WORD PLAY Partitioned Split Drives Technology Data Storage

WORD PLAY Partitioned Split Drives Technology Data Storage

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I've. Been just doing is live, videos. And, so, I'm calling this one partitioned, drives, and, partition. Drives is, because. I was thinking about my. Analogy. To today society, and so if you think about like, one, of the things I learned about how drives on computers, are partitioned, so, they're partitioned. Into. Segments. And so, that means they're split, for, different purposes, so so you might have one drive. That. Is, this. Could be a wordplay to you yeah I think, it could be a wordplay to so, you have one drive that is for one specific purpose and then you have another drive for another specific, purpose and. And. So. You, know it might be putting different information. On and so even the operating, system for example Windows, with Microsoft, is partitioned. Into a separate Drive and. If. So I never really understood how to partition, drives, myself. As. Far as. You. Know how how, to how to set aside. Data. Storage. On the, hard, drive itself I never really understood how to do that but my computer's always came with drives. And in. The more space that we could have the more I was apt to actually, upload it. Or. -. Yeah, that well my last computer I uploaded. It onto a. Separate. Storage drive because one of the things I learned is that once. The computer started getting full then. The drive. Itself. It, kind of started bogging down and running slowly so even if you emptied out the internet, stuff. There. Must have been something else on there that it was drawing, from because. Because. It just started running slower and slower and and. So. But. I purposefully, bought, a huge. Hard drive for, that reason, for all the data storage and everything and. And. So, but I just oh my, analogy, though is I was thinking about today's society related. To. All the companies the, businesses. That aren't getting along and that's what we have right now so so, we have. Because. I was in Walmart. Last night and they're actually taking away all the computer, equipment there's like no, there's no computer, equipment at all in the store no laptops, no mobile. Devices, no Android, no windows, they, said they're gonna put something else better and that's what they said but I was thinking Walmart, doesn't actually produce, any. Electronics. That I'm aware of they never have and. And, so I was just kind of thinking whoa what, better could they put in since. They're not an Internet company they're not a technology. Company. I. Don't. Know what better they would be putting in and, and. So, and, then I kind of have concerns, that they're gonna be warehousing. Children. There and so. Actually, if you think about it that, falls under the 14th amendment of, that when. They're arresting. People who are non-citizens, that. Falls under the Fourteenth Amendment because non-citizens, have protections, but people are playing this word, semantics, game they're. Calling them illegal, and all this other stuff but, apparently they do they have protections, but I wasn't it you know our, school didn't teach us about the amendments, it didn't teach us about government. I'm learning, about it now on my own and, so they, have those, protections under, the 14th amendment non-citizens. Do and, we. Can play all these word games that you, know that they want to play and that's what they're doing and so and. Then it gets people all, upset. But okay. But Walmart does not have. Any. Internet, itself, or. Products. And. So, and, so, I was thinking like you. Know, and then then but then if you think about it like for example Apple. Itself has, its products. Windows, has its products, and. But. Actually. The only thing I could say is that. When. I used my Apple device I could upload. To Google, in YouTube, it's just that I can't get stuff on to Apple I've never figured out how to get stuff on to Apple, and. So you. Know like if I wanted it on the Apple, player, and stuff like that now that part I found quite, a bit challenging, but, going from Apple, crossing, over in a lot of senses the internet companies and technology, are working together. You. Know or it just takes time it's an evolution. Of a process, it just doesn't happen overnight, and and. So I can see all the companies, like Microsoft, Apple. Google. And. And it's so funny to think that they. Couldn't they you know they're saying that Google is like a monopoly, but it's not. You. Know there's competition because at one time we could have said Microsoft was, because Microsoft, the government I think had to step in and break break, Microsoft, apart at one point and. And. So anyway but but but what I'm seeing between the stores, and. The internet companies. It's. Kind of like for. Example like, the traditional, media if you look at them they have a box you know they have a cable box but they won't let anybody else on it or use it so, so. Like with a.

