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My name is Josie, and I'm, here today to introduce, my father to you all first. Of all I want to say thank you all for putting. On this event today and. Thank. You for having my father and I at Google. So. My father is a physics professor, at Temple University, and. He's. A physicist, but. Because. Of his experience, with. His prosecution, he has also been sharing his experiences. And speaking. Out against, racial. Profiling, in all forms of scapegoating, of communities. Of color in the name of national security. He's. In the Bay Area this week on. A speaking tour organized by universities, and also, a coalition, called the N national, security, coalition, which is a group of individuals, and organizations, that have been working on this issue. So. I want to say thank you to everybody who has been welcoming, to. My father this. Week, in. 2015. My, father GRCC, was, falsely, accused of, passing us technology secrets, to. Entities. In China he, was widely labeled, a spy and he, was seen as a national security threat, this. Ordeal took a huge toll on him as well, as my, whole family, and. Our. Community at large. After. Several months all. Of the charges were dropped completely, because, they. Were wrong they, were not based on any facts yet. Today. The US government, who accused, my father and prosecuted. Him has, not. Apologized. Explained, or been accountable, in any way for this, abuse. Of power that they have. Created. And. My. Family has still been dealing. With the consequences of this action so today, my dad will share his story he'll, talk about what happened in his case, he'll. Talk about his background, his experiences. And really. How there's a human impact about cases, like this. You, know individuals, may read about this in the news and, see. The headlines, of prosecution. And drop charges but really behind the scenes there's a lot of hurt, and pain and, fear that goes behind it. And, he'll also be speaking, to. Just. Based on his story the, harms. Of racial, profiling and scapegoating, in the name of national security, so. I'd like to hand it off to my father and thank you again for having us here. Thank. You and thank. You about, for hosting me hosting. Outside, Google, so, I'm, thrilled, here, too to. Be here and talk about my experience of, being accused. By the US government as a, Chinese spy. And. Why. Does it still, matter anymore, now. That the case has been drawn. Because. What. The government did to me represent. A great danger, to Liberty, in this country because. I don't want this to, happen to, you if, we. Don't. Speak. Up against, the practice of racial profiling. What, happened to me could happen to anybody. So. First. Let. Me give you a little bit of my background, I'm. A first generation immigrant. I was, born in Beijing, in. 1957. When. I was nine Cultural. Revolution the, Cultural Revolution broke, out and I. Often started, by myself at home because there was not much to learn at school, and. Like. Many. Chinese. Youth I, was, sent to the countryside, after high school and. I would continue. Study, after. A day's hard, work hard, labor. After. The end of the Cultural Revolution I, entered the Peking University and, spent, nine years there where. I met, and married my fellow. Graduate. Students and. Got. My PhD in. Physics. We. Came to the United States in, 1989. For. A better career opportunity. And a better life and. In. 1995. We. Joined. Penn, State and. So. After. Many. Years and. $2.00, and. Here. You see Joyce. And. Sarah. We. Realize that our. Home, is here. And our, careers, are here so, we decided to become US, citizens. In. In 2009. I moved. To Temple University and built, my research, group there. Just. To give you some idea about the. Research I'm doing here. Are some of, the most important, papers I have published over, a period of 30 years. It's about Cynthia's. About. One, hundred thousandth, of an inch thick, and I. Have studied the materials, a wide range of materials from. Superconductors. To ferroelectrics. From borides, to oxides. America. Has given, me the opportunity. To. A. Level. That. In, my profession, that I would not have imagined. When I was a youngster in China. And. So. May, 20, 2015. A. Normal. Busy, day for me filled. With my work. My. Teaching and, my. Administrative. Duty, as chair. Of the physics department. And. So, I, Joyce. Just came. Back home a day, later from college for a few days and, Sarah, was anxious. About her, dental. Surgery. The next day, and. I gave a, public. Lecture at, a Science Festival pine, a lot of pine of Science, at. Dinner time and. Then I went to the Philadelphia Airport to pick up my wife who. Came back from a oversea. Strip and. One. We were, by the time we, made a plan that, we will all visit, a famous, Korean restaurant, for fried chicken. It, was already in the way. Past midnight. A. Few. Hours later our life, would. Be suddenly. In a forever, changed, when I was woken up by, loud, knocks on my door, it. Was May. 21st.

