003: How to create marketing campaigns and the different technologies you can use to create assets!

003: How to create marketing campaigns and the different technologies you can use to create assets!

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Hello. Everybody. Hello. Hello, oh you, guys everybody doing today, good. Oh. I. Like the little coffee shop background, nice I know, I like it too and then, I thought, you know you won yeah I thought you're at a coffee shop for over a minute there. Excellent. So yeah we're just gonna hang out here for a little bit waiting for for. The rest to, log in here so pretty. Excited, about, the. Content that we have today I was just looking over the slides it looks looks. It looks very interesting Jose, I'm excited for it right. On yeah everyone, that uh that's tuned in so far will give it a little bit of time for folks to come in but um what's, going on I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday, as. The, presentation goes along feel free to ask questions I'm in the comments we're. In the chat feature I should say and at, the end of the at the end of the learning phase of the workshop then we'll address those questions one-on-one and we could even unmute, some folks and have someone I want with them on how they can apply this stuff, today's. Workshop is on. How, to create online marketing, campaigns. For your business, we're. Talking about the pre work that has to happen before you, actually start creating online marketing campaigns, the. The different technology you can use to, create online marketing campaigns and then the data that you should be looking at when you're running on online marketing campaigns, so you know if it's successful or, not so, that's. Gonna be that's. The topic for today again feel. Free to ask any questions as we go along, and, we'll, answer them at the at the end it is workshop, style so we're, not here just trying to teach but we're also trying to help you implement as well. Excellent. All. Right I think I, think we've given it enough time if we want to get rockin and rollin yeah let's do it all right so I'm gonna go ahead and share my screen and. Then. You folks can let me know what the thumbs up if you can see it ah. Some. Thumbs up thumbs up great great great and then let's go ahead and switch this over to. Present. View to, do. All. Right so. Like I mentioned in the beginning feel, free as as you're starting to learn these concepts, to ask questions within the chat at the end of it we'll review those questions and we'll have someone I want dialogue, with you buzz business owners to see how you can actually implement some of these teachings. Here a quick, quick quick introduction, to Who I am my name is Jose ketosis I'm a digital marketing and e-commerce specialist. Started, at the corporate level then, I served local, businesses, for a couple years and now I focus, specifically, on corporate clients and medium-sized businesses, but, Derek and I are teaming up to help bring, some value to you guys because we understand that with, Kovan 19 and with the current climate that we're at businesses.

Have Definitely adapted, and so we're trying to help you guys out by sharing, some knowledge on the online space you know what and, and this information is coming from managing. Million-dollar stores online. Million. Dollar communities, online and. So this is where the the stuff and the information that we really just wanted to showcase to you guys so today. Is how to create effective online, marketing campaigns for your business the pre-production, work that has to happen the different technologies, you can use to create the assets and the metrics, that you should be paying attention to so let's. Get right into it, the, very first thing. I want to talk about is why we're even discussing this in the first place and obviously like I mentioned already the current climate has forced businesses to a death I have a corporate client who has over 150, stores nationwide or, retailer they are retail first and in. April retail went silent, and, the e-commerce was the only platform that they can use and so, working, with folks like that at that level helped. Me understand that yes the the business, the industry, has changed the market has changed the globe has changed and so, using, digital is definitely, definitely something that folks, out there have to learn for their businesses to adapt with it another. Positive, within, the all of this going on is ecommerce sales are up and. They're up 25, percent and as you can see they already made a huge chunk of retail. In general. Making. Up. 602. Billion dollars out of the 3763. Billion in retail that's in 2019. And in, April, the stats are showing that retail, was up 25% so as you can see it's a huge huge huge. Opportunity. If. You comparing, the 602 billions to 3000, billion you might tell yourself hey that's kind of relatively small but understand, that that's an untapped market that is still expanding, out and. Then finally, the reason why we felt like this was important is because we felt like this would be a good guide to hit give you guys that.

Way You're not wasting your time energy or money trying, to figure this stuff out right online. Marketing, is just like any other sales process, it, takes time it takes time, to understand. Your customer, your messaging, and get your overall sales process, I've been, running and ideally. Providing you guys this information, here in this workshop is gonna help you cut through that a little bit right and, remove some of the trial and error that, again waste resources, such as time money, and energy. So. That's. What we felt it was really really important, again, as we're going along for, the meeting you'll be any new people that jumped in I see if you a couple, people come in and as I was talking feel, free to have, your questions ready in the chat, ask. Them ask away and. After, the learning phase of the workshop we'll read, those questions we'll work with you one-on-one and you're, always more than welcome to ask questions during that kind of hands-on workshop, phase of, the. Training, all. Right so. The first aspect I wanted to touch on here is the, steps needed to take before you, even hop into creating, online marketing assets now the. First thing is a shameless. Plug here for digital networker us, we. Did a workshop last, week which, was how to find the right online marketing strategy for your business so that workshop was how to find the right strategy this. Workshop is more tactical, on how to actually do, the strategy so, please. Take some time to go rewatch, that workshop, or listen, to a podcast episode that I did called how to find the right online marketing strategy for your business the podcast is where, to market your business online, podcast, if you google it you'll find it the. Podcast is about 16 minute long the workshop, is about 20-25, minutes long so that's. Gonna help you out a lot because it's gonna talk about certain things that we mentioned, when defining your online strategy such as picking, the product or service you're gonna promote online based on the return on investment for your business so based on your ROI did. What, is the right product.

