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It's. Important. To understand, what, the 5g, is. Doing, and what they say it's doing we're. Told on the I Triple E beam informing, document, that this technology. Cooked. Your eyes like. Eggs in. World or. And, you all need to understand, these. Are military weapons. These, are assault, frequencies. If you garner, nothing, more than that that's, what you need to know it's microwave, radiation, for sure is what it is. Ladies. Gentlemen please join me in welcoming to the National, Press Club Federal, Communications, Commission, Chairman Tom wheeler. It's. An honor to, be here at. The, National. Press, Club. The, first generation. Wireless. 1g. Was, voice, the. Second, generation. 2g. Allowed. Both talk, and text. The. Third generation, 3G. The Internet, in a. Limited way and today's. Technology. 4G. Completed. That digital, migration. But. If anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5g, is going to become. Run. The other way. This. Video is brought, to you by the number five and the letter G and pretty. Soon everything. Else will be too I. Have. To, tell, the people. 5. G's akela. I'm. Mark steel anybody who hasn't heard me and, what the systems head-up display, expert. Leading. Experts in the world I've. Actually brought : relation to this the reason I became annexed to it was to invent them what. I'm going to see it eat idiot do not believe a single, word I see, it, not. One I want you to do your research you'll. Find it upfield terrifying. This. 5g rule up there's a weapon system I've, got a letter with central core because I know about what the system has more than anything all that. In. Britain, in a place in the north, of England called Gateshead, a scientist. There called mark steel has. Been. Very. Publicly. And actively. Warning. People about, the effects, of. LED. Streetlights, which he says in. Gateshead. Are emitting, now. 5g. I've. Just come to work with these kids at culture work as about to pierce in this say this. These, transmitters on these lights that are causing harm. Assault. In the community, this, is an existential threat to the economy to the environment and. Humanity, with. These transmitters are everywhere then everyone's at risk -. There's. A lot of confusion about what five years, the. G stands for generation, so you started, off with the first, transmitter. System, back in the 1980s, and then yet ETS we have 1g then your 2g, and as the generations, moved on we, started, to see. More. Complex. Signal. Systems. Cleverer. Pieces. Of you. Know antenna designs, etc. Etc so. The whole thing became. More. Data, quicker, data quicker, downloads, etc, etc however. 5g. Is something, completely, different. All. Right let's get a break though let's tell the people what this really is this is the 5g. Transmission. Device. That's. A hell of a beef start isn't it these, are the uninsurable. Transmitters. Just, get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there's quite a few experts. Who, want to see. More. Detail, about, the transmitters, and the chipsets. Stava. Good luck boys this. Is the control. Management system, mastery there's none senator Xena, what. Is this, phears two rear antenna, here, what's, that this is for ps3 all, right. As you'll see it's got a driver's custom chip takes one, chip the chip sets, on this this, is a disturbing, world order, this what it gets it comes to see I'll, tell you what I think about I sent some of these educated. Fools by the school what'd, you send them to prison which. I was the easiest and in prisons probably better. That's. Five gee guys that's, five G Harley. You. Must consider the whole part played by electricity, in nature human, beings cannot, go on developing, in the same way in an atmosphere permeated. On all sides by electric, currents and radiations, it has an influence on the whole development, of man this, life of men in the midst of electricity, notably, radiant, electricity, will presently, affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to understand, the news which they received so rapidly, the effect is to damp down their intelligence, such effects are already seen today even today you, can notice how people understand, the things that come to them with far greater difficulty, than they did a few decades ago. Rudolf.

Steiner. 1924. Rudolf. Steiner noted that in 1924. Since, then our atmosphere, has become far more permeated. With electric, waves of widely. Diverse types there's. No doubt now that. Electric. Waves electromagnetic. Forces. Cause. Direct, biological. Effects, there's. Thousands, of peer-reviewed, papers on this subject, there's. No doubt about it but what are these effects, how. Are they affecting, us what, can we do about it we're, now at a stage where. We're, putting, in what's called 5g. Which. Is a special type of, broadcast. For high, density information. Transfers. And it. Turns out that this is the same frequency. Bands that are used in the crowd dispersal. Weapon. Five. Key first, and foremost, is densification, so. It's. Significantly. More transmitters. At close proximity to. The. Human and it. Is also a, sophisticated. A lead of unlawful. Transmitter. What. I mean by that is, it. Is a, high, gear. Dielectric. Lens antenna. And. What that allows 5g. Transmitters. To do is. To 3d map, its, environment. In your home the. 868. Megahertz. Frequency. Is specific. For, battlefield. Interrogation, systems. So so gigahertz that allows. The, signal to travel through concrete, brick, work with. Ease and. It. Can actually data. Gala it is a target, the choir and system. Fears. The rear is basically, read off the battlefield. It. Is extremely, good and, identifying. Targets, and being. A lock, on the tolerance and not. Only that it can specifically. Target you, as an individual, so any judge said no no in. Impressed, in kids let's say any lawyer. And he barrister, anybody doing any work on his potentially, controversial, your. Life could be a threat. So. The antenna, design that, you currently have non-stop. Of these, LED, streetlights. Muscarine. As a contour, management, system, it, basically, Barfield. Interrogation. Equipment. The. First phase the rear unit, was actually called Mahmut used. By the Germans, during the Second World War to identify. Allied, aircraft, obviously. Things have moved on significantly. Since, then. Well. I joined. The Royal Navy in. 1960. And. I. Specialized. In, microwave. Warfare. Radar. Obviously, which uses microwave but. They don't just teach you radar they teach you all about microwaves. And other uses, so. I understood. About. Microwave. Warfare, and how it can damage people, how it can harm people. Microwaves. Then were. Used as weapons, as they, are today it. Is, a perfect. Stealth, weapon, and when. Governments, don't, like a group, of people for. Instance that the ladies who protest, at Greenham common in. England, about the American, missile base they, can't they, were microwaved. We. Might pro both Catholics, in Northern Ireland to. Make them sick, it, goes on all over the world and it's. A weapon that you don't know you're being targeted because. The dose is very very low which. Is actually more dangerous, than, a high dose it's. Very very low and it, may, take a year or two but you can you. Can cause, neurological. Damage, and cancers. With. Low level microwaves, and you can make all your opponents. Sick. It it's a perfect, weapon for, a government. Our, impulses. Are, being redirected we. Are living in an artificially. Induced, state, of consciousness, that resemble. Slip for, their intention. To rule rests. With the annihilation, of consciousness. We, have been loaded, with friends they. Have made us indifferent, to, ourselves to. Others, we, are focused, only on our own game, please. Understand. They are safe, as long as they are not discovered, keep us asleep, keep. Us selfish, keep, us sedation. Almost. Immediately I, had near buzz knocking on the door talking.