Apple. Phone, and a Google phone. Well. Actually. You. Can put products. On another Apple, you'd have to have an account but the Apple would I've yet to figure. That one out because, that would has always been really hard to get content. On there to get like. My. Stuff, from YouTube on there so so, technically, Google. Has been the only place that I've been able to get content. Onto there because the other ones aren't cooperating and, sharing and, so, I can't get stuff onto the cable. And. I can't get stuff onto Apple. But, they do you, know but like I said the of. Course the cable company doesn't share doesn't, have anything you know like for. Example if I wanted to take not interested, in their stuff I don't have the ability to do that other than on YouTube. And. And, so, like. Well Facebook has that though - so, face Facebook, really is, of a direct competition or. Could be to. Youtube but they. Have some issues going on there, but but they're there I think they're getting better and, I want to be able to use it but people are really being there and you. Know and it's just like. I. I. Didn't. Take. The film industry, I mean, I've not been in the film industry but apparently they're. Using doublespeak, so there's this a doublespeak going on which we've all known but I never like actually put a word to it but it's called double speak and. That's. Where they come. Up with alternative. Words to, use for the same thing you know so it would there's something in the law in, our law they'll, come up with another word and say they don't have to do it but I think there's reason specially, that because it's, my equally. I just have a huge, huge, huge Eagle League that. The. The pharma companies, have, been doing this with, marijuana. So they've they've, been using marijuana in, the medications. And calling, it a different name I just, have a huge inkling, about that for, some reason and. And, so yeah that that's that. That was my. And. I had a right to have that eco-link. You. Know yeah. And. So. Yeah but but back to the partitioning, of the drives, okay. The partitioning, and so, I'm seeing that so on the computer we partitioned, drives no separator, them for reasons but there still went under the same thing and. So I was thinking that like with these companies because if you think of the traditional the. Traditional media of our delivery system their. Sole purpose was to sell products, you, have product, placements sell products, product placement, and, in that and and shape and mold public opinion, with their fake news and so they are fake news and and. There's, no doubt about that to me because I've, actually been able to go. Back and in, my own life and, connect, a lot of things and then see a lot of these trends that were, created. Actually in college, for me in. School in, grade school even and, especially. The military the military is the biggest. And so the thing is if you think of networks. Networks. Of people and see, this is how the election, was rigged and I know I'm gonna have to do a drawing too. But. The more I think about it the more I fully understand, it and the and but this also relates to how my YouTube channels were attacked too and how I lost revenue, too but, when you have networks of people who are able to hide under, the guise of the networks then. You incentivize. Them you incentive advise those people to do things and so. And so I see, two ways how the election, was rigged not just one but two so. It's, my also my understanding that well. When, you funnel revenue out of the United States into another country and then back in or say that you have interests. In that other country, the money was never in the United States. Then, you can bring it in and so all, I'm asking, this question would that mean would that be money laundering so if you have if, you, have oh. Okay. Say that you have money in a foreign country and, then, you advertise, against, your own products. To. Bring it into the United States, would. That be considered money laundering, that's. All I'm asking, yeah. But. But at the same time though - I'm thinking if you're incentivizing, people, in other countries.

To. Do things, towards. American, people, here, in this country you. Know which would be attack, us you know attack us in ways and, what I say verbally. And so it's that psychological. Abuse that they were using, and, the thing is it's like it does not make you feel good that's the tree and it's like okay so are they doing that to try to get rid of us off the internet and, you. Know and, what purpose was that for. You. Know because the thing is I don't feel desensitized. Maybe, there's other there's things I do feel distance, to taste about it's, like one I don't crochet, I feel, like, I've been depressed and, not, felt. Like and I've lost other functions, in my body then. We've been attacked with the. The. Director, well, I don't for lack of a better word the directed-energy. Weapons. And that's where you get bust and it happened, there was a slight one the other night it was at like 112. Dude. If, that was yesterday, a.m.. In the a.m. and it's like what the hell why are they doing this stuff and. And, so it's like and, I had kind of forgotten, until that actually happened, that it was a year ago on. June 4th 2017. Where I had the big big episode, I actually forgot about it then I get the buzz and it's like I don't want to remind you of that that's just that's, exactly, like the. News bringing. Bringing, up all negative, reminders, and that's all they do is, bring, up old negative, burned by their reminders. Of things that are negative I don't, want to hear about it I want to hear about their crap I don't want to hear about it. I, guess if they. Disguised. Some. Of these buildings, and I can see how I, can. See how it would be done so, if you have a permit, to. Bring. Down a building, and. You. Have a permit, but then you don't tell people. And, then you coincide, it with the media or, which. Which, is what Alex Jones calls a false flag attack a false. Flag event. Not, attack but event, and, so that that's that's, just my questioning. About all. That stuff going on is. And. So I firmly, believe, that they've, been doing this for a long time and, they have been putting on a front and, that. There, were certain events that took place. You. Know coinciding. With the numbers and stuff I see it clear as a bell now and, I and, I can understand, and appreciate that other people don't see it because of the fact that, they'd. Have to be interested, in what I'm interested and so, I have, understanding, and compassion. For. Folks who don't and, and. So there's, just some discussions, that. Unless. They're capable of seeing it or somebody. Does a report, about it to, explain, it in certain, places. It's. Going to be harder for them to comprehend, and understand, because they they. Still believe that the Internet is, instead, of it being an equal, to and. I'm. A firm believer of, being. An equal to and unfortunately, my past has, her. It's like I could see how I was. Bullied into thinking, that okay yeah we are crap but that's just based on how I was brought up you. Know too you, know and. So but but it's like this the traditional, medium and then they put this. Is a perfect, example you know when they use those words well you need to take personal, responsibility, that's. The kind of crap is that they. Put the the, the. Advertising. Agency puts the junk out there so. Right and, then they blame us for what. Happens, and then tell us that it's our fault so they blame us for things that they've done and, so, the thing is this is. Find. A way to put it back on them, that.

