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Good, afternoon everyone especially. For those of you. Who are here in California, my, name is Wilson white and I'm on the public policy and government relations team, here in California, we. Have an exciting, talk for, you today as part of our talks at Google's series, as well, as a series of conversations, we're, having around AI, ethics. And technology ethics more, generally, so. Today I'm honored to have professor you've. All Noah Harare with. Us you've, all is an Israeli. Historian. And a professor at the, University. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he. Is a dynamic speaker. Thinker. And now, an international. Best-selling author, he's. The author of three books we're, gonna talk, about each of those books today, the, first book he published in 2014. Sapien which, explored, some, of that our, history, as humans. His. Second book and in 2016. Had, an interesting take. On our, future as humans Homo, Deus, and then, recently published, a new book the 21 lessons, for the 21st, century which, attempts. To grapple, with some of the issues the pressing, issues that we are facing, today. So. We'll. Talk about some of the themes in each of those books as we go through our conversation. But collectively, his, writings, explore, very. Big concepts, like freewill and consciousness. And intelligence so, we'll have a lot to explore with you ball today so, with that please join me in welcoming professor. You've all to Google. Thank. You professor for joining us. Before, before getting started I have to say that when the, announcement. Went out across, Google, about this talk I got. Several. Emails from, many Googlers around, the world who. Told. Me that they had either read, or, are currently, reading one, or multiple, of your books so if. You are contemplating, a fourth book maybe, on the afterlife no. Spoilers. During, this conversation I. Want. To start with, maybe. Some of the themes and. Both. That. Your current book with 21 lessons as well as a, homo, Deus because. I'm the father of two, young kids I have two, daughters a five year old and a three year old and, the. Future that you paint and homo Deus. It's. Interesting, so. I'd like to ask you what. Should i what should I be teaching my daughters. That. Nobody. Knows how, the world would look like in, 2050, except. That, it will be very different from. Today so. The most important, things to emphasize. In, education. Are, things like Intel. Intelligence. And mental. Stability because. The one thing that they will need for sure is the, ability to reinvent themselves repeatedly. Throughout. Their, lives today the first time in history that, we, don't really know what particular skills, to. Teach young. People because. We just don't know in what, kind of world they, will be living but. We do know they will have to reinvent themselves and. Especially. If you think about something like the job market, maybe, the greatest, problem. They will face will, be psychological. Because, at least beyond a certain age it's, very very, difficult for, people to reinvent, themselves so. We kind of need to build. Identities. I mean if if previously, if traditionally. People. Built identities. Like stone. Houses with, very, deep foundation. Now. It makes more sense to build identities. Like tents, that you can fold and move elsewhere. Because. We don't know where what you will have to move but you will have to move will have to move so, I may have to go back to school now to learn these things so that I can teach the, next generation of humans. Here in, 21. Lessons, for, the 21st century you tackle. Several. Themes that, even. We at Google as. A company who, are on the leading edge of technology and, how technology is.

Being Deployed in society. We, wrestle with some of the same issues. Tell. Me a bit about your, your. Thoughts or and why. Democracy, is in crisis, that's a theme in your in their in the current book and I want to explore that a bit why you think liberal. Democracy, as we, knew, it is. Currently, in crisis. Well. The, entire liberal democratic, system, is built on, philosophical. Ideas, we've inherited from. The 18th century especially. The idea of free will which. Underlies. The. Basic mottos of the liberal, worldview like, the voter knows best the customer. Is always right. Beauty. Is in the eye of the beholder, follow. Your heart do what feels good all these, liberal, motors which are the foundation, of our political and economic system they, assume, that the ultimate, authority is, the. Three choices of, individuals. I mean, there are of course all kinds of limitations. And boundary cases and so forth but when push comes to shove, for, instance in the economic, field then. Corporations. Will tend to retreat, behind, this, last. Line of defense, that, this, is what the customers, want the. Customer, is always right, if the customers, want it it can't be wrong who, are you to tell the customers, that they are wrong now, of course there are many exceptions, but, this is the basics, of the, free market this is the first and last thing you learn the customer, is always right, so the. Ultimate authority in, the economic, field is, the desires of the cost and this, is really based on a. Philosophical. And metaphysical view. About. Free, will that. The desires, of the customer, they. Emanate, they, represent, the, free will of human beings which is the highest authority in the universe and therefore, we must abide by them and, it's the same in the political field with the voter knows best and. This. Was okay, for. The last two or three centuries because. Even though free. Will was always, a, myth. And not, a scientific, reality, when science, knows of only two kinds, of processes, in nature it. Knows about deterministic. Processes, and, it knows about random, processes and their, combination. Results. In probabilistic. Processes. But, randomness. And probability. They are not freedom. They. Mean that I can't, predict, your, actions. With. A hammer percent accuracy because there is randomness but, a random robot, it is not free if you, connect a robot say, to a uranium. A, piece, of uranium and, and the decisions, of the robot is determined, by random processes, of the, disintegration. Of uranium, atoms so. You will never be able to predict, exactly what, this robot will do but, this is not freedom this is just randomness. Now. This, was always true from, a scientific perspective humans. Certainly. They have a will they. Make decisions they, make choices but. They are not free to choose their, will their choices are not independent. They depend, on a million, factors, genetic. And in hormonal, and. Social. And cultural and so forth which we don't choose. Now. Up. Till now in history they. Humans. Were, so, complicated. That. From. A practical, perspective it, still, made sense to believe in free will because.

Nobody, Could understand, you better than you understand, yourself you had this inner realm, of. Desires. And thoughts, and, feelings, which. You had privileged, access to this, in a real yeah but that but, that's that, hasn't changed today, right like that. There. Is no longer the privileged, access now, belongs, to. Corporations. Like Google, they. Can have access to things, happening, ultimately. Inside, my body and brain which I don't know about there, is somebody out there not, just one all. Kinds of corporations, and governments, that made me not today maybe, in five years ten years twenty, years they. Will have privileged. Access to, what's happening inside me, more. Privileged, than my access, they, could understand. What is happening in my brain better, than I understand. It which, means they will never be perfect right but you were as a. Free. Person. Right that you will have delegated, that, access. Or that that, ability, to this, corporation, or this machine or this no you. Don't have to give them permission I, mean in some. Countries, maybe have no choice at all but, even amid them in a democracy like the United States a lot. Of the information that. Enables, an external entity to, hack you. Nobody. Asks you whether, you want to give it away or not now at present. Most. Of the data that is being collected on. On humans, is still. From, the skin outwards, we. Haven't, seen nothing yet we. Are still. Just. At the tip of this, revolution. Because its present whether. It's Google and Facebook and Amazon or whether it's the government or whatever they. Are are, trying to understand people mainly. On the basis, of what, are we what I search what. I buy where, I go who, I meet it's, all external, the. Really, big revolution. Which is coming very quickly will. Be when the AI revolution. And machine learning and all that the Infotech revolution, meets. And merges. With the biotech, revolution and, goes under the skin well. Biometric. Sensors. Or even, external devices now we're, developing, the ability for example to, know the. Blood. Pressure of. Individuals. Just by looking at them you don't need to put a sensor, on a person, just, by looking, at the face you can tell what is the blood pressure of that individual, and by analyzing tiny, movements. In the eyes in, the mouth you can tell all kinds of things from. The, current, mood. Of the person are you angry, are you bored, to things like sexual orientation. So. We're. Talking about a world in which humans. Are no longer a black box, nobody. Really understand, what happens inside so, we say ok flee we'll know, the box is open and it's, open, to, others, certain. Others more. Than it is open to you don't understand, what's happening in your brain but. Some, cooperation, or governmental, organization. Could understand, that and, that's the theme that you explore it and homo day is pretty pretty. Buff in hotels, and in lessons. This, is like that the maybe the most important. Thing to understand, is that this, is really happening and it's, present, almost all the attention, goes to the AI like. Now I've been on a two-weeks tour of. The US for the publication of the book everybody. Wants to speak about AI like. AI, previous. Book all models came out nobody cared about AI to, use later it's like everywhere, it's the new heart it's yeah and I try, to emphasize it's not AI the. Really, important, thing is actually the other side it's the biotech, it's the combination, it's. Only the combination it's only with the help of biology, that AI becomes. Really. Revolutionary. Because just, a thought experiment let's. Say we had the the best eye the most developed AI in the world but. Humans, were, not, animals. Were. Not biochemical. Algorithms but. They were something like, transcendent. Souls that. Make decisions through freewill, in. Such a world a I would, not have mattered much because. AI in such a world could, never have replaced, teachers. And lawyers and.

You Could not even build self-driving cars, you. Know in such a world because, to put a self-driving, car on, the road you, need biology, not just computers, you need to understand, humans, for, example if somebody, is approaching the road, the. Car needs to tell, is this, an 8 year old an 18. Year old or an 8 year old and needs. To understand, the different. Behaviors. Of. A. Human, child a, human teenager and. A human adult and this. Is biology and similarly. To have really effective, like self-driving taxis. You need. The, car to understand, a lot of things about, human psychology the psychology, of the passengers, coming. In and what they want and so forth so if you take the biotech, out of the equation, AI, beta value, goes won't really go go very far that so I wanna I want to push. You there cuz I think it's it's, easy, to. Arrive. At a dystopian, view of what that world will look like what bio, and, and. AI. And cognitive. Abilities of machines. When. They meet, like what how that could end up right and we see we see that in Hollywood and that, dystopian. View is well. Documented. But I want to I want to, explore. With you like what. What. Are some of the benefits, of that combination and how can that lead to an alternative. Worldview. Than, what's, explored, more deeply in homo Deus well, it should be emphasized, that there are enormous benefits otherwise. There would be no temptation, if it, was only bad nobody. Would do it Google, would want research it nobody would invest in it and it. Should also be emphasized, that, technology. Is never the FIR monistic you. Can build, either, paradise. Or hell with. These technologies, they. Are not just they don't have just one one, type of usage and. As. A story, in' and as, a social critic and maybe philosopher, i tend, to focus more on the dangerous, scenarios, simply. Because for. Obvious reasons. The, end for news and the corporation's, and the scientists, and engineers are, developing these. Technologies, they. Naturally. Tend to focus on, the positive scenarios, on all, the good it can do but. Yes I definitely, acknowledge, it can do a tremendous amount, of good to humanity, to take the example of the self-driving cars, so. At. Present about. 1.25. Million people, are killed each year in traffic, accidents more. Than 90 percent of these accidents, are because of human errors if we, can replace. Humans. With, surviving, cars it's, not that we'll have no car accidents. That's, impossible greatly. But we'll probably save, a million lives every. Year so. This is a tremendous thing and similarly. The the combination, of being able to understand, what's happening inside my body this. Also implies that. You can provide. People with the best health. Care in history, you. Can for example diagnose. Diseases long. Before, the person understands. That, there is something wrong at present. The. Human mind, or human awareness is, still a very critical, Junction.

