Workforce Partnership & the REC Innovation Lab Present: Coder Connection

Workforce Partnership & the REC Innovation Lab Present: Coder Connection

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So welcome, everyone. Uh welcome, to the first, ever. Uh. Coder connection, and pitchfest. Between, the san diego, workforce, partnership. And the san diego miramar, college. Rec innovation, lab. And. I think i'll start by by telling you a little bit about what we, are doing today, what's on the agenda for today, we're going to start i will introduce. Myself. I'll introduce. Are. Our, student, founders, i'll introduce the program. And i'll introduce, our new, partners, that we're, we're um working in collaboration. With that we're so excited about. We will then have um. Pitches. We'll have uh. Elevator, pitches. Uh company pitches from the. From the companies the startups that are actually being founded right here at our at our incubator, at miramar, college. We have, 18. Companies, teaching their ideas today 18, companies. So that's going to be a lot of fun, these are all really exciting. Um, innovative, new startups, so i think you're going to really enjoy that. We will then. Come back together, for for a brief about 10 minutes, of q a, so that everyone, has a chance, to, ask questions. Of the of the startup, founders. And then um, that's. That's where we're going to come back and end it for most of us, right that's the end of the uh the first part of our event, uh after that though. It's not the end for everyone. So all of the um all the tech hire, all of the isa. Participants, the coders the developers. And the startups. Um will then be going into their own private breakout, sessions. And they will be um. Going through a a really intense. Hiring, event, right, where where they're going to. Get to know one another very quickly, sort of a speed dating, for for work. And um. Hopefully, when we, end today, we will have, 18. 18. Startups, um. With uh with with coders, with developers. With with tech support, people who are going to be working for them and with them, and um we're really excited about that, so. My name again is, tanya hertz. So i am, the uh, director. Of the rec innovation, lab here at san diego miramar college, we are a business incubator. We are a new business incubator. Right now we're totally virtual. And, um. We're. For those of you don't know what an incubator, is though i think most people in the room probably do. We help startups. To. Start, we help companies, to start. And, we help them to learn how to become, high growth. High. Profitability. Type businesses, and very very often what we found is that the missing, component. In most startups. What differentiates. A small business from a startup, very very often. Is technology. And. We have, a focus, in the wreck, in our um. In our program, of. Helping. Underrepresented. Founders, people who otherwise wouldn't have access, to these kinds of resources. Get those resources. Learn how to interject. Technology. Into their business ideas, so that they can, have businesses, that are um very high growth, and can be um. The kind of businesses that create wealth, and jobs, and all the things that we're looking for uh, to achieve, so with that, um, i'll actually introduce, you to alexis. Who um has a very similar. Uh very. Similar, uh mission. And. Uh to to the rec and i'll let you talk about your program.

Alexis, Yourself. Perfect thank you tanya. Hi my name is alexis vinova, and i'm from the business partner i'm a business partner specialist, i'm sending a workforce partnership. I'm in the business services, department. Um so, tony and i originally came together. For kind of what tanya said. I, actually go and do outreach, to businesses. And talk about, how, we can possibly, create opportunities, for those underrepresented. Folks that connie was talking about. But more specifically, when i started talking with tanya. She told me about the incubator, and what the focus was, in. Creating opportunities, for underrepresented. Individuals, and entrepreneurship. And we at the sunday workforce partnership, have a couple of programs, to do that. Focused, in tech our tech hire program and our isa, program. So i think, from, the from the moment we spoke tony and i we knew. We had to bring those two energies, together to, look to create more opportunities, in those two areas. So i am most appreciative, to the rec team. Um to our tech hierarchies, isa, teams. Um i am motivated, by this event being the first one. Um but also excited what the results will be and how we're going to continue our work. I think there's no time like now, to continue that work and to look at how we can create those opportunities. And then hopefully more events like this will come from that and create, more, opportunities. For every one of you. Thank you to the student founders, 18 businesses, is pretty amazing. Um, and then again thank you to the meet to the teams that are a part of this. We dedicated, a lot of time the last two weeks to coordinating, this. Um, lori, adrian nadira, and to tony and your team, just been amazing. So, thank you so much and it's most appreciated. Um and now, i will introduce, yadara, o'conn, to talk a little bit about the techhire. Program. And you dare just so you know uh when you when you do come in you will be muted so you'll have to unmute yourself. Um, at the bottom of your screen. Okay thank you so much thank you alexis, for the beautiful introduction. I mean thank you uh for this opportunity, i feel the same way i think it's a great. Um time to to bring together, our organizations. And, our coders, and hopefully we can make great matches, today. But i just wanted to talk to you about tech hire real quick. So takaya, is a nationwide. Movement. That aims to level the playing field for tech jobs in the city of san diego. And recently, we've added the city of chula vista as well. And the purpose of takkeir. Is to help underrepresented. Populations. Begin their career, occupations. Related to the information, and communication. Technologies. So that includes web developers, data analysts, you know um, we have. Uh. Social media specialists, uh graphic designers. Everything. Our participants. What makes us a little bit different, is that our participants. Receive, access to career counseling. Resume, assistance. We can also help interview. Preparation. For interviewing, skills. And we also have educational, opportunities. So participants, can upscale their resume. And our goal, is that, these participants. Are going to impress you so much in their internships, that. When they're done, you're not going to be able to want to work without him and that's what we hope to do in tech hire. To just bring businesses. And people who are um. Integrating, into the technology, field bring them together, so they can have. A good, long-term. Employment, afterwards. So. With all that said i'm going to pass it to adrian, and she's going to talk to you about the isa, program. Thank you. Thanks sadera. My name is adrian and i'm with the isa, program, at the san diego workforce partnership, so, yadara, and alexis, are close colleagues, of mine.