Or Service to to, be on, we. Also talked about just, the overall strategies. On how to find your customers online looking, at Amazon reviews looking at groups. And forums etc so there's a lot of value there is it's a very strategic. Workshop. So that's, gonna help you a lot and then this is gonna help you on some tactical, aspects of it so make sure you check that out the, second thing here is to pick a service, and an audience to market to for 90 days so again based on the return on investment that we mentioned in the previous workshop, you're. Gonna want to define, what product, or service makes sense for you and your business to promote online typically. The way I encourage. My clients to do this is by determining what's, the highest return on investment. Per the product or service that they provide what is what makes most sense for you to dedicate your time and energy to market online for. Your business once, you've defined that service then, you're gonna ask yourself who is this service for, right, and that's gonna be the audience that you're gonna be speaking to within, a 90 day window minimum, of a quarter the, reason why I say minimum, of a quarter a few, reasons one, is we, Ted we typically tend to lose get, distracted within the 90-day period as. The months go along as the days go along we're moving we're shifting we're creating, within, the 90 days you'll see that your original concept has now changed, within. The time and so, making sure that you have that 90 day tracker to look back retroactively lis okay what have I been posting, what, kind of videos what comments what messages, you know what kind of activity. Am i seeing online based on the work that I've been doing in the past three months so you're gonna want to do that quarterly, and pick. One service. And one audience to speak to during, that quarter because, your messaging, is only gonna get refined, as you. Speak more, and more to that product that service, and that audience because, as, you start attracting that, communication, with that audience they're gonna be inquiring, and asking certain questions that, then you can include into, your content because it's gonna be frequently, asked questions, is gonna be objections, it's gonna be certain things that are gonna be brought up that. Again, is gonna help nerve at your content. - the third, thing the third point I want to talk about is a time blocking, so this is a very, effective. Approach. To creating, content online I will be the first one to let you know that creating content online takes. A discipline. Because, no one's watching you no one's telling you what to do and when, you create this content it's very disheartening. When. You don't get the comments, or the messages, or the cells that you're hoping to get right, and it's, not instant. Coffee it's not gonna happen overnight but it is happy. It is gonna happen faster, than a traditional aspect. Of it and second, it will help you scale up as well right you'll be able once you once you refined your message and once you've understood here. This is the type of videos that I throw out and people actually engage with and comment and message on then you can run ads to it then you can set that stuff on autopilot, that allows you to build a true. Fundamental, online business but there's a lot of work that has to happen up front and all that work comes down to defining the product and service defining, the audience and, then actually. Being disciplined, in the creation, of this content, so make, sure your time blocking I'll. Give you an example of my workflow I time. Block 30, minutes to an hour on a daily basis, to create content, so let's, say if my time block started at 11:00 a.m. I should. Have all my distractions, from an 11 to 11:30 and, I create. Social, media posts or I record videos or I do, some, design work or. I work with my team to do it right so this. Is gonna allow you to stay in it once you get in this groove you'll see that you can create content that will last you two weeks three weeks a month in one. Day a week or one day a month another. Perfect example of this is a podcast called entrepreneurs, on fire John, Lee Dumas it's uh it's. One, of the biggest podcast in all my marketing out there this guy holds, the record for the most part, cast produced and he only records, him once a month but.