In Health care like. If something. Happens inside my body and I. Don't know about it I won't, go to the doctor, so if, something, like I don't know cancer is now spreading, in my liver and I, still don't feel anything I won't. Go to the doctor I won't know about it only when I start feeling pain, and nausea and, all kinds of things they can't explain so. After some time I go to the doctor it, does, all kinds of tests, and finally, they discover, oh something, is wrong and, very. Often it's, by. That by, that time it's. Very expensive, and, landfill, not, necessarily, to light but expensive and painful to take care of it if. I could have an AI doctor. Monitoring. My body 24, hours a day with. Biometric, sensors and so forth it could discover, this. Long. Before I feel anything. Edit. At a stage when, it's still very, cheap. And easy, and painless to, cure it so, this is this is wonderful, but in that world it's an AI doctor, and not a human doctor and I think one of the. Potential. Outcomes. That you warn about is, AI. Or, machines or that combination of bio and and and and AI. Replacing. Us replacing, us as humans and. I'd. Like, to think that one thing that that makes us human, is. Having. Meaning, in life we're having a purpose for. Living that's that's that's a kind of a unique thing that humans have and, I. Don't, think it's something that we would readily want to give up right, so as this technology is evolving, and we're developing it it's likely, something, that will bacon, this need to have meaning, and purpose, in life. You. Talk about in 20 what twenty-one lessons this notion that that god is dead, and or, is God back and, the the, role that. Religion. May play and. And, how we. Progresses. As humans. Is. There a place for that that notion of God or, religion to, capture. And secure like this this notion of meaning, in life or purpose in life well. It all depends on the definitions, I mean. There are many, kinds of gods and and people, understand very different things by, the word religion, if. You think about God so. Usually. People have very two extremely, different gods, in mind when, they say the word God one. God is, the cosmic. Mystery, we. Don't understand, why. There is something rather than nothing why. The Big Bang happened, what, is human consciousness, there, are many things we don't understand about the world and some. People choose to call this mysteries. By, the name of God God, is the reason there is something, rather than nothing God. Is behind. Human, consciousness but, the, most characteristic. Thing of that God is that. We, know, absolutely nothing, about. Him/her. It they. There. Is nothing concrete, it's, it's them it's a mystery and this, is kind of the god we talk about when, late. At night in, the desert we sit around the campfire and we think about the meaning of life that's. One kind of God I have no problem at all with this god I like it very much. Then. There is another God. Which. Is the, petty low Giver the. Chief characteristic. Of this God we. Know a lot of extremely, concrete, things about that God we, know what he thinks about. Female. Dress code what, kind of dresses, he likes. Women. To work we. Know what he thinks about sexuality. We, know what he thinks about food about. Politics, and like. These tiny little things and this. Is the God people talk about when. They stand. Around. Burning. A heretic. Will. Burn you because you did something that this God we know everything, about this God and he didn't it doesn't like it that you do this so you burn. You and, it's. Like you know it's like a magic trick that. When, you you come and talk about God so how do you know that God exists, and so forth people would say well the, Big Bang and human consciousness and, in science, can't explain this, and science can't explain that and, then. And this, is true and then. Like a magician. Swapping. One card for another they. Will take. Out the mystery garden place the. The, petit glow giver and you end up with something strange, like, because. We don't understand, the Big Bang women. Must dress with long sleeves and, Men shouldn't have sex together and. What's, the connection I mean how did you get from here to there so. Just, I prefer, to use different different, different terms. Here and it's the same with religion. People. Understand, very different things with, this word I. Tend. To separate. Religions, from spirituality. Spirituality. Is, about questions. Religion. Is about answers. Spirituality. Is when you, have some big question, about life like. What is humanity what, is the good. Who. Am I these kinds of question life, what. Should I do in life and and this is kind of and you go on a quest.

Looking. Deeply. Into these questions, and you're willing to go after these questions, wherever, they take you you, can just go go, yeah. Maybe. In the future but so far in at least some of these questions when, you I think when you type like what is the meaning of life you get 42 like. That there is a number one result search. So. You go on a spiritual quest and. Religion. Is the exact opposite, religion. Is somebody, comes and telling you this is the answer you must believe it if you don't believe this answer, then you will burn in hell after you die, or you will, burn you here even, before you die and. It's. It's really opposite, things now, I think that, at. The, present moment in history. Spirituality. Is probably more important, than in any previous time, in history because. We are now forced, to confront. Spiritual. Questions, whether, we like it or not in, three and do you take that confrontation with, those questions that will inform. How. We allow technology to, develop and be deployed exactly now in. Most throughout, history you always, had a small minority of people who was. Very interested in the big, spiritual. And philosophical questions. Of life and, most people just ignore them and went. Along with with their like you know fighting about who owns this land and. Then who that this goatherd, to, whom it belongs and so forth now we live in a very unique time in history when. Engineers. Must, tackle, spiritual. Questions, if. You are building a, self-driving, car. By. Force you have to deal with questions, like free will by. Force you have to deal with this the example everybody gives the, self-driving car, suddenly. Two, kids jump running, after a ball jump, in front of the car the only way to save, the two kids is, to swerve to the side and fall off a cliff and kill, the owner of the car who is in the backseat, what should the car do now. Philosophers. Have been arguing, about these questions for thousands, of years with, very little impact on. Human. Life. Now. But engineers. Are not feel oh not like they are very impatient. If you, want to put the self-driving, car, on the road tomorrow or next year, you. Need to tell. The algorithm what to do and the amazing, thing about about. This question now is that. Whatever, you decide this, will actually happen, previously. With philosophical, discussions, like, you had I don't know Kant. And Schopenhauer, and mill discussing. This issue should, I kill the two kids or should, I sacrifice my, life and even. If they reach an agreement. That. Very, little impact on actual. Behavior, because. Even. If you agree theoretically. This is the right thing to do at the, time of crisis, you'd, philosophy. Has little power you. React from your gut not from, your philosophical theories, but. With a self-driving, car if. You, program, the algorithm, to. Kill the driver and not. A drive the owner of the car and not the two kids you. Have a guarantee. A mathematical. Guarantee, that this is exactly, what, the car will do so. You have to think far more carefully than ever before, what, is the, right answer so. In in this sense. Very. Old spiritual. And philosophical questions. Are now. Practical. Questions, of engineering. Which. You cannot escape if you want for example to, put a self-driving car on the road I want to go back to this concept of religion. Versus spirituality, and, like the role that play in sapiens, your first book you, talk about this concept of.

Human. Fictions, or like stories, that we create as humans, I guess, to get us. Through. Life and to get us through our interactions, with each other. Those. Fictions, those stories, as you put it they've they've, served, us well they've, resulted. In a lot of good for humankind. But, have also been the source. Of, wars. And conflict. And and, human, suffering yeah how. Do you square that with this moment we're in where spirit, spirituality. Is, an integral, part in how we think. About integrating. Technology, in our lives. Big. Question, well. So. Far in history in order, to organize. Humans. On a large scale you, always had, to have some. Story. Some. Fiction, which. Humans invented. But. Which, enough. Humans, believed in, order to agree on how to behave it's. Not just religion, if this is the obvious example. That. Even. Religious people would, agree that all religions. Except, one are fictional, stories. It's, the first line by religion, if. You ask a Jew then, they will tell you yes Judaism. Is the truth that's for sure but all these billions of Christians, and Muslims and Hindus they believe in fictional stories I mean all this story about Jesus rising, from the dead and being the Son of God this is fake news wait that's not true if. You ask a Jew like a rock hey, you know rabbis tend to be like to hedge their back. Maybe. Not but then you go to the Christians, they will say no no no no no no no this, is true but. The Muslims, they believe in fake news all, this story about Muhammad meeting the Archangel, Gabriel and the Quran coming, from heaven this is all fake news and enough the Muslims they'll tell you this about Hinduism, so even the in religion, it's very clear the. More. Interesting. Thing is that the same is true in in something like in the economy. Cooperation. You can't have a modern economy without, corporations. Like Google and, without. Money like dollars but. Corporations. And currencies, they are also just stories. We invented, Google. Has no physical. Or biological reality. It is. A story. Created. By the powerful, shamans, we call lawyers. Even. If you ask lawyer, what is Google like. You push them to the what is, they, will tell you it's a legal fiction, it's. Not the, it's not this chair it belongs to Google I think but. This, is not it's. Not it it's not the money it's not the manager it's not the workers, it's a story, created, by lawyers and for, example I mean if you somehow. It's some natural, calamity, destroy. Is like, there is an earthquake and, the Googleplex, collapses, Google. Still exists, even. If many of the workers and managers are killed, it just hires new ones and, it still has money in the bank and even. If there is no money in the bank they can they can get alone and build, new buildings and hire new people and everything is okay but. Then if you have one of these the most powerful. Shaman like, the Supreme Court of the United States. Come. And said I don't like your story I think. You need to be broken into two different fictions. Then. That's the end so. So. You. That's. A lotta impact. So. That the advent, that we're in now with fake news and really. Seriously. Questioning, what veracity, means and, and how. Veracity. Impacts. These this, kind of foundational, things. That you laid out earlier in, your, remarks that have allowed us to. Work. With each other and work across borders, etc. With. This where. You are on this this notion of stories, and and fictions, that we have is this, advent, of fake news is that is that. A reality is that yeah. We should be in terms of questioning what's true and what's not true on. The one hand fake, news is old news we've, had them throughout history. And. In some times in much worse form.

Than. What we see today, but. Is there is there such thing as truth. Yes there is absolutely, I mean there there is reality I mean, you have all these stories people tell about reality. I see but, ultimately there, is reality. The. Best test of reality that I know is the test of suffering, suffering, is the most real thing in the world if. You want to know whether it's so is about, a real entity or, a fictional, entity, you should just ask can, this entity actually suffer, now, Google cannot suffer, even. If the stock, goes down even. If a judge comes, and says this is a monopoly, you have to break it up he. Doesn't suffer, humans. Can suffer, like. The the. Managers, the the. Owners of the stocks the employees. They can suffer my girls yeah, they can certainly suffer, but. We. Know we can know very easily that Google is just a story by this simple test that it cannot suffer, and, it's the same of nations, it's the same of currencies, the dollar is, just a, fiction, recreated, the dollar doesn't suffer if it loses its value let me push you on there right so. Oftentimes. Like just in the US they say the kind, of the. System, we set up in the u.s. is an experiment, it's often styled. As an experiment, democracy. With checks, and balances etc. Under. One view of that you can say that that's that's kind of a story. That we've created in America right we've created this there's, kind of really nice story. But if that, was broken apart like that, entity is not not not, suffering, but. If that experiment, is. The. Thing, the. The the proper functioning, of those institutions and the things that support that so we know, these functions, properly because. It, alleviates. Suffering. It provides. Health care it provides, safety, and, if it doesn't then. We would say the experiment, doesn't. Work the, experiment. Will you say that experiment. Is a. Fiction, or that experiment. Reality. Is it a thing the experiment. Is a story, that we share it's. Things that we, humans, have, invented, and created in, order to serve certain. Needs, and. Desires, that, we have, it. Is as a, created. Story and not an, objective. Reality but. It is nevertheless the one of the most powerful forces in the world when I say that something is a fiction, or a story I, mean to imply it's banned or that. It's not important, no some of the best things, in the world and, the most powerful, forces, in the world are these, shared, fictions. Nations. And, corporations, and. Banks and, and so forth they are all stories, we created, but. They, are the most powerful, forces today, in the world far, more powerful than any human, being or any animal and, they. Can be a tremendous, force for good the. Key is to, remember that we created them, to serve us and, note. That we are here, in order to serve them, that, the trouble, really begins when, people lose sight of. The. Simple reality that. We are real they, are not and a, lot of people throughout history and, also today they. Kind of take it upside. Down they, think the nation is more real, than me I am here to serve it and not, it is here, to serve me, and and my fellow humans, very. Interesting so we're. Gonna open it up for questions from the audience in a few minutes here but I want to try to get an. Easy win so in in 21 lessons, you you tackle really big. Challenges. And questions that we're wrestling with today. Of. Those those, questions. Which. Do you think is the easiest to, solve and what should we be doing to go about solving it ooh what. Is the easiest to solve. Trying. To get quick wins on the board here yeah, for so. The. Rest the fake news. Question. Not because it's the easiest to solve but also maybe because it's one of the most relevant to what. You're doing here in in Google and I, would say that the, current incarnation of, the. Fake news problem, has, a lot to do with the model of, the. News and information, market. That. We. Have constructed. A model, which. Basically says. Exciting. News for free. In exchange for your attention. And this. Is a very, problematic model. Because. It it, turns, human attention into, the most scarce, resource, and you get more and more competition for. Human attention. With, more and more exciting, news that again, in in some of the smartest people in the world have, learned how to excite, our brain how, to make us click on the next news, story and truth. Gets completely, pushed aside it's. Not part of the equation. The.

Equation Is, excitement, attention. Excitement, attention, and. On. The collective, level I think the solution, to this problem would. Be to change, the. Model of the news market, to. High, quality news. That, cost you a lot of money but. Don't abuse your attention. It's, very. Strange that we are in a situation when, people are, willing to pay a lot of money for. High quality food, and high. Quality cars. But, not for high quality news. And. This. Is a lot, to do with the architecture. Of, of. The information, market and I think there is there are many things that you here in Google can do in, order to help society. Change that. The model of the news market I'd, want, to, continue. Explore that and whether that would be create like economic. Divide or exacerbate, the current, divide. But I'm gonna open it up now for audience. Questions we. Have a microphone, here on, the side. Start, with you hi thank. You so much for writing your books they're completely wonderful and I've had a joy reading them. So. One. Of the things that you kind of explore here is we are facing a couple, of global, problems. And. Historically. We, have never created, global. Global. Organizations, which is responsible for solving global problems, who. Had any ability to enforce them and even. When we have created them they have come after great. Tragedies. So. How, can we sort of make. That happen, and make somebody responsible, and, have the ability to, have. Those organizations. Enforce those solutions. Yeah. I mean it's it's not going to be easy and. But. I think the most important, thing is to change. The. Public. Conversation and. Focus. It on the global problems, if. People. Focus. On, local. Problems, they. Don't see, the need for effective. Global, cooperation. So. The first step is to. Tell people again, and again and again look, the, three biggest, problems, that everybody, on the planet is now, facing, our. Nuclear, war climate. Change and technological, disruption, and, even, if we are able to prevent. Nuclear war and climate change it's, still AI, and, biotech, are going to completely, disrupt the. Job market, and even the human body and we. Need to figure out how. To regulate. This and how, to prevent, the dystopian. Consequences. And make sure that the more utopian. Consequences. Materialized, and for that we need global, cooperation, to be obvious, to everybody you, cannot. Prevent. Climate change on a national, level and you. Cannot regulate AI on, a national, level whatever, regulation, the u.s. adopts, if the Chinese, are not adopting it it, won't do much help so, you need cooperation, here, and.

