Windows Server 2019 Complete Course in One Session | Complete Tutorial for Beginners to Expert |

Windows Server 2019 Complete Course  in One Session  | Complete Tutorial for Beginners to Expert |

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all right so let's begin now a very warm welcome today for joining us for the free demo class today we are going to talk about a windows server 2019 active directory before we're going to talk about i think i have muted everyone purposefully because it's a crowd uh if you have any question feel free to feel free to ping me then you can raise a hand from your end and i can i can admit from my side and you can speak about it right basically this demo is scheduled for all professional who are already working you are going to learn windows server administrator and windows 20 windows server 2019 server administrator training right so today date is uh we are going to start on 1601 2022 right i hope everyone know that is in what is the agenda of today's and the today's agenda off is a demo on windows 2019 server administrator online demo class right or you can send more training so basically before i talk to the individual this is a crowd and i will not ask for the introduction to everyone so basically who i am and uh what is my total asaf experience so hope you can able to see uh my screen and uh this is my name is neil and i'm a freelancer trainer and microsoft certified person about my experience total 12 years of experience in it and i worked on windows 80 vmware ccm powershell and cloud technologies i worked in you know i t companies ibm we pro and micro land as a windows server architect so my passion to or take a training during the weekend uh i since my my hobby started my training my career is in as a trainer trainer only so i have a time to take a training during this pandemic situation and to support people who are really looking for the industry related training uh right and uh this is my certification mcs i have certified 2003 and worked on 2003 as well in 2012 service server and uh not for server administrator associate in google cloud platform professional cloud architect has certification done right this is just little introduction about myself you can go and see that my linkedin and facebook everything is a neil had turkey will get it right before we talk about our server infrastructure right we need to understand that first concept of why we need to understand this training is for part of all a server administrator right the server administrator we need to understand that what kind of role we are going to manage and one thing this training when you are after the demonstration when you get registered you will not uh get the training like regular as a traditional right you know the reason when you are self learner you can go to the youtube or google you will get a lot of information you don't need to go for any training but why are you taking from from us right from the joint trees and what benefit you are getting now basically you will be getting the benefit for you will getting for all the topic or industry related and you were not getting for the only training you will be feeling as the experience that is a confidently i can say every topic you should feel experiences i am doing for uh i'm working on this environment and even though you don't have experience who are who are in this session who are participants are joined today as a desktop support to working and who are one or two years of experience are who are having more experience and to learn something but you should feel after completion of the training every topic i am experienced i am having experience like that so that is the only difference is a unique training we are delivering to you guys rather than as a traditional training yeah this is a topic and we will be configured and we will install that's all no so each topic you should understand what kind of interview questions might ask and how do i answer it's not like just preparing for uh interview questions and answer document then i'm going to give an interview now you will be thoroughly understanding that each topic then in that topic you should feel that is in what kind of questions might ask an interview how do you answer it and overall the goal is after completion of this training you should get a job that is a goal and who are all trained uh who got trained from my side and everyone are selected their company during this pandemic and uh people are keep contacting with us we we got the two to offer later so that is a goal and we have achieved and that's what probably says every time when we take a training this is the first step i'll tell you what benefit you are getting the most important you'll get is that you're feeling as experienced right third one is you will get that is a soft copy of soft copy of windows server related documentation documents right and the fourth one is you will get each session each session recorded so nobody will give the recorded session but you can walk through later when you miss the class or you're not understood you're not able to concentrate due to this online training yeah you will get the recording okay so that's what i'm get i'm i'm updating you for that isn't what benefit you are going to give what what benefit you are going to take from our rent right before we going to start actual in a turning point right so then again you will be preparing for interview preparation the most important so you confidently believe in on on us and you can also see our history right amit will share you that couple of videos and a couple of reviews later for you who we are and uh how how long from how long we are in this industry and how many people are taken taken the training and they have selected the company is all history is available so even though there is many people are there tender but you don't need the traditional training because you are already know the things but you should know some motivated and you should know that is actual what industry needed that is what we are here to support you what we are that's what we are here to help you guys everyone who are really looking for the design job who are really one to their upskills their skill set and who are looking really for they get a good package if you are keeping in mind that and go ahead and decide yourself and get registered after this demo class entry preparation you will get it and sixth point we will take that mock interview right mock interview or we will take that online interview online test so we will understand that is in how much topic you understood and uh where you need to be improved those are all will be covered after the session after the inter after the training so you will get all this benefit and how different we are and what kind of uniqueness training you will getting the basically as i told you each topic each topic we are delivering we are completing it's a completely industrial related how you have that in production environment this is the main important so we will be covering the first is infrastructure side infrastructure side second we will be covering for the operation side and third one is troubleshooting