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Hello. Dick colleagues, partners and ambassadors, you're, in the channel Doon of Smulders as always, I'm Alexandra Sabri and today we have here a licensed, winder who has been working with a combined winding, technologies, Lanka for, about eight years, more. Information, see our release, hello. Victor today you're our guest for the first time tell. Us what, is the purpose of your visit of. Our visit, the. Purpose of our visit is, that I have known made relics under which for a long time we, have always communicated. With him inscribe, on the phone he, has always helped, us and told us everything, and now that I have such an opportunity I decided, to come here myself and get, to know everything firsthand. But. You're a professional winding. Licensee, if I understand it correctly I am. A winder, and, also, a licensee. And. As. For these electric, mortars I. Started. To wind them in 1990. Probably. Even earlier and did, it until 2012. Or until, 2011. When, I first, met Maitreya Alexandrovich, and that's when I began to apply slavi, on Capuano mortars, and. Why is it so that you spend a long time winding, classic. Mortars using, the star and Delta diagrams, why, did you end up applying slavi, on car how did it happen how did you find out about it how did I find out about it we met with Dmitry, Aleksandrovich a good, start, yes and I. Started, my first motor right away with a 50, kilowatt motor, 50. Kilowatt, ride away and, when. I mounted, it and. It. Worked well as, they, say provided. A big saving, it stopped, hitting, and I, haven't done any more classic, winding, types ever since, not a single motor not a single one and how long has this been going on I haven't applied any classic, winding types for eight years those, people who know me I can say that none of them can tell me that I just said something wrong in fact everyone who had communicated, with and when at work I refused, to use the sequani types I didn't use the classic linear diagrams, this, is impressive. You have been used in slope you hunk alone for eight years and. Why. Does this happen that. Someone, believes that it is profitable, for the winder, to apply, Slovakia. Others, say quite the opposite, I mean. What is the real situation today, I. Can. Say that today everyone, uses, what they think is best with. Regard, to efficiency, for example, the customer orders, in water as, far as I know there is a period called maintenance, when. Everyone has to bring their own water and either, services. Or purchase, a new one because it's broken down does, this algorithm change, with Slovakia, is. It more often or less, often how. Viable is it I. Suppose. That slow, Bianca also burns out and if the maintenance specialist. Did not conduct that preventative, maintenance activates. And water, will burn out either Slavonic, or a classic one explain, to our viewers please, what PP Ari's well first of all its bearings and secondly, the starting contacts, food imprint action so, that everything, works because. If you lose the taste then, both the classic, and Schley Bianca will girl Bianca, with two current phases will operate in the open circuit mode for some time but if you love, Janka it will burn out too currently. I think that there are already power engineers, who began the board were to action, began to put the revolutions, and began, to check the voltage currents, and they began to treat their vehicles, better because. Of the high cost of an electric, motor solely Victor, judging, from what are you saying you like slow Bianca, you have been used in only eight for eight years you stopped, using classic, quality based. On what you have sad it is not yet completely, clear, why you and, it obvious, in Salonika it is more difficult to wind it and it. Makes no difference for the consumer, or potential, customer, if it's LaBianca or, not so. Why. Did you end up using it and why, did you make a life more complicated. You. Know for, everyone you, make movies this. Is your hobby and my work. Is also my heart and. I want to make it work well. So. In fact it turns out Slav Janka outperforms. Classic mortars of course the. Potential, customer, depending, on their needs, Avianca can be more profitable, in terms of the operational, ran out let's, say, it's. More reliable. Of, course I can. See for sure here, that we have repeatedly, changed the mortars of lower power to, higher power and we have also changed the power on the compressor as many times it's, not just some power you can tell a lot about palms, because in.