And. Then it goes into practical, political issues. I mean you have an elections, coming up midterm elections, in the US so, if you go to a town. Meeting, with an inspiring, congressman. Or congresswoman, so. We just ask them what. Are you going if I elect you what, will you do about the danger of climate change about the danger of nuclear war and about. Getting. Global, regulations, for. A iron for biotech, what's your plan and. If they say oh I haven't thought about it. Then. Maybe, don't vote for, that person. Question. Hi. You go thanks, for coming here today so. In, one of your talks you suggested, that to, avoid, getting our hearts hacked we. Need to stay ahead by, knowing ourselves better and, it. Seems to me that the process, of knowing yourself needs, a lot of intelligence and in some ways it's a skill that needs, to be developed I mean, the intellect, that we have, as human seems, fairly, new, when compared, to other properties. That we got evolutionarily. So. How. Do you suggest that we can learn to think and use our intelligence better, and also, do that at a scale because. If only. Some people know themselves but millions, are on your billions around you don't then. Then. You can only go so far well. I don't think that knowing yourself is necessarily. About. All, about intelligence. Certainly, not in the narrow sense of intelligence, if you include emotional. Intelligence and so forth and yes but, in in the more narrow, sense, of like IQ I think, this is not some. Of the many. Very, intelligent. People in the world who don't know themselves at all. Which. Is an extremely dangerous combination. Now. Some, people. Explore. Themselves, through, therapy, some. Use meditation, some use out some, use sports they like go on a long hike go. For, a month to the Appalachian, Trail and, and. Get, to know themselves on, the way there are many ways to do it which. Are not necessarily, about intellect, it's not like reading. Articles. About, brain, science and that's gonna help in some. Ways and in, this sense I think it's a very kind of. Democratizing. Ability. Or force, to get to know yourself after. Afros in you you're always with yourself, it's, not like you need some special Abra Tory and to get some very. Rare. Machines, from. I don't know that cost millions of dollars, you just need yourself sure. But what, about the art of thinking like. What. About the art of. The. Art of thinking I, mean. People are very intelligent, but they don't really use. Their intelligence to understand themselves right yeah. And. There. Is no easy way to do it if, it was easy to, get to know yourself better everybody, would do it long ago and we, would be living in a very very different world. We, have we have folks joining us from all around the world as well so I have a question, from from. The question. Bank, compassion, is the critical underpinning. Of any successful, society, yet, I believe that technology is, reducing, our capacity, capacity, for empathy it, feels that we no longer value, compassion, perhaps, even seeing compassion, as weak, what. Are in your view effective, ways to motivate members, of society, to develop their compassion, I, don't. Think the technology, is inherently. Undermining. Compassion. It, can go both, ways. Certainly. Communication. Technology. Can. Make you aware of the, plight of people on the other side of the world and, without. That you may be extremely, compassionate about.

Your Immediate, like family, members and neighbors and, won't, care at all about people. On the other side of the world so. I don't think there is an inherent, contradiction. Or collision. Between. Technology. And compassion. But. It is true that, the. Way we. Design, technology. Can. Make us. Less. Compassionate. And even the way that we design ourselves. For. Most of history so you had economic. And political systems. Trying, to shape people, and in. The past they live with education. And with our. Culture, and in. The president, future, we, are likely to do it more and more with biotech, and with, brain computer, interfaces. So. Our ability to manipulate, ourselves. Is growing. And therefore. It extremely important. To. Remember. To, take compassion, into account otherwise. The danger is the. You know armies, and corporations. And government, in many cases, they want something, like intelligence, they, want more intelligent. Workers and soldiers they. Want more decisive. Workers, and soldiers don't take a whole day to decide, I want, you to decide, this in half an hour and as. Our ability to manipulate humans. And I mean manipulate, our, ear engineer, that that the body in the brain as it grows. We, might. Engineer. More. Decisive. And intelligent. Humans, at the price of compassion. Which. Many, corporations, and, armies, and governments, find, either, irrelevant. Or even, problematic. Because, it causes people to be hesitant. And to take more time about the decisions, and so on and so forth so, we. Need to remember, that the, enormous importance, of compassion. And. Again. It goes back also to the question about getting. To know yourself. Which. I think is the key to developing compassion. Not. Just because when, you understand, your own that this, makes me miserable then, you understand, all the same thing may make other people also miserable, it's, even, much deeper than that. When. You really get, to know yourself you, realize that when. You, ignore. Others, and when, you mistreat, others, very. Often, it harms you even. Before it, harms them it's, a, very unpleasant, experience to. Be angry. So, your anger, may have harm other people or maybe not maybe you're boiling. With anger about, somebody, and you don't do anything about it because she's, your boss. But. You. Don't harm her but your your anger harms you so. The more you, you. Understand, yourself the, greater, incentive. You have to. Do something about my anger about, my hatred about my fear and most. People discover, that as they develop more compassion. Towards, others, they. Also experience, far more peace within, themselves.

Another, Live question. Thank. You, after reading your books it occurs to me that you've most likely educated. Yourself both. Broadly and deeply to, be the foundation for your ideas for, those of us that are interested in cultivating, our mind similarly, wonder, if you could share a little bit about your reading habits and how you use what to consume what. Am i reading habits, um I read. Very eclectically. Like. No. Book is bad. From. From, entering the the, book list but. Then I tend to be extremely impatient. About the, books I actually read, I would begin like 10 books and drop, 9 of them after 10. Pages. It's. Not always the, wisest, policy, but it's my policy that. If a book, didn't, really. Teach. Me something, new had some interesting, insight, in the first 10 pages the. Chances, it will it, could be that in on page 100, there'll be some mind-blowing, idea that I am now missing. But. There's, so many I keep, thinking there are so many books. Out wonderful. Books out there that. I will never read. So. Why, waste, waste time, on a. Less optimal, optimal, book so. I would try like a book on biology and then economics, and then psychology. And then fiction, and whatever, and just go through them quite, quickly until I find something that really grabs me. Another. Live question I. Mr.. Ari thanks, for being here fascinating, talk is as always I, do. A little bit of meditation myself, and I've heard that you do a lot of meditation on the order of hours a day is that right I, try. To do 2 hours every day and I try to go every year to a long reach rate of 45, or 60 days, so. I was wondering how do you feel that has influenced, your life and and the ideas that you have a. Tremendous. Influence I. Think. Both on. My inner peace of mind but. Also on my work, as a scientist, maybe, the two most important, influences, is that, first it, enable me to to, have more. Clarity and more, focus, and certainly. When you write about such big subjects. Like, trying to summarize the, whole of history in, 400 pages, so. Having, a very very focused, mind, is very important, because, the great. Difficulty, is that you everything. Kind of currently strikes you you start writing. About the Roman Empire and you said well I have to explain this and this and this and this and and you end up with 4,000 pages so. You have to be very what is really, important, and what can be left outside and, the. Other thing is that. At. Least of limitation, that I I practice. Which is Vipassana, meditation it's. All about really. Knowing the difference, between. The. Fictions, and story is generated, by our mind and the reality. What, is really happening right.

Now And. When. When when I meditate. The. Things that happens is that constantly, the mind is like a factory, that, constantly. Generates. Stories. About, myself about, other people, about the world that. And they are very attractive and like I get. Identified, with them and the meditation, is constantly don't it's. Just a story leave, it just try. To stay, with what is really happening right. Now and. This. Is the central, practice, in in meditation, it's also a. Guiding. Principle when. I study. History or when, I study what's happening in the world. Hey. Thank you let's. Take another question from the from, the dory with, inequality. Rising across most nation in the last few decades what, is your perspective on how we can use, technological. Growth to solve this problem and create, a more equitable world do, we need a different economic, paradigm. To achieve this, yes. We probably need a different economic, paradigm. Because, we are entering kind of uncharted, waters, especially. Because of the automation revolution, and the. Growing, likelihood that more and more people will. Might, be completely, pushed out of the job market, not, just, because there won't be enough jobs but. Simply because the. The. Pace of change in, the job market will, accelerate so. Even if there are enough, jobs, people. Don't have the psychological. Balance. And stamina. To constantly. Retrain. Rescale, reinvent, themselves. And. So, I think that the biggest problem in that job market is really going to be this, psychological. Problem and then. What do you do when more and more people are, left. Out and. There. Are explorations. Of new models like universal, basic income and, so forth which. Of worth, exploring, I don't have the answers I would, just say that anybody. Who thinks in terms like, universal, basic income should. Take the word Universal. Very. Very seriously, and not. Settle. For national. Basic, income because. The, the greatest inequality. We're, facing will. Probably, be inequality. Between, countries. And not, within countries, some. Countries, are likely to become extremely. Wealthy, due. To the automation, revolution, and, California. Is certainly, one. Of these places other. Countries, might, lose everything.

Because. Their entire, economy. Depends. On things like manual. Labor which. Will lose its importance, and they, just don't have the resources, and the educational, system to. Kind of turn themselves into, high-tech hubs so. The really crucial question. Is not how. Do we, what, what do we do about, I. Don't. Know Americans, in Indiana who, lose their jobs the, really, important, questions, is what do we do about people in Guatemala, or, Bangladesh who, lose their jobs, this, should be I think the focus. Of this question of inequality, okay. Look take another live question. Hello. Mr. Ari all right thank you for doing this QA so. At Google we have a responsibility to build products and services which not only achieve, results for our shareholders but also that actually benefit our end users so in order to, spend, less time hacking, humans and. Spend more time reducing suffering we need to understand what's of a future we want to build so. What I want to ask you is what are your personal methodologies, for making predictions about the future and what, suggestions would you give to Googlers who want to have a more vers understanding, of the future. Well. As I said in the very beginning I don't think we can predict the future but I think we can influence it, what. I try, to do as a. Historian, and I even, when I talk, about the future I define, myself as a historian because. I think that history is, not the study of the past history. Is the study of change, how. Human, society is and in political systems and economies, change and what. I try to do is, to. Map different. Possibilities. Rather, than make predictions. This is what will happen in 2050, and we. Need to keep. A very broad perspective, one. Of the biggest dangers is when, we have a very narrow perspective like. We develop, a new technology and we, think oh this, technology. Will. Have this outcome and we. Are convinced. Of this prediction, and we. Don't take into account that, the same technology, might. Have very, different, outcomes. And. Then. We don't prepare and we, don't and as. I, said at the beginning it's, especially important. To take into account the, worst possible. Outcomes, in order. To be aware of them. So. I would say whenever you're thinking about, the. Future the future impact of added, technology I'm developing, create. A map of different. Possibilities, if you see just one possibility. You're, not looking wide enough if you, see two or three it's probably also not wide enough you, need a map of like four or five different possibilities. Minimum. Let's. Take another live. Question. Hey. I'm, sir hurry so. My question is I'll, start. Very, broad and then I'll know it down for, the focus I'm really interested in what, do you think are the components, that make these fictional. Stories so, powerful. In how they guide human nature and my. And then if I narrow it down is, I'm specifically. Interested in this self-destruction. Behavior. Of humans how, can these, fictional. Stories. Led. By a few people. Convinced. The mass to, literally kill. Or die for that. Fictional story it's. It again goes back to to hacking the brain and hacking.

