Will Tech Decide Who Wins The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 30

Will Tech Decide Who Wins The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 30

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Welcome. To the gcn, tech show this, week we have new world tour bike sponsors, broken. Time trial records a crack set that will make you faster and a, scientific. Breakdown on. Why era bikes are faster. What's. Hot in the world of tech this week well, we may be in the midst of Tour de France fever but. In, just six weeks time we'll be lining, up for the first races, of the cyclocross, season, well I won't. But others, will read admission is headlining, its potential, as a cyclocross, bike that it really is an all-round. Multi-purpose. Cycling. Weapon. And it's. Been you know really well thought out with all the latest industry standards, and this, you, know very future, proof because of it yeah, and they're releasing it in carbon and aluminium with, the carbon version weighing just eight hundred and eighty five grams which is pretty good for a multifunctional. Biking the, aluminium version, not, so light 1600. Grams for that one the frame next, up is this ingenious, new, device, from hex locks now you may be familiar with hex locks because of their special, security, system, on Allen bolts and it means that any allen bolt on your bike can, only be unlocked with. A unique key they. Are a really cool designer and I didn't really know anything about them until today however, they've, not released the multi, fit through, axle now, you may be wondering why, do we, need a multi fit through axle well this. Is one through axle to rule them all now anyone that's ever had to replace a through axle on their bike will know what, a pain it can be there. Are roughly 30 plus different sizes, and shapes of through axle meaning that it's impossible for most bike shops to stop them also if, you need to replace one in a hurry you can be well literally, screwed. By. Me I never knew there are so many different standards how do their. Manifest apologies isn't it it's absolutely mad Chris, would, you like to pedal further and accelerate, faster, than ever before, absolutely. Ollie who wouldn't well it, sounds like you need this this, is the mg Tek chain, set or the mg Tek old team chains that's it I should say yes which the makers acclaiming will do just that now the product, is currently, on Kickstarter. And it, uses a multiplication. Gearing. Mechanism which. Apparently, can double, the leverage offered by a traditional chain. Set design, inside. The mechanism are, additional, cogs or planetary. Gears and these, are actually able to spin, the chainrings, 1.4. Four times faster than. The pedals, sign. Me up on it it sounds like I really need one of these they'll be interesting to see if it really does work well. Perhaps. They'll be a spinoff, yeah. Well. Either way you, know respective, of the marketing, claims there. Is a, potential. Advantage, hearing that it does allow you to have a much bigger gap between the. Two chainrings, so, despite. Keeping the chainring small they're only I think 37, and 25, on this particular setup. They've got in the video but the. Effective gap between the two chainrings is 21. Teeth so you have a much bigger gear range because of the additional cogs and things else almost, twice the normal gear difference, yeah we must without having a big step between the TSA potentially, if they use their have, you interesting this week has also seen the news that BMC. Is set to replace Civello as the bike sponsor, for Team Dimension, Data we. Do think Sabella we are going to stay in the world tour team though if they take over the bikes wants a shift from giant Sun web where. Does that leave giant well, it looks like they're going to be taking over from, BMC, with. The new team CCC. As, they enter the world tour next year yeah just. To be clear that mean that's the BMC team management so it's not going to be called. The BMC team it's not gonna be giant BMC yeah but, I'm just a little bit disappointed, that they're not going to be called yeah BMC. CCC. So, many C's yeah don't. Mind.

This. Week we are asking what is the effect of bite tech on the results, of the Tour de France and to do this we've, done some statistical. Analysis, we have indeed of the stages, so far nine, have been won on era bikes and six have been one on disparate bikes the. Victories on the disparate is coming courtesy of Segen and give area with their special adventures, and John. They can call on his tractor month yeah, an interestingly no. Mountain. Stage your uphill finish, has, been one on this brakes have all been on rim, brakes and some, riders are exclusively. Choosing, to ride this brake stitches, again while other, riders are exclusively, riding, just rim breaks such, as ala Filipe yeah, but we should also perhaps point out that although no, uphill finish or or mountain, top stage has been won on a disparate bike it's, also being joy this year the talk which is a first thought I can remember so. Perhaps if it was to rain you would see riders opting to choose disks for the more dependable. And predictable, braking on carbon rooms yeah it would be interesting to see so. On they talk is through the options and choices that the riders have available to it so, in terms of bikes science. And experiments, consistently. Show that riding. An arrow bike offers a, substantial. And quantifiable. Advantage, over a non-arab, frame, and three. Of the top four riders currently, on GC as we make this are, actually riding arrow, bikes and I. Guess, this begs the question, what, is the advantage, that can be gained from, riding, an arrow bike throughout an entire Tour. De France well, that's interesting because Garrett, Amish and Chris Froome of both using the pin array left ten which was developed. With wind tunnel testing, and, computational. Fluid. Dynamics, right, let's remember that but, they also got the integrated cockpit on that yeah this is, gonna help yeah absolutely and you. Know the f10 is a bike that I've been told by people who've independently, tested it to be right, up there with the best area but bikes on the market and it's a very very aerodynamic, machine, and also there's no, disadvantage. To them riding it in terms of weight because they're, using the X light model which they can build to six point eight kilograms the UCI limit so there's, no arrow kept there's no weight penalty, for riding there that's incredibly good for an era by tragedy. So. Ollie I've noticed, that Tom Newman on is riding a giant TCR, which is a non-arab, bike and whilst, most. Aerodynamic. Drag is caused by the writer the. Bike still contributes, a small and not insignificant, amount, to the total drag. That's, right so, science. Of that. I contacted. Our friends at what shop who had aerodynamic. Gurus, and put this to them and done, Bigham at what shop got back to me with, the following calculation. So we're gonna flash these on screen so, that you can pause it and take, a look at, your own leisure. Now. The. Calculations, have been done based upon 19, stages, of the Tour de France so not factoring, in the two time trials, they've, also used the, average, speed based upon the average speed of last year's winner of the Tour de France because.

