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Xbox Series X First Look Livestream - Inside Xbox

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Oh. Wow. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Wow. Oh. You. Everyone. This is here in Greenberg from Team Xbox I'm excited, to be coming to you here live from my kitchen I'm drinking. Non-stop drinks. Out of the world's fastest most powerful fridge, we're moments away from a huge inside Xbox. First. I want to let you know a lot of people have been wondering what are we doing this summer well we're not taking the summer off working, hard teams cannot wait to deliver new. Games new reveals new news for you so it's time to get hyped, you're, gonna see today the, first ever Xbox. Series X gameplay, from our partners. Around the, world Damon, Baker and Sarah Vaughn to leave our fritter ship team I've brought some of the best developers, and creative teams to the table they're gonna be joined by Jeff Katerina and Malik team, Xbox coming in strong it's, an exciting day we know fans have been waiting for this but, also we know you're wondering what's going on with Xbox game studios you guys have 15, creative teams now around the world you, blew us away at EXO 19 you blew us away at the game award so tell play - we know you've got more of, course we do and with that I want to welcome the head of Xbox game studios Matt booty - tell us a little more thanks. Erin and hi everybody I want, to start by saying that our first concern is really, with the safety, of our teams and of course their families and that's why they are all working, from home right now whether it's in Sweden, the, UK Canada, or, the US and I've, really been impressed with, the ingenuity and the creativity, that they've shown to, get around some of the challenges, of working from home and to keep production moving forward, on our great, lineup of games and so we're. Excited that we will begin unveiling. Gameplay, from our studios, starting. In July including. Some from our newer studios like double flying ninja theory and obsidian. Mat. It feels pretty much might have left some off the list there yeah, and Aaron also 343. And halo that's. Right it's time to get hyped halos, come in halo infinite you've been waiting, the, world's most anticipated game, July, market, calendars, Xbox. Game studios we've got teams, around the world that are working on big surprises big reveals for. You I could, not be more excited I can tell you we're gonna work every, week between now and then to deliver for our fans but, today we're gonna put the spotlight on, our partners, and let them shine and show you what Xbox Series next gameplay look like let's. Have a go. You. What. You just witnessed was bright memory, infinite, from play ISM created, from the ground up by, a single. Individual. @f yqd studio in China developers. Are using the hardware to achieve their dreams and their. Nightmares, in amazing, ways using, the power to optimize, their games the way they want you know higher resolutions. Crazy frame rates rate racing and yes, faster, in game load times but, it's also awesome to see the partners support for smart delivery ensuring, that fans only have to purchase the game once to, enjoy it on whichever, Xbox system they own or will own in the future so. Over, the next 25, minutes we're.

Going To debut just a slice, of the amazing, next-gen, games you, can expect from our partners this holiday, and early next year and because. We read the interwebs, everything. You see here will highlight the in-game experience, with. Actual, gameplay captured, in engine, to, give you the best sense of what to expect when Xbox series X launches, later this year so, sit. Back relax and. Enjoy, the, following dreams, being, powered by Xbox. You. You. Together. We. Built order. Out. Of chaos. Each. Trial, each. Tribulation. We, have overcome. Now. We, live in an age of our unprecedented, peace. Prepared. Thanks. To her. Let. Her ascension, service. With. Of our righteousness. It, is in her honor. Please, try. This. Ends. With us. You. What's. Up everybody, thanks for letting me crash the show this is Patrick mahomes quarterback, for the Super Bowl champion, Kansas City Chiefs, I, hope. All y'all been staying home staying safe, and playing a ton of video games together but, hey I'm here because I have the privilege of telling you this Madden, 21 is coming to Xbox series X and, I can't wait to get my hands on it it's been a journey that's older than me and I was lucky enough to be a part of it this year like they say you have to know where you've been to know where you're about to go. Waiting to the trying 12. There's. Loads of man 21, News coming soon and, the game isn't just about what you can see it's about what you can feel. But. Here's the best news when, you buy Madden NFL 21. On Xbox one you get it free on Xbox series X I'm, looking forward to it and honestly I'm ready to just get back on the field enjoy. The rest of the show and get ready to fill next level with EA Sports. Huge. Thanks, to EA for giving us that sneak peek at Madden 21, optimized. For Xbox series, X I mean I was awesome so. My name is Sarah bond and I, lead partnerships, for Xbox which. Means I get to work with the thousands, of developers and creators around the globe that are creating, games on with, and for Microsoft, platforms, I just. Love, my job because it's all about connecting. Creators. And publishers, with, our fans around, something that they love. Games. And boy. Have they been busy, they. Are creating, right now games. That are going to define the generation, experiences. That are just gonna blow your mind away and, I am thrilled to share with you that every, major publisher, worldwide. Is developing, for Xbox and, we, already have hundreds. Hundreds. Of games coming. To Xbox, series X in 2021. The support, it has just been tremendous, guys, I have never seen partners, as excited, about Xbox, and Xbox Series, X as they are right, now so. Why don't we take a look and see more of the great games that they have been working on. Dr.xu. Darling. Danke. Schoen. Thank. You for. All. The. Joy, and pain. Picture, show. Second. Balcony. Was. The fresh. Meet second. Seat go, Dutch treat.