Um I just wanted to share a little bit about what an isa. Is it's a income, sharing agreement. And this is actually a new program that the san diego workforce partnership, launched in partnership, with ucsb. Who is our training partner, who. Essentially, offers, these 9 to 15 month tech certificates. And things like front-end development. User experience, design. Java programming. And what the workforce, partnership, does is we come in and we provide those wrap around services, that. Yadura, was mentioning. A lot of career, counseling. A lot of job search support. So we're really taking the two strengths of these organizations. And putting them together. We currently, have approximately, 100 students and graduates in our program. Um. And similar, to the rec labs mission, of really empowering. Um underrepresented. Founders. We really want the isa, opportunity. To be open to folks who are also underrepresented. In tech and otherwise, wouldn't be able to uh, to navigate. Into, the field themselves. So. What the isa, actually is, it's a no, upfront, cost tuition. So, if someone comes into the program and they take, they take a certificate, with ucsd. They essentially don't pay anything, unless they, earn at least forty thousand dollars from leaving our program. So we're making, this, tech educational, opportunity, accessible, to populations. Who otherwise, wouldn't be able to access, it in the first place. Um. It's a really unique opportunity. And. We're actually starting our recruitment, for fall 2020, coming up for database, management. User experience, design. And java programming. So please if you know of anybody, any potential students, who, are considering, a career change, who want to level up in their tech skills that's that. I'm going to drop some contact information, in the chat right now so you can reach out to me, and we're also looking for mentors, for our students, so, i, would love to touch base with anybody, who. Is interested, in mentoring some of our incredible, students. And with that i think i i passed back to tanya, who's going to talk about the logistics. Of today. Thank you so much adrian i appreciate, that, yes um, so i i. I just i also wanted to say, we'll. We'll. Also be putting our information. In the chat, so if um. If uh, anybody, who has any questions wants to reach out to us please do please do we're we're here for you we're here, uh. We're here to provide resources, for you to answer questions for you to help you to succeed. And um. There uh, if anybody uh. Also uh. Is having any issues, with, their uh. With their uh. Accessing, the screens or seeing any, of the um. You know, seeing any of the components, please let us know we can um we can get you paired up, with one of our our tech people to get you some help and get you going, so i i i'd like to now uh.

Thank, The, um, all of the, you know all of the uh the tech hire participants. The isa, participants. For being here. For, uh, for working, with and and and in these teams, uh and in these companies. I, i've been doing this for. A long time. Over 10 years over 10 years i've been an entrepreneurship, educator. At san diego state university, and then also here at miramar college and. I, know when a company, is going, to be successful. I mean i don't have a crystal ball none of us do but, you can tell when um. When you can see, those companies, that are they're they're just on the right path right you've seen it enough times and i've seen. I've seen it a lot and i see it in these companies. There are some. Some. Amazing, um. Opportunities. Here. Many of these are going to be. You'll be hearing about them you'll be reading about them there'll be those high-growth. San diego, staples. Of um of companies that are providing, jobs. And are. Making us proud here in san diego and. Especially. Um, all of us here, who are who are helping them to succeed. So. If you are an isa, uh a tech hire, um. Please take notes while the students, uh founders while the companies are pitching. Um. You'll want to, choose. Eight. Choose eight, companies, that you. Are, working with that you'd like to speak with. Afterwards, when we do, end the formal session and go into our breakout, sessions. Um. You'll have the opportunity, to meet with those eight teams, uh, even if you think i i definitely want to work with this, one company. Know that um. You know, other people may feel the same, and so. Definitely, choose, choose eight to go to we will be letting you know when you can switch from room to room. So um. We'll give you instructions on that here in a little bit but, also while you're watching these pitches. Um. Make sure to um also if you have any questions that you'd like answered, before, we go into breakout rooms we're going to have 10 minutes to do that, so. If there's anything that you want to maybe jot down, we can get those addressed then, so, with that said. We are going to go into our pitches. And uh this is the fun part i think, um. You're going to love it i i i, do, um. The first team that we have pitching, uh is is trend book, this is a company, uh that's being um. It's being launched, by uh karen. Um, kieran. Are you available, to share your screen at this point. I'm not i'll be pitching. Like um. Yeah are you ready to go. Oh yes i'm ready. Okay so can you go ahead and share your then, yeah. Oh so you're just gonna pitch i'm sorry okay whenever you're ready go ahead and uh take it away karen. Alrighty, hi my name is karen flagg i'm the founder and ceo, of trendbook. Trendbook, is an esthetician, exclusive. Social platform, where jobs are created, by empowering, everyday, estheticians. To teach. Learn, and network, through each other for the betterment of the skin care industry. We're in search of innovative, and motivated. Techmates, who are interested, in using, aws. Or azure. The languages, we believe will be best for trendbook. Is java, python, and ruby on rails. We're developing, a continuing. Education. Platform. Much like linkedin, learning, where we'll need a video repository. That can be, created by some users, and accessed by others. Taking up our project. Will. Allow for practical, experience, and some of the most. In demand, technologies. Such as, um.