remember this is the most important we will not go and just it's the installation of active direct installation of the dns installation of the dhcp now you know already this topic but why are you here to or why are you choosing for us to understanding some more detail like industry related experience industry related training you need it so after completion of this training you should feel you should confident yes i can i can i can prepare myself and i can study myself with the help of this training i can spend some time for the practice then you will be ready product of server administrator role so when i say that is an infrastructure site what are you going to talk about what are we going to cover we are going to cover completely for in a windows server 2019 operating system right first we will be talk about infrastructure you know that is an interview with the last question people even when i was taking into preview i'll ask question what is your infra the first question i'll talk about the first question i'll ask them what is your infrastructure it means how much your team team member what is a project what is how big your project how many servers are there right and uh how many physical servers are there how many virtual machines are there you should understand these are all thoroughly what you are going to support when you join the company right so we are going to talk about infrastructure side completely in an active directory in a multi forest level multi forest level multi forest level infrastructure before that this course is 36 to 40 hours duration this course is for 36 to 40 hours duration right and this course is for the only weekend arrest detailed amit will update you you can just contact him the number i have given in the slide here he will get he will give the details right and we are going to talk about completely on windows 2019 operating system now we were talking about the multi-forest environment right what do you mean by multi-forest environment the multi-forest environment is you should remember the question will ask an interview the team are he's saying i have a experience on six years seven years of experience in active directory or windows server administrator and what is infra you should remember this is my boundary completely in a forest we called as a and this is a domain okay in this domain you have a site and in this site you have a domain controller so you should completely understand of infrastructure level thoroughly right and second one is you are going to understand for the region this is multi forest sorry is a single forest is a multi-domain environment and each domain i have a each domain i have a multiple site and i have a multiple domain controller you are going to build a completely lab like that it's not only theory part you are going to build a completely lab and also you are going to build another forest and you have that another site in that and domain controller you are going to trust between these two forests and you are going to manage this multiple forest environment practically how is going to do the practical if you see this two three four four five five six seven domain control required seven machine required the lab is going to do for completing a google cloud platform remember the lab is most important in this course so it's a challenge if the ones the person's the the job seeker he wanted to thoroughly learn he should he must complete the lab if you not complete his lab he will not get the trained or he will not fulfill knowledge on that is an entire infrastructure if you see the reason i have already built my google cloud platform this is my google cloud platform infra the previous batch which is a today afternoon batch i have completed these many you can see these are the many completely free you are going to create these are completely free once you registered right once you registered in your account this is nothing is only two rupees how you know that is in azure and aws okay there are these are the people cloud platform in the market right so why i'm choosing the gcp is a lab prospective because this guy is giving me that is a three month subscription but other guys are giving me only one one month these are the two people are giving me only one month and uh these people are giving us that is around fourteen thousand three hundred port promo value right and uh i will not be able to manage my all the labs within one month and within this promo value but the gcp is giving good options for learner good facilitated for the learner right three-month subscription and he is giving the 22 k promo value indian rupees and it will help me to build a good configuration i can say good configuration means you can give that each machine each machine or each server each server 2gb 2 cpu and 4gb memory of each operating system it's completely free it will detected only 2 rupees if you see that i have already built it this infra if you go to that building part here you should understand that isn't how we are going to achieve the lab and how you are going to complete that is in practically and you should feel when you when you do the lab or two or two or three time and you feel yes this this complete knowledge having as experience after completion of this training and after completion of this lab from your end during class you are going to do one time lap then after the reason you are also practicing for the two or three time and you can confidently start giving an interview and you can visualize this completely lab while giving the interview and i'm sure you will be going to select it because many people are just like that you can see 22 46 61 rupees is a promo value and out of that i have already built a couple of machines it's a it's a detected uh the remaining money that is i can say that's that 19395 is remaining if you go to the credit details it's a completely free trial it's a completely free trial i have registered this account in uh in the in the in this month only which is december 19 2021 and it will be going to end in a march 2020 2022 it's a one year totally subscription but we will get the free trial account three months earlier it was given for the one year and now they have reduced to the three month so it is the best platform for the learner i would i would tell everyone and please utilize it this platform and this facilitate from provide given by gcp google cloud so because of this facilitation and all the job seekers and all the students are doing their lab confidently if you see that is in completely my all the lab all the lab i have done it if sometime your subscription is expired not not a problem you can have a under credit card and another gmail account then you can create one more account and you can create again uh three more month you will get it so all the machines we are going to build you can see that spectacle i'm showing you that in all the lab oriented this training is completely all lab oriented and the experience related you will get it the word we are going to talk about first infrastructure site in this infrastructure you are going to you are going to learn for the multi forest environment and multiple