won numerous national, awards, for writing stories about asthma rates in poor neighborhoods in, Baltimore, they. Have produced documentaries. About the opioid, epidemic in, Maryland. They. Have designed award-winning, data visualizations. About, pedestrian. Traffic, deaths in Maryland, they. Have used words data. And pictures, to, bring you the information you need to make your family safer. And healthier, to. Make enlightened, decisions, at the ballot box to. Make you laugh and to, make you cry please. Join me in congratulating these, fearless young journals. Good. Afternoon, I'm. Bob Orr and I'm the proud dean of the School of Public Policy I. Asked. That the graduates, of public policy, including. Our very first class of undergraduates. Please. Rise and be recognized. Graduates. You. Have spent your time here honing, your policy, and governance skills broadening. Your thinking, and delving, into real-world problems, you. Have not waited to graduate, to make your impact but, have already rolled up your sleeves and just, in your time here, you, have helped to implement the Paris agreement on climate change by. Building bottom-up, action, and international. Support when, our national leadership faltered. You. Have innovated, solutions, and created, dynamic, new organizations. To, fill food deserts, and gender-based. Violence. Welcomed. Immigrants, and ensure, our senior citizens can, get up when they fall, you. Have helped to draft important. Legislation, from. Annapolis to. Washington, DC and all, the way to. New Delhi India and you. Have defended, the integrity, of every, Americans, vote through, enhanced, election. Cyber security and bold, civic, engagement, every. Day and in, every way you, are making democracy, work. Policy. Terps I can't, wait to see what you're gonna do with those new degrees. Congratulate. I'm. Steve fitter interim, dean of the graduate, school which. Will celebrate the, 100th, anniversary of its founding later this year, we'll. All students, receiving, master's degrees, from all schools and colleges, please stand. The, master's, degree recognizes. Advanced Study at an academic discipline. Or professional, practice, you've. Demonstrated advanced. Knowledge and skills in analysis or professional, application. And, the ability to solve complex problems. Think rigorously, and independently, and perform at a high level you've. Demonstrated, mastery. In, your field and profession, congratulations.

We'll. All. Students. Receiving, doctoral, degrees from, all schools and colleges, please stand. You, are receiving the highest degree offered, by the University, of Maryland, the, PhD, is what defines us as a research university you. Spent long hours, in a laboratory in, libraries. And archives and hunched over a computer you. Demonstrated. The ability to do independent, and original, research and scholarship and to, create new knowledge you. Are now an expert from whom other researchers, and scholars will, learn. Congratulations. Good. Afternoon I'm, William Cohen Dean for undergraduate, studies. The, office of undergraduate, studies, runs programs, that reach every student on this campus we, oversee the Honors College College. Park scholars the, academic, achievement programs letters, and Sciences, and many other offices, that extend across the whole University, including. The general education program through, which all undergraduates, take, classes in a variety of subject, areas today. We recognize those graduates for whom the 90, majors, offered, at this university did, not suffice, these. Fearless students, designed their own rigorous. Interdisciplinary. Majors, in the individual, studies program, with. The bachelor degree recipients, in individual, Studies majors, please rise to, be recognized. Good. Afternoon and welcome i'm bob acremant seda interim, dean of university libraries. So. You're probably wondering who I'm gonna call to stand up. Here's. Who, would. All the students, who ever went to the libraries, or used. Or. Use, library, resources anywhere. Or, should, have done so please rise. That. Should cover just about everybody, at. The University, Libraries. We. Consider, all of your students. So. Please give yourself a big. Round of applause and congratulations. Thank. You Dean great. To see all the, energy. And enthusiasm that. You bring to this university, and that you.

Instill. In your graduates, so, now we, come to the most important. Moment, the moment when you are authorized. To. Receive your degrees and, in. A, moment the Provost, will come forward, she. Will describe, the scores, of degrees, that are awarded by this university, you'll be stunned to know how many different. Kinds of degrees we, award, but. For the benefit perhaps of. Parents. And friends who are here let. Me just take a moment. To. Elucidate. The. True meaning, of all. Of these diplomas. You. See when you're when, your student. When. He or she was in high school. I'm. Talking to you graduates when you were in high school and. You. Thought that you, knew everything, that. There is to know that. Is. When they give you a high school diploma. Then. You come to college and. Then. You, realize, that, there. Is so, much you, do, not know, when. Their realization. Dawn's upon you. That. Is when we award, you a Bachelor, of Arts degree. And. Then. If. You decide to stay. In graduate, school. And. You. Realize not only do, you know very little. But. That your professors. Know very little -. That. Is when you have earned the PhD, degree. After. All what. Is edu

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