But. Somehow we still. I, would. Grab a lid. Your, daddy. Oh. Harry. What. Have you done. I've. Traveled, so very, far to find you. You're. Strange, that your trail ends here. Very. Island of my dreams. When, you left I. Was. Withering, away. But, here, on, this extraordinary. Aisle, I daresay, I've found my strength again. I'm, scared. Of what it means, I feel. The call of something deep, within. Whispers. Of things long-forgotten. Will. We be, forgotten, -. What. Did you find here Harry. This. Is or was the, assent group of a metropolis. Like. You, most, people have contracted, their entire lives away to get here. Workers. Index. Slaves. In all but name. This. Is a conscious, supernova. Proved his collapse, we. Have a shot so independence. Total. Waste. We. Wish to test your abilities, by giving you a special assignment. It. Hurts I forgot for together. That's got it. You. Hi. Hope, you enjoyed the review of the medium our next-gen, psychological. Horror game we're, very excited to announce that we're working on the project in cooperation with Akira Yamaoka, the, legendary, composer best known for the Silent Hill series we'll. Have more to reveal soon, so, stay tuned. I'm. You Ito sumeragi. My. Power is psychokinesis. You. In. A mug they're not high speed internet. Java. Shoulder logically. Still, many tomorrow do that meet you. All. My talk about dengue turn it off. I. Love. You. Oh. Suppose, you're my oyster. Ronita. And, second on that was to show this yo-yo. The, killer. Here are my. Roster, shit. Even fights in fact they are yeah, like, waaah drama oh. Look. She, did, not. Own title, post a force. Textbook. Vanya, a Windows, 10 day I have a through, a Commodore, Perry master, second. Dismay. Hajimete, a canal. Title or telephone. Cat anymore Thomas, indeed Alex tenant you who need tonight there it was game. No game, Kaito. Fame through yoga, italiano. A lot honorable so say no the, he totally theater extent unique. Invaders. Yes. That Vera, Wang, oh the, he your school on the guys once I. Hope. You all enjoyed this brief peek at just some of the titles we have lined up for Xbox, series X this, is just, the beginning, and personally. I can't wait to get immersed in these amazing games but. Until then I'm just gonna have to live out that fantasy, buy a custom, backgrounds, and Microsoft, teams how, about I I try, out a few now maybe, we'll. Go into the world of scarlet, Nexus, or maybe. I could tear up the streets in, dirt 5 or, well, here's a quick, view of Phil, Spencer's Home Office, oh wait. A second, we've, got this, inside. Look at the, next Assassin's, Creed game so. With that I'm gonna leave you with the gameplay debut, of the highly anticipated, Assassin's, Creed Valhalla for Xbox series X huge. Thanks, to all of our partners for their hard work during, these difficult times and to you at home for joining us stay, tuned to go behind the scenes with a few of the creators, of today's lineup and hear more about their thoughts on the next generation of game development. I'll see you later the summer for even more content, premieres and announcements, from Xbox game studios, and our, partners worldwide thanks, so much. Few. Titles command the respect and fandom. That the Assassin's, Creed series has garnered and today, we get to talk about Assassin's, Creed Valhalla, with, its creative director Ostroff, Ismail who's joining us from Montreal, Canada, Bienvenue - inside Xbox hey. Pleasure, to be here I'm, so glad that you're here because I am a huge fan of the series after seeing, the video that we just saw I have literally, hundreds, of questions to ask you but before we get into Valhalla. Itself, did, I just see new, Assassin's, Creed game play for the first time yeah. Absolutely that, was directly. From the game and.

