When a person from year 2000 wakes up in 2019 (Into the Future)

When a person from year 2000 wakes up in 2019 (Into the Future)

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I guess, for Snuffy on TV. Feeling. Very tired I. Just. Got out from a, road. Trip. Especially. I'm asking. Getting. Myself a, new VCR. Tomorrow, and, I. Don't. Know what should I supposed, to do because. Alexa. Is. It's. Supposed to give me a new. VCR tomorrow. See. What's on. Huh. Well. Guess, nothing's on. So, basically. Wait, a minute. Where's. My cable. Buzzbee. On. It's not what. No. Cable. I, gotta. Make a telephone call to. The. Cable company because, they're. Supposed to deliver cable, in a trailer by C's wipers nom uh. You. Know what that's, it, I, guess. I. Guess. I'm going to sleep. Stupid. TV stupid. Television. You. Don't bring a cable, like this. What's, wrong with the controller. That, should do it I'm, calling, the cable company tomorrow, I can't. Stay with this I can't. Stand, oh. Oh. Well I'm just going to sleep. See. Me again. Because. She is yes, basically, not. Just a VCR. Also, couple. Of EHS movies. And. I. Have friends coming over tomorrow because, he's. Trying to get because, for. Bring in a Playstation, to play games and I'm. Excite for. To. Play too rare I. Don't. Know what should I supposed to do. Well. Ma'am. Why. Why. Are the whites are blue. Why. Is this, a. Computer. I. Had. Never seen my face before and. What. The. Waiter. The. Lights are glowing I. Couldn't. Believe it, I must. Been kidnapped, why. Did I woke up, into. This room, I just, last, time I drank, that was last night I I. Slept, in the trailer Brown fell son I just, woke. Up in this. Weird room. This. Is definitely not my trailer. Why. Is that. What. Is that grain thing here. Sup. It's not right. Stop. Is not right. Alexa. Where. Are you. Is. That you Alexa. But. That, doesn't sound like Alexa. I don't. Know what time is it, where's. The newspaper. Where's. The clock. Where's. My TV where's. My table I. Waxed, up what day is it. Joy. 14. That. Doesn't sound right. It's. It's. July 15, 2000. That. Doesn't seem like it's right. It. Must. Have been something, well fishy here, it. Seems like it's not 2000, it. Seems. Like I just woke up from this into. A million dollar mansion like, this everything. Is worth like 50, million dollars I. Don't. Know what year is it I'm. Gonna I'm gonna, that's it I'm telling my girlfriend, Alexa. What, year is it. 20. I. Slept. For 19 years I. Don't. Believe it I don't believe it is Twain I T I don't, believe it's 2019, I believe this I believe. Is still, 2000. But, people just May up all these props. Clamshell. I never. Seen you before. This. Must be a television. Weekís. But. I don't know I. Think. I, think I'm gonna try on a TV right now. Hey, boys this. First. Of buttons. But. And had, never seen us before most fast, circle, X. Thing. I didn't, know why, is it. Comes, with the controller. No. Way. How. Quite what. Is this flat. Thing. I'm. Just a guard tomorrow right now. I. Seem. Smart. What. Is this. That's, a nickname on it. Don't. Tell me is what. Is that thing there falls asleep for 19, years. This. Device. But.