It Doesn't tend to vary too much it's always around 40, kilometers an hour and then. The calculations, also factoring, the benefit, of drafting, behind team, mates or in the pack and, once this has all been done it, can be estimated, that on Dumoulin, would, save 7. Watts if he were to ride an aero frame and an, aero cockpit, such as that on the propeller you know what's interesting is, that even, whilst rafting there's a significant, error gained from, riding an airframe and I didn't realize that before and, whilst 7 watts doesn't, really sound like that much I imagine, if you're constantly pedaling, 7 watts extra over the entire Tour de France that would start to add up hmm. What what does that what, does that equate to on it what. Does that equate, to, I'm. Glad you asked that Chris well, the additional energy can be expressed as. 2167. Kilojoules. Which can then be converted into, calories, and that equates to 518. Kilocalories. Now this is the energy that is, at the pedals and the human, body is in 100% efficient, is roughly 25%, efficient, so once we factor that in it, actually works out as an additional. 2071. Calories. That tom Dumoulin, will have to consume because, he's, not riding an arrow by now that. Roughly equates to one. Point two gels extra. Per, day blimey. That's seriously, starts to add up twenty, two point eight gels throughout, the entire Tour de France yeah imagine, how many times needs to go to the toilet extra because of all those gels we're going in. A bit of a problem in the past isn't it you know - crap yo sorry guys literally. Crap, Joe but. In all seriousness it, is worth stressing that this is an estimation, or be an estimation, that's been grounded, in maths and science. Win. By no means claiming, that this is definitive, no, but it is interesting because when you take into account the benefits of an arrow bike it kind of points to doom and I'm being one of if not the strongest rider in the race especially when, you consider the, time he lost on the murdered for tainted edge yeah, absolutely I mean he'd be right up they'd only be a couple of seconds behind yeah, Thomas Aaron Thomas at the time of recording this yeah I mean with such small winning. Margins in a massively, long race like, the Tour de France you. Know how you, know does a tech actually influence, the result we want to know what, you think say let us know in the comments section below you know your opinions, on this but, you know I probably. Would look at this 23 gels in a different way up I mean 23 gels I probably, swap that for five additional. Chocolate brownies you, know what when you put it like that Holly yeah that's it I'm sold, nah terabytes for me from now on just so I can eat the extra brains yeah, yeah, I'm gonna get on a bike as well more brownies. We're. Gonna now have a look at the results of the poll from. Last week some of your comments as well which, was the question how, this breaks finally, made it into professional, racing so. According. To the poll it was roughly a 60/40. Split in, favor of disc, brakes at the moment and it does look like the more we've become accustomed. To this brakes the more people, are becoming in favor of them but thanks, so much for all your comments because they're really worse than absolutely, brilliant ones and some very very.

Excellent Points made by a lot of commenters as well so should I keep off with the Diaz comment from astral thief go for it he says or she says listen, it's. Really simple rim. Brakes have that amazing iconic, look especially, with compact wheels but, disc, brakes are also good-looking especially, on the more aerodynamic, bikes and they. Function significantly. Better in all weather conditions the. Minor weight penalty, which, will soon vanish is well worth it just, lose a couple of hundred grams of body fat and, since. Pros tend to need to add weight to the UCI limit, to hit the UCI limit why, not add functional, weight instead of dead weight the, bottom line. From astra thief disc. Brakes are here to stay yeah, good points will, go another comment here from the daydreaming. Aristocrat. Who. Has, written whilst. Taking, a break from daydreaming, presumably, that. Has a lot of the graphic yeah yeah as, long as the super, techy scientific, team sky he sticks to rim brakes I'm, not, completely, convinced, by discs I think. The only advantages. Of discs after all a braking, power in the, wet and also, rim, wear or weld the lack of rim where I guess yeah I suppose the kind of onto something there if sky, aren't, using the Pinarello with discs you, would like to think there's a reason behind it, I'm a big dis fan but they've clearly person sort yeah it's intriguing yeah the next comment is from handy, Corso you actually made, some really good points about the actual mechanical. Design of current, disc brakes on road bikes oh yeah. And he says that disc brakes are currently limited by the design of deformed, square seals to retract the Pistons and this, means that the gap between the pad and the rotor is too small and it's making. Difficult alignment. However. He, does add that the bad roads that most people ride on and the oils and the other, dirts and contaminants. Invariably. End up on the, on the rotor and on the pads themselves in, bad, weather which, is also going to kind, of detract, from the braking performance that you would expect to see from the discs yeah, and he says you know makes the that's you know when you get dirt on the pads it makes a good point that that causes the almighty Banshee, wail and the loud squealing, noises that you can get with disc brakes and you. Know these noise, is a unacceptable. To most people riding they can be really annoying it's great when it's a busy place though because you don't need your bed anymore you can just sit on the brakes, I've. Definitely scared a few old ladies, at. Level crossings. But. Yeah he says sort this out and, he'll take a look at, us first Blake there I mean I would say that this brakes are brilliant but they're not perfect yeah yeah better. Than rim brakes a tie guy for more tech Wolfpack. Tires these, have been spotted on Jakob Fogle things like yeah, Wolfpack, ties are a new, company was hailing from Germany, and they're, actually headed by Wolfgang. Renne now, you may not have heard of him but, he, has had a very successful career, in bicycle. Tire development. And was previously. Credited. As working on the GP, 4000, continental, and also, the specialized, s worked turbo, cotton, why, it's obvious not tired of it yet that's quite the CV yeah, resume. If you're watching from the states Wolfpack, quite a number of new features with these including, new polymers and the race to guard compound, is low. Rolling resistance puncture. Proof and/or. Aerodynamically. Optimized, I believe yeah, Wow can't wait to have, a go on a pen amazed and see what that long next, up we have news of an. Outstanding. Ride by polish rider Marcin, via box key now be a watch he has, previously beaten, this year macaque via cough ski in the, Polish national time, trial yes, she came second ahead of fit cough ski but. This weekend, he broke well absolutely, annihilated. The British, individual. Time trial record 450, miles and, he did it in a time of one, hour 30. Minutes of 31. Seconds, which is quite, frankly ridiculous, with, an average power, of. 387. Watts, yeah. That's that's cause I'm going you know I always offer to form a teammate yours right here's yeah he's a bit special I always used to think of a fifty-mile Bart riders you know around three hours. Fifty. Three point three three nine twelve it's an hour he averaged or 33. Miles an hour that is fast, and take a look at this bike the Pinarello bolide, with a 64, tooth training which this. Time is a little smaller than what was used in the past actually but he does reppin you could use a 64, teeth on any day of the week even on your normal road bike off maybe, he could yeah. Right. Maybe. Down a big help. Margin.

