You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth

You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth

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Fifteen. Hundred years ago everybody, knew, the. Earth was the center of the universe five, hundred years ago everybody, knew the. Earth was flat. Hey. They're Flat Earth researchers. And debaters, this, is Oh Dee Dee and this is a follow-up to my video entitled, true world which, is a 30-minute rundown, of the Flat Earth phenomenon. The. Response to that video is incredible, I can't even keep up with the comments, every, other second, I hear dude, look at the moon that, proves were on a sphere. My. Dad is an airline pilot, this theory is garbage. You know what I mean some arguments, don't even make sense it's like I eat. A chicken pot pie last, night for dinner now how does that work on the Flat Earth ha, ha, I can. Relate when people are wondering, how the Sun works and what's the benefit of hiding. This from us but, to say that Earth must be a sphere because, other things look, like they might be spheres. Is foolish, there. Is Earth what we are on teeming. With life and, providing, us with what we need to be able to sustain, or destroy. To. Build civilizations, on a vast flat surface, where large bodies of water are incapable, of curving, earth, where, curvature, and motion, cannot, be detected and then. There's other celestial, bodies that aren't. Teeming with life and we, really don't know what they are or, what. They look like up close. We, here is the curvature we're where. Where's. The curvature, where, where. I. Still. Haven't been able to find any curvature since, I put out my last video and believe me I've been looking ever. Since I came out as a flat earther I've been examining, things much more closely it's, as if I'm secretly hoping to find something that will lay this flat earth to rest so, I can get back to my normal life of exposing, chemtrails, and secret societies, it's. Just not happening the, more I look the more I'm convinced, and the more I want to talk about it there, is no curve to be found or measured, and there's. Hints sprinkled, all over the place like this popular, study for instance a study, conducted by Department. Of Geography Texas, State University and, Department, of Geography Arizona. State University, concludes. That the, state of Kansas is flatter, than a pancake on, a scale, where 1.0, means perfect flatness. The, calculated, flatness, of the pancake, is approximately. 0.957. That's, pretty flat but Kansas, is. 0.999. 7 flat over its length of 400, miles a distance. That should render 20, miles of curvature, from one side to the other on a sphere, that's 25 thousand miles in circumference. And, I've. Seen plenty suffered, between a hundred thousand a hundred thirty thousand feet that's flat. As a pancake. No. Matter where you are above the surface of the earth the horizon. Always rises, to your eye level doesn't. Matter if you're standing on a beach or up. A hill or in. A plane at 35,000. Feet the, horizon, is always, at my level, we. Know intuitively if, we stand on a beach with a panoramic, view that. The sea is flat, its. Flat at sea level it's, flat from the top of Mount Everest, it's flat from over 20 miles high. In. My efforts you try to prove the globe it's it's falling apart with. Horizon. Tests and, seeing things. That we shouldn't be able to see if the ball is real the. Math shows that, with, the curvature there. Are things we should not be able to see and yet people are seeing it so. That. Has me really questioning, the. The, globe and I don't question the math because. That math came from globalists it, came from people who believe the globe so.