About Children bleeding, from the nose I had images, posted on Facebook, the, modern era in particular, killed. A my door and mentioned. The fact that since the LED, street lighting had been installed, she. Was bleeding from the nose every, single, night I thought. Was unbelievable. However. Spoke, to another neighbor who lived not, far from, the first lady who mentioned, this and she. Also confirmed. That since the LED, streetlight, had been installed, she, also had. Started, to develop nosebleeds. And never had nosebleeds before, in her life that then. Put. Me on a journey to, investigate. A. Measurement. Microwave, radiation, levels from the transmitters. On, top of the LED, streetlights, the. Basic, 868. Megahertz. It was significantly. Higher than. The current, comes. Through 1815. Resolution. Which is a maximum, of 600 millivolts, I've measured over. 3,000, millivolts, five. Times five to six times higher, than the than the guidelines significantly. Higher than then, the current, council European, in 15 resolution, which, states that 200, millivolts. Should. Be the, maximum that, by your initiative, report, states. That it should be significant. Less in that's who have got the council Europe that's. You know the the. International. Kourt's or spear nut you, know the learner judges, have said that 200 millivolts, and are measuring, in bedrooms, and get a minimum. Minimum. 600. In up. The four thousand does this mean that in 2020. 2021. When. 5g, is destined, to roll out globally that. You're going to get those kind of readings everywhere. All the time everywhere. All it's worse than that worse enough. Yes. 5g, will connect the internet of everything if. Something, can be connected, it will be connected in the 5g, world hundreds. Of billions. Of microchips. Connected. In, products. From pill bottles, to. Plant waterers, requiring. Massive, deployment. Of small cells. We. Won't wait for. The standards, now, to make this work five, the 5g build out is going to be very. Infrastructure. Intensive. We, must reject the notion that, the. 5g, future, will. Be the sole province of, urban. Areas, the. 5g, revolution. Will touch all, corners. And that's. Damn. Important. The, interconnected. World of the future. Will. Be the result of decisions we must make. Today. The, main issue before us today is Senate, bill 637. And Senate, bill 894. The. Former by Senator Hugh and the latter by Senator nobs, we're, gonna invite, the first, four witnesses, in, support of. The, legislation and, that would be John Jones with Sprint David. Lewis and Andy Emerson with AT&T Neil CREB de with Verizon, and Frank, out committee jr. with t-mobile so. Be straight with me. Is. It true, it. Could, be. Gentlemen. Practice. These words in front of the mirror, although. We are constantly exploring the subject, currently. There. Is no direct, evidence that links cell phone usage to, brain cancer. I'm. Sharon Goldberg I'm an internal medicine physician I've practiced, medicine for 21 years and my background is mostly academic, internal. Medicine Hospital, based clinical. Research and medical education, I'm a certified, Microsoft, small business specialist, I've worked on space station designing, the, cabling, system, for the airlock module, where as responsible, for EMI EMC analysis, which is electromagnetic, interference. Electromagnetic. Compatibility a professor, in the Department, of Epidemiology. Biostatistics. And occupational. Health and I, teach they're both, toxicology. And health. Effects of electromagnetic, radiation. My name is Donna Tocqueville and I'm the founder of organization, called we are the evidence, we. Are an organization, that represents the, many adults and unfortunately, many children, who has become very sick from wireless technology, radiation, there, seems to be a couple false Easter eggs being put out there right now I want to make sure we dispel that right off the gate the effects of wireless. On health. Scientifically. Are very, very, clear. So, it's always pushed, back to the definition, of an acceptable, level of radiation, and that's what this is by the way this is about radiation. Wireless. Radiation, has biological, effects, period. My, name is dr., Angie Colbeck, I've been reviewing the studies showing, the impacts of wireless radiation. On our, health and there are now thousands. Of studies showing. The following, adverse, health impacts. To wireless radiation. Cancer. Oxidative. Damage DNA. Damage, DNA, failure. Things like memory. Dizziness. Anxiety. Brain. Fog headaches, nose. Bits, cognitive. Problem, exhaustion. We have it evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which. Is the precursor of congestive, heart failure short. And long term memory, loss decreased. Attention spans lower reaction, times. Even. Involuntary, contractions. Of muscles causing, misalignments. Of spines and jaws breast, cancer, we suddenly have, breast cancer in women who.

DNA, Predisposition. Disrupted. Immune function, and change, in stress proteins. Reproductive. And fertility, effects, there, are dozens and dozens of studies that show beyond, any doubt what this, radiation. Is doing to our sperm now, if you take this the the cell phone out of your pocket the. Sperm will recuperate within, three to four months what would not recuperate, would be the damage to the DNA of the sperm that is irreparable. The. Wife of the ex governor of Indiana, was diagnosed, with glioblastoma, same, brain tumor Ted Kennedy have and John McCain had did, he look at John McCain's car this, is a cell phone brain. Tumor LeBron. James one of our sports, people had. A salivary, gland tumor, that, is another cell phone tumor. You didn't hear about it because immediately after that was discovered he would pay it was paid by Samsung, to become their spokesperson, we. Are seeing increases, in in brain tumors we're. Seeing increases, in Alzheimer's, we're seeing increases, in all. Of the neurotransmitter. Diseases, ALS. Lou Gehrig's disease. Parkinson's. These, are all disease. Systems that are known, to be associated. With low-level, energy exposures, we talk about the 24/7. Around-the-clock, exposure. Whatever, you are and your. Whole body you never get away from it and it, seems from our studies, that maybe, your immune system can cope with for a time but. It will deteriorate then, the irradiation. Will, definitely. Damage, cells at the deeper level and the question is what will then happen these. Are out of peer-reviewed papers so these are not just. Hypochondriacs. Thinking, that they're doing it we're, having real problems with. This this, is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer review literature these. Effects, are seen in all life forms, plants, animals. Insects. Microbes. So, 5g, is not a conversation about, whether or not these biological, effects exist, they clearly, do, there, is scientifically. Evidence. That is so strong, that, you can be certain. That the standards, used by the SCC. To manage, health effects are wrong. We. Need to start measuring how. Much radiation are, people. Being exposed, to before. We roll out 5g, there, are four kinds of, electromagnetic. Fields that we know are harmful to human health so radiofrequency radiation. Magnetic. Fields dirty, electricity, and electric, fields okay our, exposure. Any given, person and all, humans, are affected, by EMFs, what, is our exposure and in a day it's. Not one cellphone, its. Cellphones, it's multiple wireless networks it's smart meters its cell towers, it's, this sandwich, and it all adds up, the, data. We're going to look at are all published, science testing, results or public standards at the. Bottom end of the radiation scale of what's called power density, or signal, strength is the, minimum level at which cellphones will work which, was found to be point to billions, of a micro watt per centimeter squared. Pine. Needles were found to age prematurely at, point, zero zero zero, zero to seven. At. Short-term exposures. Of point zero five children. Aged 8 to 17 experienced. Headache irritation. Concentration. Difficulties and behavioral. Problems. Point. One is the BAU biology, or building, biology, guideline, for extreme concern. 1.0. Produced sperm DNA fragmentation. And a decrease in sperm viability, in vitro. Also. At 1.0, the science shows the following bodily, effects can occur headaches. Dizziness, fatigue. Insomnia. Chest. Pain difficulty. Breathing and in digestion. 2.5. Saw altered calcium, metabolism and, heart muscle cells, 4.0.