Amazon, Light sale. We have virtual machines, cloud services. Meta, meta data management. And database, creation. As well as repository. Usage. We're also looking to create, fun and innovative, social communication. Features, that have not yet been done on social media. So if you're interested, in joining a fun yet structured. Team, we would love to meet with you in our breakout room, thank you. Wonderful, wonderful, so everyone that was um that was karen, with uh with trend book. And, i, i i forgot to say this i apologize, can everyone, please um if you're not. Pitching. Uh shut off your cameras, and shut off your microphones. So that we just have uh just have the entrepreneurs. Speaking when they're speaking. And, thank you everyone thank you very much, okay, so then, uh next it looks like we have isaac who will be talking to us about. An amazing company that he started uh it's called bridge. And isaac whenever you're ready. Awesome, thank you so much tanya. Can you hear me. I can i can. Hi everyone i'm isaac javed, i'm the vice president of the entrepreneur society, at san diego state and i'm the ceo and founder of bridge. It's safe to say we've all exchanged contact, information with new people after meeting them, none of us want to go through the tedious ritual of going to each social media platform, and adding someone's information. We often only connect with one or two platforms, when meeting someone and have no organization, to what accounts we have and what accounts we still need. Bridge allows its users to display their own personal brand, and exchange, multiple accounts, instantaneously. Using qr and nfc technology. This can be professional, or personal. The user can choose what accounts they would like to share, and easily exchange, information with anyone they meet, they can also display the information, as a url, that they can post anywhere or forward to anyone. Bridge will also keep the contacts, the user ads in an organized list so they can simply look up any of their connections. And see what channels they're available on. And my name is michael gustowicz, and i'm the. Cto, of ridge, i'm looking forward we are in need of an android developer, to parse our existing, react native code, to help with cross-platform. Development. As we gain a larger user base we will be transitioning. Away, from google's firebase, service for authentication. And database, management. So we are looking for a developer, skilled, in these areas to create a proprietary. In-house, back-end, management, system. Thank you. Wonderful, thank you thank you so much uh. Bridge, team, uh. Again, if uh, if you want to go into the breakout rooms with bridge make sure to uh write that down. So we now have um. Vadant, is going to be talking to us a little bit about. Med alert, med. Alert. And vadon, if you are speaking you are unmute. Oh no i was i was just waiting for the screenshot, but yeah. Okay, hi welcome to team medler, my name is vidatnahar. And i'm the ceo. A few months, ago, one of our founders close family friend passed away, due to an accidental, error caused by an overworked, nurse in a nursing facility. This is why we created medlerd. A task delegation, app that lets nurses, create, and delegate, tasks, in real time and on the go. In medler, we let nurses streamline day-to-day, activities. And improve facility, teamwork. Decreasing, chances of any errors, and stress. And thus optimizing, the resources. We let them view all the tasks they have for a certain day, and prepare them to deal with spontaneous, ones. With our delegation, feature. Aimers can delegate a certain task with the click of a button. By providing the management, level with analytics. We reveal the weak points of the facility. During these trying times with covet 19. Nurses are the unsung heroes of the country. And medler wants to help them save american, lives by making their life easier. We are looking for a software developer, for mobile and server applications. The tasks include implementing, features, and functionalities. On both the mobile, and server site, including, advanced, features. Such as encryptions. And architecture. You will get an opportunity, to work on regulatory, requirements. Such as hipaa. The app needs to allow its users to be in sync with each other, like a social media, app. Allowing them to work together to complete the tasks. In terms of the workflow, designs, we have a storyboard, we have storyboarded. Each feature of our app, in-depth. And from there we created an adobe, xd mockup. Providing, you with a detailed, outline, of its aesthetic. And functionalities. Thank you and we are excited to see you in our zoom breakout. Room. Wonderful, thank you so much fadant, we appreciate, that, um now uh next we actually, have uh.

Ben Ben shapiro is going to be talking to us uh, a little bit about uh techmate. Benjamin, would you like to take it away. Sure. Hi there everyone. By 2030, one in five americans will be 65, or older, seniors already face many challenges but the increased risk from covid for people 65, plus have magnified, these issues. Technology, is one of the most effective solutions to many of these challenges. But 77. Of seniors indicate that we need assistance, learning new technology. Seniors and older adults are frustrated, and disadvantaged, by the lack of senior tailored, tech training and assistance. My name is ben shapiro. And our team at tecmade is on a mission to empower people to live healthier, happier, more productive livestream technology. Techmate, is an intergenerational. Platform that connects older adults and seniors with tech savvy college students and young adults for tech tutoring and support. We do this through our one-on-one, remote support through audio or video chat, in-person, support, and a digital learning center, at techmate we provide customers with the tools and skills to make technology, work for them. Hey everyone i'm jasmine, i'm the cpo, at techmate, so we're looking for developer, support, in designing. Developing, and testing, our digital learning center, lms. The digital learning center will provide seniors, with senior tailored, online, courses. That address critical, needs and interests, in the older community, such as digital security and privacy. Food and supply delivery, and other technology, fundamentals. So we've created a ui, ux, mockup. Nfpxd. And are currently testing with users so if you're interested in working with us please reach out, thank. You. Wonderful thank you so much thank you i appreciate, that, um again that was techmate. Uh next we have a billy who will be speaking, to us about. Uh her platform. Her app all source events. Hi let me just get this up here really fast. Hi. My name is billy, and i'm in the process of developing, allsource, events, management, software. The app is a simple yet powerful, platform, for the modern, social, and party event planner. And, local businesses, who already are or want to be involved, in events. If you've ever planned an event you know how hard it is. Social, and party event planners are forced to use multiple, processes. Because there is not even one platform. That has everything. The solution, is to create, an all-encompassing. Event management, tool. We will generate, revenue, with premium, upgrades. Pay per product. Ticket sales. Advertising. And priority, listings. Ase, will form partnerships, locally. But has the potential, to expand. Into all four other sectors, of event planning. And achieve a high growth pattern, in the global, market. We want to entice, dedicated, engineers, and developers. To code a revolutionary. Platform, who have experience. Creating, easy to use, graphical, user interfaces. Along with database, management. Communication. Tracking. Accounting. E-commerce. And reporting, systems. The alpha will be built on a web-based, platform. That is accessible. Via pc, or mac. And mobile web browsers. Then, on both android, and ios. San diego, county has 22, thousand, social and party event planners. At 25. A month the numbers rise to 6.6.