Case With a hunka, pump. It. Seems that you can still go one size down with a mortar if, you, install Slav Janka you, mean reduce the size of course but, with a bomb bit is such a thing and to put it on the compressor is the right thing and compressor, is at least an indicator, of reduction. On some concrete, well, in general for heavy machinery this is an indicator, data. Let's, say seven, point kill one water performs. Like a nine kilowatt, or 11, kilowatt well. Ivan kill one is very hard but nine kilowatt, for a seven point five kilo and hardware will, do in terms of the current density that is it will cope with this 9 kilowatt, in the same size the mortars 7.5, kilowatt, it will operate just as well but it will demonstrate the performance and, currents of a 9 kilowatt, more this. Is roughly speaking if we take nos Le'Veon come with a classic, mortar then we, will need to food a 9.5, kill one more no it, will be bigger than the one that well, not 9 kill one but 10 kilowatt or 11, Kawada will have to be installed well in fact we can benefit in terms of mass in size dimensions, and way of course, and also the fact that the mortar will work for a long time because. Sometimes, you load mortar, sometimes. Even the bearings, break something, and. Anything. Can happen to, the mortar nevertheless. An, overload, of the Slavonic a mortar will. Not lead, to a burning, now it will reduce their revolutions, we have already tested it too so, in facts of yunkai is interesting. For the customer, of. Course, here, we go in. Interesting, not only for the consumer, it is interesting because, a person, can mound water and, forget, about it. The. Consumer. Has. To do less rewinding. For. Electric. Motors. Roughly. Speaking based, on all the details we have discussed, a person, has put a new classic, one in mortar let's, say that it has worked for a year and, then this person, goes to services. With, slim Janka this period, may increase, due to the fact that this. Voltage drops and so on and so forth do not cause any trouble. To the motor of course if you have good contacts. Normal bearings, normal, covers, then, the motor will work I just want to say that. It's. LaBianca. For the drilling, rig when. The motor doesn't heat and when you have normal, currents, and, the, load is minimal, it copes, well it. Works longer, than a classic, mortar, in the water.

Everything. Is clear because in Casey currents, have increased something. Has broken you, can put thinner insulation. Aslam Yan Kai and thicker insulation on the classic, one in water everything, depends, on that they. Work excellently. On a reelin rigs I'm in slaviansk on drilling rigs first, of all these are not my words these. Are the words of drillers themselves. Who drilled, the, piles but. This is really important, this is the best radio this is the end user in fact telling, about the operation, of what he has received yes the drilling rigs they mortars, cope with the operation, load accidentally, well. Victor as far as I know you're, planning to open another winding, shop and, office. Somewhere, in. Moscow. Is. It true yes. I'm going, to open it in Zelenograd, and this, is basically normal. Because I think, slaviansk Ennead to be promoted. And it is our future, and if, we don't makes love Yong canal then, tomorrow, we may be left without a planet, to live on, well. Actually, dear viewers, now, you have the answer to the question, if there is someone in Moscow, who can perform the Avianca wounded for you here, is Victor as large, as life I, can. Only say one thing each, piece of equipment. Needs. Its own slavi, ANCA of course, there are a lot of ins and outs and it's, impossible to take any mortar and to make any mortar, out of it first, of all the supplied, mortars are quite bad they, have been ruined two, or three times and, have a piece of metal instead, of hardware, it's, better to dispose of this mortar, buy a new one and Rwanda, tears in slaviansk ow, regarding, the question of responsible, mortars I heard. That you had successfully. Completed them water winding. In. Megawatt. Well. Not exactly 1 megawatt, is 950. But. Nevertheless is quite impressive. Well. Yes but, this is of course another story as, I understand. This is also not so simple well, it's, difficult to do it alone did, you do it alone. Well. It, was hard of course, but. It can be now all of this is calculated, all of these works if you approach it responsibly. Well again if we go back to the consumer saving, then this is both a resource, and electrical. Energy saving of course virtually. The amount that the consumer, pays to the winder for completing that Snuppy under winding, pays off I suppose. Major Aleksandra which sad that this was a matter of about three, months if I'm not mistaken that's right because we equipped the first 55 kilowatt, mortar with a meter. We. Put a meter on it before winding, and then, disconnected. And rounded. Those, were not my words it took it exactly three months to pay off and he's a 55, kilowatt, motor that, works for days non-stop. 55. Kilowatts, per day, he. Gave it three months to pay off yes. It's, true and this, person, is, still here. Interesting. But. Again to understand, this it is necessary to ensure that every. Power engineer, is interested, and I know what it is completed before that the weekly and. The measurements, are made before that and then, you can switch to slab Janka and and we will see the result, you will not see and result, with one water only the, audit is actually necessary in order to get some reporting indicators, on the basis, of which you can then calculate what you, will get of course, after, one or did you start modernizing. And after, that and now the audit, is conducted, and after, a while the secret, becomes obvious. We now have plants undergo an excessive, spendings, they have losses, losses and, I would even say between. Neutral, and zero to, sixty, and pierce the currents, are lost they, are experiencing. Losses - this is due to the fact that there. Is either no contact, there the model doesn't match or, sometimes. Everything is broken off and that's it but there are of course those, who are now beginning to think and watch it and so after, the audit you know what kind of model you need to put there maybe, this 11 kilowatt mortar is too big well you can put 7.5. Kilowatt, motor and, then it turns out that these 7.5, kilowatt motor is too much for you and someone came up with idea for an 11 kilowatt in fact it's a very typical situation, in production, when a person, buys for example, a production, unit there, is a certain motor installed in it for example an 11 kilowatt motor but in fact it's not needed there you need a 7 kilowatt motor yes and merrily, add the expanse of this it's possible, to save money but, if you use slam Janka this, saving increases. Considerably. First. Slub Janka works very well at hydroelectric. Power plants, this. Has already been tested it's. Proved to work well in. Addition. To these fact, Avianca. Goes into generation. 11. Class of winding motors. This. Is an important point this, is also there this, is a technology that works, have. You personally tested, this for yourself well of course that's, a given hydroelectric. Power plants, are operated, well there, are guys who assemble. All this electronics. Collect, all these parts, and there, is loans directly, on our induction, motor based on Schley Bianca in the green mode Kanna Megan, I have.