It's Not it's not math come up conjured, up my flat, earthers I used. To be a lifeguard amateur, of beach and on, a good day on a clear day we could look out and see. The Anacapa, arch well. The Anacapa arch is. Almost 20 miles away and. It's only 40 feet high, so. The math says, that, for my ball 25,000, miles circumference ball that the top of that 40-foot island. Arch should, be over 200 feet below our ability, to see it on the other side of the curve, I found, this, photo ran. Near State Park this is from Joshua, nawicki and what, you're seeing here is a, mirage, we, typically, would not be able to see this from the Lake Michigan shore we talked about this last night conditions, are, right on the lake that we're actually seeing a mirage, of, the Chicago, skyline very, interesting. Here's what's happening this is a good. Example of a superior, Mirage, so Joshua, was on the Lake Michigan shore he was looking towards. The west and Chicago's beyond the horizon, should not be able to see it however. The right conditions, we have an inversion we have cold air near the cold lake water and some relatively. Warmer air above it this will bend, the image, of that. Skyline. Back. Towards, the viewer and so typically we would not be able to see this this image would be viewable, from much much higher in the sky up in space but. Instead we're, able to see it on the Lake Michigan shore, shut. Up conspiracy. Theorist. The. Horizon. Is not the curvature, of the ball earth the horizon is just the. Vanishing. Line of perspective, from your point of view you, can use a telescope, or binoculars and, zoom, in on the horizon, and. Something that's been completely, disappeared, beyond the horizon like a ship can, come all, the way back into view proving. That that is not the curvature, of the earth you're looking at as they tell you what it's just the vanishing line of perspective, from your point of view and they, used to you and they still use that as, a proof of the ball earth they say that ships, going away as you see their hulls disappear, before the masthead because they're going over the curvature of the earth yet. We've got technology, now to prove that that's wrong but they'll still keep saying it I put it in my videos I'll put it right here I'll put it in this video of me talking about this right now you may be watching this on YouTube you're watching a horizon shot, seeing, a boat that was out of view now it's completely into view so you can see that that is not the curvature of the ball earth but there will still be 50, people in the comment section saying that that's the curvature of the bawler the, idea that people are standing ships, are sailing and planes are flying upside, down on certain parts of Earth while, others tilted, at 90 degrees and all other impossible, angles is complete.

Absurdity, The idea, that a man digging a hole straight down could eventually reach sky, on the other side is ludicrous, common. Sense tells every free thinking person correctly. That there truly is an up and down in nature unlikely. Everything, is relative rhetoric, of the Newtonian, einsteinium, paradigm. There's, no curvature, it's. Wonderful. This, is like it this is the most amazing thing ever. There's no, curve it's, flat can, you imagine it's exactly, what we see. I cannot. Express, this enough but NASA is just, not giving us the truth about what they know this. Is crucial to understand, forget. About the Flat Earth for a minute if you have to focus, on NASA and research them for a few days or for a few weeks if you can't tell that you're, being deceived then, I'm afraid that, there is no use for you in this cause anyway, check. Out this NASA document. Describing, a flat motionless, earth. So. I came across this paper it's, an official, NASA document. Published, in August 1988. Called. The derivation, and definition, of a linear aircraft, model and it's. Jam-packed full of mathematic. Equations, formulas. And all sorts of other stuff that described. A linear, aircraft, model, what, I found interesting was. On page 35, it says this, concluding. Remarks, this, report derives and defines a set of linearized, system matrices. For, a rigid aircraft, of constant, mass flying. In a stationary, atmosphere, over, a flat, non rotating earth. I'll. Put a link to this in the description. The, other thing I'd like to mention this point is how, easily we can be fooled by two-dimensional. Imagery, we've. Been trained. And conditioned, to suspend, disbelief when, we see certain, two-dimensional. Imagery such, as photographs, you know a photograph. Is not reality, it's a photograph and. Photographs. Can be altered, and manipulated, video. Is not, reality, and here's, some examples of that point. Is you can't automatically. Trust any. Two-dimensional imagery. Or, media. That's presented, to you by the establishment. When. You try and search for a picture of Earth from space you'll. Find surprisingly, few of them in, fact. All of them including, this one this is from NASA it's called the Big Blue Marble, all. Of them are composites. NASA. Will freely admit to them being composite, images or CGI, or, Photoshop. It is photoshopped but it's it's has. To be. Even. The one image this. Is claimed to be an actual. Photograph, of, Earth, from space is, called into question, simply. Because of a, film. That was released. Accidentally. By NASA of, Apollo. 11 faking. The very first picture, of Earth from space so. Let's. Have a look at that video an old, reel received. By mistake. It. Contains, the raw or unedited. Footage of, the crew of Apollo 11, michael, collins edwin. Aldrin jr., and neil armstrong, staging. Part of their mission for. Nearly an hour in living. Color with. Exceptionally. Clear behind-the-scenes. Audio, of conversations. Discussing. The techniques, used to achieve a disingenuous, picture. Depicting. The earth at a distance, in. Order, to falsely, demonstrate, their far journey from it and their. Ability to survive passing. Through the Van Allen radiation belts. It. Cannot, be misconstrued, that, this staging was done for some other reason, before the real itself, is slated, and dated, July, 18th, 19th. And 20th. 1969. The. Very days of the mission when, they were said to be approaching, and achieving, lunar, orbit. Understand. Turn but only about 20 seconds, of this raw footage was, ever broadcast, to the public and these, conversations, discussing. Their deception, were, believed to be private, until. Now. Here. They discussed, that these television, transmissions, were, in fact not broadcast, live as everyone believed they. Were first streamed and edited, for, playback, later. We. Can when we get to playback we can go to Carla here they discuss the fact that they have turned out the lights and have blocked out sunlight from. Entering the space forth through the other windows as, to not cause any reflected, light to crawl onto a spacecrafts, ward in the foreground. The. Reason this was them is, so that the truth of the matter will not be revealed, the. Best example, of space, shuttle fakery, is the, Challenger, disaster. In. 1986. The. Shuttle, Challenger, exploded about 74. Seconds after takeoff killing, all, seven, astronauts, inside, or. Did it, it. Turns out that six of the seven are still alive and kicking today. Ellison. Onizuka. Claims. To be his identical, twin brother Claude. Yeah. I've, got an identical, twin brother Claude to. The. Challenger pilot Mickey Smith hasn't. Even bothered changing, his name he's. Now professor. Michael J Smith of, University. Of Wisconsin. Now. Christa, McAuliffe was. A bit, of a sneaky one she. Was the Challenger payload specialist, quite. Famous for being a teacher it.