Changes. In the hippocampus, affecting, brain memory and learning and at, 6.0. DNA, damage in cells, so. Where, are smart meters on this list. Electrical. Power Institute in December 2010, measured, a single eye Tron smart meter with pulses up to seven point nine three microwatts. Per centimeter, squared our. Own testing, indicated approximately, 8.0. With one meter these. Tests are at a close distance approximately. One foot away from the meter but, an infant's, crib can be just as close on the other side of the wall where the meter or bank of meters are installed. Even. Though there are all these known health effects at levels far lower Switzerland. Liechtenstein and, Luxembourg, see fit to set the standard at nine point five and, China. Poland and Russia 10.0. This. Is the same level at which behavior, has been altered producing. Reflexes, of avoidance, following, 30-minute, exposures, a, room. Of twelve smart meters are very common, and even a conservative, number in an apartment, building tested. At 19.8. Microwatts. Per centimeter, squared this. Is hundreds, of times higher than levels which clearly, indicate, harmful, effects. So. How, can you Atilla teas and government's get away with forcing, these devices, on everyone, this. Is how in, Canada. In the US and several other civilized, countries, the, safety limit is set at six hundred to one thousand. Microwatts, per centimeter, squared, this. So-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands, of times higher than, levels which are known to damage health according, to peer-reviewed, published, science. Faster. Better, more, reliable. Internet, that's. The promise, of 5g, technology, but there, is also the, peril. Health. Hazards. Associated. With. Radio. Frequency. That. Is higher also, and. Requires. More. Transmitters. And in antennas. And the. Start, simple. Fact, is, the. Health, hazards are. Unknown. And, unstudied. And. That. Is a sign of neglect, and disregard, on the part of the Federal Communications, Commission that. Seems. Unacceptable. There, have been no answers so far the FCC. Basically. Has said. Everything's, fine. But. In, order to reach a conclusion about. The health and safety of this new technology, we, need facts. Chairman. Thank, you for. Having this hearing, 5g. As you well know also, uses higher frequency, waves, that. Don't travel as far and will rely, on a network of hundreds, of thousands, potentially. Millions, of small cell, sites and the question then is are, there. Any health implications a, nice. Public. Safety implication, to. Those, additional. Sites, that are likely be located, close. To homes schools, workplaces, and. Closer. And closer to the ground. Correct. Correct. Yes. So. My. Question, for. For, you particularly mr. villain and mr. berry. How, much money. Has the, industry. Committed, to supporting, additional. Independent. Research I stress, independent, research. Is. That independent, research ongoing, has. Any been completed, where. Can consumers. Look, for it, and. We. Talked about research, on the biological, effects of this, new technology. Thank. You senator and I think, thank, you for your focus on the issue safety. Is paramount and, as you alluded to we rely, on the expert agency x' we rely on the. Findings of the FDA and others as to the. Requirements, to keep all of us safe there. Are no, industry. Back studies to my knowledge right now happy, to visit with you as to what, opportunities.

You Think there needs to be more studies and, we're, always for more science we, also rely on what the scientists, tell us. So. Essentially, the. Answer my question, how, much money, 0. I. Can. Certainly. Follow up with you senator to my knowledge there's no active studies being, backed by industry today. Anybody. Else know of. Industry. Commitments, to to, back, research, funded. Support it. To. Ascertain. Scientifically. The health effect. No. I'm not aware of and, you know there really is no research ongoing we're, kind of, flying. Blind here so. Far as health and safety concern. Thank. You mr. chairman. You're. Trained medical professional, yes we don't have one on the panel what, are we to make with, of, the. American, Cancer Society, for example telling. Us there's, no evidence, of. Harmful. Product. Many, of these organizations. Have, conflicts, of interest, very, briefly if you can what do you what's your definite what do you mean by conflict, of interest one of the first things that you teach residents is, that you always have to look at, the, funding. There's. A tremendous, amount of sponsored, research by. People who are hired to do studies to find, no effect, and that's. Plagued. This, field in a number of countries, the. Radiofrequency. Radiation, work. That we did was, supported, by Motorola. The. Relationship. Was really very cordial. And very. Stress-free. But. Only. Up, until we started to jitter hitting data these. Folks were very very upset and, began to talk about how are they going to handle this what. Sort of spin can we put on this what can we expect from this and from that, point on the relationship, changed, to. What we saw was that Motorola began, to exert more and more control, over the work telling. Us what to do. Telling. Us how to write abstracts, what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the papers. How. To do the work no. Don't, do this yes, do it this way, this. Was unacceptable, I. Had. Completed, our, study of DNA damage and, I. Submitted the final report to Motorola. They, simply, weren't, willing to accept. My, interpretation, of my study my. Evaluation. Of my study. My. Knowledge of science, at that, point and. Tried. To urge me not, to publish the study, did. You hear about people coming to you as far as uh as. Far as accounting complaints about illness, we, were made aware of health complaints, following, installation of smart meters and we wanted to verify, this using, our. Fieldwork so I measured. The field of about 30 different people, while they stood one, foot in front of the smart meter and in every single case the. Human.