Where's The where's. The I don't know where where's the remote for this I. Don't. Know is, that. Like, remote this. Sees wickets not remote. What. What. I. Don't. Think it's real I'm, going. What. It's Google, I never heard Google before. Seriously. I never heard that before, what. Is my tap is. I think, Beckett roses this. What. That, must mean his sensors, oh. My. God. That, brings to home. Must, be stuck, because. I'm still. Wearing t-shirt. And shorts as the mm, dry for July 14, mm, this. Must be a drink, this. Must be a dream, seriously, why, why as you. Know. It is, what. It is this that. Must be connected from this machine. Biscuit. Roller I hope. I don't break it coz brother cord. Where. Is this, connects. To. Huh, nerd buffer zone. Oh, yeah. It, seems like I'm an operator. Seriously. Still. Feel like a hangover. More. Like a million. Dollar hotel. What. Is this this, is just. Whoa. No, don't. Tell me I broke back the trailer. Hey. Was this I. Don't. Know what should I do what. For. At night I never. Heard, that before. Seriously. I can. Move oh my god it's magic. It's. Magic oh, my god, hey. Come over about the with, our wires. Wow. Like. I like a magician. I'm. Gonna put this guitar away. I. Don't. Know why is the wire today I'm gonna ask somebody. Alexa. Must be home what. Alexa. A letter. Don't. Tell me you turn into that, miniature. Robot, are. You serious. Please. Don't tell me you're a robot. It. Has music I. Can't. Believe it. I'm. Gonna check the coin shows.we. Hmm. This. Must be the, same thing it's a tablet. Whoa. This. Is very odd. Where's. The gray bar, what. Happened, to this. And. Why. Does. Does, does it lights up oh that. Must be the laptop, this, must, be a laptop, ah. $100,000. Laptop. Don't. What. Go. Access right it's 2019. What. Is this here. Why. Is this guy. Holding. Their farms like that. Yeah. It's, really 2019. Well. Yeah. Absolutely yes what do you. Well. First, starts, everyone. Thought the world was going to end in 2000. What you can't put yeah well, it didn't really happen. In. February there's, a lot of funny. Let's. See here. Thanks. Well. The Harry Potter books are finished that's. Really. Photos. No longer morning, that. Happened in 2006. Oh. Man. My. Phone's. Pretty. Well-known. And. We, elected our first black president, ah Brock. Obama Wow, that. Happened in 2008, oh that's. Great and then immediately after his presidency began in, January 2009, Guantanamo. Bay was closed. I. Don't. Know what country banned me Tom. Yeah. Gosh. Clinic, bleep I'm, just trying to think of its, biggest. Thing this, TV, speaks to me oh. It's. Why my dreams. And. It's, SSL like music. Before. I went to sleep. Well. There's. Been world disasters, time and time again throughout, the time period. The. In 2011. We ended the war in Afghanistan. But we, got back goodness. In. Our well, wars on terror. We're. Actually back. To having friendly relations to Cuba for, the first time. Bramley. Relationship. With Cuba. Well. Trump you, know I know the reality stuff I, know. Is, that like, a Oh.

A. Plumber. Is here how did you buy, my pants pick up. Sick. For less even, big TV. And cable. Well. The. World's different now your streaming services, like Netflix and. YouTube. Hulu. And, ferb, and Funimation. And, about. A billion, other things to watch TV. Cable. Slow a guy. You. Mean oh. No. No VHS. We've. Even went to DVDs, but now almost everything's digital. Don't. Tell me is guys, I. Didn't. Know what. No. BS yes. Why, our TV's flat for, higher pixel, counts, because we've come up with HD, television. So, everything's significantly. More advanced, on that front. Television. Itself has jumped leaps and bounds, with. High resolutions. Larger, pictures pixel, sizes and, more importantly us able to make it look like it's actually real life through a television screen. Well, they're, mostly outdated. Higher-cost. Productions, and more, difficult, to sustain them with better televisions, coming out. They're. Kind, of obsolete now, so both TVs don't exist. Seriously. I didn't. Even know that. Then maybe call, the front desk friend. That's, certainly a worry in itself. Well. That's certainly, a change in location. Do. You know what happened, to F do. You know how you got there. Well, that's a heck of a drunk night friend. But, sometime to be sleeping off the hangover I. Didn't. Know that I. Used. To appear back in 1999. Unfortunately. Not from it's definitely, 2019. And, as. Much as I'd like to tell you that you're stealing your time it sounds. Like you've done a little bit of skipping. The. World is a much different place and you would sleep. Do, you know what. Happened to the old game industry. Oh. Man. Weeps and strides. We've. Gone back to the days of using, 32. Bits the. 64, to the entire world changing, you want the power glove and how cool it used to be to have something that it was like oh I could do a little punch, I can do a little thing it doesn't think of the game for, the rules different now friend we've got full on virtual, reality technology. Services. Which lady the web is advanced, in the ways you'd never believe I cannot play with friends and talk with friends from around the world at the exact same moment they're doing stuff the, world is now more, than ever a connected. Community of, every. Single person, and almost, instant, communication, whether it's a news video, games or anything else you can think of but. The words of gaming graphics has changed, in significant. Ways streaming. Services like twitch mixer, caffeine, TV, now exist all over the world which, allowed you to play games a lot of people watch them and enjoy the games in the same time in real time. Right. Now eSports, are currently a trend which means it's sports that are considered the Letran video games are becoming something that's fairly popular with, games like League of Legends, which ko boys that's something to explain how on its own -, you may. Just be good for another day they've, taken strides, all, the games like port Knight have created a brand, new genre, of games called, the Battle Royale genre, which essentially pits you in a one versus, a hundred-man. Challenge, to being the only one surviving at the end, there's. So, many strides, and changes, in gaming but. I don't. Even really going to start. About. To say that it's a whole new world. And. It's a good. My, friends supposed to give you a Playstation, well. One. Might say we're on something, called the PlayStation, 4 now. Leaps. And bounds, and tech my friends and. You've. Never seen anything like it.