Turns Out during, her astronaut, days she was using her middle name Christa, and now. All she goes by her first name Sharon, and. She's a Sorak. Use law professor. The. Challenger, commander, Frances. Richard Scobie is, now dick Scobee which, sounds like a rather, unpleasant disease, a CEO. Of housing. Trees limited. Judith. Resnik the, Challenger, mission specialist, again, hasn't even bothered changing, her name she's, a professor, at Yale Law, and. Finally. Ronald. McNair another. Challenger, mission specialists, claims, to be his identical. Twin brother Carl. McNair, what. Are the odds. What. Most people don't realize is, that all. The characters, in this story are, all actors. In the same club as. George. Carlin pudding. Evidence. That is coming from, primarily, NASA the government in the military three, organizations, that have proven to be completely untrustworthy, on, numerous counts, if we were to put them on trial you, know they, would all be guilty of being. Pathological. Liars all you have to do is lie back on a moonless. Night and look, around carefully yeah occasionally you'll see something that looks kind of like a star, but it's moving it's, moving a little fast too and that's actually a satellite now. I do accept that you can look up into the night sky and, see what we're told our satellites, I've, done it myself. I've. Seen bright lights moving across the sky but, I have no idea what those things are. In. This video you. Can see several large. Bright, objects. However. None, of them appear on any satellite, tracking, applications. When. You look up at a jet airliner, flying. At 35,000. Feet you, can only see it as a small dot, so. How is it if something, the size of a jumbo jet is. Rendered, as a small dot at about, five, to seven miles up that. You can see a satellite. Which, is the size of between, a car and a. School bus at. A hundred, miles away, you. Just wouldn't see it. There. May be things, that are way. Beyond the, human minds ability, to comprehend, I won't, even go into stars, here stars, are still 100%. A mystery, all we know is that they say that they are trillions, of miles away that's. For you to believe or to not believe but, planets, okay, we, can see them independently. They, look like luminous, objects, in the distance but. Without NASA CGI photos, we're shading is at it they, can't be confirmed, as spheres. Through. My telescope they don't appear to have life or livable, Terrafirma we, simply don't know what they are but, they appear to just circle around us and have something to do with the mechanics of this reality just. Because something looks like a circle, doesn't, make something, else a ball or an oblate spheroid. It. Has claimed the other planets, are spheres and so therefore Earth must also be a sphere, firstly. Earth is a plane not a planet so, the shape of these planets in the sky have, no bearing on the shape of the earth beneath our feet, secondly. These planets, have been known for thousands of years around the world as wandering, stars since, they differ from the other fixed stars in their relative motions only when. Looked at with an unprejudiced naked, eye or through a telescope the, fixed and wandering stars appear, as luminous, discs of life not, spherical. Terra firma the. Pictures and videos shown by nasa of spherical, terra firma planets, are all clearly fake computer-generated. Images. And not, photographs. The. Etymology of the word planet, actually. Comes from the late old english planet, or from. Old french planet, from, latin Planeta from greek planet s planet. Eye wandering, stars or, to wander of unknown origin, to. Spread or, notion of spread out from. Latin play no flat, surface, plain level, plain they. Just added a tee to our earth plane and everyone bought it here's, a picture Jupiter's, from three separate, images okay. Three separate periods but. They're always at the same angle, now if someone's, in the North Pole and then, someone's in the South Pole on the bottom side of the globe they would see Jupiter upside, down. Now. If you're gonna tell me this was taken but with a satellite. Even. A satellite, would move in all different directions it, wouldn't take the same angle, over and over again, this. One has a moon in front of it same angle, this one does it this one's a little lighter just, about the same same, angle nothing. So. Again, I mean you want to talk about major. This. Is it right here okay. Yeah. You might be able to see something through your telescope but you're not seeing this okay. In high, detail, like this you're not not, when any amateur, telescope, period, here, we go this, is one this is Europa, one that you put hers moons again. Same, angle only differences. They colored this one it's the same damn photo only all they did was darken. This one and then, they put a little, bit of a shading, right around this edge where the pointer is on.

