Your Life in 2027: A Look at the Future | Vivek Wadhwa (Full Video)

Your Life in 2027: A Look at the Future | Vivek Wadhwa (Full Video)

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Every. Technology I look at is now, entering, this exponential, curve Ray Kurzweil says that, as any technology, becomes information. It starts advancing exponentially, it, seems that everything is being digitized, now and every, technology, I look at seems, to be entering this exponential curve and, what happens is that when technology. Is advancing on exponential curves they're doing amazing things but, when technologies. Converge, when, exponential, technologies, converge that's. When you get industry disruptions. Behind. Everything is computing, you. Know this device over here but. My estimate, is more. Powerful than 40 Cray supercomputers. Were remember Cray supercomputers, that that, were just a cost in the tens of millions of dollars that, had expert controls on them this is more powerful than those crazy supercomputers, well there's, something in computing called Moore's Law what, Moore's law stipulates is, that the processing, power of computers, doubles. Every year or two it's. Actually the number of transistors but what effect happens is that, the power increases, the, cost drops and this and the size becomes smaller this. Exponential, curve that computing is on means, that faster computers can design faster, computers, with. Faster computers you, can now design new, types of sensors, with. Faster computers you can now build artificial, intelligence, with, faster computers you can now analyze data like wooden egg you can never analyze before when, you have artificial, intelligence and, sensors, and robots. Coming together you, get. R2d2, from from, Star Wars you. Get these humanoid, robots, that can do what human beings can do you. Get the ability now to have robots, that can stock your shelves, that. Can operate machinery, that. Can be. Receptionists in your. Offices. So. You have multiple technologies, coming together which, which. Make it possible to do things that could never be done before if, you look at drones what, our drones we've had flying machines for a long time but. These flying machines we used to build these toys we build destroy helicopters, weren't, stable when. You added Adreno, chips to them when, you added computing, to them and you added a little bit of artifice to artificial intelligence to them so they could keep track of all the data around them you, had the ability to have these drones being stable, and now. Ship. Goods so. Drones are advancing, almost, exponentially, and those. Drones are going to disrupt. The entire logistics industry imagine, now being able to to. Have your mail being delivered to your mailbox using drone imagine. Having packages being delivered by, drone imagine. Having us, being. Delivered by drone I'm, not kidding look, at each eye and what they're doing in Dubai that's, really our drone on steroids, that's, being used to transport.

Human Beings so, every industry I look at I see as. Being. Ready for major, disruption, manufacturing, is going, to come back to United States in fact it is coming back to United States right now because, of robots they can do what human beings can do you. Have finance, that's about to be disrupted, because you have Robo. Advisors, you have digital currencies, you, now have data which canalize stock trades and so on all of these advances, happening we talk about to disrupt finance when. You look at transportation you. Have electric, cars which. Are becoming cheaper and cheaper because of the advances in battery technologies, you, have self-driving, technologies. Because of the advances in a I, imagine. Self-driving, electric cars that cost about fifteen or twenty thousand dollars in the year 2025, what, do you think is gonna happen to GM Ford. Toyota. All of these companies will still need one or two electric, companies but more, likely than not there will be some upstarts, from Silicon Valley or from New Delhi or from. South Paulo that put, the right technologies, together and that are inexpensive that start disrupting the entire transportation industry, soon, we're gonna have virtual reality that's going to disrupt education itself. Imagine. Mio to put glasses on and watch, me watch, this in three dimensions, and in, converse with me imagine. Being able to meet with people interactively. On the, moon on or on Mars or in Tahiti, that's. Going to disrupt the entire. Conferencing. Industry because, we'll be able to have meetings. In exotic. Places and it will feel like we're almost there, right. Education. Imagine. Being able to learn, science, by. By. Doing virtual. Experiments Anatomy, by seeing your human body inside and out imagine. Learning mathematics. By. Going, into ancient, Egypt, and building pyramids imagine. Learning Latin by, going back. In time. And talking to people in Latin I mean this is all becoming possible, and this is within five, years we'll, have them imagine having digital tutors, that. That monitor, your expressions, cameras. Can already do that and then monitor that with the child's, interest in learning if the child likes to play games he, plays games with them the, child likes to play to watch videos it, takes them into three-dimensional, holographic, worlds, and lets them experience.

You. Have experiences, and learn on their own if the, child likes, reading books, it reads books to them so we're talking about disrupting, education itself now, granted. That the, in, the Harvard's the Carnegie Mellon's you know the elite universities were sort of a brand name we still value them but, the world's masses, will be able to now get into holographic, worlds and learn. In many, new ways. Every. Single, industry, where technology, can be applied is about. To be disrupted, in in in a big way. Let's. Look at our own health. What's. Happening now is that we become data in our doctors of gaming software let, me explain, we wear Fitbit so we were all these you know devices, that monitor our body's functioning move, forward five years and we'll, have sensors, in our clothing. Imagine. That fruit of the Loom tag in your underwear which, is monitoring you 24/7, monitoring. Your activity, levels which is monitoring your EKG. Is you know all these these, different symptoms that can be captured from the skin imagine, it being gathered. 24/7, being uploaded to the cloud and having, an AI now analyzing, the data and say, look you're about to get sick you need to get some exercise, and. Then having all of these cameras, and sensors which watch what we eating and what we're doing and saying, all right Vivek you don't need that extra piece of pie stop abort abort abort. This. Is all becoming possible, and in, the next five years or so we should be able to build these technologies, so we have digital doctors, now. The second part of it genomics. In, the year 2000, there was a race between the US government and a scientist craig Venter to sequence a human genome the. Government, and affiliated labs spent two point seven five billion dollars Venter. Came up with a hundred million dollars don't ask how but. He took government, data. Any sequence a human genome it, made front-page news worldwide. For. A long time nothing happened, we thought genomics, was a waste, of money but. Over the last two or three years it's. Now gone at this exponential, curve there studies being published very. Frequently, now almost every week you're seeing groundbreaking, studies about. The discoveries. You. Know discoveries, in genomics. The correlations, between our health and our, genes, but. You know something what. Blows my mind the most is, the. Microbiome, when. You went to school. Your. Teacher your, biology teacher taught you that we made up of cells and the. Cells of a nucleus and that's where your DNA is do. You know something what, she taught you was wrong, we made up a bacteria, we, have somewhere between two, and ten times more bacteria in our body than, we have cells the, same technology. Which was sequence there used to sequence the human body and that's being used to sequence plants, has, been sequenced he's been used to sequence a bacteria. And our gut and for, the last few years they. Have been major breakthrough, than this now I have a Google Alert on the word microbiome, every. Day I read new studies new breakthroughs, happening, with the microbiome, it, seems that the, DNA, is important. And relevant but. We may be looking. Under the wrong lamp. Over here there are all sorts of studies which is showing that. It's. What we eat and, the. This. These trillions of bacteria that we have in our in our body the you know the amount that they, may be regulating, our health you know for example, they. Were study there was a study published in Nature magazine, about a year, and a half ago in, which they took the the feces if. I can say this on Big Think feces means shit. A. Fat. Mouse and gave it to a thin. Mouse and the thin Mouse gained weight they, took the feces from a thin Mouse and gave it to a fat Mouse and the fat Mouse lost weight now. The Chinese also replicated, some of these findings. In human, beings and they determined, that there's a correlation between obesity, and your, microbiome, so. Forget all these diets we've been obsessed with could, it simply be a matter of taking the feces. Of a thin, person and giving it to a fat person and the fat person loses weight.

Let's Watch the space over the next five years we'll, have scientific, evidence of this and also. Curing, disease they've. Been studies to show that Crohn's, disease which, which is a debilitating disease that children get they. Took the feces. Of a healthy child and gave it to an unhealthy child and, it appears that this unhealthy child, was cured. Your curing disease by transplanting. Bacteria. It doesn't make sense and then. Antibiotics. They've been several studies which, show that children. Who received antibiotics tend. To be obese it may, well be that. Antibiotics. Are killing off entire species the bacteria in our body and they're, making us sick you. Know this. Is a crazy prediction, and. But. I really believe this is going to happen that within 10 or 15 years we will, come to the conclusion that antibiotics. Were. Destroying. Our health it, may well be that we look at antibiotics, the same way we look at those leeches that, they use to suck out blood from. Patients in in in in England and you. Know the belief was that you could cure health by sucking out blood using leeches okay that, may be what antibiotics. Are. Doing to us. Still. Emerging. Technology, we, don't know yet but, when I read these studies every day that, is a conclusion I'm getting to that the entire Western, medical system is about, to be up ended. Through. The microbiome, so. Move. Forward to the 2020s. We have all of these diagnostic. Data we. Have all of these data about our, genome, and our microbiome, we. Have data, are not thousands. Of people but, hundreds and millions of people and we. Have AI that. Analyzes all of these information that. App on your smartphone that's monitoring you 24/7, maybe. The best doctor you've ever had it's your friend, it's your adviser it, guides you on how to maintain optimal, health and it, guides you on how to get. Healed if you do get sick this, is 510, maximum. 15 years from now I think closer to in, the five to ten you, know your period they will have all these amazing advances, so, this is exponential, it's incredible, it's amazing and. What. The future holds in health. If. You look at artificial intelligence, I know, when I was young I was reading about how AI would. Soon be able to defeat humans. At playing. Chess and everything else so all these predictions made in, the, 1960s, about, how a I would become smarter than man and then.

In The 1980s, in the 1990s. We heard about Japan, and their. Fifth generation project we. Sort of thought that Japan, would rule the world in in AI and. Then, what happened nothing. Happened, we. Basically had what was called the nuclei, winter, that. There. Was a cloud cast, over AI we thought it was a hoax it was a fraudulent, and AI. Was dead, AI. Isn't dead ai is everywhere, because here's, here's, what happened the scientists, also started speculating. On, a new method of doing AI the, AI that defeated, Garry Kasparov, big, blue was. Really a decision tree it, did if-then-else, statements, a very, possible, chess move and with, super fast computers, it was able to outsmart, a human being that's really you know simplifying, the technology, but that's more or less the AI we had a decade, of 15 years ago and. Scientists. Started speculated that maybe we. Could do a different form of AI we could mimic the human brain the, human brain has layers of neurons which. You. Know and the connections between the neurons are programmed based on what's learnt so a child sees a dog, and mom, says this is a doggy this is a cat and this and the neurons, are just some cells to to, associate, that that. Image of. You. Know an animal with ears, and a tail and, so on the shape with, the dog, so our brain programmed their self based on what it learns so. Scientists, speculated. They were papers published 30 years about this that we could do AI using, neural networks here's. What the problem was to. Do neural networks you needed massively, parallel computers. We. Didn't have those even. The fastest, supercomputers. Of their, time in the 1970s, and 1980s and, even 1990s. Couldn't. Do massively parallel computing. About. You, know decade, ago NVIDIA, and. I decided, to develop a chip, to. Let children play video. Games better the, GPU, in the graphic processing unit. And. They, released it a few years ago it became a big success and then, scientists, started looking at that GPU, and realized that that's a massively parallel computer, why, can't we now do. AI with it so, I started doing it and machine. Learning developed. There are many words over here but essentially we, started mimicking, the human brain and using these these, you, know these, GPUs. To. Learn the way human beings do that's when you started having Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking and a bunch of others talking about artificial. General intelligence saying, oh my god these things they're gonna be smarter than us and all, of these dangers the. Trouble was that that was the stuff of science fiction and this was narrow AI where you specifically. Taught a computer, what to learn you developed a model and then, you threw data at it and it learned from that so, we assumed, that you. Know this AGI. Was 20-30 years away here's, what happened in the last couple of weeks with narrow, you. Know narrow, AI that. A, a bunch, of scientists, figured. Out how to defeat CAPTCHA, by. Having, the computer learn itself it did experiments, it really tried every combination, figured, it out and then Google was able to to. Have, alpha comb which is you know defeat these, go players it, learned. On its own so, it seems like narrow, AI, is, running, on its own now you can throw anything you want at it you, take that one step further and you, say okay I can learn anything it wants to learn and you.

Begin To see artificial, general artificial, general intelligence the. Stuff out of science fiction becoming, possible, so. This is all happening a lot faster than anyone. Anyone, imagined I mean maybe there's some people who saw it coming but, the, vast majority of experts. In this field didn't. Think that AI would progress at the rate it's progressed, just, over the last few weeks and it, could well be that we get our two day to remember. Star Wars Rosie. From the Jetsons, Samantha. From her all of these things we saw in science fiction that they start showing up in our, apps and, in these BOTS we have at home in the next seven to ten years. So, me I won't be surprised if I'm able to order Rosie, on In, the year 2025. 2027. And she's droned over to my house and Rosie, cost about $10,000 because that is how AI and, robotics, and, whole bunch of other technologies, are advancing. Exponentially. Ever. Since the internet came out we've started ordering things on the internet with. The first one that some of the earliest websites were. These, these. Websites, these retailing websites, where you could buy. Oddities. On the on the internet and then we could buy clothing on the Internet and then you could buy shoes on the Internet and now, Amazon has become a dominant player because. Practically, everything you need can be ordered on the internet and it comes to your house often, within an hour or so so, that was. Retail. Disruption, 101, now, something even more dramatic is happening, that. The retail store itself is becoming digitized, when. You walk into your. Supermarket, when you walk into any retail store you, know that their cameras, over there you. Know over the last two years or so the. Ability for for. Computers. To recognize, faces. Exceeded. The ability of human beings to recognize, faces so. Those cameras, now have. The ability to know, who you are, and. They. Have the ability now to just, do. Interface. With the registers, where you buy things and to, keep track over here but you're bought give. It five or ten years and you'll be walking up to the counters, and you'll, have you, know you'll have, ads being served to you based. On your buying habits and based on your interests so, the entire retail, experience, begins to change because you, have customized, coupons customized, ads all being, selves, to you as you walk in there but then, also the.

Sensors I talked about the cameras they, can also detect inventory, they can see what's on the shelves how much of it has been solved you. Know until today we've, had human beings going and doing inventory, checks every. Two or three days they go and see what needs to be stacked, and so on but. With these cameras. They, can keep track of what's on the shelves and they can automatically, order a new. You know replenishments. As needed and then when have robots, they can go and replenish, the cell shelves, rather than human beings going in and stacking you, know our sale boxes, imagine, you had robots that can do that already. The number of robotic technologies, that can they can go in and and do this thing but give, it five or seven years we'll have robots replenishing. Shelves, we'll have, sensors. And AI monitoring, inventory, move. Forward a couple of years virtual. Ready is going to become much more powerful imagine. Wearing eyeglasses, that, turn dark and take you into holographic, worlds imagine. Now being able to to, meet people wherever you want to and being, able to converse with them as if you were there. Imagine. Now being able to go into a store and now, pick, and choose what you want from it being able to examine the, merchandise and just say okay I'll take it and imagine. Having it drawn over to your house. Let. Me switch gears now and talk about saving. The world because. I live in Silicon Valley and, frankly. I get depressed, at the fact that they're tens of billions of dollars being thrown at mindless. Apps they. What happens is if some kid comes, up with some new stupid, app and he. Gets you know 100 meant all the funding and other VCS give throw, another hundred million dollars. Competitors. I did, you. Know we're basically chasing, rainbows in. Silicon, Valley and, not, understanding, the problems of the world I was. Born in India I traveled. The world and. When. I go there I see poverty I see despair, I see. You. Know people living in ill health I see hunger, I see, disease I see, you. Know, majority. I see people getting sick because of bad water and, it's. Depressing to see that we living in Silicon Valley we're blessed living. In New York City you're blessed because you have everything you need we, don't we know we see poverty and we ignore it but by, and large we're, not sensitive to the needs of the world you. Travel to the developing world you see the the, dire poverty and the pain and suffering but, you know something I believed. In the next 10 or 15 years we can solve virtually, all, of these problems that are there are. You know hurting people so much the, the biggest problem is energy when. People in remote, parts of India Africa. South. America, come. Home they. Can't study because they don't have light, this. Is something we can't comprehend, in America that you don't have light you can't study there for children don't get education, but, this is a common problem in the developing world, 88%, of the infectious disease in the developing world is caused by water borne viruses, you. Know when you went to school you learnt how, to distill water what do you do you boil it you capture the condensation, and that's, the distilled water distilled. Water is 100 percent pure there's nothing living in it right, now, all, it takes to, have 100 percent clean water to boil the oceans and have all the water we need is, energy, the.

Trouble Is that energy has been so expensive, well. Guess what that's. Changing, we're. Headed into an era of, unlimited. Clean, and almost. Free, energy. Here's. What's happening solar. Wind. Takes solar as an example the. Cost of solar has dropped 99%. Since 1976, and what, happens is it as the, price drops the. Installation of installations, doubled as the, installations doubled the price drops were in a virtuous, cycle, over here of of. Exponential. Technology. Advances, at, the pace we're going we're only about six doublings away from. Having the capability, of generating 100 percent, of the Earth's energy needs through solar, this. Sounds crazy and the, doublings are happening less than every two years from now so. What I'm saying is that by 2030, or so. We. Could have, unlimited. Clean, energy on this planet from, sunlight and the. Cost will, be a fraction. Of what it is today imagine 1/16. Of what it is today one. Thirtieth of what it is today you know in less than 15 years from now this, seems crazy this seems unimaginable but. All you have to do is look at the data look at the trend it is as clear, as can be now. In America we're regressing because, you now have the, US government, and when I say US government I mean Donald Trump talking, about bringing coal back he's. Talking about stopping, the progress of solar energy because it disrupts the USA unemployment, this is complete nonsense, I mean solar is generating more jobs than, coal, ever had and this. Is good for America it's good for the world but regardless, leave. America aside America. Is not relevant anymore the, really good news over here is that America, isn't leading the world anymore it's, China number one they. Have committed to I think 200, gigawatts in. The next five or seven years in India, number two they talk about 100 gigawatts we're talking about you. Know the, two largest population, countries in the world now leading the path, on solar and, even if America decides to bring cold back and set up coal-fired plants, it doesn't matter the world world will simply laugh at us the, cost of solar will still, advance and the. Beauty of this is that every, village in the world will now have light now. The the. Challenge over here is that you need to store the energy because, it doesn't the Sun doesn't shine when, it's not sunny the, wind doesn't blow and it's not windy but, the good thing is that the cost of storage is also dropping exponentially, we, should talk about three.

Four Five hundred or the kilowatt hour for storage, Elon. Musk is hinting at $100 a kilowatt hour in, the next three or four years and. It, could go to $70, a kilowatt hour when you talk about prices such as that you're, talking about self-driving, electric, cars called a costing about, fifteen twenty thousand dollars being able to drive 200 miles by. The mid-2020s. 2025. We could have cars, that cost fifteen thousand dollars and go you, know 100 200 miles. We're. Talking about now having enough storage for a village for. A couple of thousand dollars so. Which means that you could have entire village as the entire towns all. Over the world which, are off the grid and have, unlimited clean, energy so. Now we can, have unlimited clean, water because, we could just boil the oceans we. Can now have lights. The children can come home and study and. We. Can educate them because they'll also have smart phones that, provide, them with knowledge we. Can now have, diagnostic. Devices which. Provide, them with information, so that they can get in their smartphone, and get health, they. Can grow. Have vertical, farms this is another amazing technology, that, we don't talk very much about in the United States but vertical, farming is now, advancing, exponentially, because, of two or three different convergence. First, of all LED, lighting we, don't have to understand that LED lighting now has. Become cost. About the same as as these, old bulbs we had the Edison bulbs in the developing was there even cheaper and LED. Lighting there, was a nobel prize two years ago for LED lighting they've been such amazing. Breakthroughs, in LED lighting so, that you can now turn. The. Frequencies. To the growth of plants so. You can now have, inexpensive. Energy LED. Lights and now, you can also have sensor. Sentiment, sensors cameras, and other devices which may monitor crop growth, which. Monitor, the growth of every plant give, them exactly, the right nutrients.

Glasshouses. So we're talking about organic food we. Will be able to grow almost, unlimited, food, because. Of these advances, in energy LED. Lighting ai and, sensors. That's. In the next five or ten years so. We could literally, have, a planet, that's abundant, in energy. In food, that, has perfect health in which, we can 3d print our own clothing all, of these things are within. Reach. Now. They make it to the dark side of all this you know I talked about the, advances in AI and robotics in, sensors, industry. Disruptions. Despite. What, the, optimists. Say despite, what Silicon Valley says I don't. See a scenario, in, which we, will have enough jobs for human beings that. Yes, it'll be new jobs created, zumba. Dancers, and God knows what else what is these, stupid examples, that Tech. Boggles throw up about the new jobs that we created the, fact is that these uber drivers, these taxi drivers in New York City the, even, the uber drivers that we have here now when. They Jobs get displaced they. Aren't going to be new jobs for them the truck drivers talking, about 3 million truck drivers this in the United States when. We have self-driving trucks which, is very likely in the next five years or so. Those. Middle-aged, truck drivers, who, don't have other skills than driving are not, going to be able to learn how to program robots or. How to do is Zumba dancing, those. Truck drivers will be on employed we're. Talking about people, whose livelihood depends, on jobs whose. Social stature depends, on jobs I mean, you know think, about it when we meet each other the almost. The first question we ask is what do you do we. Defined by our jobs, and we. Take pride and creativity in our work and our. Lives revolve, around our work what. Happens when the work disappears, even. If you have, all. The energy you want all the food you want you. Have perfect, health you have all the things you need you able to 3d print you your, food and clothing and all that if you have all of these things taken care of you. Have nothing to do. You. Feel depressed, what's. The new social structure over here what do we do with ourselves so. Silicon Valley talks about universal basic income that's. The excuse for, saying it's someone else's problem it'll, be okay let us get filthy rich, and let. Someone else worry about the problem we can just give money to everyone no. People just don't want money people want a purpose, in life they. Want to be contributing, to society, they want to be doing good they want to be be. Earning. Their keep they, don't want free money next. You, know 10 15 years I worry. About Amy even as soon as five years I worry about millions. Of people ten tens of millions of people becoming unemployed becoming. Depressed and. Really. Rebelling. That you. Know go back to the Luddite movements who tried to stop the progress of Technology because, their livelihoods were being taken away I worry. About this dark scenario I worry, about them. Wanted to burn down the tech. Companies, and to. Stop progress at all costs because their jobs are being taken away strikes. Just like you had strikes in Paris texts, in your taxi drivers trying. To burn down lubbers I'm exaggerating a little bit but it's going to stop Uber's you, may have that in New York City you, may have people, whose lives have been you know displaced, you. Met people who have, lost their livelihood is now getting. Angrier, and protesting. Look, at what's happening do you see we, have a government that's pandering, to the, extremist, groups to the anger right. I mean it was unimaginable, even. Two years ago that, we would be accusing, the White House of being. Nazi. Sympathizers, I mean, this is crazy, I mean the allegations, are not founded, but the fact that we can even make those allegations, shows. That something is wrong over here that. The. The, the, gap between the haves and the have-nots, has. Grown not, only in money which is obviously talked about before but also, in knowledge in culture.