2015. Before, 7 o'clock in the morning the. The knocks, on the door the, pounding on the door were so, loud and urgent. That I run to open the door without. Even. Fully dressed and I. Saw many people outside, to my house, some. Were armed, and some. Had the battering. Ram ready. To take down my door and. FBI. Agent show me his badge, ask. My name and announce my arrest and. Another agent turned, me around and, put, handcuffs on me, and. I was in, total, shock and. Thought. They must be a mistake it. Must be a Mis mistaken. Identity, so. I asked them for what I was arrested and, they. Wouldn't tell me. In the meantime the. Armed agent, in in bulletproof, vest, burst. Into my house running. About and. Running, up my daughter, my. Wife and the two daughters and one, by one they. Came out of their bedroom at. Gunpoint with, their hands raised. And. I was really worried that how, frightening, this must be to them but. I could not have a word with them and, later I learned from my, wife there. Her top. Thought. At that time was. To protect, the. 12 year old Sarah from, possible, mental damages. So. The FBI. Agent, let me put on a shirt. Lemme. Out of my, house in front of my family and I had no idea one, I will be able to see them again because, he, the, cultural revolution in China it, was not unusual for people to be taken away and could, not see their family, for a long time. So. I FBI. Field, office in Philadelphia I was. Subjected, to. Fingerprinting. Mug shots and an, interrogation. And. When. I was. Transferred. To the US Marshal, Service to, wait for my first court appearance, I was, ordered, to strip naked bend, over against the wall so. That a u.s. marshal could check whether I hid anything in my in my body I, was. In handcuffs all the time. Except. When, I was using a restroom or. Locked up in a cell, during. The the. To our. Interrogation. I was. Handcuffed. To the table that, I was sitting. At, the. At. The end of the interrogation the. FBI agent, told finally. Told me that, I was charged, for, having, made a pocket. Heater a device. That was covered by a non-disclosure, agreement, with the Chinese company. With. With, Chinese. Collaborator, and. I. Said. Immediately. That's, absurd. The. Fact is that I had never shared, the parking heater information. With anybody, in China. And. I, was. Shocked. And. Think that you. Know how could the government do, this to me they, charged me for crimes and they, used these techniques for violent. Criminals, to. Me and to my family without. A threat, of truth, in their acquisition, so I was really shocked and, two. That the FBI agent, toteit, said tauntingly. I'm. Sure the whole thing today has been, surprising. And. In. The afternoon. At. My first court appearance, I was, released on bail offer. $100,000. Or my house, with. Our various. Travel. Risk. So. When I finally, United, with with, Joyce and my, wife outside of the jail. It. Was. Drizzling. And so. I was, and. I shivered, because, I had very little clothes, on me when. I was when, we were just pulling, into, our Park. The. Driveway, and. Then we saw the FBI.

Agent, Waiting. For us with, a search warrant, for. The next two hours the, FBI agents, searched. Every, corner of our house and carried. Away, our, belongings. When. All these were over. I told. Joyce. And Sara that. Dan has done nothing wrong but. You have to prepare, for, very. Very hard, life ahead of us. The. Charges. Against, me was. About a device called the pokey here. That. Was developed, by a US company, SDI. And. In 2002. To 2003. I took. A sabbatical leave from Penn State to, work as Stanford and. Sunnyvale. California. Company. Called. Contactus, near, here. And. In. The indictment. The. Government, said that, the. Individual. At the company. Of this, US company, invented, a piece, of technology. The, device which. Revolutionize. The. Field, of. Superconducting. Magnesium, Devorah thin film growth. And. This. Tale, of an. Invention, of a revolutionary. Device by STI. Was. Pure fabrication. The. Pocky eater was. Invented. By a German. Company in, the 1990s. And the, STI. Just. Modified, it for, his own purpose and. This. Slide shows. The. This slide shows the the. The. Paki heater that was invented, by. Professor. Helmut, kinder in. University. Of Munich and. A, healer is what we used, to heat a substrate, when we make simple, materials, it's, it's much, like using a stove for, cooking, and. The. Picture, that I'm showing here. Was. From his, paper. Published. In 1993. And. Also. From, the patent, that. The. The Kinder's company, filed, and, which is published, in 1998. And. So, a Pocky heater you can see from the left that it's it's it looks like cookie. Can with, half of his cap removed. And. Inside, of the inside, of a pocket it. Was filled. With, oxygen and, there. Is a. Rotating. Platen. Dance. We switch, the substrate. On it from. The opening, where, metals. Are deposited. On a substrate, into. The pocket where. They will be oxidized. And. This. Is a. Wine. Own, invention. In, the community, it, was known as a kinder heater, in. The 1990s. Conductors. Adopted. The, kinder heater for their own sin film production, and after. Conductors, and STI merged at the end of 2002. Ostia. Continued, to use the kinder, heater for, its Cynthia. Production. And. This. Slide shows. The, STI. Pocket, heater from magnesium divorce, in films, and. I I can toggle it back and forth I guess and, the. STI, parking eater, looks. Like the, kinder heater and. It. Works like, a Kindle reader I see. I simply, modified, a Paki, heater so. That in a pocket, instead. Of oxygen now. It's magnesium. Vapor and. This. Heater. The. STI, started, to talked about it at conferences from. 2003. And they. Published a paper about it, in. 2006. So. The Paki heater is not. Classified. It's. Not sensitive, but. Rather it's. Widely. Known publicly. And. The. STI. Paki, heater, produce. Magnesium. Die by thin, films. Inferior. In, quality. Compared. To the. Films produced. By the, technique, that I invented at Penn, State before I started. My sabbatical leave. And. My technique, has. Been universally.