It But, it's the same damn thing so. They didn't change anything, they're not even trying that hard they're just putting out photos. Here. Goes Saturn, that this is supposedly, a, actual. Photo from. A satellite, this is all NASA's, website. Sure. It looks pretty, but. It's not real and they're. Telling you it's real and you believe it because your ego won't allow you to, to, say, look it's, all fake your. Ego won't allow you to know the truth, every. Picture we have from, NASA of a planet, is a artist, rendering, they're not real pictures, if you take a strong telescope, and look at a planet, it looks nothing like this it looks like a self illuminating, light it looks more like a star on they, used to call planets wandering. Stars next, Saturn. I'd have looked at myself too high-powered, telescopes and, it really looks like a light bulb it doesn't look like it's reflecting, light the Rings are lit up there's. None of these colors, on there and. These are just artist renderings and if you believe that they're real you're. Just sadly mistaken next, we recently had Pluto. Pictures. Of Pluto the one a kind, of Center bottom is. The most recent, one and that was taken by a probe. That was whizzing by Pluto, Pluto spinning, there's barely any light out there and it gets this perfect, brightly. Lit, crisp. Clear, image, of Pluto and transmits, it all the way back to earth you, know where we can barely get cell phone signals you know when you go out of town go. To the next one and if you look at it again Disney, style they show us this ridiculous, picture and Pluto, is actually on on Pluto, there they're literally, laughing. At us. In. 240. BC a, jesuit. Named Eratosthenes, he. Calculated, the Earth's circumference. He, did that by planting. A stick in the ground at. Midday so. That the, sunlight being. Directly overhead would cast no shadow. Simultaneously. About 400 miles away somebody. Else that planted the stick, in the same way and, found. That the sunlight cast, a shadow, so. By taking a shadow length and knowing. The distance between the sticks you. Could theoretically work. Out the circumference. Of the earth this, method, requires that the Sun be a long, long way away so that the light coming from the Sun is all parallel. However. It, turns out that, you'd, get exactly, the same results, on a flat earth if. The, Sun were only. 3,100. Miles away and. 34. Miles across a, mature. Balloon footage taken above the clouds has provided stunning, visual proof that the Sun cannot be millions of miles away in. Several, shots you, can see a clear hot spot reflecting.