domain right and multiple site and multiple domain controller these are all thoroughly understanding completely if you say that isn't if i power on this machine for the practical this dc one we have created right let me start all the machine to show you right so then in this practical in this in this infrastructure you are going to understand for the how to create a trust right and uh how to create a site or application right everything thoroughly you are going to understand in that with this with this infrastructure then second part is operations in this operations you are going to as per production environment you need to understand what is ou are you delegation what purpose we are need to create it and groups most important concept and very important called as a group policy who has a knowledge on a group policy he is a better administrator i would say who has a thoroughly knowledge having the group policy he is a better or good administrator you will be understanding the complete knowledge on uh group policy if you see that is in my previous class and today i have completed right uh this this nodes if you see uh the in the group also what we are going to cover here so this is like you can see infrastructure whatever this is a previous batch we are going to talk about we will build the machine so you need to do everything is a practically right how you are going to configure infrastruct forest one forest nil.tdo three domain so this way you are going this is the nodes done by the previous class which is current batch is ongoing on so like that we'll be going to talk about in the day and recap what we are going to discuss earlier class and what we are going to talk about the new class all these things right just for the example i'm explaining you today demo you can decide it later so in the group policy concept you can understand that today we have just covered up the dns topic okay if you see the date today's right 1601 222 we have discussed the recap last class what we have discussed as a group policy created group policy process of happening group policy hierarchy of applying group policy enforcing block inheritance security filtering these are all you will also going to be learn during during operations topic right and then after operations you can also talk about fsmo these are all you know that is a topic i'll show you that this in uh what are the topic we are going to cover right then it will be troubleshooting in this troubleshooting you need to understand that is in thoroughly right backup and restore monitoring find troubleshooting and i will explain it that one topic called as upper creation which is windows 2008 to 82 2012 right or you can say 2016 you can plan accordingly once i explain for this so these are the topics we have divided which topic to start first which is first we are going to talk about infrastructure side second we'll talk about operations and third interval shifting you should after completion of this training you should have very clarity and what are you going to discuss what are you going to learn and every topic will be flow and connectivity and once you completed this training you will have a knowledge the bundle of information you can confidently go and start start for the giving into yes everything is going to be shared all the all this uh notepad and as well as the recorded session you can see the previous class day6 it should be like the day one introduction of the server and this recorded session nodes along with nodes i'm going to share everyone after completion of the class right so what are we going to talk about during the journey there is a syllabus here you can see this completely windows server and activator administration this topic this is completely foreign not for 2016 it's a 2019 server and uh we will talk about the about lab how do you install that is in uh how do you get register for the google cloud platform and deploying and managing windows 2019 and windows 19 server family right this is a topic we are going to talk about one by one right installing and configuring domain controller activated domain services domain controller right and how do you deploy in a google cloud and how do you access the accessed access the machine from the google cloud what you build right these are the topic windows active directory domain service infrastructure management right sites and replications group policies user setting with group policies ip versions for this is iposium for networking ipads implementing dhcp dns hyper-v storage wsos the ws is the most important for the patch deployment we are also going to discuss and the certification part right and uh failover cluster is the most important you might have heard about in a clustering topic uh fully end-to-end clustering we are going to talk about how do you uh build the cluster and how do you manage the failover by by creating a one of the five file server or dhcp server whichever role you want you want to you will manage for the failure cluster and federation services we are going to talk about and installing and upgrading and migrating servers and workloads right so these are topics we are going to cover during our journey around 36 to 40 hours course duration so what are you going to understand from our end so i just explained to you that as in why choose us what benefit you are going to getting you will be getting for completely industrial related training and experience you feel i have experience during the class and after completion of course you will get that is a soft copy of windows server related documents and each session will get recorded interview preparation these are all you will be getting from our end and how we are going to start we will be going to start for the in first exercise operation side troubleshooting these are all uh going to discuss further thoroughly right so you know the basically when the when the job seeker are fresher who are experienced the first point you need to know that what kind of uh system administrator role right you should thoroughly understanding the basically for the in servers servers and networking and storage right and uh you can say one more virtualization so these four topic you should understand thoroughly when we talk about the servers right why we need to have a server for in a production environment why we need to have a production why we need to have a service in production environment because you know there is a two type of operating system right there are two type of operating system one is client operator system and second one is server operating system the client operator systems are you know already microsoft or keep releasing their operating system client and client means it's an end user right all employee can use for a client operating system we call as our end user operating system we called as a right and where we are going to use this client operator system and server operator system you know that is in client operating system will talk about start from that is in windows 10 i don't want to talk about previous operator system where you can see the windows 7 windows 8.1 right windows 10 and windows 10.1 and now microsoft is also