That One day a month he's, in it from you know 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and he just has back to back to back interviews but he batches, all of them and then he releases, them throughout, the time goes so having. That discipline, and your time block could be anything from 30 minutes an hour half, a day whatever, the case may be so this. This is the pre-work that has to happen just understand, that that the concept and the pretty and the perception. Of if, I'm gonna create online marketing, campaigns, content, is king I have to create content and there's a discipline, to creating, content it's just like any other sales activity where you know that it's a discipline to go knock on doors make calls send, Flyers follow, up etc it's gonna be the same thing here so that's, kind of all your upfront work before, we get into it now let's. Get into actually creating, some of this stuff. So. Listening. To the previous, training is going to teach you how to find the service. The product the, audience, etc, oestrogen and then now this is the tactical of actually going about doing it one of the things that meant that I mentioned, in the workshop beforehand, is to, take a very strong look. At yourself and see what is a strong suit of mind what kind of content, can I consistently, create can my business consistent create is it video is the audio medium, is a text medium etc, so what I did is I kind of broke it down here on those three different mediums and what what the technology you can use for it so the, first one here is otter actually, huge kudos to Jarek for this because he's the one that brought it to my attention he's like man you need to check out otter otter is badass, so otter. Is meant for meeting notes and video transcriptions, so, with here and I'm pretty sure you. Can also do audio as well but, what, Derek. Has found extremely useful for this is to, transcribe, the workshops, once, you have those two workshops. Transcribe, then, you can create a blog post out of there you can grab snippets, out of it you can create different designs and elements, and create a blog post do, show notes for a podcast episode on, it etc so, that's gonna help you generate. A lot of those things um this. Is also like for example for me who I, despise. Writing, online I'd rather just hop on a video and just talk to you and tell you what's going on rather than sit there and try to formulate something like that for me this is great because I can do a video have, this terms transcribe, it and there you go it pretty much did 90%, of the heavy lifting for me I format, it into a blog post and then I could throw it out into the into the online universe, so. Otter is a great one grama lee is hundred, percent free you kit you can get a paid version of it but the free version works just fine and this is great for just grammar check spelling. All that stop within the online space it, it. Goes into your Chrome browser while, you if you're writing an email if you're writing a Google. Doc whatever it is it's, gonna help you it's gonna help you fix your grammar you fix your spelling all of that good stuff. Google. Docs is another software. That I'm recommending when it comes to tech space Google. Docs is a cloud-based document, software so think of it as Microsoft. Office that has PowerPoint, Word, etc. Google. Docs has that but, also it's cloud-based so then you can partner up with other people to work on it so if Derek, and I were working on a presentation together, he. Can be in a real-time as I am and start. Working together on those so these.

Are The software's that I recommend, for that pictures. And image design so, canva. Is a huge, huge huge lifesaver. It is free you can do animations, and stuff with the beta version but with the free version they. Already have, template, it sizes, for an Instagram post for an Instagram story for a Facebook post for all of that good stuff you to cover. Our channel LinkedIn cover our channel a bunch. Of great stuff there they, already have templates. They have pre-canned. Fonts. And formating. It's. It's a lifesaver, it's, gonna save you big time if. You don't have a designer in hand then, they can canva, can really really help you out and then. For video I did. Input as, you can see I didn't put to use a digital, camera DSLR. Anything of that nature because your, smartphone, will suffice it. Will do it will do the trick even, your webcam right I'm on a webcam right now I'm on a laptop right now if. I can show you my setup just to give you guys a little behind-the-scenes of, it alright my lighting is fairly decent my. Setup, my staging is set up appropriately. But not the whole room right just, where I'm recording my videos I don't need to spend that much cash to do it all here. Are a couple lights that, I use in order to keep myself nice and bright. Really, really inexpensive you, can find a mine out on Amazon, but, really if you're in front of a window I have a window right here if you're just sitting in front of a window like this your lighting is perfect its natural, lighting you're, not gonna get any better than this just. Make sure the window is closed because you are gonna get some air Audio air sounds, onto. Your onto your video while you're recording it so I, didn't. Put any of that kind of hardware here. When it came to video because, again, you can do it off your phone you. Can get a small tripod something, like this I'm. Showing you guys all the secrets right now you can get a small try some tripod. Something like this ten twelve bucks on Amazon, position. Your phone do your thing you don't even need a professional microphone if you're using your phone because, the phone's gonna be at a distance enough where is gonna capture a fairly, clean audio, so. Really, just trying to help you guys out by giving you some kind of resourceful, ways to create this type of content, and again going back to the discipline, of it let's. Do it lean and mean so we're disciplined, enough to keep continuing to create this content because, the more you create the content the more you're gonna be good at creating the content, the better your content, is, made, the more engagement comments, enquiries you're actually gonna generate all this stuff right there's, a there's a phrase in the digital marketing space called content is king and it's. A hundred percent true I actually firmly believe that without content there is no online business because. Content. Is what's driving your online business it's what's, educating. People helping. Them etc etc so the. One thing that I did put on here for video is one, called cue cut if you have an iPhone or any kind of mag device you can use iMovie. 100%, free it's in there this is gonna give you the basic stuff that you need, transitions. Adding music. Adding. Captions gets, a little manually. Intensive because, you kind of have to write them yourself there, is another application called, clips for. IPhone. That, helps you do captions, as well it's, a little bit cumbersome. Anything. Any other application, that you're gonna find.

