2018 ICPC World Finals, Closing ceremony

2018 ICPC World Finals, Closing ceremony

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Minutes Bible, news university. Problems. Started to get a little harder, now moscow. State university solved. The next problem in 41 minutes problem. H single. Cut of failure. Next. At the, 64th, minute, problem. I triangles. Was solved, by Sharif University. Of Technology. Then. It took a little bit longer, the next problem to be solved problem chief Jeep, panda preserve soft. It 140. Minutes by Moscow State University. And. The, next problem solved, was done, at the, 203, minute, mark by picking, a university, problem, DGM, island. Ok. Sneaking, in at the 4:00 hour near the four hour mark at. 229 minutes, problem. E getting, a jump on crime was solved by the Moscow Institute of Physics and technology. Okay. Whether any other problems or solve we'll have to find out one. Final thing on behalf of the judges we'd like to congratulate all the teams that competed this year in the world finals thank you. We. Would like to take a moment to, congratulate all, of our past World Finals champions. And. Now let's visit past, champions. Of the HTM international. Collegiate programming, contest. In. 1977. High CPC world, champions, Michigan. State University. In 1978. ICBC. World champion, MIT. In. 1979. I CPC. World champion. Washington. University, st. Louis repeating. In 1980. Then. In 1981. The. University, of Missouri Rollo became. Champions, 82, favorite. University, and, 83. To, world champions, with from, the University, of nebraska-lincoln. And. 84, Johns Hopkins University. And 85, Stanford, University, in 86, Caltech and 87. The Stanford, University of 88 Caltech, and 89. UCLA. The. 1999. University of Otago the New Zealand, became, world champions, and 91, Stanford. University, and 92, melbourne. University australia and. 93. Harvard, University, in 94. The University, of Waterloo and. 95. The. World champions, were, Albert Lou Vic's anniversary, Pat Craig world in 96. The University, of California, Berkeley, in 97. Harvey, Mudd College in. 1998. Charles, University frog, a 1999. The University, of Waterloo in. The. Year 2000. St. Petersburg, State University. Became champions. They. Repeated, in 2001. In, 2002. Shanghai. Jiao Tong, University, won. The competition, in 2003. University. Of Warsaw. 2004. St., Petersburg, ITM of, 2005. Shanghai. Jiaotong University. 2006. Sirata, State University, in 2007. University. Of Warsaw. 2008. St., Petersburg, I TMO repeating, in 2009. 2010. Shanghai. Jiaotong, University in. 2011. Jae'sean, University. In 2012, st.. Petersburg, IMO repeating, in, 2013-2014. St.. Petersburg, State University. 2015. St. Petersburg, Idaho, 2016. St., Petersburg, State University. And in, 2017. The ICGC. World champions, were, st. Petersburg, IT MO and they rain today but only for about an hour, we. All look forward to. Greeting and, congratulating. The. 2018. ICBC. World. Champions. Of the. 42nd. Annual, HD of international, collegiate programming, contest sponsored. By, founder, group and JetBrains, and hosted. By painting, university. MC. Y SC right. Here in bay. And. The. Winner of the 2018, world, a wait we're, gonna have to wait just, a little bit, so. To get us started to, find out the winner of this year's World Finals, I would like to invite bill, pouch er ACMI, CPC, executive, director, and I, CPC, Foundation President, John. Clevenger, ACMI, CPC, technical, director. A CMI, CPC live director, to join me on the stage. I. Would. Also like at this time to welcome to the stage our, global. Sponsors, without. Their help none of this would, be possible so. Would our global, sponsor, founder, group and JetBrains please join us on the stage. It. Will take a moment, you know how computers, are. Okay. While, we. Wait. For the computer to decide, who won oh no. It's not the computer it's. The judges and it's the performance, of the teams. Oh. Well. Let's see it seems like there's some time here. Too. Until. We get the resolved or resolved, so. Let. Me think what. Could I talk, to you about. Well. Let. Me let me tell you about how wonderful a town Waco, Texas is. If. You. Go to Waco. Texas. You, go to the, town, where, my wife, lives, and that, just automatically, makes it wonderful right, and and also.