released for the windows 11 l also right you you heard about windows 11 and these are all operator system using for end user all the employees using right so as a server administrator you will not be going to manage but we will be going to managing confidently server operating system and what purpose we are going to learn the servers what purpose we need to learn this server administrator training what purpose we need to learn from that is in server end right those are all we can as a infrastructure infrastructure side this server operate system can be used only for in infrastructure you we never use for the end user side for server operating system so every company a production every company infrastructure side they must use a windows server which is microsoft windows server you know there are other my other servers also there right there are linux servers also there right and microsoft operating systems are there the two and in the market if you see this is comparatively these two if you talk about any project if you talk about any project or any company any company take example ibm take a wee pro so what they will do they will get the project from the customer side right they will get the project from the customer now they will win there will be a year or two year contract and this customer infrastructure has to manage by this company ibm rv pro or infosys any company right and what these people will do these people will start hiring the resource so before they are hiring the resource they will look into that what kind of the infrastructure customer has it's around 300 servers are there our 400 servers are there or maybe 1000 servers are there but in this server in this infrastructure how many windows servers are there why you need to learn microsoft windows server because across worldwide microsoft product microsoft windows server occupied 60 to 70 percentage compared to other operating system in this three hundred to four hundred thousand servers right there are seventy percent of server infrastructure for windows but remaining thirty percent are i can say other infrastructure but think about how many requirement are there in microsoft windows that is what you need to choose you need to select carefully the requirements should have a more should not have more computation in this field across worldwide microsoft product many people are using as i told you 60 to 70 percent every project not only for across globe people are using every project 60 to 70 percent of microsoft products are using and in that this ibm rv pro our infosys taking the project to this to before start the getting handed over they will analyze their environment how many servers are there think about there are 1000 servers they are going to support next to two year okay how many windows servers are there how many linux servers are there how many clouds infrastructures are there they will all categorize they will all divide it then they will decide okay the 70 are infrastructure and windows 20 are in linux and 10 on cloud and now they start hiring the resources so they need this is a 24 7 project and they need for each shift minimum three to four resources including l1 l2 and l3 and sme you can say so if you consider as a 10 people are required for 70 percent of infrastructure to support the 10 people are needed to hire to support 24 7 who completed the training from my end and is training and you will be part of one of the team members by having a good package but other 30 linux might be two or three people required and cloud might be one or two people required think about the requirement here every project till now every project you need to have a 60 to 70 percent 60 to 70 percent team six to 70 percent infrastructure and the 10 to 15 team member is required so in that scenario that ibm is rv pro or infosys uh own that project then they start hiring they will looking the the resource called as a l1 team i need a l1 team uh four member and l2 around three member and l3 i need two member this is all four plus three plus seven to nine and one sme l4 this all ten members are supporting 24 for for seven and that particular project who won that agent and they will be start hiring the hiring the resources and l1 he should have that only basic knowledge having that it is in zero to two years of experience l2 and he should have at least two to a six years of experience he should have some at least have a knowledge on to troubleshoot at least he think about the problem and uh he can do for one hour to step his own then he will move to the ticket next level l3 and l3 is expectation he should do for own analyzing and all the time he has to support where you have all the p1 ticket or p2 ticket and provide the rca for that every p1 ticket root card analysis and interact with the customer interact with the vendor interact with the microsoft everything it is responsible by l3 and l4 he should have the project analyzing where i need to be improved and he should have a track for the region any new project or new assessment is coming and anything newly infrastructure i need to be implemented and he should be have a responsible for the sme so overall all the teamwork has to be worth then you can manage your your infrastructure is a a good way and a customer and your company should have a healthy environment so to appreciate for our support so who will do that everything who has a complete knowledge thoroughly knowledge has he can manage it and you will be one of the key members or team member key member or you can say that is key resource of the project you will be then how you are going to getting you should understand the each topic properly then you should do the lab completely then you should be become a key resource you should feel i am a key resource of this project and i have a completely understand infrastructure but how do you do that one so the to do that you should understand that is in these are the server operating system where they are going to use the infrastructure side and always you remember the server are going to his infrastructure what kind of i have a database i have application right i have application i have that is in active directory right i have active directory and i have a certificate i have that adfs i have a cluster right these are all going to use which server is everything in the server we need to thoroughly understand how that is in manage my server and how the server is behavior you should understand the design thoroughly with the practically then only top of that server you are going to deploy you are going to install base on your requirement then you need to understand okay how do i manage my application server how do i install my database server how do i install my active directory the most important from the server administrator you know there is a dns okay how the dns works how the dhcp right and basically the most important you can say backup right everything is going to deploy on a server side and in that server side you are going to administrator to manage around you can say 20 000 users 20 000 users example twenty thousand users you can say twenty thousand twenty thousand plus