Recognized, As the best technique. From magnesium dive all right. So. In. Addition I am not aware of any. Economic. Value. Of this. Pocket heater to, the US. Company and the prosecutor. At the minute that. That, the, so-called crime. That, committed had. No, economic, damage. To STI. So. I, really. Don't understand, why, the U has come US, government, should, even care about, a pocket, heater. So. In the indictment, the, government. Latched, that. I repeatedly. Reproduced. Sold, transfer. Distributed. And otherwise. Shared the pocky heater and the Paki heater technology. And. Exploit, for. The benefit of third party in China including. Government. Entities and. In an effort to help Chinese, entities become. World, leader in the field of super. Conductivity, I have. Never done any, of the things that. The government accused, me of doing it. Is, utterly, ridiculous. That. I would steal, a publicly. Available STR, Paki heater, which. Is in fear, inferior. To my own technique. And. That somehow. Could. Make the, Chinese, world, leaders, in superconductivity. So. There were four, counts. In the, indictment, based. On four emails that. I sent, from a Temple University, address to colleagues in China and. None. Of the emails talked, about the, poppy. Heater, they, were about, things completely, different, from. The pocketer, right. If you look at the first account, it. Was about email. That. Confirming. That. A. Certain. Technology had, been delivered to a laboratory in, China. The. In. Fact the. Certain, technology, had, nothing to do with, the STI, pocky heater it. Was about the HP, CVD. Technique that. My group invented. At, Penn State. And. Before, my sabbatical leave and. The. My. Collaborators. Fabricated. This. System. With. A local, Chinese. Manufacturer. With. The hell for me and my former postdoc. And. There's nothing. Secretive. And sensitive, about HP, CVD, right, even. The New York time covered, it when, we first published our paper. The. About. HP, CVD, and. From. Its invention in 2002. To, 2010. That's, when my email, was written I have. Given, I have published. The 91, papers and, given. A 90, talks, about. The HP. CVD, and and. Syn. Films that, was grown by HP, CVD. And. Ent. Emails. That I was signing to my Chinese colleagues was. About using HP, CVD, for, us RF, cavities, you. May have heard about the Higgs boson, which. Was discovered, in, 2012. At. The Large. Hadron, Collider, and. Even. Before that a team. Of physicists, led. By Perry Parrish who. Got a Nobel. Prize this, year for. The. Discovery, of the. Gravitational. Wave by. Legal by, the way the. Discovery, of the. Higgs, boson one. The theories, that predict is existent. The. 2013. Nobel Prize, and. As, I said the. The design team by Barry bearish and. Had. Decided. That. This. International. Linear collider, or. I ILC. Will use. S. RF, cavities, which, is shown in a picture, down. Here so. The, collaboration. That I have, with my Chinese colleague, was. About using, HP, CVD, to, coat the, inside, wall of this, cavity, with. With. Magnesium double, right you.

Cannot, Do it with STI. Pocket, heater which, are for flat, thin. Films, and. Count. Two to, come for are, even more, bizarre right. Because, they, were not about magnesium dipole. Right right. They were about oxide, and. Magnesium. Double, right is not an oxide, right here is the. Email to and on. The subject, line it says. Very clearly that it's, about oxide, films, and interfaces. And, here. It says that I, will be happy, to. Build. Up. World-class. Oxides. In, film lab that. Would include laser, MBE, and. An. Ox iron be an. Oxide. Scene film lab, that. Use, laser, and, be. Aqsa NB has. No use for, the. STI, pocket heater from magnesium dive all right so. Even though I knew, that I was innocent I. Understood. Perfectly that, we, could still be in jeopardy if we if I did not defend myself. Successfully. So. I was very fortunate. To have engaged. A team of accent, lawyers, it. Was led, by Peter, Seidenberg, of. Aaron. Fox in Washington. DC and, it. Has a local counsel, mark Schwartz, from, pepper Hamilton, in Philadelphia, and an. IP attorney. Tony. Shaw from the New York office of Aaron. Fox. And. My lawyer contacted. Top. Experts. In my research field and gave, them all my email. Communications. With my Chinese colleagues. And. And. So you can see, the. These. Expert. Not. Only, have impeccable. Statures. And, repetitions. But. If you see, Jiang raw was, the. Former, CEO, and. The president of, conductors. And. Paju. Were. Discovered. High-temperature. Superconductor. Ybco. De. Vailable last year is a. Top. Expert, on applied super conductivity, including, magnesium, Dewar and vank. Even cap Essen pioneered. The technique of, pulsed laser deposition, and his, company, sells. PRT, and the laser and B equipment, and. The. Wart. Ruby. Whose. Companies, sold me a pocket heater, said. That I was I am, very familiar with the pocke heater as I. Was one of the co-inventors. They. All said, in their affidavits, that, I. Had, never shared the pocky heater technology, with China. With. These affidavits. My. Lawyers, made a present presentation. 48. Slides. Presentation. To. The to. The government up. To August. 21. 2015. And. Here. I'm going to show you a few of them and. They. Told the prosecutors. And IVR agents the, the. To Peter that, we, we were talking about for coating, srf cavities. Show on the Left. Which. Which, you. Know the the. Common set was, the. STI. Poppy heater that I stole for. For Chinese entities is, unrelated. To, the, to. The STI Paki heater which. Is shown on the right, they. Have different. Principles. They. Have different designs and, they. Have different. Functionalities. And. You. Remember, the. Email. For, Cong two to four that. Was talking about oxide. Films lab which, the Carlin said said. Was, evidence, that I stole the STI, pokey, here on magnesium Devoy to help Chinese to become world leaders in, superconductivity, my. Lawyers had to tell them that. Magnesium. Thyroid. Is not, an oxide, and. Magnesium. Deployed and an, oxide, have. Opposite. Requirement. For, making thin films. They. Had to tell the the, government the, oxide, MBE, is unrelated. To the pocket heater and. Laser. MBE, is, unrelated. To the pocket heater and. The. STI, pocky heater has. No, value. Or utility. For, thin, oxide, thin film labs that, use laser, and be an oxide, and B II. And. John. Raw who. Was. The, of, conductors, when he adopted. The kinder, heater for it's a symptom production, wrote. The. STI, Paki heater was in nonsense a revolutionary. Device it was, a modification, of an existing technology. That, was well understood. And. At the end my. Lawyer made a request, to the government. Find, your own expert. Give, them all my email communications. With my Chinese colleagues and, Austin is there. Any evidence that Professor she shared any pictures, drawings, or schematics, of the, STI, MGB, - parking, heater. And. We. Also shared, a draft motion, to dismiss the indictment which, the government, which. We were ready to file with the court, and, it says. That. The government's, entire, prosecution is, based, on the presentation, of false and misleading testimony, to. The grand jury. Premise. On the 40 understanding, of basic and non-controversial. Scientific. Principles, and concepts. By. An FBI agent, who was not qualified, to be the government's sole witness, before, the grand jury.