Million, In sales a year. Highly ambitious, and productive, social, and party event planners say. To have one platform, to rule them all would be a dream come true. The demo will include 10 features. Social, and party event planners, would like to have in an all source event management, application. Survey says we have an entire, industry using tools that were not designed, for it, we can fix that, we know what they're asking for, we know they want to use a better product, made for social and party event planners. Join me in the breakout, and let's make this a reality. Thank you. Thank you very much, thank you, so uh next we have. Uh virtua road, so raya will be sharing with us about uh, her startup, virtue road. Hi everyone, my name is ria chabra, and i am ceo, of virtru. Now imagine, you just start driving for the first time, your hands, clench up at the wheel you can feel your anxiety, building up within you, you're so scared you can make one small wrong move and crash. But don't worry, you are not alone. 40 percent, of teens and twenty five percent of young adults are actually afraid to drive on the road, they are unable to think quickly on their feet and use their judgment, on familiar, situations. For these nervous new drivers, virtue road is the perfect, answer. It is a cost-effective. Lifelike, driving, simulator. That uses virtual reality, to give an immersive, experience, for the driver to practice. Using realistic, vehicle components. Birch road allows the consumer, to learn how to drive in the comfort of their own home. These teenage, and young adult new drivers, can practice any driving scenario, alongside, instructions, guiding them, in a real life location. Without having to risk their safety. In order to create our mvp, we need help programming, our software, for the simulator. As well as creating the vr app, that allows the user to connect to their vr headset. And track their driving progress. We plan to program, our software, in unity game engine, and create the real-life location. Using a 3d mapping software, such as mapbox. We are looking for software developers, who would like to help us develop, our virtual, reality, simulator. As well as the companion, mobile app, to help these teenage, and young adult new drivers, gain the confidence, they need to get onto the road again. If you are interested we would love to work with you to make virtual, a reality.

Thank You. Thank you ria appreciate, that, and. Next, we have paula, who's going to be sharing with us about. Cloud club. Hello, i'm paula, i'm, a co-founder, and managing, partner of cloud club collective. We provide, purposeful. Daydreaming. Sessions, to increase, wellness, and to develop, creative, potential. By harnessing, the mind's superpower. Our limitless. Imagination. We're creating a niche market, at the intersection. Of wellness. And, self-improvement. Our adjacent, competitors. Are headspace. And calm. And we differentiate. Ourselves, from mindfulness. Apps which focus, on, what is. By helping our customers, to discover. What could be. We are looking for coders and developers. To help us build our demo, mobile, app. So that we can make it easy for our customers, to realize, the benefits. Of integrating, purposeful, daydreaming, sessions, into their busy lives. Thank you and i look forward to meeting you in our zoom room at cloud club. Thank you paula. And uh now we are uh. Going to hear from brennan who's going to talk to us about, uh, varus. Advising. Hey everybody. Give me one second. Technical, difficulties. Um. Okay. Hi everyone, my name is brennan pearson, and i am the founder, of varus advising. Currently at most universities. When a student gets in trouble, they are not helped only investigated. From contacting, multiple schools we have found that this is a widespread, need. If a student doesn't have an advisor for these situations. It causes a lot of additional challenges, for the students which can have an impact on their schooling. And their gpa. And which can lead to multiple different things. For graduate schools later etc. Varus advising, solves the problems, we help defend, students, and advise students when they get in trouble. We can reach a very large. Audience, because we are virtual based which means we can make a great, great impact in students, lives, not only in california. But also across the united states. We are looking specifically. For help with user experience. And user interface, technology, on our website. Since we are a tech and virtual based company. And our website, is the main, go-to. Market validation. Source. An incredible, website, is very important for us. We specifically, need help creating an interface on our website for an intake, form and also making our website, simply, incredible. Thank you and i hope to see you in the breakout room. Wonderful, thank you so much brennan, thank you, and uh, next we have, uh, adrian, who's gonna be sharing with us about his startup, genesis. Sweet, just let me share my screen. Wonderful. All right. So hello everyone genesis, is a wildlife. Inspired, lifestyle, brand, and we create, um animal, imagery, and animal wildlife, inspired, products in apparel and streetwear. Many of us already own these types of products and all genesis, wants to do, is provide a way for these donations to go back to where they drive, to wildlife.