Energy Field was obliterated as they stood in front of the smart meter, so. In our first slides, what we see is normal. Cells and the, structure of the cells is intact. And sound this. Is what we would expect from a normal sample so. After two minutes of exposure in front of the smart meter at about one foot away we. See a totally different story, sample. One you can see a lot of degradation in, the cells the cell walls have been broken and you, see changes. In the cells which are called mycoplasma, it, shows a mutation, to the cell in, the second sample we seems a different type of degradation to, the cell, membranes, you can see a corrugation. Here this is called bottle-cap, formation. And it's. Known that this occurs due to oxidation, or. Exposure. To free radicals, so this, third subject, when, we did her sample, she had, to be pulled away from the meter after 45, seconds, because she complained, about a increasingly. Severe, headache and here. You see a phenomenon. Called reuleaux where the red blood cells are stacking, up which, makes it very difficult for, the blood, to deliver oxygen to the tissues as. They would, be their normal function every, single one of these is a degradation every. Single one of these shows trauma to the blood cells and that. Came from something and the only variable, was the smart meter the, good news in all this is the, patience and the blood can return to normal once they have been removed from the influences, of these stressors. Some. Of the effects that we, can look at well, one thing is is to say regular Wi-Fi 2.4. Gigahertz, that's. In the same range as microwave. Ovens, which are also called radar, ranges. Because that is radar. 2.4. Gigahertz, is interesting, it's not the peak absorption. Rate in water. For. Microwave. Frequencies, but, it's at a point where it allows full penetration, because if it came in at the peak it. Would prevent, the insides. From getting, warm so that's, what basic Wi-Fi, now. When we look at 5g. 60. Gigahertz, this. Is what. They call active dispersal. Sort. Of weaponry just, to keep people back it burns the skin it doesn't, penetrate but, 60. Gigahertz is the frequency of oxygen, molecule, absorption. Since. They. Have electrons, that they share with each other what, we breathe is actually o 2 pair. Of oxygen, so, being. Bombarded with 60. Gigahertz could. Very well impair. Our oxygen, absorption rates in our body and thereby. The. Whole basis of our living system. Martin. Paul says, putting. Tens of millions of 5g, antennas, without a single biological, test of safety has. To be about the stupidest, idea anyone, has had in the history of the world. So. Assessing, all this we, have experts, in various fields. Military. EMF. Weaponry. Biological. Effects on humans. Firefighters. That. Are getting cognitive, impairment, by being there in them countries. That are banning these, sort of technologies, around schools, because of the impairment to cognitive, let's. Weigh that up in, light. Of what Rudolf Steiner said in 1924. About just mere radio, causing. The impairment of cognitive. Functions, on people, that they can receive news from around the world but. They can't understand, it as well because of the effect of the tricity we. Have to say, something. Smells sinister, here. With. The fifth generation it's actually a whole new ball game it's not using the same technology, they, use they're switching to military-grade. Millimeter. Wave technology, and, when you look at this technology, and. If you go and look at DARPA reports. Kind of look at some of the patents that the United States military, has put out on what they can do with, psychological.

Weapons. All sorts of things crowd control Active Denial anything, you can think of this. Is what they can do with 5g, so, any type, of military, application, you can think of which is has, an electromagnetic, base they, can do with 5g, and they're putting this out blanket, across the population. Ladies. And gentlemen the President, of the United States good. Evening my fellow Americans in, the. Council's of government we, must guard against, the acquisition of. Unwarranted influence, whether sought. Or unsought by, the, military-industrial. Complex the. Potential, for the disastrous rise, of misplaced power, exists. And will, persist. We. Must never let the weight of this combination endanger, our, liberties or, democratic processes. The. FCC, is a capture, agency, they probably conducted. What I believe to be the biggest, fraud. On the public ever conducted, the. FCC, has been described by Harvard, University's, Center, for Ethics writer Norman Ulster as the, most captured, agency, in DC acting. More as a industry. Cheerleader, than a regulator, this, is especially true today with 5g where, there are serious safety concerns, and potentially, misleading, information. Coming from the FCC for. Example the previous chairman, of the FCC is Tom wheeler he was the head of the wireless lobby Association, for 14 years now remember, Obama told us there will be no lobbyists, in his administration so. He took the biggest lobby and put. Him as ahead of the FCC, and that, damn. Important. The. 1993, the FCC, started a rulemaking to adopt the I Triple E regulations. On this issue I Triple. E is an engineer, Association. Why, is it, that we adopt regulation, of engineers, who. Maybe know how to measure, this radiation it's passing, a wall but not when it's passing a body all, our, health agencies, objected, it saying that it makes no sense to adopt engineer, Association, that. They had not even one biomechanical, person on their on their team they're effectively, indemnified. Against. Adverse, health impacts. When. The. Acceptable. Limits are higher than. The limits actually shown to show, harmful, health effects, the, FCC. Guidelines were, developed for short-term exposures. Six, minutes 30, minutes depending on it's a phone or an outdoor exposure, and they, have, absolutely. No connection. To, the, biological, effects. That. Have been very clearly summarized, in the bio initiative, so, as you can see there's a number of individuals, in this room today that have serious, concerns about this as, regards to their health if, one. Of your companies decides, to. Put one of these small, cells up at a pole that's within say 50 feet, of one of their houses, what. Recourse, do they have to. Say is there a way to move it somewhere, else there, there's language in the bill so that the authority, can require the applicant, to come. Forth with, certification. Of compliance with the FCC's rules related, to radiofrequency emission. Remember. That denial of request or denial permit request that you can put in it's, going to point back to the. Acceptable. Levels as determined, by the FCC, not, the EPA are not the CDC, the ones who usually take care of health concerns but, by the SCC which, is staffed by former. F-numbers. Of the telecommunication. Industry that's, a fox guarding the hen house. It's. A fact that most insurance companies will, not indemnify. Against. EMF. Effects. Telecom. Companies, around the world are warning their investors, of, potential. Major cost due. To real, or alleged. Risks of EMF. Pollution, from their products, interestingly. Enough, they're, warning their investors, but they're not telling their customers they're, basically, keeping. It quiet because that's. Where the money comes from so, we're. Using technology, that could, be very, potentially harmful to us and the investors know it but, their only worry is that they might lose money not that our health might be affected. First, of all I think what. You should really think about is why is it that they're not insured it's honor they chose to be self-insured, they, actually rejected, by the insurance, company from being insured because then it's time to rest so, the insurance companies, the big insurance companies, will, not insure the telecommunications. Called. Secondary, insurance companies, secondary. Insurance companies, are the insurance companies, that insure the insurance companies, so, in a event that insurance company, let's say I insure, Verizon, and it, may not be able to meet the, claims then.