computers which is client computers and uh around thousands plus servers including your member server plus domain controller right you need to have that all detailed and when you join the project i would recommend you i will request you okay so yes so see that is not only l1 you will be having when you have after completion of the course i would suggest and i am guarantee you you will be lt l2 plus and you can also be l3 and i'm sure the guarantee you will be l2 resource doesn't matter you have only zero two years of experience doesn't matter you are fresher and doesn't matter for the uh you are upskilling yourself or looking for the good package i am saying that is in you will be guaranteed l2 plus and l3 plus resources that is the kind of topic we are going to talk about now one important key i will tell you any project you join right you must get the information infrastructure it means how many servers are we are supporting you should get this first information how many servers we are supporting you should first take this detail indeed servers you think about there are count of thousands plus servers are there including thousands plus servers are there example now in this thousand servers you are the how do you become a key resource you can follow these steps i'm sure you will be going to do in this server how many are physical server and how many are virtuals or virtual machines right and since we are the windows server administrator and we will look into that is only microsoft microsoft windows server operating system in this you might have seen windows 2012 operating system you might have seen that windows 2016 operating system you might have seen that windows 2019 operating system because now previous operating system already stopped supported from microsoft and many infrastructure has still they are using for older operating system as well you need to understand these are the servers support you are going to managing and maintaining and supporting and you should get information how many are virtual machines are there and how many physical servers are remember you should have a take one excel sheet and update everything in your notes and again when you have a physical server or in this all the all the server infrastructure you should also update how many servers are critical remember you should get this all the all the update if you're not getting an update you will not be uh you'll not be able to manage your uh you will not be able to manage properly you should you should have a handy information you don't need to ask anyone once you join the project right you no need to ask the after completion of the training from over end you will get all the information every by one you no need to ask any team member and people should ask you only uh how do you get this information and you make one excel sheet and put all the information by sync by reading the complete in first in information now if you see that you should also get the detail called as a critical what even be critical here critical means what if the server is goes down server is goes down then it's a completely business impact right excuse me for my spelling sometimes business impact right the moment to business impact it will be outage it is outage and it's a loss for customer remember when you join any company when you want to become a key resource as a a good resource as a technical skill person you should get these are key information you must get the complete information you know the people will sending the kt you know what is mean by kt knowledge transfer right the who has the good experience good during the interview who perform well they will select the person and he will send to the on-site he'll send to the onsite and he will be going there and uh staying there one month or two month and to completely infrastructure going through and from the customer side getting information preparing the document right and preparing all the inventory and everything he will bring back to the oliver team and he has to provide the kt to the team and start supporting further that is decided date and completely handed over from the customer end to either ibm either wipro either infosys and they will start supporting 24 7 support right and the kt person is left for the project or for the company then who will be knowing these things who will be understand distance this person has left the company and this is a 24 7 support and you are the person for them supporting in project so you should have a confident to get the complete information by own to understanding how many fiscal servers are there how many virtual machines are there and total count of servers how many are there and how many critical servers are there these are the information you should get it and again you need to have one more important if if critical servers if critical servers are physical right physical then if that server is goes down if critical servers are part of physical server then that server is goes down then how do you contact how do you bring up that one you must you must understanding that how i need to because the server you have to bring up immediately right but if you don't have any options to connect the server and you are completely dependent on depend on on-site person you need to call him and uh he has to travel to the data center and you need to explain him that will be already three to four was gone but before that is in when you take a precautionary you should understand when your critical servers are there and that server are physical you should remember you should ask every server has that is offline access address card remember that is offline access address card even though your server is down you can able to access remotely and those are or we called as a we called as an offline access address card depends on your hardware depends on hardware or you can say vendor maybe your server is hp then you should talk about what is called as ilo card which is physically network address we call as a physical network card which can be accessed offline that server if any emergency case that goes down because that is a critical server you need to you need you need you can check it what was the state what are the status of that server you can immediately reboot the machine by taking approval right but if you don't have this information and you start started the supporting project and one day one one day it's happened when you are in shift and the critical servers goes down that is the physical they don't have any information whom you want to contact do you have that physical address or not you should have reviewed earlier only right and if you have that is an ibm that server then you should have that rsa card then if your server is a dell it's a drag the name of the card i'm saying you you must have this information right then if any one of the server you are using and that server you should ask otherwise you need to raise the risk it's a risk you how to rise when you assess your infrastructure yes this server is a physical and is a part of critical but how do we know that the server is down what is the process basically is the recommendation to every physical