Especially, In today's day and age with copen19. And, with the deforestation. That's going on the wildfires, in australia, this is a very big time for a cause like this and we don't see another brand really pushing that message. Um, so and we are here today. One to ask for and what a website. Um. Mobile first is kind of our response, because we have found that in the next year over 70, of purchases, will be found. On mobile e-commerce. And we're looking for someone, um, who has experience in that maybe has experience also in greece, green sock animations. Because that's a lot of the type of work as you can see here. Um that we want to bring. Into our website. As well as a simplistic, design someone who has maybe some ui ux. Web design experience, we like very simplistic, views like that. Subliminal, messaging, and we are very creative company. Interaction. And culture, and part of our culture is storytelling, so we really want to tell the story. Of wildlife, itself, of the creatures, of nature. And so a big part of what we do will be in blog posts video content creation. And animations, for, users not only to come to our site to shop but also to learn more about the environment. To learn more about wildlife, so a way for them to, create a pack or a following. Is something that we want to do. Wonderful, thank you thank you so much adrian appreciate that, so uh next we have barry. And barry is going to be talking to us about. Her. This, startup, which is a, non-profit, startup. Correct, we're going to kind of be the, unicorn. You find in today's. Pitches. We are the mirror mesa community foundation. And our goal, is to, create, a new community. We are in the largest community in san diego, and there's not a single location, here where people and organizations. Can come together to meet to help each other. To work on shared, issues. What we're going to need to help us in the process. Of bringing, 80 000 people together. Is a website. And a phone app. That, can help us with such things as. Self-maintained. Pages, for charitable, organizations. And service providers, in the area so that people can look up, what they need. We're going to need. Catalogs, of volunteer, opportunities.

Class, Listings, with a registration. Process, so people can sign up for training classes, and other educational, opportunities. Community calendar, to let people what know what's going on. A call to action feature, if there's something going on there's, a family in need there's a crisis situation. We can reach, all of the organizations. In the area. We're also going to want a case management, feature where people in the community, can register, for help and these organizations. Can, look at what's needed and get together to serve. We'll be looking for a website, we'll be looking for mobile apps and i look forward to seeing you in our pitch room thank you. Thank you very much barry appreciate, that, next we have uh rad locals. And i believe we have lisa. Or james. Or both. Yeah we're both here. Great wonderful. Yep let me just share a screen. All right awesome. Hi guys, my name is lisa schloss and i am the founder and ceo, of rad locals. Uh my name is james i'm co-founder, director of outreach, and the rec lead for rad locals. And i'm sam the software development, intern. So, right now in san diego, 6 out of 10 breweries face closure and brewery sales have dropped by 65, percent in the us. With rad locals we seek to improve brewery future, brewery's future traffic and sales to our ability to match and reward, brewery enthusiasts. With self-guided, local brewery experiences. And discounts, based on their desires, within san diego. Right now we currently have an application, that we've been designing, to match you with breweries, based on personal, taste and. Preferences. So we've worked out the structure of the progressive, well app as well as user pathways, to help detail how the user will actually interact with it, and, on the right of the screen you can see our adobe, xd demo that illustrates, some key features of the app. Additionally, we have some in progress dfds, illustrating, how data will flow through the pwa. And subsequent, back-end, systems. And we are looking to develop the application, to have it be optimized. For all web platforms, and utilize, dynamodb. Or a similar, nosql. Managed database, system. So with being a part of our team what we're really looking for is. Somebody who wants to be able to be a part of something and developing, more user experience. Um, and also in being able to have creative freedom, to. Add additional, ideas and input into regards, of what we're coding and the language that we're using. Um we look forward to meeting you and we're in our meeting rooms we'll be able to show you a demo for the application. Thank you, great thank you guys thank you team i appreciate that so we um. We now have. Uh. Oh it's karina, karina, from solido. Karina are you are you there. Yes i'm here how are you, great great wonderful, thanks. Hello my name is karina rivera, and i am the ceo, and founder of soledad. Senior monitoring, system. Our company. Our company aims to bring tranquility, and safety, to admitted elderly. Elderly. Boomers and their loved ones. Through transparency. Through transparency. As the medical, field. Solely. Slowly transitions, into a virtual. Into a virtual world. Our assassin, app platform, allows, anytime, video monitoring. As the elderly, loved one. Of elderly, loved ones following the medical, while in the medical facility, and it promotes. A human connection, between loved ones and elderly, patients through video chatting features. The most, but most importantly. Are. And most importantly. It, supports, for accountability. For high quality. For high quality care by alerting the, app user, and the medical facility, while someone enters and exits the room. The problem arose when my mother had admitted my elderly, aunt into a long-term, medical facility, where she developed, secondary, infection.