That Does captions, automatically, they're probably gonna charge you a fee, for it but even then it's not that dramatic, Keuka. I use Keuka, and. There is actually a paid. Version that I use I think it's three bucks a month or three bucks to buy the application, and it gives you much more features and functionality, but we. Using Keuka another positive is if you shoot the video through your phone and you, have cute cut on. Your, application, on your on your phone as an app or in your tablet the, video you can download, it right on there and do your editing you don't have to wire. Transfer, it over put it on a memory card put it on the desktop nope all done, to your phone and then you could even then share directly, from there share it to YouTube share it to Instagram, Facebook etc. At. A point where we are with technology, they have made it really really easy for things to just talk to each other and, be able to do a lot. Just off the phone so don't let the thoughts. That. You need professional equipment, stop you from creating a lot. Of this stuff, and. There's so many more technologies, and software's out there I didn't, want to bombard you guys with a bunch of different options I wanted, to give you what we use on. A day to day basis, and it, works out for us so so, this is kind of the stuff that I, that. I wanted it to display to you guys. Awesome. So once. You've decided what product or service you're gonna be running you'll find your customer base you're gonna do you have your time blocks you have your 90-day plan and your ranking, you have your technology now now you're gonna start creating content gonna start throwing stuff out there and, you're. Gonna throw out videos and, pictures and, texts, etc, within. Those 90 days you're. Gonna want to look at well, how is this stuff performing. For me right because at the end of the day this is business and we want to make sure that the activities that we are doing. The, activities, that were executing. Are actually producing, results for us so. The first thing that I want you to keep in mind just to simplify this this, whole concept, of the online space is this, simple formula here traffic. Plus conversion, equals profit that's. The number that's that that's the simplified formula of the online world if you, can get traffic and, you can convert that traffic your. Revenue comes right after that right and it's it's a simple sales formula right more prospects, if you can convert those prospects, you make money simple, as that so, keeping, that keep that, keep. That formula in mind. Typically. This formula works really well for e-commerce because, we, can track traffic, and conversion etc if you're, a service provider, and you. Don't necessarily have an e-commerce site where people can come in and purchase from you it's. More of you. Give an invoice they pay it through the monthly whatever, invoice. You do think. Of traffic, as the. Attention you're getting so, the views the, comments. All the people kind of just in. Consuming. Your content and then, think of the conversion, as the, conversations. You're having with these folks and then. Having those conversations turn, into, clients. Right so that's that's how you're gonna look at it if you're not looking at for me ecommerce perspective, you're looking it from a cut from a a service. Provider perspective. Traffic. Is the folks that you're capturing attention, to online the. Conversion, is the conversations, you're having and if you convert in a future and and within those conversations, if you convert them from normal. Bystander. To now a client that's where your revenue gets made so. Data. Points, on what. I recommend, you should be looking at when you're running your campaigns and thinking to yourself is my marketing really working. The. Benefit. The mass benefit, of digital, marketing is all. Of the data big, data we. Can see who hovered on what who's, seen what who we can we can see it all, however. If, you're, not equipped to the digital marketing world it could be overwhelming right, there's the it's way too much to pay attention to so. I wanted, to break down just a handful, of data points that I recommend, that you look at in order to really deem this successful, and not to be overwhelmed, with the vast amount of data that you have because.

The, Only really way you can get around that is if you have a data analyst analyst, who can help you out so, the first thing that the, first data point that I want you to look at is your traffic and your users, depending. On the platform you are you are on if you're. Looking at for your website you're typically looking at this on Google Analytics if you're looking at Instagram, Twitter Facebook, etc, then, you look at the insights or the metrics, that they have in their platform but. Try to find where the traffic in the users aspect. Of it is all this. Number is important, because you to think of it as foot. Traffic for, a retail shop right. You want to make sure that month-over-month, you're, either growing your traffic or it's not falling apart right it's not diminishing. So, keeping. Track of this stuff you. Can keep it very simple just. Have an excel sheet that says traffic users month. And then this amount this month this amount this month is and then in those 90 days once, you look at the three months back you're able to see the trend of your last three months and how your traffic did and your users etc so. Traffic is gonna be the number one another. Reason why I'm really. Encouraging, you guys to look at traffic and users goes back to the simplified, formula of the online space traffic, plus conversion equals profit right so we want to know what's. Our traffic like once. You start looking at the traffic you'll get a better understanding, of where's this traffic coming from right, if you're looking at in your on your website present. As an example you, want to look is Instagram. Driving more traffic is, Google driving more traffic, what are these places that drive more traffic to me if. You're a customer if you're a a client, services based business a, service. Provider then. You're gonna want to look at more, from a different approach in a sense of how. Many the. Trafficking users. Where. Are they coming from most as far as where I'm promoting online is my. Instagram, driving, the more traffic to me more, views, more, engagement, on my content or its Facebook and. All of this stuff is gonna be determined again if you do the pre work in finding that right all I MicroStrategy, for you because you're gonna identify the audience, that you're speaking to and get in the platform in which they are in cool. So traffic and users the. Second thing and this fall's, a little bit more into the ad side of things, but it is still something to keep in mind and I know certain. I know, certain. Profiles. Are soon platform. Certain social media platforms provide this too and that's a click-through rate they call it a CTR, for short click-through. Rate this is simply saying out of X amount of people that saw this post this, many people actually click, through right. They click the link to wherever you're sending them to your landing page your contact form your podcast whatever the case may be click-through. Rate is always good because again, it shows you how many people are actually taking action on the stuff that I'm posting so. You have your traffic as your high level prospecting. Then your, second, level would be your click-through so, out of those prospects, that I've been throwing constitute, who how many of them actually saw, my stuff and decided hey man this is enough where I want to learn more maybe, didn't contact you yet but they just wanted to inquire a little bit more so, is going to be your click-through rate right. After that and and if you can kind of picture it as a sales funnel right your traffic is your prospects, your tie your top of your funnel then you drill, down to the people who click through and then, your conversion, rates CVR, for short conversion, rate this.