The. Secondary, insurance company is kicking in like Lloyds of London sorry. Likewise of. Lloyds. Of London and Swiss rail both, told. The insurance company not to insure the wireless industry and this is why they're not insured and that should give you a hint now this, is exactly why they have to prevent it health, in a lawsuit. And how do they prevent lawsuit, that goes back to Section 704. Section, 704, was, passed in 1996, this is how our right in, regards, to health were taking away by the wireless industry what, is the dish station did it gave the power to regulate the health, effects, of wireless technology, to the FCC, F this, is a spectrum, auctioning, agency, it's not a health agency, they don't even have one, biomedical. Person, on their team and then, the other thing is section 704 did, it, actually, took the power from the state to regulate location. Of cell towers based on health and what does it means it means, that if they want to put a cell tower in front of your home you cannot go to City Council say hey stop I don't want it I just heard it lecture that there are 10,000 studies proving that it's harmful, I don't want it my child is sick the hotel's stop you're, not allowed to mention this in the City Council because section. 704 says if you will and if the application will be rejected, the. City will be sued can be sued by the wireless industry. A major. US, government, study on rats finds, a link between cell, phones and cancer very first, government study linking, the radiation, from cell phones to cancer through decade, 30 million dollar federal, study out today found, there is some, evidence of a link between cell, phone radiation and, brain cancer. After. What is the NDP I've heard that study several times in DPS work so it's a twenty five million dollar study, on the rats and mice that. Was supposed to demonstrate. That. There were no effects, of radiation, below. Thermal, and in. Fact it demonstrated, exactly the opposite, and it. Follows, on the heels of. Two, major. Studies. And animals that said exactly the same thing and that study was designed, perfectly. To, make sure that it cannot be a challenge. That there will not be any doubt that's why it took them 14 years that's, how they prevent a discussion of health and why, do they, want to prevent. Discussion, of house if there is no problem with health. Simply put FCC. Is completely, unprepared unable, and possibly, unwilling, to oversee, 5g, for safety even as it barrels toward us they, are falling back on tired definitions. And panaceas, long since disproven, by science, to, make matters worse recent. FCC, rulings, at numerous industry, friendly bills passed, at state and federal levels between 2016. And 2018. Removed, the last vestiges. Of local, and state review, over infrastructure. Sightings just when we need it the most when. Those first studies. Were performed these, years, and years ago nobody knew about the importance, of the microbiome. The. Role of the microbiome and. The immune system, and even less the role of the microbiota, inside, our brains, these are microbes, that are abnormal arrested. Inside, our brains whose, influence, on brain function is nothing but immense, anyway. Think well who cares another microbes, belies, microbes, we have the abilities, well you, we know by now that this. Is not absolutely, the case because, microbes, are truly essential for. The development and, function, of all our organs and, systems our immune system. Is based, on, the microbes, in we have in our gut and our. Brain also as my. Crops that influence. Its function.

In. Tes it's been found things like mold if. You grow mold inside, a Faraday, cage it'll grow one way in that even. If the electromagnetic fields, around take. The Faraday cage away and some, sort of 600, biotoxins. Are developed within the mold because. Of the effects of the EMFs, upon, it, electromagnetic. Fields even of weak. Quality. Have. An effect upon our microbiome, which. Is really essential to our whole being this, is going to eviscerate. Microbial. DNA inside. Human beings which is our effective operating, system, number, one so. It may not impact, human, DNA, in laboratory, experiments, right now and they're saying it doesn't impact human, DNA but given that human DNA, is less than 1%. Of the cellular. DNA in the human body the rest of the cellular DNA is microbial. And we know that this will eviscerate microbial. DNA so, we're talking about a takedown of, the operating, system, of human beings, exactly. Exactly, I couldn't have put it better myself. Goddamn. Morning. Mr. Brandt Wow my Amanda. Hi. I've been trying to get ahold of you for months now you, guys are covering up chemtrails, no. We are not covering up we have we have no reason to cover up. Well. You personally, I'm you, would lose your job you were due to reveal anything to me and it's probably unsafe, really even be speaking about this. It's. Not, unsafe. No. Problem, with us talking on your. System, you're making a complaint. It's. A complaint an area that we, don't we. Don't have authority to regulate. So. The connection, between, chemtrails. And 5g, it's. All interconnected, the. Metallized particulates. That, would allow, the 5g. Fears the rear so basically the radar that would allow it to people identify. You, so then watch you they're going to identify you, in your own home, 24. Hours a day seven. Days a week for, the last X, amount of years we've been through chem trailing, and that is now the cat is out of the box, we've had these nano. Particulates. Raining. Down on humanity. For, years now, impregnating. Our bodies, by best account staying inside our bodies those, nano particulates. What you're saying are creating. Building. Up a kind of a phosphorescent, glow. Capability. So, that we could be flagged, up in, our homes behind concrete, and steel inside, bunkers, in the basement, doesn't matter where you are the 5g. We'll be able to now triangulate. Math and read you because, you as a living, being are impregnated. With these nano particulates. Which are acting as a kind of transmission, and reception technology. - exactly, absolutely exactly. You. Have to consider, that DNA. Also works, as, a fractal. Antenna, which. Is able to send, and receive and. Also. To process, signals. Under, the form of radio frequencies, well then there is no doubt that, artificial. Radio, frequencies, such. As those on cell, towers, and in particular, these new types of towers, that have a much, higher. Density, of. Signals. They. May, somehow. Interfere. With the ability of DNA, to, retain, and transmit, biological. Signals, so this is one level of danger, that very, few. Biologists. Are aware of. How, much effort was put forward, to, address, this, the. Other that what most of these people are many, of these people are here for which is other health concerns.

Was, There any dialogue. Back and forth was there any working was, there when many studies, evaluated. To look at regarding, this area maybe. Not. Every person that has, concerns, in the legislation, was, brought to the table okay so from your perspective you feel that there was a legitimate amount of time to evaluate the data that the opposition. Would have on this one absolutely and I am I wouldn't put forth something that I didn't believe in and. I'll tell you as I mentioned earlier, and. It's been commented, several times amongst the panel here this, is truly, an economic, development, issue our, three-year-olds again, at home is. Outraged. When we pull out the driveway and he's not able, to access Wi-Fi. But, I think anyone, who puts Wi-Fi, into a school, should. Be locked up for, the rest of their life, I really. Do I think, they're. Not fit, to walk, on the surface of this planet because. They haven't looked at the research and whatever. Incentive. They have it, is, not worth the, genetic. Problems. That. Parents, are going to face with. Their children, when they're born France. Has been Wi-Fi. In nursery, schools and put, warnings out for, regular. Schools because. They're finding there's impaired learning, capacity, and children when they're around Wi-Fi, and, they. Have to put up warning signs where, they put Wi-Fi transmitters. When. I got sick and I learned that they're putting Wi-Fi, in schools in Israel I was. Very sick at the time but, I could not tolerate the thought the, children in the schools will become as sick as I have and after, few months of, Correspondence. I submitted a Supreme Court case in Israel to ban the use of Wi-Fi, in schools and we, place them with wired Network, the, four top diseases, that kills our children, our young adults, right now are brain tumors thyroid, cancer, testis, cancer rectal. Cancer everywhere, we put our cell phones and a, lot of our children are sick and they're being misdiagnosed and, mistreated. Because the wireless industry, has put billions. And billions, of dollars in the past 30, years to mislead the public as to the health effects and keep the public uninformed. We. Are performing, an experiment on children. We. Are exposing, children to, microwave. Radiation. For. Six hours during every school day we, have had absolutely no studies, looking at the long-term effects of the on. Young. People, or even, on adults, a considerable. Amount of research shows that developing. Brains and bodies of children are much more affected, than adults and there. Are clear indications of a link between increased. Electromagnetic. Fields and autism. Spectrum disorders. We. Took ten artistic, children, and went. Back to the sleeping location, where the mother was when. She was pregnant with their child and. Compared. It with, the. Sleeping location, of a mother that gave birth to healthy children we. Have ten mothers in that group ten mothers in this group and in, the group of the, autistic children, we found that, the the measurements. Have you got for the microwave. Exposure. Was. Elevated, compared. To the group of children that were normal the. Fetus is affected, the. Exposure, to, man-made electromagnetic. Fields has become, the first factor. That could be isolated, ever in autism, that could predict autism. The. Fifth generation of wireless, technology, or 5g. As, it's being rolled out worldwide. Without. Safety testing, let, me say that again without, safety, testing, and how, we've got scientists. And doctors and, environmental, organizers, saying, stop. This. Because. In terms of the effects of wireless radiation, the science is in Wireless. Radiation can. Lead to, cancer as heart tumors, brain. Tumors DNA, damage wireless. Radiation, is linked to infertility to, autism Alzheimer's.