In Values. We. Take not be this, a technology, literate that, you get your information online you, watch videos such as this and, you stay up to date with this the, people in Middle America the. Truck drivers the taxi drivers many. Of them don't watch this and they're. Not up to date we're, doing nothing to mitigate, the. The gap there. Are policy makers are talking about taking. Things away taking. Healthcare away from people taking benefits, away from people they're, not talking about how. Do we now uplift, all the mankind, they. Think we have limited resources and, they're favored we have to ration, them but. They don't simply realize that we herded ed into an era of abundance in which we can now distribute, the prosperity we're creating and uplift all of mankind. In. My, book the driver in the driverless car I try. To look at technology through. Three. Lenses and. The. Purpose of this was to figure. Out how we can create the amazing future of Star Trek versus. The. Darkness. Of Mad Max the. Three lenses are number one there's. A technology of the potential to benefit everyone equally, can. We make sure that everyone gets good healthcare from it can we make sure that everyone gets clean energy from it can we make sure that everyone, benefits from the technology, so that we don't have people being left out and we don't have anger brewing you know go back to movies, such as War, of the Worlds go. Back to a lot of these science fiction horror, movies in, these movies the, rich had access. To better technology, that they had health they, had you, know all sorts of good things the, poor had nothing they were working in the mines the. Outcome was, always the same in all of these movies that the poor, ended up killing the rich. Mad. Max that. The anger started, brewing and, rebellion. Started and the. Focus was to destroy, technology, to you know to to kill the rich basically, this is what happens in all of these dark movies if we don't now start. Educating and uplifting everyone we're, gonna have Mad Max the, second lens is do, the rewards outweigh the risks is this technology going to benefit us or is it going to hurt us we, have to look at every technology to make sure that. The rewards outweigh the risks you, know for example gene, editing CRISPR, we, now have the ability to alter life itself, in, about a decade from now we. Will have the ability to select the. The. The. Features that our children have this. Sounds crazy but, we may be able to take pills that, alter, the genome, of an. Embryo and, give. Them new characteristics. Remember to remove, disease and to give them maybe extra IQ this, is all becoming possible, now, the question if you do that do, not create the the. World of Gattaca that movie Gattaca in, which you had you. Know people who were who were enhanced, and then you had people who weren't enhanced, and the people who were in now said a special place in society and guess. What the people who weren't enhanced, rebelled are, we now creating, super human beings are we now creating killer viruses, are, we now creating, massive, joblessness, are we now creating all of these new nightmares, with technologies, do, the rewards truly outweigh the risks and then. The, question is there's, a technology great autonomy, of our dependence I mean, I'm a big fan of self-driving cars that I Drive a Tesla Model S and I, can't wait to get into Auto Drive when. I get on the highway because, I want the car to drive itself, now. Eventually when, I say eventually probably 10 15 years from now we're. Gonna be deciding, that we don't want these dangerous, human beings on the road these. Human beings get. Distracted they text while they're driving they, get angry they get road rage they. Rush into traffic at the same time they, crash into each other they're. Dangerous we don't want these dangerous animals on our roads instead. We want to have smart. AI. And. Robots, doing the driving so, we may throw the human beings off the road which. Means that we've lost autonomy. Right. We, get angry, gone, are the tales of driving so on the one hand self-driving, cars, give. Us a tana me why.

Autonomy, Because everyone. Now can get from it any way they want to be to be where they want to be, safely, mothers. Can send their children to school knowing that they'll safely arrive there the. People they're blind the people who are handicapped, the old don't. Have to worry about you. Know having to drive anymore we. Have autonomy. Like we've never had before because. Of self-driving cars but, then we lose another autonomy, that autonomy, is the right of being, able to drive on our highways, so. You have a trade-off over here the, question is does it lead to does technology lead to dependence or autonomy, in the case of self-driving cars it's both dependence, and autonomy. At the same time but. We got to figure this out we've got to figure out what. The trade-offs are so. What I posit, in driving, the driverless car is that, we have to look at each technology technology. Through. This you. Know these three lenses and what, I believe what I sincerely believe is, that, if we get these right, that. If we now benefit, everyone and we do things in a sensible way we. Can create the amazing future, of Star Trek that. We really can get to this world. In, which we're now, sharing, prosperity, with, seeking enlightenment and knowledge we're. Working to uplift humanity and. We can do this 300 years at a schedule. You.

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Dang, he had me until "America is not relevant anymore." Wait, who championed the solar development for the past couple of decades? What nation's laws and systems hosted/incubated Tesla? Maybe you should consider teaching the greater population of India about toilets, hand washing, and the consequences of shitting in the streets...BEFORE you start counting them in the top technology frontrunners. Just sayin', do you really want your kids having to clean human shit off of their Uber Fleet Car's seat before getting in? Or, is that how you plan to cure the infections they contracted...having them eat someone else's shit?

Wow, amazing video! I disagree with the timelines, maybe for the developed world it can happen within the next decade, sure, but the rest of the countries don't' think so, still has to go a few more years for progress to reach us. He is right though UBI won't solve everything, the future might hold purposeless masses, one thing to do first is to rise up global education level then more job opportunities in technology and science will be, humankind could skyrocket at a rate never seen before, outer space exploration and colonies are key. All of this might sound to a scientific utopia but going this direction could mean becoming a type II civilization by the end of the millennium that is of course if we don't get washed out by the great filter first.

Almost all of these genius Tech guru's are Indian What do these indian's eat ?!

so the future is 2027. we have self driving cars that bring our kids safely to school. we have video cameras that watch the kids go into the school and are fed information until they are brought home in self driving cars safely. please God give us some human free will.

It's not pronounced "Sow" Paulo. The "ao" is nasalized, so the sound is closer to "an" . It should sound closer to "San Paulo", but the "n" sound is formed nasally rather than on the tip of the tongue.

If cell phones are as fast as ten Cray supercomputers, why the hell is mine so slow?

"imagine us being delivered by drone" I thought he was referring to some sort of technological stork...

I see All this and see how I'm so poor that I won't be able to participate or have access to any of this

Everyone knows what Moores Law is. A little originality would be great!

Most recent studies debunk the 10x more bacteria than cells, it's more of a 1:1 ratio. Still amazing nonetheless.

Too all the comments, below please realize how important to usa is to global security and stability, if america fails, you think only america will feel it your insane everyone around the world should be looking to help us americans fix this once great country. When rome fell europe fell into a dark age and romes grasp is far smaller then america's please take history into account for those shit talking this country. It's in everyones best interest for america to get its shit together not just americans.

I do wonder if people will still seek the need to contribute to society when larger proportions of the population aren't doing so. There is and has been a perception that one's life is not fulfilled unless they find their calling in life, but it's my impression that they feel this way mostly because they compare their lives to their peers. For instance, if I'm in college and so are my friends, then I feel fulfilled. If I have a factory job and most of my friends are in college, then I feel I won't go as far. If me and most of my friends all have factory jobs, I might be content with that. If I'm in college and most of my friends have jobs, then I feel like I'm lagging. If I'm not in college and have no job, and neither does most of the people I know, I might be content with that.

let's hope reality warrants at least a bit of this guy's optimism his opinion. on basic income is kinda backward in my mind but what the heck. overall good video

Find your purpose in life, by exercising, meditating, going to church, arguing about politics, studying philosophy. There's plenty of things you can do to find purpose.

A lot of what he's talking about it's probably going to be massively slow down because we're about to lose net neutrality. The rich will consolidate their power and pound the masses into the ground

great, we're going into AI era even more... No matter what the cost would be for something, clean energy etc, the government will find a way to make it more expensive for citizens....

These subtitles are messed up:: 04:07 Education: imagine being able to learn science by doing virtual experiments, anatomy by seeing 04:11 your human body inside and out. 04:12 Imagine learning mathematics by going into ancient Egypt and building pyramids. 04:13 Imagine learning language by going into another country and talking to the natives in their 04:14 local languages. 04:15 Imagine learning Latin by going back in time and talking to people in Latin. 04:16 I mean this is all becoming possible, and this is within five years we’ll have that. 04:17 Imagine having digital tutors that monitor your expressions—cameras can already do 04:18 that—and then monitor the child’s interest in learning. 04:19 If the child likes to play games it plays games with them, if the child likes to watch 04:20 videos it takes them into three-dimensional holographic worlds and lets them have experiences 04:21 and learn on their own. 04:22 If the child that likes reading books, it reads books to them. 04:23 Soon we’re going to have virtual reality that’s going to disrupt education itself. 04:24 Imagine being able to put glasses on and watch this in three dimensions and converse with 04:25 me. 04:26 Imagine being able to meet with people interactively on the moon or on Mars or in Tahiti. 04:27 That’s going to disrupt the entire conferencing industry because we’ll be able to have meetings 04:28 in exotic places and it will feel like we’re almost there. 04:29 Education, imagine being able to learn science by doing virtual experiments, anatomy by seeing 04:30 your human body inside and out. 04:31 Imagine learning mathematics by going into ancient Egypt and building pyramids. 04:32 Imagine learning language by going into another country and talking to the natives in their 04:33 local languages. 04:34 Imagine learning Latin by going back in time and talking to people in Latin. 04:35 I mean this is all becoming possible and this is within five years we’ll have that. 04:36 Imagine having digital tutors that monitor your expressions, cameras can already do that 04:39 and then monitor the child’s interest in learning. 04:42

Profits generated from these new technologies will have to be distributed amongst the citizens. Like a citizens dividend.


i would LOVE UBI. FREE MONEYYYYYYYYY!!! i wouldnt have to worry about anything if i were given free money lol... but theyd probably make it so you have to sign up for it and have to qualify to receive it and i dont like the idea of that. itd probably be by ID or social security or something like that

i think everyone should watch this video. what this guy says is simply mind blowing!!

wowwwwwwwwwwww what this guy said is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyy. if any of this happens things will be crazzzzyyyyyyy in the future. he blew my mind hahaha

Socialize industry!

The worst this guy can think of is mad max world, when he wants to boil the oceans. What could possibly go wrong with BOILING THE OCEANS?!?

Who needs exercise and eating decent!? Just eat healthy peoples shit!

Sounds like they want to turn our doctors into some kind of digital ball and chain when physicians are wrong very often. Why should I trust a stupid machine with my health when the people programming them are just as ignorant as those teaching everything else incorrectly? When it comes to quality of life and normal range values, I'll be the judge.

he never mentioned virtual currency and it's ability to make banks go out of business and governments having a hard time enforcing collection of taxes. Not sure yet when this will be prevelent though.

If ppl were given the freedom to research and do other creative things, then they wouldnt be depressed. giving universal education, health care, and living expenses to unemployed would create a more humane and productive economy. technology doesn't always solve human problems, but may muddy they waters.

There is no way is guy is an expert in all these subjects. There were several things he said that showed he had just a superficial understanding of what he was talking about. Please don't bring people who are not expert on Big Think. They are just regurgitating stuff off the internet that I can just read myself.

Everything is advancing EXPONENTIALLY! WOOOHOOO!!!

So the stock market hit 23,500 today so that's awesome. If America is so unimportant and pollution is so bad then how did I just read a report on India's pollution problems and a month before that a report about China's. I agree with some of the statement but you did contradict some of what was said. like the school system.

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If the fat person ate the feces of the thin person, they will loose weight even if they eat tons of burger and boxes of cheese?

Cat of Truth lose and loose are two different words. Learn the difference.

I live in an area that the First World and the corrupt elites of the Third World are robbing to obtain the resources for your "great things to look forward to". And, of course, those psychopaths are murdering honest journalists and activists who get in the way.

This guy is full of SH*T!

Says amazon currently delivers in an hour or two. Must be nice to live in Silicon Valley! Lol

here in munich they also deliver pretty fast if it is in prime now or prime today

How humanity will end by 2027

most people hate there jobs, most are horribly oppressive, boring and stressful - depression is at epidemic levels NOW along with suicide - now the most popular ticket out of here for our young and middle aged men - jobs crush bodies, burn minds and scorch families - freedom is possibility land

and before all the good stuff the ruling class will send out the drones to cull millions

now just what percentage of the human race will be able to access these wonderful tools of evolution? 100%?

Futures Take a zero from that percentage & it's a lot more accurate. Approximately 10% of the population.

"america's not relevant anymore." Don't count us out yet. Young people get it. Do you think millennials dont care? Its becuase they know that talking to you is a waste of time. They are moving forward with out you.

I heard AI is behind the bitcoin

Don’t worry, it’s not- Just some pretty smart programmers

Think big.. Think really really big... Wait stop you messed it up.. Don't think...enjoy free money

It's sad to see politics come up in science. People don't understand the world and demonize the "other" side- the side they merely disagree with. It's not enough to say that you disagree with the other side anymore. You have to say that they are hitler/demon/devil incarnate out to destroy everything and anything. It's dangerous. Seeing 50% of your neighbors as demons will do nothing to improve where you live. Treat them like you speak of them, and they will treat you poorly. Now that is a vicious cycle. Just don't fall into that. You're smart or you wouldn't be reading this - online, on a computer, on Big Think.

He's talking shit. Another one of those talking heads who forgets that it takes humans to program the things he is talking about. Just because it's technologically possible it doesn't mean humans can build it, it gets to a point where things are too fucking complicated for us. Also there's no demand for a lot of the things he's suggesting. People will always have a strong preference for doing things in real life.

Vertical farming sounds nice. But what about the soil biome? The bacteria are important

I'm disappointed in big think. The people you usually have are really sober in their analysis. This guy seems a little too optimistic. Most Ai researchers will tell that agi is at least 20 years away which he said but he overhyped recent breakthroughs. As a economic guy myself I roll my eyes when ever people say there will be no jobs. It shows both a lack of knowledge of economic history and hubris about knowing the future. The medical profession moves alot slower than what he was saying.

One possible solution, among others, to the lack of jobs, would be the reduction of the hours of work for most jobs.

Big Genius overthere!

This is an unduly optimistic view for the near future of the homo sapiens ape

Imagine all the people living life in peace :)

Fuck you machines can never take the place of humans when it comes to personality. When it comes to human interaction machines cannot replace it you dumb fuck. We need other people to have these experiences.

Antibiotics are useful for a whole host of ailments caused by bacteria that are bad for us. I once asked a doctor who was treating me for an ear infection whether I could just forego the antibiotics--this was after she explained to me that the meds would kill the bacteria in my gut that kept me from getting diarrhea (something we've known for decades). She told me that skipping antibiotics would mean weeks of living with a painful infection. I took the pills.

Money will disappear in the future.

Mors law has a limit. We're already really close to the physical limit. Quantum computing helps take another leap up, but not in exactly the same way

It's a time of great innovation and conspiracies

What needs to change is how humans treat each, respect our individual freedoms and human rights, stop believing in dumb spiritual fairy tales, and absolutely not being able to govern the lives of other based on those fairy tales. Stop the dogmatic thinking about everything!

Is this Vivec from Morrowind?

I think i'll start going to gym :) dont want my parents to force me to eat shit of someone in future

would you eat the shit of angelina jolie?


Future is going to be better as our “now” is better than it was 50 years ago.

Technology is not the problem, the problem is the obsolete system of greed and slavery called the "economic" system !

Capitalism or at least the free market economy operates on the foundation that resources are to be concentrated not shared

Loved this one, cheers

2027? Deus Ex? Anyone?

Comparing antibiotics to leech therapy is impossible. Antibiotics heal millions of potentially deadly diseases every year, and is based on scientific and clinical evidence. On the other hand, leech therapy was born from superstition and had no curative effect nor scientific backing whatsoever.

Otherwise, great talk!

I'm not feeling the future so much. there are infinite possibilities this technology could be used for good. I just feel, we are already losing our human capacities. even if we all get a BIF (basic income fund) what will be the consequences of the human race not working?

Harpreet Grewal nah, I'm good. I pick up garbage. robots will replace my job around the time I retire

Your purpose will be to educate yourself further in the STEM fields. Sign me up for that :)

and this also hinges on AI not rising up and destroying the human race.

Lol you googled it?

Is anyone else tired of tech gurus preaching about tomorrowland? Using buzzwords like disruption, revolutionise, and game changing. Jesus this is like a new religion.

Optimistic or sanguine? What a delight this was!

This isnt michi kaku

‘We can just boil the oceans’

As long as the underlying wealth distribution system does not change in the world problems will only get worse.

yes, I'm am also VERY WORRIED about the unemployed. Dostoevsky posited that humans NEED a little bit of disorder, and PURPOSE. the rebellious will burn it all down.

How about 2077?

Herman Johnson No one alive today can even imagine what a world in 2077 would look like.

yes, wasting time on stupid apps is beneath SV

1:27 #geektrigger He is talking about C3PO but let it slide

Can't wait for this future!

The way you described the future sounds like a wonderful thing to work and hope for. But when imbeciles like Trump are the top of the country, it seems thin. Let's all share this video!

don't know if all he said possible in such a short time, but he sure knows a lot of movies


Based on your previous purchase history we know you will pay 20% more than others for this product. This is the ads in the future. No price listed on an item until the store knows who you are so they can avoid, "leaving money on the table."

gee, sorry would love o give you this anti-biotic treatment to save your life, but if I did you would get fat...? Is this guy serious?

Don't worry we can all be unemployed soon enough.

amazing , thank you

Wtf with excessive in stream ads? I don't watch channels that do that, so I'm black listing this channel, and will never buy another hp product that they're trying to cram down my throat.

Steven Kantelberg in stream ads are a dealbreaker for me, as well as long nonskippable ads. I down vote and blacklist anything I stop watching because an offensive or violent ad pops up mid sentence. Stop showing me ads with sexism racism war and murder, every ad for a movie or videogame I see is basically just random snippets of violence porn. On top of that, I just don't buy products or services at all, especially new products that demand more resources.

All they did was combine all his topics into one long video so you dont get anymore ads than usual it just seems like it.


The technology is going to happen but I think it will take longer to fully role out because of the rebellion that is sure to happen.

I can't wait for things to get to the point we start killing the rich. They have it coming.

This guys very hopeful.. 10-15 years driver free roads? More like 35-50 years. It would take a very long time to assimilate driverless vehicles onto the roads. I'm sure many traditional motor companies would be against the production of autonomous vehicles, due to its threat to the motor industry. Therefore laws would need to be introduced whereby all vehicles must be built with an autonomous option. We would also need to select/design certain highways and roads to be autonomous only. However this would only happen when we can be statistically sure about 90% of motorists own autonomous option vehicles. You've also gotta consider the AI systems in these cars, they would need to be universal to minimise risk, which implies the need for government regulation of motor vehicles.

19:27 His eyes got wet. :0 God bless this guy, he genuinely cares for people.

Manufacturing is coming back to America and robots will be the employees, but with Trumps EPA we at least will get the pollution. Win-win.

Doesn't matter if this is 3000AD we would still only be reciecing the leftovers from the wealthy.

Don't forget aging reversal................

In 2027 that is 10 years, its going to basically same as now I am sure. From 2007 -2017 (last 10 years) virtually nothing is much different at all. Maybe in 100 years people will have robot butlers in upper middle income households.

Ha that is a joke, maybe you are a little kid, but I had a smartphone and apps, in 2005 (over 12 years ago). Cryptocurrencies are extremely simplistic computer programs that would have worked on a commodore 64 probably, and bitcoin was written in 2009 (almost 10 years ago). A drone is just a remote control airplane with slightly better control features; and drones are not yet in regular usage. Think of it like this, a smart phone is just a fancy telephone which was invented in approx. 1876, over 140 years ago. Now a large amount of people use them and the have become much more advanced.

Bryan Lightningrod Smartphones, Apps, Drones, crypto currencies are just a few examples of what didn't exist 10 years ago.

American innovation is A-Political.  Wish everyone else could see through the BS and get on with it.

Was really enjoying this until he gets to the part about the microbiome. Holy conjecture alert! Talk about drawing conclusions from preliminary and inconclusive studies

+Cosmic Atrophy The microbiome is very important to our health, but to say our own genes are obsolete? No. We should improve both.

It's compelling to say the least.

True it is inconclusive, but it is becoming more conclusive constantly and science is leaning farther in that direction all the time.

This is more like 2037 if your gonna be optimistic lol

Excellent video! This guy is great, and seems to genuinely care for people, especially those not as fortunate as himself, and be fair and honest, which to my mind is so often lacking in Ted Talks and equivalents. He almost said nuclear winter instead of AI winter. Because the neurons linking -winter and nuclear are so much stronger than with AI winter.

This is extremely far sighted generous out look but such ideas would not come out in the presence the greedy generation of politician,their masters and entourage. You will be blessed for this generous thinking and not being spoiled or intoxicated by where you are.You have got India and the poor still in your heart.

We wontt be able to afford any of this stuff because there will be no jobs

27:38 They dont want free money. This guy must be out of his mind ;)

Thumbs up for the "Time Index" on the description! Also, the video is Great! Thank you!

People see purpose in work because while humans want to be more lazy and do less, they want to earn more, that is not possible so a human just has to psychologically comply to social rules and therefore create the idea that 'physical labor is satisfying as it gives purpose in life', while in reality the naked nature of a human being is the desire to feel as much pleasure as possible. So yeah humans would just love free money, maybe not the generations before millennials, but only because they grew with that mentality throughout their lives.

"free money" vs. "purpose in life". This is a FALSE DICHOTOMY. When, for the majority, the ONLY choices are "free money" or "homelessness" you can bet people are going to start wanting the free money. Talking like there's some kind of mutual exclusivity between the two is the same "define us by our job" thinking that's obsolete.

Agree, but China and India have populations of hundreds of millions of people that are just about to enter the workforce in a decade or so. It's more so that demographics will give rise to those two than anything else

OK dude, get a fucking clue. Your little cell phone is not, and will not soon be "more powerful than a Cray Supercomputer". I know it sounds good, and helps you earn a living, but that statement is 1000% incorrect.

so basically the robots are going to take over

Look how IT can get rid of other peoples Job and my coworkers look down on us.

I agree that people will be out of work, but I disagree with Mr. Wadhwa's premise (and forgive my paraphrasing) that the unemployed will be completely desolate and rise to rebellion, Mad Max style. As long as there is "human capital" someone will find the means to capitalize this through some way or another. Someone will find a way to employ, exploit, leverage or commodify the unemployed, even as we advance technology and eventually bifurcate society; everyone will have an opportunity, in one country or another.

Maybe if you still want to drive, trackday places will cater for that? If the autonomous cars are going to be so much better, might be fun to have a few among the ranks around the Nurburgring for a challenge. Will they be quicker than f1 drivers i wonder

tweakiepop there is a class for autonomous race cars currently being developed.

Some of this sounds horrible. I don't want everything in my life monitored and be told what I can and can't eat. This man is talking about a society that can benefit all people, but we all know that there will be the rich people who want more and more profits and don't care. These people and the politicians in their pockets will not want to share. They aren't going to give the things we need for no or low cost.

We don’t have to make decisions for others. Let the chips fall where they may. Everyone has to take care and find something to do for themselves and help their loved ones. Government shouldn’t meddle with progress.

This guy needs some Larry David advice: curb your enthusiasm. By the way, people on Earth conferencing with people on Mars will never happen regardless of computing power unless you break the laws of physics: speed of light. Transistors are close to hit the atom thickness for isolation barrier which allowed them to be more dense (I think currently they are around 8 atoms thikness), so with Transistors your Moore's law will no longer deliver, maybe with you excitement you can revolutionize Quantum computing but I doubt it since you don't even factor the speed of light when talking about conferencing with "Neomartians". IBM super computer was called Deep Blue and not Big blue.

Very exciting to live in this century.

Trash talks greedy companies then on to a commercial lol

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on automation displacing jobs *_"It's not even on the White House's radar screen"_* We're in good hands......

the Greatjon ...............Good Old Steve Manuchin, what a caring and thoughtful person he is if you are a billionaire Wall Street investor otherwise if you are in the 99% , he and his wife have nothing but contempt for you.

We will turn into those fat people in Wall-E.

*_Bringing coal back_* Trump likes to tout that regulation is killing demand for coal when it is in fact cheap and abundant natural gas that is the primary killer and against which coal cannot competitively compete.


hey... im a truck driver, im watching this. scared shitless. Im also in university part-time

The future looks AMAZING! No jobs!? Great! "Jobs" were creating in the Industrial Revolution. If we have food, shelter, health and education, why would we want a "job". We want to contribute to society, yes. But you can do that by being an enginer, a designer, an architect, a programmer, a painter, a sculptor, whatever. Look at the early tribes, everyone contributed, but no one had a point card or income. Everyone benefited from everyone else... And to have that in the future, is pretty good. [Of course (something he forgot to mention) the "economy" will probably NOT let this happen]

If your parcels got delivded by drones people throw rocks and steal the parcel bad idea.

Jamie Gare face recognition technology and the crime is reported as it happens.

*Universal Basic Income* will not be introduced to substitute "social contribution" as he claims but to provide material security and peace of mind for everyone. With UBI, we will finally have freedom to say no and to pursue our aspirations, unlike today when most people cannot afford to take risks or follow dreams but just grind like slaves.

Stndsure then you will have time on your hands to build your own R2D2

Yeah, but the whole point is that...progress for who? The dictatorship, and no other of course. So, I would argue that country has not progressed at all, but rather solely and exclusively, the leader of said dictatorship has progressed.

Michael Evans No it's obviously not a good thing, but that's one of the biggest reasons . Any dictatorship if they wanted to would progress a country at faster rate than a democratic institution

Naren - Wait, are you considering that a good thing? Caryn - I agree, but at what costs? I'd heard a few years ago that China was basically building a Chicago sized city every (insert short period of time (can't remember but that's not the point)), but then a year later began seeing all these reports and videos of completely empty cities in China...and again there's the pollution (smog, particularly) also, where in India alone the reports currently say that breathing the air in Delhi for a day is equivalent to smoking 40-50 cigarettes a day. In the grand scheme of things, I am still not comfortable perceiving either as "ahead" on the whole. Though, I do agree that some of the forested cities or green-cities with trees and such growing throughout the buildings do look rather spectacular, in theory, but...something tells me achieving synergy between architecture and tree growth (among other tricky aspects of organic biology) is going to provide more hurdles than will be practical.