A Photo but that's not the point the. Fact is that there, are people who just food, for example and, mortar and, use, these mortar, with a greater power capacity, to produce lesser. Power and. You also get less in terms of khabar capacity, to. Make it generate, sooner. And the. Most interesting thing is, that slow, Janka is. Not vulnerable to losing, hydro, pressure even. If your motor has already, got generated, started. Generated, energy and you, reduce the torque a little bit well there happens to be less water supplied but at the same time sloppy Anka didn't lose his generation, capacity seriously. And with classic, motorist it goes off and that's why you should use the devices, and get it checked but the fact is that the classic, motor would fail with the decrease in torque, and slow Bianca copes well and. With, Janka. First at. 100. Kilowatt, motor provides. 120. Kilowatt, and, did. Pose well. Seriously. Seriously. Doesn't hit and on. The generator, there are 75, kilowatt, motors they, turn it with an ordinary, pump burden. Turbine, and, it, will also work well, this is the process, of generation, going on this is really very serious because I have checked myself how at da 90s, motor works this, is one of ik to rarest of das they installed drive electric motors on motorcycles. There. Are also very impressive results. The motors really don't hate no matter how you ride this motorcycle yes. Le'Veon, case LaBianca, if, we finish it now, it. Will also go is this, also a drive motor well yes, this. One will. Be the bomb, will, be waiting this is not the Chinese, version it's. Our Russian. One the, Slovak, version, well, it's labiancas good, for us too but this one is bigger in size this one is smaller, exactly. It's just that this one has higher driving capacity. Due, to its bigger dimensions. Of course, we. Touched upon the topic of check in models. Far as I know now this is a popular, topic on the internet and it is discussed in textbooks that, you can check is Horizonte, Stan the correctness, of the diagram, that has been assembled in the stator pack assembling. The diagram, yes they supply voltage, food a bearing or some cylinder, or something else and then, it starts rotating in, the mortar what is it what is checked by this please, tell us there are very frequent, questions, now people, send such videos and ask if Slovakia can do this I can say one thing yes, it exists, generally. The motor is a check at low voltage, but, I can say one thing slavi. Anka does not rotate at low, voltage, but, as far as I know the induction motor is a regular one to know turn, on an induction motor of 36 bolts using difference former throat walling, and you'll get it rotating, and Schley Bianca won't rotate isla Bianca won't what is the reason for this I don't, know what the reason is I can, only say that I rawand the mortar two times because of this, because. I always checked, it myself through. Something, in and everything, worked when, I started, working with hunk, I thought that it would be the same and through it and, he didn't work I, had. To disassemble, the circuit. The. Diagram, is correct I thought, it was something in the wires and I, had to give it back to the customer each what happened, it was a compressor. Motor a customer, arrives I say now wait please until we check everything for you and they, doesn't, rotate damn, it but it was necessary to give it back so I disconnected. And rewound it in one night he comes in the morning and I say everything, is ready you can take it the customer, says come on probable, I say it won't and the customer says yes robot, to make sure it works I threw it the gossamer says it's not rotate and again I say well it doesn't rotate but what can I do everything, is correct I couldn't have made a mistake here and you have to be grinnell yourself why doesn't rotate well the motor has been abraded since they put it in the compressor, but in fact if you have high voltage applied then, I did not throw ball since labiancas, that's, for sure I kept.