The Human animal. It's. Been done throughout history, previously. Just. By trial and error without. The. Deep knowledge of, of, brain. Science and evolution, we have today but, to give an example like, if you want to convince people, to. Persecute. And. Exterminate. Some. Other group of people what, you need to do is really, latch onto the. Discussed, mechanisms. In the human brain. Evolution. Has. Shaped. Homo. Sapiens, who, is very powerful discussed. Mechanisms. In the brain to, protect us against. Diseases. Against. All kinds of sources of, potential. Disease. And if. You look at the, history of bias, and, prejudice. And genocide. One. Recurring theme is that it, repeatedly. Kind, of latches. On to these discussed, mechanisms. And so. You, would find things like women. Are impure or. These. Other people, they smell, bad and they, bring diseases. And. Very. Very often discussed, is at, the center so. You'll, often find comparison. Between. Certain. Types of humans, and rats or. Cockroaches. Or all kinds of other disgusting, things, so. If you want to, instigate. Genocide, you, start, by, hacking. The, discussed mechanisms. In the human brain and this. Is very very deep. And. If, it's done from an early age it's. Extremely. Difficult after. Words people, can they, know intellectually. That, it's, wrong to say that these, people are, disgusting, that, are, these people they smell, bad and then David but, the anointing tool actually but. When, you, you place them like in a brain scanner, they. Can't help it if, they. Were raised, I mean so we can still do something about it we can still kind of defeat, this but, it's very difficult because it's it really goes to the core of the brain. So. I'll end on a final question because we're at time when. Larry and Sergey when they founded Google they, did show with this this. Deep belief in technology's, ability to. Improve. People's lives everywhere. So. If you had a magic wand and, you could give, Google. And the next big project for us to work on and, in 30 seconds or less what would what would you, grant. Us is our assignment an AI. System that. Gets to know me in order, to protect me, and not. In order to sell, me products, or make me click on advertisements, and, so forth all. Right mission, accepted. Thank. You. You.

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Shen Laoshi ... the interviewer stutters, he is not stupid.

I want to thank the person at 46:20. I also am interested in knowing how Yuval consumes information!

Chris Offner interesting. Your comment reminds me of what Charlie Munger said of Warren Buffett, " Look at this generation, with all of its electronic devices and multitasking. I will confidently predict less success than Warren, who just focused on reading. If you want wisdom, you'll get it sitting on your ass. That's the way it comes."

I'd also really love to know if he ever owned a smartphone to begin with, or if he'd always been without one. Did he have one, and over time notice that its drawbacks outweigh its benefits for him, and then discard of the smartphone? Or did he just never own one in the first place?

Great talk and great questions at the end

poor interviewer

I'm sure he means disgust, not discussed. Please correct the sub-titles.

From 53:14 ....But what if a technology leads to total ambiguity about how the future might look like? What if there is a lot more than just a range of possibilities? In terms of Hugh Courtney's four levels of uncertainty...?

I think the idea is that it's the responsibility of scientists and engineers (with the help of political scientists, anthropologists, economists, psychologists, etc.) to map out all conceivable outcomes of a given technology - and then continue shaping and designing the technology in ways that make the most desirable outcomes most likely and the least desirable outcomes least likely. Of course it'll never be perfect but it's a good design guideline, as opposed to the current modus operandi, which is to get high and hyped about the best possible outcome, and then move full-steam ahead without really taking time to consider and mitigate the potential negative effects.

Are those talks livestreamed as they happen? Still reading "homo deus". Will skip his "brief history of the past" book because of what matters is the future, not the past.

I think maybe the other guy was trying to sound cool because he "isn't interested in the past", "only looks forward" and whatever. Or not. But what you say here - this is exactly right.

funny enough, I think Sapiens is the best of all 3 because it gives us the foundation of all Harari's thinking. And don't be fooled that it will be about a set of wars or kingdoms history of the past. It will really make you change your preconceptions about how the history developed in a certain way and why we are where we are right now. If you really want to understand his thoughts about the future, the foundation (Sapiens) is a must.

+valar yy okay thanks

I also recommend reading all three of them, in order. They build on one onther. You'll benefit from *Homo Deus* and *21 Lessons* in any case, but you'll only understand their implications fully if you have the foundations set in *Sapiens.*

Sapiens goes much deeper into history. We've both stated our cases and are not going to agree. Thank you.

+valar - Homo Deus is deep into history (at least at my opinion) - I'm not through it, I'm at around page 250 on the german translation, but Harari is constantly questioning the future based on something happened in the past... That's what I like...

+valar you don't need fully understand past because you don't have that time to properly do that and another most important you dont need to know how first computer works to operate the new one ( yes it's sometimes very useful but a lot of the time you don't need to know how deutch was great power because of its law you can learn more about that with sociology books or human behaviour better ) past is importent to know I dont say no but what's is in front of as never ever be that dangerous and no inside with religious ir philosophy can clearly give us answer what to do with that . You need to have some basics knowledge about past and how its works but in world of Ai and all that technology you dont know what out tgere and no past can help you there.

It's the best and most important of all the books to read. Most people do not know a lot of what is in the book, and without it, the other books don't make much sense. If we can't understand the human past, then we sure as hell can't understand its future.

+valar but sapiens is the worst of his 3 books and you probably know a lot about that past already some inside are interesting but a lot you know already and its just repet itself ( I don't know whats your knowledge about past but probably you be fine without this book)

Don't skip it. Sapiens is amazing. It provides an essential foundation for reading Homo Deus. The "I don't care about the past, only the future matters" attitude is just the kind of rudderless speculation that Harari is worried about. If you don't have any understanding of the past, you will not be able to understand where we might be heading. Harari has made a name for himself partly because he is a historian and not a futurist like Kurzweil or Diamandis. He knows much better than they do where we have been and therefore, his view of where we are going is considerably darker. As a solid amateur historian myself, I am of the same mind.

you must understand the past, to understand the present bro

Read Life 3.0

If you´re reading this... ....you are probably malnourished because you´re a vegan.

A pity about the interviewer. He did not get to many of the 21 lessons or any real depth. Harari is no doubt very good but there are a few weaknesses in his argument such as our current system of democracy etc has always relied on manipulating the masses. The only difference between what we are seeing now with the latest technology and what we had is that we can now do it faster and perhaps more thoroughly. I am not convinced that humans can be "hacked" as easily as he says. Neither did he convince me that he had anything worthwhile to say about the issue of the destruction of jobs. We also know that international cooperation is just about impossible to achieve.

International cooperation is hard but not impossible you see someone yousing nukes noo future jobs we think about that but its a lot of to do to get there google amazon already have huge amount of data china too googlle figured GO ibm jeopardy and open ai trying to develop some robotics and im only tooking about popular or maybe better this who show it to us .what's technology they have in some server's for now you don't know .okay coming to this took bioengineering is more important not true in my point of view if you have ai you can engineer everything with some powerful computers and a good data

Your only as good as the questions you ask. Here Yuval could have been interviewed by RAY KURZWEIL not someone who knows little. Very poor interviewer does not even have the vocabulary, never read Yuval's books. You had a chance to do something good, intelligent, but no.

Not you, the person with the Chinese symbol for a name in the thread who I replied to. So...you apologize?

You idiot read the original script no one said black host. I said poor interviewer your the idiot added race your the creep.

He's a host, not a "black host guy". Call me an SJW, but you just listened to a lecture on the importance of empathy and compassion. Words can distance us from other people in subtle ways we must be conscious of, because those seeds can blow up into huge problems, as Harari said here.

Repeating the same lecture he has been repeating for 20 years. "Exponential growth will solve everything." Still waiting on that.

What is Kurzweil up to these days anyways?

Indeed, Kurzweil would make for an interesting interviewer, because they are so opposite in some key ways, and so similar in others. Also the generational age gap might be revealing. A 70-year-old who is drenched in existential anxiety vs. a 42-year-old who meditates two hours a day and is probably not. I want to see that.

WTF are you talking about!? I'd say the same for any interviewer, no matter the race. Just listen what he's asking, man. Many of his questions don't even make sense.

You dont even need to read his books its kind of Ai , human life technology some history and future (don't know about that new 21 lessons reading half there ) if you interesting in that kind od think a lot of this thinks you know or even more machine learning etc its only show small think in his books and I not fully approved or think his all wrong but some line with sapiens his point of view with not wrong but yyhhh either nit good or bad

+FirstName LastName c'mon because hes black give a break from that racist card the interview not sucks its kind of yhhh okay some interview type of think . I think probably better interviewing be someone engineer this type of guy who works on daily basis on ai and automated vehicle or big data this probably be more interesting

You are a retarded racist idiot

homo deus and sapiens i read it was great maybe not sapiens that much but homo deus loved . curently reading this new book half there ...

Interesting, I loved Sapiens but I thought Homo Deus was too based on the author's own best guesses plus the work of a handful of futurists and sci-fi authors whereas Sapiens is based on the work of many, many people. 21 Questions is much more grounded, I find.

Google employ all forms of evil

+Jack thats why its evil. No choices

Probably but at the same time you watching this on google platform


Has any human technology such as AI ever had this immense potential for good, as well as at the same time such immense potential for abuse? What does it do with the human condition when every mistake, every ill, every atrocity pre-emptively by omniscient AI is sought to be erased from the collective consciousness? Who defines what suffering to forestall? Who defines what suffering is? Who will decide what (virtual) reality under which the most fundamental aspects of human life will be determined? To me it seems as a situation in which an enlightened despot is required, yet the potential for dystopian totalitarian rule seems almost inevitable. But I guess it in a way already exists in China, so it isn't exactly unheard of.

The interviewer couldn't be more incompetent

The first thing in the future you should be concerned about is google, how ironic

The interviewer Wilson White, is an embarrassment. He is clueless about what Harari is talking about. What does that say about Google!!!

The first time I saw him I thought that perhaps this will be the man that walks in chomsky's shoes. Then I saw that he is Israeli, and immediately had second thoughts. Perhaps he was big enough to survive the brainwashing. I really hope so

What defines "black white" or "passive assertive"? It's a bit of a false dichotomy, because central to a will is the capacity for a living thing to do one or a very few things when many many things are possible. Will, and the ability to do any kind of work, is about constraints on outcomes. Freedom, as Harari points out, is at the "random" end of the spectrum, devoid of constraint. A will devoid of constraints is a will devoid of causal context, and therefore without meaning. The question of "free will" points to a paradox worth exploring, but the literal framing, per se, can only ask the question, not answer it.

Srikanth Bhakthan

@Srikanth Bhakthan: Indeed, that's precisely why I was wondering about the question I outlined above.

https://youtu.be/L5ELw11xPl8?t=3760 - he do not have a smart phone

This man is frightening. He sees humans as nothing more than empty robots without freewill and just a group of molecules put together to make random decisions that is largely due to chance. To say philosophy and religions has no impact on science or human development through history has been blind sided.

Skip to 2:55 to get past all the introductory fluff.

The last sentence in this talk was said in a joking way, but it sounds to me like a very good idea: "an AI system that gets to know me to protect me and not to sell me stuff or get me to click on links."

the last answer LOL

The interviewer proves anyone can get hired at Google. Dude is completely unqualified to interview Noah

Exactly what I was thinking. Plus the interviewer seems to have an agenda, like he wants to challenge the negative potential outcomes Yuval has concluded are possible because he thinks they cast Google in a negative light or something.

My conclusion is that, strictly speaking, "free will" is non-existent. There is no such thing. It's commonly accepted that only human beings have "free will". But psychology, and sociology, and physiology knew for a long time that human beings are affected by many external factors, and there are many specific situations when human behavior, if not completely pre-determined, is strongly influenced and can be "calculated", if you know the premises. Now we (or 'they' - business super-powers, like Google, etc.) have, or about to have in the near future, technologies and algorithms that allow them to predict human behavior and decisions people make, not in the lab, but "in vivo".

+FirstName LastName Its really not a race thing. This interviewer doesn't seem to understand Yuval's work, or its implications, very well at all.

It was brave of Google to invite him since he obviously sees them as being one of those companies that are currently not leveraging AI technologies only for the good of human kind

Read all three books of Mr. Harari. They confirmed my perceptions, predictions, experiences and concerns. Must read all his books.

Liked how he roasted Google

Shen - you may think he's a deep thinker, however what he said about religion and spirituality is beyond stupid. How does spirituality exists without religion? If there is no eternal God, there is no eternal infinite spirit/soul and the only thing that exists is the finite natural world. The dude sounds like a naturalists and is borrowing spirituality to make him sound more edgy. The dude is a nutter and is deep in cognitive dissonance.

Harari had a good outing. I'm having trouble with the interviewer and the breaks of continuity in his self-expression and his inability to pose concise and articulate questions. There was never any chance of him really pushing Harari to peak performance. Lost opportunity.