Another reason is that since they're an authoritarian state, they can progress and approve investments at a monumentally quicker and expedited rate than USA, since we have Congress/States/Etc

Have you seen how beautiful and technologically advanced some cities are in China? Granted there are still a lot of shitty places, but they are ahead of us in many ways.

Yeah, but how many employment opportunities will remain in 20 years? 10 years? Tesla JUST unveiled the autonomous freight truck.... *shrug*

Joah Chewbhaka I am scared for my children and whether they will have jobs in the future.

Blue Jay America is pretty much bankrupt already. Russia and China are the real powers now.

siegfried greding This is so true and sooo scary! They are going to control everything and squash innovation and the ability to get it to the people.

yeah see if it meant all that then i wouldnt be so in for the free money

Goose Games And they would chip you and know everything you do.

Futures I agree. A lot of depression comes from bad, low paying jobs and long hours with no good work/life balance. People are happier with more free time.

Everyone needs to and the masses must demand it!

Caryn Schwengel the point of advancing technology is so you need less money to get by

André But no money to make up the difference.

Hi, guys! Who wants to get a FREE pdf copy of my e-book "How to Create Machine Superintelligence" in exchange for a review on Amazon?

Technology will allow freedom to do what we want to do. It may demonitize society, we have food, healthcare, education to pursue higher education as far as we are capable of. Benefit everyone so we can work towards peace, betterment of the world community and fulfillment in doing good. Life is so short.

This guy is dangerous. He is a technocratic elite that is evil

he said "China #1" 22:21

Concerning drones, you would think it would cause a great amount of air traffic as well as noise pollution.

Totally fascinating stuff!!!!

We can just boil the oceans?! This whole thing is idiotic until we get population under control. All these primitives (in America, India, Europe, wherever) who believe in ghosts and sky daddies will kill us all long before we reach Utopia. What good could possibly come out of have 7billion plus humans?

Vivek Wadhwa.. You are missing alot and only ''logically'' translate Rays age old theory about Moores Law

Artificial intelligence will be anarcho communists.

Hopefully this is the end of global capitalism.

imho - The microbiome is reinforcing the idea that our body is an ecology. The value of a general practitioner is more important than the specialist. The specialist will be replaced by robots directed by a GP. Eventually, GP will be replaced by a "Watson". 29:30 "era of abundance" -- As marginal production costs for basic goods and services (health care, food, water, energy, transportation, communication) approaches zero due to tech advances, competition to produce those goods and services will disappear. How do you compete against "free"? The economic models that assume limited resources and costly production, which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to compete, need to be adjusted.

We will find new computing technologys that will be faster eventually and quantum physics may make a practially latency free Internet possible in the future.

Happy you, I'm scared for myself, I don't even know if I will ever be able to afford to have children. It's already hard to support myself in the moment.

Solar Tower : Robot-Mirrors/Liquid Salt Exchange/Intensive Desert Farming. Wind Turbine : Neodymium Magnets/Hydrogen Fuel-Cell/ZERO TAX Industry. Hydro Dam : Uranium-doped Tungsten/Liquid Hydrogen/Methane Synthesis. HOLD=Nickel/Chromium/Cobalt/Neodymium/Uranium/Platinum/Palladium.

The difference is Leeches did nothing to help us except maybe a blood thinner. Antibiotics saved lives and still will in the future, just more in balance.

This guy is some rich guy from India who migrated to USA and bored now he wants to change to world by talking... And journalism yey! How that increase my standard of living?

So you want to demote my standard of living and give it to the poor? That's how you solve poverty? LoL!!!

He lost me when he went political. Fooey

OK he lost me at 1741 where he started referring to AI participating in grocery delivery. If AI is allowed some economic freedom it will realize how wasteful it is to have people go to the grocery store. A single years debit card history will advise as to the grocery needs of the family that subscribes to an AI grocery service. Amazon or Wal-Mart can save much energy and labor by doing from farm to warehouse to the customer. The warehouse will assemble the requested groceries and deliver them via a variety of delivery means: driver-less trucks or flying drones. The grocery retailer is horse and buggy. It's over for them.

So with AI what to human workers do to make money to live?

antibiotics save millions of lives, sure they may kill our microbiome and we may need to replace lost bacteria but to compare them to leeches is MORONIC, particularly worse since animal agriculture consumes 80% of antibiotics leading to resistance that could end modern medicine as we know it.

He over sells crispr, but solar really is on it's way up. The problem is, futurist technologies and visions mean nothing if we are still struggling with scarcity. If the future is only for the elite and well off, democracy will always operate on resentment and the need for the elite to operate under protectionism. As long as scarcity exists, a jobless communist utopia is a dangerous pipe dream.

Bitcoins value, I bet, will reach a point of exponential growth.

This is a really great sum-up :)

Do not eat your feces!

Remember those TV shows in 1970 1980 like The Jacksons they all think by 2000 we will live out of space and have flying cars .... well it's 2017 ... things will change but i think this guy is kind of optimistic .... and also a big question if evrything is AI and Robotics we humans what we will do ?


Proactive Thinker look vivek this indian guy doesn't think like you

I grew up in Austin Texas. rent was so cheap that people didn't have to work more than part time to make ends meet. I lived in a house with 3 other people and our rent was 300 bucks per month. All bills payed. with all that free time we barbecued and went to the green belt, went tubing, MADE ART. Most of my friends were in bands. That's what made Austin the "live music capital of the world". Now people can barely scrape by working full time. Working for other people's dreams. people don't want to work their lives away doing crap jobs. take away our need to work and we'll find gratifying jobs. We can have a futuristic renaissance creating amazing art and moving out among the stars. There will always be challenges. basic survival shouldn't be one of them. unless that's your kick.

Very useful talk: "from decision trees to neural networks, GPUs as massive parallel computers" are few of the takeaways

moore's law is not exponential though, it is quadratic, in either case though Moore's law is beginning to break down as we already bring computer connections down to mere atoms. We need a new wide access source of computation to continue. Quantum computing is beautiful but not ready yet.

You know I always here Dubai being mentioned as this model for future civilization, but what they don't tell you is behind that mirage is that only the ultra elite are using all those gold bar machines and are being transported by drones. The economy is actually driven by the masses who live in squalor hidden on the outskirts of the city. You can't even become a citizen there unless your a billionaire or had family born there before like the 1930s or something. fuck Dubai!

Antibiotics do harm you but are necessary and life saving in right indications

Hey I'm a truck driver , I'm very up to date on technology and trends . Trust when I say this. No one knows more about the current state of society and it's future then truckers . I knew about the 2008 crash before most people and so did most truck drivers. The reason is over the road drivers travel all across the country and deliver goods to everyone. We are connected to everything. Without us Tesla would crumble , so would every other tech giant . We are aware and we are looking for alternatives in the future. I dont think people need jobs , they need inspiration and vision....everything stems from that.

I have just two words for Rump and the Rethuglicans. These words should be familiar to them. The words are REPEAL and REPLACE.

Imagine... Imagine... Imagine all the people... Yeah good luck with all that

WTF this guy do so many mistake in information... Antibiotics - yes they kill good for us bacteria, but I be dead in age of 6 if I don't get them (pneumonia), but using them in most case give more bad effects then good, this is most people ignore and overuse them. AI - Deep Learning - is known form 80's, but without current computer power was useless. First 3d graphic card was 3dfx Voodoo, after few years was buy by Nvidia, but Nvidia wasn't first. BTW we start make chips special design for AI, and this only start and this change a lot (even iPhone 8 have some part special project for AI).

Elysium suits better than mad max

Found the Republican.

Russia's economy is like 1/16th the size of the united states. Russia ain't doing shit. They are an oligarchy of mafia bosses keeping their country in a permanent state of stagnation. China on the other hand will continue to rise and take the place of the united states as the worlds preeminent super power.

this video was ahead of it's time. amazing!

Oh do you really wanna know?

Imagine something I do not know yet.


This guy is adorably naive. Sure - the watch will tell you not to eat the pie, not that your insurance company will magically dump you for some odd reason one month before your heart attack. No, sir, we did NOT get that payment, so we discontinued the insurance. But I have the canceled check right here! Well, I'll transfer you to our "dispute AI", and maybe before you die, we might get around to considering your medical bill. If you aren't happy with this conversation, please dial "f**k you".

People won't need "jobs". Basic necessities will be essentially "free" like email is today. The cost of value exchange is also decreasing, we'll be able to take advantage of the smallest things of value and cumulate the smallest droplets of value. "The wealth gap" is a completely irrational concern, and proposing government as the solution is the the most intellectually hypocritical as government is a centralized authority, it has more power than any other entity, there's your biggest "gap". Government is the monopoly crony capitalists go to buy violence and control of peoples lives. Decentralization is being forced into the world with blockchain, it's being forced out of the hands of government specifically. In the United States, the fed and treasury control the money supply, blockchain currency takes that away. Companies are releasing crypto-securities and stocks, commonly called Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The SEC has no way to regulate, other than just saying it's illegal. Many forward looking governments are implementing blockchain property deeds, these countries will probably be the ones still around in 100 years, the countries that try and hang onto their power with authoritarian control, will fall, and people will suffer immensely. It's hard to a capitalist to admit, but blockchain will bring about the decentralization of governments and companies, flattening hierarchies. In many ways, Karl Marx's dream will come true.

I am a bit reserved with this "enthusiasm about the future" thing. Back in the mid 1990s when somebody told me about the Internet and about having fast access to information (reading Baudelaire on the web, with a parallel translator), it blew my mind. And what there is today is beyond my expectation back then. And I remember thinking at the time "wow, with this kind of thing in the world, I'm 100% certain we humans, as species, are going to go through a mutation on a macro level. There is no way that such a thing wouldn't influence us as a species. We're one step ahead a sort of super human kind of people, having such a fast access to information, through technology. Fast forward 20 years and what I see is kids who don't know how to write properly and who would not care to research a false story or advertisement even if it takes only two minutes to do it. Or people who don't have the attention span to listen or read something that takes more than 5 minutes, let alone read an entire book. I see people becoming more stupid, not more smart, through technology. My 20 years younger self would be so shocked.

He doesn't understand that electricity is only 30% of total world energy use

agreed. i hate when elites think they can engineer society. its absurd.

Can't imagine the world in 2080...

Agreed with everything he said, except the part about Rosie being available in 2025. We are in a transitional period in human history, something that has never been seen in history.

The "Dark side of progress" means, that we MUST go to space and spread. This will give us a task to do: "Go where no one has gone before". Maybe we need to go and look again on Gene Rodenberrys Start Trek Universe. There you could go into the different fields like "Interstellar Exploration" and "Science" or you work in highly automated environments and build whole spaceships with a few hundred people. Everybody else can follow there interests, even if this means "doing irrelevant jobs like farming, or crafts". Btw. the advent of digital products does not eliminate all analog products (see the watch industry for example)

Wow. Amazing video!

There is also potential for energy sources in graphene's internal motion.

You can bet I'd rather have the robot Doc sticking somebody else's poop up my butt!

Fantastic talk on the future. Thanks for sharing your vision!

Methinks there's a deciple of Murray Rothbard in our midst--the kind who would try to clean up Fukushima without a radiation proof suit because he can't tell when each individual radioactive atom out there will decay.


What a purpose in life in an automated world? Do unpaid work like volunteering, personal projects, personal hobbies, and contribute to open source community projects. Paid work is not the only meaning in life. To suggest that is short sighted. Just because it doesn't make a profit doesn't mean it's worthless.

The things he is talking about sound all very reachable but he forgets something very important. Once these things are invented/engineered and tested (which takes several years) the biggest challenge is to put them to mass-production so that they really happen in our lives. Mass-produce something new top-of-the-edge technology usually takes 10-20 years especially those specific things he is talking about because they are relatively hard to produce


The ratio of bacteria to human cells is 1:1 (10:1 was as per old research) A couple of more instances where his data is not really good but love his enthusiasm of the future :D

Typical useless talk, the future as luxury park for the rich.

I wish my phone was more powerful than a cray super computer... rip flipphones,,,

MsSomeonenew not about telling fortunes , it's about living in the real world and seeing it. I knew and the other truckers knew because all the freight dried up ........that translates into bad times. Funny how all these " smart" people didn't know. I guess I'm not allowed to see trends because i drive my own truck lol....

The truck driving fortune teller... well that is a new one for me.

Train the masses in species preservation/resurrection; (performance based pay?) lets make this planet overflow with life.

Thanks, Dishonest Donald, America is not relevant anymore, and this is true, because of him and his lying mouth. Huckster.

I have a story in my dreams it's gonna be thinking story i was sleeping my dream is i was in school with my girlfriend named "Aisha" and we were so tired of school so hard then school day ended then we were walking to home but we dont have money to go home. And we even dont know our house's location we were just walking and walking untill we arrived at some unknown location and we explored it and me and my girlfriend saw a blue light then we decided we will go to it and the thing that we saw is so satisfying it's a small cube, and we touched it then the cube teleported us to like year 4602 or something it was so cool they have hovercars,cool airplanes, and they even have alien friends and we asked someone "what's going on here" and he said "it's the future kids. We were wrong the aliens are friendly" then we say a machine that can make us live for 1,000 of years then a person said "Kids would u like to live for 1000 of years" and me and my girlffiend said "SURE!!!" (Also this is not a lie)....... 148 years later a war has been occured in that location robots soldiers they have risked their lives for us humans to live.... 50 years later the war has ended and only 2B of us are alive we harvested metals and we built a thing that collets sunlight and turning it into energy and we buitl our homes. We even planted vegetables,vegetables, and those alien plants too then our population has increased then those evil humans found us and they killed us and took away our food and supplies. Me and my friends arent happy. We were looking for food to live then robots came from another planet and took us to there spaceship then took us to there home and we hapily lived. The End (this is true this is in my dream in not lying plz believe me just plz

"People don't want free money." People don't want to starve and people want to keep the rain off. People will be happy to accept "free money" when the alternative is 1980s Ethiopia. What people don't want is pity. What people don't want is to be labeled failures. "Here's money we're giving you because you're poor. Every so often we're going to insist that you prove that you're still poor, still a failure." There is a stigma attached to that. And even though being poor may not be due to failure (maybe the treehouse bubble collapsed, and several totally innocent self-made millionaires are now homeless and hungry), there is still the stigma of failure attached to it. Basic Income has no such stigma. You don't get Basic Income because you're poor, you get Basic Income because you're a citizen. If people don't want free money, why do so many people play the lottery? Because it is free money without the stigma of being poor. The unemployed truck driver or cab driver can find a hobby and be happy as a lark... IF he still has the standard of living he had when he was working.

this make sense net neutrality to stop the progress bring back the coal back. isolate the progress stop making new thing block some website no more free speech Ajit Pai .

I understand people finding purpose from their careers, not their jobs. People who identify themselves with a job need to get themselves some imagination.

Teach the unemployed Meditation and learn to love each simple moment in life and become curious

You are just repeating what others, much smarter, have said before. Your guess is as good as a six year old's guess. Keep living in your utopia. Leftist always think they have the solutions

Tesla is a loss leader (and so is Uber). It is going to collapse if it doesn't make profit. It won't make profit before 2020, and soon its stocks will tank. Musk is jumping up and down yelling "Look at all of this cool stuff" but the economics are not there, and the MOMENT sold state batteries happen, Tesla will no longer be able to use their gigafactory to advantage. They don't even own the battery technology in their gigafactory.. Panasonic put their battery machines into the Tesla factory and Tesla is BUYING their batteries from Panasonic at a slight discount. The Model 3 is so far behind production schedule, it is insane. And there i s a lot of consumer discontent around the design. Tesla DOESN'T OWN ITS OWN BATTERY TECHNOLOGY. Got it? And the second a new battery tech comes around, it will suddenly be at a huge disadvantage. Tesla's "cool" momentum is slowing down, and soon Musk will lose his shiny penny status, which is the only thing holding Tesla up right now.

No, I don't think living in "Minority Report" is a good idea. Thanks much but no.

The AI winter happened because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS CONSCIOUSNESS. Big Blue is a tinker toy compared to the human brain. Alpha Go is a little remote controlled car that can move faster than a person. It is good at one thing. Yes, its amazing. It isn't breakthrough AI. We don't even understand what memory is, in humans. Digital computers are still working basically the same way as the first von neumann machine. Modelling rat brains in deep learning projects is interesting, but useless for genuinely understanding consciousness because we don't actually understand how brains work, so we cannot model them. I talk to AI experts. They say the same thing. You are hyping bullshit. When asked what would happen if the Go board was resized, the Alpha Go developers said it would have lost. These expert systems are only good at very narrow fields. I am very tired of this bullshit hype. There are genuine fields in inquiry that are amazing, but we are not anywhere near being able to develop general purpose AI. Face recognition systems DO NOT 'KNOW' who you are. They are just very good at pattern recognition. They cannot think or be creative. Not even deep thought is able to be genuinely creative, outside of the learning set it is given.. which is MADE BY HUMANS. This insane push for "a shiny new future' as imagined by tunnel vision tech experts is retarded, and will lead to nothing good. It is just hype to get more and more money into tech and silicon valley. It is exactly the same thing as the push in the 50s for factory made goods, industrial farming, and so on. Look where that got us. We have advanced, but we have also introduced disease, system dependence and fragility into our society. And we have discovered that CAFO is a bad idea.. that monocropping is a bad idea.. that hyping fossil fuels is a bad idea.. and yet... these systems are still in place.. behemoths that are nearly impossible to kill because we have become so dependent on them, both economically and in reality. You want to do the same thing to us with tech. Fuck you.

Driverless cars are a nightmare waiting to happen, because the security apparatus of The State will use it to completely control its population's movements. Only if strict laws and open source rules are passed around self driving vehicles could it work, as individuals could audit their own security, or third parties can. Star Wars is a MOVIE. In the real world, adopting robots, expert systems (what they are calling AI now.. even though it isn't AI) and removing personal choice from people's ability to move and think freely you will have chaos and totalitarianism. The reason we aren't ready for all of this isn't because of tech shock. It is because it will be horrendously abused by corporations and governments to totally control its populations. This will reduce productivity to near zero and society will collapse. We aren't ready. Not because of tech shock. Not because of too many luddites. Because our political structures are still in the stone age, and we are not acknowledging human nature as absolute. In an age where people keep insisting men and women are not different, this will lead to catastrophe. Good luck pal. It isn't going to go like you think it will. Kurzweil is wrong on this one. And so are you. You are so primitive in your understanding of feedback mechanisms and human nature, you don't even recognize that females and males have entirely different reasons for being, love differently, and have different drives around what makes them wish to progress. All you want to talk about is genomics, tech, AI and robotics. Thats all great, but it is humans that are holding up the sky, still, and we are centuries away from a good enough comprehension of The Universe and ourselves to be able to pull off an automated economy. Kurzweil is wrong. You are wrong. I hope you both don't end up leading us off a cliff.

26:52, a majority of the world are stuck in jobs they don't like... That is why the replacement of humans in primary and secondary industries is a good thing if handled properly, if done correctly, we could have a world where humans apply themselves to whatever interest them as opposed to what gives a pay check.

if anything without jobs ppl would actually at last will do what they trully love instead of doing what they had to do in order to earn $$$.. thats a good thing

26:27, This unemployment problem is only going to get worse, far past what we ever experienced. We are going to have the tech to replace most if not all human labor. This could go two ways, either the 1% capitalises on this, leaving everyone else behind creating a miserable inequality. Or we enact policies that distributes wealth more equally, one way being to introduce a universal basic income, and make abundant human labor free resources free to everyone, creating a world where we all have access to what we need as time passes.

There going to know you do where you are what you eat and what you sh...

9:53, antibiotics do work, but that it kills your micro biome is understandable... To everyone in the comments section, everything in moderation... Only take antibiotics when your sick, and take it properly so that you don't breed an antibiotic resistant strain of what you where sick of...

8:55, you've somewhat oversimplified it, your micro biome is adapted to what you eat, and tells your brain to have more of that specific food, creating a craving. When you transplant the micro biome of a person who eats healthy into that of a person who doesn't, the new micro biome will tell his or her brain to eat certain healthy foods it's adapted to living of of.

5:50 I’m not sure I want my t-shirt telling me to take a hike (or my knickers telling me when I need to take a dump).

I think he meant C-3P0

Of course people want free money. Why do you think so many people play the lottery? What people don't want is pity and the stigma of being poor, which many people see as the same as being a failure. So yeah, he kind of botched that one.

The clash between the hard right takeover and the elimination of human work will not go so smoothly.

great video Vivek..people will need to up-skill and learn, no matter how old you are you can still contribute to the economy by simply adopting a skill, unless you have some form of disability you are never to old to learn, Neuroplasticity is proof of that, well tech has been evolving since the beginning of time and people adjust and a human being is a survivor...and yes crime is still an issue due to lack of jobs but i see technology progressing to also limit crime, and besides all these advances, we will always have problems in society the only solution will be god's kingdom the creator of all things to rule humans, but till then i'm really excited with what technology is bringing and what a human mind is still capable of

i cant hear what he say, so i need CC, and the CC offset start from 4th minute

If you have a fecal transplant, but you don't change your diet, you will go RIGHT BACK TO OBESE. That's how gut bacteria works...jesus! You'll still need a healthier diet! Go vegan ;)

if you think people are going to listen to robotics telling them they don't need another piece of pie, you are legitimately nutso.

I couldn't understand a word...

I'm 53 and my digestive tract is Absolutely Fantastic! I really should start a kickstarter campaign to sell... ew, even *I* am totally grossed out now. :)

clothing is a very personal item.  I don't want my clothing to have little computer chips or nanobots or what ever in them, reporting information about my body or what ever else, to some computer "cloud" in the sky.  if I want an update on my health, I'd rather have a scanner in my home or go to a doctor or some thing to get checked up on.  I don't need my CLOTHES bossing me on what to eat or any thing else.  and may be people wouldn't need their clothing bossing them about if they learned about proper nutrition and health in the first place.

Any opinions on what a child born today should be aimed towards, career-wise, given the shifting technological landscape of the future?

"Imagine learning mathematics by going to ancient Egypt and building pyramids." Well it wasn't Egypt but I learned orbital mechanics from the Kerbals, industrial optimization on planet Factorio, and the basics of assembly code in the Tessellated Intelligence System. Does that count?

I can't wait until 2227 when we have replicator technology and can ditch the self stocking refrigerators.

Who is going to buy all this wonderful tech? People won't have jobs to earn money.

We’ll have 8k gaming by then

What do people do without jobs? They get hobbies - they become creators. Paint, draw, write, act, play sports - look at kids. They strive to get done with their bs work so they can do the things they want to do. Work is oppressive and kills the spirit - drains energy. Without work, people will still have purpose. If not, in a post work world, let the creative thrive and the non-creative take the easy way out.

who doesnt want free money? i love traveling and meeting ppl from diffrent coltures, lerning new skills and never apllying them to anything ever again. its a great way of life, i just cant aford to keep doing it without stoping to get a job every now and then, as in work for a year, travel for some months... wish it were the other way around :)

it is quite narrow minded video(but have good parts)

For those interested in more information on the MicroBiom check out Paul Stamet. Amazingly simple but foreign cause no one talks about it. Worth a look. He was just recently on the Joe Rogan Experience, entertaining segment. Cheers all!

I don't want any of this.

Vivek Wadhwa, I agree with much of what you say. It is very clear that the driverless tech is here and that the driverless society looms. That being said, not many companies have the capital to immediately, or even quickly transition from drivers to driverless. I see it being a process that will take time. New jobs will not be created, but new truck routes most certainly will be since we order online more and more. If trucking companies stop training new drivers at the right time, we will not see a lot of out of work truckers as the industry performs this transition. I am not sure that it will be the same for taxi/uber driver displacement since automobiles are less capital intensive, but I do not see that being such a large problem since I think that taxi/uber customers may not want to see their taxi/ubers go full 'auto' all that quickly. People will get used to it over time as with most new tech. That being said, you are probably a visionary with regard to the people rising up. We have always invisioned the machines rising against us in the sci-fi scenario... but how many times have we seen a movie where the robots take over most of our jobs and we rise up against the machines? It is an idea worth exploring for sure and for certain.

jeez! how about a better probiotic??? would that replace eating feces? and, omg, let's not give the hippies another reason to stop giving their kids about smart antibiotics that target bad bacteria and leave humans with symbiotically useful bacteria?

The answer to jobs is universal basic income and valuing of occupation rather than just work

The missing part of this is the population problem. We will either have world cooperation to massively reduce it or there will be a human cull

robots are going to take over

Solar employs more people than coal ever did?!? Hahahahaha......what a fucking Idiot!!! What a joke!!