Don't. Be deceived by the Xbox, one which is a. New. Iteration that our, game is becoming more that must be an Xbox one in all honesty, it depends, on who. You are but I'd say no. Not. Really, I know. If some people have linked, games to being. Associated. With more than two personalities, and things like that but I say, no for the most part I, don't. Know. He. Says playing a game he's a ridiculously. They could do. I actually, got to pretend to focus here. Yeah. He told himself oh my god you got knocked off the edge, this. Must be caffeine it is. The. Best place to stream. And, with a real-time interaction, why. Do I have that name sacred, you. Must have chosen fright. For. Reasons. I'm not quite sure. You. Work. That. Would make a lot of sense it was your nickname back done breath. Oh please. Do. You know who brought me to their room. Where. Of all the papers that okay we're back. I'm. Not sure. For. Doing paperwork Oh probably, it's all digitally. Configured, now on, our line. Online. Databases. And things around like using, Microsoft. Word and, Google. Documents, and so, many other different various, forms. That. A lot of people compile things digitally, although, there's still a lot of paperwork I don't. Know. Anymore. Are. You watching, this. So can I have water because my throat is killing it oh. So. Sad. Sorry. Gesture. Somebody who brought you to the room well. Can't. Really say. I'm. Sure, that someone. Who. Ever brought you your hotel room. It's. A mystery to me friend. And. Why does the computer, bear like. My. Glasses so. Many weapon here, my. Purpose on. Yet. So. Anyways. I'm. Gonna play, see. What. Can I do with this. All, right. I think. I'm going to play for night. Oh. Instead. Changed. I had. Never seen. Is, this. It's, a phone, seriously. So. Cool. So. Press. Y to play. So. Unless we pre-installing. These. Games on it I said. Break up the software and. Actually. When. I was working at the office they have face they. Have to install softer, software. Like. Microsoft. Word or, Microsoft. PowerPoint. Excel. But. I quickly everything, changed, has. Changed, and I'm. Very, excited. To, try out everything. So, press why. Oh. How, do I know how the place is but. I will. Take. This take back take this take that. Okay. Let me see. I don't, know what what is this, press. X. Oh. What. What. I just. I didn't. I just don't know how to play for a night with this stupid controllers, like this. Don't. Tell me business this. Ruse fake, don't. Tell me this is fake. I'm a she's a mess. See how to use Xbox controllers. Wow. So. You. Use. X. Why, Evan. Harvey. So. Basically. RV, is it. Best. Artie. Is electric. Oh now. I started to know. And it was the screen it has obvious, left. It's. An assistant, I think. I might see. If I can do this since I weren't in a situation, goes up to a hundred percent. To see if I could six, Alexa. Did. The way to iron percent. I don't, know how this light works, I just. Know woke up right now. Nobody. Gotcha. Life. Hacks. I just, can't believe. It, has all these. Like that. Wow. Well. It. Seems like. I feel, I can wash plate for tonight again so. Put. This on you. Know I think I can do this much, better better. Event before I dice wait. I'm, sorry better better. Than before so. I'm. Just gonna try again all. Right. I. Think. I can do this. So. It, was the right trigger event. What. I can't. Believe I can hear somebody, from the test set. This. Is unfair. Do. You I broke it I. Could. Leave this is not a hepa buy used to listen to music on CD, walkman. Player. People. Were to speak it to business how useless. I. Complained. That game it brings, me a lot of shock. If. I. Have a slut then I could stay out because my. Friend is actually giving me. -. Mayor - and, also. Why. Ray why first first. Roy, watt was at rock free the new one that's, supposed to come out. I. Guess. It's stuck in that era I cannot. Go back anymore I. Guess. There's. No way out. To.