Is Pretty self-explanatory is. Just pretty much the percentage, of the, people that you're actually converting, meaning bases filled out a form they bought from you they, took some action, within your, whatever. Whatever your sales process is hey I want you to buy online for me purchase, this product click. The conversion, rate is how many people how many out of the, users, and the traffic that you got how many of those people actually made a purchase that's your conversion, rate same. Thing with your if you're a client, services, a client, service provider. How. Many of the people you know let's say my Instagram is telling me that I reached, a hundred, people this week and I, had two. People reach, out to me and one of them actually. You, know signed with me that's a one percent conversion, right, because out of the hundred people that I that. I attracted. One, of them actually purchased one percent conversion rate so the conversion rates gonna be really important one, thing to know about the conversion rate if you're. Dealing with product. Based business, so ecommerce, and you're selling it online etc, your typical, with your. Typical conversion, rate should be between about one percent to about three, maybe four percent, that that's that's fairly, standard. Anything. Above five five, and above within, retail and e-commerce space you're doing really really well for. Client services, however you, want to aim for at least a minimum of a twenty percent conversion, rate. Granted. If it's, some, kind of client services is gonna take you much more to, generate those those, leads right because there's a much more education, process there's more content there's more touch points that have to happen, but. A twenty percent conversion. Rate for, service, providers is the. Standard that we typically set and obviously. We want to see that at there 4050 percent if. You can get anything above 50% your. Your you're, killing it your your golden, and. The, very last thing and, again this kind of falls into the. Ad aspect, of it too is the cost per result and the result can vary you got to think of the result as what. Do I want this, user, to do when, they stumble, on me you. Don't want them to link a click or click. A link and, listen. To a podcast so. I want them to end up on a landing page watch a video and then submit a contact, form do, I want them to go on my website or just to watch you know 10. Minutes of my video do, you know what is what. Is the intent. Typically. My clients, go directly, to my intent is a sale well. Yes of course the intent is the sell always. However. You got to understand your sales process right, so within, each aspect of the sales process you're, running campaigns, for different. For. Different objects objectives, of the. Sales process so, for example, currently. One of the strategies that we use for, a ecommerce, platform is we run what we call prospecting. Ads these. Ads are not meant to sell folks these, ads are just meant to drive people to our website that's, the number one goal of that specific, ad of the prospecting. Ad it's prospecting, coal traffic, to our website so, anytime we look at these metrics I don't, look at conversion rate for them they.

Might Tell me and it might be a good conversion rate but at the end of the day I'm looking for traffic and users because I'm trying to fill up the top of my funnel once. I have once, I'm running, those prospecting, ads and I have traffic coming in filling up my my prospecting, funnel then I run a secondary, ad to those folks and I retarget. Them now. This. Part of my funnel is more focused on the conversion, and the overall intent to buy with these folks so, now I'm looking at a campaign from a different level now I'm looking at it okay this, retargeting, ad how is it converting, for me is it moving more product is it not I don't really care if it's bringing me more new traffic because, that's not the point of this the point of this ad is to retarget, the traffic I already pushed through right, so keeping that you're gonna have to as a business owner you're gonna to flesh that out in your mind, write, it down do a bullet point list draw it out sales funnel whatever it is you have to do dry. It out in a way of okay these are the steps that these folks have to take in order to finalize. The sale with me what. Is the content at the top of the funnel that I have to create the, secondary, third. Fourth etc and then the overall, sales, funnel of it and you're. Gonna want to look at campaigns. At each one of those levels and then determine, the success of those campaign again based on the data points and and the intent for that specific campaign if it's for traffic if it's for conversion, etc, etc. There's. So many more data points out there there's impressions, there's reach there's. Relevancy. Score a bunch. Of different things to. Keep it simple help you guys out a little bit these are kind of the top level ones that I recommend that you look at keeping, in mind the formula traffic plus conversion, equals profit. The. Final, thing that I kind of want to talk about when it comes to launching your online strategy this. Is actually, coming directly from the, workshop, previously. I think, it was the last slide on that workshop as well and I, wanted to reiterate here keep this acronym in mind reach first. Thing you have to do before you launch it to any online marketing campaign is research. Internal. Research I'm figuring out what product or service makes sense for you to promote online and then, researching, your target audience who's the folks that I'm trying to get. The active service in front of right that that's a hundred percent needed. Once. You've done your research and don't let the research stop. You from creating content, but give, it enough time to learn it and then your research is gonna evolve as you go along because the more content you throw out there the more conversations you di will folks that's all part of your research process. Your. Research once you have your research and you kind of understand this is the product and service these are the folks I'm trying to talk to they're usually on Instagram.