Has Also put a huge, amount of effort into every, single detail on that bike years. Ago you made up his own quick-release skills I'm having Grant down and they were absolutely minuscule absolutely. No, stone is left unturned when it comes to his preparation, ultimately. He wants to take every single time I record that there is yeah, I mean well that meticulous, attention to details glia paying off because he's got a 10 25, and 50, mile records and he only, narrowly missed out 100 so he's from being they'll be back yeah. Yeah. Right, now, you may remember John's brilliant. Video where it shows you how to work a chain now this can be a lengthy process but very worthwhile, because. Of the reduced friction in your drivetrain. But now when, Drax believes, it's simplified, the process with its new rub. On chain wax. Yep. They say not, only will it keep your chain cleaner it will be quieter, and more efficiently. Because of this sophisticated formula. That's taken two years to produce it's. Basically on paraffin, and with. The sink and Teflon, additives they, guarantee, to reduce the friction in your dry run I mean mr. Miyagi's gonna happen so you love this any just wax on wax, off, brilliant. It's. Now time for the gcn tech wall of fame and this week we. Are inducting the first, well, modern bicycle as we know it the john kemp Stolley safety. Bicycle yeah, these were designed in the 1880s. A while, ago now and they were the first bikes. That resembled, the modern kind of bike, that we see nowadays with a diamond-shaped frame and wheels, of equal size yeah, say john kemp stylee designed the safety bicycle in 1885. And the first commercially. Successful sort. Of iteration, of it was the rover, now, at, the time this bike was actually, heavier, and more. Expensive. Than, the, equivalent penny, farthings, of the day can. You imagine anything, being heavier than penny farthing because. They were they were pretty, big this, bike also used in direct steering which I should imagine would have been a bit of a laughter stylus but once, they adopted direct steering like we know today these, bikes proved to be really hit yeah and they also proved to be a big hit because they were much safer, to ride than a penny farthing because you weren't so high up and this was all down to the fact that you could have smaller wheels and this, was because the, drivetrain mechanism, was very, similar to what we have now so you had the chain ring drive system where you had a large chain ring at the front and a smaller sprocket at the back meaning, that you could have a smaller effective, wheel size and still get the same speed so you, know you compare to the penny farthing which had it sort of know, by drivetrain. Where, the pedals were directly, attached on to the front wheels she needed that massive wheel even more direct than a fixie would be yeah for, viewers elsewhere the ovum, and wheel company found that in 1882, were these first mass producers, of the safety bicycle in the United States they built these from their Factory in Massachusetts, oh good.

Okay. Well, as, ever leave your suggestions, in the comment section below for future, submissions into. The wall of fame and, stay. Tuned for more next week can you imagine where we'd be though without the safety bike on it yeah well I can't, but we wouldn't have jobs or we'd, be riding penny farthings yeah next. Up Olli is bike of the week yeah. And last week we have the Scot foil of Anamika fan falutin versus, Luke, Rose Pinarello, k10. With high right suspension. We did and the result is with, 71%. Of the Rope of the vote. Anna. Meat from floating's scuffle, I did vote for it's. Cool it's a very nice bike yeah this, week we've got two quite different but customized, bikes so firstly we have sylvain. Chavanel, willya. Chen toe 10 versus. Roman. Bar days custom. Factor. Oh - these, are both pretty heavily customised but one's a narrow bike, one's not a narrow bike what, you go for ollie yeah oh I've. Really liked that little detailing, on on the bar days bike it is pretty cool but I just I love the discs on Plus also if you ride bar days bike because not an error but you get to eat five more brownies good, point yeah what do you write guys reckon why, not though. It's. Now time for, the bike fall and this is my favorite bit yeah I love this I just love looking at pictures of people's bikes to be honest money first. Up we have well. This this is a familiar-looking buy to me we've, got, no. Ordinary, titanium, bike as Scott says it's, an enigma Excel and more importantly it's previously, beaten mr., OPN seated Sprint's what, he's. Let himself down here already, it's. Been a bike which Chris has spent many hours staring, out into light around, the corniche lanes whilst, we trained together over the years okay some of that's true Scott so, she'd point out this is one of your mates you serve his in this, is one of my mates it looks like I'm being stitched up here a little bit but, this is is quite a cool bike he's got SRAM e tap which I love it's got a e brake, set which I know is a lot of hassle to get running smooth very light though very, very light speed plate pedals, vision, 35 wheels Envy, fork tubeless, tires, it's. Got a unique magic, hands Cornish emblem stick it on the top tube which I can explain in the show Scott's a physio and he's known locally.