That's That's. My thinking because, we're dealing with a narcissistic. Type of a society, right now so find a way to put it back on them. You. Know that because the thing is no nobody's, perfect, nobody. Has, ever. Not. Done something wrong so the thing is you can bend and twist and spend things how you know in many many different ways nobody. Has ever done not done anything wrong and you. Know I happened to pull that off someone. You. Know and this is related to hiring well, and and. I can also use my dad as an example of this too because we all know that people. Have said, and. Present. Company has said the same thing of. Okay. They've, said well. I'm not hiring someone with tattoos, all over their body, because. They. Just looked disgusting. If they, look like they've been in prison that's the that's the wording, that they're, using, and even, my dad had said the same thing and and. So I looked, and I said you, know because I what. Is it what was that we were talking about oh the cake shop the, cake shop and. So. We're having a discussion about the cake shop and. And he says well. See. They're. Rowing things, back, for. Black people, that's, what he said they're rolling things back for black people, and our. Country, is going backwards. And. I, said but technically. He says so how good is your First Amendment and, I said I said but. I said, the. First Amendment. Gives you the right to, say things. But. I said the Fourteenth, Amendment. Provides. Protections. Under the law and. And. He's. Like well they're gonna discriminate, and I said well didn't you against. The people who have, tattoos oh my. Gosh. Would, you so. I have I've had several examples. And it's just like he's like oh well I can do that, and I'm, like well how can you do it how, is that permitted, and. He and he says well. I can do it and. I. Can get away with it, well. He did get away with it that's the whole thing he did get away with it when people would come in to where he was working and. I'm. Not even sure if well, no he did do interviews. So. When people would come in to where he was working and, then. They look at him with the tattoos, and stuff and I'm thinking okay you're a black man not. Hiring people with tattoos. Then. There's something wrong with you or you're thinking or, you've, been corporate, indoctrinated. Entirely, too, much and. See, my dad was the same way but this is Iowa, though too and, so I think there's a special, little special. Something going, on up there there's. A special, sort of corporate. Indoctrination. Worse up there maybe is it to do with the cord I don't know because, I know they got the caucuses, going up there so, there's, a special, kind of something going on that ain't quite right up there in Iowa, with the rhetoric and.

And. So anyway you, know so I so, we. Have a, uppity. I've. Called him an uppity nigger. Before it he laughs about how laugh at that so, so I can actually call it an uppity nigger. He. Is and, he's a Donald. He's a black Donald Trump I told him he needs to dye his hair born. But. But. Lately things have been you know quite a bit better as. Far as the dialogue, and but, when I brought that up it. Was kind of like okay it was okay for him to, not hire someone because, they have tattoos. But. Then he. Said that then. The role the, the laws. Are going back but I'm thinking okay, but you're supporting, that yourself, with your thinking, I said you're supporting, that and then he gets me out and he tells me I'm the idiot. So. When when, I throw, back on him what, he's putting out there then I'm the idiot because. I caught, him, in. In, the same situation. So he said that he could go to he. Could go get a job today, and. Be. A, boss. And not. Hire someone with tattoos and. That. Person, could sue the, employer and the employer would win that's what he's saying so anybody who had who has colorful, hair has. Tattoos, or it, looks like they've been in prison and that's the that's the biggest problems, because people who have tattoos, they're, attaching this thing of and saying. From the corporate indoctrination. That's what they've filtered. And put in there is they're, implying and saying that they've all been in prison and even. Back when I was a little kid this was like back in the 70s and 60s my. Dad's like both don't, get any tattoos, the needles are dirty, and you're gonna get infected and they just look terrible. Your, skin is beautiful the, way it is you. Know and and. The thing is that because, I'm thinking I can see two sides yes my skin is beautiful the way it is but, if I wanted to get a tattoo that. You know what's wrong with that you know so and and, it. Actually hurt, me to, hear that because. It's cut you know because yes. I have a bleeding heart I, have a bleeding heart could, be a bleeding heart whatever, so, I. Am. Someone, who will. Have. Compassion, for. People with tattoos and I always did you know so so, when I so when I hear that it's like well, can't men, have, that same compassion can't, older black men have and I know in, the thing is I have that full understanding, because I can hear the voices in my head now which, is the internet whoa. Oh. Oh. Gosh, having, a brain fart day lost my train of thought. But. I have well. Well you're gonna be hiring, criminals. That's, what they say that's what they say you're gonna be hiring criminals. Who, have tattoos into.