There's Baylor, University. There. And, we, have some metal, Cal's. Let. Me think, what. Wait. Wait a second okay so let me talk, to you about how wonderful Beijing. Is but. All. Right bait but Beijing is hosting, goodness, we're facing, is hosting. The, world finals in making University, and, cast, and and. And. Founder, group and. I. Have. No idea why we talked about to you're. Not supposed to be here you're. Supposed to be over there. I. Still. Think Romana and I should take the cup but. Okay. So we're going to, now. Go. Through a process, that we call the ICPC, resolver. And. I'm, waiting for the people in the back to tell me to start. It. If. You don't hurry up I'm gonna call bill back up here again. Let's. See. Ramon. We could do a little dance, up here. Well. Are we ready to go. Okay. There. We go. So. The. Last. Hour of the. Contest. As you as you. All know the scoreboard, was frozen. The, judges continued, to judge, runs. And. We. Ended up with. Something. Like I think it says. 639. Submissions. During. That last hour, so. If Roman, we're gonna go through and look at what. What. The result of that was so. To start. At. The time the scoreboard, was frozen with, one hour to go in the contest, the. Core. Board looked like this and. I, think I, can, sort of see that but I wonder if the audience can see that do. We need lights. Down a little bit or can you see that in the audience. Okay. We're, working on lighting, person. Okay. So Ramon, this is what the scoreboard looked, like at. The, one. Hour to go mark you can see all those greens, up, there those are solved, problems. Problems. A through. K from left, to right, and. All, of the yellows are, pending. Runs they, each have, numbers. In them the first number. Indicates, the, number. Of submissions on, that problem and the. Second. Number indicates, the submission, time of, the first of those submissions. So what, we're going to do now is we're going to go down to the. Bottom. Of the. Scoreboard and, we're, going to work our way up we're, going to run, the resolver. And resolve. All, of those pending, runs, starting. With all, of the pending. Runs that, put people into, the. Honorable. Mention category, and, there's a lot of teams here, we go all the way down to here so, this, again is the scoreboard, at the start of, the frozen, period, with one hour to go in the contest, so. Before, I continue let. Me say, that, I apologize. To, all of you whose. School. Names are beyond, my meager. Pronunciation. Capabilities. I will do the best I can I apologize, if I mistake. The. Pronunciation. So, we'll start here, that. The team, currently, in. One hundred and thirty eighth place the University, of computer studies from Yangon they have one pending. Run seven. Submissions. In the last hour with the last of those coming, at minute, two hundred and ninety eight out. Of 300, in the contest, so let's see what happens, we're going to take all of those runs and we're going to put them into the. Judges. Queue, and this.

Is What you would have seen going on during the contest, except. That we're now going to resolve, all those runs in the pending run and Yangon, didn't get it but Pinar del rio got one they move ahead, karachi. Fails, but university, to Pinar del rio gets one University. Of Tsukuba gets, one Braska, Lincoln has two, different problems they didn't get either of them University, of Pretoria has, a no University, of Pretoria submitted, another one and that was a no Shaheed Beheshti get say yes and they move up ite. SM. Get, say yes and they move up the. Technological. Deep area moves, fails. But university, ID to Costa Rica get, say yes they move up Western Australia. Has a no but another one it's also notice Shireen gets say yes they move up, the. Columbia. Bogota, gets a no. Cairo. University get, say yes they move upwards. University. Of dodge away don't know a new new, Lyon gets a no and then they have all these runs on this problem and 12, submissions, and they got one and they move yes. Tishreen. Get say yes and they move up SATA Dantonio. Masayo get, say yes Cairo University get CS University, of Pennsylvania, get say yes to, LaLanne Korn get say yes and they move up University, of Illinois to submissions. And they get a yes on one of them Ho Chi Minh get say yes they move up Elba the university, has two problems, they get a no on both of them higher Institute, for Applied Sciences, and technology, gets a yes they move up South Dakota School of Mines says to the second one gives, a yes they move up iit, camp, or is to the second one is a yes they move up cuz och British Technical. University has, to their unfortunately, both no Washington, University, st. Louis first ones a no the, second problem is no, the third one's a yes they move up alibi yet say yes and they move up University, of Maryland, has ten submissions. And, unfortunately. They're all wrong another, problem. And unfortunately that one's a no also Waterloo. Gets a no water lewis and no and it may move up a get a yes Virginia, Tech has two problems, unfortunately. They're both no shallow. University. Gets a yes they move up Eleonore, by champagne gets a yes hochiminh gets, Universidade. Chi Leggett say yes Rose, Hulman get say yes, Jean, Jiao Tong University get. Say yes Beijing, University posts. And telecommunications as. A No chou-heung. University, gets a no IIT, Delhi, gets a yes shell shall Shah, Jalal University, gets it yes Waterloo, gets a no but Burgin gets a yes move up a trick attract, gets a yes Northwestern. Get say yes. Polar. Technica gets a no Damascus. University has. A yes federal. De Campina Grande gets a no hawai. Shown University, they get a yes they move up IIT Madras has, two problems the second one's a yes they move up Sao, Paulo South. Carlos, gets in yes. Universidade. Federal de, Panama, bucko gets a no the second one is also no Alexandria. Get say yes they move up chase. Young gets a yes and they move up Sophia. Gets it yes. Rio. Grande do Norte this. First ones I know but the second ones that yes they move up Cornell, has a successful. Submission. Cairo. University gets. A no IIT, gets, an OT o BB gets a yes they move up it calls superior, first. Ones no but the second ones yes moscow, aviation. Gets a yes Dorit. The Rio de Janeiro. The. First one they get a yes and they move up nationale. De Rosario, gets another yes and they move up, the. University of Tartu gets a no but the second one's a yes they move up Wuhan, University is. Successful. USC. From Southern California the first ones no the second one is yes they move up Colorado, School of Mines has two problems first. Ones no second, ones Noah Belarusian, state the first ones no but they've got two more submissions, the second one is a yes and they move up and what, that does is complete, the first pass through the. Judges, q and so, Roman what that means is, that, determines. The teams. That are in the honorable mention category, and so we'll go through them here Roman, join. Me please. Al-baath. University. In nfe. Beijing. University of, posts and telecommunications. Chaitanya. University. Faculty. Of engineering, Cairo University.