In. A September 11 2015. The. Which. Is the deadline date where the which the the court ordered, us to file our motion. The. Government, dismissed, the case, my citing, additional. Information, came to the attention of the, government. To. Mark that occasion we. Decided to go to the. Famous Korean restaurant, to. Try their fried chicken and it tasted, so, good. On. September. 17th, I went to my lab for the first time in four months and. My. Group presented me with a bouquet of flowers, and I was really very much, moved. So. The, question, why, it matters, of, course. It, matters to. Us, as. I told the New York Times reporter. That, this is not a joke this. Is not a game, you. Just imagine, that one. Day I was a respected. Researcher and, chair of the physics department a next. Day I was painted, as a Chinese, spy all over the internet in the news, and. The. And. That's, you. Know made, us think that. Everything. That I had worked for for. Thirty years right. My reputation and. Our. Livelihood. And my, career would, all become. And. So. That. Saw. You. Know that sudden. Blow. Was. Enough to, crush anybody but, but the pressure that. Accumulate. Every day day in day out or were, even worse and. We. You, know we asked ourselves I, asked myself how. Would my family live if I, go to prison and. How. Would I spend. The. Rest of my life knowing. That my career will be finished, and. And. We. Winner, was. The FBI still, surveilling. Me and would. It be safe for, me to go out and. And. Also you know this. Thought has, never left my, mind and. It, weighed very heavily allowed. All of us and. Friends. And colleagues stopped, talking to me and I could not. See. And talk to my students, and. Also. You, know we did not know how. Are we going to pay for, the mounting legal fee if the case dragged down at. The end it cost us 200, more than two hundred twenty. Thousand dollars. And. And. III feel. That we are lucky because the, the case only, lasted, for less, than four months. And. So. You. Can imagine that our emotions. Just go, through the road coasters, like, a rollercoaster sorry, we were all raised in the defiance, and. Disbelief. And, then he you, know worries. And frustrations. And. Anon. Scares, and despair. It. Was really a nightmare that I do not wish to see any innocent, American, to go through. But. It's more than us. More, than just us, and. Whenever. A, Chinese. Scientist. Is arrested. Some. Would say well. He, or she must have done something wrong I. Would. Say to them, you. Don't need to have done anything wrong. It. Could happen to you. It. Could happen to anybody. So. What. Have what did I do wrong. What. I was doing. Was. What I was, doing my job as a university. Professor which. Is to create and disseminate, knowledge, for. The benefit of the public the, humankind in. My. Collaboration, with Chinese, colleagues are for. Advancing, Sciences, for. Publications. It. Was never for, financial gains. Well. You may ask. What. About the key technology, you developed, using. Carbon. Funding right. Or you. Know Defense. Department funding. Well. I do, not, expect. You to read every word on this slide. But. The principle, of freedom to publish and, disseminate, is so. Fundamental. To us universities. That, most of them including. Temple University, do, not accept. Funding, if they're, restrict, its. Faculty, to publish and, disseminate. The result of their research and. I, have never. Done research. That. Involves, sensitive. Classified. Or. Protected, information or. The. Export. Controlled, technologies. And. In the in addition that the collaboration, with Chinese, colleagues. Is. Is. Encouraged. By, the US. Government and, in. A report from the, Department. Of State's to the Congress, it, says that the us-china science, and technology cooperation. Accelerated. Scientific. Progress in the earth in the United, States, providing. Significant. Direct, benefit, to a range of us technical, agencies. The. National Academies. Whose. Main mission, is, to advise. The US government, on Science and Technology issues and. It, says that. Science, thrives, on the open exchange of information on. Collaboration. And on, the opportunity. To build on previous work, the. United, States gained, in the maintain its permanent. Preeminence. In science, and technology in. Part, by. Embracing. The, values of, openness, and by, welcoming, science students, and the researchers. From, all parts of the world to. America's, Shores. You. Can do things to help a foreign nation state. Think. You're helping a buddy who's, a researcher. At a university, in China what. You're actually doing is passing information ends up. That's unwitting. And on where these the same as your implicit explicit. Would be you know I'm sending this stuff this researcher, in China and, I'm doing it because I want to help the Chinese government, and I know he's looked up at the Chinese government. So. This perfectly, demonstrate, the mindset, at. The FBI. And. What, the FBI's, sees, as, Chinese. Government, entities are, all universities. In China, like, Peking University Ching, hai University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University or, the Chinese.