Get To get back to the year 2000. But. Stuck. In 2019. And. Where. I've been frozen in time so, basically. When. I was 24 back in 2000, I guess, I'm 43. But, I, still. Look 23. I think. This will get our gal. Here. Yeah. That. Game is useless. Like. This one. This. Is all my fault for drinking, too much before, I went to bed. This. Is all my fault, I. Wasted. 19. Years of my life sleeping. Then I was some waking up in 2019. I. Know. I was sure I supposed, to do even, with his useless devices. And for. A night I. Guess. I. Guess. I had four years left in my life I. Miss. Everything. I miss everything. In. Colima. And, Claire was going through and. Especially. I miss. I actually. Miss out on that deck eight who, I was asleep this, is all my fault I shouldn't, drink too much. You. I. Like. I don't, know where asteroid. By, an example. This. Heart. The, start. So, much office. It's, my. Bedroom. In a trailer park oh my. Goodness. I think. Was taken by a Kenda. No. Way no. Way, what. You. Have us home. Yeah. I sure trim too much. I guess. I guess. It's. Over. It's. 2019. I, can't. Go back, it. Must. Been a dream, seriously. Right. Now and oh. My. God, go sleep and I. Think. I should. Because. Oh. It's my time. When I go back to sleep. Don't. Tell, me oh. No. I do I use this use this device I don't, want to do this oh my. Goodness, please. Don't. Tell me some flat screen TV, oh. Don't. Tell me the. TV's wet, don't, tell me verse internet, a useless. Device. Useless. Device. Was. What the berries. Do, I go, crazy while, be sleeping. Don't. Tell his 2019. Don't. Tell yours. Please. Don't, tell Meis mm I do don't. Tell yours. Don't. Tell mr. bite, you. Don't. Tell me yes. Thank. Goodness no. Computers. No. Fortnight. No. Xbox one no, flat-screen TV, no useless phone, two black, devices. Don't. Tell me is a hoverboard or this stupid. Alexa, device. Because. Don't. Tell me she turned to a robot, I. Hope. It's just a dream. Seriously. Thank. Goodness, why. Would a guy would invent with his name bats are existent, in coffee. Even. Though we're typing on the, internet trying to while, they're saying hello and that. That. Dream was, very trippy I hope. It's not true in 2019. If, it's been I'll be screaming, shout, seriously. I. Like. Sir I liked. Uh are. You home. She. Was pissed, oh you. Must be asleep. She's. Supposed to come out it ain't. Around, few. Hours or so I. Think. It's fixed now yeah. I called a cable company. Really. Qian. Xi 2, TV guys gone. You. Know what. Oh well. You. Know what I guess I will. Go back to sleep. You.

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Note: This film is fiction.

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