All, Its viking-age, glory let's. Talk about the Viking Age because Assassin's. Creed Odyssey, Assassin's, Creed origins, these, took place in antiquity they. Were sun-drenched. Mediterranean. Places, and this. Looks very different. Different time different place so what. Do you have for us with the Viking, Age yeah. So the the Viking Age it's named, after one, of history's most notorious warrior. Cultures, and. This time period, is. Highlighted, by the invasion, of England, by this very large, hungry. Viking horde and at the time England, was a Dark Age tangle. Of broken. Warring, kingdoms so. This was an absolutely, brutal. Pivotal. Moment in history that gave us the birth of the England we know today so, players, can expect to. Fully live the Viking fantasy, in a. Meticulously. Crafted. Journey in an assassin's, creed world all, right so let's let's get a little bit bored into this there was a lot to take in and that clip that we saw I saw Viking, longships, I saw some very, mean looking axes, previously. We saw a hidden blade so, let's. Talk about some of the key new features that you're bringing to the table with Assassin's, Creed Valhalla. Yeah so our hero, a war is a Viking, Raider who's, going to leave the snowy mountains of Norway for. The lush rolling, hills of England, propelled, by the goal of settling, their people and, growing. Thriving. Settlement. Now. England, at this as a hostile, place, so, to. Succeed players will, go, raiding using. Their longships and, raiding party they'll. Assault, giant fortifications. And epic battles, they'll have to gain, alliances. With kings and legendary, Vikings and they'll, be faced with some very harsh choices, as the leader of a community, along. With that where, we've, reinvented combat, to be, visceral. Brutal. Tons. Of enemy variety dual, wielding weapons we. Have a new, fresh take on player. Progression, gear. And weapon systems we're effectively, pushing every, single envelope to, deliver this incredible, Viking fantasy all, this is music. To my ears thank you so much so. This, whole show we've been talking about the Xbox series, that you're talking about next gen so, as, a creative director so when creating a huge, epic, game how, do you take advantage of this new hardware. Well. Assassin's. Creed has always been, committed to new, technologies, in order to push the most immersive experiences. We possibly, can and so, to have, something, like incredibly, fast loading times means that we can remove some of that friction, from the immersion and create. A game that's much more immersive Norway. And Dark Ages England, are breathtaking. Living. Worlds so, to be able to push them further to, the incredible, potential this, is really wonderful for us it's, wonderful for our players and additionally. I'm. Very, happy, to confirm that we are also offering, smart delivery, which, allows, you to purchase. The game once and play, it on your Xbox one and the, Xbox Series s that, is great, news I think for all the Assassin's, fans out there they'll be able to enjoy it on the hardware they have now maybe on the hardware that they are looking forward to getting later this year thank you so much a chiropodist melt for joining us and for sharing the, very first details on Assassin's, Creed Valhalla I cannot wait to see more absolutely. It's my pleasure. We. Have seen so, many great games today showcasing, gameplay for Xbox, series X so, let's go to Malik right now with Robert carp, from Codemasters, to talk dirt, five, all. Right everyone just a few minutes ago you saw the reveal, trailer of dirt 5 and it kind. Of was left speechless but I'm gonna have to get it together here because we're, gonna dive even deeper into, everything, right now we have Robert carp who is dirt Bob's development. Director in the driver's seat to talk about what's next for the series Robert how are you, how. Are you I'm. Doing great I'm doing great excited, to dive into this now dirt 5 obviously, the newest, game in the series let's.