The Work place and. And. So and and I've even had the, same discussion with. About, the background, checks, well, background. Checks, are legal, and I said well they shouldn't be legal if you, want to help black people then. We need to get rid of background, checks, well then you're going to be hiring criminals. In the workplace and, I said well, I don't care they people. They. Have to work and, and. So we have these huge. Disagreements. But it seems, to be coming down a little bit because I think he's starting to understand, it just a little bit more and. And. So, there's two issues there that you know the background checks because if he was in the employment place, he would he would approve background, checks I don't, and I, never really I mean I put that bat part together in the past few years you, know and it would be really interesting to have. Like. Community. Based classes. Or something this. Is just me brainstorming. Myself, because, I know when I worked for the a fees, they had a class, that we went to and we were role-playing basically. Us what it was but. The thing is it's like well you know like it, would be to put people in this situation, and see how they feel about, something. When it happens, to them and, and. So the thing is it's like I kind of I understood. Well, and that's what things, have that have happened to me I so, I understand, things even more what I did before maybe, because the bail bonds was something I'd never thought about till I actually was arrested, so I have a little bit more compassionate, understanding for, that whole process and, and. So, I and, I don't wish anybody being arrested because the truth of the matter is then. The media takes things out of context, and that's where we get to Michael Jackson, and so. Michael. Jackson. He's. The primary reason, why I never felt like I wanted to be famous because they were so mean to him the, media was so mean to him and so, the thing is is, like okay.

So Was and, and and so it's hard to distinguish, between. For. Me to, know like okay what what, was actually real, that. They were reporting, on because of open records, or what was fabricated by, them because they can't fabricate it and make things up and, so. Michael. Jackson, is the main reason that I never wanted. To be famous I wanted the money but I never wanted to be famous for that reason big and and it's, like I, just. I don't know I just felt so bad for him because he always had such a good message you. Know with his songs and, they were happy and, but. At the same time, I. Guess. I didn't really understand, either about. The data collection with the internet and all, that either and then I kind, of it. Appeared, that he was being exploited, at one point too you know so, exploited. In the sense of and, I know they're an entertainment, family, but it. Doesn't, make me feel good that that's the whole truth it does not all that negative stuff does not make me feel good. Granted. I've like. Evaluated. My own life and found things that maybe. Well. I I always, kind of thought of myself as a progressive, but I a valued, valuated. Things from my own past and, came. Up with things that maybe I would have never came up with because of all this negative. Dialogue, of the traditional, media and it's, like well. Yeah. And. And, so then it's like okay so, the. Film industry. Can do things and but yet I'm the media and and you, guys have like a lower. Thinking. Of me. And. So. I could use the same dialogue, but. Yet you guys think, more lowly of me because I didn't, go to college for the film industry, or acting school but. I do have a degree in technology which is the future and so. An. Associate, of Applied Science, degree. And. So I am a sight you know I am. A science person I guess yeah, I'm a science person associate. Of Applied Science and. And. So. Hey. I'm just not getting paid. And. So, that's the part that's frustrating. So I'm doing community services. What I'm doing a well, at times I caught it's, called, maybe activism, community, service whatever you want to call it you. Know so I I need. To figure some of that out but I know I it's, my understanding that, we're, dealing. With we're colliding, with the. Old the, old and the old is not good for us and, there's a bunch of old people who are stuck. In their ways who, are paid to keep things the way things are and. You. Know so and the entertainment, industry, is directly, tied in with it, and so, and, the, shopping, companies, too and so when I say that we. Have a. Partitions. Partition. Drive you, know comparing, the two, part comparing. Our society, to come to, partitioned. Drives. Then. So. That's related, to all the stores being separate, everything. Being separate, the. Separate computer, companies, that none of the government separate, and, everything. Being completely, separated. And, not getting along and not. Working together and, it's, like it. Technically. It just, makes it worse because I know President, Obama talked about having. A, cohesive. Internet, where. It was easy to access, information. And. And. That, would include around the world too, and so, they, don't even want like, connecting. With people in other countries I see a problem with that too because it's like if I want to write, to someone in Korea or Russia. Or. Africa. I. Should. Be able to do that you know even, if they write in two different language we have Translate and, and. So basically, that's. What we've had I it's, being surfaced, that that's what we have had. Since. I've been alive is is, like a, we're. Told, we. Were told that we were free. And. Have free speech and all these rights but at the same time we didn't because. Of the advertising, dialogue which is very dangerous and, damaging to. Critical. Thinking and. And. So, yeah and so. The old it does not want to give up and. Actually. They've created some, it's my opinion that, they, have created some really divisive. You. Know when they're using division. And. Rhetoric. That damages. People without, talking.