On The clouds directly, below the Sun spotlight, like influence, if, the Sun were actually, millions of miles away such a small localized, hot spot could not occur, another. Proof the Sun is not millions of miles away is found by tracing the angle of sunrays back to their source above the clouds there. Are thousands, of pictures showing how sunlight comes down through cloud cover at a variance, of converging, angles the, area of convergence is of course the Sun and is not millions, of miles away but rather relatively. Close to earth just above the clouds, will. Talk about the vanishing point a little bit these lines are, parallel. The. Way we see they don't look parallel here but, if you flick to the next one these are the corners, of the hallway and, they, go.they they, rush to the point of convergence or the vanishing, point and, that's, how our eyes see everything rushes, in from the sides the top and the bottom to our point of. Of focus, and that's. The vanishing point the sky has, no bumps on it the sky is smooth, but, the earth has bumps on it has mountains it has trees that has cars people waves anything. That comes across the, flat plane that even rises up a little bit will create a false, horizon. In front, of that vanishing, point so if you look at the light on the ceiling and imagine that's the Sun it's, the sun's not getting any closer, to the floor but it is going down, and if you had some bumps in the hallway or some people standing down the whole way the Sun would disappear, that light would disappear behind their heads from the bottom up just like we observed, on this plane. Let's. Turn our attention to the moon, many. Of us have seen the moon appear fall at. Various, times throughout the day as in, this picture but. How can that happen. If. You're standing at point-c then it's the middle of the night full, moon no problem and if. You're standing at Point a it's, early. In the morning certainly. If you stare. Back at the moon in the night sky then. Yes you can see a full moon, but. If you're standing at point B, which. Is midday that, is the Sun is directly overhead. Then. There isn't anywhere that the moon can be that. Will allow you to see it as full because. The. Sun will be illuminating. The side of the moon that. Is facing, away from you so the best you'll be able to see is, a. Sliver, of the moon. Think. About it next time you see the full moon during the day. Every. Month the moon goes through eight distinct, phases, always. The same eight always. The same order, supposedly. Because of a relationship between the position of the moon relative. To the position of the Earth and the Sun so. Let's. Say it's December, and throughout. The month we see the normal eight phases, of the Moon but. What happens when it's June and the. Earth is supposedly. On, the other side of the Sun shouldn't. Be phases, be reversed. That's. Not what we say we. See the same eight phases in the same order. At. Night the, craters. Or the dark spots I'd like to call them are black because, it's in our sky and there's black sky behind it next if you look at the full moon during the day those, spots are now blue because we are seeing through, whatever, the, moon is and. To prove that go the next one we have a crescent, moon and behind. The moon was, a planet, and. When, you zoom in you can see the planets through, the moon and, it, was this shot was, was. Proven that there was a planet, in that position and you could see it behind one and there's many people that have photographed, this now.

People, In the North when they're looking at the moon, they. Are looking, at, the moon in this direction and this of, course this moon is oversized. So, it's. Much bigger than, what. It really would be on. This map but. The, people, in the south they, are looking. To. The north at. The moon so. What they see is, the. Opposite. Of what. The. North sees and that's why, for. The south it's upside down, from. The north and. It's as simple as that. So. I'll cut right to the chase, powerful. Jews are operating, and manipulating. This reality as of, right now it doesn't take much research, to figure this out, just to clarify not, every Jewish person is, in on the conspiracy but in the grand scheme of things wealthy. Jewish families, have the control they, own the Federal Reserve, they, own the World Bank they, own Hollywood, and the media they. Own Freemasonry. And much, much more, Freemasonry. Is one of the oldest secret, societies, in the world and was born from Judaism, and has, nothing but jewish terms and ideas freemasons. Are scattered, across the world to serve as instruments, for the elite agenda, several. Of these freemasons work for NASA for, Ptolemy. Who first put forward the heliocentric. Model was, acknowledged, as the first Mason. Copernicus. Was a Jesuit, priest, Sir. Isaac, Newton, was a freemason. All. The astronauts, are freemasons. So. You can see how this like at work if all these celebrated. People are, telling the same story Nicholas, Copernicus, Johannes, Kepler Galileo, Galilei. And Isaac. Newton the four forefathers. Of the globalist, heliocentric. Doctrine, all posed, from masonic portraits, highlighting. Various symbols, and hand signs denoting. Their affiliation, with the brotherhood, galileo. Poses, on a masonic, checkerboard, floor kempler, with the hidden hand sign and all, four of them posed with a Masonic, compass and globe while, flashing the Masonic M hand, sign Sir, Isaac Newton was even knighted by Queen am, at Trinity's, College and Masonic masters, Lodge an. Inordinate, number of, NASA astronauts. The, current propagators. Of the globalist. Heliocentric. Doctrine, are or, were admitted, freemasons as well John Glenn two-time, US senator and one of NASA's first astronauts, is a known Mason Buzz Aldrin jr., the second man to lie about walking on the moon is an admitted, ring wearing him sign flashing, 33rd, degree Mason from, Montclair. Lodge, number 144. In new jersey edgar mitchell another, supposed, Moonwalker, aboard. Apollo 14, is, an, order of de Molay Mason, at our testa Lodge number 29, in New Mexico, James, Irwin, of Apollo, 15, the last man to lie about walking on the moon was a Thien Lodge number 104, member, in Colorado, Springs domine, cell on Apollo, 7 was a member of the Luther B Turner Lodge number, 732. In Ohio Gordon. Cooper aboard mercury, 9 and Gemini 5 was a Master Mason in carbondale. Lodge number 82 in Colorado, virgil. Grissom on Apollo.