(@Harari) It seems that you know what you're talking about in reference to A.I technology and i do agree that it's suppose to serve humanity not the other way around , besides i consider what you've said about it a clear confirmation that the electronic mind control program do exist and it's not just some conspiracy theory as many others claim . What you seemed not so certain about is your talk of spirituality because you simply didn't define what spirituality is to begin with , therefore you unconsciously mixed up spirituality with human behavior and it wasn't clear to me if you did know that they're completely separate things , i know the definition of both of them but at this point i think you should figure it out yourself , i encouraged self education , but i find your speech of religion and god unstable and i consider it offensive since we are frankly speaking and open minded people , and i won't dig deep into that but all i can tell you is you or any scientist would dare to inter a black hole for instance because its way beyond anyone's knowledge , but i don't blame you all the blame goes to those who disgraced God and his religion by giving you a chance to talk about it , and please for god's sake can we keep how people dress up aside ? So much for the homosexuality you're defending , and here's the bottom line I'm not the one whose going to judge you because I'm not the king you disrespected

It takes guts to talk crap about Google, in Google

couple of times i thought the same !!!

I think you missed his points entirely

He's actually warmer than you think, he has just absorbed the dark reality of humanities more serious issues more deeply and is trying to convey that to us. Communication is not perfect.

LOVE, my friend.

It wasn't

I think Harari's next book should focus on the mind and the development of emotional intelligence and mental stability, and also the mystery of consciousness. And unlike every other public intellectual of today, he does not adhere to the idea that the mind arises from the brain and refers to it as a "dogma". The mind and how it can use our technologies to create heaven or hell is such an important subject that I believe it is worth him devoting an entire book to it.

I thought so initially, but actually it worked well, this is not a talk show, it's for employees to take note. It did

What exactly are you trying to say Leonora?

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God.

If you think deeper you'll understand that this is not a talk show and that putting kurzweil would not have worked, they'd at best blabber or fight. This is for employees and it worked very well

im hungry, can someone bring me breakfast?

The customer is made into a 'sinner' to make money off. Life is s business. You need this. - No I don't. - Yes you do. If you don't look better than her she will get him. That makes sense.

Democracy makes the invalid and the god-animal equals when they are not without herd moral force.

No money. No woman. Nowhere safe to sleep. Well, that's life for you and me. But for these rich folks, they have worse problems. They talk too much. They hear too much. They see too much. They suffer from themselves, from not suffering.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I think man talks too much. Spock's brother, artificial intelligence, will soon rape the earth of man the most disgusting creature on the planet other than the highest.

wonderful ...spirituality is about question...religion is about answers

AI protector yes plz!

I absolutely loved the note Harari ended on. AI to protect me, not sell me to advertisers. That's the kind of 'fuck you' you're supposed to give on talks at 'Google'. Hope Google's listening, haha.

i too am on a strict diet of bread and words. amen

"Because we don't understand the Big Bang women must dress with long sleeves and men shouldn't have sex together" ~Y.N. Harari 2018


My deepest respect!!! My next book is obviously ...looking forward

Great talkshow

Yuval is a genius. Thank you great man I love your books

Yuval can haul the freight

Put me to sleep. YAWN

All stories and fictions can be changed, to serve us better, so dont tell me the existing system is the best, it can NEVER be, perpetual improvement and change is the best.

Shall we consider relationships between people also a story? I cannot put it through the suffering test and make viewpoint. Let's say the relationship between a boy and a girl. Something goes wrong and we say that the relationship broke or the relationship suffered. Shall we call it not fiction based on it? But the relationships intuitively seems fiction to me.

Why? I have no problem telling any company my honest opinions about them. Why not?

Or you could create both moral algorithms, one kills the driver, one kills the two kids and let the consumer purchase their morality.

How is it possible that he has only 63k views? It’s a figurative question ;)


Morality sometimes also is very relative . This is what the books highlights @ some place

Yes, I love that part about the different gods starting at 18:50. It's really paradox...

Im also think that mental stability is the focus on the next labor market.

This was truly a great talk. Thank you google and Yuval Harari

Yuvali, you are probably the human that I love and admire the most in the whole world! You are also probably the most intelligent of all humans I ever met...

Wrong again FEAR not Google. Know thy self and walking into the unknown is fearlessness. Confidence is security, humbleness is wisdom, fear has no where to sit.

NOT REALLY History is societies memory and dementia is the soup of the day. Recording changes very small part of History. Expand your mind unravel your brain wash American mindlessness.

I foresee a day when little miscreants jump in front of your vehicle for the fun of watching your self-driving car drive you off a cliff.

LOL the interviewer tried to lessen the blow a little at first but Harari just ploughed through

i think human is indeed some elaborate robots produced by evolution。that is not even news

+Peter Knopfler dementia=soup of the day; may I quote you??!! adequate

+marcsa12 yes anything I write is all yours. In Maya land, I am the other you...You are the other me.

For bestseller books at lowest price what's app @ 9599419122

+Daeron Brandenburg HA HA Thank you not sure of who you think I am likable I am not. Sitting in my library watching the sunlight stream across my books, likable HA Ha I'm trying to think of when have I ever used that word. Pleasant seems more accurate. Working in Waikiki nightclubs for 21 yrs security gives one a simple out look with less expectations from others. You are what you do, so am I. remember I am the other you, you are the other me, thanks.

+Peter Knopfler I like you

The “fictions” were evolved by helping man survive.

You need Sadhguru to update your software :)

+Daeron Brandenburg Yes your right, two different things. Thank you, and I am having a good one.

+Peter Knopfler I didn't say you were likable. I said I liked you ;) Those are two very different things my man. Have a good one.

Indeed we know nothing about God, just like an Ant is trying to figure out an F-35 Lightning II flying in the sky. But there will always be two ants, one that will try to explain the phenomenon and one that will try to ignore it.

So interesting, I love how Yuval thinks

How to sound smart without actually saying anything and never answering the actual question.

I do not like this MC. PR in google? If this guys thinks it is OK to interrupt while the guest is still talking, he is not only arrogant but also rude. Tells a lot what kind of company Google is. And since YouTube is a google service, it is telling the world we are not as smart as the world thinks. This in combination with the technology they possess, they are telling the world through this video that "we are dangerous". Because they are saying they are not smart enough, nor do they care, to know what they are doing.

55:00 How to create a successful fictional story? It's all about TIMING, or as the Chinese say "天时、地利、人和". Prof Harari's answer reminds of the Japanese SF novel "genocide organ".

Yep...nothing like an ideologue. This dude is famous why, again? He is all about pure conjecture....

Is Google damaging mythical stories of nations?

Diversity hire.....

The mind proceeding from brain has not been serious inquiry for years now...see Ian McGilchridts work, primarily The Master and The Emissary.

Totally concur! You may want to check out Waking Up by Sam Harris - top notch on insights and intellectual honesty.

If you cut a plant it not suffer... so the plants are fictions?

Can Fucking stupid monkey indians ask question without seeing into the smartphone?

- it is a shame i can not give two likes to this video

It's funny when he said "Google today (and many other corps & nations) is a fiction story, created by modern shamans AKA lawyers". Agree. So, this talk is entertainment in the end, and perhaps was so to begin with. I like the religion references. Bill Maher should borrow some ideas from it. Overall, good enough for sci-fi and/or popular psychology. The diversity guy is there for a reason too .. :) Shallow otherwise.

Google cannot suffer...

there could be indirect solutions so that the kill the owner or the two kids situations don't get to happen, making it impossible for kids to play near steep hills as an example :)) or maybe have a setting that the owner chooses if he prioritizes saving his life above all and taking full (legal*) responsibility Self driving cars could have dedicated roads that have no humans crossing them ever, or underground or overground crossings to replace regular ones. There is that concept in AI about enveloping the world or enveloping the AI I think it was called, making the roads simplified and friendly to AI, the same way as you would make a washing machine, an enclosed thing with some sprayers instead of making a whole robot with hands and everything. hmmm, what about making the AI decide based on minimizing human suffering?

love this man :p

google stutters alot.

Great final answer

This is exactly the kind of person Google need to listen to and think deeply about. Not just Google of course, it's all the big tech corporations. I love how Harari disarmed and exposed the interviewers angles to guide the discussion towards the positives of AI and tech advancements in general.

its just three minutes man! but thanks for the tip.

Came here to comment the same. Very poor moderator.

An amazing guest. With beautiful insights. Exceptional talk!

Spirituality is about questions; Religion is about answers...it is what happens when you stop asking questions.

@peter well said !

+T Clark You intentions here are all clear.

Yes, it's true. Especially since he didn't have much to say of value.

The moderator has nice socks :D

That Ai doctor already exists in us. We call it immune system. That externally controlling because we don't trust our internal wisdom and mechanisms is one of the problems of our societies. We try to replace natural wisdom with our limited intellectual and technological one thinking it's so much better.

"An AI system that gets to know me in order to protect me, and not in order to sell me products or make me click on advertisements and so forth." *Google ads pop up* :/

Yuval Noah Harari chingon siiiiiiiiii muy chingon

horrible el entrevistador, no tenian otro mejor? aqui mi telefono 6441353194

host adds no value

The commentator struck me as condescending from the get go. “The future you predict is....interesting”

I thought the moderater was fine actually, I came here to listen to Yuval and I was pleased. His topics are so deep one could spend hours discussing each one, I enjoyed the synopsis.

The interviewer does too much erm, erm, erm stuttering

Whatever the technology will arrive, god has unexpected incidences .

Spiritualism is about asking questions, religions are about giving answers; the root of most of the world’s problems that large groups of people are fighting with each other over the “social stories” they believe to be true and are willing to die for those beliefs against others they consider threatening to their world view and existence.

Halfwit host...

He sucks

Very consistently in Yuval's talks, the audience questions are far more insightful and interesting than those posed by the interviewer.

History is a study about manipulated story created by the white people

his answer to the last question is worth 50 likes from each person!

Um autor engana bobo do século XXI. Midiático num mundo de bobos.

Medical science is one of the most overestimated ones in our history. About 90% of all diseases apart from bacteria are psychosomatic and only need selfcontrole. No future rolemodel for AI at all.

The new disease of the century will be mental health

When everyone's busy running for survival, thinking about others problems is a luxury. There is no immediate incentive for the average individual to focus on global problems.

Google grows in wiseness with this kind of talk. Fortunately they know.

The best is at the END!! super strong argument and well concludes the whole interview.

Whats funny is that he is from Israel where they burn Palestinian children alive,,,with white phosphorus, or literally with splashing them and forcing them to drink petrol and torch them while enjoying the view....and they come out at google to teach us humanity and morality....give us a grief.

Totally awesome, baby...

That very last sentence ! BOOM ! 57:50

To Know yourself is the best investment you can do in life.

Isn´t that an amazing coincidence that he has 21 lessons for the 21st century?...I mean, what are the odds that the number of lessons you have is equal to the number representing the century these lessons are for...Boy, that blows my mind!

01:04 - *Sapiens

"historian, social critic, maybe philosopher" .. baruch ha ba Yuval.

"powerful shamans we call lawyers" )))

Ahm Ben Adam Chai !!! z'chut shel Yuval (chidush).

.. love you brother .. genius gifts invested in wrestling with our messorah .. love it ))) !!!

.. "when they stand around burning a heretic" .. don't hold back brother )) wow!

54:00 on creating a map of possibilities.

48:00 Influence of meditation on his life

39:30 knowing yourself better...how?

Freedom isn't randomness (probability) and randomness (probability) isn't freedom...interesting...

Best quote ever.

The interviewer ir was unprepared and nervous. It happens. I.hope we can do it better next time. I still I can't find a good interviewer for Yuva

Wonderful interview, terrible interviewer. Yuval Harari has an impressive mind.

Damn that last q&a blew my mind a bit! Disgust used as weapon, to make weak minds hate,(my"translation") and once they do, its super hard wired :( How do we break the myth of disgusting groups?

This guy is a genius! his vision is broad and has a deep understanding of what has shaped our current culture and mentality

"Brilliant" the only word.

Ask the existential questions but when Religion answers those questions you rather not believe even though the answers are sensible. Why did God prefer women to cover up? Since God is our creator, he knows the weaknesses of Men and modesty protects both women and men from sexual immorality. Why sexual immorality is wrong? It leads to social problems such as fatherless childeren amongst many others. It is Not too difficult to understand for any average minded person..

I like Mr. Harari's final answer... Excellent. Hope Google can implement itt without hesitation... LOL. I hate Ads a lot

He spits

He's very smart this guy and has a lot of good ideas but I wonder at his ability to make them relevant. I'm watching this but on 'fake news' and reality now...trying to argue reality is something that can suffer...how about AI? Is that reality?? The core insight is good but not the way it's expressed...