And Facebook great, imma dedicate, my resources, there or they're on LinkedIn I'm my research then you want to start executing that's when you fall into your your, 90-day planning, your time blocking, you know your concepts, of this is the type of video I want to create I want to inform it with this I want to educate them on this I want to shift their perspective on this and then, you start executing executing executing. On. A weekly basis you can keep, track on if you are committed, to creating, these assets or right how many videos did you post last week I posted this week but. Then within the monthly review. Your platforms, that you're in how many inquiries have I gone comments. Messaging, etc and then your 90 days you're gonna look at your overall, strategy right, was, this the right product or service that I should have been promoting online was, this the right target audience that I was looking for were these the right platforms, I was in and all, of this comes within the execution, of it and then the analyzing, so. You're gonna want to analyze, that after, you do your analysis, on that 30 day then you're gonna want to change some things up okay, let's try a different video let's try a different creative, let's try different messaging, maybe let's, try this, isn't necessary that you're gonna have to change your overall product, or service your marketing, or the people you're trying to get ahold of but, maybe your. Target audience in your product or service is correct but your messaging, is still a little needs a little help so work, on your messaging, not necessarily that you're working on a whole new product or service or you're you, know finding a whole new target, of folks in the online space that's, not necessarily the case it's just let me make these tweaks to my current content, and the things that I'm throwing to my current efforts in my campaigns, to, see if I can see a better result. That's. When you start honing in on this stuff that's when you start really honing in on one, product one service, one audience that you can really, capture. And convert, and once, you hone in on that and you start to see a nice little funnel, of it then, that's when you can start automating, it and then scaling, it that's when you can start saying okay I'm gonna put the right pieces into place where, I'm gonna have a virtual assistant come in and help with the research I'm gonna have 8 of an, editor come in to help with the production, of content, I'm gonna start teaming up with a Google Ads expert who can show me you, know the analytics, expert who can show me the analytics, and talk to at a higher level right so that's, when you kind of you can scale up and mature up but this is a lot of stuff that you have to do beforehand.

So, Remember the acronym reach. Research, execute, analyze change and hone in. Awesome. So some next steps for you guys without what I'm recommending is, the first thing is you're gonna want to decide your product or service again based, on the return on investment find, your product to servers that you're gonna wanna market once. You find that you're gonna understand who the target audience that you're trying to reach then, you're gonna pick a strategy let's say it's a YouTube strategy, or LinkedIn strategy, start creating content and analyze every 30 days to see, is this, working for me etc etc, then. The final thing that I'm offering for the workshop attendees is a free guidance, call to help you organize and execute this, stuff so if you can use some help trying to figure out what what service or product should I even offer like, I know the product or service that I have I know I know the product or service that I want to offer but, who is this really for I need help defining that sorry audience I would like to know or I, have the product or service I know the customer base I just don't know exactly where, I should be and what. Type of contact should be creating I can help you with all those questions right there to guide you in the right direction here's. My contact info here so you can reach me at my website shoot, me an email shoot, me a text or, a call that's, my cell, phone number there, LinkedIn. You can find me Jose jakie does Instagram. JQ DOS and in the podcast where to market your business online that's, on iTunes and stitcher if, you Google it will be the first thing you find where to market your business online podcast. Now, it's time for for. Some Q&A but. I'll leave the contact information up there. Derek you want to help manage. These Q&A, questions on the chat. Absolutely. Hey thank you so much the the information that you've, shared. It just kind of reminds you know that, there's a lot to this but if you create a strategy and you focus on it then. It's. Easy to kind of track the data and the results and things like that so. One. Of the one of the questions that we got here is, you. Know if there was one piece if there was one type, of media for you to work work, on what would it be if would it be video would, it be imaged, text. Like what would you recommend. Using, first. Yeah. Yeah that's a that's a great question, I would, say video and. You, have to for. Multiple, reasons one, if you're building a personal brand you're. The personal brand right so you want people to. Know. Like and trust you hey, this person, has confidence they're, an expert in their field they're giving me some perspective, they're giving me this they're giving me that totally. It that. Is. Gonna be the best way for you to build, rapport with folks if you're, a service provider or you yourself are the brand, another. Reason. Why I would suggest video 2 if you're talking about product or any, product or service really is it's much easier to convey, and educate, with a video, what, your product and service can do right, the transformation, that it commits. You. Got to think of it as well as the psychology, of the human being if you, have a two-minute, video that you can watch and something that you're interested in hey how does how. Does this. Organic, a, supplement. Affect, your brain power, watch this two-minute video versus, here's, a thousand-word. Article. On breaking down the benefits, of this you. Know what consumers gonna take what route granted, you can hit them with the double whammy you can have a video on top of this long blog. Post of it right but, video is gonna be videos. Gonna be the key, the, funny thing is video, is the easiest thing to create in. All reality, you, can shoot it and upload it. You. Have to become. Camera-ready. Hey just just in a sense of it takes practice there's, nothing more humbling, nothing's, gonna take you back to pre score to elementary, school than a camera in front of you it's, gonna bring all your insecurities, out and so you got it you gotta power through that yeah, exactly so you gotta power through all that stuff and, and. Then you know my last, selling point with video is think. Of presenters. And and panel, and keynote, speakers and etc when. You're selling from that aspect from the stage and folks are looking at you and listening to because you bring the value that's that's a huge, huge huge leverage, and so video is gonna help you convey that much faster, than. An imagery, or text, yeah. You know that's. It that's definitely, interesting I wanted people, are all about videos these days, some. Great advice that I just heard if you're if you're looking to start recording video and like you said it brings out the insecurities, is the lighting right is the camera right am I wearing the right thing is my background look right you.