server and critical server must have a offline access address card if it is there immediately you can go to the browser i type that address and it will ask you the username password and you can log in that's the server and immediately you can check it for the status of the server and uh maybe that last night that somebody has patched their server and they thought about this rebooted server successfully but it isn't hung in between the server has been rebooted and it's completely shutting down it was not up later and you can remotely turn on that machine with the help of this and if it's not there these card these details you should update to the management there is a risk and don't expect the server is down don't expect to resolve immediately there is a dependent you have to you have to [Music] address this initially and update to the management to the team member and customer as well and you can explain thoroughly this is how it's going to be support if you're not knowing these things right as a normal team member there's no point then it will be dependent side you need to keep calling them you have to explain him go there here there first track second track and select the second one third and by mistake some other server rebooted gone this happened i know that my previous experience i learned many things my previous company what are things we need to be prepare well prepared become a good administrator you have to have all this information so you are all going to be getting knowledge from our end i am not saying this is just as a student and server training it is sharing the knowledge and whatever i have came across all the experience and what i have involving the project you are going to learn from my end and as i shared you already these are the topic you are going to talk about just little my presentation is there about our server infrastructure right and i will i will open for that is in question answer forum and you can ask my question if you have anything you can see the day one we are going to talk about these are all windows server administration roles and responsibilities we will talk about what is 2008 2012 2016-2019 and operating system fundamental windows server role right and these are all releases right when they have released microsoft which year they started the journey and we should also know when it's going to support this microsoft right microsoft support and uh you know that already previous operating system microsoft has had stop supported and they are giving the on demand support they have stop supported previous operating system doesn't mean that they are not supporting they will support it but they will not have any monthly patches and all these things but this will be huge cost for that you have to pay for them then you have to be get on demand support service from the microsoft and i will show you the later for this deck okay and you can read through this history of releases operating system the link has been provided and you will be getting for what is the new in 2008 and it's already supported right we do not speak much about in this order because it's already stop supported in that in the month of january 2020 right now if you talk about 2012 server and it is also going to stop supporting from microsoft at the end of october 10 2023 remember guys when you are key resource of a system administrator and particular project you must know when the microsoft is going to stop for the releases operating system and accordingly i need to plan accordingly i need to update to the management and i need to think about my infrastructure site for next 10 years all these things you need to be decide when you become a key resource or when you become a sme when you become architecture of the infrastructure you can see in 2012 there is a introduced windows powershell version 4 supported desired state configuration introduced data deduplication so you should know that when you when you're going to preparing the interview right you should have this all terminology at least you should say name okay these are the changes are done in the 2012 and some detail has been updated in the url and 2016 and again this server is going to stop supported in going to stop supporting 2027 right and is a many many new feature has been implemented completely as a part of virtualization actual microsoft started working and and developed many things in 2016. implemented a new feature and changes in virtualization area you know there's a cloud is coming the part now complete is a cloud oriented operating system they're going to build and they developed an upcoming operating system for the it professional to design deploy and maintain windows so you can see they're making very easy steps very easy to manage for all the server administrator what is that here includes virtualization products and features for the it professional to design deploy and maintain windows server and also that hyper-v features available in virtual machines by upgrading the configuration versions already that hyper we've been deployed released in 2008 onwards only but there are many new features has been deployed on hyper-v introducing nsr and many new changes in active directory right there is a link i have given for some more detail again windows 2019 so it's introduced on november 13 2018 and the mainstream supported until january 2024 and going to end support 2029 we need to plan accordingly guys right because we need we are supporting the microsoft product we should have a well information all about what we are going to support so windows server 2019 is built on a strong foundation of 20 server 2016. you can say as i told you the completely infrastructure going to develop and many things they have implemented and it's completely foundation of windows 10 server 2016 and brings numerous innovation of four key themes see from windows 2019 animals as i told you is a completely cloud infrastructure technologies they have divided into four themes one is hybrid cloud security application platform and hyper converged infrastructure hci so either we will be one of the one of the platform of the teams which is hybrid cloud we hybrid cloud means we will be supporting on premises and cloud we are into the part of this thing security team will be separate they'll be looking for all the compliance vulnerabilities cyber crime all this they will look into that applications platform these are all application development third party application compatibility related and hyper converge is a completely new virtual platform microsoft has built tremendous and many newly feature is implemented in hyper-v because you know the complete cloud the microsoft azure infrastructure built on hyper view only they never use any other third party third-party third-party virtual platform so they have their own product everything so they have divided these at four themes and they have categorized in these four themes in windows 2019 which is hybrid cloud security application platform and hyper converged and they introduced hybrid cloud in 2019 we will be part of this hybrid cloud when i say hybrid cloud it should be we know we should know that is in a