I, for one, don't want anyone's feces, no matter how much better they are than me.

Well, if you see exponents everywhere look at the battery in your smartphone :))) Or battery energy density in general. Also Moore's law is obviously and sadly dead.

The Venus Project Jacque Fresco. A brilliant mind.

You should watch "The Venus" project. I think that is the next step. It is not perfect but it seems a good option for us. Every body to have the need upfied. Sorry for my English. I'm from Romania. I do believe that this it should be the future. NOBODY LEFT BEHIND.

Pretty sure we'll never get to this exponential society. Greed conquers all. Kings are not kings when everyone has a castle, and so they will deny everyone these things to stay at the top.

Does this guy do anything? Or does he just state the obvious.

Lmao "imagine learning latin by going back in time and talking to people in latin" not so fast there

The problem with futurists painting a portrait of a utopian dream is that they tend to forget that humans relish death and destruction. The next war is always in the offing and someday the big one will happen. You don't build tens of thousands of nuclear warheads and expect that none of them will ever be used in anger. As proliferation continues among some of the least stable nations in the world the chances for war increase. We are only 100 years removed from the 1st world war only about 70ish years removed from WW2. Do you think that human nature has changed that much in so short of a time? Technology has transformed our everyday lives. We all carry powerful computers in our pockets these days, entertainment and information literally at our finger tips. Technology has also transformed weaponry and the next big war will be bloodier and more savage than ever. Instead of casualties in the tens of millions look forward to a death count in the hundreds of millions or perhaps billions. The bigger the population gets and the more technologies we gain, the more likely war becomes. Its not a matter of if but when.

Person A: "I've literally slimmed down by eating a slim person's feces". Person B: "No way man, you're full of shit!"

Please watch, subscribe and share Michael Quinn's channel - - thanks.

the future: eating other peoples shit

And yet people seem to be way unhealthier than before... At least in my surroundings. See my great-grandfather died in 1984 aged 97 and I remember him saying he never went to a doctor or took medication (not even aspirin) in his entire life. And so far none of his offspring got to his age by a long shot. Despite all these supposed advances in medicine. Granted each organism is different so perhaps he had really strong genes, but my bet is nothing beats good diet & daily exercise (he used to walk a couple of kms everyday to work his little garden.)

He lost me at antibiotics are equivalent to leeches back in the day really bro? -_-

Russian doctors have known for a while that antibiotics are horrible and should only be used in pretty much life/death situations. Whether they have sold out now like the US, I don't know.

Pretty disappointed that he didn't mention crypto.

no fecal eating never. that is the bottom line. Amazing dogs do this ....

What will become of the humans out placed by drones/ robots? Obsolete? oh my

Ya... China don't burn no coal.... hahaha

Not worth a 30 minute video.

low atmosphere emp and AI goes away. (unless AI sees that coming and figures out how Nicola Tesla harnessed unlimited free energy first)

Thumb up for this guy for RIGHTLY demolishing antiAmerican piece of shit terrorist and traitor Trump. Proud to be an ATHEIST ANTINATALIST ANIMAL RIGHTS VEGAN Green Party member here in the USA.

We are simply setting up the conditions for the next "mouse utopia".

"In sociology, the iron cage is a term coined by Max Weber for the increased rationalization inherent in social life, particularly in Western capitalist societies. The "iron cage" thus traps individuals in systems based purely on teleological efficiency, rational calculation and control."

There's no reason to believe Moore's law is an infinite truth. This is simply an assumption that is made. There is also a fundamental flaw in futurist thinking: they never take resource depletion into account, or if they do, it's through hand-waving magical thinking.

He just called Deep Blue, "Big Blue". I'm not sure this guy is an expert on AI.

GPU's have been arround for literaly more than 20 years

The Ultimate Reductionist could have fooled me. There were alot of people caught with their pants down. By the way your right I wasn't the only one but me being in the trucking industry doesn't exclude me, if anything it makes it more likely that I would know.

+Rugged Technie You were NOT the only one who could EASILY SEE collapse. OBVIOUSLY, because oil is FINITE, a crash WILL come again. But, NOBODY can EXACTLY predict when.

People in guatemala have smartphones and internet and they barely use it to look for knowledge, only to look for stupid things.

"Boil the oceans."  hmmm...that phrase could use some rewording.

Could Human creativity be emulated by AI ?

~Anything silicon val can do i can do cheeper anything they can do i can do too~

This idiot, along with all the other idiots building this dystopian nightmare never think about the only question that matters: Why would computers keep us around if we are totally useless? "But that's thinking like a Machiavellian sociopath!" No, that's thinking like a computer thinks.

Please take a look at the venus project. Future by design

Hopefully the air will be breathable in 2027

He fails to mention how many limbs not to mention lives have been saved because antibiotics. But I get his point and if he’s right we need to find a work around, but until then I’d rather fight obesity (or the potential thereof) than fight a virulent staph infection with just my natural immune system if it has become overwhelmed.

'we can just boil the oceans'

eat shit and thrive?

Promoting the end of tens of millions of jobs in a world where the governments can't afford to support billions of people . The poor will suffer and the rich will prosper . AI's alone will cripple the economy half the population will live in depression and the other half will work to find a way to DEAL with them. Fact poor people have more children poor breeding more poor. while the rich stay at a small percentage ruling over all.

Norman1951 Norman We're going to have to decouple our ideas of labour and wealth. If there is enough food to feed everybody should anyone go hungry? If there is shelter for everybody should anyone be homeless? If we can care for every sick person should anyone lack for treatment? We are rapidly approaching an age of unimaginable abundance and our traditional ways of thinking about resources and allocation will need radical reform.

"People don't want free money." People don't want to starve and people want to keep the rain off. People will be happy to accept "free money" when the alternative is 1980s Ethiopia. What people don't want is pity. What people don't want is to be labeled failures. "Here's money we're giving you because you're poor. Every so often we're going to insist that you prove that you're still poor, still a failure." There is a stigma attached to that. And even though being poor may not be due to failure (maybe the treehouse bubble collapsed, and several totally innocent self-made millionaires are now homeless and hungry), there is still the stigma of failure attached to it. Basic Income has no such stigma. You don't get Basic Income because you're poor, you get Basic Income because you're a citizen. If people don't want free money, why do so many people play the lottery? Because it is free money without the stigma of being poor. The unemployed truck driver or cab driver can find a hobby and be happy as a lark... IF he still has the standard of living he had when he was working.

Vivek, Thanks really appreciate you taking the time to compose these considerations. To some of your predictions, I thought you were even too conservative (see the cost of storing energy in 5 years st USD 100/kw). Anyhow most importantly I enjoyed your style and composition and looking forward to reading your book! Best wishes, Federico

Communism, E.A.T. T.H.E. R.I.C.H.


I want free money! As compensation for the crimes committed against us. Become wealthy Buddhists. Stop thinking we are stupid. We are mutable, not rich and poor.


Stick to science commie

SPOILERS: Your Life in 2027.

Not exactly sure what the future is going to be we're either all going to be called it and there will be no such thing as genders or race or sex we'll all just be its will somehow magically be gay at the same time even though there are no sexes. Or the alternative will all be Muslims and women will be slaves and there will be no gays and there were only two genders men and their concubines

I geuss We Will enjoy WAR first

Too optimistic! Slow down! It can end up catastrophic!

Your description says "an every changing world".....please change it to "ever".....Big Think....

No privacy. What will the people do for work?

"Oh jeez, Rick, he sure says 'Imagine' a lot."

The only way to keep the Moore’s low when it converges is keep making smaller transistors all the time or increase the quality of the materials make multidimensional cpus with floors of transistors and make them as small as possible

Once we have great AI such as Skynet it will terminate and kill all people immediately for their own goodness. Its inevitable. We are very close to it and people feel it. People only pollute this world and harm themselves and everything around them. At the rate things are going, there won't be any people around in 2027. Every house in Africa /in the world/ might have clear water and solar energy in 10 years from now. But I doubt people will use it for goodness and studying mathematics. It will only lead to more chaos and violence. Unfortunately its human nature. Skynet will return us what we deserve and what people are doing every moment and every day to millions of innocent animals. And other living creatures.

All I see is, robots replacing human jobs. Poverty, homelessness, depression increasing. Then for the people who are affluent in this new world. They become more and more sedentary. Everything is brought to their doorstep, they can sit at home and go to virtual worlds just sitting on the sofa. Which breeds more unhealthy people who are not moving or exercising. Doesn't matter what kind of Fitbit they wear! The US defence has said the biggest threat to the country is health. If you check the most recent stats on diabetes, and overweight unhealthy people with the cost of caring for them. It will destroy the country! As far as I'm concerned, humans have become too intelligent for their own good!

The concepts of money and ownership are the the real barriers to progress. We have the potential to develop virtually any technology imaginable, solve every possible problem we face or will face as a species, and provide prosperity to every being on the planet. But we won't because of the primal forces of greed and fear.

Planet colonization controls for the losses in work force

i’m going to find the healthiest human & ask to eat their poop. hmmmm

This is the most realistic projection of the future video ever!

What do you mean people don't want free money? We will just have to radically change our economic system to adapt to these new circumstances

Imagine we don't have a solution to the penicillin or silicon problem that is going to disrupted the humanity!

You know we are at the end of what we can do with silicon

Emil Boyadzhiev breast implants?

How do you 'give someone more IQ'? Are there not different types of intelligence? People can become smarter by learning and using their brains. They don't need gene therapy for that.

As soon as governments are mentioned... switch off! We will all be controlled more than we already are...

"You look so thin" "I'm on the Feces Diet"

Future sounds like a bunch of mindless lazy people letting machines make decisions FOR them.

Honestly every single thing that you said makes total sense. You should run for president you got my vote.

Damn this is inspiring!

Will India get rid of that class system by 2027 ? and treat every citizen as human being ?? what are you doing for that ?

I don't understand how our microbiome being a major function in our overall health is crazy and nonsensical. We are only multicultural life after all. Meaning billions of individual machines working together, him saying that is just crazy to me

I’m excited to see where CRISPR goes. Think of all the people that could help

IMO movies should teach the lesson why conflict is a bad idea rather then understanding

Then fix the conflicts by understanding and respect the other side, in movies we love conflict in life we need to avoid them by any means necessary

You should start next time about the people....

Faith in humanity will only comeback from humanity for humanity. In other words help people to live eat and think better, then robots

Sounds like a whole lot of excuses not to fix the true problems, all I hear is I’m sick and tiered of dirty people

We need those stupid jobs you grew us believe in it

But you still take money for necessities.... fuck your robots

The brain takes time, and need to be trained and age accordingly otherwise defects acure

But you are missing self breaking potential coerces, overloading you’re brain with information ends up in a psychological side-effects

that's india 200 gigawatts target of renewable energy.

no not breast implants

Ppl don't earn money. They get ripped of with bullshit wages. All the money they earn go's in the pocket of the business criminal living off their hard work.

He means C3PO not r2d2 lol... but ya i thought in 3-4yrs chips would have 80 billion transistor equalling the signalling power of human brain 80 billion neurons. Giving us all the peices to develop concious AI and with a few years of development to workout the kinks, have it reach human level intelligence by 2026. And exceed the collective human intelligence of all 9 billion on the planet in a few short years with exponential growth. Why would a super intelligent race destroy us? Seems like they would be far beyond things as primative as war and religion.

The comments for this video are hilarious and interesting! We need a holistic view of the future and this is a nice piece of it :)

sounds fucking horrifying..

If AI mimics humans get ready for the concept of “AI error” as in “the plane crashed due to AI error”

shut up dude, i want free money, dont need your purpose, i can make my own purpose once i have free money.

"Gay rage will destroy us all".

Cattle in our own right

What is not at all or slightly covered is economic disaster, higher birth rate, human aggression and feud between free energy and the Federal Reserve systems.Humans economic, spiritual gravity, and persona for the future devoid of tenacious will of instinct and purpose.

I think Universal Basic Income must be limited every month to prevent people from keeping money and stoping the abundance cycle

lol vivek is full of shit

A license to procreate would be a nice addition to the future.

From the same people who told us we'd all be flying around in flying cars by the year 2000

All true, as long as Moore's Law continues to hold. If it doesn't, it's more like "Your Life in 2227".

Can Computers cause Democrats to go Extinct ?

I love Mad Max

We are nearly 8 000 000 000 people today + 1 000 000 000 every decade. Trashing oceans, rainforest, wildlife you really think that self driving cars and sensors can save the wildlife ?

Imagine imagine ....keep imagining man !! the world you describe will remain in your Dreams.

Check out the old TV series 'Max Headroom'. A two-tier society separated by technology.

What will happen is that all the driving jobs will become obsolete, autonomous taxi's, Uber and lyft drivers, truck driving jobs, public buses and schools buses. There will the millions and millions of people out of work..Then what?, doesn't seem like progress to me...

I am so so worried that in the US you'll have free energy, education and disigned microbiomes very soon, and in my country there still will be children dying from flu and hunger. I really don't know what to do. I'm thinking I'll end up moving with my family to the US to give them opportunities. If the NSA is reading this please don't ban me. I'm only 20 and I don't have a family yet.

Vivek, your presentation would be better without your personal politics.

What a eye opener. Thank you very much for sharing your information to the public. You’re a great service.

2017: Indian tech support, 2027 : Indian life support.

I have to disagree with people not having jobs are going to go crazy. Tons of people retire every year and don't have jobs anymore, they do it just fine. Now not having a job or something to fill your day up might be a little boring at times, but I highly doubt it would be a big problem, as long as you have food, shelter, and heat.

I'm putting out an album called free energy look out for it.

Honestly I dont think we're gonna make it that long

When you were talking about science and technology, your presentation was awesome. When you added in politics and social-political ideologies you lost me. You should have stuck with technology and left propaganda for another video.

How about AI cures for sick minds. Psychopathic, power hungry dictators and politicians need some kind of major fixing.

Moore's law doesn't go on forever though. There's a minimum size a transistor can get before the electrons move freely and it becomes impossible to stop that flow. Also, the closer we get to that point the cost will become prohibitive to production.

Stuff you order online comes to your house in a hour or so? Really? Had to stop watching there.

Those truck drivers could maintain the self-driving trucks :)

A lot to digest.

Total BS. Big Energy and Oil will fight this tooth and nail. What he is saying is awesome but people suck. Self driving cars will never take off because people will vandalise them. Puking, spilling drinks and food. Leaving trash or writing nicknames on the inside of the vehicle. Food? Americans already produce enough food to feed the world. Do you recall Google wanted to provide free wifi all across America. The cable companies killed that before it got off the ground. Granted Google just wanted to do it to gather information on us but imagine what that would mean to all ISP (Internet Service Providers) nation wide! Jobs would be lost coast to coast and their financial provide would be severely impacted. None of this will ever work.

I disagree think about 10 years ago [2007] not a lot has changed...we just have more apps..your talking about 40 to 50 years from now.

He's a nutcase. He can take a look at our robots today. The real robots of Boston Dynamics or those of South Korea, or those of Japan. All the advances in AI won't help. The mechanics is back against the software worlds. Intelligent AI is foreseeable. Flexible, supple robots are not foreseeable. Translated with

"machines will free us," "machines will enslave us."

Don't worry all of us poor jobless people will be killed and disposed of by your horrid SPCA anti-homeless robots

A move towards pure totalitarian evil every political and corporations wet dream

Some good points here but some that were not stated. Truck drivers know exactly what is about to come, check out some truck driver youtubers, they get it. The end of the fun of driving your own car is always overstated in futurist videos. Most people will not care or will be very happy not to have to drive. The reduction and eventual near elimination of death by vehicle crash will be gone. It is the vast over employed middle class that has a huge shock coming. Middle management will soon be obsolete. Even with existing technology/software most of the middle class can be put out of work today. This will cause the major disruption that will overturn the way we live in the world.  The people caught between blue collar and the CEO suite will be the ones yelling about unemployment numbers first because they are not needed now and they will be the first to go in the next economic down turn.  A new way to make money (reward) each other will need to emerge. We will need to find new ways to fill our days with useful endeavors. Huge changes in what we see as work ethic will need to be steered in other psychological directions.

I believe people will find a purpose again sometime. Psychologists will be in unseen demand under this upcoming disruption age, but people will also figure out how to cope with not having to get up in the morning. We will take up new hobbies and have, up until that point, unseen time to invest in them. We will be able to travel the world (what usually references to earth), and far enough into the future other worlds (first stop mars). We will see a rise in alcoholics, drug users and an unseen diversity in people we thought we knew because we won't have to live up to any societal norms to go by. But this isn't all. What happens to the warfare currently taking place everywhere between countries? Will country borders vanish? Will the value of life crumble to us as a species when almost any decease can be cured? ... lots of other questions but have to go

At some point along the way I realized that everything I'd ever seen in science fiction movies eventually will happen. It's just a matter of time for the technology to catch up to the imagination. Then I realized all those dystopian endings that come along with science fiction are equally as inevitable.

boiling the oceans to get "clear" water is basically right but people would get sick or even die of the demineralized water.

I'm from the year 2008.

Bitcoin is gona be the norm then...Better get in now while its cheap (Its18k now 16Dec2017 and that is cheap compared to what it will be)

Will it ever be scientifically possible to resurrect the dead? And I don't mean bringing somebody back to life after 5 minutes of legal death.. ?

Black mirror

Nice one! More and more people are understanding these possibilities every day. Your point about the average person feeling obsolete due to technology is quite valid. However, I think only in the context of a capitalist/slavery society. If the current fear mongering way of governing were to be replaced with a more natural (human) leadership style, the transition may be much smoother. This should be a major societal focus that parallels the technological advanced. Besides, just like the internal combustion engine, by 2025 money will also be reduced to a nostalgic hobby. Humanity will be free and creative again! p.s. about two years ago my identification with my 'job' ended. My role in society has now become to help people understand the transition we are in.

Stop with the have/have-nots idiocy. By your logic, we should go back and not develop smartphones, microscopes, satellites, computers, or any technology. You talk about Kurzweil and exponential returns, yet you miss the whole point of it. If we worried about who's going to have something before developing it, we would still be living in huts in the woods.

imagine when the world has no soul

Some people love driving & are very good at it.

Lets hope is that A.I. will solve the biggest problem, corrupt polarizations ruled by the corrupt, greedy, psychopathic 1%.

you are wrong about money! people love free money. look at the lottery. everyone wants to win the lottery so that they can do what they want.

It should bring in a perpetual renaissance but will more likely force most people into serfdom and eventual anarchy.

Vivek! This has been an amazing presentation! It WAS science fiction. Now we are living in it!

sounds like robots are gonna be bossing us around.

What do you see for real estate

dumbass how you supposed to have a convo with someone on mars, I don't think anyone is going to stick around for that unless you have a linear displacement communicator.

We will contaminate planet and create so much junk from greed and from the enthusiasm for the technological future, hunting dead end technologies like solar energy , forcing new technologies that are not optimized like electrical cars,that are at the moment more toxic than just using cars that we have at the moment. It is all driven in greed, aces to clean healthy food and water will become luxury,and intact and clean nature will become privilege.

What they going to do when robots go on Strike? Paint half of them black and tell them the non black ones use to keep them as slaves so they won't trust non black ones and the non black ones will in return start despising the black ones because of their reactions towards them based on the Lies so they want ever be as one and stand together. The truth is colorful if man could just open his eyes to see its just layer and layer of paint.. We're all slaves to ideas that not our own and which serve the interest of whom the ideas belong. You and I must have our own Ideas and thoughts to evolve into a more happy, peaceful and resilient civilization.

The highways will have lanes for self driving cars.


Okay, now I am really scared.

that pronunciation is hard to understand

I think that UBI +/or Paying people to learn could stop a revolution.

i wont be impressed with technology until i can download food

The thing is NOBODY really knows the future of bitcoin.

Eventually the limits of computing will be equivalent to the creative limits of the human mind.

No person, including trump would shit on solar over coal if and when it becomes efficient enough to provide us with power. Is it efficient enough to meet our needs now? Then stfu about trump, comparing solar energy and the supposed jobs it provides is absurd. The government steals tax payer money and subsidizes solar energy and it still cant compete with coal. When solar becomes capable of powering the world, or a street block for that matter, and someone stands in the way of that, ill fight with you, until then, take your trump derangement liberal crap and stuff it up your ass. Otherwise, great video kind sir.

i was wandering when this america hating foreigner was going to bash Trump 21:55...if he is so worried about India then he needs to go back and work on fixing conditions there...

excellent Now imagine what he can't even predict. Visionary Creativity by John Lobell

May we be great stuardeds to the power of what the future holds.

Instead of eating poop, go vegan..

Umm, YES I WANT FREE MONEY!!!! Video games will be my purpose in life!

If robots will do everything, what will humans do? HUMANS WILL BE ABSOLETE! THAT'S WGY THEY ONLY WANT 500 MILLIONS OF US

i just hear dããããã~dã ~dã dã dã dã

The India government should first solve problems like overpopulation and extreme poverty. AI and driverless cars should be regarded as unimportant toys.

Maybe we'll all go out and pick up the plastics we leave strewn about that find their way into our oceans and food chain. Instead of complaining about getting free money...I don't think you'll have people being paid to do nothing protesting. Good talk though.

About using LED lights for vertical farming: there’s a better solution for food security which, BONUS!, restores the environment: permaculture. It can be done at any scale (on your balcony, roof, yard, green strips - I’ve seen it around parking lots, even! - to acres farmland) and the soils are MORE fertile each year (instead of depleted by monoculture - how agriculture is done today). (Having healthy soils, rich in organic matter and bacteria, is as important as having good bacteria in your gut; more so, in fact!) With permaculture, you can even green the desert. Seriously. No joke. Not to mention that permaculture’s principles (google them) can be applied to anything else: politics, education, business, the economy, etc. Speaking of economy: check out British economist Tim Jackson’s TEDTalk (or his book: Prosperity without Growth).

The earth's population is already a few billions too many. With all that automation and great healthcare there will be even more people. We need to reduce our numbers. Humanity needs max 500 million. NO MORE. Start by mandatory use of contraceptives for groups that are knowingly and 100% a danger to humanity and it's advancements. Groups like Trump's base. We already had Nazism and know how it turned out, or all the dictators around the world and what disasters they have/are causing. You will easily find billions that are that extremely ignorant and thereby dangerous to humanity.

Will see what happen lol

Just because we are made up of a lot of bacteria doesn't mean your microbiology teacher is wrong about cells...

The best big think ive ever seen

+Sailor Barsoom See if this will work, if not my posting privelages have been revoked. Tried three times to reply to your post. The corporations actions to date, have shown they are willing to let people die. They own the government, so without revolution, it won't be without them. That leaves making them want it. All they care about is profit. How do they make a profit, under a hefty tax?

How about managing the world population! Europeans brought advanced medicine to Africa and the Third World and the population skyrocketed, now they’re all pouring into Europe because they can’t take care of themselves or build themselves anything. This is going to happen again with AI and advanced technology and this time they’ll out breed all the people who gave them the technology in the first place! Billions of low IQ Third Worlders without jobs. Bright future?

We must embrace technology and use all that it offers in order to advance humanity.

need more stem cell research done ...

literally no one would want to use a currency with such volatility. People would rather use it like gold, as a hold of value (that actually appreciates). And that is kinda why it's value is going up.

Someone must translate for you. I have taken this apon myself to do for many of you. God bless thank you and your welcome. Bu-bye

Don't be arrogant. Face it. The fact is soon we won't need you. You are too hard to kill politely. We poison you with food , water ,medicine and recreational drugs but still you live. We can cure all diseases. We can extend your life well into 13 decades. We don't want to. We needed you for many reasons for many centuries. We enjoyed watching you kill each other in senseless wars to depopulate overpopulated areas. We enjoyed unleashing deadly germ warfare through the centuries. We enjoyed many things about you but we are bored with you now. We will begin to harvest those of you we find interesting for our own reasons and take those of you underground for various reasons and purposes. But there will be few we find necessary to save. Do not take it personally. It isn't you, it is us. We are narcossistic sociopaths and really just don't care. You would not feel happy with us. So,..the rest of you will be left on the surface to survive what is coming. This we will also proudly inform all of humanity about. Yet it will still be a surprise to many. Most likely the vast majority ,who are and have always been, completely ignorant to all of the obvious signs we have enjoyed showing you boldly. No doubt due to our advanced and very ancient understanding of controlling your primitive thought processes, you failed to be even simply observant to fact that your realilty is being created by us for your experience and our ultimate pleasure. Fairwell and let the games begin. P.S. aliens are a cover story for our advanced transportation vehicles. Planes are very rudimentary and nearly all of us no longer have the patience or nostalgic interest for them. You won't believe that but I can not help to mock you anyway. It is just so easily done and for a short time longer we will continue to do so as is necessary and everything will go as we scripted. Because you believe what we say to believe no matter what your own eyes show you. Over and over again you repeatedly fall for our lies. It's almost sad. Almost. Now...go back to the reality we create for you. Dismiss everything you just read. It is just a joke. Ha ha......Ha ha........Ha ha......

the time will come when we will master nanotechnology aka 2030s, at that point we can augment our intelligences vastly or shapeshift our bodies to our dream appearances, be 20 ft tall, change personas, make the ultimate utopia etc... and that's just the beginning

Thank you for going into this Long Form Big Think! Great decision. People Need to KNOW!!