As Magic. Hands anyway, this. Picture, depicts what riding in kono is about a road less traveled to which there are many if, it's not a super cool than I'm in trouble while. Scott taking, a picture like that I think well I'm, gonna take issue with this firstly, the bottle cages and. What's going on there they don't match mismatched, bottle cage I. Mean, that wheel. Wonky. Wheel placement, for the photo no, there's no super nice from this this week Scott it's just getting a nice its. Intelligence, a nice bite that's, punishment for your cheeky comments come. On on to the next one next up we have a submission from a rough almanarah, who, is from New Yorker but will be living for a few months in Sergi little. Town in France near Geneva and this is because he'll be working at Sun yeah. I will just. Hope he doesn't have a collision. Yeah. Hadron, Collider, do you reckon that's like an indoor tunnel maybe he's doing it's massive seen it seen them see I brought, my bike with me and I'm sending you a photo of my first ride here the, photo was taken on top of the cold that I first seal and that is, in the Hort here at National Park I, hope, you liked the photo can, you give it super nice he's, got these nice felt there as in the ears I love it yeah I'm read really feeling I felt yeah, it's. Beautiful, I like the ways against. That background as well nice it's. All green in just it just looks like a nice place to go for a bar doesn't it it does look good but that is a really nice-looking buy quite. Like the way that the bottles the blue is offset against the glue is super, nice John get my super nice on it. Next. Up we have this absolutely. Awesome Scott. Speedster. From Tony, now, I absolutely, love, this but his loads of cool detail so Tony says he, bought the frame roughly. Sort of 10 years ago and he's had, it a long time and upgraded, it and now he's upgraded it to 11, speed Oh Tegra, and, apart. From the S FSA, SLK like crankset, it's. All or Tegra now he's basically. Watched, our video on stuff, that the UCI has banned and so he's poor his spinergy. Rev. X's out of retirement so, they're really cool wheels that mario Cipollini used, to ride, but. That's really bling I love the little yellow. Bits on the spokes the wheels the way they systole match their well not so subtly but they match their the red in yellow on the. Chain set and the pedals as well that's nice a nice bit of color coordination well, is the red bar tape and, the red stubble as well it's such an iconic look and the fact that you've had to mill and fire the way at your rear wheel and your cassette just to get it to fit I think that's, really, deserving yes you want proper, good hack but I just love that mirrored, finish.

On The Scott speeds the frame as well yeah just a really cool bike guys. Without, a doubt. Super. Super nice see on the bail next. Up we've got a submission, from, Martin Liang in Singapore, who built this bike up himself in December 2016, backplane it's got some pretty cool features and, he's clearly gone for function over fashion on this bike he, has a severe os3, disc frame from 2017. SRAM eat app hydro, which is pretty, cool. Smile. Tegra a six hundred six thousand eight hundred cranks. 50:34. Whose symmetric, compact rings 18. Tooth. Put. Is to raelia yeah, 60. Mil front room 88, mm rear room with onyx disk hubs Shimano. SPD, pedals and only. Weighs eight point five kilos, yes impressive, for a you, know bike this will arrow and with this brakes are so free yes wait but, I look. At that bike and I can clearly see that's a guy that knows his, self is a very specific and individualized, set up for clearly what he wants yeah on a bike and yeah I respect, that so it's got many different colors there as well yeah it's very functional it function. Function, function this that's what this bike that says to me so what have you seen the bar and it's even got a lion, which, is pretty cool so you're gonna go nice or super nice model Chris I'm a big fan of function, over fashion so I'm going super nice. Next. Up we have this bright yellow Santacruz, stigmata. From, david saps furred thanks for sending that in David. Haven't. Really big fan of this buy it's just such a simple looking, very, clean. Bike, and I, really. Like the way that the bar, tape is just perfectly color-coordinated, with the Santa Cruz grey logo on the frame it's just like a subtle bit of color coordination but, it just really sets, it off you know you know what I like is the simplicity of it it just really smart really neat nothing, too fussy or fancy just a lovely really cool looking bike yeah, and, interesting. Bottle cages on there as well I'm not sure what brand they are maybe you can message us and tell us what they are but I'm not seeing this before yeah. That's a super nice for me going on it ring the bell. If. You want to submit your bike, to the bike fault then simply, send, your picture of your bike with, your name and location, to, the email address which is on the screen now that's, it for another week on the tech show what's coming up so, on Saturday. We have Roman bar days Pro bike which is particularly. Nice one's very custom, and then. On some day we've got another GCM tech unboxing. Which means you have a chance to win some Roca sunglasses, and on Monday it's back in the maintenance room with John Kennex yeah and if, you'd like to purchase one, of these absolutely awesome limited. Edition yellow, very. Seasonal, GC, on t-shirts, once they go on the gun yeah then check out the gcn shop which there's a link here, and then, if you'd like to watch another tech video then why not check out the unboxing that, I do earlier in the week of the wahoo kicker and kicker headwind, for a chance to win that's, a pretty cool prize it's all surprise.

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Will tech decide this year's Tour de France?

Looks like pharma and functional spleen removal decided who will win under TUE. Please provide with the TUE drugs consumption of the 2018 TDF winner. Previous years declared asthma, functional dehydration with transient kidney failure was used for elevation of salbutamol in the body of Team Sky favorite.

Secret Sam999 Agreed! Also keep in mind that one should only swim in order to prevent drowning, and should only run if being chased. And even then, one should only run fast enough to prevent capture.

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No. Slightly fatuous analysis, to be honest: suspect sponsors were pushing non-climbers to use discs.

It seems that a broken spoke may decide this year's Tour. Does that count as tech?