traditional data center in on premises as well as if we we are going to moving some of the resources some of the machines to the cloud then we should also understand the cloud infrastructure that is called as a hybrid cloud and introduce introduced windows defender advanced threat protection you see you know there is currently is the many threat protections happening because everyone is an online now and many people are working from home and it's a pandemic situation and many many uh online threat is happening and microsoft is bought new feature which is called as a defender advance is kind of one of the antivirus which is one product rather than using other vendor they developed themselves for defender advanced threat protection as part of more security they also bought they also deployed for the atp which is advanced threat protection only deep split platform sensor and response actions expose memory and kernel level attacks you know till now you have seen that is in the software level and operating system level uh threat are attacks but now these people are moving to the little ahead to look into that is in exposed memory and kernel level attacks there are hackers they are looking for they are hacking for there is a hardware level as well so that kind of attacks they observed and they are improving that memory and kernel level attacks and respond by suppressing multi cs files and terminating multis process see that how technologies they are developing we must know guys this is this these are technology we should know i've seen that my project many people they never know that any new feature we should understand and many new changes linux support troubleshooting improvements right earlier there was microsoft support any every product they will be boundary with their product only but nowadays they they will they are came up with any any operating system we will be support now you can see there isn't many new changes in linux support so they are open forum for all the product all the vendors not for the dedicate their own only right so when you do the lab as i told you earlier we will be going to do the all the labs in google cloud and how to build the operating system these are just the theoretical part i don't want to explain this so how do you build that is in rules and features and you need to have for example this is my server right this is my server this is my public ip address how do i connect the server you can take these are all my labs created go to this server i'm going to connect the server right and this i have built already with the domain name called asynil administrator right now you can see you must know that this is a server windows 2019 server right and this server when you build a blank windows server doesn't mean this server has a uh can be used for production no until and unless you were not to deploy or you're not installing any of the role on this server then we cannot say this server is become a active directory the server become a dns this server become a you can see these are the role by default server the microsoft has given to us and you decide which role you needed for your infrastructure and accordingly you can build it accordingly you need to install and we are going to learn this thoroughly for each role you can see that activated domestic is already built and dns already be deployed and application server for is server we already deployed and we need to understand that is in dhcp server right hyper v so we should understand that thoroughly each role to manage my infrastructure if you go to that is in dc dot msa right for active directory right this is my domain right and we have built that is an ou structure and also if you go to the group policy management gpmc dot msc the once you go to gpmc.msc you can see completely your infrastructure what it is it will tell you that it is in what is your forest it will tell you what is your forest first you can note note on your notepad or excel sheet go to that if you are already supporting your project then you have to go to the gpmc dot msc and expand it and go to the domain you can see right click on the domain show domain in this forest how many domains are there you can go and read it in this forest how many domains are there first domain is is a root domain second you can see the completely name is different this domain we called as a tree domain and another domain we called as a child domain so you can see like that my infrastructure how many domains are there you know this forest nil.tdu

so each domain each domain there is a policy we have created there are a couple of policies we have created group policy object many possibly created right software installation covered instruction default domain control policy we'll talk about when you start the journey and also when you go to the dsa.msc how many domain controls are there you can see all the list out of your domain controller and how many sites are there it's a b and g ch and like that in this domain these many domain controls are there and these three domain controller distributed are deployed in a respective site the two domain controller are part of bng one domain controller part of chn so how do i check it go and check the dsi.msc there is a command activated sites and services go to the sites now you can see across globe multi forest environment okay i have created in single forest these many sites bng in this server i have a two domain controller and uh canada another domain i have one domain controller chn is a within a domain i have another domain controller now you can see uk i have on the domain this is completely as per your production environment guys you are going to learn completely as per production if you come after companies of this completion of this training you will confidently perform as well as you can confidently give interview right this is how you are going to build you can go through for your completely infrastructure in the group policy management and you can see the dsa dot message how many sites are in particular domain controller and you can also go and connect each domain each domain right click and change domain you can connect one of the domain you want to connect you can see child domain you can connect