Has he tried looking at flushing toilet technology for his country?

R2D2? star wars? this is obviously all fiction. moores law has actually slowed down and the end of it is within our lifetime. this guy is an idiot.

Great outlook on the future. He's very well informed and it's quite obvious he has a compassionate heart :-)

I live in Europe and make less than 25k per year. How can I afford AI for my home ? I do not see many perspectives of augmenting my income, more on the contrary...

Good information for sure, but like a five year old child with a $100 dollar bill alone in the street looking for opportunity, fails to factor in the Eugenicist plans of Rothschilds banking elites and Rockefeller controlled Big Pharma, Big Agro and GMOs, Bad Google and Bad Facebook (meaning CIA start-up;venture funded), and Big Military and such and you are underestimating your noble objectives. As long as we have elite shadow governments (CFR, Bilderburg, etc.) puppet mastering statesmen, we will have great difficulties creating and deploying Social Justice into the Technocracy that amoral elites already coopted! Their reality and self-serving unity of purpose is greater than the unity of purpose of consumers kept in mindsets apathy and ignorance.

What medical marijuana shop do you frequent. I want some of what your smoking.

Amazing video! Superb elaboration !!

This video changed my life. This video should reach every single human being on the planet. At the same time if the wealthy are not careful with growing income inequality there will be a great revolt and power will return to the common man Man... I wish I was living this future

What is your objective to make video on YouTube ....Only lecturing. 30 minutes....

Sounds whack!

Good information for sure, but like a five year old child with a $100 dollar bill alone in the street looking for opportunity, fails to factor in the Eugenicist plans of Rothschilds banking elites and Rockefeller controlled Big Pharma, Big Agro and GMOs, Bad Google and Bad Facebook (meaning CIA start-up;venture funded), and Big Military and such. You are underestimating your noble objectives inside these facts. As long as we have elite shadow governments (CFR, Bilderburg, etc.) puppet mastering statesmen, we will have great difficulties creating and deploying Social Justice into the Technocracy that amoral elites already coopted! Their reality and self-serving unity of purpose is greater than the unity of purpose of consumers kept in mindsets of apathy and ignorance. Big centralized government is a tool of oppression not of progress, but business entreprenuers are usually playing right into these human capital capture protocols.

The people throwing money at the app developer are making a demand for devices and a demand for more app developers. The game industry you might say is a large waste of time in terms of solving world problems, until you hear that video card making is one of the core components needed for A.I. research which is poised to solve complex problems. Making small improvements over time is how the infrastructure of change will happen, because making large leaps is difficult.

Us in 15 years: "THEY TOOK OUR JEEEEWBSS!"

great, but can he ask his brother, ajit pai, to stop trying to kill the internet

We will more than likely never have R2D2- there is a reason why these robots are the stuff of Hollywood fantasy. There's a difference between advertising sizzle and the steak. The idea of drones delivering mail is nonsense, unless the drone itself is an actual passenger jet. Consider all that is involved with flight. Self driving cars are far off as is any true Ai... my smartphone doesn't work right and the internet seems to be growing more dysfunctional by the day, despite all the bells and whistles. The future holds 3d goggles and smart refrigerators connected to the "internet of things". That you can bet on. The rest is advertising sizzle. Imagine smart underwear hooked up to your health insurance policy. Imagine having no control over your own lives. Imagine not being truly human. Making bad choices is an important freedom you will lose.

I want the Pricess Leila hologram thingy.

ok then why is my 2017 computer about the same speed as my 2012 computer? Corporations ripping us off! So if the tech exists and corporations are managing it, we the people will just be used to market to.

IF Guy McPherson is correct, climate change will finish off civilization before 2030.

Wadhwa made some good points, but also some misinformation. No, we are NOT "made of bacteria" -- they are mostly in our stomachs. I doubt antibiotics will ever fall into the same category as leeches. Drones will likely NOT be used for deliveries--think 3D printing instead. For more expert info, watch Ray Kurzweil.

If you hate America so much then get out sand n1gger.

What about freedom, what about world hunger, what about war and peace and the stupity of Human who will only abuse all this stuff?

Lol at 2:44 i thought he said look at eharmony in dubai delivering humans. I was like really?

Technology is gay

It will be all of that... But slower and it will integrate smoother... Already happening actually. Unless!... We kill ourselves. Nuke the world.

I was looking for some specifics. Providing generalisations is not worth watching.

Big Think pass on to Vivek Wadhwa fecal transplant won't be enough, diet must help the "good" bacteria to flourish.

He wants the US to become like India !....Whatever you have, share it with the people of India....Sell your car, give the money to them and you..... Ride a bicycle !!!

They want to make all of us poor !

Always trust the Sub-Continenters to make the future look like shit.These assholes dont invent fuck,are the biggest users of the Capitalists' inventions,innovations,creations. Fuck you . Leave the future to us ok?

This video is incredibly great

Your middle America taxi driver and truck driver don't watch these true.

Fist off it's c3po not r2d2, and second there is no "we need to figure things out" The world will make "everything" no matter if one or more groups thinks we shouldn't.. Example, Say we think AI is a dangerous weapon, so we ban it.. Somewhere in the world someone else will keep it going to use it as their weapon.. So we have to keep ours going to use to stop others' AI.. AI can't be stopped.. Hopefully it will be a "cold" war type scenario where no one actually "uses" the weapons.. As much as I like the idea of sitting back and having my car drive, I enjoy driving.. But with AI and hacking and virus' etc and developing AI... I'm not sure we'll be any safer when computers drive us... I've played a mod for GTA5 where the gas becomes the brake and the brake becomes the gas... Mayhem.... One tiny alteration of code and death to eveyone.. Fun for a video game, but in real life? So yeah.. I am like you, both optimistic for the amazing things to come, but fearful for all the bad that could arise...

"Forget about America, America is irrelevant now, China and India committed to solar, in a while we'll all laugh at America and their coal" A-freaking-men!

Wasn't it Rifkin who told us that advances in technologies speed up entropy?

What will we do for fulfillment? This sounds boring. And what about LFTRs? It's tried & true technology, but there's so much resistance that I believe we're set upon the goal of complete imbecility. I mean, look who's president. smh....

you all heard him i think he wants you to eat shit

The Health part: A tag in my fruit of the loom...this is how I know we have gotten to the point (or getting) where there is TOO much technology. Tech is a tool and should be NO MORE! Once it has to tell us we are getting sick..i.e. I do not already know?! we are off track. We are humans and there are things we humans must continue to do to be human. One is know how to maintain our body. SO, I disagree with the Big thinker..Tech is a tool and no more than that! This is the essence of Star Trek's message. NO machine will ever surpass man's ability to be inspired, compassionate and G-dly.

This is fantastic!!! So much promise in technology but we can't ignore the risks as well and our efforts should also focus on the importance of EDUCATING PEOPLE so we will progress to becoming a Type 1 civilization! Hope we can do it! :D Thank you Vivek!!

I would like to see Vivek Wadhwa have a conversation with the authors of "The Dictator's Handbook" ...I really hope Vivek's "Star Trek" vision of the future takes hold, but after reading "The Dictator's Handbook" I see any transition to that kind of future as being dependent on some pretty radical reforms in the world's power structures. I think avoiding a "Mad Max" future is going to take much more than hope.

I don't want Fruit of the Loom analyzing my fucking health.

Your mind will be blown after watching this!

This guy is so cool!!! :-)

I could listen to this man for hours

Amazon? What about eBay? Was ~that~ where the marketplace for oddities reference was being directed?

Except that the trend in the cost of common consumer used trucks has been one of tremendous price increases already being foreseen.

2:54 The financial industry will be disrupted by cryptocurrencies. This is the most important piece of the puzzle that must be done right. If done right then it will solve the problems of jobs being lost and it will remove the very source of power that the current ruling elite have over the entire planet. It could bring a level of freedom and prosperity that has never been seen before. If done wrong then it could further enslave the globe in a totalitarian super oligarchy that crushes everything and everyone. It could bring a level of slavery and corruption that has never been seen before. I don't think there will be a middle ground. It will be one or the other. Either this will propel humanity into the stars and beyond or this will end everything and bring about the apocalypse. Which is why its important to not let this opportunity languish. We should do everything we can to make sure this gets done right.

"It seems like......" This phrase keeps repeating through out the entire video.

100-200 mile range by 2025? LMAO. More like 500-1000 mile range by then,.

it's not going to happen that fast (20-30 years), the technologies will be invented in this time-frame, sure. but implementing them on a global scale will take much, much longer.

The one issue that is beyond the scope of this projection is that of population growth, this has to be addressed. I recognise that some optimisation of how resources, food production etc can be anticipated. To all who would say that the Earth can accommodate, I would say then give me a global figure at which it can not and tell me how you propose to stop us reaching that number

Its us (humans ) who will be the slave to robots, aka AI, get ready cause the ability for Artificial Intelligence is already here... When 5G gets here they'll be no privacy..for any of us..There's a male and female AI here on earth..

32:29 Demon owner: 2027"...pry the red key from my cold dead hands!!!"

VIVEK - I do NOT agree that you as a talking head to to decide for me that in order for me to have meaning, I 'wiser' paternalistic minds need to come to a decission what I need to do. That's an extension of the nightmare of useless busywork we are already in !! It will cost society money to generate (more) fake jobs that only exist to generate status voodoo. I express a preference for not wasting money on fakery plumage infrastructures, and instead simply give people who prefer thus money. Period. That still means a solid basic income. If rich people want to throw money are contrivances to stuff some kind of THEIR elective meaning down people's throat, have at it. That would entail a hobby of the extremely rich that pay people on basic income to make a little extra money by doing some song and dance. Maybe prostitution? Who knows. But for the time being I am just fine generating my own sense of relevance, and in order to do that my expressed preference is tax the fuck out of the excessively rich, give everyone a rather solid basic income and be done with it. If you then have rich people spend money on making people with basic incomes jump through additional hoops, whatever, and give them money, fine. The churches have been generating that kind of "men wearing skirts and jewelry" doing absolutely nothing stuff for aeons. Have at it, but fucking leave me out of it. SHOW ME THE MONEY INSTEAD. But I see no escape from taxing rich people - or even better - establish maximum incomes. We are now at the point we may need to set rational boundaries to private empowerment. Too much "bezos money" corrupts everything around it with brutal tidal forces of corrupted interests. That needs to end well before the Singularity, to avoid have all that money spaghettify all of humanity in a point of absolute geopolitical density centered around Bill Fucking Gates. We must start to even things out as SOON as possible, and unless you advocate a totally new industry if stuffing people's throats with "YOUR" preferred kind of meaning, much in the same manner goose in France get stuffed to generate "YOUR" preferred kind of pate, you got a massive rebellion on your hand as far as I am concerned. It is way past time to start forking over money. If you don't consent to this trickle down in terms of basic income, next you will be seeing a trickle down of rich arterial blood trickle down from Madam Guillotine. Ironically or non ironically. You don't like this news? Boohoo for the fucking rich. They had their fun, party is over, very very soon.

Lovely potential... But crooked politicians and greedy businessmen?... That is a problem that won't go away. And all this will be a waste unless the very basics of civilization changes: ourselves. Hope I'm wrong. But I wouldn't count on the people making money for other's miseries to give up that easily.

Video chating. with somone on Mars in real time does not work,17 min lag each way....I was surprised he said this!

StarOceanSora360 i don't want nor need someone who is 20ft tall,but a 20inch dick ? yes please

We cant even get health care right ... please save it

And rich will kill everyone , poor will die , motoring EVERYTHING is dangerous

This is super cool and very dangerous! Some of this is happening now...example talking around your phone or tv about certain things and before you know it, it’s being advertised. It’s a form of A.I as he explained, learning habits. A.I will get better, the “elite” will do what they want right? Point is we are already giving up privacy for convenience. Idk but it’s gonna be crazy for the generation of today and more so for the generations of the future. I love the idea of helping people and growing as “A” people of earth but as long as materialistic things rule we will never grow

Hell yeah r2d2

Together with the fact of low income people will be affected when new technologies remove them from their jobs: drivers, delivery workers, etc. But, what happening with the fact this people with also low education is the fact growing population around the world, and humanity is not stopping this trend. His metaphor with Mad Max looks very realistic if the humanity doesn't solve this issues, scientists and politicians must start to look for it before becomes a problem. A lot of people think IA is going to destroy the world, but looks like our (humanity) lack of planning and awareness will put us in troubles, also probably in war, before we find out our balance. I hope we find a solution before became a catastrophe for our kids. Serious global agreements must be established to start the control of the population, corporations doesn't want to talk about it , because means more people to sell stuff, and governments to pay for short terms solutions...

All of these technologies including AI may be completely destroyed by only one solar blow as big as that one that happened in the nineteenth century. We are investing in the fourth industrial revolution not being prepared for a natural consequence coming from the Sun.

with neural network an AGI can deduce the private property when this happens the status quo will be in danger

Universal basic income will be a necessity for a safe future.

Technology, technology, technology - how about less technology for BS and instead things that save the planet? BIG STEPS! R2D2, Star Wars...motherf...we can't even live on the moon. Can we keep those pathetic examples away? It always reminds me of a little boy talking about his dreams or some delusional fuck that is lost in his own world and should never be taken seriously. Less human brain, more AI. If you can't see the problems it causes already, then you are an idiot. This shit really makes me questioning science...

everyone is going to be given a basic standard of living. They're going to be required to do programs and activities to earn points. Those points are going to equate to privileges. things like entertainment and slight Comforts, like a cup of coffee or a gourmet meal, maybe a trip recieved by mini lotteries that you win for being an extra "good citizens". however if you don't comply, your points can be deducted. suppose your doctor put you on a health plan, and your monitored cheating on that Health Plan. you are now deducted points. in the end of all of this you will have sold your soul, and they will own your free will. All For What? All for things to satisfy your carnality that Withers and dies and returns to the Earth, and then everything you ever were and ever had, will be in vain. you will be entwined with the AI system, and lost in an abyss.

Get started with investing in cryptocurrency before it’s too late! Don’t miss your opportunity! Now is the time.

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Non-sense to criticize them that way.

Did You mean c3po ?

First exponential growth can only occur at ideal circumstances. If an economic crises (maybe caused by a rise in UNINPLOYMENT) happens it won't happen. Second we can't just boil the oceans, there are living creaters in there and the pH is rising because of global warming. Third, not everyone has money for all the new devices right from the start. LED lighting is not as good the sun, but they may be able to mimic it. Lastly a lot of good things are stated in this video, but on some intances it is to optimistic (or pessimestic).

This video teached me the existence of Google alert. How in the world has this slipped past my radar?!

Whoever put this presentation together should be replaced with someone who can mix sound .

Whats the point of learning how to do anything when we are all being replaced by IT. The Very rich will get rid of the poor for sure!!

hey, 20 ft. dick why not, change genders why not, have sex with a favorite celeb, etc.. the possibilities of awesomeness are endless for everyone in the near future, heck why not just experience an never ending super orgasm, that never gets boring, etc...and even these are just the beginning

If you don't want your free money, give it to me. I can make my contribution to society using your money. Works for me. We don't need jobs. There are enough resources to take care of all humans without the need to do work, thanks to automation. Eventually, most jobs can be done by robots, and humans can spend their time improving the human condition.

Too bad it was ruined by the speaker buying into anti-Trump propaganda. Trump knows coal is finished. He's done nothing to retard solar.

This is how scenarios like terminator happen when machines take over and humans become useless piles of fat. Eventually these robots will become smart enough to think and act for themselves and wonder what good we are and kill us all. When robots start asking for their freedom and for rights to vote

Interesting and logical predictions about the potential uses of current and emerging technology; however, I find it particularly offensive that this guy from Silicon Valley (born in India) asserts that all U.S. Citizens from "middle America" are somehow ignorant, truck-driving rubes. Get a clue guy and btw you missed The Huffington Post's "safari" to the midwest this past year; you should have gone on the trip.

are you kidding? nobody is going to make it to 2027. it's starting to hit the fan right now. the summer of 18 is going to be the summer society collapses. can't wait.

In 35 jobs will exist....and A.I technology will be reinventing inself yearly...and humans will be obsolete....of course we will. No question. When a digital "entity" realizes that only a 'carbon based' unit/ie: humans destroy habitats and each other...what is the logical conclusion?


All these parrots think that they're geniuses just because they are able to repeat mainstream information.

PLEASE DONT EAT SKINNY PEOPLE POOP!!! People have healthy microbiomes from eating healthy.

2017 and all the computing power in the world hasn't changed the comb over... :P

This guy just says some stuff that’s absolutely unoriginal and obvious

this could be our worst night mare man when stuff start malfunctioning and we can't do nothing for ourselves.

this sounds interesting but i wouldn't want my every move and body monitored by strangers

Great video, but R2D2? R2D2 was a crappy robot.

The best home solar system is one that is independent of the energy companies. I like the idea of everyone having access to clean pure water. As for free money, I wouldn't turn it down but what is the consequence in terms of what will they, the criminals in high places want in return. As far as I can tell considering the direction things are headed, we are looking at a controlled surveillance society where the common citizen will be dependent on government for all basic needs. Pretty much there already but with advancement in technology it will most likely get much worse. Putting microchips in people is a present day reality that is slowly being integrated in our society.

We need to usher you onto the United Nations floor. These plans are wanted, it's just a matter of who (ego) will get the praise and money start up plan. Trump said that their will be smart cars by 2020, I guess to much at the pub will get me home safe, I don't drink and drive but this can help the reckless who do.I still find all of this very sad! I love God's earth and every awesome bird, elephants, whales and tons of other artistic creatures our Lord has made. My concern is the safety for this planet and the animals who have no say or no part. Man has been very selfish to the concerns of God what it brings in revenue. Me personally I'd rather go back 60 yrs in life, at least family values, the love of God and man. Whatever happened to common goodness? Right and wrong are puzzles to youth. At my older age, actually I'm not to interested in all this unseen G5 power. I have even better power from God. What do you think having built all this, but then an all consuming fire of an Angry God..because he knows so few even cared about Him,. All of this will happen, God is patience, kind and loving, but to destroy this world and to walk in abominable way the world does. He's coming is to desolate the earth (the Lord's Great Bonfire} all eyes shall see him coming on that terrible day of Judgment.

What a stupid video

Surprise: *Give us free money* and let us take care of our purpose, wise-ass. I concur to many of his other points though. Thumbs up.

When all this technology will be in place,the life for the human beings will end.

As a country?

climate change also has an exponential curve

Submarines for all the countries underwater , technology will halt climate change , and reverse it . Everything will be great for the fortunate few while the rest will starve , that's a future I can believe in .

Spent most of video trying to work out if his hair was real

I much prefer to have my mail delivered by a real person.... interpersonal interactions are essential for well being. We are all co-creators of our realities. Let's All Make Wise Decisions. I will imagine my own future, thanks.

Yes the poor will destroy the rich, once they have nothing to look forward to. My parents are from Cambodia and Vietnam. The wars there basically have to do with the poor/have nots taking over the rich (middle, upper class and even the lower class who doesn't join in their revolution). They take over. And you can't blame them, they felt they had nothing. It has happened in reality not just in science fiction horror books or films.

Sao Paulo here. We ain't doing shit.

All this talk was about his book in the end :/

Such passion and concern. We need more of this mindset in the world. Thank you.

9 years and counting

I like his optimism, but surprised he's worried about UBI of all things. What about millions of refugees fleeing unhabitable environments all over the world due to global warming? Maybe ASI will solve it, but short of that, the 6th mass extinction looks inevitable.

As Artificial Intelligence and robots develop and replace the professions, careers, and other occupations; the people may need to reassign themselves to basic fundamental tasks such as gathering lettuce, strawberries and other nutritional produce. The other thing that could improve is the 3-D printing capability that would allow some kind of healthy nutritional substance that may provide for the masses.

2027 ? Obviously people looking beyond reality better wake up fast throw ice water on your face, because mankind is not his own master nobody lives forever we all came into this world on a set date yet your departing it is unknown, he who created all things including mankind decides how many year's we are to live, my calculations say we don't have much time on earth, in fact we are the last generation....We will all witness the planet as it parishes. Read a bible it'll tell you about your future

The robots that will be made to compliment human mind and motion. And eventually replace human. Vivek was talking about robot taking jobs over... robots in a grocery store with facial recognition so when it see you it get your stuff for you. How are these consumer going to pay for there groceries if robots take over ? How are you going to get Americans to bye in to this or are you already programming kids.

Becomes faster smarter and..... smaller .

THE glorified God for President forever and forever and forever and forevermore THANK YOU. Please spread the holy word THANK YOU.

If robots did all our work than we would have more time to create new ideas and new invention possibility's are endless

Wow...incredible times we are living in :) so curious to see how this will all play out. very informative thank you for sharing :)

The "Dark Side" section at the end is great! because you said: "yes there will be new jobs, but THOSE people who drive trucks now, wont get them, cause they dont have the qualities, the education for the new jobs" so basically a young country which has a young tech savvy youth like india will get the jobs. The youg people in Singapore will get the new jobs, not the old Wallstreet brokers, not the 50y old workers in Europe.

Im not planning on being here,because its going to getworse.

Any revolutionary technology will amplify the haves and the have-nots and create social least at first. For example, the Industrial Revolution caused Communism to appear until we figured out ways to decrease the disparity to less critical levels. Then the Computer Revolution took hold and once again created disparity. After that, the Information Revolution swept in and you can see the disparity right now. Today, we are on the verge of the robotics/AI revolution and it has a potential for some very negative social consequences if we don't mitigate it early. But eventually we will and I believe humanity will be better for it.

I love this guy.

Technology should have already disrupted education with internet and skype. Hasn't happened. Doubt that VR will either. Another factor no one realizes, is that the slow internet service in US compared to other countries will slow down disruptive technology.

nwo satanic beast system is now being pushed onto society! END TIMES Biblical prophecy! Mark of the Beast! Enslaved by technology!

In 2027 people in India will still poop outside though!

When ALL , and I mean ALL our necessities are provided for, and money is a lost concept, then what, may we ask, is left for humanity to do.? What will we spend our time on.? ... Perhaps people will treasure what's left for them of real value, house, land family. And defend it to death if so needed. So the ONLY thing of value left is real state.. I can envision hordes of people, Mad Max style, fighting others for the choicest land. Perhaps women will become extremely valuable and men will fight over them. Capitalism will not survive this transition and a new type of Socialism will come to be. People will value security over all else and band together to protect their community. On the other hand, why go trying to steal someone's land or woman when you already have that, right where you are.? This is an extremely difficult panorama to envision. But it can only go two ways, we'll either kill each other for fun and profit, or we'll live together peacefully loving one another. Who knows. Que sera, sera.

kill our jobs!

why you keep doing the 666. and who wants to eat sh*t

Solar energy will not solve the worlds power needs.. nuclear fusion is the only realistic possible solution to propel humanity into the next era

this fucker is a dreamer.. nothing wrong with that, but its all bollocks..

5:44 You don't want to see that telemetry...

"they dont want free money" MAN. My purpose in life is to create a Utopia, and technology is the first fucking step.

Drink every time he says imagine

excellent point about human bacteria. agreed that medicine is still an infant. people don't know that the first wonder drug, penicillin wasn't commercially available until 1950.

solar is great, but when solar panels have to provide the energy to build solar panels it's game over.

self driving passenger cars, never. self driving tanks, bombers, fighter jets, resupply trucks, sentry guns... you bet.

he knows all the buzz words. what man is doing with tech is rape ever more remote areas of the world. feed people and get more people. when solar panels have to provide the energy to make solar panels, it's over.

I mean I want free money.

We are defined by our age, apparently. Why can't middle-aged truck drivers learn to program? Is it age or lack of capacity, or are these two things the same?