Start With locations, because kind of the backdrop is kind of important for a racing game so where we can be going there 5 so. You saw from the trailer we have New York then we went to China and then we went to Norway we've, got lots more environments. In that each, of the vironment of bespoke, we created, based on real worlds, to the tracks and the event types that we play in there so if you okay for example you saw us racing, over the East River when it was frozen in winter but. You can play in New York in the summer, and spring and autumn there. You'll be able to race that along River Island and a couple of different tracks that gives you totally different experience after. That we go to Brazil, we, take in the favelas, and Christ the Redeemer we. Have tracks in Europe and Italy in Arizona, so. There's really a really, wide range of tracks with, a really colorful, and wide different, color palette awful really interesting, different experiences. Super. Cool I'm excited to see all the different locations as well as how the weather's been changing I'm personally, in New York boys I'm excited to race in New York but, it is a reason game after all so let's talk about some, of the cars that we're going to be able to jump into we, have one of the widest ranges of vehicles, that we've had in a dope game ever before, so you've got the running cars that you saw show, some buggies in China, we, also have sprint cars which is really cool and interesting they. Go around ovals they only turn left each. Of their wheels is like a different size with the front one on the left the smallest by calling the way the biggest they've, got 900, horsepower and you just basically drift, all the way around the oval kick your big plumes of smoke which. Is really fun. So super cool of course everyone's gonna be excited for more right more cars more different types of vehicles that's pretty cool now let's talk about the experience, when gamers when the players jump into the game what, are some things that veteran dirt franchise, players are gonna notice, and what are some things that you know they're gonna notice the first time ever, so. I think jumping, is the career that gonna no it's just a kind, of agency, of the choice of the different events there's. Some of the new things that use, the franchise, and one of the ones I'm most excited about is, for player split-screen so. In in Korea or, in arcade, mode where you can pick your fan type and your vehicle type and your. Time of day how, quickly the time, changes, and what the weather's gonna change you, can play that with your friends so, on launch day when you get your Xbox series X home put. It up you, invite a few friends over it's always together that's. Super exciting for place split-screen, something that we always. Want to see because it's always good to have you friends around and play some games on the couch that's pretty cool now let's shift gears a bit into the career mode obviously. Your dirt franchise known for the career mode and taking you through a bunch of different races can you talk a bit about the story there and I hear, little birdie has told me that there's a very dynamic duo, and the voiceover booth let's, talk about that as well, there. Is there is a dynamic era so, one. Of the things I really enjoyed by the crews of real world sponsors, Sochi, race you'll, sign up to real world sponsors, will give you awards, and pay you to race for them and talking you through that will be your mentor, he'll help guide you, give, you tips and hints and that's, voiced by Troy Baker, greetings. From the booth everybody, and, there's really only one person to have as the protagonist destroy, both Jacob emesis. And that's Nolan not thrilled. To be working with Codemasters, on this playing a very pivotal character, per. Usual. Also. You're gonna see some pretty recognizable faces, in this game so you don't want to miss it Sochi, race do, we you'll have to be him if you want to win the career oh that's, super exciting because, one I'm excited to jump into the career but two I feel, like a lot of players are.

Gonna Be happy about having both troy baker nolan north in the same video game so that's gonna be pretty, pretty exciting, now again, we're super happy that their five is part of the reveal of the first gameplay for Xbox series X so let's talk about some of the we're going to see that our specifically. Xbox three sex so. The, five you'll, be able to play a 4k, 60fps. But. They'll also be an option for a hundred twenty heads way so, you know gamers, know forever accounts. 120. Hertz in racing, that's. Where the actions art on, top of that don't five will leverage the small delivery technology, so, you buy the game on Xbox one you can play on xbox series, X as soon as you get a new console you buy on Xbox series X and you go over you, have an Xbox one in, your house or in another room and you want to play in there you, can play its box one so you'll always be playing the best version. Lastly. It's, the fast leveling so, that means you get into the game almost instantaneously. From turning on the console, no, more waiting, you're. In there you're racing, straight away I love everything that you just said there you buy the game you get the best version for the platform that you own you get in the game loading, times are a thing that everyone hates so minimizing, that is fantastic and then you get to choose between 4k, 60 120, frames per second. So that is pretty cool again. Robert. Thank you so much for stopping by I got to say that I probably speak for everyone watching when there is when I say that we're super excited to see dirt, 5 on, Xbox series X coming, up this year thank you so much for stopping by. Alright. We've already seen so many games so far but the trains gonna keep rolling so we're gonna throw it over to Catarina who's with the Bluebird team to talk about medium. Horror. Games, are a fan favorite, and the, medium promises, to keep us guessing in, our hearts, racing, here. To tell us more about the game is jak. Game producer, from the Bluebird team thank you so much for joining us Jack hi hello. Can. You tell us more about this game and the bloopers team approach to the psychological. Horror genre, in, our first, technological core, that was layers of fear it was the, main topic was, what, can. You sacrifice, for your family, you can sacrifice yourself, or you need all you want to sacrifice yourself, for the passion to fulfill, yourself and the. Second our game it was observer and then. The, main topic it was if I'm is still human if my, mind maybe is digitalize or if I have robotic, parts where, is the line you know like in the body horror stuff. And. In. The Blair Witch of. Course there was a wish there was the forest have, that. Everyone. Loves bad in the main topic in the psychological horror stuff it was PTSD so. For the medium we have like two words in our game we all was in spirit world we play as a medium, that can see these both, realities so, we can think like somebody, can be really good guy but. Maybe inside it's, not and, you, when you play as a medium, you have very unique perspective to, find out what. Is inside other, people, and on all what, happens, in different, places for, the medium we heard, that you teamed, up with. Legendary. Music. Composer Akira. Yamaoka can. You tell us more about that partnership, and how that influenced, the game yeah, he's he's, the best now of course for for, composing, the music for Silent, Hill series and, what. Was most, important. For us it was his work on Silent Hill 2 because, 72. For. Most. Of our team is the best horror, game ever and it's, one of our main references, when, we think about atmosphere. In the medium because, we know in one way his. Music is you know heavy disturbing. Oppressive, and in. Other way it came in nostalgic. Emotional. And melodic. And to. Bump it up more that, we cooperate, but here with our composer, arkady ostrovsky that, create our others. Scores. For our other games and, mix these two approaches together to, fill up our two. Worlds and our different, points of view so. It was really it, is and it was a really great fun this, game is really characterized. By those two worlds can you talk to us more about this story and. And. These. Two worlds, and how the players can look forward to that yeah. So you play as a Mary Ann and she's a medium and, like. She can cope with this that she can she goes or that she can see the, spirit world the second world but she's. Like haunted.