And, More, and guess what all the effects that I just listed those. Are some of the effects that are known according to the technology, that's being seen today, first. Of all you have to know that we, know that the other EMFs. That we're exposed to are already. Known, to be health risks and, and. Basically that, 5g. Because. Of, the frequency. That's going to be used and because, of the, extraordinarily, high, pulsation. Levels that. Will, be used. Is. A, much, bigger threat to our health than, the things that we already have which are very substantial threats, to our health we're not just talking about the intensity. We're. Talking, about the frequency, and the very high level of pulsations, there's. A huge literature which. Shows that pulsed. EMF CMS, that pulse up and down very, rapidly are, in, most cases much. More biologically. Active than our non pulsed EMFs, every, single, wireless, communication, device communicates, via pulsations. But, the industry completely, ignores this issue, the, problem with 5g, is that, they're planning to put out tens of millions of these antennas all over the place without. Doing one single biological safety test are you implying possibly. That we, the consumers, are the guinea pig since they haven't really done tests to see the effects, in a smaller setting I mean, that's not an implication, it's a statement we are yes. Cancer. Is not the main concern that, I have I'm really concerned. About sperm, count and about, effects on pregnancy, how. Many of know that, one in six American, couples is unable to have a child when they want to how. Many of you know that last year the, birth rate in this country dropped. The, most that it ever has in recent history. 3%, in a, single year people, look at the sperm people. Use cell phones and. The, sperm you should sperm swim and, they threw straight, but. If you expose, them to really, frequency, the, lock on waves. Is really circle. Studies. Have been done here in Australia, taking sperm, from healthy men and one, test-tube, gets exposed to cellphone radiation and one test-tube is not exposed to mobile phone radiation and then. The, results, are evaluated. And this. Is a measure of vitality, we. Measure how well the sperm swim this is a measure of mobility. Motility this. Is a measure of, mitochondrial. DNA damage, they have three. Times as much damage on their DNA if they, have been exposed, to mobile, phone radiation the. Data on that are rock solid cell. Phones can, damage, sperm, quantity, and quality. Your. Embryo. Your, uterus. In, the fetus where. Your child is, developing, for the first 100, days in. The, ovaries, the. Eggs, do, not have that protection so. They are at maximum. Risk from. Radiation, and, for. The first month. Or so you wouldn't even know you were pregnant you wouldn't, even be taking precautions. That. Is the main danger area, so, you, give birth to. A daughter. But. Her ovaries. Are now contaminated. She. May be normal, she, may be genetically. Damaged. But. Her ovaries. Are at, the most risk so. When your daughter grows, up and. She. Becomes, pregnant and, has. A baby this. Is where one of these eggs will be fertilized. And come out so, the real damage here, is your.

Grandchildren. That, is where it is going to show most. Do. You think that there is a chance that within the third generation. Not. In the third generation but. In the fifth generation and, that would for humans, be something in the order 150. Years ahead of us and of, course then. It's too late to say that you are sorry, and it's very too late to say stop there, is a wealth of papers, I mean we're talking about thousands. Of published. Papers in, the scientific, literature fuel. Which show sometimes, none of which have entered the official, documentation. From. Authorities. And likewise, so I think it's really time to have an independent. Compilation. Of data such. Was, done at August. 31st. 2007. In the form of the bio initiative, report or which I was one of the authors and then. We put together approximately. 2000, scientific, references, on a little bit more than 600, pages clearly. Saying that, if you for instance if you, are a rat or a mouse or, a cell or a molecule you should definitely. Not allow yourself to be exposed to this and in, the meantime we, have this full-scale. Experiment, using, our own kids. One. Interesting, case John, Patterson is, a. Telecommunications. Engineer. In Sydney, Australia very. Brilliant, man for, 20 years John tested Telstra, at digital systems, over the time he realized the, dangers, of electromagnetic. Radiation it disrupts, the bioelectric. System of your body which, is really your brain your nervous system how, your muscles talk, and he tried warning of these effects, through different agencies through, his company go. To Lotus Guerette measured it and drew, up a report and. Always, he mediately removed from service finally. In. 2007. He took matters into his own hand he, commandeered, a used, British army tank and went and destroyed six, cell phone towers in Sydney. Australia because. He wanted to stop this he was trying to make a point, the. Message was that how, dangerous it was, you. Know these people were elected by us to manage our infrastructure, in a responsible, manner that is the sole purpose of government if it's going to exist at all and if it doesn't do that then it has no right it is invalid so we need to pull this infrastructure, down we really do but, in order to do that I mean we can't just be some violent, domestic, terrorists, you've got to you've got to bring this awareness to the people that, these towers are doing them damage you don't need bandwidth, that fast and they're not doing it so you can download movies quickly they're doing it so they can track every, Ingle thing you do and bringing, this social accrediting system to control even everything, you think. The. Story about a lady called Claire Edward she was a United, Nations staff member, and she was warning of the potentially, catastrophic. Dangers. Of 5g. Technology. I took. Issue for, took the issue to the UN secretary-general. Antonio. Guterres. He, is a physicist. And, electrical. Engineer, and lectured, on telecommunication. Signals, early in his career yet asserted, to me that, he knew nothing about, the dangers, of 5g. Current. Public, exposure, levels, are at least one. Quintillion. That's. 18, zeros 1, quintillion, times above natural, background, radiation, according. To Professor Olle Johansson of, the Karolinska, Institute, in Sweden the. Highly dangerous biological, effects. Of EMFs, have been documented, by thousands, of studies since 1932. Indicating. That we may be facing a global health catastrophe orders, of magnitude, worse than those caused by tobacco. And cigarettes, 5g. Is designed, to deliver, concentrated. And focused. Electromagnetic. Radiation, in excess, of 100. Times current levels in the, same way as do directed. Energy weapons. There, is currently an international, appeal signed by. 237. EMF, scientists, from 41, nations, urging. The UN and particularly, the w-h-o, to, exert strong, leadership in fostering, the development of, more protective, EMF. Guidelines. Encouraging. Precautionary. Measures, and educating. The public about the considerable. Health risks, particularly. The risks to children and, Fito fetal. Development. These. Things we're, talking to the Wi-Fi systems, I'm. Worried because I put those devices in my house. I. These. I will have to I mean I my confess, my ignorance on, this we. Will have to III, but, I'm going to raise this with the blade show which, I think is the organization, that might be able to deal with it properly because I must confess I was. Not aware of the attention. In. 1996. When the Telecommunications. Act was, passed in, it. Was a provision essentially. That kept local, officials, from addressing. Health issued, concerns, when.