Indian. Institute, of Technology Kanpur. International. Institute of information technology bangalore. A, gsm, campus. Karachi. Institute, of economics, and Technology. Pontifical. University khatola. Comadre maestra. South. Dakota, School of Mines and technology. Tishreen. Universities. Universidad. De la vega of candy so we're going to. Where. Got. A native, Russian speaker and, a native English speaker trying, to deal with the rest of the world, okay, so let's. Oh, that. Was too far. Forward. Forward. Oh no. That's, wrong, we'll, go back computers. Are wonderful. Back. Back. Back. Okay. Well, let's, see. Do-do-do-do-do-do. Okay. Apparently. Roman, if you and I had been in the program we would not be in, the top winners. Okay. So. Let. Me get. Well. This is a good opportunity. Okay. We've already seen all this let's speed, this up a little bit okay. And no we're not even going to try to, read that that fast. Okay. And. Let's. See do, too. All. Right a little more leisurely. Pace let's wait a little catches up here. And. Remind. Where would, you like to step up here and join me so they can hear you all. So, let's. See I think we, were somewhere right. Around here, I, think you did, that one and I did that one and you did that one and I did that one and so let's go right here you did that when I just start right there. Did. You do to Universidad. Central a, Marta, of Rio de, las vs central. De la universidad. De Costa Rica universidad, de antonio. Universidad. De Pinar del rio. Universidad. Tecnológica. Dear para. Universidad. Federal, depend on buco. University. Of Maryland, University of nebraska-lincoln. University. Of Pennsylvania. University. Of Tsukuba University. University. Of Wisconsin Madison and. Washington. University in, st. Louis. Okay. Hopefully. The rest of it will go a little smoother, here. We go, so. We've finished the honorable mention category, so we're going to go ahead and, resolve. The. Do. To to to, to to to to. To. We'll go back we're. Gonna do this right. Here. We go. Just. Wait they'll come back they'll, come back. Okay. Hang. On hang, on. Yeah. No bill bill, I'm in enough trouble up here I don't think I need you two to. Help, me out any further. Well. Let's, see what happens. I. Know. What's, going on. Okay. Here, we go. Yes. Yes. Yes. I I can't figure out how to get it in to see. What. I. Don't know. You. Have a key spec. See. They're seeing that over there which, is completely. I don't know either. See. I think I. Think. See. It's a proceeding off of these keys. Let's. Start from the beginning. Where's. Your temp folder for sitios. Well. It's the same machine tempo. We. Have the judges back up here to present the first solution Awards, please. We're. Gonna rewind, all the way to the beginning of the event. The, stars, at, night they. Shine so bright. Bum-bum-bum-bum, deep in the heart of. Texas. I. Don't. Know what you're doing you want to race Tim right. It's. For Santana right if the system kept going to lose this boys. Now. It's not tim TMP, it's it's %, te MV, %. The. Temple. Using. The system temples. Sam. What's the name of the folder in temp. Click. On this window, erase. Space, %. Yes. Okay. There was something. Okay. Now. Usually now, you, move. Me out. Here. You want to get into there. Here. You need beaners. Okay. We should close this one. All. Right let's go on up here Holly now. Like. Like. I I told you you. Know there are some great things in, Texas, and great folks and we. Have Holly Tucker, here, a Holly, Tucker's. Mom runs, the, School, of Engineering, and, computer science and. Reality, and she's, in the back room so I started, thinking huh.