1 And 15 mercury. 5 in Gemini 3 was, a Master, Mason from Mitchell Lodge number 228, in Indiana Walter. Schirra jr. on, Apollo 7, Sigma, 7 Gemini. 6 and mercury 8 was a 33rd, degree Mason at, Canaveral. Lodge number 339. In, Florida, Thomas. Stafford, on Apollo 10 and 18 Gemini, 7 and, 9 was, a Mason at western star Lodge number 138, in Oklahoma Paul, Weitz on Skylab, 2 and Challenger, is from Lawrence, Lodge brother, 708, in Pennsylvania, NASA, astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Alan. Shepard William. Pogue Vance. Brand, and Anthony England all had, fathers, who were freemasons to the. Amount of astronauts, known to be Freemasons or from free, masonic families is astonishing. It is likely that more astronauts, and people of key importance, in NASA are affiliated, with the brotherhood as well but, not so open about their membership, for. There to be this many Masons members, of the world's largest and oldest secret, society, involved. With the promotion, and propagation, of this globalist, heliocentric. Doctrine, from its outset to today should, raise some serious suspicions. I'm. Still surprised, how often I see the globe in corporate, logos almost, every, piece of media I look at including commercials. Magazines and music videos and album. Covers I mean, it's a lot and the. Rest of us describe all earth as where we live because we don't know any better when. It's drilled, into your head as fact, before, you even get to the third grade you. End up with that core, belief a. Belief that's hard to part with we. All have a little bit of ego and we don't want to be wrong but, this Flat Earth epiphany, is rousing. Us from our sleep and we're, now noticing, the massive amounts of programming. The. World has been systematically brainwashed. And indoctrinated, for centuries into. Believing the greatest lie of all time that, the earth is, a spinning, globe. Decades. Of programming. Through, entertainment, media, over. A hundred years of science, fiction books and. The stories and television. Programs, and films. Must. Admit to being a science, fiction fan myself I grew, up watching Star, Trek Star. Wars Babylon. 5, Battlestar. Galactica, watching, films like 2001. 2010. I, truly. Believed that our future land, space I saw. An exciting, future for mankind moon. Bases Mars. Bases, interstellar, travel, but, now I sincerely. Doubt there is any such, thing as space. It. Really is simple believe it or not why. Were we all taught the globe from the time we could walk, why. Are we all told it's the absolute, unquestionable, fact of all facts. Why, are we told Flat Earth is stupid ancient and primitive, why. Are we showing libs in every logo and why are they in every classroom, well. That's simple, because, it's not possible, to, live on a globe. You. Can't live on a sphere, I get. It they, taught us that we can and do yet. They forgot something very important to the truth and that's. Called proof or evidence, without. It the only way to teach it is by forcing it down our throats from the age of three. It's. Simple, because, worldwide. Governments, and agencies trying. To falsify where, you live in your mind is the. Epitome of mind control think, about it history, is already, obscure. And shrouded, in secrecy we. Don't know our true, origins what. Better than to also hide where we are and what our natural purposes. We. Are considered, cattle, goyim. Easily. Fooled and easily, swayed by the mainstream media our. Society. Is engineered. And the ideas, that we think are our own are actually, pre manufactured, by. Entities such, as the Tavistock Institute and, then, it's seeded, into our minds, through movies TV shows and music when. One doesn't recognize. This they, are essentially, controlled, in every, way without even knowing it I have. Knowledge of this and I'm still controlled, by time, and money and other things trying. To find out what they know and also. What they don't want us to know is important. And one, of the things that they are keeping from us is our home. This. Is the case if this, Flat Earth is our universe, then. It elevates, man. And this, earth to. Supreme. Importance, where. Every. Life human. Or otherwise is significant. And sacred. And when. We all realize, that then. The world the, universe, changes. Why. Not they care well this. It's not that they don't care it's that they don't know that it's, true and even. If it is true they, they can't see how deep this goes so they're not they, don't understand why it's even relevant or important, the, shape of the earth doesn't seem that important, until you really expound.