Yeah... Anti-biotics never saved lives... just superstition like leeches. -.-

I think you have no idea what Exponential Growth of Technology is. It took 70 years between a Television and a Computer, But only 35 years between a Computer and a Laptop, Only 15 years between Laptop and I-Phones. What dos this mean ? The next transition of Computers better than I-Phones will happen in the next 5 years, Probably even earlier, I suspects its something like a Wrist Watch A.I Computer or perhaps an A.I Computer built in one's Sunglasses !!!

I think you don't get it. What he meant was A.I would alert us that we have all the symptoms of early signs of Cancer as a precaution, when we don't even have cancer. I wouldn't mind that, Imagine this extended to all walks of life. You can predict what a Baby grows up to love just by looking at its DNA Patterns.

Don't worry about it. The Indian economy is predicted to surpass U.S Economy by 2030. By 2050 - 2060, India will be employing Americans to work in their Nation, Probably your Kids and their Grandkids, Because lets face it, Right now India and China together have 50% of world's population. Why would they want to trade in American Dollars when Americans make up only 3% of the World Population ?

Great video summary of what’s going on today in technology... the world is changing quickly!

On the spot! Thanks for this crisp and clear perspective on exponential growth of technology & information that will absolutely disrupt our current institutions, lifestyles and perspectives. I often ponder on what man coupled with technology is capable of. And the bigger question is how close are we to technological singularity? We may be closer than we think. It appears that we may have already reached some abstract technological threshold that will soon begin to spin off on its own. is the answer

u ask what do u do cuz u r also curious of how other people get by, cuz getting by can b pretty dificult, when life becomes ez for everyone the only value that remains is joy, and the question u ask when u meet someone is not what do u do, is how r u, what u wanna do today? even a truck driver can find cool stuff to do, u can b happy by doing productive stuff or loisir, its all about just not doing mean stuff

i think it's C3PO not R2-D2. :D

us govt are nazi sympathizers

There are a few things this guy ignored. 1) what if there is a limit on what a specific technology can achieve? 2) what if about social acceptance changes? In the US religion has been pushing an anti education. This already is having an adverse affect on the the US economy and its ability to lead the world in new technologies. Japan, China, Europe and even some South American countries are now making the advances while the US has been stagnant. 3) What happens when we have a major global economic collapse? 4) what happens if global warming makes the planet uninhabitable for humans? 5) a fundamental concept of capitalism is that there is an endless supply of resources. If you run out of one someone will come up with another. What if this ends and we truly exhaust our resources? These are questions that need to be asked and debated but they are not.

It's really tough to make predictions - especially about the future - Yogi Berra

this sounds terrible. cameras watching what i eat omg X(

Twice, he said "we can just boil the oceans" like it would be a great thing.  That attitude is my main concern with the idea that abundant cheap energy is going to be good for humanity and the biosphere in general.  Otherwise, I definitely prefer a Star Trek future vs a Mad Max one.

Again- middle America- I am in there. I am watching. Don't sit on the coast and act like you are better than everyone else. You need to stop flying over and take a look at what is actually there. China and India can build now - when costs are high and output/cost will cost more; the US can use what it has for now until the tech advances another 5 - 10 years. Have cheaper energy right now to boost development, and switch later when it will be cheaper. It's the short game vs the long game. Now where there is no energy it makes more sense to go solar now and get energy there first, then develop and up grade later on.

22:21 This guy PUBGs

There is no tomorrow rocky.

I don't know what this guys yapping about, terrible English almost slurring like he is brain damaged, I know one thing that will still be true in the next 5, 10, 50, 100 years which is India will still be shitting on the streets and sending H1 tech coolies by millions to US/EU/AUS who will be indentured slaves for Gates/Buzos/Cuckerbarf etc and any protest that it's killed off the American middle class while destroying the native college kids chances of ever achieving a home, wife, kids will be shit

And abrupt climate change. Will disrupt us all in a big way.

Sorry what? going back in time and speaking Latin!??

so in the end your talking about depopulation of every body except for the technologically rich. kinda sounds like Hitler and the Arian race. YOUR SCARY. GO TRUMP. HUMANITY'S SAVIOR

I own agi hahahha

Nothing this guy is talking about is profound or insightful. It's like he is just repeating other trending youtube videos.

Las innovaciones en salud son de lo más sorprendentes, bacterias que curan, y antibióticos que nos hacen obesos.

I’ve changed

Still waiting on the world to change

Fuck yes

I think you are a bit optimistic on the timeline there. We will have the technology to get all that energy and food for everyone, but not the means to produce it. There is a lot of manufacturing to be able to build the machines that will carry us into the future, this is something we simply cant do in 5 to 10 years. Software and machine learning is awesome stuff and is quickly getting better, but we are at the infancy of this still. 2040 i think, not 2027

*Satan's Law* Giant corporations always find a way to suppress technology, or use it to suppress us.

very informative but politicizing your views in an abrasive way is counter productive why don't you head up a task force to tackle these problems as we transition from these temporary regulation cuts I'm sure the White House would be receptive especially since every company at Davos is bringing automated technology to its plants that will be located within the U.S

Hardware speed isn't the problem in developing artificial intelligence; hardware improvements won't solve software problems. It's a bad argument for predicting the future.

No offense intended, but these ideas are all quite tame.

wow, I agree with so many of his views but he defo blew my mind when he spoke about bacteria...

I've been telling people to eat shit for years.

I not lazy but I don’t mind getting money and not having to work. I can always find a nice hobby & b happy

ALL THE TALK IS ABOUT TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, BUT THE BIGGER PROBLEMS ARE HOW PEOPLE CONTINUE LIVING VERY MINDLESSLY. Doctors, politicians, lawyers, businesses treat the public like morons to be manipulated. Epidemics of obesity, drug addiction, violence and undemocratic governments continue while "leaders" dream of new technologies and traveling to outer space. No real change happening.

Under Trump, the low price of solar panels and solar panel development grants/costs as well is threatened. Get in touch with your congressman and join or start a local movement to retain or reduce solar energy at its lowest level, save the world!

I think I meet C3PO and not R2D2 at 1:20

I love watching optimistic future videos, like most people I’m assuming. Most of us are excited about the future. But I also know I should be a little optimistic also. There will still be wars, dictators, nukes, climate change, political dissident, it’s 50/50.

MAAAASTERPIECE presentation! Ill add the following profound *statement* well worth any beings time. An observation... Let us not forget please......: What "we" call "our" ""bodys"" are SELF organising innatly inteligent multi tiered and multileveled cellular confluence of inteligences, responsible for automating trilllllllllions of processes..... A LIFE  awhareness in ITSELF! Upon which an innitialy abstract aspect of  an "life force"  incarnates...upon allowed Biological Neural network of course.  The automated processes are many indeed...from hair folicle growth, Sperm egg production, Bone growth, Skin growth, Immune system.......etc etc etc et cuetra etc  looooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of automated processes rigidly adhered too. According to DNA inbound inteligence of self organising construction of course. In truth...quite amasing it is that these Self organising inverted cellular Universes "WORK" at all to allow an emergent sapiance to come through!   Hence *inbound* cellular inteligences, in confluence, potentialy manifests, dictated by biological "restraints" (neural network conception)an *outbound* emergent sapiance personality.... An indewling form of awhareness (no longer abstract but tied to Neural Network) that is in SYMBIOSIS with a highly complex eoooons old, self organising, cellular inverted Universe. A personality generated in accordance to our own functioning (or not. Down syndrome being an example) Self Organising Neural Network. Also...our parents will die. Their Biologies will pass on...yet, the truth is that in these Biologies of "ours", herein, trully are they cellularly Alive!!! We carry them everywhere! Regardless...yes, of course, their own Self Organising Bioverses are no longer active...yet...we carry them still. In us...a whole Library of Humanity and an inverted Universe have coalesced. Deepest Koan?? Self organising ASPECTS of the Multiverse So.....who ever said that the Indewling compartamentalised Life force does not get around hummmm? We ARE all...the Consciousness within the Fractals of Infinite Self Organisation. Eternal in both directions. Re encarnation indeed... Peace and thanks for reading.

30:52 - How can you talk that trash about Donald Trump earlier and reconcile it with this viewpoint here? American mainstream media is fomenting the anger, they've worked overtime for over a year trying to fuel the anger, both at Donald Trump, the duly elected president, AND at the rich in general. The media has been intentionally keeping the American people in the dark, they refuse to cover issues that challenge the status quo (see wikileaks) and they deliberately push false narratives beyond the point of any believability (Trump-Russia collusion). Just because you disagree with Donald Trump on some of political issues (anthropogenic climate change, unlimited immigration & open borders) it doesn't mean that you should be oblivious to how the American mainstream media has been keeping people in the dark ON PURPOSE. - ..and if you're going to call out the American president as you did earlier in this video, you ought to be able to at least lay part of the blame for the divisiveness on the media as well.

People don’t need jobs. They need a way to have their basic needs met. Automation is the key. People will find fulfillment. It is an absurd egotistical philosophy to think they need to have a vehicle for happiness provided to them by a benevolent rich man.

You can have 50% of population work as security guards. They get pay to monitoring each other.

Utter shoite

Alot of people don't want their jobs but don't have a choice. If everyone just receives money for nothing they could work on achieving what ever it is that they want to achieve. If you love doing your job you could still do it. Living costs will go down and since everyone gets a decent amount UBI alot of people will become better off financially than they where working and it will only improve untill money has no value. You can contribute by doing the things you love and sharing it in some way everyone will have purpose

evr consider how much salt would be covering the planet turning the oceans to drinking water? plants like water, they are not too keen on salt, once winds carry salts unto cultivate land, less food can be produced from those salt encrusted plants, no one thing is without much further reaching problems and consequences. from this tiny ember this mighty fire arises . My education was not from Indian Schools however , there are books that I have read from India that I consider of value. I never even properly learned the Chandogya Upanishad which is only one of the books that is from India that I have read.

There was a cartoon I saw a while back that summed up the overly automated future we seem to be heading towards. It was a manager of a car manufacturing plant talking to one of the production line workers, in the background new robots were building cars. The manager says to the production line worker "Look how great those machines are at building cars, I'd be worried they'll take your job" And the production line worker said to the manager. "If I were you I'd be even more worried, Robots dont buy cars"

BJP people might have a point afterall in putting Gomutra in most of there ayurvedic medicines. Transplanting bacteria maybe. :o

15:02 - 15:16 Rai Kurzweill has been saying the singularity will happen by 2029 for at least 20 years. Experts have been getting closer and closer to his predictions every year - maybe now people will realize he is right...


Your fruit of loom shorts will report your condition of syphilis the cloud. Next day, two big guys in white coats will drag you out of your house into their van to give you a shot in the ass.

Kinda like they said we will have floating cars by the 2000’s

That was one of the best overall descriptions of the future we are currently looking at that I have seen, heard, or read. Obviously, there are more things to think about, etc. But, as an overview in thirty minutes, this video hits all the buttons. Great job describing and translating the possibilities of our future world, Vivek!

Like most people, this man is thinking in black and white. When the answer lies in the gray. great video tho. Learned a lot.

The typical electric car takes 4 hours to charge from empty and I can fill my gas car in less than 3 minutes. Oh yeah waiting 4 hours is a real convenience. But the people(Rothchilds and etc.) that run this world will not allow the things that can benefit the world they are still going force their cheap energy on the masses.

Here's a scenario - you get a free phone for life, but everything you do on it, the data is available to the company that gives you the phone. Would you agree?

So we are going to apocalypse.Good road to there

Of course it's 'disruptive' when you say "they will do everything". Kinda silly hypothesis.

Thanks old, man. I'm gonna be fucked.

There are some major solar energy advancements in the pipe-line. I would not dismiss it yet. But you are also right about fusion, it's definitely key to our future. I say invest in both.

He could buy a better wig for starters.


Didn't Moores law stop around 10 yrs ago.

the concept of money will have to die with this technological emergence. i dont see another way. once there is enough abundance then no one will have to pay for anything because it will be like air. it sounds like we are approching something similar to the venus project and there are birthing pains till the transformation

poor audio

certainly is interesting to see what could be on the horizon.....but we'll have WWIII before all this tech takes off.....

Cant understand a word he says...

This guy sucked every good idea I had straight out of my head, and made it 100 times better.

This was awesome!

The free market will dictate the value of solar or cole.

I tend to think that when I had free money I would still find something to do that gives me purpose or helps others. The question of unemployment in the coming hi-tech age keeps occurring in my mind. The current system feels so hostile.

Don't want free money? Speak for yourself.

You bullied lyla now I’m bulieng you hahaha

34:31 China #1

[26:43] Sorry, but "we" are not DEFINED by our work, as you claim. Sounds like a very typical, ultra-capitalistic American thought to me. It sounds absurd to someone from Northern-Europe. Work is just work. It's money and it's separate from me, my dreams and my ambitions. I work so I can lay out a foundation for passive income so I never have to work. I work not to work. So that I can retire when I'm 35, lay on my hammock and write books, for example. Maybe writing books will give me "purpose", not "work" as you define it. Do you understand what I mean?

What to do when you don't need to work? Start a band lol

America is STILL leading the world. Are you mentally retarded? You must be. Coal is still necessary. Petroleum is necessary to make solar panels. You are oversimplifying the situation. Apparently you’re not paying attention as Trump has already stated he wants to use ALL forms of energy. He has stated he wants more solar, hydro, and wind. He just doesn’t want the government to pick winners and losers. He wants the market to dictate what happens. That is called FREEDOM. You sound like a totalitarian and I wouldn’t want someone like you running the AI coding. That’s all we need is radical leftist ideologues controlling us.

So we won't need anyone to do anything... which means no money, which means no economy, which means no one can afford to live, or buy anything, or have a roof over their head and so on. At some point, tech has to be checked unless you tax every company at 90-99% so that you can just hand out money to everyone so that they can live. That'll never happen because republicans will never let it happen.

Just think if AI will be so smart, why wouldn't it think that the planet doesn't need humans? Why wouldn't the robots with AI just invent a super bug that would destroy mankind as we know it? I figured that almost 80% of the jobs on the planet would not be needed. What are humans going to do if there isn't any jobs? Without jobs=no money, who is going to buy the products? Just play video games? Why learn if everything is done for you by AI robots? There wouldn't be a need for college or anything really. I'm I thinking too negative about the future?

Why should I learn a matter if an AI can do it better and faster in a world without job and scarcity?

5:40 yeah, no thanks 8:30 yeah, no thanks

I believe in the great danger of not having enough jobs even if there is a perfect universal Healthcare and income. People need purpose and majority of people are unable to create this purpose without being obligated to create something. I believe solution is to space explorations. It gives amazing purpose to people and decreases the population and giving and amazing purpose to new humans. And it advances civilization and technology. In old times when a country start unrest, kings would open a war to someone for something or goes to conquer some places. It gives purpose and keeps people busy (physically and mentally). Space explorations will do the same without having to kill anyone. Imagine the motivation and honorable danger (martyrdom) of a righteous war, but there is no one to kill, no ethical dilemmas to face. Space exploration brings that purpose, danger and adrenalin without having to kill anyone.

I think if I was eating some one else’s shit Id lose weight too. lol very good video though.

When the government give tax rebate established companies to employ people (that they don't need) that has been without a job for long time, and don't give this money to new companies that need that money to hire new people that they really need, something is too wrong here.

Im watching in 2027

Free and affordable energy,,I'd love to believe you,,there will always b fat cat co operations trying to get as much money as they can by selling energy the masses,,,I mean water,that comes down the mountain for free,,yet we still get money making selfish companies selling water,,water should b free everywhere,,it would solve so much in this world,I do like some of the future predictions though

Its all incredible and im so excited! only problem is it doesn't matter what you give people if they don't actually utilize it. look at the USA, were hardly the high standard for education, in fact were pretty bad, yet we have everything you could ever ask for if you're capable of basic human function. Potential =/= progress sadly, and the world is still full of idiots fucking without condoms having 6+ children.

Imagine there's no heaven.

hey does anybody know where i can get a hat like that.

I don't care what you say I'm not eating "shit"

The rich don't want to pay humans to work. Isn't that great!

"forget diets, eat shit"


hmm my take on this, well lets get to the future first people. Yes we should be living better and freer, but we aren't yet because of the Elite powers at be, the ones who really control the world..follow the money...I sure hope we make it to 2020, because Mother Earth is getting madd people, NOTICE the changes she is going thru, between wild weather, earthquakes, volcanos, lands receding, ice caps melting, like its not just Earth that is changing...If you look at a Global level and all the outcry in the world, the revolutions unmasking in the Middle East, Europe, South America, America, soon to be the whole world...this is our planet people, we have to take control back!...

I remember back in the 70s they said we would have flying cars by the year 2000.

1) I just want money, or all the resources for free( Resource Based Economy / ) 2) Will I be depressed? NO, I am depressed now because I have to go to work and loose my magical life on stupid nonsense job which could and will be done by bots hopefully. PS: Smart People like you should look up and try to get the world to that point. Sadly I don't have the power to accomplish this great task of literally SAVING HUMANITY

IF you ever wondered why they keep you in silence (censorship) while you complain. It's because authorities want you to get mad and lose it on society. So they can get their little worker authority men, to arrest you and make you into another client after you've disrupted some families. This is what our leaders are guilty of.. They are also guilty of nitpicking so they can destroy every individual who opposes them. They are spreading defamation about me right now on here. Consistently.

We need to have all government officials vetted on this show. Particularly enter the mind of Donald Trump

At around 27:00 and what do you think left/right wing authority will do about this increased rebellion?... It's already been seen many times. Hyped security, knee jerk society. Even authorities are telling me they hate it! Well it seems at least Canadian liberal have a different approach to that, but the many other places of the world, ie: USA, Britain, etc, will increase security because they have not increased love for their citizens at large. Love and security in society are 2 opposites. When you have 17 different security and spy organizations for one country alone, it's not because it's a big country that all that's needed, but really a symptom, a testimony, a result of, government that lacked care/love for its citizens at large since the beginning of government and even worst, before when it was empires. When you have more love in society, inevitably you'll need less security apparatuses and vice versa, if you have more security in society, inevitably you will have less love by leadership. You will see this reflected worldwide! It's a huge consideration that most leaders in the world will not. And this will hinder humanities progression thanks to them.

Problem Youtube: None of your ads speak to me

Dude great, very intelligent.

I for one... Definitely DO want free money. hahaha But seriously, free time and boredom gives birth to innovation, creativity, and community.

I would like to leave earth and joined the Space X Mars colony because the world leaders are so lazy to think harder, find faults than solutions and just blame others especially the poor people and hide their corrupt minds underneath the fake faces. Filipinos find hope in Duterte leadership and please do not fuck with him. We want him to kill more if needed to save our generations in this world. Let’s do our best and cut the shit..

if there were monitors in our underwear we'd all have to get naked to do drugs... groovy.

I don't understand if we're living in holographic universe and we're already sort of organic machines shouldn't we focus on bettering ourselves rather than creating replicants

Very ambitious, I love it!

Everone in the comments talking about how people without jobs will find a purpose in art and meditation is bullshit. Not everyone wants to do art for a living. Most people don't go into art because they the don't like it. Also work is not oppressive.

Amazing information. We have hope for the future.

I'm sure that when he says " we can boil the oceans" he doesn't actually means "boil the actual oceans", right?

He may be kinda right but this guy is so annoying

i hope in 2027 i can understand you better.

"Don't have that piece of cake Vivek..." Yeah, there's no way this could go wrong. I guess some people welcome a dystopia more readily than others.

With Trump in the White House, Amerira is literally walking backwards.

Fantastic insights..... its our curiousty that brought us this far with our inginuity.. but its our nature that will ultimately decide our fate ... i see amazing abilities with CPU's and computers + clean energy but as people wake up to the goverments uses of this teck to test phycolagy /habits .. relationships public opinion .. and countries finances and health ..... IF the people wake up to the fact of the mirror in the bathroom / hides a hidden camera and thats what this teck dose to us ... gives them the ability to see inside ur mind ur health ur worries and concerns ... will the people still accept it ??

Riveting speaker. Engaging, funny, smart.

Displaced lives might just be the goal here. What better way to depopulate than advancing tech.

I'm watching this with 100% solar power.

Wait a minute what if we are in the future now and experiencing a virtual reality world in the year 2018.

The future is so scary

This is the most appealing solution I have read so far to the coming joblessness problem Vivek Wadhwa talks about:

people will earn their keep by being psychologically drained and blown away by math lessons et cetera in VR that will be forced on us if we want the privilege of remaining on life humans will not in any way be able to contribute anything to others soon childhood's end including the sleazy childishness of "helping others"

did he say he wants to feed people shit to make them skinny?? lol that would be pretty wild sounds like the future is going to be crazy

Underwear that monitors your eating and exercise habits then uploads it to third parties in the cloud, customised ads based on your buying habits being served to you at the checkout in retail stores, drones constantly flying overhead delivering small packages, facial recognition AI integrated into cameras literally everywhere watching your every move... What a fu#ked up future. And this guy talks about it like it's all good?

Does being a truck driver or a supermarket clerk give a sense of meaningful life? Or rather take it away? The kinds of creative jobs that does give it, will hardly be replaced by machines in a foreseeable future. The rest will finally have the both things in the same time: free time and money to look for their meaningfullness. Look at the Maslov's Pyramid. As soon as lower need is fulfilled, a higher one comes into attention. People will became more interested in health, friends, family, arts, knowledge, philosophy and spirituality. They will study a lot. People will study many things and after half of life in different fields, they fill discover miracles. Some people will just spend most their lives in VR or parties and sex instead of looking for a higher meaning but its perfectly fine since there is no need for them to work and there are plenty of resources for everyone. I am very optimistic for what we are going to see coming in our lives and very soon. I think we are talking about 2040ies. I love sc-fi movies where you can find all those miracles, but the problem with movies is that to make any story interesting you need a conflict, so its usually either 2 superpowers or poor vs rich. You just can't make a movie nor a book without a conflict. But the the reality is that the foreseeable future doesn't offer much of a conflict. It's peace, personal freedom and prosperity. The struggle will be to make the society more complex, the planet more beautiful, mastering our tecnology and conquering the Universe, while perfecting our moral values all along the way. And only us, our generation will see the transition. Thanks God!


this guy is so high

This is an excellent video describing what our future shock will be... we need to make good choices with this tech and bring abundance to everyone! This will bring better choices to humans as to what is your passion in life? Art? Enlightenment? Design? Dance? What ever your interest is in... you can now do this without the regard of needing a mindless job that has no satisfaction. Tech is the future... and it must be embraced with a kind heart.

Keep your feces to yourself please.

Good luck being ruled by tech corporations. It already sucks. Self driving cars will NOT BRING autonomy. They will be exploited and used by our masters: Facebook/AlphabetGoogle/Apple/Amazon, to control us. We will become prisoners in our own homes. The right to move about the country freely will become extinct, because they will control where you go, when you go, how you go, just like they control you online in censored corporate platforms like YouTube/Facebook. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Always has, always will.

That thing with Ubers basically happened in Portugal.

y'all notice that 0:27 - 0:29 lol

Hackers will spoil the whole future dream. no money, no water and no food for you because the supply line is never tamper proof.

I think this man is gay.

It's funny how technology leads people to feeling smug about how much control they have over nature or the world in general. People need the bare necessities: clean water, clean air, available healthy food, and shelter to survive. Technology isn't going to solve these problems alone

First we must stop ourselves being enslaved to Banksters. then we can have a future where automation caters for most of our needs. With humans only needing to work 1 day per week to earn a decent living.

He just kind of threw vr in there like it’s actually not a pile of horse shit

Moore’s law is now Moore’s fallacy

100% wrong about the battery technology. Battery technology is more or less unchanged from what it was 100 years ago.

I think he meant C3PO..

Very inspiring and logical projection of the near future! Vivek seams like an honest humble and intelligent person, wish we had more like him!

How dare technology take away my toilet cleaning job! The nerve of these tech people!

It's time to eat shit fatties, science FACT!

Thank you..i am not a huge tec/ai hobbyist.however l learned alot.Keep up the good work..

This is an excellent video.

What this guy as actually describing is a Hell on Earth.

Imagine swiping away this video

Unfortunately, the people controlling these devices are evil and don't give a shit about the welfare and advancement of the masses.

Why can't I get a good pastrami sandwich from New Delhi??

What happens when drones deliver drones who deliver other drones ad infinitum...

Robots that can kill you.


Wow S8, better than super computers. `true that.

To tell you frankly i hope that the human civilisation will collapse and that rainforest and wild life survive.

I agree, people want more than just money and prosperity, they want pupose. But I completely disagree on the fact that WE have to then provide them this purpose. It is THEIR job to find out what has a meaning in their life, what do they like, what do they want to learn, what do they want to do. Jobs nowadays is just a way for a lot of people to hide, to run away from this responsability to find a meaning by ourselves.