But then in all fairness he nails it at the 33 minute mark with his conclusion about how ideas are there to serve us and not the other way round. I got think this interviewer is helping!!

wilson white :) :)

Harari makes the point that technology can be either a paradise or living hell. Turns out, it can be both. From the time of the General theory of Relativity in 1916 to a nuclear bomb dropped on Japan was 29 years and the tech to do that did not even exist when Einstein developed the theory. Think about the uses of AI today and you can see the unintended bad consequences will happen at a far more exponential rate. The Internet, Facebook and Twitter come to mind as people find ways to manipulate the amplification of technology for both good and bad.

You're so full of sht. "Intellectuals and Society" - Arguing without arguing.

Lacks the "Protagonist"position. Who are you? How do you position yourself in this imagined future to benefit (or survive)? Without this "Protagonist" position, what's the point? Too much fluff.

great thoughts

If people with limited compassion, (con artists, narcissists, liars etc) continue to succeed, the % of these compassionless people will increase.

The “fictions” were created by man to help him survive. Yuval is SO smart!

The host seems to be completely unaware of Prof Noah Harraris works and kept interrupting with basic questions. Such a shame that they didn't get a host who could hold an eye level conversation with the professor at Google

Good talk

strange times.... one of the most well known figures against technocratic regimes is beloved by the very thing he rails against. say your last words kids, cos it doesn't matter anymore.

If I correctly understood the topics, we must move from Socrate's injunction know thyself to 21e century's injunction imagine thyself. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/imagine-toi-toi-m%C3%AAme-yvon-brousseau/

The interviewer cant pronounce exacerbate and Et cetera but hey at least he is black! +1 for diversity!

So, the guy was saying that Psycho-pass dystopian society is actually a possibility?

Whilson White is a fail.

Funny thing is that people from India really smell disgusting =)

every time i hear Dr Noah speak, i think of Stewie from Family Guy for some reason

That last suggestion was the best.

Ejector seats. Eject the driver for a smooth parachute landing, drive the car off the cliff and save all the people. That could work ...with the exception of a smooth landing in the middle of a highway. Hmm... back to the drawing board.

the host keeps interrupting when he's about to talk about the good stuff. waaaat

His accent gives me changes in blood pressure ( BP > Normal)

This is pure gold: “There are many kinds of Gods. People usually have two very different Gods in mind when they say the word ‘God’. One God is the cosmic mystery. We don’t understand why there is something rather than nothing, why the Big Bang happened, what human consciousness is. There are many things we don’t understand about the world and some people choose to call these mysteries by the name “God’. God is the reason there is something rather than nothing. God is behind human consciousness. The most characteristic thing about this God is we know absolutely nothing about him / her / it / they. There is nothing concrete. It’s a mystery. This is the God we talk about late at night in the desert as we sit around the camp fire and think about the meaning of life. That’s one meaning of God. I have no problem with this version of God, in fact I like it very much. Then there is another God which is the petty law giver. The characteristic of this God is we know a lot of concrete things about that God. We know what he thinks about female dress code, we know what he think about sexuality, we know what he feels about food, about politics. This is the God people talk about when they stand around while burning a heretic. We will burn you because you did something that God doesn’t like. It’s like a magic trick. How do you know God exists? Well, the Big Bang and human consciousness and science can’t explain this and that, and then like a magician swapping one card for another, they will take out the mystery God and replace it with the petty law giver and you end up with something strange like because we don’t understand the Big Bang, women must dress with long sleeves and men shouldn’t have sex together. What’s the connection? How did you get from here to there?” Yuval Noah Harari

Harari: Learn to continuously re-invent yourselves. Also Harari: There's no such thing as free will. Me: ?????

That last comment was a nice "stallman was right" moment.

some interesting ideas but he thinks he knows too much... another messiah wannabe

At 49:00 he talks about his chosen type of meditation, that is Vipassana. The english subtitles wrongly say "passive"

Unfortunately, with all the progress the world has known, some historians still do not respect religions

The moderator was so bad here.

Google employee asking why democracy is in crisis, when he himself is representing an unweildy global monopoly.

the final line killed it, what a legend

دة وةرة حةزم لةو گفتوگؤيةية و انگليزيش نازانم

That was kinda funny, but i was missin Harari to go further in to this specific issue i.e. Big Bang was just a bang i.e. nothing comes out from nothing. So, in a sense, one can understand it: Big Bang was just one phenomena in a serious of infinite phenomenas, even if The Universe contains limited amount of materia(which can't never been proved, because one can not observe infinity). We humans tend to believe, that for ex. The Universe is finite in space, but the reality is of course, that it is not. Many things in this world are infinite, but we just don"t want to think like that, or not able to comprehend. We should understand it for many reasons. One is that we humans as a species and as individuals, would be able to overcome the very dangerous hubris we are trapped in. The understanding of reality in general also. Let's say, that we don't really understand climate change, as for ex. we don't count the methane in the Arctic in our future scenarios, even we should.

Apostate homo pervert, liar.

VidPro Surabaya Whats new about at? He is sayin what all of us say.

Kids would learn that they could walk into any street with impunity if the algorithim killed the car owner

57:00.... Well....but men are realy stinky......,..

Awful moderator

It is a good book,I recommend it for a good read :)

Wow the interviewer is shit.

I'd like to present an idea and encourage the sharing of the thoughts of whomever reads this. In regards to the question of how to program a self-driving car. A simple solution, or better said, a solution would be to have a tracker in our phones, clothes, or skin that would connect to whatever satellite or system the car is already linked to in order to tell the car where people and things are. I would hope you or I driving these days would logically slow down when we see children playing near the road. Wouldn't the self-driving car be programmed to do so as well given that it "knows" there is a child nearby the path it is about to move through? We don't even need to put aside the idea that many people wouldn't choose to wear one. In my opinion at least, this is the choice which would still exist for humans to make given no better solution. A car that has the potential to kill me is one I'm having a rather hard time getting into no matter the reason it may have to do so; Kind of a deal breaker for me. Having said that, philosophically and ethically we can't avoid the technology that is going to change our world. We are, or will be soon, forced to make decisions about it. I very much look forward to a time when millions of people worldwide will be safer from getting into auto accidents. Philosophically and ethically speaking, if there is an easy solution to such a problem, I would personally choose to wear one. It's not like we can avoid tracking today even if we wanted to. I believe most people realize given our cell phones, purchases with chip cards, camera's everywhere...we can be tracked now easily. So what's the big deal? My choice is to protect the passenger AND the child playing in the street. Thoughts?

this guy just faking destroyed every religion in 3 min 18:20 i love this man damn

Poor interviewer. Opportunity wasted for a meaningful discussion

Maybe I can accept that I don’t have free will as defined by Dr Harari. But I do have the freedom to make choices compared to a situation where another human or society can limit my choices. That is I can behave as though I do have free choice. People in China do not have the option to join Facebook. I do. I can smoke cannibis in Canada legally. I can’t in Israel.

I Born in Nepal.Buddha was Born in Nepal.

It's just bar talk, I don't see anything else. These are his first words; 'That nobody knows how the world will look like in 2050, except that it will be very different. So the most important things to emphasise in education are things like emotional intelligence and mental stability.' Well, my great grandparents lived through two world wars, twice the earth disappeared from under their feet. Their children witnessed the birth of the UN, antibiotics, televisions, refrigerators, commercial air travel,.. You could just as well argue that the world seems a lot more stable and will remain more stable for the next few decades. Or it could indeed be very different, like he said, nobody knows. He's just talking, there's no information here. It's like eating an empty dumpling, I was looking for a good meal and now I'm just confused, mainly because I don't understand why he's on a stage, what does the audience see that I don't, why is this being recorded,..? Anyway, I'm not going to listen to the entire thing, because I sense that it will not do me any good, and I'm keen on keeping my intelligence and mental stability.

A NARRATION AND AN APEAL TO OUR FUTURE GOD AND GODDESS Instinctively human tries to rule others. Now a days it is ruled by the market means commodities. Though that already `Commodity Fetishism’ has grabbed peoples mind and in result ruling of corporations are going on. But due to advancement of Bio-Tech, corporations are going get access into say `Neuro-level’ information or data of an individual. Then technology will be able to interpret the emotion, intention, liking, disliking not only in present term, also in futuristic term, that is unknown to the very individual even. If so, there is every possibility that to some extent corporations are going to fix the fate of species called Homo Sapience. So what is to be done? As a common man of an under-developed country named Bangladesh I don’t have any role in this issue that is beyond of my capacity. But if they don’t mind I like to appeal to our future `CORPO-GODS and GODDESS’ or `CORPO-ZEUS, `CORPO-APHRODITE’ please at least don’t let people die for starvation, where ever the location of this planet. Furthermore we will be obliged indebted if you consider another character of your God-Goddess family named PROMETHEUS. YOUR’s most obedient A common man Hats off to Yuval Noah Harari.

Spirituality is about questions, religion is about answers 21:44

Muy interesante, ilustrativo y lúcido. Excelente resúmen de sus ideas expresadas en sus tres libros.

It seems Google has huge lack of intellectual personalities to conduct the program. What is the problem?

I think this talk should be among the most watched videos on YouTube.

47:00, how he approaches books, is interesting. But stupid, especially when he continues talking. To judge a book, if it is worth reading, you open it at a random place, read ten pages. Not the first ten. And if you are not convinced you open another random place and read 5 and another and read another 5 ... but after 20 pages, yes, perhaps the book is not worth it.

Prof. Harari, you are simply wonderful. I adore you with my purest passion and the most distilled reason.

"you could just google it" LMAO what a cute host

His books and writings should be banned in all Muslim countries. He's so ignorant, he cannot think of the importance of spirituality and religion. He thinks whatever humanity used to do and believed in was based on nonsense and that they were stupid and dumb to do so. He has no credibility to question the wisdom and nature of the past. He has no real values whatsoever. In his mind, he's the one to lecture us on what the history is and what will happen in the future. He's just a bullshit nonsense writer who writes a new version of fake history and is trying to give humanity a new robotic identity. In his philosophy; feelings, tears, justice, values etc means almost nothing. He became popular thanks to the big tech corporations and some rich guys for funding his work, which is a great business. He writes all this shit and yet no one questions him on where the hell he gets all the ideas and stories from. Who he spends time with and why he thinks his story matters. The only thing he thinks is that how can I write the next book with some rare and strange topics so that it becomes a best seller, and the sad thing is that the people who are really mocked and their intelligence is undermined in that very book are buying the book. And the way Harari's making his money out of it. By simply saying, people, how stupid, nonsense, hilarious, dumb, irrational they are. And again people are believing whatever he says. His books are not on the list of best sellers because he's saying the truth, but because he's speaking against some traditional costumes and questioning our core beliefs. People may find his work sexy, satisfying and entertaining but that doesn't mean he's saying the truth.

I clearly feel Google is playing around with this guest firstly he is a black guy and his name is mr.white he seems to be not their very best interviewer or host

israel should try out some of these ideas.

Around 17:00, he's talking about how , in the future, biotechnology will be able to monitor our bodies and discover problems like cancer very quickly which can save us a ton of heartache and headache. But if that is true than in the future biotechnology will be able to kill anyone they want by putting problems like cancer into our bodies.

Google should have much better censorship on the kinds of ads that can be shown using their network.

Hmm... 2000-2099, The 21st Century..... /////Interesting points about Google being intangible. This is one of the quintessential concepts of this Century. The internet itself is intangible and yet one of the most important driving forces of modern life. Many say that past 2020 we really move into a new Astrological Era, one of the 'Air' sign Conjunction. This means that Energy becomes more important than Matter. Hence why Books, Paper, Paper Money, Coin Money, DVD's, CD's etc. will all become obsolete and will be replaced by Digital Storage requiring much less matter. Digital Storage that can be accessed from anywhere, stored in one place. ////I also agree with the coming Automation, Robotic and A.I. revolution. Professor Harari also mentions the Bio-Technology side of the equation. Although this will definitely happen I don't feel it's very near. The Automation and Robotic revolution is now. It will change everything and we have to be ready to restructure our whole society for it. He also mentions the fact that many jobs will be taken over by robots and machines. This is also a matter of pressing concern because this means that the Proletariat will basically be eliminated thus creating a new class structure model for future societies. ////I also like what the Professor said about predicting the future and the way he views history. The study of the past can give us many answers about the future due to the many repetitive cycles that occur. He also mentions that when predicting the future it is important to create 4-5 likely scenarios and not one. There are so many complex variables and unpredictable ones that it is very difficult to be completely absolute. ///A very interesting talk. We live in a changing world and we're only at the brink of a new Digitized, Automated, Robotic, A.I and Bio-Technological future. Understanding the changes in terms of Technology but also Socially and Philosophically is of great importance. We need to make the right ethical decisions and be prepared for difficult scenarios! ///Nice lecture. Thanks. Happy New Year 2019 to all. Year of the Pig.