In Her diaper area. Due to human error, and lack of transparency. Within the medical, facility, my mother could not monitor my aunt's quality of care. And caused, my mother emotional, stress. In validating, this problem further we have found that 89, percent, of baby viewers have who have been admitted into a medical facility, have experienced. Elder abuse. And neglect. And, neglect. In addition, 79. Of medical personnel. Have either admitted. Reported, or committed, this unethical, behavior. We. We know that our solution. Is needed more than ever as our visitation, privileges. Are being slowly taken away. Because, of this pandemic. We are looking for coders. Who share our same ideologies. That our family, friends and loved ones, should, just, deserve, high quality, care, and be treated with dignity, until their last breath. We would like. Somebody. Someone who would like to be recognized. As a coder who brought safety back to age, thank you. Wonderful, thank you so much karina, i appreciate, that, yeah she's building a, really, exciting, business and um. Something that's, definitely needed right now. Right now so, um. We next have, john, john, uh is going to be talking to you about his startup. Uh. Sports recruiting. 365. And whenever you're ready john take it away. Hello everyone, my name is john gould i'm the founder and ceo of sports recruiting 365.. How many athletes, go unnoticed, each year. Being in either a small school or coaches not knowing the recruiting, process. We're providing, a web app for student athletes, to create an in-depth, player profile. To give them the opportunity. To get recognized, and recruited. Giving them more, hands-on. In the recruiting process. Also giving colleges, a bigger pool of players to recruit from. As well as helping smaller colleges, that have limited resources. To travel for recruiting. We're looking for coders, and developers, to be part of our team and want to help student athletes, follow their dreams. Looking for coders, that can build. Our, web app to make. On both, android, and ios, platforms. With the front end. For user profiles, and team landing pages, direct messages and emails. The backend, video sharing, and hyperlinks. With also needed security, protocol, to protect personal, information. We'd also like to have the xd experience, designed, to help me with improving, the platform, at a later time. Thank you and i hope to see you all in the breakout room. Thank you very much john thank you so we just have five, uh five, companies, left to go, um we've uh. It's, a lot of fun right hearing about these about these startups that are that are launching. Um, i i, am so excited, i like i said i think a lot of these are going to be um, big companies. So uh next we do have uh with us uh d'anthony. D'anthony, are you on the line. He was having some technical difficulties, so he might we might have lost him, we'll we'll we'll come back to d'anthony. We'll come back to d'anthony. So uh. Ray. Uh. Are you ready to go in india anthony's place. Sorry i'm here i was on you i apologize, oh okay, great no worries. Okay. No worries, okay, so whenever you're ready anthony go ahead and take it away. All right one moment i'm gonna share my screen here. All right. You see that well. Yes we can yes we can okay awesome. All right hello, my name is d'anthemi, early riley and i'm the founder of street eats, uh spelt with the z, i have three partners and together we've created an idea for a mobile app and website, that would bridge the gap between food trucks, food vendors and pop-ups, with their customers. Street eats will give you access, to the precise, location, using open street maps, and real-time, data, a directory, of all business, products, prices and popularity. A review and common interaction. An option to catering. And our favorite the hot spot service. This is where both, customer, and business operator will be able to host, a specific, location, for a limited, time, broadcasting, to those nearby who download the app. As you can imagine, these capabilities. Will be beneficial, to the market, groups and industries, such as tourists. Students, construction. Food enthusiasts. Corporate professionals. Health care, and transportation. Our goal, is to bring relief to the pain of travel during lunch hours, supporting, small food businesses. And creating a unique experience, during lunch time. Our mission is to bring support to students fam and families in needs, and the homelessness. By providing, free meals during a twice a month street eats festival. We need passionate, driven coders to help improve.

Our Mvp, demo, which i have here. Design solutions, and program, languages, to bring street eats, to the market. I hope, you join, street eats in our mission to bring food to the streets that eats thank you for your. Thank you very much anthony, we appreciate, that. And um, if you can st stop sharing there yeah wonderful, and then uh ray ray from tcxr. Whenever you're ready you can go ahead and check your screen and put it away, yeah i'm ready, hello i'm ray fryworth, i don't need to share my screen you can see my background. I'm the ceo, and co-founder, for the common, xr, welcome to the new reality, in education. In the past four months since the public health crisis, began. Observers, of education, have learned that nothing can replace a classroom, and video conquering, solutions, just do not meet this bar, period. Tcxr. Is creating a new platform, as you can see behind me, designed to host digital, classrooms, using a single solution that supports, everything from laptops, to vr headsets. Tcxr. Digital classroom, offers teachers, all the benefits of a traditional, classroom, seeing their students giving lectures, presentations. With the benefits. Of a digital one so, where the teacher can pull up, models for demos, portal virtual locations. As well as obtaining, real-time, analytics. Our platform allows students to engage with their, teacher and other students in a way that's comparable, to a real-life, classroom. Allowing teachers to spend more time focused, on teaching. Less time trying to physically, locate the most vulnerable. Students. Help us bridge a classroom, gap so that kids aren't left behind because of public health crises. Thank you. So, what we need. As you can see we're a high tech sas model group. We've got an ear product mvp. We currently have a number of interns, working on future features and functions, but have need for graphic designers, coders. Testers, that have knowledge of unity, and or see prime. Coding, or graphics, modeling, tools uh, rhino, maya blender. As well as uh, mysql. Developers, which i believe there should be some of you in there, our mvp is a standalone, executable. It's running on vr headsets, mac and windows, built through the unity, editor. All of our code is written in c prime. We're also building a website demo which you can go see. That will execute a via roon through unity connection which you can't see yet we're building it, since we obtain, analytics, we have sql, data to be gathered, and displayed. If you are c prime or sql, coder or graphics designer. Please join us, thank you. Thank you very much ray appreciate, that, uh. Next we have uh with us uh elise is going to be sharing to us, or with us rather about. Her startup. Autofix. Can i interrupt. Yes. Elizabeth. Um. Had a question, she said. If you have websites would you be willing to share them to the entrepreneur, to the entrepreneurs. Wonderful, entrepreneurs, go ahead and put the uh, go ahead, in the chat at uh. Put your websites, in the chat uh there's people who, want to know more about your, about your companies, so, if the entrepreneurs, could do that that would be great, wonderful. So uh elisa, are you ready to share your screen. Yes, uh well i'm not sharing my screen, but um. Whenever you're ready. Um hi everyone my name is elisa, and i'm the ceo, of autofix. Autofix, is an innovative, and revolutionary. Fix that patches the broken auto repair industry together, while effectively, saving time, through an interactive, app we allow consumers, to schedule repairs, and checkups, virtually. Creating an easy trustful, hands-off, process. We are partnered with various garages, and towing services, to provide our customers, with a variety of options and services, that will solve all their needs. Auto repairs, waste precious time and creates an unnecessary. Hassle, which is what we at autofix. Strive to fix. Once, a repair has been scheduled. The customer can continue, their day regularly. And watch the process, happen in ease. Their vehicle will be picked up and taken to the set garage, repaired. And taken back to the agreed location. In an allotted time frame. Customers, will be able to decide when and where they would like their vehicles picked up, and dropped off. Offering, a wide variety of services. Contact, with the repairman. And full care of the automobile. Autofix, app boasts the ability to solve all the customers. Issues. In the past companies such as uber and slack have revolutionized. Their respective, industries.