Checking It, with some, spanner, all the time let's, check this out now, dismantle. So to say the men I have, the abilities for that here, in the lab, we have the opportunity, to do this I would of course be happy to check this out especially since I don't have to rewind it later, even more so but the thing is that, for some reason it works on classic, winding but doesn't work Avianca, I would say that check in with a ball is not relevant, for Slav Janka and you should not add it to the tags book you. Can check but. Again you need to apply high, voltage, which. Is dangerous because, either as they say the ball can jump out and go out of the window or hit the height or the mortar can burn out before, we got there the motor has already, burned well, all there is one person somewhere, the motor is turned by another person that is one person can even burn it out really, bad let's move there and there we'll continue the conversation, of this topic and just graphically demonstrate these fair experience let's go let's, go, well in fact we have moved to a laboratory where. We will now conduct experiments. And, put. A metal ball in our mortar, first although, there, can be any sequence, a small bearing, a spinner. That consists. Of with. Metal, disks without. A bearing, and of course the main feature is. A large, industrial. Bearing. This, is all that could be done here in the conditions, of being strapped for time yes, and it's worth noting that if, you want to repeat something like this you, need to use a low voltage model, because, a high, voltage one something. Can go wrong and, it definitely will, sell don't, repeat it at home and, since. Our motor is a drive motor. You. Should, know. About it let's. Try let's. Do it. Well. Let's start, with this spanner, eager, car Havas happiness, he's so to say in charge give low voltage, please what, is the voltage here now, now. It's 100%, current. 100. But now we are reducing, it now how, much have you reduced it now can, you see there. 70%. So. What about less than 50/50. Bring. It up to 30 and that said up, to 30. The spinner is becoming, slower and slower if, we how much is it now 20. Percent I guess grandi, it is basically standing still which. Means at 20 percent it is already loose in rotation, and, also, the general-purpose industrial.

Motor, Will. Rotate at, low voltage, but, LaBianca. Won't. Work and low voltage but. It's not a bad thing as I understand, it these are just features, yes. So. What, do we start from now let's, take a small bearing, and now, again we said, the same 20%. Now, it's the full power now full power give, full power will you fool, power is the rated voltage in this case yes. Have, you given it its the rated voltage now well for some reason the bearing doesn't, move. Until. You push it, is. This. The rated voltage now yes, the rated value all right then, reduce it now how much. Well. Basically here you reduce the field the rotation, decreases, everything. At. For. Divorce and aid failed well if the spinner was at 20% it, did not rotate the, Baron popped out at 40% it failed to move it lost its field probably due to the fact that it's heavier heavier and, that it's made of a completely different material, now we're throwing the ball. Let's. Do it here it goes, is this the rated metal the rated one yes and how much are you given now I'm gradually, reducing, it 60, 50 percent good. At. Sixty. Point five percent the. Ball also, stopped I'll explain once again these means that a classic, one in water will. Have completely, different performance. Indicators. We. Decided, to, do this, first. Why, need to be a classic, plant produced motor, then, wines Le'Veon, come and then. Take this experiment. To, have two motors with the same performance, indicators. And so that it's clear that this one has a classic, winding, and these, one has love Janka and to see how it goes and how it works, to see the exact situation now. On the power motor on the drive model, both, mortar, types demonstrated. That if I reduce, the. Ball doesn't rotate too well, I reduced, the field removed, the, voltage, the, currents and the ball is already beginning to standstill, let's. Try our big bearing this. Will be the best we're. Very graphic, let's. Use duct tape straightaway. We'll. Put it here, I. Haven't. Turned it on yet. Ready. Yes. Can. You see it colleagues, that's. It, I'm increasing, the voltage. I'm. Stuck, but there is nothing to worry about that's, my hand don't do it that's it yes. Now. It's the rated value the, rated value yes, now without taking, your hand off hold it like this, and now take it away. I'm. Starting, to reduce it, how. Much stop stop stop now we stop that's, it but it's about 70%.