Please please please... let’s have a conversation between Kurzweil and Harari for an hour. Kurzweil asks the questions.

You'd think google would have more intelligent people to conduct these kinds of interviews. But then again most of them seemed more like techs and engineer types. Doesn't help that they're in the work environment where they're completely indoctrinated in their corporate culture and can't afford to express any dissenting opinions.

Irony n1 : When Harari at the end explains the work Google AI should focus on, YouTube automatically pop's up two video suggestions proving the point. Irony n2 : Harari preaches compassion and most of the comments are roasting the moderator

Yes, the internet is intangible. But I don't believe that is what Yuval was after when he said Google is a manmade idea. He ment to say that all organisations are stories, manmade entities, only existing in our minds.

What? That's like saying oncologists are cancerous.

Independent investigation of truth is a mental and spiritual adventure.

"In this sense, very old philosophical questions are now practical questions of engeneering."

very very true words about compassion ❤️

god agin. pleeze

Hehe :D Google's A.I. is watching us all! It is reading this comment :D Here's a video you might find interesing. It's Elon Musk talking about the dangers of Google's Deep Mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuWWZ91-G6w&index=2&t=41s&list=PLfAt1fn1dn8AZNvtOfnOdcv3dDa003357 Have a nice day bro, Happy New Year and greetings from Cyprus!

Total Daoist this man! Pretty on point. Always cool to see someone sublimate their personal sufferings into action, learning and teaching. Nourishing, clear and humbling dude


The interviewer is really trying to push back and talk about "benefits" lol...just fucking listen

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this, Google folks. For everyone that is judging the moderator, stop. "Could the interviewer have been better or worse" is not really a meaningful question in regard to the value that is offered here for free. He did a fine job and of course he had to move it a long quickly to fit it all within an hour's time. They could have dissected each topic for hours and hours but that's not the format of this talk series and you could just be thankful that you can access this kind of information on here for free. Stop complaining, and start appreciating or just move on. Peace!

enseñar a las personas a dudar de todo hasta de sí mismas en todos los aspectos, construirse lo llama el, reinventarse lo denomina también, es una forma de decir con eufemismos que no estaremos seguros de que o quienes seremos a lo largo de nuestras vidas. esto configura un abuso de escalas terroríficas puesto que invade un campo muy sensible de la persona humana, su psique. con este relativismo a dónde quiere llegar sería la pregunta.

"There is no free will", "humans are biochemical algorithms". Yuval Noah is perhaps a good historian, but it seems, no good philosopher

Great guest but also a fantastic interviewer. That helps a lot with making the whole story interesting.

People are willing to pay for high quality cars and stuff like that rather than for high quality news... I think it’s because it’s easier to prove that a particular car is high quality or not... how can you do the same thing with the news? how do you know that the information you pay for is worth it? in other words, how do you know you can trust this information? is it just the reputation of the publisher that matters?

The THREE BIG QUESTIONS for 2020 presidential election!!!

https://amzn.to/2CiRntI Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit Broschiert – 20. Februar 2015

I fuckin love you Yuval

Almost all the time we are in the world of relative truth only. Very few can see the absolute truth. That is all Harari wants to explain.:-) :-) :-)

I love how this guy uses "practical" examples explaining complicated matters.

His final answer is priceless!!!

It is bad to see that he has to explain everything thing in manner so people don't take his thinking in a wrong way rather then being straightforward

Interviewer did a disappointing job. This is why diversity does not work

minute 54:51 basically "they" will never adjust to western values or assimilate into our culture. So I ask, why is the UN forcing all this into Europe? Isn't this clear enough???

He ends the talk by giving a mission/project to google ( solicited by the interlocutor) that Google develops an AI which gets to know me (a person) in order to protect me and not to sell me ads by clicking on them. And as the talk ends we have to "click" on the advertised labels. What an Irony Google!

guy meditates for two hours every day and does not own a smartphone that is rare


This guy gives too much power to the external reality of corporations and technology. To say that companies /corporations can know whats going on inside you better then your self is his failing to see that he is the one allowing that to happen. He THINKS that and so it manifests as that. Can't believe he has three popular books out ! What a hack!! The best way to judge a mans mind is by his way of speaking. There is so much intellectual outpouring here but so little wisdom of the heart , a wisdom which does not come from words but by how a man breathes, takes his time to understand his surroundings, understands where the interviewer and audience are coming from, and cares about the energy he spews out into the environment. This man simply vomits out intellectual half truths. Everybody knows the basic theories he expounds, of course we are coming to a world where humans have to be flexible and be able to change fast, of course there is all kinds of misconceptions of God , of course there has been a long standing battle between religion and spirituality -- there are a hundred thousand videos on you tube where u can find all these thoughts... so one crazy man from Jerusalem who looks like a Stephen Hawkins character ( and while poor Stephen has gone already) thinks he's enlightened and says to himself " wow, the tech world is accelerating fast and everyones gone far ahead, I need to be be in the forefront, me, me ,me need to do something fast! -- ah, I know I'll write an intellectual book and become famous !! ' and we believe this idiot!! WOW!!

Yuval 1 - 0 Google The gay man who beats Google

Truth can be only realized. Everything else is just being explained trying to tell the truth. That is why stories are fictions. Truth is not for analysis but for realization. .

Can someone explain to me how this video has so little views?

This man is a man of wonder. His ideas are revolutionary and simple to understand ...


God is behind the consciousness! What a statement is that? One has to be very, very careful about what this guy is trying to bring with his new theories!


Wow two hours of meditation ... that’s the goal! Amazing Guy.

I think he would be a very good president.

Why aren't his books in my school curriculum. Easily the best and most infliential philosopher I've ever read.

“An A. I system that gets to know me in order to protect me...”

Everything is talking about "MAYA".

My medical team for my craniotomy quoted results produced by AI on an hourly basis. The only difference is the messenger.

+Matej Straka Different opinion is one thing, intellectual humility another. He makes bold claims about human nature as if they were obvious truths.

how come? just because his opinion is different from yours, doesnt make him a bad philosopher

Cfr or trilateral goon.

Yes. It's always easy to badmouth from the audience, someone doing something on the stage. All that talk about 'empathy' obviously had little impact on several viewers.

For me too, this is the most important way to decide whether a book or article, or for that matter even a video clip, is worth your time. Doesn't mean that it's not worth someone else's time - just yours.

This guy is like me. Look for right answers about human and life. The only difference he got 100x more knowledge then me :)

Mr. Harari, You are a confused guy. In one of your in India that you dont believe in any personal God. Here you are views about Christanity and Islam particulary indicated that you are a prejudice jew. I respect all religions . Alhamdolillah I am not a confused person even though I am not a big professor like you.

26:00 Google is a fiction by lawyers. Wow

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this, Google folks. For everyone that is judging the moderator, stop. "Could the interviewer have been better or worse" is not really a meaningful question in regard to the value that is offered here for free. He did a fine job and of course he had to move it along quickly to fit it all within an hour's time. They could have dissected each topic for hours and hours but that's not the format of this talk series and you could just be thankful that you can access this kind of information on here for free. Stop complaining, and start appreciating or just move on. Peace!

+NOWROZ CAMA you got it! :)

+Nathan Fleming I'm not saying he's wrong. I say he can't know if he's right.

+Blub Blubber What if he's right?

E-e-e-e-e-e ca aa-a-a-a- n-n-n-n- yyo--uuuu-u s s shutter MORE ? My ears are bleeding.

An excellent thinker

41:47 sounds like R the penguin:)

Amazing ...so scary . Is not going to end good.

Yeah I think the car could you know, use the brakes. Also ejector seats would cost about 100,000 dollars just for the seat and you would have to always be wearing a parachute when you get in the car AND if it reads a false positive then your entire car 500,000 dollar car is trash

Oh my man

Not sure if a lawyer was the best option as an interviewer... Considering it is Google talks, would have expected an AI expert...

The story is not real.

A lot to unpack?

If my life depends upon an engineer's algorithm my life is worth mechanical truth. I would rather believe in a Muslim god.

Fuck us because we don't really know and we never will.

In that world we may have no use for purpose so we should give up because god is dead.

I await my future capture by robots.

With aplomb.

Power is the ability to project violence.

Everyone go see Sam Harris' podcast on this book if you want a better interviewer

Could he have been read more than 10 pages of Eckhard Tolle's , The Power of Now'?

I disagree that spirituality is asking about your purpose in life. That's simply curiosity and the thirst for knowledge or understanding.

Interesting lecture

how can i prove my suffering if it's an electric responses in my brain ?meaning if we can copy it then it wont be real so the statement that to prove something real ,we check it's ability to suffer is not totaly acurate

Google needs a talk from James Damore


On fake news: https://youtu.be/Bw9P_ZXWDJU?t=2078

no wonder he looks like a monk

"The ability to reinvent ourself constantly" AI Robots will take care of food production, transportation etc. And we will have basic income. Why would the ability to reinvent ourselves be required in that society? I call bullshit.

I think you right.

Harari's books should be required reading for everyone.

Great talk, thank you for such thought-provoking books.

After reading his "Sapiens" no sane person is able to believe in a greater force anymore..

Oh Jeeze. Anyone else feel totally screwed?

+Jussi Lind just finished it yesterday actually, going to read homo deus now ^^

Except the 'Corporation' should not exist. That is where you fail. That is where your arguments fail. google is another Corporation that should only exist as a private company and that is why Google fails and will ultimately destroy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-17ag95j9bg my presentation on Yuval's books .

this guy just destroyed every religion in 3 min 18:20 i love this man damn

One of the best book I've read!

Yuval with the Nikes

Excellent suggestion, questions from both sides though, or maybe Sam Harris as moderator.

He is so fucking smart

I will come back here whilst not being semi tired

suffering not the best test

Why does Youtube have a thumbs down ?

Que que o Marcelo Odebrecht tá fazendo conversando com o negão do Bolsonaro?

I love how addresses the idea that all things in society should serve the individual and not the entities that we created.....suck on that Supreme Court who says a company has the same rights as a person!

7:30 reinventing schroedinger's cat

Little notice here about Translation Error The way Yuval meditate calls Vipassana.

He got it all reversed : religions is about questions and spirituality answers

If only real entities can suffer than why should we respect ideas? idea of free will for example?

I want a conversation of Harari with Sadguru ..

1 mil people die cause suicide, maybe they do with car so


Harari is an absolute hero!!!

They are just buying time it is time for china and russia to act

Nature has created us and we are still in a time of evolutionary development. (Most think that we have already reached the highest level of our evolutionary development. That is wrong). She gave us the opportunity to become intelligent creatures, but we should develop the mind ourselves. And here's the problem. If we do not get it, then we are threatened by the premature end of evolutionary development. Now the question arises whether we are really so intelligent that we will understand the importance of a reasonable perception of our social and environmental problems, and as human beings are able to solve these problems united. More on this topic and how to move to a higher civilization level, where problems are solved reasonably for the benefit of both, humanity and nature, can be found in my online book "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE" on the Ecohumanworld website.

Why he is a gay?

the present king of hacking the disgust mechanisms in the human brain is sitting in the white house...ouch. shame on ameriKa.

Amazingly many negative commentaries to this interview. Hariri does indeed get many challenging questions from people in the audience at the end of the interview (some of whom are from Googles ). He answers them very honestly. He is not critizising Google, he is trying till contribute to self-awareness, even for cooperations, so that we all ( even and most importantly Googles) can avoid going into the wrong direction. It was just sad that he didnt understand the questions of the female questioner from the public. She meant that many do not actually want to know themselves. Hope more emotional intelligent and gifted ones will follow up Hariris message.

so much respect to Mr. Harari, i can listen to his talks all day long!

Evolution is no longer in place. It is not the strongest that gets to mate and passes his genes on with the strongest or most able and fertile female any more. What makes you suggest evolution is still in play?