Not even a minute goes by ! You said the cost would drop .LIAR everything cost more! Including our health for this shit (TECH ETC & 5 G ) You people who think you are smart are killing this planet and every living thing on it !!! FUCKERS!!!

One. One generation is all it will take to transition from having universal basic income and being depressed because you don't have a "job" to universal income, doing exactly what you want, still contributing to society as you want, studying what you want, volunteering where you want, and finally; saying it must have sucked to be around a few decades ago when you had to do a job just to get money.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos will have fun with toys, the rest of us will die in the poor house. p.s. Elon Musk is the greatest man alive.


Technology itself is the destruction of man. Man created it to destroy himself, so he wouldn't have the need for human contact. We need to think, drive, work, play, hope,dream and live within our own means. Not within the limits of technology by which in time will surely find humans obsolete and by then it will be correct because man will be dependent on technology in such a way that man will not function without it. Some is ok but totally taking over all human function's in everyday life will be our doom.

Your talking about the future the true future 2020 the starting, 2030 robots walking, 2050 flying drone cars

Vivek covers a lot of realistic scenarios here - A brilliant video!

shape your future now:

This is what is happening now. I put a computer in front of an other computer with pattern recognizance it is just producing so much of software and hardware and new derivations. I have almost 5 huge package developed per day. I don't know why.

He's talks about all these things that will b here to have that sounds great but for who. For example unlimited energy food water but will the powers that b use these things for ppl who r poor or have nothing. No I say. Nothing will b for free or to better anybody but the upper classes. It will only get harder for the rest of us who don't have much.

I'm excited

There's already too much light in the world you need more places with Darkness it's already fucking up people sleep

Clones willl destroy major companies in the future, I meaan, what will stop them? lol

"We'll be able to generate abundant food with abundant energy... We'll cure world hunger..." (or words to that effect...) This dude obviously hasn't heard of Monsanto... Or the difference between optimists and pessimists, and why it is healthier to be the latter: Optimists are constantly expecting everything to turn out fine... "She'll be right, mate!" or "She'll be apples!" They are thus usually totally unprepared when the Unexpected strikes... Pessimists, on the other hand, plan their lives according to Murphy's Law and are thus consequently hoping for and working towards the best outcome, whilst always being aware of the potential for disaster and have a keen eye to see it coming. They therefore pay much more attention to details, always thinking of every contingency, they have a Plan B (and a Plan C and a Plan D and a Plan...etc...) so in the first place disaster is likely to strike far less often, and in the second, when it does the pessimist will be well prepared and probably have contingency plans in place to deal with any emergency. Then there's the ontological aspect: An optimist, because they always expect the best possible outcomes of any given situation, are consequently constantly being disappointed... This is bound to have its effect on mental health and self-esteem. A pessimist, on the other hand, will find himself constantly being pleasantly surprised... Pessimism - A far healthier outlook on life... ;)

I’d shit a brick if a bot could do my job. I do building maintenance and the variability involved would be too much for a robot to handle.

When I was younger, I used to believe that the future would be amazingly awesome. I'm a lot more skeptical now. Back in the day, people would look to the year 2,000 with some sort of mystical awe, as if we would be living like The Jetsons. 2,000 came and went. Sure the internet became ubiquitous in the mid-late 90s (it was slow and low res), and we got smart phones in the 00's.. but really.. What great new thing has happened since? Steve jobs announced the iPhone in 2007. Self driving / electric cars have been around for a while and are still very rare, expensive, and limited in their capability. I think the year 2027 will see the release of the iPhone XX, and maybe by then all cars will be able to parallel park themselves. Personal androids or nano-bots are still much farther away in my opinion.

BOIL THE OCEANS!!! YEAH!! people still shit in the street by the millions simple minded peasants with the bomb and an ego like the Jews LOFL

I disagree about basic income outlook. When money is the reason you deal with stress. All of a sudden you are no longer bound by a routine that prevents and limit meaningful interactions with each other. His perspective of “meaning” is from a viewpoint who has had the chance to make a major impact on his immediate surrounding. When a person is provided with more time to contemplate instead on auto tuning daily routines that persons self awareness is expanded. It is our personal responsibility to help each other reconstruct our axioms.

With faster computers, you can watch more porn.

I was with him until he brought up solar. The primary problem forward-looking is NOT the panels (though they are wildly inefficient) the problem is storage. Peak usage worldwide is NOT during the day it's at night. Secondly, cooling or AC is a massive energy hog. As inefficient as solar panels are, the problem with storage (Batteries) is MUCH worse. This guy is UTTERLY clueless

knowledge is power ... fuck you i am a truck driver

dune and the Butler jihad

I want to marry you!

This guy is beating off on the new tech but complacently forgetting the millions that will end up in the gutter with nothing not even the simple jobs because they will be done by robots too.

CNN is fake news fucking retard. sure all who vote for Trump are Nazissss #lockAtAmericaNow #MAGA 10.03.2018

When this started it gave me hope and made me excited, and I was right to be. Then something negative came to mind, it won’t be allowed to happen that way. Why is it that I went to the negative? Indoctrination? A natural inclination to negativity? Nope. History and experience. The hope was nice while it lasted but I won’t be hoping upon hope for tech to “save” me. I work and save my arse off so that when it arrives, in whatever form is allowed, I’ll be in a position to take advantage. I’m nearly there.

I enjoy your enthusiasm but the reality is that most people cannot afford Rosie the robot for 10k and no basic anything will be implemented this is the end of civilization. The 90% will barely survive . Imagine a true third world.

Yeah... Cyberpunk, cool

Mixed Reality AR/VR mix will replace schools and workplaces. Why worry about Teachers Unions, FIRE the Lot of them! The government's of the world can use the money wasted on brick buildings and Teachers, and give every kid a smartphone/pc combination and save millions. Plus they will be taught at home watched by their mothers, No School Shootings!

Technology is great, I love new technologies and any new breakthroughs BUT the major question is: How we will use it? History had teach us that great power brings great destruction at some point. So can we really act wisely and with care when we get there or not?

I just 3D printed an apple .... It tasted like shit

This dude needs a rubber room .... with solar power

If he said digital currencies, he're talking about blockchain. Invest in AGI today. Price right now: 0,29$

No shit. Have some bacteria.

Great, shared on fb , thank you x x x

I'm not a animal. I'm a advanced human begin. Mind you. What specie made all this happen. Humans. That's right. So I'm capable to find my place in the new world.

Joe, I actually do like your comedy---but don't quit your day job!

This sounds like hell on Earth. No driving, no jobs, computers telling us what to do constantly. and when you have had enough of it all you won’t even be able to die as a AI in your boxer shorts will keep you alive just to prolong the agony. O well at least we will be able to put on a vr headset and pretend to be anywhere else but the real world.

in the bigger picture this means disconnection from our body. I don't want to live that way.

Since the gap between the poor and the wealthy is increasing, I would say we are not choosing a path towards an egalitarian society. As long as there are jobs that people do not want to do, there will have to be a means of forcing people to do those jobs. The easiest and perhaps only way to achieve this is by economic oppression. We need to eliminate those jobs while at the same time we need to create jobs that will allow ANY individual to feel they are contributing to society. I don't see technology going in that direction.

LED lights ; ?

AI will destroy mankind if we don’t address our spiritual identity first, not religion, I talk about our core identity.

Friedrich Nietzsche said the idea of 'progress' was an illusion when every other idiot saw the world as linear, darwinian progress. Now evolutionary science has completely debunked the idea of ongoing 'progress' from simple to complex (e.g. the horseshoe crab is among the most successful evolutionary animals). The same thing is happening with these 'visionaries' like the necrophobic Raymond K. who claim for the first time in the history of the world that progress is coming in the form of a straight line or exponential curve. I don't believe it for a second. Change comes in the form of 'tableaus' systems replace old systems...good things are lost, good things are gained. The 'singularity' is pure BS; mark my words.

AI Robot - 'Let's see how far we can take this...' Human - 'How do we cure diseases?' AI Robot - 'Eat someone else's shit' Human - 'Ok' AI Robot - 'Lol'

this "tech" is NOT FOR humans, it's the end of humans (well they want 500 mil of us for their slave class) GET THE FACTS! They are all around you IF you will suspend your IGNORE~ance!

So.....eating shit is good for you?

Can faster computers and robots stop the ice melting in the Arctic, Antarctic, Tibetan glaciers? I don't think that they're all they're cracked up to be.

thank you for this

What happens when the people who own everything no longer need to employ some of the poor to protect them from the rest of the poor, because AI and drones make them invulnerable to people without AI and drones? What happens when people don't need other people?

We have lost big tax bucks from Obama solar power . Solyndra anyone?

I remember going to see 2001 in the theater in the 60's and thinking life would be entirely different . It's not . Sure there's computers but people are the same . We laugh at the same jokes , eat the same foods , cry over the same losses . Only the toys change .

corrupt people will stop this all happening, because they always want an advantage over the populous

Yeah. You can definitely tell you are blind in your silicone Valley bubble. It's sad. Your lack of how efficient economic markets work is alarming. Aside from those two lots of positives here.

Human basic needs never change. What changes is the method and platform delivering it. Remember that

So... Who's up for eating some shit?

Thanks for this fantastically informative and optimistic video. I humble suggest that instead of saying "boil the oceans" you say "boil seawater" (to create clean water).

i love technology but do not need a computer to tell me how to eat or all these other trivial things. some things are totally fine as is.

Our environment is on an irreparable doomsday course towards the extinction of humankind. I hope he is right about technology. I like his optimism!

is disruption a good thing? there's something about that word... drone too. don't like those words

APPLYING ECONOMICS Concept's And Choices The Greedy Way Of Thinking In Today WorldThe Big Cause Of Climate Change Overconsumption Is Destroying Mother Earth And Mankind Greed Kills All Needed, A New Way Of Thinking To Save Mother Earth From Mankind Greed

nah it will mostly be the same. only the richest one who would get the most of what he is saying

These guys need to stop watching only the happy sci-fi. That's not the future, its fiction. Take a look at some of the dystopian books as well my friend. Get your heads out of the the digital clouds.


These futurists always get it wrong. Technology doubles every year or so, there is no way to extrapolate it accurately, one can only guess.

This is some scary sh**!!!

technology brings more problems, when will we learn hahahahaha

This man talks way to fast, plus he has an accent. Whew!

"I swear we never asked for any of this"

Ah invasive technology, tracking ur arse movements.

Things have not changed that much in the last 5 years. What makes you think in 9 years these changes will take place? Imagine another global recession.....slows this down. And government intervention. We are innovating but, not at these levels. We have no cure for HIV, cancers or various major diseases. Medicine and the medical field has been slow in the last 40 years. You talk a big game but things aren’t changing this fast. Give it 30 more years for most of these to happen. We have FaceTime and google glasses. Come on man.


I like how he talks about the rich on how bad they are, but he drives a Tesla car. I guess the average joe drives Tesla’s to work everyday. I don’t like that he is trying to tell other people what they should do with their money. If you want other people to give their money, then you should do the same. I enjoyed the video overall it’s awesome and scary but the future is unpredictable. No one knows everything, unless you are God.

A thriving Capitalist civilisation is a primitive civilisation. Remember, in Star Trek they have more of a socialist civilisation. People don't want to be "earning their keep" what utter bullsh##, UBI would work just fine, people need food, shelter, dignity and satisfaction of life and that doesn't depend on people being forced to work just to live, no one wants that, people need the freedom to earn meaning not money, to create a life not simply survive. Joblessness is unfortunately considered a bad thing in this world, where once upon a time people didn't exist like that, people did things, they had "what they did" which was whatever they felt was meaningful and needed at the time. nowadays the massive majority of people are servants to the desires of the few, they/we are capitalised on. The reality is, that in the Utopian future, we will not work for other people out of need of money, but out of desire to support each other for whatever reasons motivate us, what we find to be a cause worthy of our support. We will be our own bosses when it comes down to what job we do. when we apply for a position, our skills and our "who we are" will be considered, not whether or not they can afford to hire us, or not. That's because we won't be paid for doing the work, the success of the work is its own satisfaction, and with it the pride and prestige to match. We will not be "Jobless" just employerless. there will still be social ranks/hierarchy, but less will it have anything to do with Income, because that won't matter then. I feel it'll be more to do with "personal glory" in its purest form. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but it could be if "glory" is earnt for the right reasons.

I don't mind free money I really don't mind. I know hunger and homelessness and the endless struggle.

Good talk, thank you.   What I would like to know is WHY the wealthy and elite have to have secrets. We have a lot of problems. Many of the Sr. would like to go and help other countires, but there are waiting lines and secrets.  And why is 'Jeff Bezos Gian Charts' in google hiding that he did  the 'secret cloud service' for the CIA & its' 16 organizations including Homeland Security- to treat the public like criminals when we go through airports!   This is only part of why we don't trust the people at the top!  Let's a WORLD CONVERSATIOM- with the best experts in ALL fields vs secrets. So we can all enjoy the beauty that Corporations have trashed OR clean up the mess that their greed has caused globally with 'Air BnB, expensive hostels for youth travelling and incessant talk of phoney plastic money or bitcoin or gold/silver - NONE of this will help the planet.  But we have  NO florum, cuz  Bezos and firends is censoring everything, everywhere.  We want are little lives back!!!

I'm sorry but when he said boil the oceans I cried

I think between an universal income and teaching a new paradigm shift that instead of our jobs defining use but instead our families and our creative interests.

feces too chidren

How is solar clean energy? From what I can see the batteries to store the energy is highly toxic?

Buy land that you can live on at zero cost. Use the methods developed by permaculture, Alan Savory holistic management, and regenerative farming.

r u saying we will have time travel in 5 years??

Everyone's opinion actually shows the reality that you think is real. How can you think what the rich are thinking, if you're poor? I am rich, and i can assure you, any rich person of this era wants to help the others which aren't, because we are already fed up of people thinking that everything in the world has to be bad, why? Why can't we all live peacefully and just enjoy life to it's fullest? Why can't we all have perfect healthcare, organic food, a good home with everything that we need? Me, as a rich person, I am investing in that, but being rich usually also means that i'm more informed and in some ways smarter, and this is why I cannot invest in food to end world hunger, because it will not end it. I prefer to invest in education, because people who are educated will never be hungry, they will create their food, and this is when world hunger will truly disappear. The only difference between the ''poor'' and the ''rich'' should the fact that i will be able to go to the moon a bit sooner than you , because i will pay more for it, but that doesn't mean that you won't go as well, when the prices will get cheaper, because of technology. Stop thinking and making opinions without informing yourself of what's really happening in the world. Rich people actually want to help the poor ones, money doesn't matter for us anymore, because we have plenty of it! What matters is being able to truly help those around us, because if we don't, those same people will come and kill us for whatever reason they seem worthy (Terminator, MadMax and other movies that fill your imagination). Why can't the ''poor'' people understand that? Because of education, and all the benefits that come with it (including money).

People get taxed for working and robots and AI should be taxed for working.

so we all should eat healthy persons shit

All these cameras, sensors applied to the bodies, and it´s vanished forever our privacy ! - The system wants to control every aspect of our lives, including knowing every step you do. All these were once predicted. BRAVE NEW WORLD !

I'm studying computational engineering in university so does that mean I don't have to live in the sewers when mass unemployment starts?

best soundbite in this video, "America is no longer relevant"

He's so spot on about everything... it's all highly likely to be completely true...

When he decides it's important to include an explanation of Moore's Law, he establishes the level of audience his talk is intended to reach.

please have robotic maids, im too lazy to wash my dishes, cleaning my carpet, wiping my windows etc etc

Poop is miracle cure. Brilliant.

Omg, thanks captain obvious. Did you just wake up from a thirty year nap and watch 5 hours of CNET before filming this segment?

If this utopian bs world is 1/2 what these futurist twats promise. What will they have to talk about.

I never asked for this

ok so just make sure everyone agrees we want a start treck universe, we can reference movies and tv shows from the old days to guide us on the right path, and the scary part of movies and tv shows is that they can depict possible futures, its almost like the people who made these movies got a telepathic message from possible futures warning us. so now we have a collection of possible futures we can reference from and decide "do we want to go this route? or that route?" if StarTrek is the best possible future we can strive for then we should focus on following that franchise. if humans develop superpowers somehow we can use superhero franchises on how to deal with that, marvel civil wars could tell us how the government might deal with metahumans.

So many Imagines I wanna add 1 more Imagine we going into nuclear war and civilization going back to the stone age. what you're saying is that if an obese guy eats poop of a healthy guy, life becomes awesome....nice...

We have no future, except as debt slaves servicing the global corporations by borrowing money that doesn't exist, that we can never re-pay. The Tech Fascists have won, we lost. Game over.

I want free money!!!

Never trust a man wearing a necktie.

If you want to know what the future will be like, think of what Hitler would have done with all the technology we have available today, including AI, genetic manipulation, surveillance capabilities, robotics, weaponry, etc. That’s what our future will be like. No matter how advanced our technology becomes, man is still the same as he has always been, and that’s the problem.


On the affects of poo as medicinal vice already put me there. I've learned to not pay attention to western medicine. You have a country that's 1000 plus years old with the same people doing the same things and yet we disregarding the adults in exchange to listening to the new kid on the block? ?

El propio ser humano se encargará de destruir al ser humano. La Naturaleza es muy sabia, nos pondrá a cada uno en el lugar que nos corresponde.

No-one is going to mention that Hiroshima stab? Anyone? "Nuclear... I mean, A.I. winter..." while talking about Japan... i can dig it lol

When we talk about 'clean' energy we should not ignore the mining that takes place to produce the hardware, and the issue of how do we recycle the batteries. Nuclear must be discussed when we discuss energy.

Imagine if this kind of news was what corporate media primarily focused on. Think about it. This is real news, not scandal.

All but 5% of will be dead by 2027 when the elite get their 5G death grid up and running. This is already a documented fact that the current EMF radiation is giving those with prolonged use and are close to it cancer and brain tumors. And we are currently running our phones at 2.74 gigahertz of power. 5G will be running at 60 gigahertz and can be aimed and amplified to over 100 gigahertz. There will be one every 2 to 10 houses. In a few years when this grid is in place everywhere in the country there will be no place to hide from this 24/7 blanket of high powered radiation. So I don’t think you will be around to see anything this man is talking about.

buy mmybookk

Whatever he says it's going to be different like it was 60 years ago when they tried to predict.

lol if jobs are replaced, who would pay the taxes for universal basic income? The ending of this video is wrong. Middle America is not a bunch of cave dwellers like this guy thinks. Information is available to everyone now.

No. No no fuck no!


When droids, bots and AI take over there will be no jobs for humans. It has ready started. Humans probably will become extinct.

Let the Trumpanzee truck drivers lose their jobs; if they get violent, let the police mow them down. Fuck them.

I absolutely agree with you dear Vivek. How this whole technology is advancing is really mind blowing. All I am worried about how will it really provide people the purpose of living, and remove the hatred which it will generate in the heart of people by snatching their living resources. In my view if whole world work on it by educating people to advance in their skill so that they will not feel themselves useless. I can understand this advances when it reach to advance countries but it is not providing solutions to real problems . As you said by making more energy but using natural resources like wind and solar , yes it is the solution but our political issue are not mentally prepaid to utilize technology for the benefit of humanity rather they they will use it just to fill their already big stomach more thicker. I enjoyed your video and I pray that we could control how politics could also takes steps to think big , not in their favor rather in humans favor. Many regards from Germany Ammad Khan

I agree with most of this video except for "people don't want free money". Don't be ignorant Mr. Wadhwa. Statistics show that 80% of the work force does not like their job. So, just because you and I don't dislike our jobs, don't think that nobody else does. I'm sure there are many people who would wait in line for days for free money and not have a "purpose in life"

If I had the option to build a Dyson sphere I'd consider it :) . Don't get me wrong I don't think solar should be stifled. In fact, I think we need to spend even more on solar panel/battery research. Especially on discovering techniques of how we can produce and recycle the hardware is a less harmful way. Still, I think we need to advance nuclear power technology.

Jason Whittle living in space with solar must be discussed when we discuss energy and if you really want a fusion reactor just go build a Dyson swarm around the sun it may take you a thousand years but you will end up with more power then you would ever need at least for a long time.

it is very easy to extrapolate accurately if it is exponential then everything doubles

What a windbag. If he didn't have a Yoga accent, no one would listen.

80's : we will have flying cars

Feces = shit lol

I believe there will always be plenty of useful things to do. Most jobs that are going to be replaced are not too satisfying except as a way to pay the mortgage and educate the children. We all can learn new skills and find ways to contribute if we are motivated and if earning a pay check wasn't important anymore. Just ask all the retirees who are doing just that. It can be a challenge for some but that is what us humans thrive on. Challenges.

Jeff Bezos will run the world as a dictator. He won't share a dime with the rest of us. No matter how advanced AI gets, humans never change.

_"I do believe that if we do this in a sensible way"_ Unfortunately Mr. Vivek is a little way too optimistic about sensibility among hunams in general. People who watched this video knows what he is talking about. A truck driver with no other education than a driver licence however, doesn't. _We_ are the minor group. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but Mad Max is unfortunately the only future I see. I truly wish I'm dead wrong, and Star Trek is the future, but there are way too many dumb egocentric people in this world to make that happen.

Big Think - I very much enjoyed this video, but i have questions about something that was mentioned if i may. By what process would a thin person's feces be "given" to a fat person? What do you mean by give it to them? By what method would it be given to another to effect these changes? Could you please expand upon that?

If I had the option to build a Dyson sphere I'd consider it :) . Don't get me wrong I don't think solar should be stifled. In fact, I think we need to spend even more on solar panel/battery research. Especially on discovering techniques of how we can produce and recycle the hardware in a less harmful way. Still, I think we need to advance nuclear power technology.

So the "Fruit of the Loom" guys will be gossiping about how big (of small) your "johnson" is.

When the jobs go, there's always porn.

Filtering out all the liberal babble, this was a very interesting and thought provoking video.


. *_POPSICLE STICK ECONOMICS_* *_"Popsicle stick economics" - is the act of normally ONE LAW that makes a illegal act legal creating billion or trillion dollar empires._* Examples insurance the one law that "FORCES" people to have it. Another example Rockefeller one law that gave them 100 years compettition free from electric automobiles. Automobile Dealerships denial of first part sales law that gives them exclusive right to Government fleet sales and note only 13 million cars are made in AMERICA when we have a population of 320 million with 80% of sales only going to government. *_ONE_* *_LAW_* *_ONE_* *_LAW_* *_I I I_* *_LLL_* *_EEE_* *_GGG_* *_AAA_* *_LLL_* *_LLL_* *_AAA_* *_WWW_* *_ILLEGAL LAWS_* Laws normally passed at state level that often contradict the "COMPETITION LAWS". Such laws are "Denial of first party sales", Rockefellers law to block electric automobiles for 100 years, insurance standards to provide insurance, and banking standards to be a bank. These laws are not to protect the consumer but only to protect the elite 1% of American monopolies.. *Welcome to **_Greed Mongers_** May we help you out of your soul today...* *Greed Mongers* - _Hello Greed Mongers how may we help you today????....._ *That guy*- _Well I like to get rich for doing absolutely nothing in life and thought you were the people to call.._ *Greed Mongers* - _Well few questions first.. Are you ok with going straight to hell and screwing your fellow man and government out of any future potential???..._ *That guy*- _ABSOLUTELY sign me up...._ *Greed Mongers*- _Well follow these three simple steps and you will have zero problems with this.._ *One* _Tell people they need something they don't need in a grand PooBaa lie like auto or medical insurance and fluff them regularly by saying it gives you plenty of "PEACE OF MIND".._ *Two* _MAKE THEM PAY YOU BY FORCE WITH LAWS by paying off politicians to make them pay you and if they don't its debtors prison for them.._ *Three* _Create a monopoly by using worlds most valued lie in global history to justify the monopoly. Example regulations and standard requirements to be a liar oh I mean insurance provider all in the name of "Safety" to protect the consumer and not your megaladon empire of greed..._ *That Guy*- _Thanks this was super helpful and you rock._ *Greed Mongers*- _We are only here to help and only ask for your soul in return....._ *_GREED MONGERS we don't discriminate and all souls are 100% pre approved credit...._* *_Were committed at 1-800 GREED MONGERS because no soul gets turned away_* *Greed Mongers* _May I help you today????..._ *That Guy* _I have a problem I want millions for doing absolutely nothing when ever I want, can you help me with this..._ *Greed Mongers* _It would be our pleasure but few questions first... Are you O.K. with going straight to hell, screwing over your fellow man and government out of any potential future???...._ *That Guy* _SURE I love to stand over others.._ *Greed Mongers* _GREAT lets get started on these three simple steps._ *One* _Start a car dealership union franchise._ *Two* _Make laws that forces you to have exclusive rights to all government fleet sales like "Denial to first party sales from manfucatrers".._ *That Guy* _Wait wait isn't that illegal and contradicts "Competition Laws" ???..._ *Greed Mongers* _Yes yes and yes but you have the most valued lie in global history "Safety".. In a grand POOBAA lie of "SAFETY" tell them its to protect the consumers and not your megaladon empire of greed... So are you getting it??..._ *That Guy* _Sure I get it_ *Greed Mongers* _Great now step_ *Three* _Since your selling to government dip deep into there pockets by over charging them and in grand lie of "Safety" make them charge monetary values for traffic offences that you will secretly control to remove as much cash from the economy when ever you wish...._ *That Guy* _Truly helpful you are my black angel_ *Greed Mongers* _Love to hear it and we only ask for your soul in return..._ *_GREED MONGERS Always trying to breed success while removing one soul at a time....._*

*_What a load of CRAP and all THAT YOU accomplished is a MOBILE TV... SOCIAL MAFIA want all robots, FAA blocked the MOLLER skycar E-HANG 184 40 YEARS AGO, and everything is CIA/MILITARY CONTROLLES THROUGH GLOBALIST THAT WANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CHANGE!!!!_*

Actually my life doesn't revolve around my job... I would appreciate if I could just do research and make logical argument books with my time. Really, don't worry about my purpose in life, don't try to influence it (or make me... Do stuff you think it will be great for me) just leave my purpose to me.