By Really one specific, vision that she tried to solve, and, she has some kind of the hint that, the answers, can be in abandon, communities, vacation resource is like a old hotel. So. She got, her and then. She need to you know find. Out how the vision is connected with displays and what that, mystery, is there and there two words came up because our real world and. Our real world setting it's like it's Poland Laden eighties Krakow. Krakow. Is very important, city for fallen, history it, was a city of kings and this. Of course city, of Bluebell we have company here in relief you will build of the city. And. You know it is it's a free Poland in that, time but because in the 80s and before we, live under the regime from, a noose regime and there was like no free free, of speech there was a ring was censored, and when, you play as a medium, you, have this unique. Opportunity. To. See even further than normal people because, you. See the spirit, world and spiritual, is like, dark. Mirror of our world like, when all your like anger. Urges, secrets, are. Reflected, there so. It. Also hostile, world in some way so only, medium can like you know solve some puzzles some mysteries, and. Survive. That. Kind of encounter horror. And, is. Really, a genre that. Can. Really take advantage of, some, very immersive, gameplay what. Are some of the Xbox series. X features that the Bluebird team has harnessed to. Make sure that you can deliver this epic, next-gen. Title with, the medium yeah of course first of all it's. The, horsepower is a hardware, so. Having. That powerful, stuff as a foundation. For our game, that is awesome because we spent a lot of years to thinking about this game how we can fulfill, our dreams about it but we have a problem with the platform like. Everything, we thought it's too, weak to fulfill, our, vision, but then Xbox. Series X came up and we. Thought yeah this, is perfect much for us and now, a lot of doors, were open for us to. Be, get creative, and do the game as we want it, and like. The second most important stuff is the, seamless gameplay like, you know the, study fps and no loading screens because. You know you have like immersive. Horror, cinematic. Experience and. You. Have two worlds you can travel between them, you can travel between them in Qatar between the levels and the whole distort and whole story and not having any of you know loading, screens and any FPS drops is. Like awesome and of course we use Xbox, series X in different ways and in. Many different ways but I will leave, this maybe more for the future so stay tuned guys. I. Think. I speak for all the fans when I say that I'm super excited to play the medium when it launches on the Xbox series X thank, you so much for joining us today Jack also thank you very much I.

Want. To give a special thank, you to all of our developers, from around the world who pulled out all the stops to share this, first, look, at Xbox, series, X gameplay, with, all of you today it's, also great to see how many developers are taking advantage and leveraging, things, like smart delivery really putting our fans first, and of course we're doing that with all of our xbox game studios titles, and as I said we're, not taking the summer off today. Is just the beginning it's time to get hyped because in July its Xbox, game, Studios. World. Premieres reveals, lots of news market, calendars, will see you there. You. You.

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