Since. Holly is is. A. Musical, artist and appeared. On The Voice Holly, why. Don't you sing a song here and when I need to I can go bum bum bum bum, well. Right, I mean she, she's, really, good. And. And. She has a voice. That that. That. Is beautiful weather, we have accompaniment, or not so Holly here you are. Hey. Y'all. All. Right do y'all know the song lean on me do y'all know that song all. Right well if you know it you got to sing it with me okay. You. Just call, on, me, brother when, you, need a head. We. All need, somebody. To. Lean. On. I. Just might. Have. A problem. Better. You, understand. We. All need somebody. To. Lean. On. You know me. When. You're not strong. And. I'll be your friend. I'll. Help you, carry. On. For. It, won't, be. Long. So. I'm gonna, need. Somebody. To. Lean. On. Lean on. Me, when. You're. Not strong. And. Now be your friend. I'll. Help you, carry. On. It. Won't, be, long. So. I'm gonna, need. Somebody. To. Lean. Well. You know and. It really took a lot, of work, to. Sabotage, this, so I could hear Solly that, was awesome thank you thank, you okay. We're, good, Thank, You Holly. I. Don't. Know what to say she's, better-looking, than us and she sings better than us. Okay. Hopefully. We're. Where, we thought. We were going to be we just finished looking at all the honorable, mentions now we're gonna move ahead and, look. At the, next set of, pending. Submissions, as you can see starting. Above, the, honorable. Mention category, there, are a whole, bunch of teams, with no pending, runs but. We move ahead and, finally. We get to mahjong. University, they have two pending runs there the second, ones a yes and they move up so, we've got iid. Milagros, they have no pending runs chilly as no pending runs Damascus, is done Alexandria. Is finished shall jello University, is. Finished, Rose Hulman has no runs IIT, Delhi is finished Bergen has no runs Cornell, has a pending run but unfortunately, it's a no-go Rio de Janeiro is, finished. Western, northwestern, politic, is done Wuhan, is no pending on Charles University Prague, has, two runs are both knows, who track yet say yes and they move up, Moscow. Aviation, you also get say yes and they move up Sophia is finished, as young University, as a pending run unfortunately, it's a no the, campus, to Sao Paulo has two runs are both nose underbrush cidade Nacional, de Rosario is finished federal, dodrio, to North, Ronde to Norte is done and, there. We go University of Tartu is finished école normale, superiore is finished, ETH, gets it yes and they move up they have another run tio, VB has two pending, run problems, they're both knows taras, shevchenko. Is finished sharif university, the cliche, team they get a yes and they move up iit. Kharagpur, is, finished, iit patent, is done, Ulsan, national. Is as a yes and they move up the, University, of Southern California. Is finished Tokyo Institute, is, done Neymar food they get a yes they move up Belarusian. Has finished Institute. Technological. Been doing get say yes Beijing, Normal get say yes and they move up electronic. Science and technology, in China has two problems are both no unfortunately. School, in a more superior or has two the second was a yes and they move up IIT. Roorkee has, one unfortunately, it's a notice alright they get it yes and they have another pending run still Hangzhou. Has two, problems with pending runs the second one's a yes they move up perm, state, has a, yes, on the first one Arab Academy, for Science and Technology, is finished Pontifical. University Auto. Locos finished, Cambridge. Has two problems the second ones that yes they move up Zhang. Zhang has a yes and they move up with another pending, run and, you ut-austin, is. Giacalone, ian has two problems a second ones correct, they move up Latvia.

Has, No. Ego rod has two problems with pending runs the second, problem is solved they move up German, University in Cairo has finished Bangladesh. University. Gets on no Chinese, University. Of Hong Kong is done University, of Michigan Ann Arbor is finished University, of British Columbia is. Done, princess, samaya has two problems, the first one to know and the second one is to know however, you, notice, that it stops right here there's a reason for that Romine, that's, because princess to my university for technologists, african aminos champions, Bravo. Otto princess, survived versus technology, please come on space your. African. Congratulations. Princess. Amazing vision for technology please, come on stage to. Get your prize. Big. Round of applause. Congratulations. With. The regional, contest. Directors, come up with these teams so, from, the Arab Academy, if. You would please come on up I'm, sorry we didn't make that announcement come on up, because. Our. Contest, directors, are the ones that created, this opportunity so, come right on up. All. Right congratulations, princess. Amaya University. For technology. So. Roman let's have a mic check here can we hear you. Okay. Excuse. Me okay. So, we're. Moving. Ahead here we go Roman we're going to continue resolving. Moving. Up one team, we have the National, University, of Singapore, they. Have pending. Submissions. On two different problems the, first one is to know the, second one unfortunately, is no Carnegie, Mellon has two problems, the first one to know the second one's a yes they move up one. Dong University. Has two problems this eka Wednesday yes they move up bucharest. Has pending, runs on three problems first one to know the second one say yes they move up st., Petersburg academic, has pending, runs on two problems, in there both those unfortunately. And what, that does is complete, the entire category. Of, those. Teams, in 56. Place, solving. Four problems. So Roman, will, go through this, list and hopefully it'll work better than last time. Arab. Academy, for Science and Technology, Alexandria. Belarusian. State University. Cornell. University. German. University, in Cairo. Indian. Institute of Technology Delhi. Indian. Institute of Technology Madras. Indian. Institute, of Technology Roorkee. Northwestern. Polytechnic. University. Princess. Samaya University. For technology. Shall. Jalal University. Of Science and Technology. St.. Petersburg academic, University. Hong. Kong University. Hub. University. University. Nationale. De rosario. University. Of bergen. University. Electrike, a technology, of china. University. Of latvia. University. Of michigan. Wuhan. University. We. Were closer. Okay. So. Moving. On. For. Zhang University. Of Science and Technology has. No. Pending runs so, we move ahead and. Columbia. University. Has a pending run it is. A, no. And. So we move on attract, University, has no pending, runs we, move on Moscow, Aviation Institute, no, pending runs whose garage national, no runs to reef technology. No, runs University, of Helsinki get say yes they move up. Zurich, get say yes and they move, ulsan, national, has. No, runs Tokyo, Institute has, a no they're finished Oxford, has a know they're done when Jodie Anzhi university, is done John shank it's a yes and they move up, Novosibirsk. Has no runs they're finished Saratov has a pending run but it's a no school, of normal Supriya our is finished, Beijing, Normal University gets. A no Institut Teknologi Bandung, gets, a no Cambridge. Has no runs at University, of California. Has no runs perm state has a pending run it's a no jag alone ian has no run Stanford, as pending runs on three problems the first ones that yes, pooja. Has a yes, one they move up Harvard. University, has three different problems, the first ones - no the second ones - no and the third was a yes they move up University. Of Bucharest get, say yes and they move up st. Petersburg, State has two problems the first ones a no the second ones yes they move up. Autonomy. Dimecaco has, no, is finished, IIT, hired, about as finished, national, researches, Don Carnegie, Mellon is done Guangdong is done, Nessun, l de Cordoba get say yes and they move up fo. Get say yes and they move up with another pending run still be Han University, get say yes and they move up chérif. Technology. Has two problems, and they're both knows but. We stop here because Roman. And. With, CJ, Wong come, up and the Asia West. Director. As well come, on. Professor, Gupta please come over here. Sorry. Vinegar steps technology. Asia. West champions, sure universal, technology. Big. Applause mr. Ramiro, selfie acknowledges, Asia West champions. Regulation. Angel Mets champions. Sure. If you're so technology. Applause. Congratulations. Let's. Continue congratulations. So now we, move further. Up the standings, so moving. Forward we, have. L'viv. University, with two pending. Problems. The first ones to no the second ones yes they move up engineering.