Upon The. Deepness of this conspiracy and, how. Far-reaching it is. To. Me it, matters because if they're going to lie about something, like what. The earth actually is then. There's no limit, to what they will lie about. Where. A random, sneeze, or an accident we just blew up and molecules. Started, spinning around together and eventually a fish, crawled up onto water and turned. Into a monkey and that turned into you and here we are that's, what they're trying to tell you think about how, that makes you feel metaphysically. Where does that place you as, a speck, of dust in the corner of the universe. You. Can see the earth is flat you can feel the earth is stationary, but according to the Gospel of modern astronomy you, are wrong in a simpleton worthy, of endless ridicule if you dare to trust your own eyes and experience. As. Much as people like to ridicule it and laugh about it and claim like there's no proof for it when you really start digging into it not, only we find reams and reams of, proof and evidence for the Flat Earth you're gonna find that there's no evidence whatsoever for. The spinning ball earth, the. Whole. You. Know all the information about how the planet, is a sphere, is made, up by NASA, it's a NASA conspiracy. They're just trying to find ways to get more funding more money but, in reality the, earth is flat and it's, and, the rim is, completely. Closed. Off by this, massive, ice wall kind of like in the game of Thrones why do they believe this conspiracy I, don't, understand, what the point of it is do you see what I'm saying i know like 'we are. Lunatics. And. I think what it is is that, there is a certain group of people who, have a psychological, condition where they're paranoid about everything and, so this feeds into it they're like yes, i know. It it is known that the earth is flat. Also. What's behind you. The. Behind me there is a wall of ice that goes, up to space. Near. The Dothraki, sea oh is. That right okay it was a great pleasure and thank you for saving. Us from falling after the, pleasure is mine. Once. You start seeing past this illusion, and you accept that things aren't adding up you, also start to notice how this subject, is heavily and, unnecessarily. Ridiculed. It's, the single most taboo, topic, in this day and age yet. The evidence for the flat earth and the lack thereof, for the spherical, earth have a different story that desires, to be heard and some. People are hearing it we're. Waking up and we don't care if you can't handle it others, will handle, it and you'll, be left with your pride and a flat earth kernel, in your brain driving, you mad free. Yourself, from this insanity at least if you truly don't care focus. Your attention someplace, else there's. No need to feed all of your energy into something that you thoroughly don't, believe we. Would love to have you on board but, we don't need you you, stay firmly put while the rest of us try to unlock, the doors to the real knowledge. Let. Us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy, theories. The. World is flat and. It's, a conspiracy of scientists. And others who, publish, these pictures the. Evidence is remarkable. People like me have not done their job but. The. Shooting the messenger isn't, gonna change the science. Don't. Get me because you don't give me that conspiracy, boy, come on yeah you're more intelligent man than that come, on come on. Has. Never been a conspiracy. All. That's left now is ad hominem attacks. And. If someone says the earth is round and someone says the earth is flat at, some point you. Everybody. Has the exact same response we all have the same response this is crazy, this is stupid that's absurd, why are you even thinking what do you lost your mind we all have the same initial. Response but. For those who actually take one, day. One. Day to. Try to research, this stuff for themselves, at. The very least they become hooked and have to spend another day and, another, day and. The more you spend looking into it the, more you're going I don't know what to believe. You.