70%. And, the bearing already, stopped well. Again, is the same pattern, no it's smooth that's. It actually. But. If we put a router, here. It. Will rotate of course this. Is again a drive, order. This. Is not a general-purpose. Industrial. Motor there, are completely different currents, and all the performance, indicators, if the currents are high here now and when, they decrease only. Then we can see something well. In fact if, we now look at why this test, is done what. Do they usually want to demonstrate with, it dragged. Circuit, assembly in. Fact in case with slab Janka is this test acceptable, does it show the correctness, of the assembled, circuit, or not or, it is impossible, to say for sure I can. Say for sure the. Names of Janka works on two phases or the full capacity router, that, it will still rotate the mode but it will do so on that a high voltage than, yours that is here, the correctness of this lianca, circuit, diagram, even. Before, which, they now produce and, advertise, and, sometimes, there are such situations. When. It is inaccurate, force, LaBianca. Each. Shows each. Shows the whether on, the devices, or in what devices, it's. Not calibrated, or not configured. For it but, very often it's inaccurate, on slow Bianca which, means outside the laboratory you, can also use some devices at hand to check the efficiency, of the motor while it leads to show some basic performance, characteristics you. Can take two or three devices, and a transformer, and everything. Can be checked even without inserting the router excellent. Well we, can sum up in the following way in these experiments lab Janka works in a slightly different mode, than, the classic, motor based on the Delta or star diagram. That's why I think that we have an opportunity to compare Salonika, and classic, mortars in the future I think we will try to do this and show some specific, differences, through an example right absolutely. Well. In. This case we cannot say that a ball. Or bearing. Which in Slovakia, rotates at a higher current is. Something, bad or, wrong this, way will not be able to conclude that a motor is inoperable or a surrogate, is assembled, incorrectly it's, just different on. Slam. Janka yes. Bianca. The ball will rotate anyway. Well great, only, with a high gun yes. Again. Depending, on how the diagram, will stop, if, your diagram, is actually mixed, up then. It, will rotate it, all depends, on how well you connected, the circuit, I mean you can also check slip Janka using, this map you just need to take into account the fact that a bigger current is needed for rotation, if the circuit is incorrect, we can understand, it by system. Hang probably as first love young gun I, can. Say that if, the winder does not rust himself. Then. He should jagged, ever, winder, should trust himself and believe, first of all that he, has done a good job and, that he gives a guarantee because. He has done it maybe. You still have something. You. Want to share, with us to. Tell us about some. Interesting. Cases, concerning. People, who refer, to you concerning. The labiancas technology. Maybe. There are those who want you to help them master the, motor. Winding, procedure, using, this technology, because. There are not so many wonders, in world we, can do it they, refer to us but, I first send everyone to buy the reference. Guide Dmitry Aleksandrovich published. A reference guide along time ago for, the combined windings yes this, is where a winder who wants to master combine winding should start with the reference, guide I think, those who haven't, bought the reference, guide don't, need sleep yoga at all and here. As they say egg. Also has low advantages. And disadvantages. Downside. Is that winding.

Is A quite a long. Tedious. Job. The. Advantages, are that it, works well and in, the forum when people refer to us asking, to help them with the calculations. Saying, they wanted you should start from buying a reference, guide from Metro exonerees but, in fact I would even say that it is not a downside, of Slovakia, it requires more complex technological, processes. In order to approach it you should do it in a clever way with a certain amount of knowledge and buying. The reference, guide will, help you to learn the whole thing read. In more detail, and, make, a decision for yourself whether. They need all this or not, yes, we do start you still need it even, those who referred, to me always, started, with a reference guide first, they bought the reference, guide then we always talked and found a common topic shoot, a wind turbine the reference, guide acquire the theoretical. Knowledge or, tried, wine something using, the guide I mean. Is it possible for an experienced, winder or even not a very experienced, one to just buy the reference, guide and he is an only the information it provides to, make him water for personal use of course, it, is possible and in fact everything, is clear in the reference guide everything, is written there in order to make it possible for a person to come rated. Maybe, has some knowledge and already has some experience, he'll be able to sit down my calculations. And make him water for himself do, some ups LaBianca has a lot of advantages. Truly. A lot of browse and, users. Really like it and. There are really quite a lot of orders. Yes. So thank, you very much for sharing your experience, with us visit, us again absolutely. Well, once again now each of you will soon be able to become a Taurus customer, because he will be engaged in modernization. Of induction waterers by means of slow bianca technology, in Zelenograd, as soon, as we get to tell the information, and contact details we, will inform, you. Thank, you for viewing please, subscribe to the channel put a like click the bell icon see. You again.

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