J Dex Glad you enjoyed it

Yes it will. But if we are not talking about the pros and start talking about tech for us regular people i don't think that it is the tech that makes a difference i think that what makes the difference is the money because let's be fair it is quite expensive to have all that tech

Ride the TCR and you can justify eating one more energy bar.

OMG, can you guys be more corny? :-0 that was hilarious, thank you for the great report. Science & Technology is surely taking center stage on the Tour and i'm sure it will continue to do so by contributing to the athlete's skill and performance, giving them just that bit of an edge.

GCN Tech it won’t decide it, but it does contribute significantly. In the end, I think having more effective teammates and strategies are the biggest benefactor. But it’s pretty silly to not ride an aero frame bike that can be shaved back to 6,8kg. Unless you really really hate the aero bike feel of your specific manufacturer. I am looking at you, Giant!

If tech were the deciding factor then Dumoulin would be much further down on G. It’s always going to be down to the riders. Still gotta love the tech though, gives us mortals something to lust over

Sunweb has answered this during the Giro this year. The whole team is riding the TCR because they only have the option of two bikes during a tour, the other being the TT bike. The reason why the TCR is used exclusively is because the Propel is too stiff, making it too uncomfortable for the riders. Therefore the riders would rather choose the less areo bike because of comfort even if it is a sprint stage.

GCN Tech please ditch that startup video. This would officially be the best video on gcn tech so far if you hadn’t included it.

Great show guys, you were entertaining and worked well together.

GCN Tech If I would stick so much effort and money into preparing for a race, I might as well get my bike the most efficient components there are on the market. As well as fund the testing process to compare which ones run the best with my riders. (Instead of having extra kit and wheels to match the potential yellow jersey!) I mean, not everyone has the legs to grind a 64 dinnerplate xD

I think tech differences between pro bikes will decide the Tour just as much as the fitness differences between pro riders. Both the bikes and riders are the absolute top of ability and functionality, so any improvement or disadvantage in either will decide races, even if it comes down to a handful of watts. That said, the is no way to distinguish what caused a riders to achieve a result that they did. Who's to say that Froome's Stage 17 performance was a result of having a slightly less aero bike or not exactly at 6.8 kg, or because he raced and won the Giro without the most effective recovery, or because he didn't have a proper number 2 that morning? It's easier, but still empirically difficult, to say the tech would decide a race if you're looking at a rider's PB in a time trial and comparing those by varying a single variable, but in a 176 rider stage race, or even a 10 rider GC contention, it's impossible to prove that tech is a major deciding factor. I think that it is, but putting out a veritable scientific study in a real world race proving such can't be done.


I am aware of that. If you read my comment I said "demise". I don't know how far you go back but Campagnolo had a major presence at most major events. In the past the peleton would be made up of 80% Campagnolo. Do some research even Campagnolo admit to loosing market share, that's why they are releasing 'middle of the road' Group sets.

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I do research at CERN each fall! Given the safety bike wall of fame I need to re-nominate the Eclipse Bicycle Company and the safety brake, which they invented (http://www.nostalgic.net/history-of-eclipse). My great grandfather Charles McPherson was a machinist / designer for Eclipse in Beaver Falls PA and Elmira NY in the 1880s and 1890s...

A GTN mug?!?!

Hang on hang on! What the bloody hell is that GTN mug doing on there! Get that filth off my screen

My question... Doesn't tech always play a part in a winners performance? Hasn't this always been the case and hasn't it also been that once someone becomes a serial grand tour winner then there sponsors are developing new tech for them to test... Hence giving them another little edge. Definitely you see more of a difference in tech between World Tour teams and Pro Continental teams. I think that may make slightly more of a difference than the small differences you get in tech in the World Tour. Wierd not having Jon in the Tech show but love Ollie's jokes..

If you are in the Cameron Highland coming down from Tennah Rata to Ringlet, disc brakes, disc brakes and disc brakes. I do not know why but the yellow carbon discs pads seem to disintegrate in high humidity. I know as I go up the Burner every night, 1.9 k at 11% to 13% its Ok going up, but going down in the high humidity and torrential rain, has its issues. Discs all the way

The Burner is actually in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Scott drop in bars

You say that 3 out of 4 at the top of gc Ride aero bikes but Sky don’t have a choice but to ride the f10 and all the lotto team seem to ride the oltre at all times so it’s only dumoulin that makes the day to day choice

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tech is a big piece of a puzzle but may I remind you a common proverb here in Colombia "no es la flecha es el indio" it translate something like, is not the arrow is the archer. indeed tools can be better but never the less the riders are the ones that make it happen, and there is another saying here ... "en lo plano se luce la bicicleta en la subida se luce el ciclista" ... in the flats shines the bike, in the uphill shines the rider.

Getting rid of your aero bikes you say? I'll gladly swap my Merida ride 90 for one of those, and I bet you can even go for up to 10 or 15 extra brownies with this trade! :D

I found the contamination from road dirt effects both disc and rim brake pads. More so the rim brakes as the slots in the disc help clean off the pad surface.

Not sure who did the translation for the Wolfpack tires but was he really talking about bike tires (tyres)?I quote"That is what the new ToGuard compound ensures because it focuses on speed, driving pleasure and grip. The special composition of the newest polymers offers a noticeable safe motoring experience and complete control. Our test drivers, some very well-known cycling professionals, are fully excited."I also think that cycling/ while " fully excited" can't be very comfortable.

Yeah and if 99.9% of raiders will cycle on disc brakes you will ANNOUCE that every stage has been won by disc brake specified bikes. Propaganda over all. EHHHH... GCN starts changing i see...

did ollie use to be on cycling weekly ?

Happy finally the Safety bicycle gets a mention, it changed the game because of its practicality, widereaching through the class and gender walls. is there any page where all the wall of fame items are kept?