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I would really like to know what your explanation of that is.

I'm offering 5000 to anyone who can disprove my gravitation theory and model. Please check out my YouTube channel for more details. Thank you.

we have been lie about many things for loooong loooong time...NEVER humans has been on the moon...that was and is a lie....but the government set apart billions for space exploration but that is used for well image what...

How about this? If you leave a point and travel in a straight line, you will end up at that point eventually.

Awesome NaTuber TV for explaining the truth... I'm a nobody and i want to stay that way... If you need a video of the simulation sun for your project please use mine at my channel... I won't take any credit for it, its all your because i give freely.. And i ask nothing in return.. Just the truth is the best already...

More proofs about the round or flat earth: The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball History of Flat Earth - International Research The Earth is not what we have been trained to believe Stars are not what we have been told - Depicting stars in real time You can't avoid this Documentary with Scientific Proofs about the Flat Earth WHAT WE'VE BEEN TAUGHT, DOES MATCH WITH WHAT WE SEE ??? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE ???

You will never had an answer of this jerk because he as no clue , paid by banksters to loose his flat head on a flat surface like a dollar bill , don't follow this piece of shit you are loosing your time , all about him is wrong , EVERTHING i never though that would be possible but this jerk should be jailed !!

this has got to be the dumbest video on Youtube

I lost my dog.......


Ok real post tell the soviet Govment its flat view fail Safe the movie and look at ballistic missile programs and trajectories explain light and dark different temp zones Time differences planes flying globally in circles ??ok thats an oxymoron

so let me get this straight The Sun is also a disc then ? ok then how is it so hot and the other side dark ? as our disc aghem spins around it like a frsibee ok im convinced... Sucks in *cough cough * p[ass dude its like real i mean look at a cheatos real it round and long but not flat i mean the earth is a cheato that chetos is lying dude THE EARTH IS A CHEATO...its foretold in the book of scrolls chapter 420

simple explination ball earth. SUNSET,NOONTIME and SUNSET all are same size...... if the sun rotating flat earth the SUN became SMALLER and SMALLER untill you cant see it or BIGGER and BIGGER untill NOON TIME. the earth is ROUND theres no reason NASA/all nations hide this to there countrymen.

1500 yrs ago people knew shit about science

erf=platos, no curvature, moon proofs that the erf is flat...sun also too...

Technically, the lack of curvatures may prove your point. But, what doesn't make sense to me is that, if the sun and moon are both inside with the flat earth, as you said in one of your vids that the sun is supplying us with sunlight locally and that it's not millions of light yrs away, why do flat earthers also debunk the moon landing? If indeed the moon is also under the firmament? I may have gotten confused watching almost all your vids so if you may kindly explain that part if I got it wrong. Thank you! Great vids btw.

EARTH IS FLAT, regards

Finally... Can I get a refund for all the money you took to finance your elaborate lifestyle? Rothschild's only need to auction off their collectibles and antiques to refund every American who paid into space travel. Just asking.

Something else... They may have outwitted us, but they can never outsmart us. Theyre ego is so enormous, they never dreamed their GMOs, fluoride, chemtrails, programming, EMFs might not work. Who's laughing at who now?

I truely believe this is our one guided purpose... nothing happens by accident. We must see the biggest deception of all time in other to evolve as humans. If you made a living based on a globe model, it's not your fault. We already have forgiven you before you are even able to admit you were deceived or are still sleeping...Just like the rest of us, we were all deceived. What awaits us all when the deceivers crumble is far greater than that.

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