A Technology, being you get say yes they move up sao paulo has a pending run and that's a yes they move up and. That. Completes, all, of the people in that category 31st. Place solving. Five problems shall. We try this again roma, let's zoom there we go. He's. Be jinx normal university carnegie, mellon university long, be diversity. Facultad. De sensee universidad. Nacional de. Mexico, grant, don't you ever stop technology, hangs. Out the on z university, large on University of Science and Technology Institute. Teknologi. Bandung, international. Student of information, technology for their body alone. University. In Cracow most, corporation, Institute national. Research university, higher. School, of Economics, Novus. Abuse State, University perm, State University. Rodham State University squirrel, Anan wild superior. Service. Of Technology Co sham shariff, University. Of Technology, crockpot Tokyo, Institute of Technology, Ulsan, National, Institute of Science and Technology University. Of, California, Berkeley University, of Cambridge, University. Of Oxford, attractor. University was, Kurt National University. That completes, our 31st, place. Congratulations. To all teams. 31st. Place sold it by problems. All. Right we're, getting down to it we're in the top 30, of the, world finals so moving, ahead University. Of Cell Helsinki. Has no pending runs, ETH, Zurich is finish dong Qiang has no more runs fujiyama's, no more runs Harvard, is done national, de Cordoba, is finished, bucharest, has no more runs Bay Hong University, is done st. Petersburg, State is finished Stanford, University, has two problems first ones to know the second one to know they're finished Vilnius, University has. Two problems the second one's a yes they move ahead. Euro. Federal get say yes and they move ahead. KAIST. Has a no Fudan University has. A no Central. Florida has a problem in say yes they move ahead. L'viv. Nationalists. Finish sao paulo, is, finished. But again roman we stop here because. Because. The new mister densha de sao paulo Leyton American, champions, come to delicious beef round of applause to Utica surface saw Paula Yates in America champions. And. Would. Regional, director madero come up. University. Sao Paulo waits, in American, champion. Congratulations. Welcome, to the station. You're. Nervous to dodge this all follow Layton, American champions, off. 42nd. Annual. International. Collegiate forgot. Me conscious world finals professor. Anita come, up. That's, Universal, edge this how follow. Worcester. Never said this. How follow oh wait I American champions, congratulations. Look, at the photographer's for. Our picture of a lifetime you. Did. It great you're late an American champion Skinner relations. Congratulations. All. Right we're into, the top 16. Well. Let's see we start with the University, of Tokyo, who, have pending, runs on two different, problems the, first one is the yes and they move up with another pending run MIT. Get, say yes and they move up into fifth place Taiwan. They. Have a no we move up University. Of Technology, being you as finishing I shall Tonkin say yes and they move up seeing. Why university gets he yes and they move up st. Petersburg, IT mo, gets a no the, second one say yes and they move forward, University. Of Warsaw has two problems the first ones to know the second one's a no but, once again Roman we stopped here because, universe. Of war sir our European, champions, the orphan champion self international collegiate programming, contest. University. Of Warsaw, Bob. Amana buck please come up the. University, of Warsaw. European. Champions. They've. Been world champions, two times and both. Times there were European, champions, they were. Also the world champions, so that's first. European championship with, all the world champion title for them but that's still terrific performance.