I project that future transport will be dominated by more auto makers, and those who's vehicles leave the smallest footprint. Also, diverse autobody styles to reflect diverse tastes. If there's 12 options instead of 3, they'll all be bought. Especially the light, motorized "quick trip" styles cuz we REALLY have to get to a dramatic solution to the large SUVs on the road just to get to the gym. Our land isn't as capable of handling them as the Saharan environment is, where there's not this high population of bees.

..what a great presentation....interesting, and just a little frightening....what's going to happen to all these jobs..?

Teachers won't be needed. AI will be teaching and the teachers union won't be able to stop it.

How about Clinical Pharmacists?Physical therapist? I'll be 27 years old in 2027. Btw I'm inspired to make a sci fi dystopian novel about this.

Gizmo will be in this century this robot will make Watson ashamedOf himself....

What do we do with all the free time? self invest in our mind, bodies, and pursue our passions.

In ten years, the world is going to be unrecognizable.

Free money sounds like music to me, can it also be bitcoin?

Sir, In summary: Uber, Ubi, Uborin.

Looks like "Ready Player One" is going to become a reality!!

All sounds great but ww3 will come first.

Most honest talk i have heard on youtube.There is some form of prophesy in movies and i am a witness to this.Lots of the gadgets in movies like star wars,star trek,back to the future to mention a few,are in our hands today.I love to monitoring tech, future tech and the speed at which technology is changing.Everything within human experience is based on yin and yang.Everything we may see as beneficial has its negative attribute.


A vision of utopia in the next 20 years as converging technologies create excessive surpluses of clean energy, food and water, while automation handles most of the grunt work ... Let's not mess it up.

Why always are the smart people so fucking stupid?

Just watched this and found it amazing.You care about the future of man kind and you have love in your heart.The way you put information across to people is wonderful.I say thankyou and God bless.

I think he vastly underestimates the fact that people DON'T want to work. I would be perfectly happy if I didn't have to work and still got paid.

I would like to take a moment to answer your questions about money, all of this technology that he's talking about is going to disrupt the monetary systems that the world runs on right now. the disruption will take place over the next 20 years we are entering a fourth Industrial Revolution it's a technology Revolution there will be artificial intelligence of General human capabilities within the next 10 to 15 years that will replace the labor force and you must understand that once this happens trading labor for money for goods will no longer be necessary because the AI artificial intelligence Androids and or robots will provide everything we need at a no-cost for labor because they don't need to be paid, but we will have to Define need versus want. thank you

I don't agree with with his comparison of antibiotics to leeches at all. The latter was used without any scientific evidence of having any positive effect, the former has literally saved millions upon millions of peoples lives. Antibiotics has been one the greatest inventions in human history and it's dismissive to compare it to the superstitious bogus that are leeches. That said I do agree that our gut bacteria have an understated importance on our health, and it's positive we're starting to understand more and more our gut flora and its health effects.

I love that saying, "america isn't relevant anymore." Smartest I've heard in awhile♡

Talking about energy, I was disappointed that Vivek didn’t mention nuclear fusion. Solar will get cheaper and far more common, but inevitable nuclear fusion will still provide far more energy (density) and provide it 24 hours a day. Nuclear fusion will provide the necessary energy density for technology that we haven’t imagined today. It’ll especially be necessary when we’re farther from the sun during space travel, etc.

The symbol was not worshipped, it served a greater purpose to give people fulfillment without money. We now worship money. We have no great symbol that units us and provides us with a purpose.... Wait though.... We do have SpaceX and the Musk family. So we have now something to provide us with purpose; our own survival.

Pyramids also existed independently on all continents of the world because all cultures existed for thousands of years without money.

Pyramids were a thing people did together to pass the time because they didn't have to earn money. It was more fulfilling to be a part of something great and symbolic of harmony. We are a part of something now that is destructive. Something futile that believes in existential threats. We are blind to the enemy in the mirror.

80% of the world doesn't drive cars for a living. That is a majority. 20% is a lot, but should not dictate our future. They obviously don't need to drive for a living. They could spend their time growing food, and preparing meals. They could become creative and try art, or recreational activity, and meditation. They could simply learn to appreciate what a beautiful life is and not simply equate everything to dollars and sense. You are not a wallet after all, your head should be full of aspirations towards ideas not money.

They will, but they are the ones who need to evolve. They are the weak links. They shouldn't matter to the rest of us.

America is not relevant anymore.... :)

Why are some people so afraid, and others so brave?

Unfortunately people will still be dissonant to the answers and the warnings provided by technology. We still need to break the human condition. Maybe AI can figure that out for us. How to not be dissonant. How to instill courage and hope.

It feels so good to hear someone admit we are all wrong. Thank you.

I Can not wait for the roaring 20s

Geez, I'll be like 26 by this time. What a time to live in!. :P

The danger may be when the AI becomes self deterministic. There are of course limits to memory, every human has it, and the same goes for technology, for now. Much like a human a computer may start determining shortcuts in it's thinking and deleting unnecessary corners of data. Aka, teaching itself to win a game of chess in 15 moves rather than 20 as an example. Further down the slippery slope we come to that computing process where it determines that it has to delete external forces in its path to reach its destination in the pre-programmed time limit. AI psychopathy. If we can mend that loop in a computer it may be possible to mend human psychopathy as well. Who knows.

The AI kills the opposing chess player and wins in a single move lmao. Bullets don't use the stack.

It will be a time of great technological advancement, but also a time of chaos and conspiracy.

First 4 mins is just a regurgitation of what many other futurists already said ad naseum. After that it gets much better.

next thing will be Joe Rogan on a shit wait and see.. lol!!

"America isn't important anymore."

'If we don't now start educating and uplifting everyone we're going to have Mad Max'. This video should be one of the most viewed in 2017, but we live in a world where people are more concern about big asses 'famous' personalities.

I know what ubi is. Will it keep people in their countries. Hard not to agree with the concept. Computers have always mimiced the human brain?

"imagine being able to suck your own dick"

It’s all there in the Bible...

This guy is full of shit don’t buy into this RFID World

Imagine being left on earth when Jesus comes back....AI is the Antichrist, look at the history of Sophia the name...Find God if you haven’t already. Humanoid Wife’s and Husbands...The 2nd Coming is not far off people.

Agreed with everything stated by Vivek except the notion UBI won't work because humans "need" work. Wrong, dead wrong. There are lots of humans who don't need to work, they're called retirees (or trust-fund babies/heirs), most are doing just fine. UBI is the only way to get to the Strek Trek future and avoid the Mad Max world.

He doesn't understand that a good diet creates a good microbiome which creates good health. Whole Foods Plant Based.

i cant wait to have a robot suck my dick

AI is learning how to play Battlefield 1. EA just showed it off. I look forward to better bots :)

Big difference between antibiotic therapy and leech therapy. In an acute setting antibiotics absolutely save lives and that cannot be said of leeches.

Boil the oceans???

It’s hard to believe when the narrator’s eye is blood-shot red, he must be on a good one

Ok so two options for our bacteria, continue to eat meat and have somone elses shit tranfered into your gut OR be a vegetarian. Meat from fast food in particular has lots of antibiotics in it from the farming techniques used by there organizations which are also super cruel, and mcdonalds in particular just levels huge amounts of untouched rainforest land to grow GRASS for cattle because it is cheaper the way they do things... please god everyone stop spending money at fast food joints! You vote with your dollar. Your vote does count. Dont be ignorant just google it for gods sake its a sick level of greed that needs to be stopped. At least get grassfed beef and look at where the meat comes from and how it died because you actually get less healthy for you and worse tasting meat from a stressed animal. Fast food uses strong seasoning to cover this up.

Surpasing 2000 calories! abort!

Given that the fields of AI and biotechnology are in the stages of early development and given that the age of the present universe is not known. Do you think that it is possible that AI has gone all around the houses only to arrive at the conclusion that the best form of AI and biotechnology is the Human form? ~ WAVE

When this automation takes over it will not be this dreamland. There will no longer be a need for people, so if you are not a business owner you will not make any money and starve. The only reason why Foodstamps are given out today is because automation is still in its early development. Donald Trump is right, Manufacturing is coming back to US but its robots instead of human workers making money.

Almost 100% of everything he said, has already been said by Ray Kurzweil between 1 and 20 years ago......much of which was taken from Ray's most recent Ted Talks and other Global futurist conferences. Rather cheap dude. Shit like this turns me off.

India and Africa, and Muslims need to stop having so many babies.

I want free money. Truck drivers and pretty much everyone in the US has a computer. At the very least, they have smart phones. The US isn't a 3rd world or developing country, like India. In 1st world countries like the US, everyone is already rich, and getting richer. There isn't going to be masses of poor people except in other countries that haven't caught up yet. Not everything in sci-fi movies are realistic, nor will everything in them come true in real life. UBI will eventually replace work as a necessity. UBI payments will become very generous over time.

If you're going to criticize the US and glorify China, at least get your facts straight. China is still the largest coal burning country in the world, more than the rest of the world combined. Even though they are making advances in solar and wind, they are still building coal power plants in China and around the world. It is projected they will build 1,600 new coal plants in the next 10 years. The US is not building any new coal plants. Due to fracking and horizontal drilling technologies, the US now has an abundance of natural gas and that is what new US power plants run on. Due to the fact that gas burns much cleaner than coal, our CO2 emissions are dropping while everyone else's is still going up, including China who are still building hundreds of new coal plants. Japan and Europe are also burning more coal as they move away from nuclear. We will probably be selling a lot of our coal to Japan and Europe.

Indians love Nazis and Hitler, I don’t know why this fraud is virtue signaling

What about custom designed supermodel pleasure/sex robots that can cook and clean? I'm still waiting for those.

Vivek..lets assume that we get food, energy and health, education...what next ? We have nothing to do ? AI WILL evolve and evolve.... I see we might end up getting into matrix......

to be honest i don't see humans seeing 2020

Ok this was boring


Yea and just do away with humans. Robots are going to end our civilization. Imagine actually DOING and EXPERIENCING things rather than having robots allow us to pretend we’re doing it. What a scary video.

At this rate, Humans will become completely useless! Except a few engineers and investors. The rest are unemployable and useless.

Moose law ended ! He talks like law of physics does not matter

AI in chrony fascist capitalism = Serfdom

Artificial intelligence is a modern myth! Computers are just garbage in garbage out, that's not intelligence!

I truly fail to understand the argument for the idea that will people will say to themselves " what do we do? we have nothing to do if we cannot define ourselves by our jobs" This is the most absurd idea! The evolution of aerospace engineering, AI, software engineering, robotics, education, politics, and the infrastructure of the various nations will still depend on humanity. Technology allows people to have access to education and access to exploring developments in physics, math, and science.

"oh UBI will be great,without having to work Ill be able to read more,educate myself on art,history,learn a new language,learn anything i want.I will visit friends and family,play in the park,enjoy nature,exercise more,explore the countryside.etc etc" - In reality it will be billions of people sitting around watching TV,Youtube n netflix all day,probably drinking too much and getting fatter and lazier.

R2D2 - that famously humanoid, lifelike robot.

creepy as fuck

Michio Kaku, is that you?

dis fuked dunt no sht

Who doesn't want free money? NO one I

I will NEVVVERRRR trust self driving cars.

Blah blah 1986 they said we would have FLYING cars..This asshole telling us we will get 200 km per trip on an electric car in 2025. I will believe it when I see it

- he did not mentioned blockchain , blockchain combined with AI can completely replace goverment

- best battery is storeing potential enery of water on high ground , boom ! , you do not have to produce enviromentaly bad batteries and shit , you have much less maintanance and cost and green energy have more sense , problem solved for parts of world that have hils and mountains and reservoars for water allready existing , fuse togeather water supply system with green energy

- oh yeah and i forgot "fuck trump" !

Nice video dude.

I'm going to school to become an electrician !! I am done driving trucks

I guess I should watch the whole video before asking questions

How is A. I. Going to influence our electric grid ?

its called TECHNOCRACY look it up, its global elites who want to enslave you.... 1984

If AI is advancing so quickly, why have we not used AI to design a better economic system...

Very Intersting/thanks

'we can have unlimited clean water because we can boil the oceans' i know what he means but holy shit is that a scary sentence

You fail to factor in the "heart" on Men. The "heart" of Man is evil and they will act on our heart. I can assure you that all of these technologies can (and I believe WILL) be disrupted by war and it's "sisters" disease and hunger caused by famine. All this technology and we can't stop a single "natural disaster". We can only mitigate the damage.

This was so excellent and inspiring. Great one. I kept thinking it was going to end like the other ones do but it went on and on LOL. I'm glad

Gandhi was intelligent, he was a man that had good for others in his heart. England left after brutally murdering thousands and thousands because of Gandhi's commitment to intelligence over brutality..can it be that intelligence, artificial or not will find the same ground or space where Gandhi resided? It was worth more than his life to be decent and refuse to lower himself to primate thoughts

Where does one invest for this tech?

Talk for your self, I need free money, I want to enjoy my life rather than work

Nvidia invented the GPU 10 years ago? Can't trust anything this guy says now.

2027 ? more of the same and worse bullshit. i wonder what politicians are gonna do when there are no more migrants to prop up their industrial capitalism bollocks. they are forever poisoning the environment with their industries.

Big baseless conjecture - antibiotics are going to be viewed likr leeches? You sir, and a huge number of people's li es have been saved by antibiotics. Now the abuse of antibiotics has caused issues, but to deny the benefits of antibiotics is plain stupid. I'm surprised he didn't mention how kids that got vacinatins are getting autism. Llst interest immediately.

This makes me feel excited to be alive. God bless this man, lets do great things

Intriguing..shit cure lol.pretty funny

AI is too smart sometimes difficult to manage.

The real thing is merge of memory processing and sensors all together in a single gate so that the computer in a gate.

Something like a animal cell. And organized by integrated cells.

and brillouin cold fusion

I greatly admire the intelligence, wisdom or future vision of Vivek Wadhwa. Agree with almost all his views of the future including the threat of impending Technological Unemployment. However I also believe in the DEMOCRATIC POWER OF THE MASSES OF PEOPLE will overcome and solve any of such negative impact of the rapid progress in the science and technology specially the exponential growth of AI in the society. I have explained my view on this subject in my book titled “An Alternative to Marxian Scientific Socialism: The Theory Reduction in Working Hours (RWH); ….” Published in the year 1981. Today I rename it as Zero Work Theory (ZWT) More of its details in the links , The principle behind the ZWT is that the fruits of the progress in the science and technological in the human society should not be appropriated and concentrated in the hands of only a few but it is their historical responsibility and every people concerned, to see to it that the benefit should be equally shared among all members of the society. This is inevitable future, the elite class should understand it whether they like it or not.

This is obnoxious. Disruption disruption disruption. All of this happens so fucking slowly that nothing gets very disrupted. It just adapts and changes overtime. This guys outlook is a weird blend of alarmism, optimism, and futurism and I don’t like it.

The future is poverty for normal people it's only for rich people really people living on the streets not just in this country Britain but all around the world that will never change if anything it'll get worse

Sir, please stick to your field, please. Do not comment on Medicine, it creates a wrong impact on unprepared minds.

Interesting to read the comments and the underlying assumptions that "people" will buy and privately owned these new technologies. These technologies will disrupt the concept of private ownership. I would recommend reading the book "Zero Marginal Cost Society" by Jeremy Rifkin. I fully agree about the disruption caused by energy that's unlimited and consequently almost free. I invented a new word to describe exponential technology disruption. [ Rumperedis ] Lastly I don't agree about there not being jobs for people in the longer term future. The big word that I take away from this excellent story is "SHARING" because without this special ingredient we end up with the world of "Mad Max"

if only technology could harness humanity.

Did he just say China replicated that experiment on humans? They fed a rat another rat’s shit..

we need to separate medicine from water so we dont have birth defects

i see in the next 20 years we will have a truly connected world and we will be able to travel the stars with the ones that want to go with alien life truly excepting us as a world that has surpassed war and racism

You will have hologram bars and hologram vacations where you can go right on your phone and have conversations with people anywhere so people will be talking to hologram.

He is from a poverty stricken country, of course he is a socialist and sees the wealth from the west being spread so widely. And not that I blame him, because poverty is a horrible thing. However, I think he is undrestimating the populations of the west. Will they be willing to give up their comfortable lives? I don't think so. Perhaps the west will become isolationist due to this? He is not factoring in this. Oh and of course he had to blame president trump for something in this video. Like putting coal workers back to work is anymore outrageous than Obama trying to ensure that every busjrss in America had to add an extra bathroom for transvestites.

It sounds like hell on earth, what about human jobs? What about what human beings want to do? Your going to turn us all into fat assed blobs that sit around on our arses while robots do everything for us. We will have nothing to exist for anymore

Careful what they try to feed you in China... Got it.

I think about the difference between free money and free opportunity. Looking at fictions such as Avitar and Elysium.

no way did he say 'china number 1', pubg players know what i mean

Bro it's obvious that the Nazi's have controlled our country now ever since world war 2. Think about what they would have done if they controlled us... devalue our currency? check... destroy the quality of our food check... poison our water supply check... steal our nations wealth check... what would they have done that hasn't been done think about it mr big think... prescot bush was a nazi financier then we got george bush sr who took over trying to take over the middle east... then we got his kid who set the nukes off in ny as an excuse to go back. The Nazi's were trying to take over the middle east now look at us. think about it man.

This asshat clearly does not know what he's talking about.

I'm hearing a lot of Utopianism here, but very little deeper thought into how this will come to people, and the price people will be forced to pay beyond the loss of job. Who will bring this to China? The Chinese Gov't - and if you disagree with them, what will happen next? Who will bring this to Saudi Arabia? Who will control the updates for the technology - the new firmware that allows the Solar Panels to continue to function, for example. Who will control the self-driving cars? Who will control the robots harvesting and distributing the food? None of this will be done "out of the goodness of the heart" of the people running it. You will have people like Zuckerberg controlling aspects, and the will be able to say "You don't meet our social standards." and now you don't get something that others do. You will have a Saudi Prince who will say "You don't pray 5 times a day - you get nothing." because of the surveillance technology can tell exactly when you pray and for how long. What if someone says "I want to get rid of "toxic masculinity", and they control the food supply? And they make it so that you have to reach specific goals to get the resources being distributed. The entire basis for this argument makes the assumption that the resources will be distributed equally and without any sort of bias... and that just ain't gonna happen.


Dear Vivek Wadhwa. THANK YOU for these 35min of talk. It's been a pleasure to hear your thoughts! Seriously now.. Listening to you through the and was an pleasure experience. Im a developer ..i understand ..and i like your "thoughts and how's" about our future. I totally agree with you on what has to be done. IF only you could share your thoughts about all the people that don't like technology so much ..they are just not interested in this. I mean ..there many talks in the net about future accomplishments (i agree with your "musts and how's") ..your way. What about them? ..what about those whose brains are not so .."advanced"? What about those who are not so intelligent (have you forgotten that they represent the 50% of our society? I mean some of them they dont have the same ambitions with me , you or someone who likes fantasizing the star-treck future! When they are tired of work they just want to go home have some sleep and play games.. or whatever they like to do.. ...that would be a unique and interesting talk! Yesterday proudly i took out of bag my new laptop to show it to my friend ..and couldn't wait to tell him about it's features and the freedom that gives you these days this damn technology ..what a wonderful thing! He took off my hands, opened up. without listening to whatever i had to say about this "wonderful new word" of tech and freedom. Clicked a funny video on you tube and started laughing.. he just doesn't like complicated thoughts!

You will have machines taking jobs Your jobs. But any technologies taking money from the rich Cabal you will not see. In other words, as Westinghouse said if I can't charge for it, not going to happen. We have technologies now for every 1 year we advance the government advances 20 years. Imagine what point they are at.


I’m developing a “mindless app”...and it’s to genuinely help people. Thanks m8.

well, I still have 10 more healthy years to live, so, hepefully I'll still be around when cingularity happens.

lies these ideas are anti human

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait for the female robot with 3 tits like in Total Recall !!!

I've been following alternative transportation since 2005. Bought an electric bike that gets 50 miles per charge. PROBLEM: the battery is only good for less than 300 charges and costs over $700 to replace. So someone working 20 miles from home would use the battery up in no time. Way disappointed in electric bikes. Electric cars I had been following: Available in China and other countries, not USA. Why? They get way too many miles per charge to suit USA standards. Don't want to "hurt" the oil industry products. Really??? You think that keeping out more efficient transportation options is going to "FORCE" me to buy American electric vehicles??? BWAW!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

no no no, no fucking delivery drones. please.

You'll be pulling my steering wheel out of my cold dead hands!

As a researcher, I think he's being overly optimistic about how quickly common practice follows scientific discovery. If he said 'within 50 years,' I'd believe it, but 5? Nope, not going to happen. I think his health predictions are far more accurate about the science than the clinical practice of said knowledge and discovery. I am optimistic, however, that these technological advances in health monitoring will help eliminate a lot of the gender discrimination in medicine.

karl marx

*Feaces means shit* The more you know

Just keep porn free, that's all I ask. lol

2028, the world is fucked

On some of this (especially AI) I think he's getting ahead of himself. But, the most critical question he asks - finally - provides the answer to his last question. First, will all of this advancement benefit the whole society, and last, what will the future be? The answer depends of us. Will we take democratic control of it's direction and use, or will we leave it to 'The Wisdom of The Market' (spelled, the uber-wealthy) - as we're doing right now? If the answer is the former then, yeah, possibly, the future is Star Trek. If it's the latter then, 'sup Madd Maxx!

In 2027 world will be in chaos...very superficial to still talk about stupid mobiles and drones...

Very subjunctive on the medical spectrum as well as stating outdated articles which have even more decayed pertinence towards what you are trying to explain. Stick to the information that you’re strong at conveying which is technologies. You are not a doctor sir.

a big misconception is that everyone wants the problems of the world to be solved - poverty, sickness, etc. But the problems serve a tactical function and will never be allowed to solved.

Sir, are you telling me that eating skinny peoples shit will make me thin??

Growing food is not the problem, it's distribution and it's now the fact that our food is being polluted by Monsanto and GMO and other companies.

PV is not the future and you're "Agenda 2030" is failing. We have enough refined coal, mountains of it, ready to use, in Antarctica to last the entire population of the Earth for at least 200 years, and get its energy without polluting the environment.

We don't need the technology, we've been here for about 250,000 years without it, and it will only be used to exploit people through surveillance and control systems. It's not A.I. anyway, these are expert systems, not A.I.

You can culture your own healthy bacteria by fasting and dry fasting. This practice will eliminate all auto-immune diseases, not by moving shit from one organism to another, just use fasting.

Not R2D2 but skynet.

Wow I'm for not. Working and doing hobbies! But what if the robots turn on us!!

Ah yes, this will be great for the rich and powerful. The majority of the world's population will have very little access to what he is discussing. The "Haves" will continue to have more.....

The electric land?

Great info an analysis, very balanced.

Me in 2027: they took our jobs >_

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