Know You just don't worry about any of that stuff and just record, right, get comfortable being, in front of the camera and the. Recommendation. Was start with an Instagram story, or a Facebook, story it's, because it's really short, you, only get you only get like about, 30 seconds, or 15 seconds, and and. It's. Gone within, 24 hours so even, if you don't like it it's gone but you can practice just getting in front of the camera saying things and you're, you know some of your friends will see it they'll comment and so it's a great way to to, really get the content out there yeah and the thing with with, those Instagram, stories it's, also gonna help you clean. Up your messaging, right think, of it as any other performer, as a stand-up comic right you start off with material, that you don't know if it works or not and the more and more and more you do it the more you hone it up to your material then you have a tight 15 a tight 30 a tight hour and. That's the same thing that's gonna happen with your business as you're trying to convey it in the online space at first you're gonna go a little long-winded, because, you're not gonna be, a hundred percent in the weeds of it all understanding, what, should I convey what should i do what should and, so doing. These these shorter. Bits they're, gonna help you trim the fat in the stuff that you're saying and it's gonna allow you to okay, let me lead with an objection, an objection. Breaker after, that objection breaker and I've taken their and I got their attention now I'm gonna leave with a little value, then once I got that value then I'm gonna leave with the call to action right then. That. Right there could be five. Seconds, or it could be five minutes you know and it's, really defining that so doing those type of things is, definitely gonna help you hone, in on to your messaging, I got. A mess I got a question, here from Kathy saying how, many like. Videos is too much it's. Not it's never enough, be. Only, because. And. This is something that Derek and I talk a lot about is, it's, a it's a shift in perspective on, the digital world versus the online world if, physically. I was coming to your location every, single day trying to bother you know trying to get fifteen twenty thirty minutes of your time by. The fourth or fifth time you're gonna get sick and tired of me however. Within, the within this online space people. Are consuming, stuff, so. Much that it's not guarantee that they're gonna see the first video you do it's, not gonna it's not guarantee that they're gonna see the hundredth video you do but. But the concept, here is to keep, keep, interacting. And engaging with. The folks that are right, and. It is again all about consistency, and consistency is key think. Of any sales job you know let's just take Realtors for example, how. Many times are. They doing out there messaging in their offer before, they could you know one they're harvesting, leads. And then second those leads start to actually to. Blossom same, things gonna happen in the online space granted. It can happen a little faster because taking. Two, hours of your week to create 10. Videos that you can post within a two-week period, you're. Gonna be able to get in front of much, more people than, having. A dedicated four, hours of every single day to go knock on doors or to take, calls in so.