Welcome. To the stage. Big. Round of applause. University. Of Warsaw Yerevan. Champions, of the 42nd. International, collegiate programming, contest. Our. Relations. Universe at worse off. Please. Welcome Ezra was warpless University, of Warsaw girlfriend, champions, of the 42nd, international, collegiate programming, contest. University. Of Warsaw. Congratulations. University, of Warsaw, well. It's getting close bill we're. We're right down we're, coming, down to it, remember. That the I CPC. Rules. Specify. That, the top 12 teams, get, medals so. Let's, see what, happens, here, University, of New South Wales currently. In 13th, place with. Pending. Runs on two different, problems a total of eight different submissions, so the first one is. Yes. And they move up. So. The competition, is very tough here we're still trying to figure out who, our medalists, are going to be Seoul. National, University has. Pending runs on two different problems, including. A run submitted, at minute. 299. In, the contest, so, let's take a look at that one and see what happens, oh that's. A no well, they have five submissions, on. A. Problem, e let's, take a look at that one it's a yes and they move up. Well. We go back down here and, so, what, what that has now done, has. Resolved. Everything. Below. 13th. Place, and that means that, we have the, following, teams in, 14th, place, solving. Six problems. B. Hunk University. ETH. Zurich, for, dot University, who's, our University. Harvard University. KAIST. Leaf, National, University, st.. Petersburg, State University's. Ten perk University, Taiwan. University. Nacional, de cordoba epic, and pay, in my effort. Universidad. De Sao Paulo University. Of Bucharest the, University. Of Engineering and, Technology vnu. University. Of Helsinki University, of. Warsaw, John, Chang's yat-sen, University. Congratulations. To all the teams in fourth place. Congratulations. To fortunes place winners. This. Competition. Was. Very, tough as. Jeff. Donohue, indicated. Earlier. He. Was afraid that, the entire problem. Set was going to be solved, in an hour and a half as. A matter of fact this, competition. Was so tough and the, division. Between, the teams was so menacing. That. The. ICPC. Headquarters. Executive. Director. Made, a decision, that based, on the performance. Of the top teams we. Would extend the medals and we, would award a 13th, place. Bronze, medal, to, a fairly, diverse our first bronze medal, a assault seven, problems. Were. All Federal University, bronze. Medalist, of 42nd. Annual international. Collegiate pardon, me contest roll finals, that's, their feasts bronze congratulations. To. Help can't, with Cyril, Federal University on this stage please. Where. Is our bronze medalist, so to help us award our metals, I would like to invite the following, people to the stage. Professor. Gao some vice-president, of baking university, and executive. Director, of the 2018. ACM. ICPC, World Finals, Orlando. Madrigal, UPE executive. Director, Jim, Benning Hoff vice provost. For academic affairs. And policy. Baylor, University, and Vicki Hanson ACM, president. Here.

They Go. Euro. Federal University our first bronze medalist, solving, seven problems, in the. 42nd. Annual international. Collegiate programming, contest. Do, a job of Ural Federal University. Our. Congratulations, to, rural Federal University our, first bronze medalist. That's, the bronze saw of international, collegiate programming, contest gorilla federal university huge. Applause Ural. Federal University, narrow crawls medal is. Gonna. Get really a chance. Okay. Well. Moving. On. We'll, continue in the bronze middle, this category, and you can all read the scoreboard you see what the status is and so Ramon that means a willness. University our bronze medal, is, Vilnius. University in. That's. They're just second appears in the world finals and they want bronze. That's. Well. Done great job from. Willness University, they. Saw seven trawlers and there were first, to solve problem in. Congratulations. To wellness University bronze medalist. Regulations. That bronze, medalists, of 2018. In, traditional collegiate programming contest University. Of Vilnius. Could. A girdle a chance being. A loss no bronze, medallist willness University solving. 7 probably I'm seeing the international, collegiate programming, contest. All. Right so, let's move along. Here. Let's see our next, bronze, medalist, is currently. In 11th place we have the University, of Tokyo, they. Have. Seven. Submissions. On, a, on. Problem. II if they, get this correct, they will jump into first. Place and, they do. My. My my what that means is we're back down to our 11th place and everybody, can read a scoreboard Roman, that means that's. Massachusetts's, of geologists bronze medals of international, collegiate programming, contest 2018. Massachusetts. Institute of Technology, bronze. Medal. Marble. Job from Massachusetts, Institute of Technology that's, our fourth bronze in, the international, collegiate programming, contest. Congratulations. To Massachusetts, adopt technologies. And. For us to the marbles job of MIT, team, congratulations. To Massachusetts, Institute of Technology or bronze medal is bronze medalist of international, collegiate programming, contest all. Files. John. All, right well. We move ahead we're, still looking at our bronze medalists, and again everybody, can read a scoreboard Roman. What we've got is, University. Of Central Florida our, bronze medalist, solving 7-foot problems, have that North American, champions University. Of Central Florida and. With. Dr.. Haru. G come up who, is the director of, North, America. And, I, would also like to invite to the stage our, North American regional. Sponsors, to Sigma, North. America champion, so that their first regional. Championship. Title, and, to. Sigma North America champion, champion. Sponsor. University. Of Central Florida that, Saxon, performance. First. Title. Of North American champions for, University, of Central Florida bronze. Medalist of the 42nd. International. Collegiate programming, contest war finals. University. Of Santo Freud upon Ximena is Norman American, champion, stolen seven problems in the 42nd. Annual international. Collegiate programming, contest World, Finals, congratulations. Big. Applause to University, of Central Florida North, American, champions, and bronze medalist, of the wolf finals, of international, collegiate programming, contest. And, we have a great shot now. Could. Be relations. Well. Again. Remind. Everybody, in the audience knows how to read a scoreboard what. We've got is saying, Pittsburgh eat my university, has, a bronze medal, this. Year that's, already champion. We, need bronze medal, this year take Pittsburgh high T for universities solving vii, problem, and first to solve problem F in, the side. The second annual. 2018. International. Collegiate programming. Contest. Pat. On the back for us in Pittsburgh I team or University. St., Petersburg I see my university bronze, medalist. In, the 42nd. International, collegiate programming, contest. Big. Applause to the sapiens, Boracay team our team. That's. Their great shot force in Pittsburgh I think my team let's cheer up for them. That's. How a bronze medalist. Say Pittsburgh at amok yes bronze medal. In between 2018, international. Collegiate programming, contest world, finals. John. And. Then. There were eight. So. Of course that means, we. Move into the, silver, metal category. But, who will our silver, medalists, be. Currently. In a place. Shanghai. Jiaotong, University. Solving. Seven problems, they, have for, submissions. On this, on. Problem, G if. They get this that, will jump, into first place, unfortunately. No, and so. Roman, what that means is, Sean. Hi John Q versus silver, meadow is solving, seven, problems, in.