Academy Of Sciences because, they cut they, are funded, by the Chinese, government so. Basically, what. They are doing is. To, criminalize. All. Scientifically. Academically. Collaborations. With, with China you. Know as point out from, this National. Academies report, you, know measures, that. Hinders, international. Collaboration. In science, and technology. Actually. Hamper, US, economic, competitiveness. And well-being, and, prosperity. So. It's been two years since, my case, was dismissed by. My our struggle, is far. From over, right, last June I had the opportunity to attend this conference or as. Organized. By the, Georgetown. Law School the. Color. Of surveillance and, I. Learned that. People. Of color. Minorities. Religions. Minorities. And LGBT. Persons. Have. Dis portion, that is proportionally. Partly, been the target of, government. Surveillance. In. My case right. We knew that. The FBI had all my emails. They. Listened, to my phone calls and they. Conducted, intense. Electronic. Surveillance and the physical. Searches. Against, me, pursuant. To FISA. The, Foreign, Intelligence. Surveillance. Act, and. My case started, as a. National, security. And he, changed. To a criminal case at some point. What. We don't know is why. Why. They are targeting, me. Once. I was, prosecuted. Despite, being innocent. Our. Peace. Of mind is gone, forever. So. Even, now we. Were we, are living under constant concern. That. The government is. Still, reading my emails listening, to my phone calls and anything. I say and the right could. Be twisted. By. The government, as a reason, to charge me just. Like a Chinese, saying to. Pick, bones, out of an egg. So. The question is did the government. Targeting. Targeting, target. Me because. My Chinese. Ethnic. Origin. And. Is. That because of my visit, to. China to my aging. Mother my, friends, my relatives. So. My. Lawyer Peter Seidenberg. Said. If. He, was Canadian. American or French American. Or he. Was from the UK would, this have ever gone on the government's reader I don't, believe so. And. When I met. My local. Counsel Mike Schwartz, for the first time and they told him that I didn't do anything that Ackerman charged. Me of doing and. He asked me have. You made money from. Your collaborations. With China with Chinese colleagues, and, I, said no and. He, then, said it. Must be because you are from China. So. What. Is. Alarming. Is a mine case is not the only, such cases. There. Was the National Weather Service, hydrologist. Sherry, chain, where. There was watching. Ciao and Julie the, Eli. Lilly, scientist. Right. There's, a pattern, that, the. Scientists of Chinese. Origin are being, charged. And and, just to adjust for a to be dropped. Later on with. Our explanation. And. So this has prompted, many people, like. Members. Of the Congress the, u.s.. Commission. On civil rights and. Many. Civil. Rights organizations. To, ask the, Department of Justice, to investigate, whether. Race. And, ethnicity. And national. Origin had anything to do with these. Kind of, false. Charges. So. One, point I want to say is that the racial profiling, is. Not, just a chinese-american, issue. But. An issue for, all Americans. Right I I would just put, this. Borrowed. And the modified, lines. From. Martin Miller up. Here for you to read and. Then I will tell you what an African. American students. Wrote to me. After. He listened, to a talk that I gave at university. Maryland about my ordeal he. Wrote in his email. That. I cannot. Pretend, to, know what, you feel or struggle, with I, have. Been trained, my whole life knowing, that, situation. Such as yours, could, happen. To me. His. Grant. His. Great ankle, was, wrongfully, convicted of. Raping a white woman, and. Thus spent 25 years in prison until, it was shown that the, fingerprint. In the, evidence, match another man. So. If. Race-based. The persecution. A prosecution, exists. This. The. You know for any, ethnic. Group of Americans, this. Practice, infringe. On the, constitutional. Right of all. Americans. So. I want, to quote this. Opinion. Of. The. Supreme. Court, Associate Justice Louis Brandeis. In its opinion in. The wiretapping. Case, of. Us on state versus, United States in, 1928. Right. He said that. The greatest, dangers, to Liberty lurk, in the insidious. Encroachment. By men of zeal. Well-meaning. But, without understanding. So. The man of zeal in my case obviously. Were. Without, understanding right. Quite, literally. But. Also that. A man of the oak can also be. Malicious. Not. Well-meaning, and I. Will say that. Prosecution. A prosecution, based, on race and, ethnic. Origin. Ethnicity. In the national origin are definitely not well-meaning. So. That is you. Know that is why. You. Know I asked this question why. It. Matters, because. Cases. Of like, mine do, not protect. Our intellectual. Properties. They. Threaten, American, the, academic. Freedom the. Hampered, the US research. Enterprise, and economic. Well-being. And. You. Undermine, that they undermine, people's confidence, in America's. Legal system and they terrorize Chinese, American, and the scientific communities, and, they. Endanger. The. Liberty, that we cherish so much in, this country.