it so everything is built as part of our class you can see and many things you are going to learn completely for an indus related understood guys so now i'm going to open for you that question answer i'm done with my almost i took a four minute extra let me open for uh you can just speak one by one or you can ask one by one rather than making crowd right yeah unmute yourself and speak if you have any question guys hello yeah go ahead tell your name please and then you can ask question uh my name is binesh i joined the video late okay not a problem tell me uh so how many days of class will be there and uh uh like you will be sending all the recordings and uh you will be sending all the q a which we are going to answer in the interviews like yes yes everything is going to send it to you i will be sharing you like that uh i'll be creating a onedrive if you go to here my onedrive i'll give the access for i will ask your email id and i'm going to send you that is in so if you see that is in my intro yeah yeah you can just all the courses will be uploaded here powershell is there azure is there right and you can see that windows server recorded and each batches i have created folder and uh you will be getting for one one uh classes each class you can say december batch we have started already and you will get the recorded all okay so how many months how many more like months as i told you 36 to 40 hours 40 hours course duration it might be uh you can say consider overall five five weeks maximum and it's a weekend batch or weekend okay yeah so it's a weekend three three hours saturday sunday three three hours six hour classes every week okay saturday yes that is what you are going to build your own credit card you will have that ready made with you as i'm i'm building here i just shown you right this is my credit card i built it and you will go into uh registered friend and you have all kind of you can see the one server what is the configurations i have built it if you go to the server so that is what is a more benefit for you to get a confident to build a lab the most important if the lab you're not going to do you will not going to learn anything yes that's the main important here so let me stop this all machine then you can see the configurations what you have given right let me stop this machine okay go ahead any question again and you will be uh you will be giving about the vms uh what is that support vms you know vms like uh for example operating system from two because most of them because uh uh most of the things i have observed is they are upgrading 2016 servers to 2019 servers like 2012 servers to 2016 so i was like okay most of the companies yes yes yes correct correct then we will be having one topic i will be going to teach you for in my uh because that will not be possible for the google cloud environment that is going to help you for in my machine i have built already my workstation and i'm going to explain you some upgradation part uh we will build our windows 2012 server right and then we will help you to building that is in in my workstation okay good hi um yeah go ahead tell your name my name is uh actually i just wanna know uh what is the course of the fees and uh what would be the certification status or and um will we get any certificate for this or not so that we can yeah for the fees related you can contact this guy uh mr amit okay and you will be getting a certification from a joy tree's technologies course completion certificate and uh for the global certification don't try now because they are going to already stop this global certification but knowledge purpose and supporting purpose you need to learn so duration i told and fees you can talk to this guy i mean okay so will that certification uh will be valid in um like all companies if we apply like and resume we can update that we have completed the microsoft server exchange 2019 see i'll tell you one thing when you have a knowledge right during the interview you no need to tell anything i have gone through this it is doesn't matter valid and not valid see my requirement is candidate job seeker or that person should have a technical skill and i only look into that how he will be confident how he has the confidence how he know the technical skill and how he can manage it okay you know you know that is even though many people are global certified leave it for the the institute certification many people are global certified do you think about those people are are supporting thoroughly no right i know when i was doing when i was taking an interview i i looked into these three areas what are those first i will look into that i will speak how confidently he has number two out of ten if you answer that is in at least six question i'm going to select the two requirement i need every candidate and you should be prepared well i'll tell you everything uh during conversation you need to be prepared i'm sure after completion of this training it's not only technical skills that you should also tackle during the interview how we need to be uh behavior during the during the explanation because see ultimately nobody has a full-fledged or experienced guy and nobody knows everything he knows right leave it part of certification you just have an additional for your benefit you can put a certification part okay uh so i'm working in dxe technology on microsoft uh server 2012 from two years managing pdl and process mailbox and all right very good so will that be beneficial to me learning 2019 like my company is not working on 2019 no so don't think about current your company totally a sf experience for yours um i i have two years of experience in service okay actually and one one and a half years of experience in it also see now if you are decided moon to the current company and you were looking for the good package yep yeah i'm i'm looking for a good package in my company as well as i'm trying for other companies as well but um first yeah obviously this is first part you should have a knowledge before you are not having knowledge you cannot approach you can tell them hey i have gone through this training and i am good with this technology which is windows 2019 on active directory group policy i know dscp dns i'm very much confident on that i can do it now yes that's good fine let me take a quick technical skill set if they have taken the skills but you should approach first when you have a skill set right obviously obviously that you they will think about because every management or any company they will not lose the key person i hope you agreed with me yeah yeah sure right so you can go ahead if you after approaching they are not giving a chance go ahead update your profile to the portal and get get it interview and get selected expect that is in many whatever your package this is my platform this is what my journey i have started i worked in ibm three years i worked there and worked in bupreno technology two years i worked there right once you reach the saturation point yeah you stopped there around 20 lakh plus or 30 lakh plus you are getting salary then don't change the job continuously that will be going to impact but ultimately you need to go you need to put the goal or you need to target it until unless i am getting this package and i am at this position i am done with that then you have to start supporting them but keep learning remember keep up skilling up skilling yourself always you need to keep up skill if people are not upskilling they are very soon outdated very soon they are outdated thank you thank you all uh that's all from my side thank you perfect perfect thanks hello yeah go ahead um my name is guru prasad go hello uh sir yeah you will be up uh provide training like accent server only the as you given that is only no we do provide all that yeah all the training action server uh other related you want to have a training that please talk to mr amit i have given the contact okay what is the timing of the class on the weekend timing this is currently batch is going on we will update y

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