By Providing a platform, which connects multiple, sub-industries. And successfully. Saves its customers, time. Autofix, strives to do the same, while we may be the first company to attempt this in the auto repair industry. By following the examples left behind by companies like uber we have the means to do so. In order to make autofix, a reality, we are in need of a coder to create our mobile app for both android and ios, users. If you would like to work with us to repair and revolutionize, this broken industry. Please, feel free to contact, us. Thank you very much lisa, thank you. We have, i believe it's, jayden will be speaking on start smart. Is that correct. Uh no sahil, and khmer, actually. Apologize. Apologize, uh sahil, and kabir take it away when you're ready. Okay. Hi i'm saaho and i'm the cmo, of star smart. No one wants to be that person who as soon as they get their permit and license get into an accident. Fortunately, new drivers will be able to drive without risk with the help of start smart. Start smart is an online platform, that connects new drivers with the passenger, side breaking cars from driving schools, allowing new drivers to rent these cars and practice safely when not accompanied, by a certified, driving instructor. Startsmart, is an app that will show you a selection of driver's ed cars with passenger side brake system, which are great for new drivers who are more prone to making mistakes on the road. The driver, friendly cars will be available for rent from various local driving schools near you making it easy to start learning and getting on the road. Often, new drivers go too fast or don't stop in time resulting in tickets and crashes. However, an experienced, driver sitting in the passenger seat will be able to ensure the safety of the members in the car, and help accelerate, their learning. Hi, i'm khabir sheth, the chief technical, officer, of start smart, and we are requesting, a developer, who can help create an application, for start smart on ios and android. Also, we would like for our coder to help refine our current website. And start allowing new drivers, to rent driver's ed cars, please join us in our zoom room so we can further discuss start smart's current needs regarding our software, and get to work, thank you. Thank you. Wonderful thank you guys so much, and um, last but not least, we do have um, off-grid, technologies. Yeah this is elon from awkwardtech. Hi. Hello. Uh so, raj are you screen sharing. Looks like he. Is. Troubles with the screen sharing there. I don't have it up. You don't all right no worries. I'll just jump right in. All right so we're off grid technologies, and we created the off-grid charger, or og charger for short. The og charger is a portable wilderness, charger that solves a problem that we as campers and backpackers, encounter, every time we go on a track. Our devices, always run out of power because the power banks we bring are quickly drained, and the portable solar chargers aren't reliable, enough to supply on-demand, power. To solve this problem, our patent-pending, design incorporates, four different charging methods. A water wheel solar panel hand crank and wall input. And an integrated battery to ensure reliable, charging anytime. Anywhere. And finally, here at off-grid tech our beliefs, center around giving back to the global community, and the great outdoors. To accomplish, our mission, we'd allocate, 10, of our profits, towards donating og chargers to communities, lacking power. Allowing our customers, to camp with confidence, and pay it forward. In terms of developer, support, we're asking for, uh, two different types of developers. The first one is someone who's intimately, familiar, with squarespace. Um because that's the website we're using, um. To eventually sell our chargers, on. Um so we would also like someone, uh hopefully, familiar, with, um like e-commerce. Um. And what they can do with their. Aside from that we're looking for a web developer. Um. Not a web developer someone who's familiar with um, ios, and android, apps. Someone who can help us develop, an app for a phone that can pair to the charger.