About Things. Being digital, and on the internet that their data is crawled, and that, when they use the words black and white that. That, doesn't necessarily mean, it's the skin tones but that's where everybody, took it the skin, tones and it's, your clothes either, their colors it's but, yet because. Of their damaging. Dialogue, from. School, from. All over if you can't critically. Think past. Past. That as a word, for, specifically. For data collection. Then. And and. I'm guilty of it too I just wanted to share that with you guys I'm guilty of it too because I've done the same thing but, I'm in a place now where I can see what they're doing. Related. To the data collection, for. Digital words and trends, and so they're. Just specifically, using, those words to bait people, and they're they're using. They're, using, people, from all types of communities, to push that agenda, you know both black and white so. It's word based it's wordplay and. That's, the sad part about it because people are getting pissed, off over the, corporate, media who. Is pushing these words they're investing, in the words not the people, and. Which is really sad and that's not to say that there's not some companies actually investing, in people because I believe that that's happening, too. But. The thing is when, things are tied up under the old. It's. Kind of like you, know it's like they're they're just at a place where they don't want to give up and they're fighting for. It, it's kind of like watching the Titanic go, down as well, as Rosanna said watch you get dragged and eat its own tail. We're. Watching the politics. Politics. And film industry, eat its own tail and seek. That. That's what we're watching because, this, other way is new, and free and open. For everybody and and, so. Yeah. I. Actually. Would, have gotten rid of myself. If I was by myself I, would have gotten rid of the cable box a long time ago that. Now I do need the internet but we still don't have any competition for, the Internet as the problem. We. Don't have any competition here, and for, anything that's quality or really high good quality, so, I'm hoping that we get that soon but I'd you know I just hope we do. But. In the meantime it just seems like things get worse and worse related. To. Georgia. Is, terrible. You know so but, anyway, I think I'm gonna go for a little bike ride I gotta go take a dump then I'm gonna go for a bike ride so. I'm working on I'm working on. Less. Repetition. As far as. Well. When I say less repetition. Repetition is, okay it's. Just I'm working on breaking, rep. Repetitive. Cycles, and so kind of just doing things randomly, that's. That's what I'm doing and see that's, that's, what we were all trained in in with, the indoctrination is. Repetition. Of doing things at the same time every day and. Instead. Of just going and doing things at different times you know and so. That's why yeah. Yeah. That's that's. How you break the cycle that's how you break a cycle is you just being a random person, like. But. At, the same time though my dog there there is a world. There. Or. Is that artificial. Intelligence, because I was seeking sometimes, my dog at the same time he just goes crazy he, goes nuts, at. The same time of day and I kind of noticed that with birds too. Like. Between 4:00 to 5:00 and the fish the the changes, of the tide and stuff like that cuz I've seen fish jump up out of the water when. The tides are changing it's, like why do they do that, and so. You, know so there is there probably, is some sort of an earth clock of some sort that. Affects. Nature. And people and we're part of that where. We are part, of that I don't care what anybody says you. Know and I don't, care what anybody says because, there's we are that and for, them to be on TV and tell us that there are certain things that aren't harmful, to us because we're people and we're, not animals it's harmful to animals but not people we, are animals so it's. Harmful to us we're. A part of this ecosystem. So. It's hard if it's harmful to animals it's, harmful to us too. I don't see it any other way and so, that's my. Message that, I'm gonna keep pushing out there related, to the environment we are the environment, we.