So, No, worries on how, much is too much you. Could also think of it as you, know these big podcasts, that have made it big or these other spaces they, consistently, throw out content right if a podcaster. Who has 2000, episode said, well, how many Park has too many podcast, episodes, you know they. Wouldn't grow to the community and the fan base that they have so. Yeah there's there's really no such thing as too, much of it yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean I was kind of nervous and scared to do videos and did the same thing and I just, finally said you know what I'm doing 30 videos in 30 days and just, stuck to it at the end of 30 days now I'm now, I could pick up a camera and just pop it up and just just, take off so it's, about content, it's just about doing, it over and over and over and don't worry about too many videos your. Friends don't want to watch them they're not gonna watch them you know you just move on exactly. Exactly I've had I've had leads, that, turned to sales come, from me to say hey I heard. You on a podcast that's you know two years old three years old and. So, once, that content is out there it will definitely pay dividends, but, you you just have to keep consistent, at it and, keep, refining that messaging, as you go along. Awesome. Any other questions, from folks out there again this is the workshop part of it so you're 100%, encouraged, to ask questions to you, know any any inquiries that you might have if it's specific to your business even better. So, yeah. Kathy asks do we talk products, team building or a variety, like what should we be talking about it. Again. It goes back to that original define. What product and service you're trying to promote and who's, it for who's that audience and then, talk about what they need to hear in order to consume. That product or service right, so. If I was pitching. For. Team, building coaching. Or consulting services. Or I have an agency that can help you scale your team I would, talk about team building and the different objections, to team building and why it's positive, and what people's concerns are with it and you. Know their fear of managing, folks and, taking on too much you know taking on the team that they can't handle I would speak to those because those are the objections that I have to meet in order to sell this stuff if. My. Product if my product that I'm promoting is, about, a product, I wouldn't. Necessarily talk about the product too much unless, I was trying. To sell the opportunity, for folks to sell the product right thing cuz then at that point you have to mo. Them with with the information, for the product but I would talk about the transformation. That. I think is the most is. The most effective, advice I can give you with, any type of product or service that you're promoting online talk. About, the transformation. What. Happens. To folks when they consume this product, when they consume this service do they get richer do they get skinnier, do they get sexier, what, is the thing that's gonna affect these, folks, when, they buy this product or service that's usually, a good, approach. To it and then also tying in client testimonials, and client studies and customer studies oh the. Things that they've seen in the results of this product or service because now at that point you're conveying the transformation, and you're, not conveying yourself you can't conveying, it from a customer's, perspective which, is even.

More Powerful. You're. Very welcome I saw I saw the lip reader I read the lip reader. Awesome. Awesome well we're um we're, we, still have a little bit of time left a little under five minutes. Any. Other questions, from folks out there again. This is this is the time for you to ask questions, that are our gender. Ected. Specifically. To your business, and. So please. Feel free to ask away I. Feel. Like it's a great opportunity to take advantage of getting some direct advice. For, your specific, business. How, long should the videos be, that's. How that's you know it's funny I get that question asked a lot I. All the time and I. Say. It needs to be as long as it needs to be to convey the message appropriately. Granted. You, have to think of again the, product in the service and whose is meant for. There's. Podcasts, out there that are 2 hours long 3 hours long but, their entertainment. Value right, so not only you're not listening just to get pitched you're listening because there's a cool interview there's concepts, like you're engaged you know hey I'm listening to this person speak for, a reason, if. You're. Doing sales videos they. Might be have to be shorter right because you have to catch attention spans and move quicker and quicker so, again, it just depends, on depends. On a few different things one the, content, of the, actual video and into. The purpose, of it as well right, what are you trying to do are you trying to have people be a little bit more passive and just consume for, example my podcast, I don't, expect people to hear a podcast, and reach out to me right away I expect. Them to listen to the podcast, get, some knowledge subscribe. And continue, to listen and within, a few months of them, learning. From me getting, value hopefully, you know getting, some good nuggets, out of it then they feel comfortable to say hey you know what I like, this guy Jose he's been teaching me a lot I want to reach out to them and work with them so, again. It's the it's, the it's the, intent of it however if I'm doing a small video to invite, people to a workshop, I want. To do a quick 30 seconds. To 60 seconds, and my number one goal is to get people to click that link click that link click that link click that link and, so, again, it depends on the context and the content, and why, you're trying to promote and throwing, out this piece of content that's, what's gonna help you dictate, that. Just. To give you a little bit more of a technical answer a lot. Of folks say 2 minutes or less is typically. Good it's typically, best practices, for any social platform. Instagram. Is gonna be, under a minute anyways, unless you go AG TV then you can expand it to 25 minutes. Facebook. You. Can put anything up to I think 25 or 30 minutes on Facebook but. They say oh sweet, spot is under five minutes if, you do a Facebook live. Understand. That folks, are gonna come in the longer you stay on live and then once you do the post live I would actually post, it publish. It it gives you that options when you finish the live video because, a lot of your views are gonna come post, live views, not live views. So. So, there's a lot of little nuances. Within. The platform itself but, if it's a product if it's a sales type of video, unless.

It's Needed, to go really in depth like if you're training a sales team that's a different story but if you're just talking to a consumer, try, to trim the fat think of what the objections, are what they're trying to hear and communicate. Those transformations, and, then a quick call to action for sure. Awesome. Good. Questions, yeah, great questions well I think that pretty much wraps wraps, things up again guys my contact info is there free. Guidance call for our for anyone, who attended the workshop, so again, if you need some help trying to figure out who your target audience is what product, or service you should be marketing or maybe you already have that stuff you just want to know hey, I don't want to take any guessing out of this you know where do I go where do I promote my stuff where where should I go then it's a quick 15 minute call and. I really try to guide you the best way possible even, if that's working with me or not just, really trying to help you guys out so thanks. Derek and thanks everyone for your time I hope you guys found it valuable, awesome. Thank You Jose all, right thanks guys. You.

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