Uh And remotely. Uh so like the user can see like, how charged it is the the rate of recharging. Um if the the river's strong enough to turn the water wheel, factors like that. So those are the two different types, um, so if you're interested please join us in the breakout room. Thank you very much. I'm sure there's an interesting story how that ended up, um, in the car but. We it worked right we made it work uh, yeah, we always figuring, it out right, okay wonderful. So, that's it that's the last of the of the uh of the student pitches we're right on time, uh excellent job everybody's, staying within. Their uh allocated, time limit. Uh. Perfect, perfect, so now uh what we'd like to do is we would like to. Open it up. To, questions. From, the uh, from the participants, from the audience, uh. Any of the, tech hire or isa, if you have any questions now, for for the audience please do let us know, or for the founders. Rather. I'll just start by saying that that was amazing. By, the to the 18, founders, amazing, work i'm sitting back here and thinking what did i do with my life. Um, so. Definitely. Like kudos to you pitching, that is not an easy task. Um, and and i'm just i'm so very honored to be a part of this so thank you for doing, that. Thank you thank you for bringing us the the the technical, support, you can see how much, the entrepreneurs. Need it, um it's it's the next component, for for many of them right. It's what they need next. So any, any of the uh. You know anybody, from techhire, or isa, do you have any specific, questions that you think, would be beneficial, for everybody, to hear. You can put it in the chat if you're i know i know a lot of times, technical, people, they don't love. Don't love uh, talking in front of huge groups but i shouldn't make generalizations. Yeah a little taking myself so. I don't mind. Great, so thank you all for your support. That's fine we can we can let you go into the breakout, rooms we won't force you to ask questions here if you don't want to, um, so this is what we'd like to do next. So all of the um. All of the guests who've come here today, um, we want to thank you for coming, we will be um. We will be. Ending, our, our uh. First part of our event the pitch part of the event, and then we'll be moving on into the uh to the hiring. To to getting everybody together with their, uh founders, and um. Tech. You know, tech participants. So. I'd like to say thank you all for being here, um i wanted to make sure that uh. Either alexis. Or. Yadira. Adrian if there's anything else you'd like to add before, we say goodbye to all of our guests who've come to watch today. Thanks tanya i'd like to just jump in and say, thank you on behalf, of the san diego workforce partnership. So, this has been a really. Exciting, event that we've put together in collaboration. And. Um. Echoing. Alexis's. Excitement. About the amazing startups, that pitch i, used to work for a social impact, incubator. So being back in this space where folks were really. Uh, you know sharing their visions, sharing their missions, it's not easy to do, um, i'm well aware of that so thank you for putting yourselves, out there and, you know sharing your, idea of how to make a bigger impact on the world with all of us, i also want to thank our incredible. Tech hire and isa, participants. Um. I know everybody is looking for the next, big thing to be a part of so thank you for giving these companies a chance and i can't wait to hear. Um, about how, how those conversations. Go with all the companies, as well. Um. And then of course to you tanya, to the entire rec lab, so carla, and lena, um, and all the students that are helping you put together this event. Um and then to our team at the san diego workforce partnership.

Alexis. For spearheading, this initiative. Um, yadira, for bringing in the tech hire, folks and then lori from making sure everything with the event was running, smoothly, and and as best as possible, so, thank you to everybody. Thank you adrian, thank you so much. Uh, so i i did want to say, if anybody, is interested, uh, in, joining the wreck, we are opening, also up our uh application. Process, uh, again we have, next week i believe it's the 20th. You can, and and all of our um. The links to our social media apps are are there in the chat you can you can check that too but i believe it's the 20th where we have, an open, session, to learn more about. How you could um. How you could get your. Startup, into into the wreck, we are. Very, very, accepting, of all people, we're welcoming. Of all people we we. Love um. You know we love to have a diversity. Of ideas, and ages, and. Ethnicities. And races, and everything, we want we want an ability, and sexual orientation, everyone is very welcome here at the wreck, and uh. I will say this uh. The startups that are coming in often are just coming in with an idea, that's all they have, we're, a lot of them come in just just an idea, no research, done and then we help them to develop that idea, now all of the startups you've seen today are at different stages, in the uh in the process. Some of them, have um. Have gone through their. Even their, first iteration of their beta testing, um, and some of them, are are just, um. Just finished up with the customer discovery, process, at the initial stages and are just now, um. Launching their very first uh iteration of their mvp, so, uh, different different different stages i know there were questions about that, um. So that might be one thing to ask when you go into the different rooms. For the. Tickers and isa participants. And. As you're going into the different rooms um i do want to say uh. Please, for the for the student founders. You, we need to hear who your top three candidates. Are, and uh, so so make sure to write that down afterwards you'll be you'll be providing that to me if any of you have any trouble. Please come back to this zoom room i will be here i'll be here for another hour, just available, uh to help, if we can, and um if you do get into a room, and you find that that room is um full at the time or somebody else is talking go to your second choice and then come back, so uh. That's that for all of the isa and tech people, uh, everyone, again thank you for being here i'm going to say goodbye. To all of you now. And um. Thank you very much and entrepreneurs, go ahead and open up your breakout, rooms now. And, i will see you all very soon. And uh, then the tech hire, and the isa. Participants. Anyone. Else who wants to go into those rooms. Go ahead and go into your rooms. You will be getting a, message, when you're. When it's time to switch to go into another room so thank you all for being here thank you so much, and um i'm here if you have questions. Yeah. Thank you tanya i just want to make a quick comment we made an rec. Bridge account, why, um. During all of that so adriana. Put that in the chat so it should have all the. Rec's contact information in one place. Thank you so see there we go we're now we're using we're already using, uh.

The Bridge uh, the bridge app, and uh i was excited i wanted to be using this before, so thank you for doing that, if you want to access, our information, apparently, isaac put in there using his startup, right his his app so, awesome. Great, yep again bye everyone, take care i'm here if anybody, bye. Bye take care thank. You. I know what a cool product right. I love it. Very. I've been wanting something like this for a long time. Tanya i'm on now too i'm going to be logging in i've been here for a little while, but hopefully you and i can chat later too. Uh yeah it will be it'll be. Quite a bit later but absolutely. It's unless you want to come back and chat in this room because i'll be here for a while. So uh yeah i just don't want it recorded, because i think we're being recorded, yet so, i'd prefer, us just have a quick little chat. It'll yeah okay sounds great it'll have to be a little bit later then, yeah that's fine, uh or i'll just text you. Is that. Better. Okay. You.

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