Oh my god, there’s a GTN cup in the GCN office....quick get it out....

Imagine if the pro riders could only choose one bike model for an entire tour.

Vote.....got to be the Wilier......classic chromovelato colour scheme.....much better than the boring white focus

Go ride to your job in the rain.

Fucking youth.

The. Table at 7 minutes needs a title, otherwise it's fairly meaningless

No. Puerile title for silly boys.

So is the dogma f10x light a: Climbers bike Aero bike Aero climbers bike Climbers aero bike

Once saw a planetary gear rear hub run a motorcycle on El Mirage dry lake. It definitely works. The question for a bicycle version is the power required to get it turning.

My Spinergy wheels are staying retired, don’t trust them anymore. Also heavy and flexy. But great match on my 90s Argos TT bike with the ‘early super thin carbon death forks’

Somebody explain the GTN mug plz

We're supporting our mates over at GTN!

I'd choose the TCR over the Propel anytime just because it looks better

That planetary crankset belongs on an April Fools show.. Or at the very least in the Hack/Bodge section.. Apparently the laws of physics are different in France ..

WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that the jokes in this video are hazardous to your mental health.

Maybe sky doesn’t use them because of the extra time it takes for a wheel change. But they will definitely use them in the future. Everyone will , at least that’s what I think

I miss Matt, but Olly makes a good replacement!

I had a ride home from a cancelled hill session today in a massive downpour, and holy smokes am I glad I had disc brakes. I've ridden in downpours with rim brakes and you're really just pulling levers of hope at that point. Today, I was struggling to see, I was absolutely soaked, everything was dripping, but my discs helped me get home safe. They always worked, and they never complained. For that reason, I am a permanent convert. I will always look for a bike with discs.

Chris and Ollie have great chemistry and play off each other well. Hope to see more of this duo in future videos. Nice work guys.

jtday1028 Glad you enjoyed this week's Tech Show!

Love the combination of you 2 guys! Perfect! Fun to watch!

Bardets bike rocks!

Great job guys!

Thanks Jay, glad you enjoyed it!

You should start a GCN bike vault Instagram account so we can go back and see all the nice or maybe just the super nice bikes in thre vault.

Marcus Turner Great idea. Check out the GCN Tech Instagram where we post viewer's bike photos http://gcntech.co/gcntechinsta

The guy who tool the 50 mile record he could take the hour with that speed.

I wonder what the difference in wattages for a given speed would be for a top spec TT bike on the road vs a track bike double discs, single gear, riding boards etc. the works.

Crazy fast!

Good point! I would love to see him have a go! It's not that straight forward though because the riders drag can be significantly reduced by the airflow of cars and trucks passing at speed. The 50m record was done on a open road.

I would love for you to do a segment on the demise of Campagnolo. I have only ever had Campagnolo right from Valentino to Super Record, and I have always been a big fan. I would like to know how this happend. Losing market share, No event sponsorship, No team sponsorship etc.

Leon no team sponsorship ? What the hell are you talking about. At least UAE Team Emirates, Movistar and Lotto Soudal ride on their groupsets, but some Pro continental squad are also using it.

Olly... why the GTN coffee cup.... moving again?

Just supporting our friends over on GTN

#askgcntech #torqueback You say our next bike should be Aero. But what about me - I'm middle aged my FTP is about 230. On the flat I do 33-35km/h, sometimes late 30s. Average speed for a 50km ride is around 30km/h. Would I notice a beneift of an aero bike at my slower speeds and lower power output?

about Sky, science and disc breaks, you know how many times they fall? Especially in bad weather? They seem to fail calculate that in to the equation

Reference will tech make a difference, sort of, but not really. The main reason is the GC contenders are in a bike RACE and competing with / supported by other riders. The differences between the bikes really only come into play for the couple of minutes when they attack and try to make it stick at the finish. The rest of the time, they tend to be 2nd wheel / in a group that minimizes the aero benefits. So, might as well have a lighter bike to save your energy since you are not going be wind until the very end. On your energy analysis, how much extra effort would a rider have to put out to carry 500g/1kg (the aero bike weight difference) around the Tour? Then we could do a comparison.

I had to look up the crankset, too good to be true is. It’s claiming to be a perpetual motion type machine. Except it’s not, in fact it saps more of your power due to friction losses of planetary gears and smaller chainrings. And it costs more than a Dura ace crankset. All it is is a gimmick to make a 37 chainring work the same as a 53 chainring by spinning the 37 at a cadence equal to a 53.

David Mansfield the power for both is the same which is where they are getting shady. If it takes 200w to go 20 mph it takes 200w no matter the gearing. Their trick is your pedaling at 90 rpm but your chainring is spinning at 129 rpm, equating the 53t standard to their 37t.

Jonathan Zappala isn't the point of it to exert the power required to turn a 37 but have to turn faster giving the result of a 53? I do agree with you, and I thought of that as well, about the extra friction and maintenance

I theorize that SKY aren't using disc brakes because of the extra time it takes to change wheels in the event of a puncture; that's surely going to be more of a problem than any time lost while riding the stage due to added weight.

Epicycloidal crankset isn't a new thing. This is going around for a while : http://www.schlumpfdrive.com/

Big Tom chooses the tcr as the propel weighs a tonne . Glad to see Ollie is settling in as his crap jokes are very funny for being crap

A large reason why I ride is so I can eat more. I can't go around upgrading everything... Could get dangerous

GCN Tech it's a beautiful thing

Ride to eat!

c s hahaha

That is the raison d'etre for my bike club. The annual picnic is a meatfest. The best year was the all you can eat bbq ribs, still riding that off.

Rub on chainwax? How to rub it inside the rollers??? Please be more critical.