Approving. Or not approving a cell tower so that's, been correct but then something new who is happening we've talked a lot about it on the Silurian report thanks Jason bought the Smith and his website EMF, warriors but but, this is new this is very very new so you're you're basically, you. Know sending out an appeal on something that in one, sense hasn't, happened yet this is not just an incremental, change this, is a big step up it's, it's a sea change you and. On slots not in an improper, word it's it's a bombardment, so, instead of a cell tower one. Mile or two miles from you and you still have cell phone service we're. Gonna have antennas, every block and some pourcel is going to have one, mounted to utility utility pole maybe, less than 20 meters from their home so. This, kind of you, know invasive, bombardment. With this many antennas, I mean just in one square mile if you do the math one per block and 16 blocks per mile that's about 250. Antennas, per square mile the millimeter wave is, untested, former. FCC Chairman Tom wheeler, openly, said that they don't plan to test we won't wait for. The standards, and then our appeal also addresses, the fact that there's a plan to roll out 5g. Through, satellites, in low Earth orbit so, 20,000. Satellites, which will cover every square foot of the planet with a 5 GC. Night. After night. Politicians. And other leaders, were telling, Americans, that Sputnik. Revealed that we were at great risk. Well. I think the consequences, are fairly planned. Probable. Soviet, world domination. We. Choose, to go to the moon in this decade and, do, the other things not. Because they. Are easy but, because they, are hard because, that. Challenge is, one that we, are willing to accept one. We are unwilling to, postpone and, one we. Intend to win. Welcome. Everybody to the White House this, is a White, House 5g, summit my name is Justin Clark I'm the director of public liaison, and we are thrilled to have you here today really happy to be joined by a lot of leaders in industry members. Of Congress and the Senate. White. House leaders on this and people. From the FCC before. We start one, we. Are government so, don't assume we know anything, okay. I do agree I don't know anything I have become accustomed to giving speeches in my new position on. Subjects, about which I frankly know very little and we need more cell towers. And connections, in Connecticut, Wednesday's ridiculous. The. U.s. is in the lead thanks to our private sector as well as the work of the FCC, and this administration overall. A China and South Korea and many other countries are eager. To claim this, mantle we have every, intention to, deploy 5g. First and reap the benefits, of faster, and more robust, wireless yes. I hope we'd be China of course and get two Giga gigabit. Speeds and low latency and the race has begun let, there be no mistake, the. Race to 5g, is a sprint, winning, the global race to 5g, it's a national priority we must bear in mind the national security, implications of winning the race on, 5g, today we're talking about the importance of being first in, 5g continued. Commitment to putting, America first in the race to 5g we're calling it America, first 5g. First well our strategy is called the 5g, fast, plan, a plan to facilitate, America's. Superiority. In 5g, technology, connected. Devices for health applications. Which. I love has the capacity to, make people healthier, as I understand, it a lot of medical applications. Industry, is not asking the government for money to build 5g, networks, they're, asking us to cut the red tape that surrounds, infrastructure, deployment, we cannot let today's red tape strangle, the 5g future, the red tape slows and sometimes stops the building of densified, Network facilities. Necessary for, 5g as we continue our efforts to keep government out of the way so. That America, can continue its leadership for America to win the race to Phi Z one, path is the government regulatory path, the, other path is the private. Enterprise, free market the, Ailes of creative, destruction shrimp. Lenders path, never heard that the. House of credit struction, it just means let. It rip the. New replaces. The old with, 5g we're on the cusp of another era of American innovation it, means an even more connected world for everyone around us unlocking.

The Potential of, the Internet of Things become, safer healthier, and more sustainable for, our future you know sometimes, look we all believe in the 10th amendment but sometimes, you have to override. By, the way the 1996. Bill permits, that kind of override we're. Not here to be. Completely. Heavy-handed. But sometimes, you got to do what you've got to do in some. Of these states of cities that don't want to cooperate one, of shakes dan we can't allow obstacles. And barriers to stop this movement that's all. And. This happened in Canada neither were some activists, I was working with up there they said well you, know we went. Over victory we got the local the Public Utilities Commission to allow us opt out and I said boy you that's divide and conquer they just got rid of the the. People that were raising hell so. You, know that's not it that's not the answer we need to opt out everybody, an opt-out. Is an agreement to pay to not be harmed an opt-out. His volunteering, in to extortion an opt-out says that if I don't pay you you, have the right to, harm me so, that that doesn't work this, is a mandate, this is being pushed down your throat by, a company, that it's not responsive, by a government, that is not responsible, and it's being done in a collusion, that's, designed to undermine the individual, rights of individual. People in communities, across the country and around the world. The. Minister for the environment has, a duty, its. Duty is primarily, to ensure that there is cleaner, better. Healthier. Environment, for, people in this country it's. A simple duty it, will says responsibility, in regard to science and innovation to, make sure that that happens, what. Seems to be happening here in, fact one could say undoubtedly, happening, here is he's. Using science and innovation to. Ensure that our right to life is threatened, there. Have been no public debates. There, is no public discourse, there, are no public disclosures, as to why when. How, what. Is going on in regard to 5g. That. By itself is a. Breach of ministerial, responsibility. And. One which, we really should look at in terms of a private prosecution against. The ministers who have failed to protect our, right to, lie. Okay. Smart, smart, technology. Smart, meters, smart. Cars not that smart, huh what, a smart, mean anything, that has small attached to it secret militarized, armaments, in residential, technology. That's. Where smart came from and smart. Every, bit of technology, that you see today has. All all, been developed for the some time the battlefields. From type of intelligence government. System, then, obviously these, developments, have to be commercialized. And people have actually took them into. Their homes. The. Definition, of a smart grid is, a wireless. System that. Will, fundamentally. Turn, every, single appliance in, your home into. The equivalent of a, transmitting. Cellphone that's every, every. Computer, every television every furnace every air conditioner every coffee machine, every, printer every, single appliance, that you have in your house will, eventually. In a smart grid have an antenna that's embedded, into it that will transmit your usage data to a smart, meter on the outside, of your home that, will then transmit, your usage data to another. Tower, receiving. A usage, signal that will then go to the utility company for. Supposedly, billing, purposes, not. All signals, will just be about your individual, use there, will be aggregate. Meters, that will bounce signal, from house to house to house within a neighborhood that, will then accumulate. All of the usage data that will transmit, that to the utility company now, what that will do is that the end metering, system, that is transmitting, all of that data will, be firing an RF signal at, many many times a second, which, will increase, the, average homeowners. Radio. Frequency, radiation exposure. Exponentially. This. Picture shows some aphids on, the leaf of an orange tree shortly. After, radar, equipment, was installed at a nearby airport, a number, of years ago I noticed. That every few seconds, all, the aphids were tense up in unison and do, sort of a little dance as you see in the picture a pound. Further invest, I, found. That the interval, of time between the, activity, of each dance, coincided. Exactly, with the rotation, of the radar, rotor device, at the airport, which, was a distance, of approximately 14. Miles. The. Antenna arrays create, this steerable, beam which. Helps, concentrate. The energy of the beams, get pointed, at the. User, what's. A MIMO tank, mussaf in Mass Effect British, government have got a planet or 400,000.