That. Is why I'm telling, my story. What. Happened, to me could happen to you unless we. All speak, up as one against. Racial, profiling, right, in Garvin surveillance, in any. Law, enforcement. Right. We, have to work together to. Stop this injustice of, racial. Profiling. Thank. You very much. I'm. Coming. From China and I've experienced, a cultural revolution you. Must have been thinking, about coming to the u.s. to escape these kind of accusations. And. Loss. Of economic herbs academic. Freedom but, then you come to the US explain the same pretty, much same. Things in essence again so. Does. That change how you think about the. Essence. Of Seiler politics, dynamics. In China in the US and how, you think about the. Propaganda, of governments. You. Are absolutely, right i mean there is parallel. In this right. And i. Can. I can even tell you a story that illustrated, is parallel, when, I was in, elementary, school I forgot maybe a. Twelve-year-old. Or so I was. Accused. Right. By my, teacher. Of. Saying. Chairman, Mao three. Years old you know that at that time everybody was forced. To say long. Live Chairman Mao right in Chinese that means Chairman, Mao. 10,000. Years. In. The, Chinese character. Of 10,000. The. Scribble, of it looks. Very similar to the, Arabic. Numeral, three. So. My teachers were saying I was saying a chairman or three years old and, the whole class you. Know condemned me for further. Class, so. You. Know you are absolutely right this. Kind of being. Fast accused. You. Know in a sense was, not foreign. To us because, we I lived, through a Cultural Revolution but. Absolutely, we were. Not expecting. It here, in the United States what. I have to say is that. At. Least here, there is this process. The, legal process, allow, me to. Defend myself right, to clear my name if. I have enough money. If I have enough well. At. Least we, have this system that allows to do this so. The. But. You. Are right that nobody, should be naive, right. Thinking, that there is no problem. In, this country this. Country is a. Great country, we. All love this country that attracted. People from around the world to come to this country but, this country, also have, its, problems. But. This country has a, democratic. Process, for. All of us to get involved, so, that we can change it for, the better right, that's why you. Know I'm talking. Telling. People my story I hope, I can, encourage. People to become more active. To. You, know, take. Part in the democratic process. And, speak, up and. Because. We, see, racial. Profiling, happening, and, we. Have to. You. Know United. To. Make our voice. Against. Racial profiling. Loud. And, clear. So, that politicians the. People with with, decision. Power or, will. Take. That into their. Consideration. Right when they are making their decisions, so. I hope. That's you, know answer, what, I'm thinking about this. Issue thank. You. My, question. Was you know you seem to be like maybe, at the peak of your career about to be named, the. Chairman the printed chairman and the physics department and, maybe. You can test a little more about you know what, the impact, of all this has had on your, professional. Career and you know also you mentioned a lot about Joyce, and the rest of your family maybe the impact said on them, well. This. Obviously had a a very significant. Impact, the, negative impact, on my career and, my family. And. You. Know I. As. You said I was really, at, a peak of my career. I was. Working, you, know 24/7. On my research, on, my administrative. Job and so on so forth and then this happened and now, you, know not only that, I could not do my research and my work in there for months but. But the in fact. Continuous. Effect. Continues and it's not going to go away very, quickly. So. My. Reputation. Is, tainted, now, and. There. Are a lot of, opportunities. That I. Would get. Otherwise. I could. Not get it anymore and. I was somebody. Was asking me a similar question I was telling people that. There are for example you know workshops, of us-china, collaboration. A corporation. Of super conductivity the organizers. Would not invite me. And. You, know if I'm thinking, about advancing. In a metatrader4. Roles I, can. Forget about it you know who would give these. Kind of opportunity. To somebody who. Has. Gone, through like that and they're charged by the government. So. My research. Group is. Now. A tiny portion. Of my the, group I had before my arrest. You. Know i-i-i. Was. Concerned. That what, I'm doing every day could. Be misconstrued. By. The government, for, some you know. You. Know evil purposes, and. I even. Scared. When I'm signing, my names on forms, that, we need to do for you know getting funding, and to manage my research.

Products. So. That this kind of effect. I mean on my career. It's. It's, not going to go away and. It's. Very very. Negative. In. Terms of the family you know obviously we went through this and to. My family my wife my children. One. Thought is for, no reason, right for no reason you know that there. Was the, toughest, thing for me to, see them suffer, because, of me. And. And. Well. Our, choice was. A chemistry, major and now she's working in the civil rights organization. And tried to raise awareness of, people of the injustice that immigrants. Face, and. This changed, her life. And. Our you know Sarah was. Trying. To go, about her life like nothing, happened but we we worry about a long-term effect, and. We know that it hurt you, know she, was hurt she was scared. Before. Your, wrist was there any sign. And or that something. Bad could happen to you or was. This like a pure, surveillance. That you know going in the background that you never knew you never, there. Was no sign, right. The very first. Thought, that. I open the door see all these people there was. That this must be a mistake right they must make, stop people's name why, me I have, not done anything, remarkable. Right. You know all these people I was, still thinking a lot of things, in. The head of a department. Chair I was saying all these people that, must cost, government. Did the taxpayer, tons. Of money for them to have all these people come to arrest me for what. And. So. You. Know I was, just like anybody. I read. News about some Chinese got, arrested, and charged and so on so forth I never, thought, that. It will happen to me, and. I think a lot of people. Are still thinking that, way so that's why I'm telling people you know I'm telling the details, about, why they charge me what are the exact, things that I did and so on and so forth because. I want people to understand. You. Don't, have to do anything wrong. Just. Because maybe. You have a relative. In China you talk to them over the phone or. Maybe you know. You talk to somebody. Which. They are monitoring. That. Can carry you got you in trouble. So. It's very scary I have, to agree say, that but, but how do we change that right, this, is going to happen the only way we can change that is we, all unite. Together and. Speak. Up and, to. Make ourselves. A. Big, voice. That. The politicians, have, to you. Know worry about you know they have to care about our, interest, and so, on that's, what the democracy, is all about so. That's. Why I'm talking right every time I talk to people I reached. Certain number. Of people. And. I'm doing this because I, recognize. We, just have to let more and more and more people be. Aware of such. Injustice. In. Everybody, reunited. Again not just Chinese, American, Asian American, but. African, American, Muslim, American. Of. All, the people who suffer, from this kind of injustice. And United, together and. Change, it and. Only then you, know one, the, law enforcement. Want. To do something they have to be at. Least there shouldn't be a policy, that, go after, particular, cool paths for Americans. Okay. Um well. Thank you again for, she I really, appreciate, you, fighting. Against, injustice, relating. This to racial, injustice across, America. Are, there things that you know hearing, your story is great it makes, us feel more angry, and wanting, to do something so, how. Can we learn more how, can we find how to help you and and. Help what, you're working on, there. As. A matter of fact that there are organizations. Like. The. Coalition to. End the. National. Security scapegoating, and, and. Many, other, the. Asian, American and. And. All you, know the the civil rights organizations. From from other, minority. Groups, I. Think, what people can do, is. To at least pay attention, to it, probably, go to the event and. And. Then you know once. There. Are more and more people are doing this then. It becomes something that. You. Know that that can have an influence, one. Thing I have to say is that. In my ordeal. The. The. Several, members. Of the US Congress who are you, know Asian, Americans, have, been very, very supportive.