That Ollie laughs while saying he has scared old ladies with brake noise cracks me up! Good stuff!

love the puns guys. keep up the good work

Doesn't Ollie sounds like Richard Ayoade? Hahaha

that cervelo s3 got a super nice? not my cup of tea...

Even though I really like the look of aero bikes, I believe it's a lot of BS. The human body is the main problem with aerodynamics. It is just bike factories trying to sell more bikes. And Sky will win not because of a bike but because of.... (what do you thinks?, let's not be so naive).

I'll take a look at it, thanks. I really like GCN by the way!

That is true, but equally aero bike frames tend to put you in a more aero position. You may like this one Willem, a comparison between aero, lightweight and endurance road bikes http://gcn.eu/oL

cyclocross is the dumbest idea i've ever heard. Who wants to get off their bike during a ride? And when you do who wants to run with it ?? Stick with either running or cycling. Why on earth do we have to combine both?

Sshhh, someone might get the idea to combine other sports and have climbing with it

Because... why not!?

love this channel , I have a 10 speed Shimano di2 , with a 12-27 t cassette, could I change the cassette to a 32t , just to make the climbs a bit easier ,?

found a few videos showing the 11-32t working fine with di2 heres a link to just one of those videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EuBq2oQLZQ

John Melia if you have a long or a medium cage rear mech (don't know if there was a medium cage di2 10 speed mech ) you can just bolt it on and adjust the b-tension screw and away you go . You need a medium cage or a mech hanger extender

Angry Lou!!!

wall of fame: Brooks leather saddle. Before Brooks, saddles were made of wood.

Your calculations saying they should ride aero for all stages does not allow for different geometry the bikes offer - eg the cobble sectors., would you really want to ride an aero bike then? Would the pros riding positions be different on the aero bikes to the climbing bikes? And if we see a lowering of their 6.8kg weight limit how would that change their choices?

But the dogma is more of a climber than an aero bike, Pinarello doesn't have all out lightweight or aero frames.

Of course tech wins races. I watched a talk about athletic records over time and the conclusion was that many improvements are due to tech, whether it be better shoes and track surfaces for running, or aero clothing, position changes, and better bikes for cycling. Diet, hyper-specialization, selection for body shape/composition, and better training add to this, but much of it is just tech. He pointed out that the hour record had improved just 339m since Merckx's 1972 record when using similar equipment, nearly 7 km short of the ride by Chris Boardman on his super aero bike. Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_epstein_are_athletes_really_getting_faster_better_stronger#t-338325

There is one tech that could have won the Tour for Dumoulin: Tubeless, so probably no puncture on Mur de Bretage. That could have saved 1 min 20 sec for Tom...

"6 [stages] have been won on disc brake bikes" - How much braking do you estimate is being done in the course of that 200m sprint?

You can go faster for longer when going downhill before braking on sharp turns with more powerful brakes although on the flat they probably make little difference. At least that’s what happens when mountain biking anyway.

Sage Deluce: "Stupid?" From the Specialized site on Tarmac Rim Brake vs Disc - "That's why we've made a rim brake Tarmac and a disc version....And better yet, the two versions are evenly matched on aero performance" (Discs are usually worse, aero-wise. Venge only comes with disc=>likely with NO advantage whatsoever.)

teuast: Point taken on the 200k, but how much is BRAKING contributing to WINNING? (primarily sprint stages or even mountain top finishes)

Its an aero advantage over calipers stupid

How much braking do you estimate is being done in the course of the 200km leading up to that 200m sprint?

You must be some kinda genius.

LMAO at Chris looking pleadingly at Ollie whenever he has to produce words like, "computational...ah...fluid dynamics" and "zinc."

He's a sprinter, right? Must have run out of gas on that sprint. Looked to teammate for support. Ollie has to lead him out more, so it's really Ollie's fault.

Re: Dumoulin - I suspect bike fit/feel may have to do with his choice more than marginal aero gains. Haven't ridden the Propel, but Ollie maybe you can weigh in on the difference in feel between that and the TCR, especially in descents/climbs! GCN does (pseudo)science idea? Climb + descent on aero vs. lightweight bike and compare bike feel (i.e. comfort/confidence) as well as time?

Great idea, it's certainly one we could test in the future. For now, why not check out this one where Si compares lightweight, aero and endurance road bikes http://gcn.eu/oL

Ollie Mr. Miyagi joke out of the sudden. ..

MAY remember?? How could we ever forget Jon Canning's Waxing video? (Don't forget to clean off those knobbly bits!)

It's unforgetable.

So what your saying is if you want to lose weight save money and get a TCR lol honestly the TCR is quite aero for a none areo bike

Aero vs Light Bike - Watt Shop (Shoppe? It is jolly old England, after all...) conveniently ignores the fact that almost all GC differences are created on 7-15% gradients. Per a prior GCN graphic, pack sitters see just 5% of the wind => 0.87W bike difference (For more details, refer to Chris Pearce's excellent post)

But aero bikes cost riders 5 watts because they are ugly lol

Re: MG TECH geared chainset - There's no free lunch. Aside from the extra weight and complexity, human power sources have a limited torque range for cycling, hence the 37-25 chanrings x 1.44 = a conventional 53-36 Maybe more aero for a TT bike, & good range for 90 mph faired racers at Battle Mtn.

Agreed, it looked like an over complication that could only add another source of resistance over the normal chainset meaning that you would just go slower.

If Schwinn paid Sagan enough, a TdF stage would be won on a 60's tech steel monster. It wouldn't necessarily follow that "high tech" Schwinns were the difference....

The skids we did on big wheels in the 70's was awesome. I literally wore the front tire out till it collapsed and by then I was jumping a Schwinn Pixie. The solid tires on the pixie rocked. I still have it, all dinged up, just a bit big for it now. Sagan descending on a big wheel might have been safer recently.

teuast: That's true. Originally my outlandish example was Big Wheels but UCI Rules and all....