Node This, is so that you've got 5k, in every nook and cranny every part, of the countryside so that you can have autonomous. Trackers believe it or not however. Those. Transmitters, these, are real, or it is fierce to really adore the, Orion or signal, sweet in the countryside will, kill every, pollinator, every. Biological structure. It will sterilize livestock. It will kill the ground so. Consequently, land. Want to have a value of. XI, farmers will die the. Community. Will, be under, attack the community. Will, be under, a tongue if we can't produce food, if we kill all the pollinators, we're, in serious trouble. The. Takeaway, is that 5g. The. Trillion, dollar roll out of 5g, by our friendly, local, government, is. Definitely. A weapon, system, masquerading. As a modern. Efficiency, technology, it, will certainly is and what I'll put it down though its economic. Terrorism, there, is no value, nil. In killing. Ophea population. And destroying, your, ability. To grow food to kill all your pala nearness they may have a nice financial number. On a piece, of paper but. In reality. Dementia. Diabetes. All, the things that are currently crippled, in the area chest. Burden. On the country, illness, mental, health issues, the the the, focus of that calls can't. Be identified than. Has been identified, in the science, the, science, is proven. The. Epidemiological. Data that was seen on the street is now substantiate. Not science. Their. DNA inside you the mitochondrial, DNA you, can trace, unchanged. To. Your mother her. Mother her, mother right. The way back to, the beginning of the human, race in, Africa, the Stone Age, it is unchanged. The, multiple and that, is being unchanged. In your children, which. Means if you damage it your. Child could be genetically, damaged, then. Her child and, her. Child and her, child, forever. You. Are condemning, the. Future, generations. Of every, single. Child. There. Is a way of our air and light, at. The end of the tunnel or there is a summer ray of hope thanks. To the principles, of biological.

Quantum, Entanglement, that we have learned, how to exploit. In the field of biology medicine, now. We can, transfer. The information from, the microbial, DNA to the human, DNA and in. So, doing we, can train, so to speak the microbes, to withstand. Whatever. Extreme, condition, they are exposed, to including. This new technology. And then we can train them to transfer. These, resilience. Of theirs to, our DNA, so. Let's, say that there, are good reasons to be worried, about the. Introduction, of these and new technologies. But fortunately, since. The knowledge, in the field of quantum biology, in, the field of micro, or micro biomedicine. Is advancing, as fast as potentially. Harmful technology. Then. We, can exploit. This knowledge to protect ourselves. From. Any real. Potential, or perceive the danger, from these, new technologies. I've, met with molecular. And cellular biologist. Swith blood. Microscopists. With. Weapons development, experts. Frontline. Activists. And researchers and. All, the, stories, I'm hearing from. These experts, and pundits leads to the same thing, 5g. Is almost, certainly, the, endgame it. Is an extinction, event brought. Into, our homes into. Our classrooms. Onto the high street into. The very cells and DNA in, our human, bodies. It. Is such a perilous, threat, that, it is almost impossible. To. Imagine, let, alone describe, when, the 5g. Signature. Goes live, it will, tap into a multitude, of, satellites. Which are in GSF, orbit. Around the surface of the earth millions. Of surface, antennas, will pick up that. Signalling and will, then scatter. The signaling into. Hundreds. And hundreds, of millions of different micro antenna systems, and, set up on street lamps and even, in your home which, you're not aware of incidentally. The LED, light bulbs, in your home invariably. Contain the. Micro. Or nano tech. Lens flare, capacitors. Which will receive the, 5g, signaling, and it. Will proliferate the, 5g, signaling, everywhere. By. Exploding. The signal, into, billions. Of photons, which will target, everything all at the same time this, is stealth technology. This is invisible. Science. But, what it means in simple terms is that you will be flagged up visible. Trackable. Inside. Your own, home anywhere, you move on the surface of the earth they will have a lock and load tracking, capability, over you you, will be visible to invisible masters. Each, one of us all the time, today. Our governments. And the, corporate sector have, managed, somehow to, infiltrate. The, mainframe, of our civilization. And are pushing through a twenty, trillion dollar infrastructure, already, without any and I mean without any, health. Science. Running, behind it, there have been no, tests, your, government, and your health authorities, are either, in collusion, on this matter of genocide. And ecocide, or they're just and stupid. And I would suggest as the lead. Shame. On the, technologists. And the, electrician's. Who are furthering. This technology. In our homes in our offices, in our streets, shame, on the legislators. And the parliamentarians. Of the troglodytes. And bureaucrats, that proliferate our, society. Today, shame, on that a Shillong, for putting their signatures, or two contracts, which allow, the fast-tracking, of this technology into our homes and onto our high streets, shame, on the, parliamentarians. And international, leadership whose, wedding signatures. And seals of office are sanctioning, and permissioning. The, rollout of something, which is arguably. The greatest threat, to humankind. Shame, on each one of us who, now fail to get up out of our homes walk out of our front doors and challenge, every so-called authority, who, dares, to, violate, our bodies our homes and our future generations.

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@Lolitabonita Hey! I saw your comment and I think you would enjoy and gain from this link its called the first agreement by Don Miguel amd its about the power we wield through the words we speak! A buddy sent this to me so ill pass it on to you!

@KELLI2L2 I understand what u say but i honestly believe we have more power than open our mouth and use words that won't take us anywhere. We the power of intention, the power of pray specially if is in groups asking for the same thing...oh boy we can do so so much and these demons will not see it coming...

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NEED TO CLAIM PSALM 91 and claim Bible promises ...Jesus said nothing shall by any means hurt you!

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