+xtamhor Human evolution will take place as long as mankind exists. We are otherwise involved in evolutionary processes (medicines and genetic manipulations), but this was not foreseen, so the question is where this interference will lead us. For example, the evolutionary process against the influenza virus has not been achieved yet. Maybe nature will need to create such a human immune system that will be able to resist this virus, for millennia. Perhaps this evolutionary process will never happen at all because of our interference, and this virus will once eradicate us. Nobody knows that. We must look at the natural evolutionary process from a positive perspective (regardless of the victims). Nature drives it in order to preserve the existence of life on this planet. The human body has not yet completed its evolutionary process, because if this were happens, it would be our end.

Professor Harari's clear thinking and vision based on facts an unbias evidence is beacon for Sapiens to follow. He wouldn't accept the position of leading and advising the United Nations.....but wouldn't it be amazing to see the impact it would have. He tells it as it is! He sits at ease facing up to Google like the boy in "The Emperors New Clothes". He doesn't attempt to persude or or judge. He makes you think outside the box and question spirituality, religion, politics and the stories that bind us together as humans sharing this time on our wonderful but delicate planet. He knows what was, he knows what is and his books suggest what we may become. He is a professor and not a prophet and I'm glad we have him to follow. He is a man for this time whose voice is above the noise.

This talk has been interesting.

Nel 1970 fu collaudato il 1° panello solare al mondo dai francesi nel deserto del shaara algerino nel 1991 fu progettato un satellite aereospaziale da u.k. Che dallo spazio assorbiva energia solare per 20 stati...........BASTAVANO 12 SATELLITI AEREOSPAZIALI PER SAZIARE DI ENERGIA TUTTO IL PIANETA TERRA....................saluti 17.02.2019 stoky nell'anno 1989 come dice il Vaticano di Roma e' stato brevettato il 1° motore d' automobile a magnete POVERO POPOLO IMMONDO DEVE MANTENERE LE CORONE EUROPEE U.S.A. U.K. RUSSIA ED EBREI................05.03.2019 stoky non e' mai esistita la poverta' sul pianeta terra ma la disocupazione CONCLUDENDO ESISTONO MAX 500 MILIONI POSTI DI LAVORO SU 7 MILIARDI DI ESSERI UMANI MISERABILMENTE POVERISSIMI.............POVERI ESSERI IMMONDI............IL FUTURO ? MA CERTO BANALITA' DEL MALE 02.03.2019 STOKY...........PERO' CARO HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS..........TI CONFERMO L'UNIVERSO INFINITO & QUANTICO E' BANALE COME IL TUO MALE ESTREMO ASSOLUTO.............CONCLUDENDO..........l'obbittivo e' trovare le formule per scindere o framentare il sole o le galassie o i pianeti o gli asteroidi ostili all'uomo cioe' al pianeta terra l'unica navicella spaziale con cui arrivare forse un giorno a toccare l'assoluto........18.02.2019 bidiboskybidibu 7...................DAI DAI FORZA FORZA CHE L'ASTUZIA E LA FURBIZIA VIVE IN ETERNO................

8 minutes into the video and I am a fan reborn. What a man!

Simply amazing!

This guy is an amazing thinker

He needed to be asked better questions...

The interviewer is so out of his depth, it is embarrassing. Is this the best Google could offer to one of the best thinkers of our time?

This guy is waaay to certain of his ideas. That costs him my attention. It sounds interesting what he says, but you can poke a lot of holes in it.

He is just touching on big ideas how the future might turn out he even said "no one knows how the world will look in 30 years only that it will be very different". I don't really understand where you are coming from

Amazingly many negative commentaries to this interview. Hariri does indeed get many challenging questions from people in the audience at the end of the interview (some of whom are from Googles ). He answers them very honestly. He is not critizising Google, he is trying till contribute to self-awareness, even for corporations, so that we all ( even and most importantly Googles) can avoid going into the wrong direction. It was just sad that he didnt understand the questions of the female questioner from the public. She meant that many do not actually want to know themselves. Hope more emotional intelligent and gifted ones will follow up Hariris message.

Amazing ideas and insights and rather refreshingly some really great probing questions from Wilson White rather than the usual rolling over, agreeing with or naive counter ideas.

Read all of his books if you have not already done so. He is undeniably correct in his analysis of our crazy and out-of-control modern world.

A real genius. The Albert Einstein of the philosophers of the 21st Century.

People are asking stupid questions lol

34:00 true all ideologies should belongs for humans Humans should not belong to any kind of Ideology

6:47 the world have come out of Human consciousness, state of blissfulness of a person.

Capitalism allows the ambitious to make way more than they can spend to leave it for the future of mankind in banks controlled by corrupt humans today, but in 2050 controlled by incorruptible robots until Artificial Intelligence says what is wrong in being corrupt. Nature does not care how we behave. To believe robots will be only good is wishful thinking.

No need to reinvent ourselves. Collect universal income and drink with the boys. Watch YouTube. Bake a cake. Roast a pig. Make a curry. Build a deck. Write a book. Drink and be merry. Join the gym. Play sports. Travel the world. In 2050 everything will be free of money and masters. Science in charge makes more sense for my desires. Let the world run up the pyramid to live long and prosper. I just like to wander around. You do know there is still eternity to go? Religion was disgusting. Science sounds like all-inclusive resort for everyone. No work and all play is what I was born for. Universal Income. I like the sound of that. Welfare for all humans provided for by science and technology.

His explanation on the question on how to predict the future, sounds almost word by word, how Gemarah is structured and studied.

Hello Yuval, Have read your book as much as could in a human brain. Let me say how is the fucking customour, you patronise, have met your type of person. You think you are smarter than every other person on this planet. Yet you still have have modicum of intelligence. Your book has some interesting ideas, meditation, stick it to yourself. Yes computers will size us out, so keep your mouth shut on whom you are. On Metaphysics, Aquina, never understood a word.#

People will understand people only once we all finally fully grasp that God, morality and freewill do not exist, that everything in the universe is predetermined by the natural law of causality, the sound concept of cause and effect, that when we die there is no heaven and only the eternal reoccurance of life, that what we do we must and can do otherwise only if internal and external forces beyond our control makes us do so. Comprehend this and life begins to make sense and becomes far easier to cope with, especially if everyone understood this. The criminal is not a criminal, but a product of his lifelong environments.

He just told you we are not free to will. So why would you say "as a free person". If you work for Google, then Google owns parts of your mind and what you have to do in life. Google persuades you to like what it thinks you will like based on what you were lifelong programmed to like. Google knows your biology and what all organisms need and desire. Everything you are was created by nature from within and from the worlds you were born into. You are just doing as you must. You have no choice in your outcomes and can know outcomes only when they occur. Hoping is speculation and the past is but given memories.

All i hear is opinion...no fact, no figure, no experience than being in classroom teaching for many years...there is more out there than he and many can possibly know.

as i dont understand everything he talks about, I have googled lots of stuff and facts and figures are available for some of his talks....but he does say in his book that a lot of his writing is his own opinion as, obviously nobody can predict the future

his talk is addictive as his books

Ah man at about 10 minutes in i was cringing and worrying this balck dude is out of his depth and showing his ass out here. We gotta do better brothas c'mon.

If we really listen what he said, we can cry out loud. From the first second, till his closing, it is all about saving humankind. Technology and everything else, none is important. Very noble. Salute.

I very much regret this talk is so short!

30:28 "Is there truth?" "Absolutely!" Then tells the same thing as Jordan Peterson, that we know there is a baseline of reality, of truth, because we experience suffering.

He looks like he came straight out of concentration camp

I highly suggest that next time you get a host who knows something about the book!

' History is the study of Change ' , Outstanding interview, thank you.

Yuval not pulling any punches!

Amusing to see that only about 9 mins in, the moderator already betrays how deeply ignorant he is not only of Harari's work, but the world in general and the extent to which his own company is being indicted by Harari's work. Then he tries to spin it and have Yuval talk about the "positive" aspects of AI, etc... only to have Yuval destroy his naivete and stupidity. Wilson White is too uneducated to know what he was walking into...

This guy is just another prophet of doom with an ego larger than his brain. These characters get a lot of attention for focusing on the peurs-du-jour like AI, nuclear war, fake news, automation (really, in 2019) or whatever. In ten years he will tune to a new set of buzzwords to say some vacuous stuff about. Hard questions are always dodged, and what pass for answers are some regurgitated platitudes. When he goes and states that self-driving cars should perform some complex psychological computation and moral calculation, he obviously doesn't get how this technology is actually built. He should have been called out for it especially at Google, but I suspect he would have dodged the bullet by coming up with a pseudo-profound answer.

Eleven minutes in and it is all fluff.

Twenty minutes in and still all fluff.

Yahweh, the petty lawmaker who throws the homosexual off roofs.

Physicist Michio Kaku says because of random quantum leaps of electrons, albeit in in an Einsteinian universe, free will is real, a fact, not merely a social construction, a philosophical artifact of the Enlightenment.

So I finished his new book day before yesterday. I think it is his best work because he is most objective in this book. Also instead of simply painting the world, he really gives reason for a global uprising. More people, influencers, common men and leaders should read this book. I understand it will challenge people but come on, man - its absolutely essential and 100% true. I agree with almost all of the matter and don't recall anything I did not agree with.

Read books written in 19 century: as a man thinkers , majic in your mind... there's a whole heap the our society have been hiding..to make us slaves.

live in tents because we will have to move(?) mind control is being conducted without authorization by the government, AI revolution is ultimately going to screw us over/ I'm with Elon Musk, yes Pandora's box is open we are F'd. In theory everything is wonderful- in practice not so much... Philosophical and intelligent but still an idiot (sorry).

Do our choices have independent existence?

Every one is a combo. Sometimes more options make more plurality, sometimes have no options. Sometimes is manipulate and not independent.

All news is fake news and always has been. Love this guy!

Hey Harari, these are your kin who own / control GOOGLE, and have bought YouTube to 'HATE-STIR' among ALL us Gentiles. POOR Jews who own Google, YouTube, and a lot more, same as Zukerberg with Facebook. 34 year old Zukerberg Net worth:  $55.3 billion We need to feel sorry for them. Have you noticed how almost all web-sites are owned by the Jews, because they don't want to work like you & I have to do. Research owners of all such web-sites. Remember, 'Last-Minute.com', and umpteen others. 45 year old Sergey Brin was born in Moscow in the Soviet Union, to Russian Jewish parents. Sergey Brin net worth: $52 Billion 46 year old Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973, in East Lansing, Michigan. His mother was Jewish, and his maternal grandfather later made aliyah to Israel Larry Page net worth: $53 Billion

'Oh noooooooooooooooooooo, not this Yuval Noah Harari, Money-Worshipers' representative, who love MONOPOLIZING & CONTROLLING everything Gentiles have, and succeed in their agendas through buying up politicians and rulers.

He's wrong.

"If God exists then there is no free will and If Man has free will then there is No God" -Satre Neuroscience proves that there is no free will.


I notice the host has no idea what he is talking about. Randomly picking a word from the guest's answers and turning that into a totally different question.

A truly inspirational human, and a pleasure reading his works so far

Regarding the irrelevance of free will because other entities knowing me better than i do. What if ordinary people will also have access to a personal AI algorithm which could analyze, advice and create a personal physchological profile for them? This way i could know myself at least the same way the corporations know me so i could take more pertinent decisions. Would i be able to restore my free will or i will just constrain it even more?

LOL @ 58:05 Yuval isn't even done talking before they've pasted a clickable advertisement over his face. What a tragically ironic example of the nature of the problem.

Loved how he strikes the right note at the end!

It ‘s mostly philosophy ,and i recommend study Buddhism

Harari is the Red Pill you need to be aware of the reality.

this man is a liar, a marxist, a futurist who offers the people vanilla flavoured poison in exchange for your human divinity. youre a dangerous creature Harrari. and anyone who researches your communist gloablist ideas bullshit will pull the mask off your face,,,, the only danger facing humanity are the ideas which people of your ilk push. Culture killing globalist horseshit.

Angharad Llewellyn I cringed Everytime the host opened his mouth

People worked to progress with science but not worked to progress with religon ... They took religion just as a devine orders but not do search y these orders are given ... Like he gave example of anger.... In islam anger is totally forbiden but if you asked some islamic scholars y it is gorbiden they would mind it... But as an atheist he explane y anger is not good for human being..... Appreciate his work

The greatest tools to reinvent yourself in a fast-faced human life are emotional intelligence and mental stability. Thanks Professor Harari for saying it out loud. It cannot be said enough.

מרתק ומעניין ! תודה לך גוגל !!!

So admired Harari

¡Este tipo no se anda por las ramas! Mente brillante. Meditación, compasión en el centro de la discusión, el sufrimiento como punto de partida de lo que es real. ¡Profundo!

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