To be fair, you can currently get carbon, Ultegra-at-least-equipped road bikes with Schwinn branding on. I saw one at the Sea Otter Classic. No idea if they're any good, but I expect that's what Sagan would be riding.

That would be Awesome!

A tech show without Jon is like having fish without chips, cheese without pickle, coffee instead of tea..............You can do it, but why would you?

CnE better fish w/o chips than no fish at all

He'll be back soon!

Can now fully understand Olly laughing so hard at Dan's dad jokes having just endured his offerings. Deary me.

Michael McDermott prat.

It ain't punny, get it, ain't punny. But I am still laughing at Dan's it an agricultural thing joke. Have been laughing for days, thanks Dan.

24:23 Grey Santa Cruz logo? Is Ollie colour blind or am I?

Maybe he got 'Jon Canningst'* * Jon Canningst, to be [coll.] Unable to like a bike which got any sort of celeste color on it.

Today's eTap day in bike vault. You two judge bikes differently from Si and Jon. The focus is more on the bike and less on the backdrop which works for most I reckon. Not everyone can live in Mallorca or the Alps.

Olly looks like he's been chucked out the house and has been sleeping the office for some time. Hope you and your partner make up soon, Olly.

haha rekt! You look great Ollie

"Perhaps there'll be a spinoff." Chris smiles with his mouth but not with his eyes, and an angel in heaven dies.

Disc brakes are an mtb staple but ofc some road dirt is gonna contaminate them /s. Saying that rim brakes have same stopping power is ridiculous as well. Locking your wheels isnt a sign of stopping power. In fact a locked wheel means ure not stopping.

No scientist but its my understanding that the losses in efficiency from riding non aero bikes are mainly when riding in a peloton where the wattage differences are less important and in this instance Dumoulin has power in reserve to offset the less aero build... however, when the road tips up and weight is a factor the lighter climbing set up allows Dumoulin to maximise his potential for time gains (time isn't usually won or lost on the flat stages in GC) I'm not completely sure but my guess is that the Giant aero set up (especially in Dumoulin's frame size, he's pretty tall) is over the 6.8kg limit and therefore its still more beneficial to have a bike that hits the UCI weight limit for the climbs where most of the GC battles are waged (TT's aside of course) To be 100% sure though i guess you'd have to ask him...

GTN mug???

My one and only maths brain cell popped! Oh, Ollie do you REALLY need a squealy rotor to scare old ladies?

Is Ollie breaking into Triathlon? Nice mug! Oh, and isn't Geneva and CERN in Switzerland?

correct, but geneva is just at the border to france.

What if cyclocross tracks had puddles on them and when you fall on one, you may need to swim in it? Maybe Heather will be in a fit of laughter.

Are we gonna mention the mug?

Ollie looks right at home now. Living his best life!

He's not that young bud, c'mon! He's Northern - that's how we sound!!!

i feel Ollie came straight from the set of cbeebies into gcn, with a slightly dour tone

that chainring.. call me when it is substantially cheaper than schlumpf drive.

Science alert, should be accompanied by the wearing of thick eyeglasses and a lab coat.

our friends at watt shop, I think he means my friend at watt shop. great video!

Emma must be out of town.....The boys are throwing in "Fart" sounds like we're listening to wacky morning radio:)

Normally the aero benefits are measured assuming the rider is riding alone. On a road race, most of the time this isn't true. Here is a idea for a GCN Tech video: If you are a team leader on an aero bike, should the domestique riding in front of you use an aero bike or a non-aero bike to maximize the aero benefit to you?

Great idea for a video! Thanks for that.

GCN, can you show your working please? The CdA figures here ("CdA TCR" and "CdA Propel") would appear not to be the CdAs of the bikes but the CdAs of the total systems (bike + rider). Are you really claiming that there is a 0.02 difference in total CdA between the same rider on a Propel and on a TCR, all other things being equal? Where does this figure come from and what assumptions have been made?

This officially the punniest GCN Tech show of all time. Well done, lads.

I'm amazed that there's only 7 watts in it for an aero frame and aero cockpit, and that's for a pro! Let's be lenient towards the aero frame and suppose it saves 10 watts... in a previous video GCN said latex inner tubes save 5 watts per tyre. A pair of latex inner tubes costs about £12 so roughly £6 more than a normal tube, whereas an aero frame & cockpit costs easily an extra £1000 to £1500 more than a not aero specific frame. So you can choose; save 10 watts using latex inner tubes for 1.7 watts per £, or save the same 10 watts by buying a new aero frame/cockpit for 0.01 watts per £! What I'm REALLY keen to know is how a non-aero-specific frame compares with an aero-specific frame, but both using the same aero cockpit and aero wheels. The crank with planetary gears is a gimmick. Power is power, it's not going to increase your power at the pedals, nor is it going to improve the efficiency of your drivetrain. All it will do is add more weight, complexity and minor frictional losses into your drivetrain.


If the UCI were all put in a boat, and that boat sunk, then tech will make the difference. Such as the rules are just now... they wont.

Wall of Fame = Park Tool

The calculations done on the TCR v Propel do not factor in the weight of each bike, and how many watts Tom is saving when climbing on the TCR. It would therefore be interesting to know a more accurate watt/time saving when factoring in the weight of each bike/gradient/time spent climbing.

24:58. GTN? (The cop)

While you can calculate what TD lost in extra calories he consumed because he didnt ride a aero bike what you can't quantify is possibly that the TCR is probably a more comfortable ride and that is gold if you are sat on it for three weeks. Tom has the option of the Propel but he will know better than any of us what will best get him through three weeks.

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