And To. Ask the, the, Attorney General, and. I asked the. Director. Of FBI. Whether. Racial. Profiling it. Was a factor, in all this all, these cases and we. Need more. People in, that, position, right. To ask, these, questions so. That you, know our interest. Can. Be, taken. Care of. So. Vote. Right. Whenever. You. Know a go vote, it, doesn't, matter you vote for a Democrat, or your, vote for Republican. It doesn't. Matter as, long as we all go vote, then. Politicians, have to take us seriously. You.

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We should unite to defend our constitutional right and academic freedom.

So glad that you are now free

For openers... Racial and national are two different things. Why does a physics professor not know this?

Damn, poor guy. That's a big charge!

What has gone wrong in the US govt to allow this kind of injustice to take place? I wonder how many other instances there are like this where the US govt has accused someone of doing something they did not do.

8:00 when field agents got the info suspects are 'dangerous & a threat to security'

why he deos not talk about liberty in CHINA ???? i think they do not have even "full version" of google ...

Joseph..seems like access to healthcare is as bad as they say in the US. Get some help, you unhappy, sad pup.

How did you know "info was not collected "by the law"? and what do you mean "by the law" ,?do you want to mean legally, lawful? your English is so awful, better improve your own language than fuming these speculation out of thin air.

point is that guy is not sound mind, he is spy, who sent secrets to US mortal enemies , only because info was not collected "by the law" he is not judged. because FBI obtained info "by spying" ithout warrant ... anyhow guy still sent secrets to china

Yeah, than "sound" minds jumped ship at first opportunity only found still be trapped in harassment and prosecuted as spy at whim of a dumb functionary of the state! What's the point? LOL

in china, like in many other communist countries commies are commies by DUTY, not always by belief , so they need to hear thaat reason and sound mind is still alive

Try your best to answer this question: What is the point to preach to the commies against a commie regime?

wow, man youhave some huge issues .. my ancestors are completly fine, tehy fight for their freedom... and they won it... as i sais, this guy should complain about abuseve state to chine, not to US, because US is still the most free country on this earth,.. if you do not beliece, go to chine and try to propagate (after you have been cought in espiunage) about freedom... but i must say that you realy have some issues... go and hug blanket, while you are melting ...snowflake

Yeah, you are the one should creep back to any shit-hole your stink ancestors left behind, since you are obvious couldn't get the idea complaining publicly about an abusive state and well received by open audience is quite an American thing. Your paranoia mentality and hatred of private liberty would make you immediately a qualified lackey for many tinpot tyrants.

US is in great shape..much better then china or russia... just look at gdp, unemployment rate etc... so country is in very good shape... and it would be in much better if there is no obstruction by loosers ... btw, that poor guy can always return to china, consider he secure his place in the party by giving them american secrets ... you ask where is place for citizens to lecture to goverment... well you see, this guy found place at google to lecture to FBI, instead going to china and lecture over there about freedoms... as he can complain about FBI without reason, he can with a lot of reasons complain in china about freedoms...

The poor soul renounced Chinese citizenship for American one, how harder sale a private citizen could do? Where is the place for a private citizen to lecturing other nation's governance, which is the job diplomats got paid to do? If the damn Bureau paid more attention to the Russian spies which were very active and disruptive, instead of these pointless witching hunting innocent citizens, the country would be in much better shape!

i am what i am, and i am proud of it... anyhow, it look like that FBI did think (after investigation) that guy is a commie ... and a spy.. that is why they start the whole process... it is different that they could not prove it... maybe they could not prove it because they obtain proofs illegaly by spying without warant or so.. but that guy did it... and that is not so hard to assume, consider that he is selling "human rights" in US but not in china (where he should have market for selling human rights, consider human rights in china are rarity)

Yeah, and it looks like you are just a worthless progeny of a shameless pirate with pale skin, who can not figure out that if every Chinese MUST also be a commie, than their system is just PERFECT for them!

he is very far from american... as much as I am far from chinese... but it look like he is communist for sure ...

Because he is an American! NOT a CHINESE! you fucking idiot!

That’s the point that us should not do what China is practicing, that’s for our own good.

You’d think that this is US trying real hard, however sinister the tactics may get, to try to slow down it being inevitably surpassed by China technologically, moves like this are just incredibly shortsighted, though not unlike all its policies. This century is all about who can attract the most talent mostly like between China and US, and US is becoming an increasingly toxic place for talented people to thrive in. Thanks Obama

I'd rather a 1000000 innocent people be wrongfully jailed, threatened, legally bullied than have America's enemies not be mildly inconvenience by our false, ineffective, and expensive security theater measures. -Homeland security policy.

I'm NOT call myself Jew, I am defending Jewish rights to an independent nation state, just like any other civilized people!

Fucking Palestine did NOT come Palestine! In fact the fucking name Palestine was imposed by the Roman after 72 CD to humiliate and de-legitimize the Jewish rights to the land! What is the name of the land before bloody Roman do that? Judea and Israel!

There is no morality in forcefully occupying someone else's land and destroying their culture. That's what you represent. You call yourself Jew, but you behave just like a Nazi.

You didn't come from Palestine, yet you claim to have right to their land. You're literally the definition of a terrorist. You need to be removed like the parasite you are.

In which warped world, the statement " the fact that Israel is not a country" doesn't "deny the Jewish right to have their nation state" ? doesn't de-legitimize the statehood of Israel ?!