42nd. Annual, international. Collegiate party contest hi hi Java code University, on first, silver metals that's 7th. Silver. Four days University. Seven, silver horse Shanghai Jiaotong University. Well. Deserved silver. For Shanghai Jiaotong University, congratulations. Shanhai. Joe Tony Eartha. Shanghai. Jiaotong University let's, cheer up for Shanghai Jiaotong University silver. Medal for international, collegiate programming, contest wall, finals. 2018. Shanghai. Jiao Tong, University. Bill. Being, applause shot hey Jody vs. silver medalist for. International, collegiate programming, contest. And. Again. It's pretty clear looking, at the scoreboard currently. In seventh place with, no more pending runs roll on that means see. When you versus silver medalist, solvent seven problems, welcome, a state secret university that's a fifteen. Smell. Amazing. Performance. From sequin university. Silver. Medalist of the, 42nd. International. Collegiate programming. Contest. City, University, can, relations. Think. Quite University. Being. Applause for think University so, Amanda is all the international collegiate programming, contest or, finals. Tribulation. To see toward University. Okay. Moving, on currently, in sixth, place our. Wonderful. Host University, baking, University. Currently. Having solved, seven, problems. They, have a, set, of four submissions. On, problem. G with. The last one having, been submitted, at minute. 299. One, minute, before the end of the contest, if, they get this run they will move into, first. Place. Shall. We see. Yes. But. There's still some tough competition to. Go now. Currently, in sixth place the University, of New South Wales, with, six, submissions. On. Problem. H let's. Take a look and see what happens, here, if they get this on. The first submission they, will jump into first place if they get it on any of the subsequent submissions they, will jump into second, place so. No. Unfortunately. Oh and, so Roman, what that means is, University. Of New South Wales on a silver, medal is solving. $7 there was the first to solve probably, key congratulations. To University. Of New South Wales that's. Their, just second, medal for the University but the first, one was in. 2001. So this is some great comeback, for, University of New South Wales, awesome. Performance, would. Race raehwan, Boursin. Please come up here. Congratulations. To university of utah's wells. Silver. Medalist of the international, collegiate programming, contest. Congratulations. University, of New South Wales. University. Of New South Wales. Silver. Medalist of the international, collegiate programming, contest. Delicious. University of New South Wales our silver, medal is so, minutes of 42nd, international, collegiate programming, contest, congratulations. Thank, You relations University of New South Wales. And. Then, there were five. Lying. For, the, last silver. Medal and the. Top four gold, medals. Currently. In fifth place having. Solved, seven problems. Moscow. State University. They. Have a total, of eight submissions. On two different problems problem. D and, problem. E let's. Take a look at that first one. Yes. And they move into first place. So. Going back that means in fifth place Roman. Sold. National University's silver, medalist sold in seven problem and first. To solve problem B. That's. The second, silver. Second. Silver for Seoul National University. Seoul. National University. Silver, medalist of the, 42nd. International. Collegiate programming, contest World Finals a.