Are The environment. And. So I'll have to do another video of that but. Yes this is a yeah. It's a this, is a good partition. Drive. Play. Word, play video let's call it a word play video even though I didn't draw out any charts but, I am going to draw out a chart soon, to. Tell you guys my theory, on how the election was rigged, it's a good theory too I think, there's other people like politicians. Who know how it was rigged but, the problem, is this how do you get the American public to see how it was. With, the American, public is not. When. The majority, of the American public, you. Know it's like okay there people, are familiar with Trent. You are familiar with the computers, and Internet and train very very well but. If they don't know about trends. Then. How. Do you get people. Into. To. Change this I mean how do you get people in office, and legislation. To, change this, because. The thing is I've advertised. So, I understand, advertising. Even, though someone told, me I'm full of I understand. The advertising. And I don't agree with, the fact that. That. Money. From other countries, can come into our country which, it. Could, constitute. Buddy to launder yeah I mean that's, just my opinion that, that money like me can happen. Through. Advertising. From. Other countries, and so you're bringing dirty money into the United States and then it can be brought into your own company, and and. I, just see that clear as a bell. I'll. Have to do another video on that a paper, but I'm gonna know, what I'm gonna I will do that I'll do a wordplay on how. That can happen on my theory this is just my theory. And. So yeah, I like doing the live streams here because I can live stream in to unlisted and that's what I'm doing right here is live streaming into unlisted, and then. I don't have to record anything and then I can just let the video process, and then put my metadata metadata. In later and so yeah I don't want the big a head. And. But. I. Had. Nothing else to do but to kind of teach myself how do you use them you know. Women. Ersal, housewives. Are dangerous. They said we're the worst we're, the worst of the worst when it comes to. Who. Was it that said that was that Chris Rock or, was that what's, his name Kevin Hart I can't remember what. They, were talking, about the Housewives, of Atlanta and, they said well well. They're, the ones who figured, how to stay home and get all this stuff and, not, do anything so they're just chasing dead, and getting, cars. And. Purses. And dresses, and shoes and, I'm thinking that's never happened, to me no man has ever. Done. That for me and just showered me with gifts, just, to be, his. Arm candy, but I like I want to be in charge though I don't just want to be arm candy I mean. I, want. To be in charge I want to be the boss. Yeah. I'm gonna be the boss. And. So yes, if you guys are compelled if anyone's ever compelled, to vote for me for president of the United States or. Even governor, of Georgia write me in and if, if it was to happen I'd do it. You. Know but I don't have the money to just learn to be a politician. I don't have that kind of money and, I know I know I've, said so many fucked-up, things to that I just wouldn't I probably, would never be a good candidate. To run the country because, I. Just, do things that everybody else does and always. Have it always will but. Yet, there's. A higher world, standard. For politicians. There's. A way high your world standard, for, politicians, oh and. If. You're a woman there's, a higher moral standard, too you, know but what we can't do the things that men do. There's. My arms, I'm showing you guys my arms. And. So, yeah, anyway. Yeah, yeah that was something my sister told, me she says well. If you're going to apply for a job you, can't show your arms you. Got. To do what men do and come in and it's like that's. What's so funny to see Hillary I would like to see Hillary in a sleeveless something, sleeveless I really would I don't, know she's gonna run for president again or not but I would still like to see Hillary Clinton wear something, sleeveless. And. Drop that get rid of the pantsuits I'd. Like to see that, because. I still think she's a role model and. You. Know I. Think I still think she'd be a good leader for this country, she just has done. Little, short stints in different, sections, of politics. But. Yet and, she technically, won though -, but. I know I know how the, system was rigged though -, and. So yeah.

I'm Gonna have to draw a chart yeah. I keep saying that I'm, gonna have to draw a chart I'm gonna have to listen to my video - is, there something else I said - when, I said that I was gonna go that, I was gonna draw a chart for something else and one was for I'd know that I. Was going to tell you guys how the system, is rigged. Through. Advertising, and then, how its ring through networks so there's a couple of different ways that I, can see how it's rigged, when. People, are being incentivized, oh yeah, that's that's what it is the two ways the election, was rigged but. I got to do it on paper and draw a chart. So. Yeah. But. Anyway, I've done, for right now and, I'll see you guys.

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