LOL, Most of those countries have embassies in Israel, which is the most concrete statement recognizing the legitimacy of Israel! The recent voting is opposing an US motion to move embassy to Jerusalem, which is quite trivial a thing. You knuckle head just couldn't get any simple facts right! maybe that why you are stupid enough to use oxymoron like "Jew Nazi"

But Joseph Jew Nazi, that doesn't explain why 128 countries recently voted against the ethnocentric/racist behavior of Israel against the Palestinians, while only 8 countries support it. The world is against you!

Denying the legitimacy of Israel is the standard anti-semitic move defined by ACLU and many other Jewish organizations, you idiot Nazi sympathizer!

You're not defending the Jewish right to have their nation state. You're defending their racists, ethnocentric, egotistical, deluded, "I am special", psychotic behaviour. The reality is that there's no getting around the fact that Israel is not a country, but a military occupation of someone else's country.

Yeah, seemed I am the one defending the Jewish right to have their nation state, try to find another Nazi doing that! By the way, denying the legitimacy of Israel is the standard anti-semitic move defined by ACLU and many other Jewish organizations.

You're confusing yourself. The fact is that calling anyone anti-semitic holds no more credibility than calling anybody who was against the Nazi's in Germany to be anti-German, or anybody who was against apathied in South Africa to be anti-white. You're the only Nazi here.

yeah, That may be true after Israel sent 7 m of you cohorts into gas chambers .Before that, Nazi occupies the lowest rung of despise ! You Nazi cunt!

Well it's a fitting description of Israeli behavior.

worse than Nazi? dare you can find another name worse than that category!

Anyone that supports Israel's ethnocentric, chauvanistic and illegal occupation of Palestine is worse than Nazi.

Anyone who deny the legitimacy of Israel is a Nazi in disguise!

Yosef. Work on curing your insanity first, then perhaps we can talk. FYI, i don't negotiate with terrorists. lol

Yosef Bisk Okay you don't like Arab Muslims. I'm American. It's cool if I store weapons with you guys while I "liberate" all the middle East countries with major oil supplies right? I'll let you borrow some helicopters.

deltrontheory wait a minute refer to your superiors as you should. I am your superior therefore speak to me with the respect a maggot like you shows a god. it’s me. I am a Jew. There will be no Jew left to remove after the world is in ashes if enough worthlessness like you attack Israel. Every single Jew is better than you. You are scum.

They can come. Perhaps I can offer them some suggestions on how to cure their insanity.

deltrontheory that is all good. I hope they come for you too.

deltrontheory good.

Yosef. That doesn't explain away the fact that Israel is a military occupation of Palestine, or how Zionists hijacked the US govt. or the fact that most nations voted against Israel's occupation of Palestine and its genocide of Palestinians.

My grandfather (great) went to Israel and asked the arabs to purchase land. They agreed but not after laughing at him and spiting in his face and saying what a stupid jew pig this is dead land what does he think he will be able to do here. They took my grandfather and his sisters and the rest of the family on a couple buses. The buses stoped in the middle of nowhere they "indigenous population" started pouring gasoline on and around the bus. My grandfather was frozen of fear but his daughter ran from the bus and went to the gas station to call for help. My family by that time had run off the bus and waited for the british to come. fast forward to Israel. 2017 the land of Israel is vibrant and full of agriculture with an Israeli invention called drip irrigation. four years ago the palestine scum threw a rock into traffic and killed my cousin. It's the people that think they are better than me that get away with killing and raping my family. I am better than you I am better than them. Fuck you. The holiest sight in Judaism in Jerusalem THE TEMPLE is under the Muslims dome of the rock. Who was fight for themselves not Jews. Where is the democracy in the middle east. Israel. Who allowed the women into hospital? Isreal. Where are men punished for rape? Israel. I wish Isreal would make mulims pay a special tax and were special clothing and not give them justice in law for murder on my fmaily and make my famaily live in shorter homes because Mulsims think they are better than everyone else and they are treated better because of that. So Jews are scum they are dhimmi. The stupid jews treat muslims like first class people. They are scum.

Israel is not a country. It's a military occupation of someone else's country.

Where are the Jews? Where have they gone from middle eastern countries? If you don't do evil things first you are blamed as being evil. Israel should treat the muslims like they treated my family. They don't because I have no Idea. Thats what I have learned and I am young.Muslims think they are better than everyone else and Jews don' there is something wrong with them.

Yosef Bisk Well duh. You aren't a Palestinian living on land Israel wants. So of course they don't bother to treat your poorly. What's your point?

My family lived in Iran in 1948 the Jewish community was raped and murdered by the muslims. . My grand uncle slaughtered and wife and new born raped and killed. Then the rest of my family escaped to Israel. Israel does not murder treat there citizens or minorities like second class citizens like my family in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Muslims think they're better than everyone else. Jews are treated like dhimmi.

If its not us it them.

Why do people always use whataboutism to defend incompetencies? That just lowers the bar. When trying to improve ones own country it shouldn't matter what another is doing. For example should we compare any US women's issues with those in Saudi Arabia and then pat ourselves on the back for not being as bad. Screw that stagnant thinking. Never should any country stop trying to improve.

Joseph Celesbin it’s also delusional and ignorant of history.


They have baidu. IN a way. You are brainwashed by America.

China & whole south east asia is a place of racist motherfuckers, who gets into system to skew it to favor more of them

mr Xi, do the right thing come back to your motherland, do as Qian XueSen did in the 1950s, now Qian is a household name in China, and the father of Chinese rocketry, there are science ships in the Chinese military named after him. his plight was also due to racial profiling and false accusations by the racist american government

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