Round. Of applause to Seoul National University syllabus. Of 42nd, international, collegiate programming, contest. So, National, University. Silver. Medalist of the 42nd. International, collegiate programming, contest white. House congratulations. John. Alright. So. Now we know who our gold medalists, are what, remains is to determine, what their order is and. Who. The champion is currently, Moscow. Institute of, Physics in technology, in, fourth place. They. Have one, submission. On, problem. D let's. Take a look if they get this they'll move into first place yes. They do. So. That very clearly means, in. Fourth place and gold, medalist, Roman the University, of Tokyo. Our first gold medal, solving. Eight problems. They're also, asia-pacific. Champions, that the second. Regional, championship, title and with, dr. Kaka he come up Ford, and also. CJ, Wang. Gold. Medal, for University. Of Tokyo, dr., Kaka he. And, can I also get, to come to the stage. Our. Gold partners, since. Time and quite, show. The. Yourself, Tokyo gold medalist an asia-pacific champions. Outstanding. My bad, and then. Our. Gold champion, I would also like to call to the stage the. Director, of cast. Mr.. Equation, palm, -. Please join us on the stage. The, University, of Tokyo, gold. Medalist, of the 42nd, international, collegiate programming, contest in asia-pacific, champions. Outstanding. Applause. To the yourself Tokyo gold medalist of the 42nd international collegiate programming, contest and. Asia-pacific. Champion softly for the second international collegiate programming. Contest. Congratulations. And. Last. But not least can I also get the representative, from 2 Sigma to join us on a stage for a big happy gold medal picture. Gold. Medals for the years of Tokyo. Congratulations. To the years of Tokyo gold medalist, over. The forty-second international collegiate part makan this e'en Asia Pacific, champions congratulations. Big applause. Okay. Well here. We are currently. In third place no more pending runs so Roman that means our host University, baking. University, amazing. Costas, gold medalist, all the 42nd. And only, international, collegiate programming, contest will, final, so many problems, first, is our problem D and the ether of East champions. Begin. University. AJ's. Champions. Asia. Is, champion, salty, for the second international, collegiate, programming, contest first. Is a problem the Peking. University. Poverty. On could you also come up near please. Gulpin, also, amazing. Outstanding, host speaking, university. Hostin. For. The second, animal, international, collegiate programming.

Contest And, many, gold. Medal, solving. Eight problems big, first assault problem D and becoming, eva is, champions. Peking, university, being. Applause. Regulations. On sensation, of course peak University. And. Then. There were two. Wow. Currently. In second, place Moscow. State University. Solving. Eight problems. But. With seven, submissions. On problem. II the, last one coming at minute 298. So. Let's. Take a look this. Is it the. English expression is, for all the marbles here. We go let's, see what happens, they. Get it. So. To give, them their fair do in, second, place worldwide. Moscow. Institute of, Physics and technology Roman. Moscow. To the physical, technology gold. Medalist. Of the 42nd, international, collegiate programming, contest solving. Eight problems, they're also first to solve problem in Moscow. You see the physical technology. That, they're nice. Showing, in the wall. Finals, and sir, the gold medal gold, medal for Moscow instead of Issachar technology, congratulations. Mascots. Is the pinnacle technology. Gold, medalist, on support a second international. Collegiate programming, contest second. Place, Moscow. Is you the physical technology, solving. Age problems, first. Is a problem in most. Cases of physical technology, Cheers. Huge applause to Vasquez of Technology. Physics. Of technology basket of physical, technology. Gold. Medals of the 42nd. International. Collegiate programming, contest. Nice. Feature, for beef. Moscow. EC the business of Technology gold. Medalist. Of the. Cornice egg on international, collegiate programming, contest congratulations. Big applause. Translations. Second-place, gold medal to must go into the physical technology. Lost. Their blows. To. Relations. And. Now, a big celebration, because. Roman this, is it, Moscow. State University world. Champion. And gold medalist on the previous, leg on the international. Collegiate primary, contest. Safest. On, this second, place five, times, that their first time their world champions, Moscow. State University finally. Deserved, title, to. The Moscow, State University. Welcome. On world champion, of, the 42nd. And only international, collegiate programming, contest. That's. Moscow, State University. Solving. More problems, than anybody, else solving, nine problems they're also northern eurasia champions, they're also first to solve problems, G and H they. Show amazing, performance. Better, than anybody, else. Dr.. Parfenov if you can you come up here we yep. Let's save him here is. Was. In there partner, welcome, on the stage to, original. Director for northern Eurasia and welcome on stage too. If. You're here please come on. Gold. Medal to Moscow, State University in. That's. Our all champions. They. Sold more problems, than anybody, else. Tribulations. To the wall champions, Moscow, State University wall. Champions, of the. 42nd. Annual international. Collegiate programming. Contest wall, finals. That's, the way to go cook relations, on your victory, in, Moscow. State University. That's. The moment you've been waiting for. Okay good relations. Take. A look at the cameras, get your lazy ass. World. Champion, Moscow, State your leg, congratulations. Moscow. State University. And. Now, that's. The, wall championship, title of yours finally. Now. That's world champion scarf of the Moscow, State University. Congratulations. To, Moscow, State University, becoming. World. Champion of, the 42nd. Annual international. Collegiate programming, contest raise. Your cup, congratulations. Raise it up good. You later MA. Let's go sneaking around in your wall champions. Mr.. Moscow State University is. Amazing. Performance. Congratulation. Great. Job. Now. Let's celebrate it's time to. Do. You know any Country and Western songs. I'm. So exciting. So I. Think. Oh you like. Me. Exciting. For this. Wonderful. Contest. And I would. Like to invite. All of you to celebrate, this. This. Wonderful. Results, absolutely. Let's do that and how. Do we go to this celebration, are there vans. Or how does, that happen, do you know Jeff. Okay. There will be buses, waiting outside but, feel free to come up and congratulate. The. World champions. If you want a picture up here with. The trophy, it's too late okay.

Bye, Bye thank you. First. Two soft winners please remember to pick up your packs from the UPE awards table located in the lobby. You.

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